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What would be a good power adapter for my motherboard?

Q: What would be a good power adapter for my motherboard?

The link to my motherboard:

I was wondering what would be a good power adapter. By the way it must be a mini itx adapter if you haven't noticed yet.

A: What would be a good power adapter for my motherboard?

This would work:
ITX 220 Watt

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I was wondering what would be a good, quiet, 250-300w ac power supply for the mini itx form factor?

A:What's a good mini ITX power adapter?

This might be one

(copy and paste it, sorry it won't let me post links yet)

It's a mini itx, and got good reviews, and it's 250 watts. Also newegg is a great company i use them all the time for electronics.

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PC wont power up.  New AC adapter is plugged into pc.  The small led indicator on pc goes on but pc will not power up.  the ON/OFF light does nothing when pressed. No fan noise. No HD spin up. Nothing. Please help me on this as I am stumped.

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I have been looking for a decent adapter to use with my HP Pavillion ZV5340 that I just got for Christmas. We are heading to california next week and I'm looking for an adapter to use on the airplane (I'm not sure what type of plane it is, a jet is about it). I had read reviews for the N-Charge power supply, and that looks like it's a total fraud. So, I'm wondering what companies make decent, reliable power adapters for planes.....suggestions anyone?

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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is

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Topic pretty much says it all. Im looking for a cool looking case with a better power supply than my current case. Price Range $20-$50.


Case Material

Main Board



Beige / Black / Silver
Power Supply ATX 350W Power Supply(Horizontal) w/ I/O Switch
Drive Space 4x5.25" / 2x3.5" / 4x3.5"Hidden
Ports 2 USB + Audio (Microphone Jack & Earphone Jack)
Features 1)Acrylic Added to Front Panel for Polish Appearance
2)Side Panel Fan for Extra Ventilation
3)Screwless Side Panel
4)Automatic Drop-Down Doors for Color Case
5)Back Lighting Temperature Display LCD
6)Extended Body for All the Drives and Motherboards to Fit in.
Expansion Slot 7 Expansion Slots
Front Panel Switch Power / Reset
Led Display Power / HDD
Shipping Weight 20 lbs
Cu'ft 2.18'

A:Good Case with Good Power Supply?

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I could use some creative customer service here. My M3800 shipped with the known power-on motherboard defect. It was replaced at no charge, which was very nice. However, the replacement (2nd motherboard!) is now having the same intermittent dead / no power problem.
To get the computer running, I have to remove the case (12 screws) and un-plug the internal battery to 're-set' the electrical fault. After I put it back together, the computer starts normally. This is not very convenient, especially when meeting with new clients.
The problem is that I am being told I am outside the 3-month repair warranty. I think this stinks! It's a known issue and I would like someone at Dell to step up make my expensive computer work normally all of he time.
Yes, I have run every diagnostic known to man and the internet.

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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

A:Need power tips reference for Kensington laptop power adapter

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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


A:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.

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Hi, I just bought an HP pavilion e9300 a few week ago. And I am going to upgrade the power supply so that I can get a new graphic card--ATI 4870 which requires at least 500 watt power supply. My current computer is shipped with a 350 watt power supply. I will probably get a 650 watt considering the 70% effeciency of power supply.
However, when I talked to an HP technician, he insisted that I could go for a power supply with no more 450 watt. Because the system I just got has a motherboard which has a max power limit 450 watt. He said if I go beyond that, the motherboard will burn out.
So what shall I do? I really want to get ATI 4870 work well on my computer.
Thx very much.

A:Does power supply with higher power rating really burn motherboard?

The long answer is "No".
Just be sure of the dimensions of the power supply before you order a replacement, as HP uses some pretty strange sizes sometimes, and you want the new one to fit with room to spare.

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It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.

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Have a compaq presario model C700 battery is fully charged runs on AC once you unplug power cord pc shuts off will not run on DC power the battery is good works on other pc s with no problem any ideas what could be wrong Tried unplugging and plugging back in so pc would recognize battery but that didnt work either

Thanks masonman

A:battery good ac good no power up in dc

i have an old pentium3 NEC notebook..
i also have the similar problem as yours. Then i took it to a technician who told me that it was a motherboard flaw. he said that it neither gives nor takes enough power and voltage from and to the battery. yet the battery showed to be charging as well as being fully charged. my battery still works on other notebooks and gives a 2 hour back up on a netbook modified to use the battery.........

yours maybe the same problem as mine..........
GOD Bless

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This is a common problem (I see lots of posts)
The problem source is the [Dell] AC adapter.  PA-21 Family, 65W, P/N: NX061.  It is made in China.
I have an XPS M1330.  Using Dell after warranty service, replaced the Mother Board twice, replaced the battery twice, replaced the AC adapter twice - not fixing it.
Turns out the power warning message is very informative.  It states "Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for best system performance".  So, I plugged in my Dell 95W adapter - WOW Problem Solved.
A lab test of my new Dell 65W AC adapter shows it to be 64.6 watts.  If this unit gets hot (like after several hours of use), it may not put out the full 65 watts - the system may not recognize the adapter, it may power the system ok, but won't charge the battery.
These units burn out after only a few months of use. Their cables are too fragile. If Dell's or their supplier's Quality Control can't produce a reliable 65W product - I found seveal "Made In USA" universal adapters.

A:AC Adapter - Alert - "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined"

Well my solution was simple.
I just removed the battery pack and powered up my notebook. Then I turned off the notebook replaced the battery pack and VOILA. The error message was gone.

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I have a WG111v2 which I bought just to be able to use Vista x64. It doesn't work well with games though, so I need an adapter with no dropouts and x64 support. Would be nice with some recommendations.


A:Looking for a good wireless adapter

Howdy! I am also on the lookout for a good wireless adaptor. Was going to get the WG111T as I have a WG111 now and have been very happy with it.
When you say the WG111V2 is not good for gaming, does it work under normal circumstances or only under high traffic conditions like gaming?

As far as I know there are no x64 drivers yet :-(


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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new wireless USB adapter to replace my netgear WG111t. The reason for this is because it is causing my htpc to crash with blue screen and it has it's driver in the list as the issue.
My htpc is running windows 7 64bit
Amd A8-3850 APU 2.9ghz 4gb ram.

Was looking at the netgear n600. (WNDA3100)

Any suggestions? Will be streaming hd movies and downloading large files simultaneously.

A:Good wireless USB adapter win 7 64 bit

I've found the ones with the tacky little antennas tend to receive much better.
To be honest you may want to consider going with a pci device they're a bit more robust than the usb ones. They are pretty much exclusively low profile too, so it shouldn't be a problem even if you are dealing with a micro atx htpc.

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I need to get a USB wireless adapter.
It has to be USB, support 802.11g/n, support wep, wpa, wpa2 and support windows 7 drivers.

I was thinking of something like this

Is edimax good? Also do the aerials on the adapters help much? I find some have an aerial and others dont.


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My PSU does not have the extra 12V cable for Pentium4 (or AMD64).
I'll be getting an Abit AV8 3rd Eye with AMD64/3200 Winchester 90nm.

PSU: QTechnology ENS-0240QT, 400W, EPS12V capable
+3.3V = 30A
+5V = 25A
Max 200W on +3.3 and +5
+12V1 = 15A
+12V2 = 16A
Max 216W on +12V1 and +12V2
-5V = 1A
-12V = 1A
+5Vsb = 2A

I've seen adapter-cables on the web, are they providing enough and stable enough power, as needed my the mobo? Anybody use one with what result?

A:How good are ATX12V adapter cables?

Hi Real....
I have never used one ,so I am sorry I can't offer you any advice based on experience.But ,I just question as to whether it is worth using one, given the core importance of that power block.Any voltage fluctuations +/- of the specific design parameters can cause all kinds of errors as you well know.
The upgade you are planning is significant and a compliant PSU is not much money.
Use the the old equipment for a nice little Backup server,etc.
Then have a cool one down at the Pub!

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I have a desktop computer running windows 8 and now I want to be able to connect it to the internet. Anything special the adapter needs? I have TWC w/ 15mb download and 1mbps upload. I do not want to spend a lot of money on one.

A:Good cheap wireless adapter.

I bought two of these for my two desktop computers in the house to receive internet from my wireless router, they have been nothing but awesome, cheap and dependable.

Hiro H50191 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Network Adapter - 300Mbps, Wireless-N, USB 2.0, Windows 8 Compatible at

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   I got an Intel i3 motherboard as a replacement for an AMD motherboard.    i can´t make i3 motherboard to boot up     the AMD was using a 65 watts ac adapter ... is it fine for an Intel i3 motherboard?    Waiting some answers.

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Cpu - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Black

Memory - G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)

Video Card - HIS Hightech Radeon HD 2600XT 512MB 128-bit

Case - 12 bay ATX

Power Supply - OCZ

HD : Seagata baracude 250gb

Almost about to Order every parts i need to build a computer. but i just want to double check if this is the right mother bored for me.

Mobo - BIOSTAR TF560 A2+ AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 560 MCP

Is there anything better out there for this price range ? and will this be good to go with my radeon video card ?

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I've decided to build an i7(920) based comp and was wondering what were good valued mobo's. I was looking at this one on Newegg, and wanted some opinions of it or any other boards. And with an i7 board it would be best to get a triple channel set up I assume? Anyone know of a good set? Please and thank you.

A:Good i7 Motherboard?

Another option for mobo could be:
RAM: This for ultimate performance: , this for cheaper price:

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i'm looking for a good motherboard for Amd x2,for gaming,but mostly regular usage like browsing,multimedia,word processing..

and advice for the proper chipset(nvdia,sis,via..) and slot(am2 or 939..754) since they are part of the board.

A:good motherboard for Amd X2

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how can i tell if my motherboard is good or bad? Its a soltek sl-54u5 with an amd 450.......i put in new memory and it wouldnt fire up,put in old memory and nothing happened. Just a blank screen ever since.Any help would be appreciated.

A:motherboard good or bad?

well you could spend lots of money on testing hardware/software or you can remove the board from the case and set it on something flat (not a metal table ) and boot it with ONLY 1 memory stick, video card and processor.

if the powersupply, processor, memory and video card are known good, then that leaves the board.

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This would be exactly the specs i need and want, but I'm just not good with brands, and some of technical stuff
FoxConn 865 Series
based on Intel 865G Chipset
support pentium socket 478 processor at 800 MHz FSB
Support DDR400/333/266 memory
Support USB 2.0
Intel extreme graphics on board
Support AGP 8x
Support Raid Function
6-ch audio on board
GbE LAN on board
1394 on board
Serial ATA on board
says this on sticker on front of box

Dual Channel DDR400
Intel extreme graphics 2

A:Is this a good motherboard??

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Answer Match 47.04%, Is this motherboard any good? i have an AMD Athlon 3000+ skt939 i bought very cheaply due to no box and no hsf, i tested it and it works fine, I was just going to set up another system for myself.

A:Motherboard any good?

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I've been having a hard time finding SLi boards to go with my socket AM3. I've been thinking about going with this Asus board:

I'm planning on buying a GTX 570 soon and would like to SLi when summer comes around. Thing is, there are only 2 boards like this on newegg. I'm not sure of there quality and I would just like a little reassurance that this is a good choice.

A:Good AMD SLI motherboard

Hmm..You're right, there isn't alot of good choice through the net. It seems to come back to the M4N98TD EVO (which you have linked).

There are loads of reviews to have a look at so it's not too bad.

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Answer Match 47.04% Is this motherboard any good for gaming? I was going to go with this one but the top one supports intel pentuim 4. Since it supports intel pentium 4 it makes it better on me since I don't have to buy a core 2 quad and the motherboard at the same time.

Edit: Here is more information about the motherboard then what newegg gives.

A:This motherboard good?

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I just got a Pentium Celeron D 478 processor and I want to get a good(but not too expensive) motherboard. What is a good one for this CPU? I am looking to play games and mostly use it for school work.

A:A good motherboard?

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Wondering if someone professional could help me out with my mini dilemma I am having. About to start fresh and buy a mostly new everything. But I keep stopping at the computer case portion. I found a great motherboard but not many a decently priced case that utilizes front usb 3.0 ports.
Will the usb ports still work if the motherboard utilizes 3.0 and the case only has 2.0 available? I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I would greatly appreciate some advice.

A:A good fit for my motherboard

Waffe said:

Will the usb ports still work if the motherboard utilizes 3.0 and the case only has 2.0 available?Click to expand...

They will work only if you connect the front USB 2.0 to a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard. If the case only has USB 2.0 front connectors, you cannot connect them to USB 3.0 headers on the motherboard because the connectors are different.

I happen to be using this case for one of my PCs: SilverStone. It has two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel.

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I'm moving and the new house isn't wired. i'll have to use wireless adapter on my desktop. this wireless adapter looks pretty good far as i can tell.

any red flags on it?

ASUS PCE-AC88 4x4 Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter

ASUS PCE-AC88 4x4 Wireless AC3100 PCIe

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I keep reading up many problem with wireless adapters driver, mainly due to incompatable .dll issues. I've got a D-link g wireless router (provided by my cable company) i was looking at the WUSB300N, should work with my G network but I've read up many problems because there are not windows 7 compatable drivers.

Does anyone know a good USB wireless adapter that works well with windows 7??preferably linksys

A:good windows 7 compatable USB wireless adapter

Quote: Originally Posted by loserspearl

I keep reading up many problem with wireless adapters driver, mainly due to incompatable .dll issues. I've got a D-link g wireless router (provided by my cable company) i was looking at the WUSB300N, should work with my G network but I've read up many problems because there are not windows 7 compatable drivers.

Does anyone know a good USB wireless adapter that works well with windows 7??preferably linksys

I cant help you with Linksys but I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on my main PC along with Vista 64 Ultimate via a Belkin N+ adapter linked to my Belkin N+ router at 270 Mbps, it is also running an XPS Gen 1 laptop XP Pro SP3 using the DELL onboard wireless G adapter at 54 Mbps and a second XPS Gen 1 laptop Windows 7 Pro 32 with a Belkin N1 PCMCIA adapter at 150 Mbps 7 drivers were not an issue.

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I have a lenovo ideapad yoga 11s. I want to leave it there all the time, I'll connect it to the laptop when I need to charge the laptop. The reason being is to avoid sparks/arcs that occur whenever I plug in the adapter to the wall outlet. Is it a good/safe idea?

A:Is it a good idea to leave the adapter plugged in ...

Yes, it won't run at Max performance likely without it plugged in or for long.You can set the battery charging as below which stops at 60% which extends its life we're told. When you need the max runtime just check the other radio button.  

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

Battery.jpg ?67 KB

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my motherboard adapter is sis661fx, and from what i can see it only supports auto to 4x. when everest program says set to 8x am i stuck with 4x maximum. which means new motherboard to get full performance from graphic card that runs 8x. at the moment onboard graphics seems to run better then a card at 4x would this be true. regards mark. thanks for any reply

A:motherboard max 4x agp adapter speed

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A:Is this motherboard and processor good?

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Hello, Ladies and Gents.

I am looking to upgrade from an Athlon II x4 645/Biostar 785g motherboard to a Sandy Bridge Quad-Core/Z68 Motherboard.

I am a guy that likes to mess with my power settings. I know at exactly what voltages my current Athlon II needs to run at any speed between 3.5 to 2.4 ghz. I just love to screw with the thing. It undervolts to 1.2375v at stock speeds and overclocks as high as 3.317ghz without increasing the stock voltage (1.35v stock). This system has seen more than 2 weeks worth of Prime95 in its life. I mostly game and browse the internet, but do some photoshopping and media converting as well.

I know Sandy Bridge processors can turbo up from stock speeds, but what I want to know is can I control the voltages at which they do so? Is there a motherboard that will let me control turbo state voltage if it is not a common feature? I generally undervolt my PCs, I like to have full control of the vcore.

I really want to buy a Z68 board for a future upgrade to Ivy Bridge and a Radeon 7000 series card. So should I buy one of the cheaper quad-cores (newegg has the i5-2320 for only $175), or go for a 2500k? Will I miss the minor loss in clock speed when gaming or the unlocked multiplier when doing photoshopping?

A:Help me pick a good Z68 motherboard please!

Steelhedgehog said:

Hello, Ladies and Gents.

I am looking to upgrade from an Athlon II x4 645/Biostar 785g motherboard to a Sandy Bridge Quad-Core/Z68 Motherboard.

I am a guy that likes to mess with my power settings. I know at exactly what voltages my current Athlon II needs to run at any speed between 3.5 to 2.4 ghz. I just love to screw with the thing. It undervolts to 1.2375v at stock speeds and overclocks as high as 3.317ghz without increasing the stock voltage (1.35v stock). This system has seen more than 2 weeks worth of Prime95 in its life. I mostly game and browse the internet, but do some photoshopping and media converting as well.

I know Sandy Bridge processors can turbo up from stock speeds, but what I want to know is can I control the voltages at which they do so? Is there a motherboard that will let me control turbo state voltage if it is not a common feature? I generally undervolt my PCs, I like to have full control of the vcore.

I really want to buy a Z68 board for a future upgrade to Ivy Bridge and a Radeon 7000 series card. So should I buy one of the cheaper quad-cores (newegg has the i5-2320 for only $175), or go for a 2500k? Will I miss the minor loss in clock speed when gaming or the unlocked multiplier when doing photoshopping?Click to expand...

You like to mess with stuff, so, you should go for Gigabyte / Asus / ASrock mobos because they provide the most tweakable settings!

But, I don't know why you're try... Read more

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Okay, so.. I just had a very big scare. my 700gb of my life flashed before my eyes this morning. I left my computer on last night as per normal and this morning it restarted but my motherboard (M4A87TD EVO) said my harddrive (1TB Western Digital WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0) was bad and in the description it said something about S.M.A.R.T. I have no idea what that is and couldn't find any mention of it but it was in the error message. It wouldn't boot it and said to backup and replace it.

Now it had a F1 Key prompt to continue anyway. If I hit that it would tell me to throw in a bootable cd/device blah blah.

Anyway I told my motherboard to override the F1 prompt and I'm currently on the hard drive I have affectionately named Lazarus.

I did a Windows Error Check on the drive and it detects nothing wrong.
WHAT DO I DO? Am I in the clear?

Regardless I'm buying an extra hard drive. I never want to have a scare like this again.

A:Motherboard say HDD Bad. Windows says Good

No way to override it, and its likely not wrong either. Windows only tests the file structure and checks for bad sectors(if you tell it too), it does not test or monitor the drive for internal failures which is what SMART is designed for.

You should always have AT LEAST two copies of any data that you consider important, and preferable you should keep one copy in a secure location away from your home.

Your WD has a 5 year warranty from WDC - they will replace the drive for you if its found to be faulty. Go to their website to test the drive and apply for warranty. However, first make a backup copy of the data.

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Hey guys I am RMA'ing my second Striker II Extreme motherboard in a month, can some please recommend another motherboard that's a more stable? Below is the config that I want to run.

Dual 9800GTX+ Cards (Not SLI, I am running quad 24" Widescreen HD Displays)
Intel q9550 Processor
8GB DDR3 Super Talent Ram 1333MHZ
Dual Blue Ray/HD DVD/DVD RW
PCI N1 Wifi Card
500GB SATA Drive (Primary)
250GB SATA Drive (Storage)
Vista Ultimate x64
1200W PSU

A:Solved: What's a good motherboard?

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Is this a good deal on a motherbard?


Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M motherboard. It NIB with everything including Driver cd, manual, ect.

all for $118.00

The specs can be found at:


A:Is this a good deal on a motherboard?

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ok i need to get a new mobo. it has to support SATA, must have an AGP slot, about 4 or more pci slots, support a socket 462 processor,wouldnt mind it having a pci express slot if possible.
whats going in it is a sempron 3000+ 2.0GHz processor, 1GB of ram, 2 SATA 160GB hard drives, a 6ch 5.1 surround sound sound card, and 2 DVD-RW's, and a FX5900XT.
i feel i might be leaving something out, but if not thats all then.

A:Whats a good motherboard

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Hello, I am looking for suggestions on what type of motherboard to get for using with Windows 64-bit home basic. Basically a motherboard that can work correctly without having to spend a thousand hours trying to fiddling with it first. The CPU is a Intel Dual Core.

A:Good Motherboard for Vista

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Does anyone know a good cpu and motherboard combo under 200$

Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk

A:Good cpu and motherboard combo

share with us your thoughts about this computer: is a desktop / laptop ....
it is for net or for multimedia: music, movies?
you will upgrade in some months or will change all in some years?
what stores can you use (on-line and in your town) ?

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I'm looking for a good amd asus/msi mother board for an athlon 64 939 chipset.

I'm thinking about buying the a8n-e, but I don't know.

A:Can someone recommend a good motherboard

If you're planning on using an AMD 64 X2 dual-core processor, stay away from the nVidia chipset based boards. It took me three motherboards to get one that worked properly with my AMD 64 dual-core processor, I ended up with the Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe with the ATI Crossfire chipset.

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I was looking at the Asus probe for my Asus p4p800 deluxe and noticed that my motherboard temperature was 38 celsius, this is higher than the 29-32 range i usually get, should i be concerned?


A:Good motherboard temperatures?

If the temperature is climbing there must be a reason. Though a little high it is not drastically so. I would be checking all the fans and clean them. Get a can of compressed air to blow the dust of of the fans. Also check the vent slots and holes in the case.

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I plan to buy either an i5 6600 or 6500. Can you guys recommend a good budget motherboard for it? Again, I'm on a budget.

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I am interested if there are some good motherboard temp and fan speed monitors, specifically for a SiS 7018 motherboard?

Any links or recommendations would be appreciated.

A:Any good motherboard monitors?

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i have a asus Asus Sk8V S940 VIAk8T800 ATX Sound GIGLAN Firewire USB2.0 FSB400 SATA ... with a althon fx 55 but one of them is dead so im buying new of both.

(if ur bored of reading already skip to the final question bit)

getitng a athllon fx53 but what motherboard to go with argh!?

i was going to buy a asus Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe S939 Nvnf4sli Atx - Snd 2xgln 1394 U2 Fsb2000 Satar

But its SLI. Yes sli sounds and is cool but i have a ati card. Can i run a single ati card on sli. sint that a waste:S? From what i can make out it has 3 maybe 4 pci slot, expansion card last board had 5 and that wasnt enough!

was looking at the Gigabyte Ga-k8nsnxp-939 S939 Nvnf3 - Atx Snd Gln 1394 U2 Fsb2k Sata In as it has 5 pci slots and the gfx slot but it's performance review for gaming was not so good.

I got my sound card, tv card. wireless card, some lil usb and other sound tingy but that cna go. Also the gfx card wich on the skv8 took up 2 card slots as they were so close even though its a single card.

has any1 got the Gigabyte Ga-k8nsnxp-939? Do they play heavy games ? Do thye run 2 games at once often along with a 3d modeling prog? . yes i find myself doing this sometimes but this system dont hack it like my other one did. While im wokring on somehting on a game (im a modder) i have anothe rgame open or some engine so i can check im getting it as real as possible, but with bad FSP thats just impossible.

the pci slots 3 + gfx card slot migh... Read more

A:939 motherboard. What 1? help me. none are good.hehe


Well if your going with ati, then you can save yourself a decent amount of money by getting a nforce 4 ultra, rather than nforce4 sli. Sli would be of no benefit to a person using ati cards. The ultra is basically the same, but without the extra pci-e slot. I'm using a Chaintech vnf4 ultra. It works well for me, but I'm more of a high-middle end guy, not high end. I've seen people overclock a 3000+ to 4100+ on the board model I have. Ultra boards are about $50-100 less than sli. But from what I can guess about you, money isn't really an object like it is to me. (Not an insult, It'd be cool to have tons of money lol).

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Whats a good motherboard for overclocking a E8400
i was looking at asus Asus P5Q-E x38

but it does not allow crossfire set up. i dont understand how it can do crossfire x8 but not x16 when it has two x16 PCI-E 2.0.

im looking to spend 200$ max on the mobo. so any suggestion?

on the side note anyone knows untill when PCI-E 2.0 is gonna be around?

A:What's a good overclocking motherboard?

For overclocking in General, anything w/ an Intel P35 or X48 chipset would be ideal. You would be able to Crossfire and overclock the P5Q-E, it has two PCI-E slots... not sure what speeds they run at when linked; has the P45 chipset. On a side note, nVidia's 680/780i platform is also pretty good for overclocking if you wanted to go that route. EVGA makes some pretty decent boards in that category. For Intel P35 chipsets, Gigabyte makes some really good boards which have a lot of overclocking potential.

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I am looking for a good board in the $40 range to build systems with. We used the ECS K7S5A Pro in about 6 systems this week and I am looking for an alternative to that board in the same price range.

The main thing is it should support a 266mhz FSB, and I am looking for something that has good reviews as far as a stable board.

A:What is a good motherboard in the $40 range

Asrock K7VT2 based on the KT266a chipset so 100/133 FSB, USB ports, onboard Ethernet & even SDR/DDRam slots.

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I plan to buy either an i5 6600 or 6500. Can you guys recommend a good budget motherboard for it? Again, I'm on a budget.

A:What's a Good, Affordable Motherboard?

Everyone's on "A Budget" .... The Amount is Variable.

Just spit it out - What is the most you are willing to spend on a mainboard?

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Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
Conroe 45nm Technology fsb: 1066 MHz
3.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15)
X203H ([email protected])
1023MB GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Gigabyte)
Hard Drives
466GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-00ERMA0 (RAID)
Optical Drives
Power source
Roswell CAPSTONE Series 450W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply CAPSTONE-450

i bought the wrong cpu and my motherboard is very cheap so i am looking to replace the board with something compatible with all the parts

if i missed anything info wise tell me

A:what motherboard would be good for these parts?

You are doing it backwards. You pick a Motherboard and then pick your parts to go with it.

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I'm looking to change my motherboard, but I need one that is decent, and will work with a
-P4 1.6 CPU
-Geforce Ti4400 (I know it will work with 99.999% of mobos, I just need to be 100% certain)

Can you tell me if these motherboards are good and would be compatible with my cpu? I don't know too much about these things.

Also, how do I know if it is going to be compatible with my current PSU setup?
This one seems good, but what does that whole dual-DDR thing mean? And I can't seem to find out if it has onboard audio or not....
First Mobo


Second Mobo

I'm already using a MSI so maybe this is abetter choice, because it will most likely be compatible for sure...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
EDIT: I am currently using an MSI Ultra 845... is it a 100% certainty that the new mobo will fit in my case? And that my old fan will fit on the new one?

A:Is this a good/compatible motherboard?

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I currently own a DIR-655 D-Link wireless router that is very high quality and I was wonder in if the DWA-552 adapter is a good choice for a desktop and for online gaming and is their a newer version of the DWA-552?


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My network card seems to have crapped out on me, and so I need a new one.

Any recommendations? It needs to be compatible with 7 64-bit and I don't wanna be paying too much.


A:Need a good wireless network card/adapter for laptop

If you have any other old dongle lieing about, it might work on Windows 7 already. I followed the link below and it worked for me. I was in exactly the same boat as you, looking for a Windows 7 dongle on google, and wasn't getting anywhere. Turned out I already had the solution in my desk.

Puzbie LTD: Getting USB Wireless Adapters Working with Windows 7.

Alternatively, go on any online store that allows comments and see what people have been saying. eBuyer is pretty good for that in the UK.

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I'm getting wireless internet service for my new machine but i know very little about this stuff, i dont know which brands are good and so on. I called the phone company and asked them what do i need to put in my machine to be able to go wireless and i was told i need aq network 100 based T card and a USB 802.11g wireless adapter, I think they also said a PCMCIA one would work also, but i dont even know what that is and where it goes. At least with a USB i dont have that problem so i'll stick with them. Anyway, does anyone know of any good manufacturers of network cards and usb adapters? Or perhaps can recomend a specific card that would be worth getting?

A:Can someone recomend a good wireless USB adapter + network card?


If its a laptop, Linksys or Belkin are good makes of card, you would need a PCMCIA type or if your laptop has a slot you can get a MINIPCI Wireless card.

If its a desktop PC then the same makes apply, but you would need a PCI type card.

I dont see why the phone company are telling you to get a wired and a wireless NIC you only need a wireless NIC to go wireless.

As for USB let me tell you a story, up until a while back NTL my cable provider were issueing USB dongles for users new to broadband, however there use as a network adaptor was next to useless with constant dropouts and driver issues, to the point where they pulled the USB idea and insist on a wired NIC, the same goes for AOL, one of the biggest ADSL providers, they to used a ADSL modem with a USB connection until a while back, now there modem connects to the ethernet socket on the PC and doesnt have a USB socket anymore.

Short and long Linksys Belkin and avoid any USB dongles, thats my opinion anyway.


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HP Palvilion m9077c
Motherboard IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)

Power Supply (DPS-350ab-8a)

Hello all, this is my first post. First, let me thank all for being here and sharing your vast knowledge. My PC and power supply is above, web-links included for more accurate description. Also, I have scoured this forum/internet attempting to resolved and yes there is a ton of info. The problem is the I cannot find specific details "similar" to my problem regarding how they determined the repair action, other than replaced power or mobo. So hopefully, when this is resolved this will help someone with my similar problem.

- Problem > PC will not turn-on, just as if not plugged into power source.
-- Sypnopsis > Nothing unusual happened as far as I know. Shut-down PC for the evening as
usual, next day went to turn it on...nothing.

- Troubleshooting accomplished:
-- Checked power outlet & cords, checked good
-- Green light on back of power supply is steady green...normal indication
-- Removed power supply to test with multi-meter. Strapped/jumpered pins 16 (green wire) with
ground (blk wire). All appears normal, everything is in range of specifications, values below:
pin 1: 3.39
pin 2: 3.39
pin 4: 5.07
pin 6: 5.07
pin 8: 5.03
pin 9: 5.03
pin 10: 12.17
pin 11: 3.39
pin 12: 3.39
pin 13: 3.39
pin 14: (-)12.01
pin 21: 5.07
pin 22: 5.07
pi... Read more

A:NO POWER, Is it power supply or motherboard?

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My PC suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn on, but the mouse and motherboard lights were still on. A tech took my PC and ran some tests. I assumed that either my Power supply or my Motherboard was unfunctional but he called me back telling me that it was neither, and that the problem was coming from "a part" that gave power to the motherboard. The replacement of this part would cost $80.

Am I getting ripped off? What part could possibly cost $80 and isn't the Power supply?

A:What gives power to the Motherboard that isn't a power supply?

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Hello all,
Posting this message to ask for some kind assistance, and possible help. Yesterday, my electricity overloaded, causing the electricity to blow, I flicked the trip switch, and the electricity went back on. When I tried to turn my computer on, there was no response, power light didn't light up, and no sound of anything running like the fans, just completely no response. I thought at first it was a power supply, so I purchased a new power supply and tried that. When I did this, the power light, lit up, but again there was no response from the computer at all. I have tested all the components in another computer and they worked fine, graphics card, and RAM etc.,

I put a wireless adapter into the USB ports, which are connect to the motherboard, and this lit up, which made me think that the motherboard was still getting some sort of power.

Do you think it is still the motherboard? I know it will be difficult to tell for you, because you do not have physical access to the computer, but do you think this could be a possibility?

Do you think it would be worth taking the computer to a computer repair shop, to see if they could give a possible explanation to the problem?

Sorry I am not very computer orientated, that is why I have asked for your help.

If it helps, this is a link to the computer it is,

The computer is a BXB E5300 DUAL CORE 500GB 4GB RAM 9500GT 1GB PC . It can be found on Ebay, or via a Google Search.

Thank you to all wh... Read more

A:Computer won't power up, motherboard seems to be getting power

Seems like a fried motherboard. I guess you'll have to replace it.

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Hello. I have a computer I picked up from Fry's that has a K7 FSB266 motherboard, 1GB of memory, and an AMD Athlon 1800+ processor. This is the second motherboard I have put in this thing, as the first one suffered the same malady that I need help with. The motherboard is a Model M811 ATX style.

The other night we had a power outage for about 2 hours. All my computers were powered down, except one. I powered all of them back up and they worked as per normal except the one I reference above. This one was off during the outage.

Now it will not power back on. The same thing happened with its predecessor board which is why I replaced it. Am I missing something? Is there some sort of magical reset that I can't find? Why would this computer be the only one with a dead motherboard after the power was back on? Is there a flaw in its design? What brand should I go with if this thing is junk?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:K7 motherboard will not power up after power outage

Steve1 said:

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve1Click to expand...

Hi I have a PC that does the same thing, I think its the PSU, if I remove the mains cable for about 2 minutes, then replace it, the thing powers on OK, I really must get round to sorting it out soon...

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I moved my components of my PC into a new case. Now I've a problem with a "SiS PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter LAN Driver". Motherboard: Elitegroup K7S5A.


I originally tried to boot Windows 2000 and Linux, neither worked. Linux said there was a problem with IRQ 11 (or something). I went into Windows Safe Mode, and disabled everything that ran on IRQ 11 - I narrowed the problem down to the "SiS PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter LAN", which I disabled and windows ran fine. However, this now appears to mean that I cannot access my home network through an external USB remote thing (Netgear MA111) or a direct network cable.


Do I now need to get a new motherboard in order to access a network? Or, do you know of another way to solve the problem?

A:Network / motherboard adapter problem

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i have a desktop connected to DSL with a router, and now i am attempting to connect another desktop to an adapter. i have never opened up a modem before and have no idea where the motherboard is, or what it looks like. how do i find it, and how do i know where the slot is to place my adapter? clear pictures would be helpful (i'm a visual learner), or helpful instructions. i have a emachine brand desktop from walmart.

thank you -

A:how to connect internal adapter to motherboard

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Does this wireless adapter work with this motherboard? The wireless adapter uses a PCI interface but the motherboard has PCI express. If not could anyone recommend a cheap wireless adapter that is N compatible?

A:Will this wireless adapter connect to this motherboard

it has 2 pci slots, you;re good to go.

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I have a Gateway P1 120 Mhz tower with Win 95 the CD-Rom will not work. It shows up in the Explorer but can not be accessed.
If I boot in DOS I see "Port adapter Failed diagonisct(sp)followed by Port 380 failed.
Is this a Bad motherboard ????


A:Port adapter failed.....Help...Bad Motherboard ?

Not sure what port adapter it is talking about. Sounds like you had some piece of hardware attached to the computer that is no longer there, so it is giving you an error.

As for the CD, search this forum for CD - you may well find your answer.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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Hey guys,
I was looking for a motherboard with pc3200 ram capability and a socket 478 for a p4 celeron. I was looking on newegg and saw a ton of great value boards but i need something with an AGP/PCI lock and other features so I can overclock the processor. Can anyone help me out finding a good overclocking board?
Oh yeah, I need 533Mhz or better fsb.... Thanks

A:socket 478 good overclocking motherboard

The things you need are agp/pci lock, adjustable fsb, and adjustable memory dividers. The best way to find if a board has these is to find a board that you like(one that's a good candidate), then dl the manual and look at the bios section. If it has the settings, it should work. I was in a similar situation, but more limited, as I needed a matx(as opposed to atx) board that could oc, which is much harder to find. I settled on a gigabyte 8IG1000MK, it only lacks vcore adjustment, which limits how far I can go a little bit, but still, my 1.8p4 was at 2.5ghz stable, a good oc for stock voltage.

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What would be a good motherboard to go with this:

Intel Core i5 2500k
2x G.SKILL 4 GB DDR3-1600, F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL
Amd/Ati Radeon HD 6950 2GB
ATX PowerLine 650W retail 2xPCIeX 120mmF
... btw, this is going to be my future build... So if u have some good critics, what to change, and to stay in the price range, you'r welcome to say it I dont know so much about computer hardware.

A:Good motherboard for an i5-2500k, HD 6950?

What is your budget for the total build? What is your budget for the board? First you need to get rid of that PSU and get one that will allow you to SLI/crossfire in the future. Are you in the Philippines?

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MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard please let me know thanks in advance i am on ssi and can only get one thing at a time and want to make shure i get what i need no mastacks this will be for an internet gameing pc

A:Is this a good motherboard for a budget build

GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard or should i use this motherboard

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Hi guys I will like to know your opinion about which motherboard be good for gamers with 1 PCI Express and performances.

A:Which brand of motherboard is good for gamers

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I currently have a
AMD Athlon XP2600+ (333mhz FSP)
30gig 7200rpm Maxtor Hard Drive
128mb nVidia GeForce4mx440 Video Card
52x24x52x Pacific Digital CD-RW
Windows XP Professional SP1

I have a PCCHIPS motherboard and a no-name case, both I'm going to upgrade. I bought a 512 stick of generic DDR ram (PC2700, the highest the motherboard could support) Which was defective, and after sending it back it got lost in the mail. Luckily it was insured, so I'm going to be recieving a refund. Rather than try and get more PC2700, I've decided to just get a good motherboard to even everything out.

I'm possibly looking at 512mb PC3200 DDR Dual-Channel exactly does this work, and is it worth it? I'm also looking at an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard ( ...anyone have any experiences with this?

Looking at the dual channel memory, I'm deciding between "Ultra Dual Channel 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz (2 x 256) Memory" ( and "OCZ Dual Channel EL 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Platinum Edition (2 X 256MB) Memory" ( Both are the same price, but the Ultra has a 20$ mail-in-rebate. The Ultra runs at CAS Latency: 2-2-2-6-T1 and the OCZ runs at CAS Latency: 2-2-3-5 1T...

Th... Read more

A:Gaming PC: Whats a good motherboard?

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I want 8gb of RAM, maybe one day I'll upgrade to 16GB. When it comes to motherboards I don't really know what I'm doing. I will be using an nVidia 460SE.

If you read my other upgrading thread, forget the mobo and cpu I intended to get.

Any help appreciated.

EDIT: Also is there any particular variety of RAM that would be best suited to this cpu and motherboard? And I'll be getting the black edition, so a mobo that's allows me to overclock would be best.

I asked on Yahoo Answers and someone suggested a Ga-78LMT. It's cheap, that's all I can really say about it. Is it good? I notice it says "2x DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800 MHz memory modules" does that mean that it will not accept memory faster than 1333mhz?

A:What is a good motherboard for an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T?

OK, I think I've actually managed to get everything sorted.This is what I plan on getting:

MSI 760GM-P23 (FX) AMD 760G (Socket AM3+) Motherboard

G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB DDR3 PC3-10666 1333mhz Single Module

Then I plan on sticking them in this case: Zalman Z9 Plus Black Tower Case - Black (No PSU) - With Fan Controller

Are they all compatible? From what I can tell they are but what do I know.


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I'm building a new system, and looking for a decent motherboard for it. I have my eyes on Gigabyte P35-DS3R as it seems pretty popular, but it's also a 2007 product.

So, shall I go with it or is there a newer, better product for my use?

I put my computer under heavy use (tasks running in the background, multi-tasking, web development and some graphic design), but I rarely play any serious games on it.
Appreciate your help

A:Solved: Looking for a good motherboard for my new system

You could look for a P45 board if you want something a little newer. It's only been out a few months. Some of them cost about the same as a P35 MB.

I just installed a Foxconn P45A-S MB in my system and think its great.

PS: From reviews there's not much difference in performance or features between the two chipsets.

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Anybody recommend one? This is my first time getting a conroe board. I was thinking of getting the Gigabyte one witht the 965 chipset.

Any help appreciated

A:Anyone recommend a good Core 2 Duo motherboard?

Wallabing - check out - they just ran a review. look under mobo



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I recently get this used computer for US $25.00 at a yard sale. The reason why I got this machine was the Motherboard. I friend of mine owns one and I think is a very good choice and for that price, I don't think you can get anything better.

The computer motherboard is an Azus A7V8X-X. I got it with 1.2 Ghz Athlon XP Processor 512 Mb RAM PC2700/ 40 Gb HD/ Sony 52x32x52 CD-R & 64 Mb Nvidia MX 400 Video card.

For me this going to be my lab testing machine. I've been using it for several months now and I think for being an old computer runs very fast. I put some extra memory ( a 256 Mb DDR 400 Dim and a 128 Mb DDR 333 Dim) and another 40 Gb HD. I know I shouldn't mix different types on memory on it but works fine.

I'm thinking on putting a 2.8 Ghz processor and 3 Gbs of RAM cause I want to used it for lab testing programs like Vmware and Virtual PC.

My questions is, for those who know this motherboard.

It's it worth it to upgrade to a faster processor and add more memory?

And keep in mind that I got this computer for just $25.00 US dollars.

A:Upgrading old Motherboard need good advice!

The fastest you can get for that is a Barton 3200+, and you probably can't get that up to 2.8, but at 2.2 it should be plenty fast.

Here is a bit about your board.

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I want to build my own gaming computer with hopefully a i5 or i7 intel chip but I don;t know if the case and motherboard are good or if the motherboard fits within the case.

The Case is a Coolermaster CM Storm Range Scout with a Coolermaster Silent Pro Modular 700W and the motherboard is a Intel DQ45CB Socket 775 Motherboard. I would like to know if these are good products and also if they would fit in one another as I want to build a good midrange gaming computer. I also do like Coolermaster in general. Also I wouldn't mind having some feedback on a good processor?

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eVGA 133-K8-NF41 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

i was looking around and it seems to be a good motherboard but is it better than the rest on new egg for its price range?

i made a post about this in the gamer forum and i was gonna get this with a dual core +4400 and a geforce 7800gtx but the combo deal went away so i missed my chance so i might as well start a new and get one that is worth it... just need a little help selecting the Mobo and which XP os i need.

A:Is this EvGa motherboard a good deal?

Currently I think these are better deals, but the evga was a really good deal with that promotion that expired.

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i dont really need any peripherals, all i really need is a fast chipset and maybe decent audio. the important part is im getting an 8800GTX so i want a fast northbridge to complement the hardware, right now all i have is my 500 SLI on my m2n4-sli.

A:looking for cheap motherboard with good chipset

The 570 and 590 are pretty good chipsets.

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I had an accident a couple of weeks ago, where my bookshelf fell over and hit the front of my PC's tower, which rebooted the computer(the computer was on at the moment). When I tried to log back onto windows, my HD was making a terrible skipping noise, and all I got was 'Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter'. Assuming that my bookshelf did rather harsh damage to my dead HD, I went out and purchased a new HD. Now, I currently have 3 'potential' HDs to use, and none of them seem to work.

I have the brand new HD I just purchased, Western Digital IDE drive, I went to install Windows just as I usually would. XP cd in cd-rom, bootup sequence set to 1. cd-rom, 2. HD, 3. floppy. I've switched the floppy between 3 and 1, just to make sure. Either way, attempting to boot from the CD to get XP installed, all I get is 'Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter', every time.

I have a Western Digital SATA drive I purchased a while back on accident, but it is techically new, as I've never used it. SATA confuses me, I'm not really familiar with that type. However, my motherboard is SATA compatible, that much I know. When I go to install it (again, booting from XP cd), I'll get the same 'Disk Boot Failure'. However my SATA drive doesn't show up in the inital loading screen as my IDE drive. I was told this is typical, as the motherboard shouldn't detect SATA as that type of dr... Read more

A:Motherboard no good? HD install problems

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Hello there,
Im fixin to upgrade my computer and i will also be upgrading the mobo too. I was looking at the asus p4pe board but then i found out about that "cold boot" problem where after the computer has been off for a few hours it wont boot back up. Now im looking at the gigabyte GA-8PE667. It is also based on the PE chipset. It looks like a good buy to me. Im trying to stay in the $100-$120 range. Is the GA-8PE667 a good board to buy or is there a better one then that for the same price? Any opinions??

Thanks for the help!

A:Whats a good Motherboard to upgrade to???

Hi There 311Sam

I don't know what country your from - cause money diff's can mean alot when it comes to buying. I'm running a 1 month old SOYO SY-P4X400 Dragon Ultra Platinum Edition and I've never been so happy This board is awsome, it was last years motherboard of the year - a little pricy though I paid $300.00 Canadian for it. But if you ever plan on putting a window in your computer for you and for show it's a nice lookin' board also.
Here's the link to this board if your interested

Have fun decidin'

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Looking for recommendation on a motherboard. Socket 1156.

A:Good motherboard with eSata connector(s)

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I'm going to build a gaming desktop and need your help. So far I'm going to buy the Intel i5 6600K with LGA 1151 socket and Nvidia 970. I need to know what's a good but very affordable motherboard for this. Do let me know. Appreciate it.

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Hi, i am going to build my first PC soon.
I want to Crossfire 2 R9 270X's but not sure which motherboard to go for.
The motherboard has to support AMD Athlon X4 760K and have USB 3.0
Can someone pont me in the right direction plz.


A:Good Cheap Motherboard for Crossfire?

Hi Spoonhead,

There are a lot of options you can choose but to narrow it down you may consider a Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-UP4 or an ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ as they both support Crossfire and SLI and both has USB 3.0 Headers.

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Last time my motherboard sang it was bad news. I used the HP diagnostic tests and it showed up nothing wrong. The only thing new is that sometimes icons disappear from the taskbar. I go into taskbar, uncheck something and check it, save it and all's well. But there must be a bug. The only new thing was to download Brink's shortcuts to the power profiles but Brink's stuff's always good stuff. I had a new video card put in about 6 months ago with a new power supply to go with it and my mechanic guy seems to know what he's doing. How much time do I have? What's the best course of action? I try not to overreact with computers. Thanks in advance.

A:My motherboard is singing: this can't be a good thing

Hello pxfragonard,

When you say singing, what exactly does it sound like? A whining, squealing, or whistling type noise?

Does this happen all the time, or only after your system gets hot?

You might open up the case and see if you may be able to determine exactly where it's coming from. Some possible sources would be any fans, video card fan, or HDD's.

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For the last two weeks, every time I start my Dell INSPIRON E1705 while using the power supply I am greeted with the following message. "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation". I press the F1 Key and everything works fine. I've read about this on other websites and most say it's a design flaw in the power supply after the cord has been properly wound around the supply as designed. Apparently a few of the cords internal wire strands become broken and cause this message. My computer is from June 2006 and shouldn't be having this issue so early...or ever. This seems like a flaw that should have created some type of manufacturers recall since so many people are having this issue. I'm of course out of warranty, will Dell replace this free of charge?

A:Power Supply - "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined....."

You are correct, the failure is due toloss of the power supply ID signal. Sometimes this happens because of strain on the plug, which breaks the signal wire. Some even are so severe that the insulation breaks away from the plug; this is due to rough handling. The other cause is one or more of the power socket solder connections to the system board become broken. This also is related to severe handling. I have seen one case where all three power connections and three of four mechanical connections were disconnected. If the power supply is bad, a replacement will cure the problem. If not, then the socket is bad, and this will require a system board replacement. If you are experienced, you can try to resolder the connections. I am experienced and was not able to get my daughter's E6000 to work by resoldered. More recent Dells are using a replacable power connection board which is a much cheaper repair.

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I'd like to extend the range of my laptop so that it can connect to my wireless router about 50 yards away. My workshop is in a metal shed away from the house and there are times that it would be nice to connect to the internet from there. I bought a D-Link N300 RangeBooster N USB Adapter at a garage sale and thought that might do the trick but the instructions say to delete all other wireless adapter software before installing which doesn't seem like a good idea to me since my machine, a Toshiba Satellite C75DB7230 is less than a year old. Is there a way to install this gadget and only activate it when I need it without fouling up the rest of the machine. I'm running Windows 10.


A:Installing second range booster wireless adapter - good or bad idea?

Hi Wolfie!

Open Network and Sharing Center. On the left, click change adapter settings. Right click on your built-in WiFi adapter and disable it. Then you should be good to go to install the USB WiFi adapter. That is how you can switch between the two.

Honestly, though, I doubt you get much better results from just another adapter with an internal antenna. I would suggest something like this:
Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender
(cheaper from ebay and Amazon)

If your workshop has a window, set it in the window to get a better "view" to the main router. My main router with WiFi is in the basement of my house. On the second floor I have the RE6500 unit in my daughter's bedroom. It not only repeats the WiFi signal from the basement, but also gives me gigabit wired ethernet ports that her TV and XBOX plug into. I get perfect signal and speed from it despite that the router it repeats from is two floors down and my 55" flat screen TV is exactly right between them on the first floor.

I have both the 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz channels set with the same SSID and password on both the main router and repeater. All my WiFi devices just connect to the same WiFi network and roaming throughout the house they just pick up the strongest signal and attach to it. I have fantastic full speed connection all the way from my hot tub in the back yard to the farthest room on the second floor.

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I'd like to extend the range of my laptop so that it can connect to my wireless router about 50 yards away. My workshop is in a metal shed away from the house and there are times that it would be nice to connect to the internet from there. I bought a D-Link N300 RangeBooster N USB Adapter at a garage sale and thought that might do the trick but the instructions say to delete all other wireless adapter software before installing which doesn't seem like a good idea to me since my machine, a Toshiba Satellite C75DB7230 is less than a year old. Is there a way to install this gadget and only activate it when I need it without fouling up the rest of the machine. I'm running Windows 10.


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I get the following warning just after the BIOS loads, on my Dell
Inspiron 8200:

WARNING: 70 Watt (20v,3.5A) AC adapter detected. System will not be
capable of running in full performance mode without a 90 watt (20V,
4.5A) AC adapter. Press F1 to continue in battery optimized mode, or
F2 to shut down.

However, I do _not_ have a 70 Watt adapter. I have two 90 Watt
adapters. Both are reasonably new (less than 3 months old i am sure it is working properly). There is
no pin damage on either the laptop or the adapters. I also get the same warning when I used a duck station.

I have flash to the previous Bios, turn down the intel speedstep in CMOS, and set the power management in Windows to Max as well but no helpful

would anyone have a idea to fix it

thank in advance


A:Dell Latitude adapter or motherboard issues

Dell ac adapter problems

Helllo there,

got the same message from my latitude d600,
before booting is says; "ac adapter could not be determinded" ,
press F1 to continue, it also turns out the batterie does not
charge at all , so I bought a new one, no results.
I tried an other adapter from a friend , same message, tried
my adapter on his D600, no problems.
We are in big trouble here, and need some help !!

Thnx , AdB

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Are all display/graphic/video adapters independent of the chip sets (for North and South Bridge) on the motherboard?

Can I use a Radeon or nVidia card if the mobo has an Intel chip set (P965 or P975, for example)?

Do I gain a performance advantage if the North Bridge, South Bridge and daughter card GPU are all of the same manufacturer?

Where can I find a current review of video cards priced at less than $250? Note: gaming is not an interest.

A:Display Adapter and Motherboard Chip Sets

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I have recently been experiencing a very slow laptop. It works and is usable but it has gotten worse & worse. Boot time of 15 minutes. This is a 1 year old HP nx 6120 with plenty of memory (1.5gb) etc. Tried completely zapping it and imaging new OS (windows XP again) but this didn't fix the problem with it slowing going down hill over the period of a few days after new OS.

I decided to take advantage of the extended warrenty my company purchased with the laptop and contacted HP and requested a technician come and fix it (this was my first mistake). I've now gone from having a laptop which worked slowly to not at all.

The HP technician seemed to do all the right things initially such as disconnecting wireless card, disk drive etc and booting without them to see if that made a difference (it didn't). The tech then declared that he would replace the motherboard (he happened to have a new replacement with him).

So he replaced the motherboard however this did not fix the boot speed. Technician then declared... "I'll have to replace the harddrive which means reinstalling the OS so back everything up and I'll order new harddrive and return in a few days".

Unfortunately I didn't try logging laptop onto windows before the techy left and when I did log on I got an error "Cannot Install This Hardware 1394 Net Adapter". The computer will not log in and so I cannot get into it to backup my data (or work slowly as before).

T... Read more

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRG i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16 RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9

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would it be a good idea to buy Three (3) 4gb x 2 kits (24gb total) to save money instead of buying Two (2) 4gb x 3 kits (24gb total)? what are the risks if there are any?

A:Three 4gb x 2 kits on my 6 DIMM motherboard a good idea?

x58 boards are tri-channel so running pairs your going to be leaving a memory channel empty, will kind of take the advantage of x58 9xx series setup away.

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I am in the process of upgrading my Gateway G6-400 (pentium2, 400 MHz) desktop PC into a Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz
PC with a new P4VXASD2 motherboard. Here are the statistics for this board;
VIA® P4X266/AA & VT8233 Chipset
Socket 478 for Pentium® 4 processors
Two 184-pin DDR DIMMs and Two 168-pin DIMMs with DDR or
support, up to 1GB
AC97 Audio Codec on board
LAN: MAC Integrated in VT8233 and PHY on board (optional)
P4VXASD2 mainboard is an ATX mainboard that uses a 4-layer printed circuit board and measures 305
mm x 244 mm. The mainboard features a Socket 478 that accommodates Intel® Pentium® 4 processors
supporting system bus (FSB) speeds of 400MHz. This mainboard has the VIA® VT8753 (V845PRO)
Northbridge and VT8233 Southbridge chipsets that support AC'97 audio codec.

One Socket 478 supports the
Intel Pentium 4 processor (478pins)
VIA® P4X266/AA & VT8233
P4X266/AA V-Link Host system controller and VT8233 V-Link Client to PCI/LPC bridge
Peak Bandwidth 266MB/S 8-bit V-link Host Controller
LPC I/O - ITE8705F
System Hardware Monitor: Integrated in ITE8705F
LAN: MAC Integrated in VT8233 & PHY on board (optional)
AC97 Audio Codec
Compliant with AC97 2.1 specification
2 DDR DIMM sockets and 2 DIMM sockets support (can not be used simultaneously)
Two 184-pin 2.5V DDR SDRAM (DDR266/DDR200) or
Two 168-pin 3.3V SDRAM (PC133/PC100)
Maximum: 2GB DDR or SDRAM (Buffered) / 1GB DDR or SDRAM (Unbuffered)
AMI 2... Read more

A:Solved: good video card for P4 motherboard

It really depends what you want to use the machine for, if it's games then simply read the reviews and buy the best you can afford, if its more work-based tasks (yes, you can do work on these things too!) then a cheaper one will suffice. As far as the board goes, as long as it's AGP 4x or greater pretty much anything should work just fine.

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Right now I am looking between the q6600, q6700, q9300 and q9550 processors.

I am looking at either x48 or p45 chipset motherboards and DDR2 memory (no ddr3).
The video card I will be using is ATI HD4870 with a possible 2nd one of them for the future (with crossfire).'

Also I need a motherboard that supports memory remapping, so that windows will recognize all 4GB of DDR2 RAM that I will be using.

My question is mainly what memory should I go with. I want low timing memory , say no worse than 5-5-5-18 , but what speed?

Let's take DDR2-800mhz memory for example. Let's say we overclock the bus speed on the CPU to 400mhz (quad pumped = 1600mhz). With an 8.5 multiplier this would be 3.4ghz cpu clock. Now in this configuration, the memory would be completely synchronous (1:1) with the cpu fsb right?
Another situation- say we have the q6600 which has a bus speed of 266mhz (quad pumped= 1066 mhz). Going by the same logic, to get 1:1 with the memory you would use 533mhz memory? but to me that seems way too low.

I am getting confused so can someone just tell me with a certain bus speed, say 1066mhz for the q6000 series cpus, or 1333mhz for the q9000s series cpus, what the proper ddr2 memory speeds I should be using?

Also, I am wondering if it is recommended to get a higher clock memory than you actually need, and underclock it to allow for lower timings.

Thanks in advance.

A:what's good motherboard and memory for a q6600 or q9550 CPU?

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