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Startup screen flickers to black, then all black screen

Q: Startup screen flickers to black, then all black screen

I have been struggling with an intermittent problem for many months, and it is getting worse. I am running windows vista on a toshiba satellite laptop.

My screen will go dark (not quite as black as when the computer is off) when I am using it, and although the computer is still working, I cannot see the screen. Then, on startup, I can occasionally see flashes of the startup logo, which is enough to let me know it is loading. My cursor quits working as well.

After I run spybot in safe mode, and run it again at startup, it works for some time. (This last time was 2 days). So I believe I have a nasty virus. I run Norton 360 all the time, spybot rather frequently, and malaware bytes about once a month.

I am able to get it in safe mode by hitting the down arrow once, and hitting enter.

It is very frustrating. I don't think it is the video card, as it is repaired after spybot use.

Any suggestions?

A: Startup screen flickers to black, then all black screen

That is weird situation I'd say. I am unsure what actually is the issue here, perhaps one way of finding what may be happening is having a look at your Event Viewer Logs. You can find Event Viewer, in Control Panel, Administrative Tools.

Also please follow these 8-steps, and post your logs at Malware and Virus Removal Forum for analysis. Regards

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In the past week my computer screen has been flickering and going black a lot, it does not lose power, but it goes black for a few seconds and them comes back and a few seconds later it goes black again. Sometimes it will work for a few hours before it starts the flickeing. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 712N LCD screen and a Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE. I dont understand why it is doing this all of a sudden, it worked fine the first few months I had it. Also the screen resolution is at its optimum setting 1280X 1024. Can someone please help me?

A:Screen flickers/goes black

You are having a problem with the LCD screen's Flourescent backlight. If the screen is still under warranty send it in for repairs.

If you want to do a little home research....see if a tap on the edges brings it back on. That would indicate a loose connection of some type.

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Screen began to flicker unnecessarily at any slight movement.

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Hello all,

This is my first post here, so please excuse me if I have created this thread in the wrong place. For quite some time (perhaps about two-three months) my screen has been flickering and turning black at random times. Sometimes my screen will be fine for a few days in a row, and then it might flicker for a few minutes and eventually just turn black. Usually what I do is turn it off and on a few times and eventually it returns normal. The thing is, I know it is still turned on because my music player will still operate, and it is a lighter shade of black, meaning I can still faintly see what was on my screen. Further, I initially thought it was an issue related to my charger being wrecked, but I have since replaced this and the problem persists. My guess is that it is some sort of virus, which I am basing on my quick reading of some other websites where others have reported similar problems. I'm really not a tech whiz, so does anyone have any suggestions?

Any input will be highly appreciated.


A:Screen flickers and turns black

I'm not very well versed in this area, but it does sound like a case of a faulty monitor since your programs run as per normal during those flickers.. You might wish to post more details on your specs and age of your hardware.
Have you tried replacing the monitor for testing?

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whenever i play a game, approximately, 40 mins-1hr later, both horizontal and vertical purple lines show up on my screen. the game is still visible though. after about 5 mins of the purple lines, which get worse every minute, the screen flickers and turns black continuously. after approximately 2 mins of this, the screen turns black altogether. when i try alt+tab the screen stays black but i know it's worked because i hear the sound that the messages my friends have left me on msn

this has been happening for the past few days. one game does work, oblivion, and my friend gave me this on a disk. some other games which have the above problem are frozen throne, fable- the lost chapters and soldier front. frozen throne and warcraft 3 are iso files and i thought that that might've been the problem but soldier front is a free online game and it also has the problem.

could it be a problem with my graphics card? NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT. (Resolution 1024 by 768 by 32.)

any help will be really appreciated. THANKS in advance!!!!

A:Screen Flickers Then Turns Black(When Gaming)

Possibly a heat issue. Have you cleaned out the inside of your system recently?
Try installing something like Speedfan (free download, easy to find via Google) and have that running. Then you can monitor your CPU, GPU etc temperatures.

Also, ensure all your drivers are up to date.

No guarantees this is the problem but anything that is fairly quick, free and easy is worth a shot first of all.

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Don't know if you guys can help me with this but I'd appreciate any help or advice.

As the title says when I turn on the screen it shows video but with slight flickering / minimal colour distortion after about 5-10 seconds the screen then goes black. None of the buttons work only power.

I've had it for about +5 years but I really don't want to dish out for a new one.

A:LG Flatron M227WDP flickers to black screen.

Disconnect the PC and power it on. You should be able to use the buttons to access the setup/configuration screens. If not, the monitor is faulty.

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Recently after I sold my Gtx 1070 GPU and start to use i5 6500 integrated graphics Intel 530 on Windows 10, my PC is experiencing a few BSOD related to igdkmd64.sys and ntoskrnl.exe. Besides getting BSOD, my screen also flickers to black for 0.5 seconds at random times (Maybe 0-5 times a day). This did not happen when I was using dedicated graphics.
I have already clean installed the PC and update to the latest vga drivers. It did not BSOD or flicker for one day so I thought it's fixed but on the third day, the flickers and 2nd BSOD appeared so I really hope someone could help. Thanks in advance.
1st BSOD:
Dump File         : 101216-3593-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 12/10/2016 10:37:52 AM
Bug Check Code    : 0x0000003b
Parameter 1       : 00000000`c0000094
Parameter 2       : fffff803`dbb77324
Parameter 3       : ffff9381`75d64ba0
Parameter 4       : 00000000`00000000
Caused By Driver  : igdkmd64.sys
Caused By Address : igdkmd64.sys+2c7324
File Description  : 
Product Name      : 
Company           : 
File Version      : 
Processor         : x64
Crash Address     : ntoskrnl.exe+14a2c0
Stack Address 1   : 
Stack Address 2 &#... Read more

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Every so often my screen will go black and then immediately return to normal. I'm  running the most currect Video Driver. There's no rhyme and reason when it will do it and it doesn't do it that often..... What could be causing this?Thanks.


A:Yoga 900 Screen Flickers Black Then Goes Back On

Hello, Maybe you could try what Igra tells here:

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So recently after downloading new Windows and graphic card updates, my computer has been bugging out.. As said on the title, the screen flickers for a quick second and just goes completely black. The power button is on. I tried to scan the hard disk but the most the computer runs until its black-out is thirty minutes... The computer is around 4 years old and it did crash from time to time before today, is there anyway to fix this problem or should I consider buying a new one?

Thank you

A:Hello! My computer's screen flickers and goes black randomly

ok, sounds like a gpu issue try running furmarkin the 1080p bench setting, and see if it causes it to happen, also post the average temp.

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My XP flickers then screen gose black after about 7 times trying to get it to boot it will boot on the 7th or 10th time. I put a new Video card in that is not the problem its got be on the start up for XP or it my monitor 22"Viewsonic I reformatted about 5 times now sometimes it will get stuck and keep saying alt +ctrl + del and keeps going in circles then I boot from XP CD sometimes it will take me to my desktop and will be fine other times I had to reformatt PLEASE HELP !! if I reformatt one more time Iam going to CRY !! lol ThanXs Webby

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so, i have recently got hold of a used M17XR4. everything is great, except the screen shows these tiny flashing horizontal lines, sometimes blue, sometimes white. only shows up on a black background, white or lighter colours the screen is clear and crisp.

it shows up throughout the startup process, and then continues after boot.

it does not manifest this when HDMI Input is used.

have downloaded latest Nvidia drivers, flashed the BIOS, and have just done a windows 10 update too (problem was present on windows 7.


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When you upgraded my computer to Windows 10, I constantly get flickering on the left side of my screen when I open my computer. And also there is a Runtime Error that pops up also. How to correct this?

View Solution.

A:a black page that flickers at the left of my screen

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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, but I have a HP Pavilion dv9610us Notebook, running Windows vista 32bit.
I was working in 3ds max 2011 yesterday, and then my screen began to flicker and go semi-black with horizontal/vertical white lines, and it kept going back and forth until the screen went black altogether.
I restarted it a few times, and most recently the screen appeared for a few seconds, and then it flickered again and kept going black, so I turned it off.
I am not very familiar with PC computers, so I am not sure what is the problem, but I am hoping that someone can understand my issue and give a solution to it! I have read around on various sites that say it may have to do with a backlight bulb issue or something along those lines, but I have no idea if that's what it is.
Also, I connected it to my tv, and the screen shows up on there... so I don't what that means, but hopefully it's not too complicated to fix.
Now, I am thinking it's the screen/display inverter, but I could be wrong. Is the problem that I need a new screen/display inverter, or is it something else?

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Laptop screen flickers and then turns black

There could be several reasons for your problem, but I am leaning toward your graphics driver, see if it works in safe mode.
Safe Mode

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Just bought this laptop last week.  While setting up I experienced the screnn flickering with black blocks on the screen.  It stops if I reboot, but starts again randomly.  Is there a software fox for this? I have attached a video.

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I have an ASUS x750ja laptop running Windows 8.1.

The problem: From startup (including bios logo), the screen briefly displays what it should, then goes black. Bios logo, then black. If I enter the bios, it goes black at the first screen. It'll flash the Windows logo, then go black.

I've hooked it to a secondary monitor via HDMI. It seems like a hardware error, but whenever the monitor gets a signal to refresh, it flickers back on. For example, when I have it hooked to the external display, and configure it to extend the display, the laptop screen turns on for a second.

Furthermore, the brightness keys still function.

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Recently after I sold my Gtx 1070 GPU and start to use i5 6500 integrated graphics Intel 530 on Windows 10, my PC is experiencing a few BSOD caused by driver igdkmd64.sys and caused by address ntoskrnl.exe. Besides getting BSOD or crash, my screen also flickers to black for 0.5 seconds at random times (Maybe 0-5 times a day). This did not happen when I was using Dedicated graphics and the problem came 1 day after I switched to Integrated graphics so I don't think the problems ties to monitor, memory, psu or ssd.

Things I already tried but did not help:
Reformat PC
Update to latest Intel 530 vga driver
Ran SFC /scannow (No errors)
Ran Memory diagnostic test (No errors)

It did not BSOD or flicker for one day so I thought it's fixed but on the third day, the flickers and 2nd BSOD appeared so I really hope someone could help. Thanks.

1st BSOD:
Dump File : 101216-3593-01.dmp
Crash Time : 12/10/2016 10:37:52 AM
Bug Check Code : 0x0000003b
Parameter 1 : 00000000`c0000094
Parameter 2 : fffff803`dbb77324
Parameter 3 : ffff9381`75d64ba0
Parameter 4 : 00000000`00000000
Caused By Driver : igdkmd64.sys
Caused By Address : igdkmd64.sys+2c7324
File Description :
Product Name :
Company :
File Version :
Processor : x64
Crash Address : ntoskrnl.exe+14a2c0
Stack Address 1 :
Stack Address 2 :
Stack Address 3... Read more

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I have an Acer Apsire 7741z and it starts up without an issue, the screen appears without any problems but after about 10 to 15 minutes the screen begins to flicker and then goes blank but the laptop is still running. I then let it cool down for about 5 minutes and turn it back on and it starts up and the screen again flickers and goes blank. I tried hooking it up to an external monitor but it's doing the same thing with the monitor (it goes blank and I get the No Signal message) What can it be? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me with.

A:ACER Aspire 7741z Screen Goes Flickers and Goes Black

please only start one thread for the same problem

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I have a microsoft laptop and my when turned on my laptop screen flickers and has black horizontal lines running down it and seems static like or pixelated, it usually stops when i sit my laptop a certain way but now it does it all the time

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I have an Acer Apsire 7741z and it starts up without an issue, the screen appears without any problems but after about 10 to 15 minutes the screen begins to flicker and then goes blank but the laptop is still running. I then let it cool down for about 5 minutes and turn it back on and it starts up and the screen again flickers and goes blank. I tried hooking it up to an external monitor but it's doing the same thing with the monitor (it goes blank and I get the No Signal message) What can it be? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me with.

A:ACER Aspire 7741z Screen Flickers and Goes Black

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Hi, My screen is flickering and then eventually just goes completely black after a certain point when opening the lid of the laptop. It has to be at basically a 90 degree angle to the keyboard to function correct. Beyond that it begins the flickering.I've seen comments saying this common and due to ribbon cables. However I only bought my laptop at the beginning of the year and do not wish to fix this myself as I assume it's covered by warranty.How do I go about getting my laptop repaired? 
System Specs are as follows: 
System Model Inspiron 7559
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Ram - 8GB
Graphics Card - GeForce GTX 960mThanks,Steven

A:Screen goes Black/Flickers when pushed back. How do I return for a repair?

Start with a call to Dell support - the technician will troubleshoot with you and then if a warranty repair is needed, will initiate the process.

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Hi everyone I'm hoping I can find a solution on this site because I don't want to buy a whole new computer. My problem is that my PC will crash to a random solid color such as beige or grey. This started 3 days ago when I was playing csgo with my friends and it happened once. I thought it was just like a BSOD and I rebooted my PC and everything was good for 3 days. Then all of a sudden my PC would crash to these solid colours frequently and eventually to a point where I can't even start up a game because it will just crash instantly. During these crashes I'm sometimes able to hear sound and other times I'm not. It crashes every 30 mins to an hour when I'm not gaming. My dad and I built this PC 2 years ago and I have NEVER experienced any issues with it. All of a sudden with no warnings of symptoms my PC would crash. Sometimes my PC won't even start up and my screen will flicker black after I get to the login screen.My specs Amd eight core fx 8320Windows 7 service pack 1 64bitAmd Radeon r9 280x visiontek/msi Psu corsair cx750mGigabyte motherboard model 990fxa-ud3Dual 4g memory corsair vengeance What I have tried to do-updated graphics drivers to latest version-started a system repair-used safe mode-fan Intel test for cpu with no issues -ran fur mark Gpu test and my PC instantly crashes (tried 3 times)-did an anti virus scan and no issues here Help will be appreciated but u believe there is a problem with my Gpu due to the fact my system crash... Read more

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I have been having this problem since a week or so. Broni has helped me in malware forum to rule out malware as responsible. My machine is clean and I was refered here for further help.

Here is my problem:

At boot-time, I see windows XP load screen with the progress bar, the progress bar advances to the end and then, the screen turns pitch black and all is see is an arrow cursor I can move around. I thought until yesterday that this was a permanent freeze-up, but if I wait, say, 6 minutes, the black screen disappears and windows then starts normally.

Last week, problem was intermittent, it now happens all the time.

Windows boot-up was fine before.

Please help me.

A:Windows load screen at boot, looong black screen, then normal startup

I had this tons of times with my old XP PC. It is normal if you have a lot of files on the HDD and you have little RAM. How much RAM do you have? What is the capacity of the HDD? And do you have the Windows XP disc? Would you be willing to upgrade the RAM and/or the OS if we must resort to that? Or would you rather just buy a new PC?

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Hi all,

Starting yesterday my computer would go through startup... while loading the desktop it would crash to blue screen with white text (unfortunately, I can't remember the exact error message). If restarted, it either goes to a blank black screen or back to blue, and I could only get the computer to operate in safe mode with networking. My antivirus software (avast free, malwarebytes)scanned and found no infections.

I have Windows 7, Samsung laptop.

Today, I was able to start the computer normally and am functioning with internet (still acting a little funny), but I am sure something is still not right. I also did a system restore last night, with the same problems (crashing, not starting up).

Any assistance would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


PS: I (goofily) started a similar topic in the "Windows 7" forum section without knowing this section was down here... Sorry! I tried to delete the topic/post but couldn't. Thanks.

A:Blue Screen with Error Messages, Blank Black Screen on startup

Hello,I will be helping you with your problems. Please be patient while I assist you.Some points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do NOT run, install or uninstall any programs, unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Butt... Read more

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Hello everybody, today my laptop has become blind. Let me explain:

My laptop was purchased in 2007
Alienware m9750
Dual nvidia 7950 go
Dual core 2.0
2 gigs of ram
80 gb harddrive

So here's what happened, today I was watch s movie on netflix when suddenly my screen goes black. Though I had crashed but my laptop was still on and the sound was still going. restarted, and the initial screen was slightly pixellated and garbled. Which has now made my laptop permanent garbled and pixely. After the windows logo. My screen goes black, but I am still hear the windows start up sound. I found that I am able to click on some music files on my desktop that are able to play, so this is a video issue. I reboot in safe mode which works this time figure to disable and uninstall the videocard drivers. I restart and I'm able to use my pc somewhat normally( still garbled). Reinstalled the nvidia drivers then halfway through says: error install failed or something, it happen really fast then crashed, tried restarting atleast 20 times in safe mode but it freezes up after it tries to load partition(1)\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys

All of the other options for start up(even last settings to work) the screen goes black after the windows logo. I have tried tinkering with the bios but it doesn't help. Its basically being blind using a computer. So I'm wondering if there is anyway to possibly blindly open up command prompt and possibly disable or uninstall the drivers from there, I'm ab... Read more

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Just today, I turned on my computer and got the blue screen of death, so I restarted my PC. Then a black screen came up saying "Windows could not start beacuse the following file is missing or corrupt : \windows\system32\config\system."

You can attempt to repair this file by putting the winxp cd in etc...

Now when i turn on my computer there is just a black screen showing, with nothing at all on it.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks very much for your help.

A:Blue screen of death, boot problems, black screen startup

It's a nasty error that requires some persistance and resourcefullness to overcome without a clean install.

If you have a Windows CD or have the recovery console installed, you might want to have a go at these directions.;EN-US;307545

Forum example of a successful recovery here:

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Hi, thanks for checking my question. I haven't found an answer to my particular situation:

Dell xps m1430 laptop w/vista (32).

It all started with a blue screen w/scrolling text after the fated restart. The blue screen text said "if this is the first time you've seen this message..." and then comp restarted, again showing the blue screen, then restarted into windows repair mode, after repair mode tried to fix the problem comp restarted, then the screen went black / blank right after the little windows loading animation (where the bar keeps moving from left to right and there's a small windows logo).
It all happened fast, so there may have been steps I forgot, but that's the jist of it.

Now screen always goes black / blank during startup after the windows loading animation, so I can't start windows in normal mode.
I can start in safe mode if I manually force shutdown by holding the power button, so I'm not imploding with fear... ok I am.

Possible causes:
1. This occured right after installing 11 vista updates (that restart was when I saw the blue screen)

2. Also occured the restart after running a patch called "Vista TCP/IP and UAC AutoPatch 6.0" I downloaded it from softpedia, the developer was listed as defcon, and their website listed was, but the site is down(I found this out after the problem occured). The patch had lots of positive reviews, and lots of people on other sites also suggest using it to re... Read more

A:Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. So, these are my problems described in the title. I cannot change desktop from black, only can set a picture as a background.

When I am in pictures folder for example, I see blank or black thumbnails.
When I right click and go to personalize, I can see black themes instead of actual pictures.

I tried almost everything.
- reinstalling video driver
- clearing thumbnail from disk cleanup
- resetting dwm.exe
- going into safemode and then restaring into normal windows
- I tried fixing shell by using "fixshell"
- clearing & repairing registry errors
- ran an error checker
- ran a file checker

I have Microsoft Office 2010 - I heard that it could be the issue, but maybe I am not right, anyway...

I attached a print screen photo.

And, I am hopeless, any help please? Thanks

A:Windows 7 black screen, black or blank thumbnails, and black desktop themes

I noticed you're not running Aero. Click on last item, left side - "Troubleshoot problems with transparency...."

Office 2010 should not be a factor here. Public pics folder is empty - it should have sample pics in it.

Validate your OS installation - Genuine Microsoft Software

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I'm getting the black screen with movable cursor or KSOD (Black Screen Of Death) on Windows Vista.

What happens:
The system powers on.
Start windows normally
Windows splash screen
-> Black screen <-

What I can do:
I CAN enter BIOS and have reset the default settings.
I CAN press F8 to give me advanced boot options, but all options have the same result, apart from "Repair your computer".
I CAN load the "Repair your computer" option.
I CAN move the mouse around the screen.
I CAN press shift 5 times to get a dialogue to appear, but no control panel.
I CAN press the power button to shut down the system.
I CAN start up in safe mode, which is exactly the same, but with lower resolution.

I CANNOT seem to do anything else.

However, there are workarounds to accessing the hard drive:

I CAN use MSDaRT or the System Recovery Tool.
I CAN use the hard drive as an external USB hard drive on another machine.

What I've tried:
Startup Repair - Could not detect a problem.
System Restore - No restore points.
Windows Complete PC Restore - A valid restore location could not be found.
Windows Memory Diagnostics - No errors.
SFC Scan - No problems.
Stand alone system sweeper - No problems.
Hotfix Uninstall - Nothing to uninstall.

I also COULD do a partial or full "Packard Bell Recovery", which is essentially like reinstalling windows. I DO NOT want to do this.

I'm sure this is just a simple software issue real... Read more

A:Black screen with movable cursor or KSOD (Black Screen Of Death) Vista

I think I saw this post aver at Toms but I also think you gave some additional info.
I think what may be going on it during the switch from the windows low res video driver to the driver used in normal mode.

Since you can get into safe mode try to go to device manager.
Start|right click computer|properties|device manager.
Look in the display adapter.
Is there a yellow exclamation mark there?
Or is it showing the video that you know should be there?
Please post the video that the machine uses and or the PB model.

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Hi there,

I developed a problem with my desktop pc yesterday. I was gaming and the screen began to flicker then the game crashed - citing "rendering device lost". I tried to re-load this again and the same thing happened again, this time with a BSOD. I tried a different game and the same thing occured, took slightly longer though. Given it was late I went to bed.

Today on loading up the sign in screen was flickering lots, I entered my password and was met by a black screen. The computer continued to make fan noises as if it was working, but nothing on my screen. This happened again. On restaring my computer the crash report read

"Blue Screen.
locale ID 2057
BCcode 1a
BCP1 0000000000005001
BCP2 FFFFF7009080000
BCP3 00000000000009ED
BCP4 B00000000

I've looked at the bug dump, but I was silly and did a system restore before this, so there's no bug dump.

The computer starts and runs fine in safe mode and without the graphics card in.

Since I've done a system restore
Cleaned everything again ( was pretty dust free to start)
Uninstalled and re-installed the graphics card drivers
Re-seated RAM and GPU
Done a memory diagnostic on my RAM
None of these have worked.
I've taken the graphics card out and it runs fine with the onboard GPU.

Some specs:
Intel I5 3570K
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7870
Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77M pro
PSU -OCZ Core steam 500W

The pc has worked perfectly for 3... Read more

A:Flickering screen at startup - then black screen when I enter password

I found this on my notepad:

GFX 23:56:28.143 Heroes of the Storm (B43571)
GFX 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 Executable E:\\Heroes of the Storm\Versions\Base43571\HeroesOfTheStorm_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Parameters> -sso=1 -launch -uid heroes
GFX 23:56:28.143 Parent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\\Heroes of the Storm\Support64\HeroesSwitcher_x64.exe
GFX 23:56:28.143 Grandparent Executable \Device\HarddiskVolume3\\\
GFX 23:56:28.143 LocalTime 2016-06-16 23:56:28.143
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerUser> Toby
GFX 23:56:28.143 <ComputerName> SPEEDDEMON
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Exe.Architecture> x86_64
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Version> 18.4.43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <DataBuild> B43571
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeBranch> branches/Heroes.18.mid
GFX 23:56:28.143 <CodeRevision> 293141
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Assets> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Data> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <Locale.Install> enUS
GFX 23:56:28.143 <AccountCountry> GBR
GFX 23:56:28.143 ====================================================================================================
GFX 23:56:28.142 DXGI: Available
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache Override Variable: 0MB
GFX 23:56:28.267 Resource Cache: 2036MB Win64 (8147MB Physical, 13271MB Proces... Read more

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I'm using I have a DELL4500S desktop, on startup it will not go to the login screen, the screen is just black with the cursor showing. I've tried restarting the computer, unplugging everything and restarting it. Nothing is working. When it first starts a pop up shows and says

"This Application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."

I'm not sure what it's talking about and what to re install and I can't reinstall whatever it is because I can't get to the start menu.

Help? I don't know what to do :[

A:Black screen on startup, showing cursor, doesn't go to log in screen.

Quote: Originally Posted by alexsmom2009

I'm using I have a DELL4500S desktop, on startup it will not go to the login screen, the screen is just black with the cursor showing. I've tried restarting the computer, unplugging everything and restarting it. Nothing is working. When it first starts a pop up shows and says

"This Application has failed to start because SAMLIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."

I'm not sure what it's talking about and what to re install and I can't reinstall whatever it is because I can't get to the start menu.

Help? I don't know what to do :[

SAMLIB.dll is a security account manager dynamic linked lib. A repair install from the dvd should fix the problem unless you are infected with malware, or have a modified system

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Before explaining how i got here, i will explain what exactly is happening. When I boot up my computer i see the logo then text saying Preparing Automatic Repair with a loading icon. Then i would get a black screen that would sometimes show a cursor that i can use with the black screen but most times just the black screen. Eventually this black screen ca give way to Diagnosing your PC loading screen that loops endlessly

Okay this started after I downloaded the anniversary edition for Windows 10, the first time i booted up the computer i had faced the AVG Watchdog initialization bug which prevented from accessing the laptop for the few weeks as tried looking for solutions forcing me to eventually uninstall AVG through Safe mode (the only way i managed to was through turning it off and on 3 times as every other way including holding F8 had not worked). After booting up the first time without issue after removing AVG and getting some things done, I turned it off without issue then i faced this new problem which is still plaguing me. I've looked up in forums for a solution but the closest i found was just reinstalling windows and losing everything, does anyone have a solution where i can still keep my data?

A:Can't access startup screen, boot up leads to black screen

Hi Helix935 and welcome to Tenforums.

If it was less than 10 days since this happened, you might have been able to go into Settings>Recovery and rollback from the Anniversary Update. But it's been too long now.

If it's data only that you're needing to save, you could boot the system to Kyhi's rescue media and use File Explorer to copy your data over to an external drive, then perform a clean install, (or reset or refresh from within safe mode).
Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums
You will need to reinstall your personal applications after the OS is working again though.

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Hi all !
i have a problem with my pc , it randomly freeze at startup getting me black, white or distorted screens . after 1 min the pc reboot and all go normal.
this problem can come 2 or 3 times at the same time.
after the pc finish his reboot it get me an error
like this : Firma problema:
Nome evento problema: BlueScreen
Versione SO: 6.1.7601.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800B26C010
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
and if i go on operative center it get me this :
Firma del problema
Nome evento problema: LiveKernelEvent
Versione SO: 6.1.7601.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema
BCCode: 117
BCP2: FFFFF8800F6579C8
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
ID bucket: X64_0x117_Tdr:2_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys
Informazioni sul server: 9e4f5a19-5833-40b9-9f92-05c83b20360d

here are the information that i see in the bsod post introduction

.OS -windows 7
.its an assembled pc by me and i ve installed original win 7
.Full reatil version
.the system have ~ 1 week .. i have upgrade it from an old one created by me 1 year ago
.the OS has ~ 1 week ( i have re intsalled it after the upgrade)

cpu--> i7 2600K ... Read more

A:BSOD (black screen and windows startup screen freeze

Ok 116 error is caused by your Graphics card.
First thing to do is update your drivers from the NVIDIA website.

If BSODs continue Try HDD tests,
download gpu-z to check if your card is getting too hot, also is there lots of dust in the card?

Do you overclock your video card?

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... after 15 minutes of hanging in that weird startup screen, considering whether to hard reboot or not, it went into start repair (still there now)...

To make a long story short, I suspected something wrong with my hard drive due to a software giving me an i/o error, after some research (I am not knowledgable when it comes to computers), I ran chkdsk, when I woke up it was still running as it should be (in the process of 'replacing bad clusters' for certain files... so there was something wrong alright) and was at 28%.

After leaving my computer for ten minutes, I found my computer had gone to a black screen and seeing as I was reluctant to do a hard reboot, I waited it out and it moved to a windows safe mode startup screen... but only the big cursor and standard background was present, nothing else (see attached picture). After ten minutes it went to startup repair, which has been running for the past half hour.

What has happened during the ten minutes I was away and chkdsk was still only at 28%, why did the subsequent events unfold as they did? What can I do now??

A:chkdsk ran 8 hrs, then black screen, then weird startup screen, then..

Hello Kayron can you still get into safe mode did you say? If so go in and run sfc /scannow

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

if that doesn't run then maybe you have a hardware problem.

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i need to know what to do to get it off the black screen has to do with geuinnse i ant spell is said windows 7 its not a part of genunse 

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I am running Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 and the issue is on startup after the Windows loading animation the screen goes totally black with no cursor in sight.

This happened after a power cut when the computer suddenly shut down.

I can run it in safe mode.

I can run another Windows XP Professional installation that I have on my PC (same HDD) and that works with no issues.

I used system restore (24 hours) and it starts up after that, but then after restarting it will not work. Same applies for when I did a system restore from 1 week ago.

All help is appreciated!


A:Black Screen on Startup (Before Login Screen)

Any thoughts before I go and format the system?

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Hi, I have this 4 year old Lenovo Y560(config below)

The discrete graphic card has probably fried a long time ago, so last year when I did a clean install of Windows, I had to disable ATI Card permanently in the device manager using safe mode and used the Intel integrated card. A few days ago, I booted up windows only to encounter, "A disk read error has occurred, press ctrl+alt+del to restart" . I tried to boot up using WIN 7 install disc, but soon after the Starting Windows logo , the screen turns black and I am left with a cursor in a black screen. I tried to boot into Safe Mode but still I encountered a black screen with just the cursor .

I booted with Ubuntu live usb and was able to access all my partition and did back up and even formatted the Windows Partition. I tried to boot using a WinPe and faced the Black screen with a cursor again. I even reset BIOS to default, changed Graphics Adapter from "Discrete' to "Switchable' and vice-versa, but no effect at all. When I boot up using Ubuntu and ran lspci | grep VGA I can see both cards listed. I even tried to boot up using Windows 10 preview disk, still I get a black screen after the Windows loading screen.

I can't afford to buy any laptop presently since I am currently at college, so using Ubuntu for now. Is ther any way to install Windows 7 again? Is it possible to get the ATI Card working properly- reballing, reflow?
Any way to permanently disable the ATI card and get w... Read more

A:Black Screen During WIN 7 POST , Black Screen Even In Safe Mode

What other graphics adapter choices are available in BIOS setup? If you choose Switchable is there software on the Lenovo site for your model that's needed? Are you using the Display adapter software from there?

Have you tested your HD with the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan, followed by a full Disk Check on a single disk partition you create?

Then work through the steps for Overcoming Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums including trying an alternate install method (disk><flash stick) with new media. These steps overcome almost all install failures, so you'll be reasonably sure the problem is hardware or BIOS settings if nothing works. But don't skip any steps.

Try Clean Install Windows 10 Technical Preview to see if there's any difference with a more modern OS install. It's already a very polished OS and worth testing this.

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I have a strange problem when i turn on my pc it shows the dell splash screen then turns black in about a second, It continues to do this every time it gets to a diffrent part of the start up, showing the windows loading bar and finaly a black screen with a cursor before going black again.

I can tell it turns on as i hear the windows log-on sound.

I have SLI so i tried swapping the cards but they both do the same thing. I came to the conclution they might be overheating so i opened up the case and pointed a deskfan in there left it for a little bit till it was very cold then tried again and still nothing.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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I made this account just because of this issue.
I have a hp computer with xp from 2005.
I believe the ati and pci drivers were both disabled via the display options within windows, afterwards on startup the hp screen comes up with the setup system restore options etc. Then it loads xp, after windows loads the monitor recognozes a video connection but it's still a black screen. Even booting in safe mode results in a black screen
I've reseated the video card, reset the cmos and many of the safe mode and setup options.
I feel I've tried everything short of a system restore and I have no backup.
Is there any possible solution to this besides a restore?

A:black screen on xp startup

First, create an Ubuntu Live CD and backup all of your files you want to keep onto a USB HDD.
Boot into Setup (Bios) go to integrated Peripherals, and make sure the onboard VGA is Disabled and the Video card is Enabled.
If you have an XP CD, boot off of that and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /F and press enter. This may correct the file system.

If that fails, if you have an onboard VGA you can remove the Video Card, and use the onboard VGA, this will automatically Enable it, This will allow you to boot into Windows and then you can uninstall any video driver for your card, then shut down and replace the Video card.

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Last week monday I turned my computer on and then my screen went black. I let it rest for like 2 hours and still had the same problem. I took out all the plugs, adapters, cors, ethernet cable, etc. Later that day I called geeksquad from bestbuy. I went there and they said they'll fix my computer, all they need is the Toshiba Restore Disk. I gave them that and then 3 days later, I called to check on them and said that they wanted me to pay 118 to re-install the OS and 100 dollars to back up 9.4 Gig of my data and an extra 100 dollars to backup 30 Gig with an external drive to put the rest of the 20 Gigs in. So now, the 7-8th day and I give them a heads up. They now say the CD Restore Disk isn't working but they'll give it a day. In addition, if it doesn't workout, I'd have to call Toshiba to order a new CD Restore Disk. I'm just curious, is this problem really difficult to solve or are they trying to take my money?

A:Black screen on startup

Sounds like the hard disk is shot and they are just spinning their wheels with a new install rtc....First thing to do is run checkdisk and if not able to then hdd Regenerator can usually bring the drive back enough to copy it to another drive and then bootup.
I would tell them they don't know what they are doing, pick it up and take it to a real shop.

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When I start my computer it goes to the windows start up screen and jumps back and forth before a screen will come up. It gives me the option of starting up in safe mode but when I start in safe mode, it acts likes it is trying to start but then it goes right back to the same startup screen for safe mode. If you leave the computer alone it takes 3 or 4 hours but it will eventually go to the desktop. Then when I try to go online or do any type of other work, the screen will go blank and start this process all over again. I have tried the system restore, none of the highlighted dates will work. I have tried last known good configuration, nothing. I have also tried booting up from a restore cd, it won't boot up from the cd and goes straight back to the startup screen. Anybody out there with any suggestions as to what may be wrong, I would greatly appreciate the help. Any information that I have not included that you may need, please let me know. The last thing I did was try to install a Belkin wireless router. Not sure if this is what the problem is or not, I've already uninstalled the router.

Thanks very much,

A:Black Screen On Startup

If you want to use the Restore disk you need to go into bios and change the boot order so the CD is first.

You may have uninstalled the router, but did you delete the conection you created when you installed it?

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hey guys... okay here's the situation

I know a girl who was trying to send me some stuff from her cell phone so she couldn't find the CD, i sent her a link for the program to download (from the Nokia website), she did, installed it, but as soon as it finished her computer restarted.

And each time it loads, goes straight to the windows loading screen, then a black screen with the white cursor. She can't go into safe mode etc either. It keeps doing the same thing.

She has vista... is it possible because the file is not compatible with vista? She doesn't have the Vista CD, if she has one, could she repair it or whatever?

Basically, does it seem like there's any way around it besides re-formatting?

... i may be able to get a back up disk from a friend (note this is not the same DVD or from the same computer that I'm talking about... does that matter... if it's a different CD key or whatever?)

So, in theory, if a backup DVD... or Vista DVD is used just for startup... the repair option should be able to restore things (including all the files and stuff)?

A:Startup goes to Black Screen!

hi try here

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Hi guys, yesterday my AMD Radeon popped up telling me I should update my drivers, so I started it. After a few minutes I noticed the download/update was stuck at 12% and I needed to go do something else and decided to turn the wifi off of my laptop. (Don't know if this has anything to do with it) After a few minutes my screen went black. I thought this was normal for updates so I waited 25 minutes and seeing the screen was still black I hard reset my laptop. Tried turning it on this morning and the HP symbol pops up after that it's just black. I've tried going to the BIOS menu but pressing F10 or the Windows button + B doesn't work. Any help is appreciated thank you!

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Hi, I've been having problems with my 13 months old gaming computer.

99.9% of the times I start up my computer the screen is completely black, no mouse cursor, no "no signal" sign, it just blinks from black to a very dark grey, and the screen power button is blinking as if it's in idle mode.

I slowely started to get a problem, first games started crashing when playing in DX10 mode, then all of a sudden I could no longer watch video clips in the internet browser for more than 5-10 mins without the PC crashing, and now it's completely black, and the computer tends to make an annoying sound, sounds kinda like when you have ringing sounds in your ear.

Seeing all those 3 problems that happened after eachother seem graphic related I was pretty sure my GFX card was screwed, so I borrowed my brothers GFX card yesterday and it worked, seeing he does not use his computer he said I could borrow it till I got a new GFX card from where I bought it, then I woke up today and turned my PC on, and voila, black screen.

Now I have absolutely no idea whats wrong. Screen? PSU? MB? Software? Seeing I have never experienced anything like this I have no idea where to start searching for problems..

Anyone who have had this problem and can give me a hint to where to start?

- Didn't know what forum category to put this in seeing I have no idea what part of my computer is having the problem.

-- Thanks.

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I'm running Windows Vista on my computer and the screen is completely black when I start it up, preventing me from starting the computer in safe mode. Any idea why I'm getting this straight black screen?

A:Black Screen Startup

No video.

Is the monitor on and working?

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Hey guys,

Tried to start my computer this morning and, after passing through the windows loading screen, it went to a blank, black screen with just the cursor. Was looking around at what the problem may be, and found a solution. Ctrl+Alt+Del worked, clicked on file, added the "explorer" process, and everything was back to normal, functioning well. Turned it off again, and now it doesn't even get to the windows loading screen, it just goes plain black. I can get into BIOS. But i don't know of anything i could do. Seriously weird, and thinking it could be some form of corruption/virus. I have Symantec, but i usually don't take any notice of it, however, lately, threats were popping up every few minutes. Almost certain that this is directly related.

Thanks heaps!


A:Black screen at startup

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okay, so i recently updated some old parts in my PC, which was all working fine.
then I attempted to use the AIbooster overclocking program which comes with the asus striker II extreme motherboard, overclocking to 5% worked fine, so i thought, why not try pushing 10% or further?
as the computer was restarting after i'd tried 10%, I noticed windows start to load, but then the screen would just stay black..
so I restarted the computer, and this time, it would do all the bios screens and stuff, but wouldn't even load windows..
i then tried resetting the bios settings to defaults, which didnt fix anything, i also tried swapping harddrives, as i thought that might be the problem.
I have windows vista installed on a seperate harddrive, because i prefer XP pro.
this time, it looked like it was loading vista, because the little green loading bar came up, but it just restarted the PC after it had finished loading.
if i switched it on, it seemed to go in an endless loop of loading up and restarting over and over again, so i cleared the CMOS and switched the harddrives back round and still no luck...
I'd really like some suggestions as this thing just won't stop breaking.
maybe it's my magic touch?
I'm thinking of trying an old graphics card in there as i have a feeling it may have something to do with it?

system specs:
OS: Win XP Pro
MB: ASUS Striker II Extreme
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.33GHz
GPU: ATi Radeon HD 4870 @ 1GB
PSU: Enermax Galaxy 1000W
R... Read more

A:black screen on startup

bump, i really need help with this :/

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When starting up my computer, I get a black screen just past the loading screen (transparent bar and green blocking moving through). I am able to see my cursor and move it but nothing else.

I am using an HP Pavilion Slimlime with a Dell Monitor (model no. E172FPI). I am running Windows Vista.

I contacted HP Support and we tried "Last Known Good Configuration" and "Safe Mode" to no avail. HP suggested that I do a system recovery. In doing this, I would lose all my files.

My question is this;

a) Is there a way to fix the problem WITHOUT doing a system recovery and reinstalling the OS?
b) If there is no other way, I would at least like to save my files. I have a Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive but again, I can't startup the computer so I'm not sure how I would be able to save it?

Help is very much appreciated.



A:Black Screen Upon Startup

I suggest a system restore from the installation DVD or repair disc. That will affect programs and settings, but not your data.

If need be, you can do a custom install instead of a clean install. That will backup your data automatically, eliminating the need for external storage.

See this tutorial for detailed instructions.

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I own a ASUS K61ic laptop which is running Windows 7 HP 64-bit. Every time I turn it on it hangs for about 20 seconds after the "Welcome" screen, during which the screen goes black. After that the taskbar appears, but still no desktop. After another few seconds everything appears normal.

I used Tuneup Utilities to turn off unnecessary start up programs but it's still happening. I also installed some missing drivers and update the video driver with no improvement.

Just know I tried opening the task manager during those 20 seconds. The CPU was running at about 30%. After a few seconds a message appeared telling me that Microsoft Windows is not responding and that I should wait for a few seconds. It eventually disappeared and the desktop was shown.

If you have any suggestions I'll gladly accept them.


A:Black screen at startup

First suggestion: Stay away from TuneUp Utilities and other 3rd party optimization tools.

If you have been using any registry cleaning features or even the optimization features from 3rd party software, it may have been the cause of your current problems. 3rd party optimization tools often cause more problems than they fix.

If you can, do a system restore to before you last used TuneUp Utilities to "optimize" your system, and see if the system then works as it is supposed to.

Use System Restore to Restore to an Earlier System State (Windows 7 / Vista)

If You Can Boot Windows:
Save your work and backup your important files. System Restore will restart your computer without giving you the option to save your work.


NOTE:System Restore will leave your data and files intact, but it is still a good idea to backup important files in case the unforeseen occurs.

Click Start.

Type System Restore in Search programs and files, and then hit Enter.

If you receive a UAC dialog, type your administrator password or click Yes to continue.

If You Cannot Boot Windows:
Access the Windows Recovery Options to choose System Restore from the available options.

Steps for System Restore:
After completing the above steps, you will see one of two screens:
For the first screen, click Next >.

For the second screen, choose Recommended restore: or Choose a different restore point. Then click Next >.

If ... Read more

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Hi, recently my computer encountered some sort of a virus I deleted in and then restarted.

It goes through all the loading fine and the windows vista loads but then the screen just goes blank.

I have tried system restore and hitting ctrl + alt + del nothing works I managed to start the computer in safe mode but I don't know what to do....

I am not that smart with computers so please put it in words I can understand...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much, Adam.

A:Screen goes black at startup

Hello WindowsVistaUse,

Welcome to the forums.

The next thing I would try is a system file check (sfc). Info here if needed. System Files - SFC Command

If you don't know how to open an elevated cmd. prompt Elevated Command Prompt

Please keep us posted.


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S7, barely a month old.  Shut it down last night, left lid open, and power cord plugged in. Today it will not move beyond a black screen on start-up.  Starts up with "Acer explore beyond limits" startup screen, then just goes to black.  However, I can see the couse pointer on the screen and can move it around with touchpad and mouse. I've rebooted several times, unplugged power cord, etc.  No luck. Looking around, seems I'm not the only one with this issue. Come on Acer, I dropped a lot of cash on this machine!  Please help!!!

Go to Solution.

A:S7: black screen on startup

Okay, here's how I fixed my problem as described in my original post (for now, anyway): Unplug from power.  Open lid; computer will power on but go into black screen. Power off, using button on side, but leave lid open. Then, with (1) computer off and (2) lid open and (3) cord unplugged, push and hold power button for 30 seconds.  Computer will quickly power on and then quickly power off (you will see the Acer logo boot-up screen, but it will power off before going into black screen).  Keep holding power button through all of this for the full 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds, computer will be (should be) off.   Release your finger from power button.  Keep lid open during all of this. With lid open, plug in AC power.  Press power button as you normally would (you are not holding it this time) to power on. Computer should start normally. Worked for me; hope it helps if you're having the same problem.  I'm told it has something to do with static build-up.

View solution in original post

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When I start up the computer it goes to this black screen with a white blinking _ and after that is up for about 10 seconds, it goes to the screen that allows you to select Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, and Start Windows Normally. If you click on any of them it just freezes and nothing happens. If you wait until the timer runs out, it just goes on to a black screen and does nothing. I can't enter my BIOS to run from the CD drive to reinstall the OS.. so what do I do?

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I was playing with my display settings after re-loading the Windows XP operating system and made a big mistake. I wasn't getting the display quality I wanted, so I was kind of poking around and experimenting to see if I could correct the display issue. Unfortunately I changed the Hardware Acceleration settings from "full" to "none", now my screen is black. I have no idea how to correct this. I tried booting in sage mode and it gives me an error message. Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Black Screen in XP after startup.

I tried booting in "Safe Mode" not sage mode. Sorry for the typo.

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Hey all,
I have a very annoying problem with my home computer, let me type the specs first:

- Asus P5Q
- Intel Q6600
- Ati HD4850
- Windows Vista Home premium 64-bit

Ok, here's the story:

Yesterday, i wanted to shutdown my pc, so i press the red shutdown button in the start menu

First odd thing happened: The computer went in some kind of "sleep mode" The screen was black, and my screen went in stand-by mode. The computer did not shut down. Whatever i did, the computer didnt go out of the sleep mode, smashed my keyboard, clicked my mouse, nothing happened. I was in a hurry so i had to shutdown my computer using the power button in my case. I cut off the power, and went away.

The next morning, i plug the power back in and i try to start my computer again. The computer started the same way before i shut him down the day before: Fans are running, i dont hear my hard drive running, black screen, screen goes in stand-by mode after a few seconds. No boot menu, nothing immediately a black screeb
Very odd, smashed keyboard again and again, pressed every button i could, but nothing happened. Even the leds on my keyboard werent lighted when the pc startsup, mouse does flicker.

Then i had the idea to maybe try and cut power again, and try again after that. So i did as i was thinking, cut the power, reconnected to electricity net, and start up again. This is when another odd thing happens: Everytime i cut power and try restart after reconnecting to power net, the pc ... Read more

A:Black screen on startup

Power supply failure, or about to fail? Sounds familiar as that's what my similar experience was due to.

Hard drive failure?

Or, it could simply be loose connections somewhere. Have you powered it on with the case open to have a look at what's going on inside?

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Ok so Im working on this laptop and it was booted in windows but the screen was black. I plugged in an external monitor and it worked and on the laptop screen it faded back up just a little bit not enough to really see anything though. So I used a multimeter on the inverter and it came back ok with 50Hz. So I plugged everything back in and put all the screws back and when I turned on the laptop again the lights and everything came on but when the hdd light started to flash the screen just turned off. When I plug in the external monitor it says no signal.

What do you guys think the problem is?

The laptop is a Hp G60

Also if it helps this guy came to me earlier in the week and he was missing some screws that were holding his screen to the hinges of the screen. Also the wires that were inside the screen were falling out and being pinched by broken plastic.

A:Black Screen on Startup

The cable that goes from the motherboard to screen, through where the laptop folds over, is supposed to be something that can fail on a laptop especially if its picked up by the screen half.

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Hello Everyone,
I am experiencing black screen although explorer.exe process is running after Windows loading bar , windows icon and the Welcome message is displayed. In the black screen I can move the mouse cursor but I can not open the context menu when I right click. Additionally ATI CCC Application program interface starts normally and I can manipulate its settings via GUI. However for the desktop to be displayed I have to open up the task manager kill explorer.exe then restart it again that is the only way around. The startup process is very slow too and I can not see ATI CCC's icon on the taskbar after the startup has completed by user action. The last change I have made to my system was to select the repair section through Kaspersky AV's installation options because it began to take ages for its icon to be displayed on the taskbar a week ago or so. Now the Kaspersky does not start on startup although I see its entry when I look at starting programs in Windows Defender. How can I solve the black screen problem and Kaspersky AV? Thanks in advance

A:Black Screen On Startup

Can anyone help please ?

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after i have typed in the password i get a black screen in windows7 service pack 1.
this happens ocassionally.
help would be appreciated.

A:getting a black screen on startup!

Maheshputt have a look through these links to see if they help...

Black screen on startup of Windows 7 - Microsoft Help Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

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I am unable to start normally my desktop (make=emachine). Recently, I installed a drawing software and since then, the PC froze. When I shut it down and tried to reboot, it just shows a back screen. I cannot even see the Windows XP logo.

So far, I have tried the F8 function and none of the Safe Modes make any difference. The Last Known Good Config is no help either.

I have reason to believe my PC may be infected with a virus.

Please help.

A:Black screen at startup on XP

If the computer can't boot even in to safe mode your options are more limited and may involve a bit more technical know-how. If it were me, and I have the facilities to do it, I'd do one of two things. I'd boot from a live CD to make sure my stuff was still on the drive and it you can run an online virus scan of the drive. The other thing that could be done would be to remove the disk, put it as a secondary drive in a good system that had reliable antivirus installed and then tell it to run a scan the disk you're having issues with. Either way it's pretty involved since you don't have a system that will even function in safe mode. As bad as it sounds, your data is likely intact, and you may wish to take it to a professional to resolve this particular issue.

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hey whenever i press the power button on my computer, it starts up with a black screen telling how it came across and error due and such. it asks the simple things such as "Run in safe-mode, Run with Command Prompt, run with default before this occurred, or run normally.) either one of these i press it just turns the whole screen black, the only thing that shows is the mouse.

any help is appreciate,

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I hope this is the right place to post this.

I've asked for help here once in the past several months ago, and people were very enthusiastic about trying to help, so I hope you don't mind if I ask for help again.

Anyway, about 6 hours ago I was browsing online, when suddenly I get a blue screen with a "There is something wrong with your PC " type message. From that point on, every time I try to boot up the PC, I get a black screen that persists even when I leave it on for several hours. The only thing that appears is the "Toshiba" loading screen at the start, and then it just goes to a black screen, and nothing else.

I've actually gotten that blue "there is something wrong with your pc" message a few times in the past, but I simply reset the PC and everything was fine. This time, no matter how often I turn the PC off and back on, the black screen is there.

Unfortunately, I don't have the money to just go out and get a new PC, but at the same time, I absolutely can't afford to be without one, as my livelihood depends on it. I need this PC for my work, and there are also many things on the PC I can't afford to lose or don't want to lose. I've literally been panicking the past couple of hours thinking about what I'm going to do.

Does anyone here happen to know what the problem could be, and hopefully how to fix it? Please, I desperately need the help.

A:Black Screen on Startup

Do you have an install disk or does it have a recovery partition exact make and model

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If I should start my own thread on this matter I shall but I am having serious issue for which no fix seems to work. Basically I have a friend's computer (running Win10 Home v1511) which has the black screen with cursor after login issue. I tried all the popular fixes for that to no avail. I tried the sfc /scannow and that gets to about 49% before failing. I tried doing /restorehealth with DISM and get error: 1392. I tried using a tech bench ISO to repair the image and still I get error: 1392. I tried to do an in place upgrade using an ISO with the anniversary update but every time I get the error "Setup couldn't start properly."

If it makes a difference I was trying all of this in normal mode and not safe mode.

A:Black Screen at Startup

Originally Posted by DaFees

If I should start my own thread on this matter I shall but I am having serious issue for which no fix seems to work. Basically I have a friend's computer (running Win10 Home v1511) which has the black screen with cursor after login issue. I tried all the popular fixes for that to no avail. I tried the sfc /scannow and that gets to about 49% before failing. I tried doing /restorehealth with DISM and get error: 1392. I tried using a tech bench ISO to repair the image and still I get error: 1392. I tried to do an in place upgrade using an ISO with the anniversary update but every time I get the error "Setup couldn't start properly."

If it makes a difference I was trying all of this in normal mode and not safe mode.

Hi DaFees and welcome to Tenforums.
See if Kyhi's Image Health might help your friend's system.
Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums
Also, have you run chkdsk /r on the drive? I would do that first.

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I started My Windows XP computer (its running service pack 3)
I heard the XP startup tune but all I could see was a black screen and the cursor.

nothing worked, not even Ctrl+Alt+delete

I just had to turn off the power at the wall, I then restarted it and it worked straight away
there is nothing strange in the event log, its just the usual stuff, no errors etc

what happened?

note: this has happened to me before but instead of a black screen, the screen was a mass of jumbled coloured squares

A:Black screen startup

I would suspect a problem with the video driver.

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 A couple of days ago, I had to do a system restore on my laptop because my speakers stopped working (I downloaded the beats audio manager that normally comes with my laptop and it screwed things up). After a few hours, it completed the system restore and my computer restarted. After the HP splash screen, my entire screen goes black with the screen being super bright, and then it dims and stays like that. I tried the following:Removing the battery, holding the power button and then turning it on using only the adapter wire. Same problem. Using an external monitor. Same problem. System restore to an earlier date. I get a message that says 'Windows failed to load a file" and then it reboots. Safe mode. Same problem. It seems that putting the laptop to sleep and then waking it back up makes the cursor appear, and I can move it around. I'm aware that this is a common issue that happens after a system restore, where the screen is black but you can control the cursor. So all the basic solutions don't seem to work. I'm able to back up my data but I rather not format everything yet. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks 

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How do I fix my laptop when I turn it on the HP symbol appears with the message "Press ESC key to start up menu". then the screen goes blank with the curser blinking in the top left corner. How do I fix this problem?

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HP P/N:692297-001  The computer powers up , the fan is running but nothing shows up on the screen. its black. i am a pc tech and i need help.  dan in tampa

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Hey All. So here is the gist of my troubles for the past few days. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I turned my computer off a few nights ago, then turned it back on the next morning just to see a black screen staring back at me. It went through the dell splash and the xp pro splash then all black. I left it alone for a few hours and no change.

So far I have tried...
Safe mode (just a black screen with a big cursor, no explorer, ctrl-alt-del works but cannot execute any new tasks incl. explorer)
Repair install (got a bunch of errors and no change)
Parallel Install...
-Now this is where I had one of those Eureka moments. I inadvertently installed another copy of XP when I meant to do a repair install. The new install also has a black screen after the xp splash. After doing some more research, I found that a lot of people that had this problem found it was caused by a bad video card or driver.

My question is: How the heck do I update the drivers when I can't even get into explorer in safe mode???

A:Black screen at startup

If you still have the problem in safe mode, then it is not the video driver causing the problem.

Any details regarding "Repair install (got a bunch of errors and no change)"

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Hey guys,

First post to be gentle. I have been looking into why when we first boot up machines we get a black screen and it takes forever to startup. I understand first time processes need to load and profile needs to be created, but there has to be something I'm missing that could cause this, let me know if you have any ideas, thanks!

A:Black Screen At First Startup

Do you still need assistance with this issue?

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I recently bought GTA IV Pc version and I installed it and everything went fine. I also installed Rockstars Social Club(and registered), Games for Windows - LIVE(and registered) ,Adobe Flash, DirectX 9(I already had that). I couldn't install Microsoft's .NET Framework because of some error. I also tried to patch the game but that didn't work because it couldn't open some files for writing.

The only thing I see when I start the game is a little black screen.

So if someone knows what to do please tell me.

A:GTA IV: Little black screen at startup

Solved that one my self. I just reinstalled it

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I have windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 installed, for like 3-4 months now.

Today I turned my Asus laptop on and after "Starting Windows" process, weird black screen appeared. Only working thing was mouse cursor, Ctrl + alt + delete did nothing. However, I was still able to use Safe Mode, even with networking. I googled my problem and found the following solution: reseting shell from registry - didn't work (everything was alright there).

A:Black screen after startup

Have you tried system restore?

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My dELL Vostro 1510 laptop screen turns black after it shows the windows logo(after boot up screen). Only think i see on that black screen is a white cursor of my mouse. Pressed F8 and tried to boot in safe mode or other options like Recover Windows 7 or Safe Mode with Networking or Low VGA option but none of them works. All i see is a black screen with a white cursor of my mouse after the windows logo screen at start up. I am using Windows 7 and i first thought that my Windows crashed. So i tried to install a fresh copy of windows by booting in with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Cd's but the response is exactly same. After it says "Press any key to boot from CD" it shows a black screen. I freaked out and thought Hard drive is dead but when i put the hard drive in somebody else laptop, it was working. I ran diagnostic test on my memory card. Passed it! which means its working fine too. Also i took the memory cards out and put them back in but nothing different happen. Since nothing was working for me i ran the UBUNTU dvd in live mode just to see if that works and it worked. At least it passed the black screen after initial boot up but i found out there are 2 things that are not working. These 2 things are mouse and keyboard. I plugged in USB mouse and keyboard and bingo i am good to use UBUNTU. I though the issue could be with mouse and Keyboard so i keep external USB mouse and keyboard plugged in and tried to restart in windows but the situation is still ... Read more

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Hi, there i have been facing this problem on my computer since i unchecked few of the startup services after keeping the computer in diagonistic mode in the system configuration box . Now whenever i start my computer all i see is a black screen . i m using a windows 7 .
thank you

A:Black startup screen

why did you uncheck the start-up services in the first place where you facing a specific problem?

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Alright so I ran mbam and it kept coming up with some spyware.I decided to try and get some help from the spyware forum (from here)icreated the 2 dds logs that are needed when creating a new topic,however when i was scanning with the gmer program the computer screen went black. I left it alone for about 30 minutes same thing so i tried rebooting it .Now all it will do is show the hp logo then just go the same black screen and thats it!I still tried to create a new topic in the spyware forum with my problem,however was told to post my problem here.Here is my previous link......

A:black screen @ startup

FWIW: Spyware...can generally be easily defeated by running the appropriate software, there is no need to create logs, etc...just install, update and use the applicable applications of your choice.

Understand one thing...there is no one application...that can protect a system all the varying types of malware. System defenses should start with a firewall, installation of all critical augmented by a reliable AV program...and then reflect at least one program known to be adept at handling spyware/adware.

Did you try to boot into safe mode?

System manufacturer and model?

Have you looked at your system documentation...for clues as to what the problem might be?

Is the cursor flashing in the upper left corner on this black screen?


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I have win7 64 bit ultimate. Sometimes when I boot up the screen stays black and monitor says NO SIGNAL.. I have to reboot or turn off the power sometimes to get it going again..very annoying I have an radeon card

A:Black screen at startup

Bump bump

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hey guys. I have been having some problems with my Toshiba laptop recently. I formatted it with Windows 7 ultimate 32bit in December of 2010. sometimes on startup it takes me to the boot manager and asks be if I want to boot into widows or the recovery console. and other times it takes me to a black screen that asks me to do a hard drive scan of some sort. this happens only on startup and completely randomly. the scan has happened 3 or 4 times. and the boot manager only a couple. the first time this happened was prolly about a month ago. I don't think it is a virus or anything. I have nod32 installed on the machine, and my browsing habits are very safe. and like I said the machine was formatted not too long ago. nod32 scan came up blank and I'm not experiencing any other strange behaviors. any ideas? thanks!

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Hi all. I know there have been previous posts on this topic, but none have solved my problem.

I was buffering a movie to watch and had left it paused full screen while I went out for a few hours. On return the screen was black and there was no response from mouse clicks, esc hits, or any other inputs. I shut down the comp holding in the button for 10 seconds or so. Now, every startup, the screen is black expect for a quick flash of the windows load screen.

I've tried the graphics card and monitor on another computer and they are fine. I've blown out all the dust with an air can too. I can't get to a safe mode screen either or rather, I could, if I could see it!

I won't be able to restore to an earlier time, if that is offered as part of a solution, as I don't have any earlier saves.

My computer is a HP Pavilion m7480n desktop with a GeForce 6800 ultra graphics card. It runs windows xp with all the service packs.

Please help!

A:Black screen on startup, please help

Could anyone jump on what I'm saying here:

burned out VGA?

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I know this has been posted before but all solutions so far have not helped fix the problem.

After starting the computer, the windows welcome screen appears with the animation and then leads straight to a back screen with a cursor which I am able to control. I am unable to to perform any actions in this state.

This started happening suddenly after starting up the computer and coming up with errors along the lines of 'Windows could not start up properly' which would then lead to it trying to 'self-repair'. This repeated several times before reaching the current state.

Using the f8 key to return to a previous state does not work since it just leads to 'UEFI BIOS Utility' which does not give any options to restart in a previous as has been recommended.

Trying to start the computer in safe mode does not work as it instantly stalls the computer and has to be shut down manually

I am using Windows 7 as the operating system and have had been using my computer for a year without any problems.

Is there any quick solution to this as the use of my computer is important in my day-to-day activities.

A:Black Screen after startup

Hi and welcome to TSF you could try a start up repair Repair Startup in Windows 7 from the Windows DVD

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I have a problem with my PC that just started today and try as I might I cannot fix it. I've checked other similar problem posts but can't really find anything to help me.

When starting up my PC it loads the first screen which says ASUS P5QC, after this screen however it just goes to a black screen with a flashing white marker in the top corner and just stays like this indefinitely.

I've tried booting the PC using the Vista disk and going to Startup Recovery, it detects my hard drive but says "Startup Repair could not detect a problem" and the diagnostic and repair details say that all tests were successful and that it booted correctly (after restarting though it still wouldnt go past the black screen).
I also tried doing a System Restore to a point a couple of days ago which it told me was successful yet the problem still persists.

Any idea how to resolve this??

Edit: Just to make clear, I do not get any error messages at any point as far as I can see, just a black screen.

A:Black Screen on Startup

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Thanks for any help or point me to where I can read.
I am running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.
Went I do a fresh boot I get a totally black screen for about 40 seconds give or take before the Windows message appears.
Is it some possible program mix that I have?

A:Black screen at startup

You don't list you CPU in your specs (not your case size). What kind do you have? I see your HD is pretty small. Could you post a screen shot of your Disk Management. Thanks,

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Hey guys, I've recently encountered a problem with my 2 year old computer. Sometimes (not always) after turning the computer on and getting the Welcome screen the screen remains black (apart from the cursor). Eventually it may continue loading to the desktop however sometimes it doesn't. It's getting annoying because if it doesn't I have to cold reboot it. The only 'recent' upgrade to my computer was about 2 months ago when I installed a AMD Radeon 7850 OC to replace my overheating ATI Radeon 5770. Thanks.

A:Black Screen on Startup


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I am working on a friend's Vista Gateway machine. She ocassionally gets a blue screen and then she gets the System Repair screen. We got both when we tried to download her new anti-virus (yes, we uninstalled the old one first).

Then she told me that her last 'helper' told her not to download/install anymore Windows updates. This has been several months, and I told her I thought by now it may be a good idea to update. So we did. 64 out of 65 updates downloaded, installed and configured properly. One got an unknown error message. I went ahead with the reboot, and never got Windows back again.

Now I just get a black screen, even after going into safe mode, or selecting the system repair option, or the start Windows normally option. I tried going in the Boot options, and found that it was set to CD/DVD. I tried to change it to Main hard drive, but it didn't stick.

I'm not a programmer. I think I can change BIOS settings if you tell me to do something with those. I haven't tried the F8 command. Any ideas?

A:Black screen at startup

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Sometimes (10% of the time) when I try to turn on my computer, the computer sits on a black screen and I have to turn it off and on maybe 5 or 6 times until it works. How can I fix this?

I have a HP Pavilion dv5 Notebook PC

A:Black screen on startup

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so i know its my monitor for most games i can only run them at 1280 x 960 windowed fullscreen if i try to run the games at anything else other than those settings it will stay black until i press the windows button on my keyboard then it will minimize and i click to bring it back up and it will flicker between black and the picture i can still click buttons and that is how i usually setup the graphics so that it will run properly.i dont know if its a graphics card issue or what but i know my pc can support this game with no problem here are my specs. 2 AMD 6870 video cardsDedicated Memory 2.0 GBTotal Memory 3.1 GBPixel Shader Version 5.0Vertex Shader Version 5.0Hardware T & L YesMemory 3.0 GB8 Gb RAMAMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor quad core quad core 3.4 GhzSound Device 2 Creative SB X-FiSound Device 3 AMD High Definition Audio Device1 Tb Hard DriveCooler Master 750w power supplywhat can i do to get this to stop doing this on just about every online game i play? and yes my graphics cards are up to date

A:black screen at startup

Does it perform better at lower than 1280 x 960?   I have seen where some monitors will act this way when set to the max and they struggle, going down 1 resolution size can sometimes fix this.I have an old Dell monitor that is acting like this and going back 1 resolution setting fixed it. When setting it to the max that it will display before black screen no sync it will do just like your problem. But going lower 1 more from the max that it will display at fixed the issue of having to use the windows key and flicker between picture and black screen.

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Well here's the rundown of events prior to this issue. My cousin was playing a game and it started to have a framerate lag. I solved the issue before by just cleaning out the dust in my computer. However, I took out the fan and had a really difficult time putting it back in this time. I ended up getting it back on but it felt like I had to put a little too much force on it this time. The time before this, I had difficulty and let just the top part attached. The computer display was showing but then soon shut off, I assumed I had to attach it correctly and finally did so. This time, when I turn on the computer it has no display. Black screen and then after a couple seconds shuts itself off then turns back on over and over unless I unplug it. I unplugged the fan to see if it would do something different but it doesn't. I unscrewed the part my fan has to hinge on to and secured the top and bottom part of it, now it feels more secure than ever.
It's not my monitor, cable, the plug itself or anything like that. When I turn on my computer, I can press the numpad and it will glow but after a while it will stay glowing even if I turn num lock off again. Everything inside looks normal. I cannot access my computer in any way.


Pavilion p6126f PC
AMD Athlon X2 7550
Dual-Core Processor
NVIDIA GEoForce 9100 intergrated graphics
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
(Let me know if you need more and I'll try to find it)

My CPU fan looks identical to this, may not be the exact same mo... Read more

A:Black screen on startup

onboard video is suspect as to if they are able to run games

do you get a screen in safe mode

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I'm running Windows Vista and when I log into my computer it only shows a black screen and won't load the desktop. I tried a system restore but that didn't work. Along with that there is a message that says "Microsoft Mobile PC Adaptability Client has stopped working"

Problem Event: APPCRASH
Application Name: PresentationSettings.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Application Timestamp: 49e01d9e
Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18327
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cb73436
Exception Code: c0000622
Exception Offset: 0000 9f7d
OS Version: 6.0.6002.


A:Black screen at startup?

Did SP2 install? Some have had this problem in connection with an improper installation. If so, you would have to use a System Restore prior to that if it's available.

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i am getting black screen after startup. but system was running in safemode.
so i decided to install windows 7 again.
i had inserted cd and pressed any key.
i got a windows 7 startup but after that it was again coming black screen.

A:getting black screen after startup!!


This sounds like a serious hardware fault; out of curiosity I would attempt to boot a live operating system such as Ubuntu Linux:

Download | Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu, burn the image file to disk (using ImgBurn, or similar), then boot your computer from this disk. Ubuntu has an option to "Try Ubuntu" which essentially runs it live from the CD.

If you get an Ubuntu desktop you can try moving files around on your hard drive, inserting a CD, etc.

Given what you wrote in your post - I doubt that you will get to the Ubuntu desktop, which confirms that you are experiencing a hardware fault.

Best of luck


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Sounds like I have a fairly common problem. I installed Windows 8 over the weekend. I didn't want to but my parents have it and they keep harassing me to "fix" their computer so that it acts like Windows Vista, so I needed to know more about Windows 8. When Windows 8 was installed I updated to 8.1 and installed Office 2010. Office asked for a reboot so I rebooted and haven't been able to get into Windows since.

The computer boots to a black screen that flickers once in a while. I can see my mouse pointer on the screen when I move the mouse. I'm having trouble accessing Safe Mode. I did get a diagnostic tool to come up before Windows booted and I ran a full diagnostics on my computer. When the diagnostics were completed it dumped me into the boot options menu. I tried to let Windows refresh itself which did not work. I also did a System Restore which did not work.

I have unplugged all usb and serial cables from the computer to make sure that it wasn't an external hard drive or printer causing my problem.

I downloaded Windows 8 so I don't have a CD to boot from. My computer doesn't have a CD drive. My plan is to keep trying to boot into Safe Mode but once I am back in I don't know what I am going to do. I already did a system restore. I could try to uninstall Office but it is more likely that the 8.1 update is my biggest problem. I'm sure that there is a way to undo the 8.1 update.

I have read the forums so I am familiar w... Read more

A:Black Screen on Startup

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My Sony VAIO has a black screen on startup. I have turned the computer off and on several times. Sometimes I get "VAIO" and then the screen goes black and sometimes I get "operating system not found", but most of the time I just get a black screen. How do I fix this to get my computer working again?

A:Black screen on startup


operating system not found

It sounds like your HDD has failed. Download the ISO image for Seatools from my signature, and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests. If either fails the HDD needs to be replaced.

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I found my laptop, acer aspire 5735z running vista, not sure the service pack, frozen on a black screen this morning. I tried rebooting and got the same result. I think mcafee updated last night which made it try to restart.
I tried running in safe mode but got a blue screen error: c0000218 {registry file failure) \systemroot\system32\config\security .
I then tried startup repair and it didn't find any problems.
System restore wasn't able to restore.
Memory diagnostic tool didn't find any errors.
Command prompt works.
I appreciate any help.

A:Black screen on startup

No such luck on the last good configuration.. Also, no dvd but there is a boot partition X:\ with a windows recovery environment in a folder named sources. It just goes back to the main system recovery menu.

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Hello friends,

I have a DELL Inspiron 1545 laptop. Currently at start up, the computer shows the DELL page with the option to choose F2 set up or F12 Boot Options. Then it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor found on the top left corner. Then i got message:
"GRUB$DOS 0.4.4 2009-09-03, Memory: 636k/2009M, MenuEnd: 0x46BF5 [Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible completions of a device/filename.]
Press ESC for recovery menu.

Nothing happened when i pressed ESC.
When i pressed Tab, got the following message:
Possible commands are: background blocklist boot cat cdrom chainloader checkrange checktime clear cmp color commandlineconfigfile dd debug default displayme embef errnum errorcheck fallback find foreground fstest geometry halt help hiddenflag hide initrd install is64bit kernel lock is makeactive map module modulezip outline pager partnew parttype password pause pxe quit read root rootnoverify savedefault setkey setup setvbe splashimage terminal testvbe tpm unhide uuid vbeprobe write.

Please help me as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

A:Black Screen at Startup

Sorry, GRUB4DOS 0.4.4 is mis-typed as GRUB$DOS 0.4.4

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Hello guys,
I recently got my Toshiba A665 Laptop back from servicing: new battery, cleaning, and software install including ESAT antivirus.
I opened the box and reconnected everything as normal before starting up from the button.
I receive only the complete black screen meaning there is no graphic signal at all, no cursor or logos.
The keyboard gradually lights up, sound appears to work and the HDD signal lamp blinks.
I have tried disconnecting and pressing Shift + F8 but this does not help. I do not want to send it back again so is there any way I can investigate this and possibly fix it? After all I have paid a lot of money for the servicing.
I am suspecting a graphics hardware problem at the present but it may be any number of things.

A:Black Screen on startup

Can you try connecting an external monitor?
Most laptops have either a VGA port or an HDMI port on the side for connecting an external monitor.

There should be some sort of warranty on the repair that you paid for.
Contact the servicing company to see what options you have.
Are you able to boot from a CD/DVD?
You can try a bootable copy of MemTest86 (not MemTest86+) as it will boot on both BIOS and UEFI systems:

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Hi, I was watching a movie when my computer froze in the middle of it so I manually restarted it. I have a compaq presario x1000 laptop 1.5 years old. It restarted but then the color on the screen flickered for a few seconds and I got an error message from windows saying a fatal error occured and that the error had been logged. Then it froze again so I manually restarted it again. This time it froze even faster so I tried to restart it again but it wouldn't start up. The power light is on and I can hear the fans running but the screen is black and the compaq logo won't even appear. I tried hooking it up to a monitor to see if the screen was broken but its not. I also tried to stick in a reboot cd but I couldn't see anything on the screen. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks a lot, Michelle.

A:Please help black screen at startup

The fact that you cannot seem to get ANY kind of "visual" from your computer means you have a very limited number of options, made even less so if you are less than computer inclined. Hooking up another monitor to an alternate video output may "rule-out" your laptop screen (monitor) being bad, but your video card could be out, or worse. Can you hear the Hard Drive spinning and clicking during boot ? Is it making any "beeping" noises ?

The critical step here is if you can boot to BIOS. That means, when you first turn on your computer, start tapping the "del" key about once a second and see if you can get to a 2-color screen (usually white text on blue background).

If you can get THAT far, that means something. If you can't get that far, you should be finding out if your machine is under warranty. You should probably do that anyways, even if you can get to BIOS, because this sounds serious and it sounds like hardware, and if it is still under warranty I would recommend getting it fixed and or replaced now, before it completely detonates after the warranty (if there is one) expires.

If you can get to BIOS, write back and we'll see what can be done.

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I had this problem last night , my laptop became dead slow at 1st then while browsing it hanged completely and I could not even start task manager , I restarted it by holding the power button and it showed toshiba logo and then a black screen , with blinking cursor, I turned it off after sometime because it was not booting and started looking for the solution. I found the remove battery n charger , hold power for 60sec thing but when I turned it on before applying the method it booted normally now after some hours it became dead slow so I restarted it by going to start > restart and it restarted but again the black screen and white cursor , So after trying 10 times f8 it did not work (win recovery ) I tried the battery removing thing ,still no help, not to forget num lock light is on , fans are working , but i can not do anything else

I ran a bootable kapersky rescue . it showed no virus, then I rebooted it was the same , i rebooted again n the window booted normally with normal super speed as usual, i shut down twice and turn on and it worked, but when I restarted it when to the black screen again n is still the same.
I remember the 1st time when this happened last night was when I restarted it , because it became too slow,
So now I got a point that it is having problem when restarted.
Now If anyone can tell me a software like the kaspersky rescue which can repair the error or help me start the win repair screen so I can reinstall the window and see if it i... Read more

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