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"Save As" doesn't work in any MS Office 2000 program

Q: "Save As" doesn't work in any MS Office 2000 program

I have 2 computers, 1 with WIN 98 SE and another one with WIN XP Home. I'm trying to use the "Save As" function to a network drive in MS Office and I keep getting an error the drive is unaccessible even though I just opened the file. I've only noticed this once since I've upgraded one machine with ME to XP Home and tried to save to the old 98 system. I don't have any problem with any other programs using the "save as" feature, to the network drive.

A: "Save As" doesn't work in any MS Office 2000 program

Are they both having problems ? Is there a drive letter mapped to this network drive?

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We've having problems getting the "Out of the Office" function to work. Well, it works just fine internally, but if someone outside our company sends any of our users that has "out of the office" function enabled an email he/she won't recieve the OOTO message.. It works just fine internally (ie I send a mail to another colleague that is away).

Could it be some setting on the Exchange server I've not discovered/I've overlooked?

A:Outlook 2000 and "Out of the Office" doesn't work externaly

Solved! My mistake. The "Allow out of office responses" wasn't turned on for some reason..

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Hi. I downloaded the Save My Settings Wizard from Microsoft ( but the damn thing does not work! I installed it, ran it, but then it hangs when I am uploading my settings. I've downloaded it a couple of times with the same result! I like the idea of saving my Office settings though. Is there another program I can use?

A:How Do I Save My Office 2000 Settings?

Which settings do you want to keep?
What is stopping you from keeping them? (i.e. switching the PC off, quitting the program, going to a different PC??).


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Okay people, I have a problem and a half.

I am running XP Home with two users - myself (Verity) as an Administrator and Jack as Limited. My problem is with my Microsoft Office 2000 Premium suite that I installed.

Everything on my profile works fine. The problem is with Jack’s.
He is using Outlook Express 6.
When he receives mail with any of the Office programs (ie word, excel, powerpoint) as an attachment and tries to open them, the following error messages occur, in this order:

Windows cannot find “C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5FFVMK5L\(attachment name)”
Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click search.
When you click the OK button the next error appears:

User “Verity” has previously initiated an install for product “Microsoft Office 2000 Premium”. That user will need to run that install again before they can use that product. Your current install will now continue.

While this error is on the screen there is another message displayed behind it, which I will detail next. However, if you click OK on the error message above, the Office Premium Gathering Required Information dialogue box appears and then rolls back and uninstalls Office.
However if you click the X to close the error message instead, you are then presented with the hidden message that says:

Error 1705: A previous installation for this product is in progress. You must undo t... Read more

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Greetings all.

THere seems to be a new gremlin hiding in my PC somewhere. When I use any of the office 2000 products and I try to "SAVE IN" a certain folder, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the list of folders and drives to pop up.

This is driving me nuts! Can anyone guide me to a fix for this problem.

OS: Windows XP - Home
Software: MS Office 2000

This software has been installed on this computer for some time now but the problem described above just started recently.

Thanks in advance - video dude

A:office 2000- Slow listing when selecting 'SAVE IN'

I am having the same problem as well. Running XP Pro and Office 2003. It seems to have started when I set up my own wireless network at home, but also happens when my wireless is off. Also, at work we have 4 notebooks with similar setups, and one is doing the same thing.

When you 'save as' and want to change the directory in which you save, when you click on the pull down menu it takes 10-15 seconds to respond, and sometimes the 'save as' dialogue window shows not responding.

Any ideas?


VideoDude said:

Greetings all.

THere seems to be a new gremlin hiding in my PC somewhere. When I use any of the office 2000 products and I try to "SAVE IN" a certain folder, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the list of folders and drives to pop up.

This is driving me nuts! Can anyone guide me to a fix for this problem.

OS: Windows XP - Home
Software: MS Office 2000

This software has been installed on this computer for some time now but the problem described above just started recently.

Thanks in advance - video dudeClick to expand...

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System: HP w/ AMD 800 processor, 30G (24G free), 192M ram
Office 2000 Word - I have a folder (BigFolder) in My Documents that contains about 4000 subfolders. When I "save as" with BigFolder as the "save in:" it takes 30 - 60 seconds to bring up the list of subfolders. This just recently slowed down like this - it used to take 5 - 10 seconds. I have scanned and defragged. Will more memory speed this up? Any other ideas? I am currently saving into a "work" folder, then later moving the "work" subfolders into BigFolder.

A:Office 2000 Word - large folder slow to save into

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An employee is trying to "save as" an Excel file and it won't work, he clicks save as and tries to select the folder and he said it "blanks out" on him. He was able to save the file under a different name in the same folder. He is doing that now and then will attempt to move it. He's using Windows XP Home and Excel 2003.

Any ideas?



A:Excel Save As doesn't work

is it on a network? Could also be protected. Have them right click on the original file and see if read only is ticked.

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i can't save ANYTHING using my MS word xp!! when i click "file, save" nothing happens. i tried doing the "detect and repair" function, but doesn't work. can anyone help me?


A:Word Xp Save Doesn't Work

Hi tim.
If this is only a problem in word, with word\office closed, locate and delete the "" file. When you launch word, it will create a new one.
Make sure you have "Show Hidden Files and Folders" selected via Tools>Folder Options>View tab in explorer as the file is hidden by default. If it doesn't work, it's probably an add-in causing the problem.
Let us know.

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Hi there,
I have the same problem already reported in the forum:File|Open and File|Save As does not work at all for any application. Basically nothing happens, the dialog never opens an in my mail is not possible to upload files.. nothing, the common dialog to handle files never opens. I tried to type sfc/scannow in DOS mode (cmd) hoping utility will fix it. But didn?t work because it said that I must be the administrator but the problem is that I am the administrator (I am the only user and register as admin). What is wrong? What can I do?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Fernando Lu?s

A:Open file and Save as doesn't work

Quote: Originally Posted by fernandoluis

Hi there,
I have the same problem already reported in the forum:File|Open and File|Save As does not work at all for any application. Basically nothing happens, the dialog never opens an in my mail is not possible to upload files.. nothing, the common dialog to handle files never opens. I tried to type sfc/scannow in DOS mode (cmd) hoping utility will fix it. But didn?t work because it said that I must be the administrator but the problem is that I am the administrator (I am the only user and register as admin). What is wrong? What can I do?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Fernando Lu?s

Welcome to Seven Forums fernandoluis. You must run the cmd prompt as admin

Start> Type CMD in search box> Right click on CMD in search results above and click on Run As Administrator> Then use the sfc/scannow

A Guy

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I have lost the cd key for my office 2000 software, the program is up and running on my pc but I want to recover the CD key in the event that I have to re-install the software someday when I replace this pc.
Is there a way to discover what the cd key is? I searched the registry and found where the registration number is, but that isn't the cd key.
Thanks in advance.

A:ms office 2000 lost cd key but have cds and program is on the pc

Oh dear.

There are many programs that will extract the key from the installed applications, but as far as I know, none will work with Office 2000 as the key is encrypted.

However, a phone call to Microsoft with the numbers you do have could be worth it.

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Hi everyone,

I'm helping a friend install a new version of Office on their computer and am having some problems. It seems that we are able to install Office 2000, but we can't get Word to work properly. Word will load, but it will ask for the user registration info (incl. CD key, etc) which we provide, it then reboots and when we try to start Word, it doesn't have any Product ID number, or the registration info we just entered. The other modules (Excel, Powerpoint) work fine.

I don't know the exact hardware details, but I'm confident they have adequate computing power. It's a 2 year old Compaq 566mhz Celeron with 6G hard drive and 128MB memory. They're running Win98----will Office 2000 operate on a Win98 machine, or does it have to be Win2000 or newer?

All suggestions are appreciated.


A:Why won't Office 2000 work?

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I've likely got to buy a new computer as my current one is experiencing problems, so this means I'll be running Windows XP Home Edition. I currently run Windows ME, and use MS Office 2000 Professional. My question is: will this program work within the XP environment?

A:Will Office 2000 work in XP environment?

Yes no problem with XP & Office 2000

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I have Office 2000 installed on my current desktop PC (XP)

I am replacing this with a laptop (Vista) my questions are:

1) Is Office 2000 compatible with Vista?
2) I no longer have the original Office CD as I have recently moved - is there any way to copy the application to the laptop via external medium (CD/memory stick etc)?


A:Will Office 2000 work with Vista?

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will office 2000 work in vista.
and autorote 2003?

A:will office 2000 work in vista

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before rattling off the classic answer, i know how to apply wallpaper. But, when i go into my control pannel/display, select a wallpaper, and click apply, the background remains the same except for a tiny image symbol (the red green blue you normally see for loading images, not a broken one) in the top left corner. What can i do so that these wallpaper images will display again?

A:wallpaper doesn't work on 2000, help!

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Hello Everybody,
My self Vishal and I have Windows 7 ultimate installed on my laptop.
Once I accidentally deleted some applications of MS Office suite
vizards MS Access, MS Excel & MS Word from 'Microsoft Office'
folder appeared in 'All Program' list of start menu.
However later I restored all those successfully again.But later
I have found that the introductory tips that appear when we hover over
the mouse pointer over these applications is not appearing for the
above mentioned programs vizards MS Access, MS Excel & MS Word.
However these tips are appearing for all other programs in
office suite.
Now I want these tips to be appear again whenever I
hover my mouse over these programs names.What should I do?

A:Tip for some MS Office Programs' doesn't appearing in 'All Program'

Hello Vishal,

You could run the Office installation again to do a repair install that should hopefully restore it back to how it was in the Start Menu.

Hope this helps,

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Can somebody out there help me.

I've written and tested an application that opens a .txt file, processes it in XL to re-order the columns and strip duplicates and saves it as .csv. All works fine on my system which has Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library.

Problem is when I run it on nother machine which has Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library I get an object undefined error at my definition line

Dim FileDlg as Office.FileDialog

I have checked that Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library is ticked in the references dialog for the project.

Looking in more detail when I enter "Office." in my module and look in the pull down list FileDialog is not there.

So I need to look at either alternative code to allow the user to select the source data file, or a way to replace the existing FileDialog object on the older machine.

Any ideas anybody?

A:VBA - Office.Filedialog doesn't work

OK after a bit of messing about I've found that the FileDialog object exists in MSO.dll (v10.0) but not in MSO9.dll.

I've been able to switch between MSO.dll and MSO9.dll on my system running Win2000, but on a system running Windows XP with Office 2000 it corrupts Office when I try and install MSO.dll (v10.0). Attempting to start Excel starts an install wizard asking for the installation disk.

I copied MSO.dll to the same folder as MSO9.dll then renamed MSO9.dll as MSO9.bak. I had to do a system restore to get Office to work again after that. With MSO9.dll still in place however the VBA project references re-set to v9.0 each time I closed the References dialog.

So I still need a way to use Office.Dialogs on a system that currently has the Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library.

Can anybody help?

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I have an older version of Office (2000) but would like to use Word 2002 which is installed in my computer. Is there any way to change the default word processing application from Word 2000 to Word 2002?


A:Default Word program in Office Suite 2000

Hold your left shift key, and right-click any file with the *.DOC extension.

Choose Open With from the options list.
Checkmark the box that says *always use this program...*
Choose Word (the right one, mind you!) from the list or browse to it.
hit ok.

If that doesn't work, we need to know what operating system.

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I have a windows 2000 and I downloaded and installed spybot s&d, but it doesn't load. the first time, it loaded the update screen, but i exited and couldn't bring up the application. I know the computer is doing something because in the task manager, it had the application running, hogging up all of the space, but the window never came up. I tried reinstalling several times. Help?

A:Spybot S&d On Windows 2000 Doesn't Work

Spybot 1.5 has a SERIOUS loadup time issue that they are aware of.
It could take up to two minutes to load. 1.4 did not have this issue.
I would uninstall it and revert back to 1.4. You should be able to still find it

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This article didn't fix it for me:

ctrl-end in Excel 2002 doesn't work

. . . but I figured it out and wanted to share


Somehow, invisible characters get in there, so when you do Ctrl+End, it will throw you into the bottom right somewhere, just not in the bottom right of your data.

Sometimes you can just delete a few rows and columns around where it takes you, go back to cell A1 and save (that resets it).

What puzzled me this last time, which is how I found the above article, is that that didn't work.

Here's what to do.


First, try this:

1) go to the bottom right of your data manually
2) arrow down 25 or so rows to give you some room
3) highlight the entire row directly underneath your data
4) Shift+Arrow Down a few rows . . . keeping Shift held down, press Ctrl+Arrow Down - that highlights everything below, down to row 65,536 (keeping the Shift key held down, you can arrow up)
5) right-click on the highlighted area, and select Clear Contents

Now do this for the seemingly empty columns / cells to the right of your data . . .

1) go to the column to the right of your data manually
2) highlight the entire column
4) Shift+Arrow Right a few columns . . . keeping Shift held down, press Ctrl+Arrow Right - that highlight... Read more

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I have just recently started using outlook 2000 and the autocheck names resolution doesn't seem to be working. I have checked the check names box under options, e-mail options, advanced email options, and still no go, my adress book was imported from outlook express. When I use the manual check names feature while composing an email (tools, check names) this feature works properly.

A:name resolution in outlook 2000 doesn't work

Well...Outlook 2000 doesn't have "autocomplete" the way Outlook Express does.

You can, however, start typing a name and hit Ctrl+K.

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I am using Office 10. I have chcked all the right boxes Etc. for Spell Checker as you type.

When I type it is supposed to check spelling & grammer, it doesn't!

I click on the spell checker it ignores what I typed & asked if I want to check the rest of the document

If I load an old document it immediatly checks the spelling & Grammer.

If I save the document I just typed & open it, it will not check spelling & Grammer!

I never had this problem in Office before. What is going on?

I think Office 10 is a disaster! I don't want to create an "ILUMINATED" Manuscript, I just want to type a simple document & have it check spelling & grammer!


A:Office 10, Spell Checker doesn't work

Quote: Originally Posted by Tullynally

I am using Office 10. I have chcked all the right boxes Etc. for Spell Checker as you type.

When I type it is supposed to check spelling & grammer, it doesn't!

I click on the spell checker it ignores what I typed & asked if I want to check the rest of the document

If I load an old document it immediatly checks the spelling & Grammer.

If I save the document I just typed & open it, it will not check spelling & Grammer!

I never had this problem in Office before. What is going on?

I think Office 10 is a disaster! I don't want to create an "ILUMINATED" Manuscript, I just want to type a simple document & have it check spelling & grammer!


Hello Tully,

Try to rebuild "Normal.dotm" file and see if it works.

Go to Start under search type in %appdata% there go under \Microsoft\Templates folder and rename "Normal.dotm" to "Normal.old"

If that didn't work then Download OfficeIns and disable all the MS Word add-ins and see if that makes any difference. If nothing works then do a Repair for Office Office 2010 - Perform Repairs

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I have used Office Tab Free Edition on Win 7 with no problems. Free download Office Tab Free Edition from offical website now With Win 8 it turns of the "open new window" when you open a second file but it never shows the tabs. Both files are indeed loaded as you can switch from one to the other. Just having that is worse than the original situation with multiple windows. Telling the Tab program to turn of the function doesn't work. The only way to get back to original operation is to uninstall and reinstall Office.

Any advice/comments?

A:Office Tab Free Edition doesn't work

Sorry I can't help you directly. This morning I installed the paid v7.5 32-bit on Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64-bit running Office 2003. Only had time to test it in Word; Office Tab Center setup normally and the tabs operated as expected.

I ran my installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode and, of course, as an administrator.

Good luck!

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Whenever I open my microsoft Office 2007 in windows 7 it says to enter "your 25 character product key" I tried typing it in but it says its wrong. Please help me :'(

A:Microsoft Office System doesn't work


Is this a laptop? Did Office come pre-installed with the laptop? If not, what is the source of the Office installation?


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access 97 macro, trying to send oject as RTF to outlook 2000 - will not recognise. it works with access 2000 and outlook 98, and it works with access 97 - outlook 98. Get error -- cannot open mail session. HELP!!!!!

A:Access 97: Macro to Outlook 2000 Doesn't Work

Likely, it's because you can't "move upward". Most programs are downward compatible, but not upward. The reason Outlook 98 probably works is because it's really nothing more than an upgrade of Outlook 97. Outlook 2000 came with the Office 2000 suite. If I were you, I'd just open the DB in Access 2000 and convert it, if necessary, and have the macro in there. You should be able to import the new tables quicker than trying to find some other workaround. You can probably just add that to the macro, you know--import tables (linked even) from Access 97 DB, run report, send as rtf to OL2K.


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I have a music writing program called Finale. I've used it on 2 previous computers. When I installed it in this computer, this is what occures.

when opening the program, a message appears saying "Please wait while windows configures turbotax its deductable. then it asks me to insert a turbotax disc. which has nothing to do with the program. once I manage to get the message off a box saying error 1706 appears then the box asking if I want to report an error to microsoft.

This is my first post. I hope I can figure this forum out and someone can help me.


A:Program doesn't work.

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Hi guys

Why is some program doesn't open or give error (to send) and i did try with other my computer is working ok. what am i missing in this computer ?

i attach the program i am talking about .

please inform me .


A:some program doesn't work .

How about an error message - the zip file does not help

If 16 bit error

XP Fix -

Scroll down to get XP Fix

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If I try to open any Help Files (the little document with a yellow ?) freezes, with a "Not Responding" sign....this happens with any help file....ZoneAlarm Pro Help won't work...AVG help won't work...IZArc Help File won't work...

I'm not an expert, but I assume the "Help Viewer" is a Microsoft Program and these programs just write a file that can be opened using the "Help Viewer" So I guess I need a new Help Viewer? I have my XP Pro Installation if I have to fire it up and replace certain files, I can do that.

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:Help doesn't work on ANY program

Try this first, see if it helps:

Go here:

1. Click on "Win XP Fixes"

2. Scroll down and click on "File Association Fixes"

3. Click on "CHM File Association Fix"

Hope it helps

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I can drag any window, internet, programs, explorer, but when I try to drag microsoft word, excel or powerpoint, and its maximized I cannot drag it to resize it.

Why's that?

A:Aero Snap doesn't work with Microsoft office

which version of office are you reffering to? Have you tried double clicking on the title bar first, then dragging it?

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I recently upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2016 on my Windows 7 desktop computer. Prior to the upgrade, cursor snap to worked OK on most applications. After the upgrade, cursor snap to does not work with Office 2016 but continues to function properly with other applications.What do I need to do to get the cursor snap to function to work with Office 2016 applications such as Word and Excel?Thanks.Steve

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My sister inlaw had an old computer given to her and she wants to use it for her daycare business and just surfing etc.

I have never ran across this before. It boots up and get s to the desktop and here is where its weird. If I click my computer>c drive? then WINNT it does not show any folders in the window like there is nothing there but if I click on the folders button on the toolbar it opens up a drop down box on the side like it is showing windows explorer and it will have the WINNT file open and you can see them in there but not in the big window.

If you open the my computer> c drive> then program files it is the same thing nothing in the window but if you click on the folders button on the toolbar it opens up like the program files folder and in the drop down box again like it is opening windows explorer on the side. But still nothing in the window.

Also if you go to add/remove programs there is nothing at all in it, it shows nothing and the button on the bottom of the window that says close instead it says Cl&ose

I ran sfc /scannow and I had a 2000 disk and it took some files off of it but still doing all this stuff. I don't want to do a clean install and if I do a repair install will it want the product key from the 2000 system that is already on there which she doesn't have or will it settle for the product key from the disk I have with just a repair install.

AND do I have to do a repair install or is there something doing all of this? Can... Read more

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After clearing a paper jam, I can't print the range of pages from the jam to the end. When I try to print range 150-199 Word appears to print 1 page only and nothing comes out. If I delete pages 1-149 and print all, it works fine.

Any ideas????


A:Word 2000 printing page range doesn't work

That's an interesting problem. When I experience a paper jam, after I clear it, my printer automatically picks up and prints where it left off without any interference from me. Have you tried waiting to see if it will resume?

If that doesn't help, I'm sure someone else will have a solution for you.


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I'm facing problem getting Wingate 4.4.2 work on Windows 2000 Advance Server.
After installing the Wingate Server, with it's default settings, it simply doesn't work. When I try to access a website (from Wingate PC), I could see under <Activity> tab of gatekeeper my Server name and an unknown guest trying to do DNS lookup. It simply doesn't seems to go further than that. Even if a client try to access a website, <Activity> window displays name of client computer and URL it is trying to do DNS lookup, but no more progress. I am not using NAT on Wingate, ENS is installed. Do I need to configure anything else to make WinGate Server work under Windows 2000 Advance Server?

By-the-way my Server congiguration is as follows:
(1) Windows 2000 Advance Server ver. 5.0.2195 build 2195
(2) 256 MB SDRAM
(3) 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 on Intel 845 Motherboard
(4) No DNS server, No DHCP server, No NAT configuration.
(5) Dialup connection to Internet.
(6) Windows 2000 Advance Server is hosting a Domain.
(7) All clients are Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2.0
(8) Clients do not use domain, there is only a peer-to-peer network established.
(9) Clients are configured to obtain IP automatically. Earlier I used Windows ICS to share dialup Internet connection. Network is working fine, I can ping server from all clients.

Your kind help will highly be appreciated.

Basanta Prakash Tandukar

A:Wingate 4.4.2 doesn't work in Windows 2000 Advance Server

Is Wingate just a proxy server or is it acting as a firewall as well? I would suspect that the server itself needs to have a DNS server listed for name resolution. Can the clients get to a web site with just it's IP address?

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Hey folks,

I switched from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Vista and my Microsoft Office 2003 isn't working on Vista for some reason. Is this supposed to happen or is there something I can do or something that I can download to make it work with Vista by any chance??? Or is there nothing I can do to make Office 2003 compatible with 64-bit Vista? Do I absolutely *HAVE* to have Office 2007 for 64-bit Vista?

Thanks in advance, folks!!

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Doesn't Work On 64-Bit Vista?

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I have downloaded Office 2010 Pro Plus from MSDN, got my key after the 1st of May.

In Outlook 2007 SP2 receiving via IMAP from GMAIL worked okay.

Using exactly the same settings in Outlook 2010 I am not able to make a connection to, Port 993 using SSL. IMAP is enabled in GMAIL-Control panel, the Account/Password information is correct, sending the test mail via, Port 587 via TLS works fine.

In the Outlook 2010 Beta that connection works as it does in Outlook 2007 SP2.

In Outlook 2010 Final from MSDN there is no chance to connect to the IMAP server - I just got a timeout all the time and had to use POP instead.

This disappoints me, I anticipate more quality coming from Redmont.

Did you have any suggestions what I can do to receive my mail via IMAP, any additional settings, registry hacks etc.?

Event the final Hotmail-Connector 14 does not work as the beta or version 12 in Outlook 2007: All time when synchronizing my mailboxes in Hotmail I receive an error message: Error when synchronizing your Mailbox [email protected]
Check whether your account is configured correctly by checking your mail in the browser.
I did that several time - But without any changes to those warnings. I think I receive all my mail.

After all, I am disappointed

Thanks for your comments, different experiences

Sincerly yours Oblomow

P.S.: I had to change to the german Office 2010 Pro Plus Package since the is no German spell checker inc... Read more

A:IMAP (gmail) doesn't work - Office Outlook 2010

If I were you I'd delete all mail accounts and try again. My Gmail IMAP (SSL 993) works perfectly as does Hotmail.

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After a recent install of Office 2003 I noticed that the thumbnail view for most image files doesn't work anymore. Is there something that can be changed without admistrator privliges to correct this???


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I have just had my computer reformatted & previously had a program called Take Screenshot which I use regularly. When I now click into the Take Screenshot Icon, I get the following error message
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.
Can someone explain how to get my Take Screenshot to work again please.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 205523 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D945GNT
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Program Take Screenshot Doesn't Work

go to windows update & install all updates there including net framework
it is missing the net framework files that are needed to run the program

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I am trying to run a Java (.class) program using the command console in Vista (run as administrator). With any program I try to run I recieve the following error:

C:\(blanked)\RNA22>java batchRNA22
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: batchRNA22
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: batchRNA22
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
Could not find the main class: batchRNA22. Program will exit.
This doesn't happen on collegues systems who have XP and Vista.

I reinstalled Java on C:/ to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Rio Music Manager is the program I usually use to transfer music from my computer to my mp3 player but now it's not working. I reboot my computer maybe once every couple of months because I heard that's good for cleaning it and after I re-install Rio Music Manager after the reboots, it always works except when I rebooted my computer a few weeks ago and tried re-installing the Rio Music Manager again.. everything went fine until the second time my computer restarted and after clicking "Finish installing" or something like that.. it said it failed and told me to check these files:


When I copy & pasted them both under Start -> Run... for the first one, it said "please insert a CD into Drive D" and for the second one, a notepad opened up with a VERY VERY long bunch of words and stuff..

Any help? thank you!

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Okay, here's a good one that I've come across and I'm sure there is an expert among all of you that can tell me how to do this. I have a Warpia device (to show my screen on the TV). Now before I install the software, when my computer's screen goes black (I guess asleep), and I touch the touch pad it wakes up and says "What Do You Want To Do". So we are on our merry way. However, if I install the software to the Warpia to watch something on my large TV screen instead of my computer screen (mostly a movie that the wife wants to watch as well), I have to install the software. When the movie is over with, I have to uninstall it so the next time my screen goes black all I have to do is touch the touch pad. If I don't unstall the software, then I have to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to the task manager and hit cancel. So my question is, is there away to run this software without actually installing it or what can I do?

A:Program/Drivers Doesn't work well

Have you asked the support folks for the Warpia device for assistance?

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My comp came with Drive Image Special Edition (DISE) pre-installed. To begin, DISE creates a "D" partition. My "D" partition is large, 5 GB. Most of it is free space, DISE only takes up about 25 MB. 1st question I have is does DISE reserve this 5 GB for it's exclusive use?? If I were to run low on disk space, would I be able to access this 5 GB??

DISE for me is useless. I have Trend Micro software that does a nice job of backing things up. I attempted to uninstall DISE using the supplied uninstall program. There are several screens to wade through, but ultimately, you get to a screen which says "Do You WIsh To Uninstall DISE?" There is a box in which you must type "YES". Then a message pops up saying that the uninstall program must be run within a DOS environment and that all open programs will be terminated. Then there is a "Do you wish to proceed" message with a yes/no button to click. It is at this point that the uninstall program stops...nothing happens. I've tried running this several different times with no luck.

DISE was made by PowerQuest. They were acquired by Symantic. The Symantic site offers no help whatsoever, since it's a program they no longer support.

How can I SAFELY remove the DISE software?? BTW, the uninstall program says that the D partition will not be removed, even when using the factory uninstall program.

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Hi everyone .... I have this Take Ownership installed and I still have a problem to save a new stationary in my Statioanry directory.

It still tells me I am not authorized to save in this Stationary directory. It tells me I have to ask Administrator to do it. You can assume - it's solely my computer and nobody else use except me. Oh God this Vista is such a pain in the neck.

What else can I do? I don't want to log in as Administrator - it messes up some of the system settings.

Please help!!!

Thanks a million.

A:Solved: Take Ownership program doesn't work :(

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I have a program that I can't uninstall. I get an error message "Cannot open INSTALL.LOG". The log is right there, in the same folder as the uninstaller. I tried both add/remove programs in control panel, and running the uninstaller directly. Same error, both ways. I also tried to reinstall first over the existing program. No luck.

So I figure that I'll just delete it manually, but would like to ask if I am forgetting anything.

Delete the folder in Program Files

Run a search for both the program name and the company name, and delete all files

(Optional, I suppose:) Run a registry search for both the program name and the company name, and delete all keys. (I'm guessing that if I don't, the program will continue to be listed in the add/ remove programs list.)

Would that about cover it? Or might someone have a completely different idea? Thank you to all who take the time to reply.

An additional thought: Could the information in the INSTALL.LOG be of help to me?

A:Uninstall A Program Whose Uninstaller Doesn't Work

Read all the text files in the program's directory - it may give you clues as to where and what the program installed.

Next, remember to backup everything (files and registry entries) before you delete it! A manual removal can hose your system if you're not familiar with the structure of the OS.

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My Brother is having a heck of a difficult time with his new ACER Aspire 9420 laptop computer. I have the same model that was bought at the same time. I'm not pleased with mine, however I am not having the same kind of problems he is experiencing.

After having a problem running programs, he decided that he had to use the backup OS disk that was recommended to be made so that he could restore his computer to the initial factory condition of the computer. After inserting the DVD he made with the back up program on it, he found that it wouldn't run or be recognized. Why would ACER have suggested that such a disk be made, if it will not run when you need it?

Anyone having the same problem? How do you correct this?


A:Vista Backup Program Doesn't Work

There could be a problem with the disk, with the DVD drive, or with the settings to run the disk when it boots. Has he tried making another disk?

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Hi all

I have just reinstalled my girlfriends Dell. I am having a problem where every time i install any program eg itunes or drivers. The computer keyboard stops working until i enter safemode.

Any ideas how i might be able to fix the problem.

the computer is a Inspiron 1545


A:keyboard doesn't work after program installs

Update motherboard drivers, and try sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt.


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I have recently discovered this problem a few days ago.
What ever I do, I cant get Task Manager to display.
And whenever i try to run some of my Control Panel Tools I get this error "Another program is using this file."

Many Thanks

A:Task Manager Doesn't Work, Another Program Is Currently Using This File

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why doesn't money plus work in windows 10 getting error message money needs IE 6 was working fine until windows 10 upgrade

A:Microsoft Money Plus program doesn't work with windows 10 my responses in the above thread as it related to a software Microsoft stopped supporting long ago.EDIT: You are the third person (or most likely the same one with different usernames) asking about the same product in the last 48 hours.i_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 Usermessage edited by XpUser

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I was running Microsoft Security Essentials when it just froze 1/2 way through a quick scan. The mouse still could move, clicking to stop or close out didn't do anything either. Also Ctrl + Alt + Delete also did nothing. I waited 5 minutes. Nothing. Had to pysically shut down.

Other times I have not been able to click start > shut down. Sometimes I can wait a minute or two and finally things will work again.

Is this indicative of some other process running? Possible a virus? RAM problem? Could a motherboard going bad cause this? Also this customer's BIOS became corrupted for some reason, as the computer would not start before I reseated the battery to get the computer to start again. The battery tested normal at 3.06 V. So I'm still trying to rule out hardware.

A:Program freezes, mouse still moves, crl+alt+delete doesn't work

I'm doing a repair install now. Here's what happened when I clicked "start" (see pic). Just a black box for 3 minutes. Doesn't appear to be any programs running in the background. HD isn't "busy" either. Probably Windows corruption, virus, damage from virus, or screwed up registry???

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I'm having a problem with a laptop (DELL Vostro 1510 - Windows 7 Professional 32bit)
The computer was infected by a Rogue like a year ago, I took it to a computer repair shop, and fixed it.
Few months later I started having issues with IE, works fine for an hour or two, and then (The program stopped responding)... until it was doing it all the time.

Took it back to the computer repair shop, and did a clean up, and uninstalled IE, and reinstalled it.
It was working fine for two weeks... and then it started to do it again.
I use IE for a few hours, or minutes (Random) and then IE Stopped responding!

I downloaded SF Diagnostic Tool
But after I run it (From desktop) as an administrator, and click on GRAB ALL, I have that error message:
(I disabled Norton antivirus) so I can't even post the log...
Can you please help me find out about that issue? or what do I have to do from now?

Unhandled exception has occured in your application
Could not complete operation on some files and directories
See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.IO.IOException: Could not complete operation on some files and directories. See the Data property of the exception for more details.
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.FileSystem.FxCopyOrMoveDirectory(CopyOrMove operation, String sourceDirectoryPath, String targetDirectoryPath, Boolean overwrite)
at Microsoft.VisualBasi... Read more

A:IE10 (Program stopped responding) + SF Diagnostic Tool Doesn't work!

Hi again!
I tried to run the different operations from SF Diagnostic Tool separately, one by one.
All worked, except for MINIDUMP
So I joined the event viewer logs inside a folder... And there is all logs, except for the Minidump
I don't know if that will help
I hope that someone will help me a little
Have a good night!

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I'm on a friend's computer right now, who uses a dropbox system which works in conjunction with a sound recorder. (The person record whatever he or she needs to record, they save it, which means it sends to whomever the dropbox was made for, which in this case is his/her professor. DAMN THEM PROFESSORS :3)

Usually he/she tries to use the program and the sound recorder, which works or doesn't work, but causes all audio on the computer to fail.

When the friend came to me for help, on a freak accident, the microphone/dropbox system worked, and kept all audio intact and sound. So I know the sound is working or able to work.

Another interesting thing about this problem is that ALL audio programs do not work. This doesn't just affect the browsers, this also affects Windows Media Player, which now refuses to play sound files that used to be able to be played because it says it can't play that kind of file.

Please help. :3

A:Adobe Flash Player runs program, then sound doesn't work

Go to audio device manufacturer's site and see if driver updates are available.

If "SP1" in user name refers to Windows 7 SP1 Beta, I would suggest that you uninstall it.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 BETA

Regards. . .



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Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

I could use some of the features of Office XP, and would really like to retain my Windows 2000 environment. Do you think I could make this upgrade in Office?


A:Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

Office XP can run on Windows 2000. Even though the operating systems and office suites have the same naming convention, that doesn't mean that they have to match up (Windows 2000-Office 2000, Windows XP-Office XP).

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I have Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 installed. The processor is a Pentium 4 3ghz. I have 13gb free on the drive and have 1024mb memory installed. The problem is when I try to save a document in Microsoft Office nothing happens. The hourglass comes up and freezes. I have uninstalled my Office Pro 2000 and reinstalled but still have the same problem. The save and save as features still work with the PowerPoint.

A:MS Word "Save"Doesn't Work

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Pasting in contextual information from another post. ~ OBconflicker.Bi!nf worm keeps reappearing, windows defender monitor stops working, slow computer, windows search protocol windows pop up, Malware, virusPop up windows keep appearing "Windows search protocol host stopped working and was closed" Itunes occassionally doesn't work, Media Sync doesn't work. Hard Drive keeps working in the background. Windows Defender no longer monitors the running programs.End of added information. ~ OBLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 8:46:00 AM, on 1/11/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18349)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exeC:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\readericon45G.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\IntelDH\CCU\CCU_TrayIcon.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\IntelDH\NMS\Support\IntelHCTAgent.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exeC:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exeC:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exeC:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exeC:\Windows\sttray.exeC:\Program Files\... Read more

A:microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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HiI just found something strange (?) - if I right click IE8 shortcut and select "Run As...", leave option Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity checked and click OK IE8 won't start... there is no error (not even in the event viewer), it just doesn't work. I checked it on 2 different computers, one recently formatted. Is that normal? If yes, how can I browse the web securely from the administrator account? Thx

A:IE8 doesn't work with "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity" option selected (from Run a...

That does seem to be Microsoft's idea of maximum protection. It isn't necessary to access the net as an administrator. It is safer to have a separate user account as it limits the damage caused by malware. Using the smart screen filter and in private browsing helps. Firefox with NoScript and the HTTPS Everywhere add-on is safer than Internet Explorer. There is no guaranteed security.

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Help my windows 7 laptop just keeps rebooting and i cant get to safe mode or recovery what should i do ?

A:system recovery doesn't work and safe mode doesn't work and just keeps reboting

System manufacturer and model?

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hi, I know there are many in the forum who have the same problem as mine. 
my computer was running fine last friday. I tried to start it on saturday, it says it can't startup and need to repair startup. I did run the repair but still can't startup. I tried to use system restore to earlier dates, it still can't startup. The computer has trojan virus before and I tried the anti-malware from internet to kill them. seems that it create more problem for my PC. I have some important files in the computer that I wish I have archived. 
wonder if any one can help. thx in advance.

A:can't start up computer-window7, repair doesn't work, restore doesn't work

I'll report this topic to appropriate helpers.
Hold on there...

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A:Office 2000: Work Installation Problem / Excel Read-Only Problem

For your Excel issue: Find the file in Windows Explorer, right click it and go to properties. Uncheck the Read Only box. If this does not work, open the spreadsheet in Excel and do a "Save As" and rename the document or overwrite the existing.

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I've recently updated to Windows 2000 and have found a problem that stops Microsoft Excel from working. The macros were written on a Windows 98 platform for Office 97 using Office 8.0, Access 8.0 and Excel 8.0 Obkect Libraries, OLE, & Visual Basic for Applications Libraries. The macro starts in Excel, links to Access for some SQL work then back to Excel.

Now that I've upgraded to Windows 2000 I ran the macro, it worked twice then Excel wouldn't start. Even from a reboot it still displayed the same error message and would not start.

Could Office be affected to this degree just by running a macro?

A:Office 97 macros work on Windows 98 but not on Windows 2000!!!

Whenever your code doesn't work, it's best to either post it or offer to email it to someone.

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I've recently updated to Windows 2000 and have found a problem that stops Microsoft Excel from being used. The macros were written on a Windows 98 platform for Office 97. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 2000 I ran the macro then Excel wouldn't start. Even from a reboot it still displayed the same error message and would not start.

Could Office be affected to this degree just by running a macro?

A:Office 97 Macros work on Windows 98 but not Windows 2000

I don't know much about Office 97 except I've had it running on 98 and ME with no problems, i've never tried 2000.

BTW, this is the wrong forum for this post. It should go here but oh well

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I am trying to use my CD-ROM drive and it doesn't work here are the list of things I have tried

Uninstalled and reinstalled the cd-rom driver it is a Matbleepa UJ-840D CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW in my HP laptop (Didn't work)

Read stuff about code 39 and removed in the registry edit screen Upperfilters, Upperfilters.bak, Lowerfilters, Lowerfilters.bak and rebooted (Didn't work)

Removed itunes from computer (didn't solve the issue with cd-rom player)

Went back to a system restore point that was before the last time I used the CD-rom player and it worked and that (didn't work as well)

Read a lot of different posts about code 39 and nothing is given after the above steps are taken if it still won't work except to reformat which I would prefer not to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:CD-ROM doesn't work, code 39 error, tried many things still doesn't work

1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.or...2. Delete Upper & Lower Filters computer.or...3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patchDouble click on to unzip it.Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.Accept registry merge.Restart computer.or...4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.You'll see two items:- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.

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When I get an attachment (for example sake let's call it a PDF) and the open option isn't available because my laptop doesn't know which program to open it with: I click on "Choose Program" and the box doesn't pop up to give me the options, it just goes to the last file that I was in. Ex: picture folder, My Documents. Does anyone know why the normal box doesn't pop up ,like in XP?

A:"Choose program" doesn't work in Vista

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I don't quite know which forum to post in so I'll start here.

Has anyone ever have trouble signing a VBA project on Access 2000?
(I'm using Office 2000 premium.)

I've done the following:
1) installed digital signature in Office Tools
2) generated my certificate using Selfcert
3) oened my Access DB and went into the VB editor
4) opened the Tools> menu

Result: No "Digital Signature" selection was available. in the Tools menu

Looked in VB editors in Excel and Word…
"Digital Signature" *was* right there in the "Tools" menu.
Just not in Access.

In Access, went to:
View >Toolbars>Customize…>Commands>Tools
and whaddaya know… There's "Digital Signature" right there!

BUT guess what? I can't drag in onto any tool bar or open menu.

Does anyone know what's going on or has this happened to them?
I looked in Office/Access Q&A forum on the MSDN website and actually found similar posts but the only suggestions were to try the things I've already listed above.

I searched the MS knowledge base but found no pertinent answers. The Office on-line help gives little/no help for digital signatures.

Ideas? Answers?

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Whenever I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches.

I installed Office 2000 on this machine several months ago, and Outlook has run without any odd behaviour.

It also happens any time I click on a new email.

Although I installed iTunes 2 days ago, today is the first time Outlook has behaved in this way.

I'm running Win XP with SP1, and I've scanned with AVG, Spybot and Ad-Aware, with nothing negative being reproted.

A:?? When I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches

Try a Detect and Repair of Office.

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I have recently had to re-install Microsoft Office 2000 and it has installed the default Office Assistant the paperclip and I miss the cat called Links.

It says it is available from the Office Assistant options but a message says there is not enough memory.

It is on the first CD of the software but I cannot see how to download it.

Can anyone help please?


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I'm running Win XP SP1

Just wondering if it will cause any problems if I add Powerpoint from Office 2000 to a machine which has Office 2002 with SP3 applied.

What's the position with Forward and Backward compatibility with Icrosoft programs?


A:Compatibility: Can I add Office 2000 components to a machine with Office 2002 SP3?


The general consensus is that it's best to

1) install the older applications BEFORE you install the newer ones
2) install them in different folders

c:\program files\msoffice2002-xp\
c:\program files\msoffice2000\

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

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Hi forum colleagues

Please help l have Microsoft Office 200 Permium having problems with particular Microsoft Outlook as soon l try use appointment and calender, l get error "essage interface has returned an unknown error please restart Microsoft Office Outlook".

l have installed sr1 fix patch from microsoft site for Office 2000 and windows no difference, l checked forum site for similar problems quiry didn't find any.
could someone who had this problem and has fixed it, could please email and explain it to me in point form how to fix it.

regards new forum member 02647..

A:Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Outlook 2000 - Help Me Please

Try this,;en-us;Q283175

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to customize the "Open Office Document" program in Office 2000... this is the small program that archives shortcuts and has a tool bar on the left hand side with options that include : Web folders, Favorites, Desktop, Personal and History. I want to customize the "Look In:" tool bar...


A:Office 2000: Open Office Document Shortcut

I can't find a single way to change that setting. So, here's what I'd do.

Go to your (default) folder in Windows Explorer. Right-click it and hit Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut and hit Properties. Hit Change Icon. Give it the Open Office Document icon and also rename it to Open Office Document.

Copy or cut the shortcut.

Go to C:\windows\start menu and delete the old Open Office Document Shortcut and paste the new one in there.

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Hello all, the entire Office 2003 suite one day looks old like 2000 or Windows 2000 icons in general.

Does anyone know why this happened and how it could be fixed?


A:Entire Office 2003 suite looks like Office 2000

This had happened to me once but in office 2007. It happened when I tried to open an older file type so It went into compatibility mode, which also changes the layout.

Not sure if its the same thing with office 2003 but go into options, advanced, and see if you can find something like compatibility options or layout.

Anyway if its not their your looking for some kind of option like that so snoop around all the options, views, and windows menus.

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At work I have Windows 2000 along with Office 2000. If I save a document to disk and take it home, will my home computer with Windows 95 and Office 97 be able to read the document??? If not, how can I change them to RTF files?

A:Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

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Hello, please help, this is really bugging me.

Office 2000 works absolutely fine for quite a while, and then all of a sudden...

When I click on the Office Assistant button or try to use a wizard I get this error message:

There was a problem starting the Office Assistant. Would you like to try reinstalling it?

This happens across all Office apps, and just happened out of the blue, one day, I have no idea why!

I noticed the Office Assistant wasn't coming up, and click on it, then got these problems.

When I click yes to the error, it does try to reinstall, but in the end gives me another message:

The Office Assistant could not be started. Please repair the Assistant by running Office 2000 setup and selecting "Repair Office 2000".

I then try this to no avail. Also I have looked on Microsoft support and have overwritten my oleaut32.dll file, then reinstalled Office as suggested, no improvement. Also tried to set the Office Assistant to run from my computer instead of CD-ROM as shown in another Microsoft support artice, but it was already set to run from my computer, so Office Assistant still doesn't work!!!

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks guys, love this forum.

A:Office Assistant Problem - All Office 2000 Applications

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any information if there are any issues with access if the acces was created from Office 2000 pro and if there is anything that need to be done when users update to Office 2002(XP).


A:Update from Office 2000 pro to Office xp(2002) issues

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This isn't an upgrade. I bought the full version Office Professional 2003 and would like to install it over what I have now. I had Office 97 and an upgrade CD to Office 2000. Will I lose anything to install Office 2003 over Office 2000? I have WinXP home if that makes a difference.

A:Can you install Office 2003 Professional over Office 2000

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Can anybody out there help- I have a number of documents saved in binders on Office 97. I've now switched to Office 2000 [which appears not to 'do' binders] and can't figure out how to read them - they come out in gobbledegook. Advice Please.

A:(Solved) Read Office 97 docs in Office 2000

Office 2000 does have binder. Look for it under Microsoft Office Tools. Perhaps you did not install it?

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have Excel 2000 installed, but need to install Excel 2007 also. Is it possible for me to have both of them installed, but keep 2000 as my default?

A:Solved: Install Office 2007 with Office 2000

I followed the instructions here and it workred:

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I have vista on my Asus laptop - 6 months old - which also came with MS Office 2007 - as work has MS office 2000 verison, went out, bought a legit copy of office2000 and... CRASH!
could not open word/excel/outlook etc - did find out through a forum that cannot have another version of outlook with 2007 at the same time - so uninstalled office 2000 and only installed word and excel 2000.

same error - when opening word/excel it opens up, but as soon as it comes up with the pop up to accept terms and conditions, it also comes up with another pop up saying windows has found a problem, and will advise when there is a solution - the only button which works is 'ok' and once pressed, it closes.

read elsewhere, that it could be due to having ms office 2007 installed first - so uninstalled both 2000 and 2007 versions of all ms office and re-installed excel and word 2000 - and still with the same error - PLEASE HELP...
are there any 'footprints' left in the system from 2007? are there other parts which need to be removed for a complete uninstall?

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A:Office 2000: Installing on Windows 2000

Whoa, how 'bout that caps lock?

Do you have your Service Packs on Windows 2K installed (2 will cover 1 and 2)?

If not, what's your network setup? Are you sure you have administrative rights on the machine? Hard to say without more info...


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I want to upgrade to '07 form '00. I want to know if I can use the academic pro full version or do I need an upgrade. Also, do I have to remove 2000 first and will I be able to open and edit my 8 yrs. of files created in 2000?
Also, what is the difference between Academic and Standard? Is there any difference in the way they operate, load, etc?
Thanks in advance.

A:Office 2000 to office 2007 questions

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I have been a user of Office 2000 since it's inception and always downloaded and applied all service packs, etc. to keep it up-to-date.
Recently a friend had me try Office 2003 to see if I liked it better. I did some data backups, uninstalled 2000 and installed 2003. After several weeks of trial and error I have decided to go back to the simplicity of Office 2000. I mainly use Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point.
I want to completely uninstall 2003 and remove all traces of it then install 2000.
Is this possible to go back to a previous version without any problems?
I know where all of my Word and Excel files are stored and will back them up to be reintroduced to 2000. What about my Outlook files, namely the personal folders containing my address book and existing emails, sent items and deleted items? Is a newer .pst file created using Outlook 2003 recognizable by the older Outlook 2000?Any suggestions?

A:Goodbyb Office 2003, Hello Office 2000

OL 2003 PST files cannot be read in 2K. If the PST file was created in 2K, then you should be OK.

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I need ot run office 2000 and Office 2007 on the same computer. Is it possible? How, if so.

A:Office 2000 and Office 2007 on same computer

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Hi all,
I recently bought a nice new HP computer. Since I have MS Office 2000 and I hate to upgrade because my other computer has this on it (and I know how to use it all!), I installed MS Office 2000 on the new computer.

Problem I am having is that an error message comes up that says:

Unknown error Ox9EE4011D An error occured while attempting to open the windows address book. Unable to find the WAB DLL.

I am pretty sure this is because MS Outlook 2000 is not supported by Win 7.

I have tried a few things with no luck.

I navigated to [C:\Program Files\Common Files\System]
I found the files wab32.dll and wab32res.dll, copied these
and pasted them to [C:\Windows\System32]

Right now when I look in this file [C:\Windows\System32], I see:


When I open up Outlook, it wants me to set it up and enable macros each time I open it.
When I do this I get the error message above, then it will download all messages as it would normally.
Problem is, just can send out any email.

I can't unload and reload Outlook without having to unload the entire MS Office 2000 because there is no seperate program in the remove program que.

Somewhere it said to go to the run window and register the dll's by using the following command at the run prompt.
[regsvr32 wab32.dll]
Tried this, but it would not let me do it (or I didn't do it right.

I have seen many things related to this, but not... Read more

A:Win7/MS Office 2000/MS Office and wab32.dll

You will need to get Office 2003 or later for Windows 7.

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Last spring, I had to fresh install XP Pro on my laptop and thought that it would be a good idea to buy Office 2003 Professional to replace my old Office 2000. I love it and find that I am very frustrated with the 2000 Pro on my office computer. So, I just bought another 2003 Pro and I have no idea how to proceed to upgrade. Do I uninstall all of the current Office programs? Do I simply stick the disk in the CD drive and let Windows figure it out? Do I build a fire in the parking lot and do a dance? I was successful with a new installation when I did the fresh install. But I do not want to lose all of my Outlook e-mails attachments, and contacts. I have benefited a great deal from the help here in the past. I hope that someone can guide me in the simplest possible way. I am a relative novice/greenhorn.

A:Up grade MS Office 2000 Pro to MS Office 2003 Pro?

Each MS Office a distinct entity, there really is no such thing as an "upgrade" from one version to another.

You could conceivably install each and they would both work, because they are independent of each other.

I suggest uninstalling the version you don't like...install the version that you do like . That's what I do.

You will need the CD for each to uninstall or install.


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I have a few year's worth of e-mails with order confirmations, travel data, business communications, and archives going back an equally long period of time. If I buy Office 2007 Professional, how do I preserve all I currently have. Is there a export and restore function which exactly replaces the e-mails (current & archived), contacts, etc. Do I need to purchase the full version, or is it just as good to get the "upgrade" version? If I am accustomed to 2000, is it a good idea to even consider upgrading?

Thanks in advance for guidance.

A:Upgrading from Office 2000 to Office 2007

If you are going to upgrade or perform a full install of a new version of Outlook its advisable to get those emails, contacts etc backed up. This link shows you how to perform a backup of Outlook 2000 and what files to look out for. If you are happy with your current version of Outlook is there a real need to upgrade? One consideration I would make would be if Microsoft still provide updates for your version of Outlook, these updates are really important to fix security flaws.Hope that helps.

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Okay so maybe you can install Office 2000 and Office 97 using different directories. I do beleive this. BUT what I did was install Office 2000 .. removing Office 97 before I realized that I would need at least ACCESS 97 for a existing shared database. So I tried to install ACCESS 97 (using a different Drives 97 on C and 2000 on D) but after install and trying to run .. I get a message saying it could not start because it did not have the license for it on the machine.
I have gone so far as to completely uninstall both versions and reinstall Office 97 only but get same message. I also used Fix-It Utilities 99 to clean up the registry. But I am still coming up with this problem .. no licenses found for Access 97.

Any help here guys??


A:[SOLVED] Office 97 Pro and Office 2000 Premium together

Go here:


Leave the product as "All MS products" and enter this in the question:


You should get two responses, select the first.

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A bit of background for my issue/question:

In order to sync my Windows Mobile phone to my computer I have to have Microsoft Outlook installed. However, my version is Office 2000. I cannot use Virtual XP on this particular computer (it's just a netbook) to use Office 2000 that way, but I did try that on my other computer, which runs Virtual XP beautifully. Unfortunately, it would not allow the syncing of the phone via the Virtual Machine. The more research I do on this issue, it seems Office 2000 is not really compatible with Win7, thus why I tried the Virtual XP thing in the first place.

So, my actual question is:

Does anyone have experience with Office 2003 and Win7? Are there issues running that? I'm sure Office 2007 is recommended, but I'm just looking for any insight anyone might have to offer from your own personal experience with running Office 2003 and Windows 7.

Just some additional information I thought I would put out there and if any one has any insight/solutions into these, that is welcome as well!

Windows 7 does install and run Office 2000, there are just some annoying quirks:

1. I had to copy over wab32.dll and wab32res.dll from C:\Program Files\Common Files\System into C:\Windows\System32 to get the address book to work in order to send messages or really do anything useful in Outlook.

2. I cannot select Microsoft Outlook as the default mail program. It doesn't even come up in the default programs list. That is why I cannot sync my phone up, because it... Read more

A:Windows 7 Vs. Office 2000 Vs. Office 2003

Look here:

- Google Search

I know Office XP is mostly compatible with Win 7, but I think the Outlook component is not.

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A friend of my wife's has 'consulted' me about something I know nothing about (now that's unusual since I keep telling people I know everything!).

Her computer is nearly as old as mine and is a Dell with 98SE, PentiumIII, 128MB RAM and 12GB HDD (nearly 10GB free space). It is mostly used for word processing and emailing but not for serious surfing.

It currently has Office 97 which includes Word (or is it the other way round?) Her employer has offered to upgrade her in stages to Office 2000 and then 2003, so that she can do more work from home.

What she wants to know is whether the newer programs can be installed without first uninstalling 97 and risking the loss of the documents she has created with 97 (and with the MS Graphics program),which are currently stored in My Documents. I thought it would be OK but don't actually know, hence this post.

She has plenty of HD space but I wonder if the other system requirements of the newer programs would make the upgrade difficult or even impossible.

A:Solved: MS Office 97-Upgrade to Office 2000/3?

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have an aspire 5736z running on windows 10.when i try to save work -pc say :save as not responding and the pc just freeze for a while

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I ran a scan with Clamwin yesterday on my Clevo d480w and it found the threat mentionned aboved. I searched it and deleted it.

Any comment on this particular virus or on the process to identify then to get rid of it welcome.


A:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MAKECERT.EXE: Trojan.Menti-213 FOUND

Wrong forum mate -- queries about, and help with, malware should be posted here:

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I have a client that has Office 365. They have two people with this issue. It's not really a huge problem but more as an annoyance. Whenever they go to open a document through an Office product (Word/Excel: File>Open>Computer>Browse) the documents appear but they're missing the icons next to their name. There's barely any information on it when Googling this and they all seem to lead to dead ends for us. The two I have found are and neither have resolved our issue. I have ran a repair on Office, re-installed office, recreated Windows icons, and opened the programs in Safe Mode to no avail. No Add-Ins are causing the issue. You can see the icons to the left of the files in Internet Explorer when going to Documents. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

A:Office 365 Icons not being displayed when in office program>open>browse

I am just throwing out an idea and it probably will not work but what happens when you change to Large Icon view? Do you see the icons?

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I have an ASUS notebook running windows 7 64-bit. I am using the QuietOffice power profile, however the screensaver won't kick in no matter what I do, and the display does not turn off even though I set it to be after 5-minutes of inactivity. I don't know if there is something running in the background... I have turned off my usb wireless mouse, and nothing....

Any ideas?


A:HELP: power option doesn't work - screen saver doesn't start!

This is another case of factory bloatware interfering - in this case a useless factory utility overriding Win7's superior built-in version.

Googling the Quiet Office feature of Asus there are multiple reported problems. Best to default to the Win7 built-in Power Options in Control Panel. Set up a Balanced Plan unless you're a gamer then use High Performance.

Here are other tips for cleaning up factory bloatware

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I have no idea what my sister and her friends were doing on the comp for a couple of days that i decided not to use it, but now:

- a few programs take forever to load or don't load at all, but they do show up under the processes tab in the task manager
- after pressing Ctrl Alt Del, the task manager icon appears in the system tray, but the thing only shows up a minute later
- my system recovery is "not able to protect my computer," and restarting does nothing
- actually, when restarting or shutting down Windows, it stops at where it only shows my desktop background and cursor [which is still able to move] and nothing else after that, so i have to hold the power button and force it to shut off
- when I right click the desktop and click on "Properties..." [or something similar to this action] it doesn't show up at all, and whenever I try to open any application after that, they don't even load at all either
- and probably other stuff that I haven't took note of yet...

Things i've tried to get rid of these problems:
- Virus scan with avast!, a couple viruses found and fixed, but nothing changed.
- disk clean up, nothing changed
- registry clean, nothing changed
- CURRENTLY defragging my C drive, hope something changes..

Anyone know what the heck's going on!?
Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next?
Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated!

A:programs not loading right, computer doesn't shut down right, sys recov doesn't work

no replies yet? :(

anyway, just stopped by to say that when shutting down, it takes forever to get to the "Saving your settings..." screen, and that's where I decided that it stops and nothing else after that.
Defragged my C drive, still no results besides the computer feeling a bit smoother-running o_o

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I have a 4y old Sony VAIO (VGN-NS11J) that stopped working today morning after making a whirring noise

Repeated attempts to restart failed and after many attempts, I managed to get to the Startup Repair mode - after a long time, startup repair says it failed to automatically repair the problem

I managed to run system restore but after a while I got the following message: "System restore failed due to an unspecified error. The disk strucgture is corrupted and unreadable (0X80070571)

My laptop did not come with a Windows Vista CD/Recovery disk

My first priority is to recover a few files in the laptop - if I am able to do this, then I dont mind junking the laptop

Since this is an old laptop, I would prefer not to use an expensive professional to recover the data

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!


A:Sony VAIO running Vista doesn't start-up, system restore doesn't work

You may be able to retrieve your data by using Ubuntu. Post #3 in this topic provides instructions.

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