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Q: Acronis Software Vista Image Deployment


I am working on setting up an image deployement solution. The current problem I am having with Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 is that when I try to deploy an image it deploys normally and Snap Deploy does the extra setup before Windows loads to a logon screen. The problem I am having is after I log in, windows is missing the "Vista" theme and whenever I try to click on anyting (Computer, Documents) It gives me a popup messege that has a title of "Explorer.exe" and in the messege it says "class not registed." I cannot figure out why the image is not working. I am deploying it onto the exact same computer I made the image from. It was a clean install of windows Vista Business.

To make the image I loaded the master computer into the Acronis software using the Acronis PXE server. I then imaged the computer and the image was put directly on the imaging server.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

A: Acronis Software Vista Image Deployment

I've always just attached the target media device and booted the Acrois CD to create the image.

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I work for a large bookstore with a relatively small IT department, and we are looking for a way to image and restore a small number of PCs. Basically, I want to set up a master template PC, build an image of it, then be able to deploy that image over a Microsoft network from a server computer and/or from a bootable CD (pretty standard, I guess).

However, I want to be able to do this without having to install an imaging program on the master PC (preferrably to run the imaging software from a shared drive, because installing the imaging software on the client machines would violate the license agreement) and without booting to DOS from a floppy disk (the server machine doesn't have a floppy drive).

We're considering a few solutions for this: Acronis TrueImage 7, Imagecast 4.6.1, Altiris RapiDeploy, or Norton Ghost 2003. Will any of these solutions perform what we're looking for (I've been through the manuals for each and it seems like they can't add a client agent without booting the client machine into DOS or running the software from the client machine)? Does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience to use these or other products to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

-Frank Manna

A:Any image deployment software suggestions?

You may have read this thread but here you go


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I have access to a free copy of this software because i had a pc custom built. I am always a bit nervous of using software of this nature for the first fime.
Can anyone give me a few tips on how to use it. What exactly does it back up , when might i need to use it. i have the windows 10 operating system on a disc. At what stage of a clean install should i use the discs with the backed up items on. If something goes wrong with my pc do i just re-install windows and then use the back up discs.

A:acronis true image hd software

ATI can make either a compressed image of your drive or a clone of your drive.
Cloned drives need to be the same size as the original and you can just disconnect the old andd fit the new to be up and running again.
Images can be saved to external media (preferably an external drive). Make a rescue DVD that boots a copy of acronis so you can restore the image to your original or even a new hard drive.
I have an image of my system as first set up i.e. clean install of windows with all the drivers antivirus and antimalware plus basic programs I use.
I then take images every fortnight deleting old ones as I go along (to save space). I keep the original plus two fortnightly images so at most I can restore to a month ago. (Anything important in the meantime is backed up to an external drive and can be recovered if required.)

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I've done a search of these forums regarding disk imaging software and Acronis True Image (11) seems to be highly rated by the majority of people here. I'm interested in purchasing this software but am clueless to how it actually works (I was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me).

Problem / Scenario
I currently have a (12month old) 250GB Samsung SATA HDD. For some reason when booting my machine (Win XP - SP2) it occasionally (1 in 4 times) takes ages to get to the login screen, normally either stalling on the Windows XP progress bar (just keeps cycling round) or just after when the screen goes blank before the login screen appears. This is pretty much a top spec PC (or atleast it was 12months ago) and when all is working fine XP loads in maybe 30seconds, however on the occasions when it doesn't the time is extended to anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes (but it gets their in the end) during which time the HDD LED is flashing constantly.

Now, to me this seems like the drive may have a problem (all though once Windows is loaded I don't notice any difference/problems). So for me the safest bet would be if I can create a copy of my drive as it stands at present (Disk Image?) which in the case of the drive dying will allow me to buy a new drive and using the saved image recreate my system as it is now.

The Questions
1. Does the above software come with its own CD/DVD Writing software, currently all I have is Record Now MAX (which isn't v... Read more

A:Questions: Acronis True Image or Similar Software

For Acronis True Image.

1. Yes, it writes to optical media without additional software.
2. You create a stand-alone bootable recovery CD, no Windows required.
3. Networked drive, External Hard disk, or DVD.
4. Size is obviously dependent on the source size. Normally, a bootable partition will compress to 40-60% of the source size. If you have 20gigs on the source, count on an 8-12gig image file.

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I am thinking of buying Acronis True Image software to rescue me from a problem that developed with Vista Home Premium. I lost my ability to print in Landscape mode and through many hours of telephone time with Microsoft they determined that some OS files were corrupted. A REPAIR of Home Premium did not fix the problem so they wanted me to do a destructive recovery. I have too many months of work and too many different applications added to this computer to do that. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate because they thought an upgrade might work saving me from a reformat and clean restore. It did not I still have the same problem.

So I guess I will have to do a destructive recovery but I do not want to spend HOURS installing back all my applications, updating them, and then restoring the data files. Hence looking at Acronis.

In reading about it, it says I can back up applications with it saving time from having to reinstall them and update them if anything ever happens to the computer HOWEVER in reading the online manual I could not find how I can save ALL my applications WITHOUT backing up my corrupted Vista files at the same time.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I want to back up EVERYTHING EXCEPT the Windows OS, do a clean install of Vista, then put all my program applications and data files back in place. I could not find my exact scenario in their online manual (nor an easy way of asking them for this info!). I thought since there were so many experienced computer peop... Read more

A:Solved: Info/Help with Acronis True Image Software

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I want to back up all of my data to my external hard drive at the end of every day, and I started using the Acronis True Image Home software to do so. I made the first backup yesterday, which understandably took a long time. But now I'm running the first daily backup, as a test, and it says it'll take 4 hours to finish! And this is with it set at the highest priority. I imagined that automatic backup software would simply search the files for any that were created or modified since the last backup and then back up those files where they belong in the folder locations. If there were simply an 'Overwrite Older Files Only' option in the regular Windows explorer, I would just do this kind of backup myself. It shouldn't take 4 hours for this to happen.

Can anyone tell me of a better backup software, or a reason that I should stay with Acronis anyway, when compared to the other options?

Thank you

A:Acronis True Image Home automatic backup software very slow

You must set the software to either perform a differently or incremental backup and chose what you are backing up. If you chose differently and the you have changed a ton of files then yes it would take some time but shouldn't take 4 hours unless you have chosen to backup the complete system again

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Hi All,

New to this forum and appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide. I have been working on computers since 1984; mostly IBM mainframes (MVS-OS/390-z/OS), but have worked intimately with Windows Server 2003 & 2008, plus lot's of desktop support over the last 10 years. Ok... enough about me.....

I just (finally) upgraded my XP Home OS to Vista Ultimate. Was going to wait for Windows 7, but oh well. Anyway... I have Acronis True Image backups of my old XP system and data partitions. I am, of course, only interested in restoring my data, but I get errors when trying to do that. My backups are located on an external Western Digital MyBook (1TB - RAID0).

I did a clean install of Vista Ultimate and so had to (chose to) wipe out all partitions; with the knowledge that I had good backups via True Image and could restore my data, but I keep taking errors when trying to restore; either when booting off the Acronis rescue media or even from a BART-PE build that I had made which includes True Image.

Sorry about lack of specifics on the error. I will go back and recreate the issue and post back with some screen shots telling the exact story. I am running Acronis True Image Home v11.

A:Acronis True Image + Vista

Here is what I get when I try to run the Rescue Media:

"The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher."

I know that sounds pretty straight forward and I need to call Acronis, I guess. I just was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Acronis True Image Home v11 and Vista Ultimate; somewhere along the lines that I laid out in my original post. Thanks very much!

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I did an image of 2 of my partition last night and received the following error on each partition

"14 Information 1 504 (0x101F8 ) 3/31/2009 12:00:18 PM Pending operation 135 started: "Creating partition image"
.16 Information 1 504 (0x101F8 ) 3/31/2009 12:02:01 PM Pending operation 135 started: "Creating partition image"

An acronis support mod said it was because both - COM+ System Application;
- Distributed Transaction Coordinator; services were not started.

Is it OK to start these services and use automatic startup upon boot up? If someone could let me know if that is the correct thing to do i would appreciate it.


A:vista and acronis true image question go here its the 18 line down for help.

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Acronis True Image 10 , build 4940, has been updated to work with Vista.

I have successfully Backed up (Imaged) Vista from one drive .. to an external HD
and restored it to another drive without the Vista winload.exe. errors.

A:Acronis True Image (Vista) update.

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i want to know which one works best with vista ? in all matters
Thanks in Advance

A:Vista's Complete PC Backup VS Acronis True Image

Only you could answer that, a lot depends on which version of Vista you have as I believe the complete backup program is only part of certain versions of Vista, I have heard that it works very well though.

Acronis also has a good reputation but I haven't actually used it so can't give any opinion either way.

You're best bet is to do some research and find out as much as you can about both programs to see which would fit the way you use your machine.

Hope that helps

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I am wishing to install another level of computer backup on my 98se system-either
1. Symantec (formerly Roxio) GoBack,
2. Drive imaging. (The best rated appear to be Acronis True Image or PowerQuest Drive Image.)

I would, however, like to know something about each method that I have not been able to discover through the respective software sites or various reviews (CNET, PCMag , etc.)

Regarding GoBack:

How far back would I be able to go, given that I will be setting aside roughly 4GB space to GoBack. Would it be possible to take a snapshot after setting up my system (after a format), then not run GoBack until I am about to make another major change, then close it /disable it again until the next major change, and so on?
The reason I would want to do this, is that I find that problems often don't appear necessarily directly (or even soon) after any change to the system. Rather it can depend on when the program/process (that is causing the problem) is run. For example, I have recently had a conflict between my flatbed scanner and film scanner. I had not used the film scanner for a few months, so who knows when the cause of the conflict was first introduced, or what indeed it was?
Apparently, Goback keeps taking its "snapshots" continuously until the allocated space is used up, then starts deleting the earliest snapshots (to release more space). To me this does not appear enough to cover months of snapshots.
(In fact everywhere mentions a time scale of o... Read more

A:A couple of questions re: GoBack & Acronis True Image/PowerQuest Drive Image

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Hey guys, it is good to be back on here as my problems are always solved, it has probably been a few years since my last visit! Anyway I am still running my 2006 Dell XPS 400 machine with windows XP SP3 media Center edition. It has a dual core 3ghz pentium CPU, 2GB ram, a 320gb Western Digital hard drive that is less than half full,and an Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card. love this machine so darn much as it does everything that I personally wanted to has one I had made back in 2006. And I absolutely love Windows XP. So being that the thing is 7 1/2 years old and I have never had a prior desktop last over 5 years without a hard drive failure, I feel as if I am running on borrowed time. This saddens me as I take great care of this machine and love it to death. Have everything set up the way that I like and I'm very comfortable with it, I don't adapt well to change LOL. So I recently began researching and found that hardware parts are pretty cheap now for this, but if the hard drive fails I will lose everything. So rather than install a new hard drive should this happen, and then boot from the original six and a half-year-old disks. Drivers, try to find lost photos, etc. I have learned about cloning software and have been researching it. So I purchased a Acronos true image 2014 an external Seagate 1TB HD (for other stuff too photos for the wife etc), And an internal hard drive dock, as well as a brand-new 320 GB Western Digital 3.5" 7200 RPM hard drive. Identica... Read more

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I'm trying to use True Image 11 to image the system partition of my laptop. When I get to the place where it asks me to select the partition to image, there are two: the main NTFS system partition and a small recovery partition. Should I select both or just the system partition? I have heard that the recovery partition must be in a certain place on the HD to be usable. If so, and if I needed to restore the image , the recovery partition might not be restored to the same place and would therefore be unusable. Any advice on how to proceed here? Thanks.

A:Using Acronis True Image to image disk with hidden recovery partition

you should image it to the recovery partition, although it may not be a good idea to have it on the same HDD
I myself use an external drive which is probably the safest

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My system:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
C-drive is a 250GB Plextor SSD
Acronis True Image 2011

I setup a weekly scheduled disk image of my system drive (C that gets sent to an external HDD (4TB). This was working very well for months with incremental backups most of the time and a full backup every five or six weeks. I recently noticed that my backups haven't been happening since mid-August. No errors or anything. They're just not running.

I opened Acronis and tried to run a backup manually. But when I click the Back Up button, nothing would happen. I recreated my backup scheme as a new backup and ran that. It runs, but my computer slows to a crawl and eventually (within minutes) nothing responds to my clicks in or out of Acronis. The hard drive light on the case lights up, and even after I've let it run for several hours, it never finishes. I have to reset the computer to get it back up and running again.

Changing compression levels or priorities doesn't make a difference.

I installed Macrium Reflect and tried running the same disk image backup there, but I had the same problem.

I also tried doing the backup using Windows backup program. The backup doesn't slow down or crash my computer, but it does fail at the end of the process. I get this error:

One of the backup files could not be created.
Details: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
Error code: 0x8078002A

I can back up a non-system drive just fine, so it se... Read more

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I see this frequently enough that I am now wanting to know why.

I have set Acronis True Image to limit the maximum file size to 1.95 GB. This is to facilitate putting them onto a DVD later. I don't understand why, occasionally, a file in the middle or beginning of a set is smaller. In the below example, numbers 1 and 8 are much smaller than I would expect, especially #1.

Why is this?

Is this normal?

Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #1 .tib 770,048
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #2 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #3 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #4 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #5 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #6 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #7 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #8 .tib 1,496,973,312
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #9 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #10.tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #11.tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #12.tib 1,287,579,136

A:Question about the image files Acronis True Image makes

Number 1 is the backup of the partition table (MBR). The others are just smaller because the backup ran out of data before making a full one. The second backup appears to be incremental.

If this is a single backup (which would mean maybe around 35 GB's of used space in XP), then I have no idea why 8 is smaller.

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Hi All, new to the forum,

Has anyone had any joy using the DISM image deployment tool,

below is the message i get trying to capture an image

DISM doesn't recognise the command-line option "d:\thinimage.wim"

I've tried the below.

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

I've checked this over and over and i'm defiantly following the line they require.... any ideas? Thanks.

A:Win 8 Image Deployment

I know nothing about DISM, so please check what I say first...

...but looking at the format of the command line, I wonder if there should be a colon after /imagefile?

so replace
dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile:"d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

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Does anyone know of a network driver that is compatible with the EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF in WinPE 4.0 i'm using symantec image deployment Altiris

A:HP 800 G2 with Symantec Image Deployment

Hi \have you looked here...

Happy 2 [email protected]

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I have a licensing question regarding the deployement of Windows 7.

We are currently purchasing notebooks that have an OEM key for Windows 7 Pro and have been configuring each by hand which can get really annoying. I want to create an image of Windows 7 and use it for deployement however I'm not too sure about the licensing involved.

First off, you cannot image an OEM version and you need an open license version, correct?

Do I need to purchase a VLK license for each notebook that I want to image to? Or can I just purchase 1 open license and image that to multiple computers since the OEM key is in fact for Windows 7 Professional?

A:Image Deployment of Windows 7

I believe you're going to need to look into VLK if you're intending on using the same key & installation across multiple machines. You "may" be able to get away with buying one 7Pro and then inserting the individual OEM key that is on the individual laptop stickers, however I'm not sure on that one so don't quote me there. I'm sure someone else here does know this answer though so sit tight, some one else will surely be able to answer this.

Aside from the licensing issues, once you get the version of Windows that you'll be installing legally with a licensed key, you should look into windows sysprep. It will cut your distribution time down incredibly using this method rather than setting up each machine individually from scratch.

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Hi have a query

i want to dpely windows 7 across around 10 PC's but minimise user downtime, as such i intend to install manually using retail versions of the software then update to the specifications i need. all the final workstations will need to be the same.

i have 3 pc's to roll out, then i will drag 3 in, upgrade, redeploy and so on, thus meaning that noone will loose much productivity to downtime.

whats killing me is that after install, which takes around 30 mins including office and other bits of software, the patching and updating of windows on each machine to latest KB updates is taking forever!! so with say 10-15 new pcs all trying to install updates within few hours its going to slow the network to a stop.

is there anyway i can take one of the pc's i have finished, image the updates and software installs then patch them all onto a new clean install of retail windows 7????

i have looked at all sorts of networkable options such as microsoft system essentials or symantec ghost, but none will allow a stand alone image creation off network that i can tell


thanks in advance for any advice


A:Image for multiple PC deployment

Take a look at this tutorial:
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

Using the Backup option.

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During the capture process, i have my wireless key set in the profile. Once I deploy the image, the key is no longer there and i have to set up the profile again. Is there a way that this can be done during the deployment, through the customsettings.ini
or a script?

A:Wireless profile during image deployment

1. netsh wlan export profile name=ssidname
This will give you an xml file
2. netsh wlan add profile filename=ssidname.xml
This will import the Wireless profile
This will help

/ Yannick Plavonil
blog: Deploiement Windows
twitter: @yplavonil

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I changd the user profile to default (manually) and did some Favorites links to IE.
When i was satisfied with the customization i created Ghost image. Successfully created image and when deployed i recived a message regarding NTFS volume and wehn the image is deployed , client start up and OS initilization appears .... then system run SCAN DISK showing message that "C" drive needs to be checked. After that OS installed successfully and customizations were also OK.
Any idea how to avoide the scan disk issue ?

A:customized Image deployment with Ghost

Nope. Windows sees the hard disk "environment" as not being 100% on par with what it used to be. Plus it doesn't hurt to run it after an image deployment like that anyways

PS: I know the mod's may bring this up, but no need for double posting in multiple categories

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Are there only the install packages for the notebook drivers available? I'm searching for a package with all necessary inf files in order to use the for driver injection within a deployment environment (Windows 2008 deployment service / MS deployment toolkit)
Would be great if anyone can help me with that!

Thanks and kind regards, Gert

A:Portege 700/830 drivers for image deployment

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any packages except one and this is package that contains several Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
All other offered stuff are single drivers or Toshiba specific tools or utilities.

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I'm attempting to follow this guide to capture a Windows 7 image:

I have a test PC with Windows 7 installed on it waiting to be captured.

I've installed the MDT 2013 Update 2 and Windows ADK for Windows 10 to my technician PC.  Unlike this guide, however, I have no tree under 'Deployment Shares'.  So I have no option to import an OS.

This seems to be a stumbling block to actually capture an image.  Is there something I'm missing?  Is there something that needs to be configured that I don't know about?  I'm still learning this whole process so it's entirely possible there's
something glaringly obvious I don't see.

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Hi, I have deployed HPDM to update a number of T5740 Devices, these were manually configured some time ago and I now need to reconfigure them. I have manually update one device, configured it how I would like it and then captured that image. Unfortunately if I then attempt to deploy this image the deployment fails with the following errors: 2016-05-31 10:46:24 [Error Details]: Deploy image using repository Master Repository.Failure deploying ThinPro_5.2.dd.gz from /Repository/Images/ThinPro_5.2_3.Failed to execute DeployImage task.ErrorCode: 1080320, Error Info: ..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified. If I then flash the device with a vanilla OS I can then deploy my image but as the devices are split across multiple sites I can?t do this for them all. I also created a Task that performs the BIOS upgrade and this works but the error still occurs Any ideas on how ... Read more

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I am having a VERY odd issue with Windows XP Pro and Tablet PC Edition.

I have been following Microsoft's Single-Image Deployment Supplemental Guide which discusses single-image deployment and how to use this process to deploy Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 in your organization while using your existing Windows XP Professional image.

I followed the article to a T and imported all the Tablet PC components in the Sysprep directory and then re-syspreped the box. At first once mini-setup finished the system would lock up on the Windows XP splash screen about the 3rd time the progress bar cycled through. So I went to Safe Mode and everything worked like a charm. So just as a troubleshooting step I tried to use Safe Mode with Networking. That locked up at the splash screen in the same spot which lead me to believe it was a networking issue. So I disabled all listed networking adapters and tried to boot into normal mode.

Once I saw "Applying Computer Settings" I thought all was good. So I waited until I saw the standard "Press Cntrl-Alt + Delete to Login" screen. So I hit cntrl alt delete and nothing happend. So I tried moving the mouse, and to my amazment, the entire computer is hard locked. This is happening everytime I reboot the computer into Normal mode and the login screen appears. So I tried to go back into Safe Mode with Networking to test that theory again. Although I am able to get logged into the system the system actually hard lo... Read more

A:Single-Image Deployment for Tablet PC

That link you posted is the supplemental guide, maybe there is something you missed in the original guide.

"The information in this article supplements the processes that are described in the previously released article, Deploying Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which is available on Microsoft TechNet"

Original guide here, the link in the supplemental guide is wrong.

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Hi There,

I found this forum thru KariTheFinn's YouTube Videos which are superb! My first post is a problem that hunts me since quite some time now. I startet too more or less ignore it since it was only a problem with one program. But since I switch mail clients it's now also a problem there. But first things first.

I have a Hyper-V Service running on my Windows 10 Machine for toying around. In there I was trying to create my personal perfect Windows 10 Installation with all the Apps, Tools, Settings, etc. I like and want. I did all of this in my created user account Yves. So all the settings from many apps (for example Chrome) are in this user profile. After I was done. I shutdown the Hyper-V Machine Boot up the WindowsPE.iso. And dism the complete machine to a mapped network drive. Than I created a new Hyper-V Machine booted directly into WindowsPE.iso. Diskpartet the complete system like I like. 100MB EFI. 1GB Rescue. 50GB System Partition. Dism the image back to the System Partition and bcdbooted the System Partition. Bootet up and tada System is "almost" like I left it before on the other VM. Only thing missing are for example Chrome extensions and settings. Which I can not figure out why this happens? Newly since I moved from em Client to Outlook 2016. Also Outlook 2016 does not like the dism'ing around. It says .ost file has to be deleted.

Anyone an idea why this is happening and how I can prevent it?

Thanks for your help guys.


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I found this tool while searching the system32 folder:



Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 6.1.7048.0

DISM.exe [dism_options] {WIM_command} [<WIM_arguments>]
DISM.exe {/Image:<path_to_offline_image> | /Online} [dism_options]
{servicing_command} [<servicing_arguments>]
DISM enumerates, installs, uninstalls, configures, and updates features
and packages in Windows images. The commands that are available depend
on the image being serviced and whether the image is offline or running.
/Get-MountedWimInfo - Displays information about mounted WIM images.
/Get-WimInfo - Displays information about images in a WIM file.
/Commit-Wim - Saves changes to a mounted WIM image.
/Unmount-Wim - Unmounts a mounted WIM image.
/Mount-Wim - Mounts an image from a WIM file.
/Remount-Wim - Recovers an orphaned WIM mount directory.
/Cleanup-Wim - Deletes resources associated with mounted WIM
images that are corrupt.
/Online - Targets the running operating system.
/Image - Specifies the path to the root directory of an
offline Windows image.
/English - Displays command line output in English.
/Format - Specifies the report output for... Read more

A:DISM - Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

I have been working with WinPE ever since version 1.0 and using it to deploy images, make backups, etc. Now that version 3.0 is out I have written a full tutorial on how to use it, build the boot environment, using it in a network/computer support department environment, and using GimageX GUI with DISM to deploy and capture images.

You can read my tutorial on DISM here -> Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) ? WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment -
You can download my WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Compilation completely free here -> WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Scripts -

Let me know what you think. Enjoy and happy imaging!

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I am trying to set up a MDT Deployment that will install Win 7 and MS Office 2010. With the Win 7 install I am able to have the system ask for the Windows Key after the install has completed. I would like to do the same for MS Office. I am going to be using this deployment tool for every new computer we get going forward and don't want to have to update my deployment every time I run one. I simply would like to deploy the image and then enter the Product key and activate it. Is this possible?

A:Installing MS Office 2010 via MDT image Deployment with out Prod Key

Is what I am wanting to do even possible?

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Hello. I have an issue.

I want to capture an Linux OS custom image or a fresh one and want to use WDS to complete the job. Could it be done?

I know I can use WDS from server to deploy WIN 7 or anyother Win OS to other systems. But can I use the same service to deploy Linux OS to other new systems and how can I go around in capturing the Linux OS image.

I don't want to use any third party application to capture and deploy both WIN and Linux images. I can use SysPrep to capture Windows image, but how do I go about capturing Linux image?

Is there an in-built app for Linux to capture an image like SysPrep (for WIN)???

Please help.

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With either of these two Products, if I create an Image will the Image "include" everything on the Partition?

What I'm asking is, in the event I "delete" something from a Partition, and presuming the "deleted" item is not overwritten, will the "deleted" item be part of an Image created AND restorable by Windows or Acronis?

Best regards,

Mike Lynch

A:Windows-7 Image vs. Acronis Image?

Imaging will back up everything on the partition/Disk at the time the image is made. Normally an image is restored completely, overwriting everything that is currently there, so yes your file will be restored but any changes you have made since the image was made anywhere else will be lost. I don't know about Acronis but it is possible to extract individual files from a Windows image. See this tutorial. System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management

You would be better doing a file and folder backup if you just want to recover individual files. Windows has it's own version or you can use a third party one such as FreeFileSync or Microsoft's own SyncToy.

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Please help. I have SBS2003 setup.Trying to deploy MSI package via GPO.
1.Setup distribution point
2.applied recommended Microsoft settings

Software does not deploy for some reason?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi Guys

I do tech support and training for a software company, our application runs through Mozilla firefox.

The problem with this is that there are often more than 20 users that i need to install Firefox and acrobat reader on.

Is there a way that i run one program that can run through the installation of both firefox and acrobat in one.

Thanks for taking time to read this


A:Deployment Software

Sounds like this is just what you need: Ninite Easy PC Setup - Silent Unattended Install Multiple Programs At Once

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What are your recommendations for image mounting software/virtual drives? Software included with my motherboard and DVD burner let me create image files (.iso and .nrg), but do not have a provision to read these directly from the hard drive, only to burn to a DVD. I've read that the Nero software I have (Essentials 8 OEM) does not allow image mounting with Vista.

I'm mainly interested in watching movies or playing games that I already own, so I can safely store the disks. I'm not interested so much in burning backups to DVD, or at all in downloading someone else's files.

Although I am a fairly experienced computer user, a simple GUI that lets me do what I want is more important to me than a very complex program or command line interface.

Some I have been considering are:
Daemon tools
Alcohol 52%
Virtual Clone Drive

Thanks in advance!

A:Best no-cost image mounting software for Vista 64 bit?


I use Deamon tools, its an icon by the clock and you just click it to load an image, simple neat and does the job.

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I am hoping someone will be able to solve an on-going problem I have.
When I try to recover photographs from my C drive, no matter which software Image recovery program I use it freezes around the 75% mark, I then have to re-boot via the power switch, the computer then hangs on the start up sequence with the moving Microsoft bars, another re-boot and the Startup recovery program kicks in at Safe start and I have to go through this recovery before all is well and the computer re-boots correctly.

I am running Vista Home SP2.

I have tried running the software from USB sticks, a different hard drive but to no avail, the problem is only associated with C Drive.
Software used:
Portable data recovery
O&O Media recovery.

I have never had problems before and I am at a loss as to why?

Any suggestions please?

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I have configured a stand alone windows 2012 Std. OS with WDS, set up all the necessary items
loaded both the boot.wim and image.wim into wds server.
the system deploys the standatrd win7 Pro image without issue.
The problem comes when I try to use the image capture wizard.
The client laptop boots to pxe without issue I get the screen that  lets me choose  what I want to load
when I choose the capture image item it loads as normal,(as the deploy does except that all that happens is I get a black screen with a white arrow cursor. the screen never turns blue like you would expect and the image capture wizard never appears.
I have followed all of the steps on the WDS set up page for creating a image capture boot file however as I said it never appears.
Can someone assist?

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Being in charge for the software deployment of our pc/notebooks in a rapidly changing corporate environment, there are two things I'd like to know:

- Do you know software that can create and ajust a "software/user/machine-inventory" in seconds? Copy/pasting in excel is getting a hassle, when pc's are changing owners like crazy now. We need to have a more clear view at what licenses are in use or not used at all in some cases.
- What paths should I consider, if I start to think of pushing software-upgrades (not windows updates), when the (+/-120) users don't have admin rights. I don't mean licensing but how to create an environment that is able to safely push software from our server to the workstations?

Thanks again for all your help!

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If I have a reference image that I capture through a regular sysprep & capture task sequence, how do I update my deployment task sequence to reflect this updated reference image once it has been captured? I would prefer not to have to recreate the deployment
task sequence as the current one has several customizations that I would have to redo. When I try to change the OS in the "Install Operating System" step in the sequence to point to the updated image, the deployment will fail with a message such
as: Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]
I don't know how to tell if this is a problem with the unattend file itself or having something to do with changing the deploying operating system in the task sequence.

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I am trying to figureout how to force an application to reinstall on a single user system. A user unistalled a piece of software that was deployed to the machine by group policy to the machine...not the user. Since it is not in add/remove programs as a pull I want to figure out in the registry where group policy looks to see if something has been deployed. I figure if I can find and remove that the app should come back down at the next reboot.

I can not use the redeploy app option in Group Policy because that will redeploy to every user.


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Not able to get the PXE working on 5040 . It will download the boot image from SCCM DP. Once it downloads it will not boot. 
Network driver is already part of the Boot Image.

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We use MDT, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, To deploy windows 7 and windows 8.1 images to our latitude laptops.
the Control Vault driver is not installing as part of the cab file that has been imported into MDT, there for I have to install it as an post install application.
the switches for the control vault by typing "/?" are shown as /s /f.
the driver installs fine if I run it on a laptop by opening command prompt and the silent install switches but it will fail when MDT tries to run the same command during deployment.
Has ayone had this problem and how have you fixed it?

A:Dell Latitude Control Vault Driver installation fails during image deployment via MDT

Hi saeidans,Thanks for posting.This forum is primarily consumer questions, and yours appears to be one that doesn't fit into this category.  Please post your question here for more expert advice.  Thanks.

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Hello Everyone,

I just purchased Acronis True Image 11 Home and a Western Digital 500GB Hard drive.

Here is my Hard drive setup.
Primary Hard drive is an internal SATA(300GB)
Secondary Hard drive is an external USB(500GB)

I deleted the partition on the external hard drive, so now it shows up as unallocated.
The internal Hard drive has about 127GB of data on it.
The internal Hard drive also has Windows XP Media Center on it.

Basically what I want to do is use Acronis to take all of the data from my internal Hard drive, including the Operating System, and place it all on the external Hard drive so I can boot from it. I basically want the external Hard drive to be a complete backup incase something happens to my internal Hard drive.

Can someone please show me how to do this? Thanks a ton

A:Acronis Image help

Hi Rick,

I did what you said, everything seemed to go ok. I got the confirmation and it said it was successful. But when I tried to boot off of the external Hard drive it said "Master Boot Record error"

I then ran recovery console off my cd and then did "fixmbr"
That was done successfully.

Now when I try to boot off of the external hard drive it gets to the windows loading screen now, but then I get a blue screen when it's in the middle of loading. I don't know what the blue screen says because it just flashes really quick.

Now I went back into recovery console from my cd, and then did "fixboot" then did "fixmbr" - they both went successfully.
The same problem keeps happening, it gets to the loading screen with windows logo then blue screen then restart.

Since the cloning isn't working, can I create a backup image from the backup tools section and then place that image on a different hard drive and then boot that up?

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I have acronis true image and I have a question.

My late wife's computer is running an nforce2 with a barton 3200+.

I have an asus a8v deluxe and a 3700+ I can install on that machine but......I do not want to lose Becky's data. If this were my machine I would have already done the swapout because nothing I have is irreplaceable. Becky's data is different. She can not re enter it.

If I make an acronis image and do the swap out can I get her data back if I have to reinstall windows? I know XP has activation problems with new hardware and I would rather leave her machine alone than lose anything.

If I restore an acronis image after a reinstall is it going to restore the "hardware" part of XP also? I am stumbling here so I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

I can activate XP with the new hardware, but after I reinstall the backup am I going to have no boot problems? This is confusing.

JohnWill? Anybody????

A:Acronis image??

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I have used the software called Blancco Wan Server which is for erasing hard drives over a network.

I am looking for alternatives.

The software must be able to run on a server, provide DHCP and PXE booting to allow clients to connect and begin data erasure.

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I am having all sorts of trouble imaging a new Dell 5570 laptop with custom Windows 7 SP1 Ent. through SCCM.I have tried Dell support and their assistance so far hasn't been satisfactory unfortunately.

First: I had issues booting the laptop with my boot image, SSD was not recognized. I had to import Samsung NVMe drivers into boot image for the SSD to be recognized and to kick start task sequence.
Now: The task sequence doesn't go through. Immediately after 'Set up Windows and ConfigMgr', the laptop reboots and crashes with the error '0x0000007B'.

I have already tried below with not much success.

Dell Diagnosis says no faults detectedSATA Operation set to AHCI, RAID on in BIOSBoot sequence set to Legacy, UEFIWith and Without 5570 drivers after applying O.SWith and Without KMDF, UMDFDifferent WIM files-one recently updated with most hotfixes, one updated last year, one close to vanilla Windows 7 SP1 Ent.
Any help here is much appreciated please as I have around 20 laptops already procured from Dell and waiting to be imaged before deploying.


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Using Acronis 11 Home and trying to create an Image of my complete hard drive.
What file format do you select , there are 2 , "tib" and "all files*"?? .

I've used" all files" and disks could not be read. I assume it has to be TIB or have I missed something here? Thanks

A:Creating image using acronis

All of my images are saved as TIB. At what point cant disks be read? Before creating the image? Selecting the file name/destination? Or after the image is created?

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I have ordered the Windows 7 upgrade disc from Amazon and look forward to the upgrade.

My question, would it be advisable to buy Acronis Home Image, to have a back up of my documents and Vista 64 bit, OS in the event of a problem when I do a clean install? Without the back up, in the event of a problem, with the clean install, are there any built in safeguards so all will not be lost?

Will I be able to use the Acronis, that I purchase now for Vista, be supported with Windows 7?

A:Acronis Home Image

My Acronis True Image Home is working fine in W7.

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9.0 is available..........has anybody used it? Has anybody upgraded their 8.0 to 9.0? Any results? Favorable? Unfavorable? It would be interesting to hear your comments.

A:Acronis True Image 9.0

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I have an older Dell Optiplex with a Pentium II and 256MB RAM, running Windows 2000 SP4. After several times of OS replacement, I finally realized the importance of doing regular backups that everyone keeps talking about! So I've been doing tons of research into the whole topic, and out of the confusion a plan of action is emerging, part of which is using Acronis True Image to image my hard drive. The software for version 9.0 arrived and is registered, but not yet installed as I'm still figuring out the rest of the process.

Part of the cause of my last OS failure was not paying attention to the use of my PC's limited resources, so I've scaled back on utilities and applications in order to be able to do actual work on the darn thing. Backing up now, and continuously hereafter, is the current challenge. While reading up on another, additional, backup utility I came across a review of an earlier version of TI that said the only major drawback was that it runs in the background all the time, tying up resources, and can't be "turned off" even if it will only be used infrequently. This would be fine if the amount of drain is small and unobtrusive, but I can't find any actual info about it. Any of you know? What might happen if I use it for what I need and then uninstall it? Does it need to stay on to monitor changes as they're made? Have Acronis' creators addressed and corrected this issue (haven't heard back from them ... Read more

A:Acronis True Image always on?

In msconfig .. (startup) .. I disable all Acronis.
In (Services) ... the Acronis scheduler must be running to make backups ... Reason unknown.
Could turn it on when needed.

I've read that a few Wizards here ... use the ATI boot CD .. Backing up a running OS makes them nervous.
I assume this means ATI doesn't even need to be installed ... But only to make the boot CD

Where are you storing the recovery images ??
This help any ??

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I have the full retail boxed version of Acronis True Image 10 and am working from the bootable CD.

I have a new, unpartitioned hard disk here and I cannot see how I am supposed to rezize the partitions. Acronis wants to resize proportionally and I don't want that. I have read the on-line manual and I can't see anything that addresses that.

To be clear, I really want to transfer only one partition (the Active partition, Drive C) and I want it to be the same size on the new disk as on the old. But, Acronis wants to make it much larger and I don't want that.

A:Need help with Acronis True Image 10

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How many installs can I use with Acronis True Image? I have 4 computers that all need a backup program.

Complete hard disk recovery solution, backup, drive copy, clone and image computer software

A:Acronis True Image

It is 1 license, 1 PC

Q: Can I install the Acronis product that I already have on another PC or workstation?

A: You can use your existing license to install the software on another PC or workstation if the original system has been decommissioned and it is documented that it's no longer in use.

You may use a license for the Software or Service, with only one computer at a time unless the Software or Services you use are explicitly designed and marketed to operate on more than one computer at a time concurrently. The type of license you have (including such variables as whether the license permits use of Software or Service on more than one computer, whether the licenses fees are based on the number of computers, volume of data, or both, and the length of the license periods, etc.) is set forth as part of the Software or Service description available at Backup software for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows and Linux - Acronis. Should your license for the Software or Service you use be designed for only one computer at a time you may transfer your license to another computer in the event that you cease to use the computer on which the Software was originally installed. If you wish to protect multiple computers, you must obtain a separate paid license for each computer or you must obtain a multi-computer license which will be applicable to the number of computers stated in such license.

Backup software for data backup and di... Read more

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Hey all, I just picked up a copy of Acronis True Image 9 for $20 - I headr it worked with Vista fine.

I installed it good but when I try to open the App I get the blue screen of death - a physical memory dump.

any thoughts?

A:acronis true image 9.0

you need version 10 for vista

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Does anyone know how to use Acronis true Image. I have Lost 52GB from my hard drive how can i get it back. The reason for it was that i made 2 backups of my computer to my documents with Acronis true image 1 was sector by sector and 1 wasn't, I then cut and pasted them into my external hard drive, so i thought the computer would automatically regain the space. I have tried Ccleaner windows own Defrager and pargon Hard disc defrager and I have still not gained the 52GB I lost any ideas welcome.
Thank you in advance.
P.S how can i gain my disc space back with Acronis I tried to free up disk space there and i am now down to 99GB

A:Does anyone know how to use Acronis true Image

Hi hollyoaks777, the answer to your first question is YES, Acronis does. Thats why you have the option to download the user guide from the install .exe file (before or after ) installing.
The easiest thing you can do is attempt a system restore. Now read the user guide. Backups/Images should NEVER be moved or defragged, so set where you want them kept beforehand.
Good Luck.

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Should I be able to get this software to back up files to some Internet disk space I have which is provided by my web email service for storing files. I can access it fin with smart ftp, but would really like to be able to totally automate my backups to this space.

So far I have not been able too get it to work, and it struck me that before I spend any more time on it, I would just check to see if I am attempting the impossible.

Thanks for your help


A:Acronis True Image 9

I'm going to guess that may be outside the range of abilities for True Image. OTOH, I've used Beyond Compare for some time to sync my web page using FTP, works like a champ.

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I have acronis 8.0 version for a while now
thinking of upgrading to version 10
is 8.0 bootable cd be compatible to 10 image
basically if i create an image using v.10, will i be able to use v.8 bootable cd to restore it.

A:acronis bootable v8 for image v10

My first instinct would be to say that this is probably not possible.

To be totally sure I think you would have to ask this question on the Acronis support forums.

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I have a good image of my hdd for backup purposes using version Old version, but trouble free!!
I seem to have a missing file that I may have accidentally deleted from a program on my hard drive. How can I easily copy the file to my hard drive and have it replace the deleted file? The virtual drive images are in a folder I created on my desktop. As usual, TIA.

A:Acronis TI and c/p an image file

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I just got True Image 8.0 (most recent build), backed up my system and made a bootable CD. This is where I'm getting confused, tho - Is there any advantage to creating a Secure Zone? If I understand the manual, if I need to run the boot manager, a secure zone would be created if it wasn't there already. Am I missing something? Thanks!

A:Acronis True Image

actually, what are u trying to do?? are u reinstalling the operating system??

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Please direct me to the proper forum if I am in the wrong one. This deals with Acronis True Image Home 2011 Plus Pack and Windows XP Home SP3 (on Dell inspiron 531s).I will provide brief information now and give much more detailed information and questions after this topic is picked up. The HDD on this machine may be failing. I wish to be able to restore a full image of the current disk to the new HDD which I have ordered. --BUT-- There is an additional problem. The current OS is damaged. I wish to restore all files, programs, etc. and have the OS in good health.As I stated above, this information is brief. More details are to follow.helpful guidance will be appreciated.wkid

A:Acronis True Image

You will have to put the OS in working order first. If you don't you will still have to repair it and depending what the issues are with the OS you may not get a valid backup. What is the problem with the OS?

This forum is good place to ask these kinds of questions.

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista Home Premium/service pack 2.

If I load Acronis True Image 2009 everything works fine until I try to connect to the internet. Then the problems start. It will not open Internet Explorer. The more I try the slower the machine runs and eventually programmes refuse to open. After a while the machine takes a very long time to shut down.

If I open in safe mode everything works correctly and at the right speed. Connection/disconnection to the internet is fine. Acronis and other programmes open correctly and the machine closes down correctly.

Looking into problem reporting it says that the NSUsevice is hanging.

Can any shed any light on this problem please.

I have had no problems loading other software, yet.


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Acronis says the image on these five DVDs is corrupt and will not do an image restore. If I copy all the five DVDs to a hard disk, the image restore goes without any problem.

What is going on here?

The DVD drive from which I am doing the restore is the one that originally created the image; but, just to be sure the DVD drive is not the problem, I tried the operation with another known-good DVD drive and the result is the same.

A:Acronis says image is corrupt when it isn't.

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I was interested on backing up my entire pc (Windows XP), and I understand Acronis True Image creates an "exact copy" including all programs and tweaks. After reading Acronis's description of their product I still don't understand a few things. If my computer, which is 5 years old, one day can't be booted up, how can I get access to the Acronis drive image that's on my computer? They talk about making recovery disks, but if my computer is dead and won't boot up, how will a recovery disk help? Wouldn't you need a second computer to put into it the "exact copy" of the old dead computer, using a recovery disk? I don't get the concept. Help.

A:acronis true image 11

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I currently do not have dvd/cd-witer on my pc with a harddrive that fails more occassionally.I'm planning to create disk image using acronis and take the image file out seperately so I could make bootable CD using other CD writing software,NERO,only possibly available in some pc shops.Can I create bootable CD of my system's image this way if not,how would I go about making without cd writer available?Thanks.

A:Acronis harddrive image

You don't need an optical drive to clone the partition to another hard drive.

That would give you an instantly bootable/useable perfect copy of everything on the cloned partition(s).


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I believe I have choosen to purchase acronis true image software to do my backups. I hope this is a good software. Plan is to make an image of my c: drive on a usb external hard drive that I purchased so that way if anything messes up I can just reboot from the external hard drive.

I plan on just making full backups once every month or so to the external. Are incremental backups better? I don't know if this is possible with acronis but I think I am going to just set an automatic backup to perform once or twice every month at night. I think I am going to go with the full backups instead of the incremental to be perform on a regular basis. I know it takes longer to perform a full backup but who gives it will go on automatic at night anyways. Does it just delete the old backup and then copy over the new?

I am kinda confuzed about how to restore by booting from a cd also. Am I supposed to burn a cd etc. What should I burn on it?

Also the drive on my c: drive is 150 gigabytes while the usb external drive is 300 gigabytes. I need 150 gigs or more for it so I plan on partitioning that external drive and making 160 gigs for the backup and the rest of the 140 gigs for other things. I don't know if that is necessary but I thought that perhaps it would effect it if I created an image of my c: drive on the external drive and starting placing other information on the external that didn't have anything to do with the original image. Mayby partitioning it w... Read more

A:using acronis true image

oops forgot about this

Also is it possible to boot in a way that will allow me to use the external drive as I would use the c: drive. So I can save the image on the external drive and then in a way boot the computer to the external drive and use the external drive like I would the c: drive (browse internet, create documents, etc). Neat if this is possible because I could take my hard drive with me wherever I go and using another computer in a way boot the external drive and then work as if it were my own computer at home. Thanks

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I set up a security zone using True Image Home 2010. I deleted it because it took up 154 GB of space. Now all that shows nowhere.
My 500 GB HD has only 130 GB vailable with less than 170 GB used. How do I fix rthis?
My OS is Win 7 Ultimate

Thank you.


A:Help with Acronis True Image

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I wonder if some kind soul can help me to get my Acronis True Image to work properly again.

Running Windows XP SP2 and ATI version 8

This program has been running beautifully since first installed two years ago and I have succesfully used it to create full
images, incremental images and once to clone an entire HDD to a new disc.
Now it is in a sulk and it will not let me create an image, effect cloning or explore or verify an exisiting image.

The program will accept all the instructions from me, but when I click the final "proceed" I get a pop-up window the the
effect........."E00640006 failed to create scheduled task. Error # 1722 The RPC server is unavailable"

Googling leads me to believe that this is occasioned by the Acronis Scheduler2Service service is not running.

When I look into My Computer>manage>services, that service is showing there as "enabled" and "automatic start"...but it is
not started !
When I attempt tp start it, I get the error........."Could not start AcronisScheduler2Service service on local computer. Error
1058 The service cannot be started either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it"

Well, the service is not disabled, and when I look in My Computer>manage>devices.........the AcronisTrueImage

BackupArchive Explorer is shown there as healthy and "working properly"

I have reinstalled ATI three times now, and still the problem ... Read more

A:Acronis True Image.

Is the Remote Procedure Call service there and started?

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Has anyone ever seen a backup process initiated from an Acronis bootable USB drive take an extraordinarily long time to be completed. I've had one running now for almost 4 hours and it is making what appears to be the usual process, just very slow. The drive does contain13GB of photos and I thought that might be a factor. Any thoughts?


A:Acronis True Image

raybro said:

Has anyone ever seen a backup process initiated from an Acronis bootable USB drive take an extraordinarily long time to be completed. I've had one running now for almost 4 hours and it is making what appears to be the usual process, just very slow. The drive does contain13GB of photos and I thought that might be a factor. Any thoughts?

RaybroClick to expand...

No, I haven't.
Perhaps your USB port is being seen as a usb1.1 instead of a usb2 connection?
That might explain it.

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I created a secure zone on a USB external hard disk and backed up my internal disk on that secure zone. When I check that USB hard disk,I can't see that secure zone.
How can I reboot my computer in case of a failure of the internal disk or a virus that I couldn't remove?

A:acronis true image 10.0

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Hi all,
I have a couple of questions about Acronis True Image.

1) Can it be installed on a flash drive?

2) Will it function as intended from a flash drive?

Thank you, Ted

A:Acronis True Image


They have a free trial, go on....just try it, and let us know

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Novice here. Installed above product on my computer 2 mo. ago and did a complete image backup. And then after xp sp3 was released I did another complete backup. A few days ago I discovered the validate feature of Acronis (told you I was a novice) and checked both backup disks and the result was they were corrupted. I emailed acronis but it has been a few days with no reply and I wonder if anybody has any thoughts on why this has occurred. Should I disable my zone alarm antivirus and firewall? Thanks to anyone who can help. By the way sp3 downloaded without a hitch and has caused no problems.

A:Acronis True Image 11

There could have been errors while creating the backup file
There could have been errors copying it to the CD/DVD/Removable media
There could have been degradation of the CD/DVD/Removable media

As with any backup/image program, it's no good unless you test the backup to make sure that it works. Even (IMO) the validate feature isn't sufficient if you're concerned about the ability to recover - you must try the restore to ensure that it works (But I'd run the validate feature before attempting to restore an image).

It's easiest to try the restore immediately after making the image - that way nothing has changed on the system - so if the restore works, you can just leave it there and continue working.

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Well now I've cloned my Hard drive and found I can clone my disk in 7 minutes. Are there any issues you might forsee with this method instead of a clean re-install?

A:Acronis True Image?

This thing works a treat and I love it. Only issue I see is if you cloned it after some months of usage because you are bringing corrupt files and/or pesky varmints along for the ride so...

If you are doing a clean install... Go for it!

If cloning from an Old installation... I would do a clean install

I should know, I just did it a couple of days ago on my Office Rig.

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Just bought a new 1TB HDD and a Docking Station so that I can use it with the USB connection externally.
I have Acronis True Image 10 and trie to clone my boot HDD to the USB Sata drive. All went well re setting up in acronis but when Acronis rebooted my computer to lock the C drive it reported it couldn't see the USB drive. I assume that it is something to do with either the Bios or something I must do within XP Pro but I'm at a loss as to where to start.
Any help appreciated,



A:Acronis True Image 10

Was the drive on?Worth reading, .Google ResultsLouis

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Hi Guys

I have 2 SATA drives.... 500g and 250g. My OS and main system files are on the larger drive. I want the 500g drive for my new server and transfer all files to the 250g drive using Acronis. I dont want to have to reinstall vista on my PC if I can help it. Can I make the 250g drive bootable after backing up from the 500g drive. I've tried this but I get the message " bootmgr Missing".

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Acronis True Image

idm747 said:

Hi Guys

I have 2 SATA drives.... 500g and 250g. My OS and main system files are on the larger drive. I want the 500g drive for my new server and transfer all files to the 250g drive using Acronis. I dont want to have to reinstall vista on my PC if I can help it. Can I make the 250g drive bootable after backing up from the 500g drive. I've tried this but I get the message " bootmgr Missing".

Any help would be appreciated.

IainClick to expand...

have you cloned the 500 to the 250 if you have it should be an exact copy and boot up as the original did, Ive only used Acronis for ide drives but i would think it would be the same

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I use Acronis True Image 9.0 for backing up my HDs. Is it possible to use this program to move the contents from an ext. HD and burn them on to a DVD disc on my computer or on to a disc in an ext. DVD drive?

A:Using Acronis True Image 9.0?

If you want to make an image of an external drive on a DVD, that should be possible. I know that many people have had problems making multi-volume DVD or CD backups with True Image, so if it won't fit on a single DVD, it may be a problem.

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I purchased this software in 2006 from and registered it. I have backed up my entire C drive with it many times & I have had no problems (so far, I haven't had to restore from the backup) and I created a bootable CD Rescue disc on 2/21/2006 (I haven't had to use it either). Today I created an updated backup of drive C and since the bootable disc is well over 2 years old I decided to create another. The program gives me an error message "Error creating bootable diskette" every time I try it.

I checked that the CRW drive was write enabled; I tried the other CDW drive and got the same message; I restarted the system & got the same message. I went to and they do not appear to recognize the existence of version 9.0 and I went to SilverLine's web site and they do not either.

What else do you recommend?

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Afternoon all.
Over the years I have used Acronis True Image, beginning with 8, with much success, but some failures.
For example

Also, I have occasionally encountered pagefile.sys missing errors, when booting to Windows, after the cloning process had successfully completed.

Recently, I used ATI Home 11, and encountered much disaster.

According to ATI chat tech support, it seems that it is now safe to boot to Windows, with both source & destination HDDs attached, after cloning has been successful.

After rebooting, one needs to remove the ATI bootable CD, or change the boot order in the BIOS.

I suggest that you read, before cloning, about resolving missing pagefile.sys errors for XP & 2000, and winload.exe missing or corrupt errors with Vista."win...s=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

If you don't have a Vista installation DVD, see

WAIK download

ATI user guides

I have no experience with the latest version of ATI Home, ATI Home 2009 .

It is also poss... Read more

A:Acronis True Image

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iam running a p4.1400.with xp home editin i have acronis true image 6.and iam trying true image 7.after i set up the image location and every thing iam told that it will approx.take 8 disks.and take 6 ends up taking more than 16 disks and 10 to 12hrs.iam using cd-rw i know that they are suppost to take longer but from 6hrs to 12 hrs is this rite.eny help would be appreciated..

A:acronis true image 6 & 7

That seems like a VERY LONG time for the backup! How big is your partition that you're backing up? What is the speed of the machine?

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States it is Vista Compatible. Has anyone used it and if so what is your impression.

A:Acronis True Image 11

Originally Posted by usmc_nam_vet

States it is Vista Compatible. Has anyone used it and if so what is your impression.

Beautiful program,combatible with Vista.My Recomendations,worth every $ spent on it.
I use Acronis Home edition 11 over 1 year with Vista...and Acronis keeps my Vista in life
Before Acronis I was a blind fan of Norton Ghost 2003 (and earler versions) but due to an diferent Vista's MBR Norton don't work with Vista.
Support every scenario of backing up,including "hot" imaging of system partition,diferential backups,mounting created images as another virtual partition,extracting files or folders and finaly recover from disaster with previosly created image.
On first usage you will be prompted to create emergency CD (highly recomended) with full version of Acronis.
When creating image you will be prompted to chose one of 3 types of compressions,none,normal,high and very high,type of compresion determines time of creating image.
In my case system partition C: is 40GB (35 used) and takes up to 20 min. without validation of image and 35-40 with validation.

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I am having a problem using True Image 9 booting from the boot CD. I contacted Acronis support and so far have received alot of advice as to what to do but no solution to the problem.
My problem is that when I boot using the True Image Boot CD, it only boots to the window that asks me to choose whether I want to continue to boot to the 'full' driver boot or a 'safe' driver boot. The safe driver boot does not load all the drivers. I can get a complete boot to the True Image restore window using the 'safe' boot method but when I choose the 'full' boot method the computer hangs with a message stating "Acronis True Image loading, please wait". Well I can wait till hell freezes over because the system never completes the boot in the 'full' boot selection.

I have made new boot CD's and same thing happens. Can anyone provide information how to correct this issue. I have given up on Acronis. I am running Windows XP Professional

A:Problem with Acronis True Image 9

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I try to use Acronis image to broadcast 20 pcs in lab (same models, hardware)

first, I install a new Windows XP in one pc including drivers, software and update.
second, I turn off the pc and run the Acronis boot disk and create a image save on a network drive
thrid, after the image is created in network drive, I try to run the boot disk in other pc (called it "pc2"), when the boot disk load, i select restore image and pick the image that i save in the network drive and run
four, after the image load in the pc2 and restart the pc2
five, after restart the pc2, it stoped

finally, I reliazed that it might missing the sysprep and SID problem

I don't know how to avoid the SID duplicated problem.

can someone tell me how to use the sysprep, do i need to install the sysprep in the pc (that i create image) or inside the acronis bootable disk???

A:how to run sysprep and Acronis image in multi pc


Sysprep XP is the last thing you should run before turning off the computer to make the image.

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Before you decide to put your trust in Acronis, please read this. I used Acronis for the last two years, made many backups (system images) but never had a chance to test its recovery/restore feature until now. Recently, I messed up with my system configurations and didn't like the way windows looked afterwards. So, I decided to restore my system using Acronis System Backup. Acronis asked me to confirm, I did and the PC went into restarting mode. After some time the screen was totally blank and nothing happened for like 3 hours. I disconnect my external HDD (the drive which had Acronis .tib files) and shutdown my PC (press n hold start button). When I started it back, Lo and Behold, the great Acronis had restored nothing and my PC was in the same state. Repeated the same process again and again with the same results. I contacted Acronis and as per their suggestion I let Acronis modify my MBR (A SERIOUS MISTAKE).........Once I shutdown, my Windows didn't boot again at all. In short, Acronis had messed up my system. (Keep in mind that my pc was in full normal working condition and I only wanted to restore because I didn't like some visual enhancements I had made)........ Luckily, I had made a System Image backup using Windows native Recovery Feature (I never truly trusted Acronis)......and I must say Windows native System Image Backup saved my rear. It restored everything, without any errors or glitch and my PC was back again to a normal state......Not only Acronis failed to res... Read more

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I have been using Acronis True Image 10.0 for several months to do incremental backups to and external HD. All has seemed to go well, but now I'm trying to recover my data and can't get it to work.

Any thoughts?

Some of the details:

#1 I'm on an HP Pavilion. My internal HD is partitioned (by the HP software at time of purchase) into C & D, where D is Recovery.

#2 When I used Acronis to do my incremental backups it created

#3 I thought I backed up C to L and D to K (I have notes on what I did--in "My Documents" in the data I can't recover!)

#4 I can see all of "My Documents" on the L drive, but Acronis recovers nothing when I run it. The K and M drives are both empty.

#5 I had the box in the shop (an incompetent one) because of what's probably a hardware problem, but the first thing they did was to use the HP Recovery from the D drive to "fix" things. This of course wiped my C-drive clean, but OK, I have my Acronis backups! Or so I thought. If I can't get Acronis to recover my C-drive data I'm screwed.


A:Acronis Disaster? True Image 10.0

I am not clear just what Acronis has done there, but I use the program quite a lot. It normall ycreates the backup/image, as a *.tib file, which it can read and recoverfrom. Can you not see a particularly large file with that extension? How about a search for *.tib?

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I installed XP fresh and perfect on my PC few months ago. At that point, I burned an image of the C drive (with windows in it) by using Acronis True Image Builder (V. 10).

2 image files were made, one about 4 gigs and another about 2 gigs. I put those two files in a separate partition. Now I want to format my computer and recover it to that time by using these image files.

My question is that when I tell Acronis to recover the files, I have to choose one file (I have 2). If I choose the first one, what will happen? will windows be partially reinstalled? how can I make this to work?


A:Windows Xp Acronis True Image

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Thanks to the generous help of members of this forum, I now have XP SP3 running under Hyper-V with an Internet connection and access to USB on the Windows 8.1 host (using remote access). Now the BIG question/goal: I want to clone my XP development system that resides on a different computer and has been backed up via Acronis to an image file.

Over the years, I have had occasion to restore from an image, sometimes to the same computer and at least once to a different one (working through different drivers). However, this situation is foreign for me: how should I start Acronis restore; is it best to move the USB external drive image to the host hard drive; can my virtual XP access the image? Lots of questions, so it would be easier to listen to someone that has done it.


A:Can an Acronis XP image from another computer be installed

Hi there
In theory YES -- especially if you have the acronis universal restore feature enabled -- usually this is on the stand alone boot system - create an image and boot your VM from the image (create an EMPTY VM first with the disks already allocated).
1) Create VM with the wizard but DON'T install the OS. Just run configuration and allocate disk space for the VM. The VM should be able to access a USB external device.
2) create bootable acronis recovery image on HOST's HDD. (the PROGRAM not the image backup itself)
3) in the VM settings set the VM to boot from the acronis recovery image -- you might find in the VM settings under DVD device - use physical device or iso image. Select ISO image
4) boot (power on the VM) -- the acronis will restore your image - ensure the image is accessible from within the VM
5) boot the restored XP VM.

However you might get a re-activation request if the VM's virtual hardware is significantly different from the previous one -- however XP clones might be OK and in any case you'll get 30 days before you have to re-activate with XP.

If the VM fails on boot you can also go into recovery mode which will fix the system too when restoring images to different hardware (virtual or real).

(I've got several clones running XP SP3 -- but remember the EULA -- you can only run ONE of them at a time - a VM counts as a Physical machine for XP activations).


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Acronis True Image For Corporate Users Adds Universal Restore; Support for Microsoft Vista; and 64-bit Hardware & Software
The software also has been tested on beta versions of Microsoft Vista and performs exactly the same way as it does on other server-class operating systems from Microsoft.
Key among the updates is the ability to restore a system to entirely different hardware -- a feature known as Universal Restore, and the ability to boot a remote computer to restore a system partition.

Acronis True Image For Corporate Users Adds Universal Restore; Support for Microsoft Vista; and 64-bit Hardware & Software
BURLINGTON, Mass., March 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Acronis, Inc. ( ), the technological leader in systems and storage management solutions, released an update to its family of Windows-based server- and enterprise-class workstation Acronis True Image products. Key among the updates is the ability to restore a system to entirely different hardware -- a feature known as Universal Restore, and the ability to boot a remote computer to restore a system partition. These capabilities will be added to Acronis True Image Enterprise Server, Acronis True Image Server for Windows and Acronis True Image Workstation (formerly Corporate Workstation.)
Among the updates to the corporate family of disaster recovery and backup applications are the ability to st... Read more

A:Acronis True Image Upgrade

Hi kidcnote,
It's good news! I like Acronis' software, it allways very reliable and foolproof.
At last tt has very nice ability for support 64- and 32-bit hardware and software environments


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Hi folks
I recently bought an SSD drive (ADATA SP900) and I want to migrate my original HDD to the new SSD. Acronis True Image (which comes as a free download from ADATA) has a detailed description of this job, see Acronis True Image 2014 Help. Everything seems to go well until I reach step 11 in which the program doesn't see any SSD attached, either I connect it to a SATA2 port (as it was the old HDD) or to a SATA3 port (MArvell controller). I guess it has to do with the IDE/AHCI configuration of my MB (Gigabyte GA-P55Α-UD3R). Here is a screenshot of the BIOS configuration page. Which of the 3 settings (marked with arrows 1,2,3 on the image) do I change (IDE-AHCI) ????

Many thx in advance

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Would I be able to use this program to back-up my HDD sector-by-sector on a secondary HDD so that the latter also becomes a bootable HDD? Then, if my primary HDD fails, I would like to just swap it with the secondary HDD and be up and running. Would Acronis be able to do this? If not, what software would? Thank you.


A:Question About Acronis True Image

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this is my first time using using acronis.

i just made a backup of a hard drive that is 15.3gb
the image file that was created is only 9.56gb

does it really compress it that much or did something get messed up?
i'm pretty sure i followed the wizard correctly but, being new to this app. i thought i'd ask for some help.


A:Solved: acronis image size

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I backed up my boot drive[c:] which has xp home with acronis true image home. I have an 80gb hard drive [f:] I want to restore the image to, to test if the backup image is working/good. Then I'll have 2 drives with windows xp home. Will I have a choice on boot up to which drive I want to boot up to? After I install the backup to the [f:] drive how do I uninstall xp home on the [f:] drive?

A:testing acronis backup image

Welcome to TSG....

The best wway to test the image file is to actually do a restore to another computer. The results may not fully function since it is a totally different computer but you will be able to see if the backup will go thru the restore.

The only other way is to restore your present system with the image.

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I am a new user of Acronis True Image.I am trying to find some easy tutorial about this application.
But, I can't find

Can anyone suggest me some tutorial?

And also, I have found some coupon here about Acronis product: 65% OFF Acronis Coupon Codes 2016

Are they really working?

A:Help Needed About Acronis True Image

Hi and welcome.

Have you tried the Acronis True Image User guide that comes with the software or from their site?

Customer Support & Product Documentation - Acronis

As far as the coupons go, I do not know.

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Feel really dumb about this but how do you restore a ".tib" file creates with Acronis True Image software ?

I've looked around on the help files on their site but still not sure what to do ?

Since it's a tib file....will it load using Windows installation DVD...?...or do you somehow have to create an Acronis "loader" DVD and then restart the PC ?

Is there any real difference in an Acronis "tib" (image) system backup and Win 7's save a system image under Backup/Restore in the Control panel ?


A:Any Acronis True Image users out there ?

They differ by far... You'll have to create bootable media disk using Acronis and then boot from the CD to restore...

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I have used Norton Ghost for many years and bought Version 9.0. It should really be called a messed up version of PowerQuest Drive Image because of what happened to the interface after Norton bought them.

Tonight, I tried to restore a single file from a Ghost Image and after swapping disks #1 and #12 six times, finally gave up.

Ghost 9.0 is usable for creating images and probably for restoring an entire drive but for retrieving files, it is useless. The interface is a disaster.

I remember a few years ago, I tried Acronis True Image and would have bought it because retrieving files was easy although at the time, it was necessary to copy all of the CD's to the hard drive first. I have heard that they fixed this and if so, I am ready to go for it.

On this forum within the last month or so, someone mentioned buying it for about $32 and I was wondering where it can be bought for that price.

The Acronis web site asks for a promotional code and I assume that with it, a person could get a discount but I do not have one.


A:Best place to buy Acronis True Image

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Hello. what is the best or most reliable way to create a system image of a new install of windows 7?
All I want is (windows 7 with SP1 plus a few needed programs) in the image.

I have just purchased Acronis home 2012 edition but it keeps restoring all newly installed programs as well.

Am I doing something wrong in the backup process ?

A:windows 7 v Acronis for system image

Soundesciple, when you create an image with Acronis (BTW, they have 2013out) It is all or nothing if you create a new image. There are options for incremental but I always do the whole hard disk.

If your getting programs restored, you are picking the wrong option in Acronis.


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