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Dell Computer Won't Boot

Q: Dell Computer Won't Boot

Moms in Fl... says all the sudden her computer won't boot up, it acts as if it wants to boot, all the lights come on, such as the keyboard and all, but theres no video at all, then the computer shuts back down....

I'm a long way away, and at a loss as to what I should tell her, without looking at it myself.... and I'm no guru thats for sure, I'd probably try to see if it would boot from the disk, but I'd be lost after that!

Any ideas?

A: Dell Computer Won't Boot

No video?

First thing I would check would be the connection between monitor and system and the power cord.

The fact that the system shuts down would seem to indicate a PS problem, with no further info (IMO).


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Hi, I have an unusual problem with a Dell Desktop. At the location where the computer is assigned (it's a work computer) the computer will not boot past the first Dell boot screen. it is on the screen where it says to Hit F2 for setup, F12 for boot options..etc.. There is a bar that fills up while booting, well this bar never fully fills up it just freezes on this screen.

If I take the computer to my location the computer boots and runs just fine. I know this other location has had power issues in the past and am thinking it is an issue with the power at the location but none of the other computers at the location are doing this. I have tried several other outlets at the location and same thing happens. Any ideas or has anybody seen anything like this before? thanks..


A:Dell computer will not boot past first boot screen


try changing the keyboard and mouse over to another one.


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I had a virus and must have messed up my computer in trying to fix it. Now my computer won't boot. I can't get it to boot from the XP CD. In the set-up, boot sequence I set it only for the cd and I get "strike f1 to retry boot, F2 for setup". if I turn it off and on and hit f12 I get 5 choices; 1 normal, 2 ide cd-rom device, 3 system setup, 4 ide drive diagnostics, 5 boot to utility partition. None work. the diag says hd is fine. I'd like to reformat/reload xp on hard drive and can't. On another computer I can get the comuter to boot from the xp cd and it works

A:Dell XP computer won't boot

You can try resetting the BIOS to default temporarily removing the CMOS battery...and that might allow a boot.

What is the system model?


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My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Windows Vista installed.
A short time ago, I pressed the Dell MediaDirect button by accident when the computer was off, and it started booting in a separate mode. I foolishly turned the power off because I had intended to boot normally, but thereafter, each time I turned the computer on, it tried to boot in Dell MediaDirect mode and promptly got a BSOD citing a Plug and Play error.

Following advice from the following two pages, I created a Dell MediaDirect Repair CD, and followed the instructions to repair.
I ran into the same issue as the guy in the first link. Thereafter, when I turned on the computer, I got the message "2 active partitions." So I made a Vista Recovery Disk (, and ran it. The recovery disk found my OS but it said it was on the F: drive instead of C:
In any case, I tried the Startup Repair, and tried bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr but I am still unable to boot Vista. Now when I boot, it either does nothing, showing a cursor in the top left corner, or it fills the entire screen with colorful symbols and I turn the computer off after waiting a little while.

Trying the recovery disk again, I tried running bootrec /scanos and found that bootrec identified 0 installations.

I also tried bootcfg /query, but I get "ERROR: Cannot ope... Read more

A:Computer Won't Boot After Dell MediaDirect

Hi -

Boot into recovery and run "Windows System Restore"

Don't try to change the drive letters on your own. I know exactly what you speak of and System Restore got me out of it each time and I hope it does for you, too.

Regards. . .



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Please i'm having a dell computer (dell system optiplex, GX280 series, bios version A03)
when i power it on it gives an error message, No timer tick interrupt. I have tried everything I know but it keeps on giving thesame message.

pleese help me on how to solve this problem.

A:dell computer refusing to boot

usually either the m/board or cpu has gone

check the m/b for bad caps

see if dell diagnostics will pick up anything

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I have an old dell i want to put my music harddrive into. I was able to log into windows then it froze up and now I am getting a program software error after it tries loading windows. I have tried F8 and last known config and safe mode neither work. I need a windows xp boot cd/recovery cd. My service tag is FLXSB21. Please help.

A:cannot boot into windows xp dell computer

The only thing that I can suggest at this time would be to call Dell & try to obtain a reinstall CD. It's been a few years back, they furnished me one free of charge for an old Latitude D610 that I purchased & needed to reinstall the OS on later due to massive file issues.
There is no way to legit download XP, you'll need reinstall CD.
Hopefully the folks at Dell can assist with this.

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I have Dell desktop pc, and when i turn the power on i hear a series of beeps, ( they are long beeps, i cant count them as they dont seem to stop until i turn the computer off again) the computer sounds as if it has turned on but the monitor is black. If i leave the computer for a couple days and then try again it starts up no problem and i am able to use it, but sometimes it wont start up.
can anyone help me with figuring this out please?

A:Dell computer doesn't boot up

Try removing and reseating your RAM.

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I just bought a used Dell Dimension 8400 Series Desktop Computer with Pentium 4 running Windows XP, and had it running for about a week. Then I shut it down and when I tried to reboot it up it gives me a message that says
'Type the system password and press <ENTER> Enter Password:' I don't know the password and I don't remember ever setting one up. I can't even get into setup.

Please Help. In desperate need.

Thank You for anyones input into this.

Slammed in Spokane


A:Need Help! Can't Boot Up My Dell 8400 Computer

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Hi, I am having a problem booting to Window XP Home Edition sp1. I have a Dell 4600 Computer. It scenario went like this. My husband would sometimes get on the puter and it would hang after he logged on. The only way I could get out of it was to reset my APC UPS. Then it would reboot and I would get a blue screen. I would reboot again and It would be fine. Now this never happened when I logged on so I don't know what was up with that. I never upgraded to sp2 or 3. Maybe dumb but I make stationery for Outlook and Outlook express and build a few little web pages with applets and vbs scripts, so did not want the settings to mess with my applets on the upgrades. Now last night I stupidly decided to download a program called Driver Max. I figured maybe I should update any drivers that may be causing the freeze and blue screen. I ran it and it said there were about 8 drivers that it had new versions of so I started downloading. First was a hard disk controller driver. I made a system restore checkpoint. Then installed the driver and rebooted...or tried too. Of course, and went to hades in a handbasket real quick. It boots up to the black screen that gives me options how to start mode, last know good config. etc. so I tried all to no avail. When I tried the safe mode it did the multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (0) and the different boot ini files all the way down the page. So can anyone help? Also when I choose normal boot it gives me a blue... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Computer won't boot xp sp1 home...Dell

and welcome to the Forum

Sounds like you have multiple issues . . the hanging when first starting may be a weak power supply . .

Look at the diagnostic diagram here to see if anything jumps out . . particularly the diagnostic lights

Knowing the exact error message will help a lot.

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when I turn on my computer it shows a black screen only but I can hear the fan running it's like it's in a sleep mode and wont wake up I have switched power cables and used with or without the batteries in my hardware settings I set it never to go asleep? I have since bought another laptop not Dell but I would like to fix this one for a back up any suggestions. also the power led and the bluetooth both lightup?
thanks in advance. Darrell

A:my computer dell inspirion wont boot up

and welcome to the Forum

If you have not yet done so, disconnect from power and remove the battery . . press the power button several times and see if you can boot into BIOS

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I am trying to start a dell and I get a message msgina.dll falied to load. how do I fix this or boot the computer in admin mode

A:msgina.dll error how do i boot in admin on a dell computer

There are some ideas here: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I've got an old Dell that I'm trying to get running again but, every time I start it up it goes directly to BIOS. It regonizes my hard drive and all of my other hardware. When I exit out of BIOS it says that I have to replace jumper for settings to be saved. It is now safe to shut down your computer. I have tried booting from a Ubuntu live CD, another harddrive, I've replaced all the cables and I've tried using another power supply. Any help would help because I'm stumped.

A:Solved: Dell computer goes directly to BIOS then won't boot when exited

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whenever i switch on my dell studio 1737 laptop it wont go past the dell logo stage.
any help out there on how to fix the problem?
at the moment i am running a diagnostics test and seems like most devices are passing the test.

A:dell studio 1737 laptop wont boot past dell logo

It could be any number of things but my first 2 guesses are possibly the hard drive or might want to take it somewhere so that you will get a correct diagnosis.

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I have an XPS 8700 desktop all stock bought a little over a year ago. Last night I turned it off when I went to bed. Today I turned it on and it will not go past the first dell loading screen. It freezes and I'm unable to press any buttons (F2, F12 etc) I put it a different hard drive to see if that was the problem but it still continued. HELP PLEASE??

A:Dell XPS 8700 Desktop, Freezes at dell loading screen unable to boot up.

Hi Mattmazz
Thanks for writing to us. 
Please disconnect all the connectors and then hold down the power button for 15 secs, now remove the memory modules and put them back one by one and observe for any changes. 
If possible please try another set of memory modules. If there is a separate graphics card, remove that as well and try the onboard. 

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I have a Dell inspiron 530 that will not boot. Its running xp professional with a core 2 quad. When I turn it on i hear one beep and it sticks at the boot splash screen. F2 and F12 do nothing. So far I have tried the following:

1)Swapped hard drive out with a known working one.
2)Removed both sticks of 1gig ram and placed them in different slots.
3)Swapped out one stick of ram at a time to determine if one is defective.
4)Swapped out all ram with known working ram.
5)Removed radeon graphics card.
6)Tried to do a repair on windows from a disk but I cannot get into the boot settings.
7)Tried unplugging everything except the monitor and power cord.

After attempting these steps I still receive the same results everytime. I was thinking about removing and re-seating the processor, but I figure someone with more knowledge than me would have another suggestion for me to try. I fear the worst for this PC assuming it is the motherboard or processor. No new hardware or software was added to this system when the issue started. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 530 stuck at dell splash/boot screen

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Inspiron 15R SE 7520
When I attempt to start my laptop it goes to the Dell logo screen and will not boot Windows 8. Any suggestions?
I've had the computer less than a month and if I have to restore the system completely it will not cause much of a problem.

Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Dell Laptop w/ Windows 8 won't boot past dell logo screen

Hello Univers789,
Re-installing windows is the last resort. So before doing that, you can try the steps mentioned below which might fix the issue. 1. Restart the laptop and start tapping the F2 key at the Dell logo for enter the BIOS. 2. Navigate to the “Advanced” menu. 3. Change the SATA operation/selection in BIOS from Intel Smart Response to AHCI. 4. Press F10 to save changes and exit. 5. Reboot the system. 6. Go back into the BIOS by tapping the F2 key and change the SATA operation/selection in BIOS from AHCI to Intel Smart Response. 7. Save changes and exit by pressing the F10 key. 8. Reboot the system and it should boot normally into Windows. In case the above steps don’t fix the issue, run the Pre-Boot System Assessment (PSA / ePSA) Diagnostics. Run the test and check if gives any error code. Note down the error code and update me with the same, would let you know the next course of action. Please write back with results. 

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I am working on a Dell model : DCSLA

When I go to boot up I get the black screen with the Dell logo in the middle and the two options in the upper right corner to either "F2" for setup or "F12" for boot menu. I cannot get it to do anything else. It will not read from a restore disk or hirem's restore utility disk either.

I have checked the ram and it seems to be ok. It had two 1gig chips and two 512gig chips. While I am working on it I took out the two 512's.

I am thinking it might be a bios issue but I am unfamiliar on how to reset or fix that. I have tested the hard drive and it seems to be ok. I have a usb cable that allows me to work on hard drives via the usb cable and power supply on my own computer. So far I haven't done anything but look at the drive and it seems ok. The computer should still boot up to the bios without a hard drive.

Can anyone help me in this matter? Can I reset the bios or reinstall then somehow? I don't want to be messing around where I don't know what I am doing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I do however see some jumpers on the motherboard. One is marked "clear pw" and the other is marked "clear cmos". Could this have something to do with it.

The computer doesn't have much in the way of information on it except the sticker which certifies it for Windows Vista Home Premium and of course the product key. The only thing it says in the way of model is # DCSL... Read more

A:Dell stuck on dell screen with setup or boot menu but no response

It will not read from a restore disk...Click to expand...

Did you set the boot order to CD first?

I have tested the hard drive and it seems to be ok.Click to expand...

How did you test the hard drive?

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Hi recently my Dell 2330 wont boot up properly. I press the power button and the light comes on the button and i hear the fan. The screen is a brighter black then after a few seconds the screen seems to go off but still power and fan running. Ive spoken to Dell and done all what they asked. Then today out the blue it came on as normal. I went to run a diagnostics test from a link Dell sent me and it asked me to restart the computer. I did and then it  did what it did before and has not come back on since. They have said it could be the motherboard. Any other suggestions ? Thanks

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Prior to this, I was gaming and my screen froze with many blue and white vertical lines across. I held down the power button to restart, but it only loads till the Dell logo with the dots circling then the screen will flicker with some random lines across (see attached image) and then it goes completely black after.

I tried many times to start and in 1 out of 5 tries, sometimes the Dell logo appears with "Please Wait" at the bottom and there are options to Troubleshoot, I am able to enter the Safe Mode with Networking. 
I tried doing a system recovery to an earlier date in Safe Mode and it ran till the part when it had to restart with the Dell logo, the same screen with lines appear again or sometimes just a black screen after the logo.

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I have a Dell inspiron 530 that will not boot. Its running xp professional with a core 2 quad. When I turn it on i hear one beep and it sticks at the boot splash screen. F2 and F12 do nothing. So far I have tried the following:

1)Swapped hard drive out with a known working one.
2)Removed both sticks of 1gig ram and placed them in different slots.
3)Swapped out one stick of ram at a time to determine if one is defective.
4)Swapped out all ram with known working ram.
5)Removed radeon graphics card.
6)Tried to do a repair on windows from a disk but I cannot get into the boot settings.
7)Tried unplugging everything except the monitor and power cord.

After attempting these steps I still receive the same results everytime. I was thinking about removing and re-seating the processor, but I figure someone with more knowledge than me would have another suggestion for me to try. I fear the worst for this PC assuming it is the motherboard or processor. No new hardware or software was added to this system when the issue started. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 stuck at dell splash/boot screen

Try clearing the CMOS, might be the solution. if that doesn't work you could try flashing the bios, here's the documention on how to do both. Just follow the steps exactly and you'll be fine, it requires you to go into the actual computer to do it.

hope it works, good luck

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Please please please someone help me!!!

I reset my laptop using F8 but during the reset my laptop died! I tried turning it back on annnnndddd now it won't go past Dell screen??? It loads the dell sign, I can press f2 for setup and f12 for boot options. Then the screen goes black after the dell thing has loaded (like it would when it turns on) then it stays black and reboots again. Like a reboot cycle almost.
I tried pressing f8 to get up the recovery settings but even that's not loading or coming up.
Somebody please help me, I need my laptop to do work and I don't have enough money to get it fixed professionally or buy a new one.

I aren't amazing with laptops so please give me like a dummies guide. I won't understand technical words but please help !

Thank you

A:Dell windows 10 won't boot past start up dell screen

Please put the service tag of your laptop in your next reply so we can tell exactly which model you have, click on this link for details :-

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The computer reads the CD and DVD drive, but stops booting when the blue Dell screen comes up. It is unresponsive to Ctrl-Alt-Delete and I do not have the original disks or XP disk.

Can anyone help?

A:[SOLVED] Boot Problem: Dell XPS 600 only get the blue Dell screen

Press F8 during bootup and see if you can get to the XP boot menu. If you can't get to the boot menu, it could be a hardware issue or corrupt files on the HDD. With a boot CD or XP CD you can verify the system will boot, that will help verify the hardware is mostly functional.

If you can reach the boot menu, try booting into Safe Mode. If it won't boot into Safe Mode, you will need the recovery disks or a XP CD and perform a Repair

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Hi. I have a dell xps 13. I purchased it in nov 2012 and it is running windows 8. It has been working perfectly until yesterday. When I turn it on the dell logo flashes up then it stops. I can see the f12 option in the bottom right and have managed to run diagnostics. It says there are no errors. It's like the laptop is running but I can't see anything on the screen. So frustrating. I tried to log a call but the dell site can't recofnise my service tag.

Please help. Kaisha

A:Dell xps 13 won't boot. Stuck after dell logo flashes up

Hi Kaisha,
It would be upsetting when the system is struck at the Dell logo. Please follow the steps provided below that can resolve the issue:
?Restart the computer and tap on Dell logo .Disable ISRT in the BIOS setup menu by selecting SATA mode and changing it to AHCI. .Save the changes and reboot windows.?Reboot from windows and enter BIOS setup menu again to set SATA mode back to RAID.?Restart Windows again and follow the steps below to Enable Intel Smart Response technology?Launch Intel RST UI from system TrayStep?Click Accelerate icon on top of page then click "Disassociate”?Click on “Select Device” under “Accelerated device” as none.?Select HDD and Acceleration mode to "Enhanced mode"?HDD will now accelerate again.
Also, Install the Microsoft update from the below mentioned link:
On the above link click on “Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872)”
Please let me know about the status of the issue.

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I recently rescued a Dell XPS 13 L321X from my place of work. The laptop appears to have system board issues. The mSATA disc has been removed and kept by the company, so there is currently no HDD in the laptop. I've tried to boot to the Dell ePSA test, but I'm not able to. When the laptop powers up, it starts with the Dell screen and sits there and I hear no POST beep. The laptop unfortunately has ran out of Dell warranty and I'd really like to save this laptop to have for personal use. I've removed the keyboard and used an external one, but no help. I've also removed the battery and discharged any outstanding static in the system, to see if that would help. I'd really appreciate if someone could give me a few pointers on how to diagnose what has broken here so I can get it replaced.
Many thanks

A:Dell XPS 13 L321X - Won't boot past Dell screen

Hi Tazzene11
Thanks for writing to us. 
Please run diagnostics from the f12 menu and let  us know the outcome. 
If possible remove the memory modules and try with one module at a time. 
Have you tried put in a HD and boot up? 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message


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I had an 80GB Seagate IDE hard drive in my Dell Dimension 2400 that was clearly dying. I have been using a boot CD to connect to the Internet for days now. I have replaced the old hard drive with an unused 250GB WD IDE drive and with difficulty gotten the computer to recognize it. I intended to boot to flash drive and use the boot CD to execute the transfer of an image of the old Seagate drive from its location on my external hard drive to the new internal hard drive. But the computer will only boot to flash drive when the new internal hard drive is removed. When the drive is in and I click Enter on "6. USB Flash Drive", I get the ""Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility" message over and over.

When I take the hard drive out, I can boot into flash drive again. I have A05 BIOS, and it appears to me from the Dell website that is as far as I can go.

How can I start booting into flash drive with my new hard drive in place, just as I did with my old hard drive in place?

Computer: Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop
CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2657 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard: DELL 0G1548
Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB
Old Drive: ST380011A, 78.1 GB, E-IDE (ATA-6)
New Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE (WD2500JB) 250GB 8MB... Read more

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My Vostro 230 HD crashed I got a new drive installed it but when I boot the pc and tell it in the boot startup to boot from dvd it says no boot device. I used another dvd from a vostro 230 and same results. Does the Dell system restore dvd boot? If not how do I restore the system if so what am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any ideas.

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Dell inspiron 2 years old. My daughters Computer ran fine before this. Will not boot in safe mode. or last known good configuration. Ran Dell diagnostic, HD short test failed. Tried booting F12 CD/DVD from Vista CD, optical drive makes noise but screen returns to failed boot. Tried other boot disc same thing, noise like its being read, but nothing on screen. Optical drive worked fine before this episode.

A:Dell will not boot into Windows, optical drive makes noise will not boot from CD

Are you saying you believe the optical drive and hard disk have failed, or you think the optical drive has failed?

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Not an expert. Tried a lot of things trying to make my laptop dual boot Win and Lin. UEFI doesnt work anymore (no boot options available), I have AHCI off, use legacy boot option, secure boot off.
Installing Ubuntu gives fatal error installing Grub.
If I run the Startup repair from the W10 DVD it sais it cant repair.
So there seems to be something wrong with the boot sector?
Now I can only install W10, before I could install Linux but even that doesn't work anymore due to the bootloader error. Before it installed but had different problems with the bootloader. Either it wouldnt show up (and started W10) or it just restarted after choosing W10, only Linux would boot.
Tried to delete all partitions with Gparted from live usb but no result.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi,The computer I've messed up is a Dell Inspiron 545ST desktop, dual-core processor, Windows 7, 6 GB RAM, 750 GB HD. Eight months old, still under warranty. I haven't backed up anything because, like making a will, I figured there was plenty of time. My tech knowledge is slightly above average--a dangerous thing.I created a new, FAT32 (I believe; the computer's default is NTFS, of course) 20-GB partition using free, online software that seemed OK. (I don't know which because I can't access it now.) I used it to transfer Windows 98 files from a USB-connected enclosure containing an old hard drive to the partition, which it seemed to do flawlessly.I chose the software's option to make the partition bootable. I thought maybe if anything was funky, it would be isolated and I could destroy the monster I created. Wrong!I received an error message I do not remember. I figured, OK, that failed, but I still have the partition and the data.When I rebooted, instead of Windows and my desktop, the Dell diagnostic screen came up. I ran every test, but, like they all are, it was useless. I rebooted and found that was now the default boot-up screen. After trying numerous fixes and about 30 reboots, I got this error message: Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [1c]. The error message has never repeated.I called Dell, but they blew me off because it's software related.To dig myself deeper, I tried Ultimate Boot CD, which was hours... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 545ST partition or boot error; won't boot to Windows

You will need to repair the boot sector on Windows 7 using fixmbr while under Recovery/Repair Console. you can only have 1 active partition that is bootable in a machine at one time.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Windows Vista OS. I have a Dell 926 printer interfaced to it via USB. Printer driver is installed and the printer does communicate at times with the computer and does a good job printing. However, intermittently when trying to print a document I'll get a message on the computer that says that communication has been lost and print job failed.

I've checked all connections to make sure they are solid and no debris that might cause this.
That has not corrected the problem.
The other thing that happens is that the document I want to print will stay in the print queue/spooler and if I shut the computer and printer down and restart both it will print the job. And it may continue to print jobs but it's just a matter of time.

Needless to say this is frustrating. I can print several jobs in a row with no problem and then I'll get this "communication has been lost between printer and computer". And I have to go thru the procedure above to get the last job printed.

My wife doesn't understand how this works and will try to print the same job several times with the commo problem and then complains when it won't print.....and then they all print when the above procedure is followed.

Any ideas what is going on??? Any fixes??

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So over the past 2-3 weeks I kept noticing that my battery kept dying even though I would shut it down (yes window > shutdown) the computer with a full battery. The next evening I would power up and see that the battery was at 20% from full charge. This is a BRAND NEW as in <2 months XPS 9550. I checked my event log and WHAT THE [email protected]#$??? It is absolutely filled with Dell Foundation Service and Dell Product Registration events all saying  " Power event Handled Successfully by the service." Clearly it is not.. The stupid things run every 10 seconds. So when I think I am powering down my computer, it is being blocked by these services and actually just going to sleep... but it actually isn't sleeping. Its waking up every 10 seconds. Can anyone PLEASE help me determine the issue. Apparently according to update service everything is up to date. 
Dell XPS 15 9550 Win 10 Dell Foundation Services vers 3.1.330 DFSSvc.exeDell Product Registration  vers 2.2.38 PrSvc.exeDell Update Service vers 1.8.114
Log sample: (note the time... yes i was asleep) 
Information 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformati... Read more

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The short version of my question is exactly what the topic says-- Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

But, here's the wordier version giving context, if anyone's interested.

About 10 months ago, I guess, I got a Dell Vostro that came with Windows Vista Home Basic. However, I had no interest in Vista (because I already had a Windows machine) and the very first thing I did was install Ubuntu on it. I still have the Vista reinstall disk, though, which, to my memory, hasn't been used.

Now I'm planning on getting a barebones system and upgrading what I see fit. For the time being, I'm going to use the Windows 7 RC, but I'd like to get the uber-great upgrade deal that they're having to pre-order either the Business or Home Premium version upgrade. So, to do that, I'd need an XP installation or a Vista installation. Is there any reason, legal or software-related, that I wouldn't be able to install Vista using that disk that came with the Vostro?

I heard somewhere that sometimes if you try, it'll say something like "This is not a Dell computer, you evil, evil person" and refuse to install, so I wanted to make sure before I pre-ordered the upgrade. I don't want to get the upgrade and have nothing to upgrade, of course.

A:Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

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my dell inspiron3135 series 3000 cant boot it replays no boot device is my hdd dead and how can i repair it

A:my dell inspiron3135 series 3000 cant boot it replays no boot device is my hdd dead and how can i repair it

Check to see if the hard drive shows up in the boot list (F2 at powerup).  If it doesn't, it's toast.
If it does show up, run a full diagnostic (F12 at powerup) on the drive -- if it fails it'll need to be replaced.  If the system is under warranty, call Dell with the error;  if not, any 2.5" 7 mm drive will work as a replacement.

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All it does is boot to startup repair. I am NOT willing to do a clean install of Win7x64! I have to much important stuff on this laptop and do not have enough space to store it on anything else.

Dell Inspiron 1545
4gb ram
500Gb Hdd

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't boot into safe mode or boot at all.

If you have a lot of important stuff on the laptop then it's imperative you get an external hard drive large enough to hold it. Murphy's law will strike with vengeance if you don't. Back it up now before you lose it.

Once you have it backed up then you can try things to fix this. Until then you are risking your precious data.

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Two months ago bought a Dell 8900 from Best Buy. After 20 days, it would not start, same with the next 8900 replacement... only fewer days. The first gameware as a replacement did not start at all. The Alienware Aurora worked beautifully for 3 days and then would not start. In the 8900's,,, got the blinking amber lights on the start button. Tech is coming to replace motherboard. What the heck is happening? Could it be the monitor... or the external hard drive or what? Come on Dell,,, what's up? I have a Dell XP Laptop as a back up using the same external hard ddrive.

A:Dell 8900, Gaming Computer, Dell Alienware Aurora

There is a power issue with the external hard drive.

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Dell XPS 8500 Won't boot into safe mode or boot at all. i tried to run DELL diagnostics but the whole PC just went dead halfway.

pl advise. thanks!

A:Dell XPS 8500 Won't boot into safe mode or boot at all.


I am no geek or expert (just another home user).
But if you can't even get into the F12 Dell diagnostics, it sounds like catastrophic hardware failure.

But you might try this tutorial:
Windows 7: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Is it under warranty?

Hope this helps,

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Was given a Dell Optiplex 360 that I found out after getting a nasty virus had a bootleg XP OS
I also did not have any disks with it. I had older disks for a Dell 4600 that I used to wipeout the hard drive and install the new OS. Everything works fine except that I can not load any of the drivers from the second disk, (it was a 3 disk series)
thus at least at this point not able to connect with my cable internet. Cable people told me I needed the drivers.Any suggestions or can it just not be done.
Thanks, Al

A:Loading Older Dell OS To Newer Dell Computer

You will have to go to the dell website look under support and then drivers and downloads for your model of computer.If you use the service tag number on the computer it will make sure you get the correct ones you need. For future reference so you wont have this hassle again burn all of the drivers to a cd so you will be all set the next time.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530, XP PRO, SP3, about a year and a half old. Almost since I first got it, every few months or so, when I boot up it hangs on the Dell screen. When I turn it off and reboot, it is fine. I use Rebit to back up everything on an ongoing basis and have an extended warranty from Dell. Is there anything I can do about this, or should do? Thanks for your help.

A:Dell computer occasionally stuck on Dell screen

I would run a memory tester

Download the prebuilt ISO, burn it to CD as an Image, boot from that CD and run the memory test for a couple of hours or overnight to stress test the memory.


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Dell Audio doesn't work on my Dell computers but Realtek does. Why is Dell Audio on my computer if I can't get it to work? It looks like a better program with far more features.

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ok I have windows XP On Both Off my computers but my other one has a dell monitor and I've tried to get it to work so many times I got lucky I think twice first time it worked but then I shut it off for the night then I had a hard time to get it to work but I finally did and after that I can't get it to work it keeps saying to set it up through the disc drive I think I haven't turned it on for a bit I'll have to check it,
but can anyone help with what I said?

A:Does A Dell Monitor Work With A Non-Dell Computer?

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My battery for the above computer has expired and needs to be replaced but I do not know who sells replacement batteries XBT9E1 or compatible ones.

A:How do I buy a battery for my Dell computer Mod. Dell DE051

I believe the replacement battery you are after is a CR2032. If in doubt take the flat battery to your electronics store and ask for the equivalent. They're not very expensive.

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Can anyone suggest a way to get a dell 770 printer to work on a non dell win98 system?

My friend was given the printer from his friends, but it's a dell and it's pretty muh brand new so he doesn't want to throw it away. It's also better than his current printer

Anyway, he uses the dell install disk but once it begins and runs the setup app it gives a message akin to pirating. Saying something like -this computer does not support dell , or something like - this computer is not a dell.

Can anyone offer advice. I did a search on google and dells' site and here.
I couldn't quite find anything that might lead me to an answer..?


A:dell printer for non dell computer??

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I have connected my old Dell printer AIO 924 to my new Dell XPS 8500. I can't seem to figure out how to scan. I had no trouble with my old computer, but can't scan since connecting to my new XPS 8500. Can anyone help me please? Do I have to get A new driver? If so, where do I get it? Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:new Dell computer/old Dell printer

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I have a two year old Dell PC with Windows 7. I got a virus in my computer that by phone and computer takeover Norton located in my MBR. When they cleaned it my computer will no longer boot up. Norton worked with me for three days on the problem but we were unable to fix the computer. I followed other web sites and repaired my MBR but it still will not boot up. I tried System Repair, Check point, Image, and Dell system restore and all failed. I have tried to use the Windows install CD and all I get is a black screen with a flashing cursor and then after 3 minutes the compute attempts to boot again and fails. I tried everything to try and wipe the drive from C prompt and it will not let me. I have very weak computer skills but I can follow directions and I have wiped a previous computer I owned. (I confirmed that my CD drive is working) I also should mention I have a second hard drive on my computer that I backed everything up to.

A:Dell Computer PC will not load Windows install CD from computer crash

See if you can reset the BIOS hardware/software connections and then clear the CMOS to access your Windows 7 install disc.
Resetting hardware/software connections in the BIOS and clearing temporary memory of corruption:Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

Clear the CMOS:Use your system manual to find instructions for accessing the BIOS...
In the BIOS, go to the EXIT screen...
Choose load setup/optimized defaults... Read more

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So, a while back my Dell XPS 410 stopped working completely and will not boot or display anything on screen. I have no clue what the problem is but it started this when i removed a Creative Soundblaster PCI card. When i press the power button, it powers on, but will not display image, and the 1 2 3 4 LED indicator on the front wont display a code. So i sent it to my dads friend and he "supposedly" looked at it and said it was the video card. I have not gotten around to testing it yet. While my pc was gone, i went out and bought another PC which has no PCI expansion ports, only PICe ports. So i will test the video card on that pc. I do not know what color the power button is, as i am partially color blind and rely on others to help me with that but i will ask. The power supply has been replaced and i tried multiple PSU's. The hard drive still works fine and is in my current PC. RAM is not faulty, as it has been tested. Not totally sure about the processor because i have no way to test it and can not get into BIOS. The light on the mother board was green last time i asked someone. I have only tried the VGA output on the video card, but not the DVI or SVideo so i think i will try that as well.

I pretty much tested all hardware and i think it is the MB or the Video Card. I just want to figure this out so i can buy a replacement part, as this was used as a server type PC.

Any other info needed, let me know.

A:Dell XPS 410 Will not boot what so ever.

As you were inside the PC to remove the SoundBlaster card, you many have accidentally disconnected a cable or one that is partially connected. Check the "innards" to see that everything is connected/connected properly.

Do you get any beeps when you first power it on?

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Getting error has show in picture below.

Try to enter safe mode and receive same error.
If you boot form a CD, Windows XP or Bart PE CD. Acts like it is loading the files then goes to this error screen again.

Example, booting from PE CD it says it's loading Bart PE. Gets to the very end of the loading, then restarts to the Windows XP logo followed by this error again.

I tried to plug the hard drive into an external USB adapter to see if I could recover any files, and it's not showing up in My Computer, but it will show up in Disk Management saying like 5.9 free space unallocated.
Anyone have ideas on how to boot this up, or recover any files off of it?

I've done the Dell diagnostics and everything came back Passing.

A:XP Dell Won't Boot Up

This is what shows up in disk management.. Nothing shows up in My Computer when I attach the hard drive.

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When I turn on my Dell CPX laptop on it goes to the setup screen. When in the booting screen is pauses. Sometime hitting the space bar frees it up so it continues booting. When it goes to the setup screen, the keyboard does not function. It keeps reverting to the wrong time if I can even change it. Other times, after several attempts it will boot. The keyboard still does not function. I have tried several hard drives with different operating systems. Same result. Also, when booted, the help screen keeps popping up and it “dings.” I have tested it with several virus detection software, it is clean. It has the latest bios. Any suggestions?

A:Dell CPX Won't Boot

If the time is being lost it sounds like the CMOS setup is not being kept, probably due to a failed CMOS battery on the motherboard.

Replace the battery. Its probably a job for a service agent unless you are skilled at microsurgery...

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When booting, I get an error message: missing file: system32\hal.dll.
Also, when I try to boot from dvd, I get a message that there is a failure. The dvd drive is recognized in the bios and I tried an extertnal drive also without success.
i recently upgraded from xp to vista but all was working fine. I also replaced memory but Dell diagnostic testing showed all tests passed. Please help. Thanks.

A:dell xps 200 won't boot

What DVD are you using and what is the exact error?

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I'm writing this for a friend in another State, so I'm getting this second hand. His computer is down and of course he has no internet, so I'm posting this for him:

My friend has a Dell Dimension running Vista Home Basic. He said a few days ago he got a "Blue Screen" with a crash dump message. After the blue screen he said the screen went blank.

Next he turned the computer off by holding down the power button as he didn't have any graphics. After this he restarted the computer normally by turning on the monitor and pressing the computer power button. He says it booted normally and ran normally for a couple of days.

Now the computer will not boot up. There are no graphics after powering up the monitor and computer. The computer is emitting a "Beeping" sound; two beeps in two seconds, followed by a two second pause then another two beeps in two seconds continuously.

The only idea I had was to suggest that he try to boot to safe mode and select "restore to last known good configuration", but this did nothing since he has no graphics.

Ideas? What do the beeps mean?
Thanks for your help!

A:Dell Won't Boot

Dell BIOS Beep Codes.

Also look at this.

Or even here.

I would reseat the video card first.

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Have Dell Deminson B110,Won`t go past window the apoligises for not starting,gives mode etc. still won`t boot can use F1 an F12 but comes back to same window and still won`t boot! I hit ctrl an F11 and get restore window but I afraid to Will this help and I just start over from day one or what?? Help please !! Also iv`e lost any CD`s that came with system! Thanks in advance!

A:Dell won`t boot!?

Cntl + F11 engages the Dell restore program . . it will restore the drive to the condition when shipped. You will loose all data and any applications you have installed since you got it.

See this for how to get replacements for the CD's

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All I did was shut it down because the electrician was here working.
I booted it back up, it did the dell splash screen, sat there for awhile, then I got a screen that said -
avaliable, press Enter to retry
It looks like the words are off the screen. I press Enter and it just comes back, never boots.
On the Dell splash screen it says I can press F2 for set up or F12 for boot menu.
I can get to those screens, but it takes forever and it does nothing anyway.

A:XP sp3 Dell pc won't boot

Did you leave it plugged in? I'm assuming mains power was off at the time.
When you get the offset display, can you press the monitor's auto-adjust button if avalable, or if it's that type, move the horizontal position so you see more. I wonder if it's stuck at the detection stage.
Perhaps it's a problem due to a failing CMOS cell and the mains power loss caused a problem. Try resetting the BIOS to defaults. Are you comfortable with such operations?

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Hi Peeps, I've just brought my first PC from eBay, a refurbished Dell Optiplex 270 SFF The computer has XP installed and the advert said it was ready to use but it won't boot up to Windows. I get a message Primary drive 0 not found The seller has not gotton back to me yet and I'm anxious I have been into the system utility but don't know what to do...It did not come with any disks
Does anybody have any advice or tips on how to get up and running

Thanks in advance

A:Dell 270 Will Not Boot Up to XP

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Hello TechSpot, Its been about 2 years since I bought my dell xps 600 and so far its been really nice. Ive had no problems with this computer or any complaints about it until just recently. I had a long night of gaming and it was time for bed, so I shut down my system and went to sleep. Next morning I woke up to turn on my Pc and It would turn on but then quickly get loud like a lawnmower and the fans go ballistic and wont boot up. Ive tried everything Ive pulled the pins to reset the bios removed the battery and took the machine apart and put it all back together only to have the same results.

I haven't over clocked my system nor have I thought about it.

I dont have a warranty on this sucker anymore so I dont want to pay a few hundred bucks to have it shipped to dell.

Anyone experience the same thing?

A:Dell XPS 600 won't Boot

If that XPS 600 is like the ones we have worked on, it is using a Fujitsu hard drive that has a lot of earlier failures. My guess is that all will be ok, when you replace the hard drive... and you can probably install it in a desktop on an adapter, as a slave, and drag and drop or rescue the files with recovery software.
The problem is usually bubbling up magnetic media on the first 11 megabytes of the plates... but the rest of the drive can still be used to rescue data.

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Went from a 32bit motherboard to a 64bit. Installed new 2x2gb memory for a total of 8gb also installed new processor. While waiting for the parts to arrive I cleaned everything inside. Installed two new 1tb HDs and new (referbished) video card. The day I took the motherboard out I went into the hospital (kinda sucked) so forgot where all the wires go. Common since the wires are pretty stright forward, connectors only fit certian plugs. Put it all together except I can't find out where plug P4 connects to. Problem on startup I get two beeps and front panel lights 1,2,3 on 4 off. No video. Any help will be appriciated as I've sunk a lot of money into this thing, should have replaced it but love the machine. Thank in advance.

A:Dell XPS won't boot up

P4 should be located near the CPU for auxiliary CPU power. It is usually 4 pins

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The good news is, the data is salvageable. The bad news, it's costly. There are many recovery services available and if you really want to do it, try a trusted local service. Unless the unit is business related, it's probably not going to be worth it. Even though you might not be recovering from it, physically destroy the disc since your sensitive data could be used by someone with bad intentions.

A:XP Dell won't boot up

Thanks so much.

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ok here is my story. I bought a refurbished Dell XPS. I had a simple problem that the computer would not turn on all the time I would have to turn it off and on 5 or 6 time and then it would boot up. Called Dell tech they said to send it in and they would repair it. got it back with what they did upgraded the bio and replaed the video card.

I have

3.4 GHZ
128 9700 Athalon
1 gig ram
The problem now is this
I turn on the computer goes through booting with Win XP then the screen clears when it is supposed to open to my desktop but instead the screen turns red (with a small pop/crunch noice)and reboots with the standard options

boot last normal boot
boot safe
boot safe with network

now sometimes I choose a combo of options or sometimes just one and it will go into window XP with no problem. Once in windows I can reboot, turn off and on the computer with no problems. If I turn off the computer for about an hour it will do the same thing. With the red screen

I have done the following

got restore disks and reimaged my machine from the disks

installed latest video drivers from dell

i am waiting on Dell to get back to me since this is my 4th call on this brand new (refurbished) machine.

please add any help you can.


A:Dell XPS does not boot?

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can anyone help dimension e520 with xp media center edition 2005.its about 18 months old.when its turned on starts to boot then we get error messagewindows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:<windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exeplease re-install a copy of the above file.tried booting in safe mode just getting error message didnt come with a windows disc so ive tried to windows 95,windows 98 and xp discs to see if i can get it to pick up the missing file it starts to load until it comes to setup is loading windows then bsod a problem has been detected ...... run chkdsk /f (which i cant because i can only get this far ) and error message sayingstop: 0x0000007B(0xF7A8E63C, 0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000fitted new hard drive and tried loading xp but just get the same message as above tried internet to sort it out but not getting anywhere just more confused tried different mouse and keyboard in different ports no changecant get into system to run restoretaken battery out to see if it will reset systemany ideas will be appreciated but please be patient as no ones computer savvy

A:Dell Will Not Boot

You will need to find a XP Media Center CD and perform a repair install.

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531s will not boot I have looked at lots of fixs nothing has worked changed hard drive,motherboard,memory boards every thing except power supply .

A:531 dell will not boot

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Dell XPS600
Pentium D Processer 830 with Dual Core @ 3.0GGHz, 800FSB
Vista Ultimate
GeForce 8400 GS 512 MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card
Sound Card : SoundBlaster X-FI XtreamMusic
Memory 3GB
160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)

I got a BSOD and powered it down, when it restarted my power button is solid amber and the Diag Lite is green on #2.

I had remove and reseated the memory, graphic and sound card. With everything off when I plugged in my power cord the power button turned solid amber and #4 Diag lite is green. Reveiwing the diag lite table it does not show #4 on by its self so with that light on can you tell me what the problem might be ?

Checked and all the fans are working OK. With the Power Switch in the off position and when I plugged in the power cord the power button goes solid amber and the #4 diag lite is green. Power off using the power button the fans turn off but #4 diag lite still stays on.
Also I noticed that the power for the cd/dvd was not present in this condition....unable to open drives.
Any ideas would be greatly appericated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cloys1

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Dell XPS600
Pentium D Processer 830 with Dual Core @ 3.0GGHz, 800FSB
Vista Ultimate
GeForce 8400 GS 512 MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card
Sound Card: SoundBlaster X-FI XtreamMusic
Memory 3GB
160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)

I got a BSOD and powered it down, when it restarted my power button is solid amber and the Diag Lite is green on #2.

I had remove and reseated the memory, graphic and sound card. With everything off when I plugged in my power cord the power button turned solid amber and #4 Diag lite is green. Reveiwing the diag lite table it does not show #4 on by its self so with that light on can you tell me what the problem might be ?

Checked and all the fans are working OK. With the Power Switch in the off position and when I plugged in the power cord the power button goes solid amber and the #4 diag lite is green. Power off using the power button the fans turn off but #4 diag lite still stays on.
Any ideas would be greatly appericated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cloys1

A:Dell XPS 600 will not boot up?

A bad power supply... Just because you have some fans and lights working, this doesn't mean that the power supply is good

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While I'm waiting for the CD's to reinstall the OS, I press the power on button & I see a faint light show up on the monitor & the keyboard lights flicker on for a bit too but thats it.
F8 didn't work so when reading from this link
I tried the Shift & F8 key to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get it to the desktop in hopes of doing a system recovery?

A:Dell W8 won't boot to desktop

If the computer is not posting to the bios. I doubt a restore disk will help. There maybe a little more wrong with it.

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Dell Inspiron. Windows Vista.
My computer suddenly died.
When I try to turn it on I get this message:
         Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
         1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
         2. Choose your language settings, and then click 'Next'.
         3. Click 'Repair your computer'.
         Other options:
         If power was interrupted during startup, choose start windows Normally.
             Safe Mode
             Safe mode with Networking
             Safe Mode with Command Prompt
             Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)
             Start Windows Normally
When I choose Start Windows Normally or Last Known Good Configuration, nothing happens.
When I choose any Safe Mode option, it says 'Loading Windows Files, Please Wait.' But nothing happens.
When I Insert the Windows installation disc and press' F12 Boot Options', and select Boot with CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive, I get to the Language Settings Screen.
I then have the options of Installing Windows Vista or Repair Your Computer.
If I s... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron won't boot

The installation CD you're using to recovery (Repair option) doesn't apply with the OS bit version or the CD got damaged.
To rescue your files, you can make with a working computer a Ubuntu Live CD:
More information:

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I am trying to get my old dell 4300 series to work. When I turn it on it tells me. Windows could not start because the following file is either missing or corrupt.


Then when I go into the windows setup using the f12 key right when the windows first starts it asks for a password. I can not remember the password. Is there anyway to fix this. Also If I need a whole new Windows XP disk. I do not have one. I am wondering if there is anyway to get the whole XP file somewhere online and burn it to a DVD? I do have a CD. It says Dell Optiplex Resource CD. But it says for drivers and utilities already installed on your computer.

Device drivers
Diagnostics and utilities
online documentation.

Is there anyway to fix this at all.

I have installed a new HDD on the computer I still have the same old HDD it originally had. But I put another one in.

It is a Dell 4300 series. Year 2003

A:Trying to boot an old dell 4300

You can go into your bios and change the password in there. Set it to nothing. As for the rest of your problem, I'm in the same boat as you with my old Dell laptop. Same exact error message. From what I gathered it seems to be a bad hard drive. It will do a quick format and it will work for a week or so then the error message. If I try the full format it sits at 64% for 4 days and then freeze's. So waiting on new hard drive for laptop.

Do you have a copy of the OS. If not call Dell and I think for less than $20, they will send you a copy but with out all the added software that came with it.

When installing the new hard drive, did you format it and then install the OS?

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Okay, So I was surfing the net, when I got the dreaded BSOD, so I restarted my machine, and the flash screen cameup okay, at first, after the flash screen, it was saying

"Loading descriptor for PBR 2...done

Disk Read error
Press control, alt, delete ro restart"

now it is saying

"Loading descriptor for PBR 4...done

disk error
press any key to restart"

I don't have the recovery CD, and Dell is not being kind, is there a way or files that i can download to get my comp up and running so i can try and fix the problem? I have pics of my daughter on my HDD that I need to save, I can't get the comp to load in safe mode, what can i do, please help!!!

A:Dell Windows XP Boot...PLEASE Help!

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Hi, my dell laptop froze on me yesterday and when I restarted it goes past the Dell logo where you can get into bios and goes into a black screen where it repeats a sound and just stays there till it says ERROR ON C:/ and it gives you the choice to Abort, Retry ....

So I decided to chkdsk and it told me how much hd i've used and how much i had left etc anywayz when I scandisk/all it freezes everytime at 4% when it checks the Directory structure...

How can I fix this problem ??? so it will let me start windows again

ps: I'm running Windows 98


A:My Dell Laptop Won't boot up !!

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My laptop powers on, but will not boot up. The power lights blink for forty-four times, then it powers off. The battery is fully charged, and I am completely stumped at what to do. Thanks.

A:dell e1505 won't boot up

Hi and welcome to TSF
Possible AC adapter trouble

Check the power light

When the power light is lit or blinking, the computer has power. If the power light is blinking, the computer is in standby mode—press the power button to exit standby mode. If the light is off, press the power button to turn on the computer.

Charge the battery

The battery charge may be depleted.
Reinstall the battery.
Use the AC adapter to connect the computer to an electrical outlet.
Turn on the computer.

Check the battery status light

If the battery status light flashes orange or is a steady orange the battery charge is low or depleted. Connect the computer to an electrical outlet.
If the battery status light flashes green and orange, the battery is too hot to charge. Shut down the computer, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet, and then let the battery and computer cool to room temperature.
If the battery status light rapidly flashes orange, the battery may be defective. Contact Dell. See Contacting Dell.

Check the battery temperature

If the battery temperature is below 0?C (32?F), the computer will not start up.

Test the electrical outlet

Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another device, such as a lamp.

Check the AC adapter

Check the AC adapter cable connections. If the AC adapter has a light, ensure that the light is on.

Connect the computer directly to an electrical outlet

Bypass power prot... Read more

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 545 Desktop and this morning it refuses to Boot Up for me.
It's running Win7 64-bit (not that I think that matters as I suspect HW failure here possibly) and here is what is happening.

On Boot up, I get the "beep" from the Mobo, the Dell Inspiron splash screen is displayed with Progress Bar halfway across the screen and then nothing, it just "hangs".

I have tried:
- disconnecting the CD/DVD Drive
- Pressing F8, F2 and F12 on Boot uo to access options but so far have been unsuccessful
- Removed all but one RAM card, TV Tuner card and only left Graphics Card connected as I don't have a spare and there is no integral video card.
- Removed CMOS Battery for 5 minutes or so, replaced and rebooted.
- Disconnected HDD (I noted that the results are the same so I am guessing the issue is the MoBo is not "seeing" the HDD So I tried different data cable (no change) and verified that on Boot Up I can feel the HDD Disk is actually spinning.

Can you guys think of anything I might be missing here? Anything else I should check more closely or swap out? Cooling fans all running fine, all seems good just cannot seem to get past the Splash Screen whatever I do.

Thanks for any help and advice.


A:Dell Inspiron 545 won't Boot Up

Download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature. Burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and long tests. If either fails the HDD needs to be replaced.

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Hi, I'm new, this is my first post.

I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD. I've removed all but one stick of RAM.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Dell 4600 won't boot

Find ot what Hard Drive is in it, and download the Diagnostic from the manufacturer - you can make a booable floppy or CD.

Obviously, you have to set it to boot from Floppy or CD 1st - which is probably why your install CD isn't working.

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Will only go to light blue screen with white dots only going in a half circle. Light blue screen flashes. I need installation disc. Please help. <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

A:Dell 3543 won't boot

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please check if you are able to boot into <F12> and run the on-board diagnostics.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hi, my Dell Inspiron laptop will not boot up. I have recently reset it to factory settings. It seemed to go well, I restored some files then installed the many updates and everything seemed fine until this morning. I switched it on and it's just been stuck on the boot up screen just before the windows icon appears. There is a loading bar above Microsoft corporation which just keeps moving across. Can anybody help or should I just through it out the window stamp on it, run it over and stamp on it again.
Many thanks

A:Dell laptop won't boot up

Hi Penneylad,


As the system is not booting up, kindly try booting the system in safe mode and check if the system works. The steps are:

1. Restart the computer.
2. Tap the <F8> key on the keyboard during the boot process until you see the Windows Advanced Options Menu on the screen.
3. Select Safe mode, from the menu using the arrow keys on the keyboard and then press the <Enter> key.
4. Select Administrator at the log in screen.
A Warning dialog box with the message Windows is running in safe mode appears.
5. Click the Yes button.
The desktop appears with the words Safe Mode appearing in all four corners. Kindly check if the system runs fine in safe mode.

Glad to Help.

Thanks & Regards,

Dell Social Media Responder

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Got a dell compter here, 4100.
Was working 2 hours ago.
nephew came home and turned it on, and we get a "previous fan error" or something like that.

It will not boot up to xp.
Ran f12 system options,.
Had it run diagnosticks on HD, it sees the HD. But will not boot.
We get just a blank blinking "-" cursor in the upper left corner.
Any suggestions?


A:Solved: Dell w/xp will not boot

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I want to fix my un-bootable WIN XP *OR* transfer *everything* from this 12 y.o. WIN XP (on a DELL 8400) to an appropriate WIN 8 version. But my XP won't open (missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\config\system). I lost my Setup CD ROM. I lost my password to open a repair function. I do have my original purchase paperwork to prove I am the rightful, original owner of my XP.

A:How to get my WIN XP on a DELL 8400 to boot

Is your intent to install Windows 8 on a 12 year old computer? If so, I suggest you rethink that idea.If you are planning on getting a new computer you can either install the old hard drive into the new computer or connect it using a USB docking device.The hard drive doesn't need to be boot-able when installed as a second hard drive. You should be able to read all the data, assuming you didn't encrypt the hard drive in the Dell.You can't transfer programs. Any that you have disk for and are compatible with Windows 8 will need to be installed again on the new platform. I assume you do NOT have any backup/ images? In the future you should get into the habit of performing regular backups of at least your personal files.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. About 3 weeks ago I spilled a large glass of milk on my laptop. I instantly turned it off, cleaned what I could, took out the battery, hard drive, and disc drive, and let it stand on it's side for awhile to drain. I also lifted the keyboard to wipe under it. There was milk on most of the components, but I am fairly certain none got on the hard drive. I let the computer dry for 48 hours, and when I rebooted everything worked perfectly. I did notice a slight decrease in how much my computer could run at a time, it started going a little slower. It also froze up completely once, and I shut down, and rebooted and it was fine. A few days ago it froze up again and when I tried to reboot it comes to an error and says, F1 to resume, F2 to setup, F3 or Num 9 to Reboot. I had gotten this error before but never more than once at a time. Now Rebooting brings me to this same screen, and pressing F1 to resume takes me to an "Operating System not found" error. When I first turn on the computer it takes a few seconds to load and I can hear a very faint clicking from the hard drive area. If I let the computer cool for a few hours when I reboot it boots normally. I have no idea what is going on, or how much of this problem is directly related to my spill. Thanks for any help.

A:Dell Boot troubles

This probably is milk related... Once I spilt water in my old laptop and when it booted, the sound was all crackly and the keyboard would type strangely. Like if I typed K once it would keep going like KKKKKKKKKKKK

Because it's milk, when it evaporates, it leaves a dry, sticky residue. I'll bet it's causing your errors. You might want to take it to a computer shop for them to clean it up if they are able to do that for you.

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Have a Dell laptop is win XP pro 32bit. It was running fine when I went to bed but next day turned it on and it couldn't boot had a message saying " unmountable_boot_volume " . Codes behind it were 0x000000ED ( 0x82324030, 0xc0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000.). Failed the DST Short Status test. Had statement saying " Log contains previous errors ". I think I've tried all combos of F keys alone and with an, control, even alt try to bring up factory setting app. Help plz.

A:Dell Latitude 600 cannot boot up

" unmountable_boot_volume""Failed the DST Short Status test""Log contains previous errors"Put those 3 statements together & it's very likely your hard drive has failed. Hopefully you have backup copies of any important data because you may not be able to recover it. Try running a diagnostics test to confirm the hard drive's status. edited by riider

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I have a dell dest top computer that wont boot up. I have floppy disk but it tells me the boot device is not available. It tells me the same thing when I click on the cd-rom, but I dont have a cd anyway. Please help me get it stored back to factory settings

A:my dell dest top will not boot up

What is the exact make and model of the computer?So the computer does POST?Is it possible that the floppy disc has simply failed and that's why it isn't being recognized as a bootable device? They tend to be fairly unreliable...What is it that was on the floppy disc that you think you should be able to boot from?What happens when you try to boot from the hard drive?User Info Page Biography for full specs.

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My laptop will no longer boot windows 7. When I turn it on the dell logo is displayed and tge loading bar completes. Then there is a black screen with a white cursor briefly at the top left then black forever. The fans are still running. I can not get to the boot menu by pressing f8 or f11 however I can get to the boot options by pressing f12. I had a ubuntu diak lying around so I put that in and booted from the disk. I was not able to access the drive that winows is installed on. When trying it told me it couldnt mount it because windows was hibernated. I deleted the hiberfile and now I can access the drive and everything on it but windows still will not boot. I suspect I just need to repair my windows installation but I don't have a windows repair disk. I figure there may be a way to fix windows through ubuntu or download the contents of a windows repair disk onto a flashdrive and use that to boot and repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:dell xps 17 windows will not boot

Dell has restore options available via F8 at power on. Depending on what you've done with the hard drive these recovery options may or may not be available. If they are, one of them is PC Restore that will restore the PC to the original factory condition (and no discs are needed).

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After turning power on, Dell Inspiron 530 freezes on the Dell title page. Top right corner display F2 and F12 but the computer does not respond to any key strike. Last task performed before problem as a full system scan with McAfee Total Protection. No issues detected.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 will not boot

That could be hardware or corrupt boot files. Turn the unit off. Take off the side panel find and remove the ram modules, then put them back in, making sure you put them in the right way and they snap firmly into place. If you are sure it's correct turn it on see what it does. It sounds actually like it is not chatting with the hard drive. So if the ram idea does nothing, turn off the unit and unplug the hard drive, and it's power. Turn on the unit and see if you get an error "stating there is no bootable device" present or similar. If it noticed the hard drive is not present with an error message, turn it off, plug the hard drive power and connector cable back in. If it goes back to freezing on the screen, either the hard drive is having issues which you can test for, or windows boot files are corrupt and you need to do a repair of the operating system to get windows loading again. My best guesses....having not looked at it;)

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Had a Dell XPS M1530 since around February last year and was working fine up till now. Left my computer in sleep mode last night (which i do fairly often) but when i got home today and tried to turn it on (by pressing the power button) the button only flashed on for about 3 seconds and there was no other response although i could hear hard drive whirring away.
After trying another 2 times I restarted computer (by holding in power button) and then tried to turn on. However i keep getting the same result of the blue flashing on for three seconds then turning back off.
Have tried taking out the battery out and putting back in and starting the computer with only power cord but same result every time.
My warranty with Dell has run out so i can't just send back. Any ideas?

A:Dell XPS M1530 won't boot

As an update I tried reseating RAM and trying with only 2GB stick then with only 1GB stick but no improvement.
Found on Dell support holding 'fn' and power button runs a quick diagnostic with flashy LED's as codes. Got the first one flashing and the others solid which according to website means :

"The Microcontroller is handing control of the system to the processor. This code will persist if there is no processor detected"

Which i believe i'm correct in assuming means either my CPU or my motherboard is stuffed? In which case about my only option is finding the cheapest person to repair/replace it...?

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Hello All,

I have a year old Dell Dimension 310 and I got a virus on it. After several attempts to remove it my screen just locked up. I tried reformating the seagate hd and even used seagates diagnostic tool but it is gone.

I have a WD 500GB that I bought with a Beyond Micro eSATA external enclosure. I reformated that and I got a Windows Media Center disk from Dell.

Well when I place the CD in it will not even boot? I even made a boot disc but that will not work either. I thought maybe it was a error because I have a video card with a 27" monitor hooked up to the DVI so I hooked up another with the original card and that did not work. I also thought it might be the CD drivers so I tried an external USB DVD and that didnt work either.

I have tried all the F2, F8, ctrl F11 tricks and nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? I got it to go into safe mode once but cannot remember what I did to get it to go there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Dell Dimension 310 will not boot

goto BIOS (press delete key at starting) and see whether cdrom is first boot device.u cannot boot from USB HDD or DVD unless ur BIOS support it.

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I am working on a Dell 530S and it has become infected with a virus, I ma trying to reinstall the OS but the machine will not boot to the cd. I have never ran into this issue before. I have checked all the simple things. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell 530S will not boot to the cd

What's the error message?

Have you checked the system support page at the Dell website?


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I need help quickly on this. A Dell Lattitude D600 will not boot. Worked good, went dead and never started again. Nothing happens when trying to start. It's like it could have a blown fuse, not getting power or something like that.

Thanks for your help,

A:Dell laptop will not boot

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I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Dell 4600 won't boot

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Initial symptoms: wouldn't come out of standby...started to have to do a cold boot to make it work...then it progressed to nothing. The fan is running and nothing is working. Can't get to the BIOS settings!

What has been done: Removed the hard drive and it works fine in another computer. It does think it is the slave drive on the primary IDE, no matter what the jumper configuration on the hd is. Don't understand that unless Dell has their bios configured like that???

when the hd is reinstalled the machine emits 3 beeps on cold boot, no action from the video card to the monitor (monitor doesn't come out of standby mode) and the lights on the back:

A and B are yellow, C and D are green.

Help Please!

A:No boot up on Dell 4100 w/ME os

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Was doing an upgrade and lost power or connectivity during the upgradenow my Laptop will not boot.
Is there a way to get back to a previous start-up and get it up so i am ableto use and redo the upgrades.


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Hi All
Here is my dilemma
Dell latitude CPx does not boot or go to POST.
At first I was able to boot and the computer would freeze up in the windows.
then I was only able to boot after pressing the power on button 5 or 6 times. and even then it would freeze after a few minutes.
I was able to get to the setup only a few times and have changed the boot sequence to Disk, CD and HD
I can not even get the Dell self diagnostic started.
Only once the diagnostic started but then it froze while loading some file.
I removed the memory, battery, all drives and try starting the computer.
I got the three light sequence that said I have no NVRAM. so I put back the memory card.
Now I get the lights flashin once and the system dies. I may be able to get to post if I try 20 or thirty times pressing the power on button. Please Help I am willing to try anything Dell support has put me on the eternal hold.
PS. How can I reset the bios?

Thank you

A:Dell Laptop does not Boot

Hi dudem

If your Laptop is under warranty I would stay with the Dell support. It sounds like the motherboard, memory, or processor may be shot or may require reseating. Have you tried powering up the PC with the battery removed, using only the AC adaptor for power? Usually Dell support is pretty fast.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop with Windows 7. Laptop will not boot up. I tried Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode, it will still not boot up. It looks like it will but it does not. Then I went to the BIOS and did the Hardware Scan and it gave me this message.

Error Code 0142
Msg Error Code 2000-0142
Msg Hard Drive 0 - self test unsuccessful Status 79

I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.

A:Dell Laptop Will Not Boot Up

looks like your hard drive has died,call dell give them your make/model and cost for replacement hard drive.suppose the warrantry has run out.

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Yesterday I went to turn on my E1505 and pressing the power button did nothing. I played around with the AC adapter cord where it enters the laptop because I know it may be starting to separate. Then I checked the battery and it showed full charge. I unplugged the adapter and tried powering up on battery power and still nothing. I checked Dell Forum and one posting discussed a bad battery and running on just AC. I tried removing the battery and powering up with just AC and still nothing happened. But when I snapped the battery back into place I immediately noticed an LED come on and at that point I had high hopes. However, what happened was the power, numlock, capslock, and scroll lock lights came on and then after about 3 seconds shut off and then immediately came back on. It would continue to cycle like this until I removed the battery. As soon as I put the battery back in the same thing happens. I do not even have to press the power button; it just tries to start up by itself. I noticed that while the lights were on there was no sound of the fan starting and the hard drive would whir and then click just before the lights went out. I tried reseating and then completely removing the RAM and this did nothing, the whole cycle of the lights coming on for 3 seconds, shutting off and then coming back on continued. I then removed the hard drive because I was afraid the persistent cycling may damage the drive. Still the lights would cycle but this time there was no sound of anythin... Read more

A:Dell E1505 Won't Boot

laptop MUST works without battery. try to change AC-adaptor, and turn it on without battery.

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I was recently infected with the Malware Doctor virus. I thought that I had cleaned it up properly using the guides here (thanks!). However, I decided to run Spyware doctor to see what else was floating around on it and discovered a couple of things. I was able to run a dds scan. I then downloaded gmer to get a log for that. All of a sudden my computer reources went to 100% and the computer froze up. I was forced to one-finger salute. Now when I try to power it up, I get the windows screen, I hear the cd-rom drive click and then my monitor just displays black. I can't hear the hard drive spin or anything. The only indicator lights are power and blue tooth. Any suggestions?

Matt Roper

A:Dell Laptop will not boot

If you have a DDS log, you can post it and your summary at the appropriate BC malware forum.As a preliminary to doing so, I urge you to read and follow the suggestions at Preparation Guide, Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help - that is done, post your log and concise summary at BC Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs - be patient, as there are an increasing number of personnel who seem to be in situations similar to yours. Last time I checked, the backlog was running about 5-6 days, so please do not anticipate assistance right away.Good luck .Louis

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I have a friends computer, who said he got a virus screen. He couldnt tell if it was legit or not. He has AVG but he wasn't sure if it was AVG or not , so he didn't press anything. The computer rebooted and now cannot get into regular, safe mode or any options from safe mode menu. He gets a blank screen.
I can boot with a windows xp disk to recovery and did chkdsk. everything is fine
I did a repair install change ....
I did manage to put an avast disk in and scanned found and removed win32 tojan-gen.
It still doesn't boot
Anything else I can do from recovery mode????

A:Dell 4700 will not boot

I ran avast tolls and registry editor
It found c:\windows\system32\software\classes\clsid\f----bunch od numbers....inprocserver32
However It could not delete it
looks like that is my problem when I searched google on it.
The question is how to delete it???

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I have a dell 8250 pc that won't boot up. When I turn the power on it tries to boot but says it cannot see the hard drive. This pc has windows xp. This an IDE unit. I purchased another dell 8250 that has windows xp also, but has bare bones programs. What I would like to know is, can I use my old hard drive in the newer pc and boot from that or do I have to use my old hard drive as a slave on the newer system ? Also would I be able to retrieve my emails from outlook. Any ideas ?

A:Dell 8250 won't boot up

I have a Dell 8250 although that doesn't make me an expert on that PC by any means. I think the first hard drive may have failed. Try putting it into the second Dell and see if it recognizes it. Keep in mind that rather than master and slave, Dell used cable select, at least they did at that time.

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dell sign comes on along with progress bar the bar goes about 3/4 of the way then every thing shuts down  cant get to safe mode but can get to boot options and setup

A:dell all in one wont boot

Hello, to BleepingComputer!
When you are in the bios, which is the boot options/setup screen, does the computer stay running? Do you see a drive that you can set it to boot from?

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