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Inf File Minint\boot Is Corrupt Or Missing, Status 14

Q: Inf File Minint\boot Is Corrupt Or Missing, Status 14

Hi all. I've been researching this problem for 2 days on my own and hope that someone here can help.I am running WinXP Home SP2 on an eMachine T6412 with Athlon 64 3400+ CPU.Here's what happened:Got infected with AntiVirus 2008Tried to install SuperAntiSpyware to repair but Windows Installer was damaged and anything I tried to install or uninstall came up with: The Windows Installer Service could not be acessed. This may be because you are in safe mode...I went in and manually disabled AntiVirus 2008I spent several hours trying to repair Windows Installer with no luck.Decided to do a repair install, which caused me to start updating my Windows installation from my original SP1 to SP2. I had lots of difficulties and failed installations. I had to basically download the files then switch to safe mode to install them.Tried to install SuperAntiSpyware again and bang: Windows Installer cannot be accessed!!!!Decided to try to repair Windows Installer one more time through Repair Console. Everything seemed to go OK and then when I went to reboot, I got the following: INF file minint\boot is corrupt or missing, status 14. This comes up right after the post and I am unable to do a reinstall or even access the recovery console. I have tried to create aslipstreamed boot disc with SP 2 already on it and still get this error or it's partner: INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missingHas anybody out there got any ideas?TIA,Roberta

A: Inf File Minint\boot Is Corrupt Or Missing, Status 14 - Am I infected What do I do - I don't have much faith in persons/users who get infected...and then self-clean...and subsequently...have system problems.It could happen...I just don't think that I've seen a single poster who claimed to have done to report system problems afterwards.It's painless and easy to make sure.Louis

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My grandparents brought me their gateway laptop that was not booting up. The initial message is "Press F11 to begin recovery", followed by "MBR Error" if F11 is not pressed. When it is pressed, the screen goes black before delivering the message in the title of this post. I inserted the gateway OS disc (XP Home) to try a recovery and got "non system disk or disk error" message. Please help my grandparents!


Gateway MX3228
XP Home
Celeron M 370 1.5GHz
512 DDR2

A:INF file minint\boot is missing or corrupted, status 51225

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To whoever can help me!!

My computer recently got infected with Windows Pro Police and then Total Security. After getting frustrated with both these petty viruses and trying everything online I decided to wipe everything clean and start over. My computer runs Windows XP Media Edition x64, I installed the HP recovery discs that came with the computer. After they had finished installing my computer turned off so the next thing to do, I turned it on and a low resolution blue screen came up with a cursor. After numerous times turning off and on my computer I received this message "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit". Anything to help would be great, thanks so much

- Dean

THESE ARE THE DISCS I HAVE - System Recovery DVD, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Installing this disc will return your computer's hard disk drive to its original software configuration. To begin, insert the disc blah blah blah....It came with 2 discs

A:INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14

If I remember correctly, the DV2000 series is a laptop and is 3 or 4 years old.

If you are receiving this error message after running the HP Recovery DVD and Operating System Disks, I would recommend testing your hard drive for physical errors. It is possible that coincidently your hard drive decided to give up at the time of reinstallation.

Hope this helps,

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INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 1024i recently got a trojan virus called ertfor.A, i had microsoft security essentials installed on my computer. it detected the problem and it started to clean the computer but then when i restarted the computer i had a black screen before the windows xp logo screen appears. then i tried to repair my windows with the xp cd. i booted the cd and it gave me this message. INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 1024Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.i have a dell dimension e520 pc.i would really appreciate if you guys would try to help me with your precious time.EDIT: Moved from XP to Am I Infected for checks ~ Hamluis.

A:INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 1024

the windows xp cd had some scratches so i tried my friends cd and it worked .

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Hi all I have been trying to resolve this problem for a week now I have a Dell E-310 the screen was frozen so I just turned it off. when I tried to start it again it would not boot would go to a blue screen with a message registry failure could not find the hive files went to microsoft support and printed there article # 307654 how to recover from a corrupt registry did part one and that put a little life back in the old girl but still can't boot in safe mode to get to step 2 now I get a message
files missing or corrupt \windows\ssytem32\config\system did some more things that got me to my new message files missing or corrupt
\minint\system32\config\system after entering this in the recovery console
BOOTCFG /rebuild

will take any and all suggestions thanks

A:Files missing or corrupt \minint\system32\config\system


How did you get from
\minint\system32\config\system ?

Go back into the recovery console.
At the command prompt type in chkdsk c: /r and then enter. Allow the checkdisk to complete and then restart the PC.

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I am trying to install Windows XP on a computer that had Linux on it but Linux didn't support the video card. I used gpated and wiped the hard drive all the way down to unallocated. immediately after inserting a Windows XP disc, I get the message inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing status 14 setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.
Google only returns results on this error with machines with Windows XP already installed or after just installing Windows XP and after the first restart. also there is way more "status 18" results than there are "status 14 results". and many of the status 14 results do not include "setup cannot continue". However, there is no result anywhere of this error showing up immediately after popping in the disc and before anything is even installed. it is just a completely blank HDD with nothing on it.
How do I get it to install?

A:"inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing status 14 setup cannot continue"

See V Craig Response .

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I am trying to install windows XP on a Packard Bell desktop but when it boot from the the CD it tells me " inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 8192."
can someone help me how to solve this problem.

A:Solved: inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 8192.

What CD is this and is it damaged in anyway...scratches etc....have you tried cleaning the disc?

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Today my daughter dropped our laptop and now it says windows cannot load due to missing \minint\system32\ntoskrnl.exe-also lists error code 9472. I tried to boot up with our xp upgrade disk, but to no avail. GlennF

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I'm not sure what I did, miss be when I was installing activclient but now I have a boot error asking for the windows installation disk. Also says
File: \Boot\BCD\
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors

I booted in recovery mode but I can't make a system recovery drive on a USB because it says the boot files are missing. And I don't have a recovery disk because SAMSUNG ATIV 6 doesn't have a disc drive. I've been searching the web for a recovery disc download to no avail. Doesn't anyone know what I should do?

A:Boot file missing File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f

There are downloadable versions of Windows repair discs.
Download the repair disc of the same version of Windows that you have installed (including 32 bit/64 bit) and boot from it then select the automatic repair function. It may need to be run up to 3 times to fix everything.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 running Windows XP. When I start up I get the following error message:
File is missing or corrupt.
Start Windows setup using setup cd.
I have tried starting in safe mode, last know config but it keeps coming back to the error message (I do not have the setup disc).
I also have had the error message that that ac adaptor is not recognized.
I don't know if the adaptor could be causing the system 32 error.

A:File is missing or corrupt at boot

Hi and welcome.
Not an easy one to solve, you will need the install Cd or if you can borrow one, it will have to be the same as installed - Xp Professional.
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

If no luck - you may be able to save any needed data and files.
How to use Linux live Cd to backup files from a dead Pc

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im using xp and getting a message:
file missing or corrupt:

I've tried to repair using an xp reinstall disc but going nowhere.

Help (quickly)!!!!:

A:cant boot up:file missing/corrupt

1. Start the computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
2. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to start the Recovery Console.
3. Select the appropriate installation.
4. Enter the Administrator password or press Enter if the Administrator password is blank.
5. At the command prompt, type chkdks /r and press Enter. If you have large disk drive, go to lunch.
6. Type cd system32 and press Enter.
7. Type ren c_850.nls c_850.old and press Enter. (Don't worry if no file is found.simply continue)
8. Type expand \i386\c_850.nl_ c:\windows\system32 and press Enter, where is the drive letter that contains the Windows XP CD-ROM.
9. Type Exit and press Enter to restart Windows XP.

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Operating Dell Inspiron 7500 with XP professional
It won't boot because of <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt.
How can I fix this?

I am new to this site and would appreciate your help to solve this problem.

Thank you.

A:Won't boot-missing or corrupt file-Help!

Hello and welcome to TSF...
Could be software or hardware issue...
To find out whether is software or hardware issue, first find out what make/model is your HDD...
Visit manufacturers Web Site, download diagnostic tools, and test your HDD for possible bad sectors...

If your HDD is OK, try check disk repair:
Make sure your first boot device in BIOS is CD-ROM
Boot with Windows XP CD...
When it prompts you to 'press any key to boot from CD' do it...
After text-based portion of Setup, press 'R' to enter in Recovery Console...
Pick up the partition where is your system installed...
If you have admin password, type it and press Enter...
Type CHKDSK /R [notice the space between CHKDSK and /]
and hit Enter...
After it finish, type EXIT and hit Enter...

Hope this will help you mate...
Keep us posted...

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I'm receiving a <windowsroot>system32/hal.dll missing or corrupt error upon startup.
i've tried about 5 different suggested solutions from the Microsoft website and none have worked so far. I tried to boot using the Microsoft xp CD and then hit R for the recovery the recovery console i tried some solutions such as chkdsk /p and / well as fixboot......fixmbr and finally expand and copying the file into the c: drive.....nothing has worked so far.......i also went the other route....instead of hitting r for the recovery console i tried to reinstall xp but after i got through the first few steps and hit F8 to agree to the terms....i was only left with the choice of installing on one of the 2 partitions...i then received a warning that the partition i installed on would be formatted and all data erased.....the issue here is that although i do have most data backed up....there are a number of files that unfortunately i didn't back up...anyone out there have any suggestions....


A:windows xp will not boot....missing or corrupt file

i also should mention that when i power up the computer....without the windows xp just goes directly to a black screen with the not even sure how to access the recovery partition of my hard drive anymore

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Upon startup, I get a message telling me

"Windows could not start because the following file is either missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to fix this problem with the System Repair on the Setup CD."

Or something along those lines.
When I first asked for help I was told it was a registry error, and to try "Last Known Good Config." from the boot menu.
I tried it, and no cigar.

So, I can't get into my system.
Windows XP came with my computer, so I have no CD.....


A:Boot problem - missing/corrupt file

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Having many problems after windows crashed and seems to be "invsible" on hard drive ...after running chkdsk /r using WIN XP CD and recovery console I am now getting

Windows could not boot because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>system32\hal.dll

Please re-install a copy of the above file

Have tried the recommended MS fix .using XP CD and "expand d:\i386 " command but I am getting "the system canot find the file or directory specified".

Any ideas ? I think my HDD is either damaged or has picked up malware implying it is damaged but data (apart from OS) may be intact...don't want to reinstal from recovery and lose data (although "my documents" folder has been backed up to external HDD) if I can repair XP but seems not to be possible. Using repair from recovery console doesn't show any current WIN XP installation and C partition seems to be "empty" (shows 148mb of 160mb HDD "free")

A:Windows could not boot because the following file is missing or corrupt:

Try booting from one of these. Don't even bother trying to replace the "missing" file because it is probably not missing and there are 7 choices of hal.dll decided upon at setup, so you may get the wrong one.

Bootable XP Sysboot Floppy and CD Images

These will give you a menu for boot and you choose the partition and drive. Most will be the first choice. If it boots, then we just need to fix your boot.ini or other boot files.

Can you give us the make and model? Do you have a SATA drive?

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How do I replace this file when the computer won't boot up? I have a set of XP setup boot disks. Can I use those to boot up, then copy the file to c:\windows\system32? Is there an easier way?



A:Won't boot (file ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt)

My friend had the same problem a year ago. I used windows xp cd to boot up and copy the file to system32 folder.. it's working.

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My first post. I saw another unresolved post very similar. I get either a black empty screen or the system tells me that my hal.dll file is missing or corrupt. The USB ports and sound capability were mysteriously disabled before my unsuccessful reboot(s) and now I need to know if swapping my master and slave HD's is even feasible, since this is what someone else tried without any success. Is there a new trojan or something out there that does this kind of damage? Help is certainly welcomed.

A:XP boot failure says missing or corrupt hal.dll file

Hello juniortech, Welcome to TSF!

I suggest that you got the Microsoft site and read this article. (Click on the coloured link.)
If the information is a bit daunting, just let us know and we will assist you further.
Give it a try, then post back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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Error message is Windows 2000 could not boot because the following file is missing or corrupt - WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\System

When I go into Windows 2000 Setup (off of the Win 2000 Update CD) I can see my drive and all the files on C: including System and System.alt. The directory information shows these 2 files to be the same size --- which is what I'd expect. I guess I'm thinking that if one is corrupt maybe it's size would be altered.

When I try a repair --- so far it doesn't work. I've tried every WIN 2000 Setup repair method that doesn't require an emergency boot floppy because....I don't have one. I have other systems here I can use to create or download a generic one but I'm not sure that this will work for me.
All my bill paying files are on this computer and I need to pay my billls. There must be a way to get this fixed without hauling my PC into a shop --- isn't there? Please help if you can... Thanks!

Okay...I've tried using substitute emergency boot floppies. I can get to the console. I can run Chkdisk. I think I may have a bad boot sector but who knows. I need some tool I can run from the console off of a floppy that can help me diagnose and fix this thing.

I've typed out all the .log files in c:WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG to see if there was anything interesting there. A couple of them seemed to have a sort of a mean-faced icon as the last character in the log file.

I've tried using some tools like ... Read more

A:WIN 2000 Won't Boot-System file missing or corrupt

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i have a windows vista proline computer.Recently i switched it on and it went straight to windows error recovery and said the windows wont load because the kernel file is missing or corrupt,i must insert the installation disk to repair my computer.status:0xc0000098

I dont have installation disk,I only have windows 7 repair disk from my other laptop,Can I use it?I heard that they work together.Please help,this computer has all my important files for my job and if I loose them I could loose my job too!

A:status:0xc0000098 kernel missing or corrupt

You'll need to contact your system manufacturer and obtain replacement Vista recovery discs -

OEM / Retail Recovery Discs + Recovery Instructions

You cannot use a Windows 7 repair disc on a Vista system.

Regards. . .



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I'm getting a \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM message all of a sudden!

DESPERATELY need to copy some personal files somewhere before trying to restore / reformat!!!

PLEASE, help needed!!!

A:Missing/corrupt file, can't boot, NEED to save personal files!!!

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Hey there I've been having a few problems with my computer recently. My computer has been regulary crashing. However it always booted. But recently my computer has to decided it won't boot at all. I have a feeling that my computer may have been shutdown incorrectly and thus the problem may not be linked to the random crashes which I believe to be the result of installing a new graphics card. However I cannot be sure of this. One thing I am sure of though is that I cannot do anything unless I can boot my computer. I've already posted on the possible graphics card issue here on this forum and made mention of this boot issue there, however I've now linked the no boot issue here, since it may be a seperate problem. The problem began when I started my computer this morning and got the following message.Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\windows\system32\config\systemYou can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CDROMSelect 'r' at the first screen to start repair.Only problem is I don't have my original setup CDROM. I wasn't given an XP disk. I have looked at various sites and have found that it is possible to make XP floppies. I have a friend who has a disk for upgrading Win98 to XP but I have a feeling this disk won't be of any use. If I have to use floppies will the repair process be made more difficult.I have also noticed various methods to res... Read more

A:Refusing To Boot: Windows Could Not Start Because The Following File Is Missing Or Corrupt:

Does nobody know???

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Last Sunday I ran into a horrid problem with my Asus c90S machine and Vista.

I am unable to boot windows due to a corrupt or missing registry. I've tried repairing from Install disk and also using the restore point fix. Neither of those are able to fix my problem. I've used chcdsk /f and many other command prompt commands to try and fix the problem myself, but I'm at a loss.

here is the direct file that I think is causing the problem:


Status: 0xc000000f

I would love to be able to save a few of my files. Can I transfer my files from my HD to an external USB HD? If I attempt to reinstall vista from start, would I lose all of my files?

And finally, does anyone have an suggestions as to the problem and/or fixes?

I'm running a Hiatchi (sp?) harddrive. I apologize for any missing information.



A:Vista Boot Problem - Registry File Missing or Corrupt

Yes, you probably can transfer your data to another media.

I recommend buying an external hard drive enclosure. It's very similar to an external hard drive, but you are able to put a normal hard drive inside it and read it like a USB drive. They're very cheap, from what I've seen.

If you attempt to reinstall Vista, you will lose all your files.

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Good evening all,

New to the forum and I'm experiencing problems with my desktop running Windows XP Pro.

If I try to boot I get the message System32/drivers/ntfs.sys missing or corrupt

I have searched the forum and tried to do as advised here

When I try to run Windows recovery console I get a blue screen with the same message :-( at part 3. of the above advice.

I'm guessing my drive has gave up the ghost but in true tight style I'm praying it is something silly and not the drive.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I'm not very good at fault finding but I know my way a round a PC well enough to do virus removal etc so not totally illiterate and able to follow any instructions given to me.

Plllllllllease someone help


A:Solved: System32/drivers/ntfs file missing or corrupt Cant boot or do anything I've t

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My laptop was working fine last night, then this morning it will not boot up.

I get the following message:

STOP: c0000135 {Unable to Locate DLL}
The dynamic link library winsrv could not be found in the specified path Default Load Path.
Beginning dump of physical memory.
Physical memory dump complete, contact your system administrator or technical support group.

I have tried to reboot several times and get the same message. I have a Compaq Amanda 7800, Windows NT 4.0 build 1381, service pack 4, and 128 MB of memory.

I don't have a Windows NT set up disk, or a boot disk.


A:{Advice Offered} - Blue Screen on boot up (Missing or corrupt DLL file)


Ok... I probably do not have good news for you.

Are your NT system files on a FAT partition? If so, then you can boot of a DOS6.11 boot disk (The one I have set up is available here) and expand the file off your NT CD and write it to your HD, as it is likely to be corrupt.

If the partition is formatted with NTFS, you have a much more harder task. You have the following options:

a) Format the HD and re-install NT. If you have important data that you need to save off the HD, then you can use NTFSdos from (which is supplied on my boot disk) to read the NTFS drive and extract the data.

b) Buy a Read/WRITE version of NTFSdos and use it to expand the DLL off your CD and write it to the HD as per the FAT16 instructions (PS. If you decide on this choice, I would LOVE to have a copy of the Read/WRITE version of NTFSdos, or better yet ERD {Emergency Repair Disk} Commander)

c) Install a second copy of Winnt into a different directory on the same HD. Then expand the DLL off your CD and write it to the HD in the old NT directory. You will probably have to edit your boot.ini file to include the old NT version.

Let's assume the boot.ini file looked like this (I have used my Win2K boot.ini file, which only has ONE line for the NT OS to start. In NT4 there are 2 lines; keep both lines intact):

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows NT... Read more

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I have an hp compaq dx 2450 microtower and when it boots up it give me a winlogon.exe-corrupt file. C:\MININT\SYSTEM32\winpe.bmp is corrupt.
How can i fix it without having to redo the xp again. Thanks.

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My hard drive crashed on my laptop. I had a running dual boot environment of Win2K and XP. Both the Win2K and XP were backed up with Acronis Ver11. After replacing the hard drive I created the partitions needed for Win2K and XP using a Win2K CD. Formatted and installed Win2k on the first partition. Did a restore of Win2K via Acronics. I used the restore because of the other software I had installed/running on the first partition (Win2K). The XP/OS application I have needs three partitions. The three were created by the Win
2K CD and then formatted via Disk Management (Win2K). Next I restored my XP/OS via Acronics on the second partition. Modified the Boot.ini file for both Win2K and XP. The Win2K boots no problem. Selecting XP I get the following error: Missing or corrupt file Windows\system32\config\systemd. I did copy in the NTldr and NTDetect from the i386 folder (XP CD), to the XP OS no change.

Thanks for your Help in advance


A:Solved: Missing or corrupt file "systemd" on a dual boot

Copying ntldr and, and running fixmbr and fixboot from the repair console
should work. If not, do a complete repair from xp cd boot.

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This must be one you guys have heard before, however i think mines a little differernt.

Ok i boot my comp and just before loading screen it comes up with
Windows ould not start becuase the following file is missing or corrupt:

Now, i have found what microsoft says to do, which is to put a windows CD in and press r, to go to the command promt screen in order to put in a whole lot of code. Fair enough i say, looks easy enough.

One problem though, i put my windows disk in, i press r. At this stage the instructions say the black screen should first ask me for a password to log in as admin however mine doesn't. I then go to type in the first bit of code the microsoft instructions tell me to type which is MD TMP i then get a message saying access denied! i type help, see a list of commands and found the logon command, so i tried that except it doesnt give me a list of admins where i should then be able to type in the password and log on in order to be able to type the code which microsoft has to me to type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! i really cbf formating my hardrive.

btw running windows XP SP2. Comp is P4, 1gig ram. fx5700 graphics card.
PS: instructions i am refferring to are

A:No boot, File missing or corrupt: windows\system\config\system

Went through the same thing with my older computer (HP Pavilion 502n/WinXP Home). Nearly brand new when it was given to me by a friend, three years ago, who forgot to give the Windows recovery disk. Then in mid August, it pulled a similar stunt as yours.

At First it was blackscreen with "Windows not shutdown completely and options to go into "safemode" or normally. That lasted a couple of times when it suddenly would not complete the boot up and got a similar message as you did.

Took it to a computer tech, who found a BIOS glitch and thought he had fixed it.

Then three weeks later, in early September, it did it again. Would not boot up completely several times. Then it finally did....after going online for a while, it started crashing and restarting every 20 minutes. Eventually it finally did boot up to show something else on a blue screen with a list of checking files systems on C: with this:

1 of your disks need to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk chk at any time.
CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)
CHKDSK verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)
Deleting index entry CAUGNJQR in ...and on and on until it reached 94% and crashed.

another boot and it was CMOS Checksum and so on.
At fourth bootup, it finally reached screen with F keys and I hit them to go into Safemode and HP system recovery (non destructive file mode).

After five hours, it completed that and Crashed. I finally boxed it up for a couple of days to take back to the... Read more

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I'm currently using Windows XP Pro Corporate SP2 on my problem computer and an hour ago I was struck with this problem.

It started when I downloaded the AOL 9.0 client and signed in with my account. I thought the AOL Welcome page was loading, and loading, and loading, until I realized that it had been frozen (my first clue was my music playing in Winamp in the background was stalling and resuming, as well as my cursor). I tried the good-old Control-Alt-Delete, yet nothing happened. Everything became unresponsive except for the cursor for a good ten minutes before I'd had enough and pressed the damn restart button on my computer.

Windows didn't like this move at all, apparently, since I saw a line of vertical dashes appear across the lower portion of my screen, and moments later, this message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup (blah blah blah, etc.)

Unfortunately for me, I had misplaced the setup CD-ROM that the error was suggesting I use. 2+ years ago.

I built this computer myself, so I can't simply call up the manufacturer and request some recovery CD's so I can get into the Recovery Console.

A friend of mine left a burned CD at my house which included his Windows XP Home OS, I thought, so I tried to get to the RC from that disc. This is when I discovered that the disc wouldn't boot and I couldn't g... Read more

A:Failure to boot! "Missing or corrupt file"! Help!

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My cousin is the tech geek in my family as he works with computers. He recently sent us a copy of the Windows XP Pro disc to see if we could recover some of the files we were missing from it. My dad put it in and pressed R for recovery and it's taken him to the setup for it and it's asking for a product key. We don't have one as our computer came with XP already installed. We can't even seem to get it to cancel the setup so we can do anything else with it. Now when trying to boot it up via recovery he gets an error that the system can't find E:/minint/system32/restore.log

Is there any way at all to cancel the setup without losing all of what was on our hard drive? Or at least to get back to the main part of windows?

A:E;/minint/system32/restore.log missing

Recover what files from a Windows installation disk? Why did you boot from it? That's how you install Windows, not access data.

I don't understand your post.

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My Desktop had a virus. I ordered the Restore and Recovery Disks from IBM. I have restored the computer to the Mfg. Defaults. I have performed MSFT Updates. I am using XP, IE 8 and have installed my printers.
When I plug in my External Hard Drive and reboot I get a black screen with the message INF File txtsetup.sif file is missing or corrupt, Status 14.
Can anyone help me?

A:INF file txtsetup .sif is missing Status 14

What Service Pack do you have installed on XP? Be sure to to have at least SP2, SP3 preferred, as anything less will not recognize drives larger then 132 GB.

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ERROR2:X;/minint/system32/ restore.log missing it wont open in safe mode and won't open on anything on that page and this is the only message i get when i try recovery

A:ERROR2:X:?minint/system32/restore. log missing

is there anyway i can download the cds off the net and if there is how do i find it i not sure how to use the net or how to look for it

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I deleted some files and then when I tried to reboot the computer my screen gives me the option of F1=setup or F10=System recovery.
After I see the F1& F10 options when booting up the screen goes black for a while. Then the message said Windows cannot start because the windows\system32\config\system file is missing or corrupt. It also said I can attempt to repair by using Windows Set-up using the original Set-up disc.
I boought the computer at Costco and I dont think it came with set up discs. A few years ago I had problems with the computer and bought System Recovery discs (8) from HP. I have those. So I put disc 1 in the CD drive and it starts system recovery and then says cannot find log file restore.log. I pressed Okay and then it said the error 2 message in my title.
Keep in mind that my screen is black so there is no Windows start or program button for me to click on.

I have the system recovery discs from HP but there are files I do not want to lose so I dont want to do a complete system recovery unless that is the only way to use the computer again.
Is there any way I can restore these missing files without losing data I saved on the C drive?

A:Error 2 c:\minint\system32\restore.log Missing

I have no idea what file(s) I deleted.

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I tryed to do the system recovery and I am getting "Error 2: C \minint\system32\Restore.log missing." cannot seem to get anywhere I don't know where to go from here. all I get when I tryed to start windows normally i get a black screen and tryed to start in safe mode nothing happens.

Do I need a recovery disk? I don't have one or do I need to buy the whole windows xp edition? thanks ahead of time

windows xp home,sp 3 compaq

I have been trying to fix since this morning
Been to 3 support forums for help and no answers yet so I came here for help so please help this ol Gal
Now it's makeing a beep beep noise and there is a blue screen

A:Error 2: C \minint\system32\Restore.log missing.

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I own a Asus N71Jq Series laptop. I was browsing the web. The laptop crashed. When trying to reboot, the "Starting windows" would appear, together with the big Windows logo. I could reboot in normal mode and in safe mode. I chose for safe mode, to no avail. After this, the screen went black and all I could do was move the white cursor. I tried rebooting again and again to no avail.

I picked up my Asus User manual, and it told me to press [f9] during the booting of the laptop. This allowed it to use the Recovery Partition. To no effect. I selected the option, and a light blue/gray screen would appear, I'm assuming the background of the Recovery Partition screen. That was it. I could move the cursor but that was all. It was exactly the same, except the background color had changed.

Next I used the Recovery DVDs (AI Recovery Burner), [Esc] on bootup, select optical drive and press [Enter] to boot from Recovery DVD. Then [OK] to start to restore the image. Then [OK] to confirm system recovery.

AI Recovery Restore goes threw the 5 recovery DVDs.. AI Recovery Message box: "Successfully restored the disk from ASUS Recovery DVD. Elapsed Time: 00:48:54" press [OK]
It Reboots, Windows start screen ("Starting windows"), then back to the gray screen with only mouse movement....

After this I tried pressing [f9] again to reboot it in safe mode, or repair it, but that option didn't show up. Trying another (manual) mode didn't work either, since nothin... Read more

A:Win7 crash/boot errors. File: \boot\memtest.exe Status: 0xc000000f

Hello there!

Seems like your bootloader could be corrupted. You either need the installation media or try to factory reset your Laptop. How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings |

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c;\minint\system32\restore.log is missinghow and how can I recover it? I would like to use the restore disc to bring it back to factory. please help. I would like to download the file if I can.Thanks in advance for your help.Al Rogers

A:file:///C:/minint/system32/restore.log I need help with this

There are a heck of a lot of computers around, both PC's and laptops - all different. You would need to provide the make and model number for anyone to assist but I doubt just downloading a log file will be the answer.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi guys.

I've got an HP Pavilion Notebook with VISTA Home Premium with SP1

I tried to boot it up this morning and I have the following black screen error:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

File: \Boot\BCD
Status 0xc000000f

An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

I had previously ran an optimizer tool that had fixed registry and cleared out junk (and probably temp) details.

I get the normal insert disk message, the thing is, I don't have a disk to run (rather foolishly I never burnt the disk from the partitioned drive)

Can anyone please help me?

Many thanks

A:Error - File:\Boot\BCD status 0xc000000f

You'll need a disk, call MS.

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File\minint\system32\biosinfo.inf could not be loaded.
the error code is 4104

setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit

this is what i got ont he screen after i tryed to recover the op system a second time by pressing alt+f10 on start up on an acer aspire5050. the first time i got this message:
Restore Failed reason 0xa0000000

I tryed to restore the op system because on start up message was displayed:
disc read error
press ctr+ald+del to restart

you would restart it and it would just go back to this message. I looked in bios for the boot sequence and put it to default and same thing.

Also still have yet to get into safe mode could not find the function key list to get to it. all that was displayed on start up was f2 to get to bios.

This is a laptop
with amd turion 64 2.0 ghz
80gb hdd
1gb ddr2

A:file\minint\system32\biosinfo.inf error code 4104

Hi skyno,

It sounds like the recovery partition may have become corrupt. When you had Windows loaded previously were you able to see the recovery partition in 'Computer'? Was your laptop already pre-loaded with Windows 7? If not then a complete re-install of Windows 7 may be required.


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I have a Toshiba satellite A45-S121 with a missing or corrupt file message, my problem is that my DVD drive will not read the disk to reinstall the OS. Is there any thing else I can do to restart my system.

A:Missing or corrupt file

Do you have access to an external USB DVD or CD drive? If the BIOS supports booting from a USB flash drive, you could try that. If there is something wrong with the existing DVD drive, you could replace it. You'll probably want to do that eventually anyway.

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I am working on a Dell Dimension L800CXE fo a friend. I am an advanced user but am getting a " File missing or corrupt Windows\System32\Config\System" error at boot up. My friend cannot find Dell Recovery CD. Is there any way possible that I can boot from a Windows XP Pro CD and use the Recovery Console to replace the file? If so what command do I need to use?
I have checked Bios settings and while I'm waiting for a reply, I am going to try to use the Windows XP Pro CD to do a Check Disk from the Recovery Console.

System Specs:
Intel Celeron 800MHz
Windows XP Home Edition (installed)
256 MB RAM PC 133
20GB HDD Seagate

A:File missing or Corrupt

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I have a toshiba satellite laptop that has been unplugged for a while plugged in and now says windows/system32/config/system is missing or corrupt I do not have cd to be able to repair what can I do thanks It has xp

A:Corrupt or missing file

Hi there Sadieleigh,

Please perform a "CHECK DISK REPAIR" and see if that the helps boot your computer to windows. Do this, turn on your computer and keep on tapping the "F8" key to bring up the safe mode menu. Once the safe mode menu comes up, choose "Safe mode with networking."

Once your computer boot into safe mode, open up the command prompt and then once the command prompt is open, type in the following command without the quotes: "CHKDSK /R". Make sure there's a space between "CHKDSK" and "/R" and it doesn't have to be in caps. The computer will prompt you, saying that it will begin the check disk process once your computer reboots.

Go ahead and reboot your machine and let the check disk process will take about a good 1hr or 2hr. Afterwards, boot your computer to windows and see if the check disk process helped. Hope everything works out well for you and do not hesitate to ask more questions, thank you.

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I cant log onto my computer when I do I get the error, windows could not start becaus the following file is missing or corrupt

it says I can correct the error using "repair" from my original cdrom.. but I have no idea how ..

please someone . I am desperate . I need my pc back :(

A:missing or corrupt file????


Try tapping the f8 key from start-up and selecting 'last good configuration'.

Post again if that doesn't help.


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I'm having problems starting windows and getting the following message.

Windows could not start becase the following file is missing or corrupt:
you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-Rom select "r" at the first screen to start repair.

I don't know what to do please help.

A:File Missing or Corrupt

Hi In Trouble,

do you have your XP install disc?

You may find the following link helpful:

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the other day I installed norton utilities 2002 on my xp, then I ran their defrag program, the next morning I turned my laptop off.When I tried to boot into xp (by the way I have a quad boot) an error message stating that the file <windows root>\system32\hal.dll was missing or corrupt. can you please tell me step by step how to correct this.
thank you,

A:file missing or corrupt

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Hi i am in need of help asap i might even send £10 or equiv in $ if my laptop gets back to working order.

I have a dell inspirion 1501 and i had to replace the hard drive recently once i had got it plugged in and connected to internet (which took a bit of time) i went to download the windows updates and by doing so it told me to restart. when it restarted i got an error message saying this file was missing or corrupt windows root sytem32 ntoskrnl.exe
Now i have searched for a thread like this and found one (
but the i got to the command he told me to enter and it said it could not find it.

I would desperatly like some help on this as it is getting really frustrating now. plus i refuse to pay the extortionate price the dell people would make me pay to help (out of warranty). So feel free post but just beware that i am an absolute novice at this so if the advice came simplyfied would be great.
many thanks steve

A:Missing/corrupt file help?

You have to reload your operating system. Do you have your original OEM Operating System CD that came with the system?

If so, put the OS CD in the CD drive and boot from it and go through to the second repair option. The first option that comes up to do a repair is the recovery console. Press Enter when you get here. If when it gets past that, you have the optioni to repair your existing load, do that, if not, you will have to load a new copy. If you have data you want to save, you will have to pulll the drive out, hook it to a USB port on another computer (you can purchase a connector) and copy the files you want to save.


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Hi there I need some help and I really dont want to have to reformat my computer and reinstall windows xp pro

I have a message that comes up when I restart the computer

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\system32\hall.dll
Please re-install a copy if the above file

Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated

A:missing or corrupt file

Perhaps you typed the file name incorrectly??

If the missing file is actually hal.dll (hardware abstraction layer) then you might want to check out the information at this url:

Hope this helps!!

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I was on the pc earlier today and it seemed really slow to me. I rarely use it, but had to today. Because it was acting funny, I decided to update MBAM and do a scan. I never got to scan the pc because after I updated the program, I restarted the computer and when it came back up, I got a black screen with the following message:

Windows is unable to restart. The following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System
You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD
When I put in the CD, I didn't get a prompt to put in the letter "r" for the repair command.

What should I do? Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you!

A:Uh-Oh ... File Is Missing or Corrupt ...

Are you able to boot into safemode??

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Can anyone answer my question? I am running a 1.2 gig cpu with winxp home. While using the computer it just shut off. Every time I booted up it would shut off. Finally determined a file missing from OS and it couldn’t boot. So I reloaded winxp home, first formatting the drive. Every thing seemed fine. I reloaded some of the software and defragmented the drive. I booted several times, all ok. Then I walked in to the room and it was the same thing again. A different file was missing this time with the same result. "MISSING OR CORRUPT /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM" What could be the problem? No one was even using the machine. I am not networked, or connected to the Internet. Any HELP would be appreciated.

A:Missing or corrupt file

Hi and welcome. You might have a look thru this, but I would ask if the computer is still shutting off...that could be a sign of overheating.

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HI Guys

I was giving my son's PC a clean the other day and used Regcure to clean out the registry. Then next thing I knew I could not click or get anything on the PC to work. I switched it off and when loading I got a message to say that a file is missing or corrupt.

This file is:

<windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

The PC only loads up past the windows XP load screen which is a blue screen and goes no further.

It's XP Windows Media Center Edition but when I purchased the PC at the end of 2006 it did not come with an operating disc, nor does it have a floppy drive.

I have got a hold of the file I need for the PC which I have on a memory stick and also a cd but do not know how I can put this file back onto the PC. Is there any way to fix this at all please?

A:Missing or Corrupt File

Hi Silver Spirit and welcome to TSF !

Registry cleaners can do more harm than good, we have a sticky about that at the top of this section.

Use a bootable linux live CD that supports NTFS (Ubuntu should work, read this if you need more instructions), browse to c:\windows\system32\dllcache and you should find an ntoskrnl.exe file. Copy-paste it to c:\windows\system32. Careful with files you get from the internet, you need the version for Windows MCE and any service pack you have installed. If Ubuntu doesn't work for some reason you can take the hard drive out of your computer and hook it on another computer to replace the file (use an external enclosure if needed).

When you purchase a computer and don't get any recovery disks with it you need to either create them yourself using the bundled preinstalled program or order it on the manufacturer's website. You can always use the recovery partition by pressing some key at startup but that will erase all your personal data.

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When I start my Toshiba laptop the following message appears before the windows start screen:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: /WINDOWS/system32/config/SYSTEM"

It then goes on to say I can repair it by starting windows setup by using the original setup cd-rom, which I dont have.

I cant get into windows to do anything to fix the problem, Im stuck at this screen

Any ideas?

A:File missing or corrupt

Try restarting your PC and immediately when it powers on start tapping F8 and it my bring up a option screen.....if it does choose last known good configuration

What disk do you have a recovery disk?

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Hello guys

Can not believe this..... Replacing a simple floppy drive and when I started up got the kiss of death message.
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM Iis missing or corrupt.

Have starting windows setup from the original cd=rom and then selected r for repair....

No luck.........The drive is a maxtor 250 sata....... It is one of four drives

OS is XP Pro all patches in place

No spyware or virus on this system either

Any ideas other than a reinstall

A:File Missing or corrupt

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Hi All.

I am having problems with one of my customers computers.
Premio Computer Windows XP
512 Lifetime memory
MS 6566 motherboard

On boot i get "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt"
Tells me i can attempt to repair by booting of the disk and selecting 'r'

Ok here's what i have tried.

1. Tried doing a repair of windows but immediately after i press F8 i get the BSOD

2. Tried going into the Recovery Console but after i select which system to go into i get the BSOD

3. Tested RAM and HDD multiple times.

4.I have reinstalled windows on another HD with this machine. But i am trying to get a certain file off of the original HD.

Any suggestions?

A:Missing or Corrupt file

You original hard drive should still be accessible. Hook that up to your computer and boot up with your 'reinstalled windows' and access it. Are these IDE HD or SATA?

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How can I repair this with no internet connection?

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Hello,I'd appreciate some help in solving a computer problem I'm having. Computer is running Windows XP (probably Professional version), and will not boot up. It's stuck at a black screen with the following error:Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:<Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.Please re-install a copy of the above file.We do not have any disks for the computer, ie, no Windows reboot disk or anything! There is nothing we need to save off the computer, just would like it operating again, even if it's a blank slate. Although, saving the programs that are already installed on it would be a major bonus.Thank you in advance!

A:File Missing or Corrupt

Worth a look,*1370.html .


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Hello All,

After doing a malware scan I rebooted my computer and the following message appeared

\system32\config\system missing or corrupt

I followed some instruction on the MS Knowledge base and seemed to be going fine now when I start my pc in safe mode it hangs after loading some drivers.

To top it all, if I run the recovery console 'r' and choose the Windows Installation it asks for an Admistrator Password and I didn't even set one up.

Any help will be MOST appreciated.

Best wishes

A:Missing Or Corrupt File

Which version of windows are you using?
Have you tried: "admin" and "password" passwords? This are most common default ones which systems stores until they are changed.
Have you tried running system repair from OS media (CD/DVD)?

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I have a problem. last night I tried to install a palm top to my new system that has XP Pro. on it. The palm top installation didn't go well. This morning when I re-booted the system I got the following:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM.
Select R at the first screen to start repair.

I tried to do this and it just goes to the C prompt. Can anyone help?
Is there hope to fix a problem like this?


A:Missing or corrupt file

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In trying to restart my computer I get the message: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.


You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start program."

While I have several discs that came with my computer I have failed to find one labeled as "Setup". Any advice? I really feel lost. Thanks, jon

A:missing or corrupt file

It's just the windows disk it's looking for. Have a look in THIS thread and the bottom post has a link to the Windows XP repair install instructions.

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I was loading Adobe Photoshop on my daughters computer and when it completed it said to do a restart. When I rebooted the cpu came up with an error saing that the following file is missing or corrupt. <System 32>/hal.DLL. I put in an XP Pro w/service Pack 2 CD to try and reinstall the corrupt file. I got to the point of setting up system with three choices. (1) to install fully install XP use the Enter key
(2) to Repair, etc. use R
(3) to Exit use F3

None of the keys will work at this point. I did a hard shut down and tired again only to come up with the same problem. Is there something I'm not doing or is it time for the shop? Thanks - Chuck

A:File missing or corrupt

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I have a computer that runs on XP. For one week, I ran it without shutting it down. Eventually I shut it down. I booted it up the next morning and all I got was:

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."

This all happened around four months ago.

I bought my computer I guess the computer came pre-installed with XP, so I have no disks.

What I would like to know: is there any way to fix this without the disk? If so, how? If not, do I have to buy the disk?


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I am trying to get a XP Home Edition computer to boot however I continue getting the following error: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System"

I have tried using Microsoft's Guided Help however any time I try to run the program from a dos prompt, it tells me it is not a support command.

I don't want to lose all of the info that is currently on this computer so any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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I have recently been working with HJT logs and the HJT team to fix some bugs and get rid of some adware/spyware on my computer. However, I fear that I screwed something up that I shouldn't have.

While trying to install a program for my daughter, I got the error message:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

There is a 'close' button and an 'ignore' button. But no matter which you choose the application ends.

I went to Microsoft's website support and searched the problem. It tells me that that message means I have a missing or corrupt file (it listed 3 possibilites) and gave me direction on how to fix it. I'm supposed to put my Windows 2000 server or 2003 server cd into my cd drive. However, I don't have one!! I only have the XP cd which came with my computer. I put IT in and followed the directions given:

START, RUN <cmd>

expand d:\i386\autoexec.nt c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt

BUT, I get an error message saying it cannot open the d:\i386 file.

So how do I fix these files??
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a very impatient 8 and 6 year old waiting to try this 'stupid' game that mommy can't get running! ARGH!

A:Corrupt or Missing File

That doesn't sound like very much fun....

Ok, first of all, when you ran HJT, do you know what version that you were running, and did you have it in it's own directory? Or were you just running it from the zip file?

HJT makes backups, and if you didn't run it from a zip file, it may be possible to recover the deleted files.

Open HJT, click on config (lower right), and then click on backups (top right). When you do that, hopefully a list of files will be there. By highlighting each line, and then clicking restore, it will reverse any changes that you made. Once you get those restored, then post up your log in the HJT forum and let one of our experts take a look at it for you.

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I have a Dell D610 and on the startup I get the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM and then I ran a diagnostic and got a - DST Short Status Test Error Code 1000-0146 Msg: Unit 0:IDE Status failed Status Byte = 64 Control Code = 1 Msg = NO additional Sense Information

A:Missing or corrupt file

Your registry is corrupted.

How to Restore the Registry Hives From a System Restore Snapshot in Windows XP
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting
How to automate the Microsoft suggestion above

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hello again. my computer recently crashed when i went to restart it and brought up

windows xp could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system
alright i went to the microsoft website and it stated to put in the boot disk and when it comes up click "r" and then when prompted to do so, type the administrator password or if the password is blank(meaning no password on the comp such as us???), then press enter.
well thats all fine and dandy except that it never prompts for a password. it goes straight to the command prompt.

after that it says to type in "md tmp" then press enter. well when i do that it says that access is denied. basically everything that i tell in thats a valid command it tell me that access is denied. i was wondering if i need to reformat the whole drive, which i dont want to do since all the songs and family pics of my moms will be erased or what the deal was.
any help would be appreciated. thank you.

A:corrupt/missing file

well i take it that since no one has answered that they're is nothing that i can do except reformat my hard drive.
i cant use my comp for anything right now since i cant even get it to boot up xp and am at a friends right now.

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I periodically run Disc Cleanup and delete everything, but this particular time I noticed alot of files under the 'Catalog files for the Content Indexer'. I cannot recall ever seeing anything under that Description before. Nontheless, I ran it. It was taking a very long time. I then noticed a Windows Protection File window appear stating something about 'Unrecognized Files', and to insert the appropriate cd. One said something about an ActiveX cd (don't have one of those). I canceled about 3 different similar prompts.
When it completed, all my Desktop icons were gone with the exception of the standard My Computer, My Documents, Network Places, & I.E.
So I restarted my pc...and now I get a black screen that says: WINDOWS COULD NOT START BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING FILE IS MISSING OR CORRUPT: <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.
I wish I knew how to do that!!
Any assistance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Missing/Corrupt File!!!!

Not an easy read, but it looks good.

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Ive got an error message on my dell latitude d610 saying 'Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\system32\c_437.nls'
I need help repairing this issue. Some guy who repairs computers near me told me it would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 for a new harddrive but theres gotta be a way to repair it on the laptop.
There are other forums explaining it, but i DO NOT have the original cds to recover it

A:***help, missing or corrupt file***

Hi and welcome.
You will need to borrow a Cd - the same as is installed, if you can - without one you will not be able to repair the corupt file.
What version of Windows do you have installed - Xp, Vista?

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Help! I am a blogger and can no longer publish my posts. If I try to publish from Windows Live Writer, it says "not found" and asks me to put in my username and password, which it never did before. If I do that, it tells me the username and password don't match. So I downloaded three other blogging programs and all of them won't even let me set up my blog URL info, etc. The one error said:
"The ordinal 142 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:windows\SYSTEM32\urlmon.dll."

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My computer is a year old and just recently Webroot expired. The pc had come with that on for a year. Windows Defender is now protecting my computer.

Here is my system info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6036 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 433755 MB, Free - 191300 MB; D: Total - 25599 MB, Free - 23671 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, Lancer 5A2
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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I am running windows xp professional on a Dell Dimension 8400. I recently had malware removed (Thanks Charles) and now have some windows type issues. The main problem is when booting the system, I get the following message:

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<windows root>\system32\hal.dll
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Can anyone please tell me how to do that?

A:Corrupt Or Missing File

FYI, reference material on that error situation:

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my sound card came out of it's slot and fell into the card below.According to my son it made several beeping sounds and the computer shut down. The screen currently reads file missing or corrupt windows\system32\config\system Have we crashed?

A:file missing or corrupt?

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When I turned on my computer last night it said:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file bystarting Windos setup using the original setup CD-Rom
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair

Hoever I don't have the original disk, because it came pre-installed. It is an Acer, using Windos XP Home Edition
Please help me

A:file missing or corrupt

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Hello every1 i have a problem with my daughters laptop
It gives me options but takes me back to same screen with same message
can any one help please as i was trying to put security on mu daughters laptop
and now i feel i have ruined it
i have the original disk windows xp professional but it wont read it
when i try to repair
please help desperate father
thank you in advance john

A:Missing or corrupt file

john358 said:

Hello every1 i have a problem with my daughters laptop
It gives me options but takes me back to same screen with same message
can any one help please as i was trying to put security on mu daughters laptop
and now i feel i have ruined it
i have the original disk windows xp professional but it wont read it
when i try to repair
please help desperate father
thank you in advance johnClick to expand...
When you say it won't read the XP CD, have you changed the boot order in the BIOS to boot from CD first? Then, when you put the CD in and start up, you should see a brief message "Press any key to run from CD" or words to that effect. Let stage stage go by and you're faced with the choice of pressing Enter to install and R to Repair existing. Press the R key and wait for the prompt to say which system you want to repair - almost certainly you need to press1 and Enter.

Try that and post back if you get that far.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite pro 4300 series laptop. When windows tries to boot I get the error
message system32\drivers\pci.sys file is missing or corrupt. I found by removing one of the memory modules the system will boot. Tried a new memory module but get the same message. Appears to be a problem with that memory slot. I do not have a Win XP pro for this unit. Is there anyway to fix this without the XP pro disc?

A:file missing or corrupt

Hi d-mod3. found this on the web I hope this will help.
You may have a hardware problem or with a driver associated with
hardware. Could be video, sound, or another PCI device. Try booting
your machine to safe mode and let it operate for several hours to see
if you receive the same error. Safe mode will load only the generic
drivers needed for video.

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Turned on the computer and got this message: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corurpt: system32\drivers\nvatabus.sys. You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-Rom". So, I put the original disc in and nothing is happening. Help!

A:Missing or corrupt file

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When I boot up my other computer the screen shows up with the error message: File Missing or Corrupt: C:/blah/blah/Hal.dll. I know this is a nessasary file for Windows, but I copied it from my other compy and it just wont load.
Do I need to load the OP system again? I dont have the disk for the Dell, which is the one Im trying to fix. i do have the one for my Emachines but it wont load?
What do I do to make it work?

A:File Missing Or Corrupt Hal.dll

Hi, welcome to TSF.

Start the computer with a Windows CD - make sure it's the same version as the one installed.
At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to select the repair option.
You will have to enter the Administrator password - if none, just press <Enter>.
The Windows installation will be detected - usually called "1" >> select that.
In the recovery console - type bootcfg /rebuild (note the space after bootcfg) > press <Enter>.
The drive will be scanned and you will be asked to:
Add installation to boot list? Press Y.
Next prompt: Enter Load Identifier: > type Windows XP > press <Enter>.
Another prompt: Enter OS Load options: > type /fastdetect > press <Enter>.
Take the Windows disc out.
Type Exit > press <Enter>.

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hi, this is the first time that i encountered this in my computer. when i turned it on windows xp did not start and i tried to reboot it in safe mode it says that windows could not start because <windows root>\system32\hal.dll is missing or corrupt and asking me to re- install a copy of that file but i don't have a copy.

What will i do? Please help me...

A:missing or corrupt file

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When my computer is starting up it gives me the message, 'Following file is missing or corrupt : System32\Drivers\Ntfs.sys'

I don;t know what changed to bring this about? I get around this by pressing any button, it then goes back to the user menu and I can then start-up normally? Any suggestions?


A:Missing or corrupt File;en-us;822800

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Hi guys I got a samsung np355v5c laptop for my son, I've got the same laptop also and was just setting it up for him when it restarted and came up with the following error. It is running windows 8.1 and didn't come with any disk. I was installing samsung recovery tool before it failed, and it came up with a box saying there was no recovery patition on the computer would i like to restart and try again. it was then that it came up with the following.

"The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors"
File: \boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f

So as neither laptop came with installation disks I have started to download installation media from
Creating installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

To be honest Im not sure what my next step will be when it finishes downloading?

So looking for help and here seemed the logical place to start

A:Win 8.1 failed to start, file \boot\bcd, Status 0xc000000f

Open the Command Prompt when the Installation DVD Loads and type the following commands.chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:
chkdsk /r e:
chkdsk /r f:.etc until you get the message that the volume could not be opened for direct access. For any drives that do not give the message:
"Windows has checked the file system and found no problems"
run chkdsk again as above. In other words, if it says:
"Windows has made corrections to the file system"
after running the disk check, run the disk check again.

I realize you may only have one disk show up in Windows explorer, but you may have more than one disk through recovery options. This is because the system creates a hidden boot partition (which will be C: in recovery), you may have a recovery partition for your PC that is hidden (which will be D: in recovery), and you will have your primary Windows partition (which may be E: in recovery). A custom PC will likely have at least C: and D: to scan.

But first try fixing the BCD because it's likely damaged: Repair Windows BCD

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I have the same problem as user Lily123 from yesterday, system starts to boot and stops stating that windows cannot start because of a missing or corrupt hal.dll
I have genuine XP cd, and have tried every conceiveable way to get windows to restart, the Recovery Console ends in a BSOD stating I have an "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" and the technical information at the bottom states:
***STOP: 0X000000ED (0x89C25C98, 0xC0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
I cannot get the system to start from any number of optopns from the Advanced Options Menu - No Safe Mode, Last Known Good Config, etc...
Inserting the genuine CD starts the "Boot from CD" option, Windows Setup begins and loads the necessary files but ends in a BSOD stating: "A Problem Has Been Detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." Technical line at bottom reads:
***STOP 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my work laptop and I really need it.

A:XP Pro Won't boot - missing or corrupt hal.dll

Insert MS Windows CD...boot.

Elect to repair current prompt, type 1...hit Enter for password request...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter.

Unmountable boot volume is what you report in your post...hal.dll is what is in your title. These are totally different errors/scenarios, with the unmountable boot volume being more serious, IMO.

Unmountable Boot Volume -


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Help me please!!!

Get the above message when trying to boot on my pc

System 32\ntoskrnl.exe file is missing or corrupt????

A:Ntoskrnl.exe file is missing or corrupt?

Try booting from windows cd and repairing?

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I recently tried to do a system restore on my computer that runs Windows XP. In the middle of the process it stopped. Now when I try to boot up my computer it says

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

Please re-install a copy of the above file"

I tried searching for answers to fix it but most of them require the Windows disk which I do not have anymore. Can you please tell me how to fix the problem or where I can find a Windows disk so I can fix the problem? Thanks!

A:Missing or Corrupt File on Startup

You can try running sfc with the scannow option. Go to Start, then to Run, and type in "SFC.EXE /SCANNOW" (without the quotes - and with a space between the SFC.EXE and the /SCANNOW). Then press Enter. This program will just exit without telling you anything, so you will need to restart your computer to see if it affected a repair.Is this a custom build that you installed the XP on? If so, do you still have the 25 character code that came with it?If this is a retail computer, (Dell, HP, Gateway...)what is the make and model of it?

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Hi All

I am trying to re-install Windows XP on a friends Advent netbook using a USB flash drive as the netbook doesn't have a CD Drive and I don't have an external one. I have used Novicorp WinToFlash to create the USB flash drive and a Windows XP SP3 CD, however when i boot from the flash drive I get the following error:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>system32hal.dll
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Missing or Corrupt hal.dll File

You're still booting from the HDD. Boot into the Setup (Bios) and change the boot order from HDD first to USB first boot device.

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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I would really love some help. I have a really dumb laptop. LOL It's only got the cd/dvd rom I'm kinda in a hard spot seeing as I don't have a floppy drive.

Anyhow... My poor laptop has a missing or corrupt file: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll Now, my wonderful laptop did not come with a windows xp disc. Also, it's a North Star laptop (celeron processor) and I have no idea how to access anything. I've tried a multitude of processes to no avail.

I'd be ever so grateful if anyone can shed some light on this before I decide to consider it a loss.

A:Windows xp has a missing or corrupt file

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The computer has always started up fine until the other day when windows xp didnt load and this message appeared "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM..You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen too start repair.

Why did the computer do that & what does that all mean? The only cd's i found for the computer was a motherboard cd and a recovery cd for windows xp. I did what the instructions said & loaded both cd's but nothing happened and just went back too the message screen that i mentioned do i fix this problem..any help will be greatly appreciated!..thankyou!

A:Solved: A file is missing or corrupt..Please Help!!!

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I have been getting Norton (Corporate, installed by someone else) notificatons for a few weeks about a Trojan (cache.cachekit) and Norton could not get rid of it. Now I cant boot up and it tells me my file(System32/system/config) is missing or corrupt. I was thinking it was my Trojan I couldnt get rid of, what do you think? Also, my OS was installed by someone else so I didnt have my own disk, however I have ordered one and it should come in a week. If it is my elusive Trojan, for one, how do I get rid of it for good, and also, when I get my disk I dont know exactly what to do to fix the computer. I cant bring it up in safemode either. I have never installed a OS, but I have installed other software-on a properly functoning computer that is. Do I absolutely have to wipe my hardrive clean, and if so, how do I do it? If it is possible to avoid that I would prefer it. Anyway, thank you in advance, I will be checking back here from work so I am prepared when I get my disk. Have a nice day.

A:Corrupt or missing System32 file

well there is a repair folder that holds a copy of those file in case is damage or corrupt but this copy was made a when you first install the system if you can manage to get into recovery console you can then copy that file into the system\32\config\system and this will allow you to boot the system then from there you can use the system restore feature of windows XP to restore your system to a date prior to the problem this way you don't have to reinstall all the applications and drivers

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i get this message whenever i start up my laptop, it runs on xp pro, i have no idea what his error means or how to fix it.
"Hibernation file either missing or corrupt
please see your documentation for details"
help please

A:Hibernation file either missing or corrupt

If you do not use Hibernation mode, go to Control Panel, select Power Options, Hibernate tab, and uncheck the Enable hibernation box.

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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I would really love some help. I have a really dumb laptop. LOL It's only got the cd/dvd rom I'm kinda in a hard spot seeing as I don't have a floppy drive.

Anyhow... My poor laptop has a missing or corrupt file: <windows root>\system32\hal.dll Now, my wonderful laptop did not come with a windows xp disc. Also, it's a North Star laptop (celeron processor) and I have no idea how to access anything. I've tried a multitude of processes to no avail.

I'd be ever so grateful if anyone can shed some light on this before I decide to consider it a loss.

A:Windows xp has a missing or corrupt file

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I have a desktop pc with Win 7 Home Edition 64bit OS. Recently when i started it all i saw was a black screen and it wouldnt boot up after that. I put my Win install disc into the CD drive and restarted the PC and received the message referred to in some other posts on this thread. It advised that i had a file either missing or corrupted ....the file is \CMLDR....then it showed STATUS OxcOOOOOOf ...

Once i placed the install disc in the drive and restarted the pc i ran the Recovery program and after running it the PC started normally. I thought my problem was solved until , after shutting down the pc for the day, I started it up the next day and it again gave me the black screen and failed to boot up. After several additional tries i figured out that for some reason the install disc will enable me to start the pc but DOESNT ACTUALLY REPLACE THE MISSING OR CORRUPT FILE.

i also have a repair disc for this pc which i burned when i first bought it but i havent used it because i also have the OS install disc.

my questions are
1. where can i get my missing or corrupt file so i dont have to keep using the install disc just to start my pc.
2.should i try inserting the repair disc instead of the install disc to possibly get this permanently repaired?
Any other suggestions you have will be welcome. My pc runs fine in all other respects. Thanks very much.

A:Replacing missing or corrupt file

Have you tried doing a Repair Install with the installation DVD?

Repair Install

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When I try and boot up, I get the following message:

Missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe Please reinstall a copy of above file.

I edited this, as I had an error in the file name that is corrupt.

HELP!! Thanks.

A:Windows XP Missing or Corrupt File

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I have posted about this problem before, but I need some further advice on this problem, so I am again pleading for your help. My daughter has a Dell Laptop, with Windows XP home edition on it, SP 3. All of sudden she was getting a message right after windows splash screen, "cannot start windows because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System. You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-Rom."
A little background: This computer has been revived from TWO pretty nasty viruses, one of them a Rootkit virus that had Windows doing the B.S.O.D. and one of the mods on this site hooked me up with REAtogo, and with that we were able to recover the config file causing the blue screen, as well as weed out the virus that was killing it. It worked fine for a long time, then she came down with another virus.. a fake security alert, and we were once again able to pull that one from the computer with minimal effort. Now we get this. I did run a disk check with windows recovery console *which was installed on this laptop after the rootkit virus issue* and it found some bad sectors, and supposedly repaired them.
I have tried starting Windows in safe mode, and have no luck. The only way I can access anything on the HD is with the REAtogo disc, but I CAN explore the hard drive, so I am guessing it is not a faulty HD. We do not have the original Windows CD that was install... Read more

A:Windows Missing or Corrupt File

<<...but I have obtained a 3 disc set from my boss at work.. Windows XP home edition Operating System CD, Application Recovery CD, and Driver Recovery CD. They are SP 1a. I don't know if that will matter or not...>>

I would say that it matters...since recovery/restore disks are not made for universal application to systems. Unless the system such are used exactly identical to the system for which the disks were issued...I would guess that chances of success are pretty small.

Restore/recovery disks may also rely upon certain files which are stored on the system hard the system a possibly hidden partition. Trying to apply the restore/recovery function to a system without those not likely to lead to success, IMO.

If you have a Dell system...the best option would be to try to obtain the proper recovery/restore disks...from Dell.


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My laptop was downloading a windows update and when I left it overnight.
When I switched it on the next day my laptop came up with the wording windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
it show file: ntoskrnl.exe
status: 0xc0000098
My laptop did not come with a vista repair disc only a vista upgrade disc which does not even start up when inserted so obviosuly not the correct disc,
I have the licence key is still on the back from when I purcahsed the laptop.
Does anyone have any help or remidies that will help me rectify this problem.
I would really appreciate some help and guidance please.

A:missing or corrupt file ntoskrnl.exe

hi check out your mfr support website for your model comp and it should tell you how to access the recovery partition

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Hello - my apologies if this is in the wrong spot.

I have a dell laptop - inspiron e1405 windows xp and a few days ago it just started acting weird. I couldn't be on longer then a few minutes without the computer completely freezing, it would just beep at me until i turned it off. It did that for a day and now when i turn it on it says.

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \window\system32\config\system"

It says i can attempt a repair but my computer did not come with a recovery disk.
My question is.. since I dont know what that means is should I even attempt to use a recovery disk? If yes where is a good place to buy from?
And is there anything i can do to save this laptop?

I have not done anything to the laptop since i got the error message. I have just done some online researching.

thank you!!!

A:Laptop missing/corrupt file

Some info at:

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I am getting a message that my ntfs.sys file is either missing or corrupt. I am told to insert the original setup cd, however, I no longer have the original setup cd. What can I do to restore this file and my computer?

A:missing or corrupt ntfs.sys file can try running chkdsk /r, if the system is bootable.

This error can be either minor or major, the error only indicates that there is a problem with NTFS. The problem itself may be due to partition, NTFS file system, or hard drive situations.

When I receive that error...first thing I do is save the items from that partition/drive...that I want to use during a possible clean install.


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I have a problem installing Win 7 Ultimate 64. I have several different Win 7 disks that I've tried to use. I can get all the way to where it starts to install but after it says copying win files, goes to install it stays at 0% and I get the error message "Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart. Error Code 0x80070017"

The reason I'm doing an install is because the computer wouldn't boot up anymore. I tried just about everything to fix the bootmgr using Hirems Boot utilities including BCD but to no avail. Finally I just decided to wipe the drive. That might be my mistake instead of just of formatting it. Here is what is listed during the win 7 install as my Hard drives/Partitions:

1. "Disk 0" "Partition 1" "100mb 86mb free" "System"

2."Disk 0" "Partition 2" "298mb 297 free" "Primary" (this is the drive i wiped and had win 7 ultimate installed on. Was my C:.)

3. "Disk 1" "Partition 1" "100mb" 11mb free "System"

4. "Disk 1" "Partition 2" "Backup" "465.7GB Free" "132.9 Free" "Primary" (Most of my C: drive data is back up on here. Its a Hitachi 500GB)
I just bought an external 500gb if i use that to help this install... Read more

A:Win 7 install. Missing or corrupt file

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

It would be helpful if you can post a screenshot of your expanded disk management layout: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

However, looking at the information you've posted so far, it looks like you've got two 100Mb boot partitions: one on Drive 0 and one on Drive 1.

I would suggest you delete Partition 1 on Drive 1 then install Windows on Drive 0, which is where it should go. It won't hurt to delete the two partitions on Drive 0, create a new one for your operating system and Windows will automatically create a new 100MB boot partition at the start of the drive, which is where Windows would expect to find it.

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