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Reformatting Dell 4600

Q: Reformatting Dell 4600

Hey BC!
My mom wants to give away her old Dell 4600 to my sister. It came with a reformatting CD (in the color of maroon), as well as a couple of blue driver discs.
Sadly, when the reformat CD is put in, it spends a good five minutes loading various drivers, and then so generously provides me with this error:
"Setup cannot load the keyboard layout file KBDUS.DLL. Setup cannot continue. Shut down or restart your computer."

And then, the keyboard starts working until the computer is forced to be shut down by holding down the power button and turned back on again.
Help would be greatly appreciated!

A: Reformatting Dell 4600

Hi .These CDs you speak of...are these Dell CDs? Is there any writing on the one you are attempting to use?What exactly do you want to do?LouisFWIW: The only examples of this I see documented...occur with Win 2K.

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I replaced a hard drive in a dell 4600 with XP professional service pack 1a, all setting are right. After installing the hard drive the pc displays message "strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. When hitting F1 it just repeats even after I insert Reinstallation CD.

I'm trying to reload windows xp after new hard drive installed.


Keith Long

A:problem with dell 4600

Hi klong231,

Press "F2" and go into setup. Then change the first boot in the BIOS to CD/DVD Rom, save settings, and then reboot the computer. Then see if the computer is able to boot to your Windows XP CD. Hope everything works out well for you.

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Dell Dimension 4600 with integrated audio and video. After moving from Sacramento to San Diego, no video output - in fact connecting the monitor to the PC makes the monitor go blank. Replacing the power supply didn't help. Next step?

A:Dell Dimension 4600

Either the monitor doesn't work or you need a new video card. That unit probably cantake an Agp card so I would buy one and try it since you most like lt don't have another monitor to try on the desktop.

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I have this dell dimension 4600!!! And I want to upgrade it!!! But I am not so sure about what my mother board can support!! I have tried "Ernest home edition" but it doesn?t help much!! is there a program that give the detail description of a PC!! Or is there a web site with detail descriptions of Dell Pc's!

Mobo name: Dell Dimension 4600i


A:Dell Dimension 4600

What do you want to know?
Here's the dell support page.
You could dl the owners manual or look at the service manual.

Here's the spec sheet.

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Working on Dell 4600 for daughters friend.Power supply making all kinds of noises.Inside of computer full of dirt,figure dirt got into power supply fan bearings.Looks like a standard size PS will fit in it.4600 doesnt have a proprietory PS does it?I dont think it is but want to check before trying to replace.

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I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Dell 4600 won't boot

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Hi, I'm new, this is my first post.

I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD. I've removed all but one stick of RAM.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Dell 4600 won't boot

Find ot what Hard Drive is in it, and download the Diagnostic from the manufacturer - you can make a booable floppy or CD.

Obviously, you have to set it to boot from Floppy or CD 1st - which is probably why your install CD isn't working.

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i was wondering if i chould put PC4200 ddr2 ram in a dell dimension 4600 it says on the doc that it takes ddr2

any help whould be nice

A:Which ram for a Dell Dimension 4600

ok maybe you can then, try it, see if it boots.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew if my Dell 4600 has AGP or PCI Slots. I recently moved and my internet is not the fastest so i was planning on getting an intermediate Videocard so i could get a higher fps to make up for the internet. I dont really know much about computers so I asked my friends to help me. I asked about three friends and they all told me the same thing. I need to find out if i have agp or pci slots before i get a card. So if anyone out there happens to have a Dell 4600 and knows please let me know.

and if anyone knows a good graphics card for about 50-75 dollars for cs 1.6 that would be good too.

thanks for the help if i get any!

A:Dell 4600 AGP or PCI Slots

4600's have an agp 8x slot. I do believe there is a SFF 4600 (might be called the 4600c) that dosent have an agp slot. But a plain 4600 has an agp.

As far as the card, for 10 bucks more, you could get this
which should handle 1.6 fine

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My computer was going slow and pop-ups like crazy. So I backed up all of my information and got a new install disk from Dell. Heres the problem, When installing it keeps getting hung up on 36, 16, or 9 mins. It will not pass that point. I have exhausted all of my options, I restart checked all the cables, drained the power by pulling the cord and holding the power button then plugging it back in. Then called dell and they walked me through wiping the HD clean, by starting up in DOS and walking me through the steps. Well did all that and started install again, and once again it got hung up on 23 mins. Does anyone have any suggestions, I'm stuck????

A:Reinstall XP failure on dell dim 4600

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Is it possible for me to reinstall only the IE program from my Dell Application Reinstallation Disk?Jason

A:Internet Explorer on Dell 4600

Not really..what problems are you having?

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Can some one please help me. I'm kinda mew at this, and I want to clock my dell dimension 4600, only uppgrade is RAM and sound card. can some one plz help me with program and how mutch?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 clock

plz. help me

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I would like to know if my Dell Dimension 4600 desktop has Wake On Lan. I do seem to have all of the options on my Local Area Network adapter, it seems to look like. But I do not have any Wake on Lan option in my bios at all. I cannot seem to find it in my bios setup. The only options that I have is the Low Power Mode, and the AC Power Recovery option in my Power Management. But no Wake on Lan option is there. Do you know if there are any bios updates on the Dell site for my 4600 Dimension model? Because my bios date is from 9/26/04. And that is a really old and outdated bios. Well anyway, so please get back to me as soon as possible, and let me know on how to enable my Wake on Lan please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

A:I would like to know if My Dell Dimension 4600 has Wake On Lan

Go into the Device Manager, then expand the "Network Adapters" heading, then double-click the ethernet device to open its properties window.

All the settings for the ethernet device will be there.


The Dell Dimension 4600 desktop is several years old, so I doubt very seriously that a more current BIOS is available for it at the Dell support site.

Updating the BIOS would have no affect anyway on what you're wanting to do.


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Hi all

Customer bought to me a Dell 4600 (5 years old) it doent power up, no beeps and no diagnostic lights.

I have tested the power supply and this is fine, removed ram and disconnected other components and still nothing. Even taken the cmos battery out for 10 mins and replaced and nothing.

The only thing is the flea light on the mobo itself.

My conclusion is the motherboard, but wondered if anyone else has any thoughts ?


A:Dead Dell 4600 - Mobo ?

Yes the motherboard is bad...

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I've got a dell dimension 4600 that won't fully boot. The dell screen comes up, but then the screen is just black and it won't boot any further. I can get to the boot and startup menus but I'm not sure how to get it to finish booting.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.



A:dell 4600 won't fully boot

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i need to format my computer. i need a step by step process

A:how do you format a dell dimension 4600?

Do you have recovery CD's?

What CD's do you have?

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Desperate measures.

I'm trying to fix sound problems on my lame computer.....was wondering if you might know how to help me fix my sound problem?
And yes it is of course that dell dimension 4600i w/ xp- sp3. Yes I know its an old and now lame computer and there are sooo many others out there w/similar sound problems w/Dell computers. But like most people (in the real world), right now I do not have the $$$ to just go out and buy a precious but fragile $$$$ mac and the pricey precious but fragile mac accessories.

I have this constantly reoccurring problem with my internal mic with "mic signal too weak". So whenever I google how to fix it I end up being told to download/add stuff that always screws up my entire sound leaving me with no sound and many problems;
-my speaker icon then dissapears from task bar
-when I do find and click on speaker icon the volume control is grayed out.
-when i type "SndVol32.exe" into Run it says "There is no active mixer device available. To install......"
-In my device manager there's a yellow question mark next to "Other Devices" as well as yellow question marks next to "Multimedia Audio Controller" and "Video Controller".

I've gone to Dell and to Intel sites for correct drivers and re-downloaded ALL drivers I supposedly need to fix this; Soundmax, that Intel thing, the ADI thing, Nvdia video thing, Soundblaster, that annoying Realtek thing, blah blah, etc, etc... Read more

A:No sound Dell 4600 xp -of course! 2012

Use the Service Tag # from the label on your computer case. On the Dell website, you can search for drivers using the Service Tag # and it will list all/only the drivers needed for your model.

Download and install the audio drivers. If it doesn't work, post the exact error that you receive.

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Dell Dimension Desktop 4600
Pentium 4 2.80GHz
512 MB RAM
Dell SE198WFP LCD flat screen monitor add-on
Windows XP Home
IE 6
NVIDIA 128MB DDR GeForce FX 5200
My issue:

Several months ago, I purchased a new monitor (above) to add to my Dell Dimension 4600 system. Immediately, I noticed that the monitor would always show:

1: Auto Detect (Power Save)

when I tried to log-on and I had a difficult time waking it from its state.

Last Tuesday (6-16), I went to log-on to the machine and was met with a BLACK screen with white letters. The wording:

"We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start correctly...".

I was given several options of starting the machine, including:

Last Known Good Configuration
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with networking

I learned that Safe Mode with Networking was the only way I could boot up and get online to figure out what was happening. I'm still running that way.

Once I chose 'Safe Mode with Networking,' multiple/many! lines scrolled down the screen with this format:

multi (0) disk (0) partition (2) \WINDOWS ....

I started poking around and asking questions, online. I was instructed to do several things, including using the Recovery Console to repair my Windows installation. Because I then started receiving error messages that read:

'Computer restarted after unexpected shutdown. Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure.

The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing o... Read more

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Dell Dimension Desktop 4600
Pentium 4 2.80GHz
512 MB RAM
Dell SE198WFP LCD flat screen monitor add-on
Windows XP Home
IE 6
NVIDIA 128MB DDR GeForce FX 5200
My issue:

Several months ago, I purchased a new monitor (above) to add to my Dell Dimension 4600 system. Immediately, I noticed that the monitor would always show:

1: Auto Detect (Power Save)

when I tried to log-on and I had a difficult time waking it from its state.

Last Tuesday (6-16), I went to log-on to the machine and was met with a BLACK screen with white letters. The wording:

"We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start correctly...".

I was given several options of starting the machine, including:

Last Known Good Configuration
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with networking

I learned that Safe Mode with Networking was the only way I could boot up and get online to figure out what was happening. I'm still running that way.

Once I chose 'Safe Mode with Networking,' multiple/many! lines scrolled down the screen with this format:

multi (0) disk (0) partition (2) \WINDOWS ....

I started poking around and asking questions, online. I was instructed to do several things, including using the Recovery Console to repair my Windows installation. Because I then started receiving error messages that read:

'Computer restarted after unexpected shutdown. Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure.

The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing o... Read more

A:Use Seagate 250MB Ext HD w/Dell 4600??

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I would like to know if I should upgrade my old Dell Dimension 4600 or if I should go ahead and get a new computer. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated! For example, more memory, extra hard drive
I would appreciate it, if you guys explain everything to me in layman's term.


The specs of my computer are:

Windows xp home edition
Pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor
160 gb hard drive
intergrated graphics
1.5 gb 400 mhz ram
Cd and Dvd burner

If I left anything out that you need to know or if you have any questions, please ask.

A:What to upgrade in my old Dell Diemension 4600

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I bought a Dimension 4600 at a yard sale and it seemed to run fine once I put ram and hdd in it. I had taken it apart and used some of the parts in another computer I put together for a friend. I was having problems with the "build" so I decided to put the Dell back together using all the original parts. All I got was am amber light blinking, no fan or hdd spinning. Thinking it may be the psu I switched psu and the computer booted fine, except the floppy wasn't hooked up so I got a message about that. I put the original psu back and rebooted and it booted until the floppy error. I hooked the floppy drive and rebooted. All I got was the blinking amber light. I put the other psu, and same thing. I don't understand whats going on with that, I had just had it running. Any ideas?

Dell Dimension 4600
P4 478 2.8ghz
512mb ram
80gb hdd
250w psu

A:Having issues with Dell Dimension 4600

Sounds like the floppy drive is faulty....try getting into Bios and disable the floppy drive..if it has that option and then save and exit

here are the usual keys for entering Bios to start tapping immediately on startup.
{Delete} (modern Award and AMI BIOSes)
{F2} (modern Phoenix BIOSes)


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Ok, one day i was messing around in my computer and took out my microprocessor , and i took out my heatsink and then my microprocessor. And then it happened, I bent the little golden pins underneath the processor ,and I tried to bend them back, and it just got i just put it back the way it was , and i prayed that i would work,but now it wont even turn on . but when i plug in the power cord to the power supply on the back and i have the side pannel off ,a little green light comes on on my motherboard. and i went to dell to try to find a replacement but there were none . so what i need to know is can i just buy any microprocessor and it work with my computer.please let me know as soon as possible.i need my computer.PLEASE.....

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Microprocessor HELP!!1

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Well i guess you could say this has been a 3 year review in the making. In this review im going to point out many of the Ups and Downs to buying and owning a Dell PC. The technical specifications for the system that was tested (initially) are listed below.

CPU: Intel P4 2.4 GHz Processor
Memory/RAM: Dell, 2x 128mb Dual DDR SDRAM
Motherboard: DMI(Dell) with Intel NetBurst, and basic Intel Chipset
GFX Card(initial): GeForce 4 64mb GFX Card
CD/RW Drive: NEC 1100A DVD CD/RW Combo drive
Hardrive: IBM Deskstar 180 GXP 74gb HDD
Network Card: Intel Pro/100
Floppy Drive Included

Now my first thought when recieveing this computer in 2003 when i first recieved it from Dell was "what a waste of $1500!" Yes thats right, a whopping 1500 dollars was spent on this machine, that at the most was sporting the top of the line processor? Only a guess at its most powerful component. It wasnt exactly a buff gaming PC at all, but it ran BF1942 very well at the time, since it was the big game that me and my clan played. The tech support was great for someone who had no idea what they were doing, but not for someone who does, and at this time they offered Tech support for when your computer was hacked. Now, im not going to totally flame Dell's PCs because it is still a reliable pc. It has run (Literally) nearly non-stop for these three years, cutting it off only to reboot, and maybe the occasional overnight shutdown. Very reliable PC for long term use.

Now, I am going t... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 review

Well every HD is smaller than advertised. b/c of formatting drops it down about 2-3GB right away, then WinXP is installed, then the recovery partition os created. My eMachines PC has an 100GB HD, right after i powered it on he first time, i only have 86GB free.

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I am a newbie to this post, so I apologize for not knowing how to post the link to a similar thread on this forum that is related to my question. I hope this is it

I've started some research on this, and have two questions. By the way, you wouldn't BELIEVE the highway robbery Dell is perpetrating by purchasing a "replacement kit" from them!!!!!!

1. I have a Dell 4600 2.8 P4 using an intel 865 chipset. What is the exact spec or model CPU I should be looking for if I wanted to upgrade to a 3.4 P4?
2. I've seen a LOT of posts saying that Dell makes a propriety heat sink for this CPU, and that you should always replace the heat sink when you replace the CPU. However, a couple of google searches turned up a couple of vendors that supply this. Are these vendors legitimate? They seem to be. (I don't know this forum's rules for third party links, so I won't post it) Thanks in advance.


A:Replacing Dell 4600 microprocessor

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I'm working on a friends Dell Dimension 4600, P4, XP Pro. She said that lightning hit the pole outside and her pc has not worked since.

I tried to boot it up. Completely dead, fan does not spin on the psu. There is a green led on the mobo that is lit but otherwise dead.

The psu is atx and it tested good with my tester. Tried another psu for the heck of it. Still dead. I disconnected all drives except for the hardrive. Took out all cards except for the video card. Swapped the two ram sticks every which way. Jumpered the two pins for the switch, with a screwdriver. Took out the battery for a couple of minutes. Still dead.

I'm thinking the mobo is fried. For the heck of it, I decided to pull it out. Took out all mobo screws but something around/under the cpu seems to be holding the board in. Have I done everything? Or should I make an effort to get the mobo out and test it on the bench?

A:Dell Dimension 4600, lightning

check you have not missed a screw there are usually 9 on most boards
you need to get it out so you can check both sides for damage
did you try a cmos reset

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 who's hard drive died and i went and purchased a Western Digital 500gb internal ata hd to replace it. When i spoke to Dell, I was told that the 500gb is not compatable, maximum gb allowed is 250gb. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks Michael

A:Dell Dimension 4600 HD compatability?

Do you really think Dell would lie to you? Their motherboard and crippled bios are the reason 250GB is max

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PC Config: DELL 4600 Desktop, P4, running Windows XP Home, 80 GB Western Digital HD

Scenario: PC was functioning fine until a recent attempt to install iTunes 11.1 (which required a sytem reboot after install). While rebooting a black screen came up with the following message:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: windows\system32\config\system. You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original set up CDROM.

Repair attempts (a software attempt and a hardware attempt):
1. I tried installing the original WINDOWS XP CD ROM and follow the steps to repair the system file. I tried to follow the steps but could not get the repair function to work for me (likely some user error).

2. I tried removing the hard drive and puting it into an external drive enclosure (I have another PC running Windows XP). When I powered up the external drive enclosure through a USB port on the functioning computer (using a "My Computer" window) the drive did spin up and was recognized as an external device. I tried to access the drive but it only gave me an error message: Device not ready.

If the hard drive is spinning and was working fine before the iTunes software install, why can't I view the drive contents when using the external device enclosure (I confirmed the external enclosure was working correctly) ?
Can anyone offer step by step instructions for repairing a corrupt system file using the original Win... Read more

A:Dell 4600 not booting Windows XP help

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my brother in law bought a dell 4600 at an auction..i have installed xp...but i need drivers that i dont have the disk.. the drivers i need are
ethernet contoller
multimedia audio controller
sm bus controller
universal serial bus (usb) controller
video controller (vga compatible)
ive tried the dell web site.. but no luck
any suggestions..

A:dell dimension 4600 drivers

You should find all the drivers at Dell:

One of my comps is a 4600, and I have the Driver CD, but can't figure any way to extract what you need. Can't find anything but an install option.

The CD also checks your system to determine the installed hardware.

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hey guys this is my current pc

and this is what i plan on replacing, i already got my soundcard, sounblaster x-fi
just wondering if you can throw your eye over it and see im making the right decisions in the right combination and will it be the best hardware to future proof my pc for years to come, thank you,4294959071&InMerch=1,50113,4294959239

A:Upgrading MY Dell dimensions 4600

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I've had my Dell Dimension 4600 for over three years. It's been through a number of traumtic experiences. For general history I've reformatted a few times, got a new hard drive 1 year ago with just one reformat on it, added more RAM to get me up to 2 GB, replaced the video card, and replaced the sound card.

Now my PC is getting dangerously slow. It takes too long to do even the most basic tasks like opening Firefox. zB, when I load Starcraft into the DVD-ROM drive, it takes it about a minute to open the auto play screen, and will play the little audio clip 30 seconds before that, with no auto play menu. That could be a matter of the DVD-ROM drive being past it's time. However, it's not the main culprit, and I'm wondering if I should replace the processor. I haven't replaced anything else like the cooling fan or the power supply.

I'm certainly interested getting my hands dirty working on the machine, though I'm not really interested in spending more than it would cost to buy a mini-mac. I'm not buying another PC.

Thanks for your comments!

A:Dell Dimension 4600, is it the processor going bad?

Have you run Virus & Spyware scans recently? Do So.

Look at running processes in the Task Manager CTRL/ALT/DEL and see if something is using a lot of resources.

CPU's won't "slow Down" because they are old - they will fail completely or work AOK {unless the processor is overheating, THEN it will slow down}.

A defrag wouldn't hurt either.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.
The Dimension 4600 will support up to 4gb [4 x 1gb modules] of DDR RAM, but may only address 3gb-+ of it due to the 32-bit operating system:
Also, if you are using the 4600 for internet browsing, best to replace XP with a more current operating system eg Win 7.
You are no longer able to update Windows XP, more information about this, can be found Here:

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Hello. I am running Windows XP, and I recently was going through the software on my Dell Dimension 4600, with original hardware. I saw a program called SoundMAX and it said I rarely used it so, I thought that it was just something that was a part of Smart Music. I uninstalled it, and now, no sound. I figured out that it was probably my sound drivers, and I tried installing the sound driver that are on the Dell website for this computer. It did not work. Please help me!

A:Dell Dimension 4600 SoundMAX

These drivers are on your resource CD.
At the Dell site, enter your service tag to find the original drivers.

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First time poster.

My parents 4600 won't start after a thunderstorm. The monitor, printer/scanner, speakers, cable modem, and cpu were plugged into a surger protector.

The storm knocked out the circuit breakers at the main box. After flipping them back on, everything powers back up except the Dell 4600 Tower.

I do some searches and read how the PSU on the 4600 models stink. First I notice that inside the tower on the mother board the green light does NOT light up.

I read where others have replaced the PSU on the Dell 4600 with a AGII 480W SATA ATX POWER SUPPLY.

I replace the PSU with the aforementioned PSU and the green light on the mother board now lights up, however nothing else comes on, i.e. the fan, hard drive, etc.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Indianapolis, IN

A:Solved: dell 4600 won't start after new PSU

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 that seems to "act" dead at times, then start up later with no problems whatsoever. Yesterday, I shut it down before I left for school, and when I came home and tried to start it up, it didn't. As of today, it still won't start.

The light on the motherboard is a solid green. I am suspecting it is the PSU that is the culprit , or it may be something else.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 will not start - HELP!

It sure sounds like psu to me.

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I am trying to fix a Dell Dimensions (windows XP) 4600 PC that is not working. When I turn it on it sounds like it is running, but nothing is showing up on the screen. It is not the Monitor as that works fine with another computer. What do you think the problem could be and any troubleshooting tips would be great. Thanks

A:Dell Dimensions 4600 Not working

is it running on on-board graphics or a card?

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I want to upgrade my Dell 4600 video card. Im going to buy a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. I have a GeForce 5400 right now. I just want to know if it will work with my computer. Heres some specs:

Pentum 4 2.6 GHz
1 CD/DVD drive
1 Floppy drive
1.256 GB Ram
1 External HD
200 GB space (40 internal, 160 external)

Thanks for your help

A:Upgrading my Dell 4600 video card

as long a you have an AGP slot to put it in then it should work just fine.

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I am currently working with a Dell PowerEdg 4600 server, currently with no OS, the problem is, it wil not boot to the cd. I have it set in the bios to boot to the cd, it has top priority, it's enabled and everything, but it will not boot. I am thinking that it could have a key code you must enter upon boot for it to boot to the CD like some servers have as a security measure. Although i have no been abl to find any information on such a key series, i am not ruling it out. I cannot install and OS on this server unless it can boot from the CD. Help.

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I am trying to load operating system Win 2000 on Dell PE4600.I have configured Raid 5, container is found, started, optimal on boot. Bios successfully install. Operating system set up disc spins up. I F6 load my driver for raid successfully and set up continues to load files.Os gets to welcome to setup “enter to setup “ ”F3 to quit setup” after hitting “enter” windows then informs me that there are no hard disk drives present on my system. I scrubbed the drives during container setup(in raid bios). How do I create a partition and then format the array? In the other windows os that I have installed like xp the os promps you to partition then format during the beginning of the install. Server was in service and working. I received it when it was surplussed I had to add discs and os to use it.

A:Solved: Loading OS on Dell PE 4600 RAID 5

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Hi, I dont know if this is the right place but I'm gonna give it a go.
I got Dell dimension 4600 and would like to upgrade my greaphic card (from radeon x1300/x1550) to geforce 7900 GT. I play some games that require that graphic card but I'm not sure if my computer can handle it? this radeon card really s*cks.. but do i have to buy a whole new computer for this Geforce 7900 GT?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 and geforce 7900 GT?

No it won't handle it with the 250w psu.
look here to see what (if anything) others have done:

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I've recently acquired a Dell Dimension 4600 from a friend of mine. It had been sitting in his basement for a good 6 years and while I was getting it up and running I saw that the CMOS batt. was dead which did not surprise me. But when I replaced the batt. it had the same issue and still thought the new battery was dead and I know it  works because I tested on a different computer. Can anyone help me with this issue?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 CMOS issues.

That would suggest that the slot on the motherboard has failed. Don't waste any time or $$ on fixing a computer that cannot not run a safe version of Windows. Recycle it.

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Hi, im running a dell dimension 4600 and just today there is no sound from my speakers. I tried re-installing my driver, checked to see if it's muted, checked BIOS. It was working yesterday... Any help would be great

Can anyone tell me how to check my Sound Playback device and playback programs? I'm using Media Player and iTunes

I tried other speakers and there is still no sound

Also, forgot to mention that my speaker makes a static/fuzzy noise when i turn it up.


A:Solved: No sound, dell dimension 4600

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hi i have a dell dimension with a built in soundcard to the mobo. it is hooked up to my 5.1 speakers and until recently it has been working well. now after using for a while the speakers make a loud unberable high pitched niose and i am forced to turn them off. it only happens when the computer is turned on so its obviously something wrong with the sound device or the drivers. tried reinstalling drivers think they were right ones but the same sound still comes. any ideas? thanks owfx

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Sound Error

Something could be wrong internally. Any chance of trying another set of speakers or headphones? Is this just on music CD's or also streaming audio? Have you move anything around recently that could cause interference? Double check your settings in the volume control panel and in sound properties

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Hello to everyone reading. I am new to the particular forum and was hoping to for some input about my upgrade. The more I read on forums of this nature and websites has me more and more worried about upgrading my video card. Currently I only have factory integrated video. This is the video card I am hoping can be installed: XFX GeForce 6800 GT 256MB DDR3 AGP 8X VGA DVI TV Out. My current specs are as follows:

Dell Dimension 4600i
BIOS - A12, date 8/26/04
Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2
Pentium 4HT 2.8 Ghz, 400MHz FSB, 512K L2
120GB Hard Drive
250W PSU

I would hate to spend $400 on this video card only to find out the when I recieve it that it won't be compatible in some way with my system. I have been reading that this card takes up alot of room. I have 3 PCI slots and an AGP8x slot but since I keep reading about the room it takes up it is a concern for me. Also is my power supply. I read that this card requires a connection to your PC's internal power supply in order to operate. I went to my local computer store and the guy said that 250 watts would be fine, also that the card should work fine. The posts in all the forums I have read seem to be back and forth on this issue. Any help anyone can provide me is very, very much appreciated. If for some reason someone thinks this card might not be right for me please tell one that would be, the best I can possibly get for my system. Thanks so much in advance.

... Read more

A:Upgrading Video Card on Dell 4600

I upgaded a dell 8200 video card and it worked fine I don't see why you should have any problem. But 250w sounds alittle on the down side. :bounce:

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I got a dell dimension 4600 with no hard drive but I have a seagate 160 GB sata hard drive. It had a 60 GB ATA/IDE hard drive in it,will the sata hard drive work in the dell 4600? I read somewhere it should have "two SATA connectors on it" but I dont see it ? It has a INTEL 865G Motherboard. Thanks !

A:Dell 4600 with sata hard drive ?

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I've ran into this issue twice in our office.

A user will save a file onto a floppy one day (usually before they leave the office), and the next time they load Office (Outlook/Word) the floppy drive attempts to access any data from the previous session. The problem is the drive goes into some sort of "lockup access" and continuously tries to read the floppy drive. It makes a loud noise, like when there is no floppy in the disk and windows is looking for something and locks up Word 2003.

I suspect this has something to do with SAV 9.0 since it checks the floppy for viruses, and Word or Outlook. When I check the task manager, Office isn't responding, along with SAV.

The last times this has happened I just close whatever I can to get the start menu to respond to shut down and restart the computer. After SAV and Word close, the floppy drive quits trying to access the drive. After Windows comes back up, everything is fine.

Any ideas?

A:Dell 4600, 3/12 floppy, Office 2003, SAV 9.0

In word, go to tools>options>file locations and make sure that a:\ is not selected as the default file location. If it is change it to C:\Documents and Settings\username folder.

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Hi there,

I've got a Dell Dimension 4600 that I'm stripping right down to use for audio production. At the moment it's got an 80Gb IDE hard drive but I want to take this out and install 2 SATA hard drives, one for apps and one for audio. Does anyone know if this is possible? I've misplaced my manual and from the info I've found on the net it seems there's only 1 connection for a SATA drive.

If anyone can shed some light I'd appreciate it.


A:Dell Dimension 4600 - SATA question

I doubt that it is possible due to the motherboard in the 4600. SATA for Dell started with the Dell Dimension 4700, I believe.
But you only have to open the case and look for SATA sockets on the motherboard.

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I bought two 1GB PC3200 samsung memory sticks for my PC and my PC originally comes with 512mb PC2700. I have read the maual so the samsung memory is compatible with the PC. Also, i read that u can mix PC2700 and PC3200 together but it will run at slowest speed. So, I just added the memory to dimm3 and dimm 4 slots and when i turned the computer on it start to make a beeping sound and it wouldn't do anything else. Then, I tried it without the original memory it still didn't work. THere a 4 dimm slots on the motherboard and the max it can support is 4gb. SO, anyone has an idea whats wrong. I currently have two 256mb PC2700 installed and they work with the original memory combined. But, the two 1GB ones wont work.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 memory upgrade

Check here:
Older Dells are finiky with compatible ram. Crucial has a memory scanner, it will tell you what you have, what is compatible, what they have, and is garanteed to work.

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Hello! My Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop is now over 5 years old (purchased October 2003). At times it can be really slow and takes about 15 minutes to boot up, but overall it is reliable and I don't do much to save some money I thought I would upgrade instead of replace it. I need some help on how exactly to do this since I have never done anything before.

Here are the basic specs:

2.4 GHZ Pentium 4, 533
256 MB RAM, 333 MHZ, NON-ECC, Dual In-Line Memory
64 MB Video Card, NiVidia 18, Dimension
2 Internal HDs: 40GB, 120GB

So the first obvious thing I thought to do is add some RAM. From what I read it seems like I will want to buy 2 separate identical modules. I was thinking of purchasing these:

Does anyone see a problem with these working in my machine? Will I want to leave the old RAM in as well or remove it completely? 1.0 GB RAM vs. 1.3 GB of RAM. I have also been looking at some RAM on EBay, but I have read about people having trouble with Lo vs. Hi Density RAM. How do you know which you can use with your PC?

The next thing I was considering upgrading was the video card, but as I said I don't do a lot of gaming. The biggest thing I would hope to gain by updating the video card is increased video streaming ability, such as watching TV shows on Hulu,, etc.

Will a better video card (64 MB vs. 256 MB) allow for better streaming vid... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade Help (RAM, Video, etc.)

Would it not be a better idea to just start from scratch?
I think stating fresh or building a machine would be batter for you.


That RAM should be fine. Baring in mind its only DDR so its not going to give fantastic improvements.
You will have to open your case to see if you can leave the old sticks in. If you can then you may as well leave them in.
Also i always try and deter people from buying RAM or other components from Ebay. It could be old and leave you with a BSOD when you turn on. This can then be blamed on your other hardware and thus would not require the user to give you a refund.

I think that graphics card should work with your PC. I doesn't need PCI-e so that's fine with your PC.

The best ting to do would be to download system info

Then tell us what it shows for RAM.Memory. Slots type currently installed etc and also for video adaptors.
Then you can better determine new parts but at the moment what you have would be fine, but i would say an upgrade would be better.

Also take a look at these two guides Ive written to address speed:

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Hello everyone. I am new to this site and I am having a similar problem with my DELL PC.

My monitor went black and will not go on. This happened when I pulled the computer out from under the desk to read the tag number, and pushed it back into place. I felt the cable that was connected to the PC bump the back of the desk. The monitor went black and the light stays yellow.

This happened once before a few months ago. Problem resolved by disconnecting cable from monitor and PC a few times.

I did that again and when the cable is plugged into the monitor and not the PC, it shows a message on the screen that it's disconnected. (I wanted to make sure the monitor wasn't bad). As soon as the cable is plugged into the back of the PC, the light goes from GREEN to YELLOW. I can press the button and the light will turn green again for about 10 seconds. Screen remains black.

I have no problem powering it down and disconnecting everything, opening it up and going to Fry's to purchase components. I just don't know what I'm looking for... but can follow directions pretty well, if anyone can help!??

Yesterday I was actually just about to perform a complete system recovery on the darn thing, cause it's collected a bunch of junk over the years (kids). I had just backed up a few files to save for them.

Thank you for any help you may have. Let me know if I should repost this as a fresh thread. I thought the problem seemed very similar and seeing that it is a recent question, ... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Monitor Problem

Some additional information:

DELL Dimension 4600.

Can I just unplug everything and pull out the video card that the cable plugs into?
The PC is not used for gaming. Just going on-line and downloading music and updates for the kids phones. Pretty basic.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 I am working on. It won't boot. The trouble lights on the back are:
A: Green
B: Amber
C: Amber
D: Green

This seems to be the only combination that Dell doesn't cover in their service manual.

Anyone know what that code might signify?

I have tired all of the standard remedies. Reset RAM, removed peripheral cards, unplugged drives.

The only one that seem to make a difference is that if I unplug the floppy I get an error message that the floppy wasn't detected.

If I try to go to setup to disable the floppy I just end up with the same message that the floppy can't be detected and it won't go to setup.

If I put a known good floppy in I get the same condition.

With the floppy installed I get the power and activity lights along with it checking the DVD's. It then hangs with the floppy light and the power and activity lights lit. It just sets in the boot up screen with the activity bar about 90% complete and doesn't do anything else.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Recently on my 2003 Dell Dimension 4600, I have been experiencing random shutdowns, where it will just turn off, and when I would try to turn it on again, it will just power the USB Ports for some reason, instead wanting to boot. This has happened a few times, and if it just turns off I will have to wait some time for it to boot properly, but it will just power my keyboard, my mouse, and turn on my Seagate Free Agent, which I have in as a standby drive.

I have been repeatedly changing the power connections to the hard drive. I have a Thermaltake TR2 430w PSU, which I installed in January 2008.

So is this a motherboard problem or a PSU problem?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 having power problems?

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I just tried adding two 1 GB sticks of memory to my Dell 4600 which had tow existing sticks of 256 MB memory. When I started the computer I got a beeping noise from the unit which according to Dell's instructions means the memory wasn't recognized. I pulled out the original memory and tried the new memory by itself with the same results. Put the original memory back in and it still works. Any suggestions in getting the new memory to work? I purchased the 1 GB matched pair memory from Dell.

A:Dell 4600 memory upgrade problems

Cricial says your computer uses DDR PC2700 with a max of 4 GB
They include this caveat:
"Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules.If your model uses the Pentium 4 with a 800MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) you must use the PC3200 parts. If your system has the Pentium 4 with the 533MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) you can use either the PC2700 or PC3200 parts."
What memory did you buy?
Is it installed correctly?

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alright...a friend of mine offered to give me his 420w power supply ( this one is like a 250w)..but his isn';'t from a dell...and i have heard that only dell stuff will work with dell computers...i don't have enough money to buy a new compy/build one, so I would really like this power supply ( he is giving me his old video card as well if it will work...)

although i do want it, i don't want it bad enough to risk frying my here have any input that might be helpful? don't think you need any computer specs or anything...but it's a dimension 4600. thanks for any help

-Taco John-

A:Dell dimension 4600 power supply..:)

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I am trying to fix a Dell Dimensions 4600 PC that is not working. When I turn it on it sounds like it is running, but nothing is showing up on the screen. It is not the Monitor as that works fine with another computer. What do you think the problem could be and any troubleshooting tips would be great. Thanks

A:Solved: Dell Dimensions 4600 not working!

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I have a Dell Dimension DIM4600
Pentium 4 CPU 2.60 GHz
2.59 GHZ 256 MB RAM

I bought 2 sticks of:
512MB True PC3200 DDR400 DDR-SDRAM 400 MHz fast!
CL3 , 3.2 GB/sec Bandwidth
184 pin Dimm (for desktop PCs, not for laptops) 64x64 modules, sub 5 nanosecond
Backward compatible to PC2700 and PC2100
Non ecc, non registered, unbuffered

This is what all the websites said that my computer's RAM needed.
My problem is that I can't get the computer to boot up with the new sticks in any of the slots. When I put the original RAM sticks back in, then the system boots up normally. When the computer read all 4 sticks and booted, I got the blue screen of death that said mismatched memory, or either I get beeps and blanks screen.
I updated all our computers and this is the last one and mine and I need more RAM!!
Any help will be greatly appreciated, this is about to drive me crazy because changing the RAM was so simple on the other 2 computers and mine is not cooperating at all.

Thanks in advance,

A:Help/Advise needed with RAM on Dell Dimension 4600

Best thing to do is return the ram. But a different brand of pc-3200. It's really no big deal so don't worry! Get Kingston, Crucial, OCZ, Patriot, any name brand. It'll work as long as it's compatible. Most any pc-3200 ram will do the trick.

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Hello, My brothers Dell Dimension 4600 will not put out any video signal. I've tried two working monitors and nothing. I can hear the harddrive working in a somewhat normal manner just after power on but there is never a hint from the monitor. Anyway, I offered to at least pop off the side cover and take a look for any hint of what may be the problem. Since he just moved to another town, his computer was subjected to the usual transportation handling etc. So what would be the usual things to check. I've never had a Dell or Windows XP Home. (I have Win98SE and Win2kp) Kinda hard to do anything right off when there is no video. Suggestions? Thanks.. Agpilot

A:Solved: No video, Dell Dimenson 4600

Check the RAM and if there is a separate video card check that also. This are items that sometimes come out of their sockets during a move.

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On startup, the first screen displayed with the Windows XP flag logo has a matrix of blue squares (about 1/8" across) spaced about every half inch and superimposed over the entire screen. When the desktop is displayed, some of the program shortcut icons (including those in the system tray) have their icons partially blotted out. The mouse pointer also has a row of vertical hash marks (about 1/16" tall and 3/8" wide) above and below the pointer, that follow the pointer everywhere it is moved. Once I start a program, various graphics will have horizontal lines of various colors running through them.

These problems first appeared several days ago, when I started my computer and heard a sort of muffled rubbing sound, rather than the usual clean whirring sound on startup. I found that shutting off the computer and waiting about 30 seconds before starting it again made it start normally again, without the rubbing sound. Then this morning, I was plagued with the video problems described above, and they don't seem to go away, no matter what I do.

My PC is a Dell Dimension 4600 running Windows XP Home Edition with a 128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Graphics Card. Does anyone have any diagnosis/advice for avoiding the total disaster situation I'm dreading: when I start up the computer and lose all video? Thanx.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Video Problems

I would verify the fan on the video card is spinning sounds like you are overheating because the fan died.

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Hey Everyone,
I have a Dell with 512MB of RAM. I did some research and bought the recommend memory. I have 2 sticks of 1 GB DDR PC-3200, 128x64 High Density DDR. We I install them i get 2 long beeps, 2 short beeps, and 2 long beeps. And thats it. Not picture or no more sound. What did i do wrong?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Memory Error

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Hey folks,

I'm looking to upgrade the video card on my Dell 4600 and am looking for some advice on finding a card that will work with what I've got and give me what I want. I recently bought a Nvidia 7600 gt (AGP 512) which worked well but Nvidia has recently discontinued the Full Screen Video Mirror ability from its 7 series and later cards (Sucks) so this card will not work for what I need it for. It's getting returned soon. (Heads up for anyone considering getting a new Nvidia card.)

I've got a humble HTPC (which doubles as my regular desktop), so I'd like a card that can stream high quality video. I wouldn't mind being able to play the few video games I've got but mainly I need a solid card for my home theater system. It doesn't need to be fantastic, just good enough to play without artifacts and stuttering.

My system specifications (I'm not working with much):

Dell 4600
250 watts
3Gb Ram
Pentium 4 2.4GHz
APG (8) or PCI connectors
Though I will be getting a HDTV within the year as of right now my TV only has component or S-Video imputs

About $150. including any other necessary upgrades (like a power supply)

I'd rather not upgrade the power supply if I can avoid it. The 7600 GT worked fine except for the lack of full screening (grrrrrr).

So I'd love any recommendations you guys have. I'm gonna stay away from Nvidia as I have heard that they have disabled this full screen mode on all of their newer ... Read more

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A couple (or so) questions from a newbie on upgrading a "workhorse" Dell Dimension 4600 for photo editing work (vs purchasing a new desktop unit.)

I think I've read (not all) but a good number of entires here re DD 4600 upgrading. Hopefully what follows makes sense (I need some help/advice when folks have a bit of time to spare.)

Specs of my Dimension 4600 include: Intel Pent 4 2.6 GHZ, 1024 DDR Ram @ 400MHz, a 128 DDR Nvidia GF FX 5200 graph card, a 120 ATA Series HD @ 7200 plus a recent add-on 500GB Seagate ATA/100 7200, and 3 drives (floppy + a 16x and 4x dvd drives.)

1, Phoning Dell a week or so back one of the tech fellows recommended adding a 1GB module of DDR SDRAM, and replacing the Nvidia card with an XTASY Radeon X1300 512M DD2 AGP card.

2. Also..I'm planning on buying a mid-cost range larger isp panel/greater resolution (say 1900-2000) monitor (24" or 26" sized) to replace/work with my UltraSharp 1901FP monitor. Something similar to a Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP or a Samsung unit.

3. First Q: will the 4600 upgrade pretty much work for photo editing work (no gaming/very modest video editing) or does it makes sense to start fresh with a (eg) new XPS unit or imac 24 unit? (If the latter, yes, struggle with learning os for a bit.)

4. Second Q: should i pull the existing RAM/replace it with 3 or 4 GB of RAM; and will the Radeon X1300 card do the job (work with the 4600/eg support higher resolution monitors) or is ... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrading for Photo Editing

if you plan on more than $300 in upgrades, get a new system with the specs you want.

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Hi all and thanks in advance for your help.
I also apologize in advance if I am in the wrong forum, or have missed threads where I may have gotten the help I am looking for.
Having said that, I recently inherited a Dell Dimension 4600i Desktop XP Home Edition SP3, Pentium 4 (2.6 GHz), 2.5 GB Ram, Seagate HDD C 80 GB (25 GB free space), added WD HDD F 80 GB (70 GB free space) (OS on Drive C).
The issue is that this computer was given to me and the previous owner did not have any of the Dell CDs that originally came with the computer.
It has been my experience that eventually the C drive will crash.
I want to mitigate the loss of of my OS as best as I can.
What do you suggest I do to create a recovery CD or anything else given the absence of the original CDs.
Although I am not a super expert in all of this, I feel somewhat comfortable working with the BIOS, disk management, but NOT DOS commands.
If it comes down to a suggestion to copy a whole lot to the F drive, I don't really want to copy ALL of the C to the F because in that case, I will have two drives that are nearly full.
If it is a matter of just copying OS files or boot files, etc. that will be fine.
I am open to all suggestions, and I will need very detailed instructions.
Thank you all again.

A:[SOLVED] Dell Dimension 4600 Create XP recovery cd

Hi as this is a dell here is the manual you may be best to use something like Acronis to make a image on a external hdd as you may not have the necessary i386 folder that could allow you to make a bootable disc similar to that mentioned here How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD from a Pre-loaded/Preinstalled Windows System (

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I have been trying to do a clean install of Win 7 on a Dell Dimension 4600. In the Bios I set the Dell to boot from the CD ROM drive. It will not boot and I keep getting the Press F1 to retry boot or F2 for setup utility. I also tried installing the old XP(SP1) OS just to see if it would boot and it did so CD ROM drive is ok. I tried the WIN 7 OS cd in my current PC to see if it would boot and it did so the CD must be good (CD is original OEM). Frustrated and need help . Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Dell 4600 Windows 7 Installation Issue

and welcome to the Forum

Windows 7 comes only on a DVD . . is your CD drive also DVD?

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This computer I am talking about is a Dell 4600 running XP, in the tag it said an Acer but that is my other computer , since support is terminated on the 8th of this month I wanted to install windows 7. The problem I am having is when I put the disc in the drive, sometimes it is suppose to pop up on screen to load, however this machine does not. My problem is I opened my computer and clicked on the c drive to try and open this but nothing happens, it does not even show on the C drive that there is a disc in the drive waiting to be installed. Can any friends out there give me a hand installing windows 7, it would be very much appreciated, thank you..message edited by oldboose

A:installation of windows 7 on a Dell 4600 desktop running XP

There's no windows 7 video driver for intel xtreme graphics 2 from Dell or Intel. The one that comes with win 7 will work just fine (no aero just win 7 basic or windows classic).You know the real meaning of peace only if you have been through the war.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 (4 years old) with a CD RW drive and a CD/DVD read only drive. The CD RW drive works just fine.
I have never used the DVD drive, but now I am trying to install a new graphics software program from a DVD and the drive does not recognize it. I have gone through all the troubleshooting options, but nothing helps. The computer keeps telling me the drive is working fine.

The drive also does not recognize CDs. I tried working with the "Autoplay" adjustments but I'm not sure which type of file to pick since this isn't music or video. I tried an interesting variety, but nothing helped. When I put the DVD in, the light flickers three or four times and goes out. When I click on the drive it just says, "please insert a disk into the drive," even though the DVD is already in there. The drive is a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E. I looked for a driver update on their website but found nothing.

It seems the computer sees it as a CD drive, but shows its location as zero (0). I tried deactivating the other CD RW drive which is shown as in location (1) but that made no difference.

I am not computer illiterate but also not a computer tech expert, and relatively poor, so I want to be careful not to inactivate my entire computer (which is, of course, out of warranty) trying to fix the problem.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 DVD drive not recognizing DVDs

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New to the site so sorry if this question has been asked before. I have a Dell 4600 dimension desktop that had 4x128 memory modules that I replaced with 1x1gb module. Should I have paired the 1gb module with another 1gb module?

A:Adding memory to my dell 4600 dimension desktop

Does it run? If so, then, no.

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I have dell dimension 4600. I want this pc to connect my tv. my tv have s-video. so i bought Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 64mb S-Video Card DVI AGP G0770. I fix the card in slot and start the system. now my monitor is not working. but i connected to tv.

when i remove the card from slot, now monitor working great.. I need both to work. because for watching movies only i go for tv. other works need to use monitor.

how to solve this issue.

please help me.

thanks in advance.


A:S-video installation problem in Dell Dimension 4600

Right-click on the desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel. See if you can adjust the settings to allow you to watch TV and use the computer at the same time

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System is a dell dimension 4600. Came to me dead. User said it'd been making some funny noises for the last week or so.

I tested p/s & sure enough it was dead. I ordered another & put in machine. Booted up once. RPC errors & the like shut it back down very quickly. I knew it had viruses so I left it shut down over the weekend to deal w/ on Mon.

This morning plugged back in and it started to boot & shut right back down. Started defined as I heard the p/s come on. I took out RAM & reseated one by one. I do get Dell lights on the back of computer indicated memory not installed am I to assume that the ram might have been taken out with the p/s? The ram is PC2700 and I have ordered some. I don't have another pc that will take this ram to test.

Any suggestions on how I can further test machiné? I already tested out processor. heatsync. I test p/s again and that is still good.

A:Solved: Dell Dimension 4600-Boot Up Problems

video card if it's onboard. Sounds like a power surge did some damage

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When I upgraded to XP pro the Ethernet would not connect, I loaded the driver Intel 10/100 VE network.
I can not get it to connect to internet via cable plugged into router other pc worked plugged into same RG45,
I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it still no work, I notice that every time I uninstall it and reinstall, it
shows local area connection 2, 3 or 4 up one number each time I reinstall does anyone know why? I'm sure it is something simple. On connecting to the internet I tried letting it find its own IP address still could not connect, So I put in an IP address that must have been wrong and it will not let me remove it. When I unplug the RG45 cable it says cable unplugged plug it back in and it says not connected. Any help would be great.

A:Local area connection on xp pro on dell dimension 4600

can we see a device manager screen shot and an ipconfig /all please
ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /... Read more

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Replaced power supply, didn't help.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 6 beeps, won't boot. Any suggestions?

You might check here ...
6 beeps does not look good... points to issues on the main board.
Maybe a replaceable chip, maybe not.

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Dell Dimension 4600
Windows XP Home Edition
Intel Pentium 4
Intel 82865G Graphics Controller
Service Tag: DH7VV31 (Don't know if this helps)

This is a pretty stock computer that is used by my parents. It isn't used for much more than browsing the internet and watching/listening to multimedia. They recently purchased a new monitor that has a 1600x900 native resolution, but the max supported resolution by the system is 1280x768. After upgrading the drivers for the monitor and the graphics controller, nothing has changed. I am interested in getting a graphics card powerful enough that will increase the max supported resolution and provide enough graphics processing to handle multimedia tasks easily. I don't want a card that requires a new PSU in order to work. I have no idea as to how to go about selecting a compatible card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Graphics card upgrade [Dell dimension 4600]

I'm afraid your stuck if you don't want to change the power supply.
That 250 watt power supply is probably just enough for what it
is running now.
Other than that,it does have an 8X AGP graphics card slot for
an upgrade.

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Dell 4600 No sound again -due to Realtek AC97 messing it all up.

I am NOT a computer wiz.

Thanks in advance!

My stats: Dell Dimenson 4600 with XP SP3

To fix sound, I was advised to dowload and install:
-R94481 ADI Codec sound driver.
- Intel Chipset- infinst_autol The INF driver.
-R66845 VIP my video driver-ATI 64MB All-in-Wonder 9000 Driver.
After this I had sound again(!!) but still got wavey lines on Windows screen at start up along w/ slow/lagging scrolling on web pages..but sound worked!!
Except when I went to tweak my "sound volume" that's when I noticed things weren't right. I opened my Device Manager and saw the "Other Devices" and "Video Controller" still had those yellow ? marks.
I was advised by Dell to download "Realtek AC97".But whenI installed Realtek AC97 I completely lost ALL sound again!!! Plus I get these wavy lines when reg windows screen comes on after I start up my computer and this wierd and slow scrolling happening and when I go online.

I've been through losing sound (and scrolling page weirdness), etc a couple times before where I has those strange installing problems w/Realtek; at beginning of Rltk install I get warning that computer doesnt recognize sotware "do you want to cont installing?" YES.
Then about halfway thru Rltk install comptr screen goes to this blue screen warning me "install is bad, blah blah". While in bluscreen comptr would do this computer... Read more

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ok this is what happened i went to uninstall my nvida graphic card driver to do up date to omega nvida graphic card driver and was prompt after uninstall to restart so i did and for some resson i hit f2 or w.e went into settings and changed video output to agp or something like that no i have no screen what soo ever but you can hear the pc boot up windows start ect. how can i fix this and get settings back to regular thanks.

A:dell dimisson 4600 no screen at all but pc boots up{can hear it}

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After a bit of delay I have finally received my RAM (two of them) and I have it here in front of me and I'm wondering if it is definately compatible with my Dell Dimension 4600.

If I open the package I won't be able to send it back and I'll be out a bit of money.

Can anyone say for sure if this is compatible with a Dell Dimension 4600?

The RAM model # is KVR400/512R - the single notch is in the right place and everything seems good, but I'd like to know for sure.

Thank you.

A:Kingston 512MB PC3200 CL3 184-Pin Dimm RAM in a Dell Dimension 4600?

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My friend and I are having trouble with his Dell 4600 Dimension. It's acting up badly and we think it's due to malicious spyware or something similar. So we want to format the hard drive, but the problem is he has none of the original CDs that came with it, including his WinXP disk. We want to try putting Win2000 on it, but we have no idea how that might turn out. I've never formatted a Dell before and I don't know how picky it is to that kind of stuff. Can anyone lend us some sage advice?

A:Formatting Dell 4600 hard drive from WinXP to 2000?

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Can you recommend a better AGP card than the NVIDIA 6200 8X 256MB DDR2 for my Dell Dimension 4600?

I bought the 6200 to support my new 24" LCD monitor at 1920x1200 for my Dell, to replace the factory GeForce FX 5200.

Unfortunately, when I play live TV via WatchHDTV, the video is a bit jerky at 1920x1200. The video is very smooth if not perfect at lower resolutions. On my previous 19" LCD, the video was perfect at 1024x576 with the FX 5200.

I assume I am restricted to AGP due to my PC. I expected better performance from the 6200 but unless there are other limiting factors it looks like I will need to replace it.

A:Recommended video card for Dell 4600 w/1920x1200 monitor

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Replaced old wd 160gig serial ATA HD with WD5000AAKS sata HD on Dell Dimension 4600. When trying to install XP, get error: file\i386\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Any ideas on what is wrong?

A:dell dimension 4600-new hard drive-get halaacpi-error 7

im going to take a guess that u might have to go to the bios and change the drive from ATA to SATA or IDE compatable and see if that works so u can install xp.hope this helps u.

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Operating System: Windows XP Home SP3
Computer Upgraded: Dell Dimension 4600 Service Tag # 3BRDH51

This computer was working properly before the upgrade.

Hardware installed in upgrade:
Motherboard: ECS A780GM-M3
Processor: AMD Athlon 7750 BE 2.7ghz Dual Core
Memory: 2x2gb OCZ Reaper 1066mhz PC2 8500

The Stop ErrorI have searched for the error code in it's entirety and no match. Here is the code:

0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xBA9E8750, 0xBACC342C, 0xBACC3128)

No other error codes. The error occurs when windows is loading at the boot screen. I can get windows to start in safe mode but due to the hardware change I can not access windows. It states I have to activate windows. (Completely Normal When Swapping MOBO)

What Have I Tried
I tried the old trick of repairing the windows installation with a Windows XP Home CD. (This is a Dell PC with the Dell Windows XP Home O/S Version Installed) No luck.

I unplugged all usb devices except a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. I unplugged both EIDE CD Roms, I disabled on board audio in the bios.

The motherboard manufacturer only has a bios update for installing a AM3 CPU.

I unhooked Front panel Audio and USB.

One last note:

When I did the recovery installation I got the following stop error the first time I booted then never again:

lvusbsta.sys - Address BA9E8750 base at BA9E8750, Datestamp 00000000

It matched a part of the current stop error.

I was thinking the on board USB was cau... Read more

A:Help With Stop Error - Upgraded Motherboard, Ram, and CPU in Dell Dimension 4600

I've always had problems dealing with ECS motherboards. If your older motherboard supports the cpu and memory, install both of them there and see fire up your system.

See if the problem lies on the motherboard.

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I got a bad virus on my new dell 4600 pc and I had to use the restore disk on my pc to redo it. Now everytime I boot up it tries to install the integrated audio card , but can't find a driver. can anyone help?

A:Solved: Dell Dimension 4600 can't find audio driver

Go here,
Fill in the service tag OR model and it will guide you to the drivers.

Good luck

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I have a dell Dimension 4600, My computer guy told me to install a new video card to my computer b/c no images would come up ( my computer screen still works). So I have this Nvidia geforce 6200 agp I'm trying to put in with a computer that has intergrated video on it. Need help please!!!!!!!!!

A:Newbe needs help installing video card to dell dimension 4600

Install the card in the empty AGP slot.

Your Service manual for that Model of Dell


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I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 4600 using the WinXP Home System Recovery disk. I'm not sure if that disk was the one that came with that computer or not, but the reformatting procedure was going fine until the screen changed to a black screen with "Gateway" displayed on it in large white lettering with a white scrolling progress bar that animated for a few seconds, then froze. I figured that the reformatting process would take a long time, so I walked away, but several hours later, I found that the screen hadn't changed at all and the computer didn't seem to be doing anything aside from just sitting there, displaying that same image.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the computer itself (e.g., I'm not using the correct System Recovery disc)?

EDIT: I almost forgot -- I'm planning on donating this computer, so I'm not concerned with losing any data on it.

A:Solved: Reinstalling WinXP on Dell Dimension 4600 - lockup?

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I have a discrepantcy.

I want to upgrade my dell power supply. Its currently a dell supplied 305w. Everyone says its alright to upgrade higher, even if it isnt a DELL part#, because a mobo will only takes what pwr it needs.
However, Dell Techs tell me that you CANNOT add a higher power supply to this system because it might damage the mobo.

So what I want is for anyone to post with info on them upgrading to off the shelf pwr splys and how it has worked or not worked with their DELL 8300 or 8400. Mine is a 8300, but info on a 4600 would be helpful as well. Let me know!!!

Thanxs guys in advance......

A:Current and Past Owners of Dell 8300-4600- or 8400 READ!!!!

I would bet lots of money that the dell people just say that because they want you to have to buy a dell replacement Power Supply. . . i would say ignore it and if it does by some microscopic chance fry the mobo, just get a new one. But make sure the newone (if you need one) is the same socket type (obviously).

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I am trying to install an hitachi hard drive into dell 4600 my bios auto detects but when I go into my computer in windows xp the drive doesn't show up... Can any one help me???

A:Solved: Installing Hitchi 250gb hard drive in dell 4600

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I'll just use this form and add some info.

Please provide the following information:

* Make and model of your computer (assuming the PC was purchased at a retail store, etc)
Dell Dimensions 4600
* When you access Device Manager, what audio device is listed?
Quite a few..., not sure if this could be the issue

* When you access Control Panel -> Sounds, what is your default audio device (if any)?
SB Audigy 2 Audio [FEC0]
* Have you made any recent hardware changes?
* Have you made any recent software changes?
Yes, I have tried to uninstall the consoles/and tried updating the drivers. (Through Creative and through Windows)

Alright so this computer is pretty old, but works pretty damn well, besides the audio of course. When I got it, it came with the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card. Couple days ago I turned my computer back on (after it not being used for a long time) and found the sound was gone. (I can't recall if I did anything to hinder this)

I've tried to update/reinstall the drivers and any consoles associated with this, but no luck. Could it be possible that another sound driver is being used at this time instead of the intended Audigy 2? Looking at the pictures and everything, it looks okay.

Mute is unchecked, SB Audigy 2 is selected as my audio device.

How ... Read more

A:Solved: No sound problem, Windows XP Dell Dim. 4600 w/SoundBlaster Audigy 2

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I am trying to do a clean installation of Windows XP Home Edition on a Dell Dimension 4600 computer which currently has a partitioned hard drive. When I install XP Home Edition I want to remove all partitions on the hard drive before doing the clean installation of Windows XP Home Edition. Exactly how do I accomplish (1) removal of all existing data on the hard drive, (2) removal of all partitions on the hard drive before I reinstall the XP Home Edition operating system, (3) reinstall XP Home Edition? Can anyone help?

A:How do I remove all hard drive partitions on Dell Dimension 4600 computer

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Hey there,
So i've sold my old desktop PC so therefore am in the process of restoring it to factory settings, however it's proving not to be as easy as i thought it would be.
I've tried holding CTRL and pushing F11 when the DELL logo flashes up but nothing comes up, also after reading the manual i've tried pushing F12 (on the same screen) and choosing to boot from CD, but that does nothing, which rather odd as this is what the manual suggests aswell...
I have also booted up the Operating System recovery disc and selected the "Install Windows XP" option but it just says that it cannot proceed because i am running a newer version than the disc. 
The desktop is running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3.
Model - Dell Dimension 4600
Can anyone help me out with this? I want the machine completely wiped and taken back to factory settings. Just how it was on day 1.

A:Problems trying to restore Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop PC to factory settings!

Found this doing a bing search;_ylt=A0SO81JhP6RVM0IAFMtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExa2MyY3N1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUlDMV8xBHNlYwNzcg--?qid=20110717172823AA11dDf&p=restore%20Dell%20Dimension%204600%20Desktop%20PC%20to%20factory%20settings

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Ever since the power outage at midnight last night the video has not been coming up for our server. Every once in awhile you can do something and the hibernating screen will pop up and go black again. We have rebooted the server. Also we changed the monitor (this was before we saw the hibernating screen) and found that on that monitor you could see the other servers desktop fine. You still could not see the 4600 which is how I know it must be the server. We hooked the monitor directly to the server and still got nothing. We are going to miss the backup for today and come Monday that alone could cause a lot of problems. We are not sure how long the power outage was but we are fairly certain that the server should have never even shut down since we have it hooked up to an UPS. Any ideas what could have happened?

A:Power Outage cuts vidio for a Dell PowerEdge 4600 Server

Sounds like you blew your video card...

If its under warranty or maintenance, place a service call. If it isn't, I'd try to buy a PCI video card and try to get it to work maybe....

Although you would probably have to disable the onboard and that could be difficult with no video.

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Hi All,

I really nned some help with my Dell dimension 4600 desktop pc. My 120gb Hard drive started to make a clicking sound and the pc would not boot up, i guessed the drive has died. So i purchased a nw 320gb Western Digital Pata drive (ide connection). took out old drive and straight swapped it with new one. when i bought pc from dell around 6,7 yrs now it came with xp home edition. i don't have the original disks but i have an xp pro disk.
after fitting new h/drive in i pressed power button but keep gettin the message "F1 TO RE BOOT, F2 FOR SETUP UTILITY"
removin cr2032 battery for 30 mins from m/board (power cable pulled out" then tried but same message.

i have removed all the ide connections and re inserted but to no AVAIL.


Could it be my xp pro boot up cd is faulty?, i have put the cd in laptop(which has vista home prem on it) and it loads up to the main xp screen so i assume it is a bootable disk.

on the problem dimension machine i have 2 cd rom drives and a floppy drive if thats of any help.

I would really appreciate some kind soul/s help on this. my kids have no pc and i can't afford a new one at the moment hence why i spent the ?50 on a new hard drive.

A:[SOLVED] Dell dimension 4600, F1 to re boot, F2 to setup utility ERROR

Boot order set floppy, cd, hd?


edit again: was the 'old' drive an IDE?

With the 'new' drive in, does it show in Bios?

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I have an old Dell Dimension that I am in the process of fixing up. It has a pirated copy of Windows Vista on it now, but I want to put a legit copy of the Windows XP Home that came with the computer. Could I do this by ordering this CD: Microsoft Windows XP Home Restore CD for Dell Computers - R2490 and then using the product key that is labeled on top of the computer? Thanks!

A:Reformatting a Dell

An Dell OEM copy of Windows XP does not need a product key to be entered while installing Windows. I would also look up the model and download all drivers Chipset, Video, Audio, Network Adapter if they are available at the Dell website. Then install them install those drivers after installing Windows.

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Hi, my problem is that after reformatting the Dell computer Windows XP, the fps seems to be as if it was 5 the whole time. It wasn't smooth at all and some of the drivers didn't work.

Drivers that didn't work: r126542, and r119714.

I was wondering if there was any way to fix it. Thanks.

A:Reformatting Dell XP

Sorry problem fixed. Dell wasn't letting me download any of the drivers, it seems. Please delete ^^ Thanks.

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I'm trying to reformat my Dell Dimension that I bought earlier this year (in April). It's been acting up so I took it in for a tune up and a new power supply installed and the guy called me back and said that after he installed the power supply he tried to run a disk cleanup and it started into a startup loop. I said it's okay I'll just reformat, so when I got home I put in my disk and started up the boot menu and told it to install windows. The problem is, I can't run .exes (7zip .exe to be specific, among a few others).

Basically my question is this: is there more to reformatting than just booting from Dell's Vista Home Premium disc? I don't seem to be doing it right...

A:Reformatting a Dell

Try posting on the Dell forum on the Dell website. Might get a response there.


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Have a Dell 410 XPS with vista that I would like to reformat. What is the proper procedure for reformatting both the C and D drives. My reinstallation disk has more options than the reinstalation disks that came with my old Compaq(it had 2 cds and no otions). The manual that came with my computer is rather vague about this. I know this can be a long drawn out affair, and have backed up all my info and would like to clean my computer out and bring it back to like it was the day I got it. Yes I do have some major issues with my computer that requires me to reformat, mostly caused by me.
thanks mike

A:Reformatting A Dell 410 Computer

I did a Dell today that used F8 to access the recovery partition. That should be the quickest way to reformat your Dell and will leave the recovery partition intact (along with the Tools partition if you have one).

If you'd like to get rid of all partitions, then you'll have to delete the partitions and create one partition to hold everything. Then you can install Vista with the Operating System, Drivers, and Utilities disks that came with your Dell.

Personally, I'd go with the first option above - it's quicker and you won't have to install all the drivers and applications.

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