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scanner and camera Wizard for noninstalled scanner

Q: scanner and camera Wizard for noninstalled scanner

According to Windows XP For Dummies from year 2002, any scanner can be used with Windows XP because of some basic WIA which permits scanners to be used without being installed. Since I have an older scanner which worked well on another Windows XP computer on which the scanner was installed, I figured I could follow the instructions in that Dummies book to use the same scanner in Windows XP on a different computer. So I began to try.Instructions began like this:To use the Scanner and Cameria Wizard,1. Click Start --> Control Panel2. Click Printers and Other Hardware, click Scanners and Cameras...BUT THERE WAS NO CORRESPONDING WINDOW PRESENT. THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SCANNERS AND CAMERAS WINDOW, BUT NONE THERE.I could then not follow any further instructions.I also found in Control Panel, an item called Scanners And Cameras, so I opened this to see if there were selections which I could follow according to the Dummies book. There was only an "install hardware" item inside. Also, somewhere along the attempted process, Windows invited me to look for drivers to install, but I was not sure if that fit my purposes or not. Would that path bring in the WIA software which Windows XP is expected to already have?What am I missing here? Windows XP is supposed to have some WIA software allowing basic features of any scanner to be used, but I could not find the instructions path to make use of the scanner. The scanner was also plugged in while I tried the process. I do not really want to install the scanner because I already installed a combination all-in-one scanner + printer on the XP machine.

A: scanner and camera Wizard for noninstalled scanner

Please click on Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras > on the Left side (as shown) there are Sub Headings for you to click on - Do you know if the scanner came with an install CD - That may have drivers listed on the CD - If not then visit the site of the scanner maker -If you can list the make and model for us, we may be able to link the driver site for you -Thank You -

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Got a new Canon camera which uses its own program to download pictures to the computer (Gateway MX6930) running XP (sp3) and have had no problems. Tried to download some pics from my older Sony camera which used to bring up the Camera Wizard allowing me to title each shot with a name and number but that no longer happens. I plug in the Sony (USB cable) and nothing. It shows up on Explore and right clicking does not get me to the Scanner and Wizzard start-up screen that would allow me to select the photos I want and to name them as they are put on the hard drive. When I search through Scanners & Cameras and click on "Add an imaging device" the "Scanner & Camera Installation Wizzard" starts but Sony is not listed so I cannot select it. I can click on "Have Disk" but the CD that came with the Sony does not have the file it needs. The only thing on the CD (besides photo programs) is a USB driver which I did download but didn't help...... HOWEVER I have had MS Word refuse to start a week or so ago and I tried reinstalling but didn't work, I found an MS site that showed me how to repair the Word registry and that worked OK. This makes me suspect - maybe something has happened to the registry. I can't go there so I decided to ask for your help.... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...

A:Cannot find MS Scanner & Camera Wizard to download photos from camera

Either camera should show up in "My Computer" when connected via USB ...
Where you can explore the files and copy>paste (drag>drop) them to a folder in your computer.
Can you get your pics this way ????

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My camera wizard is not detecting automatically or manually when I connect a camera or memory card to the computer! Ihave tried different camera brands

A:Scanner and Camera Wizard

Is the cam usb? What is the memory card usb too?

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I want to copy pictures from my digital camera to the hard drive and I have been using the XP camera and scanner wizard. However, when i turn on the camera the wizard appears but the copy, view slideshow, and print option do not work. I click on the copy button and the only thing that happends is that the window closes. The wizard is detecting the camera but i cant do anything once it is detected. I would appreciate some feedback on this. thank you.

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Can't get the WinXP Camera and Scanner Wizard to auto- launch with my scanner. When I go to My Pictures to try to force it, there is no task pane.

My scanner is a 98 era machine that is running on the Epson recommended W2K drivers that are not "digitally signed". (Epson Perfection 636U)


A:Camera and Scanner Wizard

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Windows Xp Camera and scanner wizard? I try to scan multi-pages it only scans the first one and pulls the others through without scanning them. It will scan one page fine. How do I get it to scan all the pages? Thanks for your help in advance.

A:XP Camera & Scanner wizard

Bump .... I'm curious also.

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I've got an Epson Perfection 636U scanner. Thanks to sfs and elf I found drivers HERE

My problem is that I can't seem to be able to launch the XP Scanner and Camera Wizard. It won't autoplay, I can't force it from the icon and I've tried the autoplay repair app from MS and everything checked out.

The scanner does work with 3rd party trial software. Any ideas?

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I just replaced my PC. I used to go into the scanner and camera wizard and when I got to the screen "Picture Name and Destination" when I changed the name for this goup of pictures, the place to save appended the current folder with a folder of the file name. Now it does not. I tried another scanner and it didn't work either.

Any help is appreciated

A:Solved: Scanner and camera wizard

Operating system?
Scanner model?

They may not be compatible, hence the questions.

Please remember to include at least the relevant basic details when asking for help.
Thank you

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When I go to take pictures with my webcam, and use the Scanner and Camera Wizard there are pictures that I've taken that it loads up to SELECT ALL or CLEAR ALL , but my question is, how do I get rid of these pictures, because I have too many now lol. Thanks

A:Scanner and Camera Wizard. . .question

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Hi there, not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes. I'm running windows xp home and recently became infected with the smitfraud virus, I removed it using smitfraudfixand everything seemed ok, however when I try to download photos from my digi camera I cannot get microsoft scanner and camera wizard to operate, it will allow me to transfer pics using the cameras own software but I prefer the Ms version. Everything worked fine before the virus infection and i'm using the same camera, i've tried re-installing the utilities cd but that didn't work.

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance for any replies.


A:Microsoft Scanner And Camera Wizard

I have heard of other people having this problem and apparently it can be fixed using the Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard. I should note, however, that I have never used this repair wizard myself.

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I by accident enabled this when connecting my Sony Cybershot and now can't disable it. Everytime I plug in the camera, it appears. I want my camera to appear as a Removable drive like it use to so that i can drag and drop and delete pictures as I'd like. I've read on many sites that I should be able to right click on my camera->properities and go to an autoplay tab, but it doesn't exist for me. I'm running WinXP. Under my cameras properties, there is an event tab that I can only select one event, "Camera connected" and I've chosen take no action. I've tried deleting and uninstalling this camera through Device manager but everytime I plug it in, it still shows up as the Sony camera and I can't drag and drop pix.

Anyone know how to get around this?


A:Disable MS Camera and Scanner wizard

I could never get the autoplays to act the way I wanted either - and it was getting in my way.

Here’s a way to enable/disable autoplay - per drive letter.
Go here ….
and get the TweakUI utility.

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need help please, my winxp camera and scanner wizard has disappeared completely, i cannot find a trace anywhere. i am one who needs the ease of the automatic features.

A:automatic camera and scanner wizard gone

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Hey guys!

I went to Start--->Programs--->Accessories and there isn't the 'Scanner and Camera Wizard'.
I've also tried to search it and the search found nothing.

What can I do?

Tnx in advance!

A:Can't find 'Scanner and Camera Wizard' in my xp

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I seem to have "lost" the executable for the "scanner and camera wizard", which makes it easy to write digital images from my CF card to my hard drive. I know I can do some cutting and pasting to get the images there, but it's a pain. Help?

Here's a HJT log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:24:37 PM, on 3/10/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCDsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\WkUFind.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\6253\SiteAdv.exe
C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCD.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Southwest Airlines\Ding\Ding.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\... Read more

A:Missing Scanner and Camera wizard

Can anybody help out there?

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Hi All,

I have noticed recently that the above wizard now no longer displays the Pix on my XD card in the order they were taken. It seems to now display them in random order whereas they used to always display oldest first, newest last in the list.

Any suggestions about what may have changed, please, and how to correct it? The Pix on the XD card are in order from oldest to newest.


A:Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard

Bump, please.

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Usually this will start on it's own. Today that is not happening. I have verified that everything is connected correctly. Is there any other way to start this? Please Help!

A:Solved: Help with Scanner and Camera Wizard

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For the first time, I attempted to download photo images from a CD, although I've had my Xp SP2 (Home) system is some 12 months or more

On loading the CD, Widows gives me the option to "Copy Pictures using Microsoft Scanner & Camera Wizard" AND/OR "View a slide show using Windows Pictures and Fax viewer" Neither seem to work when I select either from the menu. In that they don't load.

Yet I'm able to view them with Nero7 and Photostory3, but not transfer them to my hard drive to work on them

How can I check that the pgm is available, it appears in my autorun and selected.

I use Maxsecure Regcleaner and have recently upgrade to Windows Media Player 10


A:Solved: M/S Scanner & Camera Wizard

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Hey guys!

I went to Start--->Programs--->Accessories and there isn't the 'Scanner and Camera Wizard'.
I've also tried to search it and the search found nothing.

What can I do?

Tnx in advance!

A:Can't find 'Scanner and Camera Wizard' in my xp

Buy a badass gun and shoot Billy in the face. You'd instantly become a heroe!
Jokes aside, it should be this one;
mine is there anyway
oh, and then copy a shortcut of that file wherever you want and rename it to your liking

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My question could fit in many areas. I have an hp printer with a pict bridge. In the past when transferring new pictures from my memory card to "My Pictures" Microsoft Scanner/Camera Wizard would automatically come up. Since changing my keyboard and mouse to wireless, I have not been able to get the Scanner/Camera Wizard to come up.....instead I get the HP Director Program. It and several other transferring programs could be used but aren't nearly as user friendly as the Microsoft Wizard. I have spent hours on the phone and on the internet researching this......trying many, many different possible fixes. Nothing has worked. Does anyone have any idea how to get the Microsoft Scanner/Camera Wizard back on AutoPlay? Thanks for any help in advance!!!

A:microsoft scanner/camera wizard

hello & welcome to TSF ,

this is for starters

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties


do you have a Windows Xp cd, not the restore cd's that come with some systems, the cd will have the Windows logo & 3D hollowgram/image on it

if you do not maybe you can barrow one from a friend/family member/co-worker as long as it is the same version that is on your system

if you have (Windows XP Home Ed. sp2 ) then the cd will have to be that / if you have a cd with (Windows XP Home Ed. )you will have to slipstream (SP2 ) onto a disk that you create

this also applies to (Windows XP Professsional )

now if you do have the Windows XP cd with sp2 p... Read more

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Is XP the only operating system with the "Scanner and Camera Wizard" program? Is there a way to get it on Windows 2000? Can I extract it from my XP disk? Is there another freeware/software program that works similar that I can download?

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Why are you people FORCING me to go apple??
I was a EXTREME supporter of windows from the day I started working with computers until 5:59pm today!!
I purchased a brand new laptop a month ago for our business. It came with WINDOW 7. I plugged in our digital camera in today a found NO SCANNER & CAMERA WIZARD??? UH..."That's funny" I said to myself as I went in to see what was not configured right. AFTER 6 HRS. I came to the conclusion that windows MESSED UP AGAIN!!!!!! In XP I could plug in the camera an a wizard came up... "WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE US TO DO" it asked..... Copy pictures to my computer using window camera and scanner wizard was my answer..... AND BAMMM, OF WE WENT!!!! NOW it seems I MUST IMPORT EVERY PICTURE ON MY 4GB SD CARD THAT IS IN THE CAMERA...... NO check marks allowing me to CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO IMPORT!!!! I CALLED WINDOW AND THEY WANT MONEY TO EVEN TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE!!!! THE $ LAPTOPS AND % DESKTOPS WE HAVE OWNED IN THE LAST * YRS WAS NOT ENOUGH!?!? I WILL NOT BUY ! WINDOWS ANYTHING EVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN IF I DON'T GET THIS HANDLED!!! I (AS WELL AS MOSE WINDOWS OWNERS) DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE OUR LOYALTY SLAUGHTERED LIKE THIS!!! IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP. IT IS THE 16TH of FEB 2010....IF I CANT GET THIS RESOLVED BY 3/1/2010 I will be selling all our computers and going apple FULL ON plus I WILL take 2 days from work and picket the Redmond office with my coworkers and my very good friend Steven Swartz from the San Francisco Chr... Read more

A:window 7 camera and scanner wizard is WHERE

Quote: Originally Posted by OnceWindowsFan


Ctrl-A selects everything. Shift-Click will get everything up to that point. Ctrl-Click will allow you to select things separately.

Quote: Originally Posted by OnceWindowsFan


Microsoft has always charged for support. Nothing new there. Even for people like me with hundreds of desktops has to pay per incident or use enterprise contracts to get support.

Quote: Originally Posted by OnceWindowsFan


You do realize that this prevents you from buying any PC that is they all come with Windows.

Not everything works 100% of the time without any effort in Apple OS X land. Trust me, I'm typing tonight on a Mac Book and it has been quite frustrating to get many things working well on this machine. My experience is with Windows and Linux....but this Apple is a whole different thing.

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OS : windows XP Pro sp3​Problem : We have a machine that has lost Scanner and Camera wizard from autoplay a few days ago after we moved this PC from a local Workgroup to a Domain. After moving it to the domain with the new user, we copied the Windows profile from the old local user to to the new domain user. We currently do not have any group policies configured to disable auto play. When I log in with the username into the old local account the Wizard pops up fine. It is something related to the user/profile change. When we plug the camera into the computer autoplay works and recognises that the camera has pictures but there are no options to transfer pictures in the pop up box. i have tried a a few reg edits , we do not have Real Player, No luck with Windows autoplay repair wizard either.

We use Windows scanner and camera wizard to transfer pictures from a USB connected camera to the computer. Our users have been trained on it, so we don't want to switch software.

Also if i go the properties and click on autoplay and select -pictures there are no options. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Problem with Scanner and Camera Wizard

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I have XP sp2 with scanner and camera wizard. I recently took some naughty photos with my digital camera and called them some naughty names in the box asking me for a name for this group of pictures. Now when I load more photos into the computer the drop list appears with the old names in it. To save embarrassment in the future I would like to remove the list of old picture names. Can anyone help please as I have seached everywhere but cannot find anything relating to the drop list names.

A:Scanner and Camera Wizard List

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I have a Sandisk card reader. When I insert a SD into the card reader up pops the Scanner and Camera card reader wizard. THis all works fine. In the third screen you can choose the destination file folder or browse. When I try to browse for a new folder I can see only the plus sign but no names, just a white screen. This use to work before I upgraded to XP sp3. Any ideas on how to fix?

A:Scanner and Camera Wizard Problem

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I have a user who has been upgraded from XP to 7 via a new machine. She use to use Microsoft Scanner and camera wizard when she plugged in her iphone. This enabled her to select which pictures she could copy to the machine via a simple tick box. Is this option available in windows 7 ?


A:Windows 7 Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard Gone

Hi markiejd15 you might need to install itunes for the system to recognize the iphone.

When you plug in the iphone you should get a window popup that is very similar to the window that opens up when you put in a USB thumb drive. This will let import the pictures or navigate to the DCIM folder on the iPhone and copy the files to your computer.

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I bought an Olympus Digital camera recently (stylus 300), and rather than using the Camedia software that comes with it to upload my digital pics, I would like to use Windows XP's Scanner and Camera wizard instead. The problem is, when I connect my camera to my USB, the wizard doesn't automatically pop-up or ask me what I'd like to do with the new connection. Instead, I have to use the drag-and-drop method. On other computers with XP, the wizard has come up automatically... it seems like my computer is the only one that doesn't. If anyone has any ideas as to how to run the wizard when my camera is connected, I beg you to help me out! I've tried changing the AutoPlay options, yet still... nothing. Discouraged, alexis

A:Uploading photos using XP's Camera and Scanner Wizard

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Howdy, folks. I've been trying for the better part of an hour now to get my Wizard to copy some files from my camera, but I'm having some trouble.

The issue here, as I've been able to discern by looking around the web, is that the videos I'm trying to copy out are too large- namely, over the 1.5 gig threshold that seems to hold the wizard back.

The only drivers I could find that would apparently solve the issue were for SP2, which I'm using SP3 (XP, by the way.) I also can't seem to find any other programs for getting the pictures off my camera. So! Is there anything I can do?

A:[SOLVED] Working around Scanner and Camera Wizard

Does Windows Explorer see the files on the camera?

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When I open Windows XP Scanner/Camera Wizard, it says, "The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera."

I have a Digital Concepts SD/MMC Converter Drive in the computer, and it isn't working.

Is there some way I can fix this?

Or another way to add my photos?

Thank you, AE.

A:Solved: Scanner/Camera Wizard problem

Just open the Windows Explorer and you should see a new drive for the SD/MMC card. You don't need the wizard unless you connect the camera directly to the computer.

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I went to plug in my camera into the USB plug & turned it on. Now, normally the Scanner & Camera wizard would pop up & I could import my pics to my computer running Windows XP Home Edition. The computer recognizes the camera, because I get the sound you normally get & the icon in the system tray that you click on to saftly remove Hardware. When I go into "My Computer" The camera shows up as "Removable Disc H". I right clicked and went into Properties>Auto Play & made sure that it was to transfer all picture files to computer using the Windows Scanner & Camera Wizard. That did no good. What more can I do or check. The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-V1 if that helps. I just want the ease of the wizard coming up automatically to transfer my pics.

A:Solved: Windows Scanner & Camera wizard

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How can I get my Windows XP to recognize my camera?

I installed my new Samsung L200 camera and, at first, when I connected it to my computer the box that asks what I want to do appeared. I'd click "upload pics using the Scanner/Camera wizard" and things worked fine. Then one day that choice box didn't appear and when I went directly to the S/C didn't recognize my camera -it said to add it.

I tried to "add" the camera to the wizard but a pre-ordained, un-editable, list appeared and no Samsung cameras were among the choices.

I re-installed the software on the camera's change.

Mind you, I have the Samsung uploader, but it only uploads, it will not delete pictures from camera upon completion as the scanner/camera wizard did; a problem when uploading dozens of pictures (makes deletion in camera a manual operation).

I'd rather use the wizard.

Any ideas/help?

A:Solved: How do I add Samsung L200 dig/cam to Scanner Camera Wizard?

With the camera hooked to the computer and ready to download it should show as a drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Right click on the drive and select Properties > Autorun > Pictures. Check “Select an action to perform”. If you select the Wizard it will probably open when you connect the camera.

Was the camera hooked up and ready to download pictures when you went to the wizard to add the camera? It probably won’t show if it isn’t hooked up.

Edit: The camera often shows as a "removable drive".

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hello all,

i'm new to the forum and thanks for taking the time to read this. i checked back through several forums and did not see this addressed so i'm hoping someone can help.

i've got very new dell laptop running windows XP home. two days ago the microsoft scanner and camera wizard flat out stopped working. havent a clue why. i didnt change any settings on my camera, the laptop or anything else. i did what i always do... snapped some pix, plugged in via usb and waited for the camera wizard to pull my images down.

all it does now is give me the dialog box saying "Reading device for information" and there it stays, frozen. i have to use the task manager to get it to stop and even then, once i unplug the camea (Nikon Coolpix 2100) even the camera won't shut off. i have to take out the batteries to shut the camera down.

i know it's not the camera because i have the exact same setup at work (only i run xp professional at work) and i have no problems at all transferring pix from my camera.

i tried installing the nikon software that came with the camera to see if i could use that instead of the wizard but that won't autostart either and i prefer the wizard any way.

any thoughts???????????

A:Out 'o the Blue: MS Scanner and Camera Wizard Stopped Working

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When the autoplay comes on and I choose the wizard, nothing happens. It doesn't work when I manually go to the Programs list and select the wizard from there either. It doesn't let me copy the pictures from my memory card. This USED to work and now it doesn't. Did I delete some kind of file by mistake?

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Hi, this is my first post here so I hope I do this right. I am running XP home SP3 with 2.5 GB ram, the problem is that the Camera and Scanner wizard is missing in control panel and the computer will not see my phone which is an AT&T Pantech 2030, is there a way to get the camera & scanner wizard back in control panel without having to reinstall XP on the machine. Thanks.

A:Camera & Scanner wizard missing from control panel.

I would do two thingx:

a. Run the sfc /scannow command.

Have Windows CD ready. Start/Run...type sfc /scannow and hit Enter. If that doesn't start it, then go Start/Run...type cmd hit Enter. Type sfc /scannow at prompt and hit Enter.

If scan stops and indicates that file is needed from CD...insert CD and hit Retry button on alert message.

b. Run the chkdsk /r command afterwards. Start/Run...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter. Type Y in new screen and hit Enter. Reboot.

The command will execute before booting into XP.


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My Olympus came with a program to download my pictures but at work I use the Scanner and Camera Wizard and love it. My SC Wizard only reconizes my scanner. How do I get it to reconize my Olympus Stylus 400? The program asks for a disk for my camera but none came with it except their download program. I am capable of downloading thru a USB or XD card.

A:Transferring pictures from Olympus Stylus using Scanner and camera Wizard

If you are using Windows XP, you should not need any drivers. After connecting the camera, go to Windows Explorer or My Computer and look for a 'Removable Drive". Double-click on the camera’s disk drive icon, then the “DCIM” folder, and then the
“100OLYMP” folder. The pictures will be located in this folder.

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I recently have this problem with Camera wizard in Win XP, the wizard sorts when I import from my camera and gives the names to pictures first and then to videos. What ends up happening is that the pics and videos are not sorted by time they were taken but videos always at the end.

I think I had something else some time ago but was trying to search for other software and couldnt find anything that would be changing names of the pics as I want to and still wouldnt do this reordering. I also tried to find setttings for Camera wizard but it doesnt seem there is any.

Does anyone have any ideas about this Scanner and camera wizard or any suggestions about other software?


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I'm using the Scanner and Camera Wizard built into WinXP and I'm finding it quite convenient. However, something has happened that make it less conveniant, and I hope this could be fixed somehow... Maybe a registry-key that has been messed up?

When I come to the "Picture name and destination" step I used to just type a name for the group of photos (normally a date), and then the path to the place to save the photos would automatically change and give me a sub-folder with the name of my photo-group.

(Image below)

As you see in the attached screen-dump the group name, and the folder name is the same.

However, a while back (not sure when and in correlation with what), the automatic change of folder name stopped working. So now if I type a date in the top text field I anyway have to manually browse and create a folder so get a folder with the same name... This is quite annoying when it used to be so simple...

I'm running WinXP Home SP2

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Where can I find the Windows scanning wizard?

And my all in one which I just managed to install (yay!!!) doesnt show up in the 'My Computer' bit..
Many thanks!
- Mike

A:Where is the Windows Scanner Wizard?

Have you tried using the Start Search?

Select the Start button and at the bottom of the menu, you will see the Start Search pane. Type in scan and see what appears on the list.

You should see Scanners and Cameras, then select it and follow the instructions.

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Hi loved the xp scanner and camer wizard and i cant get my head around the new vista photo gallery & automatic scanner. all i want to be able to do is once i scan in a photo, is resize it to fit te page, but i cant seem to do this with vista - can anyone help me please? the xp scanner had a preview button which you could then just click to fit the screen - this is driving me mad!

A:No Scanner Wizard on vista - help!

Originally Posted by tigger16

Hi loved the xp scanner and camer wizard and i cant get my head around the new vista photo gallery & automatic scanner. all i want to be able to do is once i scan in a photo, is resize it to fit te page, but i cant seem to do this with vista - can anyone help me please? the xp scanner had a preview button which you could then just click to fit the screen - this is driving me mad!

What format are you saving the scanned document into?

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Has anyone noticed while using the Windows Scan and Print Wizard that the default scanning size on a WinXP machine is set to Legal size paper? We do a lot of scanning at some of our offices with electronic health records and the like, and having to change the scanning size every time we scan a document can really add up. We opted to write instructions for these offices to use the Windows scan feature just because it will work on any workstation, and not require the proprietary scanner software to be installed.

Does anyone know how to change the default scanning size in Windows?

A:Windows Scanner Wizard Defaults

NO ... Mine defaults to standard size .. probably because I have a standard size scanner.
Are these scanners Legal size or Standard size ??

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I have a new Dell 8400, see below for system configuration. When I use the Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard to get a picture from my Visioneer 9020 USB scanner the wizard freezes. I can't cancel the application, the Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard. I have to end it through the Task Manager and when I try to use the Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard again, I get a message saying it's in use. The only way to stop that message is to reboot the machine.

Dr. Watson reports the following:


UI LCID=1033
TitleName=Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard
DigPidRegPath=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId
ErrorText=The program is not responding.
HeaderText=You chose to end the nonresponsive program, Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard.
EventLogSource=Application Hang..."

This new Dell 8400 replaced a Dell 8200. The Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard has worked and continues to work properly on the 8200.

I have tried the following:

Uninstalled and reinstalled both the scanner and the scanner drivers.

Downloaded new scanner drivers, uninstalled the old drivers and installed the new drivers. Uninstalled the

scanner and new scanner drivers and reinstalled both. The older scanner drivers work on the 8200.

Removed everything from the startup menu.

Disconnected all USB devices except the scanner.

Disabled Norton Anti virus. Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard and scanner work on... Read more

A:Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard and Scanner

Problem solved...not USB cable.


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Hi. I'm at my wits end on this one. i've had the same scanner/printer (HP) and the same camera (kodak easy share) for at long time without this problem. I went camping over the weekend. last week everything worked fine. but when i got home and put the camera on the dock and hit the little button... nothing happened. i unplugged it, rebooted, and tried again... still nothing. now i've noticed the printer/scanner doesnt seem to work either. both have power. both seem ok as far as everything else, but the computer doesnt recognize them. i'm running windows xp and a few weeks ago i switched my browser to google chrome (not sure if that matters). i went into device manager and tried to update drivers... but there is nothing there for cameras and scanners. in the control panel, the cameras and scanners folder is empty. the wizard doesnt list very many and my models are not on there. if anyone knows any kind of fix for this, please help and thanks in advance!

A:camera and scanner gone... help please

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Sorry I guess this is called cross posting.
I put the original message in a different forum. Didn't look closely at them.
Sorry about that.

I have a windows 2000 pro sp 4 machine.
I fubared the ability to use my scanner and camera.
When I try to use them I get errors about the image admin control not being found.
I didn't see imaging as a windows component in the control panel or able to reinstall it from the CD.
A google search brings up a zillion things for different stuff but not this.

Any help greatly appreciated. And I apologzie for posting in two forums. Will pay more attention next time.


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Hi, i revently purchased a camera i belive it was a PC USB internet video camera and i installed i would like to use the microsoft paint so that i can get a picture using the from scanner or camera option however when i installed everything for the camera...i cannot get anything....and that option is not available..please any help....would be awesome

*thx in advance*

A:From Scanner or Camera

If you open windows explorer does the camera show as a removeable drive...If you right click on it ,select properties then autoplay ...try resetting the autoplay feature...

or just transfer the pictures to your hard drive right from explorer then open them with Paint or any other editor/viewer


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HEy all....

Friend got a new computer with windows XP pre-installed...

After downloading all the new drivers needed for the printer, scanner, camera....the printer works great... BUT...

Whenever the scanner is plugged into the usb is fine..shows up in device manager under imaging device...

Plug the Canon camera into USB slot... the scanner disappears from device manager, but the camera shows up!

Cannot have the camera plugged into the USB and the Scanner plugged in at the same time....then nothing works!

Computer has 4 USB ports... I am confused... where do I go from here?? thanx

I should add... the visioneer scanner is NOT XP ...and visioneer has no plans to make it that way... but said it "should" work with the new drivers...

A:USB scanner and Camera can't coexist??

What the make and model of the PC?

Also what BIOS version are you running?

The reason I am asking is your problem could be tied to a needed BIOS update.

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I am a wildlife photographer using software NX2 for corrections.Nikon has a
maxamiun useage for NX2 TRANFER OF 2 OCCURENCES and I have used that
transfer up.The previous 2 computers had the app of windows scanner and
camera wizard which simplified the download of my compact flash card.I would
appreciate any assistance for the above app.listed

A:scanner and camera wizzard

Hello Jeffry, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be what you are after.

Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard


Scanners and Cameras Shortcut - Create

Hope this helps,

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Hi -

I have a Canon 8400F scanner and a Canon EOS Rebel XT...both working fine, until last week. Now, they undulate between not being recognized by my machine (Windows XP) at all or being recognized but not being able to communicate. I scan out of Photoshop and my camera usually downloads automatically when I plug the USB into a port.

Since they both fizzled at the same time I am wondering if this is device specific or if something else is going on. Since the Windows Control Panel lists "Scanners and Cameras" as one piece, is there some sort of Windows driver that could be the culprit?

I have downloaded the most recent drivers for the camera and scanner, and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the software from the original CD. But, no luck.

Any help? Thanks.

A:Scanner and Camera Not Working

n370 said:

Hi -

I have a Canon 8400F scanner and a Canon EOS Rebel XT...both working fine, until last week. Now, they undulate between not being recognized by my machine (Windows XP) at all or being recognized but not being able to communicate. I scan out of Photoshop and my camera usually downloads automatically when I plug the USB into a port.

Since they both fizzled at the same time I am wondering if this is device specific or if something else is going on. Since the Windows Control Panel lists "Scanners and Cameras" as one piece, is there some sort of Windows driver that could be the culprit?

I have downloaded the most recent drivers for the camera and scanner, and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the software from the original CD. But, no luck.

Any help? Thanks.Click to expand...

I'm having the same problem with my Canon camera SD 700 IS and Canon MP 530 scanner - camera and scanner aren't recognized and uninstall/reinstall not helping. Started getting a "sti.dll not a valid windows image" error at same time although might not be related. Did you ever find a solution?

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In the past I have had no problem downloading images from my Canon PowerShot S30 camera or using my SnapScan e52 scanner with my Windows Me PC. Now I only occasionally succeed. Checking properties says functioning all right, but error messages. if they appear at all, says no communication. Can it be an error in the registry or the SMBIOS? How do I fix the problem?

A:camera/scanner communication problem

I would first uninstall the driver software for the scanner and any camera software you installed. Then reinstall them.

If that doesn’t work one of your twain files might be corrupted. Uninstall again. Do a search for twain and delete any twain files and folders you find in the Windows folder. Then reinstall.

These are more specific instructions: I think Scan Gear is the twain driver for your scanner. I have no idea what came with your camera that might have installed twain files and it might not be necessary to uninstall the camera drivers. When you install Scan Gear it will not replace the twain files unless they aren’t there at all. If they are missing an install of Scan Gear will replace them.

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i need help., my scanner and camera wont work., i can't see it on control panel Scanners and camera section..

what seems to be the problem?

plsssss help..

A:HELP: My camera and Scanner wont work

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Looks like this will not go away. I managed to down load the program as suggested in previous forum. Now all I get when I click on the icon is "can not find camera" Anyone out there now what to do. I am not too tech minded so a simple answer would be best.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+, x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76340 MB, Free - 46248 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., nForce
Antivirus: None

A:otek scanner can not find camera

"I managed to down load the program as suggested in previous forum"
What program are you referring to?

I don't really understand your problem so please fully describe what you are trying to do.

The Otek scanner is a film scanner as far as I know. You put traditional, exposed camera film into it to scan the individual frames to digitize them. It's your reference to "cannot find camera" that puzzles me. What does a camera have to do with it?

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I lost my Scanner usage long ago, have now bought a digital camera which won't load. Both run on the USB Port.
The Scanner (HP4200C) operated for almost a year then overnight quit. When I try to scan I receive a message, unidentified software problem 2117) (undefined by all help systems) The camera is new, Konika, which is not even recognized by the USB or my software (98SE). How can I activate (this system is all in German and the normal HP can't help, I have to go to another Software system) and Konika is absolutly 0 with information. I am running a Via Media? and have been told that the chip needs a new update (been there, done that) how do I activate my systems. I've tried so much, I don't know what to do next. I've checked and replaced cables, checked and replaced drivers, unloaded uploaded downloaded and updated until Im blue in the face, and BOTH still dont work. After a renewed (X time) erase of my software for the HP and upload with "new driver" I still get the same message and the Konika is still not recognized. HELP

A:Scanner and Digital Camera (USB Port)

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I have a Mustek 600 III EP Plus Scanner. I received a Polaroid PDC 640 Plus digital camera for Xmas. When I install the software for the camera, my scanner will not scan. It will go throught the 'preview' process, but it will not scan. I have tried all the combinations of removing, rebooting and reinstalling software. Does anyone know of any conflicts between these two items? I am running Windows 95. My computer is a 266.

A:Scanner & Digital camera conflict

I don't know anything in particular about either item...

Can you tell us how they are connected? Is it a SCSI scanner? Parallel?

Camera - USB?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I'm tring to help a friend with this problem, running Windows 2000, its getting a Microtek scanmaker 3630 scanner and a HP 320 digital camera to work on the same computer, both worked with Windows 98 but when upgraded to 2000 and each was loaded neither worked. We tried to install each alone and they worked but with both installed there was a conflict with drivers and they both have the same IRQ 11. The drivers are the same for both: twain drivers. Plug and play does the same thing both are on the same IRO 11, both drivers are USB, you can't have both drivers installed at the same time.

I uninstalled both of them and tried putting them in seperately...But when I add one piece of hardware it knocks the other one out and I've tried it both ways...
I can use one at a time. which ever one I'm using I have to reinstall the drivers before I can use the other. Both items are listed in the device manager but one always has a ! in a yellow triangle over one of them... So I put the driver in for that and it takes out the other peice of hardware so when I want to use that I have to reinstall the drivers for that and back and forth if I want to use either one.
Any help would be very much welcomed..

A:Scanner and camera install problems

What does it use to connect? USB, parellel, SCSI?

Go back into device manager, right click on ! and post the device status message, location, and the resources (also in the resources in the conflicting device list post whatever the message is in there)

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My friend has a UMAX ASTRA 2000 P scanner and he says his computer (Win 98) will not recognize it when he tries to ADD HARDWARE.
Thanks for any suggestions.


A:pc recognizes scanner as kodak camera

He may need to install the software first and reboot so it can find the scanner. I had to do that with mine. In case he doesn't have the software this link does.

Also here is a link to their support files.

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I have around 800 slides that I would like to convert to a digital format (jpg's).
Is it better to buy a medium priced scanner (like the Epson 3170 Photo) or buy a tube attachment system for my digital camera?
I do not mind doing the work myself so speed is not a concern. As well, I will not be making any large prints of the jpg's - the size of each picture would be in the 600 x 450 range.
Has anyone ever used any of the methods above? Were the results any good?
Thanks for your help.

A:Slides to Digital - Scanner or Camera?

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In desperation I found this board and hope someone here can help with this problem. I recently had a computer shop reformat my HD and reinstall Win xp Pro with SP2. Since I've had this done I can't install the drivers for my Nikon 5000 digital camera, Canon 1220U flatbed scanner or my Sandisk card reader. I have all the disks yet nothing I try seems to work. Prior to this install everything worked fine and I just installed the drivers for my Nikon on my laptop and it works fine.

Does anyone have a work around for this or do I need to return my computer to the shop and have SP2 removed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

Bob Bannen

A:New install SP2//no camera-scanner-card reader??

Sounds like all the items you mentioned are USB. Your problem could be quite minor, but may require a bit of Q&A to narrow down the problem.

Does Device Manager show USB as working properly? Do other USB devices work?

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Hi White Knights, Good Guys and Gals,

My PC was attacked, likely through Internet Explorer today, since I haven't downloaded anything. The following are is the list of Malware that XP Security Center has notified:


and Trojan Remover has identified

and Mcafee
NTROSKRN... (rootkit trojan)

The program "Protection Systems" continues to pop up prompting me to buy along with random IExplorer bombs despite having removed it from programs. The system regularly freezes when I employ anti-malware programs.

I have attempted to use in normal and safe operating mode (Mcafee from safe command prompt)
=Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise (halts early in operation, Identifies NTROSKRN and 11 cookies)
=Stopzilla (Halts early in operation)
=Malwarebytes(fails to open even with changed name)
=Rooter Malware Finder (Eric_71) (operates results indeterminant)
=Trojan Remover (Runs. results indeterminant)

I am not in a good position to format the PC (in the wilderness).

Any advice what is preventing these malware programs from operating?

Thanks, and happy to repay the favor particularly if you like homebrew since PC wars arent my specialty!


DDS (Ver_09-06-26.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Iamcomputer at 20:41:08.59 on Wed 07/15/2009... Read more

A:Unknown Attack Disables Malware Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Scanner

Hi, lookingtree Welcome.Please read and follow all these instructions very carefully.Please download ComboFix from Here or Here to your Desktop.**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved and renamed following this process directly to your desktop**If you are using Firefox, make sure that your download settings are as follows:Tools->Options->Main tabSet to "Always ask me where to Save the files".During the download, rename Combofix to Combo-Fix as follows:

It is important you rename Combofix during the download, but not after.Please do not rename Combofix to other names, but only to the one indicated.Close any open browsers.Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
-----------------------------------------------------------Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.
-----------------------------------------------------------Close any open browsers. WARNING: Combofix will disconnect your machine from the Internet as soon as it startsPlease d... Read more

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I am looking at purchaseing a new scanner. I have several thousand slides and negatives that I am needing to scan and want to find the best equipment for this at a decent price. I've seen some people say the Plustek 7500i SE is a good dedicated scanner. Even the Plustek 7200i SE has a good rating. Is there any that are better or that you might recommend instead. I'm really struggling on what direction to go. A dedicated film scanner is suppose to be better quality but at a much higher price. I've looked up flatbed scanners for under $500 and the CanoScan 8800F seems to have the highest rating and good reviews.
If anyone could point me towards one they like or recommend I would greatly appricaite it.
Like I said I'm getting to the point where I'm getting confused on which direction I should go.
Thank you for your help.

A:Dedicated film, slide scanner - is the Plustek 7500i SE a good scanner?

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I have a Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner, the Windows Fax & Scan does not recognise this as a scanner
There is no help or support from the application
Is this a driver problem, if so how and where can you get the correct drivers to fix
Can anyone help

A:Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner not recognised as a scanner

If there is no Windows 8 driver, try with the one for Windows 7

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please note this correction to my previous post the scanner is a VISIONEER 9020 NOT HP
Thank oyu edjal

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I am using XP cant use both devices together. device mgr recognizes just one of them. Get device mgr. code 38 "windows cant load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory". The windows trouble shooter doesn' help solve this particular problem. I can load either scanner singularly and it does not give error code 38 and works fine unless I try to load both scanners. I have loaded latest xp drivers for each of these USB scanners. Does any have a fix for this problem. Your help would be appreciated.
Thanks edjal

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When I had Word set as my email editor, I had the option to directly insert a picture from a scanner or camera via the Insert menu. That option is now gone after I have switched to Outlook 2007.
Is there any way to get this functionality back?

Read Further -
Insert picture directly from scanner or camera |

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Hi whats best image scanner for my MP160 as win2k image scanner is bad!

Please advice.


A:Whats the best freeware image scanner for my scanner?

Is this a Canon scanner? It should have come with software/drivers...

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Hi expert types. I have a canon scanner/printer MX320 and I just hooked it up to a new laptop. I installed the disc and it installed everything for the mx320, but when I try to scan something I get an error code from scangear that says turn off scanner error in scanner code 2,148,0 . What should I do? My dell came with Windows 8, so I figured posting here was the right place....I've tried to see if anyone else has had this problem prior to me but every site I go to just has nada. I've already tried unplugging everything, and also pressing the scan function on the actual scanner. (which is pretty much the only advice anyone had on the other sites I went to). Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I really can't afford to buy a new scanner right now and I need it for work.

A:Just installed my old scanner onto my new laptop and the scanner won't work.

Hi,had the same trouble with my HP printer.Worked on Windows7 but not on 8.Went to there website and downloaded new driver and works fine now.Hope this helps.

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Currently I use Microsoft Security essentials as my "active monitoring" - What i'm looking for is any virus scanners that you find work well? (I only like "free" scanners.)

Consider I'm not seeking an active "monitor" that runs as a windows process. What I'm looking for is a "file scanner" that scans designated folders/drives.

Now adays, if you're paying attention, the quantity of spyware/Trojans/active x viruses is at an all time high. It seems like I get infected going to common websites even. I am looking to expand my assemblage of file scanners. In my opinion, the more, the better. (Sometimes I like to scan my drives with 3+ virus scanners. I'd like even more.)

I currently use:

Malwarebytes - Sweet secondary scanner. Doesn't run as a process (is just a scanner) and isn't "active monitoring" Perfect!

clam - Sweet scanner I actually got lastnight. Takes a long time, and doesn't clean files? (that's fine, but not as good as I hoped)

Super Anti Spyware - sweet spyware scanner

Online Virus Scanners - Housecall - Housecall is the best online scanner I've found and actually cleans the files for FREE. (do you guys know any other good online files scanners?)

Can you guys reccommend any additional file scanners that scan windows drives/files? Please remember, I don't want it to actively manage/monitor! (I USE MSE FOR THIS) I want it to be a secondary scanner that scans u... Read more

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Sprout scanner KO since win10 update. Officejet 6500A plus scanner unusable. Is there a way to choose?

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Hi there

Just looking for some advice on an issue I am having at work.

A user cannot scan with the above scanner. They are getting the following error.

Scanner Status - 0 Error Number =1116 Twain Data Source Not Found Please Reinstall Scanner Software.

The Scanner is detected in Device Manager (No errors next to it)

I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled but the user gets the same issue.

I have added them as a local admin and once the software is installed I have logged on as the user. It detects that new hardware has been found and continues with the install but then they get the same issue.

Another user can log on to the machine and it works fine!

I have reseated the scanner to force it to pick up the connection but SAME ISSUE!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

User is on Windows 2000


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I get the following error message whenever I try to scan from my scanner that is connected via usb to my Dell E1705 laptop:

"The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. Please make sure the device is turned on and properly connected to the computer."

I have tried two scanners, that work on other computers, and I get the same message. I have the latest drivers, and latest updates for the E1705 and Win XP installed, but still get the same message.

Each time I connect the scanner, Windows tells me that it has found new hardware, and successfully installed it. I see the device in "Device Manager/Imagining Devices" but not in "Scanners and Cameras" in the Control Panel. Please help

A:I get the following error message:"The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. Please make sure the device is turned...

Scanners require software and driver have installed both?

What model scanners?


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Just wondering if anyone has the HP 3570c scanner. Is it worth the money? Does it work good? I know its cute, but other than that I want to know more before I buy it. I want to use it to copy slides onto my computer and make prints. Thanks for any comments, good or bad.

A:HP scanner 3570c - Is this a good scanner?

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I have bought an Epson Perfection 1200S scanner, second hand. I hoped to plug it into the USB of my PC but only after buying it did I see that the 1200U model is for USB and the handbook for this 1200S model says that unless my PC has an SCSI board, I need to install one. The scanner came with an interface board but I am not confident about opening my PC to install it.

The scanner also came with a Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B, which is not part of the Epson package but I guess is an extra that the seller threw in. It has a USB prong on one end that could go into my PC, and the other end would fit the cable that attaches to the scanner.

Can I install the scanner without using the SCSI board?

A:Solved: Can my SCSI scanner run as a USB scanner?

From the looks of it the Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B is a usb to scsi converter so you should be able to plug it into the USB port and have it work. Seems like it should be Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B to SCSI cable to scanner.

While Microtech USB-SCSI-DB25B did not give me too many things to look up... maybe you can provide a picture of this unit to verify....

either that or verify its something like this -

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Windows 8, of course; Brother MFC-7460DN Laser Printer. Paperport 14. Nothing I do will allow me to scan from that printer in Windows 8! However, I can print just fine.

Windows 7 machine, Brother MFC-7460DN Laser Printer. Paperport 14. Everything works just fine and dandy. I double checked just a little while ago, and scanning went off without a hitch.

The only difference between Paperport on the Win 7 machine and the Win 8 machine is that I bought Paperport 14 for the Win 8 machine and while waiting for it to arrive, I downloaded and installed the trial version.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Paperport and the printer multiple times, in the Brother Utilities I clicked on and installed the Scanner Utility and still no joy!

Here's a snip of the Installation Diagnostics. The Scanner (Driver) Port looks hinky to me, but what do I know?

And, yes, I could use my Brother MFC-J825 for scanning, but that would be a pain because of the printer's location. Or, I could run into another room and use the J5910, but that would be even more inconvenient. 'Sides, I hate to have something that just won't work in Windows 8.

Bottom line is that it does seem to be a Windows 8 issue, because when I check, Windows says it's all good. And it ain't!

I would very much appreciate any help I can get with this, since I'm flummoxed so far. Thanks in advance.

A:No Scanner - The default scanner is not attached

Hi Wynonna,

I sense that you are usually very well versed in repairing your own issues so I doubt that I can help you; however, lacking any response to your issue, I will throw in "my2cents":

Please do not take offense to any of my suggestions if they sound too basic:

So, I assume you have already downloaded and tried the latest drivers from Brother?
Brother: MFC-7460DN: Downloads: United States

Can I also assume you are using it via a direct USB connection and it is not set up as part of a network and it is not wireless?

If so, can I assume you have applied the latest firmware update (9/6/2013)?
Brother Solutions Center: MFC-7460DN: Downloads: Others

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7400c HP Scanjet Error Message, "Scanner Not Found" or "Sorry Scanner Could Not be Initialized Hello, Thank you for looking at my post. I bought a new dell computer and reinstalled the Hp 7400c precision scan pro Scanning software. My old computer had XP. The new computer has XP Pro on it. I've been to the HP site and followed all instructions to fix this issue at:;product=59553 The HP instructions are for XP not XP Pro. When I get to: Removing the key from the registry 1. Click Start , then Run . The Run window will appear. 2. In the Open box, type: REGEDIT . 3. Click OK . The Registry Editor window will appear. 4. Click the plus ( + ) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE . 5. Click the plus ( + ) next to Software . 6. Click the plus ( + ) next to Hewlett-Packard . I can only get this far. NO LanScan selection? What do I DO to get this issue fixed? 7. Click the plus ( + ) next to LanScan . 8. Highlight Client , and press Delete on the keyboard. 9. Click Yes to delete the key. 10. Close the Registry Editor by clicking the X button in the upper-right corner, and restart the computer to have the changes take effect Thanks, Sincerely, Nicola

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you know when you plug your camera into your computer it brings up the picture transfer wizard. well my computer no longer does that and its kind of annoying. anyone know how to reactivate autoplay i guess? ive tried different usb ports and i even uninstalled usb root hubs and rebooted and let them reinstall themselves

A:Camera Wizard Autoplay no longer shows up when plugging in camera

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(Edit - Subject should read 'Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anymore with Canon digital camera')

I have a Canon SD 700 IS digital camera bought about 15 months ago. Until recently, I could connect it to the USB port (same one each time and that port is not used for anything else) of my Windows XP PC (1 year old, bought new) and the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard would appear allowing me to use that software to transfer my digital pictures to my PC. Now, that does not work. I tried reinstalling the Canon EOS utility that came on a CD with my camera - no success in getting pictures transferred with that. The only way I can get the pictures to transfer, is to open Windows Explorer, the camera shows up under My Computer, but if I right click on Get pictures highlighting the camera listing, after multiple trys and 30 minutes, I get the few dozen pictures to transfer.

Anyone know what to try? I am suspecting it has to do with a recent overhall of my PC anti-spyware and security software (details below) as was using Lavasoft and Spybot before and found them becoming less effective. My computer is anti-malware free as far as I know from anti-spyware scans with multiple products (at least twice weekly) and real-time protection and anti-virus scans a little less frequently which Zone Alarm has never from day one found any viruses.

The computer is recognizing the camera in the USB port (it is enabled) and camera powered on and has no issues when taking pictures.... Read more

A:Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anyone with Canon digital camera

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I have a Brother all in on MFC-J615W and it has been BEAUTIFUL for me. One of the main things I've been doing with it is scanning old pictures for genealogy purposes. I LOVE the fact that I can use the option FROM the scanner that allows you to scan INTO a graphics/photo program all wirelessly (on the scanner, I select SCAN and then "into a graphics program"). It has always shown the "connecting" message in the printer display and then it proceeds to open the scan in Paint (as default). No problems. LOVE IT.

Tonight, I just can't get it to go. It acts like it is trying to connect, but then just goes back out to it's default display (the time) and I have no scan.

HOWEVER....if I were to open up the photo software and IMPORT from the scanner, I have no issues.....and yes, this is wireless, as well.

SO..because I can do one wirelessly and not the other, I wouldn't think it's the network...or am I wrong? It's just bizarre that it would connect one way and not the other. Hmmmmm......

It just takes longer to import than to just scan into a graphics program, I think, so I like to scan INTO the software from the scanner..

Thanks in advance for any insight!

A:Wireless Scanner. Can IMPORT from software...can't go from scanner INTO software.:(

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I am trying to install the software for a Polaroid i733 digital camera. I ran the CD. The camera wizard does not list my camera. I plugged in the camera to download photos, but, nothing happens. Shouldn't it pick up the camera automatically?
Also, the only place I can find the camera is an the Add/Remove programs list. It is not in the device manager. Any suggestions?

A:Camera Wizard help

does the camera show up in my computer or windows explorer?

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im ruuning windows xp an
when i first insert my sd memory card, it open a window like in picture 1.
then i click on the copy picture to a folder . then another window pops up, like picture 2.
then i click on next. then another window pops up. like picture 3. an when the next window open like in picture 4. its plank. but it should have folder destination . but it dont. does any body know why an how to fix it.
every thing else in picture one works. thanks for any help.


A:camera wizard problem

At #4 I would select make new folder and go from there

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When I try to use the (Camera Wizard),
it will not recognize the camera ? This is the message given; "The computer cannot detect
the scanner or camera, Please be sure the device is turned on and is properly connected
to the computer". ...PLEASE HELP....

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ok..i'll try to explain this as well as possible. I have a Kodak dx7630 cam. I was using the Koday easyshare program, but decided to get rid of it, so I uninstalled it. That left me with plugging the camera in and/or putting it on the dock and when I do this, my computer recognizes the camera, but the window that used to pop up (it was a menu with all of my photo processing programs, and allowed me to choose which one to use), no longer pops up. After doing extensive reading on the net, I think I somehow have lost a few keys in my registry.
I can still open a photo managing program and click on the "import" tab, and that works, but I want that "menu" to pop up again. I'm running windows xp home edition (with all the service pack updates). intel pentium 4, 3.0 gig , 512 ram. The reason I think there are reg keys missing is from doing some reading on another post, and I ran regedit, and saw that those keys were indeed gone. But I'm just not saavy enuf to reintroduce them.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:camera wizard and other probs

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When I try to use the (Camera Wizard),
it will not recognize the camera ? This is the message given; "The computer cannot detect
the scanner or camera, Please be sure the device is turned on and is properly connected
to the computer". I have XP...PLEASE HELP....

A:Camera Wizard not working!!

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I hope someone can help me with this problem. I went to down load some pics from my camera (fuji 2600 ) but the wizard wont come up after the camera has been recognized. I went in to my computer and the computer recognizes it but still no wizard to help me get them onto the hard drive. In my desperation i thought a system restore in windows XP might do the trick. I went back to the last date it was working and ran it. The restore wizard told me that there have been no changes made to the computer so it wont restore to the date i picked. Then i went back to a point in time which was months ago, knowing i have made changes to the computer. it still says no changes have been made and wont let me do it. I'm kinda stuck in knowing where to go next.any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:camera wizard problems

if the camera shows as a removeable drive in My Computer then just drag them to where you need for the wizard


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I have been downloading pictures from my coolpix s200 camera onto my computer using the camera wizard. i would plug in the usb cable and the camera wizard would automatically come up. about two weeks ago the camera wizard does not come up at all. I went to Programs, then accesories, the to camera wizard to pull it up and nothing comes up. I just get an error message saying "The computer cannot detect the camera or scanner. How is it that it was working fine and then all of a sudden stopped working? Please help!

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Have XP. When I plug my Olympus stylus 300 into a usb port, nothing happens. The scanner & camera wizard fails to open automatically, and if I manually open the wizard, to dowwnload pix, the wizard will say cannot find device or device is busy. It used to automatically ask what I wanted to do. Any suggestions on how to get wizard to automatically open when I plug my camera in thru usb, and why it won't recognize camera? Tahnks from newbie!

A:camera wizard problem

I don't have a great answer for you but...the wizard on my computer works very sporaticlly...for no reason it will stop working then without having done anything different it will start working again...I have seen this reported many times without a good answer/solution.

when you plug the camera in and open windows explorer does the camera show as a removeable drive and can you transfer that way


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I have an older digital camera (Olympus C-2/D-230) and have connected via USB and has
been recognized on the task bar as new hwd, but when I try to use the (Camera Wizard),
it will not recognize the camera ? This is the message given; "The computer cannot detect
the scanner or camera, Please be sure the device is turned on and is properly connected
to the computer". Need some guidance. OS XP Home SP2


A:XP Home -- Camera wizard

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have been using my olympus d-390 for over 5 yrs and software has been installed since that time. yesterday i broke my d-390, but i have another d-390 i put card from other in. and formatted it as per olympus manual removing all pics on card and stored them in a folder. took pics uploaded to my image hosting it worked but pics are in hq need to be in sq2 for still images and stuck in slide show went to camera wizard and scanner says can't find camera or scanner check if connected and on i did. went to start typed in wiaacmgr.exe run same message again. what happened to wizard? don't know what to do. any thing you can tell me to do so i can get back to work as i sell items thru internet for a living. thank you mw3111 i'm using windows xp ser.pac3 with mse have no viruses and updates complete do them manually every day.

A:camera wizard scanners

will you answer come to me by email

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I recently reformatted my Toshiba Satelitte laptop computer and since then, when I try to download pictures from my Olympus DC510 camera, the camera wizard does not start. I loaded the enclosed software for the camera and got the patch from the internet. The drive can be found on "explorer" however I need the function of the wizard back......any ideas? I am thinking its and XP problem.

A:Olympus DC510 and Camera Wizard

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I have tried everything I have seen on Microsoft Web Site. I turn on my Camera, the wizard opens, I click use "Scanner and Camera Wizard to copy pictures" then the box disappears. I tried Autofix and that did not work. The computer does see my camera in Drive K (have plugged in USB cord). I would like to get this working again. It worked fine one day and then a week later nothing. I do not have Real Player installed and can't think of anything I changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Camera Wizard opens but does not work

What make and model camera and what operating system do you have.
Have you tried double clicking on K drive.

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This is a rework of an message posted a couple of months ago which was unanswered so I thought it okay to repost.
In Windows XP, the Wizard no longer pops up to ask me what I want to do when a camera or other device, such as a flash drive containing photos, is connected.
This follows an installation and removal of a program called Finepix. I reinstalled the program and the Finepix program pops up upon connection, but this is not a program I wish to use and it does not help with other devices. Finepix, however, may not be the problem -- I may have simply made a mistake somewhere.
After removing Finepix again, I can still view the contents of my camera, but only when I use My Computer to navigate to that drive. This is not helpful because I want to re-enable the Windows interface (Wizard) that I had previously, so that it pops up automatically when the camera is connected.
I have changed the properties of the drive, eg E:\ Finepix, Properties etc, but the option, “Copy these files...” is not available and if I choose “Open Folder...” and a camera is subsequently attached, there is still no Wizard.​Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

A:Windows Camera Wizard Disappeared

1. Connect camera to the PC
2. goto My Computer.
3. Find camera icon,
>right-click on it
> click on Properties.
4. click the Events tab
5. should see Actions to choose
>prompt should be available.

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The Windows scanner and camera wizard won't transfer a quicktime movie from my Panasonic digital camera. Reads "not enough file size" or "unspecified error" I tried Window's Movie Maker without much success either. I know the movie is OK because I can play it on my camera. Any help is appreciated.

A:Camera Wizard won't transfer movie

That's because the WinXP Camera Wizard is ONLY for pictures, not movies.

You need 3rd party software for that. Didn't your camera come with it's own software (Kodak does)?

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I have XP and a Sony digital camera. When I connected the camera to the computer with the USB cord a download Wizard talked me through the download process. Somewhere along the line I uninstalled Sony Imagestation (thinking I didn't need it, but I have it back now) and I think it was then that I lost the "Wizard". I now have to go to My Computer, and click onto Sony Memory STick etc and move files from there. I liked my "Wizard" so much more - how do I get him back?

A:Digital camera download wizard

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The auto detect with the camera wizard in xp that allows you to extract pictures from a camera or memory card does not pop up.

It is supposed to pop up and ask me if I wanna open the folder containing the pics or do nothing or to open the camera wizard. This auto detect feature does not work anymore. The auto detect feature for music cd's still works fine.

Is there a way to bring up the camera wizard manually? or how do I fix this?

A:Camera Wizard in XP/AutoPlay Feature

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Hello all, I have been using the XP camera import for quite a while. All of a sudden it quit working. When I connect the camera to the USB cable, a little box comes up and asks what I want to do. I select copy from the camera to my hard drive and hit ok. The box disappears and nothing else happens.

Anyone have any ideas? I recently ran a registry cleaner program from MS and I think that is what killed it.


A:Camera Import Wizard quit working.....


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