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Red Blinking Ring On The Outside Edge Of The Monitor

Q: Red Blinking Ring On The Outside Edge Of The Monitor

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop P105-S6187 Windows Vista Home Premium.
My brother has the exact same one, and when he goes to log into any site using a password, He gets this 1/4 inch strip ( red, blinking) around the outside edge of the screen.
Now, Here is the story.... While His ex wife and her TEEN age kids were living with him, They had some program put on the Laptop, and his home computer, that records every keystroke. (Trying to monitor the kids.) Well things got bad and She and the kids have moved back east.
He had caught her snooping through emails, bank accounts.... Well you get the idea.
I have looked every where I can think of to figure out what might be causing this flashing red ring, to no success. I have never noticed it happening on my Lap top.
He is afraid that Someone??? Has gotten into his computer and is monitoring his stuff.
Could this be some kind of system warning?
Warning not to use his passwords?
Any help would be appreciated.

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DELL PowerEdge Edge 1800. Windows Small Businesss Server 2003.

Orange ( Amber ) Light started blinking.

Is there an OS admin option, tool, etc.. that woud let me know why its is blinking..


A:Dell PowerEdge Edge 1800: Orange Light Blinking

Similar question answered here:

The fault was either likely faulty Power Supply or less likely Motherboard issue

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Windows 7 I am on a Gateway Intel 400 2 gb Ram 1 Tb harddrive using my large screen TV Mitsibuish as my monitor. Since installing Windows 7 my display has been edge to edge on my TV display. Recently after downloading a startup utility called starstartup my display changed with a two inch border on all sides. I have since deleted the startup utility but the border remain. I restored my computer to an earlier restore point nothing changed. So I think there must be another reason for this change in the display. On another hard drive with Windows XP which was also displaying edge to edge display but after I installed windows 8 beta the same thing occurred there was a border instead of the edge to edge display. I attempted to change the resolution which was on 1920 X 1080 to a lesser resolution but that didn't correct the display. So the resolution is back to 1920 X 1080. I clicked on full screen mode stay the same. Would like to get back to the edge to edge display. Hope you can help. Xandr

A:Edge to edge display on TV Monitor

Try increasing the resolution.

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Windows 7 I am on a Gateway Intel 400 2 gb Ram 1 Tb harddrive using my large screen TV Mitsibuish as my monitor. Since installing Windows 7 my display has been edge to edge on my TV display. Recently after downloading a startup utility called starstartup my display changed with a two inch border on all sides. I have since deleted the startup utility but the border remain. I restored my computer to an earlier restore point nothing changed. So I think there must be another reason for this change in the display. On another hard drive with Windows XP which was also displaying edge to edge display but after I installed windows 8 beta the same thing occurred there was a border instead of the edge to edge display. I attempted to change the resolution which was on 1920 X 1080 to a lesser resolution but that didn't correct the display. So the resolution is back to 1920 X 1080. I clicked on full screen mode stay the same. Would like to get back to the edge to edge display. Hope you can help. Xandr

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Randomly, the monitor will suddenly go blank, and possibly say "adjusting" on it. Most of the time, a long ring will accompany it through the speakers (which are not part of the monitor), though occasionally it will just be silent instead. The on-off light will turn yellow.

The monitor is somewhat new, by Hannspree (HF207). I've had it only for a couple of months. It works just fine usually, but I never got the drivers installed to make it go widescreen (the drivers only work for win7 and vista, but I'm using XP Pro).

My speakers aren't new, but they work just fine except when this problem occurs.

The computer itself stops reacting (I only know this because it will not go on standby mode when I press the power button, which it usually does), and I'm not sure if the hard drive is going, but the fans continue, and everything remains lit up. I can manually reset and then everything will be back to normal.

The hard drive is maybe about 2 years old, or a little less. I have been hearing a couple clicks from my computer occassionally, but I'm not sure if that's a problem. Also, the computer has been freezing sometimes lately, which it never used to do.

My last problem is unrelated to the above, for the most part. explorer.exe will sometimes randomly dissapear, so my desktop, icons, and taskbar of course dissapear. It will not come back. I can access anything from the task manager, but explorer.exe will not open from there. It tells me so... Read more

A:Monitor randomly goes black, speakers ring, and computer doesn't respond, and more?

Someone please help..? I posted this almost two days ago now..

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I need some help. I have acomputer monitor that is roughly 10 years old. THe monitor last night decided to suddenly turn off and the power button started blinking. I unplugged the power to the monitor and let it sit overnight. This morning I went and plugged the power back into the monitor and pressed the power button on it. When I pressed the power button the button started blinking again. I have never had a monitor die like this and I would like to know why it died and if it can be fixed. Some more info is that i had only been on the computer for less than 2 hours. I have not spilled anything on the computer, the vent is completely uncovered, and the computer is in good working conditions according to the mannual. I need to know asap please. The tower still works perfectly fine it is only the monitor.

A:Monitor is black and the power button on the monitor is blinking

If you could try the monitor on another PC, that would confirm the monitor is faulty. In any case if the monitor is bad and considering its age, it would be best to just replace it. It would not be worth fixing.

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I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computer, ah, specs (or finding information about the one I have)... so I don't have much for you to go on.

Computer is a Dell, with Windows XP Home Edition. Monitor is LCD.

A few days ago (around Wednesday morning) my monitor began to click on and off. The screen would flash black and the light, next to the on/off button, would flash from green (on) to yellow/orange (off). At first it wasn't that bad. When I switched pages on the internet, scrolled, or highlighted something on the page it would flash.
It steadily got worse, going from internet pages to flashing on and off right when I turned the computer on, all through the loading and welcome screens.
I thought maybe it was just the monitor, so I switched it out and hooked up my old hp pavilion mx70 monitor.

That monitor worked perfectly fine with my old tower, but when hooked up to my new one it... Erm, got 'static-y'. It looked like an old TV that had a VHS tape in the player, being re-wound. I know that sounds odd, but it was like spikes from the side of the screen surging inwards. I thought it was because the monitor was so much older than the tower. Soon the static got steadily worse, and I used it for about a day before it got to be too much.

I switched to Safe Mode with Networking on the hp monitor, to see what would happen, and it was fine! No static. Today, I switched back to my LCD monitor and put that into Safe Mode with Networking and no b... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor or Tower problem? Monitor is blinking on and off.

Video card is busted. When in safe mode, the video card's drivers are not loaded, so the card does not function at "full blast". It will not cause trouble because of that.
Dell model would help finding a replacement, but it can well be assumed that there's a PCI-E 16x slot for add-on graphics. This would be a cheap replacement in that case:

This is all an assumption on the most propable cause. The problem could also be your power supply or motherboard, but those are pretty unlikely.

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i have tried to power it up with power ac plugged in and without. on/off power button flashes white.
battery is inside "sealed" and may be difficult to access.
ran fine yesterday, shut down with 20% battery life.

if the ac plug is unplugged then i can get the led to turn off but once pushed, it ony flashes. no results

warranty is expired.
unit manufactured april 23 2015

i currently have it plugged in but no flashing light as i have not pushed the power button. im hoping that it will take a charge or correct itself with time.

what do you suggest? thank you

A:i have a lenovo edge 15 model80k9. led power light is blinking but computer will not repond. no power up . the battery is "s

Try the following...

1. Take out (or take it off) the charger.
2. Next take out the battery
3. Now hold down power button for 20 seconds and then rinsert battery.
4. Now put it on the charger again

NOTE: Make sure charger is plugged into the main power supply (not an extension cord, surge protector, etc.)

Sometimes, when the device is not plugged in directly, it doesn't get the power it needs. Holding the power button, while you restart it, clears out the temporary ram (no it won't delete anything you have saved) and will give the device access to the ram it needs.

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Hope someone can assist w/ this.
I accidentally right clicked w/ mouse and hit
a different resolution button. Now my monitor is blinking so fast I can't even click on anything.
I can't stop it to view it either. This is on my desktop which is windows xp.
Any solutions? thanx.
(p.s., I called my normal tech place and their only advice was to bring it into the shop.)
** I did unplug and re-booted several times but w/ the same result.

A:Blinking monitor

Try booting up in Safe Mode and choosing a resolution. Note: your usual resolution might not be listed in there, but right we're going to focus on getting rid of the blinking.

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I have an LG CRT monitor 2 years old. Since the past 15 days, my monitor has developed a problem. The monitor begins to blink continuously on and off each time switch on the PC. The rate of blinking dies down gradually , and finally the monitor shows the display. It is taking nearly 10 minutes for the monitor to stop blinking and show the display.

And, the monitor behaves properly if I do a system restart immediately. But, the computer again blinks continuously if I switch it on after a gap of 2-3 hours.

Please help me out to get out of this trouble. Is there any damage to components inside the CRT? or is it just the power cord trouble?

A:Blinking Monitor

Yup, it sounds like the high voltage rectifier and it's not worth fixing. Time to go LCD.


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I am currently on a Dell dimension 2400 PC, with windows XP home edition service pack 2 that my mom got in 2003, but the monitor has started blinkling, what happens is the screen will suddenly go black & then start blinking, with a faint light in the bottom corner, I can see the screen contents between blinks. This occurs when; I have been away from the computer a while, upon start up & sometimes when I am in the middle of something. so far what I have done is jiggle/wiggle the cord that plugs into the back of the monitor, & it usually brings the monitor back but it it is taking more jiggling the cord than ever to get the screen back. The computer seems to be ok, watched the diagnostic lights at the back of the computer upon start up, all green no red. but the monitor is very irritating. Is it the cord? before I started up today, I tried unplugging the cord that plugs into the monitor & then re plugged it back in, then started up the computer, all was well for a while, there was no blinking at start up, but then after I was away from the computer for about 10 minutes, moved the mouse & it started blinking again. The monitor is a 15 inch LCD, should I get a new cord for it? will I be able to find a new cord for this monitor? it came with the PC in 2003. Do I need to get a new monitor? is the computer dying? I need some quick help as it is hard to do my work with the monitor, want to solve the problem as I cant keep wiggling the cord that plugs into the back... Read more

A:blinking monitor

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I don't know the brand of my computer... I don't think it even has one. It was built for me by my husband Who is in another country for about four months (so it is now up to his uneducated wife to fix any computer problems that may occur)

My problem started when I tried to hook my scanner up to my computer. (my scanner was not USB) Anyway after I got it hooked up and I turned my computer back on the monitor just blinked at me. Absolutely nothing else happened. No power in the tower. Nothing. So I unhooked my scanner and started it back up... and it still did the same thing.

I have checked all my cable connections and even reinstalled the card to my monitor. And I am now all out of ideas. So if I can't figure this out then I will either have to hire someone to come down and look at it (which I cannot possibly afford) or wait four months for my husband to come home.

I am very open to suggestions. Please someone help me.

A:My monitor is blinking at me... again

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i recently installed a brand new system in my car that consists of a Micro ATX Mobo - AMD Athlon2 - 8 gb DDR2 1066 - dc-dc power supply -windows 7 and a computer monitor. the computer runs perfectly but the monitor i am using will go black for a second or two at random intervals. the dc-dc power supply has a 20 pin and a 4 pin for the mobo, power sata for the hard drive and another flat 4 pin that i am not using. since the lcd i am using needs 12 volts i connected it to the 12v and ground from that flat 4 pin off the ps. this setup was fine when i set it up on a normal psu from my other computer.. is it possible that the dc-dc psu cant handle the load from the lcd? also i did set this up temporarily in my car to see if it would work and it did. although at that time it was not in its native resolution. the native resolution of my monitor is 640x480 at 60hz. windows 7 for some reason will only allow me 59hz no matter how i try to change it. does anyone have some idea as to what the blinking is caused by?

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I just bought an hp pavilion desktop 510-p020. I hooked it up to my hp w1907 monitor which is about 7-8 years old. Everything was working fine until I left the system idle. When I returned to the computer the monitor was dark. I hit one of the keys to awaken the computer. Instead the monitor just kept blinking on and off. I tried restarting the computer with the same result. The system itself is starting up so I don't think the modem is the problem. When I click the power button on the display, it turns on for a second then turns off. In the meantime the system startup is progressing. I have tried changing the power cord, checking all the connections, and plugging the display directly into the wall, all with the same result. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on?

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Ive been having a problem with my monitor blinking / flashing a black screen every 5 min. It always happens when i change screens for example: load a full screen game, refresh the screen, etc... Everytime i start up my CPU the screen blinks. Then i have to turn off the monitor, wait like 10-15 seconds, then turn it back on for it to work. When it does come back on, the graphics are all messed up. Could this be my monitor? Or does it have something to do with my graphic card? Any help would be appreciated. If possible a solution =) Thanks

A:Monitor Blinking

Screen flicker is normal when you change screen resolutions or settings (which more than likely happens when you play a full screen game). However the "messed up" graphics are not normal.

To test this we will isolate the variables. Here your variables are the graphics card and the monitor. You can: 1) attach the monitor to a known working computer. If the screen still acts funny, you know the monitor is at fault. If not, then it is probably your CPU's graphics card. Or you can 2) attach a known working monitor to the problematic CPU. If that screen acts funny, then you know it is your graphics card at fault, or at the very least not the original monitor. If that secondary monitor does not show any symptoms, then your original monitor is probably causing your problems.

Good luck!

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Yesterday I replaced the old case of mine with a new one . I have put everything back to its place , turned on the PC and on brown colour I can see that the monitor is blinking , making annoying waves .
In the old case I never had issue like this . Tried 70/72/75 Hz with smaller resolution but the upshot was the same , the monitor was blinking .The monitor is Benq G2222HDL and the VGA is Gigabyte 5770

A:Sometimes the monitor is blinking

Ok , I have noticed that when the VGA isnt under stress everything is fine .Tomorrow I will clean the VGA and will post if the issue is still persist.

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Brief description:

Upon log-in, my monitor begins to blink irregularly. After several minutes of occasional blinking, the screen will simply go black. Strangely, this blink-to-end-all blinks leaves the monitor in *sleep* mode - I can tell because its power-button light is now orange.

What I've done: Switched the monitor, to ensure that this isn't a monitor problem (it isn't - it happened with both monitors). No new software has been downloaded recently. Do I *need* to call geeksquad or something, or is there a way to determine what is causing this? I'm guessing video card but I know so little about hardware that I've got no reason to support that.

Any suggestions on further diagnosing the issue, let me know. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but in an hour or so I will try playing audio to determine if it will continue after the screen goes off / into sleep mode.

Thanks for the help!

A:Monitor Blinking

If the display is ok until you get into Windows it could be a Video driver problem, boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 after the Post text screen and when the safe mode menu appears press Enter) and see if it still flickers then.

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I have a Princeton LCD monitor, model VL1918, that's about 3 1/2 years old. It has started blinking at me even when it's not connected to the computer. In such condition there's a window that appears saying " NO SIGNAL". which flashes for a count of two, then disappears for a count of nine, then on again for two and off for nine.

Is this curable and at what cost?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Blinking Monitor

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I’m working on a friends Dell XPS 410.
I’ve installed a new HDD and performed a fresh install of the OEM Vista.
During bootup, or when the computer is trying to do something .. Like recognize a connected external ..
The monitor flashes off several times, for about a second .. The on duration is variable.
I’m using one of my monitors .. Not his, So this eliminates a monitor problem.

This is one of the same problems as was in his old HDD and System.

Any ideas what may be causing the monitor flashing ??

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I have windows vista professional and when booting up my P4 system my monitor goes right to the desktop quick but blinks for about twenty minutes before it stops blinking. I can restart it at that point and it will not blink when the desktop is displayed. if I let my system go in sleep mode for awhile and move the mouse to display the desktop again it blinks for about twenty minutes before it stops again. long as I'm using it this doesn't happen. Can you tell me what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for the support help,

A:Blinking Monitor

To see what hardware you have in that PC please run this on it and post the resulting text into your next reply :-

Any chance you could connect a different Monitor, just to see if the fault still happens or not ?

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I have a HP w2408h monitor that has had blinking on and off problems ever since I began using it with my Surfact Pro 3.  I ran across some 2114 posts on this forum where I found the following solution . . . Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wallStep 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minuteStep 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outlet (not a power bar or surge protector)Step 4. Press the Menu button on the monitorStep 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select it I followed those steps and , so far, my monitor no longer blinks (but its had periods like this before so time will tell) My question is about step three.  Why can't I use a power bar or surge protector?  Why does it have to be plugged directly into the wall?  

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my laptop screen starts to blink suddenly,, it was working fine since yesterday but now , its blinking every 3 sec ,,how can i stop this?

A:blinking monitor

If your laptop is still under warranty I suggest contacting the manufacturers, as it could be a hardware issue. If it isn't, try updating the graphics drivers first.


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I have a viewsonic monitor that when i plug it in and turn it on, keeps blinking on and off. The way i used to be able to fix it was turning it of and back on manually until it came on, but now it does it automatically and never turns on. It seems like there is a bad capacitor because it turns on, and you can see the screen for like half a second, then the backlight turns off, then the whole screen turns off and this repeats. So i took it apart and noticed that on the power supply board several capacitors were bulging at the top, so i ordered replacements from mouser and soldered them in. Unfortunately it still blinks. I think if i found the same model monitor that had a cracked screen but working electronics, i could swap them out because the screen seems to still be fine. any ideas on other things i could try?

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Okay I have a problem. For sometime, whenever I started my computer, my screen would blink for a while but would eventually become stable and everything would be fine. But now, while I was using the computer, it suddenly went off. Now when I turn on the monitor it keeps blinking that is it comes on for a second and then goes off and then comes and so. It's impossible to use the computer this way. What should I do?


A:Monitor Blinking

Short answer is try another monitor. It does sound like a monitor issue. Let us know if that's it or not, and we'll go from there if needed.

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I downloaded several add ons presumably to improve my internet browsing. But then, my laptop slowed down. Then lately, a flashing notice appeared that another program is attempting to replace myspace as home page browser or something like that. Since then, my monitor kept blinking every few seconds.

A:Laptop Monitor Blinking

sounds like you may be infected

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My monitor will blink randomly, and usually come right back on, but sometimes it will be off for 10 secs or more.


umm... not sure about the motherboard, I'm not at home. But it has PCIe, DDR3, Socket 775
550W PSU (came with the case, not sure what exactly...)
Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Corsair 6GB DDR3 RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX hooked up via HDMI to a 32" HDTV.

Now, the only thing that has changed is the mobo and ram. I haven't updated the BIOS on the mobo yet, but I suspect that may be the issue. I have the latest drivers and updates for vista.

Anyone had problems with a blinking screen before? I've been told it may be that the video card is overheating... that's not it, because this happens under no load at all.

I've also heard it could be the PSU, but I had no problems like this for 4 months before I replaced the MOBO and RAM.

I appreciate any help.

A:Problem with monitor blinking

To the top.... any ideas?

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Hello all, my current irritation is "blinking".We get freeze,blink,reopen, with partly messed up page, quite often, especially doing emails and adaware scans, but also apparently randomly. We have up to date Norton anti virus, Ad-aware,Spybot and Spyware blaster. Could this be some well hidden spy prog taking "snapshots",or am I being paranoid? I also installed the latest Nvidia driver for the monitor but it made no difference either way. This is a system that did have lots of junk on it (teenagers!!)-but Im trying to take good care of it in the last few months. Another idea is maybe the monitor is on its last legs? (about 21 months old, lots of use)--any ideas? love and peace.

A:Blinking XP monitor-Spy snapshots?

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Hi,I have a 6 yr old HP w15e LCD monitor, it's pretty old. But recently it's showing some weird things. Whenever I turn on the power supply to the monitor with or without the video input from CPU, the monitor screen keeps blinking on and off ( I think there is two seconds delay in between on and off).I tried different power cables , but still monitor blinking. So help me to folder this thing.Thank you.

View Solution.

A:LCD monitor screen blinking on and off

Hello @shan678, I understand that your HP w15e LCD Monitor keeps blinking off and off and you are seeking assistance in getting it fixed. I am providing you with some steps you can try below:Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wallStep 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minuteStep 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outlet (not a power bar or surge protector)Step 4. Press the Menu button on the monitorStep 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select itIf the above steps did not resolve your issue you can try the monitor on a computer or other device to see if the issue persists. If it does I think it would be best if you contact HP Technical Support for repair options.Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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a.) the monitor's light is just blinking.
b.) no beep sound.
c.) when I try to disconnect the cable from the cpu, the monitor do display a disconnected image. But when I connect it again, there's no display again and the light just blinking
d.) all fans are running.
e.) its a CRT monitor

Your response will be highly appreciated, tnx!

A:HELP: Monitor just blinking and no display

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

what happens when you try safe mode

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I know there have been posts on this subject before but none similar to mine.
Having recently purchased a Samsung 2693HM monitor and using DVI input, when the resolution is wound up to 1920 x 1200 every now and then the monitor screen will go blank for a second, timing is quite random. I know it is not the monitor or cable as have experienced the problem with another (two) monitors only not nearly so severly as they would not display the same resolution. I have now wound the resolution down and the problem has ceased. Interestingly it doesn't happen when using an analog connection but at high resolution that is terrible.

Although everything points to the graphics card is it possible that the 350W power supply may be a cause? The system is fairly well loaded.
The computer consists of MS-7246 (Intel 975X Platinum) MB
Saphire X1600 Pro 512Mb graphics card PCI-E
Two Serial HD
Several printers and 2 DVD drives and one USB DVD drive, two external USB HD

I think I shall have to get a new graphics card but some of the new ones seem extremely power hungry so a new power supply looks inevitable unless anyone can suggest a decent graphics card that is greener. I do not use the PC for games but do use CAD & graphics programmes that are probably fairly demanding.
There is of course the possibility that someone may know the cause of the problem and suggest a solution that doean't require any hardware mods. Although I have tried rolling back the drivers and got rid of the AT... Read more

A:Solved: Blinking monitor

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This 2-3 year old Princeton external monitor worked fine on my old Dell laptop. Since connecting to my new MacBook Pro (OS 10 Leopard)...sometimes it is fine for several hours, but if I leave and come back and "wake it up", it might be fine or it might be blinking off and on at a steady interval. Sometimes it works to unplug everything and replug it and tell it so 'Detect Displays' in System Preferences (again!), but sometimes it just keeps on blinking off and on - very annoying!

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hello. So yesterday, I was playing a game, and my monitor went black, even though, power supply was good and power button was on. Restarted my pc, repluged power supply/cables, but it was still blacking out.
So I plugged in another monitor, and it started blinking in random periods of time (power button is still on always), it went black completely few times, but I just turned off and on again, but now, it blackouts for couple of minutes every few minutes...

So where's the problem? My computer is new, bought it not even a month ago, and it was all fine...

A:LCD monitor's blinking/blacking out

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I'm new and not real computer savvy so bare with me my monitor went black but my light is blinking green constantly whether I unplug it and plug it back in still the same result I took another monitor with same power cord and same PC and plugged it all in and it works fine so I don't know what to do next help please accer 19" 2002 model 1706 A

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I'm working as a student assistant at my university. The computer that I use at the desk there is a Dell GX 280. When I start the computer, the monitor works fine until I reach the login screen with the "Press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt" box, at which point the monitor goes black for a second, then returns, then goes black and so on. The monitor power button remains green throughout the hissy fit. This can last anywhere between five and ten minutes, regardless of if I log on or not.

Considering that the computer belongs to the university, I can't take it apart and look around inside. Despite this, if the problem most likely involves hardware, I can notify someone to (hopefully) replace it. What do you all think?

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My computer:
HP Pavilion
Processor            AMD A8-5600K
Memory              8 GB
System Type      64 bit
Use both IE 10 and Firefox 24
My Problem:
My computer is blinking!  It blinks about every three minutes.  The whole monitor blinks.
Each time it blinks the cursor turn from a pointer to a busy for about one second.
If a pull down list is open, it will close on a blink
If I am filling in an answer  pull down the pull down will close and clear on a blink.
Certain games such as Peggle Delux miniaturize to the tool tray each time it blinks.
If I am writing in Word all letters typed during the blink disappear but not the ones  typed before and after the blink
Not every time but about every 10 blinks, Firefox errors out and closes
I have Norton Antivirus running.  Also use Speed Up My PC and CCleaner on a daily basis.
I have tried a different monitor and the blink still happens.  

A:Computer monitor blinking

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.First, if you could do the following this would help us to better serve you.Go to Piriform's website, and click the big button.Click Download from (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version.You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.====================Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):Now, at the top, click File > Publish SnapshotYou will see the following prompt:Click Yes > then Copy to Clipboard====================Now, once you are back in the forum topic you are posting in, click the button. Right-click in the empty space of the Reply box and click Paste. Then, click Add Reply below the Reply box.Congrats! You have just posted your specs! Thank you and I'll be waiting for your next reply.Bruce.

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I have problem with my LG Flatron L246WH monitor..
This is actually problem CLICK
Capacitors seems to be ok..
Pic 1
Pic 2
Any ideas??

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hello guys,

I bought a new PC two days ago along with Gforce 9600 GSO 384 mb DDR3 and I am running windows Vista. My problem is that when vista ask for permission to open any program my monitor blinks for a nano second( monitor turns black) otherwise the system is performing good. Is it the problem with the old CRT monitor or some kind of driver problem. My system configuration is written below.

Intel dual core 2.5 Ghrz
DG35Ec Intel mother board
Gforce 9600 GSO 384mD ddr3
windows Vista Home premium Sp1

thanks and waiting for your help.

A:Monitor blinking issue

Hi harmonSmith and welcome to Vista Forums

This is normal for some systems, depending on the hardware and drivers. When the display comes back on, is it dimmed with the UAC dialogue box present? If so, then this is known as the Secure Desktop. This is not the desktop itself, rather it is an image of the desktop which contains no clickable content, save for the UAC dialogue box.

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I have been looking into this for days reading various forums online.

I have been using my laptop which is connected to an external monitor for months with no problems, then one day the external screen started blinking on and off occasionally (only for a second). If i use the laptop screen everything works fine, but when i try to use an external monitor the blinking problem happens, (i have tried 2 separate monitors). It seems to blink at random times, like everytime i change songs on my zune program, or if i skip through videos streaming from the internet.

I am running windows vista home premium 64 bit, on an hp pavilion dv 2700 notebook with a geforce 7150m / nforce 630m.

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:blinking external monitor

Model of monitor? Could something completely unrelated to your laptop...

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I'm helping a friend fix their computer monitor and I'm a little stumped!

They've got a Samsung SyncMaster 930B monitor with constantly blinking green light and no images displaying, just a black screen. Pushing the power button on the monitor does nothing, not even turn it off. Unplugging and replugging it also does nothing to the blinking light. The screen will not turn on, not even during reboot. The hard drive fan seems to be running and computer seems to be processing during reboot. I even tried hooking the monitor up to a laptop to see if it would work, with no results.

The computer itself is a three year old HP Pavillion a1340n with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It has Norton Antivirus. Unfortunately, I cannot get in to see if there is anything else wrong with it without lugging another monitor over from somewhere else and trying to hook it up.

A:Help! Blinking Green Light on Monitor

If, as you indicate, you've tried it on a known working system and it still doesn't work then the most likely culprit is the monitor itself. If you can find a reasonably priced repairer then get them to fix it. It usually works out a lot cheaper, tho', to buy a new one.

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my 12 year old son discovered the wonderful world of "internet ladies" and so I ran a clean up scan to get rid of anything he may have done. Now, my monitor is blinking like crazy and I don't know what or how it happened. 5 hours ago, everything was fine, now it's blink city!Any help would be appreciated!!!! Here is my hijack this log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:40:14 PM, on 1/27/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2800.1106)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\bak\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
O2 - BHO: Adobe PDF Rea... Read more

A:Spyware problems, monitor blinking now

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So, recently, while playing Mass Effect (the first one), my monitor usually blinks while I'm playing. It suddenly went black, then normal again, then black,... just like how you rapidly press on/off on your monitor.

I tried lowering the graphics to almost minimum, but the problem still exist, albeit much less frequent. I have no problem playing Team Fortress 2 at high settings though.

My specs:
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50 GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 3328 MB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Display mode: 1440 x 990 (32 bit) (60 Hz)

Anyone knows why the problem exist? And how to solve it?

A:Solved: Monitor blinking while playing

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I saw this ad on craigslist for a free monitor.

The following description follows:

The model is a Dell UltraSharp 1702FP. I don't know exactly what's wrong with it; about two weeks ago in the middle of use, the screen suddenly went black and the LEDs started flashing in a pattern.
any ideas?

A:monitor went black with blinking LEDs

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The light on my samsung 793MB monitor keeps blinking and nother apears on the screen. I tried using a different monitor with this computer and it still dosnt work. I also tried a different video card and still light keeps blinking and nothing appears on the screen. I suspect it is ethier the cpu or the motherboard but I have no way of know unless i go to compusa/bestbuy ect, and pay them $100.
The computer was custom built by me last year and just stopped working. There were no recent hardware or software changes. Please help ive been trying to figure it out for over 2 months and almost forgot all the fans and lights and hard drive and drives are running.

Intel 3.4ghz
Samsung 793MB(17 inch)
Ati 700X graphics
D925XCV (motherboard)
Lite on Cd/Dvd write/rewrite
Enermax 470 watts power supply
2 gb of ram
80gb western digital hard drive(caviar edition)
and that all thats important

A:Green Light On Monitor Keeps Blinking

if you are getting no output onto monitors there are only two troubleshooting sources left:

1. you have a bad/loose cable

2. your video card is messed up.

Since you have isolated the monitor as not being a problem, the error is either in your cable or video card.

swap out with another video card to see if that is the problem

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I have two computers, win xp on one 2400 box and win 2000 on the other 600 box, both are patched together boxes with 15 inch monitors. I inherited a 17 inch monitor that requires a double male vga cord (not hardwired?) It will bootup and remain on for about a minute then the monitor will go black and the off on light will blink and make sort of a clicking noise about once per second continuously. I tried a new vga cord no change? What is the problem could it be compatibility or just an internal fuse of somesort? Works the same way on both boxes, go figure?

A:Monitor light blinking- no picture

Possibly your video card? If you have a video card in that computer try swapping it out with your other system and test it in there, and vice versa (if you have a card in your other computer put it in the one that isn't working and see if it works). If you get the same error when you insert that card into the other computer then that would be a good hint. Or if you have onboard video, well......try putting in a card from another computer and see what happens.

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monitor screen on laptop black has a - but does not blink. How to fix check etc?

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I cant get my pc to boot to the bios, all I get is a blank monitor everything powers up except the screen display, so I tried putting in a pci video adapter and stilll the same result this board has a on-board vga slot, I disconnected everything and still the same result and suggestion..

A:A hardware issue blinking monitor...

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External monitor shows an odd behavior:
When no apps are present, it works perfectly fineOpera, VLC and some others seem to run fineHowever, screen blacks out sometimes, as if it was changing resolution. This happens on certain occasions, for example when I press CTRL (!) in Powerpoint (if PP runs on that screen), or stochastically (keeps on doing this in Visual Studio)

I am running Windows 8.1 on MacBook pro 13" (2010 mid, 320m graphics). I have an external Asus VW202 monitor attached via 3rd party mini DP to VGA adapter. Main screen works fine. Graphics drivers are updated. No issues occurred on Mac OS X. It also seems that only max resolution (1680x1050) is affected. Any others do not cause trouble.

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When XP starts up, the 'window' (i.e. desktop+taskbar) fits the monitor as one would expect. After a while ~1 or more hours the 'windows expands to the right, hiding the scrollbar of a maximised program, and the date/time in the taskbar. Sometimes This resolves itself sometimes, but usually I have to reboot to restore things. I have tried using control panel>display, and logging out&in to no avail.

(My monitor is 24" 1900x1080 with Nvidia builtin graphics on motherboard)

A:Window extends beyond monitor edge

Hi have you set the screen resolution, to a lower level?
Check under Advanced>monitor>change the refresh rate and see if that helps.
Also under Troubleshooting>adjust the Hardware Acceleration - and see what difference that makes.

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Allright i've got a really odd problem.
Months ago i made this thread:

Now the problem has been solved and the computer worked fine...until now.
My old RAM broke so i changed with 2x512.
RAM worked fine 1 month but now if i shut down the computer or restart it the PC simply won't start. (no beep sound) The Monitor will act like the computer isn't on
If i let the PC off for 5 minutes it will magically start again only to reboot minutes later and then not booting again.
I don't think this is a RAM related problem as it worked fine and even with the old ram i got some problems (freezes,restarts) Oh and sometimes the computer will freeze forcing me to restart.

This problem occured today.Yesterday i got a random restart so i figured it was something wrong but i didn't payed much attention.

I guess the restarts are BSOD so i unchecked the automatic restart.

EDIT:Yep it is an BSOD...caused by driver sptd.sys (Daemon tools? I don't have it installed though...only Alcohol) as showed by BlueScreenView

Motherboard:ECS P4M800-M7
2x512 RAM DDR
Ati Radeon 3450
Pentium 4 2.66Ghz

I really don't think this is a software doesn't mke any sense.Oh and the RAMS are tested with memtest.

A:[SOLVED] Computer won't boot.Monitor blinking

Hi NokiGP,

Please extract the dump file from C:\Windows\minidump\, RAR/ZIP it down and attach it to your next post. When you've done so I'll have a look through the information and see if I can find the fault.

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Hi All
My DELL XPS 2720 has started to blink, every 5 mins or so, my monitor just switches its self of for 3 seconds or so at a time, this is really annoying.  Any advice?


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so I just did an OS format on my Aspire 4930..
I formatted Vista to XP because of obvious reasons.

but, after I installed all my drivers proper,
everytime at startup, my monitor would blink once to black,
but only about one second, even less..

it would not blink again for the rest of the session though.
but, when I uninstalled the VGA Intel driver to see if it had any effect,
the monitor didn't blink. it seems that the driver is the problem, yeah?

but I tried installing two versions and they're just the same.
what I want to ask is:

1) will it have any long-term effect?
2) is the monitor adjusting to anything; refresh rate, etc?
3) can I repair this?

thanks very much in advance..

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I have the above system conected via a One link + using the display port.the external monitor frequently blinks on and offusing DP to DVI, but it also happens with VGAHave updated all the drivers.suggestions?


Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 260 Windows 10 blinking external monitor

Hi dougdykman
Can you please specify your full Thinkpad model number and the model of OneLink dock that you are using.
Some Thinkpad and some OneLink dock models has some firmware (BIOS) update to improve compatibility.

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my monitor works just fine in 1280x1024 resolution without nvidia drivers yet installed, but rapidly blinks after installing latest drivers. even at low res like 1024x768.
and then i set it to 1440x900 it stops blinking but the height is so small while width is just fine it looks like res for a wide screen,.
my question is how to set the resolution to just 1280x1024 without this annoying blinking of monitor, i am used to this reso since i am using xp.
nvidia geforce 7300 SE/7200 GS
Generic non-PnP monitor

A:blinking monitor after installing nvidia driver

Hi r3n311,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Assuming you are using the correct drivers for the card and your version of Windows, I'm extremely tempted to suggest if the old NVidia drivers worked fine, just revert to them: Restore a driver to its previous version even if it is generally recommended to use the most updated drivers available.

Why are you updating the drivers? Because you do so periodically and noticed new ones were available or because you were having some other problem (if so, what)? Where did you get the new drivers - directly from the NVidea website or elsewhere (if so, where exactly - the website URL if you have it)? If you got them from Microsoft Update, then definitely revert to the prior version.

If you insist on using the new drivers and they are appropriate and obtained from a reputable source (the NVidea site or the computer manufacturer website are the only two you should consider), then download them again to make sure you didn't get a corrupted file and install them again (and triple-check to make sure they are appropriate for the card and your version of Windows). Then go to Start / Control Panel / Device Manager and verify that the drivers are properly installed with no errors and show they are working properly.

Try to play with the settings in Control Panel / Personalization - changing themes, color/appearance settings, DPI settings, resolutions and anything else that can be configured to see if that helps. If not, check with the computer manu... Read more

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I'm not sure if this is a new problem or not as side of monitor was not visible before - I just moved the pc to a new location so now I can see it. Anyway, it is a blinking light that sits right above the on/off button. I am not sure what the icon that accompanies the blinking light. it  is in the same location. The icon looks like a "can" - maybe it is something related to disk drive.Thanks for any thoughts.

A:Blinking light on side of monitor - Inspiron One.

ritkit03,The blinking light that looks like a "can"is the hardrive activity light.A hard drive activity light is a small LED light that illuminates whenever the hard drive or other built-in storage is being read from or written to.Knowing when your computer's hard drive is being accessed is helpful so you can avoid pulling the battery or unplugging the computer while the operating system is still accessing files on the drive, a mistake that can cause corruption of important files.A hard drive activity light is sometimes referred to as an HDD LED, a hard drive light,or a hard drive activity indicator.

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This evening I decided to reboot my personal computer, which uses Vista. Up until this point it had worked fine, including earlier today. Every time I attempt to reboot it, it starts by bringing up its normal white screen about being a gigabyte motherboard. It then never shows any of the data involved with the reboot - instead, it goes straight to a completely black screen, and stays on it indefinitely. There is a blinking green light on the monitor. As the light blinks, there is a faint "clicking" or "flickering" sound.

I have attempted multiple computer restarts, adjusting the monitor cords. None of it has had any effect. There is no error message, at least not that I've had the ability to see. As I cannot see anything happening on the screen, I do not know if this is purely a graphics problem or if there is also a problem with the computer.

Thanks in advance for any advice...

A:On reboot, black monitor & blinking light

Is it posting first of all?
Have you re seated your graphics card?
What are your system specs?

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From last few days my PC has developed a display problem. (which I believe it to be related to win xp rather than monitor)On switching on start button the monitor remains blank only. The power on indicator turns green and continuously blinking @ 3 secs. As usually I do when any problem encountered with my pc, searched for a solution in the net and found a discussion at one place one with similar symptom. It says to switch off the mains and keep the PC start button depress for few secs and then to go for normal start. I find that It works ok, but the problem is not solved for ever. Next time when I go for normal start same problem appears.

If any body has a better solution pl suggest. my PC is HP with LCD monitor, graphics on board. OS is XP Sp3.

A:Monitor blank, power led blinking green

So on a cold start up - if you just press the start button - monitor won't display anything. But, if you hold in the start button, you are able to get a display?

I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.

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A:Help!!!! All I Get Is A (stupid) Green Blinking Monitor Light

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We have new Optiplex 7040. This model has two displayports and one HDMI. VGA Monitors are connected to one of the displayports and to the HDMI using the approved adaptors.
After two months of use the monitor attached to the HDMI began to blank every so often for a few seconds then come back on again. Whatever the user is doing it blanks and appears, sometimes every ten seconds or so.
I've eliminated the monitors by swapping them, so the source is the HDMI connector or the HDMI to VGA adapter. I've put the latest Graphics drivers in place. The system has shown no more problems with the monitors connected to the two displayport adapters.
So I have two questions:1. Are there any known issues that could cause theses symptoms on the 7040?2. Are these the symptoms of HDMI to VGA adapter failure?

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I used a compressor to blow my computer out, removed the CPU to blow out the the Heatsinks etc.. poped it back in place and now it doesnt work. Powers on fully but the monitor power light just blinks, i also get no mobo beeps. I checked to see if i had a bent pin on the CPU which i did i bent it back in place with a razor put it back in place correctly. same problem.. any ideas?

A:Powers on, no beeping blinking monitor light.

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I am running 8.1 on a desktop and I find the same problem happening every time I open a metro application to the time I shutdown my computer. I have a two monitor set up and when I try to switch between them it will "stick", as in it takes a certain speed to get it to crossover. I am aware other users have had something similar, but I have never seen anyone say that it occurred after the use of an app. I still have not found a fix out there that worked.

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Got a 19" gateway LCD monitor with a thin blue vertical line on the very right edge of the screen. However, when I open another window, or log on to the internet, it's gone! It is only there on my desktop display.

Any thoughts or answers on what it may be?

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I have a maxtech(i know) 19' lcd that has a white ghostlike area around the edge of the screen that goes away after it is on for about 30m-1hr. The monitor is over 3 yrs old. Anyone know why it does this? Is it going bad?

A:White 'faded area' around edge of lcd monitor

Offhand? Given the age; I would first think that the fluorescent tube light used to backlight the screen is beginning to go bad. It starts off a little to dim with the edges worst, just like a fluorescent tube in a ceiling light. Once warmed up it reaches full brightness .
This is fixable, the bulbs are designed to be replaced .

But if it is something more complex like the internal electronics the monitor may be on the way to the junk pile.

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit using a 19" widescreen monitor with a native resolution of 1440x900. If I try to use this resolution I get a decent quality image, but it goes off the sides of the screen. The Geforce drivers recommend using 1440x1050, which works but everything looks squashed and not quite right, so I would prefer to use the native resolution.

The problem occurs with the Geforce drivers Windows installed by default, and with the ones I downloaded from nVidia's website (version 260.99.) While trying to mess with the display settings I managed to get a blank screen so had to boot into safe mode (where presumable it uses some sort of basic VESA driver rather than the nVidia drivers), if I set the display to 1440x900 there the image fills the screen perfectly!

In the nVidia control panel it reports the native resolution as 1440x1050.

Any ideas on how to get 1440x900 working properly?

Many thanks.


A:Monitor's native resolution goes off the edge of the screen?

Try changing the DPI
DPI Display Size Settings - Change

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Hey all, really hoping somebody out there can help me out. I am having one hell of an issue.

First, my computer specs:

Processor: Intel Pentium D Processor 950 w/ Dual Core Technology 3.4GHz 800MHz FSB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2
Power Supply: Alienware 650 Watt ATX 2.0 Power Supply with Active PFC
Motherboard: Alienware NVidia nForce4 SLI X16 Motherboard
Graphics Processor: 256MB PCI-Express x16 NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
Memory: 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 2 x 1024MB
System Drive: High Performance - 160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
Storage Drive: High Performance - 160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
Primary Display: Samsung SyncMaster 1100DF 21" CRT Display - Black

I built this computer as a gaming computer about a year ago and I have never had any issues. I have had maybe a total of 5 total lock-ups in Windows until recently.

Last night I went to play Rainbow Six: Vegas and after about 30 seconds my computer just Locked Up - no control whatsoever. I rebooted and here is where things started to get weird.

At the Windows XP logo there is some vertical blue bars that are about 2-3 inches long and about half a cm space in between each. There is roughly 10 of these bars that go across my whole screen. They look kind of like static, or what you would expect something "bad" that you would see upon booting a PC.

I tried the game again thinking oh... Read more

A:Monitor light keeps blinking before log-in screen, very strange pixels

May be an overheating issue. Are your internal fans clean and free of dust. Are they working properly?

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Have a 1702FP Dell monitor (17" flat panel, has both DVI and VGA connectors) that went slightly mad.

If it's plugged in, the power light is blinking orange (twice rapidly, then a pause off, then twice rapidly, then a pause, repeate), and the selection lights (DVI vs VGA) are blinking (#1 on, #2 flashes twice briefly, #1 on, etc-I don't know which is VGA and which is DVI.). The screen is blank.

Pushing buttons has no effect--can't turn it on or off let alone any of the other settings. It doesn't matter if the computer is on, if the monitor is plugged in to a computer (tried both home built PC and Mac), or if the video cables are attached to the monitor. It acts the same, as long as power is connected.

Any hope of returning this to sanity?

A:Dell FP1702 monitor-pretty blinking lights

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Hi everyone!

As you probably can tell I am new here. I really don't know very much about computers except the basics.

I just bought a new system from someone off Craigslist. I know it was probably a mistake but I am crossing my fingers that it wasn't. The guy seemed petty decent and let me play with it at his house and check it all out. It is a Sony Vaio desktop and I don't know much about it except that it is way nicer than my junk box from the year 2000. The specs that he gave me are:
Sony Vaio
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.6GHz
ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition graphics card
Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3
200 GB hard drive
DVD burner
Internal TV Tuner
Dual DVI-D monitor inputs
5.1 Channel audio card
22" Samsung LCD monitor
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Remote control (for using Windows media features ie windows media player or for use as a DVR)

Now, having said all that I am now having a major issue. It might be pretty simple but for someone like me it is driving me nuts. Everything worked fine at his house. No problems what so ever. I didn't hook it all up right away when I got home because it was very, very dirty and I wanted to clean it off. I used a whole can of monitor wipes to clean everything down. I was very careful about where I cleaned and how. So it sat for 24 hours without being connected. I plugged it in last night and everything worked fine. I went into "Add Remove Programs" and removed Google Chrome as... Read more

A:Monitor starts blinking and then loses signal after startup

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I think this is a video card error but am not sure. I did restart my computer in safe mode and it works fine this way. I did update my driver but it didn't help any. I am getting a full black screen that sits there for 3-7 seconds then you see the internet explorer page then when I try to search or go anywhere theres the black screen again. I only put the computer in safe mode to see if it was the monitor or not. Ive never had this happen before. Please help!

A:Windows XP black blinking monitor/NV4_disp error

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Im new here so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Here is my problem:

I have just recently purchased a new Philips HDTV (32") and I have connected my pc to it via hdmi. I use a dvi-hdmi converter via the DVI port on my graphics card (NVIDIA XFX GeForce GTX 260).

The screen blinks and changes to black for a second usally displaying no signal or unsupported format in the top right hand side of the screen. Then it switches back to normal. The blinking happens randomly but never takes longer than a few minutes to happen.

I have all the latest Nvidia drivers installed.

One more thing I had a 32 inch tv before this one and it worked ok. It had issues with the text being blurry and it ended up blowing .

But any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A:HELP! Using HDTV as monitor, screen is blinking black then normal again!

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When my IBM T84H is plugged in and the power button is pressed, regardless of whether it is plugged into a computer or not, the indicator LED on the front of the monitor blinks green over amber every second and no image displays. How can I fix this?

A:IBM T84H Monitor light blinking green & amber

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Hello there i got this problem my computer started by indicating error(PRI Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T Status Bad,Backup..) and not loading the OS Win 98 just a screen written Win 98.I then removed the hard disk(Fujitsu MPF 3102AT) and checked it on another computer i got the same result,when i placed back the hard disk so that i could upgrade the OS to Win XP,my monitor would not show anything.The power light would light up green but after a few seconds it start blinking green.The CPU is running on P111.Pliz help.

A:Monitor showing a blinking green light and screen is black.

Welcome to TechSpot, adad

adad said:

(PRI Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T Status Bad,Backup..)Click to expand...

That says it all - your hard disk drive is failing (S.M.A.R.T. = Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology).

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Hi I made a thread yesterday regarding a minor PC problem I had while trying to install windows XP on my uncles PC the problem was solved thankfully.

I now have an even bigger problem of my own with my PC.
I turned my PC on in the evening and the monitor screen was blank and displayed a blinking orange light, the fan does come on. I doubled checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything is inserted correctly.

What’s weird is the PC that I was installing windows on yesterday was doing the same thing but once you turn it off and turn it back on it would be fine and load windows.
But my one is not even doing that, there is nothing wrong with the monitor has I have brought it recently and I also checked the PC using my brother’s monitor and the same thing happens.

Once I finished installing windows on my uncles PC I turned my PC on and watched highlights of a soccer game so it actually was working last night. But I have no clue as to what has happened?
Can someone please help me?

A:Monitor Blinking Orange Light, Windows/PC wont start up

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Dear sir/mam ,
When i try to restart my computer my monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuously, i have 1 GB Ram , core 2 duo processor E4600 ,Asus 31/33 bit motherboard , 250 GB Hard disc with around 20 GB space for C drive for windows installation. And LG 17 inch monitor , Now even i am not able to install windows 7 because when i try to install windows7 (press any key to boot from CD/DVD) monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuesly. Same problem occurred with winxp sp3 even though there is no such problem in winxp sp2 or lower versions of winxp. Plz help me as soon as possible.....

A:my monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuesly when i restart with win7

Try the monitor with another system.

What video card do you have? You mention XP SP2 & earlier XP versions work OK. How old is the video card?

- Reseat video card
- Make sure video cable is good
- Swap out video card; try another

Regards. . .



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i  just ran an powercfg /energy command in command prompt and this is the generated .html files in c:\windows\system32
can somebody help me fix this im using windows 8 pro with media center
i have a problem too when sleeping my laptop and when awaking it the lock screen opens then it blinks every 4 to 3 seconds then i cant log in maybe this is a problem to powercfg /energy how can i fix this?
appreciate it
also i cant log in to my account when awking my laptop from sleeping i have to remove my battery just blinks every 3 -4 seconds......anyone?help me plss?
the report file .html
  energy-report.html   32.92KB   1 downloads

A:powercfg /energy errors and blinking monitor after awaking laptop from sleeping

You already have a topic on this issue that was moved to this forum, from the Windows 7 fourm. To avoid confusion I am closing this one. Please continue in your original topic here:

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So I just recently bought a new Edge Z40 from Velocity Micro.

I have set it up as directed but my monitor, a working HP 2311xi does not detect a signal with tried and tested VGA DVI and HDMI cables.

Unboxed it
Plugged it into an US-EU adapter (I'm in Europe)
Plugged that into a surge protector
Turned on the surge protector
turned rocker switch on the PSU on
Pressed the power button

LEDs light up, fans spin, the HDD vibrates, I put my Windows 8 disk in the optical drive and that spins, the MemOK! LED that signal a compatibility or installation problem with the RAM is NOT lit (no problems), the green LED next to the SATA 6Gb/s port is lit, and everything seems to be working fine.

Next I try plugging connecting my monitor, first with VGA, then DVI, then HDMI, but to no avail (I would try displayport but my monitor does not support it). The cables were secured at both ends, the monitor was on. It showed that it was scanning all 3 possible inputs, but reported "no signal" and went to sleep.

Since then, I tried pushing on all the connections to make sure the power supplies were connected properly, the connection from the video ports to the motherboard were firm, rearranged my two 4GB DDR3s, and tried using a step-down transformer with the 110V setting on the PSU rather than an adapter with the 230V setting.

Also, I'm not sure if this was initially there, but when I turn on the computer, after a few seconds I hear a short high-pitched 'blip... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor does not detect signal from new tower (Velocity Micro Edge Z40)

Hello and welcome to TSG!!

Have you tried using the motherboard's video connections? Or just the graphics card's? Can you remove the card and try the ones on the m/b?

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I have a brand new Latitude E7470 that I'm trying to connect to a 4k monitor thorough an E-port plus II docking station. Unfortunately the image keeps blanking out on the monitor, at a variable rate between once a second and once every few seconds. I've tried both a displayport cable and a DVI-to-HDMI cable for the connection, and the result was the same. Changing the resolution did not help either.
I am running the latest BIOS and latest Intel graphics driver from the dell support page (both about a week old). (By the way, the BIOS update messes up the OS installation - buyer beware.)
I've tried many other combinations to trouble-shoot the issue:
1. Different laptops (E64xx), same E-port, same monitor -> works fine
2. Same E7470, different E-port (old USB 2.0), same monitor -> monitor blinks
3. Same E7470, same E-port, different brand 4k monitor, different DP cable -> monitor blinks
4. Same E7470, same E-port, monitor switched to DP 1.1 -> monitor stays black
5. Direct connection between the E7470 and the monitor via HDMI -> works (but only at 30 Hz due to HDMI limitation)
So the conclusion is that the combination of E7470 + E-port + 4k monitor doesn't work, regardless of the exact monitor or exact E-port. That leaves the E7470 as the only logical culprit.
Is this problem a design limitation of the E7470, a known driver issue or a faulty notebook?
Thanks in advance!

A:Latitude E7470 produces flashing/blinking image on 4k monitor connected to docking station

I am also having a similar problem with my 7470. Newest bios and drivers are installed. Happens on both the laptop's screen and using an external monitor through a docking station.
Seems to start after the monitor has been turned off due to PC activity. Can fix it with a restart OR by changing the resolution and changing it back. Both highly annoying options. Switching from external to laptop screen does not fix it, it will continue.
my external screen is using a DVI connection from the dock to the monitor which is also DVI so I am not using some kind of adapter. Removing the connection from my KVM does not resolve the issue either.

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My sister has a Dell Dimension 5100 w/XP Prof., 1MB Ram, Pent 4 @ 3.2 ghz. All of a sudden it won't boot. When you plug in the power, the power switch led blinks orange in unison with the h/d green led.
This is what I have tried:
I pulled the power supply 24p connector and shorted the black wire to the green wire and the fan then came I figure p/s is ok?????
I then removed the modem card and the video card as well as the memory and all drive connectors. Still same response. What do I need to check? Motherboard bad??Thanks

A:Desktop won't boot-Blinking orange led in unison w/ blinking green h/d led

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Hello to all, This is my first post.
Today I found out that Google had limited its search service on Edge by, and this happens
This is a great hoax, and also seems to make it or for two reasons:
1. Attempt of Stop of growth of Microsoft Edge
or 2. Google Revenge
What is the solution? This:
Press F12 (if you are on a laptop press Fn + F12), This open the F12 Tools
After go to Emulation, in Browser select or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and Solutionated.
Well, I hope to see their opinions and also see that users of Google in Edge make.
Kind Regards :)
PD: i use Bing

A:Google limits the search service in Microsoft Edge ¿this is a hazard for the grow of Edge?

I'm not exactly sure about what you're saying.. Afaik Google hasn't implemented any limits for Edge users. Do you have proof of this? The picture you have added does not proof that Google has implemented a limited number of searches for Edge users

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Since installing the November Windows 10 update (11/17/15) none of my favorites are being stored in the default Edge folder. While in Edge the favorites are available but when I go to the default folder they are not listed. Is there another location they may be being saved or has my default location somehow been changed? My AppData folder shows a creation date of 11/17/15 with no modifications being made in favorites since that date.

A:Microsoft Edge Favorites not in default folder but availalbe in Edge

Hello mongands, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Microsoft Edge Favorites - Backup and Restore in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Microsoft Edge Favorites - Add or Remove in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Starting in in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10565 and Windows 10 TH2 version 10511 build 10568, your favorites and favorites bar in Microsoft Edge are now stored in an ESE database file in the DataStore folder at the location below.


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New system. .   ran virus & malware scans. .   cleaned startup . . 1st 10 min after laptop turned on hard disk running at 100 % . .   it then drops to 10% or less . .  but when opening an app or browsing it jumps back up again . .     apps   running slow. . .  ! Thanks

A:Lenovo edge 15 & edge 2 hard disk running at 100 %

Sorry running windows 10 . . .

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Typical error:

Percorso dell'applicazione che ha generato l'errore: C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\microsoftedgecp.exe

Firma del problema
Nome evento problema: MoCFGSUP
Nome completo pacchetto: Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_38.14393.0.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe
Nome applicazione: praid:MicrosoftEdge
Versione applicazione: 11.0.14393.82
Timestamp applicazione: 57a55786
Nome modulo con errori: StackHash_fa76
Versione modulo con errori:
Timestamp modulo con errori: 00000000
Offset eccezione: PCH_20_FROM_ntdll+0x00000000000A59B4
Codice eccezione: c0000604
Dati eccezione: 0000000000000000
Versione SO: 10.0.14393.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040
Informazioni aggiuntive 1: fa76
Ulteriori informazioni 2: fa769334b87dacfcfd7cbd089b4411ee
Ulteriori informazioni 3: dfff
Ulteriori informazioni 4: dfff9ecddca8dcd9a5d82d81f560aeb3

Ulteriori informazioni sul problema
ID bucket: 3c2d1fa4f92c0f366432361cc5ce0deb (127586405655)

This happens frequently in a week. You won't notice alerts or whatsoever. Will just find in Reliability Monitor many crashes like that.


Of course SFC /SCANNOW and all other system checks you can imagine report no error, the system is perfectly stable, clean, no other issues of any kind.

Windows 10x64 14393.447

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I just buy a new monitor LCD a brand of AOC it is blingking and turns into black screen and it said DSUB? please help me ... but sometimes it is in a good condition whenever i open archade games and it is running longer it will turn only cure to this is to restart my computer to stop that DSUB?.........THANKS YOU PLEASE HELP ME TO RESOLVE IT....

A:My AOC LCD 716Sw monitor Blinking "it said DSUB"

DSUB is the connection type; 15-pin VGA D-connector, as opposed to a DVI connector.
Its obviously losing signal, so try checking cable connections, maybe change the cable. Are you using a DVI>DSUB convertor?
Also make sure you have the correct resolution for the games you are trying to play.

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Hi, not sure where to post this.

It seems fine; however, one thing that annoys me is that my photographs, when in screensaver mode, are not Edge to edge and have about an inch and a half thick black bar at each side. The aspect ratio and everything else seems to be the same as my previous Samsung monitor but the Samsung monitor displayed the screensaver photographs from edge to edge. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks

A:Asus MX239H - pictures not edge to edge

Nat some system specs would be real good mate so we know what we are dealing with System Info - See Your System Specs

I have a similar thing going with my smaller photos and it could just be the photo sizing how you adjust that I didn't know but there are quite a few members who really good with this stuff

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Various error messages have appeared on my HP Deskjet All-in-One printer F4180 and now after installing a new black cartridge and clicking Align various lights are blinking i.e. paper type lights, print cartridge lights, power light and resume light. HP Support advice for blinking lights is that the cause is Fatal. As it's out of warranty I cannot phone, email or get a webchat with them so am a bit stuck. Is it likely or certain that the printer cannot be economically repaired as this message indicates?
Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

A:Blinking, Blinking lights on HP printer

PS HP have given me a telephone number to ring to get options and the number is (888) 747-7756 is this helpful or what? Where is this?

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Hi,I have an edge 15 first gen (with i7 4510u) and my digitizer broke. I bought a new one and only then found out the hard way I can't seperate the digitizer and the LCD - and broke both.Thinking about how worn my machine is (touchpad is flimsy and the metel is bent everywhere), I was thinking of buying the cheapest new i3 (I think it's edge 2, model is 80k9) off ebay, then swapping my old mainboard in place of the new i3 mainboard. Then I may get an almost new laptop.Do you think it will work, will the older mainboard fit in the newer machine?Thanks. 

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I have a large number of "Favorites" created on my desktop which is running Windows 10 and Edge as the browser. I would like to have all of those same "Favorites" on my laptop that is also running windows 10 and Edge. How
can I copy the "Favorites" file from my desktop to my laptop so that I don't have to enter one-by-one each site and mark it as a favorite on the laptop? 

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hi cant find complete drivers I should say i tried but da.(auto wake token-ring isa (IBM ) i think? (ANO 55H6800)I went to driver sites but i see what looks like the driver but im a rookie and afraid to mess up any help would be greatly apprecated

A:ring isa

What is the exact name and model of the hardware? We need this information to find out what drivers you need.

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Sometimes if I open a search engine Ex:Yahoo, and just sit and stare at the screen. My computer starts typing in the word - RING, RING in the search window? What's that alll About?



This is what I suggest you do first.

Make sure you have the up-to-date versions of Spybot, Ad-aware and HijackThis. All are free and available bellow.

Download Spybot, install and update. Then download Ad-aware, install, and update.

Go to Start > Programs >Spybot > Search & Destroy and choose Spybot S&D

Close ALL windows except Spybot S&D
Click the button to "Search for Updates" and download and install the Updates.
Next click the button "Check for Problems"
When Spybot is complete, it will be showing "RED" (RED) entries "BLACK" entries and "GREEN" (GREEN) entries in the window
Put a check mark beside the RED (RED) entries ONLY.
Choose "Fix Selected Problems" and allow Spybot to fix the RED (RED) entries.


Install the program and launch it.

First in the main window look in the bottom right corner and click on Check for updates now then click Connect and download the latest reference files.

From main window, Click Start then under Select a scan Mode tick Perform full system scan.

Next deselect Search for negligible risk entries.

Now to scan just click the Next button.

When the scan is finished mark everything for removal and get rid of it.(Right-click the window and choose select all from the drop down menu and click Next)

Before restart, Empty Recycle Bin.

Restart your computer.

Download HijackThis from link in my signature. Save it to a perman... Read more

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I recently installed an ASUS Black E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Drive Model CD-S520B/A52/CABBLK. And I cant watch dvds on it much less burn them. So I was hoping for some info. When I try to watch dvds it says that either there are to many colors or the pixels are to high. But It can play videos that I have loaded on there just fine so I checked trouble shooting and It said something about having a decoder. SO Iwas hoping for a location for a Decoder thing and some types about burning dvds so I don't have to use my orignal copy.


You can't watch DVDs on a CDROM drive, much less burn them.

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I'm new to this forum. Thanks in advance for any help I can get...

I have a single phone line with distinctive ring service (DR) and want to route all incoming faxes to a computer file, instead of my fax machine, using fax software (e.g. Fax4Outlook). I want to either configure my internal Lucent (now Agere, I think) Winmodem for distinctive ring or purchase a new fax/modem that supports DR.

I discovered that the appropriate inf file for my Lucent modem is mdmdt3.inf but I don't know how to configure it to answer a particular ring pattern (short, short, long). As for a new modem, how can I find out which ones support DR? I've searched the Internet on these two questions but without success.

A:Distinctive Ring

This looked quite informative.

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