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Need help reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium...

Q: Need help reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium...

Greetings. Hoping someone can help with reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS.

Reformatted and clean install of Vista 2 months ago. Afterward, everything worked perfectly until a couple of weeks ago. After automatic updates installed Vista SP2, suddenly Windows Media Center (which I've never used and am not at all familiar with and have no plans to learn it and use it in the future) began opening by itself over and over.

Also, a little window popped up on boot up that said something to the effect that my new hardware needed intalled; however, I have not added any new hardware. Have no idea what it was trying to install.

Also, intermittently, programs I'm using just exit out even though I have not pressed exit. And, the mouse intermittently jumps around by itself or won't respond to the touchpad - - it opens programs, opens the start menu, types gibberish into the 'Start Search' line, closes programs, opens browsers or browser tabs, closes browser tabs, etc, etc, etc.

Also, sometimes an odd looking exit menu appears top left screen in a different resolution than the screen is set at. AND, sometimes, when I'm working, all of a sudden the keys won't type but the computer issues a loud beep every time a key is pressed.

When problems first started, I immediately ran system restore. No change.
Tried another date in system restore. Still no change.
Went through all restore points and each time I got the message that the restore was successful; however no change.
Ran CCleaner.
Ran AVG (paid subscription); found nothing.
Ran SuperAntiSpyware (paid subscription); found nothing.
Ran MalwaryBytes Anti-Malware (paid subscription); found nothing.
Ran Panda Online Scanner (paid subscription); it found a file that it said it couldn't disinfect; the file name was \Downloads\HC82_VistaLogo_Drv_...E Encoder x86 V62 Setup Silent.exe - - tried to find it and delete it but couldn't locate it; however similar file names were in the AverMedia folder. Don't use AverMedia even though it came with the computer, so I uninstalled it.
Ran Panda scan again and it found nothing this time.
Started googling and stopped all WMC services and removed every instance of it from startup.
Ran Trend Micro Housecall; found nothing.

Problems kept escalating.
At times, the computer started beeping very fast and refusing to respond to any commands.
Suddenly two or three browsers open very quickly all by themselves.
Periodically, the start menu opens and the computer types gibberish that looks like computer speak into the start search command line.
When WMC opens by itself, it preempts everything else so that nothing else works until it's closed out, and often after closing it out, other programs will not respond to any keyboard or touchpad commands until the unit is restarted.
Twice, the computer has refused to disconnect from the wireless connection when I tried to disconnect.

Sometimes the space bar has to be pressed several times to work.
Shortcuts have to be right clicked, then click 'open' because when a shortcut is pressed, the properties dialog opens instead of the program.
Once on reboot, instead of Vista opening, it went to a black screen and "Vista" had to be chosen from a list before it would open and a couple of times the computer froze at that screen and wouldn't boot up - had to shut down manually and press F12 and chose the HDD option to get it to open.

THEN I uninstalled AVG 8 and purchased AVG 9 and installed and ran it - it's supposed to be better. It found and removed several 'tracking cookies'.
Then I backed up up all my personal files onto a portable harddrive, just in case.
Finally, thinking things can't get any worse, I ran the CCleaner registry fix - - it didn't change anything either
I've been using computers for more than 20 years and have never seen or heard of such weirdness!

The computer was still under warranty when I reformatted 2 months ago and a Dell tech walked me through that and then he took remote access and installed a codec pack which fixed the problems with audio/video (had reformatted because the computer suddenly began to crash to a blue screen every time audio or video was played). After reformatting, the computer worked great until two weeks ago.

Could all these problems have been caused by the Vista SP2 update? My computer is used almost exclusively by ME and no shady internet sites are visited, so doesn't that mean that nothing 'BAD' can come off the internet? Sometimes, it almost seems that something or someone else has taken over control of my computer - - but that's not possible, is it?

Anyway, Garmanma said to post and get help and do another reformat (as the computer is now out of warranty and I can't get free help from Dell help anymore) - - he believes there are just too many problems to track down and fix.

I have backups of all my personal and business files, and I also have all of my software discs.

The system came with a Dell CD that says, "Operating System" - - the Dell tech let me use that simply because I didn't want to put all the trial software and stuff that came preinstalled - just wanted a clean OS install so I didn't have to do a lot of uninstalling before I got going with my own software. If I use the recovery partition, I get all that stuff back; however, the recovery partition is still in tact and can be used if necessary. With a clean install of course, I have to install all the drivers - I have them on the removable backup HD and have the proper install order written down. The codec pack was K-Lite Codec Pack. The unit was still under warranty when I redid it 2 months ago, and the Dell tech was there to take control and/or walk me through each step - - but the warranty has run out and I'm a bit afraid to try it all by myself.

By the way, when the tech redid things, he just had me put the OS CD in and install Vista - - there didn't seem to be an actual reformat (you know, the C: drive reformatting before loading Vista). If redo is my best option, I really want to make sure the HD is wiped clean before installing Vista in case there may be something lurking on the drive, don't you think? I'm not very 'techy,' but with help and good instructions I can do just about anything. One thing I'm really not sure how to do is the actual reformat part - - I think I can let the OS CD install, let it update; install the drivers; install the codec pack; and then go from there - - just not too sure how to actually wipe the disc clean first. I can google and find out how to customize Vista - - that's what I did before.

Also, one more question: Does anyone know why the rootkit scanner in AVG9 is greyed out and therefore won't work - - I have the paid version and it's supposed to have a rootkit scan as I understand it? AVG8 had a rootkit scanner.

VERY GRATEFUL for the time anyone has to give detailed instructions!

Thanks again for any help forthcoming!
Sharon (HomesickInTexas)

A: Need help reformatting a Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; Vista Home Premium...

Hi Sharon.

If your game then so am I.

All the things you stated sound like a possible infection or operating system corruption due to unknown reasons. Although none, or a questionable one, was found. I am in total agreement with Garmanma. Also the fact that the rootkit scan is disabled in AVG causes me some concern.

Seems you already have a pretty good idea how to format the drive and reinstall your OS and drivers....... But would like to take it one step further in this case though. I would like to have you wipe the entire hard drive to zeroes prior to formatting and installing the OS. This would include what is called the MBR = Master Boot Record, the partition the OS is on as well as the restore partition. Of course this would leave you only the option of reinstalling via the CD. All pre-installed software will be gone for good. Complete restore CDs are usually available from the OEM for a nominal cost.

The only reason I suggest this manner is, 1)The problems you are describing does somewhat resemble infection symptoms. 2)Depending on the possible infection type a simple reformat may not get rid of it. I have also read that it is possible for the restore partition can become infected as well.

The procedures are really pretty easy, the program(s) to wipe the drive to zeroes is free and we will do our best to get you through the whole procedure as painlessly as possible.

Let me know what you decide.

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I am buying a new rig tomorrow, just wanted to see what you thought about it.

I have a choice between a $269 used pentium dual core vs a brand new 299 AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Whats better and how faster is the AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620 vs my pentium III/600MHZ?

A:Pentium Dual core vs AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Depends on what the specs are with the Intel dual core and what specs you're getting with the AMD.

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Below is a copy and paste of a computer ad i am looking at. Last time i bought a computer, Pen4 was a top of the line processor,so i am out of touch with presentday top line processors.

Is what is pasted below a 'ATHLON64 DUAL CORE' ? is that the best ATHLON processor available? Or is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 2GHz 3800+ processor better?
(reminder 'there is no such thing as a dumb question')
Type: AMD Athlon 64 3800+ / 2.4 GHz
Multi-Core Technology: Dual-Core

A:Is this Athlon's dual core processor??

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My current hard drive seems headed for failure, so I'm considering buying a new one and installing a clean install of either XP or Vista. My question is what I can expect if I go with Vista - does this machine have enough RAM and Processor speed to keep me from throwing it out the window, or am I in for alot of grief?. Should one expect a nightmare obtaining drivers etc., or do the Toshiba install DVDs generally work smoothly?

The machine is a Toshiba Satellite A100 with Dual core 1.6 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. I'm not sure how to determine what video card I have, but under "Display Adapters" in the Device Manager it says Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family, if that helps? It was purchased in the phase before Vista was released, when machines were "designed for Vista" but sold with XP. The install CD I have is called Vista Home Premium Express Upgrade.

Thanks for your expertise.

A:What can I expect if I install Vista Home Premium on a Dual Core 2050, 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM

With only 1gb of RAM it will probably be a little sluggish. I suggest upgrading to 2gb RAM.

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Hey there guys, not sure if this is the right area for this or not, but im looking to pick up a new AMD Athlon? X2 Dual-Core processor at 3 Ghz.

Now Right now I have a P4 2.4 Ghz Socket 478, and I would like to upgrade my CPU, but cant really see this socket type going much higher than a single 3 ghz.

I am looking to invest in the AMD Athlon? X2 Dual-Core, but Im not sure which mobo I would need to be able to have it work properly.

Unless you guys can just recommend a good upgrade to my cpu which wont have me get a new mobo.

thanks guys!

A:debating AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core processor

I just did a search, & I think the socket 478 is for Intel CPU's. If you want an AMD CPU,
you could probably find a combo deal of CPU & motherboard at NewEgg, TigerDirect, or
Fry's Electronics at reasonable prices over just buying a 3.0 ghz CPU.

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Hi,I am thinking of upgrading this Processor to an AMD Phenom? II X3 Processor or a x4,would this be worth it for performance.or stick with the present. Regards Martin.

A:AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+

this processor will give you a huge performance increase over the 4400, however you will need a different motherboard

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My wife is looking to buy A Windows 7 system and she is looking at the above. I can't remember whether regular 32 bit programs will work on a 64 bit cpu. I assume Windows 7 will be 64 bit though.

A:Acer Ferrari One AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor

Hi Bertie!

Most programs designed for a computer running a 32-bit version of Windows will work on a computer running 64-bit versions of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs, and some hardware drivers.

Drivers designed for 32-bit versions of Windows do not work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, it won't work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows.

From Microsoft 32-Bit and 64-Bit FAQ

If a user helps you, clcik the scales at the top right of their post and click "I Approve"!

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Okay, bear with me as this may take a bit to explain completely. I was trying to install an antivirus program on a friend's computer running Windows Vista Home Premium back on 4/19, and the program required something to unzip it. (It was on a disc he supplied, I didn't ask where he got it from!) After I had downloaded WinZip from and tried to install it, it popped up with Error 1721, "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support or package vendor." I then went to the WinZip website, and downloaded a different copy of the program and tried to install it, but I got the same thing. While researching this, I found the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. I figured it would be an easy fix, so I downloaded this. When I went to run it, it popped up with Error 1321, "The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify the file..." blah blah blah. Okay, so I figured it was just a problem with permissions. When I right-clicked on the program, I had it run as an administrator. Error 1321. When I researched this some more, I found the "Take Ownership" registry entries, so I installed this. When I right-clicked on the program again, I didn't get a choice to take ownership of it. So, I backed out one, and took ownership of the entire folder that it is in. Tried to run the utility again, Error 1321. I did some more research, and decided ... Read more

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I have no idea why my computer is extremely slow. Takes forever to open a webpage, to download attachments, videos, Youtube and keeps constantly loosing the wireless conection. I am using a EXTERNAL LINKSYS CISCO WIRELESS DEVICE. Being so slow is already driving me crazy. Please help me to find a solution, Thanks!!!
Here are the specs:​DELL INSPIRON 531S​​​​4.00 gb RAM​​64 Bit Operation​​Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.60 GHz​​ Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2​​

A:Solved: DELL INSPIRON 531S-Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2 64 Bit

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? OS - Vista/ Windows 7 ?
Vista home premium sp2

? x86 (32-bit) or x64 ?

? What was original installed OS on system?

? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)?

? Age of system (hardware)

? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?
Never re-installed


AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400+
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM 800 MHz
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
16x DVD +/- RW Drive
ATI X1300
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
19-1 Media Card Reader
PSU Dell/Asus 300 Watts

? MotherBoard
A Dell version of ASUS M2N61-AX


Around 2 week ago my computer started getting bsod once a day in random situations. But from the last 3 days it's getting the blue screen several times a day, specially when it boots. The Windows loads, then the bsod comes. After 3 or 4 reboots, the system finally gets stable and I'm not having that random bsod during the day.

All requested files are attached.


A:BSOD Windows Vista Home Premium 32bits sp2 - Dell Inspiron 531

Hi -

33 BSOD kernel memory dumps processed.

As you mentioned, they suddently started just 11 days ago. All dumps have the same probable cause listed -


gbpkm.sys Wed Mar 24 17:11:10 2010 (4BAA7FEE) - GAS Tecnologies GbpKm GbPlugin Device Driver
Remove the offending app.

Update NVIDIA nForce drivers -

nvraid.sys Tue Oct 03 20:25:15 2006 (4522FF6B)
nvstor32.sys Fri Oct 26 14:50:16 2007 (472236E8)
nvmfdx32.sys Mon Aug 27 15:46:06 2007 (46D329FE)

Update ATI video and Realtek HD audio driveers -

atikmdag.sys Mon Jan 08 12:16:47 2007 (45A27C7F)

RTKVHDA.sys Mon May 14 05:01:07 2007 (46482553)
Realtek -

Update your Primax USB mosue drivers -

pmxusblf.sys Sun Oct 15 03:58:28 2006 (4531EA24) - Primax USB Mouse driver - Fri Jun 01 01:41:01 2007 (465FB16D) - Primax USB Mouse driver -

If BSODs persist, run the Driver Verifier --

Windbg Logs

Regards. . .





Built by: 6002.18267.x86... Read more

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well guys, i was trying to clean up my laptop as id just bought a new external hd and went about it by trying to do the dell factory inage restore to restore it to its original settings an totally flush my hd of lose programs eg.
i got a error message when doin that so tried again to no avail. then my system couldnt boot up by the intial dell boot scree. i got worried so put my vista disc in to boot from that fearin some files had been corrupted. but it says that i cannot detect my hard drives or more accurtaly that there are no drivers for them.
i got the sata drivers form the dell web but they were no good.
i called tech support, they know of this problem ( its rife in 1500 and 1700 model laptops)
apparently they can easily fix it but at a massive cost to me. which i think is bs as i was just following their instructions to clean up my computer.

please can someone help with this before i have to pay those douches for whats seems to be a inbuilt fault to squeeze cash outta computer illiterate chumps like me


A:Dell factory restore failure for inspiron 1721 with vista

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I just received a Dell Inspiron 1420 and it did not have an OS on it. I installed Windows Vista Home Premium which was the original OS on the laptop. Everythng seems to be working fine however the touchpad freezes. The buttons work fine.

I've tried different drivers and nothing. Please help me.

A:Dell Inspiron 1420 touchpad acting erratic after reinstalling Vista Home Premium

did you run Windows Update?

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Copied title here for ease of reading. ~ OBI have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home Premium and am having all kinds of problems. I can not install SP1 slow computer IE7 stops Help, Here is HJT log as well as dds log which I was instructed to use.End of title.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2:18:08 PM, on 12/5/2008Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Windows\RtHDVCpl.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exeC:\Windows\System32\mobsync.exec:\PROGRA~1\\agent\mcagent.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEUser.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLLoginProxy.exec:\PROGRA~1\mcafee\msc\mcuimgr.exeC:\Users\Steve\Downloads\HiJackThis\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = Read more

A:I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home Premium and am having all kinds of problems. I can not install SP1 slow...

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a description of your problem, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below a staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.comDDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results, click no to the Optional_ScanFollow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable a... Read more

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Hey guys, I know Windows XP Home doesn't support Dual Core Processors but i heard that the Service Pack 3 does however. Is this true? I just bought a new PC which uses a Dual Core Processor and i want to make sure that SP3 supports this because I'm on a tight budget and It's the only OS i can afford. Massive thanks in advance.

A:XP Home SP3 with Dual Core Processor?

and welcome to the Forum

While XP Home will not support multiple separate procrssors, it supports one dual core processor fine.

The service Pack level does not matter

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According to a table at Wikipedia it says that the maximum supported CPU Core's for Windows 7 Home Premium Edition is 1. Does this mean the OS itself will not support a dual core in its own operation, or does it mean that it will nullify any Dual Core support on the system thus rendering a Dual Core useless?It seems that only supporting a single core is rather stupid considering I bought my computer 3 years ago, I don't see why they would even release an OS that doesn't support hardware 3 years old, especially considering there are now QUAD-Core machines.

A:Will Home Premium support a Pentium D Dual Core?

Replying to my own thread:

Upon further reading the chart states "Number of Physical CPU's" and not "Number of Cores" so any version of Windows will run even a Quad-Core as long as they are on ONE single chip.

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i am looking at an 400 dollar ACER computer with : AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 255 Processor

Last time i bought a computer PEN4 was king. Dont laugh

A:How is the "AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 255 Processor"?

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hey just wonderinf if anyone could help me choose out of these two processors.would be greatly appreciated

AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-67 (2.2GHz, HyperTransport? 3: up to 4.0 (GT/sec), 2MB L2 Cache)

Intel® Pentium® processor T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
thank you

A:Comparing amd athlon dual core and intel pentium dual core

They are quite similar. Both have nearly the same clock speed. Both have a total of 1MB of L2cache but the intel's is shared and the AMD's is exclusive. The intel is 45nm and the AMD is 65nm which means the AMD will run hotter most likely. The AMD gets a boost from its on die memory controller and HyperTransport links on its motherboard. Both are capable of running full 64 operating systems.

The best difference between them would be as to what is on board their respective laptop. The AMD will have quite respectable performance from its video chip as I would hope it either a Radeon HD 3200 or better a 4200 with SidePort memory. These are about the best you can get for integrated video these days. The intel will undoubtedly have a GMA4500. These don't game very well nor do they do a very good job of playing high def video. The AMD chipset should have a fairly complete selection of connectors and functions. The interl may or may not, depending on the maker.

Both chips have a TDP of 35 Watts. The intel should offer slightly longer battery life for a given series of tasks, say about a half hour.

As you can see, these two CPUs are quite similar on and of themselves, the supporting cast of laptop parts makes or breaks the deal.

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Operating System - Windows 10 HomeProcessor - AMD Dual-Core E1-6010 (1.35 GHz, 1 MB cache)Screen size - 19.45" diagonal WLED-backlit (1600 x 900)Memory - 4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM (1x4GB) RAMHard Drive - 500GB 5400 RPM SATA 6G 2.5 HDDGraphics - Radeon? R2 Graphicsbrought this from shop and it was brand new when to boot part program was not there and it wouldnt boot and it was slow as anything took it back to the shop they didnt even want know about wouldnt even refund it exchange nothing paye good money for **bleep**ty pc not a happy person work hard by something for pleasure and get crap for it 

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I don't have a specific problem with Windows XP or Vista, but I have a question about the difference between how they direct the function of dual-core processors. Given the same level of multithreading support within various applications, does Vista direct threads differently through a dual-core CPU than XP? Was Vista designed to use dual-core processors more efficiently than XP? Also, in simple terms, can you describe how an operating system directs the work of the CPU? Thanks for any help with this.

A:Vista vs. XP use of dual-core processor

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Hi hopefully you guys can help me i bought a cisnet computer and it has preinstalled home premium vista 32-bit and i think i have a virus everything is slow and a couple of days ago it was just fine i was wondering can i reformat it? or do i need the disks i read some outher topics saying the recovery disk has the disks in them so if i reformat il just be able to do without disks i have the cd-key on the side of my comeputer, i also read a topic reformating a Aspire 5315 by presising ALT-F10 at the start when you boot your comeputer, i tried and didnt work so if someone can help me id appreciate it

My manufactuerer is : ASUSTeK Comeputer INC. Model: P5GZ-MZ
2 proessecers 1.4 Ghz each clocked at 3.1ghz
1536 mb's of ram Nvidia Gforce 7300 gcard if that helps

A:reformatting preinstalled home premium vista

I'm not sure how Cisnet backs up the O/S but if you can get hold of a disk you can install it and just use the DVD key from your computer. You can then download all your current drivers from the appropriate sites and you are ready to go. I typically do this with most preinstalled systems and get rid of the extra partitions they use and the useless software they add in.

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Friends, I have dell inspiron n5110. It had geniune windows 7 home premium. There was dell data restore option in F8 boot menu option to restore my windows. a week ago i installed new windows 7. i didnt deleted recovery partition on my computer but there in no more option of dell data restore in f8 boot menu. Kindly help me to restore my windows. Plz help..... If there is any way to do it using comand prompt or any other way to restore that option in f8. Plz reply..

A:Dell Data restore windows seven home premium Dell inspiron n5110?


Post a screen capture image of your Disk Management screen.


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Hey how's it going out there?
I recently ran into a little problem. I some how acquired a keylogger and unfortunately my World of Warcraft account was hacked.

I bought my computer from and when it shipped almost a year ago it came with a Recovery disk made by CPC.

My old computer was pretty simple to reformat;
I would wipe the entire harddrive clean, install my own Windows XP Pro and proceed fine.

Well unfortunately it's not as easy I as hoped.

I guess my main question is; where do I begin?

A:Reformatting Vista Home Premium with recovery disk

and welcome to the Forum

Their website is incredibly unhelpfull, but you might can contact them here:

If you want to experiment, boot from the Recovery disc and look at the options

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I'm considering upgrading an old 530s from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Will an OEM version work and where can I get a fair deal on Win 7?

A:Dell 530s upgrade from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit

You are best to take the unofficial upgrade path to Windows 10 via the expired 10130 Insider Preview:→-windows-10-free-upgrade/

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System specs:
Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Windsor (3ghz, 125W tdp)
Gigabyte GA-Ma770DS3 rev 1 (AMD770+SB600)
His radeon 4850 512MB (had 3870 before)
2x1GB Kingston DDR2 800mhz CL5
2xSeagate ST3500 418AS in RAID 0 on SB600
Chieftec 460W power supply.
LG DVD rewriter
Bunch of fans
Windows XP pro 32bit x2, windows 7 (temporary)

I'm having a strange problem from quite a long time. PC just reboots randomly when I use internet applications like p2p or browser. It's that I can click "favorities" in firefox and puff, reboot. Leave pc for a night - reeboot at 3 o'clock. I tried to find the cause, updated drivers, bios, reinstalled windows several times - still getting the random crashes. But, if I use the numproc=1 statement and run my PC as single core, it stays perfectly stable for week+. But sadly the low power mode doesn't work then, and CPU is getting hotter than in dual core mode, also uses more energy. However, I don't think the low power mode isn't the cause - ran a prime95 for half a day on processor tuned down to 1ghz and 1,1V (low power mode) without a crash. Ran memtest in dos mode for 8 hours - no problems.
Also I have secondary XP pro without NIC drivers installed (no web) just for gaming and I can play for 12 hours straight and never got any crash of this kind. On the the primary OS, open two windows, start unpacking archive and try to browse web and I get a crash in 3 minutes. But sometimes nothing happens for a week or so. Also I notic... Read more

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I'm buying a new desktop - HPa6000n, an AMD 4200+ dual-core processor (I believe) with Vista installed - to replace my malfunctioning computer, which has a single Pentium 4 processor. I've used Partition Magic 8 to create three partitions: one for my C drive, with operating system and software programs; a large one (N drive) for Photoshop projects (with Photoshop itself in the C drive); and a third, smaller one (M drive) for all Word and other text-related files. I'm thinking of doing the same with my new computer, but is that necessary with a dual-core processor? I getting the impression on the posts that Partition Magic 8 will not work with Vista. Any suggestions on what to do here (and how to do it)? Any other possible software conflicts I should be aware of, esp Photoshop, Spider2 and other graphics-related software?

Thanks in advance.


PS: No lectures please on the computer I'm buying. For better or worse that's what I'll be getting. Upgrades to RAM etc will follow.

A:Dual-core processor AND Vista AND Partition Magic - compatible? necessary?

One I can confirm does work for sure is Photoshop - use it on mine with no problems. As for partitions, I wouldn't bother - just get another HDD to put your data on. With modern systems that have their recovery data on a hidden partition you're better off leaving the main drive well alone.

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I'm trying to decide between two different Acer Aspire Notebooks.
One has:
2.20 GHz AMD V Series V120 single-core processor with 512 KB L2 cache and 1066 MHz front-side bus
250 GB SATA hard drive (5400 RPM)
3 GB of installed DDR3 RAM (1066 MHz; expandable to 8 GB)
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics (with 256 MB of discrete video memory) It provides up to 1919 MB of total shared system memory

The other has:
AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core P320 processor
2.10GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 1MB L2 Cache
2GB DDR3 system memory
250GB SATA hard drive
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory

Which would be better for simple computing, surfing, and streaming videos?

A:AMD v-series single core vs. AMD Athlon dual core

IMO the dual core, but it obviously takes more power, though you don't mention battery life or portability.

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I have a dell inspiron 1501 for about a year but now when i turn it on it says begining physical memory dump preparing for crash. After a wile it says physical memory dump complete.
I am wanting to know if there is a way to fix this problem or if i can just make my computer start all over and put all the cds back in it? plz help

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how can I fix error code 2000-0146?


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Hello Again,

Most of you know and remember me from the Dell Inspiron 1721 problem installing Windows 7. I was successfully able to install 64 bit Windows 7 after working around some things, but now I have a new question.

I have a AMD Truion 64x2 processor and currently running 3 gigs of ram, (2.75) usable. My question is...

How much ram can my 64bit laptop recognize and use?

Would like to know before I buy more ram.

A:Dell Inspiron 1721

Since you are running a 32bit OS, your OS can recognize all the 3 GB RAM. If you add one more gig, it may not recognize as 4 GB. Instead, it will recognize
Total RAM-Video RAM.
For ex: If you install 4 GB RAM and you have a 512MB Graphics card, it will recognize 3.5GB RAM.

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Hi all,
I was told Vista Ultimate 64bit shows up all 4 processors when using a quad core but is this also the case with Home Premium 64bit ? I know theres alot of flak about Vista & XP in 64bit but honestly I can't wait to try it out.

Am I a glutten for punishment ? We'll find out any day now when the last few parts for my new computer turn up.

A:Does Vista Home Premium 64 Show Quad Core

All versions of Vista will detect all your CPU cores.

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I have had quite a few problems with my Dell laptop, but this one is baffling me. I get 8 beeps right on start up, but instead of there being an error message or a black screen the computer is running just fine. But the 8 beeps keep happening while I am on the computer. Can you please help me figure out what is wrong?

A:Dell Inspiron N5110 with Window 7 home premium problems

Hi and welcome to TSF 8 beeps points to a display issue how old is the machine and does it have a warranty if not how comfortable are you with opening it up

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friends i need help i dont know about computer much i purchase this laptop for some entertainment becase working in saudi arabia is very difficult place to work as i told you that i dont know much about computer to learn something i was playing with my machine in playing i formated all drive also deleted one partition which to called manufacturer reserved i have done this by inserting os intallation disc first i put cd in drive then shut down then start and select to boot disc then i played without thinking anything i delete i format and done every thing to understand what happen next and successfully installed os now after this insert driver and utilitis cd and installed all that things but after that this come to my knowledge that first i must installed system software which i could not find in cd so i gone to the dell website there it came to my knowledge that i must installed driver in this order so i again format and istalled os then tried to installed driver in this order as told order goes this way
1)NSS notebook system software(i found and installed)
2)chipset (i found but confused which one to install because there is more than one)
3)video adapter (i found)
4)network interface card NIC (i did not found)
5)dell quickset (i found)
6)audio adapter (i found)
7)modem (i found but confused more than one i tried one it says device not found)
8)wireless network card (i found)
9)touch pad (i found)
10)other device bluetooth etc (i found)
so guys help me or join in ... Read more

A:dell inspiron 1564 window 7 home premium i3 4gb ram 500gb hd

one more thing i did not make any system image

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I currently own a single core AMD Athlon 64 processor (3200+), and a friend told me that if i upgrade to dual-core, I'd be able to multi-task on the computer.

But on the other hand, the articles I've found on the internet so far say that most applications these days don't take advantage of the power of dual-core processors.
Would I really notice a significant difference in performance if I upgraded to an AMD dual core 4200+ processor? (the price difference is like $140 US)

Also, my mother board is socket 939, shall I change it too? or simply use a socket 939 compatible dual processor?
Your help is much appreciated

A:AMD Athlon 64 single core vs. dual core: which is better?

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Hello Everyone,

I just recently started having problems with my Sony Laptop not booting. It would stop loading on the MS windows green loading bars then hang up. I would have to turn the power off as alt ctrl delete would not reset. Upon restarting I would be given option to go into safe mode or boot normally. If I chose safe mode it would boot andbe fine if I performed a full shutdown. It would then work for a while but at times it would freeze if the computer would be left idle. I turned off power saver to prevent power down but on the last few forced shut downs I would not even get the option to go to safe mode.

When it would not boot in safe mode I had to do a complele system restore. I do not have the option to repair windows as vista came installed on my laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J). I would restore the whole system reinstall programs, then back up. It would be fine for a while but eventually freeze during a reboot. I tried disconnecting from the network, tried different browsers to see if anything specific was causing a problem . I reinstalled the OS up to SP2 and did not allow updates to see if a update caused the problem but the last crash happened anyway.

I've also run check disk but it doesn't find any problems or bad sectors. Could a hardware problem with the optical drive cause this type of issue? How can I tell?

Given I've restored the OS to the original factory settings 4 times in the last month I'm open to any suggestions.

As you probably can tel... Read more

A:Vista Home premium x64 won't boot - Sony Vaio core 2 duo


This could be a problem with your RAM, or with your Motherboard (blown caps) but the Optical Drive cant cause any errors without a disc.

Did you install any new devices or programs right before this?


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Hey guys/gals. Thanks for looking and any help would be great. Here's what's going on. I was playing an online MMORPG the other game and I hit Alt+Tab to switch to my Windows screen and when I did the monitor went black. At first I thought it was some kind of windows glitch so I manually forced the power down via hold the power button. I tried to turn the computer back on and it showed the first main loading screen, not the WIndows screen just the computer loading screen. But when it went past that, nothing. The screen was just black. So I forced the power down again. When I turned it back on, nothing loads. I get the blue light on the side that shows the power is on and the blue light showing the bluetooth adapter card is on. The light that comes on when it's reading from the hard drive comes on for a couple of seconds then goes off like it normally did until after the loading screen. The fan comes on and runs but the loading screen doesnt come up, the hard drives are being read. And as far as I can tell, then monitor isn't just black, it's not even coming on. I've taken it apart and cleaned it as best as I could and still nothing. I removed both hard drives, nothing. I removed the RAM chip, nothing. Any ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 1721 went black, won't turn on

Disconnecting any externals (including network)
Removing the laptop main large battery
Removing the power adapter cord
Re-seating the Ram (or even just leaving 1 Ram card in only, for the moment)
Re-seating the Hard Drive
Then with all power out still. Hold down the ON button for 20secs
Plug the powered, power cord back in
Turn On
Did it work? If so, then turn back off (or shutdown if Windows loaded)
And refit the extra Ram card (if removed) and refit the main battery
Turn back on again, and you're good to go.

Otherwise check here for more options: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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Hi i was wondering if i could upgrade Windows XP Professional to Windows 8 Pro 32-bit on my Dell Inspiron 1721 here is my System Specs
RAM : 1.5 GB
Processor:   AMD64 Turion Turbo 
OS: Windows XP Professional
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1250
Will it run Smoothly on my Dell Inspiron 1721 or will it run Crappy and Slow ?

A:Will Windows 8 work on a Dell Inspiron 1721?

Worth a look, IMO:  .
Topic moved to Win 8 forum.

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For those of you who missed the deal before some times... it's back and a little better!

This weeks Dell deal!

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs
160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™
16x DVD+/-RW Drive
19 inch E197FP Analog Flat Panel
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
Dell USB Keyboard
Dell® 2-button USB mouse

Check it out. Dell Dimension C521

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turn computer on and it says BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot.

I went into f2 and made cd/dvd drive first bootable option and placed Dell Operating System Reinstallation DVD into cd drive and restart.

I wait for press any key to to boot from cd/dvd and hit any key as instructed and get: The file is possibly corrupt. The file header cheksum does not match the computed checksum.

I have stuff on this computer that I need to get access to....please help me someone!!!! =)

A:dell inspiron 1525 with vista premium

You can take the Hard drive out and use an 2.5 to USB adapter and hook it up to another PC and hopefully access the data

Have you checked the Boot disk for dirt or scratches

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Hello everyone!

I always come here for help and I always find it so here I am again... although under very different circumstances. My cousin really needed a laptop 2 months ago so i loaned him mine for a while. Unfortunately I just got it back and something is totally wrong. Here is a list of problems I can identify:

The window edges and home bar are not vista like (more like the old 1995)but background is normal
The wireless card cannot be detected
The audio card cannot be detected
Security center is not working... says cannot be started
Roxio not working
Updater is not working
System Restore disabled
Thinking that perhaps i need to reinstall the drivers, i tried to put the disk that came with the computer for the drivers but the preparing to install flashes 3 times and nothing happens

I thought that my 16 year old cousin could handle the responsibility, however, it seems not. So I questioned him and managed to get out what he did or was trying to do. Apparently he torrented one of those Dragon Speech Recognition Softwares and was trying to use the directopms to "crack it". (thank god he had printed the directions so I can give you a little idea what he did).
So after installation and putting in the fake serial, the directions ask you to:

-In msconfig: Disable boottime loading of any following (look in 'Services' tab also): 'Ereg', 'SSBkgdudate', 'issch', 'ISdM', 'ISUSPM',and 'agent'
-When OK... close... Read more

A:Inspiron 1525 Vista Home Premium Really Need Help!

When I see so many issues....I suggest, you back up your data and you reinstall Windows. If you need your laptop NOW, that is probably the fastest way.

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Hello !

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend's laptop (Dell Inspiron 1721) running 7 x64 had the mouse poorly responding. Right after the boot, swiping on the touchpad barely moved it on the screen...just inch by inch...
The system loads fine, if I press the Windows key for example it reacts immediately. The same goes if I connect an usb mouse; there, I can move it fine. After a while (from 5 minutes to an hour !) the touchpad will get responsive again.
The problem occurs again when I wake up the system from sleep, although it sometimes doesn't.

So after searching for a program interfering with the mouse, I decided to format the all thing. It seemed to work fine as I was reinstalling everything. Then I decided to apply Windows 7 updates. And bam, at the next reboot, the problem again.
To me, it must be related to a Windows 7 update that messes everything. I really doubt it's a program as I barely reinstalled them, only classic stuffs that are not responsible as they were installed when things were fine (you know, Firefox, Comodo, Ashampoo, etc.). I'm trying to uninstall updates one by one but while uninstalling them does fix the issue, it's there again when I reboot.

What should I do ? I know, I could format again but, if it's probably what I'm going to do, I would like to know if it happened to someone before and if we can identify the issue...

Thanks !

A:Poorly responsive mouse [Dell Inspiron 1721]

I suggest u to try these apps/driver at the mouse/keyboard section.
Drivers & Downloads

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Greetings everybody! I am going to build a new computer when i get home, and one of the things I would like to do is dual boot Windows XP Home Edition and Vista Home Premium. i will be installing the OSs on a new 320 GB SATA. I will install XP first, then Vista. My questions are these: What program should I use to partition my hard drive? (i've heard of some but i want to hear what you guys think) Should I initially make a partition for XP- or make partitions for both? Basically- what's the best and most stable way of going about it? Thanks :)

A:Dual boot XP Home & Vista Home Premium

well, you can always just partition the drive using the XP setup, when you're doing the install. That's usually how I do it. But if you want a dedicated partitioning tool, I've always been a fan of partition magic.

I would go ahead and create both partitions at once - that way you only have to do it one time.

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  However, I get an error stating that my iertutil.dll file is corrupted and Internet Explorer install aborts.  What can I do to fix this file.  I'm the administrator of this computer but DOS doesn't give me access to this file.

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Is XP Pro compatible with the Audio Device in a Dell INSPIRON 1721? For the record I hate VISTA, so when I had VISTA Windows Explorer totally lock up three times in one evening recently, I grabbed a new XP Pro CD that I had purchased recently, reformatted the hard drive, and I installed Windows XP Pro. It installed just fine, however I did forget to set up the hard drive for the Dell MediaDirect 3.3 (which has to be done just prior to installing the OS), but I figured I did not have to install that. That program and a separate button left of the power button, enables your laptop to be used like a DVD player without booting to Windows first, which is something I rarely do. So I proceeded one by one to install the drivers, and everything worked EXCEPT the sound. I tried several audio drivers from DELL, most of which I got the error: wrong driver for your hardware. Finally one of the drivers designed for XP installed, but I still had no sound. Then I found a Vista driver that installed, but still no sound.

I have a program called PC Wizard 2010 that identifies the name of your specific hardware componants and it says my Audio Device is a: ATI Technologies SB600 High Definition Audio Controller. DELL Driver Downloads say that the driver R171786 - SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio but it obviously failed because it was designed for VISTA. Others that failed to install were: R160062, R167846, and R94481. Two drivers that I tried did install but failed to be the right one for my ... Read more

A:Solved: Is XP Pro compatible with the Audio Device in a Dell INSPIRON 1721?

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I have a Dell XPS 730x with 4 internal harddrives (2 are WD Raptor drives). I'm currently running Vista Home Premium x64 that came with the system on 1 Raptor and want to try Vista Ultimate x64 on the other Raptor. My questions are:

1. Can I do this as long as I can select which drive to boot from without problems with the MBR?

2. If it's not as simple as selecting the boot drive, what software do you recommend to edit the BCD? I know of 2, Easybcd and VistaBootPro.

Thanks in advance for any input,

A:Dual Boot Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate?

this does work to dual boot vista, just install ultimate on a second hard drive to be safe

The installation options

You can approach the dual-boot installation operation in one of two ways -- by cold booting from the Windows Vista DVD or by inserting the Windows Vista DVD while Windows XP is running. As you can imagine, you'll encounter slightly different introductory screens depending on which approach you use, but once you get stared the operation is essentially the same.
While both methods will produce the same result, I prefer the cold booting from the DVD method. The main reason is that you don't have to worry about any interference from antivirus/antispyware/firewall software on your existing Windows XP installation.
Performing the installation

Once you have your second partition or second hard disk operational, just insert your Windows Vista DVD, restart the system, and boot from the DVD. Once the system boots from the DVD, Windows Vista?s Setup will begin loading and will display the screen shown in Figure A.
Figure A:
Windows Vista?s Setup will take a few moments to load files before the installation actually commences. In a few moments, you?ll see the screen that prompts you to choose the regional and language options, as shown in Figure B. As you can see, the default settings are for U.S. and English and if that?s you, you can just click Next to move on.
Figure B:
The default settings on the regional and language screen are for the U.S. a... Read more

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I have a Pentium D dual Core 820 2,8 GHz on my Dell E510. 1 GB RAM and Radeon XT 1600 Video card. It constantly freezes during game play(Planetside) Four sessions with Tech support have me nowhere. Can I replace processor with a fast single core on the same motherboard?

A:Can I replace dual core processor with single core

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about 2 years ago I have upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, rams and a processor and since we moved in between I cannot find the boxes or bills from that time.

The problem:
I am 90 percent sure, that at the time I wanted a quad core processor and my computer properties say that I have Intel Core i5-3450.
I googled around and all retailers as well as Intel list this processor as quad, but I whenever I use aplications where cores are displayed (i.e. playclaw or some kind of benchmarking), it only ever shows core 0 and core 1.
When I go to task manager > processes > and go to select affinity on a random process, once again only 2 cores are aviable to choose from.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Because if I am not mistaken I have had my computer on a leash for 2 years...

A:Quad core processor acting as dual-core?

in windows 7 press the start key > type msconfig > click the boot tab > advanced options
in the top left there is a box that says number of processors. if it is checked you can uncheck it, or change the drop down box below it to 4.

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Okay, here is the scenario.
There are 2 laptops.
One has a 3.0GHz single core.
The other has a 1.5GHz dual core.
The thing I'm asking is: When you buy a laptop that says it's 2.66 GHz triple core, does that mean there are 3 processors each clocked at 2.66 GHz? Or does it mean that there are 3 processors and in total they add up to 2.66 GHz?
Also, is it better to have a 3.0 GHz single core or a 1.5 GHz dual core if you want to run games?

A:Solved: Which is better-Dual core or single core processor?

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Hi is this a 64 or 32 bit processor?

I have it installed on a 32bit xp pro system but i just seem to think its slow for example if i have a picture on the desktop and double click it to open it just seems to sit there for ages before it opens (just using windows picture and fax viewer).

I'm also just about to do a format and clean install is there any tips you could give me to get the most out of system (without overclocking).

Motherboard MSI K9VGM-V
Corsair Memory TWIN2X2048-6400 2x1GB 240-Pin DIMM XMS2-6400 CL5
200gb Ide hdd


A:AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual core 5600+

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Pentium Dual-Core v. Athlon X2...winner? Both have comparable clock speeds. The Athlon uses a different FSB. It has less cache. Which is faster?

A:Pentium Dual-Core v. Athlon X2

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I'm planning on installing Linux Mint 4.0 on my Vista rig. I currently have a 750GB harddrive with 3 partitions, one for Vista OS(60GB), one for programs(60GB), and one for data(movies/music/games/etc.). My question is....should I create another partition for Linux or would it be better to purchase another harddrive, maybe a 160GB, and install Linux and Vista OS on it with 80GB each?

A:Dual-boot Mint4.0 and Vista Home Premium x86

If your just using Linux to experiment with Linux,then you could just give it

30 GBs on your main drive,as you won`t need much data space.

On the other hand,a second physical drive is great for backups of crucial data,

so you could go that route,and just give Linux 30Gb of an 80/160 Gb drive

(vary sizes to preference)

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I posted here earlier (a couple weeks ago) about a painless installation of Win7 on a resized C Drive, which I partitioned into into a C Drive (Vista) and W Drive (Win 7).

All was fine until yesterday - I had been able to login into and out of both operating systems without drama - when out of the blue, for no apparent reason, whenever I try and log onto the Vista operating system, it allows me to logon as Rod with my correct password, but after the logon screen I get the "Preparing your Desktop" and and am presented with a Desktop and icons - but not for me! I get a bubble pop up out of the System Tray that says "Windows had trouble loading your Profile and has loaded up a temporary profile. Contact your administrator".

That would be me! I for the life of me don't know what happened. I have created no new users, nor amended any existing ones. Though, when using Win7 earlier in the day, I had to give access rights and permissions to All authenticated Users in order to access and use files on a separate (D) Drive.

Will this have screwed up my User Profile and login to Vista? How?

Any help and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated


A:Dual Booting WIN7 and Vista Home Premium

Does this fix it and/or explain?

A temporary profile is loaded after you log on to a Windows Vista-based system

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i've been trying to find out how far i can push the amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 4200+ running at 2.2GHz on a ECS C51PVGM-GB Version 1.0 Motherboard.

I attached the complete specs i got through running dxdiag in command prompt.

I really dont kno where to even start with overclocking this CPU so whatever anyone could do would be much appreciated.....:grinthumb

A:Help overclocking my Athlon 4200 64 dual core

How far you can push a CPU depends on a myriad of factors. Your cooling system. The CPU architecture. The CPU manufacturing process. Whether you are willing to overvolt or not. And often, luck.

dxdiag won't provide you with any of that information. You should use CPU-Z to get that information and then determine what options your motherboard has available to you for altering things like the FSB speed, HTT link speed and divider, et cetera.

Brush up a bit on the CPU itself first before you mess with it.

The ECS board won't provide you much room for altering anything anyway, as it is designed to be an entry level board with not a lot of option.

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How much is a friggin 3/4 of a BB or 1 1/2 of a grain of rice?

Does it make that much of a difference? I realize you aren't supposed to put a lot, but I usually eyeball it and really don't know if I'm putting the right amount.

The instructions at Artic Silver site are a bit confusing. It looks like you just apply the bead, then put the heatsink on, give it a small twist and that's it. Right?

A:Artic Silver 5 on Athlon 64 Dual Core

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Desktop is quite slow  and recently upgraded from Vista to windows 10 , just changed dual core 4GB RAM, considering changing from AMD Athlon X2 4450e Operating speed: Up to 2.3 GHzNumber of cores: 2Socket: AM2Bus speed: 2000MT/s to AMD Athlon 64 x2 with dual core technology up to x64 watt  but there are so many , just need some guidance from the community forum, and also considering from HDD to SDD. Thanks in advance

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I just recently got through overclocking an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ system to 2.55ghz and thought I might share my experiences in case it might help someone not encounter all the trouble I went through :haha:

First off, here are the specs I started out with

Gigabyte K8N-SLI (apparently not the best board to OC with, but it worked in the end)
Athlon 64 X2 3800 (Week 33, '05. stock: 2ghz per core)
Antec Neo HE 500w power supply
BFG Geforce 7800 GT OC (stock: 425 / 1.05)
2x1024mb of OCZ Platinum PC3200 (stock: 400mhz CL2, 3-2-5)
Random Soundblaster Live that was laying around the house
Linksys Wireless card
Windows XP x64 edition

OK, so the board starts out at 200mhz, with a 5x multiplier for Hypertransport speed, for a total of 1,000mhz. This, as I found out after days of trial and error, is the key to any overclocking walls with this particular setup.

My initial attempts involved simply raising the 200mhz bit by bit. First to 205, then a quick round of benchmarks, then 210, and a quick round of benchmarks. So far so good. Wham. It hits the fan. Board won't even get past the POST screen at 215.

I tried raising the timings of the memory in case it was simply a bad set (as OCZ is particularly known for being able to go beyond stock at the tight timings it is rated at) - no go. I tried lowering the CPU multiplier, no go. I tried raising all the voltages, no go. On a somewhat related note, this board does not allow you to specify exact voltages for anyt... Read more

A:Adventures in Overclocking with a Dual Core Athlon 64

What an excellent read fury.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regards Howard

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Hey guys. I joined today because I'm deciding between two laptops and I thought I could use your help.

The laptop will be used for everyday use for the most part but I also play World of Warcraft. The game recommends at least 1g of RAM but most users suggest more. The Acer has more RAM but only a single processor. Any suggestions?

Toshiba - Satellite Laptop with Intel® Celeron® Processor:

Processor: Intel Celeron

Processor Speed: 2.2GHz

System Bus: 800MHz

Cache Memory: 1MB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 2GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 250GB

Acer - Aspire Laptop with AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor

Processor: AMD Athlon?

Processor Speed: 1.6GHz

System Bus: 667MHz

Cache Memory: 512KB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 3GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 160GB

A:Toshiba Laptop with Intel Celeron or Acer with AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor?

both of those computers are pretty slow... and single core. the Toshiba is the better buy but the link is dead so you might be out of luck with that anyways. i don't play wow so i can't tell you what i would recommend for hardware. i will just go ahead and make the suggestion to buy something with a Core2Duo, 2GB RAM and a more high-end onboard video adapter for games. the more dedicated video power the better.

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Firstly, in task manager, there is only one core recognised (one cpu graph). I have no option to select "one graph, multiple cpus".

Secondly, in device manager, there is only 1 core with no option to select 2 or box for detect HAL.

Lastly BIOS doesn't detect more then 1.

I have processor box unchecked and have uninstalled my CPU from device manager in hopes a restard would re-detect it. I have also updated my mobo & vid card drivers from the site and updated my bios to the latest.

I just bought COD: Black Ops for $60 and it requires a dual core processor to play it, anything else I can try short of re-installing windows?

A:Dual Core Processor detected as 1 core

just checking that you realise dual core will only show as single cpu?

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Hi all,

Is it possible at all to set a program to run on one core of a dual core processor?


Reason for info request: My DVB-T dongle is very jittery afetr upgrading processor from Athlon 64 3500+ to Athlon 64 x2 6000+ - worked flawlessly on 3500.

Surely there must be a way to resolve this?

A:Single core on dual core processor?

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First and foremost thanks go out to anyone and everyone who can help me with this.

I've recently installed 7, clean install, not an upgrade. I have an Amd Athlon X2 3800+ installed and I installed 7 as a 64bit OS as well. I had this problem before 7 and could never solve it. The core doesn't show up in task manager and I've tried installing drivers from AMD, which say they are the incorrect version for the windows 7 Operating system so i installed them in compatibility mode which didn't seem to solve anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the processor and frankly I just don't know what to do! In Pc Wizard 2009, It tells me the number of cores is 2, but then only one core is enabled.

If anyone has any help for me that would be fantastic. Thank you! If you need any additional information please let me know.

A:Dual Core Processor, only 1 core active

SHow us your processor from device manager.

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I have C Drive 250gb - Vista HP SP2 and, PARTIONED, also a W Drive 250gb - WIN7 RC7100

Boot Manager list WIN7 first, which is what I wanted and set via msconfig.

I think I am going to trash my Vista and install a clean WIN7 on C drive.

I am thinking to do this:

1. From within WIN7, go to msconfig and reset boot sequence to C Drive
2. Reboot. From within Vista, go to Disk Management and delete the W partition (and therefore WIN7) and then to resize my C drive to full amount of C/W size (500GB)
3. From within Vista, load in Win7 DVD, go to My computer and set off setup.exe & do a clean install...or do I have to change boot sequence thru bios first and reboot to the DVD drive to do this?

I have all discs/drivers for my other applications and they are all working fine on my present WIN7 drive

Or would I simply do an in-place upgrade?

I know I have to either purchase a new copy or an upgrade copy of WIN7.

Is my thought process above corret?


A:WIN7 / Vista Home Premium dual boot - TRASHING ONE

Installing over Vista would be easier, and you could use my tutorial (Windows.old folder - Restore into a new installation) to do an restore from your Vista install.


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friends,i'm having a compatibility problem,can anyone tell me what motherboard will be compatible with geforce 8600GT and AMD athlon dual core and ddr2 2gb of ram?

A:compatible motherboard for 8600gt and AMD athlon dual core
This board doesn't have SLI.
This board has 8X SLI.

This board has 16X SLI.

What kind of compatibility problems?

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Hallo, i've had this computer since about late 2005, and i'm wanting to overclock it but i don't know exactly how far i can go with it, i'm not wanting to go overboard just give it abit of a boost.

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.2GHz

And as far as my computer, here's all of the specs Directly from the HP Site.

i'm currently running on: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

2 Sticks of RAM: 1 Gig DDR2 400Mhz CL3
= 2 Gigs of Ram.

Basically i'm wanting to know how far i can take it(i'm only looking at taking it to maybe 2.5 tho) And what settings i have to put in, Also i have upgraded to a 500W Power Supply And my Graphics card is: GeForce 9800 GTX

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Hey guys,

MOTHERBOARD: Crosshair II Formular - nVidia GeForce 8300
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4800+
VIDEO: nVidia GeForce 780a SLi
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

So about a week ago my WD Cravier blue 500GB internal HDD died on me, tried repairing bad sectors with chkdsk /r and it said no bad sectors found, but Dban and other software could not continue because of bad anyway I've brought a new WD Cravier Green 1TB HDD and thought why not do a few more much needed upgrades at the same time, so I upgraded my 2x 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 ram to 4 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-8500 which in total only cost me £76 when compared to Crucial memory quoting me £159 for the 8GB bundle. However i'm just wandering if you experts have any other performance upgrade advice?

1) Is there a better processor that's compatible with my mobo?
2) Am I better off using the onboard GeForce 8300 HDMI port or my 780a Sli?
3) How easy is it to multiboot with Ubuntu or ChromeOS

oh and one more question that a friend asked me the other day (might save me some precious google searching time ) he has installed win7 ultimate 32-bit but has two internal HDD's hooked up (1 master, 1 slave) but when he boots he gets the choice between "Windows 7" or Earlier version of windows", i've told him that he probably still has an operating system on the slave drive and windows is presenting a multiboot screen, is this correct???

p.s - Hello Mr Leeky! (i'm s... Read more

A:Suggestions for AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core 4800+ upgrade

37 views and nobody has any suggestions to any of the questions? come on techspot brave!

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AMD Athlon Dual Core QL-60 has no monitor brightness/contrast controls. Way too bright- where can I find the user manual? Does anyone know how to access the monotor control panel on this machine? ~C

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Anyone one know if an Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ 2.00Ghz Socket AM2
That is in a:
MSI K9A Platinum Crossfire ddr2 motherboard

is worth overclocking? i checked in my BIOS and i am able to overlock from there, i also got some software that came with the motherboard that will let me overclock it but im guessing its best to do it within the bios?

oh and i am using the stock HSF whick i no will limit my overclocking for now till i get a new one, but still any help suggestions tips ect will be great.


A:Overclocking any good with an athlon 64 x2 dual core 3800+ 2.00GHz

if you are going to overclock, you should have decent ram that supports it. oc'ing is very dependent upon your ram. go here and download systool. this will let you fool around with your settings little by little in windows, so if you mess soemthing up, you will still be able top restart your system. as for whehter it's worth it? sure. i oc my athlon x2 4400 + all the time, although it doesnt oc as much as an opteron or fx chip. good luck!

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What is the safest, most stable and highest clock speed this CPU can go up to? I just figured out how to overclock it, and I understand that it can be dangerous and must be done only by a few notches at a time. Before I had it clocked at 2.11 GHz (Original) but now I have it clocked at 2.12 GHz. What is the maximum clock speed it can go up to?

A:What is the maximum clock speed an AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4000+ can go up to?

I have taken one of those up to 2.4Ghz, but I didn't go any higher. Before you overclock, also make sure your heatsink will be able to handle cooling it.

And remember that all CPU's are different, just because somebody can get theirs up to 5Ghz doesn't mean someone else with the same CPU can.

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Hi, I have a Acer desktop computer, it runs windows xp, and is a dual-core
it just started recently, where when it starts up it goes to a:

blank screen that say's ACER in the middle, and on the left bottom corner it says:
DEL. Enter setup F12

It stays like that forever, and will not move from that page. Even if I hit F12.
If I hold in the power button, to turn it off, and then turn it on, after acouple oftimes it will go through, and go to the normal desktop, nd runs normally.

Any idea's why i does this?

A:Help: Windows Xp Amd Athlon Dual-core Desktop Startup Problem

Have you made any changes recently?

Look in the Event Viewer and see what kind of errors are showing at these times.

Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer. When Event Viewer open double click on System. The columns are titled, in the column titled Type is where you will find the error symbol, it is a red dot with a white X in it. If you see one follow it across to the Event column where you will see the error code. If you right click on that and the properties a definition of the error will appear. Please post both the error codes and definitions for the first couple different errors.

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I'm sorry if I post this in a wrong section.
My problem is that my computer runs extremely slow even though it is not an old, obsolete one. I just purchased it about 2 months ago. Since it takes me a lot of time- about 2 hour driving- to go to the store and get tech. support, I haven't talked to the technicians there about my computer problems yet.
It takes about 4-5 minutes for my computer to startup everytime I turn it on, also it takes at least 1-2 minutes to shut it down completely. I believe thae speed is extremely slow for such a computer like mine. In addition, the program response time is very slow too, and I can see it defintely when comparing it with my old computer. It takes too much time to open up any program on my new computer such as: Firefox, Winamp, Nero, Word, Excel... This doesn't happen on my old computer. I have no idea why it runs that slow. I read PC magazines and PC stuff often, and I was informed that AMD dual core chip runs faster and more stable than Intel chip. It was the reason why this time I chose to buy an AMD product computer instead of Intel. However, it really disappoints me. Below is my new computer's spec, the one I'm having problem with, and my old computer's spec, the one running fast and smoothly. I hope anyone here can help me figure out what's wrong with my computer or give me any suggestion. I greatly appreciate it.

* New computer:
AMD Athlon TM 64 X2 Dual Core, CPU 4400+ ( 2.20 Ghz)
2GB of RAM, P... Read more

A:Windows runs extremely slow ( Athlon TM 64 X2 Dual Core )- pls help

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hi, i have a Dell M1530 laptop with Vista Home Premium and i got it last summer. i never used it on the internet for the first bit, then my sister borrowed it to email some pictures (its first trip online) then i took it with me to a hotel with free internet (second online trip) and when i tried putting it on standby it kept turning back on, even when i shut it down. after about the 3rd or 4th time it finally stayed off. then we finally moved back home where we have highspeed, and its still doing it!!!

whenever it has new updates i let it install them when i shut it down and my brother (who is a computer technician) found a bogus virus software on my tray, so he removed it thinking that would fix the problem and he went back to the city, but it keeps turning back on still.

so ya, i dont know anything about computers, it doesnt run in the family haha just my one brother got it, so if anyones answers are too "techy" for me to understand, i'll just copy and paste it to wordpad and save it, put up with the problem til my brother gets back and show him.


A:Dell XPS M1530 with Vista Home Premium keeps restarting on its own!

Please describe exactly how you shut it down. Do you use standby or hibernate? What are your Energysaver settings set to?

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I'm new to building my own PC. I've taken a really bland class on Computer Architecture, so I know the basics of the basics.

I just guess I have a question that I'm begging to be answered. :dead:

So does anyone know if there's conflicts with the idea of Dual Core Proc. in a Dual Proc. Motherboard?

And of course, is it worth it?

A:Dual Core Processors in a Dual Processor Motherboard

No there will not be any conflict. If the motherboard has a BIOS that supports dual-core processsors, it will use both cores present on each processor.

READ: Opteron 285 review

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Hi, I am new to this forum and not a computer expert. My 6-month old Dell Inspiron laptop is currently stuck on the Welcome screen (with spinning icon). When turned on, it brings me to my sign in screen, I enter my password and then it goes to the Welcome screen and just stays there and the little icon keeps spinning. I tried holding down the power button to force it to turn off, then turning it back on but the same thing happens. It has been sitting, "spinning/stuck" for over an hour now.

Any suggestions on what to do? Thank you!

A:Dell Inspiron Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium Stuck on "Welcome" Screen

Hi aphelocoma,

Please try the following steps to see if they help:

Try to run 'hardware diagnostics' to check 'hardware functionality':
- Power off the laptop > Power it back on; at Dell splash screen repeatedly tap 'F12' > Use 'arrow keys' on the keyboard to highlight 'Diagnostics' and tap 'Enter' > Capture 'error message' if any.
You may refer to the following 'web article' for detailed steps: Run Built-In Diagnostics for Your System

If you still experience issues, try to 'Load BIOS defaults' to see if that works:
- Power off the laptop > Power it back on and at 'Dell splash screen' repeatedly tap 'F2 key' > Tap 'F9' to 'load BIOS defaults' > Tap 'F10' to 'Save and Exit'
Note: Also check the 'hard drive status' in the 'BIOS' (Check if detected)

Please share the exact system model, if no conclusive results show up.

Do reply with the findings; would be glad to assist.

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Hey all,

So my girlfriends laptop is rather incompetent and decides to not open up any recently installed programs. All older programs that were on the computer work fine. I have tried un/re install of all programs mulitple times, tried system restore quite a few times as well, and nothing seem to work. The laptop has only had one other problem as well, were a CD was stuck in the dvd drive, causing the laptop to constantly try and read the disc.

How can I fix this problem of the programs?

A:Windows Vista home Premium/ Dell vostro 1510

Hi try using a paper clip to open the drive ther is usually a small hole right of the drive that you can insert the straightend paper clip into,which programs are you try to use or install

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can i use that fan? they are the same socket.. LGA775.. tnx..

A:Can I use fan of my Dual Core for my Core 2 Duo processor?

It will probably be OK but if the replacement CPU is a higher wattage keep a carefull watch on the temperatures. Make sure you apply new thermal paste when fitting it. Use this free software to watch the temperatures, set it up so it displays the temps in the task bar.

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I was wondering which one you guys would buy. I know there is a big debate over the new dual cores, so I am looking for the one that will be the best quality, and one that I can use for a while and not have to upgrade for sometime. Mind you, I will not be gaming, I am only looking for performance running many programs at the same time such as itunes, aim, word, outlook, etc, and encoding and dvd decrypting. Please give me your recommendations and why and let me know some good accompanying parts such as mobo, heatsink, ram etc. Thanks for your help

A:AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 Socket 939 Dual Core or Intel Pentium D 940 Presler 800MHz FSB

If you won't be gaming, then the intel would probably be somewhat faster for your uses. They are pretty close in performance, but the amd is faster for gaming. You say you won't be gaming though, and the intel is cheaper, so go for it IMO.

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Yesterday our laptop froze up and had to reboot and it rebooted to a black screen that said :

Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.
This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing. Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.
If you continue to receive this error message. contact the hardware manufacturer.
File /Boot/BCD
Status 0xc00000e9
Info An unexpected I/0 error has occurred.

I have had nothing plugged into the computer. Now I am at System Recovery Options screen but no operating system is listed and when I click on Load Drivers I don't know where to go after that.

Please Help me! I'm lost...

A:No OS in System Recovery Options (Vista Home Premium Dell Laptop)

You may have hard drive issue....Run hard drive diagnostics: (or sure, you select tool, which is appropriate for the brand of your hard drive.Depending on the program, it'll create bootable floppy, or bootable CD.If downloaded file is of .iso type, use ImgBurn: to burn .iso file to a CD (select "Write image file to disc" option), and make the CD bootable.For Toshiba hard drives, see here:

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I am trying to connect to two computers that are connected to a Linksys Router using Remote Assistance on a Vista Home Premium Machine. I get the error message that the person you are trying to help may have closed remote assistance. I get the same message when trying to connect to either machine. I am guessing the problem is with a setting in the router, but I don't know what setting.

A:Remote Access from Vista Home Premium to Vista Home Premium and XP Home Edition

You should forward the ports on the router to the IP Addresses of the machines, that you want to connect to. On Symantec PC Anywhere, it is ports 5631 and 32, on Windows remote desktop connection it is port 3389 that needs to be forwarded.

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A few months ago I uninstalled my webcam because I was having problems with it. When I reinstalled it, it said that parental controls were enabled and now I cannot use my webcam. I am an administrator on the laptop and I never set a password. How do I disable the controls ??


A:Dell Inspiron and Vista Home Basic ... Webcam problems

To disable the User Account Controls:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Type in "UAC" in the search box (without the speech marks).
3. Click the link "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off".
4. On the next screen you should uncheck the box for “Use User Account Control (UAC)”, and then click on the OK button.
5. You’ll need to reboot your computer before the changes take effect.

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Hello potential saviours-
I have a Dell XPS M1330 equipped with Windows Vista Home Premium; it also has an unfortunately acquired ICE Cyber Crime Virus ($300 MoneyPak), completely locking my screen and turning on the microphone/webcam. I have attempted to start the computer into safe mode, however I have been unsuccessful; I am returned to the regular log-in screen and after logging in, I am locked once again. I have read past threads and some have been successful in acquiring guidance from such computer wizards, so needless to say, my fingers are crossed at this point!
Please help, and thank you for your time!

A:ICE Cyber Crime Virus - Windows Vista Home Premium - Dell XPS M1330

Have a look at this:

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My husband uses Chrome and it is running very slow. Firefox seems unaffected.
 I recently wiped my computer after a nasty virus and have been trying out various security systems recently trying to decide what I want to buy. Currently using trial version of Avast. I am guessing that I need to take some of those off and would love any advise to get rid of unnecessary programs. I am looking at you, HP! 
In looking at other threads I read potential helpers like to have people download and run speccy and minitoolbox to spot what is wrong. Thanks in advance for your help, A
here are my minitoolbox results:
MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version: 23-01-2014
Ran by azane (administrator) on 30-03-2014 at 12:22:26
Running from "C:\Users\azane\Downloads"
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium  Service Pack 2 (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal
========================= Event log errors: ===============================
Application errors:
Error: (03/27/2014 10:17:18 AM) (Source: Application Hang) (User: )
Description: The program firefox.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel.
Process ID: 7e8
Start Time: 01cf47b542... Read more

A:Chrome running very slow in Vista Home Premium SP2, 64-bit Dell studio laptop

@abzurdly zane
You should only have one active antivirus installed at any time.  Multiple antivirus programs can cause false positives, it can even cause your computer to become unstable resulting in BSODs.
Your D: drive has 0% free space.  It is full.
How did you reinstall Windows?
Is Firefox running slower than Chrome your only problem?

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Are there any special setups that i need to do to run a dual core processor or are they just plug in play. Meaning do i need to change any jumpers? I just bought a socket 939 and amd athlon 64x2 processor.

A:Dual Core Processor

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Like I want to get a AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Processor Model ADA3700BNBOX - Retail for $244.00 @ 2.2GHZ

But Im intrigue to find out why the dual core is more expensive but has less GHZ?

i.e; The AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Dual Core Processor Model ADA3800BVBOX - Retail going at $338.01 @ 2.0GHZ

Which one is faster?

Or should I stick with my AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Processor Model ADA3000BPBOX - Retail , Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM and buy a
Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 80mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan/Heatsink - Retail and overclock like a maniac on crack @ 2.4GHZ?! Or is that risking it?

A:What is a Dual-Core Processor?

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Is Dual Core a 32 or a 64 bit processor?

A:Dual Core Processor

Pretty much all CPUs including Dual core are 64 bit capable. however it is the OS that determines if you run as 64 or 32 bit

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I am not much of a hardware guy, so excuse my basic question.

I am trying to determine if an XP Pro machine meets certain specs, specifically if it has a dual core processor.

Machine number 1 is definitely dual core. When I open the computer properties, it says pentium dual Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50Ghz 2.49GHz. Also, when I open up the task manager, I see two windows for CPU utilization.

However, for Machine number 2, the CPU is a Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.320GHz 2.19 Ghz. It also has two windows for Cpu utilization in the task manager. Even though it specifically does not say that it is dual core, can I assume that it is?

A:Dual Core Processor

There are a number of ways to find out the number of CPU cores on your system:From a Command Prompt:wmic cpu get NumberOfCoresFrom the Registry, look at:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessorThere will be a numbered subkey for each processor core (i.e. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\1")Use a tool like CPU-Z:

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can you sot these processor from best to worst and what is the difference?

core 2 Duo 2.2GHz
core i3 2.2GHz
core i5 2.2GHz

A:processor i3 Vs i5 vs dual core

Okay, let me see if I can remember it all - or at least some of it. The new i3/5/7 processors are smarter and designed a whole lot better than the old range of Intel chips. For the moment it's best to ignore the GHz because it doesn't mean what it used to (at least not with the i range; what I'm trying to say is, you looked at two processors before and if one clock speed was faster than the other and the price would right you would go for that one).

The i range of processors, even the entry level i3 is faster than the equivalent core 2 Duo (well, an i3 compared to an Intel P E6500 it's supposed to be 40% faster 'multitasking', 78% faster with photo and video content and 26% increased productivity whilst an i5 compared to a core duo is 2.7x, 2.8x, 2x respectively). The reason it is faster is because of a combination of turbo boost and hyper threading. Turbo Boost is an overclocker that is built into the processor's tech to kick in when the system requires it and back off when it doesn't - not new technology but damn handy nevertheless. It's important to note that only the i5 and i7 has Turbo boost unfortunately.

Hyperthreading is much more exciting and it's the reason that the GHz indicated there isn't an accurate representation of the speed that is possible. HT allows 2-way (for dual core chips) and 4-way (for quad cores) 'multitask processing' which allows each core to work on two tasks at the same time. This... Read more

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I have a debate would you get Dual Core Processor yes or no ?

And why ?Pros and cons ...

What about Hyper-Threading yes or no ?

And Pros and cons

A:would you get Dual Core Processor yes or No

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How do I find out if both cores in my processor are working? My bios setting shows that multiprocessor is "on". Shouldn't I see something in Task Manager or Device Manager? Device Manager, under computer only says, ACPI Multiprocessor PC and Task Manager only shows one cpu.

A:Dual core processor

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Do you need an AMD dual core processor for: simple tasks like internet browsing and downloading, playing simple games like the sims 2,watching dvd movies and burning dvd's and music files? My friend asked me about it, so decided to ask the tsg forum experts on this. and he's planning on networking another notebook wirelessly.but no heavy tasks or graphical activities.

Would an amd Single athlon 64 processor up to the task?

A:Do you need AMD dual core processor for this?

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16th May 2016.Dear Dell Forum Members & Support,We have an existing and very reliable Dell Precision 490 with a Single Intel Xeon 5060 (Dual Core, 3.2GHz,1066MHz) system.The system is currently running Bios Version A08 (04/25/08)
Can it be upgraded to Two (2) Intel Xeon Quad Core Processors, and if so, can a list of the compatiable processors be supplied ?
e.g. Xeon X5460 (Quad-Core, 3.16 GHz, 1333MHz) etc.

Thank you for your time & patience.With kindest regards.GEM CNC Systems.

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We did a number of updates on our Dell 530 Inspiron desktop. The computer runs very well, although it will not stay asleep. After the updates, we noticed the Device Manager indicated that the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface had a Code(10). I followed all of the recommended reinstall driver recommendations, used Microsoft "Fix It," tried Device Manager/Action/Add Legacy Hardware to no avail. Now, under network adapters I now have the following: (1) Intel(R)82562V-2 10/100 (2) Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter #2 and #3. The machine runs perfectly except for sleeping as mentioned previously. It easily connects to the internet.

I would appreciate direction on (1) approach to solving this problem and/or (2) solution already listed that seems to fit this situation. Quite honestly, I don't feel like my skill level allows me to do much if any with the computer's registry unless it is very simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this question.


A:Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface (Code10) Dell Desktop w Vista Home Premium

For the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface either ignore it or right-click on it and see if you can disable or delete it.

For the waking up problem the first thing to check is possible devices waking it. For example, if the mouse is allowed to wake the machine it will sometimes do so as the result of the tiniest vibration.

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My Dell Inspiron 6400 is 13 months old - has Windows Vista Home Basic Edition. My grandson tried to uninstall Vista and replace with XP. It didn't work so I reinstalled Vista HB. I have a 19 GB folder "Windows.old" that I don't want. I don't find where I can custom an install without having that file. Help?

A:Clean Install Vista Home Basic On Dell Inspiron 6400

Windows.old is a backup of the old OS (in this case, it's probably the XP installation). I'd suggest exploring it first to see if it contains anything that you want - then delete it to reclaim the space on your system. Also, run a defrag after deleting it so that they system will effectively utilize the space right away.

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Hello.  My daughters laptop has something weird going on.  I suspect it's a virus and/or malware.  I have done everything and you are my last hope.  I have run about six different virus/malware softwares and all of them say I am Virus (malware) FREE!!  Yeah!  But it still has this stupid radio station running the minute it connects to the internet.  Sometimes there are two or three stations running over top of each other... very annoying and she can hardly use it.  PLEASE, can you help me?  I am not all that computer educated and I need help!
It is a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack 2.  It has 3 GB of memory abd a 32-bit Operating system.
Thanks for ANY help you can provide!

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 (Vista Home) is Playing Radio with no Program

You have a reply to your duplicate topic here: continue in that one, to avoid confusion for everyone. Once we see you have responded to that topic we will delete this one. Thank you for your understanding.

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