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Pc stuttering, loading issues, video and sound stutter

Q: Pc stuttering, loading issues, video and sound stutter

I've been trying to look all over the web to see what could be the issue of my laptop randomly freezing. Ingame when i play League of Legends it happens frequently now where my Frames drop completely to the point where i cant see anything for a while, it is stuck on 1 frame. But i recently also started noticing some issues when watching a video on youtube where either the video would stop, and then play out as in hyperspeed, whilst the sound would normally continue.
I've been looking aswell on what might be the problem causing this and i checked my pc for malware/spyware/etc. and there was nothing on it (except for those damned tracker cookies). The temperature of my vents and cores are perfectly fine aswell which i checked with speedfan/GPU-Z. (i must add that i recently let my laptop get repaired and they replaced the vents, added new cooling paste and gave me a new C: drive). So dust can't be the issue since it has just been fully cleaned.
HOWEVER, i have been looking and seen some people write about running scf /scannow in CMD. This gave me the result that there were some files that could not be repaired. So i kept reading and tried to extract the Log into a Txt file so i could see for myself what was wrong. When i opened and looked through it i saw like 6-8 problems that could not be repaired, but i have no idea what to do or if im even on the right track.
*Note I'm not the most technicallyadvanced when it comes to computers and english isn't my native language, so if someone can help me, please elaborate as much as possible so I as a nub-nub can understand  
Thanks in advance !

sfcdetails.txt 127.25KB

A: Pc stuttering, loading issues, video and sound stutter

sfc /scannow
Will repair files just let it do its thing! 
Run command prompt as administrator then run sfc /scannow
You can run it from a recovery tool like this -
sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows
Windows might be at C:\Windows when you're using it, but D:\Windows from the Command Prompt in System Recovery Options.
In most installations of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, C: usually becomes D: and in Windows Vista, C: is usually still C:. To check for sure, look for the drive with theUsers folder on it - that will be the drive Windows is installed on, unless you have multiple installations of Windows on multiple drives.

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I'm experiencing fairly regular stutters while playing either video or audio files when these are saved on my HDD. I have both a SSD and a HDD. I keep all my video and audio files on my HDD because my SSD obviously has a lot less space on it. It seems these stutters occur because the HDD goes into what seems to be a sleep mode because when these stutters occur, the audio and/or video stop and then play further when the HDD starts up again. I noticed this because I can feel the slight "vibration" when my HDD is running. These stutters are seem to happen when watching videos like series/movies with a long playing time as well as long recordings. Short songs for example usually don't stutter.

General info about my computer:

Processor: Intel core i7 4710HQ CPU @ 2.5Ghz
Ram 16GB
System 64bit Windows 8.1
I have a 125GB SSD and a 1TB HDD

I hope that's enough info. I looked around for similar issues around the web but for most people it was a driver issue and I keep mine updated so I don't think that's the issue here.

A:Sound and Video stutter.

Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change advanced power settings.

In there you will find Sleep options and indeed many others, like Hard Disk options.

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Hey there

I have a HP DV6020 et bought 4 months ago and started to act weird for the past month. Specs are here:

Sound echoes while playing games and also screen freezes for a few seconds. Games I have are Empire Total War and League of Legends, and it also stutters and freezes even in the opening cinematics of Empire Total War. League of Legends shows sudden FPS drops from 90-110 to 5-10 for a few seconds, sometimes every 5 seconds sometimes playable for 30 seconds. It used to work fine for the first three months and suddenly went crazy on me. There are no other programs on the PC except Avast antivirus software. Here are the list of things I have done;

Reloaded to factory settings..
Updated graphic cards, Intel Storage Technologies, Wi-Fi card and BIOS.
Deactivated card reader slot, integrated webcam and ethernet card.
There were sudden drops on network usage so while testing for games deaktivated wi-fi card.
Did defrag, chkdisk and memtest, no problems whatsoever.
Deactivated Intel low power graphics card and tried to run purely on Radeon.
Changed Windows used CPU number and fixed it to 8.

To no avail. Also, while watching streaming movies, sound plays fine but video freezes for a second while streaming, but when I wait and download all the movie, it plays just fine.

Any suggestions?

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Hey guys,

I have a very strange problem with my computer. I can normally solve most things on my own, but this one is just stumping me. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with the following specs:

Hitachi 100g hard drive
GeForce Go 6800 gpu
Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS notebook
Windows XP, up to date

All of my drivers are up to date.

This problem is VERY hard to explain using words - so please listen to the attached audio files.
The problem is that I cannot really play ANY audio. WHenever I do, it is VERY slow, stuttery and crackly, and often times the pitch of the audio even goes down, as though the processor were trying to.. catch up to the audio. I have recorded a few samples as well. This problem is also affecting the video sometimes, and others not, by producing incredibly stuttery video. Sometimes if I play it for long enough (30 seconds) the sound and video in a movie (mpg, avi.. doesn't matter) will completely just stop and freeze.

I have NO idea what is going on, and it happens whether I use the soundblaster card or the onboard audio. I have taken everything off my startup msconfig, save microsoft services and AIM, so nothing else is running, and I have scanned for spyware, virus, and the like.

Now I"m not sure if these two files will play like they do on my computer - I used winamp/windows media player/itunes all to play these two versions of a Jewel song, and then used sound recorder to record them with my wave out as the record input. Of course, whe... Read more

A:Sound and Video stutter, then complete stop

My guess is you are using the wrong sound drivers.

Try some others.

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Wanted to clarify that I have dug for solutions for weeks including this site. It's likely I missed a solution.
Alright, this has been going on for weeks and I've tried most every possible solution I have found on the internet. It began when I noticed a loud and abrupt screech on my speakers when listening to music on my work PC. It was extremely quick, almost like someone tapped the FFW button on a tape for half a second. As the days progressed I noticed it would often happen with more frequency and even noticed my entire screen would flicker. There are a few YouTube videos of the same issue happening (can't seem to remember the search terms) and the comments section is usually filled with solutions. I'll post what I've tried out of the 30 million solutions I've read and hopefully you guys can further help me out. My PC is home-built about 6 months ago, I do the same work on it about 60-70 hours a weeks and do absolutely no hardware tweaking.
My first idea was a virus. Malwarebytes found some small spyware, cleared it, problem persisted.
I assumed the soundcard(on board), added a cheap PCI card. Problem persisted.
I read that uninstalling Malwarebytes solved the issue for many. Problem persisted.
I discovered it could be observed through my PC latency. 
Each spike is when my audio screeches, the larger spikes usually produce a visual hiccup as well.
I read that outdated drivers could cause the issue. I install... Read more

A:PC Latency Spikes - Sound/Video Stutter

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hello TS community !

I have this issue with my desktop with the symptoms listed below.

When computer is on for a long period of time (3h+):

-Sound and Video start gradually to stutter on all applications ( not solely browser videos)
-Mouse freeze and stuttered movements as well, gradually increasing the longer the desktop is left on.
-The stutter occurs when the desktop is loading something (ie: Loading a new webpage, opening a new file, etc.)

A few other facts:
-Restarting the desktop solves the problem temporarily (for a few hours)
- The cause is not CPU overheat
-It is not browser or add-on based
-previous memory checks did not show any problems, but if I recall well, one of my memory cards is 5+ years old.

Thank you for your assistance. Please let me know what information you require.



A:Sound & Video stutter after inactive period.

Please post the make and model of your computer. If it is a custom build please most the following

RAM installed
PSU brand and wattage
HDD and or SSD drives brand
Motherboard brand and model
GPU if installed brand and model.

You have mentioned overheating. If you have a laptop with a can of compressed air clean out all air vents on the side and bottom. If you have a desktop clean out all dust inside with a can of air. Pay close attention to the heat sink fins, and all fans. Do not let the fans spin while cleaning this will ruin them. Hold the fan blade with your finger than clean them with the can of air.

Also download HWmonitor install and post a screen shot of the voltage readings (only if you have a deaktop laptop not needed)

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Sound card is Realtek Audio HD

I made a video on youtube regarding the issue

Games Cutscene video & sound stutter / lag (also flash games) - YouTube

Please watch it and Help me ASAP!!


A:Sound & Video Lag / stutter (High Enough Specs)

A single thread is all you need for the same subject.

What are the full specs of the PC?

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Win XP Pro, SP2
Pentium 4 3200MHz (hyperthreaded)
1024 MB RAM
GeForce 6800 256MB
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

When I play Warcraft III, I get occasional stuttering/skipping simultaneously in the video/sound/input(mouse). This occurs with both online and offline play, but it does not occur homogenously while I am playing. I can detect no pattern other than it wont start until after a few minutes of gameplay. Sometimes it will go away, other times it will stay around even in the main menu.

I have all the updated drivers, plus DirectX 9.0c. I have lowered all the settings. I can't be sure if this has an effect or not; I can't quantify the severity very well. I've also run it in OpenGL mode.

Now, enter CS:S. This game runs fine. Half Life 2 ran fine also, both on the highest quality settings. One day I decide to play CS:S with winamp playing music in the background. I'm playing for a few minutes with no problems when a similar stuttering problem happens. The winamp music becomes so choppy (and never improves, unlike the war3 problem) and progressively gets worse that I stop it.

This leads me to believe it's a sound problem, even though I still have a video/input problem when I'm playing war3 with no sound (although I think it's to a lesser degree).

Last week, I installed Homeworld2 and it has the same problems as Warcraft III.

I tried disabling sound acceleration (via dxdiag), but the problem remains in war3.

New issue: I'm not sure if t... Read more

A:Warcraft III sound/video/input stutter, also Winamp+CS:S, but not CS:S alone

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I have an ongoing problem when listening to music or watching videos. Everything becomes fragmented and the sound and video will stutter.
On two occasions when listening to music (via windows media player) the stuttering got so bad that the media player froze and i got the blue screen of death and it started to do a physical memory dump.

I have Kaspersky running......and i have also ran Mbam; superantispyware; Tdss killer; dpc latency checker and they found nothing out of the ordinary.
I downloaded Vlc and ran videos via that but they still stuttered.

The problem seems to be getting steadily worse and the rest of the computer seems to be slowing up with programs taking a long time to load or not loading at all.
The browser now frequently will not respond.

Does anyone have any ideas?

My computer is: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook running windows 7 64bit sp1

A:Stuttering sound and video

Hi there, Welcome to Seven Forums.

In regards to your BSOD please follow the instructions here:

Has this problem been happening ever since you bought that laptop? Or has it just started recently?

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I recently changed my system from a dual cored system and upgraded to the following spec

AMD Phenom 9950 2.6ghz quad core
Asrock Alive Xfire motherboard
Corsair Extreme series SSD 32gb
Windows 7 Pro
ATI Radeon 5770 x2 in CrossfireX
Sony Blu Ray reader
Corsair Hydro series liquid cooling
4 GB DDR2 PC6400
250GB Seagate Baracuda
750w high powered PSU with four 19 amp rails.

It has Windows 7 professional 32 bit system freshly installed on it. But it has a major sound looping and slight video stutter to it.

So i installed an external usb sound card and disabled the onboard sound in the bios to combat the problem. This did not help one bit.

So i try and play a file from my external hard drive instead of playing a youtube video, hopefully to try and see if it was my connection. Again nothing.

Im not really that technologically minded and i know that this system is much better then what i was running before but this sound problem is really driving me mad. I never had this on my previous system.

The only differences i can see between a totally fresh install is that this has a wireless card installed and that it has Microsoft security essentials installed too. Perhaps i need to uninstall these?

Any ideas people as it is driving me mad.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Sound and video stuttering.

When it is stuttering, what kind of RAM usage and processes do you see in Task Manager? What is eating up your CPU cycles and RAM--if anything? You might have something running in the background that you are unaware of, and that should show in the processes tab of Task Manager.

Have you tested your RAM or can you swap in other sticks?

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Alright, I've got some weird problems. First of all, I'll describe my system:

Intel Extreme Series D975XBX2 Motherboard
Q6600 Quad Core 2.4 GHz Processor
4GB DDR2 Corsair RAM
256 MB DDR3 8600GT Graphics Card
Vista 64 bit OS

Here is the problem(s) I am having:

1) Audio stutters every 30 seconds or so for about 3-4 seconds.
- I've tried updating BIOS, but I get the same "Internal Error" type message everytime, even though it's the correct version that's supposed to be compatible with Vista 64.
- I've tried updating the audio drivers. The only driver that worked was the version that's about 2 releases old because the newer versions all had random errors and didn't work with Vista (even though they said they were supposed to).
- I thought if I turned off some advanced audio processing features it would fix the problem, but I can't get Intel Audio Studio installed because it says "This is not the correct driver for this sysetem" even though it IS.

2) BIOS refuses to update, saying "There is an internal error" or something along those lines. I looked up that error message in Intel's readme and it said it's due to a lack of hard drive space--but I have 450 GB free!
- An interesting thing I've noted during boot is that it says "No hard drive is detected!" when going through it's RAID check. I'm not set up for RAID, so I'm not even sure why it does this check. But, I think this could be causing the BIOS update error-... Read more

A:Sound Stuttering and Other Audio Issues

Has anybody else had this happen to them???

I am having the EXACT same problem. My machine has two (2) Quad Core Xeon 3.0 w/ 4GB RAM. We shouldn't be having stuttering audio...

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Cursor is smooth and fast at startup (and in safe mode), sound works fine (startup noise) but when everything loads and Windows is actually usable, it's like the PC works great .. until you move the cursor.

Cursor is choppy and affects sounds. I can watch video and listen to music perfectly, until I move the cursor. I made a video of this:

pc issue - fine unless cursor moves? - YouTube

Things I've tried: uninstalling / reinstalling / repairing / etc. mouse drivers, video card drivers, network adapter drivers (thought the problem was related to network activity because of startup/safe mode behaviour being normal), catalyst control centre, etc.

Gigabyte G31M-ESL2 (new)
Pentium D @ 3.40 GHz
3.25 GB ram (2x2 GB ddr3 tested with Memtest)
Radeon HD 6450 1GB
Atheros AR8131 Ethernet
XP Pro SP3
Mouse is a wired Logitech MX518, uses Setpoint software
All the specs I can think of, let me know if you think any other info would help

In task manager performance tab, cpu goes to 100% usage when the cursor is moved around.

New build, no viruses, scanned for good measure with Avast (then uninstalled Avast to see if it helped), Malwarebytes, Spybot, Microsoft Security etc. I don't see how infection could even be a problem at this point

Anyone recognise this problem or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:(Video of problem) Choppy cursor, video+sound stutter when cursor is moved

Finally hunted down a ps/2 mouse instead of other usb mice (durr). There seems to be no problem now, not even in task manager.

Now my problem is I'm using a ps2 mouse.

Any ideas?

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I'm running Win XP PRO..My other comp bit the dust so i have a used cheapie i most games I'll get an intermittent audio stutter every once in awhile that last a few seconds..I also believe a slight video hitch at time...Using a sound blaster audigy SE....Was doing it with onboard audio fragged....stopped background programs from staring up...Put norton 2009 on silent mode...Not a resource hog like the old norton anyway....Went to a computer forum and nobody even answers this post so i guess they are stuck....cure this and I'll be your friend for life..
ps,,even played around with the paging file but not sure where to go there either

A:stuttering sound..Maybe a video hitch?

what are your computer specs and what games are we talking about.

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Recently I have experienced poor sound quality when I try to play an ordinary video clip on the internet. It is an on-off, sort of stuttering sound as if the sound was being reproduced before it had all been received. I checked my download speed at the time this occurred and it was 6.5 Mbps. My operating system is as follows:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2000+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30147 MB, Free - 8176 MB; D: Total - 1984 MB, Free - 1873 MB; E: Total - 11989 MB, Free - 8562 MB; F: Total - 15986 MB, Free - 5198 MB; G: Total - 19992 MB, Free - 17404 MB; K: Total - 26288 MB, Free - 21068 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., A7V600-X
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Stuttering sound on video playback

Most common causes are the stream itself (either to high for your internet connection, or network congestion, or server congestion) or the media player (ie: Flash, java, etc.).

First step, update/reinstall the media player.

You also need to note the type of video. For instance, if you are streaming HD video, then you could simply be seeing a hardware lmitation (ie: your PC is too slow). This would be the case if your PC specs are accurate.

Open Task Manager and watch the cpu usage. If it is high (ie: 90% +), then you are likely seeing the limits of your hardware. You can switch to the processes tab to see which process is using the cpu.

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Dell Inpiron 9400
Genuine Intel (R) Cpu
T2400 @ 1.83 Ghz
1.83 Ghz, 0.99 GB of RAM

I searched relentlessly for answers to this question but couldn't find a resolution that worked for me.

Starting just yesterday (Sunday, Nov 4) I noticed that any audio I tried playing, be it mp3, wav, etc. in any media player came out distorted, with a stutter... video/games of any kind also stutter on approximately a 2 second loop. If I move the mouse around the screen, it will skip on this same loop.

Right now, with FireFox opened, Task Manager tells me that I'm running at 51% cpu usage (64 processes). I've tried closing unnecessary programs, to try and find a particular program causing the problem, but nothing is helping.

I've tried about every suggestion I've seen in other threads; I've messed with DMA settings, disabled/re-enabled my audio driver (Sigmatel High Def), checked my spyware detector for a memory capture settings, run a spyware check, scanned for viruses, and defragmented and still am having the same problems.

Any help? I'm a bit of a novice here, so be sure to give me step by step instructions.

Thanks in advance.

A:Sound/screen/video stuttering

I have the same problem and it started about the same time - I receive Windows autoupdates.

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Hi Guys hope you can help as you have done in the past for me. my Toshiba satellite p20 is freezing up the sound and video playback is stuttery as well as mouse movement. I think that as this is rather an old laptop, its nearing its end but i also think that as i have a lot of processes running in the background that i have no idea what they do, hese may be my problem.I have an external 500g hard drive connected at all times. i run mozilla with ABP running and have done a full scan using esset antivirus( which detected 2 probs and deleted them) and have run Super anti spyware full clean with clear report. i have run hijackthis and have pasted the result. i also went to copy the minidump files in windows but the folder is empty. please help if you can guys. thank you in advance.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 23:52:50, on 22/02/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Seagate\Basics\Service\SyncServicesBasics.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\Bluetooth Software\bin\bt... Read more

A:Solved: video and sound stuttering

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I have a very odd problem. When i boot up my PC from being powered down, I get no sound at all through my realtek HD sound card. Not from any sources, mp3s, line in, web videos, etc.

Also when this is happening, when i play a flash youtube video, it stutters.

Nothing gets the sound back, not even disabling the sound card, etc.

So I then do a reboot of the PC and after the reboot everything works until i shut down the computer. The next day i turn it on and no sound. Reboot fixes it.

Anyone have this issue before?

*Edit, also wanted to add that i have updated to the latest Realtek driver off their website in hopes of fixing this issue with no luck. R2.70 dated 6/22/12

A:On bootup, no sound, stuttering flash video

Windows 8 has a different power down sequence than other Windows Operating Systems. When you power off, its not really powered off completely. Its in a sort of hibernation state. Because it doesn't do a "normal" boot with the BIOS this could be your problem.

There is an option to correct this. Give this a try and see if it fixes or helps the problem.
With Windows 8, “off” isn’t really off

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Hey there. I'm not sure what the problem is, but since yesterday, my laptop's sound & video keeps lagging..the whole time.

Yesterday i was djing on the laptop through a mixer..and then the sound disorted, like the speaker had been blown..if it's blown would it still be playing audio though? and could that be the reason for the lagging/stuttering? (that it's blown maybe)

here's a video of what i mean (since it would be a lot easier to explain)

Problem with laptop Audio/Video lagging/stuttering - YouTube

When windows starts, the greeting sound also does it..overall all the audio and video does

Hope you guys can help out (the video might be quite loud so i'd suggest turning down your volume a bit, it recorded pretty loud)

A:Laptop Sound & Video Lagging/Stuttering

Check your audio out cable. does it still sound distorted when you unplug the cable and use the laptop speakers?

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About a week ago I turned on my computer to find that the screen went blank after a certain point in the startup process (just before the desktop itself started loading). I called Dell technical support, the support agent determined the video drivers were at fault, and uninstalled and reinstalled them in Safe Mode, and the problem seemed to be resolved.

Shortly after getting off the phone with Dell I started up a game (Guild Wars 2), which told me my drivers were out of date. The video drivers the support agent had pulled from the Dell website were about three years old, so I went to the GeForce website and installed the 306.23 drivers. (For reference, I have two GeForce 9800 GT cards.) I began the installation, and halfway through the screen went blank, just like with the startup error. I let it sit for a while to see if the installation would complete, then rebooted manually. The computer restarted just fine.

Since then I have not had the blank screen problem, but my sound has been stuttering. How much it stutters fluctuates between "barely noticeable" and "occurs every two seconds", it seems to manifest most commonly in videos (both on my hard drive and online) but occurs with game audio and Windows sound effects as well. I have not seen any video lag accompanying the stuttering. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my video drivers again, this time without running into any issues, but that did not resolve it. I called Dell again, but they told me somet... Read more

A:Sound Stuttering After Video Driver Reinstallation

Can you post the model of your Dell? When you installed your two GeForce 9800 GT cards do you upgrade your power supply unit? If not I believe the psu that came with the dell is very much under powered for your graphics cards. I recommend at least a 80+ rated 750-900 watts psu. And under powered psu if you did not upgrade to a more efficient one is why you are having problems that you are experiencing. The minimum for each card (wattage) is 400 watts you have two. Having one I recommend at least 550watt since you have two cards I would highly recommend 750-900 watt psu. 400 watts minimum means it will do put it's pushing it if you just have 1 card.

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My daughter is having problems with the sound on her PC. Each time she plays a video or music the sound either stutterrs or pauses. We have tried Windows Help and updated her Windows Media Player yet the problems are still happening. She has a Windows XP Home Media Centre. Any suggestions would be greatly apppreciated.

A:Sound stuttering/pausing on music and video

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My computer is a pile of junk, or am I wrong? When I try to play video games such as Half:Life Counter-strike the video will slow down during gameplay and sort of 'stutter' like it will stop and then I'll end up in a spot where I should've been 20 or so seconds later.


For example:

In Counter-strike there are guns and explosions and what-not. I'm running up to a guy firing my AK when all of a sudden my screen begins to freeze and plays in SLOW MOTION. My sound is also going in SLOW MOTION , hearing the shots fired very slowly. When this is all over 20 or so seconds later I'm on the ground dead and the video/sound is back up to rate and is working fine. About two minuets later this happens agian...stops...agian...stops...agian.. and so on..


My sound can also get really choppy and won't play right during this. Gameplay is fine until about every 2 minutes this happens and it has always happened. When I first bought this computer it played CS fine... no problems at all, then I guess my stepdad did something to the computer maybe changed the drivers or something and it does this now. I really would like someone to help me on this. As I am completey boggled.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm not your average computer geek, so I'll need all the help I can get.

P.S: This also happens when I try play Nintendo games on my computer. The really old ones. I have emulators..ect
... Read more

A:Stuttering video and sound during gameplay / music HELP!

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

Judging by the specs:
Compaq Persario 5320 US
Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz
nVIDIA Vanta 16MB video card
Sound max on board sound
It appears to me that your comp is getting aged
for some of the games you like and the video 16mb
seems to be your bottle neck.
I'm certain it's been good to you just alittle outdated.
2 possible solution would be to upgrade the video card
to at least a 64mb or even better a 128mb.
The other is to consider a fresh machine (non-proprietary)
though I would try the video card Ugrade 1st.

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Hey there. I'm not sure what the problem is, but since yesterday, my laptop's sound & video keeps lagging..the whole time.

Yesterday i was djing on the laptop through a mixer..and then the sound disorted, like the speaker had been blown..if it's blown would it still be playing audio though? and could that be the reason for the lagging/stuttering? (that it's blown maybe)

here's a video of what i mean (since it would be a lot easier to explain)

When windows starts, the greeting sound also does it..overall all the audio and video does

Hope you guys can help out (the video might be quite loud so i'd suggest turning down your volume a bit, it recorded pretty loud)

It happens in every player. windows media, vlc, quicktime..etc. Only installed dj software recently, but it was working perfectly for quite a while...until last night.

A:Laptop Sound & Video Lagging/Stuttering

System restore?

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Hello, and thank you in advance for your help. A few months ago, my system became infected: namely, AntiMalware Doctor and the Google redirect virus. After getting some help from Microsoft Customer Support, I found your forums. Since then, I have received lots of help from Malware Response Team member Sempai. I'm happy to say the infections appear to be gone; however, some issues seem to persist. Audio & video is choppy and stuttered. This occurs with all audio and video, from my own music and videos on my HD to youtube and other streaming video to games run through flash, java, etc. The only site that doesn't seem to be choppy is Hulu. For some reason, their video comes through with no issue. My main issue is with SlingPlayer, an application that uses my SlingBox (a device hooked to my cable box that allows me to stream my television online) that worked with no problems before. Now, it is unwatchable, due to the extreme stuttering. I have tried letting it buffer, but no amount of storing up the video seems to matter. Also, youtube and other streaming videos tend to run a little better once I have let them completely load, but it doesn't always work and it isn't perfect. Whenever I Restart my computer, the audio controls on my machine stop working, and the Volume icon on my system tray disappears. I effectively have no volume control. The only remedy for this that I've been able to figure out has been using System Restore to go back a day or so. Then, ... Read more

A:Audio/Video stuttering issues after removing malware

<<7 hour chkdsk, 6 hour defrag. Still nothing.>>

Unless you have a really huge hard drive...I suggest that you run the appropriate hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic on your hard drive.

I have 500GB drives that run those tools substantially quicker.

Free Hard Drive Testing Tools - Hard Drive Diagnostics -

What you seem to diagnose as driver errors...may be indicative of a failing hard drive or damaged system files.


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As the topic says, I'm having extreme sound stuttering & distortion issues using the latest driver for this old graphic card (179.48, February 2009). I cannot browse a webpage with Flash content without hearing crackling sound. Same thing happen whenever I'm playing mp3 file and opening applications on Windows.
I can certainly state that the driver is causing this issue, since disabling other components and devices on my laptop won't help. Furthermore, installing some very old driver (98.02) seems to fix the issue, but as you may understand, performance is terrible and I am not even able to watch movies smoothly on youtube.

My question is: is there a way to compare these two drivers and manage to mod the newest as to remove the sound stuterring issues?
If not, is there an updated driver available anywhere? I understand my laptop is 7 years old, yet it is fully functional and working properly; I wish Nvidia didn't stop supporting that video card 3 years after its release.

For the record, I have always tried to install some 300.x drivers series using modded inf, without success (either installing it wouldn't work using the 'Have disk' Method, or it would work but performance was terrible).

I'm using Windows 7 32bits. I am suffering the same issue on the 64 bits edition as well as on Windows 8 (drivers are the same anyways!).
Any help would be strongly appreciated.

A:Geforce Go 7700 - sound stuttering issues, is there an updated driver?

I do not see any newer drivers. Have you tried letting windows install default drivers? Uninstall the nvidia drivers, reboot and let windows install.

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Lately ive been noticing problems with loading videos when seeing them in such as youtube and so forth, ive updated all my current drivers (were no updates ofc) and its getting really annoying getting like crashes almost always when watching stuff on youtube for example

Also been noticing my computer runs rather sluggish lately on taking its time to load, checked spyware and nothing

Vista Ultimate 32bit
3.0ghz dual core

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My internet/browser(s) recently have been making me download the entire video before it will let me watch it. Usually, it will start downloading and give me a progress bar and start playing the video as it's downloading. I have high speed internet and this has just recently started. For example, if I were to go to and select any video, it would not start the download or anything it will just stay at beginning. After about a minute, the video will play and it will be completely downloaded. Any ideas? It's really annoying!!!

Thanks in advanced!

A:Video Loading/Viewing Issues

This sounds more like the buffer settings in Windows Media Player, have you checked those?

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I'm having a problem with streaming videos from various websites, including YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc. The video plays for a short amount of time then engages in a spontaneous stop and shows the loading screen (on YouTube this is a dark screen with an animated circle of dots). This loading screen remains even though the video has completely buffered, if I adjust the slider the video skips to the end. I've tried deleting the cache, as recommend, but it still occurs.

Computer Specifications:

2 GB Memory
250GB Hard Drive
1.83 GHz Core Duo Processor


Connection speed - 2 Meg

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I just got a clean bill of health on my computer a week ago, but the issues going on with my computer have worsened to the point where I thought another thread might be worthwhile.

As of this past week, I'm experiencing choppy streaming on videos, and a noticeable lag rate on frames on video games. It's gotten to the point where youtube videos have difficulty streaming and are of extremely poor quality. Since it's choppy on videogames - and not ones I connect to the internet to play or play online - I know it can't possibly be my ISP or wireless connection. I'm still experiencing a slow shutdown and an even slower boot-up as well, and the space just below my keyboard feels hot to the touch. Are my video drivers going, or is it something else? Still a Compaq laptop running Windows 7.

A:Worsening video-lag/video game picture rate stutter

Hello,I will be helping you with your problemsSome points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Button, select Immediate Notification, and click on Proceed. This will send ... Read more

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I am hoping one of you geniuses (I am *not* using this sarcastically!!!!) are able to help me. I downloaded IE7 and it was working okay for a while. Now, whenever I try to load it, it just sits there with a blank screen (meanwhile, Firefox is fine). I use a wireless connection at my university.On top of that, my startup on my laptop is REALLY slow...and more and more often, for some reason, the sound is simply turned off and cannot be enabled again. I periodically run Spybot and have Norton Anti-virus installed, though I must admit it is a few months out of date becuase my subscription ran out. Nonetheless, here is my hijackthis log file:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 2:41:30 PM, on 1/2/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:Problems Not Loading Ie7, Slow Computer, Intermittent Sound Issues.

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. Let's see what we can turn up.Please download ComboFix and save it to your desktop.Double click combofix.exe and follow the prompts.When it's done running it will produce a log for you. Please post that log in your next reply.Important Note - Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause it to stall.

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Hi there,

I was told that I should post a thread in here because they figured out that it wasn't Malware causing my problem. Anyways, I have a Hewellet Packard XP laptop that's been about 2 years old I think. I've always had problems with this computer, have rebooted the whole system about ten times, and for some reason I keep getting viruses. The computer takes about ten minutes to start up, and it always stays on the Windows XP loading bar, then takes another 2-3 minutes to load everything in. Once everything's loaded my internet and everything works at perfect speed, everything except audio and video that is. They jerk so bad that you can't stand to listen to them.

I know I haven't provided much info but if you could help in anyway, I would be greatful.


A:Slow Start Up, XP Loading Bar Loads for Ten Minutes, Sound and Video Jerks

HP what? What model?

How much RAM installed?

How large is hard drive, how much free space currently on hard drive's C: partition?


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Okay so I have a few .MKV files. The 1gb ranged ones seem to play fine. Anything in the 4gb+ bracket stutter on playback. My laptop can handle it enough to play it clean for the main part but every now and then, say twice for a few seconds every 10mins the video will stop and stutter whilst the audio continues and then catches up with the images after a bit.

I presume this is due to my laptop just not being able to handle the massive quality of HD videos. So what are the standards for top quality video playback? My laptop is just below general standard I guess:

AMD Athlon Dual Core 2Ghz
3GB Ram
Windows 7 - 64Bit
NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G

I'm guessing the graphics card just can't handle it? Been using VLC.

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I have a strange problem where sounds stutter in games the first time they play and then do not stutter again; this stuttering causes major performance issues as the game itself will stutter as the sound loads. This happens in World of Warcraft, Oblivion, and HL2. It is bizzare that once the sound has played it is fine, does anyone have a similar problem or know how to resolve this?

I have tried turning down acceleration in dxdiag, updating all my drivers (currently using the OMEGA display drivers), using a PC latency tool, running the games at the lowest display settings. What is also strange is that in WoW, if I turn the sound off I have no stuttering.

Running WinXP
AMD 64 3000+
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
Realtek AC97 Soundcard (What is strange in this regard is that I tried using a PCMIA Soundblaster card and disabled the Realtek and had the same problem)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Sound Stutter

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when listening to music the track stutters on every media player i have and on youtube is there any fix for this?

A:Sound stutter

Update your sound drivers..

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I don't know much more than the average person when it comes to internal problems in my computer. I am a gamer, and that is the purpose of this computer. Last Tuesday, things started to go bad. Startup of my computer and startup of my games are fine, but when I join a server or go into the game everything loads very slow. YouTube videos were set to auto load at 360 or 480p, but since Tuesday they have been set to 144p and still take ages to load. I'm not sure if that means something, but whatever happened Tuesday caused any gaming/video related visuals to load terribly slow. This started to make me think my graphics card was bad (it is honestly, but it does the job at low/medium settings), but looking at other topics I have never seen someone recommending on getting a new graphics card to fix the problem. My computer is a standard 5 year old pre-built HP "Gaming" computer.

I have checked for spyware/malware and repaired/restored my system without any improvement in how well things load. I assume my specs would be nice to add to this, so here (not sure what all is needed so throwing everything that looks necessary down)

Windows 7
System Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion
System Model: VT637AA-ABA HPE-112y
BIOS: BIOS Date: 10/26/09 16:01:30 Ver: 5.05
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 925 Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Page File: 3039 MB used, 13325 MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series

A:VERY slow loading and stuttering. Help? :(

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Hi there,

my parent's computer has recently become very laggy. At first, i ignored the problem since it was their computer and not mine. But i really dont want them spending money on a new computer that can be fixed.

The problem: I first noticed the problem with youtube videos. The videos audio and video lagged. The audio would stutter and it felt like the mother board was shaking inside the laptop.(must of been the speakers inside). The video was very choppy as well. It would lag every 2 seconds for a 1 second delay. I then noticed that the windows greeting audio (the listen tone that turns on when you boot up xp) is choppy aswell. At first, i thought i didnt update my computer but i checked and everything was updated.

My computer specs: Microsoft xp, windows service pack 3 2002

Intel(R) pentium(R) M ( centrino )
processor 1.73GHz, 1.00 gb of ram
ATI Mobility radeon x700
Conexant AC-Link Audio ( sound card)

My parents really dont have the money to get themselves a new computer so any help is apprieciated.

A:Audio/video lag/stutter

Droopy, I would start with some housekeeping first. See if there are any junk programs you want to uninstall. Just make sure you know what you're uninstalling. Go to Control Panel, Add & Remove programs and look through the list.

Download ATF Cleaner.
Put a check next to all the boxes except maybe History, if you want to save your browser history. Let it do it's thing.

Defrag the hard drive if needed. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. Highlight your C: drive only and click Analyze. If it needs defragmenting, run it and leave the computer alone for a few hours while it runs.

See if you notice any difference in performance. Also, make sure you are getting Windows updates automatically -- Control Panel, Automatic Updates.

I would also go into Device Manager. Click Start, then Run, then type devmgmt.msc - Right click on your sound card drivers and network card drivers and let Windows check for updated versions.

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Good Morning, I am normally able to troubleshoot, and fix any issue I come across, but I've been at this one for four days now. When I play online games, stream any video there seems to be tiny little pauses in the display. I'm not lagging, but it's as if it almost is stuttering. This does not happen when playing a DVD, only on games and any online video I attempt to watch. 
I have checked for virus, My power supply, Temps, up dated drivers. Last night I gave up and reformatted my hard drive, and still the issue persists. I have stress tested my video card, check the memory, and hard drive. No hardware issues were found. My desktop is connected via a vga-hdmi cable to my computer. I'm also using a Linksys AE2500 Wireless adapter for my connection. Speeds online are really good. I'll post system specs below, if anyone has any ideas I would be unbelievably grateful! 
System Information
Time of this report: 6/28/2014, 13:21:20
       Machine name: JINXEDKING-PC
   Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.130318-1532)
           Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
       System Model: CM1630
               BIOS: BIOS Date: 01/07/11 11:30:14 Ver: 04.02
          Processor: AMD Phenom... Read more

A:Video & Gaming Stutter *Please Help!

Also as a note, while this may be unrelated. But when moving windows around on the desktop, screen taring occurs, and get's worse as I drag windows around faster.

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Graphics Card HIS R9 280iceQ

AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History

amd catalyst driver 14.12

Operating System
Windows 8.1

Issue Details
All my games stutter when i play. My fps is usually around 60-240 but it stutters every 2-3seconds but the frames dont drop. But whats odd is that when i reinstall the catalyst driver 14.12 again and restart my computer it doesn't stutter at all. until a few hours of league of legends or any other games.i turned off v-sync.

Applications and Games
All my games stutter. League of legends, skyrim,rift,tera

CPU Details
Amd FX-6300 black edition

Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used
Samsung S23C350H 23-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Motherboard or System Make & Model
MSI Computer Corp. 760GM-P23 (FX) AMD 760G + SB710 Micro ATX DDR3 1333 AMD - AM3+ Motherboard

Motherboard BIOS Version
not sure atm.
System Memory Type & Amount

corsair vengaince 2x8gb 16total 1600mhz

Power Supply Read more

A:All the video games fps stutter

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Ok so I have been having problems with my audio and video on my system suttering. This is getting very frustrating especially when I am gaming. I cant think of what else I can do. I have updated the BIOS, updated drivers and even had dell connect and check out my computer. I am on a Dell Inspiron desktop computer. I did DPC Latency check and these were the results when i looked at it...

A:Audio and video stutter

Let's have a look at this info even though you're not having BSOD's:

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Hi everyone,

I have just built a new gaming PC and for the most part, everything works fine. The only thing is that I get a weird 1-2 second motion stutter accompanied by a buzzing sound coming out of my speakers. This happens every so often when I play games, music, or watch a video.

The stutter/buzzing sound occurs very randomly, and sometimes hours go by before it happens again.

I ran prime95 for 15 hours a couple days ago, and all of the stress tests were passed, so im pretty confident that this is not a cpu or ram issue.

Would this issue be related to my gpu, or something else? MY gpu doesnt get extremely hot, getting up to around 75C.

Here are my system specs:

Msi P67A-G43 mobo
i5 2500k
gtx 560ti
4gb ram
650watt psu
1tb hdd
scythe mugen 3 cpu cooler

A:Video and audio stutter on new PC

Are you using onboard audio?

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Starting about 16 hours ago, I started getting screen freezes that last around 1 second, maybe a little less. Along with the freeze comes a sound, I can't place it but it is electronic, and most decidedly not normal. There are no accompanying error messages, crashes, or anything of the sort. The glitch occurs every 2-3 minutes, and is most disruptive to gaming.
Malwarebytes found one malicious file, which I quarantined, yet the problem persists.
I am on the Dell Inspiron 17r SE. As far as I can tell (and as far as device manager tells me) my drivers are up to date. I went and updated all 5 queued windows updates (which took a disturbingly long time for the ~800kb download, but thats off topic).
Would appreciate any help, as I cannot find anyone with the same error on any sort of forum (There are similar, but different).

A:Screen stutter + sound

I have what seems to be the exact same problem. I have checked and updated all drivers, run virus and malware scans (to no avail), checked to make sure all my hardware is hooked up correctly. this has been going on for almost a month for me. A friend has the same problem as well, 6 months plus for him. he has gone as far as replacing most of the computer parts thinking they might be the problem, so far it hasnt helped either.

The screen stutter and sound freeze almost always happens while a game is up in full screen. all devices plugged into USB ports freeze then restart. My headset will disconnect, the sound will redirect to my speakers, then switch back. after that all sound programs need to be reopened (raidcall, ventrilo, ect) game has to be restarted to fix the sound as it freezes and only plays the same sound that was playing when it froze. Skype stutters but fixes itself, almost no interrupt in conversations on there.

My computer worked fine from the time i built it until about a month ago.

Hoping someone can solve our problem.

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Hi all,

I recently did a system re-build, as per my specs. I've been having awful crackling and sound stutters which sometimes appear to be causing lag spikes in games too. (Having said that, I get it even when doing simple taks like listening to music or watching movies on iTunes/Windows Media Player.)

I've done all the usual things like updating to the latest BIOS/drivers, but still it won't go away. I've moved the sound card to another PCI slot and checked there's no IRQ conflicts too...

Can anyone help please?


A:Sound stutter & game lag

Possibly reducing the sound acceleration would help. On board sound? Usually notorious for crackling. Perhaps a separate sound card is in order?

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Since i bought my new HP Pavillion Elite m9500y, my sound has been having major issues. I bought this PC to play games, mostly like The Sims 3 and World Of Warcraft, and the games run great graphics wise and performance wise. The only major issue i am having is that my sound is really glitchy, it sounds choppy in the way that videos will get choppy on a bad video card. It works fine if the computer is not used for a few days, and i can play my games and watch videos, but after a while it goes back to being really choppy, almost like the sound is stuttering, i recorded a sound bite from a video, hopefully you can hear what i mean. any suggestions would be great, just dont tell me to check the driver, i've done that and done that, drivers are not the issue. could it be i need a new sound card, or my computer is getting too hot?

here is the sound sample-

A:Sound is glitchy, stutter-y almost

have you complained to HP? if new, should still be under warranty?

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Hey guys,

My Acer 7552g's sound used to stutter in games. Now after a format of my PC I noticed it only happens after installing a specific Windows Update. I stumbled on it by accident last time by only having 2 updates and noticing that the stutters occured when I installed those 2 updates. After removal of one of those, the stuttering stopped.

I wrote down which update it was somewhere, but can't find it anymore. Now the stuttering is back after a format of my pc. I have the latest drivers as far as I can tell. Does this ring any bells for someone? I'd love for someone to know which windows update it is so I can fix my soundstutter again(which is frankly very annoying and sometimes causes frame-freezes ingame).

Thanks in advance, Epie

P.S. I use the Realtek HD audio driver for my sound. If you guys need any additional info to help solve my problem, don't hesitate to ask.

A:Laptop Sound Stutter

As this apprears to be associated with games, reposting on the gaming section would be the best place to start.

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The audio on my Asus G series laptop stutters now and it's really weird. During a game, video, or just listening to music occasionally the audio will just stutter for a second or two. It'll just go like.. "bzzz" and then return back to whatever was playing. I just updated my drivers for my sound card and my video card. They're completely up to date. I'm not really sure how to attack this problem. It's sort of hard to test it, because I can't really make it stutter, so I'm thinking it wont be easy to fix. I think it only happens after my computer has been running for a while, but I cannot confirm that right now.

here are my specs

Intel iCORE i7 Q720 @ 1.60 ghz
6.0 GB RAM
Realtek high def audio
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

Hopefully someone can help me out with this.



A:Audio Stutter - during anything with sound

Download System Information for Windows (SIW free version)No installation required.After it scans your computer, navigate to Hardware>Sensors and post all info from there.

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Hi, I have been major problems with my speakers and sound card. I have razer barracuda AC-1 Sound Card and logitech z-5500 speakers. Ok here is the problem:

When I play music:
- it always starts out with a stutter and has random stutters throughout the song
- when no music is playing there is a slight static from the speakers

When I play games like CS:
- after a while of playing like 30 minutes... static kicks in and IT IS ANNOYING (like constant static playing along the game noises)

I have all the latest drivers, disable onboard sound... I don't know what else to do
I contact razer and they told me to test the sound card on another computer but I don't have another computer to do that

Other info:
I tried the onboard sound and it stutters also
sometimes when i switch s/pdif input on the razer control panel sound comes out from the wrong speakers

(my guess is its razers stupid drivers and sound card but im stupid too so i really dont know)

My system:
Intel q6600
2 gb Corsair Ram
Cooler Master Extreme 600W PSU
Abit Ip35 Pro Mobo
EVGA 8800 GT
Don't know what else info you need BUT PLEASE HELP... thanks! :darth:

A:Stutter/Static-y sound

but im stupid too so i really dont know)Click to expand...

That's funny, made me laugh

Anyway, I think it's the speakers themselves, probably been put up too high by the kids !
Anyway, try to borrow someones speakers, or use headphones to test (headphones; speakers whichever)

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hello. i just installed the demo of mafia 2 yesterday, on my windows 7 64 bit harddrive. i reformatted a different harddrive with xp pro 32 bit and i still get sound stutter/lag, especially when driving. my soundcard is a x-fi extreme gamer with latest driver from creative's website. tried unplugging the card and enabled onboard audio in bios and installed the latest realtek hd audio drivers, then it was even worse. tried setting the graphics to minimum but still the same stutter. a few months ago i had the same problem on gta iv. i have no sound problems in other games.

650w corsair cpu
msi p43-c51 mobo
gtx 275 graphics card
intel q8300 2.5ghz cpu
4 gigs of ram (in dual channel)

thanks in advance people. hope i can find a solution for this.

A:sound stutter/lag in game


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OK so my computer is acting up. Two weeks ago while browsing suddenly i get error messages concerning dns failed something probe. Ever since, when i open a new link it takes almost 20-30 seconds to open the page... 
When i want to view a new video on youtube, it takes alot of time concidering i have 75/75 up/down
Its not the download speed, once i get a connection it works fast, but still not as normal.
Also now ive started getting sound stuttering/lag in the video. 
Today even the mouse curser lags behind the movement of my mouse and then quickly squirms around the screen catching up all the movement i did.
Does this have something to do with my SSD starting to fail?
Is there some virus hijacking my resources?
Are my drivers bad?

A:Stuttering, performance issues, internett connection issues

Hello and Welcome ..

Does this have something to do with my SSD starting to fail?
Is there some virus hijacking my resources?
Are my drivers bad?

We can try to briefly check these with the following methods, or use stronger programs if required..

Please download Rkill (courtesy of to your desktop.
There are 2 different versions. If one of them won't run then download and try to run the other one.
You only need to get one of these to run, not all of them. This gives a preliminary reading, and clears your Antivirus/Antimalware programs.
You may get warnings from your antivirus about this tool, ignore them or shutdown your antivirus.
iExplore.exe (renamed rKill.exe):
Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.
If using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 right-click on it and choose Run As Administrator.
A black DOS box will briefly flash for a minute or so, and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.
If not, delete the file, then download and use the one provided in Link 2.
Do not reboot until you run the next few tools.
If the tool does not run from any of the links provided, please let me know.
If normal mode still doesn't work, run the tool from safe mode.
When the scan is done Notepad will open with Rkill log.
Post it in your next reply.
NOTE. rKill.txt log will also be present on your desktop.
N... Read more

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Ok,Here is the issue with this sound card. First off it's a nice Diamond (great cards) Xtreme Sound 5.1. The problem I have with it is it's affected by certain videos. Youtube it plays fine.....until you go into Full Screen mode, then it's can't make it out what anyone is saying during play back in F\S mode. Another problem I have is Encoding videos do the exact same thing!

Last night I downloaded a freeware program that was on my old box called "Panzera mp4 to avi converter 1.3" it's a great program. My Camera uses the Mp4 format and I am not too fond of quicktime just to run that format. The reason I am trying to convert them is to kill the file size and make "nolstalgia" DvD for the family. the Mp4 plays fine however,no sound problems in the original clip.

My video and sound cards are up to date, My video card is a Geforce 8400 GS. Running on a AMD Athlon 64 processor at 2.20 ghz with 1 gb of ddr. Anyone ever had this problem? I tried Divx and Xvid thinking it was a codec problem. boy was I wrong. any suggestions is welcomed.

A:Sound issues and some video issues


Update:This isn't really an update but I found out something weird. My video playback with Wmv,Mpeg,Avi,Asf ETC. is always garbled. No matter if it's online or on the computer the playback audio is garbled. What could be causing this. I uninstalled,re-installed Diamond Xtreme soundcard drivers. I installed DirectX9.0c, I have Divx and Xvid codecs. My sound drivers are up to date. I unhooked the onboard sound and uninstalled sound max after buying the Diamond. A friend told me I should disable the onboard sound entirely but I can't find the option in the bios. My mother board is a "Asus A8x socket 939" board. Any helps please? I am desperate!

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Basically, every once in a while my sound will stop working, in turn all video plays extremely slow. Other symptoms... Watching WMP play a song is also slow (the timer moves slow). I think at the same time, anything flash stops working and reports a crash. The fix to this is rebooting the computer, and the frequency of this event is quite random. This is more of a nuisance than it is a problem. Sometimes it happens after a few hours, sometimes after a day.

System Summary
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name TURBINE
System Manufacturer 1E653
System Model 1E653A27
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 080016, 9/9/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385"
User Name Turbine\Steve
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.99 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.07 GB
Total Virtual Memory 7.98 GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.97 GB
Page File Space 3.99 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Name ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6899&SUBSYS_0B001002&REV_00\4&8C86388&0&0018
Adapter Type ATI... Read more

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I recently installed windows vista 64 and now i cannot get digital sound output. On board sound Asus m2n4sli mobo realtek ac97 driver. Windows shows it working but its not coming out of jack. I have installled all the vista 64 drivers from realtek including the beta drivers only to find that none of them show as digitally signed - seems odd, as vista requires signed drivers, that realtek would offer unsigned drivers for vista. Anyone out there in the big wide world know where i can get a digitally signed driver?
On the graphics front I have two nvidia8600gt's again downloaded latest drivers but I cannot get them to work in sli config - in fact cannot find option to select sli . When looking in device manager it says not enough resources for second card code 12 , i have 5 gb ram, what do they mean by resources? - After much research i have found that there are no drivers out there to support sli on vista 64 as yet.

A:Sound and Video issues

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I immediately assumed it was just my soundcard crashing and dying on me. The sound would randomly cut out. I'd reboot and all would be fine. But as of late, it's been cutting out audio a few seconds after booting up. I'd hear the login music, then nothing after that point. Videos would only play for exactly two seconds before keeling over. Again, I assumed it was merely the card, and did a simple relog. So I go to log out, and a bunch of programs I'd never even heard of were crashing left and right. And just before logout, I hear the exit music play. In addition, my calculator, MSPaint, and sound recorder programs have all mysteriously vanished, as well. No trace, not way to get them back, even with the windows CD. System restore is off. I'm used to around 23 programs running at once, as of late, they're spiked up to between 31 and 61 at any given time.Here's my log from running hijack this.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 11:56:14 AM, on 8/20/2006Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:F:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeF:\Program Files\Sygate\SPF\smc.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeF:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Service\AdskScSrv.e... Read more

A:Sound And Video Issues

Hello,Not sure why you posted a hijackthislog in this malware section since your Problem is hardware related -- sound and video issues. That's why it's better you start a new thread in the right section of this forum with a detailed explanation of your problem:

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Hey everyone. I installed a second video card to my system because I have a dual monitor setup running off one card (ATI 3850) and now I have an ATI 4670 running my projector.

It seems that when I play video off the second card (to my projector) it shows a slight stuttering in the video, but not the audio. These are files I know work properly, so it's not that.

When I plugged in the second card and fired up the machine, 7 automatically installed the drivers. Was this a bad idea? Should I uninstall them and do an manual install from drivers available in the setup from ATI's website?

I had to do some rearranging of the screens under the screen resolution menu, but it seemed ok until I played video off the second card.

Also, when I start the computer, ATI blacks my screens out for a few seconds and then comes back on, similar to what it does when I want to change the resolution of a screen. This is frustrating to watch every time I turn on the machine.

Anyone now what I can possible do to solve these problems? I never thought it would be so difficult to install a second video card and have it work properly! Thanks everyone.

A:Video Stuttering on Third Monitor Running off Second Video Card

Definitely install the ATI drivers.


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A return to the same problem-Phantom we are you?

A:YouTube video audio stutter AGAIN

Please do not start a new thread for the same issue.

Please reply back to your previous thread for further assistance:

Closing duplicate.

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I have windows XP with a GeForce Grafics card. But when i try to watch a vid or look at java on a web page it stutters. I need help . i have re-downloaded drivers but no luck please help

A:XP Stutter in Video display and java

Reduce your screen resolution and try disabling some of the background applications to see if it improves.
How much memory do you have installed ?
Has this occurred recently or is it since installing any software/hardware?

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Hey guys,

I've recently purchased a new PC (stats to the left) and it's giving me some problems when playing video and games. It's a stutter and is usually rather random. I can play WoW just fine and experience a slight server stutter when performing some data fetching tasks, which I have experienced across 3 PCs to date. For example, a search of the Auction House database, which causes the game graphics to stutter.

I get something similar when playing Team fortress two. If I switch from TF2 (played over the internet to say, firefox for example, and then switch back, I get a loop whilst the game updates to what has been going on since I switched. For example, The audio "three minutes remaining" may go "Thr-e-e-e-e-e-e minutes remaining".

Now, I find this permissible, but it seems to be happening when I play video from my HDD and randomly in TF2. Seemingly at random whilst watching a movie, it'll occur. I can't put my finger on it as it'll happen whilst I'm doing anything - or even nothing other than watching the film itself. So, for example earlier "bad" turned into "b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d". The video acts accordingly.

I've run benchmarks and tests on the CPU, GPU and RAM, and all have a 100% success rate. My codecs and drivers are all up to date.

Does anyone have any idea of what can cause this?

Thank you.

A:Ocassionsal Video and Audio Stutter


Your specs shouldn't be the bottleneck, so I would suspect either a DX or Codec issue.

Try running DXDiag and see if that identifies any issues?

Then try this to change the Codec used as prefferred with this utility:

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility

Also have you tried a defrag and have you run a HDD check using the manufactures utility?


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I was away from my computer and left it playing on itunes. when i returned it had crashed so i restarted to find my main hard drive wasnt recognised. after restarting again it booted up slower than usual with audio stuttering from the logon tune. it now continues to stutter every 5 - 20 seconds and gets worse if loading a program or even iexplorer. i havnt installed anything recently that mite be an obvious cause.

im running

xp home edition sp2
pentium 4 3.4 ghz
2gb RAM
AC'97 on board sound
2 maxtor 6L300S0 hard drives
ATI RAedon x600 pro 256mb

A:crash then audio and video stutter

you need to back up all your information immediately
this could be your hard drive failing

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hi, i have a dell d600 laptop running xp pro, with 1gb ram, ati mobility 9000 graphics card. the problem is every time i play dvd's, avi's and youtube videos there is occasional stutter. any help will be much appreciated

A:Dell D600 video stutter

obviously check drivers from ati, also with 1gb of ram check your page file

right click my comp, properties,advanced,performance, settings, advanced, page file (virtual memory) if you can click no page file, then set then re boot, then go back and reset it to preferably a partition like D drive if you have one, so click c drive no page file, then d drive min 3000 max 3000 set then reboot again

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hello all
a week or so ago my sound on my pc became crackely and stuttering , i first noticed it while useing flight simulator , i thought it would be related to that but i get the same problem in windows media and div-x .
i have a build in sound on my ASUS P4S8X-X MOTHERBOARD , I have the up to date drivers and the soundMAX audio control package ( that came with the motherboard ) installed , i have 5.1 souround sound speakers ,
i have tried swaping cables around , different speakers , different settings on the control panel ,etc , no use

one other thing , i tried to use a voice control system for the flight sim (voice buddy ) and i could not get the mike to work or pick up my voice no matter what i did in settings ,
it may not be relevent but it all worked fine before i did a reinstall a few weeks ago with a bigger hard drive
runing XP with service pack 2

any help gratefully recived , the pc is hopless without sound
thank you

A:Sound Problem , Crackely And Stuttering /built In Sound

Try uninstalling Voice Buddy. If the sound is OK, then you know it was either a corrupt install of Voice Buddy or a setting in the program needs tweaked

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I have recently tried two new sound cards in my older computer (Auzentech X-plosion and ASUS Xonar DS) and both produce stutter when playing audio through a varity of media players. The problem seems to do identical for both sound cards and does not seem to affect streaming video/audio?

I have tried many different fixes to sort this problem but nothing has worked; here is what I have ruled out so far:
The PC meets the specs required and there is plenty of CPU and RAM left when playing audio.
Windows XP reloaded twice; happens with only windows and audio driver loaded so not a conflict with other programs.
Happens no matter what PCI slot the card is in, no IRQ conflicts with other devices
Hard drives are set to 'Ultra DMA'
Happens on analogue out as well as digital out so believe it is is not a problem with the reciever or cables.
have loaded latest drivers for all the items that I can find.
onboard audio disabled in BIOS.
The system is P4 2.0 Ghz with 768 MB ram and ASUS motherboard.

Any ideas on this frustrating problem would be most appreciated; the sound card support team does not appear to be able to help with this one. Thanks.

A:Audio stutter with new sound cards

Here's a REALLY goofy thing to try...

Check the IRQ that your sound card has assigned to it. If it's higher than 16...

Go into your Device Manager and look at the driver for your 'Computer'.

Change it.


I had a very similar problem several years ago with a sound card. Everything had been working peachy keen for a couple of years when one day after a system reinstall I started having the very same issue. I went nuts trying to figure it out and no amount of reinstalls/formats/troubleshooting could get rid of it.

I finally found an obscure post on a forum somewhere about how certain sound cards don't like Virtual IRQs (IRQs that are higher than 16). Sure enough my sound card had a Virtual IRQ. Changed the driver for 'Computer' (seriously, wtf did they call it 'Computer' for?!) and rebooted.

Viola, no more sound problems.

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This is my first post here and I actually registered just to post this fix that might help some of you.

I had some major problems with sound stuttering using my Sounblaster audigy se soundcard, this is what I did to fix it.

This might not work for everyone, im using an Asus M2N SLI chipset "Nforce 560". What I did was changing the Pci Frequency. Mine was at Sync. with cpu freq. I changed that into 33.33MHz and now my sound works excellent, no stuttering at all. You will find these kind of settings in your Bios.

P.S Im using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit if that helps out

Let me know how it works out for you ppl and i'll help you in anyway i can.

A:Solved: SB Audigy sound stutter fix.

I did some research about this and most it seems like "Auto" Instead of 33.33MHz is the default setting, so i recommend you go for Auto.

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crysis constantly crashing to black screen after a sound lockup where it happens. can't get out of it... no choice but manual reboot!!
HELP !!!!!!

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I upgraded from Win7 to Win8 (both running the MS Media Center) and it's created a problem with music playback . It used to work fine, but now I get random stutters. Sometimes it goes 10 or 15 minutes without any problem, but often it's more frequent than that - and it's very, very annoying. The system runs an AMD A8 APU, Gigabyte A75M UD2H motherboard, 4 GB of RAM and Win 8 Pro with MC. I use the audio on the motherboard (Realtek HD audio) and output is via SPDIF to a dedicated DAC (brand is Rega) and then to a Denon amp. I've had no problems with audio from DVD/Blu-Ray, TV (via TV tuner card) or when streaming TV programs via the internet. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone got a solution? Music is my prime use for the media center, so it's driving me mad!!

By the way, I've tried upgrading all the drivers I can, eg downloaded latest drivers from Gigabyte website, AMD website, Realtek website, Linksys website (for WUSB600N wireless network adapter). There is a newer driver for my TV tuner card (KWorld PCIE dual tuner PE310) available via MS update but last time I tried updating drivers for that card via MS update I lost all my TV channels and had to roll-back and re-scan them to recover.

I have an older MC system (running an Athlon 64 ) which I also upgraded from Win7 to Win8, and it seems to have no problem. It uses analogue audio out to an external amp.

I've read a few posts suggesting Win8 has DPC latency problems and that can cause audio stutter. I d... Read more

A:Another Win 8 sound problem - music stutter

As you have a Gigabyte motherboard, do you have the Gigabyte "Easy Tune" installed? That can cause major latency spikes. I mistakenly installed it on my new system, with a Gigabyte motherboard, that I use for my recording studio. After uninstalling Easy Tune, my latency was very low and no spikes.

The program to check is the DPC Latency Checker DPC Latency Checker

I had an issue with my previous PC with some spikes that were caused by Google Chrome's updater.

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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the place to post this issue but here goes:

When i try to watch videos (streaming from websites) the video and sound are in sync with each other. However after about 15 minutes in, they start to get out of sync and it gets progressively worse as time goes on. (The sound comes through about 2-3 seconds before the video). Is there anything i can do about this problem? i'm fairly sure my laptop is up to the challenge as it is a brand new Dell Inspiron with dual-core processor running Vista.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

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I've been having some rather annoying issues with with my new pc. I built a custom machine using a new mobo, power supply, ram, dvd-rom, video card, and the old sound card from my last pc. I noticed at start-up that no bios was showing up..which scared me..but windows xp installation went smoothly. After reboot, however, I noticed that the colors were a bit messed up...and the further I got through start-up...the worse the video got. I ended up with lines and then everything went all checker board on me. I replaced the 256mg AGP ATI Radeon 9550 with my old 64mg GeForce 4 mx-se and that fixed the video prob. But after installing the sound card drivers and software (Creative Audigy 2 ZS platinum)...the software wont recognize the card..even though windows does and I get sound. My friend suggested that maybe my power supply wasn't powerful enough (600) or just bad. I've spent hours trying to find solutions online but found nothing. If anyone has a theory on how to fix the video and sound probs..I'd be grateful.

Intel mobo (not sure of the model
Pentium 4 1.80ghz processor
256mg RAM
Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound card
256mg AGP ATI Radeon 9550 video card
250mg Maxtor hard-drive

A:Sound and video card issues

hmm.. lets try doing a bit of troubleshooting...

I replaced the 256mg AGP ATI Radeon 9550 with my old 64mg GeForce 4 mx-se and that fixed the video probClick to expand...

have you tried to test the 9550 on another pc if it runs ok?

PSU issue.. he is valid on this.. what brand is it? you may have guessed (search 'psu' on this forum) by now how many issues are related to cheap/noname psu's.. even if its a top quality brand just for teh sake of elimination, test in another pc...

update chipset drivers and bios flash, as well as any windows sp's and updates, and drivers updates.. you can get info on the mobo specs (or other hardware) if you dont have its box etc by using a program like everest home or SIW...

try swaping to a different slots (if available) for the audigy and the 9550 and see how that goes.. and since its a custom pc, did you build it yourself or a friend or company? just double check everything is seated properly (might as well pull everything out and reseat them), check for shorting to the case on the mobo, and theres no sign of physical handling damages...

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Hey there,

Since December I have had this computer I built and it's been running great! Just this last weekend though something happened and now it just crawls along. This is on windows 7.

17 920 processor
12gb Dominator Corsair Ram
ATI 5870 1gb graphics card
150gb velociraptor hard drive
EVGA E760 classified mobo

The computer recognizes all of this as working on my comp, however if I try and play music or play a game I can't get above 5 fps.

So what's going on is any time I turn it on the sound is extremely distorted, the video lags like a mother and my processor is on high usage even just at start up with nothing running. I have no extra tasks going (even after format same issue)

This happened after I took out my graphics card, ram, and other things to clean it and put it back. To resolve this problem I have re-seated everything, including the processor to make sure they are all good, the problem still persists... I have updated my video and sound drivers which does not fix the issue, I have reverted to a previous state on my drive before this happen and it still persists, I have even formatted and re-installed windows, I've made sure all my IDE drives are running on ultra dma, no luck.
So basically I've come to the assumption that it must be my hardware causing the issue. It really seems like the CPU might be the bad egg, however it always runs at about 40 C which is no where near an overheat / damaging temp.

I will post any information n... Read more

A:Recent CPU/Video/Sound issues

Hi and welcome to TSG what is the make and model,wattage of the power supply,have you ran memtest 86+ to check the ram is ok,have you ried running furmark or prime 95


prime 95

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I bought a used laptop ( Compaq EVO N800C). Everything is functioning normally, except a few issues with video and screen functions.

1. I can't get video from the the DVD, although the sound does work. I tried with 2 different media players.

2. When you scroll down while viewing a webpage, it does not smoothly scroll down, is seems to go down in batches and very slowly, creating like a ripple that moves either down or up depending if you press the up or down key.

3. I also notice that when the computer is powering up (Windows XP), during the empty blue screen you notice like lines that flick

Very strange, I guess there may be a problem with the video card?

Thanks for any useful input

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I bought a used laptop ( Compaq EVO N800C). Everything is functioning normally, except a few issues with video and screen functions.

1. I can't get video from the the DVD, although the sound does work. I tried with 2 different media players.

2. When you scroll down while viewing a webpage, it does not smoothly scroll down, is seems to go down in batches and very slowly, creating like a ripple that moves either down or up depending if you press the up or down key.

3. I also notice that when the computer is powering up (Windows XP), during the empty blue screen you notice like lines that flick.

Very strange, I guess there may be a problem with the video card?

Thanks for any useful input

A:No video, Only Sound and Screen Issues

capb said:

I bought a used laptop ( Compaq EVO N800C). Everything is functioning normally, except a few issues with video and screen functions.

1. I can't get video from the the DVD, although the sound does work. I tried with 2 different media players.

2. When you scroll down while viewing a webpage, it does not smoothly scroll down, is seems to go down in batches and very slowly, creating like a ripple that moves either down or up depending if you press the up or down key.

3. I also notice that when the computer is powering up (Windows XP), during the empty blue screen you notice like lines that flick.

Very strange, I guess there may be a problem with the video card?

Thanks for any useful inputClick to expand...

1.Are You using Windows Media Player?

What about trying another DVD Player like
2. Are you in DIAL-UP internet connection?

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I have been having sound problems with video playback since I installed Window Vista Home Premium 32bit. The problem occurs when pausing during playback of video. When I resume the play, the video plays, but NO SOUND until I close the program and re-start. This happens with all the applications such as, PowerDVD, Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements etc. This problem did not happen when I was using Windows XP Pro. I am using an integrated onboard sound system - SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio. Can anyone help.

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Hi, I just retired my windows XP preparing for what will come this april. Everything is fine and I like 7 well enough I suppose, but since I installed it I have had stuttering issues with running streaming video and some audio. I have tried using my on board sound with the latest drivers, no love... I even bought an although outdated and out of service but good enough sound card just for this win 7 an audigy se 24bit, fantastic sound for 17 dollars. So the problem is not related to these two different sound hardware sources. I did turn off windows defender since I don't need it, I turned up system power to high performance and yet there is no change in this stuttering problem. I watch video on line courses and it is a terrible distraction to have to deal with such a simple problem that for some reason seems to have no fix. Has anyone any suggestions that might point to something I've missed in win 7. I realize this is not considered a fast machine but it is fast enough for what I did in XP and it should be fast enough for another 32 bit system. Of course there is too much bloat in win 7 and I am still learning what I should turn off or disable, this is just marketing and causing more issues for people that just want a complete functional operating system without all the bloat.


A:Streaming audio stutter in video while buffering

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

If flash is involved, try turning off hardware acceleration:
Adobe Community: How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?

You might also want to test using Chrome.

BTW, Malwarebytes Pro is not an antivirus tool.

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I have tried and failed to get an answer on you YouTube as to why all of a sudden all theYouTube video's audio halt creating a stuttering or stammering. Any ideas?


A:Solved: YouTube video audio stutter

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When playing any type of media in any program I randomly get 1 second/two second long glitch where the sound and video of the media i am watching freezes - this causes a loud buzzing sound through the speakers (presumably this is the audio stuttering in place). Then the playback goes back to normal. This can happen once every 30-45mins or sometimes longer or shorter. This problem happens whether I'm listening to just audio on the net or if I'm playing movies in any media player. My computer is an ASUS A72F-X1 Laptop Computer - Intel Core i3-370M 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, Blu-Ray/DVDRW, 17.3" Display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Basically I bought this laptop purely to watch media so having the video freeze and make this horrible noise every once in a while is really annoying. I've tried updating the video drivers, changing the audio / video codecs and nothing works. Help plz!

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Hello all!

I hope I can get 2 for 2 in help here. Last time the help was great!

I have an odd problem with my video game or else video card.

This is in correlation to my first problem for which I posted on here. My video card presumably died and I had to get another for my computer to work properly, heck even connect the monitor. What I got was a EGVA GeForce 9500GT, one that a member here suggested for my computer.

Anyway, since then I had not tried playing my Sims 3 game, but just recently I tried and got an odd 2 second stutter every ten seconds or so. It stutters BOTH the video and sound through the whole opening sequence and loading screen, then also through the game.

I find this odd as before my previous card died, it ran Sims 3 and all the expansion packs perfectly.

All my drivers are updated, video card, DirectX(9 because I run XP)

I have run both MalwareBytes and Spybot for viruses/whatnot, no such luck.

I even did this sequence:
Defrag computer
Run Sims 3, still stutter
Uninstall ALL Sims 3 games
Defrag computer again.
Install Sims 3 Base Game
Play Game, find NO stutter.
Install 1st Expansion World Adventures
Play game, Find stutter once again.

I have scanned with "Can You Run It?" and it believes that my computer is just fine to run the program, with space, memory, CPU...etc.

I have even downloaded the program "Game Booster" which shuts down background processes to speed up performance. Not one change to the stutter.

I don't ha... Read more

A:Video Card causing Stutter in Game????

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Whenever I am playing a video, game, or music it will stutter/freeze for a fraction of a second. This occurs about once every 2 minutes. It also creates a harsh noise when it does this. Afterwards, everything continues as normal. What could cause this/fix this issue?

I am currently using windows 8.1 using an Inspiron 7720, Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU, 8gb ram, with a Samsung Evo 840 SSD.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

A:Stutter/freeze during video/music/games help.

Most likely some malfunctioning/obsolete driver. Check your power options too, something might want to go to sleep at the time and has to be "waken up".

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I am experiencing an interrmittent problem in Vista 64.

When i am watching a film (normally via Videolan player) or gaming online I experience occassional second/two second long glitches where the sound and video of the media i am watching freezes for a split second.

This causes a buzzing sound (presumably this is the audio stuttering).

It isn't lag and the play back is not constantly choppy. The files (gaming and video) are played from my hard drives not my DVD drive.

My system setup is as follows:

Akasa Eclipse case w/ 2 x Nexus 120mm fans
E6750 w/ Scythe Ninja cooler and Nexus 120mm fan
Gigabyte P35 DS3 mobo
OCZ Vista gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC26400 DDR2 RAM
XFX 8800GT GPU w/ Arctic Cooling Accelero 1 rev 2 (Turbo module attached)
Samsung 203B DVD
Corsair 620w Modular PSU
Terratec Phase 28 Sound card

My OS is on a 250GB Seagate SATA II HDD and i have various other HDD as storage.

Any help would be gratefully accepted as it is driving me nuts. I have spent a lot of money on this new rig and am pretty tempted to go back to XP...

I have the latest drivers for everything also.


A:Audio and Sound glitches, stutter, freezes

You have a powerfull machine.. that's not the problem.
Is your antivirus scanning or what is the configuration of it?
Is your Bios updated? Is your sound (and other)driver(s) updated?
Did you check your task manager CPU/Memory etc... use?
Check Control Panel/ performance Information and Tools/ this will help you alot

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I'm having this crackling sound which also causes mini frame stutters when it happens. Happens several times in a minute.

*This happens when watching movie on different softwares, playing different games, talking in mumble so I don't think it's software specific (not directly at least).

*I have Logitech G35 and integrated Realtek, crackling happens on both of them so I don't think it's driver or speakers.

*Both drivers are updated. I've tried disabling audio enhancements, using g35 on stereo.

*When the crackling happens on mumble for example, the frame stutter also happens on game software.

Can you tell what's broken?

A:Can you diagnose this crackling sound/frame stutter?

OK, no one [other than you] has any idea what we are working on. Post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb installed, exact cpu installed, exact ram installed, exact video card installed, exact pw supply installed, etc, etc. Note do not post "500W pw supply" post the exact make and model. If possible, post links to your parts.

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Good evening readers!

As a last resort i am posting this thread on this forum. Tomorrow i will go and buy a brand new mobo and HD, unless some brilliant mind could provide me with an answer to this problem:

a few days ago i upgraded my RAM. I upgraded from 2 x NANYA 1 GIG, to 2 x KINSTON 2 GIG.

Since i am using XP 32 bit, it only shows 3,25. That doesn't bother me. The problem is that since a few days my sound stutters when my CPU gets busy. Also, my mouse lags a bit. These stutters and lags get worse when the CPU load gets higher.

I immediately:

- checked both HD's (2 x WD 320 GIG, sata) and they turned out to be okay.
- still ran chkdsk just to be sure on both disks.
- Relocated my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard on mobo
- switched back to original RAM
- booted with one disk at a time
- Reinstated original onboard audio (this seems to reduce the problem, but doesn't fix it)
- Disconnected IDE DVD-writer
- Updated mobo drivers

So, nothing really helped. So my only option at this point is to buy myself a new mobo (and while i'm at it, getting myself a brand new 1 gig sata drive as well..)

My setup as it is now:

MSI p965 NEO
Core 2 Duo Intel 2 x 1.80 Ghz
2 x Kingston 2 GIG RAM
2 x WD 320 GIG HD SATA
NVIDIA Geforce 7100 GS (i do not play games) :-D
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard

Does anyone have a clue about what's happening to my system?
Could it be CPU related perhaps?

Thanks a million..


A:Unsolvable problem (sound stutter and mouse lag)

When you reinstalled your mombo audio drivers did you uninstall and reboot first.
Just reinstalling existing drivers will not fully overwrite the existing driver and so the problem persists. Uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall.
What do you do with the computer that causes the cpu load to be high?
Have you run scans for malware?

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You can read everything I've currently went through here.

I'm trying to find if there's a solution to a freezing problem I've been having. I really didn't have this problem before and the such, it just randomly occurred one day like a few weeks ago. I made one thread about it but I'm hoping to fix/discover more about getting a solution to this problem and was recommended to post here.


I'm having a problem with League of Legends that I didn't usually have. But I came play the game for a few hours and get a few matches in, that is, until mid-game and then it freezes and the sound stutters/loops endlessly. It's pretty much like 0:16 - 0:19 in this video. The only difference being the problem doesn't fix itself, it just stays frozen w/ the suttering sound and I have to manually reset my computer. From that point on I'm able to play League for a few hours before the same problem occurs again.

I've attached a dxdiag that contains my computer information. Hopefully someone can help me fix this.

A:Freeze / Sound Stutter during League of Legends

Guessing no one has ever helped with this problem?

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I recently installed the 64 bit version of windows 7 ultimate on my computer and it was a fresh install, i had to fresh install because i had 32 bit windows 7 but i wanted 64 bit because of its capabilities with my games so i installed ive started hearing these like glitch sounds when listening to music and doing something else (Playing games, surfing the web) so i looked on forums and what i got was a download to get this DPC latency checker so i did that and i noticed when the music glitched the bar shot up the program and a few people on youtube said to go to device manager and disable/re-enable some devices, i did that and it wasnt working... i have a hunch that it may be the graphics driver i installed for playing minecraft

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I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?
I stutter to play games and I don?t know why.

Soon after BF2 dreaded criminal release of patch 1.3 an open whole for hackers with mass server crashes and CTDs for players I developed a stutter. No not me, my computer. I will play for a while than I get a sound repetition/ slur sound break followed by a sound spike again and a quiet period and than I either return to normal game play or I get booted from server.

At first I thought it was my piece of refuse Audigy 2 ZS Gamer card. So I uninstalled it used my native A8N-SLI MB native sound (fresh install XP install) and I got no noticeable change. I loaded up with no sound at all and I got it too. I loaded Axis & Allies (crappy Atari version not the good Hasbro one) and I got the same stutter. Same with CivRome. I did a NLite minimal XP Install and got same. NLite Max Install XP and x64 install got same stutter.

Stutter only happens in games hmmm I?ll try super pi now. Okay it?s on and CPU is usage is reading 100% and I?m seeing nothing different. Let it run 30 mins no problem.

I 36 hour memtested my memory OCZ platinum rev2 2-2-2-5 previous with no problems once you increase the v to 2.75-2.8 range. I?m running them at 2.5-3-3-(?) can?t recall last number right now. Anyway I?ll rerun memtest all night tonight. But I didn?t have a problem previously.

So it seems like it?s not
1) Sound Card
2) CPU
3) Memory
4) The BF2 1.3 patch as much a... Read more

A:I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?

Well that's a mouthfull!

I've seen BF2 stutter sometimes when the Internet connection is going slow. My system used to do that on my old video card, would stutter and then kick me out of the server. But my new video card solved that. And your video card is better then mine (X850 XT PE) I think.

Since this is a fresh reload you said, did you make sure to load all the latest drivers for the video and chipset? I assume you did.
Do the games play better if you lower all the quality settings?

The fact that the CPU is running 100% is somewhat alarming. It probably will run like that when the game is going, but the point is, if you run out of those resources while playing, that can cause the sound and video to stutter. It's not the sound or video cards fault, it's just that there isn't enough resources to compute everything (mostly CPU).

Can you give a rundown of your complete specs in a nice clean manor?

Otherwise it's hard to say, yes it can very well be a malfunctioning card or board of some kind.

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I'm having an issue that is really frustrating and I cannot get to the bottom of it. I hope someone here may be able to help.

For a month or so I have been having issues with audio stutter or judder whenever I play multimedia or audio files on my system.

It started suddenly, but I haven't been able to relate it to anything in particular.

I have tried the following to correct the issue before identifying that it is a DPC latency issue (using DPC Latency Checker -
SFC windows repair tool
Updated audio and video drivers
No issues were identified.

Since identifying that it was a DPC latency issue I initially seemed to have noted that the issue went away if I disabled my Realtek PCIe GBE LAN driver. I uninstalled the device then re-installed and initially things seem to have improved. But, the problem has returned.

I have tried to further examine of the DPC issues using Windows Performance Analyzer, but I've not been able to find a guide that applies to the newer versions of the tool and am not sure I am interpreting it correctly. However, if I am then it looks like the problem driver might be dxgkrnl.sys or ndis.sys.

Can anyone help me with this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B55 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16382 ... Read more

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I'm having an issue that is really frustrating and I cannot get to the bottom of it. I hope someone here may be able to help.

For a month or so I have been having issues with audio stutter or judder whenever I play multimedia or audio files on my system.

It started suddenly, but I haven't been able to relate it to anything in particular.

I've identified that it is a DPC latency issue (using DPC Latency Checker and DPC Mon) and in the course of investigation and attempting to correct it so far have tried
SFC windows repair tool
Updated audio and video drivers
Updated Realtek PCIe GBE Card drivers
Ruled out IRQ conflicts
Reinstalled MediaMonkey (my main music software manager)

No issues were identified and none of these has yielded persistent results. Rebooting helps for a brief while as does uninstalling the Realtek ethernet card

DPC Mon seems to indicate ndis.sys as the main issue, but ataport.sys and tcpip.sys are also running values >1ms

I ran a WPA trace and that seemed to indicate either dxgkrnl.sys or ndis.sys were the problem.

Reading forums this seems to be a big issue with a lot of people. For some disabling hardware works, for others it's a software conflict, some people get respite from using legacy drivers for yet others nothing works. A lot of people think this is a Win 7 issue and nothing to do with 3rd party gear.

I'm thoroughly confused.

I'm prepared to do a clean install, I'm prepared to installed a de... Read more

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Okay, I'm not playing Nemo myself! however a friend is trying to.
The game in question is: Finding Nemo -Nemo's underwater world of fun

When I try to play the game I get the following messages: D3D8.DLL file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL: unlock CB
A device attached to the system is not functioning

The PC is: Gateway GP7-600, P3, 600mhz, Win98SE
Video on board: Intel(R) 82810-DC100 Graphics Controller
Audio on board: Crystal WDM Audio Crystal Semiconductor MFR:1 Product ID: 100
Resolution set at 800x600 16-bit/color

When I run DirectX 8.1 diag's I get the following problems:
Your sound card does not support hardware buffering. Sounds will only play back from software buffers.

Direct 3D Failure at step 1 [loading direct3d DLL] HRESULT=0x80004005 generic failure.

When I try to play the game I get this message: D3D8.DLL file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL: unlock CB
A device attached to the system is not functioning

Thanks for any input!

A:Solved: Sound and Video Issues with NEMO

Install the latest DirectX version

Also the DDraw is DirectDraw, so maybe the graphics card is not compatible. What are the video cards from both machines?

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I suddenly have no sound, the microphone doesn't work and videos won't play online (youtube, etc.). I found out while trying to Skype that there was no sound and the microphone doesn't work anymore (Viber also doesn't work and neither does the call function via Facebook). I have used Skype before on this computer and it worked fine then. All the devices (drivers) are working properly (no yellow exclamation marks of doom) and I haven't changed any settings that I know of. What on earth is going on? I can't even listen to any music! (and yes, I did check that the volume is up).

A:Suddenly no sound, no microphone & video issues

First suggestion, as it worked previously and now does not, is to use the System Restore function and restore it back to an available restore date when it did work.

System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.

System restore will not delete any user data or e-mails, but any programs or updates installed after the restore date will have to be reinstalled. Same way any programs uninstalled will have to be uninstalled again.

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Had a XFX Radeon HD 6770 in one slot, and below it was a SIIG 7.1 Channel C-Media chip sound card.

When the second XFX Radeon HD 6770 came in along with the crossfire bridge, I had to relocate the sound card to a different slot inbetween both video cards.

Now, anytime I go into something graphics intensive (video games), I get a nearly constant high pitch squelching/buzzing sound.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the sound card drivers to no avail.

Tried my onboard card, and it does NOT give this buzz, but I have two issues with this. First is that for some reason, my onboard sound card only streams sound to the left speaker. The right remains dead. Secondly, I dont wanna use onboard lower quality when I paid good money for a PCI card.


A:Just got a second video card to Crossfire, and now I'm having odd sound issues

What is your motherboards model?

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I'm having problems with my sound, i am getting a stuttering sound more and more frequently when watching videos online/dvds.

I have tried going into the device manager and updating my drivers in the sound section, but apparently they are up-to-date. Really don't know what to do next!

I have a Toshiba laptop, satellite series. I've had no joy on that website with support. I am using Windows 7.

Any ideas?!


A:Problems with sound when watching dvd, stuttering sound

Hmm well first of all Id make sure that you are experiencing this problem while watching dvds as well as online. The reason I say this is because if its just online it could be bandwidth and if its just the dvd, it could be the damaged media.

Assuming you are consistently having sound issues watching videos online and via dvd my first guess would be overheating.

Do you have the ability to play sound files without issues? Is the problem only with video?

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I have an older setup (1366 i7 930) that has worked well for years with XP, Win 7, Win 8 and now running Win 8.1.

About 4 months ago I started getting every kind of problem known to man: BSODs, audio skips and stutter, video hangs and blank screens (with mouse cursor still working), slow response, dropouts, logouts and general instability. These problems were at their worst when I was using older software and when the CPU was heavily loaded. The CPU temperature was never an issue and has been logged at well under 70C. The event logs showed multitudes of totally spurious errors but they mostly related to power faults and bad or missed interrupts.

It would take too long to describe the frustrating process I used to trace the problem but I have finally found a solution. My system has been working flawlessly for two weeks now and I have put it through the wringer.

In short the faults were all caused by the video driver for my Sapphire AMD 7970 card. I had accepted the Microsoft drivers as a conservative, but stable solution for my installation. This has always worked in the past. Microsoft puts stability ahead of performance in their released drivers (they say) and although they do stuff up every now and then I have never had any problems before.

Two weeks ago I installed the latest Catalyst package with the v14.100.0.0 driver and all of my problems vanished. I am amazed by the response and speed difference I am experiencing. I must add that I had reinstalled both my MS video... Read more

A:8.1 BSODs, video and audio stutter, blank screen etc.

hi i have been getting this DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and a few more like that i use to run win7 and put 8 on then 8.1 after getting told from there scanner that my computer would run this just fine but now i have this i have posted the dmp files please help

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Problem was an older PCI SATA I controller with a VIA chipset (NOT THE GTX 670). Replacing it with a newer PCIex1 SATA III card with a ASMedia chipset has eliminated the occasional stutter
**************************************************************************************************** ********************

CPU: i7 2700K
MoBo: Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670
Surround Sound Receiver: Onkyo 515
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro

My pc has been running great for about two years now, but starting a couple weeks ago I have been noticing an occasional audio "hiccup" once or twice per hour where everything seems to lag out for a half-second. If a computer could fart it would sound like this stutter I am talking about.

This audio stutter occurs whether i am listening to music, watching videos, or playing games.
I have since performed a clean re-install of windows 8.1, and run the system file checker to verify the integrity of my OS files, but the problem persists. I have tried two of the most recent Nvidia drivers (including a beta) for the GTX 670, and will try reverting back to older drivers next.

I don't believe it to be a problem with the receiver because I have tested it on other inputs (TV, PS3) and the problem is not seen (heard) there.

Any ideas of what may be causing this problem?
Thanks in advance.

A:occasional half-second audio/video stutter in windows 8.1

How many programs are you running? Post your complete System Specs in your profile. How are you connected to the AVRS?

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I posted about this elsewhere and got a lot of views, but no replies. I apologize if it's out of line to post a new thread, but by now I suspect the old one won't get any more views. There are other threads about stuttering or choppy video, but I haven't found answers there that solve the problem.

I upgraded to Windows 10 in October 2015 (clean install on a new SSD) and until recently all video looked fine. But recently, sometime after the 10586 update, streaming video started stuttering. It's subtle, like random frames are missing, and audio is smooth, but the picture is annoying enough to be annoying.

In a short while I found that many local files on my hard drive were stuttering, too. I tried every trick I could find and even replaced my onboard graphics with a new nvidia graphics card with 2gb of its own RAM, but nothing helped.

Over the weekend, I found that the problem seems to be isolated to streaming files and, for some reason, local MP4 files created at 720p/30fps. Some of these local files were recorded on this PC with PlayOn, which records from streams, so I thought it was still a streaming issue. But a couple of 720p/30fps files I recorded with a Diamond GC2000 also stutter, and so do streams I recorded a year ago with PlayOn, which used to play back properly.

Local files recorded on a standalone device at 1080p/30fps play well. So do files from that same device recorded at 720p/60fps. Local files play better with PotPlayer than with VLC or WMP

Streams st... Read more

A:Video has a mild stutter, streaming and some local files


I've just been looking at this and your previous thread. Not sure I can help but here is a suggestion that might help pinpoint what is going on.

Can you try running Task Manager at the same time you are playing video and see if you can watch what else is running at the same time and using up resources or potentially interfering with playback.

Also, you say you are using Avast. Did you ever uninstall this and try playing video without Avast and just using Windows defender? Again this might be worth trying.

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Have been browsing the web for a solution but to no avail.

One day Sound and Video work fine, the next (and I expect after a windows update) I have stutters every few seconds.

I have found that if I Disable my network adapter (Intel(R)82562V) then the stuttering ceases completely.

Any ideas??

A:Windows Vista Business Audio/Video Stutter

You can run system restore - choose a restore point prior to Windows Updates -
START | type rstrui

Then install Windows Updates 1-by-1 to find the culprit.

Also - make sure Vista SP1 & SP2 are installed -

Update audio drivers - go to device manufacturer's support site. Look up driver name in Device Manager -
START | type devmgmt.msc

Then look driver up - Driver Reference Table

Regards. . .



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Hey Everyone,

Recently I've been having some weird issues with my audio and video stuttering randomly. Sometimes it happens when I open up a website, sometimes when I open up an application. There's nothing in specific I can do to reproduce the issue, it just happens randomly and often.

At first I thought it was an audio/sound card issue, because it happened when I was listening to a song on spotify, however after some testing that doesn't appear to be the issue.

Just for reference my system specs are:

Processor: I5-2500K O.C. @ 4.0 GHz
Mobo: Asus P8Z68 M-Pro
Ram: Corsair Vengance 4x4GB
Sound card: Asus Xonar DSX 7.1

I'm not really sure what the issue was. A few ideas were it was related to sound or my harddrives. Perhaps it was slowing down because something was loading? But for it to occur this often, it seems odd.

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Every time it happens I check the Application event logs. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
2. I've ran a Disk Check on all 6 of my HDD's. No errors found.
3. Verified and reinstalled my audio, video drivers.
4. Made sure I had the latest windows updates
5. Ran a SFC scan.

All without success.

From some google searches and other threads, I've noticed people posting their LatMon stats. I'm not really sure what these are used for, but here are mine. Hope they can help. These are from about 30 seconds of running the program, about 5 minutes after a fresh reboot (once all of my applications have loaded).

... Read more

A:Random audio/video/mouse stutter [Windows 8.1]

Wow.. I was just reading through the forum and found your post after I posted mine:

Audio Glitch After Desktop Background Change In Slide Show

Do you have a Desktop Slideshow enabled?

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Ok MSoft - I don't know if this has been posted/well known. Might have found a bug!

Please divert this post to Sound or Graphics area of website if needed!

I was using a spare Nvidia 6200 512mb Card (which runs Aero etc fine!) I can't get the Win 7 performance thingie to work as it keeps crashing at video.
(That's despite me able to watch DVD films perfectly on my internal blu-ray player and did a test race with huge game GTR EVOLUTION which ran perfectly on my fanless 6200 card (just for a laugh )

Anyway went to change "Video Aperture" from Bios default 64 to 128mb.

This caused 3d graphics/3d screensaver crash, music stuttering, UTUBE video stuttering/crash, Media centre music stuttering/crash.
This is repeatable!

I think this is conflicting with the Realtec sound driver poss in memory!
Is this known about?

I have seen many people posting about this on the internet.
Thanks for any solution.

A:Graphics/Sound Stutter > WIN7 Freeze>CRASH

I solved my own problem after a hunch and delving into WIN7 software nether regions.

Had a look in:
device manager > system devices > [Nvidia nforce2 AGP HOST to Pci BRIDGE]

Found 3 instances of the driver.
I updated to most recent version I could find and 'hey presto' all sound and graphics now working at full steam > 100%

Can now also update Graphics 'aperture memory' in bios to any setting I choose without a problem!

Windows 7 'Performance Indicator' (W.E.I.) now completes without a hitch too!

Hope that helps some of you out there!

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