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How do I open this computer case ?

Q: How do I open this computer case ?

my friend was working today and the chick who house he was workin on got a new pc and gave him her old one so he had no use for it and gave it to me...i need to get in it to see how everything is and what not...
it says Planet systems on front case...i dunno how to open last old pc u just unscrew 4 screws and case poped off....this 1 has many screws and there directly on back...i dunno if the holding the fan and stuff in place or what....any1 every dealt with one of those be4?

A: How do I open this computer case ?

If it's an old PC, is it a vertical or horizontal position one? I've got an old horizontal one that you had to unscew 5 or 6 screws on the back and the top and sides came off very carefully. Just make sure you don't unscrew the Power Supply screws!!!!

And since it's an old one that you just want to tinker with, at least you don't have to worry about messing anything up too bad

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. When I press the power button, the power button light turns amber, I hear some fans spinning, and the CD drive spinning. However, it never gets to the boot screen (or any screen). If I open the case and press the power button, however, the power button turns green and the computer works fine (loads all the way up and functions like normal). If I close the case after it has started, it continues to run fine. I'm guessing / hoping it's not the mother board or power supply that has directly gone bad... but maybe there is a connection or something? that changes from when it's closed to when it's open. I've heard of something like... the motherboard is shorting out by touching the case... but I'm not really sure where to look for that / how. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:Solved: Computer boots fine when case is open, but won't boot when case is closed.

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Hello. This may sound like a very stupid question, but I just got this computer for a great deal but the guy forgot to give me the key so I can't open it to upgrade it. Is there a simple way to pick the lock or perhaps a universal tool I can buy? From what I know, only the really old computers required keys, but I guess I was wrong. I tried to look this up on google, but once I typed in the word "key" into any sentence, all I got was threads about how to crack programs and stuff.

A:Can't Open Computer Case - I Don't Have the Key!

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sorry, I Just fixed the problem.

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I have a Presario S3000T Compaq with Windows XP. I want to open it up to see if it has a place for an AGP video card. I tried to figure it out myself and didn't get very far. I looked online for tutorials but none of the pictures resembled what I have, at least as far as I can tell. How do I open this thing up without ruining it?

A:How to open computer case safely

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Just bought a HP Kayak XA Computer. Need to install a modem? How does the case open on this type of computer?

A:How do I open the case on HP Kayak Computer?

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Hello. I found a Compaq Peresario 4704 in the garbage yesterday. I wanted to use it after some internal inspection/evaluation and hardware augmentation (if needed). Unfortunately I can't open it. There are unconventional screws-heads on it that prevent me from opening it. This is the second time I've seen this on a computer. If my preliminary data from past experience is true this was a "show room" system.

Has anyone else encountered this? What tool do I need to remove these restraints? Where can I obtain one? The last one I encountered (wasn't my comp) went to a repair shop. Can anybody assist? By the way does anybody know the specs on this system? I looked, but couldn't find anything. I plan to wipe it and run windows 2000 professional edition service pack 4!

Thanks alot people!

A:Found Computer In Garbage, Can't open case, uncommon screws, help please!

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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?

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USB card I bought requires avaiable PCI slot. Is there a way I can find out if I have one without opening the case? If I have to, I can bring the one back that accepts 5 USBs and exchange it for a combo USB/IE1394 to replace my present IE 1394. Windows XP on 399Mz PC.

A:Find if have open PCI slot -not open case?

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Hi, I have a Lexmark X3470, scanner, printer fax thing and a few days ago it decided to tell me that the case was open, even though i'd closed it after replacing the ink cartridge which i'd just bought. now, i cant turn it off or use any of its functions, the only way to turn it off is to unplug it.. is this a common problem? do i just scrap the printer? or anything in particular? its on the device itself, and when printing/scanning is attempted, it gives me a 'printer busy' error for scanning and a 'please close the printer case' for printing.


A:Case open?

Did you close any inside covers or levers after putting the ink in?
I know my canon has several parts I move to change the ink, and if I forget to put one back in place it gives an error.

Try redoing the ink change process, but just reuse the same new ink tank.

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I was being helped by Gringo_pr, but he hadn't heard from me for 5 days and my case was closed. I was hoping for one of your tech savvy saints would assist in restoring my HP Envy 4 back to health. Below is the thread of how far we've gotten, his last post said things are looking pretty good, but we still have a ways to go. I'm not out of the woods yet, please help me. Thank you.

A:Please Re-Open My Case

Greetings and Welcome to The Forums!!My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your malware problems.I have put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of usPlease do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top o... Read more

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It's a Gateway.

Anyone know how to open this case? I have removed every screw I can find and pried and pushed and pulled; but, I just can't figure it out?

A:Anyone know how to open this case?

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My system at work is getting a new a new video card and I don't see anything obvious on how to open my ssystem's case. it is a HP Server - ProLiant ML330 G3.
How do I get access inside?

I don't see any srews, but the back has rivets, except for the right-hand side panel.

A:How I open my case?

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Laptop has been popping at te hinge. the casing comes apart at the seam on the right side corner. Its very difficult to close the case. Its affecting the functionality of my laptop. Its under warranty. Its really a designing problem, has to be sufferred by customers. I am looking support  from the HP itself.  

A:Case open at hinge



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hi Folks,

My Thinkpad T23 screen has been giving trouble for months. Flickering etc. Now finally it is dead bar a brief shade change.

I am trying to open the case to see if it is just a loose connection as a little tap previously fixed the problem.

I have removed every screw, but to no avail. Can anyone tell me or direct me to a website that explains how to remove this case without damaging it??!!!

I think the keyboard needs to come off, but it's very fragile looking.

All help much appreciated


A:Thinkpad T23 How to open the Case?!!!

Here's the Thinkpad T23 Service Manual. It should tell you how to take apart the laptop.

I hope you know what you're doing because taking apart a laptop tends to be more risky than taking apart a desktop -- once something goes wrong, it's more expensive to fix than a desktop.

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I have an older compaq presario 5410 that I want to open the case & clean. I am unable to figure out how. On the internet when I looked up opening the case it gave me a thing about taking out 1 screw and removing 1 side. This one has 3 screws and it slides back somehow and pulls off. The front design is holding it in and I can't figure out how to remove the front. Thanks for any help. This one is called the peoplepc.

A:how to open case on compaq

Remove all the screws around the sides of the back, including the top and bottom of the back. Then grab hold of the sides from the front, and lift up.. The whole PC, sans the case sides, should slide out the back.

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Hey gang,

I have a very big SuperMicro case. It has tons of fans in it. My question is, in the back along one side are slots for airflow. Would it help increase or decrease case cooling if I covered the slots to let more forced air get moved out by my YS Tech fan and power supply blowing air out ??

I have 3 fans sucking air in and 2 blowing out, one stock 80 mm and one hipo 60 mm ys tech ??

A:Case holes. Open or closed ??

What the experts say to do is strive for "balanced" airflow. Not pressurizing or vacuuming. Another option is to use filter material over the holes. I think we touched on this subject in Cooling and Modding Forum.

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I'm trying to speed up a slug of a crappy computer at work. I've determined it needs a ram upgrade in a big way (runs 128 pc133 should run 256 pc3200) but I can't get the case open. Like the title says, Dell Dimension 2300. There is no online or downloadable manual at Dell's support website. Someone here must know what I'm up against. I remove the thumb screw on the back of the side panel and the side panel starts to slide off like a normal side panel, but only goes about 2mm. I don't see any other retainers holding it back. I was thinking the sawsall might cut a hole big enough to trade ram chips, and create a cool side window

A:Can't open case on Dell Dim2300

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PC was originally shipped with defective DVD.  Replacement DVD installed and works ok to record a disk from the save as software command, but no APPARENT way to simply open the tray to add a DVD of any kind-music, data, etc.from any kind of physical button on the front panel, case, or even missing a button on the front panel of the DVD device itself.Thanks for any help.

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Just ordered this computer for a client and, as a habit, I like to familiarize myself with all the tech info I can get; but the down-loadable manual does not have any instructions for removing the case cover or even any schematic for the mainboard. Normally I wouldn't suggest purchasing a machine with such a dearth of reference material, but she liked the way it looked and was in a hurry. This is the model ordered:

If you have any experience with this model, I would really appreciate your information on getting to the inner components and being able to do upgrades (like RAM). I could not find any references or resources in Asus forums or in any of the URLs linked to their company.

Thank you!!!

A:How Do You Open Case of Asus BP6320?

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I just purchased a used Dell dimension 8100, I want to open the box to install a PCI card but it does not have any screws holding the case and I can not find where the clips are. Any help is appreciated.

A:How to open a Dell Dimension case

This is how to open the 8200 case,I`m thinking it might be only one button for yours.-

"You open the case by laying it on its side, pressing two buttons, and folding it open like a book.We found it awkward to simultaneously press two large release buttons and lift the case open, and we encountered some uncomfortable resistance in swinging it all the way open."

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Dell 2350 case How do you open it? Looking at the back it has rivits
instead of screws on 3 sides. I don't want to drill out the rivits so there
must be a way to get into it without tearing it up. How do I do that.

Thank you,

A:Dell 2350 case How do you open it?

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I need help opening my Dell case. I have tried absolutely everything! email me! Thanks so much! Oh the serial number on the case is BB2BM01

A:Urgent! Can't get dell case open!

What model numbe is your Dell? You should be able to go to Dell's web site and navigate to your model. There should be instructions there as to how to open the case.

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I was using cd creator package on my compaq presario I was recording a cd and using the jewel case creator package at the same time...yes i know doh!! Anyway surprisingly(not) my system crashed and I couldn't turn it off so I ctrl+alt+del and restarted the comp....however when I tried to access jewel case creator after that it does not let me and comes up with the error message:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down...please contact administrator

Please help ....... Quite desperate as have only just discovered the wonders of pc and would like to create some cd cases

A:cannot open cd jewel case creator

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I have to upgrade my clients all in one desktop pc, with an ssd drive and another ram stick, how do I open this model of pc, I have found no tutorials on youtube or google.

A:How to open the Medion MD 8806 Case

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I've salvaged several WinBook laptops from the trash pile at work. I have enough working bits to make one or two good ones from the pieces. There are the usual things that users are meant to access like the HDD, DVD/CD, modem, memory etc but swapping the floppy and certain other guts require opening the main case.

How do you get inside the case of one of these laptops besides using a hammer or a saw?

Ive unscrewed all the screws and gently pried around the edges until I've become convinced that there must be a massive glob of glue holding the whole thing together in the middle.

Can anyone give me a clue or direct me to websites or forums where such things are described or discussed?

A:How to open up a (WinBook) laptop case

Well, normally, after you unscrew all the screws, there should be a flex in the plastic.

And, then, it might open.

But, what is the brand of computer? You can probably find all of the info you need on
their site...

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I have 2 Packard Bell Models (882 and 7800) that have the same case style. I added memory to both and a 2nd hard drive to one but cannot remember how to open the case(s)! Oh well, they say the memory is the second thing to go. Thanks in advance.
Peace, MartyLSD

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How do I open Dell optiplex gx270 case

A:How to open Dell Optiplex case?

Hi stephen1711, :wave:

I am not a mod, but
Welcome to :grinthumb

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System Specs are always helpful when you seek support, (see the first two suggestions).
And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

You can access many other online TechSpot guides Here.

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Can someone please explain to me how to open my Dell Demension E310 Computer case? I seem to have lost my owner's manual.


A:How to open my DELL E310 CPU Case

on the newer Dells they have a black lever on the top at the back. if you push or pull it to the back of the machine the side will just open up.

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PC was originally shipped with defective DVD.  Replacement DVD installed and works ok to record a disk from the save as software command, but no APPARENT way to simply open the tray to add a DVD of any kind-music, data, etc.from any kind of physical button on the front panel, case, or even missing a button on the front panel of the DVD device itself.Thanks for any help.

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It has no screws along the edge or places to squeeze to release the top or sides. It has one screw in the back middle done about and inch from the top.
I took it out hoping it would release the top and I could slide the top back, but I cant budge it on any of the 3 whale willy here at the shop. I want to install some more ram but I need inside. Any ideas? Help.

A:how do i open a whale willy case?

Looks like the whole cover should come off in ONE piece (i.e. both sides AND the top).
That one screw at the back holds it in place.
Carefully put a thin screwdriver between the front-panel and the top and try to pry it open.
Have you checked the bottom of the case for more screws?

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DUMB QUESTION do you open the case without getting MAD and bend the metal? I want to open the case an remove the disk for testing! Non-Pro messing around! Thanks!

A:How do you open the case for Dell desktop Serial No. DNF P71

I don't know what that number is supposed to be, but please post the model/model number of your computer.

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Does anyone know how to open the Medion AIO P2010 MD 8806? I'm trying to replace a failed hard drive.

A:Medion AIO P2010 MD 8806 - can't open case

see previous advice here
It is just about impossible to do and it needs to go to an authorised median repair centre who has the special tools needed

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I would like to know how to open the CD/DVD drive when Windows is not loaded. I can find no button to open the drive in case  I had to insert a disk to reinstall the operating system. The only way I have found to open the drive is by using Windows.

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Have hard drive failure and can't get case open... Any suggestions?

A:How do I open AZC-606-ES20 case to change hard dri...

to reach the HDD you must unscrew the backpanel screws and slide off your DVD drive. about HDD failure, if you received a message about "missing boot device", probably is a SATA cable issue and need to be replaced with part number 50.U86D5.002 by the way i suggest you to contact Acer support service if in warranty or a computer shop to have it serviced, replacing this cable is not the easy thing to do.

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I would like to open the case of a Western Digital media center combo without destroying it. It appears to be designed with tabs and slots to snap together. There are no visible screws or rivets. I'm sure a knowledgeable service tech could pop it open easily given a few hints. WD tech support is unhelpful. Does anyone in this forum know the trick?

A:Open WD external hard drive case

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Hi, I'm new thank you. I have two question if it's possible. I have a Compaq desk pro and I can't get the case off. It has two buttons on the side I thought it would open by pushing them in , but nothing. 2nd question. I picked up some Boston digital BA735 speakers connected them to my computer they are not working. My sound-card is analog does this have anything to do with it. Someone told me I need a digital card. What do you recommend.

A:How to open compaq case and upgrading sound card

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The problem, in short: something is stealing a smidge of network bandwidth every thirty seconds or so. I have no idea what it could be. Little help?

More verbose: I play online games, mostly First-Person shooters, and have never had a problem before. I went to fire up Day of Defeat: Source today, and noticed that every 20-30 seconds, everything would hang for a second or so. I exited DoD:S and closed any and all programs running -- including AVG Anti-Virus, Spybot, the printer software I use ... everything! I went to play another game, Counter-Strike: Source and noticed the same thing was still happening. I quit and brought up the task manager and killed every non-necessary process (including my custom Litestep shell) and brought up Call of Duty 2. Same issue, every 20-30 seconds everything would hang.

I went back to the Task manager and brought up the Networking tab. For a screenshot of what I see, please open the attached jpg. (The smaller peak in the middle is me using the internet. The other six peaks are the problem.) I even created a new user with no start-up programs and the minimum of services and still I'm jumping!

Since I've killed everything possible, what is causing the spike, why has it only happened now, and what can I do to fix it?

I use XP Pro SP2, run virus- and spyware-checkers nightly, and am at my wit's end. Little Help?

A:Case Mysteriously Open: Wireless Network Hog -- But I can't find it!

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I have a WinBook X1 with a dead internal LI battery. How do I open the case to replace the battery? I called WinBook and they said I would have to return it ($$) to have the battery replaced. I have thech savy to replace it, but don't want to force the case open. Can anyone point me to the magic spot to open the case?

A:Laptop Winbook X1 ROM Battery replacement (How do I open the case?)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

click on the link it may just help you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Reference the above mentioned thread closed in April 2008:

This was helpful but I found how to access all panels for Sony Vaio PCV - RX and PCV-RZ:

Remove left panel per manual instructions. Right panel can be removed in the same manner, Don't worry about motherboard as the right panel is just a cover and the case is solid metal on the right side.

Now you need to remove the top. To do this there are six tabs. To reach them you need to slide a screw driver in the top slots that the panels slide into. The center ones are straight ahead and visible. The front and back ones are at a slight angle.

Once you remove the top the front pane can be removed by pressing tabs on either side of the front panel. Now you have access to the CD/DVD/floppy drives.

Just reverse the order to put all the panels back. The snap into place easily and are snug when done.

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I recently bought a Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO E5925 small form factor pc from Here's the details:

Anyway, I've been meaning to connect my old IDE hard drive up to it to transfer some data and I need to open the case! I have no idea how it opens though, anyone with something similar to this know how it works??

Please help me out or I'll probably have to end up wasting money on a hard drive enclosure or something.

A:Solved: How do I open my Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO E5925 case?

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Need to open the router case, in order to attach pigtails for external replacement antennas. Have found two screws under model label, which appear to be the only screws, but still cannot snap open case.

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Does anyone know how to open a Sony TXN case? My harddrive is dying, the system is out of warrantee, and I have a new toshiba zif drive on the way.

But I can't see how to open the case?

If anyone knows how to get the case open I'd greatly appreciate some advice!



A:Solved: How do I open a Sony TXN case to replace hard drive

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Hi Gang,

I have a Sony Vaio PCV-RX650 PC DESKTOP PC. I can't open the case. It needs cleaning badly. There are no screws to it, or that I can find. How do I open it?


A:Solved: How Do I Open Sony Vaio PCV-RX650 Desktop Case?

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Anyone know how to crack open a Belkin Router Case - Model: F5D7234-4 v3
Need to open the router case, in order to attach pigtails for external replacement antennas. Have not yet found any screws, any suggestions anyone?

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Left hinge broke and computer came open! I didn't do anything to cause this to happen. I need to travel with my laptop and I am afraid something bad will happen due to this problem. Opening and closing the broken hinge causes the case to open a little more.

A:Left side of case coming open and hinge seems broken


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have a Seagate Free Agent HDD that just quit on me. First I had several errors, going to the deadly I/O error and to the point that neither of my laptops recognize the drive. I've tried almost everything to get my files back (same'ol story: all my pics and music are stored there). As last resort I'm thinking of opening the case and plug it as a slave/secondary HDD straight into my Dell Inspiron Laptop but I don't know if that can even be done.
PS. If you can believe my bad luck this happened just a WEEK after I bought another external HDD to back up all my data.

A:How to open a Seagate Free Agent HDD case and plug it as an internal HDD in Dell LT

you tube
that is how i found to open my wd passport

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I am looking at now changing my computer case, preferably to either a standard ATX desktop or a HTPC Media Centre Case, however I have a slight problem in the fact that I have a Xigmatek hdt-s1283 CPU cooler, which stands rather proud at about 20cm or so.... what I was wondering is if any of you techspot frequenters know of any desktop style cases that would cater for my cooler, or if as far as it goes I am fighting a loosing battle?

Heres Hoping


A:New Computer Case

The Cooler Master Elite RC-330 is a decent, inexpensive case that will easily have room for that cooler.

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zipzoomfly sent me this.Does anyone know if this case is any good? It's a good price Thermaltake Mambo

A:Computer case???

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I have a A7N8XE-Deluxe Mobo, and I would like to get a new case for it with more fans and better airflow since I overclocked the CPU in it. I have found several ATX cases, but the back doesn't match what mine does currently. How do I get the right case with access to all the ports in the back, like my four USB and two Ethernet ports. The cases I have looked at don't have spaces for those. Do I just rip out the whole back part of the case or is there a way to find the case I need that will provide access to all my ports on the back? Thanks for help in advance.

A:What Case Do I Get for My Computer?

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I am about to build a new computer using an Asus motherboard appr 10 x 12 inches.
Since I am reluctant to install the motherboard in a vertical position I wonder if
there are cases into which I could install my motherboard horizontally.
So far I found none.

Any suggestions



A:Computer case

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I have a computer case where the on/off switch doesn't work when plugged into the motherboard. The computer is fine, I can jump the board but I need to resolve the issue with the on/off switch. it's just a PII case, no real thrills. The pins to the motherboard consist of (2) wires to the on/off switch, but the pin is (3) prong with a dummy in the middle. If you have any suggestions or need more info I'm online and watching? Thanks

A:Computer Case

Hi bturner
If you have the right tools you can sometimes get the pins to release from the connector and move them next to each other. If you can't get that to work you could use an exacto knife ( or sharp raser blade) and split the connector down the dummy pin. Then connect each pin separately to the motherboard connector.

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I want to run a computer out of a plastic bin. If I lay the MoBo and powersupply on the bottom, then duct tape all of the peripherals to the side... will it run? Would it do better out of a cardboard box?

A:No computer case?

It should work. Depending on the type of plastic you may have static electricity so be careful. It would probably run equally as well in a cardboard box. Honestly though, why not just buy an inexpensive case? Even the cheapest case would be better than a plastic bin or a cardboard box.

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Please tell me if I waste you peoples time. Im a fan of building computer cases.
Now I was wondering what you people would think of a cylindric case? You know, that look like a bin (or a very large coffee tin) or something. Then you put the mobo near the bottom but not too close to it, put air intakes near it and one BIG extractor fan on top of the case. No corners for heat to gather
Posted via Mobile Device

A:Computer case?

For home-made... if you know how to work with tools, metal, plastics, etc...

You could make one... doesn't mean it'll work any better at cooling.

There are round computers out there.

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Hey everyone! It's jsut a quick post, but I recently finished a brand new computer build, but I am worried my case doesn't supply enough cooling, but also don't like the nosie it produces during gaming, so I am wondering if anyone knows of any good cases under £50/$60. I have looked at the powercool dominator and am wondering if it will be enough (

My build is as follows:
- AMD 8350 CPU with stock heat sink/fan
- Gigabyte 7950 triple fan graphics card
- 16GB RAM
- SSD & Hard Drive (not performance, but more energy saving)
- CIT basic case modded with an additional fan on the side
- ASUS M5A99X Motherboard
- 880w PSU

Thank you for any advice! It will need to have high cooling abilities, but also quite quiet!

A:Computer case for $60?

- Noise from case is 95% the fault of the fans. More expensive cases provide quieter fans, but you're paying a lot more to start with anyway. Plus, you'll have to provide your own additional fans in most cases (pun not intended) anyway.
- PSU fan could be loud..?
- Cooling performance is a combination of how neat your build is (cables etc), the amount of components, the type of cooling on your devices, fans used, and airflow provided by case. This is a lot of variables, so it can be hard.
- The case you linked is a budget case. Don't expect miracles.

- My suggestion - stick with what you have, tweak the fan speeds a bit.

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Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a new computer case tomorrow for my PC because I'm getting worried by all the clutter. Everything is too close for comfort. Lol. Now I've heard that the most "scary", or worrisome, thing is taking out the mobo itself because of the static and all. Um, I'm in need of some Windows 7 Jedi guidance from you guys. Tell me what you guys need so I can post my specs so you can help me out further. Thanks.

A:Computer Case help?

If you are worried about the static when you buy/order your new case pick up a 2-5 dollar static wristband. they connect to your wrist then ground to the pc

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I have the following components in my PC:

GT 520 gpu
Intel i5 661 CPU
Gigabyte H55m-D2H motherboard (this is a small one, I believe it's micro ATX)
Two sticks of 4GB of RAM
ESI [email protected] audio card

I'm gonna stick with this build for a while (in fact, I don't see myself upgrading anytime soon - it runs great).

My case is big and makes a lot of noise (the fan is old...). I need a new one, and I wonder what compact cases are available for my setup. As you can see above, I do not use a gaming GPU, so I can probably make do with a thin case. The audio card isn't exactly tiny, though.

I'd appreciate any recommendations!


A:Need help getting my next computer case

This would be my pick, Excellent case IMO

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I recently changed my computer case and after some struggles successfully moved all the hardware from my old case to the new one. It's a P4-1.7, DVD, CD, Nvidia GeForce FX 5600, Sound Blaster Audigy 2. The thing is, when I power the computer up I get no picture on my screen, so I'm wondering if it just has to do with the screen or the computer is just powering up and not actually turning on. Could someone please help me, I think it might have to do with how I connected the wiring to do with the hard drive, CD, and DVD.

A:Computer Case-NEED HELP

Disconnect everything except the processor, video card, memory, and floppy. Try and boot it and see if it posts with video. If it does just start adding one device at a time back

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hi guysI have a computer case when i tried to open it . The power supply turn off after 5 minutes immediately. So what is the solution for this issue . Please help Regards 

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The Antec Nine Hundred or the GIGABYTE 3D Aurora 570 case? I am planning to upgrade my cheap Raidmax case once I'm done with the vid cards and such.

A:Better computer case to buy?

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hi guys I have a problem with another Computer case . The monitor hp type ( W2072a ) and the computer case type ( hp pro 3330 MT ) . The problem is message appear to me like this ( no DVI signal & no VGA signal ) . every time when i tried to open my computer i show this message .One from your comunity say to me i should to discharge  the electrical charges from the computer . and I thanks him a lot about this informationbut i have another computer case the same issue won't to resolveThis computer case i opened last week and it's work successfully but this days i don't know what's the problem . maybe some dust won't to remove . this is why i want to ask your comunity to get fast solution . and this why i prefer this site . to get fast information without i lost my time searching  .So  please help me . I appreciate your efforts to help  and i'm one of our fans  Regards 

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Looking for suggestions for a cheap case (cheaper the better).

Must have:
front and back 120mm fan spots (doesn't need to come with fan)
at least 5x 5.25" external bays
at least 1x 3.5" external bay
Fits ATX spec

On a budget, so the cheaper the better. I'm just replacing the case, so it doesn't need to have anything in it (PSU, fans, etc), but must be able to put them there obviously. I don't have brand preferences. Name as many as you can, since it might be a problem getting them where I am...

A:Looking for a computer case

I found this as the cheapest with all the features you want, except it has an 80mm front fan and a 120mm rear fan. If you really need that 120mm front fan, this has it for about $7 more.

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I have an Acer Aspire X1700 (Details
It's about 2 1/2 years old now. Came with Windows Vista, I upgraded it to Windows 7. Also has a newer video card than what came with it.

Anyway, The PSU fan is getting really obnoxious, it gets really loud (more or less like a lawn mower). I have taken the thing apart and have tried every suggestion given to quiet it down, which it does for a whole week or two. This is a small form factor PC, so to even take the power supply out you have to basically take out everything else just to get to it. I have looked for replacements but they are very obsolete. It's only 220W anyway, so i'd like something a little more powerful.

What I want to do is get a larger case that I can use the same hardware is (motherboard, drives, etc) and purchase a larger power supply for that case. 220W really limits the PC. The small case holds a lot of heat even with all fans cleaned and working properly. Even just taking a CD/DVD out that was in it is very hot. I want a case with better airflow than this one.
I really am not sure what kind of case to get that will meet my needs. I don't want anything really fancy. If possible I'd like to get it off

Any suggestions would be great.

A:Solved: Replacing Small Form Factor Case with bigger case / new PSU

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Ok, now I have a new build that has All new parts, brand new case and everything, it works fine when it's partially screwwed in or outside the case, but once I put everything else in (pci devices) it doesn't turn on? What could be the problem?

A:HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!

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I would like to know if it is possible to configure outlook 2003 to automatically change lower case i to auto upper case I whilst typing my emails

It does it on my pc at work (could be cos its a better version of outlook)but I would love to know if I can have the same facility on my home pc

I'm using Vista and windows 7

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Auto change lower case to upper case

Look at the Auto Correct options.

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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

A:Access 2000- Change upper case to lower case

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I'm considering buying one of the cases and would like your opinion.

Thanks in advance.


A:Is this a good computer case?

Looks like it might be a little tricky to upgrade. Otherwise a fine looking case.

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I'm going to buy a new computer case so that I can customize it etc. I want to put a window in the side panel, so I'm wanting someone to recommend the best way to go about it. (cutting etc)
That's it.

A:Customized Computer Case

I'm not personally too familiar with customizing cases, but I know if you do a web search for "case mod" or "case mods" you can usually turn up some pretty good information.

Also, I know alot of companies carry items to mod your case with like neon strips and such, and alot of times they have FAQ's right on their websites.

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We bought a refurbished computer for our son but when it arrived the computer case cooling fan was loose - had not been properly attached. My question is which way should the fan face when it's attached? There's a vent at the front of the case and mounting holes which it matches, but do I put it so the blades are convex or concave when mounting facing the front of computer? I was going to mount it with the convex side facing the front and my husband said it should be the opposite. He's no computer expert so I don't really trust his judgement after all the blunders he's commited with our computers. Hee hee.


A:computer case cooling fan

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Today I found I have a filter on the front of my case that sits in front of a 120mm fan ... and it was clogged with dust ! so I took it out and cleaned it, and now my temps are down by a lot !, I'm still finding out things about this Computer



A:Computer Case Filter

Hi Ciara...Yeah...I have to clean my PC at least once a month as it does p/u quite a bit of dust. A few puffs of canned air into my PC\Laptops does wonders. I do the same to all my computers\Laptops. I think I'm going to give my hardware a cleaning...that's for the reminder...

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I have recently bought the following items for my new computer.

Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

Procesor: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4GHz San Diego

Memory:1 GB (2 pcs 512MB) DDR (400) PC-3200 Corsair w/LED Display (TWINX1024-3200XLPRO)

Video Card: eVGA GeForce 7800 GTX KO 256MB

Hard Disk :Western Digital 74 GB SATA 10K Raptor (WD740GD)

Now I need a good place to put this bad boy into. What is a good computer case/tower for cooling? What should I buy to keep this bad boy cool? CPU fan? other fans?


A:Computer Case/Tower


That is a nice system. Damn!

How about this for a case? 730

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well i was wondering what would be a good overall computer case that is compatible with atx trying to find one that has good ventilation and good cooling...thanks in advance

A:Whats the best Computer Case?

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I put my part of my one computer into a new case so I could make room for a new computer but I have a little problem now. All I did was to take all my parts out of my one case which I will be putting new parts in and put them into my new case and in my device manager now I have an exclamation mark in other devices and it says pci device. I did not put any new parts in I just had to take them out to move the mobod etc. The only thing I have in a pci slot is an audigy 2 zs gamer which has not caused me any problems before. It works great and everything seems to be fine. I have xp pro with an amd 4400+ along with and ati 2600xt.
Anyone seen this before?

A:Put my computer into a new case and now a little problem?

Is there a PCI device that this could relate to? I.e. do you have another PCI device that this could be?

IF there is then it's possible that it got damaged when it was being moved to the other case.

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I decided today to change my PC case, which I have done previously witout a hitch. However, today I bought a evil looking Demon ATX Computer Case and I can't figure out where to put the front panel wires. They are all marked oddly with "Data +1, Data -1, Gnd 1, VCC 1, etc. How do I know where they go? My motherboard book (GA-8IPE1000) does not make it very clear what I have to do to get anything to work. Any help would be appreciated. I have gone to Gigabytes homepage but really gleaned nothing there. I can't find a home page or manufacturer for the case. Thanks very much

A:Demon ATX Computer Case

If you saved the receipt, you can take it back and get an easier one. Or you might be able to ask the store where you bought it for help....

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:49:40 PM, on 8/13/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero8\Nero BackItUp\NBService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\New Boundary\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0... Read more

A:Just Having A Computer Check Up Just In Case


The only problem that I see here is that you don't have an Antivirus and Firewall running and that your Windows is not up to date.
Any reason why you don't secure your computer?

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So, I'm replacing my computer case (because my old one has no fans in it cept the one I mounted myself, and I believe i am having problems with overheating.)

So, any suggestions on a max $150 case that has decent airflow and cooling, and can fit a 9800 GTX+ card (I had problems with one case where the hard drive bay on the bottom of the front blocked it from going in cause its really long.)

If no suggestion on an actual case what are some good quality brands for cases with good cooling?

Specs on Comp:

ASUS M3A78-CM Mobo
Windows XP SP 3
Nvidia 9800 GTX +
AMD Althlon X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.0 GHZ
4 GB of Ram (shows as 3.25)
Onboard Sound

A:Solved: Computer Case

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Hey there. I've recently got an upgraded Lenovo H50 from Best Buy two weeks ago and it's worked great, but I've noticed an upside down L indent on the right side of the case, closer to the power button one day. I know that I haven't done anything to it, so could any of you possibly know about this?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:H50 - Odd L Mark on my computer case

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Posting a picture of the mark would be most helpful for those who may respond.  You probably won't be able to add an image to your post in the forums due to being a first time visitor, but you can upload a photo to one of those photo sharing websites and copy and paste the link here. 

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Hey there. I've recently got an upgraded Lenovo H50 from Best Buy two weeks ago and it's worked great, but I've noticed an upside down L indent on the right side of the case, closer to the power button one day. I know that I haven't done anything to it, so could any of you possibly know about this?

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Hey guys,

This is my first post, so I will try to make this as good as possible! I just built my own computer which consists of a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard, Intel Core 2 Duo 6850 Conroe (3.0Ghz 1333 FSB) 500 watt UltraXfinity power supply dual 12V rails, Ballistix ram sticks for 2GB ddr2, Seagate 250GB Sata, and Foxconn Nvidia 8800 GTX card. Both me and my friend built this computer (he is more knowledgeable so he did most of the work while I learned). We assembled everything properly and attached it to the case, plugged in every wire nescessary and it didn't boot. We double and triple checked to make sure that all the basic wires were attached properly (trust me, we really checked stuff!) and it still didn't boot, so he decided to unhook everything except for the motherboard and its power supply cable and he tried to jump the Power button leads with a screwdriver to hot wire it and it didn't turn on. At this point, we figured we had a motherboard failure, but we took it out of the case and plugged it in and it fired up right away. In fact, I am typing this message right now and it is all assembled outside of the case and it is working great! I played some games with it and it also ran fine and Power supply unit is giving enough voltage/current/wattage for everything so that isn't the problem. We are stumped and nobody else knows what is going on because many of my friends are studying to be computer engineers and they have built their own systems an... Read more

A:Problem with computer case

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I have this older computer case meant for a Duron process but I have been trying to adapt it to this Palamino processer with a MSI motherboard. I cannot seem to get the air flow right. I have been reading about it. I keep getting the blue screen when I close the sides of of my computer case. I have a fan in the front, air coming in and a fan in the back, air going out. But that wasn't not enough , so I cut a hole in the side and put a 92mm fan there. I'm thinking of putting this larger 120mm fan and cut a bigger hole. I have the air going in on the sides but the case still seems to get hot, causing system instability. As long as I have the sides open, I don't have any blue screen and not any problems. I'm thinking maybe I should have the air flowing out on the sides. Any ideas?

A:Air flow in computer case

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I want to buy a new computer case, one with a clear side or the whole thing completely see through so i can put in LED fans and light up cables and so on. I don't know where to begin to look because i don't want something that all my computer things wont fit into. I was talking to my friend and he said i had to check my power supply or something for ATX or EATX or something like that and i don't feel like taking it apart because there is a fan exhaust tunnel in the way. I have a Dell Dimension 3000. Ive looked for specs about this on websites but cant seem to find any. Any info on my computer and or sites with such cases would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Computer case.

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i just built my own computer, but when i ordered it i ordered the wrong size case fans, would it be alright if i took off the sides of my computer and just used it with no case fans until i got some?

Intel C2Q
EVGA 9800 GTX SuperClocked
2GB ram
Sigma Shark PSU

A:Using computer with no case fans....

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I am looking for a new case and PSU for my current computer and my next computer after I upgrade

Current System Spec
Q6600 3.0GHZ
6GB PC2 6400 800mhz (2x 2gb/2x 1gb)
Nvidia GTX 275 896mb
Asus Xonar DX soundcard
Windows 7 x64
Jeantech 1000W PSU

Operating system is on 2TB drive
++ two 1TB data drives, one 500GB drive (all sata drives)
I will be replacing the budget £30 case I currently use and the "Jeantech 1000W PSU".

After a lot of research the best candidates in my opinion:

Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced Case (£75.33)

Corsair 750W HX modular PSU (£110.11)

My concerns are whether these will be suitable for use after I upgrade. I will be investing ~£1000 on my next CPU/motherboard/RAM/GPU and will be upgrading to whatever offers the best price/performance. I could upgrade now but have been advised to wait for the next generation of hardware to hit which should spawn some bargains on the current top hardware.

Considering my budget I do not want to overlook a quality case and PSU. The Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced offers versatility with modular drive bays and the like. I don't know whether 750W will be enough though. To n... Read more

A:Looking for a replacement PSU and computer case

Excellent picks. Both of them should do fine for all your future upgrades.

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Hello All,
I have (unfortunately) an Acer Aspire X3910 desktop computer.
I have had it 6 months and it been in for repairs three times already.
One of the main problems I'm having with it is that the case is very small.
And the inside gets very hot Acer has hat to replace the computer once
and change the hard drive twice.
I was advised that I should change the case. However I don't know the
form factor that I need to buy. The information that Acer states is that its
a "Small Form Factor" but when I try to look for it I can't find that form
factor. Could someone tell me what form factors I can use and if possible
recommend a case.
Attached are images of the case I have and other information.

Any Help Will Be Appreciated

A:Need Help Choosing a Computer case

If the case is SFF, you don't want another one of those, since that is the root cause of your overheating. Any standard ATX case will fit your motherboard. However, your current PSU might not fit, so you will need a new PSU.

Your attachments provide no useful info. Provide a link that shows the inside of the computer.

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I have a G9657MA-8EKRS2H motherboard that I would like to place in a case to build
a PC. I have several old computers & cases that I have collected in the past. For example could
I use a Dell 3000 case for this board? I have several simular Dell computers with celron processors
in them. Maybe I could salvage a case/power supply from them?
How do I choose a computer case for this mother board. What factors do I use to choose a
computer case? I guess I need to look at fan placement and venting. Form factors etc.
What do need to consider here?

Thank you,

A:Choosing a computer case?

Dell cases are proprietary ie they fit dell mb. Choosing a case is a VERY subjective endeavor; ie what I like may not be what you like. Here is a decent atx type case that will do the job for you.
This is a basic case without windows, lights, etc.

Here is a more high end case with lighted fans, etc.

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I've been shopping for a case to build my system around. This one is found at CompUSA and has a 300w PS though not a name brand. I did some digging on the web and actually found a review of this case. I was wondering what some of you guys think of its specs

Case Review

Maybe some of you who have built systems would know if this type of case would make a decent build or not. I want to go with an Athlon XP1500 m/b in it. I don't know if I should buy my own PS to put in it or use the one it comes with, its a brand called Power-Win.

A:Good Computer Case or Not?

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I have a Antec 300 u 3 case which needs cleaning inside and vents on side and front of the case.

Due to my disability I can not pick the case up and clean it.

Is there another way which I can clean the case with out opening it please



A:cleaning a computer case

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hello everyone. im looking into buying a new case for my computer. i currently have the stock case that came with my sony vaio pcv rx860. I was looking to get one of the more custom cases ive seen on the web. my main concerns are if the vaio components will be easily transferable to whichever custom case i end up choosing. as well , are there certain types of cases i need to stay away from or that i should look at specifically ? ive never changed the case on a computer before and the vaio i have has a very interesting way of opening up. is there a site or set of specifications i should follow before choosing my custom case ? thanks.

A:Computer Case Question

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I read about this case by Zalman that is totally silent, but keeps the system cool.
It looks really neat to me, but it got me wondering what the best case out there is.
Of course, this is subjective, I know.

Criterion, in order of importance:

1. It keeps the system nice and cool
2. Itís quiet
3. It doesnít involve any water pumps or coolent
4. Itís nice-looking

Whatís your fave?

A:What is the best computer case (chassis)?

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Plain and simple. I am looking for a computer case, mid or full tower ATX that has at least 2 120 mm fans, window or no window, that will provide good cooling and quality for the money.

i've looked into silverstone. and i've found this case to be of...decent..quality.

i'm looking to keep the price at a maximum of 135 dollars if you would please...i don't think i can afford anything better than that.

it needs good cooling because i plan on building a gaming rig with the following specs:

antec neo HE 550 watt
$99.99 + free

geforce 8800 gt pny 512mb
$269.99 + $6.33

amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3.0 ghz
159.99 + free shipping

asrock aliven mobo
$54.99 + $6.33

Gskill memory 2x 1gig sticks
$54.99 free shipping
so with specs like that, you can understand why i would want it to run cool at all costs.

let the hunt begin! :3

A:Computer Case Hunt

Hey link, have you looked at the antec 900 case. I know it is right at your budget limit but maybe by the time you buy all your parts it may go down some. I would love this case if I could afford it.

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I've about decided to upgrade to Conroe and will give my old computer to my son. Thinking I am going with the Conroe E6600 processor where I can install a good video card. I want at least 500 watts of power. Would prefer a case that already has a good power supply installed, although I will buy them separately and put them together if that is needed to get the quality I want. Quality is my primary concern. Also, I tend to stay away from the mini-ATX motherboards, preferring the standard ATX MB's. Anyone have a good experience with prebuilt case/power supply combos? Thanks for your assistance.

A:Recommendation for New Computer Case

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