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downloaded IE7 and PC sticks

Q: downloaded IE7 and PC sticks

I have a desktop PC with WinXP SP2.

Recently, I downloaded IE7 successfully, but when I did a restart, the PC will boot, display the users, and when I select any one of them, all I see is the blank wallpaper. When I try to boot in Safe Mode, the same initial steps occur, but when I select any user, I get a black screen, with WinXp SP2 displayed around the perimeter like a frame. Help!

A: downloaded IE7 and PC sticks

Have I posted to the correct forum?

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To provide some background information, I will explain what happened to 'cause' the problem in the first place:
I was on vacation with my parents (it's their computer, by the way) and prior to that we took out all the plugs of the computers just in case. When we came back, all that was done was re-plug the computer, and then we tried booting it. It turned on, but the display didn't work.

After some fooling around, it was identified that RAM was the issue, because when I took out a single stick, it suddenly showed video again. However the next boot it didn't, so I took the other stick and tried it, but it didn't work, so I put it in the other port and then it did work.

Long story short, I have tried both RAM sticks together: doesn't work. Tried them individually, and they both work SOMETIMES. Sometimes one of them works in one port, then it works in the other, then it doesn't and the other stick has to be in one port, then the other. It seems completely random, and I haven't been able to identify any other issue.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the right section of the Forums, but since I restarted the PC about a hundred times, it seems like I am.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Realised I forgot to mention that the motherboard is an ASUS M4N78SE and the RAM are 2x2GB 1066 DDR2 Fatal1ty (OCZ).

A:Computer won't boot with 2 sticks RAM, though both sticks and slots work

Did you get this fixed?

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I ordered some computer stuff at 4a.m. and I had a major brainfart when doing so.

I ordered some Crucial ram that came in 2GB sticks, sold is in doubles and triple packs, my thought was well, 6GB is better then 4GB when ordering but after doing so I thought, wait, don't you normally run ram in two's for dual channel?

So tomorrow I have 3, 2GB sticks showing up. Should I order a forth? I mean I KNOW I can run just 3 sticks but that puts is out of dual channel mode, correct? Does it REALLY matter when you get upto 6GB of ram? I mean computers are so quick now days, does it really actually matter?

I have this motherboard: - ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

I intend to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 tomorrow on this new motherboard and a Dual-Core CPU.

A:RAM... Two sticks, three sticks, dual channel, triple channels, huh?

Most MB's will let you run the 3 sticks in dual channel mode. One channel will have 4GB and one will have 2GB. Check you MB manual and it should show which slots to use.


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I am trying to get my two sticks (2x 2Gb) of Corsair RAM (CM2X2048-6400C5C) to work in my Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo.
Both sticks work perfectly because I have tested them in all slots individually and the computer works flawlessly.
However, the problem that I'm having is when I put both sticks in, be that in A1/B1 or A2/B2.

With both sticks in, the computers powers on, the fans spin up but the computer progresses no further and does not POST - a blank screen.

What could be wrong? Is there a setting to adjust?


A:Mobo & RAM: two sticks individually - good, two sticks together - bad

The sticks should be in A1/A2 or B1/B2. Try that configuration.

See page 2-11 of your motherboard manual. If you don't have one, go here:

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So, here's the deal. I recently bought a new XPS 8900.  I have switched out the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD.
Now I want to increase the RAM. It came with 8gb (2 x 4gb sticks). To be absolutely sure I got compatible sticks-I bought 2 x 8gb sticks from Dell.  My machine has 4 slots, so I can have 4 sticks...
My Question is: can I use all 4 sticks ( 2 x 4gb and 2 x 8 gb ), or will mixing sizes screw up something?
Thanks, for any advice!

A:Dumb Question? OK to mix 4gb RAM sticks with 8 gb Ram sticks?

Yes  Make sure to keep the matching sticks paired in matching slots. or in other words, put the two 4GB sticks in the white slots and the two 8GB sticks in the black slots. ( or vice versa).
You might consider running the built-in memory diagnostics after installing the memory.

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I have an older Socket 478 Intel Motherboard, with DDR memory.

Right now I'm running 512 Megs (256 X 2) and looking to upgrade to a whole Gig.

Now, buying another 512 would be certinaly cheaper, but, I was told that if I do that (buying another two sticks of 256) and take up all four DIMM slots, that it would actually SLOW down the computer instead of making it faster, because of the memory in all four DIMM slots.

Another question, would it work if I just bought a third stick of 512 and put it in say, DIMM slot 2 or 4? Or does it have to be 'balanced'?

A:Solved: Two Sticks vs. Four Sticks of RAM

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Product Name: HP Pavilion Media center a1210n OS: Windows XP Added 1GB of RAM. Question: Can I start my computer with just 3 RAM sticks? 2=256MB; 1=1GB Note: I bought two 1GB of RAM sticks, but i want to see if i installed the ram stick correctly and also to find out if I killed it or if it was DOA.

A:Can I run my xp with only 3 sticks of RAM?

Yes, you can run with with 256X2 sticks plus the 1GB Stick. But it will run smoother with 2 matched sticks of RAM (ex) 2 x 1GB. You should have no problem as long as you got the same kind of RAM speed (ex) DDR2, as the old RAM and youre motherboard supports it.

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Sometimes when I restart my system, it sometimes stalls and freezes on the loading your personal settings page.

Any idea on how to solve this problem.

A:Pc Sometimes Sticks

If you do not get an error message, you can:
1. Check to see what applications launch on boot and delete unneeded ones.
2. Run checkdisk, then defrag your hard drive.

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P50 20ENCTO1WW 8gb is one or two sticks?

Go to Solution.

A:8GB on p50 is one or two sticks?

The 20ENCTO1WW is customized-to-order and doesn't specify a specific configuration. However, there are no part numbers for other than 8 GB and 16 GB modules. So if the 20ENCTO1WW is built with 8 GB, it will be 8 GB in a single stick.

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Hey Guys.

I've got a Toshiba M40 Laptop, and i recently bought a new stick of ram for it. 1GB PC3200 DDR. Would it be better to put the faster ram (the 1gig stick as opposed to a 512 PC2700 stick) in the 1st ram slot that way it accesses the faster ram first?



A:RAM Sticks

I would put the larger ram in the first slot. On my computer i have 2 512 sticks in the 1st slots and 2 256 in the second. Works fine.

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Hey Everyone, I have about 20 sticks of RAM ranging anywhere from 32 MB to 256 MB that came out of older computer thats we didnt need any more at work. I want to try them and see which are any good and which are trash.

Can any sticks of RAM be tried in any computer? Is there any way to damage the computer by trying out RAM? Can someone help me with what to check out with the computers before installing the RAM? Thanks!

A:Sticks of RAM

All of the RAM is probably good, but you need to get one of those old computers running and test each stick one at a time. The RAM is probably SDRAM and will not fit a newer computer, which uses DDR Ram. However you might find some low density chips - they would sell at a higher than usual price on the old computer market...

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Hi- I have a USB stick which has save some photos/files on but now will not let me open photos/files which i have tried to save ????? I am copying them onto USB stick -safly removing stick then as I go back into it-it wont let me view photos and saying file empty????please help.....

A:USB sticks

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Just had a question if I only plan on going to 1gig of dual ddr am I better to go with 2 sticks of 512 dual pc3200 or 4 sticks of 256. I know they have to be mactched pairs but also could I run two of 512 matched and two of 256. This is the mobo

Thanks in advance


A:4 sticks or 2

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i have a 2gb ram stick and a 1gb ram stick and was thinking of upgrading the 1gb to 2gb but wasnt sure would i have to get 2 matching 2gb sticks or could i just buy 1 2gb stick and it work with the original 2gb one... if that makes sence

A:Ram Sticks

Depends on whether your computer requires matched pairs.

I suggest you go to Crucial web site, click there System Scanner Tool and that will tell you what RAM you have, the maximum RAM, and what your system requirements.

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This is the question- I have 4 different joysticks-i'm running win98 so I should be able to add more than 1 joystick so it works-nogo/I first loaded a thrustmaster tm wheel & peddle controller- worked great/then I loaded a sidewinder game pad that came with it's own sw-worked great but thrustmaster will no longer be recognised by the sys/I removed both and joysticks from dev mgr & add remove programs & loaded a pc mission throttle-works great-i put anything else in joysticks in control panel it shows up not connected-can I add these other devices seperately so that they all work if they are plugged in before the sys starts. This is driving me crazy-you need different joysticks for diff games.

A:joy sticks

This isn't a tip or trick.

Moving to Hardware forum.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(4/29 free $5 added - free computer headset ends 4/30!):

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Front USB ports do not regoginze or work at all with 3.1 USB sticks.  They see and work with 3.0, but say they are 2.0 sticks.  Back ports are fine.  Reloaded drivers, no change.  And yes, the ports are 3.0 (blue).  Any ideas?

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Can i use different ram sticks from different pc? I have a dell and a hp. both ram sticks look identical just made by different companies. Thanks.

A:ram sticks

only if the motherboard supports it.

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I currently have 2gb of ram in my machine running 7hp, im looking to upgrade to 4gb but not sure if I should use 4 sticks of 1gb or 2 sticks of 2gb? Will it make a difference?

A:Is 4 sticks better than 2?

no difference if you are running at stock speeds.
Only disadvantage is if you want to go with more ram in the future, you will have to remove 2 sticks.
Also, DDR2 is pricier than DDR3 right now so you might just want to go with 2x1GB to keep the price down.
$30 for 2x1GB and $52 for 2x2GB for DDR2 800
$24 and $38 for the DDR3 equivalent.

EDIT: I just looked at some G.Skill Ram and the 2x1GB kits that might be the same as yours are $37 and $53 at newegg,

I recommend getting the same brand/model of ram for all the slots but if you have the $53 kit, then I would recommend getting a 2x2GB kit so if you need to upgrade to more ram in the future, you don't throw away too much money.

I've been running 4 sticks of ram in my machines for the past 10 years with no issues, and some were mixed brands.

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Until a few days ago my CPU usage has been stuck at 100% and is slowing my computer and my browser by a tremendous amount and I'm pretty sure it is a virus or spyware problem. I booted into safe mode, CPU usage was at lik 5%, and I ran AVG, MBAM, and Spybot. I had trojans and other things that I cannot remember. I did MBAM twice and eve non the 2nd scan I still had some problems. I restarted back into safemode. Ran MBAM a few more times and still have the problem.

A:CPU Sticks At 100%

check out some programs such as rkill; to at least kill the process when it does spike the cpu... What have you added to your system recently.

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Have just installed 4 x 1gb sticks into my machine,4096mb is showing in bios but only 3145200k showing in task manager (performance tab,physical memory).The mother board is an Asus A8N-SLI deluxe and should support up to 4gb of ram.OS is XP service pack 3.Any ideas .

Many thanks.

A:New ram sticks.

Ever heard of the Search function? Or G-O-O-G-L-E?

The amount is because of the 32-bit OS memory limits. 4 GB of physical memory can be used, that includes RAM and the onboard memory of your graphics card. Some of the RAM may be allocated to other things, too, so you'll get 3-3.35ish GB of usable physical memory.
ps, don't take it too hard, you're really not the only one asking this, 3-14 times a week...

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Hi, I'm new to the forums, found it through google.

I bought a PC yesterday, with a Thunder K8SD Pro S2882-D Motherboard. Which has two physical processors, and a total of 8 Dimm slots. 4 for each processor. The problem is I can only get it to boot if there is only memory in dimm1 of each channel. If I put it in dimm 1 and 3 all I get is a black screen. No combination works. Any ideas on how I could get all my Dimm slots working?

Sorry, there is no edit button, but I've been tinkering with it all morning. After resetting the CMOS jumper, instead of just getting a black screen I get the mega-trends Bios screen, it says
Press F12 to boot from the network
Press F11 for BBS POPUP
checking NVRAM
3 MB OK!

but it wont move past that screen. It doesn't give me an option to go into the bios options, And nothing happens when I press F!! or F12

A:Why can't I use more then two sticks of RAM?

I am not really sure, But with my board, The memory has to be in pairs, Say I was running 3 gigs, My board would only work with 2- 1 gig of memory sticks 2-512 memory sticks. All four of my memory slots had to be filled. Now if I upgraded it had to be It had to be in pairs of the same kind of memory. Persay I wanted to add 4 gigs .I had to run 2-2gig sticks. and so forth.

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Hi, I have recently decided to buy some more RAM for my PC except I have one question. Firstly, here are my specs:

Memory Installed 1 GB
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1 GB)

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC2-4200 MB/sec
Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM

Board: Asus A8M2N-LA
Processor: MD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core (3800+ 2.0 GHz)
and I have 4 DDR2 RAM slots.

Question is, if it indicates (4 x 1 GB) and the maximum allowed is 4GB does that mean I can only use 1GB sticks in the slots? Or can I use 2GB as well? (as long as I keep it at 4GB)

A:Do I HAVE to use 1GB RAM sticks?

It would help knowing the exact model of your board to give a more precise answer.

But off the top of my head, you should be fine using (2x2GB)

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I have just replaced two 128 Ram sticks for two 256 Ram sticks but PC is still showing 256 Ram.I also tried one 128 and one 256 but the same result. The PC is rated upto 512.
Win xp+sp2

A:RAM Sticks

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Hello folks, I just took advantage of a deal at my local Best Buy and went and purchased two packages of Kingston ValuRAM PC2- 4200 512MB. This is the same kind of RAM that I had already put on my board.

My computer does recognize that I now have 2G of RAM. One thing threw me a little off on it though. When I opened the packages for the RAM, I found that the 2nd stick looked very different from the first.

I'm about to sound like a completely computer illiterate person here, but the difference was that on one stick it had the rectangular chips on one side and some square chips on the other (same as the other two 512 sticks I had in there). However, the 2nd stick only had the square chips on one side and was blank on the other. I was comparing the stickers on the chips themselves and all the numbers seemed to match up. Is the 2nd stick just a newer design or something? Is this anything to worry about?

On a related note, i've tried researching Hyperthreading on the web and on Wikipedia but can't find the answers i'm looking for. Does Hyperthreading have anything to do with the RAM sticks? One of my friends was telling me that these sticks might not run Hyperthreading and it had to do with the sticks being identical or from the same batch. What is required to run it and how do you turn it on or make sure it is working? My processor is a Pent D 3.4 dual core and my motherboard (ASUS P5NSLI) says it supports it as well.

Thanks for any help

A:Two RAM sticks and one is different

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Need help here. I now have two sticks of PC3200 (400MHz) 512MB DDR from Apacer - problem is they don't seem to work well together when playing games - 10 minutes max before a BSOD (other tasks don't seem to cause this). If I take out one (doesn't matter which), the problem does not occur. I've tried disabling and enabling bank interleave to no effect. The two sticks are not identical, but I thought identical is only necessary if one wants to enable bank interleave i.e. dual channel operation. The BSOD during games occur even with Bank interleave disabled.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

A:2 RAM sticks: One or the other but not both

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Hi guys,

I recently bought 3 more sticks of RAM (6GB) from Newegg to upgrade onto my computer. When I put one stick of RAM next to my currently installed stick, the computer won't display anything on the monitor and there is no beep from the internal speakers. So I mixed the RAM sticks up a bit, trying to see if any combination would work, and the finally I got it to work in the first and third RAM slot. I need help as to why I can't seem to add more RAM.

System Specs:
Mobo: ASUS M4A7TD-M evo
RAM: Crucial XMS 2GB DDR3 (X4)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

A:Can't add more than two sticks of RAM

This motherboard runs dual channel memory, and some motherboards require either 1, 2 or 4 sticks of RAM to operate at all -> because manufacturers sometimes lock the dual channel function to all sticks (of reasons I'm unfamiliar of).

Still, the first and third slots on your motherboard (the blue ones): that's the first memory channel, and would indeed be the correct combination for just 2 sticks. Placing 2 sticks in the second channel (black ones) before filling the first channel can sometimes not work.

As for 3 sticks, it might just be the case that you must fill the first channel before populating the second channel - and also copy the first channel on the second one. In other words - three sticks of RAM means that 1 stick is unusable until you get another one, so that you can populate all four memory slots. If it doesn't work then, well then something's broken. But for now, it simply seems that you need another stick of RAM in order for the "third" stick to work in the second channel.

In case I mis-understood something, for instance if you actually have 4 slots populated, then some other TechSpot hero will have to fill you in on this one.

OR: (as I didn't find much information about the RAM configuration on this particular motherboard) in some cases, only 1 or 2 slots are usable at the same time, some motherboards have two "different memory frequency" slots in order to maintain some compability against other memory ... Read more

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hello i have a quick question, i have two sets of ram. with different cas and speed. now what would be the better ram to use. the one with lower cas and slower speed or faster ram and higher cas... i have listed the info of each memory i have..

i have 6GB of crucial
Part Number: BL25664TG1337 Module Size: 2GB
Package: Ballistix Tracer 240-pin DIMM (with LEDs)
Feature: DDR3 PC3-10600
Specs: DDR3 PC3-10600 ? 7-7-7-24 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR3-1333 ? 1.65V ? 256Meg x 64 ?
Or the one listed below in my link... right now i am using the 16gb, but was told the lower Cas is better....

16GB of Corsair vengance
Model: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B

A:which of these ram sticks is the better one to use

If it was me, I would stick with using the 1600mhz stuff, although the timings are tighter on the Crucial, you will be hard pressed to notice any difference at all.

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Do most folks still format USB sticks as FAT32 fs? Or NTFS? I'm running a quad core with 16GB RAM on an AMD ATX motherboard.

Does it even matter?

Also, take a look at the poll.

A:Formatting USB Sticks

Depends on what I'm using the stick for. Sometimes I use it to swap files quickly from Win 7 system to an Linux Mint system and that requires the format to be fat32 for compatibility. Otherwise I format with NTFS.

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I have a brand new medion akoya desktop - it came with 4GB ram in two sticks of 2Gb. Problem is the computer is very unstable with both sticks in but runs fine with 1 stick (either). Problems will occur within minutes of opening a browser or lots of windows ending in BSOD.

The bios is up to date but allows no voltage manipulation. I have also inserted two other memory sticks with the same results so the memory is fine.

any ideas?
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition build 7600 (32-bit),
1 x Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz,
2.7GB RAM,
NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i,
298GB HDD,
System Name: SERAJ-PC
Motherboard Manufacturer: MEDIONPC
Motherboard Name: MS-7366
Motherboard Version: 3.1
BIOS Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS Version: A7366MLN.40C
BIOS Release Date: 01/04/2010
CPU manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Type: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz
Codename: Wolfdale
CPUID: Family 6, Model 17, Stepping A, Revision R0
Socket: LGA775
Lithography: 45nm
Physical CPU's: 1
Cores per CPU: 2
Hyperthreading: Not capable
Clock frequencies:
Measured CPU speed: 2499.5 MHz
Multiplier: x12.5
Scalable Bus Speed: 200.0 MHz
Front Side Bus: 800.0 MHz
Cache per CPU package:
L1 Instruction Cache: 2 x 32 KB
L1 Data Cache: 2 x 32 KB
L2 Cache: 1 x 2048 KB
Total Physical Memory: 2815MB
Available Physical Memory: 618MB
Memory de... Read more

A:2 sticks bad - 1 stick ok

do you have any speed adjustments in the bios

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My cursor sticks after I let it sit for a few seconds.
Here's exactly what happens:
After letting my mouse sit idle for 20-30 seconds when I go to move my mouse again the cursor sticks for a short period of time. It's only between 1-5 seconds. If I keep my cursor moving regularly this problem doesn't occur.
This problem persists all the time even when running games like Battlefield 2 the same stickyness persists.

I'v scanned my computer with spybot s&d, Ad-Aware, and AVG.
I'm running XP Media Center Edition.

By the way. This is an optical mouse, and I have tried changing to a different mouse of same make and model with no success. I am using just a smooth grey mousepad. This is the same pad I have used since I bought the computer, so it isn't anything to do with the surface. I did also try using the mouse on other surfaces with no success.

I submitted this post to the spyware forum, and they said I have no spyware, or virus present, and pointed me to this forum.

Can someone help me fix this please?

A:Cursor Sticks

Hello. alt+ctrl+del will bring up the Task Manager. Click on the Performance tab. Look under Physical Memory, tell us the numbers under Total, Available, and System Cache.You mention it is an optical mouse, is it a wireless mouse? If so, try a wired mouse.

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I have bought some memory sticks. The first (Cruzer) worked perfectly. Now when I insert sticks in the usb I am asked to format sticks. If I try this message reads Unable to complete formatting. Any ideas?

A:memory sticks

Try using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
Supports formatting of any brand of device and not specific to HP.

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Hi All .
I;m adding more memory for my laptop ..and i have 2 sticks 1GB & 2GB ,,
My question is ..Does it matter which slots they should be installed ...?
and should they affect performance if i put them in the wrong slots ..?
Thanks in advance .

A:Memory sticks

Well, are you replacing the old ones?
Are they matched? (Same Speed)

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I want to try Linux on a USB stick
USB 3.0 stick - obvious choice? Will run faster

Or maybe it doesn't matter?

Before anyone says: I do have a USB 3.0 slot on my laptop


A:USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 sticks for Linux

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Win XP SP3 computer.
Got 2 USB sticks - one is 32GB, the other 16GB.

Need to copy a 10GB image onto one of them. Deleted folders on the USB sticks and tried copying over. Not enough space.

Formatted both and still get not enough space type of error on both sticks.

I can copy documents over to them. What's going on?

A:Can't copy onto USB sticks

If the external drive is formatted as FAT32, the maximum file size is 4.3GB,

try reformatting the USB stick as NTFS

have a read here

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This is off the topic but it said RAM so i thought here is a s good a place as any.....

Can u put two sticks of RAM in with two different speeds?

Eg my motherboard can go up to DDR 2 1066MHZ or somthing like that. At the moment i am running 1x Transend 2GB at 800MHZ... I would like to put in my Transend 1GB at 533MHZ

Will it work? Is it worth it? Will it effect the performance?

And on a side note......

Is there much difference between in performance during games and boot up etc if i start to use DDR 2 at 1066MHZ as opposed to DDR2 at 800MHZ?


A:Can u put 2 sticks of RAM in with two different speed?

If the memories are compatible with your motherboard, all sticks will work at the lowest speed. In your case, 533 MHz.

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I have a DFI Lanparty SLI-DR NF4 939 and have 2*512gb sticks in it, if I wanted to add ram say 2*1gb extra sticks in the other slots will this be supported or do they have to be the same?

A:4 Sticks in MOBO

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Okay so im thinking about buying more Ram for my PC since i currently only have 2GB of ram ( 32 - bit )

I had Crucial scanner scan my PC to see what kind of Memory i have and what i can upgrade to.
Memory upgrades from - Determine My Memory Needs

If the link above works for you guys, you will see the two peace kits that they recommend for me. They both have the same price so what's the difference?

this is the first kit:
2GB kit (1GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 memory module

Part Number: CT700736 Module Size: 2GB kit (1GBx2)
Package: 240-pin DIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-5300
Specs: DDR2 PC2-5300 ? CL=5 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR2-667 ? 1.8V ? 128Meg x 64 ?

Second kit:
2GB kit (1GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400 memory module

Part Number: CT764974 Module Size: 2GB kit (1GBx2)
Package: 240-pin DIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-6400
Specs: DDR2 PC2-6400 ? CL=6 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR2-800 ? 1.8V ? 128Meg x 64 ?
So which one is better? or are they the same? both cost $33.39.

Which one should i buy? Hope to hear back from you guys soon, thanks

A:Question about Ram sticks.

Either is fine, I would personally go for the 2nd one as it provides better performance, but overall you wont really notice much of a difference between the two sets.

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My Intel 975xbx (rev. 304) will accept three 1 GB sticks of Corasair XMS memory, but when I put a fourth stick in, I get the three beeps and it won't post. I have tried all four sticks in different combinations, so it isn't a particular module that is "bad". I followed the voltage settings recommended by Corsair and have tried altering them, but I can't get all four to work at the same time. They were all purchased together, by the way. I can't find anything on Intel's site or Corsair's sited about a known problem. Any help would be appreciated.



A:Bad Axe won't accept 4 sticks of ram

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My computer originally came with a stick of 512 mb of PC2700 ddr 333mhz ram. I have a 2nd slot that I wanted to add another 1 gb stick to. However when I went to the computer store, they didn't have any 1 gb sticks of pc2700. They did, however, have a 1gb stick of pc3200 400mhz ram. I was told it would be ok to use this instead of the pc2700. Is this true? Thanks

A:Can you use 2 different type sticks of ram?

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(XP SP3 Media Edition) New PNY sticks after 1st insertion into USB port for their installation: "Does not meet windows logo testing". Only given option is to click "OK". Then message "Error encountered during installation", and all closes. So I open 'My Comp' and see a flash stick symbol. Try to open it and it says to insert the flash drive. So I insert it. Then tells me its not found.
Tried different install method: "Advanced". Selected "Let me install it". Only install option that appears is symbol for USB device. Selected it. Tries to install for an hour. Obviously nothing actually happening. No error message. Simply shows an install taking place, but in reality nothing is taking place. PNY 2.0 sticks are 8 GB & 16 GB respectively. Never had a problem with PNY sticks before. I am very frustrated.
Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance.

A:PNY sticks will not install

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Is it better if you get two 512MB Ram sticks or just get a single 1GB Ram stick

A:Two 512MB Ram sticks or 1GB

17RiCkE17 said:

Is it better if you get two 512MB Ram sticks or just get a single 1GB Ram stickClick to expand...

I prefer two 512s--the advantage being that you can troubleshoot problems by swapping out the one or the other stick. Two may actually work a little faster (athough I've heard the opposite), but its neglible. To me, the troubleshooting aspect is the key. Also, if you have only one stick and it goes bad--your computer may not boot at all whereas with two, only one will go bad at a time.

Anyway, I was faced with the same choice and opted for two stick rather than one. Now if you are going to have two Gigs of Ram, then you are of course better off with two 1 Gig sticks. But if you have only one Gig, then you are better off with two 512s.

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Is it OK to keep more than one stick of RAM in the same anti static bag? Someone suggested it might not be a good idea! Personally, I can't see it making any difference but I'm no expert.

A:Storage of RAM sticks

And I keep dozens in a big antistatic bag, Summer time (hot and Humid) no problem with static, comes the cold winter and it is a big problem, In the winter I even use a noobie thing, A wrist strap!!!

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So, after paying STAPLES to install the new ram onto my Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 laptop and them screwing it up with a faulty stick, I've received a new stick of ram and am waiting to get home to my laptop with a new hard-drive.

Here is my question,

How do I install it?

Stock: 2X1GB DDR2 RAM
Upgrade: 1X1GB DDR2 Stock RAM & 1X2GB DDR2 Upgrade Ram

The upgrade is from a totally different company but it is confirmed it is compatible.

How do I install this? I know so far I need to install it on the bottom slot and un-plug the notebook, remove the battery. However, I'm wondering if I should hold in the power button for a little bit to dis-charge any remaining power from the PSU's?

Got any other tips or suggestions?



A:Swapping ram sticks...

Originally Posted by Presario


So, after paying STAPLES to install the new ram onto my Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 laptop and them screwing it up with a faulty stick, I've received a new stick of ram and am waiting to get home to my laptop with a new hard-drive.

Here is my question,

How do I install it?

Stock: 2X1GB DDR2 RAM
Upgrade: 1X1GB DDR2 Stock RAM & 1X2GB DDR2 Upgrade Ram

The upgrade is from a totally different company but it is confirmed it is compatible.

How do I install this? I know so far I need to install it on the bottom slot and un-plug the notebook, remove the battery. However, I'm wondering if I should hold in the power button for a little bit to dis-charge any remaining power from the PSU's?

Got any other tips or suggestions?



Removing the battery would me enough.

To actually install the new module, just note carefully how the old one is mounted before removing it, then mount the new one the same way.

And remember the golden rule: If you need to use force to install it, you are either installing it wrong, or you have the wrong type. Be gentle.

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I have recently installed vista ultimate x64 on a new machine:
Athlon X64 5400+
4 GB kingston 1066

Everything is perfect except a terrible problem with my
usb2 sticks. I cant copy large files ( > 500 MB) to any of them.
All the sticks are formatted to FAT32 and working perfectly to
other machines with xp installed. Never had any problem with them.

Vista starts copying the file to the usb. After a while (40 - 50%) it stops for a
minute or two and then an error displays saying something like
file c:\documents ....\filename no longer exists. The led on my usb
stick continues to blink like crazy and it stops blinking only if i remove it
no matter how long I wait (hours).

This does not happen with small files. Also in event log I see something
about an error during a caching operation.

I have tried the following:
I reformatted my sticks to ntfs. Same problem
I have checked "optimize for performance". Same problem

I have installed all updates from microsoft. I also googled a lot
and I have found similar problems but no solution.
Any help please? I dont want to go back to XP since I loved this new OS.

A:problem with usb sticks

Reformat to FAT32 system which supports up to 4 GB. The file system will fully support the whole system, and then you should try it again. Also check if your USB stick has one of those special programs, which limits the size of each file.

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I have a Gigabyte 8S661FXMP-RZ motherboard. I have two sticks of 512mb ram 400mhz but it only shows as 512 in bios and in Windows. I can't find any bios settings to change it. What do I do?? Someone please help me!

A:2 x 512 sticks of RAM show as 512 only

sounds like 1 stick may be faulty, try only using 1 & see what happens, then try using the other on its own & see what happens.
If they both work on their own, try them both together, but swap slots

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Ok i have the Gigabyte K8N Pro motherboard and i had Kingston Value Ram and have upgraded to OCZ Ram and it wont work with both sticks installed. I'm not sure if this was the exact ram i needed but i was sure it was it..

Kingston Value Ram


Motherboard Link

A:Can't install two Ram Sticks???

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We have a network of 20 PCs. We are quite security consious. I noticed a staff member had one of these memory sticks on their desk. Is the a way to stop them being used on a PC / network


A:Can I ban memory sticks

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What is the difference between DIMM and SIMM memory, I'm looking to but two 256mb sticks in a new comp I'm buying but I'm not sure which memory to buy and it says nothing about them, can you help me?

A:Need help on memory sticks!

Simms are older memory technology, 72 pin
Dimms are newer memory technology, most motherboards now days use DIMMS, 168 pin module's.

If the system is relatively new it won't have simms, seems like four or five years at least since everything changed to dimms.

little info here

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I would like to get an usb stick. I don't know much about them, so are there any things that I should keep in mind? There are no special requirements, only that it should be working whenever I need it, and it should not easily break.
Also, what brands are good? And what brands should I AVOID?

A:some more info about USB sticks

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The spacebar on my netbook sticks until I press another key, even after I restored the netbook to factory default and installed the system drivers. I don't have the netbook with me, but what are some things that I should try? Anything besides disable sticky keys if enabled & decrease keyboard repeat delay?

A:Netbook key sticks!

Clean the keyboard.

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Hi guys, I currently have a samsung m471b5273ch0-ck0 4gb stick in my laptop, but have come across a samsung m471b5273eb0-ck0 4gb ram stick in a faulty laptop, and I am wondering if they are the same specs, so I can mix them.

M471B5273CH0-CK0 Samsung 4GB SODIMM Memory PC-12800
M471B5273EB0-CK0 Samsung 4GB SODIMM Memory PC-12800

When it comes to ram, I am very limited with the knowledge, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

A:Are these two ram sticks compatible?

If your laptop supports a max of 8Gb or more, you should be able to use both without problems.

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My brother's computer is the Dell XPS studio 8100, and it came with 4 (2x2) Gigs of RAM.
since he has been using a lot of streaming programs recently he wanted more RAM, so i suggested he get this:

it is compatible with his motherboard, i already checked. (DDR3, 1333 MHz)

my one concern is that if i just go ahead and put those two sticks into the two remaining RAM slots on his motherboard, something will go wrong or it wont be compatible or something.

im fairly certain that it should be fine, but i wanted to check with the pros first

A:Computer has two sticks of RAM, can I put in two more?

I'd recommend he purchase a matched set of 8GB RAM, whether it be 2 sticks or 4. Different sets of RAM usually work out okay, but they can also cause problems so it makes sense to replace all of it with one matched set.

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I have a question, I have a 512mb 3 cas latency stick in my mobo right now, if i was to add a 2 cas latency stick will it work?

A:Having ram sticks with two different latencys

If it does not very well. Not a good idea to mix them up.

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I have a problem of a memory stick that has no manual write protect switch, but is being reported as write protected by Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates. I can still read from the stick but cannot delete anything or replace anything. This pretty much renders it useless. I have tried to locate the vendor of this stick but cannot get any positive search results in Google using the device Id. Please help !

A:Memory Sticks

What are the first two four digit numbers (PCI vendor and device ID)?

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I've just bought a 2GB set of RAM from Corsair to add to my current 2GB of Corsair RAM.

The two sets of sticks are identical in specs. (CM2X1024-8500C5D)
But for some reason they are not working together.

I've worked out that the RAM slots are fine, and all four sticks work fine as well. However I just can't get the computer to boot up when I mix the 'old' RAM with the new RAM.

On the side of the new RAM sticks it reads: '2.10V ver5.1'
On the old it reads: '2.10V ver4.1'
But other than that, they are completely the same.

Surely this small difference doesn't render these sets of sticks completely incompatible?

A:RAM sticks not working

Tongan said:

completely incompatibleClick to expand...

Not because of the different rating, but because they are just different
Many boards work best, when all Ram cards are identical.

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Have you guys heard about that new memory stick from Sony? It plugs into a USB port and it's like tiny. There's probably some software for you to do it, but it sounds awful cool...You can get them (once they come out) up to 128 MB!

A:New Memory Sticks

Sony have a very good reputation for extortionately high prices on their goods :rolleyes:

But the idea sounds cool enough :grinthumb

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Hi, I have the P5K Premium Motherboard but I have never had RAM that has large Heat sinks on top of them and I know that some sticks of RAM are to big to have 4 sticks in one computer, so can you tell me if 4 stick of Reaper ram will fit into the P5K Premium
Here is the link to the RAM

A:Will 4 sticks of this RAM fit into P5K Premium

If you do some Google you find people saying they use both;

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Please help!

I have a stock ACER E380 AMD 64 X2 5200 with 2GB RAM. I have been getting random restarts and BSODs for about a week, all types of different error codes. After reading up, I figured it may be a memory problem or a power problem. Since I replaced the PSU when I bought it (500W), I started with the memory.

I ran memtest overnight, all passed. So I thought maybe I have one bad stick. Booted up with one stick (1GB) for a couple of days, no BSODs. Swapped it for the other for a couple of days, no BSOD's. Put both back in, BSOD whenever I boot up!

The mobo is Acer and I can't find any documentation, but both sticks were in their original sockets. Original system RAM and they appear to be matching sticks.

Any ideas?

A:BSOD w/2 sticks of 1GB RAM

do you have any capacitors leaking?
Did you check your CMOS battery?
did you check your minidump files?

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Just a quick question.

Is it true that more DIMMS = less stable machine / lower overclock?

So if you have lets say 4 slots and you fill them up, you would get better performance and more stable machine with only 2 slots of the 4 filled out?

I heard this somewhere some time ago, not sure if its true or just a random claim.

A:Overclocking and RAM sticks

It used to be very true. Memory controllers used to be a lot more fickle than they are at present, and certain vendors motherboards had OC'ing and stability issues when fully populated (Gigabyte and MSI's P45/X48/X38/P35 range seemed particularly afflicted)
Having said that, with the advent of the memory controller moving to the CPU in Intel boards in recent years, better/cleaner power delivery, lower RAM operating voltage, and dedicated power regulation for RAM operation the issue isn't generally a factor.

So the answer is No...or Yes, depending upon what system you're running.

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I want to upgrade my ram on my gaming computer from 2 GB to 4 GB. I've read that 4 GB will be a 'must' in the future, so I decided to upgrade.
Currently, I have two 1gb sticks of ram installed. So I was wondering if buying another two 1gb sticks is the right way to go, or should I buy two 2gb sticks and trash the ones I already have? (I really don't want to do the latter). This is the motherboard I have,
Will having four 1gb sticks be a lot worse than having two 2gb sticks on my motherboard?

A:Performace hit with 4 sticks of RAM?

All I know is: higher Ram amount = higher wattage in one Ram slot
I usually put in 1Gig of Ram in each slot.

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hello, I am running an AMD Athlon 2400+ on a Soyo KT600 Dragon Plus. Originally I had one 512 stick of PC 3200 RAM in it and it worked fine. I then purchased 2 more unmatched 512 sticks of PC3200. I noticed a nominal increase in speed. So, I decided to try it with only 1 gig instead of 1.5 and it really seemed to make the speed increase alot. So my question is, does it make a difference running only 2 sticks rather than 3 and if so should I run one old and one new or two new (I think there may be a latency difference)? Also, can anyone give me any insight into whether or not the slots that I put the memory into make a big difference? I can't find any info on this on the soyo website. Thx for the help!


A:Which memory sticks should I use?

You should always get matching memory sticks, i.e. all DDR400/PC3200 and all with the same CAS Latency (CL), the lower the better. (CL=2 or 2.5 or 3).
In a mixed environment, it might not work at all, or, if it does work, the speed for all sticks will always that of the slowest between them.

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I have a frustrating problem. I have a Gigabyte 8ipe775 pro motherboard in a Pentium 3.2gig PC which has been running 2 matched Kingston 512meg of DDR 3200 ram dual channel for 2 years no problem.

I recently bought another 2x512meg kit of the same Kingston ram with the same part number but the bios will not boot with all 4 sticks in.

I then tried a kit of 4x512 meg DDR3200 Apacer matched ram but it also will only boot with 1,2 or 3 sticks. With 4 sticks the bios won't even beep. Remove any stick and it runs fine albeit in single not dual channel.

I have tested all the sticks of ram in every possible combinations in each of the 4 motherboard slots and they all work fine as long as there are not 4 sticks inserted at once.

I doubt it is the ram (having tried separately both Apacer & Kingston ram). It is not a faulty memory slot on the motherboard as I have tested each slot individually and together and all work fine until a 4th stick is inserted. It does not matter which slot the 4th stick is put into the same thing happens.

I have the latest bios available so for now I am running 3x512 sticks in single channel.

Anyone know what I can try to get 4 to work at once or what may be causing the problem?

A:4 Ram Sticks Won't Boot

some motherboards have difficulty accessing more than two sticks. You would have been muc better off replacing the original two and doubling their size. This can be due to a variety of reasons - namely power, BIOS, and chipset configurations.

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I have burned some legal cd's and, when I played them thru one time they played fine, on the second play thru one of them stuck on 3 songs and one of them on one song. When I burn I close all windows, real time virus running.

I played the on a almost brand new Panasonic cd player. I am using memorex 40x 700mb and 80 min burn time. I am using an hp cd-writer 8200plus writer.

One thing I did noice they have a spot that you can use to make what is referred to as a "compatible burn".

Would appreciate any comments if someone would care to respond.


A:Skips and sticks on cd's

Your post is a bit confusing. The standard advice would be to try burning at a slower speed or try a different brand of discs. Can you play these burns in another CD player?

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i do alot of camping in the sourthern bc, just wondering if a internet stick would be good or work for me.i play alot of online poker, is there a monthly fee or do you have to sign a contract. sorry dont know much about this stuff. thank you dernsky

A:internet sticks

what country are you in - I'm assuming sourthern bc = Southern British Columbia

mobile costs can be quite expensive, I only know the UK, and you can get a monthly subscription and a contract with all the mobile providers, I researched recently for a friend vodafone and O2....

Also you will need to make sure which ever provider you choose has coverage in the area you are planning to use the device

I suspect someone with local knowledge will answer soon

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It only shows 7.87GB usable. Moreover, I just got a BSOD that says page fault in non paged area. Could it be the ram issue? Got it twice in like 2 months? Last month and this month.

A:Have 2 sticks of 4GB ram in my notebook, but..

What method or program are you using to see your ram?

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I have 256MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM which im pretty sure is RAM (Im a noob) so I want to put another stick in and have more could I put a 512 stick in with the 256 one and have 768MB of RAM ? Because im thinking of letting my local computer place do it and i want to save some money but i dont want to screw up something while im doing it.

A:How to install sticks of ram

K first of all u need to determine the speed and type of ur old 256 RAM. It can be either DDR or else. As to speed they need to be both the same. Well maybe don't need to but if lets say u got 2 sticks of RAM where one is running at 400 and the other at 200 then after putting them both in they will both run at 200 as it always runs at the slower speed. So the best thing is to have the same type of ram.

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Well, I'm pretty sure this was cause by spyware in some way. My cursor sticks after I let it sit for a few seconds.
Here's exactly what happens:
After letting my mouse sit idle for 20-30 seconds when I go to move my mouse again the cursor sticks for a short period of time. It's only between 1-5 seconds. If I keep my cursor moving regularly this problem doesn't occur.
This problem persists all the time even when running games like Battlefield 2 the same stickyness persists.

I'v scanned my computer with spybot s&d, Ad-Aware, and AVG.
I'm running XP Media Center Edition.

By the way. This is an optical mouse, and I have tried changing to a different mouse of same make and model with no success. I am using just a smooth grey mousepad. This is the same pad I have used since I bought the computer, so it isn't anything to do with the surface.

Can someone help me fix this please?

A:Cursor Sticks

Mod Bump

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My mouse seemingly randomly sticks like the PC has crashed for 15 seconds and then it can move for roughly 3 seconds and then sticks again. 1 week ago it was doing this and so I hard reset and then the motherboard blew. I have replaced it and put more memory in and today it is doing it again (but not blown the motherboard when I reset this time), the power and processor lights stay illuminated but I can't hear the processor clicking away like it is doing something stenuous. What is doing it? I have Bitdefender and it hasn't picked up anything nasty.

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I have a PIII 850Mhz that my 10year old boys use for home work and games (at the moment no access to internet).

It came with 128mb stick of PC133. I recently bought a 512mb stick of PC133.

When both sticks are installed only the 512 is recognized the other slot is marked as "Not Initialized" in the Bios setup.

I've swapped the sticks around placing the 512 in front of and behind the 128, but the message is always the same. I even put the 128 back in by itself to see if I somehow zapped it, but it works.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


A:Solved: Mixing Ram sticks 512 and 128

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Hey guys,

Got a bit of a problem here with an old PC. Basically, when I boot up into windows with 2 RAM (2x2GB) sticks in the computer (no matter what combination of slots I use) I get a blue screen at the exact same point after the windows loading bit. This does not happen, however, when I load up into safe mode. With 1 RAM stick (either of them work fine on their own) there is no problem whatsoever.

I formatted and installed a blank copy of 7 64bit to try and resolve the problem, but to no avail.


CPU: Intel Q6600
Memory: 2x2GB Patriot 800MHz DDR2
GPU: nVidia 8800GTX
HDD: 2 x 250GB Samsung
Motherboard: Gigabyte P31-DS3L
PSU: Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W Modular
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Here is a minidump:

Bugcheck Analysis

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is usually
caused by drivers using improper addresses.
If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace.
Arg1: fffff88002bffffc, memory referenced
Arg2: 0000000000000007, IRQL
Arg3: 0000000000000001, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: fffff880010646fd, address which referenced memory

Debugging Details:

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\vsmraid.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for vsmraid.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but ... Read more

A:Blue screen with 2 ram sticks, not with 1?

Briefly looking at (maybe) your RAM (PDC24G6400ELK Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 4GB (2 x 2GB)PC2-6400 Enhanced Latency DIMM Kit?) I am wondering if you are having an over-voltage/under-voltage problem from the kit being rated 1.9v-2.0v, but the board only supporting 1.8v (although i think its possible that one of the sticks is faulty and it might be worth it to try to RMA it). And if you look at the memory support list for patriot they dont list any 2 gig sticks as compatible under the 800mhz freq (

Do any of the other below conditions apply to you?



4 x 1.8V DDR2 DIMM sockets supporting up to 4 GB of system memory (Note 1)
Dual channel memory architecture
Support for DDR2 1066(O.C.)/800/667 MHz memory modules (Note 2)
* Because of chipset limitations, do not populate both DIMM sockets of the same channel (e.g. DDRII1 and DDRII2), or populate 4 DIMM sockets with double-sided memory modules to prevent system's failure to start or incorrect detection of memory modules. Please refer to the user manual for the memory configurations table.

* Because of chipset limitations, when using FSB 1333 MHz CPU with populating all DIMM sockets, memory frequency will be reduced from the original, and system instability or incorrect detection of memory module may be occur. Please refer "Memory Support Li... Read more

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Has anyone seen any decent 4gb DDR3 modules out yet? if so, please post links... thanks

A:DDR3 4gb sticks out there? (Desktop)


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Is there antway to identify a memory stick? A friend gave me a couple but does not know what kind of memory it is.

A:Unknown Memory sticks

Can you identify on your own if it is sdram, ddr ram, edo ram... etc? Then look for any labels on the ram, # of pins, etc. I always get mervous testing unknown ram, because if it's say pc66 sdram, and you put it in a computer running at 100mhz bus speed, you would overclock and fry the ram. (most likely) and possible cause other issues as well. If you have say an old celeron machine in the 300mhz range you can install the ram in, you could install a computer information progra, like sisoft sandra, and see if that gives you info on the ram. Ram is fairly cheap.. If you don't want to take the chance of frying your computer, i would try to identify by any #'s or labels on the stick. Free ram is even more suspect.. I wouldn't risk it unless it was nice new ddr or something...

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Hi, so I came home from a lan party today, and when i tried booting my pc, lights and fans turned on, but nothing on the monitor or keyboard. I removed 2 sticks of ram and it booted (overcloking failed came up) but it booted, I then moved the 2 sticks to see if the slots were broken, and it still booted. When I have all 4 in, error 55 shows up, then the pc turn on and off until I stop it. what the fuck is going on..
Sorry for shitty Engslish..

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Can inplease have a list of all ram sticks i can use on the HP 14-ro24TX Haswell Corei3

A:Can i have a list of all RAM sticks capable for the HP 14-ro...

Seriously? No. I am not sure anybody has the time to compile a list like that. Why don't we ask nicely for a link to recommended RAM that will work. Where do you live (country)?

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HEY ALL this sound sticking thing has got me baffled, ive tried everything uninstalling my drivers and installing new ones from realtek, turning everything off that uses my sound card, i ran out of ideas so i did a system restore, but still no luck please someone help.:

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The title says it all Can 1 please have alist of all ram upgrades i can have with the HP 14-ro24TX Haswell Corei3, Thanks!

A:What RAM sticks can you use for the HP 14-ro24TX Haswell Cor...

@JustAskingAbout? 2 customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots Supports dual-channel memory DDR3L-1600-MHz REO 

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I have a mouse that left clicks sticks from time to time but it is not just the mouse i am using but was also the mouse i used before replacing the last one. I have updated, restored, un-installed etc to no avail.Nothing was changed or added to the system before this starting happening. The stick problem doesn't occur at all times but does happen often enough. It is especially bothersome when playing L4D as I cannot use any automatic weapon without fear of friendly fire or if I am trying to highlight and paste, the first click doesn't always stop the highlighting. Anyone seen this before? i have combed many sites and searches but have found nothing that matches mine which I find hard to believe so am opening it up to the floor.

A:left click sticks

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Report claims that USB sticks will be offered alongside DVDs

Microsoft is reportedly planning a new change that would help Windows 10 become available for more people across the world and make installing the operating system faster and easier.

According to a report by German site WinFuture, which cites people close to the matter, Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10 on USB sticks too, in addition to the traditional DVDs, thus offering another install option for users worldwide.

Both the 32- and the 64-bit version of Windows 10 will arrive on USB flash pens, but the aforementioned site claims that both versions will be stored on the same drive and users will be allowed to choose which one to install.

This is clearly a welcome change as compared to the traditional DVD disk which comes in either 32- or 64-bit version and which can also scratch heavily and stop working as more time passes by.

Windows 10 to Launch on USB Sticks Too - Softpedia

A:Windows 10 to Launch on USB Sticks Too

Well I for one am really looking forward to that. But as it stands now I convert my ISO for clean installs in to a bootable USB drive anyway by using Rufus. It's about time MS did something that actually makes sense....and this one does.

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I just built a new machine and the memory sticks from my old computer wont cooperate with the new stick i just bought.

-- Gigabyte K8 Triton
Memory sticks
-- 512mb pc3200 Corsair new
-- 256mb pc2100 Crucial old
-- 256mb pc2100 Kingston old

Both old sticks work fine together, and boot the system. The Corsair stick works fine and boots the system. However, the system will not even post (fans will turn on) when any combination of Old and New memory is used. What gives?

A:memory sticks incompatible?

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Well guys .... i got an issue?

i just bought 2 more sticks of ram and when i add them in and start the pc .... it wont start.
I mean the lights and fans come on .... but the they keyboard/monitor/mouse doesnt?

A:Adding memory sticks?

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my PC starts up but then sticks on the microsoft logo (the one with the green moving lines). I have tried restarting it several times and also tried starting it using "last known configuration" and System Restore but it keeps returning to the green bars. Safe Mode will not even start.The OS is Vista Home Premium 32bit and the pc is a compaq presario SR5414UK. I am not very experienced in dealing with computer problems so if anyone is kind enough to reply can you make the answer idiot proof please!

A:PC powers up and sticks on Logo

I'm afraid you're going to need to repair or reinstall Windows. Do you have a Windows installation disc? If so, you can put it into the CD drive and, when you boot, you can tell it to boot from the CD. After it boots, there may be an option to do a repair. If so, you can try that. Otherwise, you can try to do the installation.

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i want to buy a good one that will last,

i think disgo are supposed to be the best but im looking for something a bit cheaper

which other ones are good

ive been on ebay but there are thousands

does anyone know what make that thin, rectangular one is which is silver on the outside and transparent when you take the lid off?

thanks for reading and helping

A:which are the best data-memory sticks?

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someone lemme know what memory stick to buy for purposes of booting up live stick ??

A:USB memory sticks: for booting, which?

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I have looked high and low to find out what this is and how to stop this from appearing.  Once the it appears the cursor is stuck and I have to stop my movement on the touchpad and start again, to resume what I'm doing.  Any help would be appreciated. What is this??

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Hi all,

I have been checking some stats of my computer to run some of the new games, and to my surprise I have found that although 4 x 1024mb sticks have been installed in the computer only 3338mb's show up. I am using Win XP. I was expecting for 4gb to be present.

So is there a windows program that will allow me to test each ram stick without me having to go in to the computer pulling them out individually?

Thanks in advance.

A:Programs to check bad mem sticks?

Because XP is a 32-bit operating system it can only recognize and utilize 3.25 gigs of RAM. It takes a 64-bit operating system lo to recognize and utilize a full 4 gigs of memory or more.

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Recently, when i play Battlefield 2 my keyboard seems to stick, making the game impossible to play. When i press w(to move forward) my player (in game) goes forward for way to long. And theres a little bit of lag in between me pressing the key and my player doing the action. It's always random and sometimes it works okay for a couple seconds. Sometimes my player will go forward for just a little bit over, or sometimes I won't stop moving for 10 seconds after I let go of the key. This is happening with all keys, not just w. My keyboard isn't physically sticking at all. There just seems to be a problem with BF2 or something? Thanks for reading.

Edit- Also, this doesn't seem to be affecting my mouse at all. Only my keyboard is being affected.

A:Solved: BF2 - Keyboard sticks?

Well... i just restarted and that fixed the problem. That's good enough for me.

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I recently had memory installed by a tech. My computer has 4 slots. It came with 2 - 256MB sticks. I went to bios and noticed the order and was wondering if they should have been switched. I had 2 512MB sticks installed for a total of 1536MB. Our tech here at Staples sometimes makes mistakes but usually he is very good.

Here's info from bios
Installed memory 1536 MB/PC2 - 3200
Memory bank 1 - 256 MB/DDR2
Memory bank 2 - 512 "
Memory bank 3 - 256 "
Memory bank 4 - 512 "

I've been getting crash messages in explorer and slow downs even though I keep computer cleaned up. Have mulitple spyware and avg free antivirus. If the above configuration is correct then perhaps one of the modules is bad. My signiture contains computer info.


A:Memory sticks in right order?

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Hey I upgraded my RAM from 512 to 1G+512 but Windows only detects the 1G. I checked in Everest Home that they are Both DDR2 and 266MHz. Any clue why they both don't recognise?

A:2 Memory Sticks Xp only Reads 1

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i have a inspiron 9300 with windows 7 installed i bought two 1gb sticks for it and they both work indenpedently in each slot but when put together it wont load windows it gets stuck on the "starting windows" screen.....the system does acknowledge that the memory has change when both are installed....i also updated my bios

A:Problem installing GB sticks

Maybe the voltage required by the RAM is higher than the default voltage of the laptop. It might be enough to run one stick but not enough for two. If necessary, the voltage is increased in the BIOS. If the Dell BIOS does not allow changes to the RAM voltage, you might have to replace the RAM with more compatible RAM.

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Hey guys I have 4 Slots of ram DDR1. 3 of those are filled up with 512mb's If i buy a DDR1 1GB, Would it work? and make it 2.5Gb Ram ?

A:Can I add 1GB stick to three 512MB sticks of RAM?

Krystianb said:

Hey guys I have 4 Slots of ram DDR1. 3 of those are filled up with 512mb's If i buy a DDR1 1GB, Would it work? and make it 2.5Gb Ram ?Click to expand...

Technically it should work. Make sure you purchase ram with the same speed/timings though.

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Looking for some help here and would greatly appreciate any?

I have two lap tops we use for our business they are both used outdoors and are connected to the internet through 3G internet sticks.

They are both running Windows XP.

The printer is attached to the 1 lap top and what I would like to do is print to 1 printer off both computers.

Is this possible?

A:Internet Sticks and Printers

See this thread beginning with post # 14. I would now advise trying Teamviewer before UltraVNC.

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