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Task bar clicks to bring up apps dont work randomly (reboot is the only fix)..

Q: Task bar clicks to bring up apps dont work randomly (reboot is the only fix)..

Anyone else run into this?

I'm running Vista x64.. After awhile, say a week.. or maybe just 1 day.. frequently when i have say 4 explorer windows opened and grouped in the task bar.. I can click on the group, but attempts to click on an individual explorer session fail.. its not just explorer's that have been minimized, pretty much anything that has more than 1 item (grouped) wont let you click on any of the items.

Only fix is a reboot.


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I love using the apps suddenly they've stopped working. When I click on one it automatically takes me to the regular desktop screen and gives me an error msg, I can only access websites using the regular desktop screen

A:Apps dont work

What "apps"? From where do you get taken to the "regular desktop screen"?

I can only access websites using the regular desktop screenClick to expand...

I don't understand. In general websites are accessed via a browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). What is this "regular desktop screen"?

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hello i had upgraded from win 7 ultimate to win 8 pro.but the 2 metro apps(camera & video) dont will open for a few seconds and turn me on start screen,in ''classic'' desktop windows screen i have no any problem.all my metro apps is updated.i have intel i7 q720 and my grafhic card is updated.what can i do?

A:metro apps dont work

Have you disabled UAC?

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So I recently 'upgraded' to the very app-centric windows 8 and snagged a great Aspire U touchscreen all in one I thought would be optimal with it. Every app works outstandingly but I can't seem to get a normal browser like IE Firefox or Chrome to work for beans. I might get a homepage after 45 mins but forget actually accomplishing anything. I swore the browser worked the first day I got it?

Any thoughts?

A:Apps Work, Browsers Dont

Possibly multiple anti-virus programs competing with each other.

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for some reason if i open a app it will not open but say its open on the task bar and i can hover over the and it will say its open

A:apps dont work have no idea why

win10? with or without August update?

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I recently bought a Lenovo laptop that came preloaded with the usual bloatware. The only thing that caught my eye was Phone Companion. Apparently it allows you to send texts and make phone calls from you laptop and they go through your phone. It sounded kind of neat, even if I never used it.
So I started the app and the first thing it says is "Scan this QR code with your Android device to download the companion app!". It was like "what? No WP"? Just in case, I scanned the QR code anyway and of course the app doesn't exist in the Windows Phone store.
Is it strange of me to think that a Windows 8 app would have a WP companion app instead of just Android? Am I being unrealistic? I can see a normal Windows application being specific to the more popular mobile devices, but a Windows 8 app just feels like it is meant to go with Windows Phone. They share a design philosophy and language. Its like if there was a Kinect game that said "Now show your Android phone to Kinect to get started".
Is this what we can expect with Windows 10? PC/Phone combo apps that I cant run without an iPhone or Android?

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i have alot of shortcuts in a folder on my desktop i bind alot of them with hotkeys, all the hotkeys work great and after i reboot my pc they dont work, and i need to delete the hotkey(set him to "none") apply then set my key back and apply again to make it work again.
i didnt delete any shortcut because i know that the hotkeys are property of the shortcut.
what shold i do to reload\refrash my shortcuts hotkeys each time after i reboot?
there is a way register to change or something to do for make them automaticly work after reboot ?
(i use windows xp proffesional)

A:Shortcut hotkeys dont work after reboot !

i'm using Autohotkey ... simply the best keyboard configuring program

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So I forgot my XP password, and a tech guy saved all the files, reinstalled windows and put them back on. Now everything works perfectly EXCEPT the microsoft site, and MSN Live messenger.. weird.

Every other site works but anything from Microsoft.. Here's what happens while I try to access it:

Edit lol: about the thing in the google search box, that's me trying to work out how to connect to someone's Diablo1 game, which I ask about in more detail here lol:


A:What the deuce! Microsoft site+msn dont work after reboot, but everything else does?

youre really cute..

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So guys, a couple months ago i got this problem. The start button just stopped working! it clicks, but the leetle menu doesnt show up. also, the links on the taskbar work perfecly fine, buuuut when i minimize a window it is like closing it. it also does NOT work in safe mode, and i am pretty sure it isnt a virus(avast says so.) any help???

A:Windows 7 Task Bar/Start Button Dont work!! Please Help!!

Hi and welcome to the Forums ...... Have you tried running sfc/ scannow

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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This is going to be a bit of a long read, but please, read it all before answering, thanks! :)

Hello, ive recently have been having the weirdest problem with my 3 month old laptop. It has been running great until one day, after restarting normally, the network connections icon on the task bar has a red X, even though i am connected to the internet. So i click on the icon and the popup window thing doesnt come up (The one over the task bar) so i right click it and i click connect to a network and the window comes up with white space and then i cant close the window, its just frozen. So i try opening task manager and even that doesnt work, the green box just comes up on the taskbar and i cant click on it to open it or anything! So i try to reboot, only to learn that the computer wont shut off!! It stays at the logging off screen for longer than i can wait (about a day!) So i force shut down by holding the power button on the laptop. During startup my computer asks me if i want to start Alienware Respawn (Like it always does, I have an alienware) which is like system restore with more features. So i follow it and do a regular microsoft system restore to the day before the problem occured. And then it goes back to normal and everything is connected and task manager works. But then, my network connection goes local only, so i tried fixing it by doing different things like removing and plugging the modem and router but that didnt work either. So i decide to restart, and it still... Read more

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Not too long ago, my friend asked me if i knew anything about this problem where he runs MSconfig or TaskManager and they both automatically close...leaving him with all this junk on start-up and his computer runs very slow. Any suggestions or comments on what's going on? Any help will be appreciated.


A:Helping a friend out here - His MSconfig and Task Manager dont work.

Welcome to Techspot !

That sounds like your friend's machine has some sort of infestation.I would start here and get it cleaned up.

Or a complete fresh installation .

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After reboot, sytstem works OK for a while, at least MS Outlook Express and, usually, MS IE. However, if I run Trend Micro AV, FireFox, Netscape, or (?), it will hang up and Task Mgr won't terminate the programs. Have to do a hard reboot.

Have updated and run SpyBot, Counterspy, AdAware repeatedly; they typically turn up some bad stuff which I remove. I've also run Avast AV (updated) and it showed no viruses.

I'm posting my HiJack This file. Hope someone can help me get cleaned up! Thanks

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:53:06 PM, on 6/3/2005
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\PROGR... Read more

A:Browser hangups; Task Mgr won't work; can't reboot normally

Hi there fix this

O2 - BHO: AcroIEHlprObj Class - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll (file missing)

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {549B5CA7-4A86-11D7-A4DF-000874180BB3} - (no file)

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {FDD3B846-8D59-4ffb-8758-209B6AD74ACC} - (no file)

Global Startup: Microsoft Find Fast.lnk.disabled

O9 - Extra button: (no name) - {CD67F990-D8E9-11d2-98FE-00C0F0318AFE} - (no file)

O16 - DPF: {01113300-3E00-11D2-8470-0060089874ED} ( Configuration Class) -

O16 - DPF: {106E49CF-797A-11D2-81A2-00E02C015623} (AlternaTIFF ActiveX) -

O16 - DPF: {2B96D5CC-C5B5-49A5-A69D-CC0A30F9028C} -

O16 - DPF: {41F17733-B041-4099-A042-B518BB6A408C} -

O16 - DPF: {74D05D43-3236-11D4-BDCD-00C04F9A3B61} (HouseCall Control) -

O16 - DPF: {77E32299-629F-43C6-AB77-6A1E6D7663F6} (Groove Control) -

O23 - Service: avast! Mail Scanner - Unknown owner - C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe" /service (file missing)

O23 - Service: ZipToA - Unknown owner - C:\WINNT\System32\ZipToA.exe (file missing)

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Using Firefox 3, on windows vista 64bit. I turned on the PC today, started tooling around online and then out of nowhere the page backs up on its own, then goes forward to the original page, without refreshing because my text entry on forums stays put. Also, it will randomly right click wherever the mouse currently is. It did it once, then not again for 10 minutes, then it did it twice in 2 seconds.

Im downloading and installing HJT atm, and updating my mouse drivers. But if anyone knows what this is, im all ears.

A:Randomly backing up and forwarding pages in Firefox and randomly right clicks

Im about to restart to see if it goes away with new drivers... I am really hoping its not my mouse, as it is a G5, and i love the thing... dont wanna buy a new one though, at 50-60 dollars lol...

Anyways, may as well see if my PC has aids while we are at it. Most of the stuff on here looks on the level to me, but i always like to get a second opinion.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:11:06 PM, on 3/6/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DNA\btdna.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
D:\Program Files\Xfire\Xfire.exe
D:\Program Files\VMWare\hqtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ 3\program\soffice.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ 3\program\soffice.bin
C:\Program Files\Logitech\GamePanel Software\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDMedia.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG8\avgui.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 -... Read more

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when i logged on to my windows account:
vista reverted to classic theme;
i cant access my documents, My computer, the control panel. i cant go on windows explorer or access any files whatsoever;
there was an error message that said: 'catalyst control center: host application has stopped working.' ;
also there was an error message that 'C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable' (or similar);
google chrome doesnt work: google chrome cannot read or write in its data directory.;
opera doesnt work:" Startup Error:Opera has failed to access or upgrade your profile. This may have occurred because your computer has insufficient resources available or because some files are locked by other applications. You may have to restart your computer before Opera will start again.";
the same thing happens with many other programs.;
i cant seem to do anything that requires admin privileges (i am on an admin account but not the root admin): for example when i click show processes for all users(in the task manager) it doesnt do anything.;
the computer is about slower than usual(logging on took a long time, start menu freezes up a bit, search doesn't work);
to me it seems like a number of files and folders where moved or deleted (like in program files or something).
could this be a virus, or just a buggy or incompatible software(I just installed Miro)?
please help.


A:classic theme; programs dont work; ccc & desktop dont work; slower than usual; etc.

Can you boot your computer in safe mode and access your documents, computer, and control panel?

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Hi guys - this is a weird problem that I've always had since building this computer 3 or 4 years ago and I don't think the drive was new when I built it so it went from totally normal in my xp machine to doing this weird thing when I put it in a new system with Win 7.

I've searched and not been able to find anyone with the same problem.

It normally occurs when listening to music or watching a film and it only happens very occasionally when you go to skip to to a new song or skip to a different place in the video. It's never been a major problem and in fact I think it's only done it once this week so aside from googling it a couple of times never actually got very far with fixing it.

So in winamp for example just after opening it I'll click next song (winamp installation and music are on 2 different hard drives as are VLC and movies) and it'll freeze. Then the disk will make a whir and about 5 seconds later there will be a click and everything will come back to life. During this time I can move my mouse and do other things on the computer.

Like I said it's always done this and it's never got any worse or anything so I don't think it's a faulty drive but I'll post this in the HD section too just to see if any experts there can shed any light on it.

Thanks for your help!

A:Some apps unresponsive until HD whirs then clicks

Look at your power profile settings. Likely the HD is being powered off after xx minutes.

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when i try to turn off my computer or reboot , my computer do nothing , what i do its i turn off with the Windows Task Manager some programe in the one by one and each time i ask to turn off my windows xp. and when i turn off the one called xpwin.exe . the windows turn off corectly. now i try to find whats is this programe do it . now Riskyone101 ask mee to do some programe and i give you the result.

thanks for your help. and have a nice week end.

DDS (Ver_09-05-14.01) - NTFSx86
Run by marc at 9:27:00,61 on 2009-06-20
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel 5.1.2600.3.1252.33.1036.18.1023.281 [GMT -4:00]

AV: Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {FB06448E-52B8-493A-90F3-E43226D3305C}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroup
C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\ArcSoft\Connection Service\Bin\ACService.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Pho... Read more

A:the computer dont turn off or dont reboot

j'ai fais un scan avec BitDefender Online Scanner - Rapport virus en temps réel

Généré à: Mon, Jun 22, 2009 - 11:39:21


Info d'analyse

Fichiers scannés

Infectés Fichiers

Virus Détectés















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I opened something that was accidently downlowded and i didnt install anything but opened the program. I closed it then i tried to delete it and it would not let me. Then suddenly norton came up prompting me to either to allow or block two programs which were mediaaccess.exe and toolbar.exe, i choose to block them. The i tried opening taskmanger to see if it was running and end its task to delete it but it wouldnt let me op task manger!

Can anyone help i could really use it.....

A:Can't Bring up Task Manger

Funny, a similar situation happened to me.

when you press control+alt+delete does nothing happen? and when you type taskmgr in start>> run does it give you a message like this program is already in use by another program?

Ok if you havent already download ad-aware or spybot search and destroy.

Scan with them in normal mode, then boot in safe mode by reboot and repeatedly tapping f8 then pressing safe mode.

Scan inside safe mode, with norton and ad-aware

Because you didnt allow it to acess the internet it couldnt download the rest of the virus to your computer so chances are it only placed variants in your startup and in your system restore. Ad-aware and norton should take care of those.

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Hello as I said in title. I can't open Task manager with Ctrl Alt Del and system seems to be running slower than it should. I read on another site that it is possible a version of limewire I installed could be the problem, So I deleted it. Other than that not really sure what to tell you, just thanks and hope you can help.

Here is my log.

Also I wasn't able to do the online scan as it just kept opening to a blank window.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Pauly on 2008-03-03 08:55:43
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
46: 2008-03-02 23:25:48 UTC - RP464 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
45: 2008-03-01 23:39:33 UTC - RP463 - System Checkpoint
44: 2008-02-29 23:12:47 UTC - RP462 - System Checkpoint
43: 2008-02-28 11:11:54 UTC - RP461 - System Checkpoint
42: 2008-02-27 00:45:27 UTC - RP460 - System Checkpoint

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2008-01-24 18:00:01 UTC - RP419 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis (run as Pauly.exe) -----------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:57:18 AM, on 3/03/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7... Read more

A:Ctrl +Alt+ Del won't bring up task Manager


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When I hit CTRL ALT DEL the task manager doesn't come up. However, this only happens when using either the left ALT, left CTRL, or both. If I use both right CTRL and right ALT, the task manager does come up. Either DEL and numpad DEL work with the right CTRL and ALT. In addition, CTRL SHIFT ESC also brings up the task manager, whether right CTRL SHIFT or left CTRL SHIFT (or a combination right and left) are used. Also, if I right click on the taskbar and choose "Task Manager", it comes up fine. Did I somehow disable the left hand CTRL ALT DEL combination? If so, how can I restore that functionality? I am running Windows XP SP2. Thank you!

A:CTRL ALT DEL doesn't bring up task manager

I`ve only ever used right hand CTRL,ALT,DEL.How much do you really need to use the left hand variation ?

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I am running Windows XP on a Toshiba Tecra Laptop. A couple months ago my supervisor "hooked" my laptop up to our work network, and ever since when I try to get to the task manager by Ctrl + Alt + Delete, another box comes up. This box has no title, but has the columns: User, ID, Status, Client Name, and Session. There is a user logged on, with an ID of 0, a status of active, and a session of console. The only options are to disconnect or logoff (both at the bottom of the box if you right click on user). I showed this to my supervisor, and he has no idea how to get me back to task manager. Anyone have any ideas?!

A:Ctrl + Alt + Delete Will Not Bring Up Task Manager

Can we get a picture (screenshot) of the box?

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Hi, my names shae and I use a Sony Vaio VGC-RA710G Pentium (R) 4 CPU
3.20GHZ, 3.19GHZ, 512 MB RAM.
Anyone ever experienced their mouse clicking at random. This happened to me awhile back and it turned out to be a bunch of spyware. I had it removed and my CPU has been running fine until yesterday when I updated my sbc yahoo browser. Once I did that it came back. I have spysweeper, and I've downloaded spybot and spyblaster (free) ones. I'm also a novice so If I sound uninformed its because I am. Thanks

A:mouse clicks randomly

Hi Shae,

Please post in the proper topic/section of the forum. I do not know how to help you solve your mouse problem. try feeding it =] jk

No one checks this section of the forum much so its best to post this in the proper section


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Someone gave me an old computer running Windows 2000 pro to fix and it had tons of issues with it (spyware, trojans). After running multiple scans, I've finally cleaned up the entire thing and it is working perfectly except for one tiny little problem.

Hitting the keys CONTROL ALT and DELETE will bring up a "Windows security" window which will have a button to access Task Manager, but when I hit the button it will not bring up the Task Manager. Right clicking on the task bar at the bottom and clicking on "Task Manager..." will not bring it up either. Hitting CTRL SHIFT and ESC does not bring it up either. However, Start/run/tskmgr.exe DOES work. I should mention that this problem has existed for a long time now, according to the person who owned the computer. They say they used to be able to run Task Manager using the CTRL ALT DEL method, but it just stopped working one day.

So basically, Task Manager works ONLY when using the START/RUN/tskmgr.exe method. I guess it could be a virus of some kind, but keep in mind that I've just got done running tons of scans, IN SAFE MODE to boot, and it has brought up absolutely nothing. When I try any of the other methods to open Task Manager (ctrl alt del, ctrl shift esc, right clicking task bar) it pops up for maybe a half second, and closes. What's interesting is that I'll hit CTRL SHIFT ESC and leave the buttons pressed opening up many of these disappearing little windows, and I can actually se... Read more

A:Solved: CTRL ALT DELETE will not bring up Task Manager

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Hi, first post

Just yesterday I reinstalled my Windows XP Home after formatting my hard drive. I did this because For some reason my computer was randomly restarting out of nowhere. I would get the BSOD with the error MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. It got so bad that i could on stay on my computer for about 20 minutes before this would happen. It restarted one time and after the windows loading screen it just kept restarting. Over and over again. So my friend said to boot my windows disk and do the Repair option. After that I did the chkdsk /p and then i did the bootfix. Which wrote a new sector in my hard drive fixing it temporarily. It kept happening however. One time it restarted again and it loaded up but everything was gone. Documents, desktop,music,everything. The only thing that remained was my Program Files. Nothing was in my start menu, or all programs list. Computer files wouldnt load up quick at all. (example: my computer, My Documents,etc.) I called a tech guy and he said the best thing to do now was to completely restart. (Oh, and the System Restore function did not work. I tried several dates.) So I completely reset my computer. Last night I was on from about 11:30 to 2 am in the morning playing a web based game. Nothing happened. But now today I can stay on for a max of 30 minutes. And then it gives me the Blue Screen with the same error and restarts. I find this to be completely ridiculous.

What I was happening before all this happened:
I had installed a Ph... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Something in PC Clicks before randomly restarting..

Hi Andrew, welcome to TSF



Machine check exceptions are frequently caused by one of the following conditions:

* You are running the processor or mainboard beyond its specifications. For example, you are overclocking the processor or bus. We recommend that you run your hardware at the manufacturer-rated speeds.
* Noisy power, overstressed power strips, outmatched power supplies and failing power supplies can destabilize your computer. Make sure that you have a stable, reliable power supply to your computer.
* Extreme thermal conditions caused by the failure of cooling devices such as fans may damage your computer. Make sure that your cooling devices are all working.
* You have damaged memory or memory that is not the correct type for your computer. If you recently changed the memory configuration, revert to the previous configuration to determine what is wrong. Make sure that you are using the correct memory for your computer.

Are your BIOS options set to default/optimized?

Is the computer plugged into a stable power supply? Are you using a circuit breaker? What make/model is your PSU?

Make sure all fans are spinning and free of dust. Check the temperatures and PSU voltages in BIOS and from the desktop using SpeedFan.

Test your RAM one stick at a time with memtest.

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For about a week now my cursor has been randomly left clicking on things. Not a huge problem...just somewhat annoying (espically when playing games or typing something) it will just click randomly on the screen where ever the cursor is. And usually right after it happens then i cant click on the taskbar or anything in the backround, unless i press alt+tab....ive tried virus scans and hjt but nothing came up....any suggestions?

A:Cursor Randomly Left Clicks

Hello and Welcoem to TSF

What kind of mouse are you using? When you press alt+tab what happens? It should jump to an application that is open.

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I have windows Vista Home Premium with a 32-bit operating system and an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

I often get random mouse click noises (but it doesn't actually select anything and the taskbar pops up at the same time. I have scanned my computer with McAfee Anti-virus plus, as well as Malwarebytes' anti-malware with no results of a virus of any sort. I also use Sandboxie basically all the time.

I also use a USB mouse.

If someone could give me some help or describe what's happening i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop randomly clicks mouse

While I'm not suggesting malware is at fault, I can tell you that McAfee is widely acknowledged as next to worthless. I'd suggest replacing it with ANY other anti virus utility.

As for the clicking, please boot to safe mode and see if the same problem occurs there. Let us know.

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About every 4 - 6 clicks, one will be a double click (even though I click once) Since I have the latest drivers, does this almost guarantee my mouse is nearly dead and I should buy a new one?

The mouse is a Razer Deathadder, if you were wondering.

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My mouse has just started acting up on me.. It is about a year old, maybe less actually and its a Razer Diamondback 1600DPI. Today it has randomly started to double click things and it is driving me absolutely crazy.. Only the left mouse button does it, not the right click and its random, not every click is a double click but it does it 1/4 times. I have not changed any software or anything like that lately, this basically has just came out of nowhere. I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers for the mouse and have came up with nothing.. it still does it. Does anybody have any idea whats going on?

A:Mouse Randomly Double Clicks?

is your mouse USB or PS2?! are you able to switch ports to find out if the problem still occurs... maybe some kind of clash.

Or have you an older mouse to try to determine where its a software issue or a physical mouse issue.

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this is the second time this happens now and im not sure why. last site i visited was beemp3, then i discovered it happened again. my mouse decides to click on its own, i cant right click, every say 3-4 seconds it just clicks, it makes using my mouse impossible as i cant type without the mouse moving the cursor, you could just imagine how hard it was typing this.
im not sure if its a virus, is it easily fixable? help would really be appreciated.
Oh ill just add, the last time i got it, the only easy way was format and thats a mission!, lets patch it up tightly?

Thanks you.

A:Mouse just clicks randomly - Virus? and Fix?

My mouse sometimes seems to doubleclick random sometimes, instead of normal click. I'm pretty sure is the mouse though, a virus would have behaved way more violently..

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? OS -Windows 7
? 64 bit
? Windows 7
? Full Retail Version I purchased.
? 1.5 years
? 1.5 years / yes, 1 month after original installation.

? CPU - AMD Phenom x4 980 Processor 3.7 GHz
? Video Card (running off motherboard VGA, had same issue with graphics card, card was removed.
? MotherBoard - ASUS M4A88T-M AM3 AMD 880G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
? Power Supply - OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming 80Plus Bronze Power Supply

? System Manufacturer - Originally a Compaq, but all custom parts now, except case.

It started 2 nights ago when I would click on links in skype/mumble or any chat program. Tonight it started doing it randomly along with the link clicking. Thought it was potentially a video card issue, so i took my card out and have been running off the motherboard vga.

A:BSOD on link clicks / randomly

Forgot to attach my minidump files. Here they are.

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I just recently received a Dell Inspiron 5150 w/ windows XP from a friend who upgraded. It seems to be in good condition but there is one issue that I notice.

Without doing anything the computer randomly right clicks. I don't know why it does this exactly. My friend said he thought it was a motherboard (hardware) issue rather than a software issue. I am just hoping that is not the case.

Remember this happens whether I am at the computer or not, so it is not me causing this right click.

If anyone has any thoughts that would be most helpful. I have done all the Windows updates up to Service Pack 2. OH and I don't have a mouse.


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I'm not sure why, but recently, my cursor seems to left click randomly. This isn't that huge of a problem, but it is some what of an annoyance when it comes to writing and playing games. If my cursor is somewhere else in the screen, it will automatically click there, and because of this I may begin typing there, or I may begin to bring up a bunch of random windows due to the fact that the remaining letters of the message are being typed without a blinking cursor, thus they turn into hot key commands. I've also lost large amounts of writing because the cursor would click outside the box I would be writing in, and then things may occur, like I accidently highlight it all, hit the next letter, and good bye to my message. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I know someone else with this issue as well, we both use laptops. I've tried replacing the mouse, but it still occurs. My Laptop (A Dell XPS) has the center ball, the touch pad, and a left/right click pad both above and below the touch pad. I'm not sure if this is related to hardware or if it is viral, but I'm praying it's not hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I'm running out of options.
Also note that when I unplug the mouse and only use the the ball/touch pad, it continues to occur, which leads me to believe that it is not the external mouse.

A:Cursor Left Clicks Randomly

To eliminate hardware problems,
Try an online virus scan:

This will help elimate a nonhardware issue.

Post back.

Sometimes it is related to static... Are you using an anti-static mat for your laptop??

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I'm not sure why, but recently, my cursor seems to left click randomly. This isn't that huge of a problem, but it is some what of an annoyance when it comes to writing and playing games. If my cursor is somewhere else in the screen, it will automatically click there, and because of this I may begin typing there, or I may begin to bring up a bunch of random windows due to the fact that the remaining letters of the message are being typed without a blinking cursor, thus they turn into hot key commands. I've also lost large amounts of writing because the cursor would click outside the box I would be writing in, and then things may occur, like I accidently highlight it all, hit the next letter, and good bye to my message. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I know someone else with this issue as well, we both use laptops. I've tried replacing the mouse, but it still occurs. My Laptop (A Dell XPS) has the center ball, the touch pad, and a left/right click pad both above and below the touch pad. I'm not sure if this is related to hardware or if it is viral, but I'm praying it's not hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I'm running out of options.
Also note that when I unplug the mouse and only use the the ball/touch pad, it continues to occur, which leads me to believe that it is not the external mouse.

A:Cursor Left Clicks Randomly

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i dont know what do to and how to update the drivers i dont have a cd player on laptop so how would i fix this problem

A:My dell latitude speakers or head phone jack dont work help(i dont have cd player)

i searched for drivers on dell and it says there is 1 crystal something audio driver thats avalible for my laptop can i download it as my current thing is a sigmatel driver should update it

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ever since the last xp update
when i minimize a window it goes away at times
only way i see to bring it back is to use the task manager and select maximize
its not the thing were several windows become one tab.
anyone gone into this?

A:when i minimize a window it disapears, i can bring it back with task manager but

not just a browser window but also random folders
they disapear from the task bar, i have mine set on hide unless i move cursor down
nothing appears at times or only 1 goes missing
its not that thing were several of the same type are stacked either
am i only one ????
i thought it was just a glitch with the last xp patch before support dropped
thats when it started happening to me
its not a real problem but i was just wondering if a fix was available for it
no rush 8)

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ComboFix 11-07-22.02 - escritorio 22/07/2011 16:45:36.2.1 - x86
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.55.1046.18.3319.2810 [GMT -3:00]
Executando de: c:\documents and settings\escritorio\Desktop\download\ComboFix.exe
(((((((((((((((( Arquivos/Ficheiros criados de 2011-06-22 to 2011-07-22 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
2011-07-22 13:17 . 2011-07-22 13:17 -------- d-sh--w- c:\documents and settings\LocalService\IETldCache
2011-07-22 12:20 . 2011-07-22 12:20 -------- d-sh--w- c:\documents and settings\NetworkService\IETldCache
2011-07-22 12:14 . 2011-07-22 12:15 -------- dc-h--w- c:\windows\ie8
2011-07-21 20:41 . 2009-07-23 03:13 306 ----a-w- c:\windows\myClean.bat
2011-07-21 20:22 . 2011-07-21 20:22 -------- d-----w- c:\documents and settings\escritorio\Dados de aplicativos\ElevatedDiagnostics
2011-07-21 19:56 . 2011-07-21 19:56 -------- d-----w- c:\arquivos de programas\Microsoft Silverlight
2011-07-21 13:04 . 2010-09-18 06:53 953856 -c----w- c:\windows\system32\dllcache\mfc40u.dll
2011-07-21 12:59 . 2011-07-21 12:59 -------- d-----w- c:\windows\system32\NtmsData
2011-07-21 12:54 . 2010-10-18 11:10 7680 -c----w- c:\windows\system32\dllcache\iecompat.dll
2011-07-21 12:49 . 2011-07-21 12:49 472808 ----a-w- c:\windows... Read more

A:iexplorer dont work with javascript and mcafee dont install

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:***************************************************First, I need to know if you still need help! To tell me this, please click on and follow the instructions there. If you no longer need help, this is all you need to do. If you do need help please continue below.***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of this page). In that reply, please include the following information:If you have not done so already, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.A new DDS and GMER log. For your convenience, you will find the instructions for generating these logs repeated at the bottom of this post.
Please do this even if you have prev... Read more

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This was a problem i had forever ago but i found what i needed to fix it at the time. After a small windows 10 update the problem came back and i have been unable to find the solution to fix it again. So the problem is every so often if i click something it will click 3 times. So if i opened a folder once it would open 3 times. Along with that if im scrolling with two fingers, sometimes the curser will move like i only used one finger. It was fine and not doing any of this before the update. Ive done many things to fix this but not has worked. I remember the solution to this was going some where to edit a file or something but i no longer remember what that file was or where it was.

A:Touch pad - Randomly one click equals three clicks + other p...

From your question it is understood that, after installing windows 10 updates, your laptop touchpad is not working as normal and it works erratically. To help you troubleshoot the issue, please follow the instructions mentioned below:- Open touchpad control panel, click on Start button.- Type ?Mouse? in the search field, and then select the Mouse control panel program from the search results.- On the ?Device Settings? tab of the Mouse Properties panel, select the ?Synaptic TouchPad? device and click the ?Settings? button. - Now select ?Tapping? option from the mouse property panel to adjust single- and double-tapping.- Expand the Tapping category heading.- Select ?Tap Zones? option and the change the actions associated with it. Tap Zones allow you to configure each corner of the Touchpad to function as separate button, when a specific corner is tapped; the action associated with it is implemented.- Click OK.- Now select ?Pointing and Sensitivity? option from the mouse property panel to adjust ?Touch Sensitivity?- If the cursor moves erratically when you barely touch the surface of the TouchPad, move the slider toward the ?Heavy Touch? position, click Apply , and test the sensitivity again.Hope this will help you.

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Basically, while I'm using my computer, when I right click on something (desktop, icons, etc.) windows explorer crashes and restarts. However, it's not like it happens all the time, but it's more like a ticking time bomb. One moment it will work, and the next, it just crashes on me.

I used ShellExView already and tried disabling certain items on the list, but since I'm not entirely sure if it's working because it can suddenly work but then a few minutes later it starts to restart again.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Explorer randomly shuts down from right clicks

Two helpful hints from Brink...

Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers

ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows

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This was a problem i had forever ago but i found what i needed to fix it at the time. After a small windows 10 update the problem came back and i have been unable to find the solution to fix it again. So the problem is every so often if i click something it will click 3 times. So if i opened a folder once it would open 3 times. Along with that if im scrolling with two fingers, sometimes the curser will move like i only used one finger. It was fine and not doing any of this before the update. Ive done many things to fix this but not has worked. I remember the solution to this was going some where to edit a file or something but i no longer remember what that file was or where it was.

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Hello All

I upgraded from Vista Ultimate 32 to 7 Ultimate 32.

The only quirk I cannot solve is that I see no apps on my task bar. ANd when I minimize a window it does not go to the task bar as it should. It look like a small minimized window. See attached snip.[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Tim/Desktop/Web%20Sites/Capture.JPG[/IMG]

Any ideas?


A:Minimized apps and Running apps not on task bar

Quote: Originally Posted by twasmer

Hello All

I upgraded from Vista Ultimate 32 to 7 Ultimate 32.

The only quirk I cannot solve is that I see no apps on my task bar. ANd when I minimize a window it does not go to the task bar as it should. It look like a small minimized window. See attached snip.[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Tim/Desktop/Web%20Sites/Capture.JPG[/IMG]

Any ideas?


Hi! Welcome to SevenForums!

Have you tried locking the taskbar? Try it.

If that doesn't work, right click the taskbar and click properties. [See Screenshot Called Properties]

Then under Notification Area click Customize. [See Screenshot called Customize]

Then tick the box at the bottom and click apply. [See Screenshot called Notification Area.]

Try that and report back!


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I've had a problem thats been persistent throughout the past week. Sometimes while I'm browsing a website and I try to move my mouse cursor, it will sometimes click on a link that it passes over, even if I didn't click on it. This tends to get annoying especially if the site has ads on it. At first I thought it may have been my laptop's "tap to click" feature but I knew that I had it disabled months ago, so I checked to see if it was still disabled, and it is. This problem also occured when I was in the process of removing a previous infection but persisted even afterward, and no spyware or virus detections pop up. I'm thinking it may have something to do with some registry values that were changed to solve an issue I was having with automatic key strokes, since sometimes if I press two keys at once and let them go it will act as if I'm holding the key I first pressed, which gets annoying and irritating while trying to play certain games. I'm using an Acer Aspire 5517 with Windows 7 installed in case it's a software or hardware issue with either one that I'm not aware of.

EDIT: On one instance I do recall leaving the cursor over a link by accident and, upon moving my hand away from the keypad, it would load the link about a second later, which led me to believe that some kind of malware may be involved.

A:Mouse cursor randomly clicks links while moving?

Try going to the manufacturer's website and downloading the latest drivers for your trackpad.

If that does nothing, try disabling the trackpad and plugging in a USB mouse. If the behavior stops, you know the problem is with the trackpad.

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Have a 7470 and it seems to randomly beep and occasionally hear a clicking sound on it.  Even while i'm running the hardware tests it randomly beeps.  is something wrong with this laptop?  or instance, the hard drive test is running from the boot diagnostics, and it is just randomly beeping during it, not the usual noises you get during a hardware test.  even when booted into Windows it randomly makes beeps.

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All mouse clicks have long delays, programs real slow and lock up OUTLOOK says non-responsive and locks up for 15-20 seconds every time I click on a new email, Firefox is delayed and video is choppy. All programs, WORD etc open and close slowly. computer locks up & have to reboot hourly or less. Runs a little quicker then boggs down then locks up.

A:All mouse clicks delayed programs real slow, computer locks up & have to reboot

Download and run wipe  and system ninja,
Go ahead and install Ccleaner. Now that you have the program installed go ahead and run the cleaner function.
Now that you have cleaned out some temp files, lets go ahead and disable all of the items starting up with your machine except your antivirus. To do this you will need to click on tools then start up select each item then disable.
Now that you have disabled those un-needed start ups lets go into the settings, we will have Ccleaner run when your machine boots, so that you will never have to worry about cleaning temp files again.To do this:
Hit options.
Place a tick to run Ccleaner when the computer starts.

Now go to the advanced tab, and select close program after cleaning, now run the cleaner again this will close Ccleaner.
Reboot your machine and then follow the  instructions below.
Step 1: eScanAV.
Disable your antivirus prior to this scan.
Download the eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV)
Save the file to your desktop.
Right click run as administrator.
A new icon will appear on your desktop.
Right click run as ad... Read more

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Hello, here's the deal. Two days ago, I noticed 2 problems/changes with the operation of my OS. 1st, I started hearing multiple clicking noises while using IE7, (it seemed like it was trying to load instances of something, but nothing popped up, some may have coincided with banner ads), however, that did not happen previously. The click noise is one in the windows default sounds, but not the one I usually only hear once when clicking a link. I checked if my sound profile had been changed and saw nothing different. The clicks also happen randomly in explorer with no open network connections, say sometimes when I'm simply navigating folders or opening a program. I've been running IE7 for months and this behavior is definately new. Does not happen in Firefox.

Then 2nd, in order to start investigating the issue, while administrator, I opened the task manager and opened the processes tab. When I clicked "show processes from all users" button the UAC opens for confirmation, I confirm the action, and then the task manager just closes, and does not reopen to show everything. That never happened before either. I've tried using the task manager from both the task bar and ctrl-alt-del with the same results, however, when I navigate to taskmanger.exe in win\sys32 folder and right click and run as administrator, it opens automatically showing processes from all users. Hmmmm...

After searching the web to no avail for a possible OS bug or any related articles, and... Read more

A:[SOLVED] UAC Show all processes closes Task Manager and IE7 makes new clicks maybe in


Other symptoms. IE is slowed down, and loads much slower. Clicks I mentioned seem very random.

Saw trying to load something in browser bottom bar, just now and edited this message to reflect such. Googled it and seems like this might be related to malware.

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As the post title suggests, I am having trouble with the modern apps and connectivity. It feels like half my computer will connect to the internet, and the other half won't. Desktop apps like Chrome, Steam, Outlook, iTunes etc. all connect to the internet fine, but any of the Windows apps like Xbox, Store and (most frustratingly) Settings will not connect.

In my network and sharing centre in the control panel it says 'You are not connected to any networks' - but in the system tray, and in the settings app it shows me as connected to my home wi-fi. I am on a desktop, and using a USB wireless adapter. I don't think the adapter is the problem as I have tried it on another desktop in our house on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Curiously also, when I click 'Adapter settings' in the control panel, it shows the wifi connection.

I've tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter, both through the Windows update and adapter website but to no avail (and as I mentioned, it seems the adapter works fine elsewhere). I've updated manually to the latest Windows 10 Pro build, i've done a DNS flush, I've tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus, I've tried disabling startup apps, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and still am unable to fix the issue.

If anyone has any ideas that might help that would be great. I'm happy to provide any more information if people need it.

Thanks very much.

A:Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine.

Is your DNS client service running on your system .

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.In the list of services, click DNS Client.Make sure that the Status column displays Started and that the Startup Type column displays Automatic.If the service is not set to Started or if the startup type for the DNS Client service is not set to Automatic, follow these steps:
Right-click DNS Client, and then click Properties.In the DNS Client Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then click Automatic in the Startup type list.Click Start, click Apply, and then click OK.

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Does any1 know why most of the portable apps wont run in my Win7 x64 Ultimate?

A:Win 7 and portable apps dont mix?

What portable apps are you trying to run? Could you have a virus? Download Malwarebytes and see.

Are they not compatible with Windows 7? Try running in compatibility mode for XP.

Finally, could you describe how they don't run? What happens when you try?

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This is the first problem I've had which I've not been able to solve myself, either via google or sheer trial and error. It's by far the strangest thing I've come across.

As the title implies, after pressing any key, my left/right mouseclick won't work for a second or so. However, it's not exactly consistent across programs.

For example, I recently got guild wars 2. After typing, neither mouse click will work. I've also found that notepad/word share this.
On chrome/desktop/my media player, only the left click will stop functioning.
When playing league of legends, both keys will continue to function normally.

It's nothing hardware related and I have restarted.

And ermmm...yeah. Completely stuck. Thanks in advance to anybody who can help.

Edit: Nevermind. My brother installed touchfreeze onto my computer without telling me.

A:Mouse clicks don't work after using keyboard.

Glad it was sorted. If the computer is YOUR's and yours alone (not a family pc) i would see about getting your brother a limited user account

That's just me though, i might not be as nice about people changing settings on my computer.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to figure out an issue that just started happening in the past two days.

The issue is: my mouse clicks won't work on programs or on the desktop. I can move the mouse around, but the click don't work (for example, I can't click in Chrome, task manager, or desktop). The clicks only work on the taskbar (minimizing/maximizing). However, I'm able to navigate with the programs using my keyboard.

It's a really odd problem. Additionally, I would like to add that I have two mice available (bluetooth and touchpad) and the problem occurs for both. As such, I think the problem is not a hardware related issue in regard to the mouse itself.

My first thought was a virus/malware; however, I perform viruscans daily. I also ran scans from ad-aware and malwarebytes and neither program found anything. According to both, my system is clean. Additionally, mcaffee didn't pick anything up either.

Restarting doesn't help (in fact it can happen right after I reboot).

I would appreciate any help that you can provide on this issue. I'm completely

A:Mouse Clicks Don't Work Sporadically

Boot into SAFEMODE w/ Networking and test both.

Update touchpad drivers.

Try another user account. Activate Hidden Admin for test - Hidden Admin Account - - MVP

Check in with the Reliability Monitor - see what installed ~2+ days ago -
START | type perfmon /rel

Regards. . .



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Hello guys, I have a problems with my Windows 10.
The native application icons do not appear on the toolbar (like calculator, e-mail, Edge, settings, etc):
I'm using the build 14279, but it has happened since the first (I am Insider)
I tried reinstalling the applications but not solved, any solution?


A:Native apps toolbar dont appear

Hi, found this, but just shows reinstalling doesn't solve it (MVP solution).
Taskbar icons of universal apps not - Microsoft Community

Besides which, the powershell command breaks apps since build 10586 in November - I've not seen anything to show any updates have corrected that.

My immediate reaction, given you've had this problem a long time is to suggest

a. Create a full disk image (defensive backup) as the next step is major (but should be safe).
(Everyone should use disk imaging and update the image anyway - so much safer and really fast with SSD and USB3)
b. Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

The in-place repair
- leaves all your programs and most settings in place
- reverts your build to 10580 ('cos that's the version of the iso)
- turns off system restore
- creates Windows.old
- means subsequent Win updates need redoing

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Just upgraded to Vista and cannot open any office2003 programs from start menu. I can go through my computer to the executables and they start fine, but I can't access C:\program data or the start menu folder (access denied) Tried the takeown command, disabled user acc, allowed all permissions, tried all in safe mode, still no luck. Any ideas?

For what it's worth, It's a dual boot XP/Vista, vista being upgraded over a clone of a clone. The upgrade was smooth but took 8 hours and a few
boot.ini edits because of the xxclone boot.ini. The only other thing I can think of is that there was one encrypted file in the old c:\docs and settings and I haven't looked into changing permissions in the registry. Any ideas appreciated!


A:msoffice apps dont open

office 2003 is not capatible with VISTA, office 2007 is.

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This all seemed to start with plugging in a usb key. I created a topic in "Am I Infected?" ( Worried about keylogger )and a very helpful person (Blade) helped me verify I didn't have any malware. He suggested this forum as more appropriate. My first indication something was amiss was when playing the card game Hearts, the focus would pulse thru each of my cards very rapidly. I was able to select a card if I repeatedly clicked on it while moving the mouse. Similar behaviorr in all card games included with Win7. After rebooting the card game behavior might clear up, but restarting the game would bring the behavior back. Noticed going onto the NFL web site that I could open a link to report a post and selct the type of offense and type in a comment, but the SUBMIT button would not work. This has not been a problem in the past. Any help would be appreciated.

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My mouse is Razer Naga wired and i had problems with my cable, after i send the mouse for repair and i received it yesterday it cant lick almost on anything. It can not right click anywhere and can left click only on the taskbar. I tried safe mode but it doesn't work. And when i tried the mouse on different comp the problem was still there. I told that it is hardware problem but if it was why would open my browser when it is on the taskbar. Help me please .

A:My mouse clicks only on one thing otherwise it doesn't work

are you able to double click?..
Do you have driver for your mouse?

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got a problem with google searches - when I get a list of results, I cannot select with mouse - though the mouse will do anything else, so it's not faulty.
Any ideas ?
BTW - I recently tried to upgrade to IE7 RC1 but reverted to IE6 as the '7 had bad problems for my portable.

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hi, here's my log:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1844 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 730 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 260242 MB, Free - 178433 MB; D: Total - 29690 MB, Free - 27584 MB; G: Total - 305211 MB, Free - 187580 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, MoutCook
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled​

Everything was fine until a few days ago when I ran a boot scan. Maybe that did something. I use win7 and windows Live Mail. I can't open links that come to me in emails. I get the message:

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel.​
whaaa? Hope you can help.

thanks, Frank

A:Solved: clicks on links in email don't work

Try this:

Please check your default program to make sure that this is not causing this issue:

1. Go to start and type default programs - Associate a file type or protocol with a program
2. Scroll down to .htm and html
3. Make sure .htm and .html are set to your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc.)
4. If not, click on one of the lines, then click on Change Program...
5. Select the proper program

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Here i am again, complaining about my system..
As my previous topics, this one i think is more serious as i cant boot nor open up advance boot options(f8 dont work). As soon the manufacturers logo show off, an error: "Disk read error. Press ctr+alt+del to resatrt." It remains unless i press shutdown. Power on and it still shows the same.
I havent finished the download of the iso(to be used as a recovery method) thats why i opt for another way which is to recover a backup copy of my registry(which iv done by manually exporting it).  However, i have encrypted it before with my administrative user account. Now, im not able to decrypt it via cipher or keys as if i run: "cipher /c thatfilename.reg" it informs me that only the user(my account) and certificate thumbprint can decrypt it. No found backup certificate or keys. Bad for me i dont know how to recover it via the certificate thumprint....
My last option that i try is use EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, which i have googled about tools that can decrypt files...
Glad it runs even im only using the recovery console. I installed it on my memory card(as my pc can still detect it). Im new to this tool and still dont know what should i click on for a spedific purpose. But i have tried the partition recovery, since im thinking that maybe it could still detect missing/lost files on the drive by which windows is installed..  It search then rebuild directories for more than 4 hours. remaining time is already at 00:... Read more

A:win 7 dont boot, f8 dont work,got error: "Disk read error. Press ctr+alt+del...

Since the drive still works you might want to give SpinRite a try.  This isn't free and will probably run for days before it fixes your problems.  I do not see you getting your data back any other way since it is encrypted.  Encryption is great for keeping information private, but I've see a whole lot of data lost due to encryption.  In the end only you can say how much your data is worth.

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Hi to All,

I have an friends HP ProBook 4510s running Windows XP Professional that will not show the Desktop after logging in to Windows.

This maybe a virus of some sort ???

Normally if it is, it is usually an "Explorer.exe" problem that can normally be resolved by by pressing "Ctrl Alt Del" to bring up the "Task Manager" then running a new task like "Explorer.exe" or "Regedit" that eventually enables me to resolve the problem.

In this particular case, when I press "Ctrl Alt Del" it just brings up another version of the Windows Login Screen, not the Task Manager.

I have also tried to boot "ERD Commander" off a CD but it gives me the "Blue Screen of Death".

Error Number: *** STOP: )0000007B (0xF789E640, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

I have also tried to put the Windows Installation CD in the Drive but get the same sort of problem.

FYI, I also had HP replace the DVD drive after this problem appeared as it was not working at all.

Any help to help me slove this puzzle would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time



A:Blank Desktop after Login, "Ctrl Alt Del" does not bring up Task Manager

Hi to all,
well... I managed to find out what this problem was...

In the 1st instance, I gave the Laptop to HP and they told me the DVD error was caused by an incorrect setting in the Bios, but they didn't tell me what setting they changed ... but at least that resolved the hardware error.

As for the Blank Screen virus.....

After the DVD drive problem was solved I was able to backup the PST and other critical Office files to a Western Digital USB Passport Drive by using "ERD Commander"....What a great program this is...It has saved me on many occasions -:)

Then I :

1. Reformatted C: Drive and Re-Installed Windows from a set of Recovery Disks
3. Re-Installed Office
3. Updated Windows
4. Re-Installed the previously saved backup files from the WD Passport Drive to C:\

I determined this strain of the "Blank Screen" Virus could not be repaired. I haven't come across a fix for this yet. As previously mentioned for previous versions of this virus pressing "Ctrl-Alt-Del" on startup usually brings up the Task Manager allowing a way into the file system...but this particular strain of the virus disables "Ctrl-Alt-Del" making life very difficult.

Anyway, at least part of the puzzle has been solved.



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I have recently built a new website, i tried all links and they worked fine before making it live on Filezilla.

I was wondering if anyone knows the reason for it or even better the fix for the solution.

The files are DWG. which is a version of CAD. PDF's, Jpegs, ect. all work except DWG's.



A:Downloads Work Offline But Once Website Is Live they Dont Work

Yours is not Windows 7 related issues.

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Attempted a restore in Safe Mode. System came back up with all icons as normal. Issue start button doesn't work, icons open file but there is not text or data...there is what appears to be wire frames where the information should be. All files still on drive but cannot access.

Safe mode does no good because everything is blank and there is no text

A:Win 7 Ult x64 Start doesnt work Icons dont work

Welcome to our forum.

Read this tutorial I think it might help you.

By Brink:
Safe Mode

Using Last known good configuration.

Another tutorial that that can be very helpful

By Brink:
System Recovery Options

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Keyboard and USB dont work in windows but work in BIOS, i have also tried a ps/2 keybaord also not working in windows, i have tried safe mode, disabling driver sig enforcement, using different mice/keyboards, restored bios to default settings, ran sfc /scannow no errors detected, and still no luck any input would be amazing. I wanted to do a upgrade repair install of windows but you can only do that inside windows , basically trying everything before i have to wipe the HD and reinstall windows, i ran memcheck as well and no errors also as a sidenote it says my gpu is not found, when i have my monitor plugged into it, i am still receiving internet from ethernet.

I have windows ultimate x64
2.66 gHz processor 8gb of ram
1 TB harddrive 760 GTX GFX card

All devices work on other computers.

A:Keyboard and USB dont work in windows but work in BIOS

What were you doing on your computer when all this happened.
It's very unusual that not even a ps2 keyboard doesn't work.

Does you system boot at all into Windows 7 Normal mode of Safe Mode?
Your post is not clear to me.

If you can't boot Window 7 here is a tutorial with lot of test to do.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

What power supply is in your system?

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my windows dont turn off or reboot when i ask to do it. and i find why ,i have a program or something else its on . its call xpwin.exe if i turn off this one and i ask windows to turn off or rebbot he do it. i try to find on the internet whats is this program and i find nothing about this xpwin.exe. somebody could try to help mee to find whats its this xpwin.exe concern .

thanks you verry much.

A:windows xp pro dont turn off or reboot

you are infected with a virus

winxp.exe is a process which is registered as [email protected]\r "This virus is distributed via the Internet through e-mail and comes in the form of an e-mail message, in the hopes that you open its hostile attachment.\r" The worm has its own SMTP engine which means it gathers E-mails from your local computer and re-distributes itself.\r "In worst cases this worm can allow attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data.\r" This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.

fix it with this


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Quickbooks doesn't want to print about half the time - I have to restart the computer - this is also happening with my Outlook in opening. All used to work - but now they don't - can't determine an exact time - but think it may have to do with updates that have been installed. Also, any Outlook updates have to be installed by manually going to the MS website. Running Vista 64-bit/Outlook 2007/and Quickbook 2007

A:programs dont start until I reboot -

If updates were just installe, remove via System Restore. If everythign works the way it should, set update to not install, but to notify.
Then install one at a time and test. If things work install the next.
System Restore - How to

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Random BSOD . I have had already 6 bsod within 4 weeks .

A:BSOD randomly dont know why.

Hello hawkin

There are 2 dumps in your upload one is 0x9f error BSOD Index not stating any specific cause but would indicate it is driver related
and one is 0x10000007E error blaming driver amppal.sys as the cause Driver Reference Table - amppal.sys this driver relates to Intel Centrino Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed Virtual Adapter driver this driver is dated 08/08/11 so there may be an update for this although that driver does not appear to be loaded during the other BSOD so chances are it did not cause both crashes

You mentioned 6 BSODs if you have any more dump files please upload them

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Looking to do the following on Windows 8.1 Enterprise (joined to domain)
1) stop the "hi", "we're setting things up for you", "setting up apps" messages. Trying to deploy hundreds of tablets and first logon for each user to the tablets is SLOWWWW because 8.1 is taking all this time to setup apps
we don't want and will never use. example (weather, people, skydrive, photos, maps, reading list, etc)
2) if no way to stop the messages mentioned above, is there a way to set via group policy or other tweaks/modifications to not even install those default apps in (1)??

A:8.1 Enterprise : dont install default apps, speed up first logon on domain?

You can try to remove the built-in Windows 8.1 applications when creating a Windows 8.1 image, then deploy Windows 8.1.
Removing Windows 8.1 Built-in Applications
Hope this could be helpful.Kate Li
TechNet Community Support

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I have been having this rendering issue for more than 3 months now and it persists after several OS re-installs.
Resolving this problem is of extreme importance to me since many of the programs I rely on are affected. Reverting to an older Windows version is not an option for me.

Affected programs:

Mocha Pro 4.1.3, IDA Pro 6.8, VLC Player & qBitTorrent (all versions)overall countless new and old programs affected

How to reproduce:

I can reproduce it successfully every timeMove the mouse from one sub-menu item that expands (SS1) to another (SS2) for a few times (usually around 10 is enough)It can also happen by interacting with any other UI elements in the program (although takes a few more clicks)



Mouse stops highlighting any buttons or menu items in the whole program - if you hover over anything that's supposed to have a hover action (like these menus) - nothing will happen, as if the mouse isn't thereClicks will also only work in less than 10% of all scenarios'Ghost' menus (only the shadows of the drop-down menus are visible) will as well start appearing from some hover actionsUI of the affected program suddenly becomes very slow, laggy and choppy when the bug is triggeredEvery program effected by the bug will not exit properly no matter what and the process will stay running forever, unless closed via task managerThe only solution is to restart the program

Troubleshooting done:

old versions of the same softwarenew versions of the sa... Read more

A:Mouse hover actions stop working; ghost menus; (almost) no clicks work

Updated with a full re-write and many more details + screenshots.

Last edit: problem solved!
It was a 3rd party program called Nahimic that ships with my laptop. Even quitting it fixed the glitch.

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hi there, i get this blank box that keeps appearing on the taskbar throughout the day, and it always goes a split second later, nothing shows up in the task manager when this box shows

when it does show however its the active box, and so anything im running on full screen (ie games) become minimised and thats very annoying when you're in like a shoot-out or driving...

plus i get at start up a box saying "please wait while windows congifigures FAX" - "please insert your FAX installation CD" i click cancel cos i have no FAX CD - this then appears "error 1706 - there was no valid source"

this appears everytime on start up, i have to click cancel 3 times everytime - all my fax services are turned off, i know that its related to the "hpqtra08.exe" process cos i looked it up in the task manager.

appreciated if any of you could help me...thanks

A:i dont have a clue - a box appears on task bar and goes away

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I think this will be an easy one to answer. When i minimize programs they dont appear on the task bar and I cant see why.

A:Solved: Programs dont appear on the task bar

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I need some help. My computer keeps freezing. You see it all started one day when the government suddenly switched off the power in the country. I woke up to find my computer shut down. And after starting ran fine for a few days before the the USB starting acting eeerie..everytime id insert a USB Device the computer would freeze. So i took out all USB devices and stopped using them. 3-4 weeks later, my computer started freezing every 15 hours or so. Then after a few days, it started to freeze more commonly. and i am up to a point, where if i listen to music, GO online, or run Ghprograms, my computer would freeze.

I run windows XP sp2, ihave an amd Athlon k6 1.66 GHzmother board (mercury) which i bought 2-3 years ago. I have a 40 Gb hard disk, 512 Mb RAM, MSI ndvidia 128 MB mx4000 graphix card.

I have run Online scanning (bitdefender), Spybot search and destroy, adware...theyve gotten rid of anything that might have been found, and it still freezes, what do i do?

A:Computer Freezes Randomly, Dont Know Why

Hard shutdowns (like a power outage) can corrupt software and damaqe hardware.

I suggest running checkdisk to see what it finds, then reboot and defragment.

Do you have a Windows XP installation disk for your Windows installation?

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Hello instaled windows 7 32bit ultimate version.After few days of using it there is many times when windows gets on screen_starting windows and freezes.there is times when need to boot PC 3 times till it start windows normaly.
Any ways how to fix it?

A:Windows7 dont starts randomly


I suggest a selective startup. See this tutorial: Run Selective Startup using System Configuration

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Hey, so this morning I installed a new asus geforce 560 ti and a new cooler master gX 650w psu. Everything went well and after I've played some games I needed to reboot the pc to finish some installments. But now none of my Apps work, Firefox crashes at start, same with xfire, skype, wlm, even steam. Xfire says it's a faulty module:dbghelp.dll. and won says it's :atklumdisp.dll. can anyone help me?

A:All Apps crash after reboot.

Tried system restore and it failed.
Reinstalled latest nvidia drivers and nothing happened.
Searched deeper for atklumdisp.dll and found out that it is an asus dll.
Unnistalled both Apps that came with the vga, (asus doctor and asus osd gamer)
It's fixed. Will leave the answer here so it helps others.

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Hi there,

I am experiencing the following problem for a week now (no new software) and cannot find a solution:

Sometimes (not every bootup) when I rightcklick on a file in an explorer window and the desktop, it takes about 30s for the context menue to appear. This happens with any file symbol, it does not happen with folder icons or the recycle bin. At the same time Office does not start either. Funny enough, these two issues dont not happen at every bootup, only in about 2/3 of the cases, but always together.

I have tried to work on the shell commands with 'shmnview' - no result (context menue still does not appear after disabling all possible commands).
Targa Notebook (GER brand)
AMD Turion 64 Mobile @1.8 GHz
1 GBRam (2x512)
Win XP Home, SP 3
Office XP (2002) Pro with Frontpage

These are the programs that I have in my autostart:
- Notebook Hardware Control
- Zone Alarm
- Avira AntiVir

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

A:Context Menue takes forever (explorer) and Office Apps dont start



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any ideas dont have back up disk but have recovery drive if thats any helpgot blue screen after starting upor repair to advanced settingshelptamandy

A:crash code c0000218 to blue screen no back up dont reboot al

If you access the recovery partition, you will lose all your files. If you have nothing saved, it's okay. According to Google, that's usually an XP error & The Ultimate Boot CD is recommend to do a restore point.However, I would try F8 first. If you can get to the menu, choose last known good configuration. If that doesn't work, try safe mode with networking. Then try a restore point.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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Windows 10 Insider, Build14965
When the PC is resting, 2 apps seems to start by themselves, almost as if they were a screen saver. I haven't timed them.
I have dual monitors. On one screen will be the Settings menu, on the other the News app, only with the red and black border with no content. I have to x-out to get rid of them.
To try and demonstrate, the best I can do is a snip of the Task Manager.
The Theme settings has only a Desktop Background of a Folder with some sunset pics, change 30 minutes, that have nothing to do with the weird app appearances. Screen saver is None.
Its the same 2 that always show up.

A:2 Apps starting randomly

Hello Pete,

This appears to be a bug in Insider build 14965.

I have the Mail and Photos apps automatically open blank for me like this.

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Lately for no particular reason I could find applications from MSN Messenger to Solitare have just been closing themselves randomly with Internet Explorer being the exeption to the problem. I'm using Windows XP SP2 with IE7. I've already tried searching for the works with HijackThis, Spybot S&D, and AdAware after checking for updates on each. I've cleaned and defragmented my C:/ disk drive and even deleted any recent downloads as well as any registry keys associated with them I could find. I'm at a loss at this point, so if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

A:Apps Close Themselves Randomly

I've not seen any app close itself.

I've seen Windows close applications (for violating Windows rules, etc.) but I guess that I cannot envision what you are saying.

No error explanation of any sort?


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Sometimes, often enough to be annoying, I find that my Metro apps will not load, e.g., I click on them, and they start to open, but then I get kicked back to my desktop. The icon stays in the tray, but I can't get into the app. This problem goes away with a reboot, but recurs sporadically. Help, please!

A:Metro apps don't open without reboot - sporadic

Hello mskele, and welcome to Eight Forums.

For now, you might see if going through the listed troubleshooting items in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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Ater upgrade to Threshold 2 I fixed all what was possible.
First, later again and again, reboot indicates problems:
Apps: Mail, Calendar, Store and Settings not working.
In case of Settings app starts, but windows disappears and is away - Taskman indicates no running.
Mail, Calendar and Store are in start menu highlighted by dark color and when I try to start them, they report that app can't run and that have contact admin to fix. I'm only one user - admin on my computer and cannot fix them.
Can anybody help me?
Also still not found possibility to set new place of Docs, Pictures and similar folders on HDD - default path is not possible to change, in 10240 it was like in Win7/8/8.1 - so possible.

Thank you for everything!

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Hi - I think this problem began with a Windows Update a while back, although I haven't seen anyone else with this issue. Whenever I reboot my machine and then start any of my applications, an installer dialog box comes up and it reinstalls something, or I have to re-register or re-configure something in the application. This happens with everything, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, my HP printer software, even Windows File Explorer. Any ideas about what's going on and how I can fix it? Thanks!

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I have checked everywhere online, and I haven't found a single explanation for this.

I have 3 user accounts.

1. Administrator
2. initial user
3. new user

So the initial user is the one you are forced to create when first setting up Windows 8.1. It's a local user meaning that I set it up without signing into a MSA.

In both the Administrator and the initial user, all the WinRT apps/tiles work. Like the weather will show up and everything.

Whether I change the Initial User to Standard or Administrator, everything still works fine. Of course, the Administrator can't open WinRT apps which is standard and normal. And the initial user can't use apps without signing into MSA. But it all still works perfectly fine.

The problem is with the new user. The new user is meant to be in Administrator mode because it's my main account. But whether I set it up as Standard or Administrator, it's the same thing. None of my WinRT apps work.
Even when I sign into my MSA with the new user, it's still the same thing. It synchronizes to my OneDrive online. It recognizes that I'm completely signed in online. Yet it's still the exact same thing with the WinRT apps. None of them work. Even when I try to open up the Windows Store. It just continues to try to open, but doesn't go all the way through. So whether I'm signed into my MSA for the third user or not, it still gives the same problem.

I ran Windows Update, and it worked perfectly. Everything is up to date.

A:Windows Apps don't work for one user, but work for others.

I created a 4th account using an MSA instead of creating it as a local account. And it still has the same problem as the third account. Like I said, whether the account is created with an MSA or if an account was created as a local user, and signed into a MSA. It's the same extremely frustrating problem. I can't do anything like this.

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when i turn on my computer the icons and start mean and task bar dont load. It has been like this for like 2days Please i need help with this

A:Icons, task bar and start menu dont load at startup

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I did some searching around before posting here. What i am seeing is duplicate processes running of major applications such as OUTLOOK.EXE, EXCEL.EXE etc. After closing the applications listed above, I have gone into task manager and found at times, five instances of EXCEL.EXE running taking up a sizeable amount of memory. I am seeing this with 4-5 applications and I usually shut them down via task manager.

Any ideas what to look for or where to start?

This is on a Dell Notebook running XP SP 3.

A:Duplicate Apps in Task Manager


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Hi guys,task manager and other applications when I open are disappearing after flashing a for a bit..i am assuming that my machine has some kind of virus...can you guys asssist me in removing it...below is the HijackThis log file..Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:48:31 PM, on 4/2/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\pavsrv51.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\AVENGINE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\TPSrv.exec:\program files\panda software\panda internet security 2007\firewall\PNMSRV.EXEC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Creative Labs Shared\Service\CreativeLicensing.exeC:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exeC:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\PavFn... Read more

A:Task Manager And Other Apps Disappearing

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis forum Eclipse Please run the F-Secure online virus/spyware scan using Internet Explorer: the directions in the F-Secure page for proper Installation. Accept the License Agreement. Once the ActiveX installs,Click ?Custom Scan? and be sure the following are checked:1.Scan whole System 2.Scan all files 3.Scan whole system for rootkits 4.Scan whole system for spyware 5.Scan inside archives 6.Use advanced heuristics Once the download completes,the scan will begin automatically. The scan will take some time to finish,so please be patient. When the scan completes, click the ?I want to decide item by item? button. For each item found,Select ?Disinfect? and click ?Next?. Click the ?Show Report? button,then copy and paste the entire report into your next reply.******************************Please download Sophos Anti-Rootkit,and save it on your desktop. 1. Double-click sarsfx.exe to extract the files and leave the default settings.2. Open the folder C:\SOPHTEMP and double-click sargui.exe to start the program.3. Make sure the following are checked:- Running processes- Windows Registry- Local Hard Drives4. Click the "Start Scan" button.5. Click the "OK" button after you get the notification that the scan has finished and close the program.6. Click on Start>Run and type, or copy and paste: %temp%\sarscan.log then press Enter.7. This should open the log from th... Read more

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For the past 24 hours i my computer has been experiencing issues such as no-disk error after booting, applications will not initialize, the task manager is disabled and regedit can not be accessed.

HijackThis log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:57:56 PM, on 3/21/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18294)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IOI\ButtonMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = about:blank
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\So... Read more

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Hi guys,

task manager and other applications when I open are disappearing after flashing a for a bit..i am assuming that my machine has some kind of virus...can you guys asssist me in removing it...

below is the HijackThis log file..

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:48:31 PM, on 4/2/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\pavsrv51.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\AVENGINE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\TPSrv.exe
c:\program files\panda software\panda internet security 2007\firewall\PNMSRV.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Creative Labs Shared\Service\CreativeLicensing.exe
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\PavFnSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Panda Software\PavShld\pavprsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\AntiSpam\pskmssvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\PsImSvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\XPPRO\Explore... Read more

A:Task manager and other apps are disappearing


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This is for my son's Win 8 Toshiba laptop. Recently several programs have started exhibiting this behavior. He can launch the app (such as Skype) and it then appears on the task bar, but it does not open to where he can see it. He can click on the app in the task bar, and it flashes the desktop as if it were going to maximize, but then it instantly disappears. This makes all the apps this is happening with completely unusable. I have tried to ALT-TAB to the app and get the same result. I see the open app in the ALT-TAB list, but when selected I get the same quick flash and then it's gone. I have no idea how to fix this.

A:Apps appear in task bar, but do not display on desktop

Try moving your mouse to the top left corner of the screen and it should appear there. After it appears, click it.

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Hello Everyone,

I usually reboot my computer once to three times a year. Every time I reboot my computer and reinstall windows 8 and then resign in with my Microsoft I.D. that I use for my computer it never remembers or syncs the apps that I have downloaded from the Microsoft Store app.

My question is, are any of the apps that I download or purchase from the Microsoft Store app remembered, stored or synced with the Microsoft Store in the cloud etc or do I have to redownload everything again and again and again every time I reinstall windows 8?

Thank you.

A:Win8 apps don't redownload or sync back after reboot

Hello mrje,

All apps that you install from the Store while signed in a Microsoft account will be remembered and listed in Your apps in the Store while signed in to the Store with that specific Microsoft account. This will be the same as OPTION ONE in the tutorial below. However, you will still have to download and install them again if you reinstall Windows 8.
Apps - Install Metro Apps from Windows 8 Store
Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

any ideas what might cause various apps to minimise to Desktop randomly every 15mins or so? Not crashing or doing any damage, just minimising. Apps still run in Taskbar fine, just need to maximise them again, very anoying - especially in the middle of a shootout...

Wondering if it's an autoupdate trying to gain focus but I keep a very lean system and about the only thing which should be updating is Avast. I tried the Avast option which detects fullscreen apps before displaying update popups but it doesnt seem to affect things...

Drivers up to date, virus & spyware clean, startup minimal etc.

Only started doing this recently, and no, I'm not accidentally hitting any keys

Any ideas?

A:Various apps minimise to Desktop randomly

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I have genuine Office 365 on my pc, it always worked correctly until a few days ago it started having problems with launching apps.

It happens only with Office apps. It happens both if I launch the app from the drawer or if I try to open a file.

1st window:
EXCEL.EXE - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.

Then, if I originally tried to open a file, a 2nd window appears:
There was a problem sending the command to the program.

I don't recall doing anything special that could have raised the problem.

Ones in a while the program actually starts: it happens randomly, could be the first time I hit open or the 20th (after I closed the error for other 19 times).
After I managed to get the program to open, I can open as many files relative to that program (es: word) as I want to with no errors. As soon as I close the app, it starts all over again.

I tried chkdisk, safe mode, sfc/scannow (finds errors but is not able to fix some of them), /RestoreHealth (error: 87. the restorehealth option is not recognized in this context), repairing Office.. none worked.

Those were the solutions suggested for cases similar to mine, but I found no case identical to mine.

What else can I try?

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So I am just using my laptop (HP ENVY m4) and sometimes when I am moving the mouse/touchpad, apps will randomly start up. It is very annoying and infuriating. If the pointer is on the left corner and I try and move it to the right corner some app like the webcam or the video app will start then I gotta move to the start/metro screen then back to the desktop. Is there a way to fix this?

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I just picked up a new windows 8 laptop and so far I really like the new os. However I have been noticing something really odd and quite annoying. Apps seem to be closing on their own randomly. I'll have an app open (finance, music, games that I downloaded from the store) and it'll be working fine but then all of a sudden the app would just close and take me back to the metro start screen. I have been trying to look around but I can't seem to find a solution. I contacted Microsoft tech support and they remote controlled into my laptop and did some stuff and said the issue should be fixed. However, it's still there. I'll be reading the financials in the stock app and then boom. It'll just close on it's own without any sort of error message and take me to the start screen. This is getting quite annoying because everytime it happens I have to essentially go back in and start over.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and know of a solution?

A:Windows 8 Apps closing on their own randomly

Hello there!

The only app I really have issues with is Music Info, great app, but buggy as a bug. It crashes kind of more often than I'd like.

As for other apps, like the Bing apps, I don't have issues with. Sometimes the News app doesn't launch, but that's sometimes.

Odd, and you're using a new PC with Windows 8 preinstalled?

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Hi, I'm new, nice to meet you Well, It seems like every few minutes the last metro app I used opens itself and I don't think I'm clicking anything, I even disabled the hot corners with start8. does anyone know why this is happening?

A:Metro apps opening randomly?

Hello Adriana, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Are you using a touchpad or trackpad by chance when this happens?

If so, then you may want to disable the Edge Swipes feature of the touchpad to see if that may help.

Touchpad Edge Swipes - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I just picked up a new windows 8 laptop and so far I really like the new os. However I have been noticing something really odd and quite annoying. Apps seem to be closing on their own randomly. I'll have an app open (finance, music, games that I downloaded from the store) and it'll be working fine but then all of a sudden the app would just close and take me back to the metro start screen. I have been trying to look around but I can't seem to find a solution. I contacted Microsoft tech support and they remote controlled into my laptop and did some stuff and said the issue should be fixed. However, it's still there. I'll be reading the financials in the stock app and then boom. It'll just close on it's own without any sort of error message and take me to the start screen. This is getting quite annoying because everytime it happens I have to essentially go back in and start over.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and know of a solution?

A:Windows 8 Apps closing on their own randomly

Hello there!

The only app I really have issues with is Music Info, great app, but buggy as a bug. It crashes kind of more often than I'd like.

As for other apps, like the Bing apps, I don't have issues with. Sometimes the News app doesn't launch, but that's sometimes.

Odd, and you're using a new PC with Windows 8 preinstalled?

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After a doing a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit, I've been getting some programs to crash after a couple seconds. For example, after opening up Mozilla Firefox, the browser just crashes almost immediately. A few minutes later while my computer is idle, it crashes and restarts my computer. I then get this Blue Screen message upon startup:

BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF80002BC3000
BCP3: FFFFF88007811D60
BCP4: 0000000000000000

OS_Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

I'm unsure of what to do. I'll attach the minidump.

Thank you

A:BSOD Apps randomly crash?

Hi this really looks the symptoms I had on my new system for the last 3 weeks. I think I have fixed the issue by changing ram.

Since it was painfull to get throught all this, I think you might be interested in finding some informations provided by great people on this forums. Since there's been many replies to the thread, you might find some answers. Take a look at the pro giving advices to me.

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