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[SOLVED] Changed hardware - OS won't install

Q: [SOLVED] Changed hardware - OS won't install

I had a stock system from Dell (an inspiron 530)

[Windows Vista]
Intel E4400
Foxconn G33M02 (OEM motherboard)
2GB DDR2 RAM (upgraded to 4GB)
160GB Seagate HDD for OS
640GB WD HDD (additional) for Storage
NVidia 8600GT

Today I recieved my new Asus P5N-D [NVidia 750i chipset, second hand came with no driver CD =S ] and installed it. It booted up and then came to an error saying that a vital system driver was corrupted (acpi.sys)
I tried many things, like repairing with CD, booting into safe mode etc. but nothing worked (I was unable to enter safemode due to more system files being damaged/corrupt)

I decided to disconnect the WD HDD and wipe the other hard drive using [email protected] killdisk.
Killdisk ran and deleted the existing Windows partition so I could install a fresh copy of Vista.
When installing Vista from the CD a status bar appears with "Windows is loading files..."
When it reaches the end it reboots into an cycle that leads nowhere.

My guess would be that it is hardware or driver related and that I may have to change some BIOS settings, but I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it.

Thanks in advance,


A: [SOLVED] Changed hardware - OS won't install

Turns out one of my memory sticks was defective (must have got zapped when swithing between motherboards)

Oh well =]

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Ugh this is more annoying than a real problem. I was running vista on a 512 meg ram machine that was locking up. I took out the HDD and placed it in a 1.5ghz ram machine. Of course different hardware yadda yadda yadda. The funny thing is it installed like a dream which I was not expecting. The ONLY driver it did not find on its own was a the video card and I made that change manually. Of course after all this on the next reboot it says multiple components were changed this requires reactivation. I tried to reactivate it and it failed. Sure enough each reboot it says reactivate but it never does but I am able to continue using it.
I know a rebuild will clean it all up but is there any way around this reactivation loop I seem to be in?

A:Solved: CHanged hardware... tells me it needs to activate but won't?

This download may help.

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Tuesday 1-September (hello Football Season)

My Safely Remove Hardware Icon (in System Tray - Notification Area of Taskbar) has changed the way it was working.

For 5 years, when I clicked on the Safety Remove Hardware (SRH) Icon, I got a small skinny pop-up window immediately over the icon listing my USB devices by Drive Letter. I would click which device/drive letter I wanted to remove and it would unmount ! Simple & Quick (no Fuss - No Muss). See #1 jpeg.

Recently, clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon has not produced the normal function shown in jpeg #1. Instead - the larger Safely Remove Hardware Dialog Box opens up - requiring a series of mouse clicks to select and unmount the USB device I want stopped. See jpeg(s) 2 & 3

How do I regain the way the Safely Remove Hardware icon worked as shown in jpeg #1 ?

Thanks for any help !

Joe B!

1 jpeg: Normal SRH Function I lost (want to regain)

2 & 3 jpegs: The way SRH's working now (want to revert to #1 jpeg functionality)

A:Solved: Safely Remove Hardware: Windows XP Changed the Way it was Working

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Each time I try to install new hardware (So far a memory stick, a barcode reader, a new mouse) I end up with the hardware wizard saying it cannot install it. "The data is invalid". Two of the above items are plug and play and the other had a driver which installed ok.

What can be causing this please?

A:Solved: Cannot install hardware

Did you get this resolved and can you post your findings?

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i am trying to install a usb to ethernet adapter. when the new hardware wizard comes up it says "cannot find driver file" cannot install hardware code 28.
any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: cannot install hardware-USB xp

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Windows will detect new hardware but it will fail to install... "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software." It even tried searching windows update to install a Microsoft mouse which failed. Windows should have default drivers for controlling a mouse and even if install fails it should still work but it does not. I swapped mice with my other PC. One out of about 8 usb ports worked with the replacement mouse but it did not install, as you might have guessed. I recently finished working with tetonbob to remove serious infections to the OS.

Operating System System Model
Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States) Dell Inc. Dell DM061
System Service Tag: GHF6BC1 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: GHF6BC1
Enclosure Type: Mini-Tower
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
1.87 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded Board: Dell Inc. 0WG864
Serial Number: ..****.
Bus Clock: 1066 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Inc. 2.4.0 05/24/2007
Drives Memory Modules c,d
244.95 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
162.20 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653A [CD-ROM drive]

TEAC USB HS-CF Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
TEAC USB HS-MS Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3... Read more

A:[SOLVED] XP Pro MCE SP3 Hardware Install Problem

Sometimes the quickest path to a stable system after an infection is a clean install . . are you up to that?

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i have been trying to install hardware on my computer but everytime it tells me im missing files,im trying to install multimedia audio controller so i can have sound but it tells me im missing ksuser.dll for all i know i could be missing more files.ive tried everything to get this to work but i cant i have actually tried to download the file from the internet and it does download but when i try to extract it,it tells me load library failed the specified module could not be found,i have no idea what that means,i am pretty much computer illiterate.i have also downloaded the latest directx but that didnt help.i have windows xp and also it tells me ksuser.dll is missing from service pack 3.i have no disks for this computer but ive seen people fix this sort of problem without one.ive also went to microsoft and didnt see anything that could help.half the stuff doesnt make sense please if you can help i would appreciate son wants to play games but he cant without sound. thank you

A:Solved: cant install hardware on my computer

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I recently changed out my motherboard from a board that supported only a Socket 478 1.7 GHz and USB 1.1 for one that supported a Socket 478 2.6 GHz processor and USB 2.0. The system is running XP Home.

Well after this change I booted my system the first time it would go to the splash screen and then reboot. This was followed by it going to the screen showing the option to boot in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Last Good Configuration or Normally. I tried all the options and was sent back to previously described screen every time.

My only option was to put my XP Setup disk in and do a repair to XP. This worked but my problem is that I had Office and Frontpage installed on my computer. Now when I try and access them I get the following screen: see attachment.

Is there a way to get my Office and Frontpage programs to work short of digging out the original install disks and reinstalling them again.

Thank you in advance.

A:Changed Hardware and had to Repair XP

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Hi guys,
I'm new here so go easy on me, this looks like a well informed site so I'm sure you will be able to set me on the right path!

I have a P4 Intel Celeron 2GHz with 512m RAM & 40G HDD x 2

I bought the unit 2nd hand and the windows XP cd was a copy with key written on the sleeve & disc.

Unit worked fine for a few months after purchase however then the HDD crashed and the only solution was re-format and start again, did that, all good again for a few months then happened again except this time I was able to repair and continue.
With all of this in mind I decided it would be a good thing to upgrade and I bought a WD 160G IDE HDD, an LG DVD read/write (multi) and I also got a legitemate unopened copy of XP pro. Hoping all this would lead to reliable hassle free computing!
I connected the hardware last night and proceeded to format the HDD and install new windows all good until it said it was finished and went to re-boot for the first time and the PC froze at blue screen... came up with setup needs to start again one time but mostly stops at blue screen.
I also noted a line when detecting HDD about 80 cable connector not detected... a bit quick to read it properly though.
As far as I can tell the HDD has an 80 conductor connector however I don't think the DVD has...& the DVD instruction say that it may need one... (I am at work right now so can't look at it)

From this (probably vague) information can anyone offer any advice as to what I sh... Read more

A:Solved: New XP install & hardware upgrade issues

I have reinstated the old working condition as it was now by reloading xp on the old HDD so have everything back to where I started...
Any advice on how to go about the upgrading/updating that I am attempting to do?

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I hadn`t connected my windows to an account , not that I remember doing that, but now i cant reactivate it cause it saying that its being used by a different device ,checked both of my emails that it could be linked to , but none of them worked.

A:I changed the hardware on my PC and now my Windows 10 is not genuine.

Hi ! Welcome to Windows Central! Your post makes no sense to me compared to your title. If you changed hardware then your W10 might not be genuine!
Here's link from Windows Central that might help. If you need more help, please join the forum! How to re-activate Windows 10 after a hardware change | Windows Central Join the Windows Central Community!

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I recentlly had a problem with my PC where when i turned it on the HDD light would just stay on and nothing would start or come up on screen (no beeps but all fans started). I purchased a new CPU (same model and speeds) to see if that was the problem and it still did it so i got a new motherboard (same model) and again still nothing. I changed the power supply with another i have on a PC i KNOW works and its STILL the same. I even used the power switch out of the other PC as well as trying with no ram and different ram but STILL the same problem. I dont understand how that can be possible when EVER part is different from that of what is in the computer. No HDD or sata or IDE drives were connected, no cards or anything but still the thing wont start.

New/different motherboard
New/different CPU
Different Ram
Different case & power switch
NO other cards or devices

So WHY is there STILL the same problem ????????

The stats of the PC are as follows

AMD Sempron 3000+
Asus K8V-VM Motherboard
1GB DDR400 Ram

Any help would be VERY much appreciated because i am COMPLETELY stumped on what the problem is when ALL the parts are different and i cant afford to be spending any more money on the system.

Thank You

A:PC Wont Start Even when Hardware Changed !

Bump, can someone please help

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every time I restart my laptop, I get this annoying message:

" Your hardware settings have changed. Please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect !! "no matter how many times I reboot.

What's the cause, is there a fix or only a clean reinstallation of Windows ?


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I just installed a new motherboard, CPU, memory, and video card into my computer. I'm not looking to salvage my old OS install, and have all important data backed up, so I planned to just put the hardware in and boot off my windows disk to do a format and reload. However no matter what I do I can't get windows setup or an OS to load. When loading the installer it locks up at the windows splash screen. I've tried booting off the hdd and it does the same thing. I tried it in safe mode and it locks up before it finished loading all the files. I also tried booting mini XP off my Hirens 15 disk and that locks up at the splash screen too.

So at this point I ran memtest to see if it was my ram causing problems but it all tested ok. So anyone got any idea on how to boot off my disk so I can format and reload?

A:Changed hardware, now won't boot off hdd or disk.

What windows installation disk do you have - is it a retail disk or a disk burnt from your previous recovery partition.

Also, for a test try to install a Linux distro - maybe Ubuntu and see what happens. Even a live CD may give you some insight.

Provided your hardware funtions properly, I suspect there is a driver problem. But that is not certain at this level of info.

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i have recently bought a samsung rv511 s01 laptop. last night i had an issue when i opened the web browser. all i got was a blank white screen. When i opened norton internet security it didn't open correctly. with not being used to windows 7 and only using it for about a week i thought the best thing to do would be use the recovery disk that came with the laptop. i thought it would just reset the computer to an earlier day, not so. it did a full install of windows 7, now i have no access to the internet, webcam, or any of the functions that were on the computer before hand. the recovery disk doesn't have the drivers for any of the hardware on it. all the pre installed software has vanished also. So the question is where do i go now to get the machine back to the way it was when i bought it?

A:Solved: Lost software & hardware after windows 7 install

Can you be more specific about the "recovery disk"? When I hear "recovery" I think of a set of Recovery DVDs (or CDs) that will "recover" the system back to factory defaults, including all drivers and bloatware. But you seem to be saying that maybe it's a Windows 7 Installation DVD.

You should be able to get the drivers from Samsung's web site. Install the chipset ones first.

So the question is where do i go now to get the machine back to the way it was when i bought it?Click to expand...

Many manufacturers will sell you a set of Recovery DVDs for a fair price.

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I was attempting to upgrade an old 98 machine to Win2k when I received the error: "Hardward Malfunction Call your hardware vendor for support The system has halted." So, I went ahead & wiped out the hard drive and started over. No biggee, right? But then same message. I then uninstalled all unnecessary devices (NIC & wireless PCI adapter are all that's there) Still, no effect. I next disconnected the mouse and the floppy just to see what happened. Diddo. I know all of the hardware was working just fine prior to starting.

The machine is not a name brand, so I can't go to a manufacturer's website to check it out. I don't know where it was built or when. Advice?

A:Solved: Win2k Install - Hardware Malfunction Error

You can try going into System BIOS and choose the default settings. You can also check the motherboard manufacturer's site to see if there are any compatibility issues with Win2K.

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Such window appears now when system starts. "Hardware change has been made , reset your computer for applying hardware change" something like that , I translated this from my native language.

pls help, I dont have ant idea how remove this, I removed one of my hardware profile on Administrator account but it not helps.

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The hardware has changed significantly, you must reactivate Windows XP. I've getting this message since I upgraded my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Also the message say's I must do it within three days, so does that mean I can't have windows after 3 days? I've used that copy of winodows for 5+ years, and never gotten that message. Also for some reason my mouse is not being recognized by computer. Help needed. Thank you

A:The hardware has changed significantly, you must reactivate Windows XP

Did it activate over the internet? It is a quick nd easy call to activate . . no reason not ot do it. . . and yes . .if you do not, Windows will quit working

You will need to load the motherboard specific drivers

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Hi all-
Apologies in advance as I am not exactly technologically sound.
I tried plugging in my digital camera today, and though it did not come up, I hunted down the Removable Disk (E) drive, which I figured would open it. It told me that I had to choose a program to open it with, so I chose some kind of picture viewer. Then all the icons on my desktop turned into said picture viewer, and I cannot open anything but that program from the desktop. Also, when I go into Programs and try to open them, they don't work there either. Help!
I am using Windows 7. I have tried System Restore but it told me that it could not complete it and gave me some kind of error message with 0x80070005. It recommended that I turn off my protection or whatever to complete it, but I have Norton 360 and no idea how to turn it off!
Any help is greatly appreciated- we just bought this computer in November and now my husband is ticked off!

A:Solved: accidentally changed removable disk, now changed every program?

Welcome Tuckersmom !
When I connect my camera to either of our computers, the camera itself indicates on the viewer how to handle the pictures....
To replace the icons on the desk top, right click any empty place and select refresh, I think this should restore them for you.
My daughter uses Norton 360 and we have found that it disables the system restore. She does regular backups with Norton 360. If you have done that, you should be able to restore from one of those backups.
Let us know how it goes.

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this is very confusing to me ive never seen it so i found a way back onto the internet by using a shortcut i had.

not even sure how to start this. i dont know exactly what i did but everything was changed. i was going to try to watch a movie thats on my laptop, it said 'avi' and when i clicked on it nothing happened. i dragged it into itunes to see if it would play there, nope. i right-clicked it, picked 'open with' VLC, still nothing. right clicked it again and chose windows media center, nothing happened. i tried transfering the folder with the option available in media center, still didnt play.

when i closed media center i saw all my desktop stuff was changed to open with media center, i knew immediatly i screwed up pretty bad somewhere. i right clicked internet explorer and changed it to open with internet explorer, it then changed everything to open with internet explorer. when i clicked on internet explorer it didnt open, but it did open the download bar as if i downloaded it. it says "Internet Explorer.Ink" or .lnk. when i click open, the window comes up but closes right away.

can someone help me by telling me how to get everything back to normal?

A:[SOLVED] changed one thing to open with a different application and it changed everyt

It sounds like what you've done is associate a .lnk file (shortcut type) with an application and now all shortcuts will run with that application. The avi file you were referring too may be just that as well: a shortcut.

This has also been known to be caused by a malware infection, in which case if you suspect it, you'll have to report it to our security team in the appropriate Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help subforum.

This may help with the situation.

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Hi guys,
I hope I posted at the right section.
My xp has been giving me problem recently like the explorer.exe keep using 50 of my CPU resulting my laptop to hang a lot. I tweaked a bit with msconfig but not sure if that's the caused my laptop problem now.

The symptoms are:
- No sound
- Installed hardware not displayed in device manager (blank)
- Computer Description in the General Tab of System Prop. greyed and blank
- System restore only has one restore point which is when I encountered all this problem
- Unable to use internet
- Unable to connect to external disk, or usb drives
- The processes tab in Task Manager, no User Name listed, usually there my username or SYSTEM but now only SYSTEM for System Idle Process
- Under the Users tab of Task Manager, none listed. Usually there is my username listed
- Same symptoms even under safe mode

I'm currently using my housemate's laptop to check if there is a solution for this problem.

Thank You

A:[SOLVED] no sound, list of install hardware under device manager blank,unable to read

Damn dogg.... You need to reinstall Winblows. Fo shizzle, yo shiz wack dawg

here yo fix homie download windowz.exe and that will reinstall for you.

Massive motherboard problems, or a corrupt OS mang. Reinstall

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Note: I will get an export with DM Log Collector this evening when I get home from work but I wanted to start collecting some opinions on the subject and I do have a BlueScreenView export to hand.

I was experiencing a BSOD during Windows 10 Pro x64 installation on a freshly built computer, the installation would get to 80% ? 100% and BSOD with a variety of errors, mostly IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

After about 10 attempts with different UEFI settings disabled (Intel NIC, XMP Disabled, Updated UEFI, etc) the install stuck and I was able to load into windows thought this was pure chance.
In its current state the OS boots up fine and I can log in but I have about 1 ? 2 minutes before I get a BSOD, the like of which are attached in a TXT file from BlueScreenView (I will get the proper DM Log Collector files this evening)

I have tried:

Checking CPU temperature (32 Degrees C)Updating MB UEFIDisabling and disconnecting NICs as I found several threads on google identifying Intel NIC drivers as a possible causeReseating all hardware and power cablesRemoving each stick of RAM in turnInstalling from UEFI and LegacyDifferent media (VL image, Media Creation Tool Image)Installing from USB3 & USB2 PortsWith and without XMPInstalling Chipset drivers in the ~1 minute I have in the OSUninstalling video drivers in the ~1 minute I have in the OS as I remember hearing about significant issues with Windows 10 and nVidia DriversInstalling latest nVidi... Read more

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I'm having some real issues with my Dell XPS 400 and I'm desperately seeking help. I'm running WinXP Pro and this pc
is only about 16 months old. It has the original factory installed ram (1 gig) , a 320 gig hard drive and the processor is an
Intel ViiV. I have been getting a blue error screen with ***Hardware Malfunction - Call your Hardware Vendor for Support - Parity Check
/ Memory Parity Error - System was halted*** that lasted for a few hours. I had to hold the power button in for several seconds each time
to shut it down. I ran both the Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic tests, as well as the Memtest 86 , each several times. The results were always
"no memory errors". I attempted a few times, unsucessfully, using the F11 key to reach the Acronis recovery partition. I booted using my XP
disk but was unable to re-install. Windows would begin to load and then the blue screen with the same error message would occur. Finally,
I was able to access the Acronis recovery manager and restore my pc but on reboot it began to run ChkDsk. Now it keeps rebooting and running
a new disk check over and over and over..........................I have tried to cancel the ChkDsk using the keyboard but it keeps running. I'm at a loss, as to what else,
if anything I can do, (besides ripping my hair out by the roots)

A:Solved: HELP? Hardware Malfunction - Call your Hardware Vendor for Support - Parity Check

UPDATE: I was waiting for the Dell hardware diagnostics test results to finish. It took several hours and basically the same result as the memory tests. No hardware failure, I'm thinking motherboard?

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hi guys!

when i update my catalyst 15.7 to any new version of amd radeon i got this erorr after a while:

what's wrong . . and what do i have to fix this problem!

i can't tell you guys how much i've tried to fix it and i falled . . so please help me

this why i call it the hardest problem

g510 lenovo notebook
windows 10 64 bit
amd radeon r7 265 series
procsser: intel i7
intel hd 4600 graphics card

*my bois is uefi and it's updated".

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I'm running XP PRO with SP2.

I uninstalled and reinstalled my USB ports trying to sort a problem, seeing my Mobile Phone.

Since then, my Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 will not install, message:- "Cannot install this Hardware"

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the CD program version and the latest from Logitech support.

And it still wont install with message as above.

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Hello all-

My friend has an old laptop laying around that was broken so I told him hey what the heck bring it over and I'll fool around with it. He brings it over and I get my good old external HD that I use YUMI to install windows with. This thing is going nuts beeps & boops the whole time; I figured out the built in keyboard is fried due to liquid damage at some point I yank it out, I connect my dell wired keyboard that I use for all my "projects" and start again. I wipe the laptops HD and start my install. It completes the install portion that is booted from my external then restarts into in windows to finish the install on its own HD. Makes it all the way to the end where the screen flickers like its adjust the resolution. Moments after that "Windows could not be installed on this computers hardware- please restart"

I check everywhere online and I find a tutorial on this site that explains how to enter device manager in safe mode while installing win 7 (which I didn't bookmark like a fool!) I find that it has a LIST of drivers not recognized (graphic card is one). I down loaded the drivers from Acers website but while restarting the Win 7 install I click i the load with drivers button and it says they aren't in driver format.

I'm lost- about the call this laptop broke, done, cooked. I pulled the laptop HD out and ran disk check from my Dell desktop it was fine. The liquid damage doesn't appear to have damaged the internals of the laptop, the d... Read more

A:Win 7 Install Fails Home Pre (Can not install on this hardware)

Try the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums.

Install only the wireless or ethernet drive when you get online to pull in all other drivers from Windows Updates, after enabling Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3)

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6109 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset, -1265 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 937767 MB, Free - 847543 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, WG43M
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled
Used a program in XP. Is old IVEX Windraft 3.2 - IVEX no longer in business. Original purchased 220 pins. When copied to Win 7 Professional; now have only 50 pins. Need old register file so I can put in purchase and code info I have. Present result is can only view schematics and not modify. To print have to copy and then paste into Paint to print. Any suggestions?

A:Program changed when install in Win 7

If you still have the old XP machine (or even just the hard drive) then first thing to do is image it using disk imaging software.

Then I would attempt to image it back to a virtual instance using Windows Virtual PC

You may need to use one of the many articles regarding moving Windows XP to new hardware or motherboard as it will probably BSOD to start with. (But you might get lucky!) or (and this is not a recommendation, and I have not used Acronis like this for moving to new virtual hardware, only real hardware) software such as Acronis True Image Premium can image and restore to "new hardware"

But, if you can get it running, you should be able to continue to use this software when you next move machines (you will need to do some conversion to Hyper-V at that point, but you can cross that bridge if and when)

The harder method would possibly be to use Process Monitor to monitor which files and registry entries the software accesses on startup of the software, and copy those files and registry entries across, but that is beyond the scope of an answer such as this

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I just installed a copy of Webroots Window Washer and ever since then my machine display is acting strange. My font's appearance has seemed to have changed, on both Windows XP and AOL, but when I go to settings all the settings are the same. It even affected the way web pages look. I restarted my machine twice in hope of fixing it that way, but no go. If anyone has any suggestion I would really appreciate it.

A:XP changed after Webroot install?

I believe chip has been taken care of over in the HJT log help forum

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All of my system colors are out of whack... like some text boxes are blaack on black, windows explorer background is grey, etc. I also can't get AVG to install. it goes through its process, then says a process was blocked from starting. i ran an online virus check and caame up clean.

couldn't find a restore point old enough.

here is my hijack log file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:56:45 PM, on 11/16/2005
Platform: Windows 2003 SP1, v.1433 (WinNT 5.02.3790)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.3790.1433)

Running processes:
G:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
G:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
G:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\qttask.exe
G:\Program Files (x86)\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
G:\Documents and Settings\Rahl\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\S7RZIWTL\hijackthis_sfx[1].exe
G:\Documents and Settings\Rahl\Desktop\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard,ShellNext = wmplayer.exe //ICWLaunch
F2 - REG:system.ini: UserInit=userinit
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CTHelper] CTHELPER.EXE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [iTunesHelper] "G:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [QuickTime Task] "G:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\qttask.exe" -atboottime
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [MSMSGS] "G:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe" /background
O9 - Extra button: Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - G:\Program Files\Messenger\m... Read more

A:Colors changed, can't install AVG, possible virus

MSCONFIG may have the answer. The utility mentioned here is available in most MS
operating systems after Win3.1, 3.11 and NT3.0. By entering the name seen here at the RUN prompt off of the Start menu, you will see a new window open with a listing of
various options named on tabs. On the first at the left already seen, Selective Start is
the little dot there to choose. Once checked, you travel to the last tab to see a total
of installed softwares including video and sound. These can easily be disabled to allow
AVG to continue to some degree. The next tab is where you will have to check a "hide
all microsoft services" option to do just that. The remaining can now be disabled. From
there, retry installing AVG after a reboot of the system. The list of active program now
is on the disabled list and non active to cause any interference. Spyware is possible.

Microsoft recently bought the GIANT Software Co. and it's antispyware software that
is now called the Microsoft AntiSpyware Remover beta1. This is a free spyware utility
that can be downloaded at:

In addition to the removing utility, Microsoft also has an online utility that will scan a
system while your are on this web page for no charge. The "malicious software" scan is
also available to download for later use. However, it has a one run function compared to the full time schedule the remover can be set to. The scan is free at:
htt... Read more

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Hi & help!
I was having probs installing Office 2007 a while back and whilst using 2 forums for help to resolve the issue, one of the things i had to do was (i think) change the default install path for when i'm installing new programs. The 2 links for the help pages i was using are:
Office 2007 Install Error 2203 - Office Setup
Error 2203. An Internal Error has occurred.

The problem i've created is that now i'm unable to apply most updates for the programs that are currently installed (and thus on shutdown it always tries to apply updates, that fail) and also, i'm not able to install and new programs.
Any help in getting this resolved for me will be soooo appreciated - it's driving me crazy!

A:How can i see what i've changed the default install path to?

Click Start Orb. In search type cmd and hit Enter.
In the command window that popped up type
echo %ProgramFiles% and hit Enter

It should tell you the current setting as in
C:\Program Files

or whatever.

You can take a look at this:
Change Default Installation Directory In Windows 7 & Vista

But before messing with your Registry make a Restore Point and/or use ERUNT
to back it up.

I just did search and took a look at the registry settings in the link. I don't know if it works. Back things up before messing around with it.

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I don't usually do a friend-of-a-friend thread, but one of mine is in trouble!

My buddies out west ran out of hard drive space and decided to install a new cd r/w drive (her old cd/r was dieing) to move over some data, and at the same time add more ram (sales guy sold them 256 mg).

Well, the install do not go well - after both were put in, the machine did not respond ... so they took them back out, and put back in the old ram leaving the cd/r disconnected.

Before they attempted this operation, I asked her to run Belarc.

Some oddities that I don't understand ...
1. Processor has changed from 233 to 150
2. Memory has changed from 60 to 32

She said the machine is now running incredibly slow

Not sure where to guide her at this point

Can you assist?

Many thanks

A:processor & ram changed after cd install & ram upgrade

Have them access the bios setup and load changes, then restart the machine.

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When I reboot my laptop, I get a message that new hardware has been found, however, I do not have anything attached to the laptop. How can I get rid of those anoying messages?

A:Solved: New hardware found - no hardware attached

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I suspected virus damage. My fix was a clean install of WinXP SP2 including formating the hard drive. Now my ethernet is not recognized and my DVD is assigned to Drive H (there are only 2 drives total C and H). I have tryed several times to install new drivers for my ethernet and several other drivers including the mother board. Each attempt appears to ignore the .exe totaly. I suspect the bios has been changed but cannot locate a replacement version to test. Is there someother place I should be looking for the fix or another fix I can try?

A:Drive letter changed and cannot install drivers


Can you post the computer Model and Brand?

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Hi, First time poster but have been lurking for quite awhile. Decided to install Windows 7 Pro today but when the install completed, I noticed my drive letters were out of order.

Previously, my partition drives when running Vista Home Premium were

C: System
D: Recovery
E: Apps
F: Data

Now its automatically changed to

C: System
D: Apps
E: Data
F: Recovery

My HP Recovery partition jumped down the list and changed from D to F and shifted the letters of the other drives as well. I have no idea why it changed on its own as I only installed Windows 7 in drive C. The Recovery drive is the 2nd fullest driver on my HD behind C Drive.

Is this normal? Is there a fix for such a thing? Thanks in Advance.

A:Drive Letters changed after Windows 7 Pro install.

Open Disk Management by clicking on the Start orb and typing disk management, then press Enter.

Right click on the F: drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths..
Make F:, G:, to make room so you can re-arrange the other two.
Make E: F:
Make D: E:
Make G: D:

You should not have

C: System
D: Recovery
E: Apps
F: Data

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I am using a ASUS UL80vt laptop with a 320gb hard disk drive. It has been installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I would like to change the hard drive to a Intel 80GB SSD

There is a recovery disk that comes with the Asus, but there seems to be no way to install Windows 7 onto this drive.

I have contacted ASUS Technical support and they claim that they do not support the transfer of the operating system from 1 drive to another.

Can anybody point me to a thread or give me some advice on what to do in order to transfer get Windows 7 onto the SSD.


A:Windows 7 install on a changed hard drive

Save a Win7 Backup Image to an external HD, or to a primary formatted partition on your current HD, which you can use to reimage the SSD:

You can find out now what size this image will be by typing Backup into Start Search box, selecting "Create a System Image" then DVD to see what size the image is.

If the image is bigger than 80gb, you'll need to move some files off the of the Win7 drive to an external or a data partition.

To create a data partition or primary partition to store the backup image:

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to 8 with the Windows 8 upgrade assistant, and chose the option to "install now".

I'm running windows 8 now, but I've changed my mind and want to do a clean install. How can I do that? I did't burn the iso to a USB the first time. And if I run the upgrade assistant again now it says I can't install windows 8 on this computer (because it's already installed)

Any help?


A:Upgraded, but changed my mind (want clean install, help!)

You should have an upgrade file on your desktop, click on that, it asks some questions and one of them is do you want to install later say yes, then another question do you want to create an ISO file just say yes, when it has created the ISO file, right click on it to burn it to a DVD.
Then boot from that to completely wipe your disk and reformat, make sure you have your key for when you start the installation. If you have a Windows Live account use that. Make sure you feel comfortable doing this and have anything you need backed up, this worked for me, I hope it works for you.

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I'm gettin' for Christmas either a DVD write/re-write drive, or some ramsticks; possibly both.

I'm cleanin' house too (re-format HD), and am wonderin' if it's best done before new hardware addition, or after new hardware addition...

A:re-install OS pre, or post new hardware install?

Probably before, but is should not matter much either way

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I was installing cygwin on my Windows 7 desktop. I guess I picked a bad mirror site because the download speed was very slow and it wasn't able to give me all the packages I wanted.

I closed the setup in too much haste. I think it was still downloading and not yet installing though. It said that closing it would abort the download and installation, roughly, and I clicked 'okay'.

Now I try to save something onto my C drive, into Program files or whatever, like a text file or anything. It says that I do not have the permissions to do so, asks if I would like to save into my user documents folder, and, in typical Windows fashion, it directs me to ask the administrator. My account is the administrator; I checked both in control panel and in the user select screen at boot.

I restarted the computer. Then I decided to delete all the cygwin files I could find (cygwin folder on C:// and the cygwin download repository) and reran the setup. It successfully completed after I chose a better mirror. I have my terminal window and it works!

But, even after restarting again, I cannot save to the C drive. Interestingly enough, I can save into the cygwin folder, which is in the C drive, but into no where else on the C drive.

I should mention that when I deleted the cygwin folder on the C drive, it was partially full, indicating that I might have stopped the setup initially during the installation phase.

I cannot find any other changes other than this saving permission problem.... Read more

A:Interrupted Cygwin install changed permissions on C drive

Hi try system restore to a point prior to the download

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i have a problem >_<

currently im using ATI Radeon 9600XT edition and for some odd reason i cant run this game (Condemned: Criminal Origins) without having the game black out, so i wanted to change to my older gfx card just to see if it'll work... ( ASUS Nvidia Geforce 6200) but my computer won't stay on long enough for me to instal the drivers from the CD... at first at thought it was a video ram problem so i made sure i turned off skins and deleted some icons and made sure all background applications dont start when windows start-up.... but it STILL won't stay on long enough >_< it boots to desktop for about 5 seconds then restarts itself... for a half a second i can see a blue screen with letters on it but it went by to fast to read anything... plz helpppppppp plzzzzz

thank you in advance ^_^

A:Changed gfx card, PC won't stay on long enough to install drivers

It could be that the 6200 is faulty, Have you tried putting the 9600 back in and see if you get the same problem ?

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Before : My harddisk has 2 partition. It is C : SYSTEM, and D : RECOVERY . Then I make new partition, shrink volume from C was named E : NEW .

After I was reinstalled windows by clean install, the letter drive and partition changed to C : SYSTEM , D : NEW, and E : RECOVERY there was before drive D changedto E..

Please help's normal? Thanks for the explanation....

A:drive letter partition was changed after clean install

That is not a problem at all. Unless you have a big problem with those letters, I would leave it as is. But you can change the drive letters in Disk Management (not C though).

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A while ago I've done a Win7 clean install following the instructions in:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Under point 1) there is the link from which one can download the Win7 ISO file, put it on a DVD/USB medium, and perform a clean install. That way one can get rid of all the OEM's bloatware which sits on the HDD after having bought a new computer.

A few months ago the link in 1) took me to:
Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
where I could download the SP1-U version.

However, currently the link under 1) takes me to a completely different site:
Dell Community
and that site doesn't offer the SP1-U version anymore!

Why was the download site changed in the link?

Regards, Johan

A:Windows 7 Clean Install Download site has changed! Why is that?

Not sure why the link was changed (The admins will have had reason) but the ISO's on that site are the updated ones anyway. If you check the x__-____ codes they match the U versions on MDL


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Hello, I've got an IBM T43p Thinkpad laptop that a friend gave me to try and fix, they've been having all sorts of virus problems with it and can't seem to shift it. I took a look and did a quick MalwareBytes scan which picked up about 100~ infections which I removed. Once I restarted I noticed AVG was still reporting viruses, and the machine was running very slow.

I checked Task Manager and noticed that there were at least four seperate instances of Firefox.exe running, and an instance of Excel.exe running even though MS Excel wasn't open anywhere. These instances even ran upon starting up in Safe Mode which started to worry me.

I checked Regedit and browsed to the Winlogon section, and checked the Userinit key. The value was set to "C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe,,C:\Program Files\ejbatyvw\mpsmhyfn.exe". I tried booting up with a UBCD disc and deleting the registry key and removing the file from the hard drive, however upon rebooting the file was immediately recreated and added to the registry again.

I decided to back up the data on the computer and do a full reinstall of Windows XP, after checking on a seperate computer that the files weren't infected themselves, and that machine seems to be running fine after several restarts and such so I'm feeling fairly safe in that regard. I proceeded to fully format and reinstall on the Thinkpad, but after completing the installation it took only a few minutes befor... Read more

A:Possible BIOS virus, Userinit changed immediately after fresh install

Hello, the best way to be certain is to get a deeper look. Post these logs and have our Malware Removal Team see what you have there.Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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(using win7 x64)

I used a program called "Types" to change a few file icons in windows. I did the same thing on a laptop but used a different program so I didn't get this problem. After I changed the default icon for .exe every exe program changed to the default icon I had selected. Not just the programs I already had on the computer but it uses the default icon for new programs downloaded and even ones viewed on disc. And it changed all shortcuts to the default icon.

I've been able to restore most of the shortcuts through the properties menu. Interesting thing is I have to do it twice on every icon since the first attempt seems to do nothing (and refreshing the desktop doesn't work).

I've downloaded additional icon programs that have a restore setting but that hasn't worked. I've tried a registry fix but that doesn't work. Neither has using the windows restore point. I've gone into the registry itself and changed around the default icon for the exe. Sure it'll change the icon but no exe programs with their own icons will return to their original state. My last attempt has been to delete the icon cache and that has also failed.

So now that google has let me down I'm hoping someone here can help me. A big thank you in advance cause this is really annoying.

A:[SOLVED] Changed EXE Icon Now All EXE's are changed to default Icon

Hi, well you have made quite a few changes trying to fix this, we may have to do this in stages first we will clear the Cache (only proper way to do this):-

Go to Start all programs accessories and right click on command prompt select ?run as administrator?

At the prompt type:- taskkill /im explorer.exe /f press enter
(Your desktop will go blank)

Now type each line and press enter after each line.
Note the spaces.


attrib -h IconCache.db

del IconCache.db

Shutdown /r
Post back, do not attempt anything else, there is more we can do.

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Does anybody know if i get future problems by installing windows 7 home premium 64 bit on 32 bit computer hardware?
thankes for help

A:Install 64 bit on 32 bit hardware

I would Check your PC with the Upgrade Advisor:

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

With only 2gb of ram, I would stay with 32 bit.

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guys help me, some programs are blocking installation of any hardware to my pc. how can get rid of those programs? they are not located where they are supposed to be in.

A:can't install hardware

What are you trying to install and do you have anti-virus software installed on your PC?

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Trying to get my system up and running after replacing a dead Harddrive
Getting the message

Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG NEtwork connection #4

An error occurred while trying to install this device

The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name
I've tried uninstalling the hardware from the device manager and rebooting. Windows will find it, it renames it with a new # (e.g. I've tried 4 times now, hence the #4 after the name).
CAn't seem to figure this one out.

Any thoughts?

BTW ...Dell Latitude C610 running winXP

Thanks in advance

A:Cannot install this hardware

With a little diligence, I found the answer.
See this article:

Network adapter install problems

A slight change from the recommended, the card tried to install once I rebooted so I did the regedit part First , THEN I deleted the network adapters in the device manager.

In the registry editor, the key related to THIS card is W22n50 which I deleted.

On the next boot everything installed correctly.

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Asus M4A89GTD PRO Motherboard
AMD Phenom II x2 b55 3.2ghz CPU
8gb Ripjaw ram 4x2gb modules 1600mhz
WD 640 Green Drive
OCZ Vertex 2E 60gb SSD
ATI Radeon 5870

New hardware that I installed recently, the SSD and an extra 4gb ripjaw ram (identical kits).

Error I am getting, ''Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key'' when I try to boot from Windows 7 DVD.

The boot priority is as it should be, I have taken out the WD HDD, the 4gb installed ram and all other hardware, usb devices etc to see if they were causing any issues (all long shots) I've reset the BIOS, I've replaced the DVD drive with a brand new one it's a SATA one by the way. I have no clue, really need help on this one, been trying to solve it for the last 4 hours.

My next move is to try and install Windows 7 from a USB memory stick and update the BIOS with the latest version.

I haven't yet wiped the 640gb drive (my previous O/S drive) and I can still boot windows 7 on that. I just can't seem to run the Windows 7 install at all without getting that error message.

I've also checked the IDE/SATA/RAID configs and everything is as it should be, and I put the optical drive in SATA ports 5/6 as that is where ASUS recommends them be.

I'm at a loose end

All I've been trying to do is run Windows 7 on the disk to install it on my new SSD.

A:New Hardware, O/S Install on SSD. Help.

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When I try to connect/add a new device via fire wire or USB, I am told that I do not need a driver as my Windows XP supposedly already has the driver. I continue to get the message that the driver is not available.
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver

I then click Reinstall and get this message
Cannot Install this Hardware
The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software
Any suggestions?

A:Cannot Install this Hardware

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I started up my computer up a week ago and when i got on my profile it said i had new hardware to install. After a while of X-ing out of it i just hit continue to see what happenes. it said it was trying to install an infared device. After i closed that another one poped up and tried to install a WDP (i think that's what's it's called). Both didn't install it successfully, but everytime i start up the computer they both begin. How can i get rid of these screens? I didn't install any new device either.


A:Saying i have new hardware to install, but i don't

but i never put any new hardware in. I got my computer fixed from this one guy and he didn't put any thing in it at all. How can i get rid of these messages or at elast make them stop!?!?

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i try to install windows xp on the computer listed below, i have windows 7 installed on a terabyte SATA3 drive, i create a new partition for windows xp of 200 gigs on that drive, but whenever i select that partition it freezes in the middle of installing the drivers, it's a windows xp cd from way back. so i figured it might have been new hardware so i grabbed an old sata 1 and removed the sata 3 from the picture by disconnecting it. then i was able to get it working, but it's so slow, and i beleive that hard drive is going out because of it's age it is clicking a lot and it is very loud whenever accessing. any suggestions of any questions please help. thanks so much.

A:New hardware XP won't install

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i am trying to install a usb to ethernet adapter and get a windows "cannot find the driver" message. i have the cd w/ the driver and direct it to it but it wont access the driver.
thanx in advance for any help,

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I tried to install a network card (belkin, notebook network card) and when I booted my laptop (dell latitude, windows 95), it DID detect a new hardware...however, it wouldn't let me install it. It said "this wizrd searches for new driver for belkinF5D5020-PCMCIA-network card, and when I went to click next, it said windows could not detect new hardware. I was like "huh"????
So now I have a NEW network card that I still need to any ideas?????

A:Trying to install new hardware but......

Does it show up in device manager as a nonworking device? If it made it that far you should just be able to reinstall the driver and go from there.

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Is there a policy on xp or maybe 3rd party software that will not allow the installation of additional hardware?

Thanks guys.

A:Hardware Install block?

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My brothers computer had been working for the past five months. All of a sudden the computer would not post, and would not display anything on the monitor. The computer was getting power as the fans would stay on.

I swapped out the Power Supply Unit, and the computer did post and start to load windows XP for a moment. During the loading phase of XP the computer automatically rebooted itself.

I tried loading Windows XP onto another hard drive off of this system. It look like everything was going to run great, but the install would give me missing files. I tried two known good windows XP CD installs. Both did not work. I would receive missing file errors and not be able to complete the install. I'm thinking it is either bad memory or a bad mobo. Or could it be the CMOS?

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.


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I just installed the ASUS M3N-HT MoBo, quad core AMD Phenom x4 9600 CPU, and 4G(2x2G) OCZ Fatal1ty RAM, with the nVidia 9800 GTX+ video card.
I had Vista previously installed on my HDD with a different CPU, RAM and MoBo, and had no problems. I've installed all the drivers I could find for the new hardware, and can run the current hardware configuration in safe mode with networking.
Whenever I load up Vista normally it gives me the BSOD at about the same time as the side bar would load, saying SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with the reference of AMDLLD64.SYS. Could anyone please offer some insight on what I can do to fix this? Could it be a registry problem? I've set my RAM at 1066 and 800 settings, hoping that was the problem, but received the BSOD at about the time where the side bar usually would load. I've also tried just having one stick of RAM in, which didn't help. I also went into the BIOS and set it up with the down core set at running it as a dual core, which only made it take longer to get me to the BSOD because it took longer to load Vista. I don't know what else I can do.

A:BSOD with new hardware install

I'm pretty sure Windows installs the OS reading your MB serial number...if that changes then normally you have to do a repair install of OS and re-activate windows with a free call to the US of A.

Things may have changed since I last had to do this.

But first I would try a different driver for that graphic card

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ok this just happend this morning. here how the morning all started. i got up and noticed my cable internet isnt working..not connecting to the net work. so i did all the troubleshooting and couldnt come up with nothing myself so i called Comcast. all they knew was it was connected and wanted me to do what i already tried...then they were gonna shock it or something. but then all of a sudden it comes back so i told him we're all good and got off the phone. restarted my pc....then restarted again just to make sure....and it was all good. then i did some cleaning of junk files and cleaned up the reg a bit then restarted again.

However, upon this restart i get an add hardware pop up? its for a modem?? lol i have never used a modem on this computer since i had it. wasnt even real sure it did... just cause i have never actually looked....the ethernet is integrated which i use all the time. so i used my Driver Detective to look up the drivers for it....installed it comes up as "Motorola SM56 Modem". then it list itself it the tray...with a little yellow phone icon. ok now i just looked at the back of my pc.....there is no modem?? lol wth?? i think maybe it did at one time but it was removed, ya know? i think i just took it out one day for the hell of it a long time ago. just because i know i would never use maybe it was a card and not integrated like the ethernet. not sure. but why did this just come up out of the blue? ive reformated this p... Read more

A:new hardware install out of the blue??

ok now after another restart the modem is longer there....not in device manager...not in the tray?? i think my pc might be possessed!

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I want to install a external hard drive to my desktop computer. I am running WinXp with service pack 3. The first time I tried to install this hard drive I got this Microsoft message saying basically that this device has not been thoroughly tested and they don't recommend installing. So I canceled the install. When I found out that it is a common message and that I should just go ahead with the install, I could no longer get the computer to recognize that I have new hardware to install. This is a Western Digital External Hard drive 1 TB.
What is interesting with this new install, is that when I disconnect the USB cable from the back of the PC I get one ding. When I reconnect it I get two dings. I don't know what this means, but I know that whenever I have tried to install new hardware in the past, I usually get one ding and a message on the monitor, that new hardware has been detected.
Since I cannot proceed with the install I will get another WD drive and go ahead and install and ignore the warning from MS, so I can complete the install.

A:New hardware install problem

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pls help....when i install my cam...when the install finished pc just got slow so i..uninstall the cam...but the slow doesnt remove pls help..

A:Install Hardware Problems

Hello Allain, Welcome to TSF

Could you give us some more information (Specs) on your computer. Please include how much RAM you have.

Also, are you sure you uninstalled the Cam properly.

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My existing ipod stopped synching to my itunes.The found new hardware wizard window opened and I tried to install it. During installation another window appeared stating USB mass storage device has not passed windows logo testing. I have windows xp service pack 2, don't know what I should do now.

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I'm not sure this is really a windows problem, but I didn't know where to put it..
I've just upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, cpu, ram and cabinet. (And all these things should go great together) I don't remember all the details now but the motherboard is from Asus, and the cpu is a amd athlon xp 3000+. The problem is that now windows xp won't load! First I get the choices of safe mode, last good configuration etc, but when I try one of these, there's a blue screen with some text for about one tenth of a second (so I can't read it) and then the computer restarts (and the same thing happens) The only thing that works is the recovery console, but I'm not sure if that/how that can help me.. So I thought I'd reinstall windows, thinking the hardware change was too much too handle. The thing is, the computer doesn't "react" to the cd (or boot floppy discs) The little light on the cd-rom lights up for three seconds and then the startup continues as usual. No "you are about to install windows" or anything. And yes, I have set the right boot sequence in bios. (Floppy, cd, hd or cd, floppy, hd) I don't understand why the installation cd is just "ignored" like that, since the cd-rom is detected normally in bios. Anyone see what's going on, and how I can get into windows or at least get to reinstall it if that's neccesary? I'd be really grateful, cause I've had a lot of w... Read more

A:Xp won't run or install after hardware change

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Every time I try to install a program or hardware on my computer, I am getting a mesage from my Norton Anti-Virus Program that this or that is trying to write to another file. I have NO idea what that means, but the message header says "WARNING: Virus Like Activity". I have recently had several virus' that were in files removed. Now I am wondering if it could be that there is something that is wrong with the way my files are being written that looks like I have a virus. I am trying to reinstall my scanner from an installation disk. That is when I am getting the message. (This time.) Any suggestions.

P.S. I am a computer novice!

A:install hardware problem

You may have your security set very high in norton antivirus. Take a look in your option settings under bloodhound and make sure it is set to default. Also in the advanced section allow for programs loads.
Sorry I forgot to say under auto protect.
Let us know Dave

[Edited by davey7549 on 06-09-2001 at 03:41 PM]

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My computer was stored at a person's house for 3 weeks. I am 99% sure my 400 gig hard drive was attached internal. I got everything out of the house but there is no 400 gig drive anyway.

How can I tell a history of the hard drive installed and uninstalled.

Thank you

A:Hardware install and uninstall log

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When we start up we get the new hardware to install message, but we don't have any new hardware to install. How can we get rid of this message?

A:New hardware to install at start up??

and welcome to the Forum

As you follow thru with the new Hardware wizard, It should give an indication of what it is trying to install . . what files is it looking for?

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On older version of windows, whenever you upgraded hardware, it was always best/mandatory to do a fresh install of windows. Is this still the case for 7? I really dont want to reinstall windows (mainly because of all the gigs i would have to download because I deleted the install files that are on my windows drive), but I dont wanna gimp my performance because something didnt get detected.

A:new hardware, fresh install?

Its not mandatory .... just make sure that you have updated your new hardware to the latest drivers...

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HOW TO INSTALL Hardware Diagnostics ON MY PC

A:HOW TO INSTALL Hardware Diagnostics ON MY PC

Hi, The installer for the hardware diagnostic uefi is on the following link. Once installed, the hardware diagnostic options can be accessed as follows. Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  From here, you can select the Diagnostic Menu options by pressing f2 Regards, DP-K

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I have Win7 Professional so I can run some XP programs. I just attempted to install my ADS Tech Instant DVD+DV so I can convert VHS to DVD. Finally found an upgrade to the Capture program that will open but the hardware driver won't install - I keep getting
'Windows could not find driver software for your device. If you know the mfg can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.'
I have tried every driver they have that might work and I get the same response. At times I am able to access "Let me Pick from a list of Device Drivers - hit Have Disk - Browse - navigate to various extracted drivers I have downloaded - none worked. One driver did start to install but then - 'Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.' and 'Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. This device cannot start (Code 10).'
One driver installed it was an x64 but it wouldn't operate the device - it was a Video USB Driver.
I think that is what I need - a USB driver - that's how the unit plugs in.

As a note, earlier this week I did a bunch of Windows Updates which updated and showed the various Devices with Removable Storage as (5) E,F,G,H,and I. After today's attempts they have all disappeared. ?? How can I get them back?? Maybe that is affecting my attempts. The machine does recognize when I plug in the ADS device. I've been doing it 'hot'. Not looking for permission ... Read more

A:Hardware Driver Won't Install

Do you have SATA in AHCI mode so hot-plugging is enabled? That''s your permission.

Try SysRestoring to before the updates then study them more closely to see what they do and watch what results from installing them in smaller groups. Keep the device plugged in as Windows Updates should detect it and cue up a driver in optional.

You don't say if there are Win7 drivers for the device. If so, try running their installer as Admin, and also browsing to their unzipped files from Device manager. Does it list in Dev Mgr even after unhiding all devices on View tab? Vista drivers may need to be installed in Compatibility Mode, as likely would XP: Compatibility Mode

Google the name of the device + Windows 7 or Vista and see how others have resolved the issue.

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- x64
- Original installation
- Retail version
- All new hardware, 2 weeks old
- OS is 3 days old, thats when I reinstalled it to get rid of driver BSOD's

The crashes seem quite random, this is one of the first I had on this fresh OS install. I had 2 others, but I got cleaned by ccleaner.
The memory has been tested 16 hours/16passes by memtest, no errors. My first set of ram was corrupted, so I had those changed. I had memory_management BSOD's because of those faulty modules. Haven't seen that specific one yet with the new modules, so that should be O.K! All temperatures are OK.
Gigabyte X58A UD3R FB bios
Intel i7 930
OCZ Platinum 6GB 1333Mhz 7-7-7-20 specs/voltages set as recommended (screenshots first post, last bit of settings in the first reply) by guys from OCZ forum
Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ, two in RAID0 on which the OS is installed as well
X-Fi Titanium
Radeon 5870

All at default speeds, no overclocking. The only thing I changed were the memory timings and voltages. The BSOD that is attached happened when I was playing Medal of Honor. Yesterday I had a BSOD when the PC was idle in Windows. But as I said, the previous two errors were cleaned.

Thanks in advance, will post any other BSOD I get in the meanwhile as well!

A:New Hardware, Clean install

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having troubles.

Error code 3B, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. Usual causes: System service, Device driver, graphics driver, ?memory.

Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02c04000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02e41e50
Debug session time: Wed Oct 20 07:44:29.392 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 2:09:28.391
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80002da890d, fffff88002d73750, 0}

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ExAllocatePoolWithTag+53d )

Followup: MachineOwner

7: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis ... Read more

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I was having problems with my i7 system freezing during installation. After reading through these forums I removed 2 sticks of RAM, my sound card, and my wireless PCI adapter and both of my WD hard drives. Everything's working now!

My question is at what point should I start reinstalling my hardware? Should I install my mobo drivers first?

Can I also add everything back in at once now?

By the way, these forums seem really helpful! I'm looking forward to browsing through the different forums here!

A:At what point can I re-install my hardware?

Quote: Originally Posted by patric

I was having problems with my i7 system freezing during installation. After reading through these forums I removed 2 sticks of RAM, my sound card, and my wireless PCI adapter and both of my WD hard drives. Everything's working now!

My question is at what point should I start reinstalling my hardware? Should I install my mobo drivers first?

Can I also add everything back in at once now?

By the way, these forums seem really helpful! I'm looking forward to browsing through the different forums here!

Go ahead and attempt to add everything back and see how the system responds...

If nothing bad happens than start installing specific drivers for the devices and enjoy your computer...if issues arrise post back and lets work them out together...

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I have an 850mhz AMD T-bird with a MSI motherboard and a 40 gig maxtor hard drive. Running the maxtor diagnostics, everything appears to be fine. If I try to run the maxtor formatting/install utility, the computer locks so I can only cut power to get it back. I tried using fdisk, which appeared to work, until the first reboot during the Windows install... the computer stops responding at "Verifying DMI Pool Data." I have tried installing win 98se and win 2k pro. Both do the same thing. Maxtor is no help, blaming it on everything else they can think of. Help? Thanks in advance.


A:OS won't install... hardware problem

Just finished having the same problem, when you reboot are using a "boot disk"?

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currently running retail winxp pro sp2 on msi k8n diamond plus with amd athlon 64 3400+ and nvidia gforce 6600gt. want to build new system with msi p7n diamond with intel core 2 quad and geforce 8800gt. of course i want to keep my sata drives with xp without having to reinstall, etc. is this possible? have googled and read alot about it but can't decide if this is doable. tia for input. of course i have backups. fred langa's article looks like it might do the trick.

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I plugged in my USB from my digital video camera, I downloaded a video capture program, now I need to install the USB but I don't know what type of hardware I want. Help ho's.

A:What type of hardware do I want to install?

are you saying that the usb is not you get an error


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currently running retail winxp pro sp2 on msi k8n diamond plus with amd athlon 64 3400+ and nvidia gforce 6600gt. want to build new system with msi p7n diamond with intel core 2 quad and geforce 8800gt. of course i want to keep my sata drives with xp without having to reinstall, etc. is this possible? have googled and read alot about it but can't decide if this is doable. tia for input. of course i have backups. fred langa's article looks like it might do the trick.

A:move xp install to new hardware

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Hey everyone, am i wits end here so i'm hoping someone here has an idea. here's my issue, I have a P4 3.0 prescott with an asus p4p800s mobo. After leaving it with my sister for a week she effectively killed it with a virus. Easy fix I thought until it got to the point where it would freeze when booting to windows (win xp sp2) and only boot to safemode....sometimes.

Well long story short I took everything out of the machine, and have tried to use 5 different hard drives, each result ending the exact same way: The windows installer runs until it finishes loading everything to start the install....then I get a blue screen without fail and cannot proceed forward. Like I said I took everything out of it, tried 4 different sticks of ram in every possible configuration and nothing seems to get it any farther along.

does this sound like a mobo issue? it will run the bios just fine, and I just reflashed it hoping that would work but nothing.

Any ideas??

A:xp won't install, possible hardware malfunction?

just a suggestion, could be a bios virus. well, try it.. remove the battery on your motherboard. just be careful, wait like 5min after shut down.

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Toshiba u845w-

originally comes with win8; so naturally I changed Bios to legacy and installed windows 7... the laptop comes with a 32gb pci ssd and after win7 is loaded there is no room to even download updates, decided to order up a larger pci ssd to load windows 7 on and I have checked bios settting a ton of times and I now get 90% of install of win 7 and I get a "windows will not install on this hardware"....any clues?

I had windows installed with a 32bit win7 home and ive tried 64bit now but I cannot figure out what im missing...

A:WINDOWS 7 will not install on this hardware.

The 32gb SSD is a caching drive meant to speed up the hard drive, but they are installed in a RAID that needs a driver which apparently is not in the 64 bit Win7 installer. Since 32 bit performs better for >4gb RAM installs I would boot it's installer to reinstall your licensed version.

More found on this model missing RAID drivers during reinstall here:

A tutorial which explains reinstall where MSATA or Intel Smart Response (caching) technology is used: Install Windows on System with MSATA and ISRT - Windows 7 Help Forums

If you have further questions I'd ask in the tutorial comments section as Sandeep is expert on these types of installs, even for other makes than Dell. We also have others who can help you if needed.

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I have just completed building a new system for a friend.
My friend is purchasing a new windows 7 pro package shortly.

In the meantime I would like to get her new machine up and running.

Can I install Win 7 with my copy but not enter a key thus allowing her
to enter her own OEM key once she receives the new computer?

I would like to at least get the updates installed for her and configure
the new machine prior to her receiving it so that she only has to put in
her key to activate windows and everything else will be ready to use.

A:New Hardware Fresh Install

Receives the new computer? or the new installation disk? Installation without entering a key is always possible while going for updates is a different matter there.

With any fresh install of 7 you first have to pass the WGA validation as well as the installation of the Windows installer used to put the updates on once downloaded. That requires an activated Windows however leaving you in a dilemna. Once the new disk is in perform the clean install at that time and get ready for the load of updates once that is activated.

For simply running 7 for 120 days without activationm,

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Everything worked fine and now everything has gone haywire, updates do not work, installing or uninstalling things dont work, starting up or shutting down has problems, this is crazy. Does vista have some sort of file check system to go over and replace missing or corupted files?

A:Vista will not install any new hardware...

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I cannot install the dirver for my mother board audio.

The Hardware Install Wizard finds the hardware but fails to install the driver with the following message:
Cannot Install this Hardware

There was a problem installing this hardware
Multimedia Audio Controller

An error occurred during the installation of the device

The name is already in use as either a service name or
a service display name.


I have the latest driver from SIS. Running the SIS install exe also ends in failure and the same message.

I have removed the device and rebooted, with the same result.


Remove conflicting Registry entry.
See Microsoft Knowledgebase article Q265409 at;EN-US;q265409

for a similar case.

I found the entry caused by installing the wrong driver before the correct driver. When I deleted that entry all was well.

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So I just got a real steal deal on a new i5-2500K and an Asrock z68 motherboard from Microcenter; and have some new G.Skill DDR3 on the way from Newegg.

I am an AMD build, to an Intel build... which will be my first Intel in 10 years; I got into AMD back with the old K6-2's...

Anyway, I am running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

I am going to pull out all my AMD stuff eventually, motherboard, Phenom II 955, and its Ram kit; then replace it all with the Intel parts.

Obviously, I am going to want to do a complete, total wipe of my HDD, and reinstall from scratch off a clean slate.

Before I do that, I would like to know the best option for backing up most of my data.

Go I go.. PCName>>>Local Disk (C)>>>Users>>>Myname

...and just copy/back up the entire "Myname" folder; which contains all the AppData, My Docs folders, etc ?

Then copy that all back onto the new installation?

A:Clean Re-Install of Win7 with new Hardware

Yes you can do that however re-importing hidden AppData settings is a corruption path into a brand new clean reinstall so it's better to not import any but the active User folders, then start fresh.

Here are steps to adapt to get a perfect reinstall based on thousands we've helped with here: Reinstalling Windows 7

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Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum

Just bought new MOBO and chip& Sata HD while installing clean copy of win XP pro it gets to hardware detection and stops and reboots. Obviously a driver issue how do I fix. Help me get off this mery-go-round
Doc Mike

A:New Xp Install Keeps Restarting While In Hardware Detection

check all your hardware, drives, etc, are recognized correctly in the bios,

have you used the cd disc ok before, try another disc if you have one, or check it is clean and also clean the cd-rom if you can,

good luck

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Hi...Installed an analog modem which turned-out to be defective. Removed it phyically along with associated software. Now, everytime I start windows (W2K Pro) , pc says it's found new pci device (the modem) and attempts to reinstall it- despite the fact it's GONE. Only thing I can think of is that when modem was removed, it took along with it somethng the pc needs o n start-up and it keeps on looking for it- anyone have any ideas?

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Why does it say in the manual before hooking up a PDA,cell phone,MP3 or Ipod you have to install the software first that came with it?

There are big waring in the manual .

A:install software before hooking up any hardware?

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On a fresh xp pro installation, I adjusted the resolution, mouse speed, then went into device manager, clicked my unrecognized wireless card, updated the driver using cd (normal procedure for those who don't want the systray app). It seem to install like normal but upon reboot, after the loading splash screen for windows i got a few nanoseconds of blue screen before it would reboot. I let it reboot a few times before resorting to using "last known good configuration" as the boot option.

After using this option, I no longer have "Access" to this driver. It will recognize and attempt to install, but after the first progress bar with the detected hardware name, I get the error window. (error reports within the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog window)

I attempted to restore the file per the below url, but it didn't work.

A:Cannot Install this Hardware | Access is denied

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I recently downloaded the hardware update from Windows Update for my laptop and it failed to install this (screenshot) and I keep on getting that error when i boot the laptop.

I even tried to get into safe mode, Admin account but still won't work. What can I do?

Windows XP Pro

A:Cannot install hardware - Access is denied

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I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, so if it should go in another forum, let me know and I'll repost there.

So my system was closing in on 5 years old and not working well, even after replacing the HDD a few months ago. So, I decided to replace nearly everything: CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, and PSU.

CPU: AMD Athlon 760K Richland 3.8 Ghz
Mobo: Gigabyte AMD AX88
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon R7 260X 2Gb
RAM: Crucial 8Gb DDR3 1866
PSU: Corsair 550W 80 Plus Gold ATX 12V and EPS 2.92

Overall, installation went fine, although I learned the hard way how Windows 7 reacts when you upgrade all of your hardware. Once I resolved that and some driver issues (the CD that came with the Mobo gave me BSODs when it autoran), things are running mostly quite well. However, there are a few minor issues I'd like to iron out, and I'm having a hard time finding answers.

First, Hwmonitor is not showing either the temps for the cores of my processor or for my GPU:

Second, in Device Manager, I see the following:

The Properties panel shows both of those as having no drivers. Now, there's only one connection for USB pins in my case, whereas the mobo has two separate sets of USB pins, so I'm wondering if those are showing up that way because nothing is plugged into the mobo? If so, should I just delete those out of the Device Manager?

The third issue is that whenever my monitor (Dell S2009W) goes into Power Saving Mode, it won't 'wake up' when I move the mouse. I'm not su... Read more

A:Some minor issues after new hardware install

Hi have you tried reinstalling the chipset, Also the makes and models of your .
Power supply.
Would be useful here.

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I installed win 7 Ultimate successfully from a thumb drive and then did a re-install. The second time I am receiving the prompt "Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware"

Any ideas? I did not have any issues on the first install, it was totally successful.

A:2nd Win 7 install not working - Win says cant configure hardware?

Hello mate.

To rule out format errors, boot the Windows 7 installation media to diskpart and run the clean command, once the clean finishes, exit diskpart and use the Windows 7 installer to create and format a single 100GB partition to install to.

If that does't work, after another clean, use diskpart to create, format and mark Active a single 100GB partition to see if that works, use Step #2 in the SSD/HDD tutorial for reference. DISKPART : At PC Startup

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Hi Everyone

Hope this finds all happy and healthy, I have a wee problem, donít know if this is in the right section but it only happened after installing hardware.

I installed a Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 monitor Docker this afternoon, and its working great but since I installed it, two things are happening.

1. I get a message that desktop window manager has stopped working - I close the box and nothing happens, this also comes up when I boot up.

2. Every so often I get the message that IE has stopped working, again I close the box and nothing happens, IE is still working.

I have done a bit of a search, reset IE, etc does not help, I have installed this software before but it was on I5 computers with W7 Pro and all monitors where same size and make

I have Windows 7 Home Premium on my main computer of which the Docker is on, The computer is a Sony and itís an I7 and all monitors are different, Sony/Philips/Compaq

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


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I recently completed a clean install of Windows 7 on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite l655-s5150). However, I am unable to update my drivers as my computer cannot identify most of my hardware.
Under device manager it has "Other Devices" listed as "Ethernet Controller", "Network Controller", and "PCI Simple Communications Controller". All three have a yellow exclamation mark next to them and Manufacturer: Unknown.

Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Cannot Find Hardware After Clean Install

Go to Toshiba Support, click on the Download tab and enter your system details. Download and install the chipset drivers and then the remaining items should be recognised. You can then download and install the other missing drivers if Windows does not install them automatically.

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Whenever I plug anything into any of my usb ports, the new hardware wizard pops up and asks me to install the drivers. even if it's plug and play.
But it's not only my usb devices. It does the same thing when I try and create a virtual drive with daemon tools.
And while it does work, the wizard pops up every time I start up my computer to install my CD drive i recently installed.

Help please?

A:Computer refuses to install any hardware.

OS/registry issue. Personally, I'd perform a fresh install of the OS.

Aside from that, you could try a Repair or manual install of the latest Service Pack and drivers.

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I have a screen shot of the error. I thought it was the DVD driver not compatible so I went and bought a different one. Same thing. I now know it is an XP issue. Possible a registry edit needs to be done, but I need some help and direction. I have scaned for viruses, spyware, and reinstalled SP2.
I have ran the sfc /scannow. I have replaced the file with the one off the CD.
Please help!

A:Cannot install new hardware. Access denied

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I don't know what this feature/capability is called but last year at college they gave us a ghost of windows 7 enterprise x64 that we could run on pretty much any computer. We would basically ghost it on to our esata drives and be able to run it at home or on any of the schools computers(different labs, different hardware). I thought this was just a nice feature of windows 7 but i recently installed windows 7 professional x64 onto my drive using my home computer and was unable to boot it at school. can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:Help with 1 install on multiple hardware sets

I think this might help you:
Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine

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so just recently i was having problems with an error involving my mouse and keyboard.

it seemed to have started with an error involving my mouse.

Everytime i boot up i get the Found New Harware Wizard popup.
It says, "There was a problem installing this hardware" - Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse. An error occured during the installation of the device.

Now this is months and months after i installed the keyboard/mouse combo to my computer, yet i am getting this message now?

Well i ignored it till my keyboard and mouse finally wore out.

So i went out and bought a new one. Which by the way i love Logitech's cordless desktop wave. Now it wasnt a big deal, but i figured a new mouse so the error msg should go away because everything will be freshly installed. Wrong, its still there everytime i login.

Anyone have any ideas what i can do?

thank you


Windows XP
Gateway 504 GR
Old mouse/keyboard combo: Logitech Cordless desktop S510
New mouse/keyboard combo: Logitech Cordless desktop wave

A:Cannot install this hardware...cordless mouse

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cannot install or update drivers to some hardware devices. I am told "Cannot install this hardware. Access is denied." What is the problem?

A:Cannot install hardware Access is denied

do you have administrative rights?

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