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[SOLVED] Folder has become locked down, or something?

Q: [SOLVED] Folder has become locked down, or something?

Hi, TSF. I'm currently running Windows 7 Home Premium on a HP Laptop. Anyways, I just had some files transfered over from an old computer whose harddrive has died. The files were fine, full integrity, etc. Anyways, I began moving one of the folders to a location in my computer when I realized I was moving it to the wrong place. So I cancelled the operation. However, things got stuck trying to cancel. About a minute later, it looked like the operation had cancelled, but the folder was moved to the location anyways! The original location no longer contained the folder.

Here's the problem. Not all of the contents in that folder transferred over. Those that didn't, they seemed to have disappeared now. An additional problem - I can't access things in the folder that was moved, and I can't move the folder, either. I have shutting down and restarting my computer, but the issue persists. It's like it's still trying to either copy over those ghost files or undo the cut.

Any ideas on how to solve the issue? Thanks

A: [SOLVED] Folder has become locked down, or something?

Download Unlocker 1.9.0 - , this will help you delete it, do you still have access to the dead hdd to get the data back?

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I am currently copying about 250Gb of files from an external disc to a folder called Recovery on my C internal drive.

After copying about 100gb taking about 21 hours the folder displays just turned off on the screen and the copying stopped.

The problem is the file called Recovery has locked itself somehow and I can't access it.

When I click on the file name it opens a window showing one folder with a string of numbers and letter as a name and within that there arre two files called boot.sdi and winre.wim.

Can you please advise how I can get into this folder?


Windows 7 Home premium

A:Solved: Folder locked itself

Sorry to reply myself but I have to apologise profusely to you all, I was looking in the wrong folder - all is actually well.

Once again, sorry to waste your time.

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as i said in the title I locked my self out of my folder and now i cant delete it
by going to a folders properties and then security i clicked advanced and played around until now i removed "full control" from my user(i am the adminstrator) and there is no way to delete that file
i even logged in safe mode and as adminstrator and still when i try to delete it it says I DONT HAVE PREMISSION
i REALLY need to delete that folder
not even the command windows (that looks like dos ) can do it!!!

Please help
thnx in advance

A:[SOLVED] I locked my self out of my folder

lol?why do you need to delete that folder o.o. Idk if we can even help you, I'll see if a mod has to say about this and if he says its alright ill try and help.

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I have a big problem here , I want to restore my data from a locked windows account folder located in C:\Documents and Settings\ I get access denied msg when I tried to access
please help me to restore my files..

A:Solved: Help me to restore locked folder

Hello Mhrlive. Your problem seems to be caused due to access permission problems. Please read the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article and perform the troubleshooting instructions suggested to resolve the problem.

How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

Let us know if it helps or not. Good Luck.

-- Goku

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I probably did a dump thing (only the 100,000th in my lifetime!). I backed up my working folders on my XP desktop into a zip file where the options were set to save the relative path of each file. I then extracted the backup zip file to my Win 7 laptop, not remembering that Win 7's folder structure is different than XP's. So I wound up with a new folder on the laptop "Documents and Settings", with all the stuff that was under it. So I was going to open it, move the files from (XP's) My Documents to (Win 7's) Documents. . . but there's just a weeeeeee problem: The Documents and Settings folder is LOCKED!!

I have gone to the Security tab under properties and changed the permissions to allow EVERYONE full access, and it still denies me access. I downloaded Unlocker, but it doesn't show up in the menu when I right click the folder, so I have no idea what it's good for/how to use it. I can't delete it because that's not a choice on the menu when you right-click it.

BTW, yesterday it had a padlock icon overlay on it. Today it has a shortcut arrow. I also have no idea why it's showing as a shortcut.

How the he** do I get access to this folder??

A:Solved: Folder locked; cannot change permissions

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A few months back I compressed almost all my folders in C:\ drive to save hard disk space. My music folder got compressed too (the song name texts changed into blue color). Now the problem is whenever I add new songs to that folder the new song titles do not change into blue (they remain in the normal black colored font) but I can not play them anymore. As soon as I try to play them in Winamp, it shows 'End of Playback' message.
The folder properties show it to be 'Read only'. When I try to un-check the read only box (apply to this folder and all sub folders) it gives an error message: 'Error Applying Attributes - An error occurred applying attributes to the file C:\Lime\Rock\Sweet Child of Mine.mp3. Access is Denied' And then this error message keeps repeating for every song name in that folder.
What do I do?

A:Solved: Folder Locked in Read Only Mode

from a post made by Frank4d
Try this from a command prompt: compact /u /s:c:\ /i

It uncompresses all files in all folders. Or if you only want to uncompress files in certain folders: compact /u /s:c:\somefolder /i

somefolder would be the folder you want uncompressed.

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I just did a non-destructive restore on my system, and I am trying to retrieve the files from the 'my old disk structure' folder. But, the 'my documents' folder is set to private, and now I can't access the folder. I was wondering if there is any way I can get around this, or can I basically kiss those files goodbye?

A:Solved: I restored my system, but am locked out of 'my documents' folder


If you follow this link it will tell you how to get access again.

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Hi hoping someone could help me with something.

I noticed my laptop being slow and so I checked the active processes. Found an unknown process dllhost.exe using a massive portion of CPU. A friend of mine managed to locate file and alter it so that it was restricted to only the admin of the machine (me), along with another file below it (dllhst3g) – was worried that this was some sort of infection that went unnoticed by my antivirus software which at the time was Stop Sign. Since locking files computer worked faster but have been unable to scan computer for infections as Stop Sign couldn’t be update for unknown reason.
Since then have been infected with virus which stopped me getting to cmd tool, task manager and changed desktop background. Started laptop in Safe Mode with networking, got a copy of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware which managed to find the problem and delete it. Then was advised to use Avast anti-virus and had no problems since.
My main problem is that the 2 files are still locked off and I am wondering how important those processes are?
Also, my primary concern is the sudden inability to perform administrator tasks. I am the only user on my laptop and am an administrator according to profile on Control Panel, but when trying to perform Microsoft Windows Update receive pop-up message saying:

You need to provide administrator permission

To complete this task, you need to log in as an
administrator or ask an administrator to complete the
task for you.

One o... Read more

A:Solved: Locked files in System32 Folder and no longer have admin rights

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I need to delete this folder but I get a message saying I do not have permissions. When I get to the properties tab all the selections are grayed out. Need help because right now I am lost. Thank you in advance for your reply.

A:Locked Out Of My Own Folder

I downloaded a freeware that let me change and update system-wide permissions. The program is called takeownershippro

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I need to make a "Vault" in my computer where I can store important info I don't want snooping friends to find. My friends have a horrible tendency of just going through my files when they get bored and sometimes they stumble upon a password or account #. I need these inside a locked folder with a password on it. Is that possible in Windows XP 64bit?

A:Locked Folder

google for microsoft private folder 1.0 this will do exactly what you want and its easy to set up.

for even more security you can also do this with truecrypt, create an encrypted container (much like a folder) all you have to do is mount the container and then drop your files inside,,, and if you don't have the password you can't read the contents of the container. truecrypt is real easy to set up, too.

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There is a small lock next to one of my folders. I have searched high and low (and left and right) and I can not find any info. about it. I went through the list of folder options but no mention of it. Does anyone know about it? How did it get there and how can I get rid of it?

A:Locked Folder?

The Lock shows up if the actual user has no rights/only limited rights to the folder in question.
What's that folder we're talking about ?

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Thanks for telling me that I bypassed the MS EULA. I then brought another retail copy of windows xp from my computer store I used Gparted included with the live cd. I created a new Partition. One for data and one for windows. I took space from the data which also had my data. I reinstalled windows xp and went to my most important file to make some shortcuts to it but when I try to access it says access denided contact your system administrator.
What should I do to get in this folder. I really need to get into this folder because it has all of my game saves, a lot of my programming and a lot of the appliations I need to program.

A:Im locked out of my folder in my pc

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Found locked folder in my (acre) laptop library with my name on it
I never have locked any file, folder of any kind
Does the system create file or can this only be done by another user?

A:Locked folder

Hi L3xi73

I have deleted your duplicate posts. Please only post one thread for an issue.
Thank you.

To help us, help you, please provide us with your system information. What operating system are you using?

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I downloaded a movie tried to convert it to disc to play on tv, found the movie to long for one dvd, so tried to split it, that failed after a couple of attempts, I ended up with aload of vob files in my music folder. When I tried to delete these I found that I couldn't open the folder. I have tried two uninstall programs, they failed to open the folder then froze, I finally tried the search option, found the files, there were over one thousand files, I resigned myself to deleting them one by one, but after deleting half a doz. twice, that froze also. Can anyone please help?

A:locked folder

Open a command window and type: del folder\*.*

When prompted press y to confirm.

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hello everyone

I am a newbie to this ....i hope you can all help with this nasty little problem....

my daughters laptop has a 120 GByte hard drive which is full...or at least, the preferences reports that its full ! so on further investigation it turns out that a folder called Users is reporting that it is 120 Gbyte big....which is impossible....i have copied the content to a memory stick so i can delete the file/folder and then start again ........i cant delte the file/folder.....i have changed permissions and even tried in CMD to rmdir to no how can i get rid of this file ? and if anyone has come accross this before how come the file is reporting its 120 Gbytes big?

in anticipation ...Thnk you all

A:locked folder

Hi,Where is the Users folder located?If the folder is at C:\Users then its legit.The users folder is used by windows to stores the settings, files, etc for every user created on the machine, inside this folder you should see sub-folders corresponding to each user.If you want to free some space, download TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer save the file to the Desktop- save your work and close all the programs- start TFC and let it runNote: When TFC is running you may lose the desktop and icons, but they will return on reboot.

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Hello guys! I'm having a very big problem accessing my files. I followed the steps on how to remove the lock icon on a folder from this thread and it was great. The lock icon was indeed removed but, I still can't access the files inside the folder. It gives me an error message like this.

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

Please help me guys. All of my office reports was inside that folder.

Thanks in advance and more power!

A:Locked folder

Try disabling the UAC.

How to take ownership of files and folders in Windows 7

Or, Unlocker.

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I've been experienceing crashes with my computer for a while and have been ziping my minidump files and putting them on a fourm but now the minidump file has a lock icon on it. It also wont let me zip the dump files anymore. I tried changing the permissions of the users but when ever i change anything from alow or deny it says access denied.

thanks for your help in advance.

A:locked minidump folder

GO into the folder, look for the dump you need, select copy then copy it into the desktop, and click continue

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New computer with win 7 home premium.
1.I get BSOD every other day
2. windows desktop manager " stops working" and restarts several times every day.
3. windows shuts down every other day

The comptuer is not a brand name... it was a put together one from a reliable shop in the sydney CBD. I don't believe the shop is dodgy

I notice, that to solve these problems, that the dump files are a help
However the folder with the files in it have a padlock on it and i am unable to upload the individual files.
As far as i know I am operating as the Administrator, so how do i get rid of the pad lock? So i can then try and solve the problems listed above?
No other folder on the computer has a padlock on it! just the one i need.. Doh!

A:DMP folder locked and BSOD etc etc

I've managed to get access to the dump files now.
Here is a link to a screen capture of most of the info
Could someone please have a look and give me an idea of whats going on?
Gregs minidump log - grego99's library
Please note that not only do i get the BSOD every other day but i also get win7 explorer stopping and win 7 shutting down from time to time

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i recently reinstalled windows 10 and when I went to open my videos file on my external WD mybook and it would not open I guess I got connect to my previous network I had via Linksys before I reinstalled from scratch so anyone who can help my id appreciate it ill post pics below to show the issues

A:folder is locked how do i unlock it

Quote from: metroid24 on Today at 08:47:07 PMi recently reinstalled windows 10 and when I went to open my videos file on my external WD mybook and it would not open I guess I got connect to my previous network I had via Linksys before I reinstalled from scratch so anyone who can help my id appreciate it ill post pics below to show the issues

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I just had a crash on my Desktop computer and planning to analyze the dumps but to my surprise the minidump folder is locked and the minidump files inside it cannot be copied to a different folder. I can go into the Security permissions of each file and add my administrator account there and fix the copy problem but my concern here is why was it suddenly locked?

I have other computers here in my environment and their minidump folder are not locked at all. So what causes it to be locked? We all have the same settings in our antivirus program.

Please help. Thanks.

A:Minidump folder locked

Check for malware/viruses.

To start, run your anti-virus scans.
Download and run Malware Bytes Anti Malware free.

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I have a folder on an external hard drive that is locked by wmpnetwk.exe. I cannot unlock it with Lock Hunter as "The processes are still locking it". I have searched for an answer and the only advice I can find is "Don't' delete wmpnetwk.exe as it is required by the OS. I now can't add any new sub folders or rename or delete existing ones. Bit of a pain as this is my main image storage folder.
Any ideas please?
I have gone down the folder permissions route and that shows full access. I keep getting an error message saying that I need the permission from John-PC/John but I am logged in as that with full admin rights!

A:Folder locked by wmpnetwk.exe

See here: wmpnetwk.exe - What is wmpnetwk.exe?

You could try disabling Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service to see if that frees it up. You can leave it disabled unless you share your WMP library across the network with other computers. I have it disabled on my Win 7 Pro X64 system.

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Long story, short...

Hard-drive failing. Bought SATA to USB adapater. Using another Windows 7 laptop to try to retrieve data from drive.
Able to see C:\ directory but when I try to access users\Joey\ it isn't letting me in.
"You don't currently have permission to access this folder, to get permission, click continue"

Click continue. Then it wastes my time indexing and tells me to do some voodoo via the security tab which I've tried. I've tried taking ownership of the folder but it's not working.

I was thinking to boot another OS from USB flash drive and maybe it may work but no idea which one or where to start with.

PLEASE can you help me? I've lost everything and I just need one folder in particular

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Hello all, first post here as I've spent months researching this in my spare time and have exhausted my patience on trying to figure this out on my own, so I very much appreciate any assistance I can get!

So as to not try and write a novel here I'm going to give as brief of a description as I can while still giving enough info.


I have a desktop with the C: drive being most of my day to day items, and the E: drive being a TB drive that stores my music, movies, pictures, etc. A few years ago when I first started dating my now wife, I had decided since she would use this computer from time to time it would be smart of me to lock one of the folders with pictures of ex's (the kind that would get me into trouble with a new g/f if you catch my drift) and basically forgot about it. Fast forward to today, and we are happily married, and as I was going through that TB drive I came across the folder. I decided I wanted to delete it, as well as take one last look just in case there was anything else in there I might still want to keep. That's when I came across the issue of not having the privileges to open/close/copy/delete this folder.

I am the administrator on the computer, I've tried taking ownership of the folder using a variety of techniques including going to command prompt and using: takeown/F E:\media\specials\Misc. << the root of the folder in question, all to no avail. When I tried the takeown command I get "Error: the system cannot find the file ... Read more

A:Locked myself out of a folder: You do not have permission...

If you want to delete the files or move them to another folder use a Linux boot disc. The folder permissions won't be an issue.

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Here is the problem...

Recently my computer went on the fritz, and I found out my hard drive had possibly been scratched because it would only partially boot Windows. I have since bought an new drive and reinstalled windows, but now would like to get files that I had on the old drive on to the new one.
**I know that if the drive is scratched more than I am thinking, there is not really any hope**
I have put the old drive in an external case for possible access to the files, and I can open everything but the folder that my administrative account is in (ie Shared Folders, Guest Accounts, etc). When I try to open the folder, it says "...not accessible. Access is denied." This is probably because I had a password on the account, and the files/folders were set to private. (Probably not the best idea in hindsight)

Is there anywhere I can go to through the external drive where I can type in my password? Or, is all hope lost?

A:Need help opening a locked folder

Assuming you are using XP you should login to Safe Mode and follow the instructions here for taking ownership of that folder;en-us;308421&Product=winxp.

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I have recently downloaded a folder locking program (free trial) and decided to test it out by locking some folders in my C drive. I Made a password, then closed to program. When I went to open it up again (from the desktop) nothing happens. I then tried re-starting my computer, only to find that NOTHING is working! I can't even log into my account anymore. Is it possible to open up the folder locking program again? All I need to do is uninstall it. Is there a way to retrieve my C drive again? Maybe using the DOS system? Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

A:locked out of folder lock??

It really depends how the folder locker works. If it encrypts the folder, you are not getting back in without using the program.

Uninstalling the program is not likely to help, and may make things worse because the changes made to the folders then will be completely irreversible. I think you're sunk.

You will probably need to erase your drive and reinstall Windows. If other accounts work, you will at least need to remove your account and make a new one.

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Hi folks got a locked folder problem. I suspect its from some malware cause it just showed up. I run Windows 7 Home Premium, I am the only person who has ever used this computer, and I am set up as Administrator. But when i try to delete the folder it tells me that I need to provide admin permission to delete. I have already tried taking ownership of it and that did nothing.

A:Locked Folder on portable HD

Welcome to Seven Forums MrJBL. It looks like a process may be locking the folder. You could try Unlocker, or Lock Hunter to see what is locking the folder, and delete it. If you suspect malware, you would be wise to scan with MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and/or Windows Defender Offline.

A Guy

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3985 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1800 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290919 MB, Free - 221399 MB; G: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 38812 MB;
Motherboard: Type2 - Board Vendor Name1, Type2 - Board Product Name1
Antivirus: Trend Micro Titanium, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Recently bought a new computer from officeworks.
After loading all the programs, I discovered that C:\users\officeworks folder is set as the default folder for MS office. If I try to save in a diff location, the computer displays a msg. “You are not allowed to save at this location you need adm permission. Do you want to save at another location Yes/No"
No takes me back to the save window. Yes saves the doc in officeworks folder. I am operaating as the administrator. The staff at officeworks tells me they will have to reformat the drive to remove this lock. Is there a work around?
Thanks, John

A:defaullt folder locked

First of all I would make my self a NEW user account that is a member of the Admin group. Log out of your "Officeworks" account and log into the new one.
Once it is set up by logging into it, then try and install your software.
If you have saved any data in the default folder move it to the new account. When you are sure that you have 1,000% of you data out of the old account, you can delete the account and files from the control panel.

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So I was trying to get the files on my my specific account locked from all the others accounts on my home computer and I followed these instructions that I found on the web:

1.) Using an Administrator account, navigate to C:\Users and right-click on the "User A' folder. Select "Properties."
2.) In the "User A Properties" window that appears, click the "Security" tab.
3.) Click the "Edit..." button to change permissions.
4.) In the "Permissions for User B" window that appears, under "Group or User Names," select User B
5.) Under "Permissions for User B" check the box under the "Deny" column for the Full Control" row. Ensure that the "Deny" box is automatically checked for all the other rows and then click OK.

After following these instructions, I discovered to my horror that I hadn't selected an owner for the folder I was protecting, and now that it is locked and the files are secure, I can't even access them and I am unsure of how if I can reverse this process. I cannot access the internet through browsers on that specific account that I intended to view my C: User files with, although my internet connection is fine and I am able to access internet through the others accounts.
forgive my stupidity and any and all help is appreciated

A:I locked myself out of my own (C:) folder through stupidity

You can try doing a System Restore to before you made these changes.

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I'm not able to access my "System Volume Information" & "Documents and Settings" folders, and sub folders.
I get a message..."Access Denied".

Both show a small padlock next to the main folder in Windows Explorer.

I've tried to gain access with "Properties/ Sharing" & "Advanced Sharing" but it always says "can't be unlocked".

There was a process in Windows XP that included using a file.."cacls.exe" and editing the registry, but that doesn't work with Win-7.
I do have "show hidden files" enabled.


A:Unlocking a locked folder

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I found a suspicious file in my C: root folder. It has a bunch of random looking number and letters and I do not have permissions to delete the folder or view it even though I am the Administrator. I ran a full system scan with Norton, which I pay for and keep up-to-date with latest updates, but the scan only removed tracking cookies after about an hour long full system scan. I do not remember that file being there, I have no idea why it is there, I'm afraid it is some type of malware.

Please help.

A:Suspicious LOCKED folder in my C:

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I had to reinstall my Windows XP cuz of some ''error'' what said that some files are missing and i have to reinstall the Windows.
Or... actually my dad did reinstall this, cuz he didn't want that i mess up the computer and so he did some it and i think he did something wrong.
Now my old ''user-account'' what i used.. it's own folder (which name is my user-accounts name) is locked. I had a password in it and also thing what blocked other users to visit my files. Other ''user-accounts'' what were in use, are ''unlocked'' cuz those ones didn't have that ''blockthing'' i think.
When i click in my old locked folder, it says ''C:\Documents and settings\Eemeli is not allowed. Use is not allowed.''
^ it was in finnish language, i translated it, so it maybe a bit wrong.
And when i check that folder's proberties, it says that there's anything in that folder: 0 bytes. But i'm sure that there's all the important stuff i kept there, cuz i calculated some things hehe.
Can i somehow break in in that folder? I want those important files in it. How?

Thanks, and please help me

A:A problem with a ''locked folder''.

Try recreating the account while you are using the administrator account or at least one with admin privileges.

If that is not possible take ownership of the files while using the admin account.

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Hi everyone, this is my first post and i have a question.

I recently purchased a new pc with an SSD for windows and a normal HDD for everything else, While trying to move the documents and desktop folders from the SSD to the HDD (using Properties- Location - move) I messed up and moved the Desktop on to the user folder, and I can not unchange it. But now when I try to move the user folder it won't let me, and I can not move the desktop back to its location even when I restore the folder, any suggestions?

P.S if you have anymore questions about my problem just ask, and I'll try to respond ASAP.

Thanks in advance!

A:Move a locked folder?

try system restore..
start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore, show dates older than 5 days (or something like that)

good luck

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after they reformat my pc they locked my personal folder. is there a way I can know the administrator password? I can't access my folder. help please. they wont tell me.

A:Help please the IT guys locked my folder

Why won't they tell you, are you in dispute with them or something?

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I was attempting to find a way to have my family of 5, be able to each have their own individual accounts (as admins) but made so they couldnt access each others files in the C drive.
So I decided to mess with the security settings tab under properties of the users folder, and I edited permissions for the adminstrators which i thought would cover everybody else using the computer.
Well, for the first two tries I edited the admins and unchecked the Allow Checkboxes for full control, modify, read etc. That was all I did.
But for the third account I tried unchecking the allow and then clicking all the deny checkboxes.

Now my problem is that I can even access it as the user of the profile because he is an admin as well.
The other method where i didnt click deny, works fine and keeps other people out and lets you in. even though it gave me a system warning of consistency...

But now i cant even undo what i just did because i basically have no power whatsoever to change the security settings or delete the profile.

We just got this computer so its not a huge loss to make a new one, but it will be annoying to have the old folder always there in the c drive.

Anyone know of any way to fix this or get beyond the blockage ive made?

A:Locked out of a user folder

Hello Edge of Anduril, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could do a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you changed the permissions to undo them.

Hope this helps,

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hi all,

i have created a folder locker and unlocker in it targets the permissions of the folder(allow and deny thinggy).

now i have locked one of my folders but i cannot unlock it anymore.

when i go to the security tab inside properties, it only says "You do not have permission to view or edit this obect's permission settings."

how can i unlock it? the folder contains 30GB of important data and backup..

any help would be much appreciated thanks!

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I'm not able to access my "System Volume Information" & "Documents and Settings" folders, and sub folders.
I get a message..."Access Denied".
Both show a small padlock next to the main folder in Windows Explorer.
I've tried to gain access with "Properties/ Sharing" & "Advanced Sharing" but it always says "can't be unlocked".
There was a process in Windows XP that included using a file.."cacls.exe" and editing the registry, but that doesn't work with Win-7.
I do have "Show hidden files" enabled.

A:Unlocking a locked folder

That is normal. Documents and Settings is now Users. The Documents and Settings folder is there for backward compatibility with XP. It is a Junction Point. You can still access though. See this page.  Is there some reason  you need to access System Volume Information?  That folder is different than XP as Windows 7 uses Shadow Copies.
If you want to access it then follow these steps.

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Ok quick story the previous win xp computer I owned received a nasty virus as it took over my whole computer. Before it completely went to I was able to back up some folders and files. Everything could transfer over to my new win7 with no virus detection except for two folders. Both folders were scanned and no virus was detected, yet it keeps telling me when I try to move them that I don't have permission to. So I reset the permissions to admin and still said I couldn't move the files. Another thing when I take out the drive and put it back in, the permissions go back to normal S-1-5-21-700210099-1368088401-3141378099-1000. HELP!!!!

A:*Permission* locked from moving folder



What is the exact files you are trying to move? If the file in the quote is what you are trying to move, it is a Windows Update file and cannot be moved and would be useless on Windows 7. If this is not a system file, then copy the files to a USB Flash drive and scan the drive before saving them to Windows 7.

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hi allI'm pretty new to this site so please bare with me,My PC recently downloaded the spyware locked virus and i had no idea what to do, it hijacked my home page, slowed down my pc and was downloading stuff from my previously visited sites.I read a link here yesterday about how to remove Spyware locked, so i donwloaded SmitFraud and ran it in Safe mode. My home page was reinstated and the pc was running normal again.This morning i ran a virus check and lo and behole there the bloody thing was back, embedded in = C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 before when i have had similar problems i follow the extension addie until i find the virus and extract and delete it manually, this time for some reason i caanotI have ticked the "show hidden files and folders" option as well as unticked the " hide protected files (recommended)"Still the Content.IE5 folder is hidden and this is where the spyware had nicely nestled itselfWhat can i do now?Thanks

A:Spware.locked In My Content.ie5 Folder

Hi,It's not really back - it's just a leftover in your temporary internet files.You can delete the contents easily by doing next:* Clean your Cache and Cookies in IE:Close all instances of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > General tabUnder Browsing History, click "Delete". Click "Delete Files", "Delete cookies" and "Delete history"Click Close below.Keep in mind, as I see in above post, this should be done on the "Guest" account, since it's located in the Content.IE5 folder on the guest account.A nice trick to open your Content.IE5 is by going to start > run and copy and paste next command in the field: shell:cache\content.ie5

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Are there any programs that will either unlock or delete a locked folder (It was made private by me before I had to reboot the Windows and now it won't let me in becasue I am not the original 'administrator' (Even though I am)- can I unlock this private folder with any hacking software?

A:locked folder and files deletion

Unlocker 1.8.5
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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I just downloaded Folder Access Pro (demo version)

I tried to lock some files, but I made the idiotic mistake of locking the file in which Folder Access Pro is located. Now I can't access that file, nor Folder Access Pro to unlock it.

I can't uninstall the program now either.

Could I maybe disable this in the registry?? Or transfer my files back through a DOS prompt?

Also, I should note that the folder that has my locked files is now 0 KB, so is everything already lost and I should give up?

Thanks for any help or ideas!

A:Folder Access Pro Problem. Locked myself out...

Have you tried System Restore? You can undo the restore if it doesn't correct things.

Bear in mind it does not usually affect files in the My Documents directory.

You can also try disabling "simple file sharing" or restarting in Safe Mode and following these directions:;en-us;308421

I have to add that I'm not sure a System Restore will reverse any changes in the "permissions" for files and folders, however it shouldn't hurt to try since it can be undone.

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I have a Major problem with Win 7

Never noticed it all the while i was trialing it but now i brought a copy the fun begins.

My temp file has somehow become locked hence certain progs that run cannot write to it

Even though i am the only one on this computer and everyone has full access to the temp file it still locks everything down

So i go through and unlock each file individually and set everything by unchecking read only

No sooner do i navigate away from the folder WIN7 in its infinate wisdom decides to lock everything down again

Hence programs like my budgeting software which uses temp folder and cannot be changed wont work properly

And even some downloads if i dont right click and save as wont download all because of this locked down folder?

Help me spmeone please

A:Locked folder and cannot regain control

Try Taking Ownership of the Folder.

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I upgraded this laptop to windows 10 Education from win 7. I have a desktop PC running win 7 Pro. I had a Homegroup set up which was working fine and I could send files back and forth. After the upgrade I simply joined the Homegroup again by typing in the Homegroup password. On the surface things seem to work, but I am currently "locked" out of my Users folder and apparently everything in it. That is, \\<my pc name>\Users. It's the very first folder you see when you go to Network -> double click my computer icon. I am unable to create a new folder within Users, and I am unable to cut anything out of it. So I sent a folder from my desktop PC to my laptop, but now I can't cut -> paste that folder anywhere on my laptop because I don't have permission. I tried to change ownership of the Users folder. Right now it says the owner is "SYSTEM" (whatever that means). I tried to set it to Administrators, and got an error "Unable to set new owner on Users. Access is denied."

Now what? This is infuriatingly stupid. What did Microsoft think was even the point of having Homegroups if I can't cut my files out of the folder and place it where I want it?

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11:53 AM 7/26/2012

Hello tech staff; this issue might be generic for you, but its chinese checkers to me.

(I'm running WinXp-home edition '02, with svcpk3 installed, on an HP Pavillion w/ Pent. 4, 2.53ghtz, & 500mb RAM, with a 60 Gig Hd.)

(Please bear with my rather poorly written attempt here to recreate the series of events that happened, which led me to my current situation...-thanks)

QUESTION: Is it possible to either retrieve, recover, or restore a file, or series of files from a folder in which has been renamed and deleted?


I recently recovered from a nasty spyware infection (security shield12) with help from MS paid Tech support- it took three days.

A side effect of that problem may have caused the following, but after hours of researching on the web, it seems locating data from renamed or deleted files is a pretty common problem.

I was moving files
FROM inside a desktop folder (which I had created earlier) let's call this folder A
TO a new or sub-folder just created inside that folder, let's call this folder B
when I get the message (while in folder A) that 'these files cannot be moved due to a write-protected disk' or 'may be still still in use'.

I checked Task manager, and no instances of the files (or programs used to create the files) were in use.

(Incidently some of the note (.txt) files in folder A were acting strangely (locked) because I suspect they had info in them which had been copied from... Read more

A:LOCKED folder on desktop - files gone...

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I reformatted my drive from XP Home to Pro, Folders on D drive that I moved from C prior to format are now locked and say the following: "d:\My Videos is not accessible, Access is denied."

I think it is because it came form the C drive and had permissions with XP home but I never excluded it or locked it. Now that I have Pro it will not open. Any suggestions?

A:Upgrade from XP Home to Pro now locked out of Folder


Sorry not an answer just someone with the same problem. See my
thread titled - Limted user's permissions with XP Pro. Hope we can find a solution.


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Hi Everyone,

My problem is that I cannot open the windows\system32\drivers folder.
I'm running Windows XP Media Edition on a Dell XPS 410 Desktop.

If I click on the folder with Windows Explorer I get the following error: "Refers to a location that is unavailable"
If I right click on the folder and select Properties the Size and Size on Disk show as 0 bytes and that it contains 0 files and 0 folders.
I also cannot open the folder in Safe Mode.
Yet, if I boot from a BartPE version of WindowsXP I have installed on my Flash Drive I can open the folder on the desktop and see all the driver files it contains.

Booting from the Flash Drive I was able to rename the Drivers folder and then copy its contents to a newly created Drivers folder.
But when I remove the Flash Drive and reboot the NEW Drivers folder is locked, but the OLD renamed Drivers folder can be opened.

I have also tried to use UNLOCKER. It shows three processes locking the folder - Two are shown as winlogon.exe
(which resides in c:\windows\system32) and one is svchost.exe, but clicking the Unlock button does not unlock the folder.
I tried killing these processes but this then kills Windows.

I've run scans for Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits and everything appears to be clean.
I've tried to use the CACLS command to reset the permissions in the console mode but that doesn't work either.
I've run HijackThis and that looks ok too (but I'm not an expert at interpreting the output l... Read more

A:Locked System32\Drivers Folder


My name is John, and I work at Dell headquarters. I have been mulling around this problem you're having for a little bit, and dug around here, and came up with virtually nothing. Having winlogon locking that folder makes little sense, unless something has been corrupted or compromised.

If I were in your shoes, the first thing I would try is to make another admin account and try it from there. If you can't access it with completely different credentials, it may be time to backup, format, and reinstall. You've tried a lot of different things to solve this problem, and honestly, you've done a lot more than I would have done before reformatting.

If you need any help, let me know.

Dell Customer Advocate
[email protected]

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My pc is Win 7 64bit and having problem with folders locked icon and cannot open and also system slow down. built-in card reader out of order. that was happened after renew my anti-virus. it also locked and seem not working as order. In control panel's uninstall features also blocking to remove some program.

Please suggest! how to solve it. thanks

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I share a common work station with a coworker. We each log in with our own usernames. My user account has Admin privilege. In order to protect several spreadsheets with confidential data, I decided to limit his access by right clicking on the folder and going to Properties, then Security. Then I changed the permissions under his user account to not even allow him to read the folder or its contents. 
I doublechecked that under my user account I was permitted. But after I hit apply, I found that even I could not access the folder now. It seems the computer read his account and my account as being in the same group.
Does anyone have any solution how I could restore access?
(Yes I realized I really made a dumb mistake here.)
Thank you.

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I think windows locked the temp folder from being accessed by any program without admin rights.
When opening a file from an archive with Winrar, it just get extracted in the same folder before it is opened.

But goto WinRAR and File properties and then enable Run as Administrator in Compatibility settings. Everything works normal.

The file is extracted in Temp folder before getting opened.

And also, MSI installers are shows up error until they are run as administrators through CMD. We know msi installers gets extracted in temp folder and then installs.

This has been happening since last one week. So My question is this. Did Windows stopped programs from accessing temp folder without admin rights. Is it time to disable UAC. Will Diasbling UAC affect system security.

A:Is temp folder locked down for non UAC applications??

UAC does protect folders. Well kind of. It protects the C/windows program files directory.
The types of actions that require elevation to administrator status (and therefore display a UAC elevation prompt) include those that make changes to system-wide settings or to files in %SystemRoot% or %ProgramFiles%. Among the actions that require elevation:
Installing and uninstalling applications
Installing device drivers
Installing ActiveX controls
Installing Windows Updates
Changing settings for Windows Firewall
Changing UAC settings
Configuring Windows Update
Adding or removing user accounts
Changing a user’s account type
Configuring Parental Controls
Running Task Scheduler
Restoring backed-up system files
Viewing or changing another user’s folders and files

UAC strips the administrator SID from a user's access token reducing him to a regular restricted ("normal") user. Applications can request elevation via manifests - then the entire process runs with the admin token.
If folders are not writeable with UAC enabled that means that NTFS security is set so that normal users cannot write but administrators can. As a remedy either change the permissions on those folders or run your application elevated (or redesign it so it writes to locations normal users have access to).
If you mean UAC virtualization (redirection of write attempts from system areas into the user profile): here is a good description of the feature from which I have copied ... Read more

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Just upgrded my systen to a PZ77 v pro mobo with 3770Kproc. on doing a clean install on a new HDD I am getting a user profile folder with a lock symbol on it. I am unable to install many third party s/w including mcafee.

Please help..

A:Locked user profile folder

for those who are going to tell me that i need to get ownership of the folder and so on, I have already tried to and failed. The biggest question is why was it created read only while doing a clean install of win 7.

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Hey guys!

Just bought Windows 10 Pro this morning and there's one last thing that i can't find the life of me how to fix. The windows store app folder... I want to be able to see the "size" and go "in" the folder. It says i do not have access. So i proceeded to try to modify the admin rights of that folder but in the end windows won't let me saying i do not have the rights to change th right etc.. This is very annoying. I have followed many tutorials which claim to fix this but won't work at all. Anybody got a cue here for me ?



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HELP!!! I'll try to make this simple ...

1. accidentally deleted necessary windows xp home files.
2. reloaded windows
3. folders from previous system that were locked/private by user are not accessible.

My old user id is gone forever (I think), the private folder option will not recognize me even if the user id and password are duplicated.

The old computer registry information is long gone... is there anyway to go through dos and copy folder and files out of windows system in order to access?

Does anyone have any other solutions? These folders contain images and word documents that will be impossible or very difficult to replace.

A:tough one! locked folder - new system registry

If your file system is NTFS, go here. NTFS Data Recovery Check this site out as well UNERASER

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I screwed up and accidentally changed the permissions on a UserGroup that I am apart of denying it everything on a folder. Due to the Deny precedence in the the XP Permissions, I now cant go back and change it back. Any tips or suggestions?

A:XP Folder Permissions and Security Settings - Locked Myself Out

Hello medauto

See if you can do this
Take ownership of the folder by right clicking it and selecting Properties. Select the Security Tab and click the Advanced button. You'll see an Owner tab so add your User Name to the list

You may need to go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View tab and uncheck "Use simple file sharing" or you won't have a Security tab otherwise.

XP Home
Go to Safe Mode to find the Security Tab

You need to be using an Admin Account to do it.
Once you have given yourself permission you will not get the ?Access Denied? message.

To apply to subfolders check the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" before you click ?Apply?


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Hi, I've recently picked up a new hard drive from a buddy of mine.
I've managed to change my computer name and user account name.
However, the user folder in "My Computer -> Local Disk C: -> Users" is locked, and I am unable to change the name.
It doesn't cause any problems, I just want to find a way to change it if its possible.
As well, I've also set permissions, but it only allows me to access the files, which is not the problem, since I only want to change the name of the User Account Folder.

A:Renaming a locked User Account folder

You can't change the name associated with an account. Doing so would make the account useless.

You need to create a new account with the name you want, then copy everything you want from the old one to the new one. Delete the old one once your satisfied all is well.

In your case, you will need to rename the existing account back to it;s original name or some name other than what you want to call the new one as you can't have two with the same name.

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It looks like I've been hacked. I have a file folder that was created two days ago on one of my external drives and it's locked by SYSTEM. I've already ran AVG and Malwarebytes but neither of them sees it as a threat. I know this folder doesn't belong there because I didn't create it and no one else is supposed to have access to my computer. It's filled with all sorts of executable files and nasty looking things. I had to unlock the folder to look inside it but that's as far as I was capable of going. The name of the folder is: 6d97371090ee84b8100fe3e5997d About a week ago, about 4 or 5 similar looking folders appeared on that same hd. I deleted the folders then. I can't do that with this one and I'm afraid that there's a lot more to this problem than just deleting a folder will solve.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.16518  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.13.2
Run by SSDemonic at 4:53:57 on 2014-02-14
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.6143.3506 [GMT -5:00]
AV: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014 *Enabled/Updated* {0E9420C4-06B3-7FA0-3AB1-6E49CB52ECD9}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014 *Enabled/Updated* {B5F5C120-2089-702E-0001-553BB0D5A664}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\nvv... Read more

A:Locked file folder on external hd - looks suspicious

This folder is created by Windows Updates. Have a look here about how to get rid of it:

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For no obvious reason, the Hotmail Bulk Mail folder in Outlook Express V6 has acquired a 'folder locked' icon (red circle with red diagonal line).

Messages still seem to be downloading from Hotmail into the folder and (it seems) I can still access and delete them.

I use AVG anti-virus but AVG didn't actually report anything in this folder recently (and anyway I normally delete the spam before the message bodies actually download).

Anyone any idea where this symbol came from, what it indicates and how to get rid?

A:'Folder Locked' icon in Outlook Express

I think it's me! I reckon that symbol has ALWAYS been there and I've never noticed it before!
Anyway - seems to make no practical difference, so issue closed.

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I have problems deleting files and folders which were created for temporary purposes. Usually folders with a temporary picture collection, which I have created just to get it zipped and mailed. Since I use Picasa (which is usually open), there are systems files which are created automatically and stay locked for quite some time, even when all the pictures were erased.
Is there any quick and simple way to delete locked files in Windows 7?

A:Kill locked file/folder in Windows 7

See if maybe Unlocker helps:

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The libraries on my windows 7 computer are locked and I'm not sure how to unlock them. I have no problem viewing pictures or listening to music but when I try to upload a photo to my facebook account or to a photo editing site like the tab that is supposed to show up with the different libraries to choose from does not pop up. I have tried adjusting the security settings but there is still a lock on all the tabs.

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Hi, I have a small SSD as my boot drive a had local data drive and a NAS for all the files.

I have since removed the NAS and will just use the boot and data drives.

With the previous configuration I wanted to use the data (D:\) drive to store my offline files from the NAS. So I followed instructions to move the cache.

As I no longer need this setup I want to delete the CSC folder from the D drive. Its locked & I cannot delete it.

Can anybody show me the steps to delete this please



A:I have a locked CSC folder on my data drive - how do I remove it?

Quote: Originally Posted by ferrytrip1

Hi, I have a small SSD as my boot drive a had local data drive and a NAS for all the files.

I have since removed the NAS and will just use the boot and data drives.

With the previous configuration I wanted to use the data (D:\) drive to store my offline files from the NAS. So I followed instructions to move the cache.

As I no longer need this setup I want to delete the CSC folder from the D drive. Its locked & I cannot delete it.

Can anybody show me the steps to delete this please



Happens to me overy so often. Try this,

Right click folder, properties, click security tab, click advanced, click owner, edit, set ownership to you, tick replace owner on subcontainers and objects, click OK then see if you can delete the folder.

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Hey, I'm new here and "some" of what's been said covered part of my problem, but...anyway, I figured out how to remove the lock from a user profile folder that was put in my computer under another name then mine before I got this comp. It had the lock on it at the time but I removed it today. I then tried to rename the folder but it won't let me...I can open it and it shows everything I've downloaded, etc, but it's under someone else name and it bugs me. My name is set as the owner and administrator and I am "supposedly" the primary user, but, and this is after I changed the other name to mine in the registry, when I go to the stupid users folder it still shows the main user as this other person under his name, not mine. I can't think of what else to do to do to change the name. I feel like I've tried everything. I would try to delete the folder but I'm afraid I'll lose everything in it since it's all under his name and not mine. How can I change the folder name?

A:Can't change name of user folder in c:drive that was once locked.

KindredmSpirit welcome to SevenForums

See if the link below will help you change the user name folder to the one you want

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

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Having a real problem with this.

Got a new PC earlier this week to replace a laptop that was stolen. It runs Windows 7 home premium. Basically the setup is this.

iTunes used to store and organise all music.
All music stored on external harddrive connected to PC via USB 2.
iTunes music also working through Squeezebox in living room and bedroom squeezebox radio. No problems at all.

Problem is, I want to listen to music on my Xbox whilst playing games. However everytime I activate media sharing, and get media center to monitor my folders I cannot start iTunes.

I get an error message as described in the subject line of this post. I got it the first time earlier this week and the only way I could get iTunes working again was to completely reinstall windows. All was fine until I set up media center this morning, and now I get the same error!

This is REALLY annoying and I wonder if anyone can advise?

Thanks in advance.

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The Folder tasks menu is locked on the left side of my desktop taking up half the screen. Cannot remove it at all. Went to the folder options folder but nothing seems to fit the problem. Can't right click on it, or remove it in any way, shape or form. Short of deleting my user account and starting fresh, what do I do to remove it? Shows folder tasks, other places and details. Have no clue how this got there or how to remove. Help! Thanks in advance. Using Windows XP Home Edition.

A:Folder Tasks Menu Locked on Desktop

Go to View-Explorer Bar-uncheck Folders

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Alright, maybe someone can help me. My computer crashed (during a Windows Update installation btw) while on my main administrative account. I have two other accounts on the computer, one for my wife and one for my son.

When I was forced to re-install windows and start a new administrative account (and lossing all the other accounts), the files and documents (which are within "My Documents") of my wife and son where saved in their "Documents and Settings" folders. I can access these non-administrative accounts folders easily, and everything there before the crash is still there.

Unfortunatly I can not access the folder which was mine. When I click on the folder (containing a ton of pictures and writings - some, but not all of which is backed up) this message comes up:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Michael is not accessable. Access is denied."

I apparently deleted this account in the re-instalation and because it was the administrative account, and/or open at the time of the crash, it is either locked up or deleted.

When I right click on the folder to see Properties it tells me there are "0 size, 0 bytes, 0 files, 0 folders." But I am not sure that is truly the case due to the amount of space still being used on the hard drive [C:]. I think it is not telling me anything because it is (was) a "private" administrative account. I had no password on this account.

I don't think all the documents are deleted as when I look at ... Read more

A:Locked out of Doc & Settings folder of deleted admin account

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I bought a 32-bit Windows 7 computer because it evidently will be the last build to run WordStar, which I have used for more than twenty years and can't imagine life without. As I had done with my Windows XP and Vista machines, I simply copied my two basic folders (C:\WS containing the system files and C:\ONLINE containing all my document and non-document files) to the new machine.

Alas, I can open any WS file, and I can create a new file and save it. But if I edit an existing file, I can't save it. When I look at the directory with Power Desk (replacement for Windows Explorer) I notice that though all other folders are named in black font, the two WordStar are blue, and they have a small padlock showing. They are the only locked folders.

I have given the whole world permission to use these folders: MYNAME, EVERYONE, and ADMINISTRATOR (whatever the title).

The save-edited-file problem may not be caused only (or at all) by the permissions, because while I can "change directory" in WS to a thumb drive in the USB slot, and can open or create a file in the thumb drive, I can't save an edited file there, either. And E:\THUMBDRIVE does not show up as blue or with a lock.

Can anyone suggest a way out? Otherwise I am stuck with my fairly ancient XP box, and I'm not sure how long it's going to last....

A:Can't saved an edited WordStar file (folder locked?)

Wordstar - my gosh. Talk about a voice from the past. It was great in its day, but I could never keep track of all that Ctl-K Ctl-Q stuff. It never occurred to me that it might still be working.

At any rate, try this to get control of your locked folders: Take Ownership Shortcut

That option has worked for me in many similar situations.

PS: I too used PowerDesk for many years but have recently switched to FreeCommander XE because Powerdesk 8.5 (and perhaps earlier versions as well) has a bad bug: If you try to copy a folder from one drive to another PowerDesk moves the folder instead of copying it. So after it's done the original folder and all it's contents are simply gone.

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I downloaded a bunch of wav files in a .zip archive that are from Pokémon Platinum and I extracted it into a folder using 7zip. but I am unable to move that folder to any other directory, I always get a "This action cannot be completed because it is in use by another program". Lock Hunter claims that the locking process is 'System'. A Google search on this issue tells me that it only occurs when you try to delete an ISO when it is mounted by Daemon Tools, but this is not an ISO and Daemon Tools isn't even running! This is just a folder with wav files in it. 7zip isn't running either! in fact the original zipped folder is long been deleted like 4 hours ago. I tried to move the folder into my 'Music Creation' folder in 'My Documents' and I run into this error every time. it currently sits in 'Downloads' unable to move because of this.

A:unable to move a folder of wav files "In use" locked by 'System'

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode (keep striking the F8 key about once per second when you first power up) and seeing if you can move/delete it?
I've had this sort of thing happen intermittently over the years and generally booting into Safe Mode allows me access.  It's maddening when this occurs for no reason that anyone can easily fathom!

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I downloaded a password protection program called Folder Access. It was causing lots of issues so I decided to uninstall it. But when I did, since I had “My Documents” folder password protected, the whole folder was locked for some reason. Now, the "My documents" folder has a control panel icon on it and displays the control panel when I attempt to open it. The folder properties under the control panel icon still show that the folder size is 20GB and has about 500 folders and 5000 files (which is about right for my documents), but it is just an ordinary "folder" and not a "File folder". Also, the folder has "21ec2020-3aea-1069-a2dd-08002b30309d" next to it (I believe this is the GUID for the control panel). So all my data is still there but somehow is hidden under a second control panel link. The system created another “My Documents” which is pretty much empty. Can someone please help me make this folder accessible to me again or give me any ideas to change registries or find the lost files?

A:My Documents folder locked/hidden under Control Panel

Personally, I would try reinstalling the program Folder Access and using the original password used to password protect the My Documents folder to unencrypt the folder.

After that I would uninstall the program.

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hi friends !
i'm using windows 7 on a dell laptop , i locked some of my personal documents with folder lock professional 6
but now i have forgot the password is there any way to recover or open them , i recovered my HD but it was not restored.

A:how to recover files locked with folder lock professional

I believe such company would go out of business if you could just unlock them without a password

But here goes some methods reported:
Forgot the password for folder lock [Solved]
use them on your own risk!

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i had some photos and other documents of around 10 gb locked through a folder lock programme.there was a password to lock the folders.but 2 days ago suddenly my pc started showing some startup error so i had to format it. now the thing is the folder lock programme was installed on the ''c'' (system) drive which i formatted. and the folders i locked were in the 'e' n 'f ' since the software is gone after reformat, is their a way to retrieve the folders that i had locked. thank u

A:how to retrieve data locked through folder lock and then formatted c drive

Hi, We cannot assist you here- you need to ask the tech support folks at FolderLock>>> <<<<contact form, send them one filled out with details.

I have to Close your thread as it violates one of our Rules> we cannot help you with passwords, or bypassing security.

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Hi guys,

I'm a noob to the forum but have read a tonne of threads on here and always find it a great source of info.

I'm trying to encrypt my Windows 7 laptop using full drive encryption through VeraCrypt. I know VeraCrypt well and have used it a lot, and I'm a CEH so I know a fair bit about computers. I'm not totally computer illiterate!

First issue I had with VeraCrypt was an error saying "The operating system does not boot from the selected drive" or something like that. So I followed this guide: TeraByte Unlimited Knowledge Base

That all worked on and I now have the attached picture as a setup. I'm trying to now switch the System folder over to the C drive rather than the System Reserved (F) so that VeraCrypt will only recognise that as my primary and will stop trying to run full encryption on the System partition. I've deleted the letter, tried changing ownership (although not sure if successfully). If anyone can offer some sort of guide then I'd really appreciate it.

I've tried almost everything but if anyone has ideas then PLEASE help - I'm desperate to get this sorted and you'd be an absolute hero!

Thanks in advance and look forward to spending more time in the forum.


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Whenever I right-click on a file and select "Send to" then "Compressed (zipped) folder", the zip file is always created with a lock icon:

This lock icon means that the file can only be accessed by the current user. I can get rid of it by changing the access (i.e. right-clicking, selecting "Properties", selecting the "Security" tab, editing permissions, adding Users and assigning Full Control)
or even by just copying and pasting the file (the copy is fully accessible by all users), but that's extremely time consuming when I'm creating lots of zip files.
In the Microsoft help video that shows selecting "Send to" then "Compressed (zipped) folder", the zip file is created without any lock icon on it. How can I get my Windows 7 to behave the same way?
Thanks in advance!

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A few days ago I was attempting to clear out some space on my laptop, and I noticed that the C: drive had a folder in it that I had never seen before, last modified roughly two months ago. The name of the folder is gibberish (7269fc8c96ae93bbc9c4d3), and it is locked. It contains mostly folders (all named four numbers, like 1033, 1035), and a few files  I can open the folder, but I cannot access any of the folders or files inside. When I try to open them I get the message "You don't currently have permission to access this folder," with the option to continue. When I click continue, it says "You have been denied access to this folder." Then it tells me to change settings in the security tab, but all the settings are greyed out for me.
I only have two accounts on the computer, and the one I'm using is the administrator. I can run other files as administrator no problem, but this one is really worrying me. My computer has also been running very slowly the past few weeks, but I'd chalked it up to the amount of crap I've accumulated over the 4 or so years I've owned this laptop.
So, I ran malwarebytes (I always have Premium running), and it said that I have some issue with the spigot search program. I quarantined it and rebooted, only to find that it still showed up on the scan. Other than that, no malware was detected.
I then tried to run hijackthis, and got the lengthy message: "For some reason your system denied access to the hosts file. If any hijack... Read more

A:Strange locked folder on C drive, unaccessable, copied itself to external HD.

That looks like a randomly named folder by Windows MRT. 
Lets check. 
  Batch File
Press the Windows Key  + r on your keyboard at the same time. Type Notepad and click OK.
Copy the entire contents of the codebox below and paste into the Notepad document.
@echo off
dir "C:\7269fc8c96ae93bbc9c4d3" /s >"%userprofile%\desktop\results.txt"
del %0

Click Format. Ensure Wordwrap is unchecked. 
Click File, Save As and name the file query.bat. 
Select All Files as the Save as type.
Save the file to your Desktop. 
Locate query.bat  (W8/7/Vista) on your Desktop. Right-click the icon and click  Run as administrator.
A log (results.txt) will be created on your Desktop. Copy the contents of the log and paste in your next reply.

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I used lock folder xp to lock my external hard disk.
when opening my external hard disk, I enter the correct password but it doesn't open and windows displays the following message: this device is currently in use, Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again.

I tried to close all programs and the windows and the problem persist.

Any idea please?

Thank you!

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I have my Public Desktop folder set to share for everyone, so it can be accessed from other pc's on the home network. But when I move a file from my user desktop to the public desktop it suddenly adds the lock icon over it and can't be accessed from another pc, even though the public desktop still can. I have to change the permissions on the file every time, although this never used to be the case. I used to be able to move a file to the public desktop without having to manually "share" it each time.

All settings look correct: Sharing is enabled for the folder and set for full control "everyone", and public folder sharing is turned on.

Again, this just started and was working fine before. Would one of the recent security patches have changed something?

A:Files moved to shared public folder "locked"

I'm not sure how this could occur but in order for the Public folders to be shared you need to enable sharing through the Sharing tab of the main Public folder, otherwise anything placed in one of it's subfolders won't be sharable.

If the share is being moved from a folder with a lock then moving that folder to a Public folder won't remove the lock.

The main Public folder is located at the C:\Users\Public and should appear like the picture.

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Please, I somehow have the C: drive locked when I am in administrator, at least when I try to open the C: it asks what program I want to open it. It also won't let me do things like change the folder view so that all hidden files are revealed or get into system files. It is the only administrator account on the system, and I can't figure out what else has control or how to change back whatever I originally must have done to get this way. There was some spyware that ad-aware took care of but I can't get this fixed. I can get into the folders on the C: drive through the "folders" setting on the toolbar but all is in read-only and I can't do anything to any folders or files.

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I created a "Private Folder". unfortunately I lost my ID due to a hard drive problem. I can still read the drive but the hidden directory still says "access denied".

I have tried creating a new user with the same name and password as previously, but it still does not help, - the folder still says access denied.

How can I retrieve my old files?

A:How do I view a Private Folder? Locked by my "old self"

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i am selling a laptop to a co-worker but am having troubles changing the user name. This is windows 7 home premium 64 bit. The folders under "users" are the "public" and then my name. I want to change it from my name to their name but it has a lock symbol on the folders icon and I cannot figure out how to do it.
I was able to go into user accounts and change the name there, no problem. But the "users" folder will not change also.
How do I do this?

A:How do i change name on "users" folder - its locked

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Few months back I put my personal and important folders in " folder lock " and went on to my hostel. I am now home after 3 months. The problem is I know the file is in folder lock but I do not know the location of my locker. The locker have an FLK extension. Since it is an Xp os I could not do file extension search. I want to recover those files. They are very important to me. Can you please help me out of it??? my C: shows a 10gb occupied when viewed from my computer. But when I move in and Ctrl + A and hit properties it shows only 6 gb occupied. Are these two connected. Should I be worried? Help me...

A:"Folder lock" locked me

You can search for file extensions in XP.

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Yesterday I upgraded to WIN 7 Professional after having to do a reformat. Everything was fine after the upgrade, until this afternoon I noticed my "My Documents" folder is locked I am the owner and have full rights but yet can't get in! I am attaching, in order, of the messages I am getting. Any suggestions? I have no idea if I pushed a button I wasn't suppose to or what happened, yesterday was fine! I haven't installed anything after the reformat except for Firefox, PSPX2 and Incredimail. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you so much, debbie

A:"My Documents" folder is locked

You are trying to get into the wrong folder. That is a junction!
You need "C:\Users\Debbie Doodles\Documents"

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I had issues today with desktop icon refusing to move and very slow performance. While I have Zonealarm Pro as my spyware and firewall s/w and AVG as my virus software, I assumed that something had come through.

1 I down loaded Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. It found the following:

Files Infected:
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\atmgr.exe (Trojan.Agent) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

2 I turned off and on the laptop, taking out the battery to make sure all was reset.

3 I reran the Virus, Spyware and Malware scans which all came back clean.

4 I restareted.

5 The problems persisted.
-The icons on the desktop are still locked (Auto arrange and arrange to grid are NOT turned on.)
-My mouse scroll wheel doesn't have any effect.
-After a restart, when I try to open IE, it takes itself into offline mode and trys to start a dial-up connection???

6 I downloaded HijackThis.exe and ran the scan.

7 I posted this. HijackThis scan details below.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm non-techie, but reasonably competant, and follow instructions well!
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 14:18:31, on 14/11/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender... Read more

A:Trojan deleted but still: desktop icons locked, scroll wheel locked and makes IE work

Have now used Windows Malware checker and Spyware S&D too. Neither reported any problems. Burt I'm still having problems.
- Really slow startup.
- While the processes show nothing strange is happening, the machine has slowed to an almost halt.
- I'm now having difficulty logging in at all. Even in safe mode, when I getto the login hascreen, the password box won't open to allow me to log in. If I open in sradnard mode, I getone chance to login. i.e. it opens the passowrd box once and if I click smeplace else on the screen and the password box closes, then ihave to restart to get another chance.

Please help!

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I am Arun Kumar Kushwaha and I have discovered one Big Loophole/Security Leak in Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System worldwide.
through which we can Access/Delete/Copy/Replace Important Data without Cracking/Resetting the Login Password in Windows 7 OS
and for this we not need any 3rd party Software/ CD/ DVD/ Pen drive/ CMD/ Script/ or any other means of hacking Devices/tool.

only through Windows 7 OS we can Access anybodies Computer Around the world, and user will never get to know that his/her computer has accessed by someone else.
This is purely Microsoft's Negligence towards user's Around the world.

U can assume how much serious is this Issue, if anybody can steal confidential Important data of Company/ Govt data/ or any other Sensitive Personal data of anyone who are using windows 7 OS.

I have Talked through telephone to MS India regarding this Issue and they told me that there is no loophole in their OS and can't be accessed by anyone without having Login Password or User need to Reset login Password with tool/software available.

also i have mailed to MS Technical support Team and also asked about this issue on Windows worldwide official support forum, but not get any meaning full response from them.

I am asking this message to here, coz i want to Spread this issue around the world, so every user can secure their Data and also MS can rectify this issue by releasing an OS Update.

Thanks for reading ..

Your's Truly
Arun Kumar Kushwaha

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I've had this problem for a few months, just lived with it. In the attached screen shots, you will see I have no folder trees in any of the pop up Add, Move, or Copy pop ups in Explorer and Windows Media Player. I have no clue if this can be restored to show again. This has happened before I upgraded Media Player so it shouldnt be that. I'm thinking Windows Corruption somewhere. I have not and do not have any malware on this machine or any other that I have networked. My system is clean and runs 1000%. Any ideas on how I can restore the folder trees?

A:Solved: Folder Tree MISSING from Copy, Move, Add Folder popup

Click start > run > type regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll and click ok. If you don't see immediate results, reboot.

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Hello there.

I've been using this office computer for more than 2 years ago.It has win98 second edition. And it's slow,so what I think was it has viruses,so I uninstalled the old antivirus[think it was mcafee] and added AVG free edition.

My problem is that everyday it always finds new viruses in my pc,and I always had to move them to the virus vault[heal wasn't available].
It's look always like this in the same folders,other are from other places on the pc.

C:\Program files\common files\microsoft shared\paris hilton porno pics archive xxx.exe
C:\Program files\common files\yahoo!\shared\anna benson sex video.exe

I also tried Panda online active scan.

Need help on what to do.
I'll post the active scan log and hjt as i saw in other posts regarding viruses.
Incident Status Location

Adware:Adware/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\HDPlugin1101.dll
Potentially unwanted tool:Application/ErrorSafe Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\UWFX6_0001_N68M2301NetInstaller.exe
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Overture Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email... Read more

A:Solved: viruses from microsoft shared folder and yahoo!folder

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I had a crash and the operating system had to be restored non-destructively. The backup operation saved the Microsoft Outlook .pst file. I have now recovered all the e-mails but the Contacts folder is "empty" when looking for an address. The Contacts folder (as well as the Calendar folder) also does not appear in the list of folders in the Navigation Pane. If I attempt to export a comma separated file (DOS) from the Personal Folders, the "Contacts" folder appears in the window when browsing for the folder to export. If I export that file, all the contacts are there complete with all the addresses when viewed as an Excel file. Any suggestions on how to integrate the contacts into the Personal folder without having to recreate a contact file manually from the Excel file? Cheers, Wondering Willy

A:Solved: No Contacts folder in Personal Folder Microsoft Outlook

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Hi I have been facing problem (breaking my head day & night to solve this) with some malware/ spyware kind of thing which is keep on creating the virus files (exe) in the name of parent folder with folder icon. The file size of the created file is 789kb. I have suspected the files regsvr.exe, rundll.exe, winhelp.exe and killed those processes, files from windows-system32 folder & in other places, also removed the startup entry from the registry but eventhough it's starting from next boot, I have scanned my system even in safemode after disabling windows restore.

I am using Symantec Corporate Edition 8.0 with latest updated definitions and Spybot S&D 1.5.2 with fully updated as of today. None of these are identifying the trojan activity. I have also tried online scan thru symantec and trend micro both says no virus. Spybot says there is a spyware "007 spy software" infection it's fixing it, but still no use from next boot onwards any of those three files will start running.

I don't know from where it's coming back after I deleted those files from the system with that names.

it's also creating a autorun.ini (with the code to run the file rundll.exe), copying regsvr.exe in the shared drives and in pen drives.

Since no antivirus is identifying these virus to know the name to get a fix, Iam not able to solve this.

It will be helpfull some one can help me on this issue to solve.

my mail id is [email protected]

A:Solved: virus spreading by creating exe in the name of parent folder with the folder

finally I have found the solution for the issue.

1. Turn Off the "System Restore".

Select my computer icon in the desktop and right click then click on properties you will get a window with multiple tabs select the System restore tab and check on the "Turn off system restore".

2. Delete the hidden "SSData" folder in "C:\Windows\System32"

Type the above path in the Run or Windows Explorer, then select it's content or the entire folder and press del key to remove. The above SSData folder will be in hidden.

3. Remove virus startup entries in "MSconfig"

This you must do very careful to avoid problems in loading windows/ other programs

4. Use Symantec Corporate Edition 10.0 to remove viruses

To remove this virus created files in the name of parent folder and virus files you must have the Symantec Corporate Edition 10.0 and above recent versions of Norton products with latest definitions.



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Hi Friends,

I have a Zip folder as Y:\, its updating/modifying daily in the night.
I want a script to extract the Zip folder if and only if the zip file is modified yesterday.

I have a script for unzip a folder from source directory to destination.

"D:\MainScripts\7Zip\7-Zip\7z.exe" x -o"D:\" "Y:\"

Please Help me!!

A:[SOLVED] Unzip a folder based on the date modified of the folder

cant you use robocopy to make a copy/move the zip to another folder based on date and then unzip?

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Hiii there, I have just locked my personal folder through Priyan's lock but unable to unlock it again. An icon of Control panel is being shown instead of default icon. and when I am opening it, control panel window is shown. What to do? ***email removed*** It will be a great help as this folder contain very important personal documents. Please reply asap.

A:Solved: how to unlock folder protected by Priyan's Folder Protect

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I have a Windows XP SP2 laptop, that has offline folder's enabled for users My documents folder. The laptop is within a corporate environment, fully MS patched, Symantec AV, all up to date and anti-Spam installed. Finally it is configured for French language, as that is where its based.
However since yesterday, they have reported that strange folder names are automatically appearing. i have cleared out these folders from the associated win3k users folder, had him re-synced, and all appeared ok yesterday. But today, these files are back again and sync now fails completely.
Has anyone any ideas what to try now?
Thanks in advance.

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For some reason, the right-click context menu on any of my folders now defaults to Search..., but this is not in my Folder or File Folder in File Types.

I will post an HJT log if needed.

A:Solved: Opening any folder opens the Search folder

Start> Run> type: regedit and hit OK.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell
click on shell in the left pane and in the right panel check that default is set to data value none.
If you make any changes, you have to reboot for changes to take effect.

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Please help.. I've tried everything i could find from other posts.

My computer folder on the start menu and my docoments folder will not open in normal mode. Hour glass icon comes up briefly then disappears. Also, i am getting the following dll errors on start-up egcomservice_1048.dll, stlb2.dll, doceoc15b1, e6f1873b.dll.

Here is my hijackthis log, after running malware bytes and smitfraudfix. Smitfraudfix had to be run in normal mode as the icon disappeared from the desktop after rebooting in safe mode. I have also run regcure, registrybooster 3009, windows live one care. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 14:37:43, on 9/14/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Antivirus\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin Automatic Power Management Software\jre\bin\javaw.exe
C:\Program Files\Maxtor\Sync\SyncServices.exe
C:\Program Files\MozyHome\mozybackup.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$MICROSOFTBCM\Binn\sqlservr.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\OcHealthMon.exe
C:\Pr... Read more

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Is there any way that i will be able to select a large group of folders and select their contents to cut to another folder.

Here is the situation

Itunes has messed around with my music and i would like to move it out of it album folder and just put all the tracks into a music folder. How do i do this.

i have herd i may be able to create a registry or something like that to do this job as you can delete folder contents in this way.

A:[SOLVED] Select the contents of a folder to cut without opening the folder

You want to copy ALL files in a specific folder?

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I'm absolutely dumbstruck by what just happened. I was a little too quick with my clicking, and instead of opening the folder containing my pictures, I dragged it into another folder called "14941b93d3ad9f41aa7df524fe". I will refer to it as the folder of doom. The folder contains two sub-folders ('amd64' and 'i386'. The two folders both contain these files, though they have different size:
I have previously done some googling on the folders and since they, apparently, weren't harmful, I decided not to do anything about them. After I put my picture-folder into the folder of doom I pressed ctrl+z and get the error message "Folder not available...No access"(screen shot). When I open the picture folder inside the folder of doom, I get the same error message. It also says that the folder contains 0 byte.

My question of course is if and how I can pull my pictures out of the abyss.

My computer is running Windows XP Home Edition (SP3). The harddrive in question does not contain the OS.

A:Solved: I moved my picture-folder into the folder of doom

Probably just need to take ownership:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Dear Forum BleepingComputer:
My computer has starter acting weird and I am not able to open some files or folder on my windows 8 computer.  I am now on safe mode, but unable to proceed as what to do.
Now I cannot access basic folders like:
c:/documents and settings
c:/users / owner / *.* almost all folders here are locked
All of the above folders have changed their icon to show that they are now shortcuts and I have tried to change permissions as the admin, but it still locks me out somehow?
I have a log Farbar Recovery Scan Tool....Can anyone out there help?
Maria Ram
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 27-07-2016
Ran by Administrador (administrator) on MARIGLOBAL (01-08-2016 14:01:25)
Running from C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: Administrador (Available Profiles: Maria Ramirez & Administrador)
Platform: Windows 8 Single Language (X64) Language: Español (España, internacional)
Internet Explorer Version 10 (Default browser: FF)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Qualcomm Atheros Commnucations) C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluetooth Suite\AdminService.exe
(Samsung Electronics CO., LTD.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\S... Read more

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