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Boot Configuration Error Screen

Q: Boot Configuration Error Screen

Received error message:
Windows Boot Manager
An error ocurred while attempting to read the boot configuration date.

The instructions are to insert the Windows disk and restart the PC, however I can't get past this screen. When I restart I end up on the same screen.

How can I get past this error screen?


A: Boot Configuration Error Screen

Try following these steps. an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data (Vista)

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 1525, 320 GB HD with about 2 GB of free space left, 4 MB memory, running Vista Home Premium 32-Bit, SP1, updates current. Just lately, booting from off, Windows will not load, but instead gives me a \Boot\BCD error (0xc00000f)--an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. I have repaired this error with my Dell-supplied OS disc repeatedly, and each time I turn off the computer it has the same error at startup. I have read that I may have to rebuild the BCD, but I don't know how to do that. Before I check with Dell, who I suspect will just tell me to reload Windows, I need to know how approach fixing my boot configuration data. The computer has had no new software installations, just routine Windows and Trend Micro Internet Security updates, I checked the disc for errors, and a few files were missing or incorrect, and defragmentation has also been performed routinely. Dell PC checkup finds no issues. How should I proceed?

A:Boot\BCD error reading boot configuration data when starting from cold boot

Try this hard drive diagnostic procedure:

Repeated errors on a hard drive usually indicate an impending failure. I'd backup your stuff as soon as possible.

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Hi i bought a COMPAQ pc, windows XP desktop in 2003 at a local Best Buy. I was creating a second user account for the system when it froze and shut down. Upon restart, the loading Windows XP black load screen that shows up right after power returns froze and a window came up saying system configuration error. I am currently 20 miles from my house ,and on a different computer obviously, but the i can remember that the error tells me that if problem is not fixed please call the number in my computer manual. I would LOVE to avoid waiting on the phone please help !~~!! please..My only solution i could think of was using the system restore disk but i do not even know if the boot up goes far enough for the PC to read the disk. Please help and thank you for your time.

A:System Configuration Error and no Boot up :(

Hi and welcome. See if you can start in safe mode. For a system this old, I doubt you'll get anywhere calling the number in the computer manual anyway.

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I recently tried to turn on my pc and the boot manager screen is up and no matter what i do for several days now i cant get past this screen someone please help ive tried everything

A:Boot Configuration Error 0xc000000d

See Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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I recently booted up my Gateway notebook only to find the "blue screen of death"

I rebooted and it came up to a windows boot manager screen which says windows failed to start..insert installation disc and click repair to fix...blah blah...i'm sure you know the story...

My question is, I booted the Vista disc and when I click repair it doesn't even find the C: drive...when I try and run the BCD fix from the command prompt screen, it says it found 0 Windows installations...would this indicate a faulty hard drive?? If so, I dont mind replacing the drive, I just wanna make sure this is the issue before I spend the money to replace it...

Much thanks for any help anyone can offer!

A:Boot Configuration Data Error

I'm not sure what BCD fix you tried, but see if it is this one and if not, try this one.

To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps: (you need a Vista Installation Disk to do this)

1. Put the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
2. Press a key when you are prompted.
3. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.
4. Click Repair your computer.
5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
7. Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.

Note If rebuilding the BCD does not resolve the startup issue, you can export and delete the BCD, and then run this option again. By doing this, you make sure that the BCD is completely rebuilt. To do this, type the following commands at the Windows RE command prompt:
 bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
 c:
 cd boot
 attrib bcd -s -h -r
 ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /RebuildBcd

See if that works.

If you don't have the disk (or that didn't work), try EasyBCD and see if that helps resolve the problem.

If that doesn't work, you probably have some type of hardware problem - but it's hard to tell. It may be as simple as the hard drive cable got disconnected a... Read more

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Rebooted the system and Windows won't load at all.
Boot selection is set to hard drive first so no other items are booting causing this.
I have no idea is going on and fearing the worst.

Once the Manufacter bootscreen goes away to boot, all I get is a flashing

" _ "

accompanies by a black screen. I have no USB attachments, disks in CD-Rom, or anything like this.

Any idea what is going on? I dont have a Windows Recovery or anything yet and I dont want to get ahead of myself. I would greatly appreciate it.

Any Idea

A:Won't get Windows Boot Screen. No Safe Mode or Last Good Configuration

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Have a HP compaq 6300 pro running windows 7 pro. today computer would not boot,
black screen came up it asks me to insert installation disc
scrolling down it lists the following
file \boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.
unfortunately since windows came preinstalled there was no installation disc
when I went to the windows support site to download one
it said since it was preinstalled to contact manufacturer.
my support/ waranty with HP for this computer has ended
Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter
Bob J

A:error reading boot configuration data

If you have access to another Windows 7 computer create a System Repair Disk. Boot it and do a Startup Repair. It may take up to three attempts to fully do the repair. If you have 64bit then you would need to find a Windows 7 64bit computer.

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Several times, and only from a cold boot, I get a pop-up stating "Boot Configuration Editor Has Stopped Working" However everything loads okay and functions. What might be causing this and what does it mean. IE: What function does this editor serve?


1 TB 7200 SATA 3.9 GBS 16 MB CACHE

Dave K.

A:Boot configuration data editor error win 7

Run Startup Repair on a cold boot.

More info on BCD here:

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Does anyone no how to fix this? Yesterday I got a UAC Zero Access Virus and tried using windows repair disc to go back to a restore point. That just made everything worse and now I can't boot into windows at all. I have a multiboot PC (its set to just windows 8 and windows 7 right now, windows 7 being the biggest partition on the drive).
Your PC needs to be repaired
The boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors.
Error code: 0xc000000f

A:The Boot Configuration Data For Your PC Is Missing or Contains Error

Can you boot into either of the two operating systems?

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We are getting the above error randomly on some of the laptops we have deployed. The error comes right after you boot or when the windows 7 is left running. There are no special software running. The error in details is below.
"The boot configuration Data (BCD) settings for the following boot application have changed since Bitlocker was enabled
boot appplication: \windows\system32\winload.exe
change settings: 0x26000090
You must supply a bitlocker recovery key to start this system.
Confirm that the changes to the BCD settings are trusted.

If the changes are trusted then suspend and resume bitlocker. This will reset bitlocker to use the new BCD settings.
Otherwise restore the original BCD settings"
Can anyone please explain on how to correct this error. As before this is happening on few of the machines and we are seeing more as we go. Any tips would be nice...Thanks

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My Dell Insperion 15 now has this boot error. I tried using the recovery USB from my HP. It is smart enough to know that I'm not trying to reboot the HP computer so it doesn't work. This is so frustrating. What to do?

A:windows 8.1 error 0xc00000d boot configuration data

Check HDD with this: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Test your RAM: RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Help Forums
one stick at a time eight passes per stick
Drive letters in WinPe will probably be different from what you see in windows - that is normal.

I would delete the bcd store and run the commands again. You should be pointing them at the reserved system partition .

Otherwise, at cmd prompt, type:


lis vol

( Look to see the drive letter for your main windows partition - if it is D then type as below, otherwise replace D with the letter diskpart gives for the main windows partition)

sel vol d



bcdboot d:\windows /s d:

bootsect /nt60 all /mbr

restart the pc - you're good.

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So today I went to use my computer when all of a sudden I got a message giving me the 3f0 error. I ran a diagnostics test and it said it could not detect the hard drive. I decided to open the pc ( p7-1234) and make all the wires were plugged in (which they were) then tried again. It didn't work so I did some research.I found a bunch of post on forums about people saying open up you secure boot configuration menu and enable legacy bios. The only problem is I don't have that option under the security tab or anywhere to be honest. Can any one tell me what to do now?

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Hi, I was running Windows 7 on a Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop..After doing a spyware scan and finding and deleting all the entries I found, the next time I turned it on I get the error: oxc000000f "An error occured while attmepting to read the boot configuration data File: \Boot\BCD"

I have looked online for solutions and tried using the Windows 7 disc (a copy) and also tried using 3 recovery disks, these all fail because it just stays completely black with a cursor (left for hours even) or I get a error message something around the lines of "insert correct boot media into the correct boot device" and I have no idea what this means. I cannot do a repair because I can only get the Windows disc to load if I remove the hard drive?? this is the only way I have got it past the green loading bar, so I am stuck and have no idea what to only seems to respond to cds if the hard drive is removed?.. this all happened very suddenly and now I have a very expensive ?800 paperweight.. Any help massively appreciated!

To add to this - I also tried the command prompt typing the bootrec.exe code that I found on the internet..selecting command prompt from the option when the Windows 7 disc was loaded, but basically it came up with an error of some sort and it had a drive letter of X:/ on the command prompt ?? ..Also to get to this the hard drive was removed because like I said I cannot get the discs working with it in.. I'm guessing this means the hard drive is screw... Read more

A:Error oxc000000f Need help repairing Boot Configuration Data??

Are selecting the optical drive as your boot device for the windows install disk? sounds like maybe with the hard drive removed its defaulting to the optical drive and booting correctly. Also, make sure you have a good copy of the windows disk.

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Help I can't get past the booting error and there is no way for me to pass this? I've tried many things and can't get past it

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

OS: Vista x64 Bit

A:Error while attempting to read boot configuration data?

Please see this article. It has some suggestions.

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Hi, thank you. glad to be the newest member here. I have an Aspire S3 laptop Windpows 8 to 8.1 - that now has a BCD error blue screen upon start up that is error OXCOOOO0D - boot configuration data Recovery

Blue screen reads:

Your PC needs to be repaired.
The BCD is missing some required info.
you'll need to use recovery tools...

I don't have an install/repair cd/dvd, and I don't have my product key - since its on the BIOS and is unretrievable. I want to save ALL my files so, please, if someone can help, thak you! All I tried so far is to get into the BOOT by pressing F2 and switched it from UEFI to Legacy only it asks for BOOT disk...

A:windows 8.1 error 0xc00000d boot configuration data


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I have a Dell and won't boot giving a black screen but will boot after about 10 turn on and offs. It is very annoying and have uploaded the latest drivers for the system. Since installing Windows 7 there seems to be this erratic problem with the Dell XP. Anyone have an idea about how to fix this problem?

A:[MOVED]Re: Boot configuration data editor error win 7

Moved from this topic:

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Windows 7 x64 system installed last week. All has gone well until a while ago...Adobe Acrobat downloaded an update and installed it, then asked to restart the machine.

At restart Windows quit and offered to restart normally or to repair itself. I let it try to repair itself, but it repeatedly failed, with the error:

*Boot configuration is corrupt.
Result: Failed. Error code=0x490*

In addition, I noticed that windows apparently is not finding the boot drive...looking at the repair log I saw:

System Disk=\Device\Harddisk\Windows directory-\\?\GLOBAL ROOT\Device\Harddisk1\Partition2\Windows

Windows appears to be looking at the wrong's installed on a new drive with only one partition. Using the Command Prompt option in the repair window, I could not access the *real* drive "C" (Drive 0), only Drive 1, which has two partitions for D and E.

Hiren's Boot CD running NTFS4DOS does not see drive 0 at all and also shows Drive 1, Partition 1 as drive C. Hiren's mini-WinXP shows a drive C designated as "System Reserved" - and shows Drive 1 as drives D and E on its partitions 1 and 2 respectively.

Mini-WinXP shows the otherwise elusive disk 0 as disk F.

I could sure use some ideas for a fix...I didn't have many to begin with and by now I'm down to none! Thanks in advance, if anyone can help.

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This is the error message that my computer had:
Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors
Error code: 0xc0000185
You'll need to use recovery tools. If you dont have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings"
I made a recovery drive and set the UEFI to a USB boot, and when I tried to boot it with a blank USB it didnt recognize it, but when I used the recovery usb it recognized it. I did that to check and see if it actually recognized the recovery data.
Now when I boot it just has the Lenovo screen and the swirling dots. it's been doing this for about a half hour. Is this normal or is there an issued with the hatdware?

A:Boot Configuration Data is missing, Error Code 0xc0000185

The Error code: 0xc0000185 is an I/O error.
This can be a hardware problem or a software problem.
So the first thing to do is to run diagnostics on the hard drive ( )

If you have difficulties booting to the disk/drive, post back and we'll see about changing some settings in the UEFI to allow the boot.
I'm working on a drive that will do this for you, but it's still in the testing phase (and it's a 700+ mB download).
If the drive is dead/dying, you may have problems trying to recover your data.
Do you have a recent backup?  If not, post back for suggestions on how to best backup your information.
FYI - if it is dying, then it's best not to use the drive at all until you've done the backup.
If the drive does die fully, then data recovery gets very expensive (up to $2000 (US)) if it's even possible.

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Hi all, im getting that message upon startup. Im running windows 7.
It requests for the windows recovery CD to be inserted, so when I put the CD in to boot I get a "windows is loading files" then a starting windows with the windows logo then just a black screen with a cursor, I left it like this several times for at least an hour an nothing happened.
I can't press F8 to access safe mode etc, nothing will happen.
Pressing F12 to boot from CD just does the same thing as putting the CD in normally.

Help please!?

A:An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

It seems the CD is damaged.
Burn a new Windows 7 Recovery CD on another computer.
You can download the image or make a copy of a functional Windows 7 Recovery CD.

Boot the new Recovery CD and run automatic StartUp Repair up to three times as sugested in the forum manuals !

Good luck!

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ok i had some recent windows updates succesfuly and rebooted, since that at start up im getting "Error msg : Boot configuration data editor has stopped working"
any way to sort this ? what cause it ?
Have tryed system restore several diffirent restore dates but still the same.

Using a Dell studio xps 8100 win7 home edition 64 bit .

A:Error msg : Boot configuration data editor has stopped working

Try running system file check .

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I moved and expanded a partition on my computer (moved left) and have gotten this error upon boot.

"An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data."

I have tried using the startup repair tool and using the repair console to run BootRec.exe /RebuildBcd, to no success.

I cannot undo the changes as the partition's were join and now form one complete hard disk. Can anyone help me?

A:Error reading boot configuration file after partition moving

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Hi everyone,

I tried to install new updates of Ableton live and the machine crashed badly... and since them it has really gone a bit wonky.

When I press the on button to boot up the laptop I get the following message.

The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Store file contains some invalid information.

Object : GUID : (8cb2db4-7co5-11de842e-bt611d44fefa)

Description: Windows recovery format.

Status: oxcoooooo24

Info: The configuation for an element within the object is invalid in the boot configuation store.

The assiocated windows boot loader entry may not be available for selection until the problem is rectified by an administrator.

Enter= continue.

So then I press enter... it boots up. (in about 5 seconds as it is a ssd...)

When I do this action: to see if I can do a restore etc...

Start-Control Panel- the progress bar at the top of the expoler window freezes half way and I cannot access any of the menu Items.

Also I canot move this panel or close the window.

I have a back up on another external drive ..... plus I have made a repair disk and so on when I first got the machine.

I would be stoked if you could provide me with the next steps so I can resolve this situation.

Thanks for your time, now lets party on and delve deep into the abyss

A:Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store file error.

hatte auch einen 0x0000024 BCD Fehler. Hatte vor einer Installation die alte Partition auf "VERSTECKT / HIDDEN" gesetzt und nach der Installation vergessen die Partition wieder auf "Partition anzeigen / Show partition" zu setzen und erhielt so bei Bootversuch einige Tage sp?ter den x24 Fehler. Nach dem "ANZEIGEN" funktionierte der Boot wieder.

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This is the full error message I encountered--> An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data File: \Boot\BCD
1) I have an old Dell Vostro 410, Windows Vista, configured to RAID 1 the whole time.
2) I wasn't able to boot it up one day, pressing the on button only got an amber light momentarily. From the symptom,  I replaced the CMOS battery as suggested by someone online and the PC was able to be powered up but it got to a blue screen-->
3) I realized that's because all the settings on BIOS has been wiped out after I took out the old battery, the "SATA mode" in BIOS was set to IDE instead of RAID, so I set it back to RAID as shown-->
4) I tried rebooting the the system again, this time I can see that RAID has been setup accordingly-->   and
5) But the rebooting was terminated with the message "an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data" --> 
6) Following the on screen instruction, I tried booting from "Windows installation" CD to repair it, however after pressing a key on the following screen,... Read more

A:An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

When you removed the CMOS battery it set the BIOS to the default settings.  I suspect you will have to rebuild your RAID configuration.

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Hi everyone,

I have windows 8.1 and Lenovo y510. After upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1 a have several problems with my PC. Right now suddenly i cant start my PC.

I have BSOD
Your PC needs to be repaired.

The boot configuration data file is missing some required inforamtion.

Error Code:0x0000034
Need to use recovery tools on your instalation media. If you dont have any contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

ESC for UEFI firmware setting.

I try different setting in setting utilty (after pressing ESC) and nothing changed.

I dont have any USB or Disc with windows. (but i do have legal copy - it was already installed in my PC) so i cant use any of help with restoring pc from instalation media.

Do you have any idea what to do ?
Thank you very much. A need it pretty serious that pc because of school

A:Error 0x0000034 - Boot Configuration Data File is Missing

From the Repair CD/USB:
How to do a Auto Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

Have you made the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
From the manual for Lenovo G480.

Originally Posted by Lenovo

When the hard disk drive or solid state drive is replaced because of a failure, no
product recovery program is on the new drive. In this case, you must use the
Recovery Disc Set for the computer. Order the Recovery Disc Set and the drive at
the same time so that you can recover the new drive with the pre-installed
software when they arrive.

You can Order Lenovo Recovery Disks from here:
Lenovo Support - Home (US)
Click on Parts & Accessories.

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system configuration data updated ERROR,--Need a solution I have a
fairly new Gateway M-1625 laptop running windows vista 32 bit, sp1.
I turned it on and beeped twice (beep, beep) and gave me an error
message that reads "system configuration data updated ERROR, system
configuration data read error"
Press f1 to continue f2 to enter set up.
I pressed f1 and it sent me to another blank page that reads.

Windows failed to start. A resent hardware or software change might be
the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart computer
2. Choose your language settings and click next,
3. Click ?repair your computer.?
If you do not have the disk, contact your system admin. Etc
Tried the repair disc, tried reinstall from Restore DVD still get the
same message.

Tried the bootrec.exe/fixmbr (worked)
Tried the bootrec.exe/fifixboot (Worked)
Tried the bootrec.exe/Rebuildbcd
Tried reseating the memory and hard drive.

Still at the same point. Even tried to install XP over it but never
could get it to go.

Now I am back to where I started. I already replace the hard drive so i know is no that I think this is a boot problem.

what can I do???

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Hi, I was running Windows 7 on a Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop..After doing a spyware scan and finding and deleting all the entries I found, the next time I turned it on I get the error: oxc000000f "An error occured while attmepting to read the boot configuration data File: \Boot\BCD"

I have looked online for solutions and tried using the Windows 7 disc (a copy) and also tried using 3 recovery disks, these all fail because it just stays completely black with a cursor (left for hours even) or I get a error message something around the lines of "insert correct boot media into the correct boot device" and I have no idea what this means. I cannot do a repair because I can only get the Windows disc to load if I remove the hard drive?? this is the only way I have got it past the green loading bar, so I am stuck and have no idea what to only seems to respond to cds if the hard drive is removed?.. this all happened very suddenly and now I have a very expensive ?800 paperweight.. Any help massively appreciated!

To add to this - I also tried the command prompt typing the bootrec.exe code that I found on the internet..selecting command prompt from the option when the Windows 7 disc was loaded, but basically it came up with an error of some sort and it had a drive letter of X:/ on the command prompt ?? ..Also to get to this the hard drive was removed because like I said I cannot get the discs working with it in.. I'm guessing this means the ha... Read more

A:An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data!

Go to your BIOS and set the CD as the first boot device, your hard drive as second.

If this lets you boot from the Win7 CD with the HDD installed run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times.

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Hi All,
I have read most of the messages related to this. Unfortunately ASUS doesn't ship with a Vista disk and the Recovery DVD doesn't boot.
Details shown are
File:   \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info:  "an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data"
Operating medium - Windows Vista
Any suggestions, Pls? I may have to return to Techs who MAY have a Vista disk.

A:an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data (Vista)

Hi Wawny,
Thank you for the post.
The error message usually indicates that the boot sector is damaged or missing.
We can try to use the following methods to troubleshoot the issue. However, performing the following steps requires a Windows Vista installation disk. If you do not have a disk, please contact your computer manufacturer or Microsoft Customer Service or to obtain one.
Microsoft Customer Service: (800) 426-9400, available Monday through Friday, from 6:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Pacific Time.
Note: Microsoft Customer Service mainly handles issues regarding replacement manuals, disks, drivers and service packs, product IDs, lost CD keys, product orders, policies related to copying software on additional computers, licensing, and product registration.
Method 1: Startup Repair from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)
1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc into the disc drive, and then start the computer. 
2. Press a key when the message indicating "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ?". appears.
3. Select a language, a time and currency, and a keyboard or input method, and then click Next. 
4. Click Repair your computer. 
5. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, choose the drive of your Windows installation and click Next. 
6. At the System Recovery Options Dialog Box, click on Repair your computer.
7. Click the operating system that you want to repai... Read more

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I have exactly the same issue as the person on this page, however I have already tried the three solutions and neither work, further explanation below.

I was watching a DVD on my PC last night when it began to stutter and finally the system completely froze. I would like it 5 min and then the PC would work again for roughly 5 sec before crashing again, I let this go on for about 20mins but the PC never fixed itself so I rebooted. On rebooting I got the above message.

1. My first attempt to fix it was using safemode, this however didn't work and it prompted me to use the repair progam on the Vista installation disk .

2. I booted from the vista disk and tried a start-up repair. This ran, said something was fixed and asked me to reboot. I did this but to no avail therefore I went back to the repair centre.

3. I did not have system restore turned on so this option was not useful to me.

4. I then read something suggesting I use Bootrec. However I tried running bootrec /RebuildBcd but it could not find my OS, instead I used the following commands;

* bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
* c:
* cd boot
* attrib bcd -s -h -r
* ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
* bootrec /RebuildBcd

This however didn't work either.

5. I left the PC overnight and now things seem to be worse. When I try and use repair centre it does not actually detect a HDD with Vista installed, it does however still let me p... Read more

A:Answer an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data (Vista)

If you can take the HD out and put it into another PC as Slave and see if your data is still readable.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 and today I suddenly got a blue screen error message, the main message said "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". After rebooting, I got the same message. Then on the next reboot I couldn't get to the login screen.

I used my Dell OS Recovery CD that I created to try and repair Windows XP. It asked for a place to partition/fragment Windows, and then it went through copying files etc.

After that, I tried to restart, I got the normal Dell Boot screen but then it went to a black screen, with only a flashing cursor in the top left hand corner.

I cannot do the Ctrl Alt F11 option to recover Windows XP, I can only either choose F2 or F12 at the initial boot screen.

Please help, I really do not know what to do!

What is the blue screen error message all about? I haven't installed any software or hardware so I do not see what might of caused the problem!


A:Inspiron 6000 - Blue screen error, now black screen on boot, help!

Do you have another windows xp cd you can get your hands on? I recommend performing a checkdisk repair on your computer and see if that helps.

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I was having problems booting Windows 7, so I attempted to use the Bootrec.exe tool to rebuild the my BCD. But I screwed that up big time.....

Now I get the following error message on a black screen when I attempt to boot up:

Windows Failed to start. A recent hardware change or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc0000098

Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry.

As far as I can tell, the hard drive is operational. The BIOS detected it and it passed the diagnostics test.

Could some one give me an easy step-by-step procedure to fix this from the command prompt on my Windows repair disk? I'm confused by the procedures I've seen here.


Here is my Windows 7 info:

Home Premium 64 bit
Original OS
Age of system and OS installation : 2 years

A:Cannot boot Windows 7 (Black Screen - Boot\BCD error)

One of our experts put together a very nice tutorial for these problems: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot.

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I currently have 3 downed machines (All desktops) and need to get atleast one of them to work. 2 have the same problem and the other has a problem on its own.
(Therefore I probably have the spare parts to fix 1 problem... hopefully..)

Problem #1
Ok so when I turn on the computer the LED lights and fans turn on, however the monitor is black, and the light is flashing green (This means the monitor is NOT receiving any signals from the computer, i.e. If you unplug the monitor and turn it on the same thing would happen). The computer emits 1 loud beep upon boot up. I cant get into BIOS or anything and this problem has been very frustrating.
I have switched on Hardrives and Ram with luck, at one point I could get a signal to the monitor, however the mouse and keyboard were not read by the computer, and when I turned it off, switched the ram, I could not get it to read the monitor again.
I checked ALL internal cording and everything is connected 100% correctly and I have even tryed switching around a few cables.
I have a friend who thought it may be a problem with my motherboard, but I have no idea and want to get this fixed! However I am low on money and dont want to spend what I have fixing a computer. Also I tryed switching the CMOS batteries and that didnt do a thing :/

Problem #2
When this computer is turned on the fans run and the LED's light up. There is a screen that inturrupts the boot-up process saying "Boot Faliure, Please insert boot-diskette and rest... Read more

A:Black Screen on boot-up & Boot Error

Up! Please need help ASAP!

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I am running Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate on two PCs on my home network. I went to use one yesterday and was presented with a black screen. I rebooted the PC hoping that would solve my issue and was presented with the following error message while trying to reboot:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Status: 0xc000000d
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

I checked my other PC and saw that it had been updated with several Windows patches yesterday. I'm guessing that the broken PC had an issue installing or rebooting from one of the patches.

I ran the repair utility on the windows 7 dvd as instructed by the error message. It was unable to find a previous installation of windows with an error box saying:

The file or directory C:\Boot\BCD is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk utility.

I tried the auto repair anyway, which appears to be working until the end when it gives me the "The file or directory C:\Boot\BCD is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk utility" error again. Then it says it can't save the fixes and says it can't be repaired. When I check the details it says I need to "repair offline" and that it cannot find an OS installed.

In my searches for an answer, I read about rebuilding the BCD through the command prompt. I ran the following commands:

BOOTREC /FIXMBR - said it was successful
BOOTREC /FIXBOOT - said it was succes... Read more

A:\BOOT\BCD 0xc000000d unreadable boot configuration data

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.

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Back for more and, as always, a hearty thanks to anyone willing to give of their time. For the last several months I've been running a dual boot configuration--XP Professional and Windows 7 Home Premium managed by GAG Boot Manager--on my HP Pavilion dv4 2040us with no problems. I mostly use Win 7, but roughly twice a week I'll boot into XP Pro to utilize a legacy app or just to update my anti-virus. Yesterday, 4 days since my last visit, I booted into XP Pro and was, for no reason that I can figure, confronted with the classic "We apologize for the inconvenience . . ." screen that asks if I want to start Windows normally or use the last known good configuration or start in Safe Mode or a few other options. Given that 4 days ago I booted into the XP partition with no problems I chose "Start Windows normally." However, after entering the splash screen, the dots moved across the bar below the logo for 3 complete cycles then, half-way through the forth cycle, the screen went black then reset to the Power-On password request (I have the "Power-On" password set to yes in the BIOS, so I receive this request every time I power-up). Also, it's exactly the same if I choose any of the other options, Safe Mode, last known good configuration, etc.: 3 cycles of dots then half-way through the forth cycle it resets to the Power-On password request. My last successful use of the XP partition went smoothly, and in the 4 days between visits to th... Read more

A:Suddenly Can't Boot XP Partition Of Dual-Boot Configuration

Bleeping Computer DOES NOT recommend the use of registry cleaners/optimizers for several reasons:? Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.The Windows registry is a central repository (database) for storing configuration data, user settings and machine-dependent settings, and options for the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences. Whenever a user makes changes to settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in this repository. The registry is a crucial component because it is where Windows "remembers" all this information, how it works together, how Windows boots the system and what files it uses when it does. The registry is also a vulnerable subsystem, in that relatively small changes done incorrectly can render the system inoperable. For a more detailed explanation, read Demystifying the Windows Registry.? Not all registry cleaners are created equal. There are a number of them available but they do not all work entirely the same way. Each vendor uses different criteria as to what constitutes a "bad entry". One cleaner may find entries on your system that will not cause problems when removed, another may not find the same entries, and still another may want to remove entries required for a program to ... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

I recently added a hard drive to my computer (SSD), and installed Windows 7 x64 onto it. The result being a dual boot system, which by default boots to the SSD, and optionally (by Windows Boot Menu), can be booted to the original drive (standard mechanical drive).

Initial setup went fine, however I decided to customize the Windows Boot Menu, so that logical names could be associated with each operating system instance. To do this I used EasyBCD and I altered the names in the Windows Boot Menu from:
Windows 7
Windows 7
Click to expand...

Windows 7 - SSD
Windows 7 - Standard Drive
Click to expand...

Shortly after the modification I noticed that I was no longer able to boot into the original OS. Instead I was being presented with a "Repair Windows" option. Figuring that my EasyBCD "tampering" may have had something to do with the issue I decided to change the names back to "Windows 7" in the Windows Boot Menu. However doing so had no positive impact on boot up of the original OS.

After booting again into the original OS I accepted the "Repair Windows" option, and then left the computer over night to do it's "thing". After completion of the "Repair" the situation has deteriorated -

* Windows doesn't load (the same as before)
* Windows doesn't present a "Repair Windows" option (it did before)
* The computer reboots a short period after the "Starting Windows" ... Read more

A:Can't boot into original OS after dual boot configuration

Hi All,

Thanks for your assistance. I have sorted the issue...

On installation to the SSD I set the SATA Mode in BIOS to "AHCI", whereas it was originally set to "IDE" when the first Windows installation took place (to the standard mechanical drive)!

After setting the BIOS back to "IDE" I was then able to boot into the first Windows installation (on the standard mechanical drive).

Now I just have to remember to change my BIOS before switching between OS installations.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Everyone,

I recently added a hard drive to my computer (SSD), and installed Windows 7 x64 onto it. The result being a dual boot system, which by default boots to the SSD, and optionally (by Windows Boot Menu), can be booted to the original drive (standard mechanical drive).

Initial setup went fine, however I decided to customize the Windows Boot Menu, so that logical names could be associated with each operating system instance. To do this I used EasyBCD and I altered the names in the Windows Boot Menu from:

Windows 7
Windows 7


Windows 7 - SSD
Windows 7 - Standard Drive

Shortly after the modification I noticed that I was no longer able to boot into the original OS. Instead I was being presented with a "Repair Windows" option. Figuring that my EasyBCD "tampering" may have had something to do with the issue I decided to change the names back to "Windows 7" in the Windows Boot Menu. However doing so had no positive impact on boot up of the original OS.

After booting again into the original OS I accepted the "Repair Windows" option, and then left the computer over night to do it's "thing". After completion of the "Repair" the situation has deteriorated -

* Windows doesn't load (the same as before)
* Windows doesn't present a "Repair Windows" option (it did before)
* The computer reboots a short period after the &q... Read more

A:Can't boot into original OS after dual boot configuration

The win7 installed on SSD is bootable?
win7 installed on mechanical disk isn't booting?

Please post a full screenshot of "disk management" with all fields visible

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helo guys i got this problem on windows boot just at the start of xp logo "stop:0x0000007e(0xc0000005,0xf88d018e,0xf8a58850,0xf8a5854c)" ,its in xp professional windows,i need desperate help,i didnt installed anything new but somehow ,m stuck with it

A:blue screen error at boot

Hi there,

More information is needed in order to help you solve the problem. Did this problem all of a sudden started happening? Does the blue screen error come up every time you boot the computer up? Can you even boot into safe mode at all?

One thing I recommend testing the computer hard drive for any errors. Go to a working computer and download the dianostics utility of your computer hard drive. Afterwards, put the program onto a CD and boot it up on your computer. Then follow the on-screen instructions and test your computer HD for any errors.

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helo guys i got this problem on windows boot just at the start of xp logo "stop:0x0000007e(0xc0000005,0xf88d018e,0xf8a58850,0xf8a5854c)" ,its in xp professional windows,i need desperate help,i didnt installed anything new but somehow ,m stuck with it

A:blue screen error at boot

This is very similar to the error you posted several months ago: 0x0000007e(0xc0000005,0xf887018e,0xf8918748,0xf8918444). At that time you were having trouble with an HP driver.

If you are able to start the computer in Safe Mode, look in C:\Windows\Minidump for miniMMDDYY-XX.dmp files (assuming you boot from a C drive). Zip 4-5 of the most recent ones and post here as a zip or rar attachment.

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I run windows xp. I was trying to download pictures on my computer from a disk that I made at a local drug store kodak kiosk when this started. I also found out a couple of days ago that a "friend" was surfing some really questionable sites. The computer was running fine until i put in this disk with pictures. I saved a few to the computer and then it blacked out and a blue screen came up with the following message. Also I tried turning it off and on a few times and it gets to the desktop and as soon as I try to go to the web or acess anything on the start menu, it goes right back to this blue page.

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
If this is the first time you have seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen apperars again, follow these steps
Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a drever is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacuter for driver updates. Try changing video adapters.
Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options, such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select Advanced start up otions, then select safe mode

Stop:0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0x00000000,0xF96B57C0,0xF96B54BC)
Begining physical dump of memory
Phsical memory dump completed.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Blue Error Screen Comes Up When I Try To Boot

Try running chkdsk.Right click on the C drive in Explorer and go Properties > Tools > Check Now (under Error Checking). Check both boxes then click "Start Now". A message will pop up saying that Error Checking will run after you restart the computer. Restart the computer and Error Checking will run automatically after the restart. After it?s finished it will restart into Windows automatically.

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I carnt get my old hp compaq 6530b to boot up.I was trying to back up my hard drive an clear some space an removed a file so tried to restore back to a early time.the restore finished an reboot the lap top it stop boot up and all I've got error 15 file not found on black screen push any key to continue I press any key and it goes to a red screen that says GRUB4DOS i haven't installed GRUB4DOS myself and don't no where it come from.I did get it to boot back up once but carnt remember how I done it tried to restore again to a point before it append but it did it again an I tried doing what I did before but nothing doing stuck on red screen again can anybody tell what I can do to resolve it an what problem is I didnt use no disc to get it to reboot last time.

A:Lap top won't boot up error 15 GRUB4DOS red screen

Isn't it easier to do this:

1. Pop in the Live CD, boot from it until you reach the desktop.
2. Open a terminal window or switch to a tty.
3. Type "grub"
4. Type "root (hd0,6)", or whatever your harddisk + boot partition numbers are (my /boot is at /dev/sda7, which translates to hd0,6 for grub).
5. Type "setup (hd0)", ot whatever your harddisk nr is.
6. Quit grub by typing "quit".
7. Reboot.

I may be missing your point though, if so, please forgive me
Restore GRUB quite simple in Ubuntu, instead going through all the "gain root access" and play with shell commands, you can use the Ubuntu installation CD to restore it without going through all kinds of hassles.

Here are the steps:

1. Boot your computer up with Ubunto CD
2. Go through all the process until you reech "[!!!] Disk Partition"
3. Select Manual Partition
4. Mount your appropriate linux partions


6. Finish the manual partition
7. Say "Yes" when it asks you to save the changes
8. It will give you errors saying that "the system couldn't install ....." after that
9. Ignore them, keep select "continue" until you get back to the Ubuntu installation menu
10. Jump to "Install Grub ...."
11. Once it is finished, just restart your computer
i hope it will helpful to you.
Good luck!.

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I'm trying to help a mate with a PC problem. When starting up it shows the following
PXE-E61 media test, failure check cable, PXE-MOF exit PXE ROM. DISK BOOT FAILURE insert system disk, seems to load OK until loading Windows, then blue screens saying found a problem Windows has been shut down, then goes on to suggest you check memory, uninstall any new hardware or software etc (no new stuff installed). I have installed hard drive on my PC, it showed as unallocated so I ran format and it shows up OK. Reinstalled on other PC, no change. I've run diags on most componants Processor, HD, Motherboard, memory, CD and all have passed. Maxtor diags runs but shows HD is failing, tried a new formatted HD but same problem. Swopped HD cable but still no change. Not sure where to go next, help please.
Machine is a Tiny, Pent4 266GHZ, 120MB Maxtor HD, Micro Star MS6533 motherboard, 512MB mem running XP Home.

A:BOOT Error - Blue Screen

Well if you've formated the hard drive that means you have erased everything off it and then it for sure won't boot Windows until you reinstall it.

Also if you are trying to move a Windows XP installation from one computer to another it rarely works and usually blue screens. In those cases you need to use the Windows CD to do a Repair installation of Windows or to format the drive and install Windows.

In the BIOS you also need to make sure the boot order is CD-ROM first and Hard Drive second. Make sure the NEtwork boot option is not in the order or that its disabled completely, the floppy drive doesn't need to be in the boot order unless for a very specific task as the WIndows XP is used to boot and do all the installation procedures.

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So i was creating paritions on a USB and lost power to my system during this. When i turned the desktop back up and attempted to allow it to normally boot to Windows 10 it came to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner and does nothing. When i attempt to boot my other OS system that i was partitioning on my usb it comes up with an error: (Wrriten exactly as shown on screen): Intel UNDI, PXE-2. 1 (build 083)Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US5,307,459,  US5,434,872,  US5, 732, 094,  US6,570,884,  US6,115,776 and US6,327,625 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.52 (11/28/12)PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM. - Now i tried another option which was to go into boot options and attempt to boot from the windows boot i had but that is no longer there. I cant seem to boot from the recovery point on the hard drive either so im stumped for options and i really need this  up and working to continue my training im doing. To further add when i brought the computer from PC WORLD they never supplied a recovery disk with the system so they have kinda screwed me over big time. Any help would be grately appreciated

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I cant seem to boot up my computer at all,not even in safe mode,dont know whats happened,please any advice would be most helpful.
I am using Windos XP Home edition.

The Blue screen error is as follows:

"STOP:C0000218 (Registry File Failure)
Registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is Corrupt, absent, or not writable."

It seems something has corrupted vital registry files, but i get the same error when booting into safe mode, dont know what to do now? possibly a virus ?

please any advice

I do not want to format c


A:blue screen ,cant boot at all error please help!!

You can try to repair XP by putting in the disc and following the screens for REPAIR XP ..

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I have an Intel motherboard D865GBF and in the bios under Boot Configuration is says Plug & Play O/S Yes
Then is says this lets the Operating System control the boot up. My computer boots from the hdd first (C) I want to boot first from the CDrom first just in case my computer goes down and I need Cdrom access for my XP cd. Or does this not matter? Another thing is I have a bootable Linux CD and I can't use it because I can't set my D: (cdrom) to be first. How can I control the boot setup?

A:Boot configuration

Go into your bios. Set the Plug & Play O/S to no. You should then be able to set your boot priority.

Save and exit bios.

Regards Howard

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Dear everyone,
I need major help. I have a sony laptop with windows 2000 on it. But, since yesterday morning it won't boot up. Firstly, it would boot up, but take about 3 hours to load all applications, and now it won't load up.
When the boot sequence starts it goes to the screen where win2k loads and says it is starting up, but when the bar get's to full ng(ie. finished loading) and before the log on screen, I get a blue screen error message. It flashes for maybe half a second, then the boot sequence starts again. After watching this numerous time, the error message reads;
Stop c0000218 {Registry File failure}
The Registry cannot load the hive {file};
or its log or alternate
It is corrupt, absent, or not writeable

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete. Contact your system administrator or techincal support group.
If this means anything to anyone then please please plesae help me.

Thankyou so much.


A:Windows 2K won't boot, blue screen error

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I have a winxp sp2.
I recently got  my xp working awhile back but  I have different problem now.  The last time I booted into windows  is  when n I got the fake "FBI virus" ransomware and it locked up my pc. But then when i  decided to restart my computer, I now get the blue screen error that reads something like "windows has detected a problem and had to shut down to prevent further  damage" or something like that.
I definitely had alot of viruses and  spyware  on this computer that  I never cleaned since I repaired my xp boot in a previous post.
I really think it was  a virus, in particular the fbi one, and I want advice on how to remove by burning cd on another computer using a special anti-virus program or something.
And for whatever reason, I was advised not to use AVG scan and I don't understand why?
I  heard there was something called  "Emsisoft Emergency KIt. Does anyone know if it will work and is it hard to configure.

A:I get this blue screen error When I try to boot into windows.

There is a long process that will remove the malware from your system (assuming you have multiple infections), and it can be done. If you have no essential data on your machine you may just choose to reformat/reinstall windows at this stage...(it will probably be quicker and surer, and there are many helpful souls on here that can guide you through the process)
I will request your post forwarded to the "am I infected" forum, where the more malware experienced guys can give you a greater understanding of what is required.
Good luck.

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My computer hasnt been able to boot due to a stop screen error:
STOP: 0X0000007F (0X00000008, 0X80042000, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)
My computer goes through an infinite loop:
I turn on computer, the compaq screen comes up, then it tells me how windows did not start successfully. " A recent hardware or software change may have caused this."
Then it runs for about 2 seconds, and i get the blue screen:
The blue screen only stays up for about a milisecond, but i used a camera to record the screen. ( the stop code )
this really kinda stinks as I had alot of important things on there.
I purchased software on the computer which will mean i will have to pay for it again since i would have to reinstall.

Harddrive accessible/backupable through the program Ubuntu. Computer: presario x1000 with upgraded ram (256mb + additional 256mb therefore 512mb ram). Its a laptop.

I have tried taking the ram out and putting it back in but it has made absolutely no difference.
Problems before:
-Blue screen occured 2-3 days prior to incident, it just restarted and everythign was fine.
-Automatic updates did not consistently update computer ( i.e. would bug up and fail)
- Norton antivirus wasnt working ( would tell me unsuccessful, run diagnostics, no problems detected, wouldnt work).

When i used ubuntu. i copied the system32 files on a usb and scanned it on my other computer and found 2 viruses. I deleleted them, put thesystem 32 back on computer. no difference.

( no boot... Read more

A:Can't boot computer : STOP SCREEN ERROR! HELP!!

i had the same problem mate, still waiting for help too? =( Anyone care to help?

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My name is ashok i got a problem on my system it suddenly restarted in couple of times and shows error msg on blue screen after that my system didnt get into boot.

My system config:
Motherboard DPP3510J
Processor type Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo,[email protected],EM64T Capable
Ram 2G.B DDR2

tell me solution for get into boot

A:Blue screen error & didn't boot

Have you tried to boot in 'safe mode'?

You can try that by pressing F8 and holding it while the windows is about to boot.

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I have just bought a new harddrive and upgraded to W7

When I installed it yesterday the 32 bit version, it worked fine for about twenty minutes, then when I tried to install a few programs, itunes and things like that, it crashed giving me a blue screen and now it will only let me start in safe mode, it doesn't even get to the screen where it would let me enter my password, if I start in safe mode the screen has lines running down the middle of it but it does start!

The Error reads

ProblemEventName Blue Screen
OSVersion: 6.1.7600.
LocaleID: 2057

BCCode: 116
BCP1: 8759A008
BCP2: 90EACA80
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000002

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I am okay with basics (ish) but anything more complex and I'm really stuck! I have read it might be a driver or graphics problem but can't get the system to run to update drivers or anything

Many thanks in advance

A:New Windows seven won't boot - Blue Screen error

The Seven Forum would very much like to offer you help. To do so we must ask you to follow these instructions. When completed, you will be helped.

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My wife's Compaq laptop (Windows XP Home, Centrino chipset, 512RAM) locked up on her last night and she had to hold power button down to shut it down. At reboot she got the hourglass forever, then a blue screen with the message "Stop: C0000221 {Bad Image Checksum} The image wldap32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

What to do now? This site has been an invaluable resource to me in the past and I've donated several times! Am hoping you'll be able to save me again!



A:Blue Screen - Won't boot (wldap32.dll error)

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When I am booting my install of XP I get a blue screen with a hive file missing error. I am blaming it myself on faulty parts maybe the RAM or CPU. Recently it has been constantly crashing even just a few hours after a reformat and fresh install of windows xp. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Thank you.

A:Windows blue error screen on boot

Can you post the exact contents of the error message you reference?FWIW: The "hive"refers to the XP registry, not RAM or CPU.May be useful: AND

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Hey Guys,

Ive just installed Windows 7 Ultimate x32 (upgraded from XP)... Now, it all went fine, then on the final cycle of restarts THIS screen appeared. Its very odd. Random symbols, letters and coloured squares...

I now cannot get past it, or use the computer...

Any ideas?

Before this, it all worked fine... So i dont think it's a GPU thing or monitor thing...


Quote: Originally Posted by niickooo

Hey Guys,

Ive just installed Windows 7 Ultimate x32 (upgraded from XP)... Now, it all went fine, then on the final cycle of restarts THIS screen appeared. Its very odd. Random symbols, letters and coloured squares...

I now cannot get past it, or use the computer...

Any ideas?

Before this, it all worked fine... So i dont think it's a GPU thing or monitor thing...

Try booting into safe mode (F8) as it looks like a gpu driver and in safe mode a std vga driver will load instead.

You did check to make sure your hardware is compatible with win 7 right?

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Turned computer on, and it gave me error 'Unmountable Boot', said it was preparing self repair. Now screen is black and have been for 20 minutes

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My Toshiba Satillite A205-S7456 with Vista home premium will not boot, when I try it gives me Black Screen and error 0xc00000034 tried safe boot, repair disk nothing works, I need help please.

A:Will not Boot, Vista Black Screen error

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I have a Dell Desktop, circa 2003, i think with XP Home OS. When turning on the system, an error message came up saying that the copy of windows is not genuine and the only option is to close the box, at which point the Blue Screen of Death appears and nothing else will happen. Windows IS a genuine copy and Has been genuine since I purchased it back in 03.

When attempting to boot from the XP Home CD in order to exact a repair or even a reformat, the system says Strike Any Key to Boot from Disc - strike a key - things start to load on a blue screen and then it just stops.

Second attempt gave a message saying An Error was found, there is an ACIP (i think) BIOS problem (possibly why its suddenly saying non genuine...?) and said If this is the first time you've seen this, reboot and try again. Upon trying again, it started to load, and then stopped - after multiple attempts. Still no BIOS screen again, and never has the option to repair or reformat come up.

Please advise. Its appreciated.

A:Windows boot Error and Blue Screen

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Okay so I don't usually ask for help with computer problems, but this one has me stumped. It's Windows Vista's incredible stupidity, to be blunt. I swear, Automatic Update is the WORST form of syndication I've ever seen. It's useless. It causes more problems than it fixes. Several times now I've had to reformat or load a backup because automatic update has deleted important system files or messed up the registry. This time round I'm installing updates very slowly, and it seems to have avoided causing massive errors, but some kind of an error has been caused by the updates, and it's slowly getting worse and worse.

At first I had a rare blue screen that reported this;
[SPOILER]Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000008e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 944C5881
BCP3: 98C50C04
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:
(It's the same errors every time)[/SPOILER]

And the dump file said that WIN23K.exe was "probably" responsible for the crash, other than that just useless kernel data because the bugcheck doe... Read more

A:Blue Screen error 100008e during boot

Hi fortnox. . .


Although I see in your post that you usually don't ask for help, I am glad you are here and we can hopefully get through this.

A bugcheck = 0x0000008e indicates that a kernel-mode application generated an exception that the error handler did not catch. In this case, we look at the first parm for the exception - 0xc0000005 - which means that a memory access violation occurred.

I'll be more than happy to look at all of the dumps you have; however, there really is no point to do so as according to information you have posted... you ARE NOT updated with Vista SP1.

This is the #1 priority before anything else.

Any reason?

Regards. . .



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Hello everyone,

I use windows xp sp2 on computer and am unable to boot it up successfully. I am at a loss for what to do.

This is what happened. My computer became infected with a nasty virus so i tried to boot up in safe mode using F8. However I got a blue screen with an error message that said:





***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7B6D528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0X00000000) "

Every attempt to boot up in safe mode brought me to this screen. I then tried booting in safe mode through msconfig. I still received the blue screen error message. However now I receive it no matter how I start windows. Specifically when I try to boot up I am brought to a black screen with the message stating:

"We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly or was automatically shut down to protect your files and f... Read more

A:Unable to boot up (Blue screen error)

If you have a recovery partition try that. If not, I don't really know what I can do to help... maybe one of these cool cats can do something.

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Hello all,

Recently, I have been saving disk space to install new software, I have been doing disk cleanups and defragmenters and I scheduled a Disk error check for the next time I logged into windows.
The scan was running, and I turned off the computer manually ( )
I tried booting the computer up again and the dell system error comes up with the following.
-We are sorry for the inconvenience, windows did not boot successfully, etc
-List of all different types of boot programs
-etc, many of you probably encountered this..?

I tried all of the boot alternatives and none of them worked, they would restart, go to dell loading screen, then go to windows loading screen for about a second, then go back to the error page.
I cannot get into windows, I have tried setting the dell settings to default (in setup program)
Any suggestions or am I receiving a bill of an expert..

Thanks everyone!

A:Locked into dell boot error screen

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I cant get my computer to boot into safe mode by pressing f8 on startup so I changed the setting in msconfig. The computer turns on but I get a black screen. The monitor was working fine until I tried this.

I have tried windows cd but cannot see any thing on the screen to select repair. Is there a way to remotely change msconfig back? I can access the network through another computer but do not see any options there. I was trying to remove a malware program in safe mode when all this happened.

any help is appreciated.

A:WIndows boot error black screen

Can you boot into BIOS?

Cause if you can, just put in your install DVD and run Setup from that, then see if you can do a system restore or if msconfig runs from cmd (by typing in start msconfig)

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I'm stumped with this and need help.

I'm running a Dell Studio laptop with Vista (Service Pack 2). I can login normally, but instead of going to my desktop it takes me straight to Safe Mode: black screen with movable cursor and a window that says "Windows Boot Error." No error code.

The next window it gives me asks to scan the hard drive and the file system. If I choose "Yes," it scans, then comes back and tells me there is a hard disk error and I need to download the following updates.

It gives me no list of updates. If I click "Yes" to the download, the window goes away and it does nothing.

If I click "No" on either of these windows, it waits three seconds and then brings the window back up, starting from the "scan hard drive and file system" window.

If I clear the windows, I can use the 5-shift "Sticky Keys" window to get into my Windows Explorer, but only at five-minute bursts at a time.

My system was just purged not two weeks ago of the System Tool virus. Do I have another stupid virus on my machine, or is there something else going on? Thanks in advance.

A:Vista SP2: black screen, boot error

Sounds like a virus to me - none of what you describe sounds like legitimate Windows error messages.

To be sure, please follow these directions to post over in the malware forums: NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

If you're worried about your hard drive try this free, bootable hard drive diagnostics routine: HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link)

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My daughers computer running XP shut down. She rebooted, it went thru a scan and now when it trys to boot I get the blue screen with a registry error. I've tried booting in safe mode, booting from CD trying recovery mode and reinstall, as soon as it tries to load it shuts down. Is it fried or is there anything you suggest I try. Nothing new had been installed recently (software or hardware)

A:Blue Screen Registry Error- can't boot up

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The rest fo the error message says- "Failed to read configuration file. Please contact system administrator"
I have just R and R'd Firefox and I'm still getting this error message. It won't run now and now I see just how horrible IE is in XP,since I'm forced to use it now....sob
Please Help!!

A:Firefox won't startup-Error message says "Configuration error"

Only an idea!!!!  Not sure but it may be the newer FF may not run well on XP, you could experiment by down loading and older version.
Just checked I may be right check the link below!

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Hi Guys,

Setup a test PC at work the other for Windows 7 32 Bit and Windows 7 64 Bit (dual boot). Set the dual boot up with EasyBCD. It was working fine until about 20 minutes ago.

I have tried the automatic startup repair but it does not fix the problem. I have also gone through Bootsect.exe and Bootrec.exe commands and they have succesfully written new MBR's and Bootsectors yet the PC still restarts. I have had to /force the previous commands to run.

I have also tried Chkdsk /r but for some reason it just runs through very quickly and finds no errors.

Any ideas as the PC's also have the virtual XP setup.



A:Boot Configuration is Corrupt

If you can get to a command prompt, try running:

Drive:\boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 All

I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct commmand for Windows 7 but it used to work for Vista with the same problem. If somebody could please confirm that this command is still good?


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Hi everyone thanks in advance for your time always appreciate.
Ok, I had windows 7 pro on my machine and windows server 2008r2 on the same machine two separate hard drives. I had this setup to learn server 2008r2. this was a dual boot setup. I had issues with windows 7 pro and had to restore from an image that was created before I installed server 2008r2 so I lost the boot configuration. I tried automatically fix the boot from windows 7 disk; as well as tried some cmd commands to no avail. I can disconnect the one disk and connect the second disk to boot the server, but I lost the boot menu. Any one know how to fix this manually? Thank you; I have attached a pic of the disk management.

A:lost boot configuration.

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I have a Hp pavillion with vista laptop and I turned it on and it ask me to launch repair or start normally. I launched repair and it did nothing. I restarted it and it came up again. It said:::::Boot configuration is corrupt----repair action: Partition table repair----results failed---error code:0 x490. Once I turned it off and turned it back on. Windows was loading and then the Startup repair came up. PLEASE HELP---what can I do?

A:Boot Configuration Is Corrupt

Do you have impaired vision?

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Hey guys,

today i turned on my PC and it turned itself off, once i tried again it said windows had a failure and check for repair was recommended after doing it i found this:
So now every time i say start up normally it flashes a blue screen and shuts down.

I tried using bootrec.exe tool

But i think it only made things worse

What should i do???

I got an SSD(Win7) and a second hard-drive 1Tb

EDIT i imported the BDS backup so i am back to the top issue which was this:

A:Boot configuration corupt

[EDIT:] SSD doesn't seem to be there :s

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Not sure how this really happened actually.

Earlier today I was trying to merge some partitions with Partition Magic 8.0 on my hard drive. There were two of them (disk 1). Now, I also have a 1TB disk (disk 2), with also 2 partitions C and D. C is about 880 GB-s big, and D which is about 60 GB-s has my Windows 7 installed. Now the good thing is that my brother has accidentaly installed Windows Vista on my D drive., so now I can Dual Boot, and maybe fix this problem.

While i was trying to install a program, my PS suddenly rebooted all by itself... Blue screen came up, saying some memory storage has been lest, and it's trying to recover it (not really sure about that part) .
From that point I couldn't boot on Windows 7 anymore. Tried windows repair function, couldn't repair it, and it said in log that a root cause was found and that it is "boot configuration is corrupt".

Now I am booting it on Vista, and with Acronis True Image Home, I made a backup of the D disk, because I have some imporatan files there. But when I tried I to format it, with Paragon Partition Manager 8.0, I saw that I can't do anything with my whole disk, meaning partition C and D...thus I cannot format my partition on which lies the problem.

I should also mention that while i was trying to merge the partitions on my other Hard Disk, like I mentioned earlier, with my Partition Magic, even then Disk 2 was flagged with yellow color and it said it was: "Bad".

Any i... Read more

A:boot configuration is corrupt

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Hello masaloi

When you set the boot order in the BIOS, do you remember to


A:boot configuration problem

In the boot menu there is no provision for F10 only Esc or Enter

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hi guys

and first of all i thank u for reading this

I am using the fallowing configuration

intel 946GZis

intel core 2 duo 1.86

3 gb of ddr2 ram

and a nvidia 8400gs 256 mb g-card

I need help in 2 things here

i had this problem sometimes but suddenly a day my system failed to boot . usually before that my system boots with a "CMOS error "(my sytem time changes even though i replaced a new cmos battery)after i push the reset buttons twice or trice after getting no display in my computer

but suddenly a day whatever i try nothing worked and i was not able to boot my computer

so i started to examine and when i removed my graphics card from my mobo i was able to boot my system

and one more thing i noticed from my bios is that my ram which is like 1 gb that i brought while building my computer was 667 MHz and after that i upgrade the ram with another 2 gb but it was clocking at a speed of 800 MHz

so while that give any problem?

and my computer is working fine now after removing the graphics card..i have the old 1 gb(667) ram in the first ram slot and 2 gb(800) ram in the second ram slot

my system memory shows 3 gb.. but when i switch ram from their slots,some times i face booting issues.

i am currently not using the graphics card but when i used the computer before i used a overclocking software to overclock my graphic cad.. and i am confused

the confusion is ..

1) was the boot issue was because of the faulty graphics card?
if it is i have to cha... Read more

A:I need help with my configuration - boot problem

1) was the boot issue was because of the faulty graphics card?
if it is i have to change my grapics card ..and will my pc support 9600gt?

your MB will support the 9600gt. you can use any PCIE card (as long as you have enough PSU)
2)two ram clocking at different speed?
Always best to have matching ram. a mismatch can cause problems in many different ways. but if you want to use the diff RAM modules together, try putting the slower (667) in the 'A' channel. the RAM will operate at the speed of the slowest module(s)

3)whether its because of any problem in my mother board
It could be the MB. it is much more likley that it is the Graphics card, especially since you said you were OC it.

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I recently added a hard drive, installed a Linux OS on it, and configured my PC to ask me which OS to run upon boot up. How do I un-do the dual-boot configuration?

A:want to un-do a dual-boot configuration

If you're using something like LILO or GRUB in the boot record, it should be pretty simple.

Boot from an MS-DOS floppy and type the following command.


This replaces the boot sector with a standard one that will boot to just Windows. You can find floppy boot images at

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I was on my PC, my dual boot failed, windows boot configuration data is now gone. I don't have a system install disk, don't have an order number the manufacturer needs to send me one, nothing I've tried worked. The status error is 0xc0000098. Is there a way to fix it without the install disk? Some sort of repair tool I can download? If I could even get a command prompt open I could fix it but it won't boot at all.

A:Boot configuration data gone

Downloading Repair ISO which is small size file is illegal as per Microsoft. But you can download the ISO for Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation, burn it to a blank DVD and then use it to repair your system. The file size is more than 3 GB.
OR  Just ask one of your friends for their Windows 8 DVD and repair your system in a few minutes.
This is why you should create a repair disk the first time you boot your Windows computer.

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Good day.
On system configuration, on the "Boot Tab" the window does not show my OS, and
I cannot check any of the boxes on this tab. My system still boots up OK everyday.
I have run SFC/SCANNOW earlier today, have run complete antivirus scans.
Please kindly help.
OS Windows 7 Pro.

A:System Configuration-Boot Tab

Check the link here.

Boot tab in system configuration is empty.

If you have to fix the corrupted user account - read all instructions carefully.

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hi friends,
i guess this might have been posted b4 on this forum,
i need a quickfix for it, i m desperate hence m posting this thread:
i have a dell inspiron 14 with windows 7
i tried to resize the c partition using partition magic which backfired.
i m left with a system which boots halfway and starts the startup repair which isnt successful.

root cause found:
boot configuration is corrupt.
repair actionartition table repair.
result:Failed error code=0x490

i have tried chkdsk with all options.
pls help me.


A:boot configuration is corrupt.

Hello Appy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you can repair it using this.

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

Hope this helps,

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Good day, please help. Please kindly note I am not an expert with computers, so the simplest solutions
would be the best.
When I run msconfig, on the System Configuration, on the "Boot tab" there is no OS shown in the window,
and I cannot check any of the information shown in this tab
I do not know how to insert the OS in the window so I can change any of the info.
Help please.
My OS Windows 7 Pro.

A:System Configuration-Boot Tab

Method1 ) OS Boot Information
Try checking the box next to "OS boot information
You may have to close then re-launch msconfig for it to take outcome
Reboot your system now and see
Method 2) System File Checker
You should run System File Checker scan
Below is the command for System File Checker
Launch Command prompt
Type “sfsc /scannow”
Hit Enter.

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Hello everybody,

I wouldlike to know how to enable/disable the BCD.
Can you help me please?

T.Y. in advance

antivirus is warning about the BCD is allawing non-signed drivers installation.
Would like to fix this.
Is it worth it?

A:Boot configuration data (BCD)

Being worth it or not, really depends on what you want it for, can you give any more info?

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hell0 expert geeks ,i am running windows 7 professional ,i always prefer clean install if any problem comes but now when i think of it it's ridiculous it's actually better to create a system image so that i can restore it if something goes wrong ..but while using windows system image backup it's including non system partition as system partition aslo(.i.e my os is installed on c partition but image backup is also selecting e partition ) i used norton ghost , there is an option to select only particular drive but the restore process wont be perfect . so i would like to know how to shift boot configuration database from one partition to another so please help me ....thanks in advance

A:Boot Configuration Database

to Bleeping Computer.

So, if I understand correctly, you only want Windows to make an image of your C: partition and NOT your E: partition. Correct?

Well, unfortunately, Windows 7 does not let you pick the partitions that it makes a system image of. You can pick parts of any drive to back up as data, but it does the partition images automatically. It's not something you can customize.

You'll have to use a third-party program (like Ghost) if you want that level of customization. Sorry.

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I have 2 harddrives on my system a 40g and a 160g. I recently reformatted the smaller drive and installed XP on it, but already had XP on the larger drive. The computer will now only boot properly if both of these drives are connected. It seems the larger drive is the boot drive but the smaller drive runs XP. When I try running XP from the larger drive, XP tries to reinstall.

A separate but related problem: I tried to format another drive recently and was unable to do so because I couldn't boot independently from one of the older drives. I know I can format it by hooking it up by itself, which I will probably end up doing.

I created a windows xp boot disk, hoping that would work, but when I use the boot disk none of my hard drives are accessible even though they are recognized by bios.

I would like to make the smaller drive my boot and XP drive without doing anything drastic at this point. In the end I may need to reformat it without the larger drive connected-- which I think should work-- but would rather try other options first.

Any ideas? And why doesn't the boot disk recognize my harddrives?


A:weird boot configuration- can I fix?

Sounds like your page file has relocated from your boot disk to your other disk.

Connect both drives and boot to windows.

Right click on My Computer and select properties.

Then click on the advance tab. Click on the settings button beside performance and then click on the advanced tab there. Beside virtual memory hit change.

(What a process eh?)

Make sure in the window the only drive that has a page file is your boot drive.


Now this might now be what your problem is, but it is something that has burned me with multiple drives and then I removed one.

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Okay, it is going to sound like I am stupid, but I once set my next boot to enter to BIOS, and now I can't remember how to do it on my new laptop through Msconfig.exe

I don't know how to enter my BIOS on boot(dknow what F...)


The manual should tell you what key to press to enter your BIOS during the POST. If you watch closely during boot up you may see a message on the screen telling you with key to press. One of the most common keys for that function is the Delete key.

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My laptop is a Sony Vaio Z series. It is 4 years old now and out ofwarranty. It has a solid state hard drive, and runs Windows 7 Pro. Also Windows7 came preinstalled on the computer so I don’t have a disk to reinstall. I also don't want to do something that will erase my hard drive because my back up copy is about a year old.

Ican turn on the laptop, but it will not boot up. It just keeps going incircles, trying to start up, running disk checks, and doing startup repair.Every time I turn it on I get a screen, I don’t know what it means, but I haveattached a photo of it. Also, when it runs startup repair itshows a root cause of “Boot configuration is corrupt”. I’m trying to figure outif this is a Windows 7 software error, or a hardware failure causing a softwareerror.

Please look at the attached photo and help me figure out what is wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot configuration is corrupt

Seems to be an issue with your RAID that you have set up on the machine. It seems others have run into that same issue here. See if you can reset the error on the drive. If you're able to boot into your machine from there go to the Intel website and see if there's an update to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

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well the other day i turned on my laptop and it came up with start windows normaly or open windows repair enviroment so i clicked normal and repair enviroment came up anyway i just laughed thinking it was a bug and reset second time same thing happend i was like ok ? so i scanned with startup scanner on repair enviroment to find out

root cause found

boot configuration is corrupt

repair actionartition table repair
result: failed. error code =0x490

so what do i do someone help me please as i dont know to much about computers im about intermediate

A:boot configuration is corrupt

Do you have any installation media for Vista?

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Today I have recognized that I have on my screen like reflections, see for example attached image (if you are available to see it on your screen). Do you know how to eliminate it ?


A:Screen configuration

can you enter to the BIOS setup?

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my english is not very good so bare with me... please

that´s pretty much it, a co-worker was cleaning a pc (moving things from one disk to another, the pc has 4) and then he decided to format a partition somewhere, now everytime we try to start the pc it starts to load and suddenly a blue screen which we cannot read because it goes away quickly and the pc goes to off mode, we cannot even get into safe mode

we used another disk from another pc and everything was fine, but we couldn´t burn or open a dvd the pc gives the white x on red circle warning

what can I do?, suddenly I got to fix someone else mistake, I cannot format all, the owner needs his data, can I recover it on some way?

thanks in advance

A:XP, Format, Error on Boot, Blue screen, Restarting

I got into using slax and a live cd, it shows the drives, and it says that they are unmounted :??:

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Hello, the presario v2000 laptop running XP Home began having trouble. At first it started saying explorer.exe had to close, and would reboot but that quickly progressed to a blue screen error and would not load at all. I enabled boot logging at noticed it closed at the drivers...(nothing new was installed except apparently some windows updates).

Didnt work:
Safe Mode, Last Know Good..
Recovery Console-Chkdsk /r /p indicated there was an unrecoverable problem.
fixboot didnt work either. (now have NTLDR error)

Did testing on Memory, CPU, HDD. The only thing that raised flags was the Hard Drive accessibility which was very poor *(Hard drive throughput was good).

After doing fixboot, it now cant find NTLDR.

It seems to be like a hard drive failure. But I want to make sure. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

A) Is it clear that the Hard Drive is bad, and I should take it out, make it a slave to recover any data possible, and buy new HDD and reinstall?

B) attempt to re-partition (without data loss), enough to make room for a new xp install, and try to repair that way?


Thank You. Let me know if I'm missing something or there is a better procedure.


A:blue screen-unmountable boot volume error

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Hello all,
I need Help.
I am Running, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe MB. AMD Dx2 4800 CPU. Patriot DDR, PC3200 2 gig of Ram, 1 Maxtor 200 Gig HD, 2 Chaintech 7600 GS Video Cards in SLI

Trying to Install MS Windows XP-Pro. Everytime at Boot up, (Have never made it past the Windows logo, only there for 10 seconds if that. Then it Shouts down or I get Blue Screen of death, saying atapi.sys Error, and something about date Stamp.
I can't Ever get it to Boot up. Yes I am able to get into the Bios.
I have the Ram Voltage set 2.80 Was advised to do this by Patriot people. when I ordered the memory.
ANYONE ever had this probelm? Your Help will be so welcome!
Thank you.

A:atapi.sys Error, Blue screen of Death at Boot up

i have had this problem with trying to overclock ram even the slightest bit, but i also got it with bad ram.
The file has to do mainly with hard drives and memory from what i read online though.

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Clicked on a search result for aesthtetic facial injections for my wife and got one of those fake virus software attacks so I shut my computer off. On reboot xp was trying to load first time and I got the unmountable boot drive blue screen with 'ed' for the code at the bottom.

Tried all forms of safe mode- nothing
tried original disk- still get blue screen
I have two HD and changed boot sequence- still got it

ran hard drive diagnostics and they all passed

unplugged computer too

Help is greatly appreciated!!!! Dell xps dimension 9200 3yrs old running xp. Thank you!!!

A:Help! Got unmountable boot drive blue screen error

Just tried recovery console instructions and windows setup runs loads all files and still gives me blue screen after it says setup is starting windows.

This time I don't get the unmountable error, I get this:

***Stop: 0x0000007b then a bunch more numbers

I cannot get to the dos prompt to run a chkdsk either

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Hoping someone has some ideas. I have a Toshiba Satellite 2410-s185 running XP
When I turn the computer on I get the win XP and then these two error message.........
1. winlogon.exe
not a valid windows Image
(only option is to click okay)

2. isass.exe
Not a valid windows image

.......then I get a BLUE screen and nothing else. Trying f8 brought me to the same blue screen Anyone have any ideas or should I just reinstall XP, which of course we all hate doing and losing everything.. lanievig

A:Toshiba won't boot error messages, blue screen

Hard drive error, or an infestation that has damaged the first four to eight sectors of your hard drive.
Toshiba does not have software for testing the hard drive fitness if it is Toshiba drive, but other drive manufacturers to have drive fitness tests for their own drives.
Since the drive will still turn, you can rescue your data using a mobile drive adapter from or, then put the drive into a desktop machine as a slave, then drag and drop to the good drive, then burn to a CD for reinstall.
Then run windows in a Full install mode to see if the drive can be reformatted and Windows reinstalled.
If not, you will need to buy a new hard drive.,, and have very nice prices on mobile 2.5 inch hard drives nowadays.

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I am trying to get my Sister's computer running for her. She had a root kit and who knows what else.

When I got it from her, it would not boot even get to the windows boot screen. I found an old windows xp install disc and ran chkdisk. I also rewrote the MBR. After doing this, I got the computer to boot part way into Windows.

Now it gives an error of 0x00000024 and says to disable anti-virus, disk defrag, and backup utilities. The problem is, I can not even boot into safe mode.

I know that her personal files are still intact on the hard drive.

I tried to run the system recovery so that I could attempt to fix the OS but when it starts to boot, it gives a different blue screen error. She does not have any recovery discs either.

The recovery partition still seems to be there as well.
If there is a somewhat simple fix for this, I would greatly appreciate the help. If it is not possible to recover from this problem, I would greatly appreciate help figuring out how to burn a recovery disc from the recovery partition.

A:Blue Screen error 0x00000024 wont boot

There is no simple fix fact, there is no simple way to determine what the underlying problem might be.STOP 24 BSODs/errors...can be caused by various things and can be attributed to various causes.[b]0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM[/bA problem occurred within NTFS.SYS, the driver file that allows the system to read and write to NTFS file system drives. There may be a physical problem with the disk, or an Interrupt Request Packet (IRP) may be corrupted. Other common causes include heavy hard drive fragmentation, heavy file I/O, problems with some types of drive-mirroring software, or some antivirus software.Since you have already run the chkdsk /r's safe to say that it's something more serious than a simple solution can handle.IME, the file system (NTFS) could be corrupt or the hard drive itself may be damaged. Generally...running chkdsk /r will generate an error message if NTFS is the problem, while the best way to diagnose a hard drive problem is to run the approriate hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic.As for recovery disks...the system manufacturer's website is the best place to get info on such.I would suggest that any valued data files be moved from the hard drive (by connecting it to a different system)...before doing anything further.LouisSystem manufacturer and model?

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I was just moving a folder that was using alot of memory into another partition, and I may have dragged it into another folder in the same directory.  It froze for a while and then gave me a blue screen.  I tried going into safe mode, debugging, startup repair...... nothing works.  If I choose repair it says " windows failed to start... to fis the problem.  Insert your windows installation disc...    Status 0xc000000f  Info:  the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."   If I choose start windows normally I get the Blue stop screen (Stop: 0x0000007B).  I dont seem to have an installation disc for my laptop, which is an MSI A6000.   Please help

A:Getting blue screen "stop error" laptop will not boot up

Let's try a Repair Installation.  This will not effect your data.  The instructions include a means for downloading a ISO image which you will burn to a disc to create a bootable disc.
Instructions for a Windows 7 Repair installation.
A Windows 7 Repair Installation will require a installation disc.
If you do not have a Windows 7 installation disc you can download a free legal ISO image of Windows 7 SP1 at  Window 7 Direct Download Links.  You will need to download the same version of Windows 7 that you have installed,  This image is hosted by the Digital River store which is an official distribution partner of Microsoft.  This is a genuine untouched image which is safe to download. 
Attention:  If you do have a Windows installation disc, skip Part A and go to Part B, Step 1b.
Part A, Steps 1a - 6a
The ISO image will need to be burned to a DVD in order to create a bootable installation disc.
1a)  To burn a ISO file to a DVD please download ImgBurn and install it.
2a)  Insert a blank DVD into your CD/DVD drive tray, and then close the tray.
3a)  Open ImgBurn, and click on Write image file to disc.

4a)  Click on the Browse for a file icon:

5a)  Locate the ISO file you want to burn, and click on the Open button.
6a)  Click on the blue arrow to start burning the bootable DVD.

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Emachines T2958
Windows XP

Computer fine one night, next boot. Tried F8 after all 5 options on black screen didn't work. Disabled auto reboot and got blue screen with this error code.

STOP: 0x000000E3 (0x8055BE0,0x82FC93E8,0x0000000,0x00000002)

I've been reading forums about BartPE and if this is the suggested solution, can I make this disc on my Vista system then use it to work on my XP system? Also, I don't have an XP disc, but I do have the EMachines restore DVD 1.1 which evidently has all the software that was preinstalled on my computer, so I don't know what exactly is on there.

A:Solved: XP won't boot, STOP error on blue screen

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I noticed a couple days ago that my computer gave me a message saying Disk I/O error, i pressed a key and my computer started up fine. Today however, i notice my computer goes from the Disk I/O error screen right to one that says I can launch windows normally, or start the repair. When i try to press the repair option,the screens blinks and goes back to the option to select repair or boot normally again. So when i try to boot normally, i get stuck at the green bar loading screen.

Anyone know whats going on? Please don't tell me its the hard drive

A:Cannot boot past loading screen/ Disk IO error

Please don't tell me its the hard driveClick to expand...

Ok I won't, but it is.


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Hello there,

My windows XP installation will not boot, and no error message is shown. Asus booting screen is shown though, and I can even access the file system if using windows XP installation CD.

I tried recovery mode, done 'chkdsk', done 'fixboot', even went as far as copying repair registry files from c:/windows/repair to c:/windows/system32/config .

Nothing helps.

Prior to the problem I deleted the Alcohol120% program, but It wouldn't let me delete it in a standard way, so I deleted it from the drive and then from the registry(what I always do if simple uninstall is not working).

After that I tried sptd from DuplexSecure, but It did not give me the possibility to choose uninstall, it just installed and asked me to restart my machine. After the restart, the problem occured.

I am the same guy as here BSODs for different reasons , I was trying to fix my bluescreens, and this happened.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows XP won't boot, no error message after ASUS screen

I managed to extract some minidumps from the affected computer, they might be of some help.


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