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There is not enough memory or disk space to run word"

Q: There is not enough memory or disk space to run word"

can no longer open any of my Office programs. I have tried to
uninstall/reinstall and it hasn't fixed it. I have tried a system restore on
multiple dates and that hasn't fixed it.
I have checked: 1.4 GB of available memory
I am running Windows7 installed and Microsoft Office 2007 with service pack 1 and I believe all the updates that
are available.
All Microsoft programs I try to open pop up with the same error message.

A: There is not enough memory or disk space to run word"

usual sign of being infected by a virus or malware. respond accordingly.

Other issues can be you have never run disk cleanup or disk defrag which results in no available space on the server as well as being severely fragmented file system.

You should start by running chkdsk /f on the volume to check for disk or file corruption errors.

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when i try to run word 2007 i get the following error message:
There is not enough memory or disk space to run word 12

I have 1Gb RAM with 550Mb free and 2Ghz Turion with 7Gb free space on the system partition and 15Gb free space in the other partition

can any tell me why its doing this?


A:OFFICE 2007 - "Not enough Memory or Disk Space to run word 12"..?

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I was working on a large document on Microsoft Word 2010 (Home and Student), saving as I went along as usual, until I tried to save it again and instead received the above error message. When I clicked "OK", a second error message appeared: "There is not enough memory or disk space to update the display". The fonts were all changed, and the pages appeared in the draft layout. I've uploaded the document onto OneDrive and opened it via Word Online, and it's opened fine - formatting is all correct and I haven't lost any work.

My laptop is barely a month old, and the C: drive has plenty of GB free. I've performed a disk cleanup, and the laptop is currently in the middle of a full anti-virus scan. I'm still getting to grips with using Windows 8, and I've never had this message before on any version of Word, so I don't really know what to do. How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Word 2010 error: "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the op

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I am running Windows 7. 
My laptop came with Word 2007 installed.  I am now using Office 365, so I have Word 2013 installed. 
(I haven't uninstalled 2007 in case I do decide to let my monthly payment go at some point..... I know, but it hasn't been an issue until now)
I am currently trying to move items to an external while sorting.  I can shift+down arrow, and select multiple files of ALL other types except for Word documents. 
When I hover the mouse over a Word doc in a file, my laptop seems to "freeze", and then a popup comes up saying "Microsoft office word 12.0   there is not enough memory or disk space to run Word".  It takes several minutes, and multiple popups, before it will "unfreeze", and let me continue. I can scroll down the list, but if I hover over another Word doc, it repeats. 
I have rebooted several times. 
I CAN open any documents in Word 2013, that's not an issue. I can't select documents (except one at a time, but the popup still occurs) to move them to the external.

A:office word 12.0 "there is not enough memory or disk space to run Word"

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word

I've seen this problem listed before, and I've tried most of the suggestions I've found to no avail...

The error message I get when I try to open Word 2007 is what I've listed at the top. In addition to its failure, none of the Office 2007 apps will open. I'm running Windows XP Pro, have 40GB free on HDD, and I have 512MB RAM...

When I try to open Outlook, I get this:

Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot initialize Microsoft Office shared utilities. Restart your computer or reinstall Microsoft Office Outlook.

Any help?

UPDATE: I ran the search for the problem in totality. I'm trying everything I'm finding, but nothing is working yet...

A:There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word

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One day, seemingly at random (I know that it obviously was not), my steam client stopped working, so doing a virus scan malwarebytes returned a positive. So I removed it, but having done this I thought my computer was fine, but when I opened Word 2010 I got the error "There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word" I have 281 Gb of free hard drive space and 8 Gb of RAM. I even used the installation CD and used "repair" which didn't work. I also tried clearing the Temp folder, but the problem persists

A:There is not enough memory or disk space to run word

It's possible that the malware you discovered damaged Word and/or other system files. Since you have an installation disk (which I'm guessing is Microsoft Office 2010), I would uninstall the entire suite.

How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites

After uninstalling Microsoft Office I would check for damaged or corrupt system files by running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Since you know the computer was previously infected, it's very possible that other malware is still lurking. No anti-malware product is 100% effective 100% of the time. If there was such a thing we'd all be using it. Besides running Malwarebytes again, run some additional free on-demand scanners. My first choice is Windows Defender Offline. It's a bootable media which means it has to be made on a machine that is without malware. And some other free scanners.


ESET Online Scanner


Trend Micro HouseCall


If all of the scans come back with no threats detected, I would next do some general hard drive housekeeping.

Disk Cleanup - Open and Use

Disk Defragmenter - Open and Use

Hibernate - Enable or Disable (If you don't use hibernate)

Once all of this is done, reinstall Microsoft Office. Please post back if you're still having "not enough memory or disk space" issues.

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gee whiz...

when i attempt to run word (even if just to open a document) or operate other ms office programs (like publisher, which i need to run like all day tomorrow), i get a message that says:
"there is not enough memory or disk space to run word" .

this just started today, and i have never received such a message before.

anyway of diagnosing what the heck is going on? i don't suppose moving MS office to a different drive would address the issue?

thanks so much in advance and happy this year....


A:not enough memory or disk space to run word?

Are you getting similar memory errors with any other application?

Usually this message is the result of file corruption; sometimes it is due to malware.

The first thing to do with just about any "Word" problem is to rename or delete the template >>

Also, for problems that just began often the best and quickest recourse is just to excercise "System Restore". Restores can be undone if not helpful.

In XP, just run msconfig and select "Launch System Restore" and choose a date when you know the problem did not exist.

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Just installed office 2013, when I open word I get that error. I read up and one article said
"So, following the second set of instructions, we created Old.dotx in the above folder, rebooted the Remote Desktop server, and fired up Microsoft Word.
The error did not reappear, though there still was not a Normal.dotx in the folder."
How do you create the Old.dotx in that folder?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\1033\QuickStyles\office\
Fresh valid install,and problems already.

A:There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display font

Should I reinstall?

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I use microsoft office 2007 My computer is dual core 2.53 Ghz 3 GB memory and I have 91.4 GB free disk space.
I am using Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2
I work a lot with word and did not have any problem. Now i have a problem with one particular file that I can not open and I always get the error "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation. " When I try to open the file File size is not so big 652 KB Any ideas what I can do.


A:Solved: "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation."

What type of file? Where did it come from?

If you do not have file endings showing, you should. Be sure that there is not a hidden "exe" or "com" at the end of that file.

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"Not enough memory to run microsoft excel. Please close other programs and try again"
So this morning I tried to open up excel, and this message comes up. Same happens for word.
Then I try and open it again and it wants to run in safe mode, and then the same problem happens.
Then I open it again and it says "Excel failed to launch in safe mode. Do you want to start Detect and Repair?"
So I run that and it says setup completed successfully. But I try and open it and I get the original "not enough memory" message, and it's just a big loop.

I have enough memory, 3GB and I'm using office 2007 on windows 7.
It's been running fine since this morning.

A:"There is not enough memory or disk space to run excel"

How about diskspace that's ' memory' too.
The environment settings voor %TEMP% could be invalid?

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Here's the story. I bought this new Samsung 840 250GB SSD.
I first did a clean install of windows 7 on it and it worked fine. Windows installed without much problem and everything. Then something didn't look right about the partitions. It looked like because I had all my HDDs connected while installing windows on the SSD the windows created the system reserve on the old HDD rather than the SSD. So I went back and decided to start from scratch with all the HDDs except for the SSD disconnected. I tried reinstalling windows on it but this time it didn't work. I tried formatting the SSD and it just gave me an error saying windows couldn't install on a GPT disk. I went into bios, made sure the PC was booting from the UEFI DVD drive and it still kept giving me the same error.

So I then booted up my old HDD. I tried formatting my SSD and now I can't delete the partition!
This is what my disk set up looks like:

If I click "extend volume" on the "New Volume (G" disk, it says "there is not enough space on the disk(s) to complete this operation".
If I try to create a "new simple volume" on the "unallocated" partition, it says the same...

Have I destroyed my new SSD now?! I just want it to work like a new clean disk...

A:If I try to "extend volume" it gives "not enough space on the disk(s)"

Hiyya Tracing try doing it with Partition Wizard mate Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
Brilliant tool if you can't do anything with the partition them just wipe the disk mate and start over with this SSD Alignment

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My HDD shows 21GB+ free yet MS Word will not save and says "Insufficient memory. Not enough disc space". Norton AV and Trend Micro scans detected no virus, Add-Aware and Spybot found nothing either.

Had a quick read about [email protected] or [email protected] on Symantec's site and their fix warns that I may have to re-install Word afterwards.

Is there any way I can confirm this is the problem before I try their removal tool?

I have Word 2002 btw, any help will be appreciated,


A:Solved: MS Word says "insufficient mem. not enough disc space"

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I have a document sent to me by a customer which was created in Word 97, and then saved in Word 6.0/95 format.
When I now try to open it in Word 97 on my own machine I get the following error after it has converted the file:
"There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation."

Now, I am running a Celeron 400Mhz with 98Mb RAM and around 5Gb free on my hard disk, so it's not a memory or disk space problem! I have tried copying the doc to my hard disk and opening it from there but the same thing happens. I have also tried it on another machine in my office but the same happens.

Can anyone help? All I know is that the doc is around 50 pages long and has a few graphics within.



A:Not enough Memory or Disk Space????

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First Is it possible to take the memory from one computer and put it in another computer (simms) and second, how do i get the necessary disk space to download MSN, please e-mail me as soon as possible. [email protected]

A:memory and disk space

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I have been exploring how to make a backup so that if my computer dies I will have some record (I assume that is what it means) to put on a replacement computer to make it similar to the one I am using now

I use Firefox so tried their FEBE extension ....
FEBE Firefox Extension
but that didn't seem what I wanted

I then tried Registry Backup as I already have their Windows Repair Pro which I was advised to install in case I ever have problems in the future with something going wrong but have not had to use (yet?) ....
Registry Backup
but didn't understand how I could get that on to a new computer.

So, I uninstalled both of those and have been trying to make a backup onto a memory stick but am running into problems that I will do my best to explain clearly.

I have tried two new 4GB memory sticks and followed the advice in Control Panel, Backup and Restore.

The Start, Computer screen confirms that Drive I (the memory stick) has 3.85GB free before I start.

All starts well but after a while I get the following message "The disk that your backups are being saved on doesn't have enough free space" and also says that I only have 1.39MB free of the 3.8GB.

So I found a video and tried to follow the instructions carefully ....
and did so until 2.40 in. The previous steps I followed were fine but I simply could not find the Windows Backup file.

I followed the instructions to delete that backup and tried again. I... Read more

A:"Not enough space left to complete backup" on 4GB empty memory stick?

Best to make a full copy (image) of your hard drive, to recover. The Windows backup only backs up certain files. You are still left to reinstall most everything (including Windows). The Marcrium Reflect (a UK company), free version, will do nicely. But, you need something more than a disc or flash drive. A USB connected hard drive would probably be best.
Macrium Software

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This is hard to describe, but here goes, WHen I use Word 2000
somehow there is a 3 space automatic tab that is annoying because I have to back space 3 spaces every time. For example,
If I am typing an address like: Mr. John John and I hit return to type the address: 343 E. Strong Ave.

Even though I have the curser right under the M it puts the 343 three spaces forward, under the J on the first John.

I can't find where that is formatted or where to change it.

ANyone have any ideas?

A:"Word" I need to stop the automatic 3 space tab

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Hi and thanks for reading this,

A while ago i was running out of disk c space, so i checked to see what was taking up so much space in my c drive. I found thet my temp folder was very large, so i deleted all the files in there after reading that it was safe to. Now i keep losing disk c space and i get messages such as low disk space and low virtual memory. I am unable to do anything, please help me!

Thank you

A:Low disk space and low virtual memory

Where is your swap file?
Had someone, by any chance, set it to be inside your temp folder?

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3 weeks ago, I suddenly saw that the space memory of my disk went from 80gb free to 20gb free and it is now at 10gb free...People from another community told me I had a vundo. I tried a lot of anti malware, I used Norton 360, anti trojan elite, Vundo fix...I asked the help of a specialist who did not find anything but advice me to reinstall vista 64.
Could you help me before I install Vista again? Here is my log

[09/02/2008, 0:15:38] - VirtumundoBeGone v1.5 ( "C:\Users\LENOVO_USER\Desktop\VirtumundoBeGone.exe" )
[09/02/2008, 0:15:40] - User choose NOT to continue. Exiting...

[09/02/2008, 0:15:54] - VirtumundoBeGone v1.5 ( "C:\Users\LENOVO_USER\Desktop\VirtumundoBeGone.exe" )
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - Detected System Information:
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - Windows Version: 6.0.6001, Service Pack 1
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - Current Username: LENOVO_USER (Admin)
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - Windows is in NORMAL mode.
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - Searching for Browser Helper Objects:
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - BHO 1: {053F9267-DC04-4294-A72C-58F732D338C0} (HP Print Clips)
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - BHO 2: {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} (Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper)
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - BHO 3: {22BF413B-C6D2-4d91-82A9-A0F997BA588C} (Skype add-on (mastermind))
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - BHO 4: {3CA2F312-6F6E-4B53-A66E-4E65E497C8C0} ()
[09/02/2008, 0:15:55] - WARNING: BHO has no default name. Checking for Winlogon refere... Read more

A:Lost Of Memory Space On Disk sure and install and run MBAM as administrator(right click)

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I got this error message when trying to copy a picture from a site in Firefox. I was not running any other program.

There is insufficient memory or disk space.

I went to another site and found the same picture and copied it successfully into a word doc of 36 KB.

I got this once before after Avast blocked something. I don't know if I have a bug or what. Only had Firefox open then also.

I don't notice my computer running slow or anything. Maybe it is nothing?

A:There is insufficient memory or disk space

I don't notice my computer running slow or anything. Maybe it is nothing? I would generally agree with the above quote, but I would keep an eye on how often you get this message.Also try doing the same thing with Internet Explorer to see if you get a similar message -It may just have been the site -Regards -

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I have Office Basic 2007. All of a sudden today I receive an error message for Word, Excel and Outlook saying "There is not enough memory or disk space to run" the program...I also can't run it in Safe Mode.

I have PLENTY of memory available (3.25GB of memory, large paging size). I have tried even doing system restore, and trying to repair Office...and even uninstalled and reinstalled Office.



A:Not enough memory or disk space to run Excel

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I'm hoping this is a simple fix. I'm trying to fix my elderly uncle's Asus laptop. System Repair pops up and fails. I booted to command prompt and found out it may be hard disk space. 400+ GB Hard drive (only one drive) and there's only 1024kb Free. I'm thinking that could be the issue. Hardware was checked out at the computer store and is fine. But they were going to charge him $200 to fix this failure to boot up issue. I told him to let me try first.

Can I possible "compact" this drive from the command prompt screen?

Note: I have no other Win 7 systems, so can't create a disk, and I have no original disks.
Also, no restore point has ever been set, and there are no partitions on the drive.

A:"Startup repair" failing - hard disk space issue?

Normally, I'd tell you to download a program or two to examine what's using the space or to clean up unnecessary files.

But with only 1024 kb of space, you probably can't install anything.

So--try this:

Start button, search box, type in "disk cleanup" and then poke the disk cleanup listing that shows up.

Let it clean up the drive and report back with how much space you then have.

You'll see an option in disc cleanup where it asks if you want to clean up system files as well. Say yes.

It should calculate how much space it will recover.

Let it run to completion. Might take a few minutes.

Then check your recycle bin to see if it's empty.

Report back with available space.

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My wife has a two month old Lenovo ideapad with Windows 7. We are now getting alerts that the D partition is near full. Is this system taking multipul backups of the harddrive C and storing them all? What are my best options to have a safe backup, but not overloading the D partition? I do see in; Computer>System>Device Manager>Disk Drives>D Drive General tab that there are two options at the bottom.
option one, (not checked in my case) "Compress this drive to save disk space".
Option two, (checked) "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties"
Would selecting option one solve my problem? If this system is saving a snapshot of D over and over, it will only be a matter of time when option one will be overcome.
SO, I would think that there has to be a setting that will let partition D delete older backups...right?

Would it be a combination of selecting option one and changing a setting that would enable older backups to be automaticaly removed?

A:Action Center "Check backup disk space" alert

Welcome to the forum
If your D drive is made for backup's only, you can delete all files exept the newest one.
But it's advised to make backup's on an external USB drive and change the frequency of backup's to your files and olso for images to your OS.

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I have a C: drive which I want to increase in size. Under disk management there is 20GB of "Free space" - (right next to the C: partition). But neither disk management or EASUES partition manager will allow the partition to use this space. How to I change "free space" to "unallocated" so that it can be used ?

A:Cannot extend volume (disk management) although "free space" exists

Can you post a snip showing what you have? An image makes it easier for us to help you. For example, you said that there was 20GB of free space next to your C: partition. What you didn't say was whether it was to the left or right of it.

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Hi everybody, I've made a lot of progress with this external drive, but I seem to be stuck now.


Unidentified problem with 3TB external drive (USB 3.0 enclosure) that the computer suddenly started treating as RAW. Spent the last two weeks running CHKDSK /r repeatedly. Slowly got through many hundreds of indexing errors. Now I get as far as "verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 5)," but I seem to have hit a wall here...

CHKDSK won?t go any further because there is "Insufficient disk space to fix the security descriptors data stream."

Microsoft?s advice (Error Message:) is of no help to me. They say to ?delete some unneeded files from the disk and try again,? which doesn?t help me since I can?t get the drive to mount or stay mounted long enough to copy the files onto a different drive.


The drive behaves differently each times I power up its enclosure, but it is usually one of these things:

Drive doesn't mount.
Drive mounts after a few minutes. I see a generic "Local Disk L:" in Windows Explorer but, when I try to explore its folders, the computer takes about 15 minutes trying to read it (I can see the progress bar moving slowly across the top of the screen), and then says that "The parameter is incorrect." Drive disappears from Windows Explorer.
Drive mounts after a few minutes. I see the full Volume name that I originall... Read more

A:"Insufficient disk space to fix the security descriptors data stream."

Someone? Anyone?

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Big Kudos to anybody who can solve this one! Very little/nothing on Google or microsoft support site.
Here's the problem:

I'm helping a family member who has a new Dell PC with Windows XP Home, Outlook Express 6.
Every time they close Outlook Express, the following Warning pops up:
To free up disk space OE can compact messages. This may take a few minutes. There are 2 options - OK and Cancel.

Here is the rub: We've closed the warning, or we've clicked OK, or we've clicked cancel, we've checked the box that says don't ask me again....these warnings continue to come up next time (EVERY time) Outlook Express is closed.

This is a senior citizen who has, maybe, 20 email messages and no shortage of memory or disk space. I want to prevent this warning from coming up ever again. How do I do it? Is there some default I can change somewhere?

A:Solved: "Free Up Disk Space" OE warning ?? Stop the Madness!

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Hello, my system disk is an Intel X25-M G2 80Gb (74.4Gb) and I recently discovered that there is a rather huge discrepancy in used disk space.

According to disk properties I have used up ~73.7 of the 74.4Gb, but the actual files on the disk are only 51.7Gb if I show all hidden/system files, mark everything and check size and WinDirStat report the EXACT same thing.

I have no pagefile on my system disk, no hibernation file and no system restores (it's actually disabled).

So any ideas whatsoever what this could be? It's starting to become rather annoying to "lose" 25% of my system disk. I've run diagnostics and haven't been able to find anything, I've googled it extensively and found others with similar problems, but the only solutions I've found are pagefile, hibernation file, system restores and of course disk cleaning - all of which I have checked already.

A:Approx. 20Gb of system disk space "missing" - Intel X25-M G2

Hello Zeilon, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below may be able to help you ID what may be using the SSD's space. Option 1 with WinDirStat is a good starting point.

Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover

Hope this helps,

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Hello. I am having trouble with a message in Action Center in Windows 8.1. It is saying "Check Backup Disk Space" and I cannot hide the message. I had Windows 7 File Recovery setup with Windows 8.1, but now after the upgrade, the message is "stuck." Can this be fixed? These two links explain it perfectly:

Windows 8.1 Update - Check backup disk space - Microsoft Community

Windows 8.1, can't remove "Check backup disk space" error in action center - Ars Technica OpenForum

Please help. Thanks.

A:"Check Backup Disk Space" Error Windows 8.1

See picture:

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I got the warning msg that my drive "E" (system restore) was almost full. I did a disk cleanup, and a delete all restore points (including system...). After deleting approx 25 restore points and I've deleted down to 2 currently (new ones) and the only way I could get them to go was with CCleaner, My disk now shows only 4.2 free of the setting of 10.6GB. I cannot find what it taking up over 6GB on my recovery disk. What has it gone for....? I searched the internet several hours but can't find the answer. Any help appreciated...TJ

A:Unable to increase free space on Recovery Disk "E"

System Restore points take up space on C, rather than in E or a recovery partition in my experience. A recovery partition is normally put there by the manufacturer to allow you to restore to factory specifications if needed. I wouldn't ever deliberately put anything else on a recovery partition.

Who made this PC?

Can you post a picture of Windows Disk Management so we can see a visual display of your partitions?

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When I couldn't delete the student office trial (which came installed with my HP laptop purchase) from "add/remove" due to having deleted first, a different but associated program (can't recall the name), I followed these tedious instructions found on this link -

The problem is...I noticed that instead of freeing up disk space, it took up more. How can I remove this trial completely to free up space?

A:Office Trial Removed From "Add/Remove" YET Ate Up Disk Space

ellaphant5 said:

due to having deleted first, a different but associated program (can't recall the nameClick to expand...

This can be a problem.

Also, I would say that fix from MS applies only to when the proper procedure for the uninstall of Office is followed but the end result is not what we expected so basically that didn't wasn't any help.

We need to know what other mystery "associated" program is.

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Hello everyone,

I am currently a new registered user and was wondering if this was the correct place to post my problem. I have a issue with my Local Disk (C:/ Drive) and was wondering what was taking up so much space. I have a 1TB hardrive, currently on my Local Disk I have 136GB free of 454 GB. However, when I add up what I can find when opening the drive, it doesn't add up anywhere near the 317GB that it says has been used.

Now, I have currently installed...CCleaner, Eusing Regcleaner, AVG Free 8.0, and TreeSize, all of which I have run various times (still learning about TreeSize).

BEFORE I was getting scared because I had even less memory free (approx. 74.9GB of 454GB). But after running a Disk knocked it down to it's current state. It still doesn't explain how I have so much memory used.

My only thought now is that there are extra copies of my folders and files. Or most likely this has something to do with Vista's "System Restore". I am not very adept at using this PC. Whatever advice you guys can give...try to dumb it down for me and tell me where to go (e.g. Control Panel>Systems>etc..)

And my System Specs are incomplete because I don't even know where to go to get all that information! So if you need to know something about my PC tell me where I might find it or just look at what I have for my System Spec.

Thank you very much, I'll be checking my post at least once a day so I'll try to respond quick if any of you pros have an idea... Read more

A:Local Disk/System Restore/"eating" up space

Hello Mike, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This tutorial will help you see how much disk space is being used by System Restore and how to adjust the MAX size it can use. With a 1TB drive, it will have a high MAX by default.

System Restore - disk space

Hope this helps,

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Hi - I keep getting the message that a backup failed due to less than 400 MB on the Windows disk. I have about 350 GB available on the disk!

Other backups have worked OK. I have seen a long thread on the Microsoft site with lots of people saying they have the same intermittent problem, but no solution. Anyone know what causes this?

I'm working Home Premium, and backup up to another hard disk on the same machine which also has lots of free space.

Thanks guys


A:Vista backup fails "not enough space on Windows disk"

Just a couple of simple questions, which you may have already covered.
How much space is on the C drive.(where Vista is installed)
On the 'Where do you want to save your backup' page, you are sure it is your second drive and not the 'Recovery' partition.

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Using XP SP-1, 40GB HDD
A folder named "System Volume Information" has been created in each drive (C:,D:,E:,F: )
and consuming significant disk space day by day. Whether deleting these folders will create any problem. Any other technique to stop increasing the size of these folders ? Please suggest.
Presently consuming more than 3 GB in total.
Sometimes I need system restore to speed up the PC (besides other registry tools ) ..therefore this function is enabled in the system.

A:Too much disk space consumed for "System Volume Information"

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I know it reduces the overall file size of the folder or file in question, but what method does it use to do this?

If you are not familiar with this phrase, it appear if you right-click on a file/folder in windows explorer and select "advanced". When selected the file/folder name will turn blue.

I need to know for some work, I have to compress some work and I could merely show myself using this feature, but explaining how it works would be better.

Thank you

A:[SOLVED] What does "Compress Contents To Save Disk Space" do?

This compression method does not reduce the "size" of a folder, it reduced the "size on disk". am I right in thinking that this compression method does not alter the code of any files, it merely stores the folder in a way which saves space on the disk?

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I am attempting to transfer all of the files form an NTSF 250 GB external drive to an empty FAT32 250 GB internal drive via USB.

I keep getting an error message that says "Cannot copy (filename): There is not enough free disk space. Delete one or more files to free disk space, and then try again. To free space on the drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click Disk Cleanup".

This is not true though, as the destination drive has more than enough space for the transfer.

A:False error - "not enough disk space" durring transfer

You cannot transfer all the files because many will be in use...

You will ned to make a drive image with a program like Ghost, or you can even use its drive copy feature.

It will be cake to copy an entire drive.

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Hi there!
First of all thanks for the great toturial and the forum.

I tried to do the in-place upgrade from Windows 10 (build 1607) in order to "repair" my system (there are some quirks I want to get rid off) using a freshly created USB (as per description), but it fails with the message "make sure that there is enough disk space available in your PC" (rough translation from german; see attached screenshot) without any further information.

It then automatically cycles back to the question on how to install (i.e. with keeping data and apps or without) and then back into the above mentioned error message.

This is what I already tried or made sure of prerequisites needed:
I have made sure that there is definitely enough disk space available.My C: partition (where windows resides on) is 106 GB large and has currently over 58 GB of free space available.The system partition that is supposed to be 350 MB is still 350 MB (I read something about this potentially being reduced to 100 MB by other tools ...).I have deinstalled the Kaspersky anti virus tool (reinstalled it now after several tries with no success).I have disabled (i.e. fully decrypted) the disk encryption bitlocker on all disks.

My partitions (as seen from "Mini Tool Partition Wizard" and "Disk Manager"):
Do you have any ideas on what else could be wrong?
What intrigues me most is the fact that there is no further information in the error message on what or where is missing... Read more

A:In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space"

Hi, Mark and welcome to Ten Forums.
Have you tried to mount the ISO in File Explore, instead if using an USB stick?
I just download the current ISO here: Windows 10 ISO , mount it in File Explorer and run the setup.exe.

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i heard this is way to much. what should i set it to?> or what else should i do?

thanks alot,


A:in my internet options, my "amount of disk space to use" is 8591 MB..?

It's down to preference really but you don't really need it to be set more than 200 mb's.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi there,

I am facing a problem with the backup program of Windows 8. My computer (Asus with 250SSD) disk is new and I just installed my programs. Now I want to create a System Image using Windows. The image should be around 50go. Everything works fine until I get a message error saying my external disk does not have enough space, which is impossible since it is completely empty (500go).
Did anyone have ever meet that problem and/or have advices to help me? I would like to solve that and not be forced to used another way to backup.

Thank you,


A:Create system image failed - "not enough space on disk"

Is your second disc formatted NTFS?

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I know this question has been asked before as I've read about it all over the Internet. In order to get rid of the 'Low Disk Space' message it says to go to the registry and locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer, type a new value, etc. The only problem is I don't have an Explorer key. It ends at Policies.

I've tried everything. I've tried creating the key myself, and I've tried inserting the value into the policies folder. Nothing has worked. Can anyone help?
Thank you

A:Solved: Can't get rid of "Low Disk Space" message on my recovery drive

I guess no one else is having this problem. Do you think this is a problem with HP?

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Is it possible this can do any harm to my computer?


A:Quick question about the option "compress drive to save disk space"

I have never knwon it to, it doesn't delete any of your wanted files, only temporary junk!

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I first notice my notebook begins to have this issue when I tried to update my Windows. It returned me with error code "80070008", which says that my computer might have run out of memory, however, there are 200GB space available
in my C: drive, and I am only using 27~30% of my RAM out of 8GB.
I tried to perform DISM 'ScanHealth' and it returned me "Error: 8 - Not enough storage is available to process this command".
At first, I tried to ignore this issue as I thought it did not cause me any major trouble. But I was wrong. Several USB devices become unresponsive (yellow exclamation icon at Device Manager).
When I tried to manually install drivers, that's when I found out it was this STORAGE insufficiency again that cause me trouble:

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered error while attempting to install it.  - Not enough storage is available to process this command".
Some of my programs also become incredibly laggy ever since this issue arises, yet I don't know where the problem lies. 
At Event Viewer... I noticed several error messages regarding
"Windows was unable to load the registry. This problem is often caused by insufficient memory or insufficient security rights. - DETAIL: Not enough storage is available to process this command".
I also caught a glimpse of one error that I think stated more clearly:
"Application popup: Windows - Low On Registry Space: The system has reac... Read more

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There's not enough disk space on drive C where Nero 7.57 is installed; but, there is on drive E. I set Nero's cache folder to E:\NeroTemp and and Windows temp and tmp environment variable to E:\Temp where there is over 100 Gigs of free space and restarted the computer; but, there is no change with Nero's insufficien-disk-space error.

And, yes, I did create those folders for drive E.

What to do?

A:Nero aborts with "not enough disk space" error.

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I had the same trouble. I had never backed up my hard drive before i had kind of run into it so i figure what the hay i'll try it. It told me to back it up on the D drive or disk. (since i didn't have a disk setting there i figured i would back it up on D drive) Well after a few min. it said i didn't have enough space. So i figured Oh well. I didn't need to back it up. Well EVERY TIME I Reboot the computer now it tells me I'm low on disk space on drive D.
Now everyone know D drive doesn't have alot of space it has your system on it. But why now is it checking it all the time. When it tells me to clean it , it shows me where and there isn't anything to clean. THIS IS ANNOYING! HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP?

There is no screen to give a shot of. It's a little icon on the task bar that pops up. Than when you click on it it says delete unused files. When you click on it it gives you the list of files you can delete. BUT there is only two things on it and both are all ready empty. One is recycle bin.

A:[SOLVED] How to stop "low disk space" messages

Hi Rachel3790 and welcome to TSF !

It's better to start your own thread so that we keep one thread for one user. Here's a link to the related thread you first posted into :

Which program did you use to backup your system drive ?

If this is an HP computer have a look at the link advised by Mon in the other thread :

Else, when disk space is running low, Windows may advise you to run the disk cleanup utility which allows you to delete temporary files and empty the recycle bin, among other things. Since this doesn't help it means that your hard drive is simply filled with your own data and the data from the programs you installed on it. The backup you just created is probably also taking some space and if you don't need it you should just delete it.

What you need to do is copy some files on CD's or DVD's, on an external drive or to another computer. You should uninstall the programs you're not using anymore using add/remove programs and you can also delete some old documents of yours in your "my document" folder if you don't need them anymore.

Be careful not to delete any system file or folder. Files that are safe to move away are video and music files. These media files usually take plenty of space and you can free that space if you burn them on CD's or DVD's and delete them from your hard drive.

If you have no idea what's using up space o... Read more

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Doing some maintainence on my computer, i am considering doing this option: "Compress drive to save disk space". There is also a "compress old files" to save space

are these both the same things? (same drive)
can i undo this options? im a big fan of reformatting to undo problems in the event its challenging to undo compress a file.


A:"Compress drive to save disk space"

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I used Creative Lab's Wave Studio for years with a single problem.

I loaded it onto my sister's computor and the first time I tried to save a file, I got an error message saying:

"There is insufficient disk space to save (file name)."

She had several gigs of open space so I just chalked it up to something funky of her PC.

A few weeks later, my HD crashed, so I installed a new one and re-loaded my software. When I fired up my Wave Studio (version 4.02), I got the same message. Now I had roughly 75 GIGS of free space.

I'm not a newcomer to the world of software troubleshooting, but this one has me stumped.

Any help would go a long way to restoring my sanity.


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Windows Update trying to install KB2976627, continually receiving error that I do not have enough disk space remaining to install the update. My OS Drive has 75 GB Remaining. Does anybody have any idea what causes this problem and how to remedy it?

A:Windows Update error, "not enough disk space..."

Time to do a Cleanup of your system:
Windows Update Cleanup in Windows 8

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I receive daily a "Low Disk Space" error message which is incorrect and in my estimation fradulent. It goes on to give an alternative to rectify this situation by offering to "Speed up your computer and remove all viruses that are on your computer." Of course all of this is for a price. If you opt in and then change your mind before you totally commit they offer the same package for half price. I refuse to be "sucked in" by this fraudulent company.

I have gone to the internet to try and find out how I may get rid of this enemy. I have used Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsofts Security fix program all to no avail. I am at my 'wits end' trying to rid my computer of this plague. This is the url that the message comes through as. I cannot find out any source that will identify its origin:

I need help.


Doug. Bell

A:Fake "Low Disk Space" error message

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Have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
P7450 @ 2.13 GHz
6.0 GB RAM
64-bit OS
No Pen or Touch Input is avail for this display
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1; MS Office 2007

The message I get is:
"You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of MS Office. This file is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy settings."

I have tried to run "Fix It," and it failed.
The old Word file from 1994 is before Windows 95; probably Win 3.1 or Win 3.11.

I am hoping someone out there can help me read my really old files! Thank you!

I also have some old database files I need to run (not Access); but are Borland's Visual dBase Pro 5.5 or slightly older (1992 .dbf files). I actually have the CD-ROM for the Borland program. Do I dare install it? (The CD cover says it "supports Windows 95 & Windows 3.1, and the Crystal Info Report Builder program that goes with it). Or, is there a way to convert these to Access, and the old Word files to 2007 (without having to buy the 2010 ver of Word)?

A:Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007

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I was wondering if someone could give me a point in the right direction. I have a Sony VAIO desktop and am running Windows XP, and have seemed to run out of memory on the Local Disk (C drive, as 76.9 MB of 16 GB are free.

My Local Disk (D drive has 58.4 GB of 58.5 GB free, and I'd love to tap into that space. Not only is the D drive much larger, my cramped C drive has caused my computer to run slowly.

Any ideas as to how I can "switch on" the D drive? I want to both lower the memory usage on the C: drive and force every new file/program/etc. to be saved on the D: drive. Thank you for your help.


A:Local Disk Memory Space Question

Through programs you can tell them to save to D:, some programs will let you choose the default save location, there is no universal setting for this though.

To move files you can simply cut and paste through Windows explorer.

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Hi guys,

the thread with this title is closed already so I post my findings in this new one. I also had the problem that none of the Office applications would start with various error messages. None of the reinstallation or update efforts worked. The only solution I found for this problem was to create a new user on my machine. Obviously the profile of my old one was corrupt. This is not perfect since I had to copy all my personal data file, Favourites etc. but after "only" half a day it is as good as new.

At least I could copy most of my settings using the "File and Settings Transfer Wizard" found under Start->Programs-> Accessories->System Tools. With that I first logged into my old account, ran it and saved only the settings but not the files. In the new account I startet the tool again and applied the settings. I prefered to copy the files over manually.

You can bet I set a System Restore point now .


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I am having a memory and disk space problem. I get this message all the time now. I have a soyo motherboard, intel 650 cpu, 650 megs of ram, 20 gig hard drive, stv velocity 128 video card with 8 megs of memory, 2 cds, 2 floppies, one zip drive, one HP printer, and a Microtek scanner.

I installed tweak dun to speed up the modem,XTEQ X-SETUP to tweak up windows and Cacheman to manage the memory. In Cacheman I set it to power user, that didn't help so I then set it for video user and that didn't work. IF I open 2 or 3 programs, (netscape, email) I get after a few minutes the message not enough memory or disk space please close some programs. Resourses are at 69% and hold there steady. Could this be a video card problem and if so what is a good video card. I have tried about 3-4 different one and never has the video been right but it never has been like this either. Usually after sitting with no use the modem lights will change to a weird icon but that was about all it ever did until today.

Can anyone help please.

Thank you, Rick [email protected]

A:Not enough memory or disk space error message

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Hi, My HP desktop keep crushing recently, the error message received showing low on memory and asked me to close some program. Google chrome crushed a lot, IE crushed a lot... I tried to restart the computer, works fine just about 20-30 minutes, then the error message showing up again, browser start to crush again....
The other weird thing is I have C: and D: on hard drive, the D drive shows almost full of its 16.6GB, however when I check on D drive, there are actually not too much programs or files on it, the total size for everything I can see there is even less than 1GB.

A:Pls help, desktop keep crushing... low on memory, low on disk space

Download and run wipe  and system ninja,
Go ahead and install ccleaner Now that you have the program installed go ahead and run the cleaner function.
Now that you have cleaned out some temp files, lets go ahead and disable all of the items starting up with your machine except your antivirus. To do this you will need to click on tools then start up select each item then disable.
Now that you have disabled those un-needed start ups lets go into the settings, we will have Ccleaner run when your machine boots, so that you will never have to worry about cleaning temp files again.To do this:
Hit options.
Place a tick to run Ccleaner when the computer starts.

Now go to the advanced tab, and select close program after cleaning, now run the cleaner again this will close Ccleaner.
Reboot your machine and then follow the  instructions below.
Step 1: eScanAV.
Disable your antivirus prior to this scan.
Download the eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV)
Source Read more

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Hello everyone,

My system seems a tad slow. Here are the issues I am experiencing:

1. Most of the time, while the system is rebooting, the desktop icons will disappear and be left with "blank placeholder" icons momentarily, then it will "refresh" from the top down and they will appear from the top down. Most of the time, when I go into Control Panel, the CP Icons do the same thing, they load from the top down. Also, sometimes when I open the Start Menu, the icons at the bottom take a moment to appear, and have "placeholders" in their place. After reboot, all of these do this when viewed the first time, then after viewing them the first time, they seem to load up fine the next.

2. Sometimes, when I am typing in Webforms, such as this post, especially because I type at around 100 words per minute, it will either a) lose keystrokes or b) buffer some keystrokes. The latter I do not mind, the the former is terribly frustrating. I have done everything I can to troubleshoot IE, and have not found a "culprit". The only issue I can think of is system performance.

3. Sometimes, especially after system reboots, the icons in folders do not appear immediately, they either fill up as they are "loaded" or are shown as blank icons, then change to the correct icon in a few seconds.

I know it's not a HUGE issue, but I am wondering what I can do to best increase my performance and alleviate this issue? I am considering either a memory ... Read more

A:Icons appear slowly -- Is it disk space or memory?

Your system should have enough muscle to proceed more smoothly. But before we draw any conclusions, we should do some data collection. Maybe we can identify the bottleneck. Let's look at the RAM, the CPU and to a lesser degree at the disk - always when the problem occurs.

1. RAM - go to Resource Monitor > Memory tab (easiest via Task Manager > Performance tab) and make a snip of the whole page.
The colored bar will show us the RAM usage and on top of the page where it say "Hard faults", we will see the paging activity (click on Hard Faults so that the processes with the most faults will show on the top). Then past that snip.

2. CPU - go to Task Manager > Processes tab. Click the button on the bottom "Show processes from all users", also click on CPU above so that the processes that use the CPU time show on top. Then take a snip and post it.

3. Disk - back to Resource Monitor > disk tab. Take a snip of the graph once it is all filled so that we can see how busy your disk is.

Once we have all that data, maybe we can make a more intelligent guess where to look further.

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Forgive me, but I?m new to the forum and relatively new to [rebuilding] computers (compared to some of you, I?m sure?) I do have a tech background.

Having said that, I had to do a re-install of XP (SP1) on a Dell Optiplex GX620 that I have. While at it, I upgraded the HD to 1.5TB (Seagate Barracuda)

The XP install went well. I did not have a restore disk for the drivers, so I went to Dell?s driver download website and downloaded the correct drivers for my model/service tag.

I put the drivers on a USB flash drive and moved them/loaded them onto the Dell. I installed the drivers in order and most installed fine. A few however, such as the Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Divers, are telling me that I am out of disk space. I get the error and a dialog box says that the volume on the C: drive is -650GB, and I have -655GB Available, with 2328KB Required and Differences of -650GB? I have no-idea what?s going on here, but I can?t seem to install the driver(s).

I did Disk Clean-up, defrag, chk disk, Ccleaner? blah, blah, blah? I am only using 1% of the available drive capacity.

Any ideas?

A:New O/S and driver install "Out of Disk Space"???

BUMP... Does anyone know whats going on with this? It's a simple re-install and driver install problem; not a virus or anything weird.

Someone has on this forum has HAD to have seen this before.

Please help.


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I'm getting the Low Disk Space message in Windows XP. Well, DUH...I knew that I was running out of room, so I bought an external hard drive with more space than I'll ever fill. Like an idiot...when I got the external.....I just went to folders...sometimes programs and used "send to" the now G: drive. Yes, I know, that was STUPID! Many of the same files are duplicated, etc so that they were copied and sent....not actually MOVED. Some of my programs don't even work correctly anymore.

I know that I can do a system restore....but I'm almost afraid that it might crash my pc. What is the easiest way to fix this problem and put everything else, except my bare essentials, on the bigger drive?


A:The dreaded "Low Disk Space" message

bumping this hoping to get some help

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I am getting this window popping up every 2 or 3 minutes despite clicking on it and ticking the usual boxes to remove the unwanted files - 3 minutes later back pops the warning

its as if the pc doesnt know I'm actually doing it

I have followed this advice given to someone else on another site

"Insure the temp files in the hidden Local Settings folder are deleted.
Start>My Computer> Local Disk C> Computer user name> Then go to tools (at the top)> Folder Options>View and put a dot in show Hidden Files and Folders Click OK> Open the Local Setting Folder>Temp> Delete all the files you can in the temp folder.
3. Run Disk Clean from the Start>All Programs> Accessories> System Tools>Disk Clean Insure you remove all the compress old files.
4. Get Rid of the Restore points and Lesson the amount of disk space System Restore uses.
Right click on My Computer>Properties>System Restore and put a check in turn off system restore now click on the Settings Button Choose a setting of 1 - 5% click apply and OK
Go back and TURN ON system restore, insure the amount of disk space for system restore did not default to the Max amount."
but it hasn't made any difference whatsoever

could this be a virus? I ran malaware and then 'search and destroy' but that made no difference either

I have an Acer Aspire T1 2OE

A:incessant "low disk space" warnings

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I have recurring problem, which I have noticed on PCs other than my own. The used space on my hard disk drive is approximately 5GB higher than the total of all the files on it. (It's always been around 5GB, every time I've seen it). The only thing I can do is to reformat the disk, and it will be fine for a few months, and then the same amount will "disappear" again. Disk cleanup, ccleaner, etc don't help, and it's not the recycle bin or temporary files.

It happens on my primary (Windows XP) partition, but not on the secondary partition, and last week it happened on my external hard disk after I deleted a large quantity of data.

I only have 60GB in total (30GB on the primary partition) in my laptop, and 40GB on the eternal drive, so its pretty annoying to lose 10GB. If it makes any difference, my external drive is a 2.5" laptop drive, a Hitachi Travelstar, NTFS formatted. Not sure what brand is in the laptop, but it's FAT32. But I've seen this happen on a friend's desktop too (again only on the primary partition).

Any ideas why this happens and if I can do anything about it that doesn't involve reformatting?


A:"Lost" hard disk space

Tell me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but what size blocks do you have on your drives, because without decent sub-block allocation, you'll often lose parts of blocks for files when they're smaller than the block size. Even with sub-block allocation, you'll still lose a bit because of the overheads, but 5GB seems a little steep for that size of disk.

If I compare my size of files, with size on disk, I'm losing ~1-2% of the disk. That's with the default block size of 4K. But it probably depends on the number of small file you have around the place.

After deleting a large number of files, it's probably worth-while running a disk cleaner to make all the blocks contiguous again, and that should give you back most of your space, but if they are really not getting re-allocated as free space, then I'll have to dig more.


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I frequently get a notice that the disk space on my D drive is low and asking me if I want to clear up some space by using the cleaning utility that came with Windows XP Home Edition. This disk is my secondary drive and I know the space is low. Is there a way that I can get rid of this annoying notice that appears on my screen every so often? Thanks.

A:Solved: Notice of "Low Disk Space"

Hi referee07,

The "clean up unnecessary files" is safe to use. You can also add
choices in the list of what's to be deleted. You can also safely
remove all temporary files... Search for "*.tmp" (without quotes)
and delete those.

Also the trash bin standard setting is 10% of your drive. I would
adjust that downward to 2 % on all drives.

And, of course, you can delete some things that you really don't
need, or put them on a CD if you have a burner. Hope that helps.

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In Explorer on Computer, is there a way to change the number of gigabytes or percentage that Windows uses before it changes from the blue bar to red? For instance, I have an array that is 1TB, but it still has over 15GB free on it, but Windows interprets that percentage as the drive being low, so the bar appears red.

To me, I don't want that bar red unless there is say, 5GB remaining, or maybe even 1GB. 15GB still goes a long way, even though it is a small fraction of 1TB.


A:Changing the Disk Space Bar "Low Level"

Quote: Originally Posted by muzicman82

In Explorer on Computer, is there a way to change the number of gigabytes or percentage that Windows uses before it changes from the blue bar to red? For instance, I have an array that is 1TB, but it still has over 15GB free on it, but Windows interprets that percentage as the drive being low, so the bar appears red.

To me, I don't want that bar red unless there is say, 5GB remaining, or maybe even 1GB. 15GB still goes a long way, even though it is a small fraction of 1TB.


15Gb out of 1Tb would be considered low to me.

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I am trying to copy a 9gig video file to my Seagate external USB 2 drive for back-up.
The drive has 140gig available, but I keep getting the "not enough free disk space" warning when I try to move it and it will not allow it to be copied.
What am I missing? is it a format thing?

A:Solved: "not enough free disk space"

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I have to harddrives, drive :C/ and drive D :/ drive c has the basic miniums and came with 16 gbs of space which is completely full with windows , then drive d has 136gbs and is 103gb of free space left
ANYTHING i try to download i try to make it go to Drive D but none the less i keep getting the error "not enough disk space"

this is a brand new system, that a friend whos good with computers built for me for my gaming needs, i have a

intel r core tom 2 quad cpu 6600 @ 2.40GHz 4 gb ram 64 bit operating system..

if you can help or need any info please let me know where i can find the info for you on the computer im pretty crappy with computers so i need all the help ican get

A:keep getting "not enough disk space" with 2 hard drives

anyone have any ideas? this is getting really frustrating....

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Hello people, I have an external 500 gigs drive with over 100 gigs free and a partition on a RAID 0 with 500 gigs free. I was trying to copy a folder with 25 gigs of data from my external hard drive to my 500 gigs partition, until at about copying 2.5 gigs, Windows shows up a warning saying that there is not enough disk space and that the file (was 500 Kb...) could not be copied. I skipped it and kept doing the same thing for every subsequent file... whats my computer's problem? I have WIndows Vista Home.

A:Solved: "There is not enough disk space" warning

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I have windows XP pro. A few days ago while downloading something i accidentally shut the screen of my laptop. i got the blues screen (BSOD) and it then started dumping memory. My C drive had about 1.2 GB free. When i rebooted the machine, i had only about 150 MB free. This obviously isnt good. Can someone help me and tell me where to look for the memory dump file. I searched for *.dmp files on C and all i got were small files (under 64 K).

Can someone please advise??


A:Memory Dump file takes up a lot of disk space

I can't explain the loss but I think it would be a very good idea to post with your minidumps attached.

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I am running windows vista.

I have a acer aspire 4920.
It has 120GB of memory, 2GB Ram and is a Intel core duo processor.

I only have like 12GB of music and videos and 1 GB of Photos.

My laptop says Im running out of space and every now and then a low dosk space alert will come up.

Why is this happening???
Should I put my media and that In my D drive etc???

What do I have to do to stop this as I have loads of left over space.


A:C and D drive memory issues. Low disk space alert

I have a hunch your D Drive is the factory restore partition.
If so .. You should NOT be storing anything in it or even messing with it.
Have you made your Restore CD/DVDs yet ??

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I would like to know if there is any way I can make my computer faster and/or reduce the amount of disk space that has already been consumed.

Here are the Specs

Hard Disk Space: 151 GB out of 221 GB
Installed Memory: 3.00 GB

PS: I checked my Windows Experience Index, and this is what I got

Processor: 4.6
Memory (RAM): 4.9
Graphics: 3.3
Gaming Graphics: 3.1
Primary Hard Disk Space: 5.1
Overall [ determined by the lowest subscore ] : 3.1

Is there any way to get higher ratings for these criteria?

PPS: I'm told that it's possible to raise my PC's memory without changing any hardware (i.e. through software). Is this true? If so, are there any safe websites where I could download the software to do this?

Thank You

A:Tips for fast memory and more hard disk space?

Quote: Originally Posted by Melkor


I would like to know if there is any way I can make my computer faster and/or reduce the amount of disk space that has already been consumed.

Here are the Specs

Hard Disk Space: 151 GB out of 221 GB
Installed Memory: 3.00 GB

PS: I checked my Windows Experience Index, and this is what I got

Processor: 4.6
Memory (RAM): 4.9
Graphics: 3.3
Gaming Graphics: 3.1
Primary Hard Disk Space: 5.1
Overall [ determined by the lowest subscore ] : 3.1

Is there any way to get higher ratings for these criteria?

PPS: I'm told that it's possible to raise my PC's memory without changing any hardware (i.e. through software). Is this true? If so, are there any safe websites where I could download the software to do this?

Thank You

This is false. RAM and HDD are physical hardware components they can not be increased through software.

You can do things to improve the performance of a computer. Although these options depend on your system. Most computers that come from companies like Dell or Gateway etc. are locked down so you cant change many options

The easiest way to increase your RAM is to buy another matching stick of RAM and install it in the computer.

But we need way more info than your original post. If you could, please fill out your system specs:

And I will look for further "tweaks" to help you out.

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Im not sure whether this goes here or in the "Operating systems" forum, so Im cross-posting.

I recently got a new desktop computer. AMD athlon 3200, 512MB Ram, 80GB HD. Running WIN XP on it (Hebrew version).

EVerything is fine, it works fast, all is cool. BUT - after a week or two I began getting "Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font" messages when I try to open a word document. This happens only when I try to open word docs.

I realy did not put much stuff on the computer (yet). It should have lots and lots and lots of disk space. Im also not using any heavy applications. Normaly the only things I have open are Avant browser and word. nothing more than than.

Any ideas? Its quite frustrating to restart all the time and with a new computer.



A:Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font

Check out this, it looks like it may be a solution?

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Im not sure whether this goes here or in the "Business Applications" forum, so Im cross-posting.

I recently got a new desktop computer. AMD athlon 3200, 512MB Ram, 80GB HD. Running WIN XP on it (Hebrew version).

EVerything is fine, it works fast, all is cool. BUT - after a week or two I began getting "Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font" messages when I try to open a word document. This happens only when I try to open word docs.

I realy did not put much stuff on the computer (yet). It should have lots and lots and lots of disk space. Im also not using any heavy applications. Normaly the only things I have open are Avant browser and word. nothing more than than.

Any ideas? Its quite frustrating to restart all the time and with a new computer.



A:Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font

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I received the "Insufficient memory or disk space" message on my laptop after the OS (C:) Hard Drive reached capacity. I had to remove programs and I have been unable to load anything new due to this situation. There are over 700GB of unused memory between 2 hard drives listed as follows:

Model: Asus Notebook N73SV
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
Memory: 8GB SODIMM

Hard Drives
1. ST9500420AS 465.78GB w/ 3 Partitions
2. ST9500420AS 465.76GB w/ 2 Partitions

Logical Disks (1-4 Local Fixed Disk)
1. C: OS NTFS 197.55GB w/ 8.85GB Free
2. D: Data NTFS 243.21GB unused
3. E: SDATA1 NTFS 232.88GB unused
4. F: SDATA2 NTFS 232.87GB unused

I know the answer is basically in this and other forums and I assure you that I researched setting up partitions and this error message with multiple confusing results. I am fairly capable with a computer, but I do not wish to loose any data nor crash the system by doing the incorrect process in order to use all of my usable memory. Please assist me if possible or direct me to where I may find the correct process. I know that Asus tech support wasn't the right way to find the answer. I appreciate your help.
If this thread is in the wrong category please let me know and I will move it immediately.

A:Insufficient memory or disk space with 700GB unused in 2 500GB HDs

Post a full picture of your Disk Management. Then we'll see what can be done about that.

Btwe: "Memory" is RAM. Here we are talking about disk space.

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Im not sure whether this is a hardware or software problem, so Im cross-posting.

I recently got a new desktop computer. AMD athlon 3200, 512MB Ram, 80GB HD. Running WIN XP on it (Hebrew version).

EVerything is fine, it works fast, all is cool. BUT - after a week or two I began getting "Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font" messages when I try to open a word document. This happens only when I try to open word docs.

I realy did not put much stuff on the computer (yet). It should have lots and lots and lots of disk space. Im also not using any heavy applications. Normaly the only things I have open are Avant browser and word. nothing more than than.

Any ideas? Its quite frustrating to restart all the time and with a new computer.



A:Insufficient memory or disk space. Cannot display the requested font

Answered here (multiple posting is against the forum rules....)

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I have a Compaq Presario with Windows XP Home Edition. I keep receiving the above message. How do I get rid of it? Yes, I know it means I don't have enough disk space on my D Drive, but how do I fix it? It won't defragment because it needs more space (I have only 45 mgs.) My D Drive is solely for Restore so I cannot delete files from there. Can I enlarge the D Drive?

Thanks, gb

A:"Low Disk Space D Drive"

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One of my users was working in Corel Word Perfect 9.0 and experience an "out of disk space" error when she tried to save her work (just a small document). She was working over our TCP/IP network using Win2000 terminal server and saving to a Linux file server. I was at the server so I was able to save the file with a different name but I can't figure why she would get that error as there is plenty of space on the Linux server. Has anyone ever seen this before? Thanks

A:"out of disk space" error

Just a wild guess but is there possibly a setting somewhere that may limit the amount of storage space a user can use, on a user by user basis? If so, you may just need to increase the setting for that user.

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Hi everyone,

I've been having this prblem for several months but recently it has been getting worse. I'm working on an Dell Optiplex gx280 windows xp professional sp2. Here is the problem, while I'm working on my computer (doesn't matter what I'm doing) I will get an error msg "low disk space" flash on my screen, then my monitor will shut off, but the power light on the computer stays on (sometimes flashing). I'd have to power it off and turn it back on and it would log in normally. This morning it happened 3 times, please help. Thank you in advance.


A:"low disk space" error

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I keep getting "Low disk space" messages about one of my partitions.

First of all, what is the point of this message? I can see why it would be useful for the system drive, but for all other drives why would anyone worry about filling up a drive?

More importantly, how can I disable this message from persistently popping up every day?

A:What are "Low disk space" messages for?

Hello Marty,

It's basically just a warning to let you know that the disk/partition is extremely low on free space. This is to warn you to either clear space or get a bigger storage device soon since you could lose data, possibly everything, on the hard drive if you run out of space on it.

The tutorial below can help show you how to disable the "Low disk space" message. Low Disk Space Warning in Vista
Hope this helps,

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I'm in desperate need of help. I need to get this Office 2007 working SOON. I have over 2 months of notes typed up in it and my midterms are coming up within the week... I NEED to study.

I first had a problem with Word's Building Blocks file, which caused the custom cover pages and page number things to disapper. I decided to uninstall the technical refresh and everything and reinstall from scratch.

It wouldn't install because there was still some "MUI" files instlaled. I downloaded CCleaner and uninstalled those with the program. The installation then went sucessful, but the Normal.dotx file was messed.

Soon after one of my files CORRUPTED... but I was able to recover it using the 2003 Viewer for 2007 files.

Now I've delted everything and reinstalled again and I get "There is not enough memory or disk space to run Word". I found otu that I need to rename the Normal file and let it get recreated, but there is no Application Data/Microsoft/Templates folder!!! I search for Normal and there si ntohing!


A:Office 2007: Not enough memory or disk space to run it!! (Lost EXAM NOTES!!)

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NOTE: Her laptop is running Word 2000, not 2003. Sorry about that!

My wife is running into an error with Word 2000 whenever she attempts to save a certain type of document.

She is created data graphs in Excel and then copying and pasting them into a word document along with text, analysis, etc.

When she goes to save the file to the C: drive, she gets an error saying the disk is full. Meanwhile there are many GBs of space available on the C: drive still. Also, this does not happen when attempting to save a regular Word doc or the Excel doc the graphs have been generated in. Only when trying to save the Word doc with the Excel graphs pasted into it.

Any tips on what may be causing this and how I might be able to fix it? She's working on applying for an important grant and this is obviously hindering her progress,

Many thanks in advance.


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I am running Windows 10 Pro. My system is running perfectly. There are zero "Event viewer" errors on every restart.
I have never had a BSOD and everything works perfectly.........but, on every other restart I am seeing "System error memory dump files" in the Disk Clean-up utility. The size varies. Currently it is 9.70mb but may change slightly if I reboot.
Whenever I clean it, it returns. There are no dump files in my Windows folder. I really don't understand why I am seeing it.
I have searched the internet for hours but all threads turn to BSOD issues. I have never had a BSOD, nor can I find this mysterious 9.70mb dump file. Can anyone shed any light onto what is happening?
Thanks in advance.

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When using outlook exp 6.0, I receive this message. I got a solution from one of the other threads. The solution was to zero the count, in the registry, which worked. However, after several days, the same message returns "To free up disk space OE can compact messages". If I go into the registry and set the value to zero, it's fine for a few days, but still returns. Any idea how to make this setting permanent, or is there another solution for this problem? Please help!!!

A:Free Up Disk Space" OE warning

I wouldn't recommend trying. OE needs to compact the messages, for despite the name, it is really deleting messages that you have deleted. I would suggest you read this page, but make note of this line near the bottom of the page: "Do not change the registry just to avoid compaction."

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Hello, everyone. I'm new here and the only reason I was forced to access this forum is because of the multiple and continuous BSOD's i keep receiving. I upgraded my system and also upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) from XP SP3 (x86). I did a clean install: formatted my 20GB partition and installed Win 7 (with both sticks of RAM installed). Installed available updates for Windows + all my necessary software. So far, so good. I don`t remember exactly when (the next day, I guess) I started receiving BSOD's. I tried multiple settings in BIOS: tried everything on Auto, tried increasing RAM voltage, tried setting the default XMP profile for my RAM... same results, same BSOD's: dumping phisycal memory to disk.

Tried a different approach: did another fresh install... same BSOD's. Then tried installing ONLY Windows updates (the important ones)... same BSOD's. So that rules out driver issues.

I have 0503 BIOS version and when I tried to update to the latest 0504 from AsusTek official website, I received an error: boot (something) doesn`t match, or something like that. Anyway, they state out what is fixed in the 0504 version and I don`t think that fix might help me.

Also, I used MemTest86+ v4.00 on each of my RAM sticks (separately) and everything is ok, my RAM is not the issue here.

I will attach the minidump files. Already looked over them with WhoCrashed and everytime ntoskrnl.exe is to blame.

Right now I have only one memory stick installed, so I come with the logical q... Read more

A:BSOD "dumping phisycal memory to disk" 4GB RAM issue ?!


"0xC0000005: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION indicates a memory access violation occurred."

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [E:\Temp\Rar$DI07.984\110509-23540-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02815000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02a52e50
Debug session time: Thu Nov 5 02:18:00.780 2009 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:12:11.262
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get deta... Read more

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Hi so system and compressed memory uses 100% disk space when i start my computer and continues to do so for 10 minutes at least and it will also do this randomly when i'm gaming or just on the internet. I've checked all of my drives to see if they were updated (I just clicked search online for newest update idk if that's the best way to do it) and i ran a virus scan in safe mode and did some other things like disable prefetch and windows search and i even disabled "show me tips for windows 10" So please help me out if any of you can!

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When I plug my memory stick into the computer, a new drive appears as you would expect it to, but when I try and open this drive, it acts as if its a disk drive without a disk in, meaning I can't attempt a reformat of the memory stick or anything :S

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to make my memory stick usable?

A:"Please Insert Disk"... On a memory stick drive?

Try starting disk management to see if the flash drive is visible and whether or not it is partitioned and formatted. If so, should look like Disk 3 in the attached snapshot ... if not you may need to partition although these drives normally come preformatted.

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I get the message, "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation", when I attempt to open a 2meg .doc file. I can successfully open a 21meg .doc that is a report generated by the same application. Help.

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Can anyone suggest a remedy, please?
I recently ran a full PC recovery from my back up DVD-ROM disks. This was about the fifth time I've had to do it, due to infections, etc.
I have 3 recovery disks, but it only ran disc 1, and never asked me to put in the other two...
When I rebooted, I soon realized that I only had 1 or 2 GB of free space.
The C: drive is around 80GB in size and obviously should not be this full.
I suspect it may have to do with the partitioning, or something I did in my previous 4 system restores...
By the way, the last time my HP crashed (about 2 months ago), I got fed up with Windows and tried to install Linux, but I was never able to figure out the code or process necessary for Linux to run my wireless driver, and couldn't connect to the internet, so I reluctantly just re-installed Windows from the disc.
Can anyone help, please?

A:help with "Low Disk space"

Why not scan your hard disk with a disk space utility like showsize( See what you come up with. You will be able to see the largest folders on the folder sizes report and the largest file on the Only files report (if you sort on Size column).

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I have a virus that eats up all of my available disk space. I have deleted most of my programs, and after the deletions are done, the space I made available fills right back up again. I ran (online) Norton/Symantec, trend micro house call, and AVG. I had to do it online since I need more disk space to run a resident virus program. The only way I can stop the monster from filling up any space made avalable is to delete a program and come up in safe mode. As soon as I reboot to full windows , the space I made availabe fills up. It seems to leave at least 170 to 200 Meg available. The PC is a Dell laptop with a 10 gig drive. And at this point, few programs!

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I downloaded the game in Winrar format on the desktop and when I tried to extract it to specific folder,I have this error message:-

There is not enough space on disk
Write error: only NTFS file system supports files larger than 4 GB

On my local C: drive I have more than 15 GB available.What do i do now?
Help is very much appreciated.

A:"not enough space on disk"???

Your hard disk is FAT32 format? The problem is that the file is larger then 4 gigs, so a FAT32 HD can't handle it, what u need to do is reformat ur computer so its NTSF. Except that means you will lose everything on your drive I think

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my friend has been getting this message for a while now

he occasionally gets it (just started getting it though)

his specs:
Intel 2.4Ghz
768mb ram
60gb hdd
fx5700 ultra

nothing overclocked or tampered with

any solutions?

the BSOD has a number to the right that keeps counting up (1,2,3,4,etc.)

edit: btw, is restarting the computer when this thing pops up bad?

A:"Dumping memory to disk" - BSOD

turn off the auto reboot and post the error message received in full

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Hey everyone, here is my serious problem.

Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to let my "Free Space" on my entire computer get to less than 5 GB left. It may possibly have been at 4 or 3 GB, actually.

My computer then froze, and I went to restart it. However, it would just take me to the blue screen of death. I've tried booting it up in every way I could think of, in normal mode, in Safe Mode, with the "Repair Windows" option, and everything else. My computer will simply not get past the "Loading" screen.

On the blue screen of death, it does say "Check to see if you have adequate disk space", so I am guessing that is a big part of the problem.

But here's my question. How do I free up disk space when my computer cannot even run?

*Note: I've tried going on the BIOS and Advanced Start Up, but I can't seem to find any options that would help with my situation..*

A:BSOD: Cannot start up normally, cannot start up in Safe Mode, "Inadequate Disk Space"


Use Ubuntu to free the space.

You can get it from here:

Step #2 on that page shows you how to create the USB/CD.

Then once you boot into it (choose the option where it just runs off the USB/CD) you can use it to delete your files or to copy them from the Windows Drive to an external hard drive (Note: Do not copy anything to the Ubuntu Filesystem as it will not be saved on shut-down)


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I done a lot of reading on this topic but everything i try does not seem to help, now i found this really nice topic from HP to fix this problem. But the main problem is after i done what they said it did not look like i have anything to delete in the Recovery D, So i am not 100% so could someone tell me if there is anything that can be deleted in my recovery D i will show the Image of it.

Here is a link to photobucket showing the recovery D full. Vista/RecoveryDfull.jpg
And here is a link of what inside the recovery D as i look inside as it said from the HP link above. Vista/FilesinrecoveryD.jpg

Close up pic of the files here the link.
Now is there anyway to solve this problem ?

A:Error: Low Disk Space. You are running out of disk space on Recovery (D:) For Vista,

Hi and welcome

We could use a screen shot of the drive D partition but probably your backups are stored there and you can delete the oldest to free up some space. Make sure you have another before you delete it. That partition is tiny bTW 9 gigs is way too small to be effective.

Ken J

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I recently cleaned my computer with CCleaner and then shortly after, I got this message saying ' You are running very low on disk space on C:. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here.'
I'm confused. What I just did was supposed to HELP increase disk space, not to decrease it.
Any help is appreciated!

A:just wiped free disk space, says HDD low on disk space?

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I'm asking this for someone else.

Drive C total capacity is around 24GB, when selecting all files in C:, it shows 12GB used, but only 2GB is left in free space. What's wrong?

A:Solved: Incorrect disk space, low disk space

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The instructions at "0x00402423" referenced memory at "0x000000074". The memory could not be "read".

I am receiving this error when I run nightly batches. a simple reboot makes the error go away but periodically the error will return.

I am running MS 2000 Server w/SP4. I dont believe this to be a memory issue.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


A:The instructions at "0x00402423" referenced memory at "0x000000074". The memory could

Google and get memtest and run it for atleast 7 passes, any errors and you need to replce your ram.

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So i've been reading around and i have a similar problem that's come up before.

I've got tons of TMP files in My Documents and in Local Disk C.

When trying to delete them i get this response:
0x01d62739" referenced memory at "0x02354e50". The file could not be deleted.

any help???
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:45:40 PM, on 2/10/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Monitor\netmon.exe
c:\Program Files\Zune\ZuneNss.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxper... Read more

A:0x01d62739" referenced memory at "0x02354e50". The memory could not be "read.


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Hi again everyone, whenever i want to play chess i get this error when i open chess server like
The instruction at "0x7c901010" referenced memory at "0x0000001c". The memory could not be "read". click on ok to terminate the program

A:The instruction at "0x7c901010" referenced memory at "0x0000001c". The memory could n

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