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Video card drivers - black screen on login screen

Q: Video card drivers - black screen on login screen


I updated my ATI HD 5770 drivers today, and rebooted. Afterwards, the login screen sound played, but nothing was visible.

I booted into safe mode and deleted the video drivers and attempted to install some working ones - the same issue occured (Windows Update).

Can anyone give me a hand in finding the correct drivers to install?

Windows 7 HP 64 Bit
ATI Radeon HD 5770

Cheers :)

A: Video card drivers - black screen on login screen

Resolved. I was a retard and didn't realize it was showing the desktop on my TV which was on a different display.

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Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried again, same result, panicked. Looked up video tutorial on how to fix it, they said to access the control panel via ctrl-alt-f1 or f2, went to a black screen, no text at all, computer runs fine, no crashing. Is there a special way to access the terminal in a System76 computer, I really don't know very confusing? Is there a way to login with the guest session? I use Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf on my laptop. What causes this, I read on Ubuntu forums it's driver issues with Ubuntu and Nvidia, but I have my suspections with the Gnome desktop environment.

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My motherboard is an ASUS P4P8Z SE
Graphics card AMD/ATI Radeon X300 SE

The video on my screen shuts off and it doesn't even make it past the start up screen (black screen). I try to go in safe mode but it never makes it to there before video shuts off. I'm wondering if it's my video card since I do play an online game and this is just a basic card. My gf recommended that I change the video card awhile ago. Is it possible it burned out? It was working fine yesterday. I don't want an extremely expensive one since this is an old computer and I will be getting a new one in another year or so. Is there any way I can get to safe mode before the screen shuts off?

A:Solved: Video shuts down just before login video card dead?

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Asus Formula VI w/ UPDATED BIOS
i7 4790k @ stock w/ fan capable of cooling Venus
GTX 780 ti SC
16g @ 2400
512g ssd + 1T storage
850w psu

Windows 8.1 pro

Alrighty friends, I've been stumped. After some epic DayZ with the friends (as I have been for the passed week without issues), my game crashed upon closing. This is super, super common with everyone. It happens more than half the time to any given player. However, this time, my screen went black. So I restarted and noticed my bios wasn't at the correct resolution (Sure looked like 800x600) and the windows logo and spin circles were awfully fuzzy. The next screen that would appear would be the welcoming windows 8 / 8.1 log in screen. However, I get no signal / black screen. I tend to use Geforce Experience to install drivers.

I can boot in safe mode and picture is fine (as fine as it can be in safe mode). I uninstalled ALL nvidia drivers and ALL intel drivers manually and with DDU. I've also disabled windows auto updater so it doesn't try and install that stupid driver it likes by itself (which also causes people issues). Upon re-installation the screen goes black 1/9-ish the way through on the slow moving loading bar. I tend to use Geforce Experience to install drivers.

I'm really at a loss here. Any ideas?

Please note: The only cable I have at my disposal at the moment is an HD connector from the GPU (DVI) to my monitor (HDMI). On board video doesn't support this cable with my mo... Read more

A:Black screen with video drivers

Post the exact pw supply you have installed. 850W does not tell us much; corsair hx 850W or whatever tells us a LOT more.

Next since you can access the bios/uefi, post your temps and voltages; specifically the cpu temp, system temp, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V values.

I would really really invest in a monitor cable for troubleshooting. A dvi cable is all of $8 @the egg;

It would help for diagnosis of your problem.

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I have a new i5 system with a fresh install of Windows 10x64 and a good old AMD 7870 graphics card. I have been using AMD Crimson drivers 16.3.2 for Win10x64. No overclocking. The system has worked flawlessly the last six weeks. A couple of days ago I had my first crash, when the PC locked up loading a game.

I rebooted the PC and the BIOS came up fine. It started loading Windows, then came a black screen just before login, no cursor, no light, like there was no signal to the monitor.

Same problem upon successive reboots.

But the PC would reboot into safe mode fine. After some Googling, I began suspecting the AMD video drivers.

So I used Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) in safe mode to remove all the AMD video drivers. Windows 10 then booted to the desktop and works great, but only with basic Microsoft video drivers.

Whenever I try installing the AMD video card drivers, I get the same black screen lockup (no signal?), just at the point the new driver is taking over. After that, I cannot boot into Windows again, without first going into safe mode, and then using DDU to clean up. Then it will boot to Windows.

I have tried installing Crimson 16.3.2, 16.4.1, 15.12 and Catalyst 15.7.1 drivers for Win10x64, all with the black screen at the later stage of the attempted install.

Does anyone have an idea of what I could try next? I don't have a similar graphics card I could test to rule out the hardware.

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so long story short, one time my pc just crashed, totally froze. I though there was nothing really wrong about that, so I just restarted my pc, and noticed that BIOS pic and windows logo lacks a few pixels, and after windows boot logo there is no welcome screen or anything, screen just flashes every few seconds and nothing happens. Then I started windows in safe mode, and it was perfect, no missing pixels, no artifacting, nothing. I thought what the deal is, but couldn't figure it out, so I just went and reinstalled windows. it was alright, no problems until after installing all drivers I restarted my pc, and same thing - black blinking screen. after that I figured it out, that my video drivers might be messing it up (they were working before without problems), so I uninstalled them, and voila, everything works. Then I read a lot of threads on forums, but couldn't anybody who has exact problem of mine, but because booting is kinda messed up (missing pixels from logos), I thought I should try fixboot and fixmbr, which none of them worked. literally, as soon as I typed y into console, the process was done, which shouldnt happen, obviously. So after losing all the hope, I zerofilled my hdd. BUT, I still get the same problem. It really isn't a huge deal that I can't install any video drivers, because without hardware acceleration I can't easily surf, watch videos or play browser games, but I still wonder what can I do? My PC recognises my video card when ... Read more

A:blinking black screen after installing video drivers

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I did a clean install of WIN2K on a new hard drive and after I install the drivers for the Radeon 7000. I restart and it gets through the whole boot up process and the when it comes time to load the desktop I get a black screen?
Help please........

Thanks inadvance

A:Black screen on WIN2K after installation of Video Drivers

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode or using the "Last Good" configuration?

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Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E
Video Card: ASUS Radeon EAX500
Memory: 1GB
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 @ 2Ghz
Operating system: Windows XP

Here is what happened. I went to the ASUS site and downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the video card. I then restarted as instructed and from then on, I get a blank screen when turning the pc on. I cant even see BIOS.

I have tried using a different PCI slot, a different video card, a different vga and dvi cable, and resetting BIOS but nothing. I have access to another PC and external enclosure if I need to use it. Thanksin advance

A:No video, just black screen after installing drivers, even in BIOS

Please give me some details. The bios doesn't even post because of black screen so would I have to connect the mobo to a different PC and update? If so, how would I update it. This isn't something I've done before but I have enough experience to understand instructions. Thanks.

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My card runs fine without the drivers. With drivers installed, I get a black screen on Windows 7 after 20 seconds. Anyone know what this could be?

My onboard video runs just fine as well.

My card is an HIS Radeon 6950 HD.

A:AMD Graphics card gives black screen after updating drivers

try re installing the drivers first.

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I just bought a Geforce 640mb 8800 gts video card. When i'm playing games every once in awhile, well pretty often, my screen will go blank and i have to turn my LCD screen off and then back on and the screen will come back on. I thought it might have been overheating at first but the temp stays between 70c and 76-78c. I also don't know why this would cause me to restart my monitor and it would work again. Anyone know anything about this?

A:Screen goes black with new video card

Your 172.4 deg F is too hot (I think). I run an 8800. I have a constant temp readout on my desktop. Mine will idle around 129F. When gaming I reach 152F tops. Get an exhaust fan below the GPU to get that heat away. If you run a program that will give you all of the hardware temps, maybe you can spot what's getting the hottest.

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Last week my wife was messing around with my computer and hooking it up to our other monitor, during this process you have to turn the resolution down. So all was fine until the following morning, i turned it on and all i got was a black screen. I can see nothing from the moment i press the power button although i can hear when it logs into windows.

From what i can tell she set the display at 600x400 or something to that nature, i've replaced the monitor lead, tried it on a plasma and three different monitors which all have the same outcome. All connections have been checked and at this point the only thing i can come up with is replacing the video card

Grateful if anyone has help or ideas.

A:Black Screen, bad video card?

what vid card do you have, does it have more than one input Ie one VGA and one DVI or two DVi etc if so try the other one and see if it works, if not then do you have a spare vid card you can try.

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Hi All,

I installed a new PCI video card into a dell PC. Safe Mode/VGA mode worked fine but when it goes into Windows, it goes through all the Windows logo until it comes to the Windows Blue Welcome Screen where the screen turns black. I installed the drivers through safe mode but can't figure out what causing this issue. Any Help??

A:New Video Card, Black Screen

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I'm from belgium so sorry for my bad english. Here is my config:

Alim: ANTEC Neo HE430
GC: MSI Geforce 7900gs (fanless)
Ram : 2*1 Go Corsair
Pro: Intel Core2Duo 6600
2*HDD SATA 250Go
Windows XP SP3

My problem:

I've just format my computer and re install windows xp. All is ok but when i try to install the graphic drivers from the nvidia site (ver 195.62), my graphic card is seen as Geforce 7900 GTX :-(
I also try with the old cd drivers from MSI and same problem...
I also try to take off the card from the computer and replace it... no change

So I think that is not so bad and that i m able to work with this config... but the other problem is:

When i reboot my computer (windows -> restart), my screen still black when the pc reboot. I can hear the windows startup sound.... I think that my computer boot normally but without the graphic card :-(
When i trun off the PC and turn it on, screen came back and windows appear...

My question is :

Problem with drivers ?
Problem with graphics card ?
Problem with motherboard ?
Problem with alim?

Thank you to have read me and maybe answer...


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Hello everyone!

I don't know much about computers but i'm an excellent learner!


I need some assistance with my computer. My computer would be running just fine, then beep once or twice and then freeze, Then it would run fine and just beep and turn off Now my computer will just show a black screen when i start it up. I don't know what kind of mother board I have or video card but my computer was running on windows 7 torrent so maybe that could of been the problem? please help

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While running vista i shut down my pc, hooked up extra internal hard drive and was having problems booting. So I disconnected extra hd and tried to boot like normal and I got a black screen with my video card specs at the top left corner. After trial and error, unplugging my video card, trying to boot with the original svga hookup that came with the Dell, still no luck. Most of the time it won't even go into BIOS, and when it does, I get some weird fonts like ?a over the top of the screen. I ordered a new video card, replaced the old one, hooked up everything and tried to boot and I get the black screen with my new video card specs at the top reading "RV505LE DDR2 BIOS 550E/400M VDVO" So I'm guessing it is not my video card now. Any suggestions? Everything was running perfectly fine until I got the bright idea of hooking up another internal HD that didn't work.

Thanks for the help.

A:Black Screen With Video Card Specs

I got it to boot off the Vista CD to reinstall drivers and i got a blue screen after the drivers loaded. The blue screen error was "The driver is mismanaging system PTEs". Any ideas anyone?

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I replaced my old video card with a XFX Geforce MX4000 PCI and the screen flashes to black every minute or so. I'm running WinME on a Compaq Presario 5011CL with an Athlon 1.2. I needed a larger power supply for the new card, so I upgraded the power supply before installing the card. Here's what else I've tried:

- Refresh rate. I've tried everything. "Adapter default," "Optimal," 75hz, you name it, it doesn't help.

- I tried the card in a different PCI slot. I moved it to the "first" slot, the one closest to the cpu. No difference.

- I've uninstalled the nvidia drivers and re-installed. No difference.


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I've made numerous attempts to install a pci-e video card into my emachine computer with integrated video card. screen always black no matter where i plug monitor into. I cannot get into Bios when computer starts as a result as I cannot see screen. Please help.

A:Screen is black when i try to install video card

If you remove the video card, does the on-board video work once again. If so, be sure to disable the on-board video in the bios before the video card is installed

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hi, newbie here. i need help on my pc. my 1 year old messed up the pc by randomly pressing on the keyboard sometimes so i don't know how things happened.

our taskbar, and programs i open do not appear on the desktop but on a "secondary monitor". i was able to prove this by making a printscreen and it shows that everything i open shows on a secondary screen to the right. (btw, i use windows 7 ultimate)

i read somewhere that if you select monitor 2 on display settings, you'll be able to see what's on monitor 2. so i did, then everything just went to a black screen upon reboot. mouse moving, but just black.

i run in safemode ok, but not in normal mode. i disable my nvidia geforce 5500 and it works in normal mode, (but screen resolution stuck at a lousy 800x600).

i can't afford a 2nd monitor right now and i don't have an adaptor to use.

PLEASE HELP.. (newbie skills...)

A:Black screen with video card enabled

1. Click start
2. In the text box type screen resolution and press enter
3. In the box that opens up,
4. Click detect display, and it should then tell you another one isnt present.
5. Click identify to identify your display number, and then check
6. Display lists the display number for your monitor that you just saw (e.g. 1 or 2).
7. Select apply, and it should sort itself out.

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I have tried everything I know of to install an ati radeon 9200 pci video card into my dell dimension 3000. I have disabled the on board video card in the device manager, Also checked the bios setting which is auto. Everything I try I get a black screen at boot up. I have even put a new 500w power supply in thinking I didnt have enough power. I can hear windows start but the screen remains black. The video card is an ATI Radeon 9200 pci 256M. My system is
M5268 Processor, 80546, 3.0, 1M, Pentium4 Prescott Dt, 800, D0
1 7N242 Keyboard, 104 Key, UNITED STATES..., Silitek, LC, MIDNIGHT GRAY...
1 W1668 Kit, Mouse, PERSONAL SYSTEM 2..., 2 Button, Wheel, Logitech
2 J0201 Dual Inline Memory Module 256, 400M, 32X64 8K, 184
1 D3431 Kit, Speaker, 120V, NMB..., A215 Ship In Box
1 C3776 Modem, V.92, Data Fax, Internal PC Interface, Dell Americas Organization
1 N0785 Hard Drive, 80G, I, 7.2K, 80G/P HITACHI
1 M1210 Assembly, Floppy Drive, 212, 2
1 T7166 Kit, Software, WP-PRDCT-STE12 English, V2
1 H8412 Kit, Software, Overpack, WXPHSP2 Compact Diskette W/Documentation English
1 D7195 Assembly, Compact Disk Read Write, 48X, Half Height, Hitachi LG Data Storage, CHASSIS 2005...
1 D7195 Assembly, Compact Disk Read Write, 48X, Half Height, Hitachi LG Data Storage, CHASSIS 2005...
1 D8254 Display, Flat Panel Display, 15 Dual Voltage, E153fpf, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION..., Flat Pannel In Box
Does anyone have any ideas, is the card even compatible?

A:Black screen when installing video card

The PCI video card may just be bad

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Hi guys,

Yesterday while playing Pro evo soccer 5 my screen filled up of pixels of different colors and froze. When I rebooted, the startup screen that shows how much memory my graphic card carries was filled of quotation marks ( " ) and parenthisis ( ( ) randomly, then when the Loading windows XP window came up it was perfect no distortion but when the loading was over I had a blackscreen, the only way to access window is by going into safe mode or VGA mode , but iin VGA mode I have all the distortions (colored pixels that fill up the screen ).

I'm sure it's a graphic card problem I have a BFG 6600 GT I tested the system with an old TI 4200 and it worked well, my question is : Is my graphic card going to garbage or is this a software or hardware problem that I can Fix ?.

When searching the forums I found this thread that seemed identical to my problem

He managed to fix it by rerooting the power cables I don't know what that means.

Thanks in advance.

A:Black Screen [video card problem]

Good Evening roymajesty, your symptom is descriptive of a Videocard problem.
The reason the Safemode operates is due to it using a simple video mode.
Try knocking all your video settings back to defaults and reduce your screen size to something like 640 X 480.
That should allow the thing to operate.

Unpower the machine, remove the power plug from the PSU, remove the video card then carefully inspect it for free fan motion and sniff-check it.
If all is well carefully refit it, and repower the machine, check the fan for proper operation.

You could try obtaining a driver removal tool for your particular card, (card manufacturer's site) then remove the driver.
Obtain and properly install a new driver and check operation, if all is well try increasing your video settings to your normal area.

It is possible your driver may be corrupted or some kind of error.

If the problem persists it is likely your card may have a problem.

Others will have different ideas.


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Hi there,

Last night I was playing an online game and alt+tab'ed twice rapidly, and my screen went black and stayed that way. I'm guessing it's either my screen or my video card that went bad, but I don't have a spare computer or spare monitor lying around to test which one is broken. I was hoping you could help me figure out which it is.

Stuff I tried:
reconnect all plugs/cables
open up case, check cables, remove dust (there was hardly any dust in my case)

Stuff that does happen:
When I switch on my computer, everything sounds normal and I even get the windows startup/shut down sounds, so everything appears to be running, except for the visuals.

Stuff that doesn't happen:
I'm not getting any kind of 'no input' message on my screen. If the video card is bad, should I be getting some kind of error message?

Why it might be the monitor that's bad:
When it broke, my screen went darker for a second, then all black, and my monitor's power went off by itself (it doesn't do that on a regular computer shut-down).
No error message? (see above)

Why it might be the video card:
Power lights on the monitor work normally: orange power light with monitor on but computer off, green power light with computer on.
I think I smelled a light burn-ish smell from the case when it broke, but it was gone very quickly and I might have imagined it or smelled my toaster instead.

EDIT: I have a flat screen monitor and a GPU from NVidi... Read more

A:Black Screen: Video Card or Monitor?

You are going to have to swap parts to find the problem. There really is no other way to find out what is causing the problem.

First and easiest would be to connect the monitor to another system to test.

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I have a geforce 7900 GS, spec's are 2 gigs of ram, AMD 4600, VISTA 32 bit. It always worked, played oblivion and half life. Then I just stopped playing video games, and one day I came home...and my computer screen was pixelated, all overheated some how...when I wasn't even on the computer. Took the card out, let it cool down, put it back in, and it worked fine (didn't try any games). Then a few days later the same thing happened...but it DIDN'T work again. After trying to clean it, I put it back in...and I get a black screen when I boot up. I hear all the sounds, just no video. Is my card fried? Or is the connection just bad?

A:Video Card problems: black screen?

It could be your psu went bad. Or the card.

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Ive just built my first PC and I'm trying to install a new graphics card. The motherboard I have is a Gigabyte AMD 880G GA-880GM-UD2H with a built in graphics card which works perfectly fine when I load it up. However, I plan to use my PC for some gaming so I decided to buy a XFX Radeon 5850 1GB Graphics Card.

The trouble is when I fit this into my PCI-e slot and go to turn on my PC the screen stays black, I see absolutely nothing and there is no signal to my monitor. Everything powers up and all the fans start working including the one on the graphics card. Ive changed the BIOS so it boots video from the PCI over the on board graphics as well. I've tried researching online all I can but to no avail. Like I said this is my first build so I'm fairly new to all this and I have no idea what else I can do. I'd be extremely grateful to anyone who could help me with this, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get it working. Might my graphics card be faulty?

A:Black screen when installing new video card

Hi, i think is just some power issue to the card, or fine you may have changed to pci, but would suggest that you put it into AUTO mode so that the system can select the default display of its own, the other would be to make sure that the card is working fine, is it tested to meet standards or it those fake chinese cards, i would try it in another computer to be sure that its not bad.
Try all you can think off...

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Hello. Hopefully someone could help me out with this. I've been pulling my hair out on a daily basis troubleshooting this issue. The other day I was cleaning my room listening to Pandora on my PC. From what I could remember, Pandora was the only application I had open at the time. All of a sudden my computer flips out and the song that was playing started skipping rapidly and my computer screen went blank. Since I couldnt see the screen I had to do a hard reboot. I restarted my system and it came back up asking me to start normally or in safe mode. I started normally thinking it wasnt as bad as it really is. It came to the log in screen and I entered my credentials. The system came up but only one of two monitors (I have dual monitors set up, one 23' Dell Monitor and one 40' LCD TV) turned on. Then about 5 minutes later, it did the same thing, the screen went black and I was not able to do anything at that time. I restarted my system again and this time I started in safe mode. 5 minutes later, same thing. I opened my computer to clean it out and noticed how dusty it was in there. I aired out all the dust. I looked at the fan on my video card and it looked really dusty, like the fan was too dusty to even move. I took the video card out and noticed that some of the cylinoides on it were popped, like it got too hot. So I figured that the video card was done. I went out and purchased another one, a GeForce GTS 250 (1 GB 256BIT DDR3) PCI Expressx16. I installed it a... Read more

A:Black screen following video card replacement

Does the problem also exist in SAFE MODE?
We really need to know brand and model of computer, or configuration, and age of components to start making many suggestions.

I would want to remove every component possible, and be running some simple stuff... keeping very good notes of what attempts you have made.

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ok so i have a Systemax Venture S519J RTS PC

Mid-Tower ATX Chassis w/350W PS P4M800 Pro Motherboard
Intel Pentium 4 Processor 524 3.06GHz/533FSB/1MB Cache
and 1.43 GB Ram
and a 350W battery

im trying to instal a Radeon HD 3650 AGP graphics card and i should have all the system requirements for it

ive disabled the other display adapter (VIA/SG3 Unichrome Pro IGP) in the device manager

but when i put in the new graphics card and try to start up the computer, the screen remains black on the moniter. the computer sounds like its running fine and i can even hear the windows startup logo through the speakers its just the screen is black straight from startup. When i take the graphics card out, the computer runs normally and the moniter is no longer black.

i think what needs to be done is disabling/enabling something in BIOS, but the BIOS screen is confusing and so i havnt done anything with it. i tried looking for some integrated graphics option thingy but couldnt find anything that even remotely looked like it.

and help?

A:Black screen after trying to install new video card

ah nvm, solved it myself.

needed to put the moniter plug through the AGP video card instead of through the motherboard.

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I just installed my new video card without installing the new drivers OR disabling the onboard memory. Knowing that I screwed up my computer boots fine but I do not get a connection to my monitor. I tried removing the video card and using the onboard with no result. Need help... I am currently using my iPad to find solutions...

A:New video card install.. black screen?

I would first go into your motherboards BIOS and check and see if any video options are selected. Like, use only (onboard video), or use a (video card) only, or see if things are set to just (automatic detect). I'm having a funny little feeling that somewhere during this process, your systems BIOS has got haywire. If things are set in your BIOS as they should be I would recommend re-setting the BIOS, mainly done by a special CMOS jumper located on the motherboard. If you not know what I am talking about, please supply your motherboards make & model and we will see if we can guide you through the process.

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So, a few months ago, I got a new video card (9800gt GeForce) and I had to do the regular stuff, uninstall onboard card, set bios to boot PCI-E... But today I turned my computer on and the screen was black. So I plugged the monitor cable into the onboard slot, and it worked...? So I checked bios, and it still said PCI-E, and I downloaded drivers for the 9800, but it still doesn't work. I don't get what happened, so please help!
PS: I have Vista.

A:Black screen. Video card not working?

The integrated unit shouldn't even work with the dedicated adapter installed, so there is likely something wrong with the card itself. It's not a driver conflict, because the graphics card should operate without drivers. Try reseating the card in the PCIe slot and connecting the monitor back to the card, or the other port. If it still doesn't work, make sure you have the power dongle connected properly and that your power supply is working normally (you can check in BIOS to read the voltage ratings).

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Hi guys, I have a Dell E510 desktop comp. Its running a 3.2 Pentium D with 2 GB RAM, and it came with one of those wimpy ATI radeon X600 Video cards and I wanted to upgrade for better video game play. I went to dell and got one of there recommended cards. The new card I installed is a NEW nVidia GeForce 6800 PCI-E x16 256MB DVI VGA. I first deleted my old video drivers and carefully installed the new card and upon firing it up to install the new video drivers the screen is completely black. The video card's fan fires up and the monitor gets power just is completely black! Im not sure what to do, i've checked the connections of the video card and cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Chase.

A:New Video Card Installed, black screen now!

Just checking but did you uninstall the old graphics driver from the Add and Remove Programs or did you mistakenly try to uninstall through the Device Manager?

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Answer Match 86.1% is my Specs:

Pentium1 200 Mhz
OnBoard S3 Inc Trio64V2 video card
plenty of hard drive space.
Windows95.B OSR2

i bought a AOpen 32MB nVIDIA TNT2 M64 PCI Video Card

i disable the old onboard video card. i install the new card correctly, everything is ok. it restarts to finalize settings, it brings up the "Windows Is Not Starting..." with the cursor below it blinking.

and normally, the windows message goes away with the cursor still there, and then the mouse arrow is in the center with my dark background (i use no wallpaper).

but this time, after installing it, it goes to the windows message screen, then it goes away with the cursor still blinking, then all of a sudden, the screen goes totally black...the green light is still on saying its still connected to the video card. but nothing happens, just black blank screen. hard drive stops to even do anything.

whats wrong? is it because maybe my hardware cant handle it? according to where i bought it, win95 can take it, but online site doesnt list hardware requirements. is it because hardware, it cant handle it?

i boot into safe mode, and it lists the card. actually, it lists 2 cards. it has the nVIDIA display adapter listed, and "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)" which was first installed when i first inserted the card.

(instructions had me insert the card, have windows load drivers for it, then run CD to install the new card)

A:video card problem? screen goes black ....

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Hey guys, I've been searching recently and I found that thread.

My problem is kinda the same: My video card (GeForce GTX 550 ti) doesn't work. It IS functioning (its cooler is always on) but it isn't showing any image, just a black screen.

My motherboard (yup, I'm brazilian. Hope you guys understand what's on the page with the help of Google Translator or something like that) is one of the poorest I've ever seen. I totally regret buying it in 2011 - but it was so cheap =3.

I have one more problem: I haven't bought a real power supply yet. I'm with a nominal one (300W) and NVidia tells me that the minimum requirement of W's is 400.

My question is: Will I have to buy a new MB to get my video card running? (I'm probably going to buy a whole new Desktop Computer already with GeForce 600 Series if there's no saving to my actual MB)

A:The same old problem with the black screen video card

UM you'll need a new quality power supply and have you moved the video cable to the new video card?

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i bought a new video card, pci express 256mb 8600 to replace my pci express 128mb. i turned off comp and opened it up and took out old video card. it was a little hard like it was stuck or soemthing, but nothing was ripped or damaged while taking it out. i put the new one in and my screen was black. tried the old one again, black screen. Computer is not booting up, i do hear the startup sound and beep, my keyboard has no power (no lights on caps). i checked to see if there is any bent wires inside slot but there wasnt. i checked the seating of the video card many times and checked seating of memory. my processor i beleive is right under my power supply next to my video card, maybe i hit that on removal? i dont know. blew out dust. turned monitor off and on. still black, its not picking up and signal from old or new videocard

A:Solved: new video card black screen

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I have a problem with my video card (gforce 7900GS). After about 5 to 10 minutes of idle my screen will go black and the fan on the video card will increase in speed. It dose not come back on until i flip the switch on the back of the power supply off and restart the computer. I checked the card temp with Ntune and it is at 50c right before it goes out. This card is about 5 months old and i have never had a problem before. Also, i am not overclocking and all drivers and software are up to date. Has anyone heard of an issue such as this?

A:screen goes black and fan on video card speeds up.

I have the exact same problem with a 7900GS. If I leave the computer on for a couple days it will almost always do it and once it does it will keep doing it every time I start up until I just leave it off for awhile. I don't believe it is a temperature issue because everything looks normal and I am not doing anything terribly taxing. I wish I knew of a way to fix this, but at least after reading this I am pretty certain that the problem is isolated to the video card so I might just replace it .

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I recently upgraded from an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro to an x850 Pro, and problems started up from when I've first started trying to use it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, tried to fool around with it all...but to no avail. After installing the drivers off of the CD or the latest Catalyst/Omega drivers off of the internet, and restarting the computer...after loading XP it just goes to a black screen with a small gray line on against the white side of the monitor. I'm not quite certain what is causing this, or how to fix it...Help, pwease? >.>

The motherboard the card is in is an Asus P4S800.

A:Black screen after loading windows with new video card...

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I built a new Solidworks workstation with the following components:

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H ATX LGA1155 Motherboard
Memory: Crucial Ballistix 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5" Solid State Disk
Video Card: ATI FirePro V4900 1GB Video Card
Power Supply: Sparkle 600W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 (OEM) (64-bit)
I assembled everything and installed Windows 7 Professional 64. I installed the LAN/USB/etc. drivers from Gigabyte's website and rebooted. I downloaded an ISV certified video driver from AMD's website that was optimized for Solidworks 2014 (driver version 9.003.3). I installed the driver and rebooted, and after the POST and "Loading Windows" screen only got a black screen. I am able to boot into safe mode, but when trying to boot into normal Windows I only get a black screen.

I figured the video driver was to blame, so I downloaded the standard FirePro driver version 13.152.4. I deleted the display from device manager and successfully rebooted into normal Windows. I installed the new driver, rebooted and still get a black screen.

I then turned off the computer, pulled the video card, and successfully booted into normal Windows with onboard video.
What could be causing this issue? What can I do to try to further diagnose the problem? Thank you so much in advance.

A:Black screen once video card driver is installed

I would return the video card and get a replacement. You tried the default drivers and it comes up with a black screen. Something is wrong with the card.

Or you could stick with the driver that Windows found for you when you removed the driver and rebooted. ( without any downloaded drivers )

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I ordered a video card last month (a Visiontek 900089 Radeon 7000 Video Card (64MB, PCI, w/DVI/TV-OUT) from and attempted to install it into my Acer (Windows 7) desktop. Seeing as I'm a noob when it comes to working with my computer hardware, I read the instructions manual, help forums and viewed tutorial videos online to make sure I did it correctly. So, after many failed attempts and nonstop "No signal" messages on my monitor (I disabled the integrated graphics and even accessed BIOS), I switched to my other Acer desktop (also a Windows 7).

It worked on my other computer so I proceeded to install the software on the CD that came with the video card. Partway through the installation, I got an error message telling me to install a Standard VGA Driver. However, Windows 7, by default, had already installed it. I did research online to find out what to do and I tried different things such as accessing safe mode and installing the software in there but, even though it said it installed successfully, after I restarted the computer, it wasn't installed. I then realized my computer hadn't "detected" the video card so I tried to figure out how to do that. Amongst the different things I tried during the entire process, I accessed the BIOS in hopes of finding an answer there. All things were unsuccessful.

I was getting very frustrated by this time and out of ideas so I uninstalled (NOT disabled) the Standard VGA graphics. Stupid move... Read more

A:Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem

I ended up hard resetting the CMOS using the jumper inside the computer. Once I hooked the computer back up, I was able to get into BIOS and I changed everything to default. Now it's working again

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I am trying to connect a Dell Optiplex Gx280 SFF to a large screen TV. The TV requires an HDMI connection. I am using the SFF because it fits perfectly into an antique glass fronted cabinet. I removed the 160-Watt power supply and replaced it with an ATX FSP FSP460-60GLC - 460-Watt Power Supply. Itís external of course but invisible sitting behind the computer. I obtained an Asus EN210 card. I understand this is not a high tech card but it is cheap, low profile, and has an HDMI port. When I installed the card it appeared it was ok. Then I installed the drivers from the included CD. Finishing the installation required restarting the computer. When I did I got a black screen, windows starts and runs, I can hear it. I removed the card, reattached the monitor to the normal port and uninstalled the drivers. Replaced the card, still a black screen. Removed the card, did a system restore, replaced the card, black screen again. Removed the card put in a back up hard drive, replaced the card. Now it will show again. I havenít tried reinstalling the drivers yet. I next tried installing the card in a 280 mini tower, exactly the same results. I am using 2gb ram and a 500gb hard drive in the SFF, 3gb ram, 500gb hard drive and a faster processor in the mini tower. I havenít tried attaching it to the TV, seems pointless if it wonít work on a monitor. I suspect the best answer is to toss the card and get a better one but itís irksome that it wonít work. Belarc and Memtest are normal An... Read more

A:Solved: Black screen after video card installation

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gigabyte ep35-ds3 Motherboard
Intel Dual Core 2Duo 2.87GHz Processor
AMD Radeon HD 6670 Video Card
2 Gb RAM

Couple of days ago my screen suddenly went black when I was working on some AutoCAD software. When I tried to reboot/shutdown/removing power cable, every time after I saw the windows 8 loading logo, screen went black before reaching login screen.

Eventually, after I formatted my PC, deleted all the partitions, erased all the data that was left, I installed Windows 7 with SP1. Then updated it with windows update, installed chipset updated drivers, audio drivers and then drivers for the video card from their website.

I also installed .net Framework 4.0 as a prerequisite for a latest Catalyst 13.4 suite.
After reboot I can log into windows, see desktop, open folders, change screen resolution, even ran DXDiag and it was fine. But when I tried to open any program (IE, Media Player and so on) the screen went black again and didnít respond even to Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
It also went black when I tried to open "System" from control panel. One of the programs that didn't make my screen go black was a notepad (comforting).
If I don't install a video driver from AMD website and leave the original Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from Windows, everything works fine (except from the ability to use a graphics card properly of course).

Any suggestions what could be wrong and what should I do?

A:Screen goes black after a video card driver installed

I would tend to think you have some failing hardware. First of all when you install the video driver, it draws more pw than when using a standard ms driver. Check your voltages ie 12V, 5V and 3.3V values and post those here for review. You can access this info in the bios under hardware OR since it is a gigabyte board, you can install easytune [I am not sure if easytune will work with just the standard ms video driver]

Next the p35 intel chipset was released in 07 so that makes this mb approx 6yrs old. I would get a bright light and give the board a VERY close inspection. Look for any leaking capacitors. If you find any that look like the pics below, you have found your problem.

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Sorry to ask yet another question, but I'm trying to install a GeForce FX 5200 PCI video card. I have had the same problem before, but need would like to fix it permanently. After installing the drivers (updated for my pc from, too), a restart with the card in fails. Everything works well until the Windows XP splash screen disappears, at which point the screen goes black and the power light on the monitor turns from green to amber. What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: Video Card Installation -> Screen Goes Black

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Hi there,

I have a relatively new ACER Predator G3620 which came with a Radeon HD7770 video card. I've just bought a GTX580 Twin Frozr II to replace it. As a bit of a newbie I think I've made a bit of a mistake installing it. I opened up my computer case, took out my old video card, and put the 580 in it's place, attached the DVI lead to my SONY TV (which is the only monitor I have). The computer loaded up fine - and a low resolution picture came up. The drivers were out of date on the disk as I have windows 8, so I had to go on the net and find some up to date ones. During downloading the driver, the PC then crashed/restarted itself. When it came back on there was no video at all, just a black screen. Extremely frustrated at this point after pressing the power on/off button to try my luck a few times, still just a black screen, infact it doesn't even say 'no signal'. So I then put my old card back in (Radeon HD7770)(I originally used a HD cable to my TV with my old card) THERE WAS STILL NO VIDEO. What makes it even worse is... with all the Predator models, the manufacturers have disabled the normal VGI port for the dedicated on-board graphics. So I can't even just use an old VGI cable n hook it up to my tv to install the drivers and see what's up with my video cards. I don't know what to do! It's extremely frustrating having just a black screen when the PC is booting up just fine, all lights blinking, fans working, and ever... Read more

A:PC crash while installing new video card. / BLACK SCREEN!

P.S. I have used this site for a long time to help me with my tech problems for over the years. You guys are great. Any help would be much appreciated

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ASUS Z97-A with i5-4460 @ 3.2ghz. Win10 (latest Insider build). AMD R7-200 video card.
Unpredictably, my monitor goes black except for a brief message that there is no HDMI. Usually a cold boot is required to restart, then the system runs in a normal fashion.
The Event Viewer doesn't show any related events. System fans and power continue to run when the screen goes black. I presume it's the video card, but before I throw a couple of hundred dollars at the problem, I'd like to know how to check if it might be something else.
Also...what mid-range cards do you folks like for desktop and mid-range (non-twitch?) gaming? I play a lot of Witcher 3 for example-- and the video card performs adequately.
Thanks very much.

A:How to confirm that black screen originates due to my video card?

You could remove the card and see if the graphics work with the GPU from the processor.

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I recently decided to upgrade my video driver for my nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128mb graphics card. Everything went ok until it finished instal, where it asks to reboot computer, it just went blank with a black screenand a blinking cursor in the top right corner.

After this, we rebooted the computer, it would load up normally, even the part with Windows Xp icon loading, then it would stay could even hear the buttons and errors through the speakers, indicating(i think) that it was booting everything up.

After that we did a recovery, it brought it back to normal, except now...without any software for the graphics card, so when we put in the disc and loaded it up, it gets halfway through and does the same thing when we reload it back up. Thinking it was the video card, we take it out and buy the same one(except with 256mb now) and try installing it. Again, it did the same thing. It works kinda good until we instal the software...and it is recognizing the hardware b/c it says it has found it.

I have read the refresh rate needs to be 60hertz, mine is when I install it. I am about to hit my computer with a sledge hammer, does anyone have any idead on what the problem is. It would really be appreciated, Thank You.

A:Black Screen After Installing Video Card Software

What Sort Of Motherboard Is It And Was You Using Onboard Graphics Before Card Install ?

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First off I am new to this so i would like to apologize if this is in the wrong section or if I am doing this wrong in any way.

I have just recently purchased a new video card because the one i had died off. After putting in the new video card and booting up it gets to the black screen with the blinking underscore then goes completely black and doesn't change. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this.

The new video card is a Galaxy GeForce 8400GS. Motherboard is a Foxconn G33M02. I am able to boot in safe mode.

A:Frozen black screen while trying to install new video card


If you confirmed that your video card is ok and compatible to youer motherboard, there may some touble about Power consumption. I had meet the same phenomenon and for Power supply shortage.
I'm not in english ,so , i hope you may understand.

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Hi, Last week some gray lines began to appear on the screen, until you get to a completely gray screen and the PC block. Now when I turn on the PC and the HP logo disappears the screen remains black. The video card drivers were updated. I did a hardware diagnostics and the problem is the video card:ERROR ID: GLGCXH-7AR89J-X87R61-Q2QA03. Video card: Radeon R9 270 I tried to set from bios the integrated video card as the default but the computer still reads the dedicated video card.Then I removed the video card and now the pc reads the integrated video card properly and the PC working well.I also used an old video card and computer turns on properly, so the motherboard should not be damaged. I removed all drivers and I reinstalled them, but the dedicated video card didn't work. At the moment i don't have another pc to test the video card. Any help would really be appreciated.

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Hi Everyone.

As the title says about, i have a Dell Vostro 1520 and im running Windows 7 with a 32bit. It is only 2 years only. It started about a month ago. I was on my laptop viewing and deleting some unwanted photos i had. A few minutes later i realized that i deleted a photo that i wanted. So i went to the recycling bin and restored that photo. When i went back to my photos and went into the album, it said something like i do no have permission to access this folder. Please press continue to get full permission. I clicked continue and i got the access i should have. Now i tried many more random folders and the same thing happened. Also when i came out of the folders, the folders had a big pad lock sign on the front of it. After that i shut down the laptop and went to turn it back on. The laptop will power on like normal. I can press f12 for the boot options. which i have already tried many times. I also tried it in safe mode and what-not, but still nothing. I can hear the fan and stuff spinning up like normal. I have also put and CD into the CD ROM and that spins up fine. So after the Dell logo on the screen, it goes black and stays that way with the cursor. You can move the cursor around no problem. I should also add that the battery light is and has been flashing for a good wile. Its flashing orange and blue. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the battery. Because my laptop will not charge with the AC adapter in it for many months now. It will only stay... Read more

A:Dell Vostro 1520. Black screen. Wont reach login screen

Since its a laptop the harddrive is easy to pull out and remove.If you have or can get a usb sata/ide connector hook the drive to that and then to another computer if you have one so you can save all of your important data like pix, music, etc.The laptop battery is going to have to be replaced since its no longer charging properly.It sounds like there might be a short somewhere or a power supply problem along with a bad battery.Or possibly something might be wrong with the screen or video or graphics card.

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Hello, originally my problem is that my internet browsers (Internet explorer, firefox) can not display any kind of pages because of some kind of virus. Also I had some kind of fake Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) asking me to download more fake AV's onto my computer but I knew well enough that it was fake so I close it. This also shows up in safe mode. MSE block me from opening things such as iexplorer.exe or sometimes it would say tskmanager is a virus and it wouldn't let me open anything. So eventually I google this up, and I read somewhere that told me to rename hotfix.exe to hotfix1.exe when I run %APPDATA% so the annoying MSE would stop showing up. It also told me to update my Malwarebyte which I still can not do because I still do not have access to the internet. By the way I am using another computer to type this. So again, I tried to do some more research to fix my internet problem and I found this site that told me to download KillGodzilla.exe and run it and reboot my computer, after that I should update my Malwarebyte but of course, I can't do that because after the WINDOWS loading screen, the blue log in screen doesn't show and displays a black screen which flickers sometimes, after a few minutes it would restart my computer. Also same thing for safe mode. Does anyone know what is going on? Did I screw up my computer to badly? Do I need to reset my BIOS? I am using Windows XP if that helps. I also hav ESET smart security on my computer but I can... Read more

A:Computer blue login screen displays black screen after using KillGodzilla.exe

Anyone have any ideas at all? I waited a few days, and gave as much information as possible already, please?

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Hey everyone.

I did a bit of research and this seems to have been an issue for a while, or has been in the past. Was upgrading to windows 10, I first had to restart my pc cause it was initially stuck on that preparing to install problem with the green bar being stuck around 25%.

It then got through that and began the installation process with the big circle and rebooting process. However around 91% when I last looked at it it was just black screen, this stayed this way for about 3-4 hours. I then decided to reboot the pc and it has now booted to the login screen. Is this a known bug or could there be a possible issue?

The problem seems a bit different as some people I saw have had to fall back on PC restore points etc. So not sure if it installed or what could be the problem.

Also side note, I upgraded my pc when windows 10 first publically released, but rolled back because I had about 5min shutdown times. So not sure what is going on and any info would be greatly appreciated!


A:Black Screen of Doom but Booted to login screen (no cursor just blank)

I never had a problem upgrading like you've experienced but I experiencing Windows 10 upgrading process is the longest time taken ever compared to previous versions. It took me 1 hour+ to finished.

Play around a little bit to get used to it then did a clean install. No problem arise, seems working fine.

The point is, problems always happen after upgrading, to solve it just perform installation from scratch (clean install).

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Hi, I have an office desktop pc (HP COMPAQ ELITE 8100) running 64-bit Windows 7. I was manually running Windows update and manually updating some of my drivers when the pc suddenly turned itself off.

I turned it back on and now it doesn't get to the login screen anymore. It just displays a black screen with a movable mouse cursor although I can't really click anything or even press any keys on the keyboard.

I tried loading into the recovery environment but it only gives me the option to restore my hard drive to factory settings, which I don't want since I have lots of important files in it.

I've searched around the forums but I can't find a problem that is EXACTLY like mine.

By the way, my pc is on a dual boot mode with an Ubuntu 11.10 and that is how I'm able to access this forum right now. The dual boot was set-up by the employee that I replaced so I have no idea how this is set-up.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Black screen with movable mouse cursor before login screen appears

Firstly, boot into the Linux operating system, and then create a backup of all important files and data.

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Hi, my video card died this morning so I installed one from a different computer. I have a three year old Dell Vostro 410 running XP Pro. I took out an nvidia G310DE from a different Dell computer and put it into my computer. I managed to get a display so I uninstalled the old ATI drivers, restarted and installed the new nvidia drivers. When I restarted, I got a black screen with a white square cursor after the windows splash screen. I can boot into safe mode with no issues though. I've tried the driver from the nvidia website, the dell CD, and let windows look for drivers. Each time, I get the same result.

I've been at this for the past 4 hours now and can't think of what else to do. Thanks for your help!

A:Installed new graphics card and drivers - Black screen with white box cursor on start up

<<I've tried the driver from the nvidia website, the dell CD, and let windows look for drivers>>

Why would you use the drivers from the Dell CD...which I would think are only for the Intel onboard video?

Did you disable the onboard video in the BIOS settings?

Did you completely uninstall all the ATI software...both via Device Manager and via Add/Remove Programs?

I think I'd take a look at Device Manager and see what's reflected there.


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Hi guys,

I just installed 1 TB hard drive, as well as an 8400GS (low profile) PCI-E card into a slim Dell 530s. I removed the old display and it's drivers (built in), because the computer wasn't booting after installing the new card. Now I can get to the desktop, but after installing the video card drivers, I reboot and get a blue screen after the vista boot logo.

I've tried the drivers from the website, cd, and windows update, same thing. Any ideas? >< Thx!

Here is an image I found with the same BSOD I get!

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Hi , I was upgrading my nvidia card drivers but it said to first uninstall the old ones first so I did that , but now when I turn on my computer windows xp loads up but all I get is a blank screen.I can tell windows loads up because I can her the opening sound , any help? Thanx ahead of time

A:I Unistalled Video Card Drivers Now I Get A Blank Screen

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So, I got a new video card at work to install and nothing will show up when I plug it in. I can go through the computers VGA and it works fine, but when I go to the video card only a black screen. Any help? Can't download drivers either, only black screen upon boot.

A:Display Drivers/Video Card and Monitor Screen


Have you tried removing the graphics card and using the on board VGA to boot into windows, you could then install the required drivers.

Then shutdown the PC >> Insert new graphics card and see how that goes??


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Hi Folks
I reformatted my hd (after malware problems) reinstalled a new copy of xp a couple of weeks ago and everything went ok...all drivers, firefox, firewall (Comodo) and antivirus up and running. The generic windows graphics driver works but slows the system down incredibly.

I have nvivia 9600gt agp graphics card but have been unable to install a driver which will allow the system to boot. It worked fine before the xp reinstall. At one point I got a Tweakforce (175 series I think) to install but this crashed after a few days and will not reinstall. I have tried the latest drivers from nvidea and get the blue screen or black screen. Same with installing older drivers. I keep having to go back to system restore, which takes an hour or so to try and fail again with a different driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Video card black or blues screen of death after xp reinstall

You may need to install a BIOS upgrade for your graphic card so it is insynch with the newest drivers.

Good luck.

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ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

also this happen after i installed black ops on my computer off of steam.

heres my minidump

Attachment 185715

A:error on video card, screen turns fuzzy then goes black

Quote: Originally Posted by levi655

ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

also this happen after i installed black ops on my computer off of steam.

heres my minidump

Attachment 185715

"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OSs like XP to crash.

As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds.

If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating.

Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU.

Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference.

If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently... Read more

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[There are other issues just like this posted all over the boards, I'm sure. But the reason I decided to post a new one is that my problem resulted from a physical impact when my screen went out. I've looked everywhere online, but couldn't find a solution applicable to my problem. And a large percentage of them weren't exactly a legitimate fix so I finally decided to post my situation.]

Anyhow, long story short, whenever I try to start my TX2000 tablet, everything runs as if booting,
( symptoms: )
-but the mute button and the wireless are illuminated in orange/red rather than the normal blue
-and the screen is completely black; no display whatsoever, although fan is running.
-no sounds of boot-up (Windows 7 boot sound)

***--->only when I take the upper RAM card out, do the orange/red lights turn blue and a few moments later the Windows 7 noise plays, like it normally would along with the log-in screen, but still no sign of life from the LCD. This is the ONLY thing that has gotten me any sort of response..

Things I've already tried:
-pressing down on the "J," "K," "L" keys as hard as possible (so as to dislodge a component or was on another help forum site..)
-unplugging the power adapter and battery pulling, holding down the ON switch for 30 seconds, replugging everything back in and starting up
-opening up the panels to check if any of the sockets were unplugged.
-cleaned the fan of any dust (since ... Read more

A:black screen problem-Video card issue? Please read!

If your problem was caused by a physical impact there ight be a million things wrong such as the cable connected beween motherboard and screen, ram and every conductor possible, you should take the device to the manufactures labratory and ahve them take alook at the hardware, the details youve provided make it impossible to identify the problemw ithout the proper testing equipment
best of luck

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Intel G620 2.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Corsair 4GB [2x2GB Dual Channel]
MSI HD 7850 2GB DDR5
Windows XP Pro SP3

Crysis 2

Upgraded Video Card from an nVidia GTX 460 1GB DDR5

when i fireup Crysis 2 i get sound but only black screen, i have installed the latest catalyst and hd 7850 drivers....

help please

A:Crysis 2 black screen with sound - Video Card Upgrade

Have you removed all of the old drivers?

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Hello, I'll go ahead and start from the very beginning. Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem.

About a month ago, my computer would give me a few problems while booting up. I would start the computer, it would run through BIOS, run through the Windows loading screen, and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine. CHKDSK doesn't work, it just freezes right before checking the disks, so I restart and generally it will boot up. Most of the time it would boot up perfectly, but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn't. The screen would just stay black and I'd have to restart. Next time, generally it would work perfect.

So this brings me to the current day. After the windows xp loading screen, it goes black. The computer is on, but I don't see any activity for the HDD via the LED. SO i go into safe mode, i finally get CHKDSK to run, I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working. Windows says the volume is fine, and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode, but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files.

Just to let you know I'm running Raid0, and this is my first time running it. I'm not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out. Does anyone know whats going on? Could it be a virus that messed with a boot.ini or any startup stuff? also, is there anyw... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen

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Hi people, i've just registered to this forum to ask you about this, Since i've made a registry defrag with TuneUp Utilities (which probably has gone wrong), when i reset the computer, and I logon to my user, it shows a black screen, then back at the logon screen. If I do it again, the user doesn't show up anymore!
It happened three times already, i had to make new users, and i'm sick of it. Any ideas of what could it be?

A:Black screen after login for some seconds, then back at logon screen!


Yet another case of registry defraggers causing harm. In the future, you know now to stay far away from them.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before TuneUp utilities. If that doesn't work, it will be time for a repair install.

Good luck!


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The issue started a few hours ago when I was playing League of Legends, specifically when the game has finished its loading and crashed to Desktop which is a common problem on my laptop. As usual I would restart the game, but before I could do that explorer.exe crashed, my entire Desktop has turned to the familiar transparent whitish filter before the "Explorer.exe has crashed" message popped out, which was peculiar at the time because this is the first time it had happened.

So I allowed the program to restart, it didn't. So I shut down via holding down the power button and rebooted the laptop. It went into Startup Repair, and did its automated repair, so I let it repair while I did my stuff. When I returned, the repair had completed and it booted the laptop into the infamous Black Screen of Death with a movable mouse cursor. This is right before I could log on to my user account, and I decided to search for solutions initially on Google using an available PC.

Most of it didn't work, for starters, booting up to Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Last known Good Configuration brought me to the same movable mouse cursor with black screen combo. Safe Mode with Command Prompt has the same problem, and the Command Prompt does not appear.

After which, I accessed the Repair menu with the F8 button right after the BIOS loads and tried every option. First, Repair Your Computer did not work as it couldn't find any problems after the first initial repair it did. Syste... Read more

A:Black Screen of Death with Mouse Cursor before Login Screen

having the same problem here on my toshiba satellite L655-1je laptop. did everything srwalpha did but to no avail. hence, bumping this up for help pls...

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Hey, need some help yet again!

Yesterday, I downloaded Mission Against Terror (New MMOFPS), and I downloaded it. Upon updating with the patcher, my laptop went haywire. It started opening up random IE windows, slow speed, etc etc.

I did a whole memory scan, and a malware/adware/spyware scan. There were several viruses and whatnot, but what is important are the files: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, you'll find it why later on. The anti-virus said that it had fixed/deleted everything.

So, I restarted my laptop, hoping that I'd get it up and running in safe mode for any further scans. Unfortunately, when I restarted it, after the windows 7 loading screen (which is right before login screen), a black screen appeared. With nothing at all. Not even a cursor. BLACK. JUST BLACK with NO keyboard access/mouse access. But, that's expected since it's BEFORE the login screen. It's the same with normal boot, boot that does that "last best used option" or whatever, safe mode, with networking, etc etc. All the same. Black screen.

Good thing I had WIN XP on my other hard drive. So, I booted up into WIN XP (where I'm posting this from), and did a FULL (NOT QUICK) system scan, to find the SAME Viruses YET AGAIN: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, along with some other minor tracking cookies and what-not. Win XP (on second drive) is also having a few problems, like IE shutting down every second (using firefox now). Think this is a whole system prob. But, why? Didn't the antivirus-es fix it? I... Read more

A:Black Screen BEFORE Login screen and AFTER Windows 7 logo/loading!

Hi your problem can best be addressed in the security section of the forum

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Thanks for all providing valuable suggestions in my previous thread Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

As I am picking the clean install option for my resolution, I am opening this new thread.

I reviewed the tutorials (Macrium) of this community. I found Macrium Reflect Free (Version: 6.0.753 (21 July 2015)) for download.

I downloaded/installed above Macrium to working PC. This version has an option to create Macrium Reflect rescue media on CD, DVD, or USB stick upon installing on working PC. I created a rescue media USB.

I created complete HDD image of my unbootable (Z580), before doing clean win 7 install. I am going to clean install Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) using my OEM KEY.

I posted the OEM DISKMAP in my previous thread Post # 90

I find System (d:\) 200 MB Windows_7 (OS) ( c:\) 653.44 GB & my Lenovo_data (e:\) 25.47 GB. Lenovo says, if I change the partition configuration, it will make built-in Lenovo recovery unusable.

I like the idea of adopting infrequent system changes (adding new programs etc) and frequent data changes (growing user documents) in image backup strategy. I mean taking system partition (d:\ + c:\) image back up as and when I add new programs and taking data partition (e:\) image backup periodically.

How do I re-structure my DISKMAP to have effective periodical image backup without disrupting built-in Lenovo recovery?

Are there any Windows 7 disk partition recommendation/guidelines?
Thanks for sharing/h... Read more

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Hi I would really appreciate any advice i've been trying to fix for four hours without any luck.

I have an Acer aspire 5732Z. I turn my laptop on and it shows the starting windows screen then just goes to a black screen with a cursor. I tried to do systems restore but it said that i did not have a system restore point. I cannot start in any safe mode.

I have all my pictures, uni work etc and im terrified i've lost it all. I've only had the laptop a year.

Any suggestion would be amazing

Thank you

A:Black screen after windows start up doesn't go to login screen

Hello seven11 and welcome to SevenForums!

I think this article will be fairly interesting to read.

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

Carry on.

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I just purchased XPS13 9350 and I have a problem with installing driver for the video card.
At the beginning, when I at first powered the laptop, there was a black screen after the DELL logo.
I did some tests then I figured out that the video driver is the problem.
I installed a fresh Windows 8.1 with generic video driver and it solved the black screen problem.
From this point, I tried to update the video card driver and again, the screen went to black.
I tried to use the below drivers which all ended with the same result - a black screen while installing the driver:

Any suggestion how to solve this issue? I am afraid that the generic video driver causes the flickering in my screen which is very annoying.

BTW: I updated the BIOS to the latest before trying the above video updates.


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I have narrowed down the problem. It is my Video card or drivers causing my machine to lock at the welcome screen. Anyone know a work around for this since I only have one other Video card and it is the same Manufacture and uses the same drivers.
Windows XP Home ed (fully updated and patched from Microsoft updates site)
Tech Info: ATI 9000 Series Video Card.
AMD Athlon "Slot" A 850 mhz Processor
Further Tech Info upon Request.

A:Video Card drivers causing my computer to hang at welcome screen

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Hey. First, I posted this in the Win 7 section, but someone suggested that I post it here since it involves malware/a virus. So, here's the post from over there:

Yesterday, I downloaded Mission Against Terror (New MMOFPS), and I downloaded it. Upon updating with the patcher, my laptop went haywire. It started opening up random IE windows, slow speed, etc etc.

I did a whole memory scan, and a malware/adware/spyware scan. There were several viruses and whatnot, but what is important are the files: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, you'll find it why later on. The anti-virus said that it had fixed/deleted everything.

So, I restarted my laptop, hoping that I'd get it up and running in safe mode for any further scans. Unfortunately, when I restarted it, after the windows 7 loading screen (which is right before login screen), a black screen appeared. With nothing at all. Not even a cursor. BLACK. JUST BLACK with NO keyboard access/mouse access. But, that's expected since it's BEFORE the login screen. It's the same with normal boot, boot that does that "last best used option" or whatever, safe mode, with networking, etc etc. All the same. Black screen.

Good thing I had WIN XP on my other hard drive. So, I booted up into WIN XP (where I'm posting this from), and did a FULL (NOT QUICK) system scan, to find the SAME Viruses YET AGAIN: SVC2.exe and 2008.exe, along with some other minor tracking cookies and what-not. Win XP (on second drive) is also having a few problems, like... Read more

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Hi People!!

I have been a member of this forum and most often I have found a solution by just searching but today I have a problem which I have not been able to find a solution for, therefore I am listing my problem.

I have Windows 7 installed on a desktop since 3 months now, it was working fine till yesterday evening but don't know what happened, it was loading windows.

Basically what is happening is that it is booting fine, then the windows logo comes and after that I get a black screen with mouse cursor, whereas it was supposed to have the login screen.

Now I had this same problem 3 months back with the same computer but then I was unable to solve it using the MBR repair commands and so I formatted the drive C of my computer then.

Now I am determined not to format the DRIVE C, so I went to the command prompt using system repair tools from the DVD and went into DISKPART. When I selected disk 0 which is the only disk installed and entered detail disk this is what I got:

Disk ID= SOmething
Target =1
Location Path= Something
Current Readonly State = No
Read Only= No
Boot Disk=No
Pagefile Disk = No
Hibernation File Disk= No
Crash Dump Disk= No
Clustered Disk = No

Volume|#| Ltr | Label1 | FS | Type | Size | Status|
Volume|1| C | System Rese | NTFS | Partition | 100 MB | Healthy|
Volume|2| D | | NTFS | Partition | 48 GB | Hea... Read more

A:Black Screen with Mouse Pointer instead of Login Screen

Have you tried Startup Repair from the Win7 installation DVD?
Have you tried System Restore to a point in time before these errors occurred?

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I'm having a weird problem. My laptop will show a black screen when booting. It seems no matter how long I wait, nothing happens. When I attach an external LCD to the laptop, it shows the Windows load or Windows resume graphics on the external monitor, but not on my laptop screen. As soon as the Desktop Screen with the Windows Login appears, it then appears on my laptop as well.

I also can't seem to get to safe mode. I push f8 and it never comes up I haven't installed any new software or hardware to cause this.
Any thoughts?

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Background: A week ago on vacation, I opened my HP Pavilion dv7-2173cl (a laptop running Vista Home Premium SP2) and suddenly, green and black lines began forming across its screen. I was later told this was a pressure crack, although that is not what I'm posting about. Freaked out, that day I turned the computer off and on several times using only the power button, once foolishly interrupting a "Startup Repair" process.

Problem: When I got home I hooked up the laptop to my TV so I could see what was going on. After attempting to turn it on many times, I eventually got the BSOD with a STOP:0x0000c1f5 error. I couldn't access the Recovery Module (even to backup) or Safe Mode. Going into personally uncharted territory, I booted from a Linux System Rescue CD to delete the $TxfLog file that was apparently the cause of the problem. I no longer get the BSOD, I get a black screen (KSOD?) (sometimes w/mouse, sometimes w/o) after the "yellow bar" loading screen. I still can't get into Safe Mode but I was able to use a Vista repair CD I downloaded to (finally) backup onto an external hard drive.

What I've Done So Far: I've run chkdsk, checked the memory and hard disk from BIOS options, and run Startup repair. I did the kind of Windows backup where everything goes to one file.

I'd prefer not to start from scratch if I can avoid it. Thanks so much for any and all help guys, I appreciate it a lot.


A:Vista won't start up, black screen before login screen.

I couldn't access the Recovery Module...Do you have a Recovery CD, Windows Vista CD, or Recovery Drive (partition)?What happened when you tried to access it?------------------------------------------------------------You said that you were able to backup onto an external harddrive, so important data is safe.The best option right now would probably be to re-format.

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Hi all,

this is my very first forum post here, few people have recommended this site as a best W7 community on the internet.

I have problem with black screen(lag) between windows starting message and login screen, lag is about 10 seconds and its very annoying, here is the video so you can see the problem:

maybe this is normal? i have this install almost two years, i dont have to much programs, and i disabled almost all useless startup programs. I tried also disabling bootscan in my NOD32 antivirus but nothing changed.

Is there any solution for this? and can i post to you some logs or something?

Best regards

A:Black screen between Windows starting and login screen

It is Dell's factory install? Usually it is bloated up with some services and programs those are not needed. So you need to clean them up. Follow this guide:
Clean Up Factory Bloatware

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My son has a Toshiba Satelite P205 that he just upgraded from Windows XP Home Premium to Windows 7 32-bit. After the upgrade completed the computer booted fine. The within 20 minutes he got the BSOD and the system rebooted. Now he can't get Windows to fully start. We've tried all of the options from F8 with no success. We have the Toshiba System Recovery Disk but it won't launch. (The Boot sequence has been changed to boot from CD/DVD and then the Hard Drive.)

The Memory Diagnostic from the Windows 7 disk ran fine with no errors.

I'm thinking I might need to re-format/wipe the drive to start fresh but don't know where to obtain a boot CD(no floppy drive on this laptop). Does anyone recommend a software that I can purchase to clear everything without destroying the CD/DVD accessibility so I can then use the System Recovery Disk to put it back to the original factory Settings?

A:System goes to black screen before login/welcome screen after Win 7 32-bit upgrade

Toshiba, usually pressing F12 when the Toshiba Logo appears will get you to the Boot device menu. If not then,
Go here Choose the Download Tab, No Login required, That is for the Forums.

Download the user manual and see how to get to the boot from CD/DVD drive.

The Drivers tab will show the Toshiba drivers. They are needed for Windows 7, If no drivers for WIn7, Then don't, as getting all that are needed will be a royal pain.

I've even seen certain model of Toshiba that have a XP Bios and a different bios for Vista.

Good Luck

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So I've hit this issue where I am welcomed with a black screen which is supposed to be my login screen. It boots up, but what would look like the login screen is simply black. When moving the mouse, the cursor would emerge whilst changing from pointing to loading(cursor animations). The wifi icon from the lock screen seems to flicker sometimes but that's pretty much it, nothing could be done from my end.
I've tried resetting/restoring from the advanced boot options(triggered by constantly interrupting the bootup process) but it's telling me it cannot be done since the location of the OS is not "unlocked". Safe mode with networking/command prompt gives me the same result. Unfortunately, I do not have a system restore point nor a system image to use. The command prompt from within the repair does not let me use sfc /scannow, too.

Brief history of what happened beforehand:
I installed the Uxtheme patcher to enable third-party themes, then before rebooting installed an application called StartIsBack. After rebooting, it seemed fine and I changed my mind and decided to uninstall StartIsBack. It turns out the aforementioned program brings a cavalry of bloatware before you could uninstall it. After I got rid of the extra software it came with, I proceeded to delete each part of StartIsBack from its respective directories, but it wouldn't let me delete its core StartIsBack64.dll, because it is running in the background. There is no sign of it as well within the task manag... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 Black screen prior to login screen

Try this tutorial: Repair Install Windows 8

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Hello I hope someone can help me out with my problem.

About the problem.
Yesterday I did a shutdown from the start menu and turned off my monitors, however the computer did not shutdown and was still on after 10 minutes so I just turned it off with the power button.
Today I started my computer it boots I get the usual loading bar and then a black screen and not my welcome screen.

So I have tried the following to fix it:
I tried booting with last known configurations, and got the same problem.
I tried booting in safe mode, it loads for about 5 minutes and then just stops loading.
I tested the memory with a memory test from Acer, no problems found.
I tried booting with a lower resolution, get the same problem.
Just to see if its not a hardware problem, I have booted a linux live cd and that worked.
I have an acer recovery menu but it wont let me recover to a previous point.
And I don't have a vista CD or recovery disk.
I think it was updating when I shut it down..

So i hope anyone has a solution for my problem, if you need more information please ask and I'll answer.

Many thanks for reading and maby even replying to my problem.



Somehow after waiting an hour doing nothing then rebooting into safemode worked!
There i could do a system restore and problem is solved!

A:Vista boots to black screen instead of login screen

See if there is information on that PC on making recovery disks. I just used 2 dual layer DVD's to make recovery disks for a Compaq laptop.

Also, next time your machine boots to a completely black screen....let it stay there while it re-configures it's self. Don't be so impatient

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I was successfully using my PC for the entirety of this morning. After bumping my desk, the machine shut off as it sometimes does when a cable is loose. When the machine restarted, it allowed me to login and then showed me only a black screen and cursor. Ctrl+alt+del was functional. I tried system restore and system repair, both of which completed but did not have any effect. I was able to access Windows via safe mode. I removed my GPU and connected my monitor to my motherboard. The situation did not change. I attempted to boot without my main drive (SSD) by disconnecting it and turning the PC on. Instead of a login screen, I am now greeted by a flash of a BSOD before the system restarts. After running a couple rounds of startup repair, Windows has declared it cannot resolve the issue.

Any guidance will be warmly appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: after restarting once more, my bios prompted for a boot device and I was able to reach the login screen. I am now back at my original black screen problem.

A:Black Screen Upon Login Evolved into Blue Screen

Can you boot into Safe Mode at the moment? if so, follow this:

1. Download the DM Log Collector application to your desktop by clicking the link below

DM Log Collector.exe

2. Run it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop, and follow the prompts.
3. Locate the .ZIP file that is created on your desktop, and upload it here in your next reply.

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Alright, today I hibernated my computer (I usually hibernate) left it for an hour and attempted to turn it back on, now it loads fine but once it gets to the point where it should display the vista logo and then the log in screen the screen goes blank. The hard disk light is blinking fast so fast it's almost just staying on and the wireless does its blinking patterns as if it's redying the wireless connection but the screen remains black. I've tried safe mode, same result. Two screens, same result. I booted Ubuntu and it was fine so I'm using that now.

First of all, any insight into how I should go about fixing this?
If not, I have extremely important files on the hard drive is there any way you could recommend getting them back?

Thanks for any help, I'd hate to have to take it in and risk the guys at the store deciding it's easier just to wipe the hard drive or something.

A:Screen turns black before reaching the login screen

Are you using a Ubuntu Live CD, or are you dual booting?
If you're dual booting, you can access your ntfs partition from Ubuntu using steps listed on many many web sites:
Some are easier than others.

As for fixing your Vista. I have reservations because in some of my steps Vista has this nasty habit of overwriting the master boot record with its own without warning you (making you unable to boot into ubuntu if you dual boot), so research some more, and proceed with caution. If you boot into the Vista DVD, I think you can click repair, and you have a bunch of options and it looks like this:
I haven't tried them in a while so I can't really recall what each does.
You can try going back using a restore point. Be VERY cautious with "Startup Repair". I think that's the one that rewrites the master boot record. (if you really need to try it, research how you can backup the master boot record in ubuntu, then restore it if needed - usually a flash drive, a floppy, or a bootable CD may be needed - you most likely would be able to do it from the live cd if you know the steps though).
And if all else fails, do a repair install. Can't recall how it's done, but there are many sites dedicated to that topic. You can also ask around the forum about it.

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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1750, and the owner said that his son installed BearShare and it's been giving him complications. He told me it sometimes freezes when he tries to start the computer, and has to give it a hard shut down. I (hopefully) removed BearShare with Malwarebytes and MSE, yet I can't seem to find why it's not letting me boot up regularly.

It boots into safe mode fine, and I can access everything from there, but when I try to restart into regular mode, it just hangs after 'Starting Windows' with a black screen and active mouse cursor. I've tried various tutorials from searching "black screen, active cursor", "laptop frozen after starting windows" etc, but nothing that I try works.

After a few hours of research I keep seeing the reoccurring phrase 'shell', I believe it's not being loaded correctly or at all. I've tried a fix by Prevx that said it would fix the black screen to no avail.

But here's the funny part. Sometimes it boots to Windows fine and everything acts as it should. There's been several times I was about to call the guy and tell him that the laptop is finished, but I hesitated and restarted just to see if it was fully fixed.

Vid: Dell - YouTube

Let me know if I need to post further information.

A:Black screen, cursor active before login screen.

I would try some more scans to be sure
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
run some hardware tests
RAM - Test with Memtest86+
and when you can get it to boot
Disk Check
a system file check
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
and have a look through these handy tutorials
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
Startup Repair
and if all else fails
Repair Install

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Hello. Recently had a virus and have been going through the steps here on bleeping computer to help get rid of it. The last thing I was told to do was run the farbar scan tool and to copy and paste a code and hit fix. Upon doing so the computer prompted for a restart. It now won't get to the log in screen. I've tried booting in safe mode and I've also tried last known working configuration as suggested and nothing has worked unfortunately. I was told to come here. Hopefully something can be done. Thanks a ton.

A:Windows won't get to login screen, black screen and cursor

Tap F8 at boot and select Repair Computer from the Advanced Boot Options. Do a System Restore to a date just before the problem. 
You cannot do the above and if you have another Windows 7 computer create a System Repair Disk. Boot and try a System Restore to a date just before the problem.

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While attempting to restore a previous backup of my system (with Norton Ghost 15), I got an error, and the system rebooted. Upon reboot, I get the black screen of death with just the cursor instead of the usual login screen. I have tried the following thus far:
These all give me the black screen of death with movable cursor:boot in safe mode
boot in safe mode with networking
boot in safe mode with command prompt
last known good configuration

I did an initial system startup repair which went through and said it repaired it, rebooted, but no change.
I did a pre-boot diagnostic test - nothing
memory test - nothing
tried restoring from restore point, but it says I don't have any (LIES! BLASPHEMY!)
tried restoring from restore point on external disk - seemed okay, then failed.
chkdsk - found some stuff, fixed it, no change.
tried ctrl+alt+del on black screen of death - nothing
Now, I know that the hard drive itself is alright, that is, the information is still all there still. While I can't give you exact specs, I can tell you that I am on a Dell Studio XPS running Win7 home premium 64 bit. I'm at a loss as to what else to do. Despite being a black screen, with just a movable cursor, the system still appears to be running, as every few minutes, it will show the "thinking" cursor, where it shows the little circle next to the arrow. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

hugs and kisses,

A:Black Screen of Death during boot, before login screen


Known issue some users have it others don't did you try Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7? or this mentions a "black screen of death" fix but i would be verry carefull running executable files from unknown sources

Windows 7 Black Screen Of Death Fix

also this

but it also points to external sources microsoft should fix the issue or that *.exe should be authenticode signed so you have a way to verify it's trustworthy.

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Okay now i have no idea what the model is for my mother board, and no idea what type of AGP slot it has, but it is empty because atm i have an onboard NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX INtegrated GPU. my computer atm is an AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 512 MB PC2700 333 cl2.5 DDR (its also a crapy HP Pavilion if that helps). I bought the computer back in september 2003 and it was refurbished if that helps in determining what type of AGP slot it is.

here is the video card i bought:
(ya i know, noot good or anything, but i dont need some super good video card with my computer) i only wanted to get a new one because when i bought new ram (2x512, PC3200 400 cl2.5 DDR ram) it didnt work in my computer when ever i ran a game like cs, it would always shut down or restart my computer.

I know i need to disable my previous driver for my onboard video card, but i did that and installed the video card and checked to see if it worked by plugging in my monitor, mouse and keyboard and turning it on, and nothing came up on my monitor.

The help would be greatly appreciated, because i also want to run another game on my computer (like HL2 or CS:S because CS 1.6 just aint enough )

And if you are able to determine somehow what type of AGP slot it is, would the AGP 8x i bought work on it? or would it have voltage issues that are causing it to not work.


A:Need help with installing my new video card, screen stays black when i turn on comp

I just downloaded EVEREST and it tells me what my hardware is like, so it tells me what the name is of my motherboard (this should help) and everything with itField
Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID Exp$103.011$06/27/2003-17:27:59$nFORCE
Motherboard Name Asus A7N8X-LA

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM
Bus Width 128-bit
Real Clock 167 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 333 MHz
Bandwidth 5333 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type HyperTransport v1.0
Bus Width 8-bit

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots 1 Socket 462
Expansion Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP
Integrated Devices Audio, Video, LAN, IEEE-1394
Form Factor Micro ATX
Motherboard Size 240 mm x 240 mm
Motherboard Chipset nForce2-IGP
Extra Features CPU Overheating Protection

I hope this helps

i also just found this.

Field Value
Device Properties
Device Description nVIDIA nForce2 Integrated GeForce4 MX Video Adapter
Bus Type AGP 4x
Bus / Device / Function 2 / 0 / 0
Device ID 10DE-01F0
Subsystem ID 1043-80C0
Device Class 0300 (VGA Display Controller)
Revision A3
Fast Back-to-Back Transactions Supported, Disabled

Device Features
66 MHz Operation Supported
Bus Mastering Enabled

AGP Properties
AGP Version 2.00
AGP Status Enabled
Supported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x
Current AGP Speed 4x
Fast-Wr... Read more

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I do not remember the exact time that this problem first occurred. Maybe it was a few months ago.. Anyway, I thought nothing of it because it did not and still does not effect my system's performance. However, it is annoying and I would simply like to get the the bottom of it.

When I turn on my computer, the Windows loading screen appears. About halfway through, the screen goes black, and then then logo pops up once more and continues to load XP. It is important to note that screen does not turn off, it simply goes black. Similar to when you make a change to the video settings, such as resolution or refresh rate.

It also goes black every time I click the NVIDIA Control Panel tray icon. Every time, without fail.

I have updated to the newest drivers for my video card, and the problem still persists. I do not have any viruses, spyware, etc.

Any suggestions or experience from similar situations would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


Originally Posted by System Details

XP Media Center, Service Pack 3

Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, (182.08_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql)

NVIDIA Control Panel, Version 2.2.390.00

ViewSonic E790 (19 inch?)

A:Screen flashes black at startup & when editing video card settings

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

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ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

heres my minidump

Attachment 185717

ask me a question if needed

A:Error on video card after startup, screen turns fuzzy then goes black

Quote: Originally Posted by levi655

ive recently been having this problem for the last few days i thought i fixed it but it started happening again. not sure whats wrong so please help, thanks.

heres my minidump

Attachment 185717

ask me a question if needed

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I recently changed the Catalyst Control Center settings (can't remember exact changes) and now my screen goes black for 2-3 seconds at a time randomly. I removed the display driver and Catalyst Control Center and let Windows Update install a new version on a reboot. I've had the card for many years with no problem like this before.

How can I erase the entire video driver/software configuration and re-install it to get back to normal?

Thanks in advance,


A:Monitor flashes black screen randomly with Raedon HD4670 video card

Quote: Originally Posted by badbigdad

How can I erase the entire video driver/software configuration and re-install it to get back to normal?

Assuming you have the current Catalyst driver downloaded for your "legacy" HD4670 and ready for use in a reinstall, one clean way to remove all existing AMD software and drivers guaranteed is to use "Driver Fusion" from Treexy (this used to be called "Driver Sweeper").

It comes in a free version, and there also is a non-free premium version. The free version is sufficient to remove everything for the supported audio and video vendors, including of course AMD, nVidia and Intel on the video side.

You click on "Maintenance", and then "Driver Family", then "Display", then "AMD". Follow the "delete" process from there, and when it completes you reboot. You've now completely removed every trace of AMD, including from the Registry.

You can now reinstall your Catalyst driver from scratch.

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I am running Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 and the issue is on startup after the Windows loading animation the screen goes totally black with no cursor in sight.

This happened after a power cut when the computer suddenly shut down.

I can run it in safe mode.

I can run another Windows XP Professional installation that I have on my PC (same HDD) and that works with no issues.

I used system restore (24 hours) and it starts up after that, but then after restarting it will not work. Same applies for when I did a system restore from 1 week ago.

All help is appreciated!


A:Black Screen on Startup (Before Login Screen)

Any thoughts before I go and format the system?

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Hi, I have recently installed windows updates and after restart the black screen occurred after I typed my password. About five days before that I have reinstalled my Mobile Intel 4 series driver and now in Device manager it shows 3 grayed out monitors which were installed when I have reinstalled the Video driver. The monitor driver that Is currently loaded was installed when I installed the OS itself. Is it safe to remove the grayed out drivers and will this fix my problem?


A:Black screen with cursor after Login screen.

Hi werty,
if you delete them after you press check for hardware changes will they reappear?
if so uninstall them hard then reboot your PC you might wanna create a restore point first in case some thing wrong happens, refer to this link if you dont know how:Create a restore point

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Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

I find some interesting posting in this forum. Thanks for keeping this forum to help windows community. I like to pick up the brain of this forum to resolved the black screen issue. I am not sure, whether it caused by virus. I use Microsoft Security Essentials. I am not able to run this in command prompt.

I started my laptop this morning & login screen showed up. Once I entered my login credentials, I heard the sound that usually plays once a login is successful, but I ended up with a black screen. After this occurred, I had to hold down the power button to manually shut down the computer. Once I started it up again, I was prompted to do a system repair, which eventually ended up with all successful outcomes, but I now have a black screen with a cursor before the login screen now. I have no idea what caused this to happen. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad Model Z580 (500 GB HD, 6GB RAM).

I am not able to get into safe mode or any other mode, which all leads to a black screen described above.

Only able to use the "Repair Your computer" tools after pressing F8 during booting .

Under regular user login it provided Start Repair option. AS I pick this option, it did not find any issues.

Under Admin user login, it provided system recovery options. It is not picking up the recovery point created a while ago.

Windows Memory Diagnostics is not launching and shows a black sc... Read more

A:Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

From sfc /scannow command your windows is assigned D in recovery environment and perhaps %windir% is not recognized, so try the command:

findstr /c:"[SR]" D:\windows\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt

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This morning i installed the software for pinacale's usb tv tuner on my laptop. I was requried to reboot after the installation process completed. I got to the logon screen, logged in, and all i got was a black screen with a cursor, i then let the computer sit for 15 minutes my screen saver came on, but when i wiggled the mouse still only the curser so i hit ctrl+alt+del= nothing pressed the power button, agian nothing, pressed and help the power button for 6 seconds, the machine turned off, i let it sit for 30 seconds, turrned it back on and now it just goes straight to the black screen with a cursor. I have tried booting it in safe mode, safe mode with netwrork support, and safe mode with a command propmt all resulted in the same thing... black screen with a cursor, and after 15 minutes the screen saver comes on...............???????????????

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Due to a power cut earlier my PC naturally shut off the way you would if you switched it off at the plug.

It brought me into the windows error recovery screen and loaded until I reached the login screen.
Upon saying "Please wait" my screen begun to flash black rapidly and wouldn't load. The monitor wasn't going off or anything, the screen was just blinking.

It still does this every time I reboot my computer, so I can't log in at all.
It also does this in all safe modes so that is out of the question too.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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I've got a fresh install of Vista x64, and when I install the Geforce drivers I'm not able to boot Windows normally. The green loading bar runs fine, but when it's over I don't get to see the login screen - it's just black. I have to enter into safe mode (which works) and uninstall the graphics driver.

The exact same thing is true for Windows XP 64-bit. But on WinXP the driver installation program caused huge lag also:


Graphics: XFX 8800 GTX
Mainboard: Asus Striker II Extreme

EDIT: Bootlog attached.

A:Black screen instead of login screen in XP AND Vista

I ran chkdsk and tried an older Nvidia driver, with no success...

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I've got a problem with my Win 7 install. I recently bought a copy of Win 7 Pro & installed the 64-bit version (as I intend to get more ram at some point fairly soon). I installed it last weekend & for a few days it's been running fine. Then ~2 days ago when I start it up instead of a login screen all I have is a black screen with a cursor, if I wait until the screensaver kicks in & then move the mouse (or press a key, etc) then I can see the login screen (& log in with no problems), if I wait until the HD activity finishes & then type in my password I can login fine. Safe mode starts fine & if I log in to normal mode then everything runs fine & I don't get any other black screens.

At no point am I getting any errors.
I've run my usual AV (Avira free version) & MalwareBytes Antimalware & neither of them have come up with any issues.
Windows seems to be booting up fine until it gets to the login screen (after the swirly windows screen) & it's obviously doing something as there's a normal amount of HD activity.
I've tried the Startup repair on the install disk to no avail.
I've tried post #8 from this thread, but things went a bit pear-shaped around the "taking ownership" bit, though I've not had any errors afterwards.
I've tried enabling the OEM default background registry edit (since it seemed straight forward enough) to no avail.
I've even tried changing the background colours via the registry switch (Hkey users\default\cont... Read more

A:Black screen + cursor instead of login screen

Avira, no idea why it's showing as AVG, I've not had that installed in several years (& several re-installs including a reformat)...

Edit: Though googling avgntflt.sys says that it's part of Avira.

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Hello folks,

I am not new to bleepingcomputers, yes I am sometimes as guest in the background snatching some info and ideas.

However, today I am coming as patient.

First of all I have to thank you ?geeks? (if allowed to name you like this ) for your dedication of helping people. Throughout the web you are an incredible source for fighting that plaque that take often our time (and sometime even more) away.

Now to my case. Some day ago my computer started with some strange behaviour like this:

? some windows popped up telling me some drive letter is not supported etc.
? the internet explorer started to do some strange things (I do not remember what)
? ahh, and my Toshiba power saver started doing rubbish (not accepting changes

My antivirus was not up-to-date and I started to install new antivirus (Vipre) and a collection of malware scanners.

Whatever has found my PC as his new nest, was not amused about this and responded with interfering in to the boot procedure. When starting my PC, Window Start screen appears (normal). After selecting the user (login) user desktop appears nicely (still OK) -> the quick-start icons in the right corner start to pop up one by one - > but in the middle after (10 seconds) black screen appears and nothing goes anymore.

So I started in save mode and run the scanners who discovered a truckload of Trojan and some root kit crap. I cleaned up but windows does not start up anymore (same behaviour as described above). In the ma... Read more

A:Black Screen (NOT Blue Screen) after login

Sorry, I forgot some more symptomes. I found in the scheduled task folder numerous tasks. After deleting them all they just build up again. Also I have to correct: the error thayt appeared is referenced to a file called ouss8q8r.exe. Furthermore, suddenly the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Icon changed (the Malwarebytes icon has been replaced by an ordinary exe icon).The system is Windows XP Home SP3.Thanksandyman

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Hi everybody. I'm kinda desperate with that problem, i hope you can help me.

I installed Win8 Pro, everything fine, i installed some programs and the latest drivers from Nvidia, i ran windows update so i rebooted, bios screen was right and then it appeared the win8 screen with the window and the circle looping and right after that while i had to be in the login screen i just get a black but stuttering screen where i only can see the mouse pointer. I restart in safe mode, uninstall the 550 Ti, then i can reboot whithout problem, Win8 detects the card and autoinstall the latest drivers and eveything is fine again and i'm able to play whatever i want, until i have to reboot or shutdown again. I need to uninstall the card from the device manager everytime i reboot if i want to have the chance of login again. Apart from this, everything runs fine.

So it looks like the card works right but there is a problem with the "welcome" and login screen. It's weird and frustrating and i would appreciate any help.

A:Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550

The BIOS on your system dates from 2007. I'd have to wonder if this system is compatible with Windows 8

Many of your storage controller drivers date from 2008 and earlier - I'd have to wonder about those that are involved in any crashes, but there are no memory dump files to examine.

Lot's of errors about services not starting and Windows Updates not installing - but I don't speak Spanish so I can't be sure about the details. I must ask if this is a legal copy of Windows - as illegal copies have many of these same symptoms - and fixing them isn't something that we can do here.

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I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.

As I brought my computer out of sleep mode the computer had crashed with the screen showing vertical, multicolored lines that vaguely resembled gray.

I had to hard restart my computer and after the splash screen, the login screen with all the users never appears, nor does my cursor.

Nothing is on my screen except a faint glow indicating that it's active.

Could anyone help me solve this problem? I've searched on Google but all the results have something to do with the cursor displaying.

I've already tried doing a System Restore and Startup Repair.

Currently posting from Safe Mode w/ Networking.

A:Black screen before login screen, no cursor

Update: Will start in normal mode after I switched drivers to Standard VGA, however updating the driver caused it to not work again.

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So i was trying to extend my system partition using easeus partition manager and on restarting a black screen with movable cursor is there, no login screen. To clarify i can't access the task manager (no response) and same thing happens in safe mode.
I didn't have the windows 7 installation disc as i got this Windows pre-installed from laptop manufacturer so i used my win 10 installation disc to try and repair it. Startup repair couldn't fix anything chkdsk found nothing sfc scannow using offbootdir and offwindir did nothing. I don't have any restore points which i don't why happened because i just installed a win 7 update which created a restore point? Please suggest any solution short of repair install.

Ps i don't get last known good configuration option on boot menu only safe mode so don't suggest that
Thanks for your replies

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