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weird symbols appearing in a printed xcel page

Q: weird symbols appearing in a printed xcel page

I created a simple two column daily schedule for work. when I printed it, there were crooked triangles that appeared...yet they were not seen on my work before printing. There are 4 of them.
Any ideas how to get rid of them? thanks!

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Some of my emails contain weird symbols eg ? or ?. The ? sometimes appears in the place of a appostophe which meant the word That's would be spelt That?s.
Any explanation as to how or why would be greatfully received. Oh and a method of stopping it happening in the future would be good too.
Thanks, Just Mercury

A:Weird Symbols appearing in Email Messages

Do they all happen to be from the same person?

My first thought is that the email is formatted with a font that you do not have installed on your system.
Tell the sender to use a standard Arial font.

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When I print an email from outlook 2000 sometimes my attachements will appear on the print-out and sometimes they don't. I've found that if I have my emails set up in HTML format, then the attacment won't appear, but if the emails are set up in Plain Text format, then the attachment will appear (as an icon) at the top of the message. Is there any way to get the attachements to appear on the HTML formatted messages?


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To whom it may concern (as I'm not sure if I'm in the correct forum section)

I was having some problems with viruses and what not and got some awesome advice on this forum as to getting rid of it. So far it seems to have worked. Problem I have now is that some of my icons are not appearing as they once were. It looks to be a generic Windows type icon. I will attach screen shots to show what I'm talking about.

ANY help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

- I tried uninstalling and re-installing the Blackberry Messenger and it still had the same problem with the icons.

-Thanks in advance,


A:Symbols not appearing as they should!

Well I have good eyesight and nothing is legible in that screenshot for me. Sorry I could not help you.

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To whom it may concern:

I am having a problem with some symbols on my laptop.

Mainly my blackberry messenger and Internet explorer.

My problem is that when I open either is that the normal icons, whatever they may be, only show up as the attached.

It makes them "un-clickable" which of course posses a problem.

I've checked in the Device manager and didn't see anything wrong/missing.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

A:Symbols not appearing as they should!

Do you have Adobe Flash Player installed? The symbol you see is related to Flash.You can download it from

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When I open a new blank sheet of Word the sheet contains a bold paragraph symbol.
Whenever I open a Word document it is full of paragraph symbols, periods
between words, etc. Some documents have other symbols before each line. I
have tried doing a repair install of Office, a re-install and finally
removed it and did a clean install. This has me baffled. If I send the
document to another person it is fine. If I send it to the printer it is
fine. This makes reading the document very difficult. Does anyone have any
ideas? I have looked through all the menus and options for a clue and have
found nothing that seems to apply.

A:Symbols are suddenly appearing in Word documents

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When I reply to a message in Outlook 2010 I am seeing a lot of strange symbols such as "€â," "Internet¡¦,"¡°be¡± ," "¡°buckets¡± "and "¡°lazy¡±." It seems that these symbols appear in place of quotation marks and other punctuation. I have done some research on the Internet, and there seems to be a lot of suggestions regarding Outlook and Word, but I haven't found anything that fixes this problem. Thanks for any and all ideas.

A:Solved: Strange Symbols Appearing in Sent Messages From Outlook 2010

It seems that this is happening whenever I send a message to someone with a Korean ISP. When I do send an e-mail to someone with a Korean ISP, in my Outlook "Sent" folder, the above characters appear, including one with a capital "A" with an "^" above the "A" at the end of some sentences after the period. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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I suspect this might be a fairly common problem. Whenever I print there also seems to be a block of about 5 fine lines printed over the text for about ever new line of text. Now I recently bought a new (high capacity) cartridge which costs a fortune, so I'm not too keen to buy another if it is the printer (about 6 years old) which is the problem.

Has anyone else had the same sort of problem?

A:Solved: Lines through printed page

Try cleaning the print heads, this is the normal solution to this problem.

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Hi all

I have a HP officejet v45, which has had new hp cartridges installed recently. Alignment page printed and aligned. Colours on tis page where as normal. After this I could only print about 30% of a page going across the page. Tried printing test page which again only printed about 30% of normal. Have uninstalled printed removed drivers and software via ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in Control Panel.

Have used both the installation disc and a downloaded set of drivers and software from the HP website to reinastall the drivers to no avail.

I need the printer to print off CV's for an interview for a new job over the next few days.

HELP please........

Tahnks for any help on this matter. I am using XP SP3, recent updated via microsoft website.

A:Printer test page half printed

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When I print I am getting a blank page between each printed page. Even if my document is one page it prints a blank page after it. I can also print a selected page, as in "print page 2" but it still prints a blank after it. The blank page does not show up on the preview.

I have a HP Deskjet D1300 and am running Vista Home using Word 2007. Is it a printer problem or a Word 2007 problem? Any suggestions?

A:Getting un-wanted blank page between printed pages

I think you may have the printer set to print separator pages.

Look around in your printer properties (Control Panel>Printers>Printername>>Right Click>Properties) and disable.

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I use two printers at two locations w/different computers and have the same problem on both. Many (most?) web pages have info on left side of screen that I do not want to print (such as at this web site). When I print the page I get the left side panel and letters or words on the right are cut off which I need to fill in by hand. Some sites offer "printable view", but I don't recall having a problem with that. Probably not.
Is there a way to adjust the page so that all desired text is printed?

A:printed text cropped off at R side of page

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Three days ago when I tried to print from the web and then WORD there was no installed printer. I checked and the printer was still installed but when printing a document the print screen said their was no printer installed. I checked and the print spooler was not working. So I downloaded the Microsoft tool MicrosoftFixit.Printing.Run.exe. I ran it and presto the printer worked but only once and when I went to print again, again the print box showed that there was no printer installed. So I have to run the tool every time I want to print a page then restart the computer. A royal pain and time waster.

Something is turning the spooler off and not allowing individual programs to see the installed printer and therefore reports that there is no installed printer.

2nd issue. this is a new laptop (ACER) and there is no LED light to show "Caps Lock". I did find a setting that flashes the screen and makes an audible beep. However, my wife has the exact same computer and hers has a 2" x 2" box appear each time she puts cap Lock on. Which is way less distracting than audible beeps and flashing screens. Is there a setting for this? I have not found one in the Microsoft website for Windows 7.


A:Print Spooler turns off after each printed page

Stop the print spooler servicePress Windows+R key and copy this path%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printersclick okDelete the files in the folderRestart the PC and try to print nowFor second issueDid you install ACER launch manager? It is responsible for caps lock notifications

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is it possible to print both sides of a page without manually putting the page thru twice?  Or is a duplexer required to be added to the printer.

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Hi Guys, anyone know what this is?Its been coming up every now and then when trying to access certain webpages

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I have a HP C4850 configured to work through the wireless. I can ping the printer and access its internal web page. Network configuration prints out no fails or errors so as far as I can tell everything is configured correctly. If I send it a print job, a small notepad document with the text "test" in it, it won't print. Eventually it just seems to forget the print job is there. However if I send the job, then print the network device configuration, the print job will print immediately after. I did this 3 times and it was consistent in its behavior. I'm at a complete loss, any ideas?

A:HP C4850 won't print until network status page is printed

Any ideas of where to start?

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I pasted the following from a Word document, which has dots between all the words, and at the beginning and end of the text, a weird looking symbol I cannot paste here. I must have been too tired and whacked the wrong key, while working in Word, because I cannot get out of this weird format, and as you can see below, I cannot paste the text as it appears on my Word document. Please help.
Know Your Numbers
It is crucial to "Know Your Numbers" with respect to Blood Pressure. Life-threatening complications can develop over a course of years when hypertension exists. Increased pressure on the inner walls of blood vessels make the vessels less flexible over time and more vulnerable to the buildup of fatty deposits in a process known as atherosclerosis. Hypertension also forces the heart to work harder to pump adequate blood throughout the body. This extra work causes the muscles of the heart to enlarge, and eventually the enlarged heart becomes inefficient in pumping blood. An enlarged heart may lead to heart failure, in which the heart can not pump enough blood to meet the body's needs.

A:Weird Word symbols

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I'm not the best in computers guys. I'm new here and need help right now. I think I accidentally changed the language of my computer. It has these weird symbols on all of my words. Even when I restart, the loading page has the weird symbols. Maybe I did something with Internet Explorer? Can somoene help me. Recently I had a lot of viruses because I downloaded Limewire which i have now gotten rid of. I have cleaned out my system of all the crap but these symbols are still there. What do i do?

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Hi,I have searched and can't seem to find any info on this matter. When I go to regedit if have weird symbols above appevents in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I have attached a screen shot of this below. If anyone one knows what this is please let me know.Thanks.

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Today I was viewing an e-mail. It had a jpeg file, which I opened, & also some text. I wanted to save the text as a joke, so I set about rearranging the words (you know how in some e-mail messages the words are not lined up & the text is different colors?...). I was almost done, & all of a sudden (I don't even recall hitting a particular key) the whole message was full of those < and > signs & those paragraph symbols, in front of & behind every line. I have Outlook 98 & use Word 97 as my e-mail editor. So I checked my view menu, thinking I had somehow changed to page layout, but I was still in normal view. Then when I went out of my e-mail program to check my Word program, it does the same thing in new, blank documents & also my previously saved documents--little paragraph symbols before & after every line! I thought I had a virus, so I deleted the jpeg & e-mail, then ran an antivirus program on both my hard drives & on all my Outlook files--no viruses found. So how can I get rid of those symbols in all my documents? It makes my Word program virtually unusable. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
P.S. In case it matters, I have Windows ME. My CPU is an HP 7320, Pentium with MMX, 166mhz, 128 MB RAM.

A:Weird Symbols in Word '97

I think you might be viewing all the formatting marks. I do not have Word 97 anymore (gone to Word 2000) but if you can get into the Options area, on the View tab, make sure you do not have "All" checked. Actually, in standard writing, the only thing you should have checkmarked is "hidden".

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Hello everyone

I recently installed Outlook 2010 and I have got the following strange problem and I was wondering
whether anyone else had the same problem and found a solution.

Whenever I print an Outlook email, the pages come out in reverse order (page 2 then page 1) with a blank cover page which sometimes has "Microsoft Outlook - memo style OUTLOOK.EXE" printed
on the middle of it, and a blank sheet between each page of the message.

It only happens with Outlook. Printing is normal with Word, Excel, etc.

Any suggestions, please?

A:Outlook 2010 emails being printed with blank pages between each page

In Outlook please go to File - Print, highlight Memo Style, then click Print Options button above. In a new window Print, hightlight Memo Style again. Click Define Styles... In a new window, make sure that Memo Style is hightlighted and click RESET button.

If this wont help, click Edit button in the same window, and make sure all the parameters make sense and are correct (page size, etc.)

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I have graphics that I would like to print, but the address, date & time are printed on the page. Is there a printer setting that would remove those?
Many thanks!

A:Solved: Remove address,date & time from printed page ??

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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i can't used i chinese programs like QQ a chat program like MSN the words show up as weird symbols

A:why does chinese show up as weird symbols?


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it is late and i am not thinking straight. my outlook is putting symbols in all of my emails and it is driving me crazy. i get the paragraph symbol at the end of each paragraph and then a dot instead of a space in the email.

i am sure that i just need to turn a setting off, but i can't seem to find it.

any help is appreciated.

A:outlook putting weird symbols

again, i answered my own question...

create a new message, and there is the paragraph tool button that you need to push

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Hi, I'm having problems opening a word document.

I'm on Mac OSX. I typed a word document earlier today, saved it, and attempted to burn it to cd. Instead, my computer permanently deleted the file (as in, it did not appear in the trash can at all). I called apple's technical support, and they recommended that I use a program like "Data Rescue" to recover my file.

I downloaded, installed, and ran Data Rescue, and what luck! It found my file! And it restored it to its original location, too!

But here's the problem I have now: Word tries to "convert" the file, as though it were not a word document. The file is recognized by my system as being a ".doc," however. When I try to open the file in Word, i get pages of weird symbols.

Is there any way to *truly* restore this document? Is there some other program that will recognize it, or convert it, or save it, or anything? Is my file really lost forever?

I also requested help with this topic in the Mac forum, but it seemed more appropriate here.

I would really really really appreciate any help whatsoever, because this file was my final paper for one of my courses (as in, I'm going to fail without it). Thanks in advance.

Sarah Jean

A:Recovered File in Weird Symbols

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One of my mail recipients is receiving weird formatting symbols when I send an e-mail in Outlook. For example, when I send something with ".............................." she actually receives " €¦â€¦â€¦â€¦â€¦"

I have changed the font to courier - and still she is receiving this. Any suggestions? My issue or hers? She also has office 2007.



A:Weird Symbols in outlook 2007

If others get the same message from you (or something similar) without the strangeness, it is her problem for certain. If others are also getting the odd formatting, it is probably your problem.
What email program does she use on her end? Outlook uses some formatting that other programs don't.

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When I boot up my computer I get a black screen with some colored squares. Some of them have flashing symbols, like a smiley face, a pi sign, the Yen symbol, and the letter P. I have tried rebooting, checked that the monitor was plugged in correctly, plugged the monitor into another computer (which worked) and plugged the problem computer into another monitor (still didn't work).

I cannot access any part of the computer so a restore or driver update is not possible.

A:Computer boots up with weird colors and symbols

It sounds like your graphics card is having problems. Remove the power lead from the power supply or the wall. Open the PC and remove the graphics card, Clean the edge connector using an erasor or rubber then replace and reboot. If the condition persists try your graphics card in another computer. If the condition is seen there then try another graphics card in your computer but remember that you will have to update your graphics card driver if you try to boot into windows.

If you have an onboard graphics card as opposed to one that is inserted in a PCI slot, you most likely have a motherboard failure, cure will be by replacement.

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Whenever I right-click my recycle bin I get some symbols in the menu. When I click on them all it does is open up my documents. Its not really causing me any problems, I just want to know how to remove it. I do install and unistall programs all the time when messing around with my laptop so its probably appeared because of something I've installed. Any help would be brilliant,


A:[SOLVED] Weird symbols when I select my recycle bin

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Did this just appear? What new programs have you installed?

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Recently I've had this problem with my browser (or comp, I'm not sure if I'm missing a font or what). On some webpages the fonts show up as weird letters with symbols. I have two screenshots. And just a few weeks ago these web pages were working fine. I have two accounts on my computer. I use Firefox on both. On one account, it works fine, on the other I get the weird font. So it's not the webpage.


Web Address for the above screen shot webpage:

A:Fonts messed up - Weird symbols/letters

Tools>Options>Content. Select font and color. Also View>Character Encoding. Choose Western (ISO-8859-1)

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I have this problem, which might, or might not be affecting system performance, as I have no idea what might be its root cause.

My Windows 7 Boot Screen looks like in this picture.

I remember it happened immediately after I completed the final step of a procedure which supposedly had to convert my hard drive partition structure to take advantage of UEFI without formatting, and it worked except that it might have left this behind. I could dig up the guide I followed at the time, if it's absolutely necessary, and until I try to remember the URL's, here is basically what it consisted of.

1. Download a Linux Live CD.
2. Use a tool there to create a UEFI boot sector in a cylinder on the drive in the unpartitioned space.
3. Copy Windows Boot Info there.
4. Use Startup Repair from Windows 7 x64 CD to make Windows boot again.

Everything worked OK, since my HDD was a 1TB Barracuda so its cylinders were big enough for this to work.

Other problems I have with my Windows, which I am going to stick into this thread, as they all might be connected to each other are.

1. General boot slowness. Disabling some startup items helped but not by much. This was a problem before I converted to UEFI and is still a problem now.
2. When I drag items out of the Recycle Bin, their names change to $ASDA123213. When I use the "Restore This Item" command it's fine. I have TeraCopy installed but I am not sure if this is the cause as I have it installed also everywhere at my w... Read more

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I am new to windows 8, and have encountered a problem.
It appears that the icons that normally appear when you right-click a tile in the metro interface have been replaced with weird symbols (see bottom left corner of attached picture). I have used the refresh option in the PC settings to try and fix the problem, and it did actually work (the icon images came back), except just now they were suddenly replaced with these symbols again.

If you do know how to fix this problem, please help me (I would rather not refresh/ re-install windows again).
I am not extremely 'tech-savvy', so please give directions that a ten year old could follow (please).


A:Windows 8 icons replaced with weird symbols, Please Help!


Try going to Start, type in cmd. Then right click on the result, at the bottom you'll see Run as administrator. Hit that. That'll open on the Desktop and from there type in sfc /scannow. Let that run its course, then restart and check if that's still going on.

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Hi: Can anyone give me an answer as to why my HP Deskjet 612C printer is not printing properly from MS Word 2002? This is the only time i cannot get it to print right- it will print a bunch of weird webding symbols on the first line or two and spit out page. But if i print from email, net, or other places it seems to print fine. Also, if i print from MS Word and my text is all in boxes it will print it but it seems to not print any title or heading that is not in the box.?? I really hope there is some help out there. thanks again!

A:weird webding symbols printing from Word??...


Originally Posted by vwrobb

Hi: Can anyone give me an answer as to why my HP Deskjet 612C printer is not printing properly from MS Word 2002? This is the only time i cannot get it to print right- it will print a bunch of weird webding symbols on the first line or two and spit out page. But if i print from email, net, or other places it seems to print fine. Also, if i print from MS Word and my text is all in boxes it will print it but it seems to not print any title or heading that is not in the box.?? I really hope there is some help out there. thanks again!

Have you tried getting the latest driver from HP?

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I started having this issue recently - when I send a message in Outlook, when the recipient receives it, there are weird symbols in place of dashes and dots:

my original message:
Ok &#8211; well, I am reading it &#8211; I can take it over for you to see&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;

received message:
Ok â&#8364;&#8220; well, I am reading it â&#8364;&#8220; I can take it over for you to seeâ&#8364;¦â&#8364;¦â&#8364;¦â&#8364;¦

the text is set to 'plain text; -and this simply started recently..any ideas?



A:Weird symbols in outgoing Outlook Messages

All recipients or just one?

It may be the recipient's default encoding, or even font choice.

If just one person, have that person try opening a mail in a different mail program or browser.

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Has anyone seen anything like attached photos? Done multiple google searches and nothing useful has turned up.

The computer is a XP x86 system with onboard graphics, motherboard has already been replaced. Don't know where to turn next.

Any help much appreciated.

A:Black screen of death with weird blue symbols

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 137587 MB, Free - 58447 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., CN0Y53
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated and Enabled
I use up to date Firefox 11.0

My problem is that when I am using internet my laptop, sometimes when I Google search something a page full of symbols that look like this: &#65533;&#65533;}is&#65533;H&#65533;&#65533;g&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;k&#65533;&#65533;\&#65533;&#886;4!&#65533;r[3&#65533;F&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;y,&#65533;P4&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;dUa%&#65533;Z&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;t8D&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;dfe=&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#1779;&#65533;&#65533;;g&#65533;x&#10096;&#65533;&#65533;'s&#65533;&#13989;
comes up

Id copy and paste the whole message but it goes on for the whole page.

It always happens when I try to watch a video on 4od but not if I try to watch videos on other websites like youtube. And I don't think anything provokes the error page it just happens at some point every couple of days and I can't use the internet for hours!

I don't t... Read more

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My computer is acting strangely. When I type in an address or google search for a link, most of the time (not always) a white page will show up with a list of symbols. I can not access my Gmail account either, it again just shows symbols across the page. I have also lost the icons for Firefox and MalwareBytes and Adobe Flash player keeps crashing. I'm not sure if these all related, but I would appreciate your help!

Thank You!

A:Websites display as white page with symbols

Canyou do these? Also do not run a temp file cleaner.This infection family will also hide all the files on your computer from being seen. To make your files visible again, please download the following program to your desktop:Unhide.exe Once the program has been downloaded, double-click on the Unhide.exe icon on your desktop and allow the program to run.Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes: Flush DNS Report IE Proxy Settings Reset IE Proxy Settings Report FF Proxy Settings Reset FF Proxy Settings List content of Hosts List IP configuration List Winsock Entries List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.<<<<<<<Please download Rkill by Grinler and save it to your desktop.Link 1Link 2Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.If using Vista, right-click on it and Run As Administrator.A black DOS box will briefly flash and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.If not, delete the file, then download and use the one provided in Link 2.If it does not work, repeat the process and attempt to use one of the remaining links until the tool runs.If the tool does not run from any of the links provided, please le... Read more

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On both my Partitions, D:\ and C:\ a file named ______ keeps on appearing.
No its not a game of fill in the blanks, that is the files name with no extension.

I have run McAfee and Ad-Aware but they say my system is clean.

A:Weird File Keeps on Appearing

There's a new release of SpyBot out now.

Download and save these freeware/donationware programs to a permanent folder. Remember to check
for updates and run them weekly.



Run one. Restart you computer. Run the other. Restart.

I also highly recommend you install and update SpywareBlaster:

Tutorials for all 3 programs:

***NOTE*** The Ad-aware tutorial shows how to configure Ad-aware for a DEEP scan, the default settings are are ALWAYS changed
per advice from the security experts on these forums. If you already know the basics of Ad-aware skip to Step #4 and configure
it accordingly.

Spybot Tutorial:

SpywareBlaster Tutorial:

Re-start your computer and post another HJT log in this thread.

Hope this helps. A little.


Please go to this site and download HiJackThis:

***NOTE***Do not FIX anything without a log analyzer's guidance. MOST of what's listed is necessary for your computer to operate normally.

Under "Official Downloads" HiJackThis. It's the 2nd one down.

Download and unzip to a permanent folder of your own creation. ... Read more

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Hello Everyone,
I have tried searching and searching for this problem but nothing seems to come up with this particularly odd problem. I'm actually running 3rd party software hosted on an AS/400 system but from a Windows 7 32-bit computer. If I right-click the title-bar of the window and select print, the print dialog box comes up asking for the printer I want to use. I select one, then click "Print" and the following comes out on the page....
<See Sample.jpg> (Of course, that's not an actual page, it's a representation of what you'd see on the page, but it's accurate despite the fact that it's color. Anyway, the print screens come out light and don't scan in well.)
As you can see, the print dialog box is clearly visible on the page. This seems to randomly crop up only on Windows 7 boxes and once it starts, we seem to have no way to stop it.

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I have an HP LaserJet 1020 attached to a WinXP Pro workstation via USB. I have an Intel iMac networked with the PC wirelessly. I can detect the LaserJet on the iMac just fine, and on the iMac, documents spool and even say they have printed (they show up in the "completed" section of the printer control panel).

So, the iMac thinks the document printed, but it never did. When I look at the print queue on the Windows machine, I see "Remote Downlevel Document" in it. I assume that the iMac is printing to a port instead of starting the Windows Print Spooler, and this is why it is showing up with this name.

When viewing the LaserJet's queue on WinXP, the downlevel document is "Printing," and "113k/113k" has been transferred. But the document never prints - if I try to "cancel" the document in the Windows print queue, it says "deleting" for a verrrrry long time. Documents can be printed just fine locally on the Windows workstation.

Thanks in advance!

A:Shared Printer says "completed," but no page printed

are you using windows workgroup printing? How are you connecting to the printer?

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i recently noticed there is a weird file appearing in my c drive called qpmd8376 it is a bin file when i open it it ias just a row of numbers....

this has started appearing since i installed macromedia coldfusion mx server and i was wondering does anyone else get this file even if they dont have cfusion installed ?

also how do i stop this coming on my pc...... i have wrote to macromedia they say they have no answer for this..... if anyone can help please let me know

A:Weird File Appearing In C: Drive

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I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro to correct some registry errors and now-


The installer only appears for a few seconds and the programs do open normally so it's mostly an aesthetic problem; but it IS annoying and a constant reminder that my registry is a little screwed up.

Those registry fixer programs are not the answer. I've tried a few and they don't help. In fact they may be how I got into this mess (see below).

The installer appears whenever I open:


and from the start menu: MY PICTURES and MY MUSIC

Once I've opened a window it does not happen when I navigate between those locations.

It also appears every time I open INTERNET EXPLORER and any WINDOWS OFFICE program (I have Office 2003).
Microsoft DOES have a support article that refers to this issue:

Windows Installer appears every time a program is started
However, the problem is that the proposed solutions require:

1) Using a tool designed for Office2000
2) Modifying registry keys in Office 2000 that do not exist in Office 2003
(Yes, I checked )
3) Reinstalling or modifying Microsoft Office Access which is not installed on my computer (nor has it ever been).

So, I'm lost. Perhaps there is some registry genius out there who might have some insight into this problem. If so, I would appreciate hearing your ideas.

Let me provide some bac... Read more

A:Weird: Windows Installer keeps appearing

Have you checked if the Windows installer service is running ?
It's in: Control panel=>Administrative tools=>services

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Hey.....I keep getting this weird icon on my desktop and I have no idea why! It is like a broken link icon and it is ALWAYS named "~" (minus the quotes). What IS that??! Why is it always showing up even after I delete it?

A:Weird icon appearing on desktop!

Many folks have had this same thing, at it appears to be associated with a Windows Update.

I ridded myself of it by deleting the shortcut and then rebooting immediately.

Let us know if you have any further trouble with it.

(By the way, it is not harmful, just annoying).

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Hi all ,, this is a strange one ,, well i havnt come accross this before.

Ok So ,,

this only happens on some text boxes but what happens is when i click on the text box to give it focus, ie write something in like an email address,, the ` character appears .. and it appears at a constant one second interval so every second a new one appears so if i just click the text box and type nothing for say 5 seconds this will have appeared


dono why it happens ,, also i know this is registering as input with windows because my screensaver NEVER comes on ,,, even if i preview it , it lasts one second then back to desktop .....

i have vmware and same thing doesn not happen in virtualised environment

its annoying that i dono whats goin on,, it doesnt affect MS word or anything just some online txt boxes and the screensaver !!

any ideas ???? or questions ?

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I was doing a registry clean in ccleaner and I see many odd items.
Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot
are these malware?

A:Weird Items appearing in CCleaner

The Ceement file is part of HP's Total Care Advisor software. Can't see anything there that looks suspicious so let CC Cleaner delete them as they are only temp files. Download free versions of Malwarebytes/Spybot etc and use to compliment your ant-virus.

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Hi, everytime I shut down my computer, an icon/logo "Bankoboev" appears in the right hand bottom corner of the desktop. This icon appeared at each boot and remained on the desktop prior to reinstalling win7, but now it only appears when I shut down. Can anyone help with advice as to what this is and how I can get rid of it?.


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problem solved! A friend called with a fix. Was tied into a problem with the 'signature'. THANKS ALL!

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This morning when I turned on my PC, I noticed these 2 weird icons appearing in front of my two drives (local, and backup disks). The 2 icons were not there before, can someone explain what they are? They look like the standard Microsoft User(s) icon, but why are they suddenly/randomly appearing?

Here's an image of what I'm talking about.

A:Weird Icon Appearing on Disk Drives

It looks like both drives are set for sharing.

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Here is a Hijack This Log..Please help these mysterious adware icons continue to appear on my Desktop. Hot Ringtones, Makeover My Kitchen, Slots,etc....Please advise..What can I do??? ThanksLogfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 4:11:12 PM, on 6/27/2005Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\windows\system\hpsysdrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\hkcmd.exeC:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Unload\hpqcmon.exeC:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exeC:\HP\KBD\KBD.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exeC:\Program Files\WildTangent\Apps\GameChannel.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\igfxtray.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\WkUFind.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLDial.exeC:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exeC:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\AOL\AOLSPY~1\AOLSP S... Read more

A:Weird Adware Programs keep appearing on my Desktop

Welcome to Bleeping Computer.Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know you are being helped already:

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I'm having some difficulty with Facebook. I'd like to change the photo on my main page and try to find out why all sorts of random people are showing up as my friends when I don't know any of them (and wouldn't care to!).

Facebook help tells me to go to my admin page by clicking on hide/show. I have this for my business FB page but not for my regular page. When I click on my photo and then edit, there are some spaces where I can annotate the picture but not remove or replace it.

Hoping someone can give me a little help.

Many thanks,

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Hi any one got any advice when i click on internet explorer i sometimes get an internet explorer blank page ive already tried spyware terminator and superantispyware as well as spybot im running windows vista but it still pops up every so ofter any advice would be appreciated.

A:Appearing Web Page

If you are having trouble logging into a website or Internet Explorer is behaving oddly, you may need to clear your cookies and temporary Internet files (browser cache). As you browse web pages, the browser stores a copy of the pages you view on your local hard drive; this is called caching. Clearing the cache forces the browser to load the latest versions of Web pages and programs you visit."How to Clear Cookies and Cache in Internet Explorer 7""How and Why to Clear Your Cache"If your not finding any malware, see:"It's not always malware: How to fix the top 10 Internet Explorer issues"."A blank Web page is displayed when you start IE7""Webpage cannot be displayed".

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I went to go set photoshop as the default for opening a jpeg, and I noticed this weird option on the list that says %1. I don't know how to get rid of it it is very annoying. I tried cleaning the registry with CCleaner and removing "%1;" from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileAssociation Killlist property. Nothing has worked so far, I'm stumped. What the hell is %1 anyway?

A:Weird option appearing in "Choose Default Program"

In normal operation, %1 is the first parameter passed to a program, %2 is the second parameter passed to a program, etc.
Check this out to see if it helps.  I know it says XP, the the concept is the same:

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I am getting so frustrated . I have run, Adware, AVG-AntiSpyware and all they find are stupid cookies. Here is what's been going on for almost 2 weeks. I cannot adjust the date and time on my PC. Everytime I finally can change the time but the date reverts back to 2005! Also when ever I use the PC, using internet or not the mouse turns into weird chinese characters instead of the hour glass when it is 'thinking". The ONLY time it stops is if I run one of the AntiSpyware. I figure it realizes I'm trying to find it and goes into hibernation or something...after a while hour to couple hours, it comes back. It keeps doing something and I cannot type or use the PC during this time. 3 secs or so intermittently. Norton also found: W32.Hitapop which it deleted....maybe it didn't get it all??? Also can't do a system restore because of the date difference. Won't let me run a backup...don't even see the option in System tools.PLEASEEEEE HELPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the results of the hijackthis log. Thanks in advance.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2:52:02 PM, on 3/30/2005Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsas... Read more

A:Cant Adjust Date. Weird Asian Characters Appearing!

I apologize for the very long delay. We have a huge backlog of HijackThis Logs to handle and it has been taking us greater time than normal to get caught up. If you are still having a problem, and want us to analyze your information, please post a brand new HijackThis log, along with a description of any problems you are experiencing. If we do not hear back from you within a couple of days we will need to close your topic.When posting your logs please post them directly into the reply. Do not attach them.Thank you for your patience.

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Hi, lately, I have downloaded a couple application files from websites(drivers, demos) and when I try to open them I get this message

what do I do???

A:Weird DLL message appearing upon open of Applications (RESOLVED)

Troubleshooting "The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory" errors

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Ok so I have gta sa for a long long time I use vista have all the latest drives(checked it from nvidia). I had been playing gta sa for a long time and it had never behaved this way.
I have the same pc as before and havent installed new drivers or anything.
It all started when suddenly after the gta splash screen in the main menu strange letters and numbers appeared. I started the game nonethless and in it also the letters and numbers were blinking.
I reinstalled it several times but nothing happened.
Instead now when I click on new game after loading it crashes with the error msg gta_sa.exe has stopped working.
what do i do???????????????????????????????????????help plzzzz


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German symbols are replaced on websites by other letters and symbols. For example, the Euro sign is replaced by a rectangle and the letters with the German Umlaut are replaced by unknown letters. What can I do? Thanks, DresEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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I am trying to put some page border art around a Word doc (e.g cakes, stars, trees etc) but it is not appearing. It does appear in Print Preview however. How can I get it to appear in the Word doc itself ?

A:Page Border Art not appearing

VIEW _ Print Layout

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Links to reply to messages on a page in a site I will be using a lot are not present on the page in question when using Firefox. I was using BETA 13 and thought there was a bug so went back to 12 but still have the problem. I've tried disabling all Add-ons and using FF's safe mode but still have the problem. The problem does not exist if I use Internet Explorer 8 and neither does it exist on my wife's computer using FF 12.

This may have nothing to do with it, but in FF's trouble shooting under "Grahics" it has these entries:

WebGL Renderer: Blocked for your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues.
GPU Accelerated Windows: 0. Blocked for your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues

Can anyone point me at a solution please?

A:Links not appearing on a web page

Check whether JavaScript is enabled. Some links may not work if it isn't. Go to 'Tools > Options > Content' and make sure the 'Enable JavaScript' is enabled. If you have the 'NoScript' extension installed, click on the NoScript icon and try enabling JavaScript for the page containing links that don't work. : : : : : :

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Hi there just keep getting Aw. snap page come up when ever i go into regular sites eg gmail etc opens gmail up but when i click on an email this blueish screen comes up with Aw snap, had compter in to have a service, rang guy had never seen it before, did google it, has to do with google chrome, please can some one advise how to get rid of this aww snap thingy very annoying

A:aw snap page keeps appearing

"Aw, Snap!" - Google Chrome Help

this should's specifically for chrome

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HP Pavilion p7-1108p Desktop
Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Quad Core Processor


Uploaded jpeg file (below) always appears now on boot/restart.
Lost CD/DVD functionality and new player will not show up as a drive in My Computer
Most saves or saves as won't show on desktop even though search says they are there
Poor mouse performance
Poor keyboard performance
Files that do show aftfer save/save as are different files than what was saved!

Running malwarebytes now in Safe Mode


A:HP Desktop Acting Weird/Not Saving Files/CD/DVD Not Appearing as Drive

You have the Conduit malware which is a serious infection that apparently snuck in because you didn't watch every step when downloading freeware. This is warned about in Clean Reinstall Windows 7 and one of the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 to check I gave you in your other thread.

Download, install, decline trial version and Run full scans with Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware - Downloads

Uninstall in Control Panel>Programs and Features anything not installed on purpose, any Search service, any toolbars, anything that the user doesn't know if he uses it or not.

In your Browser's Add-On's or Extensions, Remove or Disable anything except Flash, your Reader helper, Shockwave. Access the Search engines from the dropdown arrow in Search box to set Google as default, Remove all others, and disallow any others.

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Hello, A few days ago adverts suddenly started appearing on my lower toolbar (not sure that's the right term but its where start and Icons are at the bottom of the screen) When I clicked on them they were full size on my screen behind the normal window. I get about 2 - 5 gradually showing after I turn on. How can I get rid of them, it was bad enough when it was things like priceminster but now its soft porn. Thanks for any help

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hi i have found a process trying to access the internet on startup called spretrst.exe ..

Whenever i delete it comes back . have run ad aware housecall spybot ...
any pointers to what starts up spretrst or how i can search for what starts it would be gratefully appreciated..

Once it starts it loads tsmsetup sethcd nbtrstat smdbins

This is the logfile just taken after i have deleted the aforementioned processes from ctrl-alt-del.. Even when i delete spretrst from registry it comes back.
I have already changed the settings on IE which i think caused this in first place. But have noticed http://* keeps adding itself as trusted site..?
I also get a sex site page suddenly appearing.. also stuff asking me if i want a virus checker.
pls help
ogfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 17:04:20, on 08/02/05
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

A:hijack this log. sex page appearing + spretrst

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I found a question about this page in your index but couldn't find a response or fix. Can you help me remove this from my laptop? I run Windows XP (business) and use Internet Explorer. THANK YOU!! page appearing on boot

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Suddenly whenever I open the Tech Support Guy webpage in FF it comes up very differently. Once I get to the New Message stage the page appears normal. It opens ok in IE but not in FF. I've deleted all TSG cookies and tried again but the result is the same. Here's a screenshot of what I see.

What's happening?

A:TechGuy web page not appearing properly

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When printing a particular document from Word 2002, the page breaks are being printed. We managed to print one good copy from it but subsequent copies have started showing the page breaks on the page (despite not changing any options to my knowledge).

Any ideas?

A:Page breaks appearing on prints

sometimes we use a shortcut and accidentally press the button of undesired command, try to see that on tools<options i can't say where it is..i forgot..view, print.. etc. just look around.


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As the title suggest, Chrome is blocking everything I download. Google informs you of how to correct the issue using the following method;

Go to the Start menu > Control Panel.
Select Internet Options. This should open the Internet Properties window.
Select the Security tab.
Select Internet zone (globe icon).
Click the Custom level button. This will open the Security Settings window.
Scroll down to Downloads > File download.
Select Enable.
Scroll down the list further to Miscellaneous > Launching applications and unsafe files.
Select Prompt.
Click OK.

However that doesn't work for me, in fact reducing the security level to as minimal as possible doesn't work either.

Attempted to download through Internet Explorer is ineffective as well because opening I.E. results in a blank page. No matter what website I try to access, the page remains blank. The steam store/community/news tabs all lead to blank pages as well.

I fear I may have some harmful software on my computer, but I'm not sure how to correct or even diagnosis this issue.


A:Weird Issues; Chrome blocking downloads, I.E./Steam appearing blank.

Lets see what is running

Click here DDS

Click on Download Now button

Right-click the DDS icon choose Run as administrator to run the tool.

Place a check next to attact.txt and click Start . When done, DDS will open two logs

Save two logs onto your desktop and upload them with your reply

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Hi guys!:
I am new on this and yesterday i was navigating. I have google set as my home page in the Internet Explorer. When searching for some info, the explorer automatically redirect the screen to a page called I tried to go back, an did not worked out. Pressed the Home Buttom and it redirect me again to that page. Entered several addresses at top and it kept on directing me to that page.
I put that page into the restricted site list, and did not worked out. Checked the home page, and google was still my homepage, but the explorer won´t direct to any other site that the one mentioned.
Cleared the history...won´t work. Deleted cookies...won´t work. Deleted files (offline too)...won´t work. Scanned the system with the last Update of Norton´s symantec and it showed no viruses.
I have a brand new Dell 8400 with windows XP home edition, so the Internet Explorer came with it.
Thanks in advance guys!!! =)


A:Solved: Page keeps on appearing as search engine

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My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 (3542), lockscreen not showing up it flickers or directly it shows up the login screen
How to solve this

Dilipan K

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Hi, Help would be appreciated.
My favourites folder will not appear on my homepage. I can see the folder in 'C:\Users\Users\Favourites' and it does indeed contain all my favourites.
I have windows 7 home premium with Internet explorer.

Forgive my ignorance but please reply in simple terms.

A:Favourites folder not appearing on home page

In addition to above maybe this screen capture will help. It confuses my because there are 3 'User' folders showing

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Hi All,
So it seems that the Firefox browser is hijacked.  When you first open Firefox, instead of the homepage assigned, I get a search bar from search.conduit. com and it reroutes you to random stuff. It also feels like it slows down the browser/computer overall, but I am not sure. Don't know how to fix it and could use a little help.
Also, on the Chrome browser, whenever I go to gmail, the tab for gmail is this weird blue flower thingy with a yellow wrench-head looking thing in the middle.  I have never noticed it before when I accessed my gmail.  Is this something new to Google Chrome or is it also the works of a bad guy trying to wreak havoc?
The desktop in which these problems occurs has the following info:
Acer Aspire X3910
Pentium Dual Core E5800 
Running on Windows 7 Home Premium w/Service Pack 1, 64bit OS
Please let me know of what tests I need to run to fix this problem.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Firefox hijacked by search.conduit? Weird icon appearing in Chrome tab markers?

Hello lmai I would like to welcome you to the Malware Removal section of the forum.Around here they call me Gringo and I will be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", th... Read more

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I have made a calendar in Xcel. I would like to have any input that i might add into the date cells for a given date get automatically pasted into another sheet or possibly into Word.
The way I want the information to be pasted would be in word form, not a link. Like, when reading a book for instance, you read one sentence, then the next. With Excel, I would like to have any input added to another sheet - but added in text only form, and automatically added into the existing text and updated each time my Excel calendar is updated. Is this possible?

A:help with Xcel..

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I have written a program in Excel that queries data on a website and then only copies the data I need and modifies it into an easy format. Works great on my desktop. I would like to be able to use this program on my Nokia C5-03 symbian phone. I just purchase Quickoffice but it does not work with macro's.I don't have a lot of space on my cell and want to know what would be the bare minimum of files I would need on my cell to run Excel. I don't have room for the whole MS Works.

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How to keep an Xcel row in view at all times?
I've done this once before, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to duplicate this =/
Thanks again everyone, you guys are fantastic !

A:How to keep an Xcel row in view at all times?

Any row you'd like to keep in view, just click a cell that is after and below the row you'd like to keep in view, click Window at the top, and select Freeze panes. That's it.

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I just purchased Office 2010 home & student . I installed the software, no error messages. However Both in Word and in Xcel I get flickering and the little circular arrow constantly showing. Screen keeps flickering.
I do not have this problem with the poerpoint app that came with office or any other software.
Ha sanyone encountered this and is there a solution It is very annoying.

A:Flickering of cursor in Xcel and word

Hello esmy just as a starter try running he sfc /scannow and see if anything comes up.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I am trying to merge an excel file into word. I have used the merge to a normal document and the Xcel data source is an MS Xcel worksheet via DDE. The merge worked great, but it put a page break between each record merged. I cannot take out the page break manually. There is a separate document page for record. Since there are 124 pages or merges, I don't want to copy and paste that many. Any suggestions?

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I'm trying to complete a forumla that returns a percentage for a column of numbers. If a cell is blank, I don't want it to be included in the equation. IE:

Cell A1: .71
A2: (blank)
A3: .85
A4: .65
A5: .96

A6: Average of A1 through A5

.71+.85+.65+.96 / 4 = .79

Trying to use the "IF" or "SUMIF" functios, but getting incorrect values. Do you know of the correct formula? I tried SUM(A1:A5)/=SUMIF(A1:A5,">0",1, 0)


A:2010 Xcel Formula Issue

Use =AVERAGE and then the range. It won't include blank cells.

EG.... =AVERAGE(A1:A5) returns .7925

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 171837 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30D2, 79.2E, None
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

When opening XCel 2010, I get a blank screen. I am attempting to open a new file.

I attempted to copy part of an existing file to a new file but lost it when asked if I wanted to place the file-in-transfer to a ?notepad? for future completion of the transfer.

I have re-booted, but that doesn't work. Can you help?

A:XCel 2010 doesn't show spreadsheet

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Was attempting to use xcel when computer requested I repair - in the same breath it stated that it may already have been uninstalled. As this is an area that I very rarely go into, I am at a loss as to how this occurred.

A:Restore xcel software accidentally uninstalled

About the only thing I can think of for this one is to do a Windows System Restore (NOT factory restore) back to a time a day or two before the repair was requested. It keeps your own stuff - just type System Restore in Search.EDIT:I've assumed you have no Excel disk.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Excel 2002
XP Home

Ok, I'm sure Xcel Help is trying hard to explain it to me but I'm just not doing something right.

I've created four new chart variations (Chart 1,2,3,4) from a single data sheet (sheet 1).

Now what I'd like to do is have new data that I add daily to the sheet to automatically update on the charts without having to manually update each chart. Or, will it be done automatically.

Thank you for the assistance,

A:Linking data in Xcel Sheet/Charts

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I am thinking of counting the occurence of few keywords in an excel sheet. My requirement is as below:

​col1 col2 col3 col4
a b if c
c 1 if d
sd r4 case fd
a sd move fd​
In above example i want to search for if,case and move.
Also i want to count the individual occurence for 'if' , 'case' and 'move'.

Also i would like get a pop up asking for row no from where it should start along with which colum to search.

Kindly help ASAP...
Thanks for helping in advance.


A:Search and count the occurences os few keywords in xcel sheet

Hi welcome to the forum

Use the built-in COUNTIF() function in Excel

COUNTIF("A:D","if") + COUNTIF("A:D","case") + COUNTIF("A:D","move")

If you place the formula in cell E1 ...

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When I boot/restart the PC a box appears on the screen almost immediately once desktop appears. It's a "Setup" box providing certain details involving Windows etc. Please see attachment of screenshot. It's been like this for a week or so and I have tried everything to disable it but nothing works. It would be great if you could look into this for me and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have been having this problem for a while. When I open IE bowser I have msn as home page. It's different than before. I get this weird looking page that is white and all the items displayed are in a vertical column. What's happened and can I fix this?

A:Weird Home Page For Msn

Hello kanderTry running this first, it's freeWindows Live? OneCare? Reboot and try the browser againClick on Full Service Scan near mid page, so that you just get the free scan/repairIf your asked to allow yhe Active X,say yesPost back as there are more we can do if needed.

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Seems like a display setting or something has changed on this computer (WinXP Pro)....

Now some websites are displayed in very large font/configuration... Many of the words overlap and everything doesn't fit on the screen.... Only happens with some sites... MSN, bank, personal webpage for example...

Nothing changes with View>Text Size setting changes....

Can this be caused by spyware?

Any ideas???

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I have been having problems with a weird web page hijacker. It only affects google, when i go to click on a link from a search i did on google it redirects the page to either ads or other weird search engines. It also has been slowing down my computer in general. I have tried scanning with avast, Adaware, spybot and windows defender but they all say my computer is clean. I was most surprised when i tried to restore my computer but every restore point i have tried has failed, i get a message saying the system restore point has failed and to try an other. Oh, and i use firefox. Here is my hijak this log : Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 10:23:28 PM, on 4/28/2010Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\LSI SoftModem\agrsmsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.exeC:\Pro... Read more

A:Weird web page hijacker

Hello and and Welcome to BleepingcomputerPlease note we are very busy, so if I don't hear from you within 5 days the topic will be closed, If you have sinceresolved your issues I would appreciate if you would let me no so I can close this topic.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Under the Custom Scans/Fixes box at the bottom, paste in the following bold text.%appdata%\*.*%systemroot%\system32\*.dll /lockedfiles%systemroot%\Tasks\*.job /lockedfiles%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exenetsvcsmsconfig/md5startproquota.exesfcfiles.dlleventlog.dllscecli.dllnetlogon.dllcngaudit.dllsceclt.dllntelogon.dlllogevent.dllbeep.sysiaStor.sysnvstor.sysatapi.sysnvatabus.sysviamraid.sysnvata.sysiastorv.sys/md5stopCREATERESTOREPOINTPush the button.Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTL.txt <-- Will be openedExtra.txt <-- Will be minimizedThanks

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I have a machine here with a possible drive problem but the W2K logon page is really weird. When I try the logon the message saying "go away you have the wrong password" is angled up at 45degrees! Is this is a virus anyone has heard of?

A:Weird W2K logon page

Hi, if you can get past it, download,update and do a complete scan.


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I have a machine here with a possible drive problem but the W2K logon page is really weird. When I try the logon the message saying "go away you have the wrong password" is angled up at 45degrees! Is this is a virus anyone has heard of?

A:W2K - weird logon page

I've seen a funny program doing such things. it doesn't harm but it wont let you in probably.
if you boot the machine into safe mode and have a look inside the registry here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Shell = ??? should be explorer.exe and might be replaced by a different file

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I have a Dell xps laptop with Win7 home premium. I have a wireless network connection through my netgear, as it shows when open the "network & sharing center." As the screenshot shows, there is an annoying "dial up connection" window that randomly appears while I'm using the pc. I can't access the inter net while this is there so I have to close it. Sometimes there are 6 or 7 windows on top of each other. How do I stop this?

Uploaded with

A:"Dial-Up connection" window keep appearing on page

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So I don't know where it came from but the address is New Tab and I tried to go into FireFox settings and I got rid of it there but it is still my new tab page. any solutions?

A:Cant get rid of weird home page FireFox, please help.

The trovi domain is a part of Conduit malware.

Your My System Specs area for this forum states that your antivirus product is "Firewall". If that is accurate, then you might want to consider installing an antivirus app. For now, you can try Malwarebytes to rid you of Conduit and the junk that it brought along:

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I have a scrolling mouse and just installed windows xp. I was using 98se. I'll explain this is the best way I can but the webpages in 98 would move up and down with no apparent page movement. Now in xp, the pages seem to roll like a wave when you move the page up and down. It's very annoying and I wanted to know if it's possible to change that.

Also, is Office 2000 professional compatible with xp?

A:Solved: Weird web page look when scrolling on xp?

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