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internal error 2254 with roxio cd creator 5

Q: internal error 2254 with roxio cd creator 5

needed some help with a error message that i am getting when attempting to install roxio's cd creator 5 basic. I have gone to the roxio forums and have dl the removal programs for all roxio products and have made sure to clean the registry of all roxio products. i have also dl the most recent windows installer also. no luck in my attempts. Let me know if there is something else i have missed. I know the version i have is old but have installed it on another pc running XP as the OS also. no probs there?

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I have creator 7 installed and i keep getting this error and can't end up burning anything. Can someone please help me?

Error Reads:


What and why is this happening? This is a new computer maybe someone out there will know

Thanks a lot,


A:roxio creator 7 error

there are several CD/DVD devices and media available:
original CD/R
and DVD as well.

You need to match the media to the device.
device .... media
CD/R .......CD/R or CD/RW but it will end up as CD/R
CD/RW.....CD/RW only if you attempt to create an R/W image
..............otherwize it can use CD/R to create a CD-ROM image.

Were you trying to create a CD/RW image and which media type was mounted?

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Whenever I close the program I get "Roxio_Central33.exe - application error. The instruction at 0X08ac3440 referenced memory at 0X08d13bc0. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program."

and the number/letter values are different every time I start and stop the program. What does it mean? How can I stop this?

A:Error Message with Roxio Creator 9

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Hi. I found similar problems like this on other forums but no clear solution... Can anyone help?

I just installed a brand new Cicero CD Writer and installed Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. I have Windows 98 SE and installed the update from Roxio website upgrading the software to version (newest). For some reason, when I try to run the program, it says three error messages in a row:

"Easy CD Creator Initialization Engine has failed."
"Exception in CreateInstanc of Creator!"
"Creatr50.exe: This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

I don't know what else to try!? Roxio's website doesn't have this specific problem... it just gives general Win98 troubleshooting hints, none of which work.

I tried this EXACT same procedure on my brothers computer... another exact same CD writer, same version of Easy CD Creator, etc and it works perfectly.... the only difference is that he is running Windows 2000 instead of 98.

Thanks a lot.

A:HELP Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Error Message

I've seen reference to unsupported CDRW drives when looking up that error. Updating the firmware seemed to fix it, but not always.

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Almost at the end of burning a cd, error message appears, then a window pops up stating to contact microsoft. It appologises for the inconvenience and then shuts down the computer. When
attempting to burn a cd again, it froze and error appeared and shut down the program. Is this a virus? I am using Norton antivirus and no viruses were found. Is it just the Roxio software? I have no new components installed. This is a new computer. Only 2 month old. I am using a Dell with window's XP. Someone help please.

A:Roxio cd easy cd creator error messages

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Can anyone out there give me an idea what this means? At times when I'm burning a file backup CDR using Roxio's EZ CD Creator v5.1 I get the message:

"One or more paths in this CD project has exceeded the maximum length allowed by the current file system. You may continue to burn this CD, but the files in these paths may not be readable"

I'm not sure about what is meant by "the current file system." Is there a setting that I can adjust to correct this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Roxio EZ CD Creator Error Message in Win 98SE

The filenames on CDs (joliet standard) can contain maximum 96 characters, you might have some files with very large names, like mp3s or similar. Also, according to ISO standard maximum path+filename length must not exceed 256 characters, you might have some crazy folder structure that goes very deep and not all burning applications will allow you to exceed this limit (path+filename length limit, joliet limitation still remains). I prefer useing Nero as it will warn you in advance of Joliet and ISO incompatabilities.

You may be able to use EZCD's packet writing to overcome some of the problems caused by the long path length. I believe UDF 2, the disk format used by EZCD's packet writing, supports path+filename lengths up to 1024 characters.

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I received an Error Code 000D when trying to reinstall Roxio Creator 2010. It had sucessfully installed the first time. After trying all kinds of tips, I solved the problem by cleaning the software disk with a mild soap solution. The software then installed.

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Hey everyone I just got this problem after I installed Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 on Vista. If anyone can help me please let me know. Right after I type in my user name and password at startup I recieve the following error message before Windows loads. It gives me only one option to press ok then windows loads. I know it is not a huge problem but it is annoying and I would like to get my windows back to how it was. Thanks in advance if you can fix this......... google gives me nothing and the roxio forums won't let me create an account for some weird reason. PS - The program and vista run perfect with the exception of this one error.

Registry Write Error
you must have administrator rights on the local machine in order to install this software.

My specs are: Gateway® Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor. Windows Vista™ Home Premium, 3GB DDR2 memory, 250GB hard drive, reads and writes dual-layer DVDs and CDs, Labelflash™ disc labeling technology**, nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 8800 GTS graphics with 512MB discrete graphics memory and DirectX® 10, integrated webcam, microphone and Bluetooth® wireless technology. 17" Ultrabright™ Widescreen* (P-6831FX)

A:Vista startup error after Roxio Easy media creator 10 install

wow I fixed my own problem so randomly... I was looking in control panel to make sure my account was administrator and then I noticed turn user account control on or off. So I turned it off and on restart I had no more errors. Then I decided I still wanted to keep user account control for the added security so I turned it back on and restarted and still there was no errors. I hope this helps if anyone else has similar problems. I couldn't find any help on the net.

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I recently tried (unsuccessfully) to make a rescue disk using Macrium Reflect Software. In the process of dealing with my DVD w/r +/-, Roxio software was triggered. This is software that came installed with my pc in windows xp pro SP3. I have an installation disk which says Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE.
I have never used the programs until now - For years they sat untouched, showing in Revo uninstaller with the installation date as 2009 - I think that I did a reinstallation of Windows at that time. Almost immediately, Roxio seems to have started updating all the parts of these programs, and added a few items as well, including Sonic Activation Module, and an updater. All the related software got an updated installation date of the day I opened the program, and continued getting more updated dates. My computer startup became very slow, and I suspected the cause could be these new Roxio updates. So I decided to uninstall this software, and if I need it, I will reinstall it.
I use Revo uninstaller, and ran it for MyDVD. On level 4, it came up with over a thousand registry entries. This concerned me, so I went back to level 3. A number of entries were in common files/shared files folder: if they were in a subfolder with the word "roxio" I deleted them. My intent was to also uninstall all the Roxio Creator programs one by one (each part of the program shows up as a separate installation). When I scrolled through the registry entries, I found a number of them incl... Read more

A:Removing Roxio MyDVD 9.0 DE and Roxio Creator

I haven't used Roxio Creator in years and years and years!  However, have you considered seeing if your computer will boot from a flash drive, and if it can, create the recovery disk on a flash drive?  On my system, it boots a lot quicker.
Best of luck.

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I installed Roxio Easy media creator 7 a while ago and I just did a windows xp repair but now roxio keeps bringing up this message:

* Please wait while windows configures Roxio Easy media creator 7 basic DVD edition...
- The only opton is cancel...

If I cancel it keeps coming up...

If I let it run through it says

*"Error 1706 no valid source could be found for product Roxio Easy media creator 7 basic DVD edition windows cannot continue"

then goes back to the first message and tries again...
Roxio 7 still works perfectly fine when I open it from desktop or start!
however whenever I open a browser, or try and rename a folder or save something it comes up with the error mentioned earlier...
it just keeps doing this and stops me continuing my work...

I have lost my Roxio 7 cd so I can't install the disk to fix this problem...

I found however my Roxio 6 disk so I tried just removing Roxio 7 using add remove programs... but this just brings up the same error... and wont uninstall...

does anyone know how to stop this message coming up?
(note roxio works fine I just want to stop the error message- but failing that does anyone know how to get rid of the program altogether)

thanks for your time


A:Error from Roxio Easy Media creator 7 after repair through windows repair

I encountered the same problem awhile back; it's a known bug with the Windows Installer.
MOPER made this suggestion & it worked perfectly for me. Give it a try..

Download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.

Install and run it, look for an entry similar to "WordPerfect". Delete the entry and all should be fine.
[*] NOTE: Please replace "WordPerfect" with the name you got from the Windows Installer"

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good day:
My father has roxio creator 10 and is to have quite a few problems with the program.
It works fine but if he doesn't use it for a few days, it will not load, or do anything.
He even doe the ctrl,alt delete and nothing happens, doesn't have not responding and or that it is running. It just doesn't do anything,
Is anyone having the same problems.?
he is using windows xp
pentium r 4 cpu
1.80 ghz
1.97 gh2
1 g of ram
I hope this is enough information
or does anyone have a different program to suggest.
He has the earlier version of roxio and had no problems with it.

A:roxio creator 10

Well, Roxio 10 does, or at least tries to do so many things now, what part of it is not responding? As far as replacement programs go, same issue, replace what part(s)? If its just used for burning, CDBurnerXP, ImgBurn and a couple of other programs handle that aspect quite nicely for free.

The only part that doesn't work for me is the virtual DVD drive emulation--instant reboot crash, so I use a couple different emulators that work just fine instead.

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I bought my computer from Costco in 2007 and it OS was Vista Home Premium OEM. It came with a lot of preloaded stuff that I never or hardly ever use and have cleaned house on most of them. One that I kept is 7 different Roxio Creator programs that I would like to get rid of them and just use one simple program, preferably free), if I want to burn a CD, copy photo's etc...

My question is, should I keep Roxio Creator v9 basic or unload it and get something this forum recommends?
Thanks in Advance...

A:Roxio Creator?

Hallo Born2golf, this one is very popular with our members.
I dont do a lot of burning so i am only going on what i have seen other reputiable members recommend.

The Official ImgBurn Website

You can also find a few others that are free & lightwieght in this thread

Free Software List for Vista

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I get the following message when I try to run Roxio Creator DE software

"All your Drives are set to disabled. On this operating system, in order to start Roxio Creator DE you must either physically remove your drive(s) or enable at least one drive"

Please help.

A:Roxio Creator DE help

Do your drives work?

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I have recently had an unrelated problem on my pc which has resulted in me having to repair some windows file using the installation disk - windows xp home.

Since then I have not been able to use any of the video features in Roxio creator 9 such as create DVD

I get the message: " the following codec9s) must be activated before using the application MPEG-2. click OK to activate or cancel to abort.

If I hit cancel the application closes down, if I hit OK I get "no permission - bad installation" and then it closes down.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling creator 9 and the windows media player but it hasn't made any difference.

I was having trouble viewing video on media player as well but have followed another acticle and downloaded something that makes it work OK.

I don't know if relevant but I also periodically get an update message from windows followed by " Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 has failed to install".

Any help appreciated.


A:Roxio creator 9

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I had Easy CD Creator 4 installed when I bought my computer in 2001, running on Windows ME and had NO PROBLEMS at all with it. I still have the disk for EZCDC4.

Computer crashed in Jan03 (unrelated) and Roxio EZCDC5 was installed by store (no disk provided). Had endless problems with it, so I re-installed V.4 and was able to burn a few CDs using V4.

Last week I tried to Delete Roxio V5 and start over. Also deleted V4 and re-installed V4.

Now I have a REAL problem..... V4 is installed, but every time I put a CD in the burner, I get an error message (the screen turns blue) and the system hangs up and I have to turn off the computer!!!!!

Would appreciate any help. I'm a real novice at this, but Iwould like to go back to using Easy CD Creator 4 because I had no problems at all with it.

The CD burner is a Matsushita (???)

A:Roxio CD Creator

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I am unable to write to my CDs or DVDs. I have RW disks that have been been formatted and used to drag drop data and photos but now when I try to drag drop more files I get the message "Cannot copy File Name: Files on this CD-ROM drive are read-only. You cannot copy or move files over to this CD-ROM drive." When I open Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition it states No Drive Detected and I cannot format or transfer files. When I close Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition I get the message:
The instruction at "0x00a91e4f" referenced memory ar "0x7ffdefa8". The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program
After pressing OK I then get this message:
The instruction at "0x000006d0" referenced memory at "0x000006d0". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program
After pressing OK again the following message appears:
Runtime Error!
Program: ...ommon files\Sonic Shared\Sonic Central\Main\Mediahub.exe
- pure virtual function call
I have checked and the file Mediahub.exe does not exist in that location.
For problems with software Dell refer you to Roxio but this version of Creator does not appear on the Roxio website.
Could anyone point me in the right direction?
Note: I can play audio CDs and DVDs OK and I can read data CDs and DVDs!

A:Roxio CD Creator

Hi TerryT,
I have exactly the same problem as you describe. However, I have found a solution for the Runtime Error problem, but it did not solve the "No Drive Detected" problem. Have you made any progress?
Lets work together,

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I have this on my system and sometimes after either updating files on a CD or downloading something from a CD it won't let the drive open. You have to reboot and catch it as it is booting up. Is this a common problem? What is the suggestions?

A:Roxio CD Creator 5

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when ever i try to burn this disc i get this one or more paths in this project has exceeded the maximum lentgh the current file systm. you may continue to burn this disc, but the files in these paths may not be readable. can anyone please tell me what i need to do for this to work? i have xp home

thank you

A:roxio cd/dvd creator 6 help

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i just bought a......... memorex fortymaxx cd rw drive.

it comes bundled with easy cd-creator 5

the problem is ... it takes for ever to copy a cd

i used to use nero with my maxtor cd-rw but it died a terrible death

could anyone advise which software copies reasonably quickly

nero does not recognise the cd-rw

i use it mostly to burn films and copy music cd,s
any help would be appreciated


A:roxio cd creator

It should not take substantially longer to copy with EZCD than with any other software. Maybe a few seconds either way.

Update EZCD: and go to Memorex and get the latest firmware update for the burner.

You might run the speed tests for your CD-ROM and burner – sometimes that triggers the speed. And make sure you have the speed set to max. I presume you are burning to high speed CDR media. Most burners anymore analyze the media for speed capability. If all else fails you might try different blanks.

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I recently installed this application onto my computer hoping that I would be able to burn CD's. Everything installed properly and the application seemed to be working however when I had all my media ready and clicked the button to burn them a window poped up saying "There are no supported recorders avaliable. Make sure your recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected." I realized that my computer was not showing that I had a blank disc in my drive, which in fact I did.

My question is what do I need to do in order to get Roxio Creator 6 to burn me a Cd!?

A:Need help with Roxio 6 cd creator

elaureano said:

I recently installed this application onto my computer hoping that I would be able to burn CD's. Everything installed properly and the application seemed to be working however when I had all my media ready and clicked the button to burn them a window poped up saying "There are no supported recorders avaliable. Make sure your recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected." I realized that my computer was not showing that I had a blank disc in my drive, which in fact I did.

My question is what do I need to do in order to get Roxio Creator 6 to burn me a Cd!?Click to expand...

Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 requires "drive updates" from Roxio's support site in order to "see" your CD recorder. While version 6 was active (and for a period of time afterwards) Roxio would release downloadable updates to include the latest burners. My guess would be that they issued their final update between 1 and 2 years ago. So to answer your question, you'll need to visit Roxio's site and download the most recent drive update hoping it includes support for your particular writer. If not, you'll probably have to find an older drive or newer software.

FYI, starting with Easy Media Creator 7, Roxio adopted a new technology that reads the necessary info directly from the drives firmware. This eliminated the need for drive updates as any burner would automatically be supported.

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Running XP Home Ed. On computer startup, this program automatically puts a Drag-To-Drop window on my desktop. I cannot find this program listed in any of the 'startup' folders. How can I keep this program from automatically running at startup? Thanks

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I am trying to burn an mpeg movie onto a cd. I click the option of make a video cd to play in a dvd player. So I do that and it tells me that I need a Mpeg encoder or VCD enocoder. What do I need to do?

A:Roxio Cd Creator Platinum

Hi dollface24,

Try a site called
it shows step by step procedures to do this

Paul V

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I am currently using the Roxio Media Creator 10 LJ. I was wondering which option would I use to burn a music cd in file format with 10-12 albums in which I would be able to play in my car. There are several options in which have me confused. For instance there is a JukeBox creater, and also a Data Disk creator which seem like they do the same thing. Which option is best ?

2 Processor Speed
1.86 GHz Processor Type
Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6000 RAM
Hard Drive Capacity 320 GB

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I want to install Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. Following error comes up: "You must use "Turn "Windows Feature off:" in the Control Panel to install or configure Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1" I turned off (the square is blank), the Roxio Creator 2010 Pro steel asking to turn off the framework 3.5 SP1.

Please let me know how can is solve this issue?

A:Roxio Creator 2010 Pro.

i am having the same issue. As far as I can tell NET 3.5 sp1 is the predecessor to NET 3.5.1 which is included in the Win 7 installation. Therefore you cannot load it.....
If you got around this issue, can you reply to my current thread "Failed install Roxio 2011...." GPNterprises

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[ OS: WinXP-Pro, Mem: 1GB, Processor: Pent-4 1.4GHz ] Issue: Any/all attempts fail to copy a home-made DVD using Roxio Easy CD Creator ver-8 . (yes, I have a Sony 2006 model DVD-RW unit and the Original DVD plays fine in all my DVD players). I have tried using different Sony blank discs (DVD -/+ R). I have tried copying to a temp file and then back to the DVD unit.. failed at 99%. I have tried copying to an image and then burning that image to a blank DVD.. failed at 50%. I have tried saving the original file as a composition and then burning it to a blank DVD.. failed at unkwn%. Each failure suggested an "Unknown Failure" at some level of completion ... not always the same level. I've had other issues with Roxio software and they flat-out will not respond to a plea for help via their web site, via email, via phone, nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times trying to resolve the problem.

Does anyone out there know of a proven high-quality Multimedia software package?? I am dumping Roxio for keeps.

A:Roxio Easy Cd Creator X

Download DVDShrink and give it a try, it's free.

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Looking in msconfig, there are a few entries that I'd like to get info on.

Under Startup:
1. CommonSDK - C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Roxio Shared\13.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatchTray13.exe
2. Roxio Burn - C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\Roxio Burn\RoxioBurnLauncher.exe

Under Services:
1. Roxio SAIB Service - Manufacturer: Unknown - Status: Running
2. Bot4Service - Manufacturer: Unknown - Status: Running
3. RoxMediaDB13 - Manufacturer: Sonic Solutions - Status: Stopped
4. Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 12 - Manufacturer: Sonic Solutions - Status: Stopped

I've tried contacting Roxio a few days ago, but I have not heard from them yet & was wondering if anyone can help tell me what each does & if I need it running at boot.

A:Roxio Creator 2011 Pro

The Roxio SAIB Service looks to be linked to Roxio's backup services.

SaibSVC.exe | CESAM Startup Items Database

Not sure what the others are for, but you could try stopping all the Roxio services and see if it has any adverse effects on your computer.

If not, leave them stopped and just use them when you need them.

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I read the other posts about Roxio but my question is a little different. I use CD-RW discs to back up my documents and photos. When I open the interface I have the files I want to back up in the top view and usually the CD-RW which has been put into my CD ROM loads and I can see what is on it. I then highlight the files I want to burn and "ADD" them wherever on the CD-RW I want them to go. This morning I burned one bunch of files, then cleared to a "New data disc" and put in the next CD. It did not load and the bottom view pane stayed blank though I could go to my Computer and clearly view what was on the disc. I assumed it was a fault on the CD and was able to click on it in the top pane and reformat then go back to my files and put the whole bunch onto the lower view and burn from there. I checked to make sure "Read only" was NOT selected, burned the file and thought nothing more of it till I tried other discs. Now none of them are showing in the view pane of creator Classic, even the one I rewrote. I did a full installation and reinstall of Roxio but the same thing is happening. I love my Roxio (even if I do have ther AVS programs, which, by the way I can't figure out for CD-RW discs as it keeps wanting to erase the disc.) so if I can get help with my Roxio I would much appreciate it.

Failing that...would I have to erase and reformat all of my Roxio discs before AVS will write onto and then keep adding to them?

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So I swapped a CD burner from one IBM in NT to another with Win 2000 - unfortunately, the burner software (Roxio Adaptec EZ CD Creator) that came with the thing is incompatible with W2K. I can't download the software from their site because I'd have to pay for it. I can load the software to W2K, but it won't run. If I try to update it from there, their installation tells me that no valid version is loaded and installation stalls. Has anyone who has had this problem found a solution?

A:Roxio EZ CD Creator W2K Compat.

What version of EZCD?

If you have version 4 or above, update to the latest revision for that version and then go through this:

Version 4 will update free to 4.05: and version 5 to 5.1.1:
Both versions 4 and 5 should work with Win2k with the updates.

If you are still limping along with version 3.5 or older you need some different software as that is old Adaptec software that Roxio isn’t supporting.

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I m on Xp home sp3,I install roxio creator 2011 and when I try to open couple of applications I get an error box "Roxio creator hax encountered a problem and nees to close.We are sorry etc... contenant of the data report: Event Type: clr20r3 P1:roxiocentraflx.exe P2: P4:roxiocentralfx P5:.0.3849.2570 P6:4c402595 P7: 51 P8:7a P9: system.typeinitialization.
please help!

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Are there any tricks to copying data disks using this program? I can copy music disks without any problem but when I attempt to copy data disks I get this error message:
"Reservaton Conflict
The drive cannot be used because it is already being used by Roxio Direct CD kernel."

A:Roxio CD Creator 5.0 Platinum

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does anyone know were I can download it for free

A:Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator

It is never free, but it is available at for $3.00 TO $12 Depending on the version. But Nero basic is also only $3.00 and much better in the eyes of most.

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Hello, I have a HP Media center PC installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit) and I seem to be infected with CID: pop-ups.* How do I find the root of this problem, and then remove the threat?* I haveKaspersky version 7.0 installed, and it states that all is protected on my computer.* If this is correct, why am I getting these pop-ups?Also, I have tried to install Roxio Easy media Creator 10 suite.* I had problems once I had installed this, and was told to remove both version 9 (which came with my computer) and the newly installed version.* Then I tried to re-install the 10 suite.* It seems to be loaded on my computer, but when I click on the Easy Media Creator 10 Center, the little circle flashes, then nothing.* Have I missed something?
Do you have any idea what 'not-a-virus:AdWare:Win32.DealHelper.aj' is? When I scanned a PCUtilities DVD by Kaspersky (before downloading Content) it stated that this could be threat. I clicked onto Kaspersky to check out what they had, and they did not know. The error was in response to this folder on the DVD: E:\DigitalScrapbooking\setup-Gliftex.exe/UPX . I had wanted to download the Digital Scrapbooking program. Now I'm not sure if I should.
Lastly, often when I shut the PC down, I get the pop-up error message: 'Application failed to initalize 0xc0000142' - However, I do not know what has failed to initialize - Media Center? I know I asked quite a few questions, and would be mightly grateful for any help on a... Read more

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Roxio LE won't work because I get a message that says all my drives are disabled. How can I fix this so I can use Roxio to create a data cd?

A:roxio cd creator in windows 8.1

Is the software provided by the manufacturer of the PC? I'd recommend a reinstall of the software.

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To install Roxio Creator 2010 pro I have to turn off the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1.
Any time when I want to turn off the following error comes up. "An error has occurred.
Not all of the features were successfully changed."

Pleas can some one tell me how can I override this issue?

Thank you.


A:Roxio Creator 2010 Pro

Why do you have to turn off Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1.? I'm running 7 Home Premium and didn't have to do anything special to install Roxio 2010 pro? If you go into Programs and Features and click on "Turn windows features on and off" Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1. should be in the list. I would try turning it off there.

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I'm new here and I have a problem that perhaps someone can help me resolve.

I have an AMD 2000XP system with a Soyo Dragon Lite KT333 board. I have 512MB of ram, and CD-ROM and CD-RW (Creative 8-4-32). I am running Windows 2000 Professional.

I am using Easy CD Creator 5.0 to try and burn CDs. My CD-RW unit is a secondary master and my CD-ROM is the secondary slave.

When I try to burn data or music, the software does so without producing any errors. However, after the burn session is over, my newly created CD is corrupt...when looking in the MY COMPUTER folder, I see nothing but "Compact Disk (D: )" and when I click on it to open it, I get "D: is not accessible, incorrect function."

When check the properties of the disk, I see an empty disk...0 KB on it. I have leaving the session open, closing the session, trying to burn data, music, just ruins my CD's...and there is something on the CD's...i.e., it has indeed burned something on the CD's because when looking on the burned side, there is a dark band of burned area where the burner has written onto the CD.

I am completely stumped. I used to use this same software on my previous PIII 650 with an Asus board. I had the same CD players also....I just carried these guys over.

To see if it was my CD-RW malfunctioning, I tried using a shareware burning software called BurnQuick...that worked but as it doesn't have any fancy functions such as mixing ... Read more

A:Roxio CD Creator Problem

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Suddenly, when attempting to burn a CD, I'm getting the following error message--"There are no supported recorders available. Make sure that your recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected. Also,make sure the latest version of the software is installed to ensure you have the latest drivers." If anyone knows what I am doing wrong and can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I know there is a simple download that addresses this topic specifically, but can't seem to find it in cyberspace.

A:Roxio Easy CD Creator 6

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I am fed up with Roxio NXT2.  Now that NXT3 is out NXT2 crashes when I try to convert VHS tapes to DVD.  I am seeking recommendations for an alternative software program.

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Hey Friends,

I have Roxio Creator 2009 (aka Roxio Creator DE). It came with my dell. It used to work fine, until I tried to use it a couple of months ago. It just freezes when I load it. I thought it would go away but it hasn't. I had vista and it wasn't working. I upgraded to windows 7 hoping that would fix it but it didn't. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I have deleted the roxio folder from my registry and reinstalled and that didn't work (I backed up the reg if you think I need to put it back to its original state). Every time I try to start it it freezes and I have to force it to close. If I try to open it again before I restart it freezes everything and I have to do a cold shutdown

As always, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Roxio Creator 2009

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Hi all I'm having trouble opening roxio creator basic 9. I had it installed on this computer before and it worked fine. I have re-mastered this pc since. I installed the roxio cd and now I get an error message saying that all the drives on this pc are disabled please enable at least one drive.

My system is a HP Compaq small form factor mini tower dc 5700 with 3gb Ram.

any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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Some how my roxio cd thing closed a backup disc and made it unreadable for MS Money. I can't figure out how to make the disc readable again. I have been through every help topic and there is nothing so simple as to say 'how to make disk readable'. Can anybody help me. Greg & Grimm in MI

A:roxio easy cd creator

Usually, when roxio "closes" a cd, it is supposed to make it readable in most CD drives....hmmm

Have you tried copying the pertinent files over to your hard drive and browsing to the files from Money? Do you know what the file extensions should be? Has roxio changed the file extensions?

Try copying the files back to your hd and opening them. Post back and let us know how you did.


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Hi All

Can anyone let me now how to re-install the default version of Easy CD creator that was pre-installed with my version of Windows XP HE?

There was no additional disc supplied for this product hence my wondering if it is shipped with XP or as part of my PC deal.

I have loked on the Roxio www site but can only find a download for the Platinum (Ł) version of the software.


A:Roxio Easy CD Creator in XP

Easy CD Creator will not work with XP. Their Platinum version will; of course, they'll ask you for $60 for the privilege.

HP has CD creation software that's XP compatible; not sure if it works only with their CD-writers or not. It's avaialble free on
HP's tech support site.

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I want to use "Drag and Drop" to copy some files (.wav, .mpeg, etc. and a Power Point .pps) to CD, but I need to make sure it will play on a Mac.

What setting do I need to use? Is it ISO (close to read on ANY computer)?

It seems I tried this and the recipient could not get the files to play back.

Any advice/tips/suggestions are appreciated (I need to burn this CD and take it with me on a family trip in a couple of days).

A:Roxio EZ CR Creator 6 and Macintosh?


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All of a sudden, for some reason, when I go to creator classic it doesnt recognize the blank cd in the cd drive and it says there is no default recorder... Can anyone help??

A:Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator Q?

Since you gave very little info (e.g. want your computer specs are, version of Roxio CD Creator you're using, etc.), see if this will help you out

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i am trying to learn how to burn a cd. i have roxio creator but it is not recognizing my cd. i want to set up my music library on vista microsoft however i cannot even find the settings file it tells me to use Can anyone help please

A:help newbie here - roxio creator

Originally Posted by eyore953

i am trying to learn how to burn a cd. i have roxio creator but it is not recognizing my cd. i want to set up my music library on vista microsoft however i cannot even find the settings file it tells me to use Can anyone help please

If you have burned your System Rescue Disc set then you may want to just use some other burning software. I think Winamp has plugins for managing libraries. I usually use CDBurnerXP or even the old Burrrn program to burn audio discs. The latest Imgburn is supposed to do audio also. Plus Winamp has burn support. Those big bloated "all in one" software packages get in the way more than anything once you've burned for awhile. Small light special apps is the better way to go. See - Forum, Guides, Tools and hardware lists for a good place to get going with smaller programs that run faster and work better.

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After spending an hour and ahalf with a technician from Roxio, we figured out that in order to use roxio easy cd creator to burn files onto a cd or make music cd's it's necessary to run msconfig, click selected startup, then uncheck the 'load startup items' box, click apply and reboot. That done, the program works. When finished you have to go back into msconfig and reset it to normal startup with the 'load startup items' box checked. The technician asked if there were any other cd burning programs on the computer and I said 'no', but fact is, Windows xp has it's own cd burning function and that may be what's interfering with Roxio. To use XP to burn cds go to start, then 'help and support' and type in what you want to do. (I put in 'copy files to a cd' and got a nice step X step explantion of how to do it that I printed out.

A:using Roxio cd creator with windows xp

I use Roxio on Windows XP to burn CDs without unchecking everything in the startup....

There must be ONE item in your list of startup items that is interferring. You could go through, one by one, and turn them back on to see which one is interferring.

With the latest version of Roxio & patches, it should work fine with Windows XP.

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After some BAD computer problems I am trying to reinstall Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 for my CD burner. But it gets as far as the "Preparing to install" box and just shuts down. The CD ROM drive runs for a couple of seconds but that's all. Nuttin!

I've tried going into the disk and running the various setup files, but still nuttin.

If it helps, I'm also having peoblems gettin the Picture Easy editing software for my Kodak Digital camera to install properly - I get the feeling that my recent reinstall (complete) of Win 98 is the culprit.

Any ideas?

Jimmy P
[email protected]

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I have had to uninstall Roxio and reinstall, you see I needed a driver update, so I went on their website to update the drivers for Platinum 5.0 in English and the webpage is down, so I downloaded the french version, now I can't get the french out and of course I can't read french to know if there is a way to change the language. Please help........anyone

A:Roxio Cd Creator Platinum

You'll need to uninstall the entire Roxio Package and Reinstall. Here's the link to the English Patch:

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I have been making VCDs using this program for a while however recently i have been having problems. When I go to add an MPEG file which i want to be burnt to the CD, the program crashes. This happens with EVERY file I select.

Does anyone know what i can do?

PS: program name - vcdcr32.exe

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Everyone show me some links to download Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. Thanks alot !!!
( Server can resume cause I download by modem 56Kbs - ThankX)

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When I try to record LP records into my computer, it appears to record as there is a duration and a file size after the recording is over, but there is no sound coming out. I checked the mute and sound options, and everything looks fine there. Any idea what the problem could be?

A:Solved: Roxio Creator 9

You will get a duration and file size even if there is no sound; it will faithfully record silence if that is what is there. You need to detemine firstly that sound is coming over the channel you are recording from (line in, aux in, mic???). VU meters would help. Maybe see if you can record with Audacity.

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when i am putting files into the cd, to get ready to burn the cd, the program always automatically closes without any notice or warning.. could you tell me how to fix this problem?

A:Why does my ROXIO CD Creator always close??

hi i had roxio and discovered that mine always came up with an error message `cant find aspi` cant flush` but that was an earlier model of roxio burning program i think new one got a safty feature which just shuts itself down if it encounters any problems because everytime it did it to me it burned about 10% of the disc before it did it meaning the cdr was no good.

so roxio probably trying to avoid this i sugguest get another burning program like nero or sumthin

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Hi all: sometime back my nephew installed roxio 5 cd creator on my computer,and i have no use for it.It won't uninstall through the add/remove tool,so i have saved to desktop "roxizap" a tool to uninstall it. When i downloaded the tool it stated that i should uninstall any adeptec or other roxio programs first. in my adptec folder i see an installer but it seems it has to do with roxio programs only. before i screw up anything, should i do this in safemode? i'm sort of at a loss here.. any advice for a 50 yr old man? any advice is appreciated.. thanks Mick.

A:uninstalling roxio 5 cd creator


Originally Posted by MickKeen

Hi all: sometime back my nephew installed roxio 5 cd creator on my computer,and i have no use for it.It won't uninstall through the add/remove tool,so i have saved to desktop "roxizap" a tool to uninstall it. When i downloaded the tool it stated that i should uninstall any adeptec or other roxio programs first. in my adptec folder i see an installer but it seems it has to do with roxio programs only. before i screw up anything, should i do this in safemode? i'm sort of at a loss here.. any advice for a 50 yr old man? any advice is appreciated.. thanks Mick.

According to this: "If you need to uninstall version 4 or 5 of Roxio and are not using other Roxio software such as GoBack (because it will be uninstalled too), try the Roxizap uninstaller.(NOTE: if you ARE using GoBack, uninstall before and reinstall afterward.) (At present, you can go to the knowledgebase and type in "roxizap" and get the link and the instructions; let us know if the link is having problems again".)
Check it out.

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I've always used Roxio Easy CD Creator Platinum v.5 to format my CD-RW's (choose DirectCD Utility) and just can't figure out how to do this in v.6.
Can anyone help?

A:format CD-RW in Roxio E-Z Media Creator 6

not trying to pass the buck, but try using the ROXIO forums. you may find your answer there.

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I already posted this on the reviews forum but I haven't gotten any replies. I'm hoping to get some here.

I'm trying to convert and/or copy DVD movies to a PSP. I've tried all the free ones I can find on the net. None have worked for me. I purchased Roxio Creator 10 Suite. They salesman told me it was the best for my needs. Now I'm reading reviews and wondering if I made the right choice. Any opinions?

A:Solved: Roxio Creator 10 Software

The VideoWave component of Roxio (9, should be in 10 too?) will convert video to several different PSP video-compatible formats. The problem you may be having is with the copy protection on commercial DVDs. There are very few commercial programs that will willingly circumnavigate that copy protection.

So yes, Roxio is a decent converter but if commercial DVDs are involved, it won't help you with that particular task.

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I am trying to load AVG 8 - I uninstalled it as errors were occuring (invalid CTF file etc) and auto updates weren't happening. Every time I try to install, I get a warning about an outdated version of Roxio Easy CD & DVD creator - please update.

I have tried to locate and uninstall this program - I can't find it - all I can see is an Adaptec (Former name for Roxio I beleive) folder - deleting this and contents doesn't work - I have also deleted the Adaptec folder from Registry using Regedit - still no joy.

I don't want/need the CD creator and therefore don't want to have to buy an update even if I knew which one to get.

Running W2000 SP4 - everything was fine until three/four weeks ago, and I haven't installed anything new recently.

All help welcome - season's greetings in advance of help

A:Solved: AVG 8 and Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator

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I just installed Media 7.5 and there is an option to back up your computer but it doesn't work for some reason, when I hit it, it starts to open then it just gets stuck, any ideas?

A:Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5

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Hp computer, Windows 7 added recently and removed Vista.

Roxio loaded on computer and it shows the Roxio files on my desktop.

It is located on c drive in Program files. I can see all the files...but the Icon for Roxio on My desk top when you click on it just open to the files.
When I click on the Icon the program will open not properly where I can use it.

When you click Start and click on Programs you can open the Cineplayer part of Roxio and it opens up ok but the other part of Roxio don't open up like I said the rest of Roxio opens to the folders which all make up Roxio. Any suggestion on how to make Roxio work correctly?

A:Roxio Creator 2009 problems

I believe Roxio Creator 2009 software requires an uninstall, reinstall if you upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. If you had the software installed before you upgraded, you'll have to uninstall it, then reinstall it in order for all parts of it to work correctly.

If you did not have it on the computer when you had Vista, or if you uninstalled it before you upgraded, I would still perform an uninstall, reinstall of the software, just to make sure something didn't get screwed up in the installation.

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The 1st DVD I burned using Roxio took only ~ 30minutes - this was good!
The next time I tried a day or so later, after 3 hours it had only gotten 7% thru the process and was still encoding the 1st of 3 segments.
I tried to 'repair' the S/W but ran into errors so I uninstalled and re-installed it. Same problem.
I even tried to re-burn on a new DVD the 1st one that took only 30minutes but now it was also S-L-O-W!
Does anyone have any ideas?

One thing that may have changed during this period was, in Windows update, I checked an optional update for Intel's graphics adapter WDDm1.1 ... HD Graphics 3000. This failed to install and it remains as an option in the Windows update.

Here's my SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8096 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 453766 MB, Free - 291963 MB; D: Total - 100006 MB, Free - 81000 MB; E: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 19869 MB; F: Total - 200004 MB, Free - 192219 MB; G: Total - 156916 MB, Free - 141225 MB; H: Total - 499999 MB, Free - 424209 MB; K: Total - 2861580 MB, Free - 1926399 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Maximus IV GENE-Z
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Slow burning with Roxio Creator NXT 3

Burning, by definition, does NOT involve encoding. Burning is the process of copying data from a source (usually the HDD) and "burning" the data onto disc (CD, DVD. Blu-ray).

Encoding infers that you are taking video files, and CREATING a video DVD. The encoding process converts the source file(s) into a DVD compliant mpeg2 video and audio stream. Encoding time is largely cpu dependant, but some applications are faster than others. The source file format can also impact performance.

So, most likely, nothing is "broken".

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Has anyone who uses Roxio Creator 2009 on a Vista x64 machine noticed that abnormally high amount of system resources? I'm hoping someone else has had this problem and has found a solution.

The result I see every time I attempt to use the program is that it responds as though it was trying to run on a x286 machine; painfully slow to respond to any input from the mouse, keyboard, etc... It behaves almost as though the application has hung and I sometimes think it has hung.

I have looked for similar posts on numerous boards but all to no avail.

Anyone? Anyone?

A:Roxio Creator 2009 Resource Hog

Unless you absolutely need some feature in that program I would use free software from here: - Forum, Guides, Tools and hardware lists

to get the files the way you want, then use

to burn them.

Those all in one packages tend to hem you in.
Plus as you mention, they tend to be resource hogs.

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In desperation I am trying this forum, have just discovered forums, the question & response below is from Roxio's forum;

My 1st post on Roxio's forum;

" I am having multiple problems with DVD builder, for my movie, I put together mpg movie clips & photos (from my digital camera) in videowave in roxio EMC7 when my movie was good here, it is then outputed to TV/VCR as a windows media file - MPEG2 file & saved this to my external hard drive.

Then I opened it up DVD builder and add it as a new title, arranged my menu & created chapters, then added an intro title with multiple photos & movie clips. I saved this project(to my external hard drive) & then proceeded to burn it as an ISO file, but it kept stalling & not finishing the burn.

I have been using this process for my movies like this one & it has worked & up until now I am suddenly having problems. I reworked the intro title, uninstalled & reinstalled Roxio EMC. Tried to burn my movie again, this time it completed the burn, but after burning movie ISO file to DVD in disc copier & playing it on my DVD player, the audio & video were way out of sync.

I tried to burn another movie ISO file to disc, then burn to DVD in disc copier & the same thing is wrong; audio & video are now out of snc. I have been stooped in my tracks & cannot make movies now.

I have done e-mail correspondence with a professor who knows roxio, about computer specs,disk space et... Read more

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Hello Everyone
When i want to burn file using media creator 9 this is error i get
failed to start image writing
operation Error while burning image
80004003 error while aborting

Is there any option to fix this one?
Really appreciate your time
thanks a lot

A:roxio easy media creator 9

Try saving as a disk image file and then copying onto dvd using disk copy ..... I got this from Roxio support forums ....

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Hi, i'm using to Roxio 7.5 to edit my home video footage, my camcorder records directly to dvd-ram format and i can't get roxio to recognise my footage when i plug my camcorder via usb or insert the dvd-ram disc straight into the drive. Is there a way to transfer a VRO file to VBO? Or am i doing something completely wrong?

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I have a download offer via my Dell laptop

I want to be able to store the following on CD/DVD
Business Applications (Spreadsheets, Docs. Databases)

I also want to back up my PC to RW/CD

Is this product suitable?
Its coaring $50 05 €72 is this the best price or is there a better priced product.

Dublin, Ireland

A:Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

I still use Roxio 5 Easy CD Creator - came free with both my Dell Workstation and Laptop.

Uses the basic and original Adaptec engine copying software: in fact, Adaptec no longer sell their CD copying product as all proprietory rights have been sold to Roxio.

Roxio software is a very robust and simple to use program.

To back-up files to CD is a snap, as you can Drag 'N Drop in Explorer, when the disk is left open and continue to add files until the disk is full.

Not sure about the price: seems fair.



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I'm having a problem with creating audio cds with my ECDC4 software. It WORKED, but then i deleted a driver or codec or something and now after i open the program and select the folder on the upper left of the screen to extract my mp3's from, it no longer recognizes that they are mp3's. Any solutions? THANKS!

A:Adaptec/Roxio Easy Cd Creator 4 help PLEASE!

Have you tried re-installing easy cd?

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I used to have a HP Cdwriter which used DirectCD to write and rewrite cdrw media on my old computer which ran on Windows ME. You could use the cd like a floppy drive. The machine I have now uses Roxio Easy CD Creator 7 which really does not utilize the cdrw the same way. If you delete a file with Roxio it only hides it. The only way to really delete files is to erase the entire disk. This is not cool. HP’s software also allowed you to setup a cd rom for your computer only or for all computers. This was cool.

Is there a drive and software available out there now for Windows XP SP2 that supports UDF and/or the newer format? Thanks.

[email protected]

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem on Roxio EMC 7? Until recently, the prog has been working fine, but now it seems to have developed a problem. In simple terms, it is refusing to convert CDA to MP3 and/or MP3 to CDA.
If I try to make an audio cd from mp3 files on my HD: I go through the usual practice of opening up the prog and then dragging the mp3 files from the contents pane down to the project pane, but now when I do this the file does not show up in the project pane and nothing is added to the project.
Conversely, If I try to rip audio files from a CD and convert them to MP3 files on my HD, again the prog just does not do it. There are no error messages and no clues as to why it won't do the job.
I don't know a lot about computers but it seems like the "conversion engine" (if there is such a thing) isn't working.
It is a proper prog (not pirated) and I have tried re-installing, but it still will not do the job.
I am running Win XP Pro - SP2.
I have tried getting help at Roxio but their idea of support is abysmal - I would probably have more success if I tried knitting with fog!

I hope some of you more computer literate people out there might know the answer.

Thank you

Derby UK

A:Need help with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 - Please

Welcome to Techspot!
I wonder if you are trying to convert some files lately that have some copyright protection built in. I know that XP serpk 2 has added more.Check for settings in Roxio(I use Nero so I am not sure where the setting will be), media player etc. to turn it off .

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I have a Sony PCV-RS 530G desktop complete with video capture card, DVD burner, etc. The video authoring software that was included with the Sony is a bit difficult for me to use - maybe I'm just stupid but all I wanted to do was to take a bunch of my family VCR tapes (average length of each tape is about 4 hours) and preserve them by burning DVD's for the rest of the family to enjoy. As a novice to capturing, etc. I am making a major production out of what should be a simple task. I have had no problems capturing the entire 4 hour VCR tape but what next, considering that my dvd's will only hold about an hour of video.
Since I am struggling with the Sony supplied software I was thinking about purchasing Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. But...I think I ran across a thread somewhere on the internet about cd and dvd drives disappearing from view when certain authoring programs were installed on their computers.
Does anyone know if my Sony will like the Roxio program or will it's software fight with the new Roxio programs. Will my drives disappear?

A:Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

Any media program should be fine and I don't think it will conflict with other programs on your computer. I like Nero best but that's just a personal opinion. And you need to read all of this

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This is a long story but I am going to give you the short short version. I had EMC 9 and upgraded to 10, February 12. I have had nothing but problem after problem with the software. First concerning my sound, and now re-installation. Every time I go to reinstall the software after doing everything (including a clean install) short of reformatting my harddrive, the installation just stops and reverses the process. Then I have to reboot and try all over again. I have contacted Roxio, countless times, and even posted on their forum, but over a month later I am in a worse position than when I started. Any other advice would be genuinely appreciated.

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Hi guys,

I had Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 installed in my computer, and it was working fine. I uninstalled the software and when I tried to install it again, it asks me for a disk eventhough the CD is inserted. What is going on? Help me here. Thanks!!

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Usually when I click on the desktop icon or start menue icon for Roxio- I get the opening graphic with choices for all the modules (They call this "Home"- it has options for Easy CD Creator, Drag to Disk, Audio, etc.) However, now I get nothing. I can actually burn a CD by selecting the Creator Classic module in the Start Menue folder-- but the usual opening selector graphic is not working.

I checked the icon properties and searched for the target- a file called:
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\Project Selector\Projselector.exe"

It is there, but double clicking on it does nothing.

The only thing I can think of that even remotely relates to this is that the other day I went directly to the Start Menue choices and clicked on "Creator Classic" rather than my usual MO of clicking on the desktop icon to start the program--- but I don't see how this would change anything.

Like I said, I can still start each module--- just not the selector graphic??? Does anyone have any ideas?

I have an XP-P4. I use ZoneAlarm, AVG, SybotS&D, AdAware and Stinger on a regular basis.

My first guess is to try reinstalling Roxio- but thought I'd check to see if anyone had additional thoughts or experience.

thank you for reading this,

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I am using Roxio 10,and I was wondering if there is a way to burn a movie onto a DVD?

Computer Specs
Ms Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU6000 @ 1.87gb, 4.0 gbram

A:Roxio 10 Easy Media Creator

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A few days ago I had some problems with roxio easy cd/dvd creator so I uninstalled it. Now my recycle bin is filled with files from uninstalling it. The files are a few "configuration settings," a "RBS files," an "IPI file," a "LO_file," two "MST files," a "windows installer package," and a lot of "RBF files."

I'm not having any problems since deleting roxio but I'm not sure if it's safe to completely remove these files.
I don't know too much about computers so this is probably a stupid question.
I'm not sure how much info you'd need about my computer but my OS is Windows XP.

A:removing roxio easy cd/dvd creator

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I've been having problems with stupid roxio. From the get go, few years back I got an external cd burner (iomegaZipcd650). When I loaded it, in the task bar an image that says "safely remove software" came up. Since, I've never been able to get it to go away. It'd work fine everyonce in a while so I was happy from what I could get. Then I found that it could be from a missing patch/update and downloaded that, well after I got that all installed I figured everything would be alright. BUT...then it started saying EzCd creator can't find a supported cd burner when trying to actually burn the cd. So I uninstalled the patch/update and got it running again. Now I've tried installing another patch/update and yet again, the same thing. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG this makes me so mad . But this time I can't seem to find out what's making it do it, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm on XP and it's the basic version of Roxio. I can burn the cd fine from Windows Media Player, it's just that I don't want the 2 second "intermission" if you will, in there. Thanks for the help.

A:Roxio EzCd Creator...=errrrrrr

Do you have the roxio software and iomega software?

If so do this. Uninstall both the roxi and iomega software. Unplug the iomega drive. Right click on my computer, click on properties, click on hardware, click on device manager.

Find the iomega drive listed in there and delete it.


Reinstall iomega software. Attach iomega drive. Make sure windows media player works with it. Then install roxio.

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My Roxio Creator Pro 2010 worked perfectly before, but after some microsoft updates that were automaticaly installed I get the "Roxio creator has stopped working" error and it wont open. I went back and deleted some og the updates but it didn't help. Anyone else have this pro?blem

A:Roxio creator has stopped working

Hi and welcome to TSF try system restore to before the updates were installed

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Anybody have any idea how to uninstall roxie easy creator platinum. I have it...I hate it...I want to get rid of it....can not find an uninstall anywhere....even tried a search of the cd I used to install it...

A:Uninstall roxio easy creator 6 how

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I operate a Windows Vista, I have been using Roxio Creator Basic v9 to make my CD-Rs for music, and DVD-Rs for Slide Shows. For years I used the same proceedures, and now I am unable to make CD-Rs, and DVD-Rs. When I complete the recording, a window comes up stating that the disc was successful in coping it, but I put in a CD-R player nothing happens, the same with the DVD-R player. What am I doing wrong?


A:Solved: Roxio Creator Basic v9

Have you tried to remove and reinstall Roxio yet ???

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Hey all,

I rebuilt my system a few months ago and have yet to be able to get my copy of Roxio Easy CD creator 5.0 premium to run on my rig.

Its really strange... I will install it (complete install) and it just won't run. When I click on program the mouse turns to an hourglass for a sec or 2 but then nothing. I've tried from the root directory and it does the same thing.

Its gets stranger... The above situation occurs with the 'main' programs in the suite. 'Project Selector' 'direct cd' and the 'easy cd creator' program itself. But, but some of the crap does run like the 'soundstream' and 'sound editor'

Now it gets really strange... 'Direct CD' automatically starts when you boot up (this is what it is supposed to do) I can see it running in Task Manager(processes) but when I try to open it up it doesn't do anything.

Now its just gets freeky!... I went ahead and attempted to install the Roxio patch from their website (thought it might cover this bug) and the patch states 'No qualified Roxio product found' when I run the patch! The program clearly shows in the registery, and I can use the Windoze add/remove program options to install and uninstall the program!

I went ahead and install Nero just to make sure its not a hardware issue. Nero runs fine. The roxio is the full retail version (not a hack). Any ideas?

P4 2.0 @2.33
512 DDR 2700
Windoze XP pre-SP1
Radeon 8500le OC'd... Read more

A:Roxio Easy CD creator 5 Premium- won't run!

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ok i just bought a copy of it and when i try to install it says something about this langauge of this installation package is not supported by your system. i'm running ME is there anything i can do?

A:Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum

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I have an O/S Vista Premium. I bought the Roxio Easy Media Creator a couple of years ago when I was using XP and it worked excellent. I now have issues with the program. When I initiate the program the main menu comes up but that is it. When I try to do something like create a data disk or anything else then it just kind of freezes and won't initiate. Has anyone had any experience with this O/S and this software? It seems the company is not interested in anything older than 2009 I cannot even get a response from them. I paid over a hundred dollars for this software so I am a little perturbed that I cannot get it to operate in Vista. I have tried removing it from my computer and doing a complete new install but that doesn't seem to make any difference. I would appreciate any assistance you could offer. If this cannot be corrected then maybe a suggestion of what software could replace it.... I have no intention of giving Roxio any more of my hard earned money if their software is out of date in three years..... and not even an offer of an upgrade at a reasonable price. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Wib McMullen

A:Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

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I am having trouble trying to copy a dvd and burn with Vista and using the installed Roxio Media Creator 9. I can get the system to read the dvd I want to copy and then it asks for a disc that is rewritable. I put the dvd recordable and it spits it out and asks me again. I left the project and closed the program. I started it up later and now it will not even read the dvd I want to burn......has anyone else had this problem??? Any advice??? Thanks Alison

A:Troubles with Roxio creator home

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ok i'm running xp and whenever i try to uninstall roxio, it gets 1 sec. to the end and just about when its going to finish a message pops up saying
Error 1316.A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\ECDC5.MSI
so can anyone help?

A:Roxio easy cd creator 5 platinum

Are you networked? You could set the computer up in control panel as “Windows Logon” and see if you can uninstall it.

You might try updating it and then uninstalling:

Evidently Take Two is a problem with XP. The update removes it and that might allow you to uninstall it.

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Good Afternoon All,
After I installed Easy CD 5 Platinum and I down loaded the updates for xp, the program stills hangs. Yes I am running xp home with all its updates. What should I do?

A:roxio Easy CD Creator 5 (HANGS)

I had same problem(s) XP won't except a lot of programs unless there the latest version Did you get an update patch from Roxio Adaptec web site

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I use CD-RW drives on my work and my home PC to transfer work files back and forth. Currently, I have EasyCD Creator 5 deluxe platinum on both machines. Because I upgraded both machines from Windows 2000 to Win XP Professional, I sometimes had trouble setting up the software for XP and would get incompatibility messages for directCD (which manages my CD-RW discs), but it would always finish installing and I can use the software fine.

My office has gotten EasyMedia Creator 7 and I have not updated my pc's because I don't know if I would be able to access and add files to CD-R's that were created using version 5.

Can I go back and forth between CD-R's made with version 5 on one machine and version 7 on another machine?

I archive my files onto CD-R's by project name and whenever I go back and work on projects that I archived months ago, I just add the new archive data onto the CD-R archive disc that I created long ago until that CD-R is full. I don't want to try and access and add to an old version 5 CD-R using version 7 and end up losing data in the process. I could alwasy just upgrade both machines to version 7, but like I said, I often add files to older archived cd-r's.


A:Roxio EasyCD Creator Versions

A CD made with one version is ok with any other version, or another program. i.e. a CD made with Easy CD Creator 5 will be readable with Easy Media Creator 7, Nero, CloneCD etc etc. What might cause a problem is that some discs are not readable in some drives. If your drive(s) are currently working ok with the media you are using they will continue to work with another version of the software.

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wwhich to make slideshow can add photos but cannot and sound program just crashes when i try to add music

A:I cant add audio to videowave Roxio creator nxt

Your particular version of VideoWave may not be (fully) compatible with Windows 10.Try updating it to the latest version.Alternatively, you could try running it in compatibility mode.message edited by phil22

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OS XP HOME. When I start the program I receive a message stating "the current display settings do not meet the minimun requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024x768 pixles or higher, and the color quality to 16 bit or higher". I know how to change the settings but I currently like my settings the way they are. Any way around this problem. I don't want to change my settings everytime just for this program.

A:Solved: Roxio basic dvd 7.0 creator

No other way. Change it or live with it.

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I have Roxio Videowave Movie Creator, which came with my Dell Computer, running on Windows XP. Whenever I try to start Videowave, it starts to load, but then stops, and freezes the computer. I did a Viruscan and ran Adaware, and then uninstalled and reinstalled the program, and it still freezes. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Roxio Videowave Movie Creator

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After having had to recently reinstall my Windows XP (both home and professional versions) following a recent virus attack; I today tried for the first time to save some files to a CD. With the Help of the Answer gateway peopleand a window on the computer itself I have been informed that the Roxio Creator 5 and Windows XP programs are not compatible and that I needed to upgrade to Roxio Creator #6.

Before I go through the expense of upgrading to version #6; I'm wondering if anybody knows of any other freeware CD creator programs?

As always thanks in advance to this community's computer savvy members.


A:Roxio Creator 5 Program compatibility with Windows XP

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without knowing that it was not compatible w/ Win 7. I then tried to un-install it and now I have "remnants" left over. Specifically speaking when I open up MS word or MS excel 2010 , the easy cd creator says its trying to install easy cd creator 6. At least 2 pop ups like this occur. I tried searching the registry and deleting. I even went on line to roxio's site and got the procedure to run + regedit and look for their suggestions to delete (all to no avail) + I used c cleaner and after all this the little pop up windows related to easy cd creator 6 are still occurring. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Mistakenly tried to install Roxio Easy CD Creator 6

Do you have a System Restore point from just before this happened? If so, I'd try that 1st. If not, suggest you download Revo Uninstaller Free, and see if it can find the remnants of this install. A Guy

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Hi I have uninstalled roxio completely from my computer. I even deleted anything from my registry that said roxio. Was having problems with it. Now the strange this is when i click on my microsoft anti spyware program before it will come up a box comes up that says Preparing to install, Roxio Easy Media Creator. Then comes another box that says. Roxio Easy Media Creator Installshield wizard. with a big red x unable to find a certificate file. Then a box that says could not open the certificate reading DLL. How do i get rid of that? I have tried now for 2 weeks. I have nothing roxio on my computer. But when i click on my microsoft antispyware this comes up first. I have uninstalled the masw, and put it back again. I still have the same program. Can someone tell me what i need to do to stop this from coming up? Please, hugs,

A:Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 problem help please

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When using the MyDVD 9 part of Easy Media, I get a C++ Runtime Error. Any suggestions how to fix this?

I am not real happy with Roxio. I am a football coach who needs a program that:
(1) rips video off DVD's;
(2) has some basic authoring tools (add music, text)
(3) Can burn to a 4 stack DVD burner.

Really could use some help if there is a program & company more dependable than Roxio. I just bought the program 2 months ago and they want $35 for tech support!!!

A:Problems with Roxio Easy Media Creator

Here is a Roxio forum that is very usefull for info and problems.

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I bought (downloaded) Roxio Creator NXT 2 from Amazon to copy my homemade DVD's for Christmas gifts to our kids and grandkids. I managed to get one good copy but the next copy asked me to insert a blank DVD+R disk when I copied a DVD-R disk. I have started over several times and either get that problem or that the "blank" disk already has those files on them or "buffer underrun". I should probably get a refund if I can't use the program. Hoping somebody can figure out what I am doing wrong.

A:Problem copying homemade DVD using Roxio Creator NXT 2

Try rebooting and see if that solves the problem, I had to reboot after installing the program to get it to work correctly. You could also try image burn, create an image of the original disc, then burn copies of it. edited by THX 1138

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