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downloaded files won't extract!

Q: downloaded files won't extract!

I am downloading stuff but after downloading I go to extract and I get an error message that there are "no files to extract". I am using the Windows XP Extraction Wizard, so I went online and downloaded another zip program but I can't even install it because the computer tells me that the file is corrupted, the same thing that I am told when I double-click on all the downloaded files (doubleclick = file corrupted, rightclick to extract = no files to extract).

What do I do, whats going on?


A: downloaded files won't extract!

in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter

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I know it's the UAC that's restricting me from doing so. Am using 7-zip, and the only way I've found for moving files to program files, is by extracting them on my desktop, then move it over to the folder inside program files. What am looking for, is a way of extracting them to the program files folder right away?

Edit: Am mostly using the right click menu. Right click-> 7-Zip -> Extract and so forth...

A:Unable to extract files to program files folder(UAC).

Hi Nitrius,

This is a security feature in Vista that will not let you do this from any other account except while logged on to the built-in Administrator account.

Administrator Account

Hope this helps,

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Hey now heres a dilemma for you.

I have just bought a dvd burner and was looking forward to getting some dvds from the newsgroups. But to my dismay i couldnt extract the multiple rar files from the archieve because it was slightly bigger than 4gb ie i have FAT32 system. I investigated the NTFS option but couldnt do it because i have windows pre installed on a time machine and if i change the system i cant reload windows from the hidden parts of my hdd because the specialised disc will only work in FAT32 knowing to the need of it to support NTFS systems time didnt want to because it kepts the technical support about it down. There are programs about for the xbox to extract iso's from the rar files without extracting the rar files. Then to transfer to the hdd of the xbox in one step. I was wondering does anyone know of any program that will let me extract the contents of an image/iso from rar files. I know its possible because i know of two programs for xbox iso's Called Suxx 1.02 and Craxtion 4. I would appreciated anyyy help given here. Its also difficult to explain the extract iso from rar files in a search engine.... very difficult. Or something that will let me extract the contents of a rar without getting the 4gb limit error.

A:Extract image files (img,iso etc..) from rar files without extracting the rar files

This stinks of illegality.

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A:Best freeware to extract files from .ISO to files/folders?


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I'm running windows 7, on a Dell Optiplex 755. It's been quite some time since my last reformat, but I'd like to avoid doing that if possible. What happens when I try to download or extract the file is the process completes, but the file(s) immediately disapear(s). The odd thing about it is I'm able to create files myself with other programs, and I can download through Chrone just fine. I would just use chrome, but It's a work computer and We're supposed to use IE. Being able to extract .zip files would also be nice. Has anyone else heard of/seen this issue? Let me know if you need any more information.

A:Cannot download files in IE/Firefox, and can't extract .zip files!

"It's a work computer" implies that your IT department will not want you or us to be messin' with it.

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During an upgrade from XP to Windows 7 Ultimate I used Easy Transfer.
Towrads the end of the transfer back to the computer from an external disk, the transfer crashed.
I was able to complete the upgrade but a few files are missing.
I am unable to transfer again the files.
Is there a way to look into the MIG files, locate certain files and extract them?
BTW, the external disk I was using had a few bad sectors.
May thanks,

A:How to extract files from MIG

Welcome to the forum,

There might be a solution posted here Easy Transfer gets 'Can Not Open File' after upgrade from XP to 7

Which contains a link to this tool MigRecover Utility for Microsoft?s Windows Easy Transfer | Visser Labs

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I'm not able to extract even a file from my computer since I used 7 zip winrar and nothing happened,I suspect it may be that the HD does not let me extract, if anyone knows of something thatmight be, let me know. Fisem

A:I can not extract files

Not knowing what type of file you are trying to extract from, nor the OS you are using, it gets hard to understand exactly what it is you are trying to do. But if you are using either Vista or Win7 then the extracting (uncompressing) and compressing function is built into the OS.

You might want to remove the extraction program you installed (7-zip, or winrar, or whatever) and then reset the file associations for the .zip file type and see what then happens.

How to reset the associations? Read this:

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I can no longer extract files that I download off the internet.

.exe, .zip, .rar, you name it, it will not extract.

I downloaded an nvidia driver update, and in the middle of the extraction it said that my file is corrupt. Same for any zip or rar files. (I tried using winrar, 7zip, WinMount3, Windows Explorer)

I ran chkdsk and Windows Memory Diagnostic and it seems like there are no problems.

I wonder if it has anything to do with my RAID5 configuration. I had to rebuild a harddrive twice since I installed 7100, both due to Windows crashing unexpectedly. I will probably be moving to a RAID1 config when I install RTM though, as I can no longer stand 40 hour rebuilds.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what else I can check, it'd be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't extract any files

I am having this same problem, it is driving me insane. I cant install near anything, and I cannot play games unless from Steam.

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I tried to extract a 16GB file, but it says I dont have enough space; I have 20GB available. For the record, im using 7zip. When I try to extract it with WinRAR, it just hangs halfway.

A:Cant extract files

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it's a zip file...that includes advPainter_1.5.1.mzp and at that page, it says to extract it.
how? with what program? winzip and winrar can't do it.

A:How to Extract *.MZP files?

From the 4th comment down on the second link you gave.
Did you follow the installation instructions? You extract the .mzp file from the zip then from 3ds max click Maxscript /
Run Script and select the .mzp file... Max will then put everything in the right place for you... Click to expand...

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Hi everyone,

a friend gave me a copy of some music software but it is really complicated for me to install it as i am very IT phobic. I have no clue what to do and know one to help me ha.

He gave me 2 discs, the first one containing one file which is roughly around 4GB in size and is a .001 file. my computer doesnt recognise it. and the second one with another file which is 1GB and is a .002 file? and also a folder containing 7-zip in the second disc.

He told me briefly what to do and i have searched the internet for help but no use. He said..

"Using 7-zip extract the .001 file and once that is it done it will ask for .002 or (disc 2) to be extracted. Once that is done you will be left with a big file, .iso file? extract that, and you will be left with setup.exe and then you just install it normally.

( I might be mistaken on some parts because i didnt write down what he said, he lives across the country and i dont have his number )

These are the steps i took below and what happened.


Disk 1: reason5.001

Disk 2: reason5.002
(folder) 7-zip

STEP 1: extracting reason5.001 and it never asked for .002 but still got to 100% ??

STEP 2: extracted 3 new files to a new folder i created on desktop. They were..(MSINFO) (Reason5.iso) (R5Keygen)

STEP 3: extracted the .iso file as he said and not one was the setup.exe and there were like 10 new files. they were:

(folder's): soundbanks, products, acrobat reader
in... Read more

A:How do i extract and put files together??

ashley64 said:

STEP 2: extracted 3 new files to a new folder i created on desktop. They were..(MSINFO) (Reason5.iso) (R5Keygen) Click to expand...

When we see "KeyGen" that usually means someone is using software illegally. We will not help you if this is the case.

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Hello guys,

This may be a dumb question, but im looking for a software to extract from .iso files.

I have tried Daemon tools, but i get several Bsod's when i used it. And im afraid to use it again.

Which software you recommend, fully compatible with win7 x64?


A:Extract .iso files?

ImgBurn does a great job. It does try to install a toolbar. Uncheck that when the option appears.

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I have a big file (suppose 100 MB) and it is splitted into 10 parts in .rar extension. Now the question is if I lost any part, is there any way to extract the remaining parts by joining? If so, please tell me in details.

A:Is it possible to extract .rar files?

Hello, and Welcome
When you say lost, is one of the parts corrupted? If so, you may be able to repair it using WinRAR's repair tool. What part was lost or broken?
See this thread.

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Please help! I downloaded 7-Zip in order to download another file, but now I cannot extract any files and every time I attempt to "Uninstall" or remove the 7-Zip file in my control panel, it tells me that it cannot open the file as an archive.
IAny suggestions will be appreciated.

A:I cannot extract any files

If you open Control Panel then click on Programs and Features, right click on 7-ZIP and select Uninstall, what happens?
If that works, try downloading 7-Zip here: 7-Zip

Get the 32 or 64 bit version that matches your computer.

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Up until recently, i have had no problems, but over the last week, i have been unable to extract rar files with Winrar. No matter what the file, it gives me a heap of crc file corrupt errors. When i download the same files on another computer, no error. I can choose to keep broken files and ignore all error messages and the files are fine, but I shouldn't have to do this. Can anyone help. I've tried several other unziping programs, all with the same result. i've checked for updated bios and tried re installing Winrar.

I am working on a HP pavillion DV5 laptop with Windows 7 if that helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated as several hours of google searching to no avail have me tearing my hair out!!!!!

Thanks in advance


A:Cannot extract rar files

CRC =cyclic redundancy check - a check to make sure what was sent is what you received.

Boot into SAFEMODE w/ Networking - tap F8 key during boot-up

Try RAR download/ extraction there

Regards. . .



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i was unable to play far cry on vista. few people told me that it works fine with 1.4 patch. but 1.4 patch doesnt apply to far cry's myth version. it doesnt go beyond next button during installation. is there any way i can extract files from .msi so that i can copy and paste it to the bin32 folder of far cry. i tried orca, masai editor etc, but all in vain for eg, if i want to extract 40 files from that .msi , orca & masai make a single file of few kbs. i wanted to extract all the 40 files ( they are .exe and .dll ). but i m unable to extract them. PLEASE HELP

A:how to extract files from .msi ????

Might want to try the patch installer switch.

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I have a few exe files that I want to extract and trim a little (not the IE7 WGA crack, I swear!) but it seems like WinRAR won't extract the files from the exe. There's 7 files in the exe but well.. WinRAR won't do the trick..

Is there any program or trick that'd do the job?

A:[resolved]Extract files from a .exe

Are they self-extracting or just ordinary exes?

Does WinRAR list the contained files when you use it to read an exe? (not from the right-click options in your screenshot, but by opening the exe from within WinRAR)

Have you tried other decompressing programs like WinZip?

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I have a new rig, a dell 210l celeron at 3.0ghz 768Mb. I have notice with w2k or xp pro which i am using now, when i try to extract files, or even install them a file , i get either a corrupted file or crc error,


I can extract and install just fine in safe mode.

Obviously it doesn't seem to be a bad install or hd or memory, any ideas?

A:crc error when extract files

If using a 3rd Party extracting tool (Winzip etc) please uninstall it
Run CCleaner
Download and install the latest 3rd party tool (if you used one)

That's about it. Except next time make sure the thread Title is more descriptiive, a Title like: "I didn't know where to put this" from a high post member is pretty bad, it was nearly deleted on the spot!

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I have downloaded an application that is in part files. I have had not problem with them before and extracted them easily by simply right clicking on of the files then clicking extract but now it does not recognise them as part files. I have tried re-installing winrar, winzip and 7zip. None of them recognise them as part files. I also have the same problem with another download but it used to work perfectly. Anybody know how i can fix the problem?


A:Cannot extract Zip/Rar part files

Closing duplicate.

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I have Windows Vista Home Basic. I have downloaded several themes for my Sidekick 3, and I saved them to the C drive. I right click to extract and nothing happens. I tried restarting. I tried left clicking and a message said the action required elevation. I tried the command prompt after that. Nothing. I also tried Extract Now. Nothing. What do I do? Thanks in advance.

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Running XP. Whenver I try and install free security software off the internet, tried all sorts including Spbot, AntiMalewarebytes, Google etc. or even Norton Systemworks from a disk, or even my ISP free antivirus software, the install gets so far and then there is always, always an error on extracting some files. On spybot, for example, it says 'error extracting or something like that. Consequently I am unable to upload any anti-virus software.

Also, I have a dodgy hard drive. Systemworks, running from the CD, says I have bad security descriptors but these never seem to get fixed, even on reboot.

Computer seems to run fine apart from this, not infected, internet quite fast. Get the odd bluescreen crash but that's down to the dodgy hard drive.

I really would like to install some anti-virus and spyware software, any help appreciated.


A:Can't extract antivirus files or something like thatNeed to know the exact wording of any errors

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I was hoping someone could shed some light on this as I am growing increasingly frusterated. I bought my computer new less then a year ago and use it for internet access, word processing, and a little gaming. recently i've had update issues, but even stranger when I attempt to extract a file using vista's in home extraction program(dont have a third party one) I get a message "Windows Explorer has stopped working" which then immediatly is followed by "Windows explorer is restarting." I can not extract files nor move files around that are in these files without this occuring. I went to the problem reports and solutions and get the following message:
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: explorer.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6000.16549
Application Timestamp: 46d230c5
Fault Module Name: avgoff2k.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4885e26d
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000041e6
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 8d13
Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
Additional Information 3: 8d13
Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 858947222

Along with that I also got a COM surrogate error this morning when I tried to extact a file. I have no idea whats going on, I called Gateway support, and they are sending me a wipe disc but I'd prefer to just fix this.
Thank you for any in... Read more

A:Extract files issue


You might try uninstalling AVG and either reinstalling a fresh up to date version, or switch to the highly regarded Avast free home edition.

Hope it helps


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I need some advise. I have just up graded my computer just in time as my old one blew up. The hard drive was fine and I have found all my old emails. My problem is how do I extract them so that I can read them as there are a lot that I need. It would be great if I could convert them into a word or similar file. My old email programme was Outlook express 6. I am using the new vista one now.

Any help would be gratefully receivd.


A:Dbx Files And How To Extract Emails

Try this.It's a standalone program and doesn't require installation.Viewer for standalone files containing Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database (*.idx/*.mbx/*.dbx) and standalone EML files. This application is based on MiTeC Outlook Express Reader. It displays list of contained messages and their header. Message can be viewed in detailed view including attachments (save ability) and HTML preview and printing. Messages can be saved to *.eml files. your open it, go to the top where it says File, and choose Open. Browse to the folder where the .dbx files are. Select the .dbx file you want to see, ie Inbox.dbx, highlight it, select Open.All the emails in the Inbox are now listed. Highlight the email you want, and then go to the top to Message Database, and select Message View. And there it is!Or if you just want to save the complete folder first and then look at all of them, just highlight all the messages in the .dbx folder, go up to Message Database and choose "Save Selected" and save them to a folder of your choice, say in My Documents. If you need to put any of them back into your OE Inbox, Sent, a special can drag and drop them into OE again.

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Hi All,

Suddenly I can`t open zip files. I`ve got jzip and 7zip on my Vista Home Premium PC.
Keeps telling me it doesn`t recognise the file format.

I`m sure I opened zips OK a couple of months ago. Can`t think what`s gone wrong.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


A:Can`t extract/open zip files

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Is there any decent freeware that I can use to extract a .bkf file created using Ntbackup.exe?Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Freeware To Extract .bkf Files

Hello BlackLion2837,Its not free but should be able to do the job

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I am not able to extract zip files with windows 7. The right click menu does not have an extract option for zip files and the files are associated with MSWord for some reason. I can make a zip file from a folder, but can't unzip.
Thanks for any help

A:No extract option for zip files


See this tutorial: Default File Type Associations - Restore

Zip is right there at the bottom.

Good luck!


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Hi all,

I have just written some C++ app using MS visual studio compiler and fltk graphics libraries. Now the .exe file of that app works fine on my machine and I know that this is why because I have installed all the needed apps/files etc. on my machine before creating that app.
I expect that when I copy that app into another Windows machine, since it is .exe file (which is the app), it works on that else machine as well. But that else machine needs some .dll files (that I have them in my machine)

My question is that how to copy those required .dll files from my machine and save them into an else machine to make it work with that .exe file, please?

A:How to extract .dll files from an installed Win 7 OS

Guys, it was very easy. I went to the System32 folder from my Win 7 machine, copied the two .dll files and pasted them into System32 folder of the target machine The app worked!

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Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum but here it goes..

Here's my problem, whenever I try to extract a big file +1GB or when a video game/program simultanously extracts big files and installs them, I get an error that the compressed file is corrupted and the installation/extraction fails!
Things I've tried: Extracted several archives on PC and got the ''corrupted'' message, copy pasted onto my USB -> laptop and the laptop extracted all of them just fine so it's not a problem with the archived/compressed files. I've ran the memtest86+ program on my PC to test my RAMs and the result was that it was all fine.
My specs are: OS Windows 7, Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, Graphics card: GeForce GT 240, RAM: 4GB
Any help would be much appreciated, I'm eager to hear your responses since I have no clue what to do!

A:PC Fails to extract files!

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You're not using any special extraction software are you?

How do files less then 1GB extract? No issues?

Please follow this guide here to perform a System File Check of Windows:

How to run SFC /scannow from Command Prompt | Tech Support Forum

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I recently purchased a DVD that has CD's on that I'm supposed to be able to extract and use. Don't have any idea how to do that. I'm not stupid, but don't have any working knowledge of this. I see the folder, but nothing shows up in it. Played the video and saw the titles availble . . . even played some of the songs. HELP! (Windows XP. Downloaded Xilisoft; Windows program supposed to help -- Switch Sound File Converter and other programs like that from Windows -- FREE.)

A:Extract Audio_ts files from DVD

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I ask that you read this thread here first: So basically, I'm having a problem with the E Recovery program, which will not let me use a USB for drivers to be extracted to, as my CD drive is not functional. No one has given me a solution to that problem, so I was wondering if there is a way to extract the drivers from the recovery partition. I was able to show the partition by using diskpart.exe > selecting the volume > assigning a letter to it. All the files on it were unable to be opened by any program. Is there a way to extract drivers from the recovery partition?

A:Is there a way to manually extract files from the ...

Is the recovery broken beyond not letting you extract to a USB. You could save your data and do a recovery and the drivers would be installed.Have you tried a USb DVD drive or won't it recognize that? 

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I use and have used for about a year Extract Now

When I used XP fine just a very few niggles.

But now with World War 7 it will not delete all (some it does) the finished archive file.

I must say I am extracting to a External Drive other than the

External Drive the Zip Files are on perhaps that is the prob?

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I was unable to extract files from msi package which is build for 64 bit machine.
Can anybody give me an advice, or to provide an utility tool, how to extract files from installation package which is build for 64bit on my 32bit system?

Please, help.

A:how to extract files from .msi package?

link: How to extract files from MSI package? - Stack Overflow

my problem is that I am using 32 bit PC, but want to extract 64 bit install package.
that's why I am unable to run executable .msi

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Can anyone help? I have tried ISO maker, but it freezes. I just want to extract the files to a folder so I can run it from my H.D.

A:Trying to extract files from ISO file

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By mistake i have wrongly erased all my cpl extension,and now i cant find any icons in control panel...Is there any way to solve this problem???

A:How to extract cpl files from windowsxp cd?

Yes. They're in the i386 folder on the XP CD. Find all the files named .cp_ and copy them to your desktop. Then start a command prompt window and type
cd desktop
to get to your desktop. then type
expand access.cp_ access.cpl
expand intl.cp_ intl.cpl
etc... Once you're done, copy all the cpl files back to c:\windows\system32

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I used this site once before and everyone was a great help! so im back.

I have an issue where i'm using microsoft outlook and i get sent heaps of attachments in a few emails. The attachments are .msg files and when i open them each one has a .pdf file in it.

I can save the .msg files to my computer easily enough, but i want to be able to extract all those pdf files (which all have different file names) from each of the .msg files in one go. I'm hoping its possible.

I've done a bit of research and found a code, using powershell (which took me a few hrs to figure out).

website :
param([string]$msgpath = [System.IO.Directory]::GetCurrentDirectory(), [string]$savepath = [System.IO.Directory]::GetCurrentDirectory() )
$outlook = new-object -comobject outlook.application
$msgs = get-childitem $msgpath -filter *.msg

foreach ($msg in $msgs)

if ($msg.exists -eq $true) {
write-host "opening message:" $msg
$Omsg = $outlook.CreateitemFromTemplate($msgpath+$msg)
$Omsg.attachments|foreach {
$_.saveasfile((join-path $savepath $_.filename))
the instructions for use are;
The script accepts 2 input parameters msgpath and savepath. msgpath is the path to the saved msg files. savepath is the path to save the attachments to.

i've tried this and i keep getting errors regarding the script, am i heading in the right direction or should i be trying something else?

i... Read more

A:how to extract PDF within outlook MSG files

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Hello Folks,
I turn to you yet again for some guidance for a tool or software which will auto extract rar and zip files once they complete in vuze/azures. I would like to have option to extract each files in their own folder instead of one big folder.

Thanks for guidance.

A:Auto Extract Rar/Zip files

If you can consider using uTorrent, these two pages might help,

Automatically unRAR Your Torrents Using uTorrent - FileShareFreak

I would have asked you search in Vuze's forums, but apparently no one is interested,

Vuze Forums: Winrar Auto Extract Plugin! Does it ...

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i am am designer, i have a game which has a animation at the begining. but i am not able to find the animation file. i think all the resource files are archived in to .bf file coz the files size if too big.

Can anybody tell me how to extract these .gf file & how to create them again.

A:what are .bf file how to extract these files

Sounds like it's game specific, .bf that can be a file only that game can read..
Game Programmers can add any extension they want...

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Trying to extract file in win RAR it gives following error: "Decompression problem: broken compressed data.? Extraction stops on 20%. There is a lot of important photos for me. How to get them back? Please help me.

A:Cant extract files with RAR, whats the problem?

WinRAR has a repair option -- have you tried that? Also, their is supposed to be an option to ignore corrupt files during the extract operation. If you can set that, you might be lucky and have only one file corrupted in the archive and be able to extract the others.

There are plenty of offers of apps online that claim to repair RAR files, but I've not used any of them, so can't advise you on which ones to use.

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I ask that you read this thread here first: So basically, I'm having a problem with the E Recovery program, which will not let me use a USB for drivers to be extracted to, as my CD drive is not functional. No one has given me a solution to that problem, so I was wondering if there is a way to extract the drivers from the recovery partition. I was able to show the partition by using diskpart.exe > selecting the volume > assigning a letter to it. All the files on it were unable to be opened by any program. Is there a way to extract drivers from the recovery partition?

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I have downloaded an application that is in part files. I have had not problem with them before and extracted them easily by simply right clicking on of the files then clicking extract but now it does not recognise them as part files. I have tried re-installing winrar, winzip and 7zip. None of them recognise them as part files. I also have the same problem with another download but it used to work perfectly. Anybody know how i can fix the problem?


A:Cannot extract part files

Part files like filename.part1.rar? If so, rar sections must be downloaded to the same directory, and extracted by clicking part1. You must have all parts for this to work.

Some other format and extension? Please give us a filename, and someone will know how to make it work-if it will work, that is.

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I'm looking for a program to Show and Extract files a .dat file.

Hopefully a free program.

I'm trying to extract music files for a .dat file.


A:Need a program to extract files from .DAT files

do u have a mac?

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I have a file that is divided into 76 .rar files. I tried double clicking part1.rar file which is a self-extracting archive. The extraction process took quite long and then it stopped saying "files corrupted".

I opened the file using winrar, and a message was shown that a certain file has "corrupt header".

Now the file/files are really important, and there are no second copies. How do I extract all the files including the corrupt ones?

A:Solved: How to extract corrupt .rar files?

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This is what happened.I dwnloaded spy_bot s&d ran the found several entries so I let it delete the items... I found that the program tangent game channel would no longer let me play games.due to these files were consider to be mal ware or spy files...I went ahead for the first time and used file restore
so when I did this..It send the spy_bot to a zip I can no longer access spy_bot to undo the damage
my xp will no longer let me restore to an earlier time..what if anything can I do now...

The zip file is password protected..I have never put a password on my comp so I am not sure what happened I am the only user on my comp..

does anyone have any suggestions.
just to let you know I have a firewall and virus protection
I used to have norton it expired and somone told me panda was so much better so I bought it.
thanks for your time..

A:Unable To Extract Files From Sip Drive

I went ahead for the first time and used file restore....It send the spy_bot to a zip file.I don't understand. you had Spybot S&D installed on your system. Used it to delete some nasties including tangent game channel (I'm worried already) so you used file restore? Do you mean the Windows System Restore utility? This would have uninstalled Spybot.Download Spybot S&D and install it again. Update it.There is a tutorial here on how best to use it - SpyBot S&D TutorialThere may be a backup which you can access to restore your missing files. You will have to read throught he Spybot help.I think you should double check to see if tangent is spyware free. They may give you fun games but they might be giving you more than that.Follow these basic security procedures:(some you already have)Is your Anti-virus program current and updated? If not you can download a free anti-virus program here (US Link): AVG FreeWhen you have downloaded and installed it you need to go online to register it and update it. (It will probably prompt you to do this.)Once you have installed AVG uninstall your old Anti-Virus software because you should only have one running on your system.Do you have any anti-spyware installed? If not download and update all of the following:Ad-Aware SE from
There is a tutorial on how to run this here: Ad-Aware Tutorial

Spybot Search & Destroy from
There is a tutorial on how to r... Read more

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Large downloaded file often come in parts I understand the method ..extracting these parts are where I get confused I often see many parts or one zip file..or so..its the different ways of extraction where I get confused..when I select say a large compressed one it extracts to show a rar or series of rar file which then have to be extracted to show the compressed seems a simple task and hard to explain. I am sure I am not re-inventing the wheel here..but I need help..anyone..

A:How to extract rar file that have zip files inside

You will see the files named R00, R02, R03 etc.. all you need to do is start the extraction of R00 and the rest should be extracted automatically...

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i have thousand files in a folder, however, i only need to extract out hundred files from the folder according to the filename. Example few of my file names are given below:

I want these files in three resultant folders named 2007 , 2008, 2014 according to the name of the file.

Like these I have more than 50 folders. In all folders there are thousand more files in differnt file extensions. I want to apply this rule in every folders

Suggestions please.

A:Extract and classify files in folder

Hey,, nobody have any idea?? on this?

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I had a system crash and attempted to do a re-install I always kept my product key in my wallet however my children got into my wallet and it is missing now I already put in the disc i purchased from a local pc shop because i was under the impression I had the product key. I read on your forums tom983 posted that by using ProduKey, I would be able to extract my product key however It only shows me the default product key of the copy i got from the local repair shop. I know I should have always made a back up and a repair disc and I know I could of should of but didnt again and i am now once again regretting it. Ant help or suggestions anyone know how to use ProduKey I get to the part where I am to load from directory but it doesn't seem to be working or I would bet it is more of me not doing it right

A:How do i extract my product key from windows.old files

The only 'backup' of your Key is on your COA sticker on the machine's case (or inside the battery compartment), or inside the packaging that came with your disks, if it was retail.

It should be possible to pull the Key from the Windows.old folder - using the ProduKey tool in 'remote' mode...
The command format is
Produkey.exe /windir [Windows Directory]

where [Windows Directory] is the path to the Windows folder in your Windows.old folder.

See the author's notes on the tool....
ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server

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I have an older iomega external hard drive. Some of the pins in the power cord that plugged into the drive broke. There are only like 3 pins there. When i plug the hd into the computer via usb, the power light on the hd turns on, but my PC does not see the hd (Windows 7)

I took apart the casing to the HD, took out the hard drive, and hooked it up to the pc, but my pc still does not see the drive

I did not change any pc settings. The HD worked perfect for years until the pins broke


A:Trying to extract files from hard drive

Whats the model of the Iomega enclosure? And more importantly what is the model of the hard drive inside it?

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My ST3500418AS 500GB died and took my Windows 7 with it, so I had to do a fresh install to another hard disk.
Unfortunately, Backup and Restore cannot see the backup location from my previous install, so I can't get my files back that way.

I presume that the VHD file I see in the backup folder is the system image of the previous install.

Is there any way I can extract my files from this VHD using some software package, or even convert it to another format such as ISO and extract my files that way?

There's a lot of great pics and stuff there that I don't even remember where I got it from, so I'm pretty desperate to get it all back.

All help greatly appreciated.

A:Extract files from backup VHD image

Hello Pillainp,

You may be able to extract them using either option below.

System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management


System Image - Extracting Files from using Virtual PC

Hope this helps,

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hi all hoping for some help went to download some fonts in zip files. but i cant open them when i try i get corrupted file or no files to extract i tried half dozen different sites same thing. so tried zip files i already have and already extracted b4 today and i get same problem with them now they wont open yet i know there is stuff in the folders some help would be very gratefully recieved.

A:zip files wont extract or open

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Okay...where to start...

Firstly, I have been able to extract zip files before now. I have also downloaded files from this provider without any trouble in the past. I'm using Windows XP.

In this case, I have purchased two music downloads. They are the artist's side project, so he uploaded the zip folders to mediafire. I downloaded the folders, and am able to open them and view the files inside. When I tried to extract the files, the wizard asked me for a password. I e-mailed the artist, who said that the files were not password protected. He wasn't sure what the problem was, but recommended that I try WinZip. When I try to extract the files, WinZip gives me the following message:

The following invalid folder name was encountered in the archive: ""DIES "Talons"\""
This folder and any files in it will not appear in the main WinZip window, but you may still be able to extract it by choosing ""All files"" in the Extract dialog. For more information, click on Help or press F1.

It will give this message for every subfolder and file within the main zip folder. I looked through the help contents and at the online help without any success. I re-dowloaded the folders, but nothing changed.

A:Solved: Unable to Extract Zip Files

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I am trying to extract some brushs for photoshop, but after I down load the zipped file I right click, and extract doesnt come up as an option.

Merge doesnt come up as an option either
and I have also tried typing it into the start-run line.

Does anyone know what else I can do?

A:How to extract files in Windows vista?

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I am having trouble extracting teco444.001 type files.

I have both WinRAR 5.01 and 7-Zip installed but neither one extracts this type file.

I need help

Thank you

A:Extract teco444.001 type files

Hello huffman. I am assuming you ave a file named teco444 that has an extension of .001? if so, this is usually just part one of a multipart file. You would normally also have a teco444.002, and a teco444.003, etc. When you have all parts in the same directory, clicking to extract the .001 file would then extract the complete file from all the present parts. Sometimes it is possible to extract just a portion. if for example the parts all contained a number of jpgs, then you might be able to extract just the .001 and get whatever images are in just that part, but not the full archive.

This youtube video explains with Winrar

Without being nosy, what kind of files are these, and is it possible you are not getting all parts?

A Guy

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Since I've had this computer, several years, when I receive a zipped file, all I have needed to do is click on it. A message says something like, "Extract all files"? I say yes, and done.

Now, suddenly, when I click on an extracted file, an obnoxious Winzip window tells me I'm using a trial version which will expire in a few days. No, wait, it now tells me it HAS expired and I need to purchase Winzip. What's going on here?

A:Why do I suddenly have to pay Winzip to extract files for me?

Quote: Originally Posted by strongedit

Since I've had this computer, several years, when I receive a zipped file, all I have needed to do is click on it. A message says something like, "Extract all files"? I say yes, and done.

Now, suddenly, when I click on an extracted file, an obnoxious Winzip window tells me I'm using a trial version which will expire in a few days. No, wait, it now tells me it HAS expired and I need to purchase Winzip. What's going on here?

Winzip wasn't given the memo that there are free programs in which to compress/decompress files.


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I tried using 7-zip, but I don't have it in the menu when I right click which it's supposed to be. So I went to the series of iso files and extracted them to a new folder but 4 minutes later all the files were in just one big iso and when I tried to extract that, it said the archive couldn't be accessed. Help? I'm not trying to make a bootable disk; I need the files within the iso and I would rather not waste DVDs unnecessarily.

A:How do you extract iso files to view the contents?

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Ya so basically im at a lose as to which files i should re download on my computer just the check items or are there just certain ones. and if there is already a forum can someone point me in the right direction. thanks

A:what files do i need to extract after reinstalling vista

Please post the make and model of PC you have, if it is a custom built PC, please post the Brand, Model and Revision number of the motherboard, so others can help you.

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On my old computer (vista) I could highlight multiple folders extract all and it would dump all files into a single folder, is there a way to do this using Windows 8? I've tried the "extract all" feature but it just unzips the contents of whichever single folder I right clicked on.

A:How to extract all files at once from multiple folders

open the folder from which you want to extract the files and  press F3 and type in *.* (asterisk dot asterisk). This will show you the contents of the folder and its subfolders. select the files which may be there scrolling under folder select them and copy them to another folder. I hope this may solve your problem

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I need to extract single files from a windows backup file (*.dat) without unpacking the whole backup file. I have been told that such a program exists, but I don't know the name of it or where to get it. I have serched extensively and have not found it. If anyone has a helpful hint short of installing a second hard drive and unpacking it therem please let me know.

A:can I extract single files from a backup?

What version of windows are you running?

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i just recently installed windows 7 from xp and before i did i created a backup because it said i would lose everything if i installed it. But after installing when i tried to extract my back up file it does not recognise it. plz help

A:Solved: windows 7 not able to extract .bkf files

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I did a system restore a few days ago.  I followed the process and created a back up on dvd-r.  Now that they system is running good, I cannot find my files.  The dvd is approximately 900mb and all folders are empty.  Microsoft tech support has tried and no one can find my files, such as photos, word documents, etc... Can someone help me find these missing files? Thanks

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I have a dell xps 14 ,core i7 740qm,window 7 64bit home premium,4gb ram,500 hdd 7200rpm and dvd burner.Since the day i bought that laptop i can't extract some rar files.I have tried copying it to my hard disk and even tried make an image copy and open it in virtual drive but still no luck,it keep showing me that window don;t know how to open it.Other desktop pc DVDdrive can extract it easily.I have installed 7zip and WINRAR.But the extraction isn't happening.Since then when ever i want to extract a zipfile (which i can't extract on my laptop)i have to borrow a friend pc to extract it.Any suggestion would be nice.

A:Can't extract some rar files with my laptop dvd drive.

The particular files may be corrupted or 7zip/winrar may be corrupted. Check.

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normally in some games such as project IGI sound files are packed in .res do I view or extract .res files?which software do I need?

A:How to extract .res files?which software needed?

This video uses TF2 as an example, but the instructions are the same for other games using .res files.

You Tube

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im trying to convert, burn, or extract the info stored in a .dmg file this is the 1st time i've delt with .dmg and i have been looking for awhile now the only thing i came across was magicISO which is giving me errors i wrote there staff but no response yet and i cant find anything else if any1 knows of a way i might be able to get this done i would greatly appreciate it Thank you :-D

A:Please help me extract convert or burn .dmg files

Hey, can any1 maby help better explain these also i think im getting close to a way to do this... Now i get the general idea from these 2 posts i read... but i dont see a cd/dvd master option with the 2 burners i use does any1 know a burner that offers this option ? or have i possibly misinterpreted something here, again i appriciate any help, thank you...

For those who prefer a GUI, this is also doable in recent versions of Disk Copy. When creating or converting the disk image, specify "CD/DVD Master" as the output format.

Open Disk Utility, convert the DMG file to a CD/DVD Master (it'll have the extention .cdr), change the extension to .iso, transfer it over to your PC and burn it with whatever software you have.

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here my problem is there 20 parts of rar files i have the second parts of the 20 files which i need most, now if i download all the rar parts it will be my wastage of my time and the remaining part are not need much of it but when i try to extract the files it says the third part of the rar file needed.
now my request is if there is any software to extract the only rar part file i want?

A:winrar: how to extract the files that are split into parts

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I'm looking for a program to Show and Extract files a .dat file.

Hopefully a free program.

I'm trying to extract music files for a .dat file.


A:Program to extract files form a .dat file

Not sure about extracting but, here is a viewer:

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We have been facing these problems in two of our computers with OS xp.

When we open any files in the winrar with double click, it opens any other files not in the winrar window.

For e.g. I have four pdf files compressed in rar format. When I open the rar and double click any one of the files inside, it opens an excel file in my desktop.

However if I extract the four pdf files anywhere and open it, it works fine.

A:cannot open files directly from winrar but can extract

Hi see here How to Use WinRAR |

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how do i extract files using dvds to put back on computer

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Well, five years after this was brought up here and help is still needed on this exact same crappy subject.A week ago I put Windows 7 on my wife's XP machine. I stupidly used the XP SP3 Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (yeah, I know).So to cut a long story short, I've tried everything in this thread several times as well as pretty much everything else I can find. The closest I've come to a successful end to this nonsense is by running Fastconv which extracts USMT2.UNC into some 30 folders in a Temp Folder then stops and crashes after extracting Transdb.datI know this is pretty much a replica another post here but I couldn't find a straight solution to that. I did just run a FileImgWiz Verify scan of the USMC2.UNC folder and got this backwhich I assume means that my files are problem free (doesn't it?)So as I can't figure out why everything else might have failed, is there a definitive answer as to how I can work with the Temp and Transdb.dat folders & files please?Thanks in advance.

A:extract single files from a backup? Part II

That should of course have read "FastImgWiz" above. D'uh.

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Since Google recently acquired Meebo, Meebo is shutting down their messenger program. Since I have four years worth of chat logs I wish to keep, I downloaded them in a zipped format to my computer. However, when I try to extract them, I get the message "Windows has blocked access to these files to protect your computer." I tried doing what the help file told me to do to unblock (go to "Properties", and click "Unblock") but even after doing that I keep getting the same message. A friend of mine suggested uninstalling Windows Defender, but I was wondering if there was a less drastic measure to take that would still work.

A:Security refuses to allow me to extract chat log files

FWIW: Uninstalling Windows Defender is hardly a "drastic measure" since its value has been questionable for several years.I would try that as a cure for your problems...and replace WD with a program like SUPERAntiSpyware Free - . what I see...all it takes is to use a 3d-party program (Winzip, 7-Zip, et alia) to open the file and extract. Some users reporting this error message...tried to use Windows Explorer on the .zip file.I use 7-Zip to open .zip and other archive files.Louis

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Hi there, sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread.
Anyway, do anyone knows of any software that enables the extracting of subtitles from rvmb files?

currently using windows xp and in need to find such software to extract out the subtitles for viewing purposes

Please do help thanks

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I recently re-installed Win64. I no longer could open compressed files. There were no file extraction options listed. I installed it again with the same results. It's an OEM version so I can't consult MS w/o paying a fee.

I read the problem is in the registry, but I don't understand why a completely new copy would have registry problems.

Any tips on how to get this feature working again would be appreciated.

A:Win7/64 lost ability to extract files

Hi see option 2 here Zip Folders - Enable or Disable Windows Explorer View - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I recently was forced to perform a complete system wipe and a reinstall of Windows XP Professional. I copied my DBX files to a DVD-ROM with all my other data, believing they would be available following the reinstall, as in previous undertakings.

However, after copying my DBX folders back to the hard drive, I am unable to drop them into OE and retrieve the messages. I have employed several DBX recovery programs, including Macallan Outlook Express Extraction, DBXtract, DBXConv and several others.

A strange thing happens when I try and use these programs to retrieve the messages or convert the folders' contents into .emls or any other formats: the programs seem to run without any error messages, yet nothing happens. Destination folders remain empty. It's like the DBX files are themselves empty, yet they are the correct file sizes from when I saved them.

So they can't be empty, right?

(I was hoping to attach one of the .dbx files in question - a small one - to this post to see if perhaps any expert here has a solution that has escaped me, but these file types are not permitted as attachments.)

A:Unable to extract messages from stored DBX files

It would appear the files were never successfully burned from the original drive, only empty placeholders of the equivalent size.

[issue resolved]

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Hey !

I have a setup.exe ( INstallshield setup launcher). I want to extract a specific file as setup launcher is corrupted. I tried using Installshield premier 2008, but it can only create a setup file.

I know how to extract a setup file which is similar to CAB or RAR.

But i want to know how to extract files from a setup launcher, i need to take a specific .exe file and i want to edit it and once again place it with the setup launcher. Is is possible ??

A:Extract files from a Installshield setup laumcher ?


Originally Posted by arvin88

Hey !

I have a setup.exe ( INstallshield setup launcher). I want to extract a specific file as setup launcher is corrupted. I tried using Installshield premier 2008, but it can only create a setup file.

I know how to extract a setup file which is similar to CAB or RAR.

But i want to know how to extract files from a setup launcher, i need to take a specific .exe file and i want to edit it and once again place it with the setup launcher. Is is possible ??

G'Day arvin, Welcome to TSF!

We need to have more information about the name of the program that you are trying to install, and where it originally came from...that is, did you download it from the Internet, or is it on a CD/DVD?

Please post back with this information, so that we may assist you further.

Kind Regards,

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Hello users,

I have a windows xp pro sp3 that was infected overnight with a rootkit virus and I fear that running combofix from the hd can infect the cleaner itself not allowing it to detect the virus to its fullest.

I use to run combofix from a read-only media but now it fails it says it can't extract all the files. Plus I found out, it uses to run from the HD anyway after decompressing it.

So to have extra protection I've like get to help so I can extract all files to a read-only media such us a zip disk or a sd card and load it from there, so that I can be sure the files are loaded into memory straight from the media avoiding other risks.

Hope this is clear.
Have a Good Day

A:How to extract files from combofix to run it from a read-only media

First:No one should be using ComboFix unless specifically instructed to do so by a Malware Removal Expert who can interpret the logs. It is a powerful tool intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. When issues arise with new malware infections or other security tools conflicting with ComboFix, experts are aware of them and can advise users what should or should not be done while providing assistance. Those attempting to use ComboFix on their own do not have such information and are at risk when running the tool in an unsupervised environment. Please read the pinned topic ComboFix usage, Questions, Help? - Look here. What specific issues are you having that requires using ComboFix?Compliments of QuietMan7Second:Please follow the instructions in ==>Malware Removal and Log Section Preparation Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include the link to this topic in your new topic and a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide... Read more

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something is wrong with my d drive. so i went to dell for the drivers, but i cannot extract the file i downloaded.

A:d drive missing and can't extract files from computer

A little more information would be useful - make and model of computer; your d:\ drive - a second partition on one hard drive or a separate disk ?; what drivers did you go to Dell for ?; what sort of file is the file you downloaded ?
Come back with this and we will have a go at solving your problem.
Chris Cosgrove

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i am looking for a way to do this it is very costly using some co to do it

A:how can i extract my files from a broken hard drive on a lap

What? Please proof your posts before posting. And provide more detail.

From what I do understand, you will have to tell us how broken the hard drive is, or is it the laptop that is broken? Depending on how bad it is it may not be possible, but if it's a few bad sectors you may be able to connect it into an external USB dock or external USB hard drive enclosure, or even connect it internally to a desktop PC, and you may be able to simply copy the files off it.

Also, local shop can do some data recovery for fairly cheap, regularly hourly rates.

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hello guys, im hopeing that some somewhere can help me with this one. First of all i must apologise for being a near dummy in the terms of fixxing problems on pcs, but im hopeing to change that.

My pc is about 2 years old and i have big problem in that my pc has been restored back to factory settings with no back up completed.Incedently the problem started imeaditley after i installed a tom tom sat nav device to my pc. My machine wouldnt go in to bios or reboot in safe mode or any other of the 5 options we have tried on about 100 ocasions, but it just wouldnt start and go in to windows. So we pressed f10 on start up and began system restore which included a backup of files again the machine wouldnt reboot. Now some how or another i went in to system restore again and chose the wrong option and basically reverted right back to factory settings. Now this has been done and i know it was a stupid thing to do and also a lot of my files have not been backed up to discs. Since learnt today to get myself an external hard drive will do as soon as the shops are open.

Can some expert out there tell me 1 if i can extract theses files back on to my pc and 2 if i can, how do i complete this task?

A:how to extract files from a pc that has been restored to factory settings

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Is there a way to extract files from the Windows XP Emergency Recovery Console?

Ideally I would like to extract fixmbr fixboot and bootcfg, from the ERC and add these to
my own boot repair CD.

I can boot from my Win XP Cd and enter the Emergency Recovery console that way, or install it on my XP partition, but there seems to way to copy a file and send
it to a USB flash drive or send it across a network.

Thanks in advance.

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How to use 2 bin files (“boot extract”) to make a bootable iso file?

I want to make a bootable iso file of myWindows 7 Ultimate DVD (64 bits) in order to use on a bootable USB drive and to use for re-installation.

Bart's Boot Image Extractor (bbie.exe) gives 2 bin files of 2 sectors of the DVD:
734 <0x2DE> and 736 <0x2E0> (see picture)

To make the iso file I use MagicISO. The program asks for a boot image and I have 2 boot images.

How do I get these 2 boot images in the iso file? So I have at the end and exact copy of my original DVD.
With MagicISO or another program?

A:How to use 2 bin files (boot extract) to make a bootable iso file?

Use the Windows 7 USB DVD tool

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I'm just starting this thread anew. I'm sure i'll have some more splainin to do

Lenovo t60 Windows X.P.Pro. External hard drive. Simple Drive from storage tech.
file is labeled as t40 backup.bkf. It is 53,134,687 KB. I backed up what i thought was a typical system state Backup. All my operating system. I used the Backup utility wizard provided in X.P.Pro. Now i can't open,browse,extract, restore .NADA,ZIP,ZERO,ZILTCH!!
Any ideas? Is it corrupted? Would something like CC Cleaner Help in the registry?

How about a Third party back up extraction program? It is NTFS Format.

A:Solved: Can't open and extract backup files on

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I backed up my pc (Windows Vista) using HP wizard; I ended up with 200 GB of information, I need to restore everything back to way it was, I tried different methods but nothing seems to work, can anyone please help me? The files are backed up in WinZip files. When i click on the WinZip properties it displays the following: Type of file: WinRAR ZIP archive (.zip) and under Opens with: Win RAR archiver. I need your help please.

A:Can I extract Winzip files that I used to back up 200GB of information

You can use any unzipping program that supports the .zip file extension, and yes WinZIP supports that file extension along with Windows Compressed Files.

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As a designer in the 90've done a lot of CDs and later DVDs of all my work. And as you know almost all of the files that he wrote a lot of space on your hard drive. For this amount of data backed up I was using compression first and then the ZIP RAR. And now, when BD is relatively cheaper than the DVD I'm going to copy all my old albums (some have over 15 years) and rewrite on BD already uncompressed, so my program WhereIsIt? will be able to generate thumbnails of all these files. And the first part is easy, I copied all of those hundreds of CDs and DVDs on my hard drive, but how to extract all the files at the same time preserving the directory structure?

For Mac is a program Unarchiver which I used until recently, who can do it, but I can not find its counterpart on Windows. I can search all the archives on the disk and just open them, and they will unpack into place.
Maybe one of you can help me find a easy and a similar solution to accomplish this task on my Windows 7 PC? I've tried with Winrar Rarsoft, but there is no option to extract files to the original path. All I can do is to select each batch of files in a subdirectory and manually select "Extract Here", but I have millions of catalogs, many automatically generated by programs. After 2 hours of manual unpacking, I made the first mistake and I had to copy all the data from CD again, because I need to have all my data intact.


A:How to extract files _with_ keeping directory structure?

Where the files compressed with a folder structure? Otherwise I'm confused...I've never had to explicitly tell WinRAR or 7zip to preserve the folder structure they just did it...Tho...I just use the right click feature on the actual compressed file and tell it to "Extract here" type deal...I don't open it and manually select files.

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Hello, I'm having some problems with Winrar.
I'm using the command line to compress files into a rar, but then when I try to use the command line to decompress the same files I get a "No files to extract" error.

None of the rars is empty and the files can actually be extracted using the windows GUI, the problem is with the command line.

I'm using the following command to compress the files (with different paths):

"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\winrar.exe" a -v4400m -m5 -ag -r -ac -ao -to10m -IBCK C:\Backups\DocumentsBackup C:\Documents\*.*
And then I use this command to extract (again with different paths):

"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\winrar.exe" x -r -IBCK C:\Backups\DocumentsBackupYYYYMMDDhhmmss.rar C:\Temp
I already tried downloading the latest version of winrar but it didn't solve my problem.
I'm using Windows Server 2003 BTW.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Winrar problems - can't extract files via command line.

Nevermind, I found the problem.
The correct syntax for the extract command would be the following:

"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\winrar.exe" x -IBCK C:\Backups\DocumentsBackupYYYYMMDDhhmmss.rar *.* C:\Temp


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A:Trying to extract rar into program files in a folder, acess denied.

does it ask for a password??

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Hi guys,

6 months ago my laptop was lost by a repairer, and with the insurance i bought a new laptop. long story short, yesterday i received my old Toshiba Drive 60G MK6034GSX in the post. How do I go about extracting the remaining files on the harddrive that i hadnt backed up? Any help appreciated...


A:Solved: How to extract files from an old (removed) Hard Drive

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okay, I have a file in microsoft excel. I have a column in there for a
description. However, my resource of all the descriptions are in html files.

All that is in the file is the description., I also need to be able to match up either the name of the html file or one
of the numbers in the html file to a catalog number in excel so that the
right description gets put on the same line as the item. The title of the
html file is the same as the item # inside the html file. Is there anyway to
pull the text out of the html files, with still keeping the model # or
whatever in excel?

(i.e. file number is 12345, and I have a column in excel with the same number 12345. I would like to be able to match the neumbers up so they would be in different columns but on the same line.

I will send anyone the files, if they want to take as look at the files, etc... Please let me know if you understand what I am
talking about. I know there may be othe rprogs out there, or even excel . I
kjnow its pretty powerful.

the column I want the description to go into would either be column F or G.

I would ike it if the # in the column for images could be matched up to the number of the file, or # inside of file, to column F or G. SO I do not have to sort all of these 1 by 1.
But be able to paste them all in the oprder of that #.

Also, if this is possible, to be able to take as many of ther html files at
one time, SO I do not have to do all of them 1 by 1. I have around 22,000
products I have to do this... Read more

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In an effort to upgrade my AVG software, my current version was uninstalled and I was not able to install the upgrade. In trying to fix the problem, AVG sent me .exe files to extract and my computer is blocking them. I checked the 'show hidden files' but they are not showing and still blocking.

A:Unable To Extract .exe Files To Reinstall Avg Antivirus Program

Reboot the computer and start tapping the F8 key. When the option presents itself, select safemode and try it from there

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if anyone knows how to extract files from a
Canada ICES-003 class B
serial ATA hard drive.
plz tell me.( my dad told me to extract files from it. it was part of his old laptop.And i don't know how.)
if u need more info just ask or post i have it right in front of me with the label still on.

A:Solved: how to extract files from a mitsumi hard drive

That looks to me like a standard 2.5" SATA drive so any SATA caddy or even just temporarily plugged in a desktop should work..

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hi guys. Recently i went to some random printing shop and got virus from it. I have some important files in it, how do i extract the files out without infecting my pc?And how do i clear the virus in my external hardisk without reformatting?

A:External hdd got infected by virus, how do i extract my files without infect my pc?

i disabled autorun and tried scan in with nod32. The virus is Win32/PSW.OnlineGames.NMY. i did a search it seems to be a keylogger but eset seems unable to remove it.

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I have WinRAR in my computer for extracting files. But it's not free.
When WinRAR trial period has expired, can I extract files?

A:When WinRAR trial period has expired, can I extract files?

Quote: Originally Posted by JonathanV

I have WinRAR in my computer for extracting files. But it's not free.
When WinRAR trial period has expired, can I extract files?


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Hello, Please help me. I have Windows 2000 Professional. I'm pretty new to all this as I have only had a computer for about a week. I got some adware threats detected by Norton Antivirus 2004 and have done a lot of reading up and I am now tring to delete them.

One of the removal instructions provided by Norton promps me to delete a file in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files but when I go to view this folder it looks like there are no files inside. Now, I know there are files in there as Norton Antivirus has picked up one in there and when I view the proporties for that folder it states there are 12 files inside but when I view the folder with Windows Explorer it appears empty!

I've gone into folder option and changed the settings so it shows hidden files and hidden system files yet this still doesn't let me view the files in this folder. How can I delete this file if I am unable to view it?

If anyone can point me to a turorial that explains this or explain it to me I would really appreciate this.

Please help a n00b.

Cheers, Luke.

A:Unable to view files in C:\Winnt\Downloaded Program Files

I'm assuming you have done this to Show hidden files and folders:
Go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View and select "Show hidden files and folders"

Also,place a check in "Display the contents of system folders"
And,uncheck "Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)"

If the above doesn't work try this:
Create the REG_DWORD ShowSuperHidden (if it doesn't already exist) Set the value to 1, click OK, and close the Registry editor

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Whats going on? Everything time I try to extract the RAR to a folder in "Program Files" it says Access Denied and fails to copy...

A:Trying to Extract files to "Program Files" says Access Denied.

As a standard user you don't have access to that folder. You must the RAR extractor as an adminstrator.

When you go to start the RAR extraction, right click on it and select "Run as administrator"

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