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Firefox, Yahoo: How to move bookmarks folder out of another folder?

Q: Firefox, Yahoo: How to move bookmarks folder out of another folder?

I was doing some organizing (I don't know why, but I don't have "organize" in my bookmarks menu?) and moved one main folder into another folder by mistake, now can't move it back out into the main bookmarks menu.
Have done a search and nothing I can find will work.

This can't be that difficult!


A: Firefox, Yahoo: How to move bookmarks folder out of another folder?

Organize favorites is for IE. For Firefox you can restore your bookmarks by clicking on Bookmarks in the Menu Bar, click Show All Bookmarks, click the Import and Backup button, click Restore, click Choose File and then navigate to and select the .json file that was moved. Firefox will place a copy of the .json file (which are your bookmarks) back to the default folder. If you want, you can select a recent backup copy from the drop down list instead of choose file. That would save you a few clicks.

After restoring your bookmarks you can delete the accidentally moved file.

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Does anyone know where your bookmarks are stored in Firefox? I have alot of them, and want to transfer them to OPERA.

A:Firefox Bookmarks folder

In Firefox go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Export HTML and export the bookmarks as an HTML file.

Then import that file into Opera.

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Yeah Yeah. Im just too lazy to google it right now. Which one of you'se know?

A:Firefox 3.5.x bookmarks folder

erm..I think it's in appdata/roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/profiles/yourprofile/bookmarks.html

You can export all your bookmarks to a folder from the browser.

Bookmarks - Organize Bookmarks -Import and Backup - Export HTML

Is that what you wanted??

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Before she upgraded to Firefox 3.0, I had configured a folder in my wife's Bookmarks file, where she could save bookmarks that I was able to share through Shared Documents across our Wi-Fi network.

I had read that it was possible to override the sqlite process that Firefox 3.0 uses and effectively still use the old bookmarks.html configuration ( ) I successfully modified the configurations settings on my wife's Firefox as the reference article described, but it didn't seem to really modify how Firefox manages the bookmarks file. Any other suggestions on what else I might want to try?

A:Shared Bookmarks Folder w/Firefox 3.0

There is a great add on to share bookmarks. It's called Foxmarks. here is a quote from there site explaining it better than i could "Foxmarks is a free add-on for your Firefox browser that syncs and backs up your bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers and more."

This is probably a good alternative to what you're trying to achieve.

Let me know how it works out

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I was cleaning up my computer and doing things to make it run faster (hiding most of the fonts, dropping the startup screen time etc). DID NOT do anything to the registry as I have learned the hard way that you don't use registry cleaners. On restart, it went into safe mode, after doing a system restore it no longer goes into safe mode and only does the auto fix loop and cannot solve the problem. In fact, in order to get a command prompt I need to boot from the recovery disc.

I have backed up all my files EXCEPT my Firefox bookmarks which are many and VERY important. I know they are stored in C:\users/username/appears/Mozilla/Firefox/profile/bookmarks etc BUT my C:\users folder is gone. I know it must be somewhere because I have 100+ GB of music in a desktop folder which would have been in my user folder and my c drive space is the same as it was before this happened.

I'm running windows 7 64 bit.

I usually use the regedit to copy files from my PC to externsl drives or flash drives by browsing files via file-import, and just copying then navigating to a drive to paste in. Its easier than using command prompt and seems to work well.

Thanks for any help!


A:C:\users folder is missing and need to back up Firefox bookmarks help!

It is not clear to me as to how you use regedit to copy files from your PC to externsl drives or flash drives. Could you please explain in detail the procedure that you follow.

As for your Firefox Bookmarks it would appear that you still see them in your Browser. If so you can save them by exporting from there to a folder of your choice.

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I used to like it when I clicked "Bookmark this page," it would give me the option of putting the page into a pre-made folder or to make a new folder or just to keep it with the general bookmarked pages.

Now it does not ask and I have to go to organize and move the pate where I want it which is a waste of my time.

Anything I can do to get it back the way it was?
Thank you!!!

A:Firefox Bookmarks no longer asks me what folder to put the page in

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of your add-ons is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
See Troubleshooting extensions and themes and Troubleshooting plugins
If it does work in Safe-mode then disable all your extensions and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one at a time until the problem reappears.
Use "Disable all add-ons" on the Safe Mode start window to disable all extensions.
Close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")

You can read more here
"Bookmark this Page" no longer asks where to file the bookmark | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Support

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I've had this problem for a few months, just lived with it. In the attached screen shots, you will see I have no folder trees in any of the pop up Add, Move, or Copy pop ups in Explorer and Windows Media Player. I have no clue if this can be restored to show again. This has happened before I upgraded Media Player so it shouldnt be that. I'm thinking Windows Corruption somewhere. I have not and do not have any malware on this machine or any other that I have networked. My system is clean and runs 1000%. Any ideas on how I can restore the folder trees?

A:Solved: Folder Tree MISSING from Copy, Move, Add Folder popup

Click start > run > type regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll and click ok. If you don't see immediate results, reboot.

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I have a boot drive which is 250gb (My C drive). I have Win 7 and some apps on it.
I have installed Steam on my other hard drive. So far most games have been cooperative and install their folders close to Steam!

However, one game in particular (Empire Total War) has installed one of its folders in "C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly".

From experience from my old PC, I know this folder (The Creative Assembly) can grow to close to 20gb in a matter of a year. I don't want that to happen and therefore thought of relocating, moving, or redirecting this folder (The Creative Assembly) to another location.

How do I do that and is that recommended? (I could simply go ahead and do this right now, but I would rather get some expert opinions first before any instabilities in my system).

Thank you.

A:Move a folder within the appdata/roaming folder to another location?

If you attempt to move the folder any programs dependant on that folder would have to know where to look for it, if you do attempt it i would leave the original in situ and copy/paste to new drive then attempt to redirect program if it fails then you still have original

Im not familiar with steam but as long as you can redirect the games save file path to new location if you have that option then i dont see why you cant do it

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I can't seem to predict when XP Pro SP2 will let me move a folder from SharedDocs\My Videos
to C:\ and when it won't! I don't get it. If I'm Owner don't I own it already?

Sometimes I can just grab the folder that I copied from another machine and placed in My Videos and just
drag it with the Left Mouse Button into another folder on C:\ and it just moves it by changing the directory entries. Then sometimes when I do that, it copies all the files!! Well with video files that's pretty slow!!

Anyone have a clue? Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

A:Move Folder Out Of Shared Folder Same Drive Wants To Copy?

Hello MilesAhead,I'm not absolutely sure, but some of the phrases in your problem description seem to indicate that this might be a variation of the "XP + mouse movement + mouse buttons + keyboard keystrokes" behavior described in the following post. The post deals with the unexpected copying of files when trying to delete them, but I thought the same (or a similar) principle might apply with respect to moving files/folders. "Multiple Deleting Of Files Doesn't Work.":

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I'm new to this sort of thing so I hope I do this right!

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with SP3.

Recently, I noticed when I tried to move to/copy to from the Explorer window, my folder tree was blank in the little box that pops up. Regardless of whether I use the links to the left of the window or if I go into Edit - Copy To (or Move To), it happens with anything involving the explorer - documents, photos, etc. The only changes made recently was I had made an account on the computer for my kids, then deleted it not long after, without saving their folders (because they never used the account). Any other changes (installing programs, etc) happened after I noticed the blank box. It's not a major issue but it is slightly annoying.

Any ideas? And thank you ahead of time!

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'Folder in use! The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close the folder and try again.'

This is the message I get, I want to delete the folder since I no longer need it. The folder contains ScpControl.dll and.ScpService.exe. I haven't found it in the Task manager processes list. Here is some background info on the folder in case it's useful:

I followed the following steps to use my PS3 dualshock 3 controller with PC games, It basically makes Windows recognise the DS3 as an xbox 360 controller.

While connected it flashes one red light slowly to indicate charging. But once I D/C it won't stop flashing all 4 red lights (presumably until the battery dies). I haven't used it wirelessly yet, only via the USB cable that came with the DS3. Holding the PS button for 10 secs worked as a temporary solution to stop the controller flashing.

Steam Community :: Group :: Steam Universe...

1: Download the official drivers for the Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft's site. I use the 64 bit version, but you should choose the appropriate Windows version here: DOWNLOAD[]

2: Install the Xbox 360 controller drivers.

3: Plug in your PS3 controller with USB. Also plug in your bluetooth dongle if you want to use that (and install the drivers if you haven't already).

4: Download the XInput Wrapper drivers from here: DOWNLOAD[]

5: Unpack the file and run the ScpDriver.exe file fro... Read more

A:'Folder in use!' message, I can't delete/move this folder, help!

Welcome to Seven Forums supashaka. You might download Lock Hunter and it will show you what is locking the file. Right click and choose What is locking this file? It will also let you try to unlock, and delete the files. You may have to restart if it cannot delete the file while windows is running. A Guy

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Hello there.

I've been using this office computer for more than 2 years ago.It has win98 second edition. And it's slow,so what I think was it has viruses,so I uninstalled the old antivirus[think it was mcafee] and added AVG free edition.

My problem is that everyday it always finds new viruses in my pc,and I always had to move them to the virus vault[heal wasn't available].
It's look always like this in the same folders,other are from other places on the pc.

C:\Program files\common files\microsoft shared\paris hilton porno pics archive xxx.exe
C:\Program files\common files\yahoo!\shared\anna benson sex video.exe

I also tried Panda online active scan.

Need help on what to do.
I'll post the active scan log and hjt as i saw in other posts regarding viruses.
Incident Status Location

Adware:Adware/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\HDPlugin1101.dll
Potentially unwanted tool:Application/ErrorSafe Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\UWFX6_0001_N68M2301NetInstaller.exe
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Overture Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email... Read more

A:Solved: viruses from microsoft shared folder and yahoo!folder

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Hello, I am trying to install a theme and I need to replace the shell32.dll... So I took ownership of the original, renamed it shell32.dll.backup, and then tried dragging the new shell32 in... It said it moved, however, I looked in the System32 folder and there is no shell32.dll, only the backup. It will not move files to any other folder than the one it is currently in... Any help is appreciated

A:Can't move files from folder to folder

Did you view there after enabling the Show System Files and Folders on the options

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When I try to move files from one folder to another (or off a device on to my computer), not all of them move. I have tried drag & drop, and cut & paste. I don't get an error message or anything like that, some of the files just don't move. So I have to go through file by file and see what didn't make it, very tedious! I have tried moving as few as 25 at a time, and they still don't all make it. Can anyone help?

A:Not all files will move from folder to folder

Seems like some were in use by something.

Anyway, can you try using Fastcopy? (this is the official website with download, select Executable (32bit), yes the guy making it is japanese, don't worry about the download page being in japanese, the program is in english)
It's simple and does usually tell you why it wasn't able to move files, so you can have a clue of what is going on.
For moving lots of files, it's much better than copy-paste/drag&drop. Also because of its options (as explained on its site).

In case of other problems, report back.

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ok, i've been trying to move this folder for a while now and it just won't work. i've given every user all the privileges to edit the folder, but i still can't. i've tried deleting files from within the folder and they delete, but then re-appear again???

this is the first time i've encountered the problem.

what can i do? nothing seems to work. it's an important folder with 90% of my work in it.


A:"Destination folder access denied" whenever I try to move a specific folder?

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Hello. Recently, my computer failed. So I got a new computer, installed Windows XP pro etc. and moved the hard disk from my old computer to the new one to be used as a data disk. Now I have all my bookmarks (from the old computer) on the old installation of Firefox on this data disk. Is there a way of extracting the bookmarks and moving them to the newly installed Firefox?

I have tried opening: Bookmarks>Manage bookmarks, then selecting: file>import>from file and importing bookmarks.html from the “profile” directory (where the Mozilla website said bookmarks are kept) but though that did have some Mozilla links in it, it didn't have the ones from my old computer.

Any ideas on how to get all my bookmarks back? I would appreciate any help.

A:Solved: Can you move Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another?

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Probably should ask this over in the Mozilla forums, hell, there is probably an answer already there, but you guys are much faster, and smarter.

In the new Firefox 4, on the bookmarks toolbar, there is an additional folder of the bookmarks

The bookmarks folder under the firefox tab at the top right is more than enough for me, the one on the toolbar just takes up space for other bookmarks! Can this folder be removed?

Thanks all!

A:Bookmarks folder in FF4 Bookmarks toolbar

Go to the Firefox toolbar > View > Toolbars > Customize. Now just drag it and drop it into customize toolbar window.

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When I try to click on a saved site in YB, nothing happens & system freezes momentarily then YB disappears. If I keep clicking, then I get a unresponsive script message. The quicklist works fine though.
I'm using Firefox 26 Yahoo edition 1.24.

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I've had more than enough of Rogers Yahoo - I'm moving on to Firefox to try it out. So far it's a great Internet Browser, but...

I want to import my many Rogers Yahoo bookmarks to Firefox. Can anyone help me by telling me how to do this, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Also, is there a way to also import Rogers Yahoo cookies to Firefox?

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I'm planning on reformatting my hard drive and I'd like to save my firefox bookmarks onto CD so I can use them again after my drive has been formatted. What's the best way to do this?

Thanks for any help!

A:Where do I locate the bookmarks folder?

This is how I saved my bookmarks to CD
click bookmarks
manage bookmarks...
then save it to your cd drive.

This is for version 1.5, if you are running version 2.0 it might differ slightly.

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A friend of mine has just deleted a folder full of bookmarks. He says he looked in the Recycle Bin but they are not there. Tried sys restore but nothing.

Any ideas on whether they are recoverable ?


A:Deleted Bookmarks Folder

If you're using Firefox have a look in your profile for bookmarks.bak and rename to bookmarks.html - For the future you might like to install the Bookmark Backup extension.

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I have recently re-installed Windows XP and am trying to get my Firefox bookmarks back. I copied the bookmarks.htm file that I thought contained my bookmarks:
Documents and Settings/Application Data/Mozilla... profiles

However, when I re-installed it they were older bookmarks and I realized the file had a date on it of August 2008. When I reinstalled Firefox and tried to add new bookmarks, it adds them and I an see them in the browser, but the file in my profiles folder is still this old bookmarks file and it is not updating with the newly added ones. If this isn't the current bookmarks file, where is it?


A:Bookmarks not in profiles folder


Originally Posted by wlowe61

I have recently re-installed Windows XP and am trying to get my Firefox bookmarks back. I copied the bookmarks.htm file that I thought contained my bookmarks:
Documents and Settings/Application Data/Mozilla... profiles

However, when I re-installed it they were older bookmarks and I realized the file had a date on it of August 2008. When I reinstalled Firefox and tried to add new bookmarks, it adds them and I an see them in the browser, but the file in my profiles folder is still this old bookmarks file and it is not updating with the newly added ones. If this isn't the current bookmarks file, where is it?


Hello, and welcome Whiteny!
Just before I can help you, which version do you have?Please go to Help>About and tell me the version. Thank [email protected]

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My friend (we'll call him David) created for some sick and twisted purpose a folder path that contained 107 (no joke) folders within folders, something in the order of, "C:\folder\folder\folder\folder\..." David is now unable to delete the folder directory. When he tried to delete it, it says "Are you sure you want to move the folder and all its contents to the recycle bin? (yes, yes to all, or no)." He clicks "yes to all" or "yes", and it says, "The folder contains items who's name is too long for the recycle bin. Do you want to permanently delete it?" He clicks "yes" or "yes to all" again and it says, "Cannot delete z: Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and filename."

Anyhow, does anybody know how to delete this file? Any assistance would be greatly apreciated.

A:How do I delete very long folder directories? (C:\folder\folder\folder\...)

open a command prompt,
type rmdir c:\folder /s

(assuming "folder" is the name of the main folder)

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This seems to have happened recently on a friends system. It's a generic machine, probably two years newer than mine.

She went to google, selected a site, clicked on 'Bookmark' and then tried to create a new folder, but was unale to create a new folder. I also tried it with the same result. It will bookmark as the URL name appears, but I cannot either delete, or type over that name. This is in Firefox.

In IE 11, she does not have that problem - using FF version 44.0.2

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I'm working with others on a research/investigative project. One of them received an e-mail from a target and got an immediate threat notification. Though the threat was removed, 2 folders on the project were then missing.

Therefore, I would like to move my Bookmarks folder to a USB hard drive in a way that still lets me use the Favorites list as usual when needed, but doesn't leave it on my PC hard drive. Is such a thing possible?


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Reformatted & added Win 7 to #2 PC. I imported "my Favorites" from internet explorer by FF browser, bookmarks > Import & Backup.

The favorites from i.e. were mostly held in 20 folders with sub folders then the rest, loose individual sites.

The entire list - folders & loose sites now appear in the Private folder config: START > AaLF personal folder > Favorites. (This is good)

But in the firefox browser, I now see only half the folders from i.e. and also not the loose individual sites.

Question: How do i get My Personal Folder Favorites into FF's Bookmarks for easy use??

A:Personal Folder Favorites & FF Bookmarks


Please refer to this tutorial to see if it helps:

Firefox Bookmarks - Export (Backup) and Import (Restore)


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After finally giving up on my degraded Opera 12, I downloaded Chrome and successfully imported the HTML version of my Opera bookmarks.
When I tried to delete one bookmark from a large folder of bookmarks I highlighted it and hit delete as one can do with most browsers. However, that action deleted the entire folder of bookmarks.
That folder had serveral dozen bookmarks and if possible I would like to recreate it easily.  Is this possible? I see no trash can for bookmarks under Chrome.
Using Chrome 33 on OS X Mavericks.
Assuming I can't recreate, how exactly does one delete single bookmarks from a folder?

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I am running Windows Vista-Home Premium Edition x64 bit and Internet Explorer 8. I would like to know where and how I can make a back up disc for "BOOKMARKS"? Knowing this how can this backup disc be applied back into Windows I/E 8 "Bookmarks" should I ever need to restore Bookmarks? Thank you for your ideas and help.

A:Location folder of Google bookmarks

Hello Alvin,

You're Favorites (bookmarks) used by IE8 are stored in the C:\Users\(user name)\Favorites folder. You can just copy the folder to back them up, and copy the contents of the folder into that location to restore them.

Hope this helps,

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How do I view my chrome bookmarks on my pc and also my android tablet?
Only I am not sure which folder I should be saving them in?
Desktop or Mobile?

Can I make it default to one too?

A:Chrome Bookmarks - Which folder do I save to in Pc and Android

Can you help?

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First, please forgive me if I have overlooked this issue in the many searches I have performed thus far.

I would like to know if anyone has a way to change all folder icons within a single folder to one specific icon without performing each one individually. I have over 1,400 folders within a master folder of which I would like to change the child folder icons. I really don't wish to perform this on a folder-by-folder basis.
This is not a Default Folder Icon Change inquiry. This is simply all child folders within a single master folder. I would also be interested if the change would affect all folders of a specific type. Windows 7 does allow the 'setup' of a folder to be distributed (details view with selected details, order, and column size for example) but the icon did not distribute as well.

Any suggestions?

A:Bulk Change All Folder Icons in Single Folder or Folder Type

First, a little bit of theory. What happens when a person sets a custom icon for a folder in Windows 7?
1. Attributes of a Folder change to Read-only (of the folder, NOT content!).
2. A hidden system file created inside that folder, which contains a link to the icon.

Thus, having such file as model, it is possible simply copy it across desired folders, and change attributes of those folders correspondingly.

Secondly, having this idea in my mind, I have put all of my little knowledge of Batch files together and created a script.
BEFORE script is started the following is needed to be done:
Master folder needs to be selected and a custom icon applied to it.

1. Script is placed inside that master folder and launched.
2. First, script checks if hidden system file with custom icon settings is there.
3. Secondly, script looks for subfolders and start changing its attributes.
4. Thirdly, script copies this settings file to all subfolders of current master folder, including all levels of subfolders.

For 100 folders it took about 21 seconds, for 200 folders with different levels of subfolders it took about 57 seconds on my laptop.

I have included remarks (comments) in the source code for better understanding what is going on.

UPDATE: Original file deleted. Script was not meant to be applied to system folders.
Please check a newer FIXED version at this post.


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thats the default name of the folder where i keep all my saved bookmarks. i sorted everything so that it sorts alphabetically (when i go through the steps inside "show all bookmarks") but when i check it in my browser, it doesnt sort. do you know what to do?

thank you

A:bookmarks toolbar folder wont sort alphabetically

Which browser?

If it's IE9, you can right-click on a favourite and click 'Sort by name' - done.

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I feel stupid - but I can't move more than one folder at the same time. Also, when I move that one folder, just the contents in the folder move - not the folder itself. How do I do this? I want to move a number of consecutive folders at once. I should mention that these folders are subfolders of the Windows folder. Thank you.

A:How move more than one folder at once

Quote: Originally Posted by Nisko

I feel stupid - but I can't move more than one folder at the same time. Also, when I move that one folder, just the contents in the folder move - not the folder itself. How do I do this? I want to move a number of consecutive folders at once. I should mention that these folders are subfolders of the Windows folder. Thank you.

You can press shift and click to highlight more than one folder, and I use this to move or copy folders,

Context Menu - Add Copy To Folder and Move To Folder

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There are two separate users on my home xp machine, each of us with a user account.
In my Windows Explorer there are some subfolders within My Music folder that I would like to be able to move, but when I try to move one I just get an error message that says "Error copying file or Folder. Cannot create or replace [subfolder name]: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." I know the disk is not full or write-protected and that it the file is not currently in use, so why would I be getting this error message?
The subfolders are within my Music folder which is located at C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents\My Music.
The place to which I would like to I would like to move these subfolders is C:\Documents and Settings\Mary\My Documents\My Music. Whether this has anything do with it, I am John and my user acount type is Administrator; Mary's user account is also an Administrator Account type.
When Mary is logged on through her account, under her My Music folder which is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Mary\My Documents\My Music, there are many subfolders listed within her My Music folder.
However, when I am logged on through my account, and highlight a particular subfolder within My Music and select the task to "Move this Folder" a box appears entitled "Move Items" which includes the Windows Explorer folder tree and three buttons on the bottom, one to "canc... Read more

A:can't move folder(s)

im no expert but you can try this:
logon to mary's account, go to my documents and right click on it, then click on properties then on the sharing tab (might be called something simillar to sharing, mine isnt in english) and then where it says make this folder private, make sure the box is unmarked.
try verifying the my music folder also has that box unmarked.

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OK, so last night I downloaded a bad torrent. I tried to delete it and a folder that was only supposed to contain 20 different files, somehow became 4,500 files, and using up a gig of HDD space, and will NOT delete no matter how many times I have tried. A friend of mine told me to create a new folder and move it into it and that should help (not sure if it will or not), but when I tried to move the torrent folder into the newly created folder I get and error message that reads "You will need to provide administrator permission to move to this folder". I am the only one that has ever used this laptop. There is nobody else. So I AM the administrator, so this is not making a whole lot of sense to me.

So if anybody could PLEASE provide with a solution with both why the file will not delete, and the 'Admin'. problem it would be greatly appreciated. Am I doing the right thing by attempting to move the torrent into another folder to get this deleted?

I am usually pretty good with figuring out these problems on my own, but this one has me stumped. Thank you in advance for any help regarding this matter.

A:Cannot Move a Folder

We normally do not provide any assistance with Torrent related issues or the like but since you need to delete the files, try Unlocker. Please read the rules and make sure not to ask help on any file sharing issues in the future.

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I inserted my usb disk in a friend computer. His computer has virus I don't know it yet.

All folders in my usb drive is made hidden automatically and the virus created .exe files with common folder icons using the name of all the folders that have been made hidden.

After clicking the .exe files, it does opens my true folder, but in a new window. And, the virus is inside my computer now.

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Hi All,

I'm a computer clutz so I apologize if I'm explaining things poorly. I had to do a system restore to a prior point (two days ago) to fix a problem on a windows 7 dell PC. It worked but it moved all of my files and user profile to my C drive.

I no longer see my user account when I go to start computer. I did find my files (at least some of them) under the c drive in C/OS/Users. Is there a way to automatically get them all back where they orginally were rather than attempt to manually move them and hope I'm placing them in the correct area?

I also seem to have lost all of my bookmarks and cannot recover them on Firefox - is there any way to get them back?

Thank you so, so much for any help in advance!

A:Windows Recovery moved User Folder & deleted bookmarks

Welcome to Seven Forums.

For Firefox Bookmarks try this
Ctrl + Shift + B will show all bookmarks then Import and Backup > Restore

You should keep them backed up too Firefox Bookmarks - Export (Backup) and Import (Restore) - Windows 7 Forums

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Hi All,

I'm a computer clutz so I apologize if I'm explaining things poorly. I had to do a system restore to a prior point (two days ago) to fix a problem on a windows 7 dell PC. It worked but it moved all of my files and user profile to my C drive. I no longer see my user account when I go to start computer. I did find my files (at least some of them) under the c drive in C/OS/Users. Is there a way to automatically get them all back where they orginally were rather than attempt to manually move them and hope I'm placing them in the correct area? I also seem to have lost all of my bookmarks and cannot recover them on Firefox - is there any way to get them back?

Thank you so, so much for any help in advance!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461837 MB, Free - 344934 MB; E: Total - 38 MB, Free - 0 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:Windows Recovery moved User Folder & deleted bookmarks

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Is there a way I can change the Capitalization on that? I'm very anal about it and I don't like that it says Copy to folder, I'd like it to say Copy to Folder

A:Copy/Move to Folder

I'm confused. What exactly are you talking about? There are all kinds of things that can be changed in 7. Might want to look in the customization part of the site.

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I am needing to easily move a few hundred files, currently contained in ~50 folders, into one folder. Then, once consolidated into one folder, I need to export the contents of the folder to an Excel spreadsheet. The contents of these files are MS Office type documents, e.g. Word, Excel, PPT, etc.

I have searched valiantly for any utility that will accomplish this for me. Any ideas or solutions will be greatly appreciated!!

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I wish to move a folder from the admin user to a regular user. How?

A:There must be a way to move an admin folder

Is it a System folder?

If not then you should be able to move it from within the Admin account, unless it is system-protected. What is the error message?

If it's not System and won't budge use the Take Ownership Shortcut

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Hi everyone, this is my first post and i have a question.

I recently purchased a new pc with an SSD for windows and a normal HDD for everything else, While trying to move the documents and desktop folders from the SSD to the HDD (using Properties- Location - move) I messed up and moved the Desktop on to the user folder, and I can not unchange it. But now when I try to move the user folder it won't let me, and I can not move the desktop back to its location even when I restore the folder, any suggestions?

P.S if you have anymore questions about my problem just ask, and I'll try to respond ASAP.

Thanks in advance!

A:Move a locked folder?

try system restore..
start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore, show dates older than 5 days (or something like that)

good luck

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i want to move a game patch to the folder the game is in because when i run the patch it tells me i don't have the game, maybe if the patch is in the same folder as the game , it will find the game; is there a way to move/copy the patch to the folder the game is in ? thanks

A:move patch to different folder ?


What game?

What patch?

Where did you get the game from and why does it need to be 'patched'?

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I have 2 partitions in my PC. One is an SSD one is an HDD.
It seems that Windows 10 put my users folder by default  onto the SSD. I'd much rather it be on the HDD. Is it possible to move? My SSD isn't very large.
Also, my user folder has a ridiculous name on it. It was cool when I was in high school when I first made my MSN account but it is a blight on my system. Can I change the name? lol

A:Is it possible to move my Users/App folder?

Hi TheEclipse It's possible to relocate your userprofile folder to another partition. I suggest you to create a System Restore point or having a back-up solution first in case it goes South.'s also possible to rename your userprofile folder. guide is for Windows 7 but it should apply under Windows 10 as well. Once again, be careful when following this procedure.

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I burned a DVD with family genealogy folders and files from my old XP pc and want to move them to my new Win 7 Pro pc. When I attempt to move them I get a popup telling me I need permission to perform this action.

I have never encountered this issue before and wonder why this happens and how to circumvent it to move these folder and files.

Any assistance would be appreciated,


A:Cannot move files and folder - need help

Does it look like the first one?

Or second?

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Hello, I have a fresh install with two hard drives and would like to put my docs,pictures ect, on the other drive for storage.
I tried to move my music folder and really messed things up . I'm not quite sure what I did ,but the folder is empty and I get access denied.
That's not a problem because I will reinstall and start over, but can someone tell me how to move them from (c drive ) to (d drive ) ?
Thanks alot

A:How do I move document folder

Hello Timmy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This tutorial can help show you how to move your "C:\Users\(user-name)\My Documents" folder to that location.

User Folders - Change Default Location

For you Music folder, you should be able to restore it's default location using Option Two in the tutorial below if you like. Afterwards, you can try moving it again.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps,

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When I go into Properties/Location of the Public Videos folder it says I can "change where the files are stored in this folder" however I cannot type a new location into the dialogue box. I am in signed in as administrator. How can I do this? Thanks.

A:Can't Move Public Folder

Never mind. Got it.

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Hi... my name is kungfupanda from indonesia...
i am going to do a clean install of windows 7...
i'd like to ask,
1) how to move the user folders from C to D?

what folders can i move? is it only pics/vids/docs/downloads only.

or can i move the desktop folder too?
*without removing the e
ntire user profile to D*
is it safe to move the my docs/my vids/my pics to partition D from the default C (win 7 partition)?

2) I read somewhere that there is a way to move the entire user profile to partition D when you do a clean windows 7 install?
may i ask which one is safer...?
move the entire user profile to D on a clean install?
or move the my docs/my vids/my pics only...?
so sorry and many thank you's....


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Hello, I bought a new computer off of Dell
and had Vista forced down my throat. Linux
and even XP were not given as an option.

Aside from the bloat and bugs, I am
now having a major issue with it.

I have a folder on my desktop. I wish to move
that folder to another folder. When I click on
folder #1 and try to drag and drop it to folder #2,
I am given the following message:

"You must provide administrator permission to move this folder"

So I click "Continue".

I am then given the following screen:

"You need permission to perform this action".

I click "try again" and it just keeps going through an
illogical redundant loop.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


A:Cannot move folder on desktop

Try the steps here:

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I just bought a quick new hard drive and I've been moving everything other than Windows to it. Anything in program files, I uninstall and reinstall on the new D drive. I've moved My Documents to that drive as well. The only thing left to move is the desktop folder in C:\Documents and Settings\(User). I cannot figure out how to do this. I've tried using one of Microsoft's powertoys called Tweak UI, but that didn't work. I also tried a registry edit, but that didn't work either. I've been working on computers for years, but I've never had to do this before...slightly annoying. Anyone know how to do it?

A:Move the desktop folder...

can't you just move the items in the desktop folder to the new desktop folder?

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Hello all,

I just got a Vista Premium computer, 64 bit with an AMD Phenom 9100 processor. I'm still not familiar with many of the basic functions in Vista, but I'm pretty good at figuring things out. However, I just installed 2 of my old hard drives from my old computer (which lost its motherboard), and so now I have 3 hard drives. When I was looking at my files in one of the old hard drives, let's call it J:, I found that items had been moved around. They were in a specific order and now things have been moved since opening the HD with Vista. I already tried dragging and dropping the items to put them back in order. Only 1/4 of them are out of order, but when I try to drag and drop, it appears I can drag, but not drop. The file does not move to the new place where I drop it in the same folder. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Does Vista not allow the flexibility of moving contents inside a folder? I really need these items to be put in the correct order. They are not in alphabetical. How do I do this very simple fuction? I will probably have figured it out by the time someone answers this, but then again I haven't yet, so I'm hoping for someone who can tell me how to do this very easy thing.


A:How do I move items within a folder?

Hey man
I think i know what you mean
You drag but its hard for you to drop.
If you are in the list view you cant drop
if you are in the detail view you can drop in between each file but it is hard
Try use view other than List.

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before you reinstall w7 files in folders can be moved
example files beginning with the letter A, which is the top of the folder can be moved at the bottom
closing and opening the folder remains the all clear
but now sit as "glued"
from where they waved box to be able to move

A:how to move file in folder

Check out


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I have Windows installed on an SSD drive.
I want to reroute all the users folder to another drive (D:\)

is this possible? if so how?

What about changing the specified installation folder for program files and program files (x86) to point to the D:\ drive also?

how can I do this safely and making sure that it will not make Windows go a bit dodgy and still have Windows Updates successfully download and install?

A:move users folder?

You can relocate the "My Documents" folder for your account from it's properties dialog. I don't think you can move the entire users folder, at least not without problems.

As for the for the program files folder: There is a registry entry that will move this but Microsoft does not support or recommend it's use, and does warn that there are a number of issues in doing this. Moving existing applications is asking for trouble.

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The server where the network share originated is offline and will not be coming back. 

Unknown to me, the user had this share set to use offline.  She?s been saving to this location for quite some time now. The user got a new machine and was wondering where that share was. That?s when I discovered she was using this
share offline.
I found her CSC folder, but need to find out how to move that folder from her Windows 8.1 Pro machine to her new Windows 10 machine.

I have found some articles relating to Windows 7, but want to know if the same procedure(s) work for 8.1
Thank you in advance.


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I accidently moved "My Documents" folder into a folder called "NetHood" how do I get it back to where it was ?

A:Solved: folder move

Theodore said:

I accidently moved "My Documents" folder into a folder called "NetHood" how do I get it back to where it was ?Click to expand...

Hi Theodore,

Welcome to TSG!

Try this to see if it works:
Goto the folder NetHood.
Click on the folder "My Documents" once to highlight it.
In the left-hand panel choose Move this folder which should bring up a window display and in that display goto: C:\Documents and Settings
where several accounts should be displayed
Select your account to highlight the move to location
C:\Documents and Settings\<your account>
Select Ok in the Move window display panel and
the My Documents folder should be back where it belongs.

To check this out, select Start>My Documents to see if all is well.

If not, repeat the procedure with a different account. One of them should work.

-- Tom

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ok this isnt a problem just a question, I would like to move the contents and the file path of the "My Music" folder to a seperate hard drive so that stuff will start going to that hard drive ( I just bought a new 300g to release the pressure mounting on the old one) and was wondering if this was possable and/or plauseable.

A:How To Move The Contents Of "my Music" Folder

You can either "cut and paste" the folder to the other drive or make a new folder on the drive. But then you have to go back and change the programs that save to it. Make sure they have the new address ie e:\ music.
Hope that makes sense...

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Can i move my user folder off my ssd so application data isnt written particularly worried that certain temp files will be written that will be large from programs like utorrent and various media applications

i got my documents and stuff like that off there but not the application data folder

A:move application data folder?

You can follow this tutorial here on sevenforums : User Profile - Change Default Location[2]=User%20Accounts

I always just move my docs, music, pics, etc to my second hard drive, and under environmental variables point the windows temp folders (there's 4 of them) to a folder I create on my other hard drive..

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Can this be done? I have a Tivo that reads my public folder. Since I keep a lot of large video files in that folder I would prefer to have it on my D: drive rather than my C: drive. Thanks!

A:Move the Public Folder to Another Drive?

I believe the public folders have a locations tab under properties.

Edit: More here.

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Hi everyone..

I am in a bit of trouble here. I have 1000+ collection of movies. All these movies are mixed, some are in SD format avi, and some in full HD mp4 format. All these movies are located under one folder, My Movies Collection. Underneath it, all the movies have their own respective folder for example Movie Title 1, Movie Title 2, and so on. Under all this Movie Title X, there are the files (Movie title.avi/mp4,movie,etc). I am using Media Center Master software to automatically create the folder and rename all the movies accordingly.

Now I am planning to separate these movies to 2 SD and HD folders. Therefore under the My Movies Collection folder, there are 2 folders My Movies SD and My Movies HD. Since the files/folders are more than 1000+. it is quite hard for me to differentiate between which folders having the avi, or which one having the mp4.

Could you guys suggest is there any 3rd party tool to help me on this matter? Or built in Windows apps? Just now I tried using Windows 7 search function *.avi, but when I move the files onto the My Movies SD folder, only the file is being moved, not the whole folder.

I would be very grateful if you guys can help me on this.

Pardon me for my English since I am from Malaysia.

Cheers guys!!!

A:How to move/copy files together with it's folder

TSR Copy Changed Files

This software will copy the files and re-create the folders. You can filter by file type too.

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I have the basic "Windows 8".

Using a free addon, I have a WinXP start menu and task bar.

In old XP, "My Documents" is easy to open - it's immediately under the "Desktop" folder.

In Win8, there are two My Documents:

First is \Desktop\Libraries\Documents\My Documents

Second is \Desktop\<my name>\My Documents

In both of these cases, I seem to do three times as much mouse clicking in order to find a doc, compared with the old XP.

Is there any way I can move My Documents higher up the folder structure, immediately under Desktop?

A:How to move My Documents to top of folder structure (XP)?

You don't have to move anything in order to access the folder in one click. For example:

Favorites - Links - Add or Remove in Navigation Pane - Windows 7 Help Forums

? click Documents library
? drag and drop "My Documents" folder to the Favorites in the navigation pane

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Hello, I want to know if there is a way to create a new user which Users directory won't be in C:/. The idea is , i have a 60G SSD and a second hdd. When i install games ( ex Sims ) even if i install in D:/(second drive which is a normal hdd) he still writes some files to C:/ where i need to put some other things like addons and stuff which are a bit large.

A:How do i move USERS folder to another drive

User Folders - Change Default Location

BTW, is the thread solved before I replied ?

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I have a networked folder at work. It is our scan folder, so if we scan something on one of our multiuse printers, the file is sent to this folder and then anyone on the network can access it from their PC.
When I go into this folder to retrieve a file, I click and drag it from the network folder to the area on my computer where it will remain, but the original file stays in the network folder. I'd really like to configure the settings so that the file will move, not copy, but I don't know how to do this. Any help is appreciated.
Hope this makes's 4 PM on a Friday so my brain isn't working at its peak

A:Need files in folder to move, not copy...

Does your user have permissions to delete/write on the shared folder?
Where is the shared folder created (windows server, Linux server, NAS, etc.)?

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When I go into Properties/Location of the Public Videos folder it says I can "change where the files are stored in this folder" however I cannot type a new location into the dialogue box. I am in signed in as administrator. How can I do this? Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't Move Public Folder

Never mind. Got it. Apparently I wasn't in admin mode as I thought.

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I converted my PC from XP to windows 7. I have 2 folders windows.old & windows.old.000. I want to move them to an external drive and free up the space they are taking up. My machine is an Intel R Core2 Duo cpu, T7700 @2.40 ghz 2.40 ghz with ram of 3GB, 32 bit OS. I am trying to move the leftover windows.old & windows.old.000 to an external drive as a backup. But it gives me a permissions not allowed error. When I say continue it seems to copy up to a point and then says there are only 5 secs left but seems to continue to copy but never ever completes. I do not want to delete these folders just MOVE them. All that I have googled talk about deleting not moving. I have a window that says copying 577 items and says 5 secs left, it then shows the file currently being moved, the to and from destinations, items remaining which is always 0 and then the speed. But the copying never ends and it appears to be moving but I can't tell.

A:can't move windows.old to backup folder

Try using robo copy


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Dear all,

I have a serious problem in my Windows 7 system. Now when I want to rename the folder, an error window always warning "The file names(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path".

However, I just want to rename the folder from 'New folder' to 'a', which I don't think is a long name for a folder.

So anyone can help me to solve the problem?

Thank you

A:Why can't I rename or move the folder in Win7?

Actually, I think the name may be too short. Try a name a bit longer. Maybe with 5 letters. Let us know, the result.

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I downloaded a folder containing 4 jpgs from my camera to my desktop, as I've done many times before. Now I can't rename, move or delete the folder because it tells me that a file is being used by a program and I should stop the program. There are 4 jpgs in the folder and nothing is using any one of them. This has happened in the past and restarting always solved the problem, but this time it persists. Can anyone help?

A:Can't Move, Rename Or Delete A Folder

Have you tried making the changes in Safe Mode?How to start Windows in Safe Mode

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Using Windows XP SP3

I want to move the following folder and Windows is forbidding it:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents

D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents

This is easy for all user names except "All Users". The purpose is to simplify backup of user-created files.

I am sure it can be done but, how?

A:How can I move the All Users\Documents folder?

Right-click them and change the path. You may need to take ownership temporarily. Logging off and back on will then move them.

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I would like to see if I can point MyDocs, Desktop, and all other data file to a second hard drive. Is this possible?

A:how do I move user folder to a different drive

Did a quick search for "Remap User Folder" and came up with this... Windows 7 Forums the biggest Windows 7 help and support forum, friendly help and many Windows 7 tutorials that will help you get the most out of Microsofts new Windows 7 Operating System. - Search Results for Remap User Folder

Read through a few of them and then decide which one applies to you......follow directions. I have my User folder and data(movies, music, documents, etc) on my HDD and everything else on my SSD. Saves quite a bit of space moving it all over.

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been having my usual vista crashes and errors recently, but this time after about 15 startup repairs, i found that vista, using magic, changed my partition letter from C:\ to E:\

not as you can imagine, i wet myself. then i noticed that EVERYTHING WAS WEIRD. i had a look-ski in regedit and changed C:\'s to E:\'s where needed, but most programs still wont run. no sound. no startup programs. etc. etc.

so my question is, why did i buy vista? no, my question is HOW can i restore all the wrongnesslying wrong doings of my C:\ becoming an E:\?

vista home premium 64bit
other computer stuff
angry user.


please dont say reinstall. i cant go through a night of updating and re-downloaded a billion things

A:user folder magic move

Repair Install For Vista

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I am having trouble with mkv files. Before you ask, yes I can play them fine with vlc media player. I also can delete them easily with a unlocker program. My problem is once an mkv file is on my computer I cannot move it. In case you are wondering this happens with every mkv file. They are not corrupt in any way. For some reason Windows Explorer decides to lock them up (when I use lock hunter it says that the mkv file is in use by Windows Explorer). I have looked at a lot of tech forums but it's always people that need help deleting. The few that I have found where people need help moving them, there problem is always solved because they didn't realize their external hard drive had to be converted from FAT to NTFS. It seems no one has the answer to this.

If this problem can't be solved this is my second question. What happens if I convert the mkv file to an avi or something else? Will it mess with the file at all? Will it erase the subtitles or something? I've heard an mkv file is special because it can store subtitles and lots of other things. I'm thinking if I can convert it to something else then it will allow me to move it around from folder to folder. Not really wanting to test it out on a file that took half a day to download heh. I suppose I could test it on a smaller mkv file but then I would not be sure if it would work with a larger one.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

A:[SOLVED] Can't move mkv files to a different folder

Are the MKV files opened by any programs like VLC?

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Recently, I posted here asking how to make IE recognize Favorites from another location. I wanted to do it that way to simplify the backup process for my user-created data. several people posted and someone suggested I load TweakUI for Windows 2000. I did and it allowed me to move my Favorites any place I liked.

Recently, I reinstalled Windows 2000 and set everything up from scratch and TweakUI sould simply not load. So, I did some more research on the web and, without getting into any more falderal, here's how:

Simply right-drag the Favorites folder and drop it wherever you like. When the dialog pops up, just tell it you want to move (rather than copy or create a shortcut). Job done.

As far as I know, this works in Windows 98 and up.

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Hi All,

I don't know if this is possible, or if there is a way to make this possible on a move forward basis, but I have to drop files into it's matching folder.

I have my folders set up as such:

Building Address -> Floor Number - > Unit Number.

Please see attached. If you click on building address "123 Test Company Street". You will find folder 1 appear. When you clean on each individual floor numbers, folder 2 will appear.

In my attachement, you'll find a bunch of PDF's. The first PDF is called "unit 102". I need that file to drop into folder into "FL 01"..."Unit 2".

The last pdf is called unit 308. I need that file to drop into folder "FL3"..."Unit 8".

Anyway i can write a macro which will place the correct file in the correct folder.

If it is not currently possible, any suggestions on how to rename my folders in order for a macro to work?

Thank you for your time.

A:Macro to Move files to the right folder

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Ok, new to this, but here goes....

I have Vista home premium 64-bit; am the only user and administrator.

I moved a folder containing an .exe setup for Hallmark Card Studio and all it's content, from my external hard drive to my hp laptop that it's connected to (onto the desktop), then tried to move that folder from my desktop to another folder on my laptop, called media where I have other print shop programs. It starts the move, then I get the permission window which I click 'continue', then it says permission is needed in another window, and I click 'retry' and it keeps trying and returning to that same window! (Same thing happens when I try to delete folders sometimes also). Don't know what's going on, as this is a new problem I've encountered and can't seem to figue out.

Can anybody help me?

A:Can't move folder due to permission issue

Try and take ownership of the files...

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In Vista one could move files within a folder to whatever location manually simply by dragging the file to the desired location within the folder. In WIN7 everything seems to be locked and moving a file (for example image file) to the end of a row of other files within a folder won't work. How to solve this. Any setting I overlooked?

A:Cannot move/copy files within folder

They don't give you that option in Windows 7 yet and not sure if they will in latter builds either.

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I am using Office 365 on the web mail option.

I wish to move all emails from one email folder to another.

I can move individual emails or a small group of emails from one folder to a another by using the Move To option.

However if I try to move all items to another folder the Move To option is not available .

How can I accomplish this task ?



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I used the Edit command "Move to Folder" to move some very valuable pictures. The files were moved but now I can't open the pictures!

A:Problem with Edit - Move to Folder

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I just installed vista, I have installed other versions before too, but I tried to move my documents folder to my second HDD. I right clicked on it andwent to the location tab, and mosted to drive E:\Documents but then it asked me if I wanted to move all of my crap from the first folder to the second. I pressed no but then at the bottom it said "If no, you may have twy music folders in your start menu". sure enough, this happens. and in each music folder is it's self, which seems impossible. so I can't deleate it, because it goes in a circle. Any ideas?

A:Move Documents Defult Folder


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I have 4 PCs network in Win7. A is primary Win7. B is win 7 networked. C is XP on Win7 network, and D is XP on Win7 network. I have a folder on C(XP) that is shared on the network and can be accessed from A, B and D. I want to delete that folder on the XP (C) and put it on A (Win7) to be shared on the network. Copied it to USB drive. Copied it from USB to A (Win7) HD.

When I open the program that uses the files in the transferred folder, A (Win7) cannot find the folder/files on A that I copied. It looks for the old networked location on C, which is not there (deleted after copied). How do I stop the program from looking on C (XP) and find on A (Win7)?

When I try to open the program on A(Win7) it will NOT let me go to ANY other folder except the shared folder on the C (XP) PC which no longer exists.

A:Move Folder from XP to Windows 7 Problem

If the computers are all networked, use Windows Explorer (My Computer as well) to browse the network from Computer A to get to computer C. Navigate to the folder on C. Select the folder, then right click on it and select Cut. Navigatre to where you want it on A then right click and select Paste.

The files will be copied from Computer C to Computer A and when done, deleted from Computer A.

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Hi, I can not move files from one folder into another folder on my computer. When I select the files I want, and hit move and select the folder I want, it doesnt do anything...what is wrong??

A:Can not move files into another folder on computer...

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Basically I'm trying to move a huge folder that currently resides on c:\users\me\desktop to c:\content.

So I've tried cut and pasting, that wouldn't work so I went to the command prompt, opened as admin and used move, which told me 'access is denied'. I'm logged in as an admin user, but not administrator. UAC is turned off.

I tried using takeown to take ownership of the folder, it told me the folder was now owned by me but still won't let me move it.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Trying to move folder from desktop, need permissions

Have you tried moving the file in Safe Mode? Did you edit the permissions in the Security tab when you right click/properties to the the file? Double check that admins have full control.

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The majority of the spam I get in my inbox tends to be stuff with zip files attached. I wanted to create a rule to move this to another folder (not junk) so I could then check each day to make sure it wasn't a valid e-mail. I also have the rule set not to do this if the sender is in my address book. It would be better yet if I could except anyone that I have replied to as well. I found this script (below) and created rule whereby any inbox item with an attachment the script is run--the rule seems to run the script but nothing is moved out of my inbox even though I have plenty of junk in he inbox with zip files attached.

Sub MoveZipFilesToJunk(Item As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim olkAtt As Outlook.Attachment
'Check each attachment
For Each olkAtt In Item.Attachments
'If the attachment's file name ends with .zip
If Right(LCase(olkAtt.FileName), 4) = ".zip" Then
'Move the message to Junk E-mail
Item.Move Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderJunk)

'No need to check any of this message's remaining attachments
Exit For
End If
Set olkAtt = Nothing
End Sub

I realize that would send the zip files to my junk folder, but it doesn't even do that.

So any help with this script would be appreciated.

A:Rule to move zip attachments to a different folder

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I'd like to move "Users" and "Program Files" and some others to another partition.

I usually do this via brute force registry hacks, but I understand this is not supported, and it is tedious.

I was thinking it would be more elegant to do it with mlink.

I've heard that it is possible to do this with certain folders (e.g. Users and \Windows\winsxs) by jumping through some hoops.

I was hoping that with a Linux boot cd I could facilitate the process. Currently I am downloading a new Linux boot cd, because the ones I had weren't cutting it.

I was wondering if someone could tell me if I am wasting my time, as I await the completion of this download.

Here is an example of how to move the winsxs folder.
Other folders can also be moved.

P.S. The target partition is part of a dynamic disk.

A:Possible to use mlink to move (e.g.) user's folder

It is possible, just be aware it may or may not work depending on certain unknown factors. But I've in the past reorganized the Program Files to a new location without much issue in both Windows XP and Windows Vista using junctions.

Just understand one thing. You will not save any hard drive space by moving the core application from Program Files. They are merely hardlinks, moving those will leave behind references and make duplicate content. You are better off telling new application installations to the alternative location.

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I have moved all of the user file from the c: on to any hard drive can move appdata folder as well also is there way new users file are automatically on the other drive

A:Move appdata folder all users

See this tutorial for definitive instructions:
User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

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Here is my problem; I have a windows 7 installed on my hard drive (not this one), That windows 7 is a reinstall of a previous windows 7, thus it has a windows.old folder.
I hadn't used the drive for a while, when i tried to use it, to get my stuff off it, windows would not load and it kept attempting repairs.
So my question is, what can I do, to get both the files from the windows.old folder, as well as my documents and such from the current o.s?

A:Is windows.old folder move in restore possible?

Couple of ways to go about:
Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console
Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS

Also Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot if you wish to try troubleshoot

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Just got a new laptop with win7 and the hard drive is in 2 partitions. I would like to move my user folder to the d: drive from its default c: drive location. I attempted this before on a vista machine the move function by right clicking on the folder but this gave me very undrsireable results and problems. I would like to avoid this and do it right.can this be done with windows 7? I would like to keep system data and personal data separate.

A:Move user folder to a different partition?

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Hello everyone,

I have been scouring the net on how to move the Users folder in an SSD/HDD setup from the SSD (C:\) to the HDD (D:\) but I remain confused on whether it is truly needed or even which approach to take.

I found essentially 3 distinct approaches (and several variations on them) - from simpler to harder:

1) Move the libraries locations through the libraries properties dialog box
Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs (see Optimizations after setup in post #3)

2) Create junctions (symlinks) a la "ohdannyboy" / Lifehacker method
Move the Users Directory in Windows 7

3) Perform registry surgery and separate the Users folder at the system level
How to: Setup SSD boot drive with secondary Hard disc optimization

I understand that 1) is not truly moving the Users folder but rather just relocating the big space hogs within Users, while leaving untouched some of the main offenders (Temp folders, AppData and ProgramData). On the other hand it is dirt simple.

When it comes to 2) and 3), most of the advice around relocating the full Users folder seems to hinge on the idea of prolonging the life of the SSD one way or the other rather than simply circumventing its smaller size. But ther risks of engaging in these twaeks is greatly downplayed. That is, the trade-offs are not clearly explained. Sure, I don't want my SSD to die prematurely, but die it will sooner or later. When that happens, surely SSDs will be cheaper/bigger... Read more

A:Need help deciding whether to move Users folder or not

Quote: Originally Posted by Kim Ng Itsum

In other words, if 1) above would take care of the space problem, why on earth would I bother with 2) or 3)?

I don't think you would or should.

I notice that method 2 and method 3 date from 2010, when the near-hysteria about wearing out an SSD was at its peak.

For that matter, you can pretty much avoid libraries and user folders altogether if desired.

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Ok so here is my problem. I have a folder on my desktop titled Videos, I am cleaning up my desktop and using a dock insted so I wanted to get ride of most of the icons, shortcuts and just folders I didnt need or barely used. So I tryed to move it into a different folder adn I just plain wont let me, vista keeps saying I need permission and when I select continue it says "destination folder access denied" have tryed this a few times with same results the folder is rather large could that be the cause ? 300GBs.

Thanx for a reply and any info.

A:Can't move video folder from desktop


Originally Posted by TVgamer

vista keeps saying I need permission and when I select continue it says "destination folder access denied"

Have you tried editing the permissions of the folder?

right click the folder, select 'properties'.
select the 'security' tab.
select 'Edit...'
And for each person check the box for Allow: 'full control'

See if that makes a difference???

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when GTA V was released i could not install it because of a special character in my name of Users/Jo?oPedro.
I had zet it to C:/Documents

Now i wanted to put it back and i made a big mistake. I put the new target at C:/Users/Jo?oPedro/.
Now the folder C:/Users/Jo?oPedro/ is renamed to Documents and i cannot move the documents folder anymore, it gives the following error.

How can i set the documents folder now to C:/Users/Jo?oPedro/Documents?

Thanks in advance,

A:Undo documents folder move

I think this tutorial will help.

User Folders - Restore Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums

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is there any way to move that folder somewhere else?

i know i can move various items of a user's profile (my doc, start menu, etc as with TweakUI), but how can i move the All Users profile somewhere else?

can it be done?

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followed how to move user folder windows 10, failed to move the floder to new location,

the process happened on creen as per tutoarial but folers remained on the c drive where they were before

can you help please



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I'm looking for if you can move your home windows seven but I think it's impossible. Because in windows xp it's very simple ( ), but in windows seven? Hehe thanks in advance for answers...

Home folder for example C:\Users\Matthew I want to move to for example C:\Docs

A:You can move your home folder in windows 7?

Hello minione, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at the tutorial at the link below.

User Folders - Change Default Location

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I would like to move the Shared Documents folder to another directory. Tweak UI and direct Shell Folder registry editing were unsuccessful. I've successfully moved virtually every other shell folder with no problems, but this one just won't budge. TIA.

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