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My folder settings get reverted/return to default!

Q: My folder settings get reverted/return to default!

Right. My folder settings return to default after changing them. (Returns to default instantaneously.) For example, I tick "Show hidden files and folder blabla" after clicking "Apply" It goes back to "Do not show hidden files and folders blablabla". Please help.

Oh and, when I'm opening "C:\" in My Computer, it opens in another window.

How to fix 'em?

A: My folder settings get reverted/return to default!

Hi hotwater, and welcome to TSF.

We need some details about what software you are running.

Please click on the link below, follow the instructions to download and post back details.

Use Belarc Advisor it builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
NOTE: When providing this information please remove any licenses, listed in the results.

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Hi. I seem to have got a virus. Any program I use seems to have reverted back to it's default seetings. In photoshop CS2 I lost all the colour settings. When I try to restore the previous settings I now only have a choice of 4. Before there was about 30. I scanned with XoftSpySE and it found Deskbar.exe and secondthought. I have this file secondthought now for several weeks. It always shows up on XoftSpySE. Every time I remove t but it always comes back when I restart my Computer. Do I need to re-install Photoshop to get my colour settings. Do I still have spyware on the computer. Below is the Hijack Logfile.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 20:44:18, on 20/11/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Maxtor\OneTouch\Utils\SyncServices.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Softwin\BitDefender Communicator\xcommsv... Read more

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I am fixing someones PC now, I keep getting an issue that the changes that are being made to the PC get reverted back once the PC is rebooted. It reminds me of something that happens when you log in in school (or library), and once you log out the PC goes back to default settings. What can cause this? Or what software can cause this?

No bookmarks, no downloaded pictures, no preferences, nothing...

A:Computer settings are being reverted after a restart back to default

You're not giving us much to work with!

I keep getting an issue that the changes that are being made to the PC get reverted back once the PC is rebooted.Click to expand...

What type of changes?
What operating system?
Are you getting any error messages? What?

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Hey, I downloaded a custom icon pack which replaces the original ones with Vista. After installing it, I got most of them to work BUT most of the folder icons are reverted back to Vista's default. If I delete the thumbnail cache and refresh my folders, the new icons are shown for about 2 seconds before reverting back to the default.

This only seems to happen if I set the folder display size to Medium/Large/etc, but if I set it to Small I can see the tiny version of the folder's custom icon properly.

Below is an example of one folder using a new icon and the rest reverting to the default:
Anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it? I've tried repairing/restructuring the thumbnail cache, etc, but that doesn't seem to be the problem.

A:Custom folder icons are reverted to default


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I just did a clean install of Windows 8 on my HTPC. That said, everything is working very well with one exception. I changed the settings on my NIC to wake the computer with ANY network activity vs. defaulting to magic packet only. With this change, the behavior is as expected, however each time I reboot my computer, the NIC settings return to default and will only wake for a magic packet. Since this is a fresh install vs. an upgrade I'm confident it's not something I installed or changed from my end... On a side note, I have a built in Realtek 1000x NIC using the latest available driver from Realtek.

Ay ideas?

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Hello, well I had to reformat my pc a couple of months ago due to some hard ware failure. I had a Geeksquad guy help since it was covered in my warranty, plus the hardware being replaced was a lil tricky so I wanted someone who would know how to do it better then I would at least. But after reformatting my pc he went into the bios and changed a bunch of things, I don't believe it was with any ill intention, but ever since then I have permanent glitches for example if my screensaver is set to come on in 10 mins then it comes on in 10 but goes off in 10 then on in 10 and off in 10...........etc... you get the picture. I also always get four removable drives that appear after boot up and also the removable media symbol in the start menu tray, but there are no usb drives attached to my pc. Couple other glitches as a result of him messing with the bios settings.

So I would like to now is there a way to return all the BIOS settings back to factory default? Or does reformatting the hard drive automaticly do that? I have Windows XP Media Center Edition with the classic recovery D partition on the hard drive.
I have to reformat anyways since I have a cracker on my system that nothing and I mean no program in this universe has been able to get rid of and most can't even detect it.


A:BIOS settings return to default?

You should go back to him and get him to fix it properly. If you mess with it yourself, you'll void the warranty.

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Hi all,

Just bought a new samsung 550P7C-S02 computer running windows 7 home premium 64 bit service pack 1 and I changed the settings of the mouse so I can scroll up or down left or right, however every time I reboot or turn the computer off the settings return to default.
I've searched for and answer but to no avail yet.
It's a Synaptics touchpad V7.5
Synaptics Pointing Device v15.3.40 05Jan12


A:Help! Mouse settings return to default every time I reboot.


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Guys I made big mess.

My brother asked me if he could use my laptop when I'm away. I set him guest account, went to D drive, right click than properties, security, and sett deny ticks on the wrong profile - mine. Then I tickes that I'm the owner and everything is fine but a padlock symbol appeared on various folders on D drive. There is no more list of users when I go on properties.settings except administrator. I tried to system restore, but still the same..

Pls give me an advice how to restore everything to default!

thanks in advancr

A:Restore folder default folder access settings

Do a System Restore to before you made these changes. See Option Two here: To Do a System Restore at Boot using System Recovery Options

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this start happening 3 days ago, every time i try to open a file that is not "recognized by windows by default", for example, a torrent file, a .java script, an iso image, etc...
Everytime i do that the "search for application to open this file in Windows store" message popup, even if i right click on the file -> property -> change the default application-> apply-> ok.
first of all the file icon doesn't change, which is strange, but also, when i double click on it again, it still give me the same message saying that there is no default app to open this file.
Any help please ?

Thank you

- I tried cleaning registry with CCleaner, nothing changed (restarted the computer after that too)
- I also tried sfc/scannow and it said (original was in French so..) :"Scan was successfully completed and found corrupted files, however, it couldn't >fix them all, for more details see log file CBS.log"here is a link to that file a new link (it's 8mb with more than 45k lines....)
i just went to control panel -> default program, and was really surprised by the list there, it doesn't even have 1/4 of the installed programs i have in my computer, what's wrong ? :

My Specs :Os : Windows 8.1
Cpu : intel i7-4770 3.40Ghz
Gpu : nVidia GTX-750
Ram : 8Gb
HDD : 2tb

A:can't save settings like default app, folder and icon size

You ​seem to have a driver update problem-

Have you tried running, in an admin cmd prompt, -

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

then running sfc again ?

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(windows 7) I accidentally messed up the security settings in the "Default Folder" (a shortcut?) of the Users folder.
I removed administrators permissions , that caused my pc to be unable to restore to previous restore point correctly. However, I was able to re-add the admin permission and everything now is fine.
Yet I need help here.
1 could anyone post screenshots of the default "default folder" security settings? I need to set it back to the default one even though now it works fine.
2 why the hell does that folder NOT HIDDEN? Are yours not hidden as well? Of course the option to hide all system file is checked on my pc. The only reason I messed with that folder is because I thought it was just a normal folder and not a system folder. Anyway to get it back to be invisible?
Thanks for helps in advanced. And I don't want to go to Microsoft supports because they always give robotic replies with no helps at all.

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Hi, well first of all the reason I changed it was because I tried to optimize (my mistake) by reducing it. My router is set to 1365 MTU manually after a support tech from Linksys asked me to change it for a previous problem. I used the "netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Wireless Network connection" mtu=nnnn store=persistent" command to change it around to find what MTU Windows uses automatically. It was set at 1500 (for both LAN and WLAN). I set the WLAN to 1365 to see how it would perform, didn't see a noticable change I believe so I switched back. Now I see a slight lag when loading sites. I also compared the time against another pc that I did not tamper with (which by default was set to 1500) and that one worked normally.

I fear I may have overridden Windows defaults for handling MTU since after manually setting it to 1500 (was originally 1500 when it was untouched) it lags a little. For the time being I set it to 1365 to get the performance that I normally got with default settings.

My question is if it's possible to get the original performance back with the MTU set back to what it was originally (1500)?

Also I learned my lesson and won't be trying to change settings without first making sure they are completely reversible. Also I'd like to do this without using System Restore.

Thanks in advance.

A:Changed MTU size, reverted back to default, noticable lag now

What browser do you use.

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Hey guys I have a weird problem here, my computer reverted it's settings like the day after reformatting it which was 2 weeks ago, don't know why. My installed applications still here but the desktop shortcuts, pinned programs in the taskbar are missing, browsers are still here but the history, cache, add-ons, extensions and every settings for the browsers are deleted, it's like a newly installed one. Also a weird problem with the theme, currently on safe mode (just wanted to go to safe mode), my theme is like Windows XP, don't know that status in normal mode yet. Also before I can get to the desktop, it say's "Welcome" and then after that, this word appeared "Preparing your Desktop". I didn't do anything that will restore the PC to the date of reformatting it.

Edit: I know the reason, my PC did a system recover not restore without my interaction or anyone's interaction, what I did earlier was, plug the cables to the socket, turn on the PC and then selected safe mode (just wanted), while loading files, I went away for a while (don't know what's happening), after coming back, it was on the desktop, noticed shortcuts are missing but files are still there (working), restarted it, noticed that the "Preparing your Desktop" is appearing on the welcome screen. Will do system restore now, and see if every settings, files, etc., is restored, if it works, I need to know what caused my PC to do a system recover without my interaction or anyone's interactio... Read more

A:Computer reverted it's settings like the day after reformatting it.

Ok, just a sitrep, I'm on normal mode now, every setting and shortcuts are restored thanks to system restore, now I only need to know is why recovery manager did it's job without my interaction or anyones interaction.

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OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 TL-58, x64 Family 15 Model 104 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1982 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228165 MB, Free - 75865 MB; D: Total - 10307 MB, Free - 1105 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 30D6, 81.51

My laptop appears to have defaulted to its factory settings. All of my personal settings have been deleted and while all the programs I had downloaded remain, when opened they act as if I have never before used them. There even appear to be programs that I had previously downloaded and deleted back on my system. I initially thought all my documents, music, pictures, etc. had been deleted, but it seems a new user folder called TEMP was created and has become the default rather than the user folder I had previously been using.

The last time I used my computer before this happened I didn't do anything differently. I haven't downloaded any new programs, certainly haven't installed any hardware, or anything like that in months. I usually just use my computer for Office and the Internet which made me initially fear a virus. It had been on sleep mode for about 24 hours, however, which is unusually lengthy for me. I called my local comp tech place, and the guy on the phone seemed to think it was a hardware issue, but he said it would be a week before I could get my computer back and I can't aff... Read more

A:Vista reverted to factory settings - sort of

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In a newly installed Win XP sp3, or in an existing XP installation, I can change a folder view attributes, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab and with "Remember each folder's settings" checked I can click on [Apply to All Folders] and [OK] that. Windows, after that will open any folder in the same attrib, say Details, and a given size, and it will remember its location. The big exception that is very annoying, when I create a new folder (and I am always creating a temp folders for special file moving/copying/separating operations) the new folder opens into the default size of 600x800. Yes if I can adjust the size, Windows will remember it, but this temp folder is deleted when I am done and the next new one opens with the default size again. What is more tiresome is that I move from computer to another several times a day in my work. I carry with me some basic files on a CD and on flash drive. Each time I open one of these, YES you guest it, Windows will open it in the default viewing size of 600x800 (irrelevant to display res). I have tried searching the web, ran into many people wanting the same, no one so far has any answer. Yes there TSR programs like Autosizer that will control a Class-size or individual size, but this mean installing this program, and configuring it, on every computer and taking away a piece of RAM.
I have looked into some registry Keys such as "Most Recent Use" MRU & BagMRU & Bags in the following keys;
... Read more

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MSN browser has to go. I deleted it from the start menu, but when it was installed, it made itself the default browser, and relegated IE to the 'closet'.

How do I make IE the default browser again???

A:Return IE to default browser???

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Hi all,

I messed up the settings on my laptop computer and can't get back to where it was. A few weeks ago I was trying to increase the screen brightness so I could see the screen in low light while on battery. Unfortunatly I don't remember everything I tried and system restore doesn't work. (does system restore ever work?) Now the text and/or colors are messed up and I want to get back to the original settings.

Using as an example: In the box where you type the word you want to look up the "go" button is invisible. The cursor changes from an arrow to a hand when over it and it works but you can't see it. Also when you look up a word the definition text is so large only a few words fit on the screen at a time. The text size under the view tab is set to smallest. Other text and pictures on the screen seem normal. It is just the definition text that is oversized.

It's a Dell Latitude D520 with Windows XP professional 2002 with service pack 2.

Thanks for any help


A:How to return to default setting?

Did you mess with display settings in the Advanced portion? DPI settings, perhaps?

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Hi there.
I created a bootable windows 7 installation usb and i want to know how to return it to being just a basic data storage device.

Would a full format or a quick format suffice or just delete all the windows files and its good to go?

I had to run boot/bootsect.exe /nt60 to get it as a bootable device < not sure if that permanently changes anything?

Thank you for any replies.

A:Bootable USB, how to return to default

Just run a quick format on it and you should be good.

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I have Win7 Pro and do a lot of gaming on this machine in fact its about all I do aside from some graphics stuff for the game I play. In the past I went through and disabled and set a lot of services to manual and disabled some that I never use. Unfortunately I have since moved and cannot find my list.
I am wanting to upgrade my Motherboard and CPU but want to be sure all the recommended/important Win7 updates are installed before I do that. So I want to be sure all the services are where they should be by default.
I had a few issues in the past and used Tweaking.coms repair tool from Major geeks and this site has it too I think. Would this be the tool to use or does anyone recommend something else?
Win7 64bit Pro

A:Return Win7 services to default?

Yes you can use the - Windows Repair tool for that with only the following to options selected on the list of Repairs:
- 26 - Restore Important Windows Services
- 27 - Set Windows Services To Default Startup
Before doing the Updates I suggest you use the program Never10 by Gibson Research to block the installation of Windows 10 if you don't want to Upgrade the OS.

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how can i get back to default account picture in win 8.1?
I want follow picture...

A:return to default account picture in 8.1

Hi there. Welcome to WindowsEight Forums.

Charms bar > Settings > PC Settings > Accounts > Choose "Browse" under account picture.

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Okay, so i have a i5 760 and a Gigabyte P55-USB3 motherboard that came with a program for overclocking. The program is called Smart6. I looked at it once, never meant to change anything and didn't think I did because it never asked me to confirm anything, but somehow it overclocked my system. Anyways, I got BSOD the other day and I restarted to find that my computer was extremely slow, took me like 5 minutes to start up(usually takes about 40 sec). So I checked the smart6 utility and it was set to overclock, but the weird thing is is that it shows my system running at 1ghz and so does CPU-Z. So I went into CMOS and it came up with a warning saying that my voltages are whack. So i tried to set back to default... Didn't work, so I cleared CMOS with the jumper and I still cannot get my PC back to default settings. I don't know what to do. Gigabyte has not responded to any of my questions so hopefully some of you can help.

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I don't know how I managed it, but I have completely disordered my Windows 7 directory structure. Whereas the default structure is to have the five distinct folders -- Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, and Network -- I now have only two, Favorites and Desktop. Now, the Favorites consists of Libraries, Downloads, and Recent Places, with everything else contained under Desktop, including the true Desktop. In addition, there is now also a copy of the Control Panel. Maybe that's always been there, but I've never noticed it before. I normally would have to go to the Start Menu to access the Control Panel. Nothing catastrophic has happened yet, but I can't imagine there won't be consequences eventually.

Can I simply create new libraries, give them the appropriate names, move the true Desktop back to Favorites where it belongs, move everything else back to its appropriate folder, and delete the false Desktop? Or will any reorganization have to be done using system tools in order for the system to acknowledge the changes?

A:Need to return to the default Windows 7 directory structure

Open an Explorer window to whatever folder you like. Upon the top open the "Organize" menu > then click on "Folder and search options" > from there, near the bottom "Navigation pane" > "Show all folders" uncheck it > Ok. What you are seeing is merely a visual setting.

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I'm using WORD in OFFICE 2003 version 11.0.8012.

The problem is that the default return address is not there the next time I use the envelope feature.

I've checked out TOOLS-OPTIONS-USER INFORMATION and my name, address, etc. are correct. In ENVELOPES AND LETTERS, omit is not checked.

My computer club expert tells me that there are gremlins living inside the tower and they are the cause of all problems. lol

Anyone have ideas why this is happening?

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Probably a trivial problem, but somehow I seem to have managed to place the Desktop and Download folders within the Favorites folder in Windows Explorer, and I would like to get them out of there or, if that is not possibile, to return to the default order/organisation. Can someone help me here?
Many thanks,

A:how to return to default layout windows explorer

Just right click on the items and choose remove.

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UPDATE: I went into themes and everything is greyed out except the basic old themes. I tried find and fix problems for aero themes display but it didn't come up with anything... when looking through google I see things about updating registry entries but I'm not sure I should be doing that based on google suggestions with my luck.

Windows did an update and now my system looks like its running an older version of windows...see attached picture. If I do a system restore to before the update I can get it running like it should again, but there should be a way to fix this without the restore, I just can't figure it out. Any ideas

I'm also getting errors about not being able to log into the windows system to check for updates when I start the computer, not sure if this has anything to do with it.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5941 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 929856 MB, Free - 321100 MB; D: Total - 23708 MB, Free - 3462 MB; E: Total - 98 MB, Free - 89 MB; H: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 201609 MB; I: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 71590 MB; J: Total - 2861554 MB, Free - 1498342 MB; K: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 427986 MB; L: Total - 3815413 MB, Free - 621652 MB; N: Total - 2861554 MB, Free - 866085 MB;
Motherboar... Read more

A:Windows update reverted my system settings to old version of windows

looks like it is set to best performance. i do this all the time, go to the start menu and type performance, then choose adjust performance settings. set it to adjust for best appearance. see if that works.

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 I bought a Pair of HP Towers both Have Wins. 7 Home Premium, I just got Hi-Jacked on this one and trying to restore, I thought one set of recovery disk would cover both units but found out each one needs separated recovery disk? Now since you do not get a Program disk I found my self doing a factory reset? I noticed I do not have a run screen? Is this a sign of a Residual Issue that needs a total reformatting?  Photo below, Thanks for any Guidance, Ron

A:Return PC To Factory Settings

1.  Right click the Task bar
2.  Left click Properties
3.  Left click Start Menu tab
4.  Left click Customize button
5.  Scroll down and check the box next to Run command
6.  Press OK button

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After experiencing BSODs since at least November 07 (sometimes 20 a day over 8 hours) with Vista Home Premium SP1 on my Acer Aspire T180 desktop with nVIDIA 6500 graphics (always been a problem from day one) I have increased memory from 2 x 512 to 2 x 1024 & gotten rid of Norton for AVG, I've done a Spybot search and even bought a registry cleaner which they promise to reimburse me for because that hasn't done the trick either. The whole system has gone haywire with windows explorer freezes and I can walk faster to search the net so now want to return to factory settings - I've copied all my precious stuff from the system, I made a Factory Operating System Backup disc when it was new in April 07 and am ready to do it. I'm not a geek so I think that putting in the DVD on start up will do the trick - no chance - there are so many kind people with advice out there but I'm not sure who to trust - Help - any ideas - I'm using my friend's Ubuntu disc at the moment - I've spent 3 whole days trying to resolve this and I'm ready for binning it. I'll be so grateful for your help but step by step please in English.

A:I want to return to factory settings

try ALT + F10 at boot

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I am having a problem with my desktop that I purchased in 2011.  Win 7.  It's been slowing up and after 20 minutes or so, it starts beeping, locks and takes forever to shut down.  I am attempting to restore to factory to see if it helps.  No matter what I try, I can not get it to return to factory.   I've cheked out vidoes on the web, one tells me to go to control panel, system security.....I don't see system security.  Another way...start..type i factory etc...that didn't work either.    I also tried F11, nothing.  Help!!  Thank you

A:Return to factory settings

@shotzi?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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I altered it... how i have 900+ indexed items. first thing I did when i reinstalled was removing everything but the Start Menu and removed some of the 'Start Menu' search options in taskbar.

(I had to reinstalled because this happened earlier and i thought that would fix the problem but it only did temperarily.) and now I want to restore it to its default.

I thought that hitting the 'Restore Defaults' button would restore it, but after i restart when i go into the "Modify" tab in the Index Options 'Modify' tab I find checkmarks that it wont let me deselect. So instead of the origional 50 some indexed items there are 900+, (i was able to origionaly and i am the administrator... and its indexing alot of things)

A:Help! Vista's Serch Index will not return to it's default configuration.

Have you tried this?

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While trying to research a different problem, I created a * id in Live Mail. Now I can't figure out how to go back to my default identity. * has no contact list. Windows Live Mail asks me to login with the previous Id, but does not accept the default Logon Id. I've tried to have it reset repeatedly, but to no avail.

I do not have a problem with the * ID, but I need to get my contact list back, either move it to * or somehow copy and paste it to * or else get back to my default identify so I have my contacts again.

Thanks for your assistance.

A:Windows Live Mail - return to default contacts

in e mail accounts you should be able to click on the e mail account you want and set it to default.

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Can anyone here help me.I have an acer notebook which has the usual factory backup and restore partitions on the main drive.The problem is the backup to factory defaults option no longer works and stalls at 3% so i have to use the disks i creadted when i first got it.Therefore these partitions are useless to me.Is there a way to delete them and add the space to my c drive.
Or even better anyone know how to repair the recovery partition

A:Return to factory settings fails

best recommendation just format the drive fresh install a copy of os partition it from the os and just update the drivers that are only needed for the laptop such as audio and the controllers other then that

a new os and you creating the partition would be the best thing to do i might be wrong but i would think that would ultimatly solve the issue and to repair the recovery option you need the disc that came with the laptop and once a partition is made is kinda permenant untill a new os is installed

also remember when installing a fresh os format the drive first then install fresh to eliminate all issues then after that you can also choose to partion it

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my desktop computer the one i like the most (because i hate laptops) is going slow and really just not working well .. i dont want to do anything other than return it back to the way i first bought it.

I DONT have any disc's to do this, im wondering is there a way i can do it through my computer. I have heard off pressing ALT + F10 when the ACER logo loads up before the windows loading bit comes up but that didn't work.

A:ACER : possible to return to factory settings?

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i want to return my acer t180 back to factory settings, i have done this before but now the disc does not seem to work it has picked up all sorts of rubbish i have tried alt f10 thad does not work either any suggestions thanks

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That is currently what my WMP looks like. I want it to return it to the old screen where I could see my playlist, library, etc.

Here is what Microsoft says to do:

"To change to a different skin, do the following:
1. On the View menu, click Skin Chooser.
2. In the skins list, click the skin that you want to apply.
A preview of the skin appears.
3. To find and download skins from the Internet, click More Skins.
4. When you find a skin that you want to use, click Apply Skin.
You can change skins as often as you like, but you must be in full mode to do so. To return to full mode, press CTRL+1."

The only thing is when I click View; I have no Skin Chooser. Why would that be? Here is what the View menu looks like for me:
I have Windows XP Home SP2, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Unable to return to default skin in Windows Media Player

From View, did you untick 'Classic Menus' ?

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I have a Toshiba LX*?)-10F and it will not update or go back to factory settings. I have reformatted the drive to put the windows 8 back on and downloaded drivers. So far so good but now I put in win 8 disc it gets to the part of finding the drive and ask for a storage driver. Where do I get this driver as their are none on the list of drivers I got from this site in the support section thanks.

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Dear All,

I have a E-System 3089UK Laptop. I need to return it to its factory settings and I cannot find a way to do it. Reboot on this machine does not give me any clues.

I was not supplied with a Windows disc or even a manual with the machine which was bought new from PC World. I read somewhere that pressing F8 on reboot should kick in the factory settings, but it doesn't.

Truly hope someone can help.

All the best
Small Axe

A:E-System 3089UK - Return toFactory Settings

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Good Evening

I have a a TOSHIBA Satellite L450D-119 Laptop which I am trying to get return to Factory Settings, for a friend.

Unfortunately the Recovery CD is not available - which makes the task of returning the device to Factory Default somewhat more difficult that it should be.

Is there anywhere on the TOSHIBA UK site - or is there anywhere on the Internet - where I can download the Factory Default files? The laptop is in a pretty bad way TBH - I'm unable to get Wifi working at all, I've even tried a wired connection direct to my router - but still no joy. This is why I would like to take the device back to Factory Settings, in case something has been installed on the laptop that is causing the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards

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I bought a 2nd hand pc and want to reset it because it is full of rubbish and really slow. ive tried resetting with no joy

A:return asus a54c pc to factory settings

There is a manual here for Asus A54c: information starts at A-13Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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Yeah, you may think this seems like just a normal message from oc'ing too much, but a problem-I haven't overclocked anything! It booted to that point, then my hard drive went mad clicking and crashed. This was after it being turned on and off to see if my graphics card was booting because I had no video, but it turned out I had just been downright stupid and plugged it into the onboard graphics. Anyone know what could have happened? Thanks

P.S. would the power drawing thing (molex on my case fan) need to have a seperate connector or just draw power from another device? Thanks.

A:'Previous overclock settings failed, default settings enabled'

If this happens just once then I wouldn't worry about it too much but the PSU or HDD could have something to do with it.

You can connect a molex connector fan to its own power connector or you can put it on an optical drive's connector for example, but it's ok to do either as they don't use much power.

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Hi, I read you answer to this other lady about her husband spy on her iPhone, and you said to return to factory settings. I see this on all other web sites too. However, I'd like to know specifically about these types of spyware. I've read there is 100% no way to find out if it is on your cell. Ok. However, if I return my 4S to factory settings and keep it hooked up to iTunes as you said while it returns all my lost data, won't one of these types of spyware return too? Since this is always the same computer I charge my iPhone on, sync it, and do everything with, I'm really worried it may have been passed over to my computer while syncing in the past and then once the rebooting finishes it will be just like I did nothing at all. Will I be wasting my time to return to factory settings if it means I have to keep syncing with the same computer?

A:If I return to factory settings..Spybubble, Spyera, Flexispy

I looked in the Apple App Store for the software (spyware) you've named here and couldn't find it anywhere. It is my understanding that if it isn't offered in the App Store one can't just simply install software on an iOS device with one caveat, the device needs to be jailbroken in order to achieve this.By any chance is your device jailbroken? If you are unsure are there any icons that you're unfamilar with? The Cydia store icon is a dead give away of a jailbroken iDevice. Also apps that aren't present in the official Apple App Store is another. By restoring your iphone you will effectively remove a jailbreak. This happens every time as Apple continually patch all exploits jailbreaking takes advantage of and puts the device back to a state that Apple likes. I have restored jailbroken devices a few times and occasionally there will still be icons such as Cydia still present but they will be non-functional. I decided to research the spyware a little and came across an article by Forbes magazine which might put your mind at ease: towards the bottom of the article the author talks about spyware on an iDevice. Edit: You are talking specifically about spying happening from your iPhone right? Spyware happening from your PC is another thing. I have never heard of spyware transferring from a PC to an iDevice without the device being jailbroken. message edited by btk1w1

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I run a refurbished Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium system on my Dell Inspiron 620 MT. Also, I'm not tech savvy, sorry for dumb questions. I've browsed forums, but can't always tell if my specific situation mimics other stuff I see.

I recently tried to install a couple legacy programs through compatibility mode that are causing some weird glitches and I'm also having a hard time removing them from my computer.

I have all my personal data backed up on a separate external hard drive, so I'm not particularly worried about my data.

I was going to try a system restore point prior to the glitchy program installations, but discovered that my system recovery was set to "off" instead of "on" for the system protection, and so hasn't been setting restore points since I bought the thing less than a year ago. It would have been nice to do a restore that would keep my personal data on the machine, but it's not that big of a deal.

So, as far as I can tell, my next option to get rid of these glitchy programs is to do a "clean install"? I'm not sure what media I should use, or what order to do things in, so maybe someone can give me some tips.

I don't have any physical media discs. I DO have a partition on my computer labelled "Recovery (D" with 7.12 G out of 13.6 G free.

Do I need to burn DVDs and recovery media? Do I need to contact the manufacturer for recovery discs? Is using the "Recovery (D" drive the same thing as doing ... Read more

A:Most user-friendly way to return 64-bit system to factory settings

You could try downloading and installing a app called Total Uninstaller. It does a very good job of uninstalling unwanted programs. Although it is paid software you can try it out for 30 days, before having to purchase it.

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Uninstall Java and return to previous settings on computer. I want to delete Java entirely. I want to delete Java entirely. I don't want any Java settings on my comptuer.

A:Uninstall Java on computer and return to previous settings.

Windows 7 and Vista - Uninstall Programs1.Click Start 2.Select Control Panel3.Select Programs4.Click Programs and Features5.Select the program you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button.whatever versions of Java you have installed will be listed there.::mike

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I want to 'return my computer to factory settings' (due to virus/trojans that seems to show up every couple of days no matter how many anti spyware/malware/virus scans I run ? first obtained from clicking on a picture on google images which gave me the windows 7 recovery virus which I have now deleted, but other trojans/infections show up every couple of days when I scan. I now have superanti/malware bytes/avira but still getting an infection showing every other day. I also found that mcafee security was no good and it was this that let the virus get through)... There is a Windows 7 certificate of authentication on the side of my PC. If I choose the 'RETURN YOUR COMPUTER TO FACTORY CONDITION,' option:
Question 1. Will it delete the virus/infection?
Question 2. Will windows 7 still be on my computer? The boxed, new PC was bought 2 weeks ago and there was no recovery disk ? just blank DVD-R disks. (There are two hard drive images showing on my PC ? The Acer(C:) says 112GB free of 142GB and and Data (D:) says 142GB free of 142GB.
Question 3. When it asks, 'do I need to back up my files?' if I proceed with 'RETURN YOUR COMPUTER TO FACTORY SETTINGS' - does that mean it will delete the files that came with the PC when it was bought. I don't really have any files on there I made myself as the PC is new (2 weeks old).
Question 4. Apparently a windows.old folder will be created from the users file if I 'return to factory condition,' and ... Read more


The manufacturer of your system...sets up any restore-to-factory default options/mechanisms...which are reflected on a system made by that manufacturer.

Understanding how such mechanism works...would be subject to whatever that manufacturer details in their documentation.

That info should be available in the owner/user manual for said system...and/or at the website of the manufacturer.


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Hello all. I just got a View Sonic Q20WB monitor and I just hooked it up with a DVI cable. I have my monitor set to power off after 5 minutes in the power settings but when I come back and hit the keyboard or move the mouse, it will not turn back on. A little message comes up that says

No Signal

I have read the PDF manual but it does not say anything about this. It worked fine in Analog mode. I am sure there is something I need to turn on somewhere but I am just not finding it. If it helps I have a Radeon 7200 AGP video card. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: Monitor wont return from power settings

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Hi, I wanted to return my computer to the factory settings, but when I clicked on "advanced recovery methods" in the Recovery folder of the control panel, it doesn't do anything. I also tried using the HP recovery manager on my computer, and when it asks me if I want to return it to factory settings it just reboots the computer. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this?

A:Return to Factory Settings without using control panel links?

Did you make your HP Recovery Disks?

How to make HP Recovery DVD disks:
Recover Windows Vista Operating System Using HP Recovery - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

How to make HP Recovery USB disk:
Creating a Recovery Disk on a USB Flash Disk HP Pavilion dv6700z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

You can Order HP Recovery Disks from here:
Compaq Mini CQ10-500 PC series*-* HP Notebook PCs - Order Recovery Discs for Windows 7, Vista, or XP - c00810334 - HP Business Support Center

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I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1011. It has installed on it Windows 7 Starter 32 bit. I'm trying to do a complete system reset on it to wipe everything and bring it back to factory settings. The computer doesn't have a cd/dvd drive. I don't have an external cd/dvd drive. The computer doesn't have a restore partition.

From what I gather I need to download or create the iso for Windows 7 Starter. Herein lies my problem. I can't find this iso. I can find the iso for home premium and professional, but not for starter.

Another question would is will my product key work with windows home premium or only with the starter???

I do have written down my product key.

Any suggestions?

A:Trying to return to factory settings my Dell Inspiron mini 1011

Welcome to the forum,

This tutorial will help you get a superior clean install using your Starter product key,

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

In step 1 you will have to download the x86 Home Premium ISO, and use this Ei.cfg removal tool tool to unlock all versions, which will make Starter an available option

on that ISO as shown here Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

In step 2 Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 it will show you how to create a bootable USB with your now all in one version to install from.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Used to be that when I was searching through folders in favorites that it would return to that folder when reviewing the different web pages within that folder. Now I have to search for the folder each time I view a page within the folder. I have XP SP3 with IE8. Is there any way to change the way favorites works (options)? I hate that favorites closes every time instead of staying open while you're trying to find a particular page. Seems its gotten less friendly through the years. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

A:Solved: Favorites won't return to folder?

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Hello, this is my first time posting as I have hit the limit of what functions can do and I need some VBA (which I am rubbish at).

I have a folder of 30 or so .xlsx files (we have Excel 2010) that each contain a bunch of information about a data set we have (see attached files). For example, the TemperatureSAMPLE.xlsx sheet details the length of temperature data we have for each watershed (ex. Dog, Fish, Bear). What I need a macro to do is to go through all these .xlsx files and return the entire column to a new spreadsheet when it finds a match (for ex. Fish). The result would then be a summary of all the data we have for each site. There are about 30 parameters so it would take forever to assemble this by hand, but I am not proficient enough in VBA to know how to do it, or even to modify code to get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated! I tried searching the forums and Google, but had no luck finding something very similar. Let me know if my explanation was opaque and I will try to make it clearer.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Macro to Search All .xlsx in Folder and Return Column

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Hey there, mates.

Got this small issue, and can't find an answer. Sorry in advance if it's lame.

I have a setup with Windows 7 Pro and Outlook 2007 Pro. When receiving emails with attached emails and saving those attachments, Outlook always goes to a default folder (Say %userprofile%\Documents). Is there a way to force Olk2007 to point to last location an attachment was saved to? I thought it might be W7 issue, but couldn't get through on that front either. Ideas?


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I don't remember What I did to get it like this but I've so many things and none seem to work. Can someone help by telling me why my folder icons look like that.

A:How do I revert my Folder Icons back to the Default Folder

Hello zazzysoul, and welcome to Seven Forums.

With so many things that could cause this, the easiest way to possibly fix this would be to do a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this happened.

Hope this helps,

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I have one folder in which I keep all my music. There are 605 items, consisting of both folders and music files.
I sort the folder by "date last saved" so that my newest songs are always at the bottom and the oldest are at the top, after the sub folders

However, whenever I open the folder, windows seems like it is re-searching and rebuilding the cache, taking upwards of 5 seconds in order for the folder to be sorted again.

This only started happening after I reinstalled windows, however that is all that has changed. My music is on another drive, the same drive that it was before I reinstalled.

Why does it keep doing this, and how do I get it to remember how it is sorted?

Attached is a video demonstrating what happens

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Running Windows 8.1 Pro. I accidentally deleted c:\users\public and c:\users\default and I cannot share documents with my family and cannot create new user account. How to restore windows 8.1 public and default folder?

A:Restore Public folder and Default folder

Hello Windows8use, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check to see if they may still be in the Recycle Bin to restore.

If not, then see if you may be able to do a system restore using a restore point dated before you deleted these folders to hopefully fix this.

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I have a drive that had Vista Home Premium on it & NTFS as the file system. The drive went bad with over 100 K bad sectors. Preformed a hard drive recovery; After several days I managed to remap all the bad sectors so that I could read the drive when booting from a XP boot CD or a UBCD cd.

Now When I view the drives directory structure I can browse most of what is listed except for the Documents & Settings folder. When I try that one I get the message "Access Denied". I tried getting into the properties to see if I can change the properties but the Security tab did not show up.

I am a lot more familiar with XP than Vista. Is there an added security feature Vista has on the Documents & Setting folder that only Vista can open it. I tried using a Vista Recovery disk but it was not able to see the partition. Also I am not sure if there are any tools on the disk to recover files from a drive that no longer boots windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Security Settings for Documents and Settings Folder

"Access Denied" is a proper and routine message encountered...when moving a hard drive from one system to another. Only impacts the Docs & Settings files/folders, all other files can be easily accessed.So can the Docs & Settings folders, by taking ownership of the files/folders.Taking Ownership in VistaLouis

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I open a folder and modify it how I like it (maximized or not, size and shape of the window, folder setting, the whole 9 yards). Everything works fine until for no good reason, Vista sets the folder configurations I've set up back to default. GRRRRRRR!

There's no need to tell me to go to Tools-->Folder Options-->View-->Remember each folder's view settings| since that's selected by default anyway and I'm not dumb enough to de-select it.

When you customize a folder and apply the template to all subfolders, how do you get the view settings added to the template? It did that with XP and there's no excuse why it can't be done with Vista.

For example, let's say I had a folder named Storage. Inside Storage are two additional folders called, oh, Archive1 and Archive2. If I were to change the folder view in Storage to Large Icons and select "Documents" as the folder type and selected "apply the template to all subfolders," then when I open up Archive1 and Archive2, yes they'll be set to "Documents," but their folder views will be Details instead of Large Icons, and that's unacceptable.

A:Folder settings and customize folder tweak help needed.

I'm not to sure but i'll take a guess and say it's because RAM expires every 30 minutes or so after you turn off your computer.

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Apparently no help from microsoft have inoperable desktop

A:Can not return desk to win 7 but did successfully return lap top dest top is not operable - need he

What has happen ?

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Hi all,

First of all, new here and I apologize if this is not the correct environment for my question.

As the title suggests, my problem is this: every time I rename a folder, Vista changes the folder view settings in that folder back to the default for that specific folder.

I have gone through the tutorials in this forum about making Vista always remember the current folder settings. That is not my issue. An example of what I mean: Let us say I have a folder named "Music" and the folder view settings are set to 'Music Details'. Fine. But let us now say that I also want to show the bit rates and/or the length of the songs. 'Music Details' does not have this by default, so I right-click and at the bar (tab? menu?) and choose to show them. So far so good, and my settings are always there. However, if I change the folder name to something else, the view settings revert back to the original 'Music Details'.

Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I often change folder names and/or move them around, and it is annoying to always have to add/remove what I want from the view settings.


A:Keep folder view settings after renaming folder

Hello Quantum, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The Disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery for Templates section in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below should may be able to stop this for you, but it does involve resetting all folder view settings. You have to set the folder views to how you want them afterwards.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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Can I change the default settings for Font and Font Size, and the Page Margins in WordPad and Microsoft Works 2000? If so, please tell me how. I am getting tired of having to manually change the settings every time I start a new document. Thank you, Robert

A:default settings

I don't believe this can be done in WordPad.

However, in Works:
Change Works Default Font
Selecting the default font in Microsoft Works is a simple matter. Open the MS Works word processor and in the menu bar to Format | Font | Style. Click on Font and Style and a dialog box pops up. In the dialog box, choose your font by highlighting it, then highlight the font size that you prefer. Select a color if you choose or leave the color on auto. Move to the right side of the dialog box and click on the Set Default button. This font choice will appear every time that you open Works. If you are changing the font for a single document only then click on the OK button. Click to expand...

Q. Every time I create a new document, I want it to follow a specific style, such as using default margin settings. How do I do this?

A. To specify custom settings that apply to each new document, you should create a blank document with those setting, and then save it as a template. To do this, use the instructions below:

Create a new document and apply any settings you want in your new documents. For example, if you want all new documents to have a .5-inch margin, apply that change in the Page Setup area.

On the File menu, click Save As.
Click Template.
Type a name for your template. To use this template for all new documents of that type, select Use This Template For All New Documents.
Click OK. Click to expand...

Using this second bit of advice, you can change both the font ... Read more

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I have this problem, whenever I insert my pen drive, or anything else, Adobe lightroom always wants to open up?
All I want is for windows explorer to open up, not lightroom
I have set the defaults in the default programs for windows explorer, but lightroom still wants to open?
Why is this always happening??, after I save everything for explorer to open??
Can anyone advise me please?

A:Default Settings

Originally Posted by riptorn

I have this problem, whenever I insert my pen drive, or anything else, Adobe lightroom always wants to open up?
All I want is for windows explorer to open up, not lightroom
I have set the defaults in the default programs for windows explorer, but lightroom still wants to open?
Why is this always happening??, after I save everything for explorer to open??
Can anyone advise me please?

open regedit,'
navigate to hklm\softwares\microsoft\windows\currentverson\explorer\autoplayhandlers\eventhandlers

there u can edit the options for the arrival of your usb stick

Let me know if u find any dificulties

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hi all can i get info on how 2 change all my setting back to default as i have swapped pcs and the kids 1 has old monitor and i have big lcd and now after me using theres on mine i have changed the setting but now there all 2 big for the old monitor pages 2 big everything 2 big so i thought if i changed windows back 2 default it would fix problem

A:default settings???/ xp pro

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Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone can tell me the default settings in this area:

Tools > Internet options > Accessibility > formatting

...there are 3 boxes, and I cant remember whether they default to all unchecked, all checked, or some of both.

If any one can help that would be much appreciated.
Im on IE 6 XP Pro and SP1 (just an aside...last day for M$ support is 10-10-06)


A:Default settings in IE

They should all be blank(unchecked). Well, they are in my IE.

Regards Howard

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I have windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and I was messing around with the settings in the Display Panel. Is there a Default Setting to get it back the way is was?

A:Default settings

Hi please post the make and model of your computer

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I have a new Vista laptop which I have networked with my old XP laptop for the transitional period. My Vista machine has M/S works installed. It also has a trial version of M/S Office which I am not familiar with, and which I do not think I am going to use, unless there is reason for me to change my mind. My XP machine has only M/S Works with which I have been very happy. The problem is that when, using my Vista, I access an M/S Word document which is in my XP machine, it opens in MS Office Word. How can I change the default to make the document open in M/S Works Word ? Allan.

A:Default settings

Uninstall the trial version of MS Office, problem solved.

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Hello, I encoutered some problems when I play around with wmp.

I want to build a small applications with in wmp by using visual studio.
In my applications, I want to change some setting in wmp.(eg. in the sync option, there is one called "create folder hierarchy on device")

Is there any way I can set up this in anywhere?


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I was told that there is a setting that allows you to restore " default settings" if i am a user and i downlload a program from the net . When the machine is rebooted it is gone? win2k.. We have about 400 users and they can download anything all the cute screen savers and cursors then complain about a slow machine. I realize that i am fighting this battle from the wrong end the the other end is not at my control

A:default settings

There are ways to restore defaults to individual applications or OS components, but I am not aware of any "global default restore" capability. The closest I know of is with XP where you can roll-back the system to a previous checkpoint if the right options are enabled. But, there is even a problem here... if you don't know what you're doing you can "un-do" legitimate changes to the system. You may have better luck by figuring out how to use "permissions" to restrict what the users can and cannot update.

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hi all

I just installed Vista and i'm trying to restore de default .ico settings. In Win XP I can see the file.ico default icon but in Vista i can't see the icon. I've search on the net, but nothing

this is how it looks

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Content Type"="image/x-icon"
25,... Read more

A:default .ico settings

Have you installed any third-party image viewers (such as AcdSee) that has changed the default display for icons? This is the only action that could possibly cause the symptoms you describe...

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[b]hi everyone i am new to this so hope you can help.when i try to alter the default program settings in xp home it will not work. it keeps resetting to the old ones. i have tried to set to microsoft settings but it is still the same.any advice?(Moderator edit: moved thread to more appropriate forum and expanded Topic Description. jgweed)

A:Default Settings

Can you be more specific about which program settings you are trying to change and what procedure you are using to try and change them?

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My boyfriends computer wouldn't start up so we had a tech (friend) look at it. He did somethings to the computer including replacing the video card.

Now all of the programs are in the start up menu and starting when the computer starts up, but thats not the problem. I had gone into the start up menu and unchecked all those I don't want to start up and also went into some of the programs themselves and set them up so they did NOT start up when computer was turned on.

Everytime the computer is turned on all those programs still start up and the tool bar at the bottom is loaded with program icons.

Why do the programs keep going back to the default settings and how can i fix this.

Thank you in advance for your help


A:default settings

Did you go into the startup folder: start/all programs/startup and remove programs or did you go into msconfig: start/run/type msconfig and hit enter, go to the startup tab and uncheck programs you did not want to start?

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Looking for default settings as they were during installation. Whether there may be somewhere on my drive or can de downloaded from the web in the part that is independent of hardware?

A:Looking for default settings

Hello R063rt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Anything particular that you were wanting the default registry settings on.

If not, then the only way is to do a clean install, or possibly a repair install, to have everything default.

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Some how I managed to change my default that my Windows Media Center keeps opening up instead of what it should be.

Examples: start window - internet Explorer - I get my windows media instead.

When I go into start - Default program - Set program access and computer defaults. When I try to access it my windows media player pops up.


A:W7 Default Settings

Quote: Originally Posted by 6142john


Some how I managed to change my default that my Windows Media Center keeps opening up instead of what it should be.

Examples: start window - internet Explorer - I get my windows media instead.

When I go into start - Default program - Set program access and computer defaults. When I try to access it my windows media player pops up.


You need to change the default open with. Instructions are here Open With - Change Default Program

Hope this helps


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Hi Everybody!! I recently messed up real bad. I was playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 for PC. And I went into the documents folder to try to delete the last saved game. When I did I made a mistake and changed the folder with a GCF file in it to open the GCF files with adobe reader. Now I can't figure out what program it originally was suppose to open with. So my question is: How do I change the GCF file folder back to it's default settings so it will open with the program that it's suppose to open with?

A:Default Settings

Hello Wan, and welcome to Vista Forums.

If this helps, this is what I found for this:

Valve Corporation uses .GCF games cache files both with its Steam computer game online content delivery platform (used for downloading computer games and content from the Internet), and with its Source 3D game engine (used to render realistic 3D graphics in their games). Valve Corporation also developed the game Half-life (along with its sequels) and the .GCF files is sometimes specifically associated with this game, although it is entirely possible that .GCF might be generated by any of Valve Corporation's games..

If you have Half-Life or another Valve brand game, then reinstalling the game to repair it without uninstalling it should fix the file association also.

Hope this helps,

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I have


My DEFAULT settings
in OE 6 will not remain in DEFAULT SETTINGS in


Because of this problem--it keeps cutting me off from OE6 with ERROR messages and I must review and correct my settings. I click DEFAULT and APPLY after I correct my settings--but constantly it goes back to the improper settings. It also disables my MSGTAG program.

How can I get them to stay fixed?


A:DEFAULT settings in OE6 won't lock in

In Outlook Express,
Tools>Options>General tab,
under Default Messaging Programs
does it read:
This application is the default mail handler?

If not, click on the Make Default button.

If it does, do you have any other messaging program installed?

If not, download HijackThis version 1.99 and post a log here please.

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I have noticed that my default setting in the Add/Remove Program are not staying as what I set them to be, thus I am having problems with the Windows Media Player not playing the downloads from Limewire or Ares. I have tried to rollback the system, nothing changes.
Am using Windows Live Onecare on my system as it is better than what Road Runner was offering for free (it didn't block viruses and had a mess cleaning them all out).
Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

A Computer Nerd here!!!!!

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I am trying to change the present default setting for my e-mail from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook, but i am not able to find the right procedure.I am using a fully updated Win XP. Can anyone help?

A:Change Default Settings

When you open one or the other you should be told that it's not your default, and given the opportunity to change it.

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Recently my computer's internet gliched and I can no longer connect to any webpage. I think it might have somthing to do with me deleting route on cmd. this is what I wrote:

route delete -p

Is there any way i can restore the deleted route?

A:How do I change cmd to default settings?

Hi and welcome to the Forum
Can you do a system restore to a point behind when you did the deletion? It would also beg the question why did you delete it?

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Hello does anyone know where you can get a pdf of all the default settings for windows 7 home premium SP1.

A:windows 7 default settings

I did what I could.

Windows 7 Default Services and Suggested Startup Mode :: Windows 7 :: Articles & Tutorials ::

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Good afternoon all...

I come humbly come to the super gurus here to respectfully request assistance with my "global paper size" in Windows XP-professional. Here is a description of the problem:

Here at the office, I received a "rolled down" Dell Optiplex 755 from a Chinese programmer. This machine is 2X as fast as my old box. The machine functions great in every way except in the printing process. For whatever reason, it thinks that all the networked and physically connected printers are defaulted to A4 sized paper. So every time I need to print a document, I have to manually change the paper size from A4 to Letter. I have gone through the registry and changed every occurrence of the "A4" to "Letter", to no avail, my system still thinks all the printers are defaulted to paper size A4.

Does any one have any "magic bullets" to help me correct this issue? Please lemme know something soon... (it's driving me nuts )

Thanks in Advance!


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Is it possible to set the defaults of the document to automatically include a documents filename and path, page number, date, author, person who last saved the document & the details of the last time it was printed?


A:MS Word & the default settings

I think I may have just answered my own question. I just had to find the '' template and make the required additions to that and save. Is this the only way to do this, does anyone know?

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Hello, I'm new on SevenForums and I need to help.

I was testing my Small Basic app, but when I launched it, the TextWindow font size was only 4?6 pixels.
So I launched the Command Prompt via Run, and the size was also 4?6.

In Properties, there were only 4 tabs and 9 sizes of Terminal font. The default one, 8?12, wasn't in the options.
I can show you screenshot of Properties window. (I'm using WindowsBlinds 8 with Mac skin, where active tab texture is same with inactive tab.)

How can I restore font size to 8?12?

It would be a big help for me if you post value of this:

Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.

A:Can't change cmd.exe settings to default

You could try sfc /scannow and that would undo all changes/modifications, and then you could just reapply the settings in windows blinds and see if that helps.....maybe something went funky when applying the theme.

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Not sure this is the right place for this thread, if not, sorry in advance.

I'd like Win7 to default to 'Extend these displays' under the 'Multiple displays:' setting when I dock my laptop. Anyone know how to do that? It used to work in XP, but I can't get 7 to do it so I have to manually change it every time I dock my machine...


A:Default settings for display

What happens if you just leave it set that way? That is what I usually do on my desktop.

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I bought two new computers today for my business, both had the same hardware and software with windows 8 installed. I noticed that one of them they have some toolbars on the taskbar that the other one doesnt have, on one of the pc's there is an address bar labeled "Address"
The other PC didn't come with it activated by default, just wondering if this is normal. both these computers are brand new and identical. Maybe someone fooled around with it before sending it to me

A:Does windows 8 have default settings?

If they are truly identical, maybe someone turned one of them on at one point (and didn't turn the other one on).
Most computers are sold with tamper-proof tape holding the box closed - did yours have this?

In most cases, identical computers will have identical software.
The exception here is if the OEM has changed things during manufacture and is using a different image.

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In Word 2000...

In the Envelope & Label dialog, I keep changing the default Font & Font Size to my own preference (for envelopes); & it keeps resetting back to the old settings the next time I open the app.

What gives? can I rid myself of the Office Assistant. I hide him (it...whatever) every time it pops up, but the next time I open a blank document & begin it comes again.



A:Envelope: Default Settings?

mark4man said:

In the Envelope & Label dialog, I keep changing the default Font & Font Size to my own preference (for envelopes); & it keeps resetting back to the old settings the next time I open the app.Click to expand...

Next time you're in Env & Labels > Font dialog box, hit the Default button in the bottom left corner. can I rid myself of the Office Assistant. I hide him (it...whatever) every time it pops up, but the next time I open a blank document & begin it comes again.Click to expand...

Try right-clicking him, Options, deselect Use the Office Assistant.

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Hi as stated I cant change any of the default app settings in windows 10.
I tried to change my default browser to chrome,nothing happens after i click google chrome,its still edge.
This also applies to other defaults like maps,music player,photo viewer etc.

A:Cant change default app settings

Hello, have you researched this on the forum? Questions about this have been asked so often.. the forum is a useful resource tool.

Note that you cannot change defaults from within programs- true from Win 8 on.

Please see:
Default Apps - Choose in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Have you tried by these means?

Also note that there are special instructions about Chrome which you can find which many have had difficulties with.
Chrome default browser

Note too that a couple of old version programs e.g. Winzip if installed have caused defaults to be reset on restart.

Hope that helps and points you in the right direction.

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Can anyone tell me how to restore the default security settings to my c and d drives? Or maybe just post theirs. I was messing with mine and can't seem to download from any sites.

I'm the sole owner and user of my pc so I would like to be logged in as administrator at all times. Running RC 7100.

Thank you

A:Default Security Settings

Quote: Originally Posted by polorsport

Can anyone tell me how to restore the default security settings to my c and d drives? Or maybe just post theirs. I was messing with mine and can't seem to download from any sites.

I'm the sole owner and user of my pc so I would like to be logged in as administrator at all times. Running RC 7100.

Thank you

Hi Polorsport, Welcome to the forum,

Maybe you shouldn't fiddle

Try doing a system restore System Restore

I hope this helps, otherwise my best advice is a reinstall


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Hello all, I'm new here.

I have a question:

We have windows XP home edition and our monitor is pretty old. It does have an updated graphics driver, however, which I just downloaded (it's an intel graphics media accelerator driver).

Everything works just fine, it's just that the screen is very dark. So I went in and changed the gamma/contrast/brightness settings on the graphics driver and got it to how I want it. That works fine as well, it's just that everytime you log off/on, turn the computer on in the morning, or run a full screen program it reverts back to the default settings.

I saved my settings as a scheme, but I don't know what to do from there. The weird part is that when I go into the graphics driver when it has reverted to the default settings, the settings it appears to be set on are the ones I want, but it's actually set on the default settings (even though mine are shown). If I simply click on one of the bars that adjusts the gamma/brigtness/contrast, even if I don't change it, the screen goes back to the settings that I want (the ones that are shown).

So, is there a way to have the screen always be the same gamma/brightness/contrast for every user and even when running a full screen program, without ever having to touch the driver again?

Thank you for your time

A:Default XP Color Settings

Before messing with video settings in the driver, you should adjust brightness and contrast with the buttons on the monitor casing (assuming it has any).

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one of my children changed all of my display settings individually,IE:colors,font and there any way to reset windows default display settings?

A:Default Display Settings

In Desktop>Properties>Appearance, if you have the XP style selected, switch to a different color scheme, click apply, then go back to the original and apply again. That should set most if not all back to default. A system restore would also work; just pick the most recent date before they changed things.

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New Windows 10 Home Computer, set up using PCMover from Windows 7 Home Premium Computer. A few problems, of course, so far mainly applications that did not transfer properly, and those easily solved.

One problem however I don't understand, and, therefore, cannot fix. I've gone into the settings for default applications, some of which are constantly ignored. I know that they are ignored, as WinPatrol keeps notifying me of attempted changes. One such pop-up is on the screen right now, stating that a change for files with the extension .avi have been changed from the setting to use VLC media player to use Windows Media Player. I clicked on No, to reject the change, whereupon a new one, this time for .cab files popped up. I will reject it, and a series of such changes will appear and be rejected.

This keeps happening, always for the same extensions, and I don't know how to stop it. Chants, exorcism instructions, banishment methods, all such would be appreciated.

A:Ignoring Default App Settings

Hi, some things you might (not) wish to know about default programs in Win 10:
a. A very few old version programs, if installed, cause defaults to revert to MS default on restart. E.g. Winzip.
b. Hyperlink association needs to be explicitly set in Control Panel, Default Programs, if changing browser or if unassociated.
c. Some people experience associations changing on Windows updates. Cause unknown.
d. Major upgrades (= Windows reinstall-like procedure) e.g. build 10580 in November cause associations to be reset. (MS might get this right next time).
e. Even when you have assigned associations, you might get a confirmation prompt using 'Open with'.
f. From Win 8 you can't set associations from within programs. Most such attempts do not give warnings.

I've not seen your specific problem reported. I'd suggest checking the programs you've transferred and have installed for old versions, and eliminate that possibility.

Also try a clean boot and see if the same symptoms arise.

(As an aside, I used Laplink's PCMover Image Assistant - uses a mounted disk image of the old PC -faster than the original PCMover)

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I have 2 Hotmail and one Hotpop account configured on OE6. I can send mail through Hotpop with no problems, however, when I try to send one through either Hotmail account I get the following message ... "The server does not support the required HTTP methods ... Response: 'Method Not Allowed' ... Error No. 0x800CCC35."

I have no doubt it's something I've messed around with as I've just reformatted and am still trying to get my settings correct with XP. Does anyone know how to restore default settings to OE6?



A:Restoring default settings OE6

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Can I change the default settings in PSP7 (and PS6) to JPG?

Now, I save something I have to stop and scroll down and pick JPG.

I looked in PREFERENCES and in the SAVE box and don't see anything.

I'd rather have it as JPG and if I want to use something else (GIF, or even PSP I can scroll to that). Since I mainly save as JPG.

~ Carrie

A:Can I change the default settings?

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I can't find a way to change the default settings in my HP Printer driver, after installing Windows7.

The usual settings have dissapeared.

The driver was installed automatically, when I plugged the printer in. I tried to download from the HP site but it wouldn't work.

I usually have default settings for all printouts.

Any suggestions?


A:Default settings for printer

Here is what HP says about the drivers for this unit, which apparently is an "older" model:

"A full feature software and driver package for Windows 7 is not available for your product. However, the Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer contains a basic driver solution for your product.
With the basic driver, some of the advanced product features are not available"

Based on what HP says you will not get all the features you used to get in older Operating Systems.

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Hi. I have a PC (5 years old now, I use it as a second machine) which has been working just fine until this week, but when I boot (into Windows 7 (x64) ) the PC soon freezes up completely, or I get a BSOD (the PC rebooted - I have changed the settings so it won't in future and will note down details). I do have one crashdump file (ntoskrnl.exe problem), but what I want to try at the moment is to return the clock settings to default. The M/B is a p6x58d-e. Googling has found lots (of course) on overclocking but all I can find is the default CPU Voltage (1.18).

The P/C has always been overclocked with no problem, giving a stable 3.8GHz. The settings I was using are below. Last week the O/C failed and in the BIOS the CPU Voltage of 1.30000V, which had been OK for years, was in purple, indicating a problem. The highest I could get the BIOS to accept was 1.20000. But I made no other changes to settings in the BIOS - maybe this is where the problem lies, changing the CPU Voltage alone?? I can enter the stock value of 1.18000V for CPU Voltage, but what else to I have to change in the following settings to return the PC to its default clock settings (DRAM Bus Voltage???). As this is not my principal PC any longer, I have no reason to overclock, if that is what is causing the problems now. (Any other suggestions as to the cause, otherwise?).

I checked Core temps BTW - all are fine under load. Running an AVG anti-virus scan has all cores running near max though... Read more

A:Default clock settings for i7-950?

Does this look like what you have ?
If not you might be able to just remove and reinstall the cpu and that should also reset everything :/

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Every time I boot my PC, these settings keep going back to default.

Show hidden files gets checked off
Windows Update
User Account Control
System Specs:
Lenovo Ideacentre k410
Windows 8 MM
4GB Ram
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.9GHz

A:Settings keep resetting to default

Run Lenovo update utility
That will update your hardware for you
After that Run windows Updates
Make sure to restart after updating windows and Lenovo update utility
If problem persists contact Lenovo support
PS. I have a lenovo twist and I have some weird issues as well I guess its safe to say its Windows 8 lol

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Good Morning,

I am looking for an instructional as to help me change the color settings in Windows 7 to the default color settings in Windows XP so I can run a tool in Microsoft Excel.

A:Default Color Settings

sure if it wil do the trick for you, but have you tried the desktop right click - personalise, and select the Windows Basic theme?

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