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softwrap erroe1

Q: softwrap erroe1

i cannot get it off or find out what is wrong what do i do softwrap 1

A: softwrap erroe1


Originally Posted by natalie27

i cannot get it off or find out what is wrong what do i do softwrap 1

Hello natalie27,

When are you getting the error?

What does the error message read?

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Os is Windows XP, softwrap error at windows initial boot? What is set incorrectly? How do I correct this issur?

A:critical softwrap,softwrap file error

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This software has Adtracker________ as a registry listing. Exactly what is the program, Spyware?


Not really. Look HERE Looks like software loaded onto your system.

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when my computer starts a message appears that says critical softwrap error, everytime. what is this? thank you for time.

A:softwrap error

Hello Mat. Have a look here. error&ei=UTF-8

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A:Re:softwrap File Error 1

Hello and welcome to TSF

What is the error? if you get an error code please post.

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My 16 year old daughter downloaded blubster and afterwards, we began to get pop ups all the time. So, I uninstalled it and now when we start up the computer, we get a softwrap file error 1 message everytime. I read other posts about this, and all I learned was to uninstall blubster, which I have already done. Can anyone tell me what to do to remove this error message?

A:softwrap file error 1

Is this when you log on?

Try checking your startup items to see if blubster is there?
To do this

- Click Start->Run
- Type "msconfig.exe" and press enter
- In Msconfig click the startup tab
- Look for some program related to blubster

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I use Video Studio 10 which seems to install the registry key below which Spybot identifies as Grokloader.
Spybot will remove the key but it reappears whenever Video Studio is run.
Is this really malware and, if so, how can it be removed?

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i need help to remove softwrap file error 1 from my pc,

A:critical softwrap file error 1

Ok ... Have you tried uninstalling Softwrap? If so, what happens?

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