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blank pages printed when printing multiple pages

Q: blank pages printed when printing multiple pages

Whe printing multiple copies from Word 2003, (SP-3) Service Pack 3, all pages come out of the printer blank. This happens on my Canon Imageclass MF5550 printer but not on my HP 8100 inkjet. Printing from email, wordpad and notepad work. I reinstalled Word and the Canon printer driver to no avail. I called Canon tech support and they had me print from Wordpad and since it worked they said it's not their problem.

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When I print I am getting a blank page between each printed page. Even if my document is one page it prints a blank page after it. I can also print a selected page, as in "print page 2" but it still prints a blank after it. The blank page does not show up on the preview.

I have a HP Deskjet D1300 and am running Vista Home using Word 2007. Is it a printer problem or a Word 2007 problem? Any suggestions?

A:Getting un-wanted blank page between printed pages

I think you may have the printer set to print separator pages.

Look around in your printer properties (Control Panel>Printers>Printername>>Right Click>Properties) and disable.

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Hello everyone

I recently installed Outlook 2010 and I have got the following strange problem and I was wondering
whether anyone else had the same problem and found a solution.

Whenever I print an Outlook email, the pages come out in reverse order (page 2 then page 1) with a blank cover page which sometimes has "Microsoft Outlook - memo style OUTLOOK.EXE" printed
on the middle of it, and a blank sheet between each page of the message.

It only happens with Outlook. Printing is normal with Word, Excel, etc.

Any suggestions, please?

A:Outlook 2010 emails being printed with blank pages between each page

In Outlook please go to File - Print, highlight Memo Style, then click Print Options button above. In a new window Print, hightlight Memo Style again. Click Define Styles... In a new window, make sure that Memo Style is hightlighted and click RESET button.

If this wont help, click Edit button in the same window, and make sure all the parameters make sense and are correct (page size, etc.)

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I have an All in One Epson Printer and it started printing blank pages. It is communicating with the printer and appears to be printing the document but it comes out blank. I tried cleaning the nozzles, doing a diagnostic, changing the ink and it still is printing blank. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Printing blank pages

Could be caused by a variety of things. Are you printing documents? Check to make sure there are no blank pages at the end of the documents. Try printing the Current page. Also check to make sure your printer is selected as the Default printer. Look into your printing properties and make sure the orientation, paper size, etc. are correct for what you are trying to print.

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Hope someone can help.

We have two Windows 7 pc's, each with one printer connected by USB. Printing has been fine until a few days ago.

Pc1 prints correctly to either printer. Pc2 will send to either printer but now only blank pages.

I have thought of reinstalling the printer drivers, but I can't see this being the issue as it is both printers that suddenly print blank pages from pc2.

Please could someone help me to get pc2 to print properly?

Many thanks in anticipation,


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When I go to print any thing using Internet Explorer 7 (i.e. web pages, e-mail) with Windows XP Service Pack 2 the pages are blank. There is a footer, but that's it. This is a new do I fix this?? Thanks!

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i've got a problem on a Dell 8350 box with WinXPHome.
It lately got the bugbear.b virus and.. possibly since then (but maybe even before) it's just printing blank pages?

the printer processes the jobs, and the paper feeds, and the bi-di usb is telling me the printer has ink; just nothing comes out. no test pages, nada.

there's plenty of HDD left - over 20 gig. i've tried moving the printer onto another port. any other ideas?

A:XP printing blank pages

Clean off the printer heads with a cotton swab and a drop of alcohol.

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Can anyone out there help me with this problem...
I am running XP home edition 2002 v2. At one time I was able to print anything without a problem. Now, for some reason, when I try to print, the printer is completely responsive but prints only blank sheets. I've checked all of the simple stuff and performed all of the common sense tests. I can print from non-microsoft applications and the printer works fine with two other laptops. I've seen other threads from people complaining about this problem, but I did not see a clear and definitive solution. Any ideas???

Thanks, John.

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I'm having a problem were every hour a DOS program opens up and prints ou ta blank page on my printer.
The the DOS file is located in Local Settings\Temp. Even when i delete it in a hour a new one in made with a random name. I have tried virus, spyware software totry and get it of my computer, but no success.
Thanks in advance

A:POP-up DOS printing blank pages

Download CWShredder and run it. Click on 'I Agree' button if you agree with it. Click on 'Fix' (it will automatically fix anything it finds for you) and OK. If it asks if you want to delete a certain random file, choose No and post that filename here. Let it finish the scan and then hit Next and Exit.

Download and install Spybot S&D. Run Spybot and click on the 'Search for Updates' button. Install any updates that are available. Next click on the 'Check for Problems' button. Let it run the scan. If it finds something, check all those in RED and hit the Fix Selected Problems button. Exit Spybot. If you keep getting the DSO Exploit entries, even after you updated Windows and fixed them, then download the Spybot DSO Exploit Fix and install it over the current Spybot installation.

Please download Ad-aware SE and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Also go here to get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Save the log and post it here.

Please download HijackThis - this program will help us determine if ... Read more

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Using an HP 1102W Laser: When printing a small selection from a multi-screen article - I will get a blank numbered/titled page (as in a waste of paper) for each page meant to be skipped prior to the actual selection. Sometimes that will be several wasted pages before it prints the small selection I had highlighted. Print Selection was marked. - I have been doing this stuff for a long time.

Same computer/printer using Win 7 (I have an interchangeable SSD with Win 7 on it) does not and never has done this. Any thoughts on this - I hate to waste the trees?

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I have Brother MFC 8600 which Prints blank pages only even in test printing from my new HP computer with Vista Home. Did not have the same problem with new computer using XP. How can I solve this?

A:Printing blank pages

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and print programs for your printer. If you don't have them, you can grab them from here: Brother Software Download


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Recently bought Samsung camera for father and tried to print a downloaded manual. (Didnt have disc with me at time)
However some pages did not print and others only printed half of characters on page.Managed to get disc with manual on it and tried to print from disc. Same problem occured, the exact same pages weren't printing completely and the same pages were coming out blank.

If I select one of the pages that didnt print and chose to print current page although the page is shown as a preview thumbnail the page still fails to print.

If I use my Hp deskjet 940c I have no problems and can print all pages.

I have updated Adobe Acrobat to most recent version and updated driver for printer(Lexmark Z605) driver CJXP600LE.

The lexmark is set as my default printer.

I would welcome any suggestions

A:Printing blank pages from pdf file

It's probably due to the way the original PDF was created I suspect, perhaps with embedded fonts or similar that not all printers like?

If it was downloaded, then a link to the download location would allow us to have a play, but at this stage I suspect it's likely not your problem to fix, but one for the document author?

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I just put in a new ink cartridge for my Lexmark X1150 printer about a week ago and it was working until recently. My computer had started acting up so I checked for spyware and found I was infected with a ton of stuff which I believe I took care of most of by using Spybot Search and Destroy. Right now it prints like normal except with no ink on the page. I tried reinstalling my printer software and unplugging the back of my printer and neither has worked. Does anyone know if spyware is probably the culprit of my printing problems or if its something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Printer is printing blank pages - need help

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I've been having a problem getting my Epson Stylus Color 880 to print any text. All I was printing out was blank pages. I typed a letter, then changed the font color to blue, and the letter printed out. When I changed the font color back to black or auto, the page printed out blank.

Has anybody had a problem with bad ink cartridges? That appears to be the problem. I'll know for sure when I buy a new cartridge.

A:[SOLVED] Printing blank pages

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I am sure its a setting somewhere . Please help . thanks

A:printer is printing blank pages

bump bump

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I have a HP printer , windows vista . had problem printer wasnt printing at all ... so I looked and deleted all the print pages in the cue .. now it prints but they are blank... any help please thanks

A:Printer is printing blank pages

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I tried drivers and such, checked the printer settings and the printer says nothing is wrong. I'm trying to print out word documents, but every time I do, the page either comes out completely blank or very, very sketchy (the words on the sides of the page appear, then fades away to nothing in the middle).

The entire document can be printed if the colour ink catridge is removed (which is odd, considering the document contains nothing but black text in the first place), however, the printed page is slightly sketchy (thin horizontal white lines go over the entire page, but it's not as bad as trying to print with the colour ink catridge inside.)

Any thoughts?

A:hp psc 1200 printing blank or mostly blank pages

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I have a relatively new laptop. For some reason my office (xp) does not print my sheets.
Print preview clearly shows I have writing on my worksheets. Also there is ink and the printer works fine for documents other than office.

The sheets appear to actually printing takin its time to finish each in the usual time, but simply not printin any ink.

i managed to print from word.. only by removin final paragraph marking from end.
but excel doesnt have paragraph markings and so cant print

Therefore a problem with office.

can anyone help pleaseee?



A:word/excel blank pages 'printing'

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I am a new member so please excuse any mistakes I make whilst 'learning the ropes'.
I have a laptop on the work network that has started to print blank pages from MS Word and Excel (Office 2007). Other programs on the PC print perfectly but when I try and print from Word or Excel the page is blank even though the print preview looks OK. If there are any lines (e.g. underlined text) or tables/grids on the page they print out but any text does not. Nothing has been recently changed on this laptop. The printer is a networked Konica Minolta Biz Hub copier/printer and all other computers work OK with it.
The laptop (a Lenova) is running Windows 10 and Office 2007. I have tried running a repair and also uninstalled and reinstalled Word without success. I have Googled the problem but, although there seems to be plenty about blank pages, none I have found match my problem.
Any help would be more than gratefully received.

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My printer is printing blank pages when I try and print pages from a Word document. Same happened when I went into WordPad and tried typing something. But strangely, if I go on the internet and try and print the internet page it works fine. Can anyone help me please so I can print my Word documents again?

A:Canon Pixma 560 blank pages printing

Does the content appear in Print Preview?Does it print blank pages from in all existing Word documents or just certain ones?Does it print blank pages from a newly created a Word document?Does it print blank pages from Excel or PowerPoint documents?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hello all. I was having problems with my old BJC-4400 all of a sudden printing nothing but blank pages on me even though my cartridge wasnt out of ink. But rather than fix the problem, I was lazy and figured it would be easier to just pick up another cheap inkjet printer on Craigslist. Enter the BJC-5000, which I got today. After some initial unpleasantness upon finding out that Canon doesnt make XP drivers for this printer, I just used the Canon Win 2000 driver and a 3rd party driver program (BJC Angel it's called) and the printer seemed to install fine.
But alas, IT PRINTS NOTHING BUT BLANK PAGES. The person who sold it to me assured me that a)it worked fine when last she used it on her computer a month ago and b)that there
was still some ink left in the carts. When I run the auto head alignment, though, my computer tells me there is no ink in any of the carts. Not to worry, I have some brand spankin new ink cartridges. Again more blank pages, and Auto Head Alignment still says my cartridges dont have any ink. Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I have tried to find an answer via posts on other forums around the web, and there are a couple common suggestions. One is to clean the printing heads, which I have done via my print options about 4 times now, but have not tried manually. Im wondering if this also might be a problem with the driver, but then why does it tell me Im out of ink? I dont know, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Canon BJC-5000 Printing blank pages

Well, it looks like I found out why Im getting faulty "no ink" messages.

I found the following explanation here:

"11. When I try to align the print head on my BJC-5000 series printer, a warning indicates that the black cartridge is out of ink. Why?
A bug in the Canon driver software causes this erroneous warning when using the edible inks. The bug may also prevent the printer from printing black after the warning in order to protect the print head. Do not run the print head alignment. If you are at the point where the printer is giving you the warning, unplug the printer for 10 seconds and start over without accepting the request to align."

I did, however, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver without realligning the print heads, and to no avail.

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I have been working on a particular Access database for about two years, and it has been what I needed, however in October I ventured off to change the way the way I had to 'jump through hoops' to get a final report printed. I posted my delimma and OBP worked me through the "MAJORS" of my issues. My LAST issue with this report is this: there are blank pages printing between the 4 subreports that I have inserted. Everything else works perfectly, but I have tried over and over agin to do what I have read in the "MS Access help menu" to no avail. Can someone PLEASE help me? I know the answer will be a simple matter, but I just can not figure out what is wrong.

Thanks in advance

A:Blank Pages Printing in Access Report

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Hey guys, my first post here.

There is an faulty/old printer in my workplace no one is using and I have decided to get it working and use it. It is a HP inkjet cp1160 model. I have a Windows XP laptop and I have installed the corresponding drivers of the printer from HP website. I have loaded the printer with new catridges, removed the seal of course and tried to print, I am getting all blank pages.

Please let me know how I can get started with fixing the problem.

A:Blank pages printing, HP cp1160 model on Win XP

Besides the seal on the ink out on the cartridge,there may
be a strip on the top of the cartridge that needs to be removed
to let air in.
If that is not removed the cartridge won't charge.
Check to make sure there isn't a protective strip over the
electrical contacts.
After sitting for a while,the electrical contacts where the cartridge
meets the printer may need to be cleaned with isopropyl alchohol
and a q-tip.

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When I try to print multiple pages on one sheet I only ever get one page! e.g. ask for 2 pages - I only get one A5 copy on my sheet of A4. Tried asking for 8 pages; same story, just got the one 1/8th of A4 in the corner!

Any ideas? it doesn't matter waht I'm printing from (word, outlook etc)

I'm running Windows XP with Office 2003.



A:Printing multiple pages on one sheet

Change the page setting. i.e. change the page size by custom option in page set up.
Try to collect the data in single page of costumed size.
It will give you single print with required data.

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These blank pages do not appear to follow a specific pattern, as they are mixed within print jobs at various intervals. Sometimes one, sometimes two pages at a time. They are also being produced when printing from different workstations as well as from different programs so it's not user or app specific.

Any ideas?


A:HP LaserJet 8100 DN printing random blank pages

rotocub said:

These blank pages do not appear to follow a specific pattern, as they are mixed within print jobs at various intervals. Sometimes one, sometimes two pages at a time. They are also being produced when printing from different workstations as well as from different programs so it's not user or app specific.

Any ideas?

TIAClick to expand...

Apparently the printer is picking up extra pages every now and then and running two or three sheets together at once. One of the users who initially reported the problem happened to be standing by the printer and actually watched it spit the pages out.

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Since Internet Explorer 9 came out we have had issues on Windows 7 Computers printing blank pages on a Windows Server 2003 Domain. The URL header and footer prints but the content does not. I really didn't bother resolving the issue as I just rolled IE back to version 8 where there were no problems. However, my 2 newest and 1 rebuilt Windows 7 machines have issues with IE8, so it looks like it is time to go to IE9, so I need some help to resolve the printing issue. I have found one resolution, that I haven't tried yet, which is running two commands at a command prompt: "mkdir %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low" and "icacls %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low /setintegritylevel low". However, it appears this is done while not logged in as an administrator and would have to be run for each user. I have computers that are shared by as many as 40+ people making this difficult to do. Does anyone know of another solution or if the above solution might work in a script? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:IE9 Printing Blank Pages On Server 2003 Domain

Some things work but IMO Server 2003 isn't compatible with IE9. Server 2008 is.

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I have a PC with Windows XP Professional. When I print a hard copy of an email, it generates anywhere from 21 to 27 pages, with all but one blank. Generally, the emails being printed are short and should only result in a single page.

This started happening with Outlook Express, so I loaded Outlook 2000 - assuming there was something wrong with my copy of Outlook Express. It didn't help. I still get multiple pages.

This PC resides on a network. I deleted and reloaded all my printer drivers, which did not help.

No other software on my PC does this. All other printing is normal except when printing emails.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Printing email generates extra blank pages

Does it happen when you print direct to the printer, ie not via the network?

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At times, after I've opened 3-4 tabs,when I try to close one of them I suddenly get all kinds of tabs opening on me right across the screen. The first few will be the one I've just tried to close, but the rest will be blanks. The only thing that stops it from continuing is a restart, because I cannot close any of them. There have been up to 12 before. I'm sure if I let it go on, there would be many more!
I run AVG anti-virus, Ad-Aware, and Reg Cure regularly. And they are all up to date. My operating system is Windows XP Media. Any ideas how to stop this? Or is it just something I have to live with?

A:Multiple Blank Pages?

This is not something you have to live wiht because it is not supposed ot do that. What type of internet browser do you use?

What version is it (i.e. Internet Explorer 7)?

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So earlier today I noticed there was some issue with a lot of pages load pages loading up for me. FOR EXAMPLE.... A lot of pictures (not all)
Appear distorted like so:
In this other image you can see a page loading the HTML code
In an attempt to work this out myself, I updated my java and adobe flash shockwave to it's newest settings. But yeah.... this is where I'm at. Any help would be awesome.
I don't think this is a graphic card issue, as this is actually happening on all my computers.
I'm using the most current up to date firefox.

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Hi guys ( and girls )

I have an Acer Asspire 5332 running Vista.

A month or so ago the CD/DVD rom stopped working. Device Manager states it is unable to start and updating driver/uninstalling device etc does nothing either, other than recognise the drive as "standard cd rom" whereas it is actually a dvd rewriter. Acer tech support say that windows should pick up the driver automatically and cannot understand what the problem is. They do not provde a driver for the cd/dvd unit.

Then, in the last 2 weeks, certain web pages have failed to open, namely Hotmail and Facebook. All I get is a blank page with no error message Also videos on all sites intermittently work and don't work, saying I need to install Javascript which I already have! I have done all the usual checks and fixes ( internet options / javascript uninstall reinstall etc, as well as un-installing internet explorer itself.

Using another browser ( Safari ) opens up all pages including Hotmail and Facebook fine, but I still get the issue with the videos.

Does this sound like a virus? I have run Avast scan, and Malwarebytes and CC Cleaner. I am posting a "Hijack this log" for any braniancs to look over. Not sure if it is one problem, or several but doing my head in !!!

thanks in advance,

A:Aaarrgghh! DVD drive not working and internet pages opening as blank pages

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I have created a panorama photo by stitching photos together (with Olympus Camedia software-Free Stitch Panorama) and cropping (PSP7) to tidy up the edges.
I want to print this panoramic image. Now I can't print direct because it will just squash into the centre of the page so would like to print over multiple pages. The only way I can think of doing this is by chopping up the image in sections by making rectangular selections and copy,paste as new image, then printing each image.
I think some printers can auto print over multiple pages but not sure if my basic printer (Canon IP1500) does this.
Anyone got any ideas?

A:Solved: Printing panorama photo on multiple pages

I think you will have to cut up the photo in Photoshop and then print them individually with the printing utility that came with the printer if you want borderless. Easy Photo Print doesnít do panoramas. There are printing utilities like QImage that might cut them up for you, but I think it would probably be easier with the Photoshop crop tool with 11 X 8.5 inches (or the other way round) in the size boxes. The crop is constrained to those dimensions. Donít put anything in the resolution box unless you want to resample.

To the best of my knowledge no current Canon consumer printer will print over 24 inches in width even if you get the paper. Canon doesnít make panorama or roll paper and they donít want you using other papers. That isnít a paranoid supposition but came from a Canon executive at a big computer show. He said it would take someone a half-hour to make new firmware if they ever decided to make panorama paper.

Their concern is justified. There was a way to jerry-rig the S9000 to print banners at photo quality in Win98. I switched to Red River paper for all of my printing because I didnít want to have to profile on my panorama paper. When people complained to Canon that they couldnít get other versions of Windows to print panorama they were told that the Win98 capability was a glitch and they had no intention adding it for newer operating systems. I would have upgraded to an i9900 by now if I could print panoramas on it.

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A user is trying to print .html emails, however, whenever she prints, only blank pages are printed... but she can correctly view the email. Other users can see and print the email just fine. Does anyone know if some setting could have been changed? Ide rather not have to reinstall office, so if anyone could help i would appreciate it. Thank you!

A:Please help: Office 2000 printing blank pages when receiving .html emails


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I failed to fix this problem on my own. I have found that there are some people with similar problem ot this forum, so I try to ask you for hel as well.

A:Redirection to chinese recipes pages or blank pages


They call me TwinHeadedEagle around here, and I'll be working with you.

Before we start please read and note the following:

At the top of your post, please click on the "Watch thread" button and make sure to check Watch this thread...and receive email notifications. This will send an email to you as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing me to solve your problem faster.
Please do not install any new software during the cleaning process other than the tools I provide for you. This can hinder the cleaning process. Please do not perform System Restore or any other restore.
Instructions I give to you are very simple and made for complete beginner to follow. That's why you need to read through my instructions carefully and completely before executing them.
Please do not run any tools other than the ones I ask you to, when I ask you to. Some of these tools can be very dangerous if used improperly. Also, if you use a tool that I have not requested you use, it can cause false positives, thereby delaying the complete cleaning of your machine.

All tools we use here are completely clean and do not contain any malware. If your antivirus detects them as malicious, please disable your antivirus and then continue.
If during the process you run across anything that is not in my instructions, please stop and ask. If any tool is running too much time (few hours), please stop and inform me.
I visit forum several times at day, making sure to respond to everyon... Read more

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Hi there, I'm new here and been searching for a solution to this but haven't found anything that particularly helps.

I'm writing a paper and I've had to use a supplied template. Whilst editing in Word 2007 when I try to print it 2 pages per side and duplex - whichever printer I use in the office - it doesn't do it correctly; doesn't do duplex and just makes the page a little smaller and higher on the paper and one page per sheet.

It works fine on any other document in the same program and in any other program, just not for documents created using this template.

Any ideas how a template would affect it?

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The problem I am having is that when I go to print tax return forms from the IRS site or New York Tax Dept site, the form prints "short", that is, the last four or five lines of each page do not print.

You cannot save the data in these forms, they will only save as a blank form. Your only option is to print it.

However, although Adobe tells how to cure this problem ( by clicking File-Print and going down the menu which comes up to "printer scaling", then chosing "print to fit page", this only works if there is a
FILE menu on the left hand side of the page.

In these tax sites, the forms do not have a tool bar above allowing you to chose a FILE menu.
You can right click the mouse and chose PRINT, however it will print a cut off page.

SOOOOOOO do I either:
1. Get a standard Tool Bar to appear on top of the form, on these web site pages, or
2. use some other device or method to print these documents to fit the page.

If any of you are about to suggest right clicking on the printer icon PRINTERS, in the control panel, forget printer does not bring up anything about "Print Scaling".

Hopefully, some geek out there will read this and solve my problem. Thank you. 44 Guy

A:printed pages cut off at bottom

Every computerized tax form that I have available at the website of the sponsoring governmental agency...and reflects a printed version option which has resulted in everything being printed properly.

I'm not sure where Adobe figures into tax preparation.

If you are using a 3d-party app to do taxes...then the problem resides with the support for that application, IMO.


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I have Windows 98SE with a HP 842C Deskjet printer.
Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to see how many pages I have printed since the last ink refill?

A:Counting Printed Pages??


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Don't print much multi page output, so am NOT sure when this problem began.

Originally, the pages on my HP DJ855C were printed as expected: page-1 first, then page-2, etc; this resulted with page-1 being on the bottom of the stack. Depending on the application being used, there was often a Print-Order option available for Back-to-Front printing so that the last page would be printed first and then page-1 would be printed last and be on the top in the stacker.

NOW, things seem to have reversed:
If I do NOT ask for the Back-to-Front, then I seem to get it anyway (i.e., page-1 last and on the top). but if I want the original order (i.e., page-1 first and on the bottom) then I must use the Back-to-Front option.
It seems as though the default has become Back-to-Front and then selecting the option for Back-to-Front re-reverses the order and the result is Front-to-Back.

Possibly this reversal happened when I went to Win/XP; possibly it happened with the installation of some piece of software.

Q. Has anyone else had this exxperience?

Please tell me where I might change some parameter to make the option of Front-to-Back actually print the page-1 first like it did originally?

Any advice apprecaited.


A:Order of Pages Printed


Go into your printers and faxes options off of your start menu.

Select your printer, right click the mouse and click on printing preferences.
On the features tab at the bottom there is a option for start printing from last page. If there is a check mark in the box next to it, click there with the mouse and uncheck it and then click on apply and ok and you should be all set after that?

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Perhaps at some point in the past month or so, a driver/software update or new program created an unexpected by-product: browser "interference". 1) When entering a URL, Chrome processes it, goes to the website, but shows a blank page, 2) Firefox is unable to show some pages (error report), and 3) Internet Explorer shows an error messages saying that it can't connect to the website.

I've ruled out a LOT of possibilities: clearing out the cache, turning off pre-fetching in Chrome, refreshing IP, virus check, malware check, rebooting computer/router/wifi, trying privacy mode in the various browsers (in the event add-ons are causing the problem), deleting and downloading the browsers, deleting Firefox altogether, defragmentation, troubleshooting web connection. None of this had an impact.

HOWEVER, when I ran Windows 7 in safemode, not only was the browser lightning fast, I had ZERO problems pulling up pages. The problem was gone. So, here's where I need your help. What does this tell me? Is it telling me that the problem has to do with a driver or background program that is disbled in safemode but causing problems otherwise? If so, is the next step to reduce the number of programs running in the background? If so, how do I go about determining which ones to disable? If I use system config, are those choices reversible in the event it causes a problem? Is Black Viper the solution or the roadmap to guaranteed problems? I loved the browser speed and responsiveness in... Read more

A:Multiple browsers pulling up blank pages: only safe mode resolves...

Welcome to Seven Forums LightRadiant. Try running a clean start to see if you can pinpoint what is interfering.

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

A Guy

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Other than using View>Text Size, is there anything I can do that may cause the print to be darker? I know that my eyes are beginning to grow weaker but perhaps someone knows a trick for me to use or an answer. The light print seems to occur on most web pages and very bad on my ISP webmail account. My signature will tell you I am using WinXP Pro and SP2. If all pages were as clear and dark as the print I am seeing while typing this thread, I would not be asking for help. As always, TIA

A:Solved: Pages Appear To Be Too Lightly Printed

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Hi, when I print anything from the web (Amazon receipt for example) the 'Print preview' and actual hard copt print appear as source code (similar to lots of DOS type commands etc) and very small print size. Only happens in Internet Explorer 7.0 -tried using Firfox and that appears okay- any suggestions -anyone? (thanks in anticipation)

A:Printed Web pages appear as source code?

open IE, click tools > internet options > advanced tab

click the reset button

This will put everything back to default options and all is good!

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Hello TSG!
I am looking for a solution (maybe a registry setting) to not allow XP to print, say, more than 30 pages in any one print job. Any ideas?


A:Set Max Number of Pages to Printed at a Time

Any ideas? Found some software online that is far beyond what I need.

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Hi All, Please Help !!!!!

I set the printer to Fast Mode. After few month used, now every day morning I print.
The first few pages printed are not clear (especially black color), then the following pages are printed fine. Why ??????

A:HP BusinessJet 2200 First Few Pages Printed Not Clear

I'm guessing that the ink jet ports are drying up over night and it takes a couple of pages being printed before the ink is flowing correctly. I think using fast (draft) mode send less ink to the heads or less ink is available because you are printing faster.

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We have a need to find out quickly who is printing and how mucha are they printing to a particular printer. We enabled logging of all spool activity to the event-viewer which records all the printing which takes place through the Printer and gives quite a concise description of what was printed. Is there a way that we could transport this information to some sort of a file where we could get a clear indication as to who has printed and how much as well.

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Ran into some odd computer problems today, any assistance would be fantastic.

PC / OS / Browser Info:
Dell Optiplex (bought from
P4 1.99GHz, 512mb RAM, 40GB HD
Win XP (OEM) ver 2002, SP2
Firefox v3.0.3
IE v6.0.2900.2180

Overview Problems:
1.) Windows login password shows "IIIII" instead of the encrypted dots to indicate a password
2.) Random Outlook emails appear completely blank
3.) Google homepage on IE is completely blank, other various pages do not fully load, but work in Firefox
4.) Button text on some apps (Auslogics defrag) are completely gone
5.) Various system hangs

The computer worked fine until today. It was original purchased as a frugal replacement for an existing broken office PC.

Methods tried:
1.) Defrag/registry defrag, auslogics apps missing button text
2.) Ran AVG Virus scan (buttons missing text), to no avail, wouldn't run
3.) System restored to yesterday, and then to a week ago, to no avail
4.) Visited various tech support sites that suggested to run various REGSVR32 commands in Start -> run to no affect
5.) Ran IEFix app which was suggested might bring back broken IE components
6.) Explored Device manager, nothing is apparently wrong with any devices

This is about the extent of my IT knowledge. I would much prefer a way to fix other than formatting - I'm not even certain a format would fix the problem.

Any suggestions? Any more information I could provide? Have no idea what it could... Read more

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Hi guys

I have been searching google to see if more people are having the same problems as me but it seems like I am on my own.

Firstly some info about my computer:

Windows 7 64bit
Chrome is main browser but I have also tried Explorer and Firefox with no success
Using AVG AV and windows FW

1. I am trying to access the CCBill website by typing in into the address bar. All I get is a blank page on all three browsers.

I have checked with and the site is working for them. It also works on my iPhone so this leads me to the logical conclusion that something is amiss on my PC.

2. The second issue, which I think must be linked to whatever is going on in issue 1 is that there are some email links that I can't click on.

For example, Tesco (grocery retailer), send me emails every week with regards to my shopping. This week it was:

So I clicked on the "here" hyperlink and again I get a blank page like this:

Hopefully you guys can help me out with this.

Thank you for your time.

A:Blank Pages and Blank Links Issue (Really weird)

Sounds like you are missing some runtimes...

Go to and put a checkmark next to each box under the "Runtimes" section (should be 5, maybe 6 items to check). Then scroll down a little and click "Get Installer". Download and save the file, and then run it after closing all of your browsers.

It will download the checked items (Silverlight, Java, Air, Shockwave, and .NET) if they are not currently installed, or if the version you have installed is out of date. Once everything is installed (you can ignore anything that says "skipped - up to date"), open your browser and try the website again.

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How do you print multiple internet pages, because im trying to print the following review,

but when i print it only prints pages 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 where as there is 28 pages,

any ideas

A:printing web pages

have you tried :file> print > page range putting 1-28?

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If im looking at a web page and hit the print button, the printed version always has one edge missing.
I have tried the ' fit to page ' setting for my printer but that makes no difference?

A:Printing Web Pages

Check your page margins.

To change how a Web page looks when it prints

On the File menu, click Page Setup.
In the Margins boxes, type the margin measurements in inches.
Under Orientation, click either Portrait or Landscape to specify whether you want the page printed vertically or horizontally.

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While waiting for Win8-64bit driver from HP for my printer I used samba pdf network printer.
All 3 browsers work differently Win8-Pro:

- Firefox prints ok
- IE10 metro prints ok
- IE10 desktop prints only headers and footers not the content
- Chrome prints but the result seems to be graphics only, in the pdf created I cannot select text that is.
Printing from Chrome with "print with system dialog" results headers/footers only as in previous.

For IE10 desktop I have tried stuff from Microsoft pages addressing Win7 problems on this issue - without success so far.
Also tried with XPS Document writer but at least IE10 desktop gives same result as pdf printer.

Strange how different IE10 can be desktop/metro

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My computer has an Intel Celeron II processor (850 MHz) with 256 MB RAM, running Windows 98SE. I am finding it won't always print webpages (eg travel routes, location maps, cast lists of movies etc). My printer is HP Deskjet 990 cxi and works perfectly well printing Word documents. I find it may print one page, but when I go to a second, the printer icon appears at the foot of the screen, the printer clicks and whirrs, then the icon disappears and the printer dies on me. The odd thing is that I have a second printer - a 14-year old HP LaserJet III - and this prints the document quite happily, only it takes ages and is only in black & white. I have wondered whether it's a memory problem. Also I recently upgraded to Broadband and my computer won't boot up with it connected - I have to disconnect and then re-connect when the computer is booted up. Could this have anything to do with it? I've tried printing with Broadband disconnected but it's still spasmodic - sometimes it'll print, sometimes it won't. Has anyone had a problem of this sort?


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When a document is displayed in PDF and I select only specific page numbers to print, different pages will print out. i.e. I selected pages 34 and 35 only and got pages 24 and 25. Is a different procedure required for printing PDF pages? HP psc 2410 Photosmart all-in-one printer. Windows XP home. Thanks

A:Printing pages in PDF

I've had similar problems and found this explanation on a "Medicare" web site.

"Page Numbering in Adobe

Adobe Acrobat Reader numbers pages differently from the document within the reader. Adobe Acrobat simply looks at the number of total pages within a document, and begins with the number 1 for the first page. While this makes sense in some cases, this numbering does not allow for unnumbered pages, such as Cover pages and Table of Contents.

In the example above, (See link below for full description) an excerpt from a larger document was placed into its own PDF publication. This excerpt contains pages 5, 6, and 7 of a document, but appears as pages 1, 2, and 3 in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please remember this numbering difference. Many of the PDF documents on the website contain references to other pages within the document. It is important to use the page numbers on the actual document pages in order to navigate to referenced pages. The Adobe Acrobat Reader page numbers should be used as more of a guide to how many total pages a document contains."

Go here for a full discussion of Adobe printing.

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When printing tutorials from web pages, I find the text is chopped off on the right hand side (about one inch) I don't know how to fix this. All other printing is fine. My OS is Windoows 98 se.

A:Printing web pages

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Printer = Brother DCP-117C - it's OK. When I attempt to print a web page (of a tutorial) only a part is printed. In particular the tutorial is the series 'Databases from scratch' with URL of
There are also 2 and 3 in the series. Did manage (once) to get a *.txt file out but of course the excellent pictures disappear.
Will appreciate any help - Thanks.

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hello, i am trying to print pages off the internet but they dont fit to wide, i tried going to printer settings and reducing to 75% well all fits but still leaves off last few words of the sentences, is this clear? thanks ron

how do i correct this, usning a hp laser jet 2420 and a minolta bizhubc250..

A:printing web site pages to fit

For many web sites you have to switch to landscape mode to print all of the text.

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i will be appreciated if someone if one of the friends guides me for a program can be used to print web pages without animations and sponsors.


A:software fro printing web pages

With your mouse, select what you want printed on the page. Hightlight by holding down your left mouse button and dragging the mouse.

The click on File > Print > Selection

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Im trying to figure out why this computer has a problem. HP photosmart 7960, it will print 3 different pages whenever the computer starts up. Prints fine other wise. One page says something about "usb"

The three pages, it only prints about 2 lines on each paper, then prints another, and they are always the same three. This is on xp home edition.


A:Printing 3 pages on startup

hey , well i would try to uninstall the printer and install once again , that could fix the problem , if not let me know

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I have posted this problem in the past; but, no one seemed to have a solution. I'm still hoping.

Printing to PDF is a problem sometimes. Please look at the two attachments. It is pretty much self-explanatory. One is a screen capture of the way it looks on the screen and the other is the way it comes out when printed to PFF. I have tried different PDF printers, Adobe Acrobat Pro ver 9, BullZip and others and the result is the same.

Is there a way to solve this?

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My epson 880 suddenly started printing top half pages only. This is off and on but mostly on. At first it was just word, now it is wordpad, IE. but excel and PDF seems OK. It is not just for large files, but for 4 page simple text files.

I restored with full program (restoreIt3), defragged, error checked, Norton utilities all used, virus check updated, reinstalled print driver, checked epson site--little use of that, disconnected and ran printer self check (OK), checked settings--Lpt 1 (only) as usual, , not shared, not on a network, spooled (but tried raw), no speical defaults, etc. as usual.

Any Idea what is up? No problems until today, printer has been used less than a year, but out of warranty since I bought it several years ago.

I would really appreciate hearing form someone since I am writing an XP beginning manual for a class at the senior center next week and need to get it printed out so I can copy it. Something always happens when I am up against a deadline!


A:printing half pages

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Hi guys

WIN XP, OpenOffice as a word processor.

Just got my parents a new Laser Monochrome printer. My Dad is always trying to print things he sees on the Web - from hotel booking confirmations he gets in his in-box to articles he reads at the NYT, to pages containing tables, like those you see at a cruise ship site where the different cruise packages are being described.

We have found that printing things like this is hit and miss - sometimes you can just click Control-P and it will print. Other times you can click the 'Printable Version' and you will get a version that works. However, this does not always work - the text is sometimes cut off at the sides.

I sometimes try to highlight the material and then paste it into a Word Processro. This works fairly well, but not always.

I did a search and found out about programs like Net Snippets and eSnip. However, Net Snippets is no longer being developed and eSnips does not seem to be exactly what I want.

I need a (hopefully freeware) program that will allow me to easily cut content from a web page and paste it into OpenOffice and then print it. Actually, I do not need to paste it anywhere - as long as I can cut it and print it, that's fine. I would like the ability to take a web page with a bunch of images and just snip out the text, thereby saving ink instead of printing all the advertisements and other images.

Can anyone suggest a good program for this. Thanks as always.


A:Snipping web pages and printing them

On most web pages, you can simply "block" the required text with your mouse, right click on the highlighted blue area anywhere, and then select PRINT x SELECTION.

Works fine 99% of the time and saves having to print the whole page in colour.

Likewise you can again block what you want and select COPY - then just a matter of pasting it into whatever document you like!

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Do other XP users experience this?

If I want to print a web page (IE6 browser) the only way it doesn't truncate text on the right is if I set it to landscape mode (vs. portrait).


A:Printing web pages in XP - landscape only?

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I only want to print pages 13-17 but it prints 1-10

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3893 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 79899 MB, Free - 3595 MB; D: Total - 396937 MB, Free - 86756 MB; H: Total - 99 MB, Free - 60 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1425
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:printing selected pages

You have to tell "it" to print pages 13-17.

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Here is the error:

spooler subsystem aoo stopped working and was closed

everything I try to print only 2 pages will print no matter how many there are...even things I printed earlier.

So far, I can print page by page. Everything worked an hour ago. Have tried restarting everything.


Running Vista Home, Lexmark Z2490 printer

A:Printer only printing 2 of 8 pages.

1. Try to check the printer spooler service Try to uninstall and reinstall Printer driver Software.

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I have three problems that all seem to be tied together.
If I go to say, YouTube, most of the stills for videos are blank.
When I click on a viewable still photo, I can see the video title
and the viewer remarks, but it looks as though the page has
overlaped or covered the video. Some pages look like there are
ripples that cover other information.
Also, if I try to print, there is no problem with the printer itself,
I get the "error on page" and "should I continue running script".
Whether I click yes or no, the page will freeze up.
I have Windows Vista, and have tried Google, PPC, Yahoo and
Internet Explorer.

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windows xp and OE6 - suddenly printing from both appears in HTML format, the printing being in a font size to suit the lenthg of text, that is 12 in a short text down to 6 in long text. Please help

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Hi.....I have a pdf file that I want to print but it only prints in the middle of the page, I would like to print 2 on to 1 page as it is quite a large doc. Can someone help with this please , even if it means another app to do it.
Thanks in advance

A:printing 2 pages on 1 page

Hi that is set up in your printer settings
Being as you have not told us what Make and Model and type of printer we cant help you at moment.
As what might work with one type of printer wont with another.
Await your reply
Also was it working before or have you only just got your printer

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When trying to print a web page I get the message "an unknown error occured while printing".
This does not happen when using Internet Explorer which works OK.
Any ideas please?
I am using Firefox which I re-downloaded yesterday.

A:Error printing Web Pages

i get same problem printing error 20 30- did u solve problem [email protected]

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My friends was told to print pages 71-74 of this (large)PDF:
City of Annapolis Watershed Study and Action Plan

He used the print dialog to select them, and was rewarded with pages 48-51.
He called me and I was able to determine that the page numbers in the Page Pane don't match the page numbers in the document.
I selected the proper pages and printed them for him.
Is there any way to fix this (I have Acrobat Pro), or does it just mean that PDF documents are always numbered wrong when the authors chooses to leave the numbers off some pages?
Just one more reason why I detest this format.

A:PDF Printing Selected Pages

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I am modifying a separator page for my network printer. I am using the \F <filepath> escape command in order to print the contants of a file on the separator page but it is not working. Does anyone have any ideas?

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does anyone else run into the problem where you want to print only a a few pages from the big document but word somehow ends up printing the whole document; i specifically put the range , i.e. 1-2 or 1-3 but no avail.


A:question about printing pages in ms word

You might want to try this:

To print pages 1 thru 3 Insert 1,2,3 and see what happens.
Hope this works!

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I just upgraded to paperport 9 from 6.1 because 6.1 did not really support XP
and it does Acrobat so I bought it

th problem is if I scan in any document and try to print it by clicking on print or drag it to th printer, it prints a completely BLACK page

If I right click on it and then click OPEN, then I can print from that window

even though I bought it this week since paperport 10 was released I can only get e-mail support from them and they charge for it. can anyone help me

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Hi Guys

Wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to do two pages to one page printing via file print in word 2003.
When i choose two pages via the zoom option in the bottom right hand corner it prints out all the pages on single pages.
Now if i choose properties when chossing file print i can change it there but this is altering the page setup with the printer which is hardward based.
Does the software part actually work via the zoom option in word 2003?
If so how can i get this printed that way?
I have tried this on various printers, HP Laserjet's 4000, 4100, 4250 and 4350. HP 2100 printer also and they all get the same issue so i know it isn't a driver issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:two pages to one printing word 2003

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Dear Friends,

When trying to print off a page from a web site I use the standard A4 sized paper (Eight inches by twelve inches) Portrait style. When the sheet comes out of the printer four inches of text on the right hand side are always "chopped off". I realise that this is because the web page is wider than my paper.

I wonder please whether any kind person knows of any method by which I can print the full width of a web page.

I have Windows XP Home edition with Service Pack 2, use Internet Explorer 6 and have a Canon Pixma MP750 Multifunctional Printer.

Thank you.

Red Cloud

A:Solved: Printing Web Site Pages

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I'm having trouble printing from Windows ME. When I print from any program I get a good print for about half a page then it starts ejecting paper and printing just a afew lines before ejecting to another page. Ive tried 2 seperate printers and run into the same problem. It doesn't matter what program I print from. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:{RESOLVED} Printing partial pages


What make and model of printer.
Are you using the correct driver.
How is the printer connected (network, Lpt, in series with other peripheral, etc).


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After upgrading to IE 6, when printing web pages, the footer information - i.e. URL address and the date at the bottom of the page - does not print (the header does). This was not a problem with earlier versions of IE. I like to have the URL and the date printed on the page so that I know which website I obtained the information from and on what date. Originally, I thought that this was a function of IE 6 and then recently discovered that when I print a web page using an ink jet printer, the URL/date is printed on the bottom. Thus it is not the settings in IE 6. Due to the better print quality and the much higher cost of printing with ink jet printers, I much prefer using the LaserJet to print web pages. The footer info (URL and date) appears in the Print Preview window. Decreasing/increasing the margins did not help. My LaserJet is nearly eight years old but still does a great job printing. Any ideas?????

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I have a very large excel spreadsheet that has multiple sheets. Several of these sheets have PDF documents embedded in them, most have more than one page. My problem is that when I want to print the entire workbook only the first page of the embedded PDF is included and I am requiring that all pages of the PDF's are printed. Is there any other format that can be used in excel?

A:Printing embeded PDF (all pages) in Excel

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The printer shows only one of my 2 pages of labels and it prints just the first one.

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I have an HP LaserJet 1536dnf MFP printer. Some of the PDF documents I print come out inverted -- black page with white letters. If I print to a different printer, they print okay -- and they look fine on the screen. Today I was e-mailed a 4 page document. The 1st and 3rd pages printed right, but the second and 4th page were inverted. I've tried to trouble shoot some, but hate using up so much toner in trial and error. Does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions as to what I can do? I love the printer except for this issue!


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4061 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 1806 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 409037 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5G41-M LE, Rev X.0x, MF70A8G02001449
Antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:PDF's printing some pages inverted colors

Try re-installing the printer driver.

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I have an A4 sized Powerpoint 2007 (Vista) document (portrait) which needs to be PDF'd so that there is no printer margin and that 2 pages are printed per page (I have images which need to appear like they bleed across the centre of the 2 pages). Is this possible? I can print 2 pages per page but there is always a printer margin so that a thick white line appears down the centre of the page. I'm using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.

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Hi there. This is my very first post here.
For some time now, I've noticed missing parts of emails that people send to me. (For example, a red X where there should be a photo).

Lately, when trying to print certain web pages, I'll get the following message:
Internet Explorer Script Error
Line: 228
Char: 1
Error: Interface not registered
Code: 0
URL: res://C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg

Also, lately when I click on certain web page links, another duplicate window will open up and just hang.

I sure hope that someone can help me out here!
(I'm running Windows 2000)

Thanks in advance!

A:Help...problems Browsing/printing Web Pages!!!

Hi there again.
Okay, after doing a search through these forums, I managed to solve 2 of my 3-part problems. I went to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. I then selected Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Next, I clicked on Remove/Change Programs. I then selected the Internet Explorer repair option. (which I never even knew existed!) After running that and rebooting, I was pleased to discover that I can now access and print web pages that were impossible yesterday.
Thanks to this forum's archives! Hope this helps someone else!

However, I still have the one problem remaining. Many times, when I receive an email, the graphics do not appear. All I get is a blank box where the graphic should be. In the middle of the blank box is a little box with a red X.
This same email displays the graphics fine on other the problem is isolated to my computer.
Can anyone out there help me?

Thanks in advance!

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I am one of those Firefox converts who has really grown to HATE Internet Explorer, but I'm forced to use it to print certain web pages which refuse to print correctly in Firefox. Most web pages print out just fine; there are a small percentage that don't. This is one example of one that doesn't:

In this case, Firefox seems unable to send more than one printed page worth of content to the printer, and I can't find any setting to change to fix this. Even if it's a long web page which would normally produce several pages of printout, the "print preview" function only shows one page, and only one page is sent to the printer. Is there anyone who knows what is going on or if there's any way to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

A:Problem printing some pages in Firefox

Sorry to "bump" this topic back to the top, but is there anyone out there who knows what's going on with this? It's becoming a real problem for me; I'm forced all too often to open pages in IE, when I'd really rather not. It's annoying and time-consuming...

Again, sorry to bump the topic, but I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks again in advance!!!

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No matter which browser I use; (Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox so far), all web pages
are blank. I have an ip address, and I am able resolve host names and ping remote sites.
The operating system platform is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.
I welcome any suggestions.

A:Blank Web Pages

Thats an odd one! Have you made sure you are not infected by anything nasty?

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I have recently got wireless at home. I have an AOL modem which is then connected to a Netgear wireless router. I have wireless on my laptop.

However when I use internet explorer on my laptop it allows me to connect to pages such as google straight away, when I try to conect to pages such as hotmail it says opening page, takes a while then says it can't find the page. I have windows XP but it also happens on my powerbook with tiger as well.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? I can also not use things such as MSN messenger.

A:Blank Pages

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to Networking forum for more response

Are you still having this problem? If so, apart from Hotmail, are you having any other problems with secure sites, or is it any apart from Google?



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Hi, I'm having trouble with my internet. I can access just about any site, but some, invisionfree, spreebb, wikipedia, to name a few, come up as just a blank page and at the bottom it says done. I refresh and it's the same. A few days ago they all worked perfectly, and now I can't access them. I don't recall changing anything to my computer. I even tried a system restore in case I did. Can someone help me please?

A:Blank Pages

Hi MandiNoel, welcome to TSF....

Do you have a firewall installed?

Also, have you tried a different browser such as Firefox or Opera? If yes, does the same happen?

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I'm using Vista Home Premium Version 6.0 (Build 6001:Service Pack 1)
with IE 7.0.6001

IE7 is part working. Secure sites and others show blank pages stating 'done'. Web page buttons when clicked sometimes do nothing. When I open About Internet Explorer, version cipher & product ID are not displayed and like many pages, the ok button to close this 'about' box does nothing. Explorer is not listed in the control panel programs.

I assume I caused the problem when doing a system clean up, uninstalling programs etc. I am novice and shouldn't have played around. Hindsight is great..I know. Anyway, I'm sure theres no virus, checked with off and online anti-virus. System restore didn't help. Reinstalling IE7, it said my OS wasn't supported?! Tried saving to and then installing IE 7 and 8. Same problem with 7 and although 8 installed, it didn't work at all. Hence another system restore. I have Spybot which lists about 200 registry errors but I'm not going there...yet... it's never too late to get sense!

I know my problem details are vague but if someone could give me an idea of where to begin, I'd be grateful!

I'm trying the the post...'common fix for accessing secure sites' now.

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what is going on when i hit a hyperlink and all that appears is a blank page? i've disabled zone alarm and checked to make sure i don't have popup blockers running? anti virus shows that my system is clean. got me?

A:blank pages

All pages or just one/some?

What browser?

Link on a webpage or in an email?

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Lately, we have been experiencing blank pages when going into sites such as for Sky Sports, Sky Movies etc. eg:

At the bottom of the page, you can see it scrolling and tallying number of images downloaded but when finished, its a blank page.

Why would this be?

A:Blank web pages...


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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, IE9. When using the computer to try to look at different webpages, I am getting blank pages instead of being able to view the pages I want. Example, on an Ebay page- trying to click on information about an item & a blank page appears. It happens on other pages too.

Any ideas?

A:Blank pages

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is IE9 all up-to-date with updates? Also have you tired to update Adobe Flash and Java?

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I am not sure what is causing this.. But every time I try and use my msn explorer browser I get a blank screen upon logging in.. I also get the blank screen when I attempt to use Adobe Acrobat Reader... I am not sure if this issue has to do with IE7 that I installed last night, But I think it maybe the root cause of it. IE and Firefox both open fine and I have no problems but this seems to be linked somehow to Adobe and MSN.

Screen shots to help explain the problem better.


A:Blank pages

Hello and welcome
What security programs do you have installed?

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I'm working on a computer that is running XP.

When I would open up Internet Explorer, some web pages would be blank. For example, Windows update was blank, but was not. appeared normal, but in mail the address book appeared blank, etc.

I ran spybot and adaware and it found a bunch of stuff. Then ran hijack this and it looked clean. Was able to get onto Windows Update. Updated to IE 7. After update, the runonce page came up and it was just plain blue. Now unable to get back on Update.

Went into registry and took out the "runonce" to try and bypass and that did not work. I can go to other websites, ie. I type in and everything looks normal.

Everytime I reopen IE, the runonce page is there - but it is blank. Any suggestions of how to reset or what to do next?

A:Some blank web pages

I got the RunOnce off - but the Windows Update site is still not visible. Any suggestions for this?

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We recently got a computer from our roomie's parents. I am using Windows XP home edition (sp2), IE7. Everytime I try to go to my emails it just stays blank. I can get to gmail basic view, but that doesn't work for me. I need Standard view, it says that you must have a fully supported browser.. Which I'm pretty sure I do?? I have done everything I have found on the subject, but I really need stuff put into words that I can understand!

I was able to download windows live messenger, but it won't let me into my inbox on hotmail. It won't let me download Yahoo Messenger 8 though. Does anyone have any idea what I could do to get this pc working right? Any help would be greatly Appreciated!! Thank you!

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Windows XP-SP2 running with IE6.
Working fine untill yesterday (I don't recall installing or unistalling anything).
Suddenly when I visit certain web pages, like hotmail and windows update I get a completely blank page (no words or pictures, just white pages) with the indication "Done"at the status bar. I am also unable to view the "Download" buttons in certain sites like and some links don't work when clicking on them!
When I use Firefox, everything works perfect!
I tried to repair/reinstall IE but it doesn't let me since "I am using a newer version". I also cannot update through Windows update since the page doesn't work for me. Also: Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level and enable ActiveX and Scripting (or set to Prompt) are ENABLED!

Please help!!!!

A:Blank pages in IE6 SP2

Run the System File Checker, you may have some missing/corrupt files

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow ( sfc if not reconized)

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem. You will need your Windows cd.

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internet explorer keeps popping up white, blank pages when i am using other programs. how can i stop this from happening....

A:blank pages

Hello and welcome to TSF

Most likely cause are that you have an infection:

I would recommend that you go here; read and follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, to here. (Just click on the coloured links.)

Once done, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can.

Good luck

Please also remember DO NOT post your logs in this thread, please start a new thread here. (Just click on the coloured link.) and post the logs.

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