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Problem Reinstalling WinXP on Dell XPS400

Q: Problem Reinstalling WinXP on Dell XPS400

Okay, so here's what's happening.

I'm fixing a computer that got a very nasty virus from Limewire. I have backed everything up, but I don't think there's actually anything wrong with the filesystem.

I just want to reinstall Windows over top of the existing installation so it doesn't have to redo the entire filesystem and will replace the system files so none of the programs/files will be effected.

When I try to boot up into the XP SP2 install CD, It will not recognize any hard drives. Obviously, the computer has hard drives in it.

if some one could help me get rid of the virus (I believe it's one of those nasty pdf bugs) or figure out how to do an install of windows over top of the existing one without formatting the drive, I would appreciate it. These are my only two options, the client will not accept any other option.

This is URGENT. I have given ALL the information I possibly can. Thanks.

A: Problem Reinstalling WinXP on Dell XPS400

Does your BIOS see the drive? There is every chance a repair install will not get rid of your virus problem?

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I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 4600 using the WinXP Home System Recovery disk. I'm not sure if that disk was the one that came with that computer or not, but the reformatting procedure was going fine until the screen changed to a black screen with "Gateway" displayed on it in large white lettering with a white scrolling progress bar that animated for a few seconds, then froze. I figured that the reformatting process would take a long time, so I walked away, but several hours later, I found that the screen hadn't changed at all and the computer didn't seem to be doing anything aside from just sitting there, displaying that same image.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the computer itself (e.g., I'm not using the correct System Recovery disc)?

EDIT: I almost forgot -- I'm planning on donating this computer, so I'm not concerned with losing any data on it.

A:Solved: Reinstalling WinXP on Dell Dimension 4600 - lockup?

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Hey guys...
I know someone has the answer to this since the guy who fixed this computer for me last basically told me to junk it.

I have a Dell XPS400 that's approx 3 yrs old. Had a system crash repaired last summer. Now when I push the start button, I get the black screen with DELL on it and what I think is a bar showing load progress?? It gets almost to the end and stops....also the light on the floppy disk drive stays on. I really don't want to junk this system if I can fix it. Hoping it's something small & stupid that maybe one of the kids messed up.

Here is a pic of what I get when I turn it on... It doesn't do ANYTHING past this....


A:Dell XPS400 w/XP

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A friend brought me her Dell XPS400 desktop just over a year old. All it does at startup is show a one line message when it is powered up. The message is: RV370 P/N xxxx-xxx (where x is a number that happens to be on the PCI Express ATI Video Card) That is it! There is no way to enter the BIOS (Setup) or to boot to a safe mode. You can not boot with a bootable disk such as a CD or floppy. No matter what keys you hit (USB Keyboard and USB Mouse) the same message appears.
Unplugged all the drives, same message. (2 ROMS and a SATA HD.)
Replaced both sticks of RAM both one at a time and together.
Replaced the Video Card with a PCI Ex Nvidia (This just produces a flashing cursor with no message)
Tried a PCI Video card just to see if it boots. Same thing, flashing cursor, no message.
Replaced the Power Supply. No change
In short, I have tried everything I can think of and all I get as soon as the monitor comes up is that RV370 P/N.....message. I even ordered and replaced the motherboard from Dell with the exact same model board. Same message appears. I have searched Dell forums and the internet for days and while I can find hundreds of Dell owners with the exact same error, I can find no one that has posted a fix. So it's out there. I have built, repaired, and configured computers since 1991. I don't know everything but I do know that this Dell must be from hell. Any help on this would be appreicated.

A:Solved: Dell XPS400

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I've reached the Factory Default site after using the Ctrl/F11 keys. Now that I am there the up and down control keys only go to the Reboot option. Not the Restore, which is where I need to be. Use of the wireless or wired mouse does not give me access option to click on restore button. How do I get there?


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My son recently used our computer one evening and logged off without a hitch. The very next day, when I went to use it, all I got was the WindowsXP splash screen indicating that the system was loading. However, that's as far as the operating system would go. I can only use the computer in Safe mode. I have all the backup & resource CDs. Is there anything I can do besides a full restore. What do I do first? This is a WindowsXP Pro MCE2005 operating system. Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you.

A:My DELL XPS400 won't boot up!

You could use "System Restore" to restore your computer to an earlier point (before the problem). It won't mess with your files, but it will uninstall any programs you might have installed during the time between the restore point and the present (so I imagine you didn't install any). You can do it in safe mode
The usual path from the start menu would be Start>All programs>accessories>System tools>System Restore

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Hi! First time post. I hope I get some responses.I have a Dell XPS400 from 2005, running Windows XP. A few years ago, the onboard USB ports "gradually" went out of commission, meaning flaky for a while but eventually went totally shot. As there is no onboard PS/2 ports, once the onboard USB ports stopped functioning, I can NO LONGERGo into CMOS setupBoot from CD-ROM driveHit F1 to continue...etc.I have been lucky somehow most of the time the PC continued to boot up Windows despite the "Keyboard error" on booting up the motherboard. But I am scared to restart the PC and have kept it powered up most of the time. (I've installed PCI USB card in the meantime for USB access under Windows.) A few days ago I started getting "system voltage low" message when I had to reboot the PC. I was unable to press any key to continue. I was about to finally give up after power cycling some 40-50 times without success, then it finally booted up again.Aside from changing the CMOS battery, which is my absolute last resort -- because currently with some luck I could still boot up but if I reset CMOS, I know for sure I won't have any luck left because I'd have to set the time and date -- is there anything else I can try?BTW, if anyone who has a DELL XPS400 without driving distance of Mechanicsburg PA, please let me know too.

A:No onboard USB access for my Dell XPS400

Well, nothing lasts forever and if you've had seven years of usage from it, I think you you've done quite well. But it sounds like the motherboard is about to give up the ghost, so remove the HD and then consign it to history.

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my Dell XPS400 HDD has no OS becouse i had to delete had virus. 
Also myHDD has 2 disks, 1 disk on port 2 error occurred (0) the other disk is fine.
how can i format or run a virus chk.
thanks for the help               kabars

A:my Dell XPS400 HDD has no OS and a HDD error code 4

Please run the free, bootable antivirus checks and the rest of the diagnostics (especially the hard drive diagnostics) from here:
You can obtain OS recovery disks from Dell.  Here's a link for users in the US:

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Hello guys, I'm new to this forum. And I hope I find a solution here.

It all started when I was updating drivers and came across updating the BIOS on my working Dell XPS 400. After Updating it, the BIOS was flashed. Once it rebooted a Post showing came up and at the bottom it said "BIOS updated successfully. AFTER that the computer made a total of 6 long beeeeeeeps with no display, monitor light is orange not green. So I shut down the computer and try to turn it turns on for a half of a second and powers down...after 3 seconds it turns on...however no light on the keyboard or mouse..I just get those 6 long beeeeeeps one after the other.

I tried the following:
-removing battery for 30secs=Did not work
-removing battery for 30mins=Did not work
-Clearing the CMOS, moving the jumpers from 1/2 to 2/3=Did not work

I was read some similar problems and most say the Mobo could be dead. How could a simple BIOS update cause this. There has to be a solution. Anyhow I yet have to try removing the RAM, Vcard, any other attached hardware inside to see what happens. I cannot hit any keys on a keyboard that does not respond that holding the insert key=Did not work

Here are my specs:
Learn More Learn More
NEW Intel® Pentium® D Processor up to 840 (3.2GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) with Dual Core Technology.

Operating Systems
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition

Intel® 945P chipset

Office Suit... Read more

A:Dell XPS400 won't boot up after BIOS update

On some motherboards removing the battery, in and of itself is not enough. You need a jumper. List the model number of your motherboard.

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My Dell XPS400 (XP Medica Center) has started making a very irritating noise.
It is not a clicking as much as a 'scrunch". It occurs about 40 times per minute.
The drive seems to function ok.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

A:Dell XPS400 disk drive noise

Have you backed up the Hard Drive onto an external device recently? You can backup onto DVD's, external HDD's or a flash memory stick. I would seriously recommend this incase your hard drive is failing.
You can try running checkdisk by opening Command Prompt and typing "chkdsk". Your computer will probably ask you to perform checkdisk on next boot, accept this, then restart.
Other than that there's alot of freeware available on the internet which can scan you hard disk for corrupt data and damaged sectors. If your system is still in warranty i'd suggest taking it in for maintenance.

Hopefully this has helped to some extent


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When I left home this morning, all was well with the Dell XPS400 was running smoothly, no indication of any problems. Came home this evening to find the PC basically lifeless, with only a blinking amber power light. No fans running, nothing. All attempts to revive failed. Disconnected power cord, cycled down, reconnected power.....nothing but that blinking amber power light.

Does anyone know what would cause this? Power supply? something else?

Thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS400 - blinking amber light

You may have had a power surge during the day that possibly damaged the XPS power supply. Did you try unplugging it from the wall and waiting 10 seconds or so. then plugging it back in? Is it connected through a surge protector? If so, try plugging the computer directly into the wall plug

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repair install xp home media on Dell XPS400
Have a dell xps 400 and need to do a repair install of windows.

I have a dell install cd and can get to the screen to choose drive for installation but C: isn't shown, and all that is shown is sata drive not found 4 times.

I started windows using floppy diskette seek failure, F1 key to continue F2 to run setup. There is no floppy so I pressed F1 to continue.

Next message is press any key to boot to cd and I did.

Next was Set up Windows XP now press Enter

Or To repair a windows XP

and a third choice to exit. I choose to setup windows and pressed Enter.

Next was the agreement window, I agreed to it.

When it shows the drives, no C:\ but 4 entries of

Unknown Disk
<There is no disk in this drive.> and that is all that is listed and it is there 4 times.

It doesn't show C: harddrive which is there and working for I can boot to it.

So the way it is I can't partition a drive or even choose a drive. Why isn't the hard drive showing? The mother board has to know it is there or it wouldn't boot to windows.

A:repair install xp home media on Dell XPS400

try this:

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When I power up my 6-year old Dell XPS400, immediately after the hard drive is accessed I get a repeating beep and errors 3 & 4 are lit. Error 4 slightly precedes error 3. Is my hard drive toast? Documentation is misplaced and no support contract. Any suggestions for troubleshooting appreciated.

A:Windows XP - Dell XPS400 errors 3 & 4 @ boot time


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I have an AMD Athlon 2200 with WinXP Home installed on it. Other details:

2 Hard Drives: Maxtor 20 GB (older, perhaps 3 yrs old), WinXP installed on this drive.
and Western Digital 120 GB Hard Drive, brand new (partitioned into 4 parts)

2 - 256 MB DDRAM PC 2100

My problem began recently when I ran Perfect Disk defragmenting program and selected the "boot defrag" option, which defrags the drive upon boot up, before Windows loads. I had selected the "C" drive which is the 20 gb Maxtor upon which Win XP Home is installed. This is the only drive in FAT32 format, the remainder are in NTFS.

Upon rebooting I received an error message that some part of WinXP was corrupted and it could not load. It was located in: C:\Windows\System32\Config\System

In any case, I attempted to reinstall WinXP Home and received numerous error messages reporting that various portions of the WinXP cd could not be copied to disk. I have two CD drives, one a CD-RW another a DVD. I attempted to try again with each of the drives without any luck, i.e. the same problem. I blasted each with canned air to rule out dirty lens.

I have also borrowed someone else's Win XP install CDROM thinking that mine was defective in some way, despite the fact that I could not see a single thing wrong with it. Same results: nada!

I figure my problem is either with the cdr drives or my hard drive, which I should say, has reported 1088 bad sectors upon chkdisk in the past, has given up the Read more

A:Problem Reinstalling WinXP Home, either HD and/or CDRom Drive

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ok, i turn on my desktop (DELL XPS400) and it gives me this message:
unable to start missing file: windows/system32/config/system

so i dont know what is going on but i go get my XP re-install disc. i go thru the prompts to get to the boot from disc option. it goes thru its process and then presents me with 3 options. install, repair and cancel. but when i go to select repair, i have no keyboard control anymore. this pc only has a usb connection for the keyboard. wtf! so i ran the diagnostics and:
drive 0: ST3160828AS-FAIL. Return Code-7

drive4: samsung dvd-not supported
drive5-liteon dvdrw-not supported

next i changed a couple settings in the setup. i re-ordered the boot sequence and moved cdrom to the top of the order list and also changed the usb setting to no boot. didnt change anything.

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Dell inspiron 6000 windows xp; turns on, loading the dell logo and the bar goes almost all the way across- but then - before the log in user screen, it will go to a black screen and just have a little cursor that looks like this: _ blink over and over again.

I tried, when the dell screen originally first comes on, to press F12 or F2 to reboot it - nothing happens. F8 same thing; blink blink little cursor on upper left hand side of screen

what to do?

A:Start up problem Dell Inspiron WinXP

I would check to see if the HD is seated well. somtimes the drives can get loose. Check side of laptoptop. If thats not the case try starting with The Dell CD That has the OS on it. If the computer asks what to do when it finds disk, choose repair if all else fails. DO NOT CHOOSE REFORMAT or anthing else.

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Hi all.

I need to get some video off of my camcorder, so I bought a 3 port firewire card from Belkin.

I intstalled the card into an open PCI slot beneath my video card, closed everything back up, and turned on the power, nothing happened. My CPU was getting power, but there was no signal to the monitor, or anything else. Windows never loaded, and no other

I changed the card into another open slot and the same thing happened again. I took the card out, and it booted up normally.

I have a Dell Dimension 4550, running WinXP. I don't think there should be a problem like this. I spent half an hour on hold with Belkin tech support before I had to attend to my 15 month old who trapped himself in a closet.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Problem installing Belkin Firewire card on Dell w/ WinXP

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I have a dell 8400 Dell with SATA HD. I decided to format the hard disk, and I received the error message : "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system". I read through the threads located in : .. Therefore, i was able to load the driver via floppy disk as suggested and succeeded to have my SATA detected and copied the xp files , but the problem is that once it reboots i got a black screen, means that i could not see any image (invite to complete the installation). the black screen flashes (comes and goes without having the time to see the screen).. What is the problem and what would be the solution .. thanks in advance..

A:Problem in installing winXp in my 8400 Dell with SATA drive

For that to work did you enable the SATA feature in the BIOS and I would burnt drivers for SATA to CD instead for FD. Check with DELL support to see if their is anything you need to get that DELL SATA HDD working again.

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Hey everyone,

Been trying to reinstall windows Xp from a cd for the past few days, turns out my computer crashed about a week ago and was saying that i was missing some major files. so i went in and deleted the old partition and created a new one. when i went to reinstall. it got to about 99% and said that a few files could not be installed. i retried them and also tried skipping this brought me to the BSOD. Some body said i may need a new hard drive. Is this Possible?? the cd work because i used it on a different computer and it worked perfectly.

thanks in advance for any advice.


A:Help with reinstalling WinXP PLZ

Welcome to Tech Support Forum,your Hardrive may be the cause of your problem so to rule it out go to your Hardrive Manufacturers Website and download and run their disk utility and it will tell you the health of your drive.
Post back your results

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For various reasons (mainly that my laptop no-longer boots outside of safety mode) I want to start fresh and reinstall WinXP.
I never had the disk (I got the laptop from my dads work so it wasn't new). However I've heard that it's possible, with a file stored in the I386 folder to restore it without the disk. But when I try and open the installer, it comes up with a message "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation". So, any help would be appreciated. If it helps, I'm on SP3... There is another Winnt32, which calls itself "Stub loader for Winnt32 setup program". When I load that up it says something about not being able to install because of the file being older than the current installation of Windows on the PC at the moment. I have no idea which is the file I should be using, or how to get into any of them!
Thanks in advance,

A:Help With Reinstalling WinXP

You can create a bootable CD from that I386 steps below

How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD from a Pre-loaded/Preinstalled Windows System (

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Hey guys, I need to reinstall windows xp - acer T160 - but the thing never came with a restore cd, the backup copy is located on my (partitioned) hard drive (C and D). Can anyone tell me how to do this, as I really don't want to pay $60 for a half hour of tech support from Acer. Thank you in advance!

A:Reinstalling winxp without a cd


Originally Posted by Plache

the backup copy is located on my (partitioned) hard drive (C and D).

In what form exactly is the backup copy?
Is it on a hidden partition? This is most likely, and if you don't have a CD you usually start the recovery mode by pressing some key during boot up. That 'some key' will be displayed during the boot process.

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Over the years, it seems like I've had to reinstall WinXP at some point or another on almost every computer I've owned or worked on. I just had to do it on my friend's computer, and even though it warns you that all files and folders will be deleted, it didn't happen, as usual. Everything is installed under a different file name (WINNT instead of WINDOWS for example) or extension (say, with a .001 or whatever) so all the previous stuff is still there and accessible. And I realized that I've come to count on that, which made me wonder - just out of curiosity, has anyone ever lost the contents of "My Documents" or any other files when reinstalling WinXP?

A:Has anyone ever lost anything when reinstalling WinXP?

In order for data to be completely lost (forever) on a hard disk, it must be reformatted. If you are using a Windows XP OEM disk to reformat your drives ALL the data (on a partition) will erased. It sounds like whatever you are doing to "reinstall" Windows is merely backing up and saving existing files and not completely purging them from the hard drive.

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I am working on reinstalling windows XP Home on an HP Laptop
I have the WIndows XP Home with SP3 image burned to CD.
Laptop specs:
HP Pavilion ze4400 (ze4430US), AMD 1.8 GHz mobile Athlon, 512MB (going to upgrade to 1GB), 40GB HD.

First off, to wipe the HD, I had to remove it, put it in an enclosure, hook it to my main laptop and reformat that drive using Drive Manager.

Putting it back into the original Laptop (above), (attempted) boot to CD, changed Boot order to use CDRom first. For some reason the laptop will not recognize the CD I burned as a valid install CD and goes to the HD. If I put my personal (original) Win XP Pro CD in, it recognizes it properly. In addition, Bart PE will install from disk, without an issue.

I have copied the files from the CD onto the harddrive into a folder, then while in Bart PE, attempted the install, the install hangs at the end of Copying the Installation files to the main install folder.

When I reboot from that attempted installation, my latest issue is an error with a missing HAL.DLL file.

What I think would be better would be some way to remove everything but the copied win cd files and then find a way to boot using a boot disk or maybe even a thumb drive, with command files and then use that to kick off the installation on the hard drive.

NOTE: It would seem to me to be a problem with the Win XP Home CD that I burnt from an ISO image (downloaded from MSDN Downloads), but if I put that same cd in my other PC's it is recogni... Read more

A:Reinstalling WinXP on HP Laptop

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Except for functions I hosed by changing settings, my year old Dell PC works and even sends e-mail and surfs. However, I must rebuild. I got the UBCD4WIN set, but have no way to build a CD. I have another computer but it is Win XP Home and doesn't have a CD burner.

SO, my intention is to use the Reinstallation disk Dell supplied with my computer, and I'm wondering what to do to prepare for that. Our computers are connected to the internet via satellite. The XP Pro Home computer is primary, connected with a wired router. My machine I'm going to repair is then using a WIRELESS router.

My question is whether or not I need to remove the wireless router before using the Reinstallation disk.


A:Solved: ?Reinstalling WinXP pro SP2

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ok, i had this under the other post "No Sound Startup" because we kind of got off topic from wat the actual title was about, so i just copied and pasted the post...
I just tryed my "Restore CD's" that came with my eMachines. Didnt work, said that there was some kind of error in the T2682.GHO file on the restore disk... Usually i would just pop in the WIN XP CD so i could just reinstall from the actual WinXP cd (makes sense...) But... me being dumb and careless, lost my WinXP cd, so im pretty much completely screwed unless i do a Format C: from the command Prompt. Then restart and boot on the restores.... (im not going to this but its definatly a thought.) So im bascially going to go crazy and look for my WinXP cd all day today. So, as u said. I will just stick to the repair install method cuz this just cant b fixed....
i couldnt find the cd so i will go with formating...

Question: Would it be a good idea to format c: then try reinstalling WinXP with the restore cds? Even though the eMachine restore cd is corrupted with a t2682.gho error. Would i format it then find out that restore cds are still corrupted and then find out that im left without a computer at all?

A:[resolved] Need Help Reinstalling WINXP

ok an option is to get a copy of win xp from kazaa or something like that and just use your serial # that came with your emachine

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I have two computers that share a cable internet connection using ICS. I reformatted the HD on my client and reinstalled WinXP Pro to use NTFS. After reinstall and ICS setup, I am unable to see the internet using IE6. I can see files on the host computer using the client so I know the physical network is okay. Everytime I start IE it times out and displays the default canned " The page cannot be displayed....: page. I have checked the MS knowledge base and all settings appear to be correct.

Any guesses to what I can try next?

Thanks in advance

A:After reinstalling WinXP pro, IE Won't work

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I have just had my comp fixed by the comp store after a number of problems, and this included a format and reinstall on WindowsXP.

But, they had infact installed WinXP Pro sp2 instead of home - no complaints from me, but I only have a WinXP home sp1 disc.

I have had a number of problems with the current WinXP instilation and figure instead of fixing all the problems to just reinstall.

I have WinXP Pro installed on a 20GB fat32 primary patition on a 200GB HDD. I also have a second Primary partition which I intend to install a linux distro on, and a VERY large extended partition which I have setup a linux swap partition, a windows pagefile partition, and the left is unallocated for the moment until I format it.

To go about reinstalling windows - I would need to format the C:/ drive. If I use a win98 floppy and use fdisk, and just select to format the drive C:/ is that going to affect the rest of the partitions (primary and logical)?

I also want to reinstall WinXP back onto a FAT32 system - How do I set that up? - Can I do this through fdisk or is this one during the WinXP install?

*I have installed Win98 a number of times, but never WinXP*


A:Reinstalling WinXP Home

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It looks like I will have to reinstall winxp in order to solve my reboot on shutdown problem. What about all the windows updates I have received since it has been in residence?
I would hate to have to update my ver of windows from scratch. Is there a way of copying the download location of all the updates and reinstalling when i have done the rebuild?

A:reinstalling winxp/updates

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I've been having a slight problem with my SATA controller drivers. The nvidia drivers that I was using would always cause a bsod pointing to nvgts.sys in system32/drivers. While trying to figure out which driver to install as a replacement, i found the nvgts.sys file and deleted it from system32/drivers folder, just to see what would happen... Now Windows XP can't boot up because the driver is missing lol; I can't even get into safe mode. So, is there any way to reinstall the driver from the Windows CD-ROM or something? The black screen says to insert the said CD and start the recovery console but I wouldn't know what to run. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Reinstalling Driver WinXP

Assuming you used a floppy to install the Nvidia Raid drivers, start a Repair Install and when it asks for you to press F6 do so and re-install them.

edit: btw, if you Google that driver there are LOTS of people experiencing issues with it.

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I replaced the hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 130 and as I'm reinstalling Windows XP Home, I keep getting a blue screen error "STOP: 0x0000007E" and pci.sys - Address F748E0BF base at F4787000. I've looked everywhere for a solution but can't seem to find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:pci.sys error when reinstalling WinXP Home

What version of Windows XP is this? By version I mean service pack level.

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I finally got the big one and had to reformat my C drive and reinstall WinXP. Luckily I had made a backup last September, so I was able to replace all of the rest of the drive back to that point. Now, however, many of my programs refuse to run, saying they aren't installed for this "account" or "user". I made my logon user name the same as before.

Is there anyway to fix these with reinstalling every one?

A:After reinstalling WinXP many programs wont run

Sinply making the logon user name the same isn't going to work. Windows doesn't see users in simple terms like names. You will have to reinstall those programs.

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This is a reply to a thread I posted ealier this month called reinstalling xp-boot up from disk-warning
Please read this thread first.
My friend has this same problem and used his Win98 CD. Then he reloaded his WinXP Home CD and got the following message.
The following value in the .SIF file used by setup is corrupted or missing
value 0 on the line in section (SourceDisksFiles) with key "".
Setup cannot continue.
To Quit setup press F3Click to expand...

I'm pretty sure his WinXP CD is an upgrade version like I have.
We also had our computers made my the same tech guy on our area.
Does anyone know what this means and what should we do?

Please reply ASAP!


A:error message when reinstalling WinXP

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My mom attempted to reinstall Windows XP on her computer and ran into some trouble. I hope someone can help.

Most of the installation process went fine, but every once in a while it would pause and say a file was missing, choose whether or not to continue. She continued, thinking it was something that could be fixed after the fact, but I'm guessing (!) that was a mistake. After the "installing files" screen, it rebooted and crashed with a blue screen saying something like:

"c000021a - logon process system terminated wtih status 0xc0000034"

Every time you restart the computer, it gives you the opening/welcome Windows XP screen, then crashes with the same BSOD.

I've tried to give it a "do-over" with an XP disk of my own that I know works, but it won't do anything with it. When I put the disk in and start up the computer, I get the pale blue setup screen for XP and it says "set up is restarting", and then the same BSOD. I've tried changing the boot priority so that the CD comes first, but it didn't help. It does recognize the CD drive, in that it lights up green upon starting and seems to recognize that there's an XP disk in it, but it won't or can't get past whatever it seems to be stuck on.

I'm not very computer-savvy myself and I'm not sure what info you folks need to know what I'm working with, but I'll give it my best:

computer is an IBM Netvista - machine type/model listed as 217986U. not sure of the exact ... Read more

A:BSOD in the middle of reinstalling WinXP

It definitely sounds like a corrupted installation.

DBAN or Killdisk would erase the hard drive completely, thus allowing you to start the installation from scratch.

Although, you say that your PC won't boot from the CD drive now? Have you tried making a copy of DBAN or Killdisk just to see if the PC would boot from one of those?

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I have just reinstalled my system (XP Pro SP2). Authenticated updated and all. I haven't changed any hardware and in fact I reinstalled less software than before.
Since reinstallation, I've noticed considerable deterioration on scroll speed (eg in Firefox and in Word & Excel. For firefox I've checked "smooth scrolling" it's off. Especially Word used to be up to 1page/sec while scrolling with arrow keys, now is down to 5-6 sec/page. Also: normally Word shows the page numbers (lower left corner) changing as you scroll - not anymore in my case. Page numbers remain change only after scrolling stops.
Any ideas?
I can't say whether overall performance is reduced with certainty.
My 2.66GHz machine is clean according to avast antivirus, spybot, adaware & adwatch, Netscape's own spyware scanner. Reg mechanic finds no problems. HD (40GB) is error free and cleaned-up and defragmented. Smooth scrolling options are off.
Thanks to anyone who could help.

A:Scroll speed reduced after reinstalling WinXP SP2

In the Control Panel, select Mouse and the Pointer Options tab. Uncheck ?Enhance pointer precision? and the problem may go away.

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After reinstalling Windows XP Professional on my Hp Pavillion a1020n, I have recently lost the audio on my computer. I've gotten these errors:I have tried these suggestions, but to no avail: there any hope? I've been working on my computer all day. (P.S. I know nothing is wrong with my monitor and my volume up.)

A:Lost Volume Control After Reinstalling Winxp Pro entering the product number will help you. hopefully the site will give you a list of drivers and you can find the audio one you need. i had to do the same to my computer, because i lost audio as well after i reinstalled XP, but i had a dell so i dont know if the same will go for HP.

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A:Solved: Reinstalling WinXP media center

It appears that you already have the best installation considering what you will need to do after reinstalling XP MC.

If you would like to tell us why you want to reinstall as you haven't mentioned a particular issue as such. If you just want to create another partition, you don't need to reinstall for that.

Whether there will be a performance issue after creating a new partition, that would depend on how much space you leave/have on the primary/boot partition, and what you will use the secondary partition for. You never know, the advice may be just to get an additional hard drive or keep it as it is.

So, basically, what you may realise already is that we need to know why you want to make these changes to be able to give you the best advice.

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With all my issues with adware/spyware and considering nothing seems to resolve the issues, I fear that I may have to reinstall Windows XP. I am praying that I get a response for my HijackThis Log post with an answer so this does not become my answer, Besides this fact, I am curious to know that if I reinstall winXP, will I lose everything I have on my HD, such as My Documents and installed programs.

A:I hope this is a simple question. Involves reinstalling winXP

When you do a fresh installation of XP (and thats what you should do if its horribly infected with malware and you cant get rid of it) then yes you will lose all information on the drive.

I have to tell you though its not a good idea to be "attached" to information that is stored on a harddrive anyways - as a drive can fail at any time. Have backups - or you will regret it should your drive fail one day.

That said i suggest to save all your information on CDs, or DVDs and then reinstall windows (of course only if the HJT log analysis doesnt seem to produce satisfying results).
I know its a pain in the rear end to reinstall a lot of applications - but wiping your harddrive and starting over fresh sometimes is the only way to escape a bad infection.

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I'm planning to get a new motherboard and processor so i can keep up with the latest developments (I've had my present motherboard for about 2 and a half years, so it's got no pci-xpress slot)

can i possibly install all that without having to reformat and reinstall Windows XP?? (cos it is a pain!!). I've read somewhere that there is a file you need to save or blank out before getting the new hardware in and when you start the pc, the OS registers the new mobo&processor in the registry... I'm i wrong?? have i dreamt it up to make my life easier?

thank you in advance for your patience and apologies if the question is not very clear

A:Solved: Installing new Mobo/processor without reinstalling WINXP?

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I had to reformat my Dell Inspiron 1504 laptop with winxp due to a blue screen. I inserted the windows operating system disk from Dell and started the process. First problem was I tried to do a repair from the disk, but it did not show drive C:. I went to do a quick format and it said it was unable to reformat. I did the slow format and that was successful.
However, during the first minutes of reinstall the Windows operating system, I get a box that says "error, and something about "Isass.exe" and the computer will not continue to reinstall windows. i tried to do it all over again and same problem. I deleted the install and started from scratch and same problem with the error.
I discovered I could see the drive under a "repair" attempt, but it wanted an admin password. I have never assigned a password to any admin items.
Any ideas what this might be. The operating system isnt installed yet and Im stuck.

A:Solved: isass.exe error when reinstalling winxp operating system

Ended up just replacing the hardrive. I also found the two screws holding the hardrive in place were missing. So, the hardive was moving in and out of the laptop case during all my work. I secured the drive, and re-tried everything, but the drive was toast.
Thanks for reading though and keep an eye on those screws!

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I have an IBM ThinkPad R51 notebook, on which I did a clean reinstallation of Windows XP. I have managed to set up all drivers OK - except the built-in wireless network adapter.
I have downloaded the official drivers from here, installed them, rebooted as the program told me to - and the Device Manager simply does not register that there is a wireless device at all. No errors, nothing - it just isn't there.
I know that this device is there, because it existed and was working fine before I did the reinstall.
Any idea how to get device manager to realize that there is a wireless card buried somewhere inside this computer?

A:Solved: Reinstalling WinXP on IBM ThinkPad - can't find wireless network adapter!

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i have the same problem - can i get the link to download the correct driver.

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System Summary
Mainboard Dell 0FJ030 775 LGA
Chipset Intel i945P
Processor Intel Pentium D Duo Core 820 @ 2800 MHz
Physical Memory 4096 MB (2 x 2048 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Hard Disk SAMSUNG (250 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive ZUV ZWDY7KD SCSI CdRom Device
Monitor Type E19T6W - 19 inches
Network Card Intel Corporation PRO/1000 PL Network Connection
Network Card Atheros Communications Inc AR5212 802.11a/b/g Wireless Adapter
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
DirectX Version 9.0c (March 2005)

Im thinking to get a Q6600 my Mobo Can manage 1066 Mhz FSB and its 775 Socket type.
From Newegg "CPU Socket Type
CPU Socket Type LGA 775
Tech Spec
Core Kentsfield
Multi-Core Quad-Core
Name Core 2 Quad Q6600
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
FSB 1066MHz
L1 Cache 128KB+128KB
L2 Cache 2 x 4MB"

Yay or Nay?

Im looking for advice but not "just get a new system" I just want to know if my current Mobo can handle it.

Second Choice is E7400 Processor

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Hello i own a dell xps 400 XP i recently tried to remove a few viruses from my computer and somehow managed to mess the whole computer up. When i start up my computer everything goes great until i type in my pssword to log in. After that it automatically loggs itself back out. So i decided to buy a new hard drive. So my new hard drive just came in today and now i get this message " No boot device available - strike F1 to retry boot " which doesnt work" and F2 for setup utility. Keep in mind this is a new harddrive i just purchased. If someone can lead me through some steps maybe? I really am not to fimiliar with troubleshooting computers. Maybe my setup utility is wrong? Thanks in advanced.

A:Xps400 xp no boot device available help!

Do you have the windows disk?
A new hard drive does not have an operating system on it you need to format the drive and install the OS using the Dell supplied windows disk and driver disk, hence the no boot device message.

If you do not have the Dell Reinstallation disk you can request it here>

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I recently reinstalled my laptop but cannot install the right driver to connect or find my wireless Internet,,i tried downloading from another computer off the Dell site but noting worked?????

A:Reinstalling dell inspiron???

What OS are you running?
If Windows 7, did system come w/ Vista originally?
What is manufacturer/ model of internal wifi? - check Device Manager
What is driver name? - check Dev Mgr
What is driver timestamp? - " "

Please provide Dell link for wifi driver that you downloaded.

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Ok, I have been trying to install Windows XP Pro on a Dell netbook, and I have even taken out the HD and formatted it first. I boot to the Windows XP CD via USB CD ROM drive and all works fine, I select format NTFS Quick, and it copies all its files. When it goes to reboot after the files are copied I get:

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and device hardware. Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

Some things I have tried:
chkdsk /r
two different external CD-ROMs
reset BIOS to default
Changed hard drive to ATA instead of AHCI (I think it's AHCI)

Any ideas? I am just trying to install a clean Win XP SP3, but failing...


A:Reinstalling XP Pro on Dell Netbook

What model Dell system?

Did Dell provide the disk you are trying to use? If so, are you following Dell instructions for reinstalling?

If you are trying to do a clean install with a MS Genuine XP's best to delete existing partitions first...then format/install from the CD.


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How would you go about reinstalling Dell MediaDirect?

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I am trying to reinstall Windows XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 9300. The installation is good up untill the computer reboots and throws it into a blue screen. When I tried safe mode it stops at
and then the blue screen message is

*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF8C94538, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Can any one give any advice or help.


A:Reinstalling Windows Xp And A Dell

Here is a M$ knowledgebase article on your issue,, and here is the general area on that stop:

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I was having problems with my laptop so I wiped it clean. Starting from new. I know nothing about computers so I hope I installed everything correctly. I went to test my webcam and I can't find it. So I checked the Dell website for help and everything they posted didn't help me. I couldn't find anything they were talking about. So if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
my laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5010.

A:Reinstalling Dell Webcam

Hi and welcome

Not sure what things you tried already but did anyone recommend reinstalling Dell Webcam Central?

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Forgive my ignorance.

I am currently trying to reinstall Win XP Home on a Dell Dimension 2400 from the Dell reinstallation CD following the instructions in the Dell User's Manual. Here is where I have got to so far:

Put CD in machine.
Rebooted from CD.
Win XP Setup screen appears and I choose 'To set Up Windows now' option.
Accept the EULA.
Press ESC to install a new copy of Windows.

The manual then says 'Press <Enter> to select the highlighted partition (recommended), and then follow the instructions on the screen'.

On the screen is a box saying

76294 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

-: Partition1 [FAT] 47MB ( 40MB free)
C: Partition2 [NTFS] 76238MB ( 68371MB free)
Unpartitioned space 8MB

and the 'Partition1' line is highlighted.

What does this mean, and are the instructions correct, i.e. do I just press Enter, or do I need to highlight the 'Partition2' line?



A:Reinstalling Win XP Home from Dell CD

You need to insatll it to the Partition2 NTFS section of the harddrive so highlight that section then press enter.

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How would you go about reinstalling Dell MediaDirect?

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I wiped my dell clean with DBAN yesterday. I now tried to re-install windows using a copy of windows xp. However, when I press "enter" to install, it takes me to a screen saying that no HD have been detected. When I go into the BIOS, however, the HD shows up. I'm guessing I can't use the Dell system restore at this point because I completely wiped the HD. Any suggestions?

A:Help reinstalling Windows on a Dell

Does the Dell have a Sata drive? Go into the Bios and find the screen that has a listing for Sata Mode and change it to IDE Mode, Save and Exit, Boot from a Windows XP CD and reformat and install XP. It is much easier to install if you get a Dell reinstallation CD as it will have all of the drivers and programs for your specific model.

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Hey everyone!
My Dad has his Dell XPS laptop filled with junk software and is running an average of 72 process which is crazy since most of the pc's are tweaked out so their only running about 30 processes at a time. Even if you exit out of all of the programs in the system tray, there's still like 69 processes going. And besides that lately he's been having tons of network issues so we're just going with a clean install. Besides, it was never reinstalled to begin with so it still has all of the Dell crap that came with it from the start.

My concerns:
the Dell Media Direct thingy. I'm not sure if my dad still has any of the disks that came with the laptop. We have plenty of XP Pro cds. I can find places on the web for instructions for doing this, but I'm open to suggestions because I've never installed any of Dell's crap.

I'm not using an XP cd that has SP2 installed. But I don't think it's a problem since I'll be loading SATA drivers, right? Should just be plug and pray after that right? I'll get updates immediately.

Also, is there anything special that I need to be warned about before I do this? Hopefully someone has reinstalled XP on an XPS before to help guide me through this. I've installed windows so many times but this seems like a different kind of project...

Thanks for the help!

A:Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell XPS

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I MAY HAVE TO reinstall Windows unfortunately as I can't reclaim ownership of my C drive, though can access files on it. (Screenshot)- trying to find workround.
If I can't recover ownership and have to reinstall Windows (don't think Dell came with a Win8 b\ up disc), would I then have to pay to upgrade back to Win 10, now we're out of free period??

A:Reinstalling WIn 10 to DELL XPS12, supplied with Win 8 OEM

Thanks for prompt reply; Yes it's just Win 10.

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my friend has Dell inspiron 630m, which didnt come with OEM Win XP CD,

i believe it contains hidden system partition with original XP on it

how can i reinstall winxp from system drive

the laptop has Win XP Product key or serial number printed on the back of laptop

A:reinstalling win xp on dell inspiron 630m

Quote: Originally Posted by kf10

my friend has Dell inspiron 630m, which didnt come with OEM Win XP CD,

i believe it contains hidden system partition with original XP on it

how can i reinstall winxp from system drive

the laptop has Win XP Product key or serial number printed on the back of laptop

Is CTRL+F11 on powering on still working?

The Dell-specific Ctrl+F11 process is supposed to completely automate the restoration process, returning the hard disk to the state it was in when Dell shipped the computer. However, overwriting the MBR by using a boot manager, using the commands "fixmbr" or "fdisk /mbr", installing from a Windows installation CD, and assorted other tasks a user might do will inadvertantly break Ctrl+F11, rendering the system unable to boot the DSR partition. Furthermore, changing the partitioning by adding, deleting, or resizing partitions will cause DSRcheck to fail, so even if Ctrl+F11 works, the restore process will abort without attempting to restore the Ghost image

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When my laptop crashed I lost the "Dell Webcam Central"
Have been looking for a link where I can reinstall.
Have Windows 7.
Thank You

A:Reinstalling Dell Webcam Central

Go to Dell Drivers & Downloads - Drivers & Downloads | Dell US
Enter your service tag number and download Dell Webcam Central.

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I need to reinstall XP on a Dell Latitude laptop. The service tag is 5C5SP1J. I have a XP CD but it won't recognize the CD nor boot up. I tried the USB action but it won't format it! I need to reinstall because it had a illegal copy of XP on there. Also, my sister may be selling it.
The COA is Windows XP Professional SP0. I am on a tight budget so I can't get a Dell XP disc.

A:Reinstalling XP on Dell Latitude D610

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I am trying to reformat a Dell Dimension 2400 to fresh copy of XP from my restore CD. After doing the prescribed procedures after F12, at the command screen to either enter, repair, or quit, my computer freezes. no keyboard etc. I have to restart CPU with power off. Anyone have any ideas how I can reinstall?

A:Reinstalling Windows XP on Dell Dim 2400

are you using the keybord that came with the dell or is this another one? if the one that came with the dell was a PS\2 and your now using a USB keyboard then that may be your problem.

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I just got my brand new dell mini10 in the mail with 160gb hardrive, 1gb ram, and the updated processor, i dont remember what it was called. anyway, this thing is so slooowwww. i read that a clean install of windows xp would help. would i be able to do a clean install of windows xp with the backup disc for xp that my laptop came with? any advice is greatly appreciated because i spend the rest of my summer savings on this laptop and it is for school and i am trying to major in english to be an english teacher and i will be using this laptop a lot in school. thank you for reading everyone.

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Hello, looking for advice. I have a Dell ATG laptop 6420 and I'm running a program called V1 golf swing analysis for my teaching business. Im having intermittent issues using the voiceover recording feature. After I record the voice over sometimes it doesn't save it. I've used this program for many years with no issues on older laptops. After I purchased this new laptop and It became infected w/ virus. Reinstalled Windows and downloaded drivers from website. Since I've never had issues with Dell laptops and the recording for voice over program on my V1 I'm thinking I didn't reinstall all of the correct drivers from the Dell website. Once I have the ATG drivers pulled up in the Dell website, How do I know which drivers I should be downloading from the Dell website ?
The computer otherwise seems to work perfect and I've spoken with the v1 tech support and they don't seem have the answers. Any suggestions or comments would be great thanks.

A:Reinstalling drivers from dell website

I don't know where you went for drivers on Dell however you could go from here after entering the information you should only be given a choice of the drivers your machine requires.
There are ways to check which driver you have installed now but it's just as easy to download them and run the installation executable.
One of two things will occur.
The driver will install or update the existing driver, if it asks if you want to remove the older driver first (for any of them) answer yes, the old one is removed, usually it will reboot and then proceed with the new installation.
The driver is not required or not the correct one so it will advice you that it won't install as it's not the right one.
In any event I think it highly unlikely you would disrupt anything doing this. Don't forget to backup and\or set a restore point before doing anything.

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My friend's hard drive died (he has a dell computer) and while I know how to swap hard drives if it'll cost any thing to reinstall operating system, etc.? Does my friend need to buy a recovery disk or a new operating system CD from dell?

A:After the swap, reinstalling stuff on a dell?

If he's got the install discs there's no problem, if not he can call Dell and get the discs.

However that Windows license is tied to the motherboard, so if he had to replace the motherboard then he'd have to buy a new copy of Windows.

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I have a HP DC5100 w/XP PRO and recently lost all programs utilities and drivers, basically everything. I have no recovery CD and since this HP was off lease i have no start up disc but i do have the cd's from my old dell computer, can i install these on the HP?

A:reinstalling a Dell version onto a Hewlett Packard

No, there is a reason why there are specific Dell disks and HP disks, they are OEM branded and if you do not have a Dell cd key for the OS then it will not work.

Hope this helps,


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I don't have a dell computer but I want to know if I can reinstall windows xp with a windows xp reinstall cd that says "for dell pcs only"?

A:Reinstalling Windows Cp With A Dell Reinstall Disk

I highly doubt it will work at all

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Recently our Dell Optiplex 330 experienced some pretty severe virus attacks that render the computer useless. The user had disabled the installed protect advising that it slowed his performance and would not let him install cute little things from his favorite social network. The machine was so hosed it was determined the best course of action was to reformat the drive and basically start over. The problem is this unit was sold to us by Dell with a license for Windows Vista Business which we request it be down graded to XP service pack 3. Each time we attempt to reinstall windows xp from teh provided original disc we get the famous blue screen advising there is a problem with the hard drive, etc. How can we reinstall the our favorite XP? The unit has a SATA hard drive. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Issue with reinstalling Windows Xp on Dell Optiplex 330

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Hi all,
First time poster long time reader, I am currently trying to reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit onto a dell inspiron 1545 with very little success, I have a windows 7 disk and a dell drivers and utilities disk and the problem I am having is after windows loads files, language selection, start setup I get the message a CD/DVD driver is missing. I then put the drivers disk into the drive and get the message no device drivers were found. Make sure the installation media contains the correct drivers. I have made the recovery disks and put them away for safekeeping (so safe in fact that I can no longer find them) so that option is now gone as is the restore from factory image PLEASE HELP as I am about to go insane and kill the laptop.

Oh and please talk to me in laymans terms as I am not a super programmer

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 onto a Dell Inspiron 1545

You may try this. As far as I am aware, there were never any driver issues with this .iso.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Due to a recent infection by a Master Boot Record trojan, the "Am I Infected?" forum suggested I post here for advice/guidance on wiping and reformatting my hard drive, then reinstalling Windows XP.Before I got too far into it (and over my head), I wanted to confirm I'm going about it the right way.My system:Dell XPS 410Windows XP Media Edition, R3Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz500 GB Seagate Baracuda (ST3500641AS) hard drive (SATA, RAID configured)Warranty expriredInstallation DiscsI?ve got the following discs (both of which came with the PC): Reinstallation DVD: MS Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2Dell Dimension ResourceCD (containing device drivers, diagnostics, and utilities)Here are my specific questions (at least the first three of them):1) It was recommended that I wipe the hard drive with a program like [email protected] KillDisk, which I want to do to eliminate all traces of the trojan. Is there a problem that I'll be reinstalling with OEM discs? I wasn't sure if Dell preformatted their hard drives in some way before installing...2) I have only one hard drive installed, but it?s configured for RAID. I have a general sense of what that's for, but will wiping/reformatting affect that configuration? Once I start to reinstall, are there special considerations or extra steps I need to go through to deal with the RAID?3) I do not have a floppy drive on my PC. Some of the descriptions I?ve read of the XP reinstall process indic... Read more

A:Reinstalling Dell OEM XP on a Reformatted Hard Drive

Before you do any thing make sure every thing is backed up then booting to Re-installation DVD: MS Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2 should be all you need to do after clearing partitions with [email protected] KillDisk; also nice to have the 2nd cd with all the drivers. No you do not need to mess with any of the raid configuration just because of this.

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hi i bought dell inspiron 3 mnths back for 500$.
i dont know why they had not sent windows 7 os cd for me which is free of cost.
suddenly my os has been crashed i coudlnt recover my os as my system is not repsonding.
i want to reinstall my os windows 7 on to my laptop with cd which i doesnt have with me.
please provide me some answers so that i can install windows 7 on to my system with cd.
finally i need windows 7 cd to install os onto my laptop.
i am sick calling to customer care number which never connects.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 on a Dell inspiron Laptop without the CD

Thanks for contacting the community.
I regret the inconvenience that you are facing. Before I can assist you with the issue, would request you to send me some details like, Service tag or the Express Service code of the system, so that I can help you further. . Kindly let me know the above details through private messaging only, kindly do not share the information on open forum, Also, I would request you to elaborate the issue and please let me know the problems which you are facing on the system.
I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on “Friends” tab at the top and then click on “Request to Review” and finally click on “Accept” button.
I am sending you a private message as well. Click on “Inbox” to respond to the message and provide system’s Service Tag and contact details so I may access your system records and check for further course of action. You could also click on Start Conversation to send a private message.
Please reply if you have any further questions.
Thanks & Regards Prateek K #iworkfordell

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Is it safe too just delete all my dell drivers before installing the new ones or should I back them up to D: first CLUELESS!

A:Reinstalling my drivers and utilities Dell 1564

What exactly are you trying to do with that computer?

If all the devices in that computer are working okay, and if the Device Manager shows there's no problem with any of its devices, there's no compelling need to update the drivers.

Is this your computer?


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Do you know how to install Dell Media Experience software?? I have a Inspiron 1150 computer and I use this software to play DVDs. Recently I downloaded a Super DVD sofware package, which is superior in graphics etc., but is limited in the type of DVDs it can play. I am afraid now that it has LOCKED my DVD player to play only DVDs from a single region code. I would like to return to the Dell Media Experience software, and hopefully thiis will UNlock my DVD player. Do you know from where I can re-install the Dell Media Experience program: a CD, the internet or someplace else?

Please help

Peter RJ

PS. Prior to this I have sought the advice of Dell Technical Assistance, but I have not gotten a satisfactory answer from them. At first they said that I can get the Dell Media Experience software from a complimentary Dell Media Experience CD that comes with every Inspiron 1150; then they said it's actually on a complimentary CD called "Dell Utilities and Applications"; then they said I can download the software from the dell website, but when I go to the download section and login it is not listed; and finally, they say I have to buy the software, direct me to the sales dept, which upon hearing what I am requesting directs me back to technical assistance. An extremely frustrating experience.

A:Reinstalling default Dell Media Experience

found some info for you. check the forum at dell here.

how to reinstall here.

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I'm planning on reinstalling Windows 7 on my Latitude E6430, but it's been so long since I bought it that I'm not sure if I have the correct re-installation DVD.  I have a couple of Dell laptops, and the one DVD I can find has a dark blue label, with the following Part Number at the bottom:
I also have the driver disk, which mentions that it's for the Latitude E6430, so I should be good to go if I can Windows 7 successfully installed.
Thanks for any advice.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6430

The driver disk is too old now. Get the drivers from Dell Downloads and Drivers for your model, All the Dell reinstall disks can be used as long as it is the exact same version of win 7--Home, Pro, SP1, Media, etc.
I have to warn you about reinstalling windows 7--it rarely works without major problems. Windows 7 is not supported by MS except for security updates and many have found that it would not reinstall properly. Be sure that a reinstall is needed. Why don't you consider upgrading to windows 10 while you can get it free? That offer is over at the end of July.

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My hard drive has expired and i have got another I just need to reinstall the above 64 bit i have the original COA i havnt got any recovery or win 7 disc Can i download from any site Anything i need to watch for thanks

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I have a Dell Inspiron 600m which i have been having problems on (BSOD, Internet connection suddenly not working, etc.) So i get the recommendation from a friend to reinstall the entire laptop usig the ctrl+f11 thing. When i do, it says it cant find the primary bootable device or something like that (ever since i did it, i couldnt do the ctrl f11 thing again). I would appreciate some help on how to fix this problem and another way to reinstall it.

A:Solved: Reinstalling Dell Inspiron 600m...

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Trying to do a clean install on a Dell Inspiron 1150.Have copy of xp that came with it.Set it to boot from cd rom in bios but cd rom i think is not working properly.Makes a bunch of racket and says missing files and setup cannot continue.I have a external usb cd rom,can i use that?cant seem to get it to boot from that.What am i doing wrong?

A:Reinstalling windows on Dell Inspiron 1150

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My hard drive died last week on my Dell E6520.
I got my hands on a new hard drive and after connecting it I reinstalled Windows 7 (64 bit).
All went fine. When windows rebooted the screen's resolution needed to be fixed and the computer could not detect any wifi signals nor could it go online via an ethernet wire, etc.
I tried reinstalling all the drivers from the 4 dell CD I had. However, nothing changed.
I went online with a different computer to dell's site and put in my service tag  It only listed two BIOS files.
I am at a loss as what to do.

A:Can't Go Online after reinstalling Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell E6520

Check if you could update the BIOS.
Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - load BIOS defaults - save and exit - restart and check in device manager if the hardware is detected under network adapters or if there are any unknown devices.
Download and install the required drivers here -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I have a 9 year old Dell PC. The hard drive died.

I took another hard drive and I wiped it clean.

I purchased a "Windows XP reinstallation disk for Dell" CD off of ebay.

I installed that onto my blank hard drive. It did NOT ask me for a Windows license key.

After I connected to the internet, my computer connected to Microsoft to verify the version of Windows I installed is legitimate(aka, not pirated). My version did pass.

So what is the deal? Why do I not have to put a Windows license key in?

Can I use this exact same CD to reinstall Windows XP on my other Dell computers? I have a few Dell systems at home.

The Dell reinstallation disk that I bought looks like this.



A:Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell system........... no license key needed??

Hi True,

The guy that made the System Restore disk probably put the key in the install. Does it match the sticker on the case of the comp? I just went through this and can you can find the key that loaded automatically in Winnt.sif on the install CD. An example is also in unattend.txt. That is just a sample key and not a legitimate one. There is lots of info on the net about this. Magic Jelly Bean's Keyfinder.exe will tell you what key is installed on your boot disk

Good Luck, Jim

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I recently had to reinstall windows XP on my recently aquired Dell Latitude. Model number is c510/c610.

I aquired it refurbished, and came with a built in wireless adapter. It should still be the same adapter that the computer was made with.

However, when I reinstalled Windows XP, the wireless adapter's software was not installed. My computer's internet connections tell me that there is only an ethernet conection, and I do not know where or what I need to install to get wireless to work.

Can someone please point me in the right diraction as to where to find this and how to enable wireless. I have tried several drivers from the Dell Website, but there are alot and I do not know which one is correct.

Thank you for your help.

A:Reinstalling wireless for Dell Latitude c510 c610

You may need to open up the laptop and find out just what the wireless card's make and model actually is. It might be Atheros or something like that. You might be able to access the card from the memory compartment

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So I downloaded the image from Dells site and put it on a USB and booted from it. My SSD does show up, but it gives me an error when I try to install it on a partition. I forgot the exact error, but it says something about checking the log which I also can't find. I even tried deleting the partition and installing it on the volume it shows and even tried creating a new one. None of it worked.

Basically I took out the old SSD (I think its an M2 SSD) and put in a larger one and just want to put Windows on it again. 

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I have had this problem before when installing windows xp on a Dell so I saved my drivers folder to a flash drive to put back in the new drivers folder after re-installing windows but this time it didn't work.

I have tried all my disks and tried to specify the location for my audio drivers but it still shows "no drivers installed for this device" no matter what I do.

Can anyone help me with this?

A:No sound after reinstalling windows on my Dell, drivers not found

You tried installing the drivers from the disks which came with your PC, but have you tried downloading the most recent audio drivers directly from Dell's website?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 11z i11z-4698O 11.6" Mini Notebook that I have had for only about 3 months. I am trying to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows so that I can sell it.

This notebook has no disc drive. So I bought an external disc drive. The one I bought can be seen here:

I have the Windows 7 reinstallation disc that came with the notebook. But every time I get to the "insert Windows 7 disc and click Yes" it inevitably says nothing is installed.

I know, from previous experience, that I'm supposed to do something with the boot options? I just don't remember what. I tried to go into the BIOS (you know, where you press F2 before Windows loads to get into the BIOS) to set Windows to boot from different things. I tried USB, Removeable Devices, and also CD Drive. But every time it says it can't find the disc.

Another bit of info that may be helpful is that when I'm in the "Computer" folder where I can see my C:/ drive and whatnot, the CD Drive (D:/) is there. But for some reason it doesn't recognize when I put the Windows 7 Disc in. It DID recognize, however, when I put in the little tiny disc marked DRIVER that came with the external disc drive. But when I went into that folder (to see maybe I have to install something?) the only thing there said SetUp so I clicked on it and it said something about how it doesn't work on Windows NT (which mak... Read more

A:Need help reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron Notebook (I have disc)

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I have a dell dimension 5100 that I need to reinstall windows xp pro. I currently have RAID 0 configured by default. I do not want RAID 0 at all so I removed RAID from both SATA drives in the BIOS prior to reinstalling.

Now the problem..... I started the reinstallation process for Windows XP pro on sata drive 0. The drive was formatted and once finshed windows would not boot up. The dell boot screen keeps coming up. Do I have to manually format sata drive 0 and 1 then try reinstalling? Or does RAID 0 have to be configured? Researching my machine it does not say anything about RAID cannot be removed.

Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows XP Pro On A Dell Dimension 5100

This issue is happening after you formatted drive, then selected the unallocated space to install windows on, then windows copied files and restarted to finish installation? Or did you format drive and then just try to boot?

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I have a VOSTRO 1510 laptop from dell that I rarely use. I'm about to load some recording software and start using the laptop more often. Although the laptop seems to function perfectly, every time I shut down, right before the "Windows is shutting down" blue screen appears, an error message flashes and disappears before I can read it. Dell ran a diagnostic which showed nothing out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, Dell Support tells me that although we don't know what the error message is saying, something is probably wrong with the operating system and I should reinstall the XP SP3 operating system. I have never done this before and I'd like a second opinion. Thank you.

A:Error Message at Shutdown - Dell Suggests Reinstalling OS

Check the event viewer and give us the blue screen code.

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I need to replace the HD for my Dell Inspiron One 2305. When It comes time to reinstall Windows I am unsure what to do. Do I just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS Installer from the web and input the serial that is on the back of my computer? Will that also install all the appropiate Drives. Btw, here is the HD I am getting to replace the one on ebay. Is this the right one?

1TB Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 19 One 2020 One 2205 One 2305 One 2310 | eBay

Thanks for the time

A:Reinstalling Windows on New Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 2305

Quote: Originally Posted by TJGOA

I need to replace the HD for my Dell Inspiron One 2305..................Do I just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS Installer from the web and input the serial that is on the back of my computer? Will that also install all the appropiate Drives. Btw, here is the HD I am getting to replace the one on ebay. Is this the right one?

1TB Hard Drive for Dell Inspiron One 19 One 2020 One 2205 One 2305 One 2310 | eBay


You don't "just grab any Windows 7 64 bit OS installer from the web".
You grab a specific installer from here:

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life

Which one?

The one that matches the version mentioned on the sticker on your PC.

For instance, Windows 7 Home Premium English 64 bit is 58997.iso

The Product Key on your sticker is good for either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Burn the ISO to a disk, install from the disk, activate with the 25 character Product Key on your sticker.

Do you see the 25 character Product Key?

No use proceeding if you don't.

Drivers: the ISO you burned will supply most, maybe all drivers you need. As a precaution, I'd go to the Dell web site before I began and download the Dell drivers, but I would not use them unless I had problems. Put them on a USB stick or something in case you need them. The Ethernet (NIC) driver is most important as it will be needed to establish an Internet connection.

Drive: I have no idea if that's the rig... Read more

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hello everyone.i bought a dell xps 15 about 2yrs ago. recently the internal hard drive died so i replaced it with a toshiba hard drive.but i cannot reinstall genuine windows shows error 0x4001100200001005. is there any way to solve this issue? 

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Can I install WinXP Pro from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

I am using a Dell Inspiron 8200 right now and in order to save some money on my new Dell laptop, I'd like to order Home or MediaCenter with the new computer and then install WinXP Pro myself instead of paying the extra $119 to have them do it. I have a Reinstallation CD of WinXP Pro that came with the old Dell laptop; will I be able to use it to install WinXP Pro on my new one?


A:Can I install WinXP from older Dell laptop on to new Dell laptop?

probably not no. they are usually pretty good at stopping people install their restore discs onto different systems.

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I am having a dell xps 210 with vista preinstalled. I am trying to install winxp and i get a msg error about adresses ? PLs advise

A:install winxp on a dell xps 210


Originally Posted by dorakakouri

I am having a dell xps 210 with vista preinstalled. I am trying to install winxp and i get a msg error about adresses ? PLs advise

Hello dorakakouri,

What is the error message that you are getting?

At what point are you getting the error?

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I had to replace the hard drive on a Dell optiplex 170L. I have a reinstallation disk for the system with sp2. Installation was going well, then stopped with a fatal error 800b0100. Said the signature for setup was invalid. What next?

A:Reinstall winxp pro on dell

I've often found that its a smudge, scratch or bad pressed CD that give bad signature or CRC errors during install. Check the CD, try to clean it off and try again. Also, you want to check the compatibility of the new hard disk, some older PCs have problems with large capacity hard drives.

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I'm giving a my old laptop to my friend but first I want to reinstall Windows XP so all my data will be wiped.

I bought the laptop used, so it didn't come with an OS DVD. I searched through my stuff and managed to find the Operating System DVD for my old computer which the disc to install Windows XP Media Center 2005.

So can I install this OS on the laptop? And if I do, does that mean all of my data will be gone (which is my goal)?

A:[SOLVED] Giving Dell Laptop to friend, question about reinstalling Windows XP Media C

Technically, if it's an OEM disk then, no, you can't install it. If it's a full (or upgrade) version then you should be fine providing it is not installed on any other machine. If you don't care whether it has an OS installed or not then boot from the CD (DVD?) that you have and allow the setup to proceed as far as the disk formatting section. Allow it to format and then cancel the install. Nice clean disk that only a forensic expert would be able to reconstruct any data that was there.

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I need to wipe and reinstall Windows 8.1 because the administrator password has been lost, no password recovery disk is available and as the machine now only logs into the Guest account and you cant run the Dell Recovery and Restore from a Guest account without logging in as an admin
We have no data that needs backing up as the machine is being assigned to a new person in the company and we don't need any installed programs so we purchased the Dell OS recovery and restore USB for the machine in the belief that this would allow us to restore back to day one.
I was informed that the version of Windows that will be restored is 8.0 and then require upgrading again after... not a problem
Unfortunately the recovery process insists on running a data backup so it can be restored later ...
- If I shutdown the PC when logged in as Guest before running the USB OS recovery, when it gets to the Initialise Backup and Migration it goes to the desktop and does nothing
- If I log out of Guest before shutting down it sits in at the USB OS recovery screen with "Initialise Backup and Migration" "Please Wait" and the rotating processing icon
I have waited waited 2 hours after both the above and no apparent progress so had to force shutdown.
All tests up to this point find no errors ... well there aren't any, we just don't have the admin password !
There is not an option to b... Read more

A:Installation hangs at data backup when reinstalling Win8 from Dell Recovery & Restore USB

I advise securely wiping your system:
Download the new Windows 8.1 with update 1 a.ISO:
This will work with your OEM license, see a clean install of Windows for more details:
This will take you through the installation of Windows 8.1, its drivers and making a recovery partition from the clean install using Dell Backup and Recovery.

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I am in college and we are Diagnosing a Dell OptiPlex GX270 with Win Xp. I know that 270s are known for bad capacitors but this is not the problem. It Boots REALLY slow and will randomly boot

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hello, I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with Win XP Pro, due to a long list of miseries I will be reformatting and doing a clean install.

Question - do I *have* to use my OEM disc which is pre-SP 1? Or if I spend the money to save the agony is it ok to buy a fresh Msoft WinXp Pro that already has SP2 on it?

A UK forum was talking about trouble if you tried to replace an OEM Msoft Win Xp with the "real " thing.

Any advice (besides that I'm nuts to spend the money, but this has taken uncountable hours and energy)??? Thanks!

A:OEM Dell WinXP - ok to replace w new Microsoft?

i would think you would be fine with the new xp disk
but i also believe you should be able to update your existing xp op system

you have a seperate driver/motherboard disk that came with the computer? a
Dell ResourceCD?

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Because I've been trying my 1980s spare monitor, due to my electrosensitivity to my LCD (& btw the CRT is indeed less harmful to my electrosensitivity maybe because of its dimness capability) my display & printout are wacky, because it sprawls over 2 pages when it's supposed to be just one page.

Is this a problem with the Dell's videocard being incompatible with this old monitor? If so, any solution available?

A:Dell/WinXP incompatible w/old CRTs?

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A:Dell Charging Extra $50 for WinXP

It's worth every Penny.
Just cost me more than that to Upgrade a HP d4996t to XP MCE.

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