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Having trouble reformatting XP

Q: Having trouble reformatting XP


I've been trying to reformat Windows XP on my Dell Dimension 4600. However, I am having trouble booting from the CD. I have 2 CD drives.

If I run Windows and insert the Installation CD in both my CD drives, my top drive (D) cannot read the CD but the bottom drive (E) can.

I have tried booting from the CD with the installation disk in both drives several times.

I'm assuming the D drive must be the drive the computer tries to boot from since that drive won't read the disk in Windows and the E drive will... I'm just not sure what I can do about this.

Any help someone can give me is appreciated! ;)

A: Having trouble reformatting XP

and welcome to the Forum

Prior to installing, enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless. Any internal USB card should also be removed.

If you are using an upgrade version installation CD, you'll also need a CD with an older operating system ( Windows 98SE or Windows ME ) to complete the install. Also Make sure you have the 25-digit product code for the Windows XP CD.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete any or all partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you do not get that message, and if you have another optical drive, try the XP CD in the other drive.

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here:

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After looking at endless videos on youtube and guides. I am still having problems trying to reformat my computer. I havnt got a windows xp original CD but i burnt a copy from the internet.

I tap F8 after turning it on, that then brings me to some options, to boot up using floppy drive, CD drive and another 2 drives. i choose CD, then a black screen comes up with lots of white writing in a grid, with a countdown at the bottom, with "press esc to reboot" next to it i either press esc or leave it but either way it just boots the system up normally.

Is it the disk im using, or am i making a mistake.



This is after tapping F8

This is after selecting my CD drive

And this is after its timed out or i press esc (the only option)
yes it is blank

And this is after waiting a couple of seconds

Hope thats helpfull


A:Reformatting trouble

Maxtor 5t040h4 is the hard drive.
Fujitsu mpf3102at is a hard drive.
AOpen COM5232 / AAH is the CD drive.

Did you choose the Aopen?

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I'm having a hard time reformatting a hard drive. I did the fdisk and deleted the primary and extend dos partitions and created a new partition. Then I restarted the computer with a Win98 startup disk and got back to DOS. Now I want to format the hard drive. When I type in "format c: /s" I get an error message that says invalid media type reading drive c. What do I do now?
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Trouble Reformatting

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I'll do my best to make this as descriptive as possible, providing as much information as I possibly can about the situation.

I moved into my fiancee's apartment over the weekend. Yesterday when I plugged my computer in, everything was working perfectly fine for well over an hour.
It then locked up for a bit, and upon restarting it, it would hit the loading screen for Windows XP (the boot screen with the little blue bar), and the computer would restart everytime it reached this point.

I decided to do a reformat. If I attempt to do the longer reformat, it will sit at 0%, and will not move.
If I do the quick reformat, it will reach 100%, and then say Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged.

Since then, I've disconnected / reconnected all wires, reseated my RAM, as well as my video card.
And still the same outcome.

I'm at a loss for ideas at this point, and I've come here in the hopes at finding some type of solution.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:Trouble Reformatting (Win XP)

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Well now i have a new problem XD I replaced my mob/cpu and when i reformatted, it's stuck at the stage where it is searching for previous version of microsoft windows... HELP!!!

Spec:- Motherboard: Asus79 Deluxe
-Amd quad core phenom x4 2.4 GHz
-Asus 9600 GT
-WD 500gb 7200 rpm

A:Trouble reformatting

Run chkdsk first, before running the install.

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This is my current setup:

Dell Inspiron Laptop
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz
GeForce 8600 GTS
100 GB SATA HDD with 2 partitions: a 10 GB recovery partition (formatted in FAT32) and a 90 GB "main" partition where Vista is installed (formatted as NTFS).

So here's the story. I was trying to install XP in dual-boot with Vista, so I tried making another partition but even after defragmenting my C: drive, I still couldn't create a partition bigger than 700 MB. I then tried defragmenting with Partition Magic 8 (which apparently has compatibility issues with Vista) and it moved 3 files but it wasn't able to recognize my Vista partition. As soon as I closed PM8, I got a blue screen of death and I haven't been able to load Vista ever since. If I try to start Vista up again, it gets to the loading bar before causing another blue screen of death and automatic restart.

If I try to use the recovery options integrated to Vista, they aren't able to detect my Vista partition, only the recovery one. At first, when I tried to do a fresh install from my Vista installation CD, it showed me both partitions although it listed the Vista partition as unused. When trying to install on it, it told me it was unusable because it was formatted as FAT32, which it isn't. The other partition is both FAT32 and too full to handle a Vista install. I also can't delete or move my Vista partition (they're grayed out), nor can I resize it (I get an error message if I try... Read more

A:Reformatting trouble

Howdy Mike Ven and welcome to TSF

The easiest thing to do for you is to start from the beginning..

What would you like to do? Still install both OS's? If so Go into your BIOS and boot from F10 to save and exit..
Next put your vista cd in..(is it a full version or just a recovery cd?) and let it load up.. eventually you will get to the install process. Delete all partitions expect the recovery one (or if you do not want it delete that to and call Dell and tell them you want your "real" disc (they have to send you one)

Format it like this...(if you do not wipe your recover partition) 60 gigs which would be 61440 for vista

and the rest for XP... But you have to install Vista first before you install XP..

If you have anymore questions do not hesitate to ask.. As I am not the best at explaining things in a great manner lol.. (working on it though)

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I recently inherrited a lovely trojan/rootkit on my PC called Mebroot which is apprentaly the stealthiest rootkit around at the moment and it seems to have already keylogged plenty of info from me which has shown on various game accounts e.c.t. Anyway, to get rid of it i am going to ahve to reformat, I have some RAM coming in a few days so it is another reason to clean out my PC.

My friend burnt me a copy of Windows XP and there is a key code is on the side of my PC but for some reason when I get to the 'Press any key to boot by CD' if i press a key my pc just sits there with the _ flashing away. If i dont press any key windows boots like usual. Im guessing there is a problem with the disc?

Please help, thanks in advance.

A:Trouble Reformatting.

All Windows XP discs are coded to work with the key that is assigned to it. Your key will not work on a different copy of Windows XP. I know. I've tried and found out the answer from another site about it. You would need to burn a copy from the disc that came with your CD key not your friends. Either that or get your friends CD key, but if he is currently using it himself that won't work unless his is a multi computer key or whatever it's called.

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we have a dell deimension 4600 with windows xp home edition. we got it used from my bfs dad. we have some of the paperwork/manuals, although i have the feeling some of them are missing. and we dont know any of its history. we got a virus and a coworker recommened we reformat. he wrote out directions & i followed them, only to find out that the directions ended after i uninstalled everything. so i turned it off, went to work the next day only to find out that the guy giving me advice was fired for stealing. so i came home and "guessed" what to do. i put in the windowsxp disk, installed it, then put in the dell "drivers" disk, and i think i installed some of them & not others, i really have no idea. but i did install norton system works 2003 & thats running fine. & ive been doing windows xp updates (just did service pack 3). the only problem im noticing now is that we cant play online radio stations (i installed itunes & it says "itunes is having a problem with the audio configuration) & cant watch videos on youtube (says i need to download adobe something, but when i try to, it gives me another error that i dont remember but i can check it again if anyone wants to know)...

any advice? im pretty much computer stupid as far as stuff like this goes.

A:trouble after reformatting

go to Start>Control Panel then select System then click on the hardware tab and select Device write down and tell us what devices have yellow exclamation marks by them these will be the devices that still need device Drivers...installed

once you determine what devices still need drivers you can go to the below webpage too to download them or just get them from your Drivers CD

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I've recently had a STOP: 0x24 code and have decided to reformat xp home if that will even work. But after i insert the OS cd and hit enter to start the setup and go to the agreement page the screen that I was already on stays blue with nothing on the page except a message at the bottom. The message says "Examining 38147 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi...". Can anyone help?

A:Trouble Reformatting xp home

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? If you can, Go to Start,Control Panel,Administrative Tools,Computer Management,Disk Management. Tell to delete partition. Then Format with all volume. Exit then reboot. Hopefully will boot from XP disk.( No guarantees, but something that may help)

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So with all the problems with my PC, i decided to Reformat it.
but when i try to reformat it, it says:
"The file usbehci.sys is corrupted"
then it tells me to restart the computer.
how do i fix this?

A:Trouble With Reformatting. usbehci.sys I Really Need Help

What media are you using to format/reinstall?

Do you have a MS XP CD? Or recovery/restore CDs? Or a reccovery/restore partition?

Reformatting destroys all data on the PC. Is that your intent? Why not just delete all existing partitions before trying to install XP?

At what point was reference made to the file named? Be specific, please.


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Im trying to reformat and the directions on microsoft say to insert the windows CD and restart the system. Once I do this it asks me to hit any key to boot from CD. It asks me if I want to setup windows XP, and then to "repair" it. Is this a reformat?

Microsoft instructions says theres several choices when you go thoguh the reformatting process ... im not sure which to chose

A:Solved: Trouble reformatting

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So I am trying to reformat my hardrive and install xp on it. Everything was going fine until I got to the screen where it asks to set up(press enter) or repair(press 'R') xp. Once here, my keyboard does not function anymore. I have tried many things to no avail. Please help. -Cody

A:Reformatting and installing xp trouble

and welcome to the Forum

If you are using a USB Keyboard and mouse, try a ps/2 . . some systems will not recognize USB at the installation stage

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Was given a dvd-r disk with video material on it. I would like to erase the files and reformat the disk. Not knowing much about these things, I assumed that all I had to do was to put the disk into the dvd-rw drive and reformat. While reformatting I got the message that formatting couldn't be completed??? The disk holds two folders (audio_TS and Video_TS) and several read-only files (with these extensions: .IFO, .BUP, .VOB). Maybe the disk can't be reformatted, or can it?

A:Trouble reformatting a disk?

if it's a dvd-r, it can only be used the once.

what you want is a dvd-rw, which can be used in much the same way as an old-skool floppy disk, allowing you to erase, format etc.

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Yesterday I turned my computer on to see that it had a blue screen and was saying something like "Checksum error: SHLWAPI.dl not found" (this was right after I had downloaded the Windows Service Pack 3). I looked far and wide across the internet for a solution, but nothing worked, so I decided to reformat my entire computer using the Windows XP Reinstillation Disc. Now that everything has been cleaned and the computer has nothing on it, everytime my telephone rings, I'm kicked off the internet. I have DSL so it shouldn't be doing this. Any ideas on how I can easily fix this?

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Thank you in advance for any and all help.

My main goal is to wipe everything from my hard drive and start from scratch. My friend helped me put it together and installed some things after playing with I believe has made things worse. Norton Ghost 2003 and Partition Magic 8.

Also the computer was built with a raid 1 configuration (mirrored), and I would like to change it to a raid 0 configuration.

-Windows xp professional
-ASUS M3N72-D AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
-AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDX920XCGIBOX
-G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK
-2x Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

The problem revolves around bsod when trying to boot with the windows xp cd in drive when trying to reformat:

0x0000007b (0xf78d2524, 0xc00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Also I have no idea how to reconfig the hard drives into a new raid honestly.

I believe the computer just has too much changed using the ghost and partition (I have since done my best to repartition the whole computer back into 1 drive and removed partition magic 8).

So would like to get it back to factory fresh settings and start anew.

A:[SOLVED] trouble reformatting pc

I use killdisk to wipe drives clean, windows does a poor job of cleaning
the drive. Go here, get the free version.
You have to create a boot floppy, or burn a bootable cd. Why do want
to use a raid array?, are you into gaming, need high performance?
Or do you need to back up data, ie mirror. For performance I guess
that striping gives you better performance, but imho, not worth the hassle.
For backup you could just use the extra drive to back things up daily.
But if you need to change the type of array, dig out your mobo manual,
or go to makers website, its fairly easy, but you will need to access bios,
and change settings to what type of raid array you need.

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As the title said, I'm trying to reformat my hard drive. My OS is windows XP pro. So I loaded my system disk into my cd-drive and told the computer to boot from CD-ROM. I enter the windows setup and it loads the files it needs. I am then asked if I want to continue setting up windows or if I want to use a recovery utility. I choose continue setting up windows. At this point the setup utility tells me I do not have a hard drive connected or powered on, and to run diagnostic services on the device.

I can still boot into windows, so I don't see how its possible to have a problem with my hard drive. I have run a diag. device on the harddrive and the results turn out fine.

What gives? help would be greatly appreciated.

A:trouble reformatting PC with windows XP

read mesage below

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I am reformatting my computer for a fresh start and i have run into a huge problem. I have a sata drive and I press f6 to install my own drivers for my hdd. But once I get to the point where you put in the disk, it doesnt recognize the disk. It reads the disk but keeps saying to insert the manufacturer's driver disk. I have used the one my hdd came with, and i have downloaded a new one. It still doesnt work. I have gone through and deleted my bootable partition through windows 98 fdisk......but to no avail. Please HELP!!!!!

A:trouble reformatting win xp (sata)


Forgive me for asking the most basic of questions, but we have to start someplace, so need to make sure things are set up correctly. Do you have the boot order set to:

Sata drive you want to boot from

Might also be a good idea to tell us what other types of disks that you have on the system and how you are trying to set them up.

Clear something up for me, are you trying to install Win98 or Win XP??????? Am I to assume that since you used Fdisk, you are going with the 98 setup?? Oh, do you have the regular self booting Operating System disk?

Help us to help you and we will wait to hear back from you.

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For another computer, I have two maxtor harddrives connected via IDE to a P4P800-E Asus motherboard.

When booting up, the system goes through some check with something called "FastBuild" which I have never heard about. I think it may have something to do with having the two harddrives work together. This computer here was bought used so maybe the previous user customized the bios?

Anyway, if I try to reformat as usual, running the Win XP Pro Cd while booting up, and install as usual, the setup files load up fine. Then, when I hit enter (to setup Win XP), there's a 25 second delay where the bottom of the screen (grey area) says "Please Wait..." and then the screen loads up where it should show my partitions and allow me to choose which to install.

THere's no highlight bar - instead, it says
"Unknown Disk"
<this drive cannot be found>
and it says this twice - I'm assuming because I have two of these harddrives - both of which cannot be read.

So 'delete partition' doesn't work - so my only option is Enter = Install.

Then the following message comes up:

"A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

THe problem seems to be caused by the following file: setupdd.sys


If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to make sure ... Read more

A:Solved: Trouble reformatting a used computer

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my girlfriends computer is riddled with viruses and spyware, and no matter how many times i run avg and spybot i can't seem to get rid of them.

she has a amd sempron 2800+ 1.6Ghz, 512mb ram, 52x dvd, nvidia fx 5200.

mobo is asus x-series, K8S-MX, hdd is WD 800JD.

i backed up important data on a 16gb thumbstick, and went to reformat windows, opened command prompt, and: Format C:
didn't work, as the drive was in use... i remember format C; from old win95, 98 days used to work... restarted pc

and booted up the xp cd, came to an error saying no hdd detected please install any sata controllers, so i took off the case and to my surprise the wd800jd is a sata hdd(must have been the first one ever made!).
so restarted again and selected option F6 to install sata controllers, It asked me to install 3rd party drivers or continue, since there is no hdd drivers in her mobo box i declined and continued, it told me I was out of luck and to exit.

So i jumped on my computer and downloaded the drivers and stuck them on a disk, and the usb just incase. rebooted xp cd, and it asked for a floppy disk, i havn't used a floppy disk since the late 90's so i just hit enter, and it bugged out a bit, and asked for floppy drivers in drive A: specificly.

So i'm lost, i can attatch a floppy drive because i have an old junk pc, but i don't have any disks for it, it this my only alternative? or is there someway i can get xp to see the hdd? obviously the guys who p... Read more

A:trouble reformatting wd 800jd sata.

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Hi all,

I'm hoping to get a helping hand. I've recently had to reformat my laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 5150. I used OS Reinstallation CD. I got to the part with the partition and when trying to delete it, I get a message stating that I cannot delete the partition because some files are on it that are necessary for the reinstallation.

So, I just kept going, and reformatted the hard drive. There is said that information on the computer may be lost, which is what I want. Anyway, after the reformat and reinstallation all of the icons are gone from my desktop that I added after the purchase of the laptop. However, after viewing my C: drive, everything is still there.

I need to somehow completely wipe out everything on the laptop and reinstall. I imagine it has to do with me not being able to delete the partition. Can someone advise if maybe there is something I have to do before that?


A:Trouble Reformatting My Dell With Window's Xp

The Partition you can't delete is the recovery partition is has re-installation files you need to re-install your operating system with the restore CD. If you do manage to delete this partition your recovery cd's may not work. When you reinstalled windows the system recovery cd's restore the computer back to the way it came from the manufacture. All the software you installed needs to be reinstalled.

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I have this old Dell laptop (5 yrs. old) and recently my son accidentally clicked some ad and now we have tons of virus's with lots of pop-ups. I first tried getting rid of the virus's but can't get them all. So, I want to reinstall xp and start over. I found the original xp cd that came with the laptop. After first uninstalling almost everything from the "add or remove programs" feature I had it pretty much stripped down. It even went into safe mode.
BUT, when I slipped in the xp cd and clicked install xp, an error message appeared and said I already had a newer version of xp on the computer and I could not install this version. I took off all the service pack 2 and 3 stuff and thought that would do it, but it still won't let me install.

Is there a way around this?

A:Having trouble reformatting old Dell with windows xp

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I'm fixing my friend's computer (which I ended up deciding the problem was way too bad (it ate up the anti virus)) and did the following:

* Used dban to fully wipe the disk - apparently the computer had been reformatted before, but problems that were occurring before the computer was reformatted was still occurring

* Got a copy of XP and tried to install it onto the computer. it's having a lot of problems installing XP for some odd reason. sometimes it just hangs in the initial screen or the computer shuts off by itself.

i just got through to the last stage of the blue screen (after it loads all the drivers up, then formats the partition then does something else) and it was supposed to restart, but after like 10 minutes (or more) it didn't start..... I noticed that the HD wasn't doing anything either.

what do i do now? i can't seem to get past this initial blue screen.

the computer is about 4-6 months old apparently, and was bought brand new. it is an Acer 6230 (or is it 6320?)

one of the problems that kept occurring was that the computer would just shut down. I thought that it may have been her power management settings for the comp initially, but she told me that the computer shuts down when she's typing a Word document and doesn't auto-save it so she has to start all over again.

I've ruled out that it shuts down because it's too hot. I know the other reasons for computers shutting down when it's not supposed to ... Read more

A:Trouble installing XP for reformatting - hanging & shutting down by itself

Sorry it's an Acer 3620.

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I'm having a bit of trouble trying to reformat my hard drive.
I have a custom computer that is quite old. I still have all my disks.

I know the problem im having is with the SATA thing too.
I have my floppy disk that came with the motherboard too.

When i boot from disk it will say i dont have a hard drive or its not recognized or something like that.
When i tried hitting f6 to install the stuff off my floppy it just doesnt do anything.
Ill keep trying to go on and it will in the end just tell me that no hard disk is recognized.
But it will sound like it is trying to read off of the floppy.
I also cannot find out how to change it to IDE.

I know this isnt to descriptive but any question you ask me, im sure ill be able to an swer.

Please help?

A:Reformatting Help!

Set the boot order floppy, cd, HD.

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I have the original windows CD, put it in, restart, but when I get to the "press any key to boot from CD....." any input from my keyboard does nothing, thus booting my computer and not allowing me to boot from CD. The keyboard works fine before then, because I can press Delete to enter the BIOS, and once my computer boots, the keyboard and mouse work just fine. I tried going into the BIOS and telling it to boot from CD first, yet still it doesn't work.
On previous computers, I had a handy little floppy that would delete all the partitions and then I could install Windows from a clean disk, but my current computer doesn't have a floppy drive, so that isn't an option.
Unfortunatly, all I have is a usb keyboard (recycled all my old hardware last week...not going to do that again), so I can't try it with a ps2. Does anyone know what the problem might be, or know of a way to format my hard disk without a floppy or from the windows CD?

A:Need help reformatting...

Hi Nyatar, Welcome to TSF!

This seems to be your major issue....


Unfortunately, all I have is a usb keyboard

The USB keyboard requires Drivers for it to operate, and if they are not installed, you will not be able to give the computer the necessary commands that it needs to start the instrallation.

Having said that, when you get to the black screen saying "Boot from CD....Press any Key to Boot from CD..., do you allow the command to go to the second line before you "Press any Key to Boot from CD..."?
(There is a possibility that you might be attempting to execute the command too early.)

Please reply with these answers.

Kind Regards,

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Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem I just can't seem to figure out. I've been trying to reformat my HD. Well, everytime I do a format c: it gives me a problemo! I reply "Y" and get the following message:

Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Format may run if this volume is dismounted first. It then goes on to ask if I want to force a dismount, which I do.

I then get the message:

Cannot lock the drive. The volume is still in use. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I thought it might have been GoBack, or maybe Norton. As far as I can tell, there are no other processes running that would lock a volume.

So, being the old pre-Windows guy that I am, I thought if I could boot from a disk that would work. Well. I've tried creating W2K boot disk (4 of 'em ). Then I tried the ERD...nope. I tried booting with a Win98se floppy.....nope. Didn't work either.
I am really at the end of my rope here. I've never encountered NOT being able to reformat.

BTW, I have only one partition as far as I can tell, if it helps.

If anyone can help me, it will have to be baby steps as I've never encountered this problem before, but I sure do need the help.



A:Reformatting W2K

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i need to reformat my hard drives, the only thing im wondering about is, once im done with reformatting, will my internet settings still be available? in otherwords, will i need to reset up my router and all those things, or is it safe to just reformat w/o haveing to touch my internet settings at all?


If you reformat you won't have to worry about your router settings. As long as you're not using software like AOL to connect to the internet which requires a user and password you should be fine.

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Alright I know how to reformat with the bootup disk...but right now I have no access to a floppy drive so im unable to create a boot up running windows xp home edition and I need to know if its possible how to reformat without a bootup disk..and if so how would I be able to do it..thanks

A:Need Help Reformatting

I'm almost sure this will work for you.
I've got a triple boot system (win98se and winxp on one hd and winxp from my 2nd hd. I've been able to format and install windowsXP on either hd this way.

Insert your WinXP cdrom and when it starts-up, select install WinXp. Then select new installation.

The system will then reboot after loading installation files. You'll then be given an option of either a fresh copy or repairing an existing installation. Select "fresh copy" and you'll then be able to select the drive/partition that you want to reformat and load windows on.

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my mothers computer is a mess and I am afraid I will have to reformat the hard drive for her. My brother kept the recovery cd and the windows xp, which is what she has now. I have an old copy of win 98 (she can't afford to go buy windows xp) and was going to just install it on the computer, as its an older model (a pentium 1 or 2) and figure it would work better anyway with win98....however I'm concerned that the drivers won't be on the windows cd. Will I have a problem reloading drivers...I'm most concerned about the mouse, and keyboard drivers and that kind of stuff. I'm sure I can figure out how to reformat it, but I'm concerned about messing it up after that. LOL Please, can anyone give me advice on what to do and how to do it? It's freezing up on her, and I can't get the dumb thing to recognise that there is a cable modem (oh and I am going to obviously get THAT to working again too once I reformat it!) and the virus detector won't update. I can't get anything at all to run on it anymore. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:help reformatting

the mouse and keyboard will definately be recognized, unless she has like some super duper keyboard/mouse combination with flashing lights and an auto aimer for counter strike, you'll be fine there.

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just wondering if there is a way to reformat completely while only keeping certain files? i want to reformat but i have about 13 gigz of music that i dont want to have to either burn or put back on here. is there a way to save it, or could i just transfer it to a second harddrive and then transfer it back?


Yes you could put in a second hard drive as a slave and drag and drop the files from one hard drive to the other When you get to the formatting stage make sure you unplug the second hard drive to protect it in case you mess up.
You could also burn the music to disk, if it were my collection I would do both. Its a good idea to backup a backup because when you format your HDD your music will only be on the slave drive, also what if your power supply fails and takes both HDD's with it.

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hey guys,
i know this hasnt really got a lot to do with operating systems but i couldnt really find an appropriate forum....all i wanna no is how to reformat my computer, what needs to be reinstalled after reformatting (besides windows and the programs i want) and any other piece of info that might be helpful please. my computer has a whole lot of crap on it and i just want it all gone and start fresh.



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Okay so my computer has been lagging.
And Running Insanely slow and I just need to figure out how to reformat it.
I have already gone to F2 and F11 when the computer is first starting up there is nothing there that helps me. I've went through all of the system tools and such please some help ill copy and paste off the computer information incase it helps. :)

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.93GHz
Version: x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Speed: 2933 MHz

General Info;
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version: 5.1.2600
Service Pack: 3.0
Location: C:\WINDOWS
PID: 76487-OEM-0080751-82959
Hot Fix: KB970238

If anyone could help me it would be greatly apreciated.
Thank you,
Ciao <3

A:Reformatting. PLEASE HELP.

I'm assuming you have your XP install CD? Can you not boot do your install CD? If you do a fresh install of XP, it'll ask how you want the drive formatted(NTFS) before it starts to copy/install files

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I have a DELL Dimension E310, and it is just full of junk.
I would like to know how to reformat my PC, so that i can start over from scratch.
The problem is that when i bought it online, it came with no CDs, so i have no idea how to do it. I looked over at the "system tools", but the only option that was even remotely close to reformatting was the "System restore" option.

So can anyone tell me how to reformat my PC, w/out CDs?
Thank you.

A:I really need help reformatting my PC

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I know I know there are a ton of threads and trust me I've read most of them about reformatting and I can't seem to find My specific solution so here it goes.
My problem is my laptop.
Long story short after having my laptop returned from service I found my Bios messed with where when I would start my computer but Bios wouldn't find my hard drive or an OS.
I found that my system was set to RAID instead of ATA.
After resetting it back to ATA it boots up fine. However I wanted to reformat and start clean.
I placed my XP disk in, reset my BIOS to read my optical drive first and no problems.
However every time I get to partition drive all I see is "Unknown Device"
If I press any key I get a blue screen of death. Most times it's the 0X0000008E.
I have tried going into Recovery mode and manually typing Format C:\ however it says it one of two things either "The parameter is not valid" or "Cannot format network drive" or something like that.
I tried upgrading since it was Windows Home Edition and I have XP Professional however I received another blue screen of death at the same place when trying to partition the drives and now when ever I boot up Windows gives me the option of either booting up to Windows Home or continuing my botched installation of XP Professional!
I do not have a floppy drive for my laptop. The drivers and utilities that came with the laptop are on CD. I have tried pressing F6 to see if maybe RAID needs to be i... Read more


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I have a lot of junk of my HDD from testing out free spywares, firewalls, converters, games, upgrading adobe products, upgrading other products, etc. Uninstalling them helps, but it almost always leaves behind a bit of data and I would like to just start my HDD over.

I have the Windows 7 install disk, what is the best way to do this?

A:Reformatting HDD?

Try a full clean & full format in command prompt.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
Partition or Volume - Delete
Partition or Volume - Create New
Partition - Mark as Active
1) Boot DVD, & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
DISKPART : At PC Startup
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

Type in command line
If you have no partitions on your HD.
SELECT DISK # (HD to cleaned)

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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im in need of instructions on how to reformat a HD without a cd. im running a hp pavilion from 2001 and my comp came with XP preinstalled when i got it so if you can tell me how to do this it would be greatly appericated

A:Reformatting HD

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I want to reformat my computer but I have no base cd of my computer.

Are there other options to reformat??

Many Thanks

A:Reformatting without cd possible??

it is possible but I will ask you a question first

how will you reinstall the operating system if you have no windows cd to reinstall windows?

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I was infected a couple weeks ago and have tried numerous things to get this thing figured out. I can't get anywhere though. I really don't want to reformat, so I thought I'd try to give it one last shot. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.

A couple weeks ago I tried opening IE and Firefox and nothing happened. I ran a virus scan with MSE and it found TROJAN:DOS/Alureon.A.

MSE told me I needed to download their system boot sweeper program. I did that, and it scanned the system and found no issues.

I went back into the regular MSE and ran it, and it still found the trojan.

I downloaded TDSSKiller and renamed it. Tried running it and I just got a windows pop up asking if I trusted the program. I click yes, and nothing happens.

I tried downloading Malware Bytes, and renamed it...same thing - pop up message and then nothing.

The same happened when I tried running rkiller, tsskiller, mgtools, otl.exe, unhide.exe

No files, whether cmd, bat, exe's, files renamed to .com will open. The only exe file I can get to open is going to Program Files and opening iexplorer.exe. I found this out because when I clicked on my IE icon on the desktop it said the path wasn't valid because the file didn't exist. I followed the path located in Program Files x86 and the file did exist. So I checked the regular Program Files, and it opened.
Items I was able to run:

1)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. I have attached the log.

2) able to run the command sfc /scannow and recieve... Read more

A:Last try before reformatting

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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Need a computer genius and I am not one.
Here is story: A fellow upgraded my win 2K pro to XP. He made it dual bootable. It lost that ability after having to be reloaded for some problem. I want to re-format the hard drive (XP) and load my 2kPro on it. Cannot figure any way to reformat.
Help... Please give step by step , I am not a computer guy.
thanks, Joe

A:XP to Win 2K pro - reformatting

Boot the computer with your Win2K CD. Start a new installation of W2K. When it gets to the screen about where to install choose the format option and the installer will format (wiping out XP) and then allow you to continue the installation normally.

If you have a dual boot configuration with the two OS on different partitions, you may need to delete all partitions and recreate them again during the installation. Alternatively, you can format any drive other than the drive that W2K is on from within Windows after the install has completed.

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How can I easily reformat my hard drive?


This should help you

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I have a hp compaq dx6100.I tried reformating it with an xp bt after being forced 2 skip files during setup it hangs or even suddenly pops up the blue screen of death.with a cdfs.sys file error message.plz help me

A:Reformatting help

and welcome to the Forum

I moved your post to a separate thread.

Failure to copy files during installation is often a sign of failing memory. click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors

How to burn an ISO file:

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After my spyware erased one of my essential system files it wouldn't log in any longer, so I decided to just reformat my computer. After reformatting I know I need to download some drivers? I have a Satellite P105-S6024, and I've jumped on the Toshiba drivers website. However, after going through it I was met with a LONGGGG list of drivers for the laptop. I'm not sure which ones to download and what drivers my laptop has... Can anyone help me with this situation, I'm clearly not that sophisticated in computers

A:After reformatting XP, what's next...?

You have installed Windows XP so download Windows XP drivers from the list. For basic functionality you need at least display, sound and network drivers.You have not mentioned which Windows XP service pack you have installed. Choose the right version from the Operating System drop-down list for example Windows XP SP2/SP3.Then choose a category like display from the other drop-down list.Pick the latest driver by seeing the date.

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Okay, I did a search but there are just too many results to sort through. I need some help reformatting my computer. I want to start fresh with everything except for some school work, which I can save on floppys.

So I just want to know, what is everything I need to reformat a Dell computer running XP Home edition? I know I need the system disc and thats about it. What do I do with it? Thanks for any input!

A:Some Help Reformatting

Usually a System Disk comes with the Window Installation application and all the drivers it needs. If you have the disk, then you are set to go.

Here is the window installation guide page.

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Hi i have 2 HDD one with the os and the other one for data.

I reformatted my data drive by deleting and re-creating partition via windows xp boot cd. Afterwards it went through the whole windows instillation thing....

How can i reformat this drive without installing windows xp afterwards?

A:reformatting without xp

Format Second Drive or Partition.

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I recently bought a computer from someone that has the software SiteKiosk on it and I am having trouble trying to remove it and reformat the computer.

I cannot run from disk, nor enter BIOS or Command Prompt because of this software. Everything either doesn't work, or requires an admin password which I did not get when I bought the computer.

I know there has to be a way to reformat, but it is not within my knowledge. I have searched google and other forums to no avail.

If I can just find out how to boot from disk, or any software or ANYTHING to remove this SiteKiosk ****, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

A:Need help reformatting

Have you visited the site that makes Site Kiosk?

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Okay all here i go again.. I am looking at reformating my computer that has win xp pro put on over win 98 se. Now. where is there a link or instructions on how to reformat with win xp.. do i need a start up disk? etc


A:win xp and reformatting

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I want to reformat my main partition that has windows drive(C:). I was wondering if i were to reformat drive (C:) to re install windows, will the data in my other partitions/drives (D:), (E:), (F:) be erased?


No - the data in your other partitions will not be deleted.

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there is any harm in reformatting the pc too many times.



In general no,

But the obvious question is why are you wishing to or needing to format a hard drive very regularly.

Do you have a full set of protection programs installed

Anti Virus

What is happening to your system to make you decide to format the hard drive?



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im using a dell PC
ive no clue on how to reformat my dell pc
i want to delete all the stuff inside my com cuz its so messy n load of viruses..
currently i haf these discs:
Reinstallation DVD Windows Vista Home Basic 32BIT
DVD for Reinstalling Dell Dimension and Dell XPS Computer Software
DVD for Reinstalling Cyberlink PowerDVD 2.0 Software
n other softwares

pls help me step by step to reformat pls

A:need help in reformatting..

Boot from DVD Windows Vista Home Basic 32BIT and follow the instructions to format your local drives.

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My boyfriend was trying to reformat his dad's computer, and he did just that. But, when he restarted the computer and turned it back on, the icons didn't appear nor did the taskbar, then it would abruptly log him off from windows and bring him directly to the start up menu log in screen. Before I was going to start helping him fix it over the phone, I asked what kind of installation XP disk he was using. He said the same one that he used on his own computer. I told him that I thought you could only use one XP disc/product key, per computer. I'm wondering if this is the problem or if it may be something else. I'm also wondering if there is a way to get back his old operating system or to fix whatever he did. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Reformatting XP help.

Yes- it is only one Micro Soft Operating system per computer. However- that would not cause the problem you are describing.
No- if he re-formated and installed XP, he cannot simply reverse it to get the old Operating System back. He would have to format the drive and then install the operating system that was on there previously with the Disc that came with that computer or BUY a new one.


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With a system with a lot of problems (XP), is it better to reformat and load XP as a new installation or would it be better to just reload XP over the existing version in there?


With the mention of "a lot of problems", my personal suggestion would be a format prior to the re-installation of the OS. Sometimes there is something to be said for a 'clean slate'.

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I forgot to backup my favourites and i reformatted my pc, anyway to recover them?

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I'm wanting to Reformat My Hard Drive..and start New..but am not sure on how to do so. I'm using Windows 98 SE..Any info would be great...thanks

A:HD Reformatting

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Here is my delima:
I have a Compac pc that had win 98. I installed winxp on it. I now need to clean it out as the hard drive is almost full. All the original programs, etc that are on it are not in the add/remove programs so I can't uninstall them from there. I need to know the best way to clean this machine up.Thanks!

A:Need help reformatting maybe?

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My system, especially web browsing is inconsistent. I have posted here multiple times from my work laptop as I can not seem to post here. Same problem or ridiculously slow activity on a couple other sites. If anyone can take a look at this log and find something great. If not, I fear it is time to wipe and reload all.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:25:20 AM, on 9/24/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\ipoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pure Networks Shared\Platform\nmctxth.exe
C:\Program Files\A4Tech\Mouse\Amoumain.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\A4Tech\Keyboard\Ikeymain.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exe
C:\Program Files\Software Informer\softinfo.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\dpupdchk.exe
C:\Program Files\USBKVM Switcher\USBKVM.exe
C:\Program Files\Common... Read more

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I just reformatted my WIN XP Pro today. I have two HD, one (c:) which the OS is on and the other (x:) which I moved all my data to before I reformatted. I booted into safe mode and gave access to myself and the admin account to access x:, however I still get an access denied message when I try to open the folders in the drive. It also states that all folders are empty but the properties state that it has 149 GB of used on it. I am damn confused and worried I might have lost my data. Thanks for the help.


I am assuming you are having trouble accessing the "data" drive? After installing XP, you should be able to simply browse to the "data" drive and see your files. You shouldn't need Safe Mode or provide special access. You didn't have the files/folders encrypted within your old XP install did you?

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my computer came with WinME and I recently installed WinXP Home Edition. Whenever I had ME on there and I wanted to reformat I just stuck in the restore cd that came with the computer and I rebooted and it went to the screen that took me step through step through the process. Now (having XP on there) when I put the cd in and reboot it just loads up XP again as usual like the cd isn't even in there. How do I make it read the cd on boot or whatever?

A:reformatting help!

Go into bios 'advanced settings' (I think, I haven't been there for a while), and set 1st boot device to cdrom (use pgUp/PgDn).

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how come when i reformat, if i do a full format NTFS i get an error at 100% saying the disk may be damaged..butu when i do a quick format, it works fine..?


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Can someone please help me I have just reformatted one of my computers but now it will not find my ethernet connection which means it will not network with other computer what can I do


LOL. Good one!

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ive reformatted my hard drive once or twice before but this time after it has copied all the system files to the computer and it restarts it goes right back to the system set up screen and asks what i want to do and never actually botts xp from the hard drive.


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I need to know how to reformat a laptop computer. I have the restore disks that came with computer but I do not know how to use them. Please help steve


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Alright so my Dell computer completely crashed, too many viruses and not enough space. I got frustrated and removed my old, 30gb hard drive and purchased an 80gb one from Best Buy. I brought the old hard drive along and asked for assistance on which hard drive would work fine with my computer and the guy showed me. Now, I cleaned out my computer box and put in the new hard drive and popped in a windows xp installation cd. problem is, it either freezes during installation or keeps restarting the computer. what do i do? any help is greatly appreciated,


Is the new drive recognized in the BIOS, after restarting press either the F2 or the Delete key to get to system settings. Also while in the BIOS check to make sure your computer is set to boot from the cd drive, it will be under something like Boot or Boot Options.

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Does it remove all the programs on a computer? What about viruses and stuff like that? Just asking to know what I am reading here about when someone says reformatting.

A:What does reformatting do?

Hi, Yes, technically the data is still there, just marked as to be overwritten....and, when you reinstall all the programs, and Windows, it starts the overwriting process.

Formatting just prepares the hard disk for reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows and all your other stuff.

All your data, files, programs etc are not going to be appears as an empty drive.

If you had one big partition, that's the hard disk space and how it's may want to consider making a second partition, to save downloads, backup things's fairly simple.

Then, you have two separate partitions of the hard drive, and you can install Windows and programs on one, use the second to keep important things....or, you can install programs on the second, in most cases.

Here is a good link about the whole process:

Note, that there are more than just one type of Windows XP.....or Vista, if you have there are specific things you have to know about the process, and what type you are using....

If you have a branded computer, like a Dell, HP etc you may have Recovery disks that put the machine back to original way it was when you got it....some, do the recovery from a hidden partition on the hard drive.

Can you post some details? If you dont know them, we can help you find out.

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Hello again, Respetite.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your system is infected with a polymorphic file infector called Virut. Virut is capable of infecting all the machine's executable files (.exe) and screensaver files (.scr). However, the problem is that the virus has a number of bugs in its code, and as a result, it may missinfect a proportion of executable files and therefore, the files are corrupted beyond repair. As of now, security experts suggest that a clean reformat is the only way to clean the infection and it is the only way to return the machine to its normal working state.

Read here and here

Virut is also a backdoor trojan.

This type of infection allows hackers to remotely control your computer, log keystrokes, steal critical system information, and download and execute files without your knowledge.

If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.


You will have to wipe all your drives and reformat.

Backup all your documents and importa... Read more


Have an eyeful here my friend

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I have a PC that I do not know the login or password. I need to reformat and start from scratch. How do I go about doing this?

I have a windows xp bootable cd.

A:Reformatting PC

Anybody have any ideas?

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Was wondering on how to do it, like how to bring up the ms-dos prompt and what to type in. I am on windows xp (updated from windoes 98se) and have the windows 98 SE for PC's without windows cd to install after i refomat


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If you refornat a Windows XP computer, do you need to re-install Windows XP using the CD that it came with afterwards?


What are your plans? What do you want to put on the drive?

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I just reformatted my pc and that went without a problem, i am running on xp and the package installed is service package 2, i am unable to connect to the internet on it. I have a wireless dongle which works fine as i was using it before i formated yet i lost the disk for it so i am unable to install the software. I dl the software onto another pc and transferred it to a memory stick in an attempt to get it to work, the wizard could not find the software on my memory stick yet it was compressed i then decompressed it and put it into my documents yet it still could not find it. Because of this i ran hte setup through the folder of the software. This all appears and works yet i still cant get the dongle working. Help would be greatly appreciated

A:Need help after reformatting pc

You should've saved and burned all the device drivers for that computer to a CD-R before you did a hard drive format and clean reinstall of Windows XP SP2.

You also should've saved and burned the full 316 MB SP3 upgrade to a CD-R so you could install it afterwards.


What's the brand name and model name and model number of that computer?

What's the names of the entries in the Device Manager that have a yellow ? or ! next to them?


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I have an hp pavilion laptop and I have approx 27 trojans on my computer. I have avg and it scans everyday. I also have malware that I run a scan every few weeks. I have been told to reformat but have no idea how too. I tried to call hp and they told me it would cost me. I dont have the money to purchase anything or pay to get help does anyone have any advice that may help me? Tried to do a system restore but it would only allow me to go back to 10 pm last night. These obviously were on here before than. I am very frustrated and just want this fixed. I need this for school and cant afford to buy another one. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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i wish to reformat/reinstall windows, so i change by primary boot device to CD-ROM in bios and start up the computer. I place my windows xp CD in the compueter and boot from the CD-ROM, but then it says it couldnt boot from CD-ROM because of a "memory overflow error." is there any other way i can reformat? any help is appreciated.



Heres an article by Microsoft, this should help you solve the problem.;en-us;145799

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My 2nd computer cannot log online right now, even though the DSL is showing connection. I need to reformat.. but am having trouble doing so. I have an XP cd, when i put it in, it doesnt load when im in windows. Is there any other way to format?

A:Help Reformatting

This is a good guide for installing XP . . you might want to print it for reference during the install. You will loose all data on the drive, so be sure you have data backed up. ( The files and settings Transfer wizard is good at this)

The key is to have a finger on the keyboard when you boot with the XP disc in the CD . . you will briefly get a black screen with the prompt :Strike any key to boot from CD.

It can go by pretty quickly

Have fun . . wrs

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So about a year ago I bought an Acer Aspire M1100 (I think) with some money I got from my job. I didn't like Vista, and I don't know much about computers but my brother's friend said he had a copy of XP that I could have for free. Not knowing it was pirated, I let him put it on my computer. It kept saying that my copy of Windows wasn't verified or whatever, but I just dealt with it because I don't have the money to buy XP.

I've been having problems with my computer. It's been going really slow lately, so I thought I would just reformat it and be on my way. If only it were that simple.

I searched high and low for the discs that I thought had come with my computer when I originally had it, and I can't find them, if I ever had them. That makes it hard to reformat.

Is there any way I can access a hidden partition or something that would reformat my stuff to when I bought it? I'm not really sure if what I'm saying is making sense, but you might get what I need. I just need help reformatting.

Please and Thanks,

A:Help with reformatting?

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hey guys, i actually came across your site by accident but have become rather addicted to 'endulging' in it. I havn't reformatted my PC since i first bought it which was around 3-4 years ago. I would like to reformat it as i only use the same 2 programmes at the moment and the rest of the space is redundant and probably will be for a very long time, ontop of that its performance has drastically withered. The problems i face is that:

A) i do not have a windows disc, so i am concerned that i will not be able to install windows again,
B) I'm not sure of any major consequences of reformatting and
C) I dont actually know how to reformat it

I am hoping that someone out there can give me some insight so that i can enjoy my PC once again, much love -x-

hehe just realised that i typed "reboot" i actually meant 're-format' (its been a long few days)

A:Reformatting the PC

If you format it you will not have an OS.
Without an OS disc you will not be able to reinstall your current OS.
Read how to speed up windows in the guides section.

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I have a question. Will reformatting remove all viruses, spyware and popups? My laptop is so infested that I can't download anything, I would rather just reformat if that will get rid of everything.




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OK, so I made sure my BIOS was booting from CDROM and first priority, and then HDD.

I put the Windows XP Pro CD in and the little windows pop-up screen came up and I exited that and shut down my computer.

I turn my computer back on and I cannot get ANYTHING on my monitor.

I have two slots on the back of my eVGA 6800 PCI-E card... I have tried every possible variation i could possibly do with the two slots with three different monitors. I also took care of the obvious stuff and made sure my card was tightly fastened in my PCI-E slot and things like that.

Now, I could not a a screen for the life of me so next time I turned my computer on, took OUT the windows XP disk, and turned off my comp.

Turned it back on this time without anything in the CD ROM and STILL nothing on any screen.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, I have no monitor slot on my MSI N-force 4 motherboard. So I cant try that either.

A:Reformatting, need help!

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I've been trying to reformat lately, but it seems I am not able to. I have tried to go into the Command Prompt, and type 'format c:' however it says it is in use. I also tried right clicking my hard drive, and going to format, said the same thing. How do I get to the command prompt before Windows boots so I can type in the command to delete all my files on the partition?



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there's too much useless things on here that would take me hours to delete ...anyone know any websites where i can get help with back up, and reformatting xp ?

A:reformatting xp


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I hope someone can help.
My machine was crashing a lot and the internet would not work at all. it seems the virus/trojan/spyware was not detcted by Kaspersky Internet security 2009.
I therefore decided to reformat the hard drive (500 Gb, partitioned into 150gb and 315gb) and the re-install XP pro.
I carried out a format as per Western digital instructions and then when I booted from the XP CD-Rom I got the message:-

Boot Sector Write ! Virus: continue y/n ?

I diasbled the BIOS virus detection and rebooted same message again
I then carried on by choosing "y".
I did a fix MBR
and then proceeded to install XP.
I re-enabled the BIOS virus detection.

If I try to clean boot the PC, I now get the following message:-
System Configuration
An access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes.

There is only one User account - Anyone
However, the following show up during Belarc Advisor Current Profile

local user accounts

local system accounts

Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP3
Anti-Virus: Kaspersky Internet Security 2009
Ad-Aware SE Plus


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do i need to reformat my hard drive before i upgrade it? because i want a clean install, does reformatting make my laptop from the way it was when i first bought it?


Hello Juan, and welcome to Vista Forums.

A clean install is formatting the hard drive to erase and delete everything on it. A factory recovery or restore from your recovery partition or recovery disks will format your hard drive and restore it back like the day you first got your computer instead.

If you have a retail upgrade version of Vista that you want to upgrade to, then you can use the method below to do a clean install with if that is what you are wanting to do.

Clean Install From Upgrade Vista

Hope this helps,

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I know I shouldn't hi-jack threads, but I want to format my HDD and get rid of XP and start fresh. But I'm not too sure how to go about. Any help?

I was going to make a new thread but since this is right at the top I dunno what would be more stoopid, sorry :|

A:Help reformatting


I have split your post off into your own thread. In the future if you have a Question/Problem please start a "New Thread". It get's too confusing trying to address two different people's problem in the same thread and you may get overlooked.

Please continue in this thread.

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hey guys

Does anyone know how to reformat the disk WITHOUT having to reinstall Windows XP?


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I was getting a message for insufficiant memory on my HP computer. I used my system recovery disks and did a complete reformat of my computer but I am still getting this error message. What can cause this and how do I correct it?

A:reformatting XP

Lack of memory?

How much memory do you have? What is your page file set at?

Do you mean that you completely erased everything and installed a fresh copy of XP?

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Hello Everyone,
I need some help. I'm running windows 7 and trying to reformat my comp. I press F8 and go to repair my computer and I know it is supposed to bring up other options but it does not. When I click repair my computer just boots up windows. What can be the issue, please help.

A:Reformatting Help

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Ok, I know that this is a dumb question but i'm really curious.

What happens if you reformat your PC too much because you think that it is the only way of fixing the problem you have in your pc?

For me, it sounds like a bad idea to reformat your pc every time you have a problem that you can fix yourself.

Just Wondering.

A:Reformatting too much?

I think you'd have to re-format continually to actually wear out the hard disk, or cause damage, but I'm not 100% certain - I'd love to hear the real answer though.

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I am a new member and not very good with computers, my question is can i reformat my computer without using the F10 key, i have an Iqon computer and when i press F10 on restart, it says LDR is missing, use cont alt del to restart. i hope someone can help me as it needs to be reformatted.



it actually says NTLDR is missing, Doh, can someone help please!!

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I need to reformat my laptop. I have some internal error that keeps causing my laptop to mess up. I kept reformatting using the quick process because I dont have time to wait. I was talking to aa friend and he said I have to use the long process, it will erase all internal errors were as the quick way sometimes doesnt. But the problem is that it takes 12 hours just to get 20% reformatted using the long way...I cant wait 2 and a half days to reformat. Is there a quicker way to reformat? Some free program that will erase everything from my computer, bring it down to its basic form, erase all erros and all I have to do is put in the XP install CD and it will work again? I cant wait 2 and a half days to reformat lol so I need to find some way to fix this POS lol.



Hello and welcome to TSF

Something is seriously wrong , it should never take 12 hours or more to format a drive. Maybe the reason your having issues is that your hard drive is bad.
Before doing anything else, Find the manufacturer of your hard drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility.

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is it true that when you reformat and reinstall the operating system in a computer, that each time you reformat the computer that you actually clean the hard drive even more, so therefor when you reformat a computer it is better to do it several times in a row to clean the hard drive more?


No, not really. Formatting does not "clean" the computer. All the files can still be retrieved with recovery software. Formatting just prepares the drive for the file system so that the files can be found on the drive. It sort of "draws the invisible lines" that separate the drive into sections. Formatting it once does exactly the same thing as formatting it 100 times.

Formatting is not the same as erasing.

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I NEED TO REFORMAT (sorry) my ispiron 1505. running vp media edition. no matter what f key i tap i cant find the blue window setup screene. please help before it flies out the door

A:reformatting xp

To reformat a drive that has no operating system you could in Windows explorer right click on the drive and then select Format. If the drive has an operating system it is recommended to use the operating system install disk instead. Only an install disk can be used to do that no restore disks. You will be able to install a new copy of an os from the install disk after the reformat of a drive with an operating system.

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I was trying to install a windows 7 to my computer. Upon the process, it had options to upgrade or custom. I chose custom so I could reformat it but it only gave me an option to 'refresh' and 'load driver'. I wish to reformat my disk and partition it again. Have I done wrong?


The Windows does not show an advanced option as shown here? See step 10

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I have 2 PCs which currently run XP Pro Sp3 and I am about really to reformat them and do a few hardware swaps (from PC to PC, sadly no upgrades).

Before I get started pulling things apart and hanging out in front of the computer for hours while I install and update, I would like to get some info on configuration, setup, etc.

My main question: When setting up Drives, is it better to have your most used programs on the C: drive, or elsewhere?

Both PCs, have 2 HDD, 120g 7200rpm models. I usually set up the PC w/ a 20g C: drive on the 1st HDD, then put a 5-10g SWAP partition on the 2nd drive. I then partition the remaining 100g of the 1st drive as my Documents drive. I usually end up leaving the remaining space on the 2nd drive unformatted or partitioned, but empty. I could of course make a programs partition and put it on the 2nd drive.

Both of these PCs are 4+ years old, 1.6-2.6ghz AMD area and I'm trying to stretch their lives out until more favorable financial times permit their replacement. Please give me any suggestions, criticisms, crazy ideas, or whatever.

P.S. I often configure the faster of the 2 PCs using BlackViper's website, trying to get as much performance as I can, as I use it for Gaming, Music, and watch Movies.

Thank you very much, look forward to your replies and posting more :)

A:Reformatting an old PC w/ XP Pro

Hello - Your question can only be answered by people's opinions.

My opinion, is to partition the C: drive with as much space as needed for the progs/apps/games. Some games, especially online multiplayer, will save huge maps within the Program Files\Gamename\... folder. Counter strike source used to take up about 15Gb just in that one folder.

So, if your into playing games, then you'll need a half decent amount on the C drive. So I'd suggest 50Gb-60Gb. Leaving at least 60Gb + the other 120Gb drive for saving stuff like documents or whatever.

You may already know, that it is beneficial to save your important documents on a different drive than C: just in case Windows needs to be reinstalled. That way, the Windows reinstallation won't touch your second partition and just reinstall over C: leaving your saved documents alone.

Don't forget to look into how you can optimize the old machines in XP. With some simple optimizations you can increase the speed significantly without upgrading any parts.

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help with reformatting my hard drive. I am looking to reformat and install a clean xp. I have already transfered my files to an external drive. I was wondering if there is a;
if anyone has instructions how to re-format and clean install
whats the difference when doing it from windows xp cd or a boot from windows 98?

PLEASE help....... Thanks guys and girls

A:ReFormatting Help... please

giulio said:

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help with reformatting my hard drive. I am looking to reformat and install a clean xp. I have already transfered my files to an external drive. I was wondering if there is a;
if anyone has instructions how to re-format and clean install
whats the difference when doing it from windows xp cd or a boot from windows 98?

PLEASE help....... Thanks guys and girlsClick to expand...

Have a look at the "Sticky" at the very topmost of this forum.

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I'm building a new computer and I gonna use my old hard drive. I have two partitions on that hard drive: one for the OS, and one for my backup stuff. i was wondering if i can only reformat the partition with the OS and not reformat my backup. Any help is appreciated, thx!!


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