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Recover file from DVD using Bad Copy Pro.

Q: Recover file from DVD using Bad Copy Pro.

I am trying to recover file using Bad Copy Pro. program to recover vob file from the DVD.

It is about 320 megs. but it taking over 24 hours to do but still progressing in progress bar.
About 90 % done. Very slow.
I have 6 of these files in the DVD.

That means needs more six days to do them all ?

I am doing it slow speed.

Is this normal or not ?
It normally takes that long or what ?


A: Recover file from DVD using Bad Copy Pro.

Try ISOBuster instead. It's fast, powerful and reliable. I've used it to recover data from damaged CDs and DVDs that couldn't be read by Windows.

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Hi, this is going to be a tricky one for a first post, I fear. I need to export email from Outlook 2007 on my old laptop to an external hard drive, then import it to a new machine running Outlook 2010.

Sounds simple, right? Well, here's the rest of the story:

My old laptop threw a major fit after I updated the AV suite last year, and now refuses to launch Outlook at all. Instead I get an error message telling me that there is insufficient disk space to run Outlook, and to reinstall it. I have defragged and deleted 100's of GB from the main disk (C drive) but still no go. I bought my old PC several years ago with Windows Vista (32bit) and MS Office 2007 preinstalled, so I don't have the disks to reinstall Outlook, which might fix the issue. Currently, my old PC is behaving like it has never had Outlook installed - it doesn't even appear in the list of programs running on the machine.

Unfortunately I didn't run a backup before updating the AV suite (which I haved previously updated with no issues) so I don't have the PST file on an external storage device. I have tried to back my old machine up to my external hard drive now but with no success where emails are concerned.

I know the PST file is still there because I downloaded a free file recovery tool (Phoenix) and it grabbed everything that is in my email and listed it all for me to see, but to save my emails using this tool would involve paying a fair whack of money that I just can't a... Read more

A:Solved: Recover and export PST file from corrupt copy of Outlook 2007

You need to locate the old PST file and copy it to the new machine... no special software is needed. Then in Outlook 2010 use File > Open > Import > Import from another program or file > Outlook Data file.

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I'm currently in the process of copying files back from the cloud in the exact same location where I had them before and now it says that the file name is too long and prompts to see whether I want to skip the file or not. The error message given does not
give the full file name or the path so it is impossible to see which files were copied successfully or not. This never happened with XP! Then afterwards I found that some of the files with long names did copy successfully whereas others didn't. I find this
to be a very user unfriendly process and I'm totally confused! These are critical files and I'm sure I haven't exceeded 260 characters or whatever. This is soOoO frustrating!!


A:file copy error message not sufficient + file name too long will not copy

Hi ,

There is a limit of filename length within Windows Explorer. In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which
is defined as 260 characters.
The shell and the file system have different requirements. It is possible to create a path with the Windows API that the shell user interface is not able to interpret properly.
This means that your long filename can only be handled at the command prompt level and you cannot drag and drop an illegal length filename within Windows Explorer.

Please simplify your folders and titles.

More information, please check the part of Maximum Path Length Limitation in the link below. Cai
TechNet Community Support

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I'm trying to copy a VHD (22g, dynamic I think...)

I tried richcopy. It says copy started, but then stops....

I saw someone mention xcopy /j, to achieve the unbuffered I/O perf. you get with richcopy...

it's running, but no indication as to how long it takes (EDIT: just finished, > 10 mins),

what's the syntax for single files?

Can't you just paste the path into the source?

(starts, and stops... any logs?)

A:how do I copy a BIG single file (using richcopy?) big file copy

Use this command if the VHD is sitting on C:

robocopy "C:\Users\yourName\VHD Folder" "S:\Storage Folder" *.* /COPY:DAT /E

Change yourname and replace VHD Folder with the name of the folder where the VHD resides. S:\Storage Folder is where you want to store it.

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The story sofar,I installed Xubuntu alongside an (OEM)Win7 from a live CD which screwed up the Win7 cut a long story short I reinstalled win7 not thinking about the product key.I used a key finder to recover the key but all I got was the OEM code.
I have a very old win7 system copy can I perhaps find the product key there ???,would I have to reinstall it to do so??
I have a dektop with somewht similar problems but without an old backup,I'll ppost that separately.

A:recover product code from OLD system copy??

The code on the COA should work, if not the embedded code, assuming you're using the media that came with the computer.

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Ok so I was writing a very long important email and when I finish I tried to copy and paste something I wrote from my computer to add to the email I copied the email before too incase something happen (computer lost internet service and exited out the email screen) but then I went to copy the document, the document was the last thing saved rather the the long email I lost :( is there anything I can do to recover what I copied before the last (the email) Thank you for your help!

A:Recover copy and paste history :( greatly appreciate all the help!

Hell oNdabibi and welcome to TSF,

To the best of my knowledge the copy function can only hold one thing at once and is stored in the RAM. Once you copy something else, the first item gets deleted.

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New to the forums, kind of a novice with computers and I'm at a loss with what to do.

Okay so my Acer Aspire 7551 running Windows 7 Premium Home 64bit was acting funny so I decided to do a system restore. So I put in the Acer Recovery Discs that I made when I first purchased the computer. Now I have used this discs before with no problems at all. So I put the first disc in, selected the option to do a complete system restore back to factory defaults. It's my understanding that this completely wipes the OS off the HDD. So the first disc ran with no problems. I put the second disc in and got an error message:

Fail to copy to HDD:
Press OK to continue

I press OK to continue, and it boots back to the BIOS screen. Then it goes to a black screen and says BOOTMGR IS MISSING. PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL TO CONTINUE.

So I put the recovery disc back in to try the process over again and same thing happens.

Any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated.

A:BOOTMGR missing, Acer Recover Disc failing to copy...

According to the Users Guide:

To start the recovery process:
1 Restart the system.
2 While the Acer logo is showing, press <Alt> + <F10> at the same time to
enter the recovery process.
3 Refer to the onscreen instructions to perform system recovery.
Important! This feature occupies 15 GB in a hidden partition on
your hard disk

See if that works for you.

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Hi Techies ,

I have been looking to find a macro to help me sort out my excel file. I am new to macros so the one I am looking for has to look for a text , copy another column of that row(eg lets say E11) where text is found , find this text (E11 text) , copy another column of a row where E11 is found ( say F21 ) , find F21 and copy another coulmn of a row where F21 was found and print all these ( text , E11 , F21 etc. ) on a new sheet in a single row.

examples are all highlighted fields in the attached file.

Can someone help me with creating a macro!!! ?

A:Macro : Find > Copy > Find > Copy > Find > Copy > Print all found in File

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I used file scavenger 3.2 to recover hard drive files. I was somewhat sucessfull except
it give errors for files larger than 16 cheracters. Is there a way to recover long
file names with file scavenger 3.2?
I have used several internet downloads to recover my drive and many did not
work. So far file scavenger did the best. Is there some other software that I
might try. PC inspector did not work.
Thank you,

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Hi all,

Any idea how to write Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting to local directory.

Current the File Sharing & FTP Hosting is SMARTFILE.

I don't want to use WINSCP as the connector.


A:Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting

Hi Chacha,

Give this batch file a try. All text in red, you should adjust before running.

@echo off
echo.lcd C:\Some\local\directory /Some/server/path
echo.get Some_file_to_download.txt
) > "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"
ftp -s:"%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp" ""
del "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"

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I'm in the process of repair/recovery of my machine (Dell Inspiron 8500 with Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2). I'm following exactly the instructions in:, but a problem has developed. The "software" file (which is the file that the original blue screen error message says is "corrupt, absent or not writable") will not copy to the new tmp directory to create the backup. My understanding from the article is that this backup file (software.bak) will later be used to restore correct settings for various software applications. Since I can't copy it, it appears that I am screwed, no? Or is there a way out somehow?

Thanks to anyone who's been there and can help...

BTW I have the XP installation disk that came with, and a diagnostics disk which I have not yet run.


A:Blue Screen: Registry File Failure; can't copy corrupted file to tmp directory

Never mind, I had it wrong--didn't read the document referred to above carefully enough. The procedure worked like a charm, and the document is very easy to read and entertaining to boot! (pun intended).

The document describes a procedure that closely follows a Microsoft KB document (which I now can't find) but does not contain any warning regarding whether the OS is an OEM (original equipment manufacture) install or not. The Microsoft doc says not to use the procedure on an OEM-installed OS, but I just did it on my Dell, so that warning seems to be incorrect.

Many many thanks for the help provided by this document and this site.

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How can I move/copy a file from one disk to another without changing the file's creation date?

A:Copy/Move File from One Disk To Another w/o Changing the File Creation Date

You can use a utility called "Set File Date" to change a file's creation date to whatever you want.

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I cannot copy or paste jpeg files from my computer to my SD 2GB cards. Also, I get this msg when I try to print jpeg files. Using Adobe Elements I am able to archive these files. Oddly enough I can attach and send these jpeg files via email. Prior to August '08 was able to do these tasks without a problem. I suspect that there is a software compatibility problem since this problem came on suddenly (maybe iTunes?). No problems importing jpeg files from SD cards. I've looked at several sites on the internet but none seem to have the right solution for my problem. THANKS for any help that you can provide! -Stu

A:Error copying file or folder; cannot copy img the directory or file cannot be created

This has caught me more than once.

The problem is a limitation on the number of files and folders allowed in the root folder of a FAT16 file system (as for a memory card) of 512. (Note, this number is reduced much further if longer file names than 8 characters are used, as most people will want to).

When transferring the files onto the card, new files will be rejected when you hit this limit.

So keep your files in separate folders, so they are not all in the root folder.

For files and folders in root it might be worth keeping your filenames under 8 characters in length so you can use the full 512 files on root folder.

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I would like to create a .bat to copy files from source folder to destination folder.
Some files in source folder already exist in destination folder (Same name)
What I would like is that files existing in destination folder to be rename to f.eks filename_BAK.extension.
Source folder include. FileOne.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt
Destination folder include. FileOne.asp - (NO FileTwo) - FileTree.txt
Result. FileOne.asp (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileOne_BAK.asp) - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileTree_BAK.txt)
Now in desination folder.: FileOne.asp - FileOne_BAK.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt - FileTree_BAK.txt
Files in source folder are placed in different folders, but in same structure in destination.

Kind regards
Søren Kromann

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When I use the XCopy command in Windows 2000, I can copy any file I like; however, when I use copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop in either Windows Explorer or PowerDesk, I get the following error:

Cannot Copy File: Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk

I searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and came up with only one article, Q224378. This article seems not to apply to my situation because it applies to Windows 2000 Server. I am running Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2. I did attempt to install the fix that article Q224378 suggested anyway; but, I got an error message that I was attempting to upgrade a program that didn't exist on my system.

I have also learned that this error applies when copying from either of my SCSI CD-ROM drives, not when copying from hard disks or floppies.

Any Suggestions?

A:[Solved] Cannot copy file: Cannot Read From the Source File or Disk

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Hi all,

Please help!! I'm having a problem to copy some files from a folder.
My folder have lots of files and is there any way for me to write a batch file to copy only files according to "date modified"? For example last week files or yesterday files.

Please help!! Urgent!!!
Thank you.

A:Urgent!! Copy file by date modified using Batch File.

Take a look at XXCOPY:

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Hi Guys,

I want to make one batch file which daily copies yesterday's files from one folder & paste it to another folder.

C:/111 folder has following files. had yesterday's date had yesterday's date had last sunday's date

now, when i will run batch file today, it only copies & & move to another folder C:/222

So C:/222 contains following had yesterday's date had yesterday's date

Please note , i have to run this batch file daily which should not require any changes.

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I have Windows XP-Pro SP2 installed on a P4 1.8GHz CPU with 768MB RAM

I would like a script that opens a commamd window and calls for a file (icon file) to be copied to a specific folder on 5 different drives. I would like to be able to either paste in the file path or drag and drop the file onto the command window. The icon file will always come from the same folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders" and be copied, sometimes replacing a file with the same name, to these 5 folders:

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"X:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"W:\WINDOWS\system32\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"N:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

"D:\0 aAPPS\00 a Install First\00 ICONS\System Folders"

I apologize if I am using incorrect terms. I don't know if a batch file could do this or if it would have to be done with vbs. I would appreciate the help. I know nothing about writng vbs script and only a little about writing batch files.
Thank you.

A:Script to call for a file then copy file to specific folders

My question was answered on a different site.

Here is the link:

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Hi All
I have a rather large file system with lots of folders & subfolders. When I want to save previously on Xp operating system I'd search in explorer open the folder I want then copy the address (e.g c:\customer records\client name\job address).
In windows 7, when I copy the folder address i get this "search-ms:displayname=Search%20Results%20in%20electronic%20files&crumb=location:S%3A%5CSEQ%5C011_Estimating %5Celectronic%20files\CHERMSIDE , 17 smith ST"

As you can imagine I cant paste that into a save as field and expect it find the folder location.

Does someone know if it can do what I want? keeping in mind this is about time saving and productivity exercise so I need a simple solution. It is also on a work computer so a lot of settings are locked.

Appreciate any help

A:Copy file address after doing a file search in windows explorer

Find solution myself
Hold down shift right click and select "copy as path"

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Does anyone know how to write a script that would specifically
copy a file "File.ext" to the clipboard and paste it to this
"My Script.vbs" file?

I do not mean editing the VBScript file. I currently right click
"File.ext" select "Copy" then right click "My Script.vbs" and
select "Paste".

I would like to know if I can do that with a script. I have included
an example of the code used in "My Script.vbs" I have chosen these
file names and directory paths to use as examples for my post.

I thank you for reading this.

My Script.vbs
On Error Resume Next
Const OverwriteExisting = True
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If objArgs.Count < 1 Then
End If

For I = 0 to objArgs.Count - 1
Arg = objArgs(I)

objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFile Arg, "G:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting

objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "C:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "D:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "E:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.CopyFolder Arg, "F:\Desktop\", OverwriteExisting
objFSO.C... Read more

A:Solved: Script to copy and paste a file on to a VBScript file.

This is what worked for me:
I converted the vbs file to an exe file using ScriptCryptor.
I use a script to open the file I want copied using that exe file.

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I am new to batch files and have read up a little on xcopy and robocopy. 
We currently have a folder which new builds are copied and compressed to .zip files and stuck in a  folder. Dozens of zip files are created every day
What I want to do is the following:

I want to copy the newest zip file from folder 1 to folder 2 and extract it. 

What is the simplest way to find and copy the newest zip file considering multiple zip files are created each day?

A:using a batch file i would like to copy the newest file to a new location.

Try this:
@echo off
for /F "delims=" %%a in ('dir  /b /od "d:\My Files\*.zip"') do set Youngest=%%a
xcopy /y "d:\My Files\%Youngest%" "Folder2\"

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I'm currently using Richcopy to move about 4TB worth of data from our colo facility (1000 miles away) to our office. And that data also gets routed overseas first before coming back (don't ask). Needless to say, connectivity while not bad, could be better.

The small files are zooming right along, the issue is the larger files (the ones that are hundreds of MB or even several GB).

From time to time, I briefly lose network connectivity for a second or two, when that happens, the files currently being copied abort and once connectivity is restored, Richcopy just moves on to the next files. So when Richcopy advertises that it 'resumes', it seems it is talking about resuming a file copy queue, and not resuming partially copied files. Those have to start over from the beginning.

Is there a tool similar to Richcopy with the functionality I'm looking for?


A:Need a file copy recommendation with partial file resume

I'd look at some of the Download Manager choices on this list found by Google Search:

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I have the game 'Crysis' on two backup DVD's. I had to put the installation files in a .rar and split them so I could back it up (I downloaded the game digitally from EA)

So when I insert disk 1 and try to copy 'Crysis.part1.rar' to D:/Crysis (D: is my data drive, C: is strictly the OS and maybe 2 or 3 applications installed on it) it copies most of it, but when it gets to '5 seconds remaining' it comes up with this error. It takes like 6 minutes to copy it and then it errors out when it's almost done! I've tried 3 times and the error popped up every time. The disk is spotless... I mean it looks brand new. Not even a speck of dust or any smudges at all.

Why am I getting this error?? I don't know what to do! If I can't copy it I'll have to redownload the entire 6gb installation package from EA, which will take probably 4-5 hours.

Please help!

Additional file info from within the error window:
"Can't read from the source file or disk."
Name: Crysis.part1.rar
Size: 4.37gb (4,588,544KB)
Date Modified: 11/2/2009 12:25PM

Other additional info:
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
I have all the latest updates via Windows Update
There is only one account on this computer, mine, and it has full administrative privileges

A:Copy File: Can't read from the source file or disk.

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• I have a network directory that stores photos of individuals in jpg format. There may be only 2 pics of each person, or there may be 7 pics.
• Each persons pics are stored in a randomly named directory / subdirectory. dont have any control over the original program, it's just the way it was written, does not seem to follow any logical pattern, possibly a HEX naming structure based off the date & time, who knows (I will include a sample directory tree at the end of the post).
• Included within each of these created directories, along with the pictures, is a standard text file (filename "B.TXT") which includes the date the picture was taken, the persons name, and other information.
• Each time a person comes in and their picture is taken, the program: (i) creates the random directory (ii) stores the pics (iii) creates the "B.TXT" file with the persons information (iv) generates several other program specific files that I have no need for.
• The program names each of the pictures with the exact same names, which is why they are stored in different directories, so they will not overwrite. The retention period on each individuals directory, pics and files is approximately 40 days.

MFXX0000.jpg (Forward facing)
MLXX0000.jpg (Left facing)
MRXX0000.jpg (Right facing)
STXX0000.jpg (Identifying marks picture 1)
STXX0001.jpg (Identifying marks picture 2)

• As stated above, sometimes there is only the MFXX0000.jpg and MRXX0000.jpg files,... Read more

A:vbs or bat file copy / rename based on txt file in that directory

Wow, no takers yet ? I see there has been a few lookers, but no one - just a bump on the thread to get another look

many thanks to anyone that will give me a hand

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i have a .jpg file attached to an email: can i copy the .jpg file to a file/folder ? someone took a picture of me using an iphone, then he uploaded it to my email; i'm trying to make a backup copy, get it into a folder, so i can upload it to facebook; thanks

A:copy .jpg file (email attachment) to file/folder?

Save the attachment to what ever folder you want.

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since about 10 minutes, I do get the error-message, "while trying to finish a dowloald and after it reached 100% and tries to write the file on the harddrive"

cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be? It;s my C drive and everything else works wihtout problems.

OS WinXP Pro


A:Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

What are you downloading with? Do you have any history cleaner? Like HistoryKill or Windows Washer?

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I got an error message when trying to drag an attachment from outlook to paperport: Cannot copy file: "Cannot read from the source file or disk".
It works fine if I drag from Outlook to my desktop, then from desktop to Paperport. But it does not work from Outlook to Paperport directly.
Can anyone help? Thank you

A:Cannot copy file: cannot read from the source file or disk

Sorry, I can't answer your question directly but as an alternative can you copy and paste using Control + C and Control + V or other method?

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I have a video file recorded from my digi cam that I deleted and want to recover. I deleted it about a month ago and cannot figure out the file .ext of it. It does not say mpg or avi.

Is it likely that I can still recover something I deleted from my recycling bin? Also, what would the file ext type be for videos you shoot with a digicam?


A:How likely is it that I can recover this file?

It's very unlikely you'll be able to get it back considering you deleted it a month recover deleted files, speed is the key as the more stuff that is deleted after the point just makes it harder to get the original file back

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I am trying to recover an OST file that is about 4GB in size. When the scanpst.exe program is running, it makes it through 7 of the 8 steps and then throws the following error message:An error has occurred which caused scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file.Is there anything I can do to recover this corrupted OST file?

A:I am trying to recover an OST file...

Try this:

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Alright, here's the situation. And sorry it's long, I'm trying to be detailed.

I'm trying to recover a Word file for my gf that's about 18 pages long. Im reasonably confidant that I've figured out how the file was removed, but Im not so sure how to recover it.

1) began editing a version of the document (about 8 pages)
2) saved a version of this document with the same name to a different folder
3) finished editing document. Now there is one 18 page, and one 8 page document, with the same name, in different folders
4) copied original (8 page) document to new folder, overwriting new (18 page) document

I have tried

A) UnDelete, a program off the web that recovers deleted files. It didn't work assumedly because the file wasn't deleted in a conventional manner, ie. sent to the recycle bin, and/or because a file with that name still existed
B) System Restore to a point about midway through the editing process. This produced one interesting anomaly. When the (still 8 page) document was opened, Word gave me some sort of side-bar about a different version of the file that appeared larger in size, and seemed like it might be a more recent update. But when i tried to open it, Windows told me the file no longer existed. (presumably, for some reason Windows wasn't pointing to the right file anymore)
C) Searching for all files updated in the past several days, to make sure the name or extension wasnt drastically changed by accident

So, I... Read more

A:Trying to recover a file.

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Hi guys got another problem for you. I just purchased Recover my files cos I lost some stuff. I ran the recover and it found loadsa stuff I lost in the past. Right back to 2003. I remembered while searching certain file names that I would like to have back. Pictures vids and such. Only thing is when I recover them, lets say a picture for example it goes to my drive and I open it with windows picture and fax viewer, it loads up and says no preview is available.
When you right click the file and go to properties it says its a JPEG. But it doesnt show up as one on the harddrive its just one of those file images when it doesnt know what to open it with.

I cant understand why its doing it because in the recovery program all the files I want back have a chance of recovery which is very good.

Is there anything I can do ? maybe rebuild them or something

A:file recover

Nothing you can do i'm afraid, the file is corrupt.

Does this happen to all files you recover or just the older ones?

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Hi, i have also a similar problem but my partition was encrypted.

My PC initially has four partitions; C, D, E and H partitions. Partition E was Encrypted using Bit-locker then-after partition E was missed from the list while I used Disk management by right click the open space partition and by selecting change drive letters and paths I got it but it does not ask me encryption key also if I open the partition it is empty. How could I recover my file?

A:How could I recover my file?

Hello and welcome John Mate glad to see some system specs for a change

Now there are several data recovery systems but I don't know about encrypted stuff but there are several here and I have used the Recuva for example it is pretty good but the other s do also work
19 Free Data Recovery Software Tools (August 2015) If all else fails there is another little system I see I can pass onto to you if you want it.

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ok i was trying to get rid of trojan.startpage and accidentally deleted mtwirl.dll and now i cant open any folder because of an abnormal termination message, any ideas on how to get this file back?

A:how do i recover a .dll file

well, you didnt mention what os you use, but your profile says xp, so i'm gonna assume this is your own computer you are working with.

i didnt find anything useful about that file, and i searched for it on my machine, and it isnt even there. mine opens folders without it, so i wonder, why doesnt yours.

maybe someone can let us know a little more about why your system wont work without it.

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On my computer there are two partitioned drive C: and D:. D is recovery disk. Some of files have gone into it which I want to recover. I copied all contents in C but still it does not open. Can any body advice?
I do not have administrator password.

A:How to Recover file

Originally Posted by RAVIKHETARPAL

On my computer there are two partitioned drive C: and D:. D is recovery disk. Some of files have gone into it which I want to recover. I copied all contents in C but still it does not open. Can any body advice?
I do not have administrator password.

I'm sorry, you have to have Administrator Rights. I can't give you advise on how to get around it. that would be hacking.

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Hi, i have also a similar problem but my partition was encrypted.

My PC initially has four partitions; C, D, E and H partitions. Partition E was Encrypted using Bit-locker then-after partition E was missed from the list while I used Disk management by right click the open space partition and by selecting change drive letters and paths I got it but it does not ask me encryption key also if I open the partition it is empty. How could I recover my file?

A:How could I recover my file?

Hello and welcome John Mate glad to see some system specs for a change

Now there are several data recovery systems but I don't know about encrypted stuff but there are several here and I have used the Recuva for example it is pretty good but the other s do also work
19 Free Data Recovery Software Tools (August 2015) If all else fails there is another little system I see I can pass onto to you if you want it.

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Stupidly I closed an unnamed unsaved file. The computer is still on and by searching .tmp files of today the file ~WRF0001.tmp is listed, but refuses to be opened by any means. Always create back up was not ticked, but 'Save AutoRecover info every 10 mins' was ticked. All Microsoft's options to open the file failed. Provided the computer is not switched off can this file be recovered. It is 13.50 here in the UK, hope of a very rapid reply. URGENT URGENT The computer will stay on for awhile. Hope of file rescue.

A:Recover tmp file

Hello Derek Lester!

Try installing Unlocker and running it on the file you wish to recover. If all goes well it will allow you to open it ( therefore being able to recover the data you saved to it ). Do understand that if you never saved your file manually, the chances of you recovering it are slim. You already found the temporary file that saves every 10 minutes, but that might not be something you can recover. Please check this thread out to give you a bit more help with recovering a file/document:

Word Tips World: Forgot to save my Word Document!!

It's about Microsoft Word documents, but it should help you regardless.

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I changed my e-mail ISP from Verizon to comcast. I use Outlook 2010 as an e-mail client. I removed the verizon contact pst file before moving the contacts to the comcast address. Is there any way to recover it?

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I would like to share with you an another better solution for recover OST file data and convert into PST format.To know more about :- recoverfilesdownload(.)com/ost-to-pst-converter(.)html

Here is a better option available for OST to PST Converter software is best solution for converting and recovering database from Exchange Server OST file format to PST file format.This software provides good facility to split large MS Outlook PST to small Microsoft PST file from 1GB to 5GB. It completely repair damaged OST emails file and restore, transfer mailbox items from Exchange in Outlook with each & every emails properties such as-: to, bcc, cc, time, subjects and from etc. To know more about visit here :- - See more at:

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Unable to open a very important Microsoft Word document. Today I added several photos to it, and after I closed, it would not reopen. Seems the file (little over 500,000 KB) is too large. The document was composed in Microsoft Office 2000. I have tried bringing up just the text with Word Pad but cannot.

Thank you!

A:Help Please to recover file!

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I have lost lost all my data.

My hard disk had some bad clusters and i couldnt access the hard disk, i used HDD Regenerator to fix this.

Know i can access to the hard disk, but my files got renamed with strange names, an i cant access any of then.

Is there any way to try to recover or fix my files


A:recover file

go here and try this

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I have a user for whom shares and permissions on the server are working just fine.
I have another user for whom something is screwed up somewhere.
I've taken a directory that is shared and I've looked up the share and permissions for both. Identical.
But do this for 3,000 files/directories in a tree, no can do.
I'd like to take all the share and privilege information for Suzie and give them to Tom.
Can do?

A:Copy shares and permissions on file x to file z? Is this possible?

What usergroups are they assigned to? Also you say you have a server? Is it a domain controller?

I would copy the usergroups that are assigned to Suzie and give them to Tom rather than editing the share permissions themselves.

Just my opinion,

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Hi, I have a file with no extension called simply, D:\file

I want to copy this to multiple locations, eg e:\file , f:\file

sometimes there will already be an older version, so I would like it to overwrite the file.
Is this possible with a bat file?
I tried a simple copy command in a bat file, but it wouldn't copy at all.


A:BAT file to copy file to multiple locations?

Have you tried 'xcopy' with the /y flag. This should copy the files and overwrite without it prompting you.... Would this suut your needs?

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Help me make a batch file that copies a file from one computer to another computer in a network...

PC1 = Source
PC2 = Destination

I want to copy a file from PC1's Drive E: to PC2's Drive E:

A:How to copy a file from 1 pc to another pc in network using batch file

Yes I want to copy files from PC1 to PC2 over the network...

PC1's Drive E:\Online Games\Battle of Immortals\Battle of the Immortals
PC2's Drive E:\Online Games\Battle of Immortals\Battle of the Immortals

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accidently deleted a file (Word 2003, XP Pro) is there any XP-PRO tool to recover file, or must I revert to a 3rd party
tool which one?

A:recover deleted file

Have you explored the contents of the Recycle bin?
If it's not there, I find Restoration works well, it's free and free of adware etc:

I hope this does the trick?

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Registered forum members do not see this ad. I have a .dwg file that i can not open. I opend Autocad and did a recover and still can not access the Drawing File. The system does not have a saved file How can I recover the bad .dwg file.?

A:Recover a Drawing File

Please see if any of the steps in this article is helpful.


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I was in the middle of saving a very important paper onto my A: drive floppy disk when my computer shut off. The paper is .wps, MS Works 5.0 on MS Millenium. When I tried to open the file back up it had the same name, but it did not have the same contents. It was all jibberish letters and squares. I need to know how to get the paper back!!

A:HELP Need to recover MS Works 5.0 file

1. I know you dont' want to hear this. NEVER work directly on a floppy! ALWAYS work on the hard drive and then copy to the floppy via windows explorer. NEVER let the floppy contain the only copy of your file.

2. I can try to retrieve the contents. [email protected]
Sorry if it's too late.

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I have a little problem with my computer. Its running xp, but its old, and quite honestly, i didnt expect ever to run for this long. As of now, however, it simply refuses to boot.

This wouldn't be a problem, but there is *1* file on the hard disk i need. So i figure, no problem....I'll boot into DOS with a boot floppy disk, change to the C: directory, and copy the files onto another floppy. However, when i type ""cd c:" it tells me "invalid drive specification". At first, i assumed something was wrong with the hard disk. I ran a diagnostic boot foppy, and there are no errors. I then tried to replicate these above steps on my good computer, but the same thing happened..."invalid drive specification". I remeber a while ago copying files from a pc that wouldn't boot, with dos, but maybe not. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if you have any other suggestions, that would be great.


A:recover file w/o booting XP

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Hi everyone,
when i clic on "help and support""aide et support" in the start menu, i get this message: windows can't find helpctr.exe file......
what shall i do to recover this file which is very necessary for me.
thanks in advance. (win xp pack3)

A:how can i recover 'helpctr.exe' file?

Hello omarT

Try this and see if it helps


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I opened an email and was working on an excel file that was an attachment. I forgot to change the save as when I saved it,which I did periodically through the day. I finished my work, hit save, ran ccleaner to clean up my temp files. All this time, not realizing I hadn't saved the file to my documents.

Is there a way to recover it? I went back to the email to see the path the files saves on and it says to temp internet files, which are now gone.

This was about 8 hours of work, so I am desperate.



A:recover excel file

I seriously doubt that you could recover it, perhaps professional data recovery companies could at a high cost.

As the temp internet files will have since likely overwritten the old space, the news is bad.

Another case of "cleaners" causing more trouble than they are worth.
You need to get into the forced habit of saving the file to a known folder before you ever start work on it.

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Hi All,

I have deleted a file using Shift+Delete (so it doesn't go to the re-cycle bin) and would like to get it back. Does anybody know of a cheap and painless way to do this? I'm on Windows NT.

Any help greatly appreciated!



A:Help to recover file needed

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I've done a stupid stupid stupid thing and lost an important excel spreadsheet that I last used about two weeks ago. I've been having various performance problems (freezes/crashes) and was advised to run "Malwarebytes' anti-malware".

Before I did this, I backed up all my data to a CD-ROM and then deleted the files from my laptop. Then I went ahead and ran the software. The good news: my laptop seems to be behaving itself far better now. The bad news: somehow I seem to have missed this one file when backing up. I've got all my family photos, lots of stuff from work, even old stuff that I'll probably never need again but I thought "What the heck". Yet somehow, I've missed this one spreadsheet. I could kick myself!!

To make matters (probably) worse, I've run CCleaner a couple of times since then, as I was advised that it keeps the laptop clean. I've just looked at some settings there now and it's using "Normal" file deletion as opposed to "Secure", but "Wipe Free Space" is selected. Damn!

I only realised I'd lost the file last night and I have already downloaded some freeware utilities such as "Restoration" and "Undelete Plus", but none of these found the file.

Should I just give up now? Or is there some software that may find a file even after CCleaner has been run.

Grateful for any help.


PS. I'm using Windows Vista - if that makes any di... Read more

A:Recover deleted file?

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Anyone suggest me a reliable Third party tool to recover my corrupt EDB file data?
Due to Virus Attack, my vital Exchange EDB file become inaccessible, if there is any third party tool which helps me to come out from Exchange corruptions and recover EDB file into PST format instantly.

A:recover Exchange EDB file

Although exchange has inbuilt powershell commands to repair and export exchange mailboxes into pst file but you can automated the both process through an exchange recovery tool. The app is also required whenever edb file is offline or dismounted or exchange server is no longer available. As per as my case, I will suggest you to go with same application ( EDB Converter ) that has repair, recovery and conversion functions. It delivered result with 100% accuracy.

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I have XP Professional and I emptied the Recycle Bin and now I need a file - now what?? I see some solutions online but I don't want to download just any old program! Thoughts??

A:recover a deleted file?

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I plug my usb to open a powerpoint presentation and it a popup came up saying that the presentation already exist if i want to replace it, and i press yes and it replace it for an empty presentation. Is there any way I can recover the powerpoint presentation i had before replace it?

A:want to recover a file after replace it

Sounds like the presentation was overwritten. If so, an overwritten file cannot be recovered.

I hope you learn from this you should never have less than two copies of your data--never.

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Hello, I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1(on C:\) and I recently formatted my C:\ partition on which I had XP Home SP2.

I forgot about one excel file and I REALLY need it back. Is there any good way to recover it? PLEASE HELP!
I tried one or 2 programs but they only displayed the files that are currently on the partition.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need to recover file after format.

Data recovery software may work. Try using the demos that are sometimes available, they will let you see if it can find the files - though the demo won't let you recover the file before paying.

An example:
But I don't know how good they are, just one of the top google searches for "data recovery software" that looked legit.

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is there any way to recover .vmdf file? software or else? any help would be appreciated.

A:Is there any way to recover .vmdf file?

To the best of my knowledge, .vmdf files are encrypted virtual drive files. They are primarily associated with MyWinLocker Yo-Safe applications which is preinstalled on Acer machines. Are you trying to recover a file because it was deleted, or are you trying to recover a file because it cannot be decrypted?

I have no personal experience with .vmdf files specifically, or how encrypted virtual drive files are handled once deleted. But you could try using one of these free recovery utilities to see if the deleted file(s) can be detected. People use virtual machines to test new programs, study malware, etc. The virtual machine is isolated from the host machine and they don't "see" one another. Unfortunately, I suspect that might be the case with a virtual drive. Once something is deleted from a virtual drive it might be gone forever.

Recover Deleted Files for FREE. Undelete. Recover Files. File Recovery.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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Ok so !! DivX keeps giving me this error "This application has failed to start because qt-dx331.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" and i have reinstalled the program MANY times to no avail. So i was wondering if aanyone knows how to fix such problem :/

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I created a file in Wordpad. The file is about 4 months old, and I add text regularly. It has no images, just text. While working with it today, all of a sudden I couldn't type or anything. Half of the text has disappeared and in its place is /////////, probably about 30 pages of ////////, The file wasn't that large it was probably about 98. kb. It now says its 42 MB.

Is there anyway to recover the text that was lost? I see different recovery tools, but if I can't recover what was lost, then they would be useless... Most of it was just typed in the last few days, so I don't have a backup. I have a backup of what is still there... I also can't copy the surviving text and I can't open it with Microsoft word.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

A:how do I recover a rtf file that is corrupt?

Hi Renee and welcome to TSF

You might try opening the rtf file with a hex editor program. Normally they show both the hex and ascii characters(the letters). If you find the right hex editor that will let you mark and copy the ascii portion, you could paste it into a new notepad or wordpad file. Mine will not.
I just opened one to make sure the rtf files did include ascii and they do. They also include other characters that wordpad uses to display the document in wordpad charactistics which you would need to edit out.
There are a lot of free and shareware editors out on the web. You could do a search and see if you could find one to fill your needs.

It might be a lot of work and someone may know a better way.

Hope this helps.


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Hi all,

I am trying to recover a backup file which iTunes makes from my iPhone. Everytime I you connect your iPhone to iTunes it does a sync and in the process creates a backup of your phone which is great.
It stores this in a folder in Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.
Everytime a backup is created it seems to remove the older version and writes over the top of it but it doesn't name the folder exactly the same so I'm assuming it just deletes the old one and makes the new one.

The most recent back up was created by iTunes after the pst file in Outlook got corrupted and the info on it is now no good therefore I need to see if there is a way to recover a previous backup from say a week before so that I can use that to restore my iPhone.

Please help as I'm a bit out of my depth with this one but really need to sort it somehow.
Any other thoughs on how I might be abke to recover contacts from a dead/corrupt pst from outlook would also be appreciated.

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At a shoot, I was capturing straight from my camera into FCP. I was using the log and capture window. After closing the log and capture window, I began to break down my equipment and unplugged my hard drive instead of my camera. Now, I am not able to open the file I captured. I can see the file on my hard drive, but I can not access the file. Is there a way to recover a corrupted .mov file?

A:Can I recover a corrupted .mov file?

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My Computer Crashed, It Will Not Go To The Desktop, It Just Keeps Rebooting, So I Would Like To Recover Some Of My Files,pics,etc.
How Do I Make This Happen? Please Help

A:Recover File And Folders

Pull the hd and slave it to the system you are using now. Copy whatever info you want. Once your data is safe, then we can proceed to fix your system.

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I can't remember the password for an old PST backup file. I need it in order to import some old e-mail messages from it. I read somewhere on the web that it's possible to access the PST file using some calculated password that's stored inside the PST file itself, thanks to the bad security of PST files. But how do I do that?

I do have other backups of the PST for which I actually know the password and which I have already opened, but they are not from the same date.

Please advise!

A:Can I recover my password for a PST file?

sorry please see the rules we are unable to help with passwords

closing post

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

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My daughter was dragging a word document that she completed from her wireless laptop to the dinning room desktop computer (wired to the router). The file disappeared from her computer and never showed up on the dinning room computer. I thought usually the file is just copied and not actually moved when you drag to a network resource. Also, sometimes, my router is intermittent. I don't know if that is the problem, just wanted to add it to the mix. Thanks for any help you can give.


Ps. Backup was not enabled in MS Word, and I searched for "*.wk" and "*.asd" files and found nothing.

* Windows XP SP2, MS Word 2003

A:How To Recover A Lost File?

As I remember, the file type for Word is .doc; for Excel it is .wk.
Try doing a search on the .doc file type.

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I have inadvertantly deleted a personal file (containing data and pictures files) from my laptop.I tried to use recovery programs to recover at least the pictures. I have recovered some of the files containing the pictures, but cannot open these pictures . When trying to open each picture (of the recovered ones) I've got the following note:"Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file, ot its format is not currently supported"I checked the System Restore and found that a restore point is available to the date prior the delete.Can System Restore recover the deleted file?Note: The file was installed on the Desktop (before being deleted).I am using Windows XP ProThanks for your assitance.

A:Recover A Deleted File

The restore point may work for you, or it may not. Persoanlly, that's a tough call, because you risk erasing the deleted version where you can't retrieve it, and you risk the possibility that the restore point won't work, and at the same time, erased any possible chance of you recovering what was accidentally deleted.If possible, the best way you is to hook the hard drive in question to another computer as the slave. And then use the other computer to get the data off, because you stand the risk of that sector of the hard drive to be over-written with data if you add/install a program to the computer. It's not always true.. but that risk still exists.If you don't have access to another computer then you'll want to use a few FREE ones that are out there. Look in the Commercial FREEWare forum here on this site. Sorry, I forget the link right off hand.But whatever you do, don't keep deleting and (or) modifying the hard drive if you want your data back. By all means, just download what you need, and do as less installing/deleting on that computer as possible.And then again, if you feel that the Restore Point will bring back the data, then all I can say is go for it. But remember to weigh out your odds, no matter which route you take.a. connect the hard drive to another computer, and do it that way (safest known method)b. install a program(s) on the computer in question, and run it from there (risk/a workable method)c. Use the Windows Restore Point (ris... Read more

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So i made a study for my exam tomorrow in a WPS file n now it wont open!
can anybody help me out please!!???

A:how do i recover a corrupted WPS file??

burn it to a disc or put on a usb flash use someones comp to open it with word

obviously try opening it with right click
open with
what do you have? open office? notepad?

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I had an Flip video (avi) file and somehow it is now a bunch of folders with jpgs. Is there anyway that I can recover the video?

A:Recover avi file from jpgs

Yes, Windows Movie Maker should be able to do it.

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Does anyone know of a free software that recovers deleted files? Thanks in advance.

A:Recover deleted file!!!!!

A good program:Recuva - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Hello all,

I need a utility that can be used to change or reset password on PST file in MS Outlook. I have a user who forgot the password he has set for its PST file. Anyone have a similar experience? Any help would be very valuable.


A:Need to recover a pst file having a password.

sorry, no password help,
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

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I have a compressed file in .rar format. I forgot it's password. it was about 50 character long. I remember about half password. is there any program with which I can recover password.

A:Need help to recover rar file password

For a password that long it's going to take quite a while to brute force the password. You'll definitely need to go with gpu cracking to even have a chance I'd bet. The only one I know of is cRARk which uses OpenCL.

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we made a .wim file to restore win8. Anyone know how to do this?

A:recover windows 8 from a .wim file

Hi there

1) Download the WAIK (W7 version is fine)

2) copy file IMAGEX.EXE from the WAIK to a directory -- use the correct IMAGEX file for the Windows you want to restore -- it sits in the TOOLS directory of the WAIK.

(AMD64 for W8 x-64, or the version in x-86 for 32 bit version. Don't use the one in the IA directory).

3) then simply run the command :

imagex.exe /apply install.wim 1 d:\ (d is the assumed drive you are using for your target system and the .WIM is the name of your .WIM file --I've just taken as an example the standard "INSTALL.WIM' file that exists on the install media for W8 Consumer Preview).

Note this must be a device (can be a USB etc) which already has an ACTIVE partition on it.

You'll also need to create the Boot image

after the WIM has restored run

bcdboot.exe d:\windows /s d: /f ALL (assumed d is the device where you have restored the WIM image via imagex).

You will actually need a W8 system to create the boot record --the W7 version of this program has slightly different parameters

So the easiest way if you don't have a W8 system is just quickly install a "Mickey Mouse" one -- takes about 10 mins - 15 mins -- doon't bother with finding drivers etc -- all you want it for is to run the bcdboot command and then you can get rid of it.

You could even use a VM.

Next time I'd suggest after the system is up and running is to save the image with something like Acronis / Macrium as you can even "Stand alone" restore these ... Read more

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Is there a way to get a file back after it has been deleted and the recycling bin has been emptied?

A:Recover file after it's been deleted

Here's a free one but if you want a real good one you will have to buy one.

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Dear friends:

Here is the problem in a nutshell: A few days ago, I foolishly deleted the Outlook.pst file in User/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/Outlook.pst. In fact, I deleted all of the files under Local Settings, thinking that this would remove a lot of clutter.

As a result, when I open Outlook, I get the following error messages:

I've consulted my Que book on Office XP and searched online for articles explaining how to repair this error, but so far have failed. I have also tried to fix the problem by, first, repairing Office XP (Add/Remove...Repair), the by reinstalling Office XP (Add/Remove...Reinstall) and finally by uninstalling Office XP and then reinstalling it from scratch. But still Outlook shows the same PST error (see above -- these screenshots were taken AFTER a completely fresh installation of Office XP).

I'd really appreciate help on this. I don't understand why Outlook cannot recreate this file, especially after a completely fresh installation of Office XP.

Thank you all so much.


A:Outlook PST file gone -- How To Recover?

Dear friends:

Well, I finally solved the mystery of the Outlook.pst file issue. Well, in a manner of speaking. I decided to reinstall Windows (Repair reinstall option). Even that didn't work. And while trying to reinstall Windows, I discovered a number of serious crippling registry and device installation issues. So, I went ahead and did a complete, fresh reinstallation of Windows (Reformat, Reinstall), and am now reinstalling my applications. First program I reinstalled was Office, and all is now well. I'll be sure NOT to mess with the Outlook.pst file in the future. But I would still like to know why Outlook could not regenerate this file when I reinstalled Office earlier today.

My thanks to all of you.


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I deleted accidentally mi pst file. Installed several recovery programs (Recuva, Recover My Files, Stellar Phoenix Win Data Recovery, Active @ Undeleted, Pandora Recovery) and none of them show the deleted file in the original folder.

I even made a new test, deleted an old copy of my pst located in the same folder and run all programas without making any changes in the hard drive and cannot view the pst file in the deleted file list.

Both files were deleted with shift+del and the size was 500Mb aprox. Runing Win XP.

How can this be possible? Is there any way I can recover the deleted file?

A:Cannot recover deleted pst file

Cannot recover deleted pst file - Cannot Recover Deleted PST File

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Novice here with a question.
Background - I had a error message 'unmountable_boot_volume" on a laptop with two partitions - one partition of 30GB and one of 93GB. None of the suggested processes [use Windows XP disk / select recovery and chkdsk /r and fixboot] solved the problem. I then reformated the bad partition using the Windows XP disk and loaded most of the programs back on the partition that was reformated via the Windows CD. When the software read the hard drive to reformat, the first partition said "C: [NTFS]" while the second had no information regarding file struture " E: [ ]". The computer has been operating two days this way. I went to my online storage location and downloaded the files that had been backed up via software.
The problem - the critical file was not backed up and is lost.
The question - is there any way of being able to get find that file since the partition has been reformated and I have added about 40GB of files back on the previously bad partition. Some have suggested spinwrite but not sure if that regains the file or just looks at the data. Other than send the drive to a data retrieval company which might not be successful, looking for other possible suggestions. Thanks - Jim

A:Trying to recover a file after a reformat

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Hey all!

I accidentally deleted an Acronis TrueImage backup file. Don't ask me if I have a backup, this was the backup. The file has the standard TrueImage backup extension TIB and it's 533 MB in size. It wasn't actually me who deleted it, it was TrueImage itself. It's a long story, and a support case with Acronis support is started.

What are the chances that I could recover this file? Any suggestions?


A:Emergency: How do I recover this file?

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I worked on an existing file and saved it without changing the file name. Can I find the earlier version? Please!

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Recently my HD crashed. I had set up windows image utility to make a back up automatically on a 2nd internal HD. However, when I go to restore the image, no images are listed. I can look at the drive using a command prompt and see that there is a file on the drive called "MediaID.bin" and a directory with my computer's name on it. In that directory, there is a directory for every back up this year with .zip files in them. It appears to me that the data is there, but windows recovery doesn't recognize there to be an image to restore from.

You can't navigate to a particular file, you have to let windows search the drive to find it.

Any ideas or did I loose all my data?

A:image recover file not found

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I am trying to use my database file which is in .mdf format and created on the date 14 July. Whenever i try to use my file in order to restore and update the database, it show the error message of corruption and i can't able to open them.

So i am urgent looking for a reliable solution which help to recover and restore .mdf file of SQL server.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Recover .mdf file of SQL server

Restore from your last good backups. That's the only reliable solution.
Start by notifying anyone relevant that the data has probably been lost, because that's the likely outcome without backups.
What exactly are you trying to do and what are the error messages (complete messages) that you get?
As Gail said if you have the lastest backup that's the only way to prevent data issues. If you have only a mdf file and no ldf file then you can try rebuilding the ldf fileas shown below
If you have both mdf and ldf file and they are not attaching then you need to give an error message so that somebody can help you.

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Is there any chance to create right click menu on zip file as was in XP [Extract Files, Extract Here, Extract To [name folder]]....I really really miss that. Thanks in advance.

A:Recover zip file extract menu

Shell extensions normally install with the program i think unless you choose not to of course, easiest way might be to remove and reinstall winzip

ShellExView is a handy free program for looking at all installed shell extensions and lets you enable or disable them individually, heres the link, might be worth a look

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I found this and thought it was very helpful....
Unorthodox methods often provide the most expedient avenues—and sometimes the only options—for accomplishing certain support tasks. Take, for example, the case of a user who has lost a specific e-mail message and wants to recover it after it's already left the Deleted Items folder.

Susan Brown, owner of Tech With Us First, recently faced just such a challenge. After using a conventional recovery tool that effectively recovered all of the deleted data, she realised how difficult the task could be. Brown used RecoverAll Pro to retrieve the deleted files, but it found hundreds of files Brown didn't need. All she wanted to do was grab that single needle in the Outlook haystack.

“I didn't want to recover them all,” wrote Brown, “just that one e-mail. Does Outlook have a special extension to identify e-mails?”

One TechRepublic member came to Brown's aid with the suggestion of an unusual method that involved, believe it or not, deliberately corrupting the .pst file and then restoring it with a common tool.

If you ever find yourself in a similar jam and it's important enough to veer off the usual path, you can take the steps used in this method to recover what has been emptied out of the Deleted Items folder and grab that one message you really need.

Deleted doesn't really mean gone
Scott Heath responded to Brown's dilemma with the tip that helped her find the one item she nee... Read more

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Alright, it seems that every few months, even after I turn off my computer normally and then turn it back on the next morning, it says

"Windows could not start because of the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair".

Well whenever I do that, it says it could not repair/recover the corrupt file and I need to reformat my PC. Then a month or two later it happens again. Im wondering If it could be a hard-drive problem due to the fact the hard drive is one of the oldest pieces of hardware in this PC (From my old Compaq), or if it is my Windows XP.

Suggestions anyone?

A:Missing file, cant recover, need to reinstall

it could very well be your hard drive.
can you run the manufacturers utilty to check it?
download it from their site
post back

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does anyone know how to recover an 'autorecovered' excel file that i deleted accidentally?

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you know when you have 2 folders with the same name and the computer asks you if you want to replace it, keep both and such ? well, I did that to a very important folder that was on my external hard drive, now I don't know what to do? is there any way to recover the folder to its version before I replaced it?

ps: information - I replaced using a mac OSX Lion, but I can use any softwares for windows since the folder is on my hard drive not on my laptop
- also, they were photos, which I edited with photoshop, so maybe there's something I can do in photoshop, maybe?
- it wasn't deleted, it was replaced!

A:is there any way to recover a file when you replaced its folder?

Have you looked in the recycle bin?If you still can't find the files, try Recuva: future reference, regular backups will help you avoid such problems.

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Really hopes pros and gurus here can help me!!

Earlier today I attemped to make quite a long video recording using Snagit 9 on windows XP.
After 3 hours of recording I noticed that the file size estimate which appears when you pause the recording had turned to a negative number (e.g. - 3258316122 bytes). This immediately had me worried about the stability of the program and whether or not Snagit could handle such a large recording. I carried on, and after 4 hours I pressed the "Stop" button, there was a short delay, and then this message

"Unable to open C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\snagtmp.avi(-3258316122)"
(I clicked "OK")

followed by a 1 or 2 "Unable to render file" messages or similar
(I clicked "OK")

Then when i checked at my Temp folder(which is my setting to store there), there is no video file that i captured, maybe its in an unrendered state, i cant view it. Checked at Snagit editor also no luck. Does anyone knows how i can recover this missing video file?

Thanks in advance.

A:Recover missing video file

Is there any file there that is large enough? If not, it's gone. That is, if there even was a file to begin with. With all the problems you had, you should have made sure that the recording was actually taking place before continuing for such a long time.

I suppose you could search your drive for large files, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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I have a problem , I need to recover a hiiden file on a removable drive , I had a system crash last night and had no other choice but to do a system restore.

I am running Windows 7 x64 , I had an important file hidden on a removable drive protected by Free Hide Folder , Free Hide Folder was installed on my main C drive the folder I am looking to recover is on my M drive but when I did a system restore the folder on the M drive was locked and hidden and now after recovering from the crash and reinstalling Free Hide Folder the folder is not shown even though I know it is there just by looking at the disk volume all the other folders that were not protected are there and in tact , there is no backup made for Free Hide Folder .
I have tried "show hidden folders" in both control panel and registry - Does not work
I have also tried "attrib" command and does not work either .
Is there any possible way to recover this file ?

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated .

A:Recover hidden file help needed

This has helped in many similar situations
DiskDigger | The trusted data recovery solution

You can also try this

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I have a wordpad (.RTF) file that I have used to write down various important things so I need it to work. It randomly just started showing blank even though it has the same number of pages and I can highlight all the text as usual. Everything appears to still be in the document but it is just not showing up. I emailed it to myself and tried to open it on my phone and it said the file is corrupt. Is there a program or any way to repair or recover the RTF file? Thank you for the help.

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My computer just shut down without warning, i lost my revision, as i know autocad save temporary files automatically, I might be able to get my revision back by recovering from autosave file. Any help will be appreciate, thanks in advance.

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I attempted to delete an empty folder from my flash drive.

When it started deleting, the delete program indicated that 31 (or some similar number) files were being deleted. I immediatly clicked on "STOP". Several important files were now missing.

I used Recuva to recover. Recuva found several iterations of the files I want to restore, however, Recuva says that they have been "overwritten" with another file and cannot be recovered. How can this be? I have done nothing with the flash drive since I clicked on "STOP", except try to recover with Recuva.

Is there another program I could use to try and recover those files?

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How do I recover an accidentaly deleted file from the recycle bin? By mistake, my recycle bin was emptied/deleted of its contents and there was a file in there I needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How to recover delted file from recycle bin?

Davory: Data Recovery as easy as it gets

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Hi again, I am trying to recover a Word doc that was accidentally deleted from a folder on my desktop a few minutes ago.

It did not go to the recycling bin and is not in my recent file list in Word.
It also did not come up in any searches I ran anywhere.

Anyone know of any sly ways to try to recover this?

Thanks alot!

A:Solved: Recover Deleted File

Firstly do NOT use the PC for anything. Every operation will overwrite the HDD locations of deleted files.

If it did not go into the recycle bin, then a deliberate effort was made to delete it in a manner to make it difficult to recover. Using the PC makes that even more difficult.

Ideally slave the hard drive in another PC, you should never attempt to recover a file on the same drive as it was deleted on (as the recovery software and file extraction will possibly overwrite the deleted file)

Then try PC Inspector from here:,fid,23069,00.asp

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Hi all

I did a dj set the other nite & recorded it all on a pc using cooledit pro 1.2a

At the end of the nite - i unplugged all the kit including power to the pc - forgetting to save the recorded wav file - 5 hrs worth - about 3 Gigs.

I know the file is sitting on the drive as a temp file cooledit created as it was recording, but how to get it & finish it as a valid wav file ?

I have not even switched the pc back on yet - hoping for a definitive solution to recover that file.

Thanks for any help


A:How to recover unsaved cooledit pro file

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