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Reinstalled XP on Dell Computer

Q: Reinstalled XP on Dell Computer

Hi, I recently reinstalled XP on my Uncle's Dell Dimension 4550. I installed everything and the drivers and I noticed in the device manager that there is one device with the dreaded yellow question mark. The device is the pci simple communications controller. What exactly is this driver and how do I fix it? If it has something to do with an internet connection he has a cable modem with a router as well. Not sure if that would help or not.

A: Reinstalled XP on Dell Computer

Did you install the chipset drivers?

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Hello I can't get my computer to read my reinstalled hardrive withe apropriate setup program and jumper settings.

A:Dell computer will not read reinstalled harddrive

Ok, we'll need some info to help you...
What kind of hard drive is it? (make/model)
What model of Dell PC is it?(operating system?)
What was the apropriate setup program?
How did you place the jumpers?

Also give us a little background - why was the hard drive re-installed?

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There's a really nice Dell at a pawn shop around me with a 3.1GHz Wolfdale core 2 duo and 4GB of DDR3 ram plus a 19" LCD for only $350! It had a BIOS password on it to even just boot but I removed it with the jumper and found out somehow it has XP Pro installed on it now. So I'm just assuming it's an illegal copy and I'd want 7 anyway.
I'm totally going to buy it because the license sticker on the top says Windows 7 Pro so I don't have to buy a copy. Believe it or not, I actually have an OEM Win 7 Pro disc from someone else but I recall with XP at least, Dell did some license trickiness where if you tried their key with an OEM disk it'd say it's invalid. So first of all would that OEM DVD work with their dell key? And secondly, if not, where can I get Dell's just reinstallation DVD with no license? I found 1 listing on ebay for it:

but that's a long time period and I don't know how high it will get. I could have sworn Dell sold just the DVDs for reinstallation for like $11 with shipping included but I sure as heck can't find it anywhere on their site. So does anyone know where I can purchase it or perhaps even download the OEM disc image without any viruses or customizations embedded?

A:reinstalled Win 7 on a Dell

Hi -

Contact Dell Support and order replacement Dell XP OEM OS CDs -

Cost is about $19.95

I removed the link in your post. This thread is now closed.

Regards. . .



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Hello, I recently had to reinstall windows 7 home premium because on my dell inspiron m5110 laptop because it was acting slow and screwy. I had misplaced the reinstall cd that came with the laptop so I got a slightly earlier windows 7 home premium copy from a friend and successfully reinstalled windows. I installed all updated then began to reinstall the drivers which I admit I'm a novice at. I successfully reinstalled the wireless network driver but for some reason when I install what I think is the USB driver (d400,External USB 56K Modem)

but everytime i do i get this error "Driver installation failed: could not find modem device for this driver" I cannot get the computer to recognize my flashdrive in any usb port, can anyone please help me?

A:reinstalled windows 7, dell driver problems

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I have reinstalled Windows XP on my Dell Dimension 9150 and now I have no access to the internet. I am currently using my son's laptop to try and fix this problem. Under Device Manager "Other Devices" they all have the Yellow !. I have a disc from Dell that says Drivers and Utilities and when I load it nothing is happening?? Also I have a Linksys Wireless-N ADSL 2 + Gateway modem which is model WAG160N. Please any advice would be appreciated, and I am just learning how to do all of this.

A:Solved: No Internet - I reinstalled XP on Dell Dimension 9150

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Hi, guys. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 on Vista 32bit and for some time now, It has been running slow and maybe I have a mother board problem but I thought reinstalling
Vista to the factory settings would be a good idea to see If that helps. So I reinstalled Vista with the reinstallation DVD. It worked but now I have a new problem.
I have problems with the dell drives. (No touchpad, Internet ect)
I open Device Manager and get a yellow triangle with an (!) on the following
Display adapters = Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
Other devices = Base System Device - Base System Device - Base System Device - Ethernet Controller - Network Controller - Video Controller
So I went to my other computer to go to dell website and put my tag number In an downloaded all the drivers to an external hard drive.
Putting the external hard drive In the laptop with problems thinking I could double click and Install the drivers. But get the message
Application download did not succeed, check your network connection, or contact your system administrator or network service provider.
The only discs I have for my laptop are Microsoft works 9, Dell MediaDirect 3.5 and Windows Vista home premium 32bit.
I called Dell thinking I still had warranty but got told It had ran out and got put to the warranty expired people who told me my problem would be fixed In 15 minuets but would cost ?69.99. I really think ?70 for 15 minuets Is a bit much so hope you guys might be able to hel... Read more

A:Reinstalled Vista on dell, can't get online to download drivers.

Possibly better to download to a DVD.

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I reinstalled windows and I cant login to IE.
I downloaded the drivers from dell but I still cant go onto the internet.
Under deviec Manage I have a yellow question mark " Ethernent"
I did download all the drivers for this type of computer and I installed and still missing this driver. help me please or tell me in what category or where I can download this driver.
Thank you

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I had problems with my Dell Dimension 8300 and reinstalled Windows XP Multimedia Center CD that came with the computer. That;s when my troubles began. The installation went smoothly but afterwards I had trouble staying on the internet. I was hooked up to the internet via a broadband router and a Motorola pancake modem (the router was used to get internet to another computer). Now when I access Internet Exploere (6) I get an error message and when I send or don't send the message the internet page closes. I went to device manager and all entries look normal. The error signature is:

AppName: iexplorer.exe AppVer 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: mshtml.dll
ModVer: 6.02900.2180 Offset: 00071463

I also tried hooking up to the modem directly but the results were the same. I hope someone can help.

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalled WindowsXP on Dell Dimension 8300


After performing the re-install I would suggest running Windows Update and fully updating the PC.

Try using a different browser to see if you still have problems.

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Hi, guys. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 on Vista 32bit and for some time now, It has been running slow and maybe I have a mother board problem but I thought reinstalling
Vista to the factory settings would be a good idea to see If that helps. So I reinstalled Vista with the reinstallation DVD. It worked but now I have a new problem.
I have problems with the dell drives. (No touchpad, Internet ect)
I open Device Manager and get a yellow triangle with an (!) on the following
Display adapters = Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
Other devices = Base System Device - Base System Device - Base System Device - Ethernet Controller - Network Controller - Video Controller
So I went to my other computer to go to dell website and put my tag number In an downloaded all the drivers to an external hard drive.
Putting the external hard drive In the laptop with problems thinking I could double click and Install the drivers. But get the message
Application download did not succeed, check your network connection, or contact your system administrator or network service provider.
The only discs I have for my laptop are Microsoft works 9, Dell MediaDirect 3.5 and Windows Vista home premium 32bit.
I called Dell thinking I still had warranty but got told It had ran out and got put to the warranty expired people who told me my problem would be fixed In 15 minuets but would cost 69.99. I really think 70 for 15 minuets Is a bit much so hope you guys might be able to help me out.
Sorry for the long post a... Read more

A:Solved: Reinstalled Vista on dell, can't get online to download drivers.

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hello everybody :)

if this case has happened and been answered before im sorry for asking again.

ive done some searching on google and i didnt fint much of intrest there this time...

Dell Worlstation
Dimention 9150
i havent changed any hardware on it so its all stock. and the pc is 4-5 years old.

the pc has been veeery slow for a long time, its taken like 10-15 minutes after loading explorer before i could do anything...
so i decided to reinstall, i have a leagal version of XP (not the dell install thing) but i have burned it myself. its XP with SP3 allready installed.

when i start my pc now it gets to the XP loading screen and stays there for about 5 secunds. then i reboots, and it just keeps on looping if i let i run without doing anything. (EDIT: not bluescreen apear, and the same haapens even if i try to use safemode)

its actually a pretty long story but il try to tell it as short as possible.

me and some other frinds were going to a local LAN party at some friends. and i decided i was going to reinstall (turned out to be a rather long prosess...). As is said earlier my pc was very slow, so i wanted to reinstall, first i got 2 differet bluescreens when i got to the place where i was to pertition my harddrive, it all said "unknown disk" like 4 of them (even tho i only have 1 HDD)when i pressed the down or up arrow i got a bluescreen, the one said it could be something with the HDD and another that indicated something wrong with the RAM. ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] reinstalled dell, reboots (loops) at loading screen

The Dell partitions you deleted were the Recovery partition. Put the drive in your friends computer and delete all the partitions. Create one partition and Format it NTFS. (If you want to make a second partition leave some unallocated space but don't create a partition yet). Now don't install on this computer, take the freshly partitioned and formatted drive over to the old computer. Boot into the Bios and make sure the drive is listed. Then boot off of the XP CD and choose to install and leave the file system the same (don't create a partition or format). After Windows Loads you can create a second partiton from the un-allocated space in Disk Managment.

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Bought a long awaited new computer:
inspiron 518, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 6 GB RAM, 640 GB hard drive, DVD burner, Vista Home Premium 64-bit, had problems after downloading incompatible software and/or using easy transfer cable.
Anyway, reinstalled windows with tech support from dell, however, I may reinstall, after realizing I no longer have Dell Media installed and only reinstalled some drivers and vista. (I had a very frustrating experience with dell support over the course of a week) I thought my system would be back to factory, but it is not.
My questions are:
1 Is Dell media direct 4.0 worth having?
2 I did not confine vista to a certain amount of space, should I have?
3 And should I redo all my reinstalls per dells online instruction which seems much more complete than the guidance I received from chat?
They never told me to install dell media center first, partition wise, (I am also pretty sure I lost the factory reset hidden in the partion)

A:reinstalled vista 64 on new dell with tech support, many missing apps

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I bought a 27" monitor, keyboard and Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound System for my laptop; the only thing I can't get to work are my 5.1 Surround sound speakers.

5.1 requires 3 audio ports (as you probably know) but only two of mine work; consequently only either the rear speakers, front speakers or middle speaker can work at the same time. (It only likes to use one port at a time due to the current issue, it's either 2.1 or 5.1, not halfway) My third audio port is a mic port, but I've heard that using Realtek HD Audio Manager you can retask this port to act as an audio output port.

However after formatting my laptop months ago I have the Realtek drivers but not the manager, I can't find any downloads for the manager on the internet, they all appear to be driver only.
IMPORTANT: my soundcard is meant to support 5.1; when I go into device manger and sound properties it says so.
Thanks for reading, is there anything I can do? Or can I only use two speakers?

Thanks, I have a two years old Dell Studio 1745. When I go into control panel, "uninstall programmes" I can see "RealTek HD Audio Driver" which I downloaded from the realtek site, but it clearly said "Driver Only". I need the manager I think, but I don't know where to get it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Formatted Dell Laptop, reinstalled Realtek Audio Drivers but noManager

You likely need the Dell supplied drivers to get all the features working.

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I will try to be as clear and brief as possible, and very much appreciate any assistance.

Recently i had to re-install my version of Vista (Ultimate).

When re-installing my old files and programs were NOT integrated into the system, so therefore when i began using the computer again, i started with a blank slate. No file, programs drivers etc.

However, under the C Drive my files are stored under "Windows.old"

How am i to revert to my old system, and have windows use this as the directory rather than starting with the 'clean slate'

Any assistance is greatly appreciate

Contact Info:

AIM: Sanjaythewise
E-mail: [email protected]

Or just post back, thanks!

A:Reinstalled - Accessing old Computer

I stand corrected. See the following.

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My computer has had a bad case of the shut downs here recently so i cracked open the case and checked things... it turned out that my heat sink was loose and almost completely off of my CPU.

Easy fix right??? I took both off cleaned em up really good applied new thermal compound and put it all back...THAT'S ALL I DID.

Now when i press my power button:

1. My light for my power button doesn't come on
2. It doesn't sound like all...much quieter
3. My screens don't even come up with anything. I've tried going to the Mobo VGA port thinking that it might have reset...that's not the case either.

I'm at a loss...anyone got an idea? I've rechecked the power cables for all applicable lights and everything else...everything seems snug as a bug...

A:Reinstalled CPU and computer won't boot now....

Quote: Originally Posted by jbroaf

2. It doesn't sound like all...much quieter

Did you check that all fans are working, especially the CPU fan?

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I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. The computer was acting real slow, it took a minute to load windows, then it took half a minute to open browser windows etc. I just decided to reinstall the OS from the partion on the HDD. So I backed up everything, and started the recovery (destructive recovery). But now the computer is working slower, it takes about 3 minutes to boot up. Why is this happening?

A:reinstalled OS but computer is working slower than before

I would run the appropriate hard drive diagnostic (long, not short, test) on the hard a prelim.


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I can't find the driver disks that came with my motherboard, graphics card, etc. D;

I downloaded Speccy, and here are my pieces:

Motherboard: P6X58D-E
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 460
Optical Drive: HP DVD Writer 1270d ATA Device
Network Card: (Well, I'm online so I think I'm okay. Not to mention it's integrated so does that mean if I update the motherboard then my network card will also be up-to-date?)
Those are things that I think I need to get drivers for. I tried googling "P6X58D-E drivers" but kept coming up with multiple lists of individual things to download and wasn't sure what all I should have gotten.

If someone could help me with getting the correct drivers, it'd be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

A:I just formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows 7, but..

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hi I reinstalled my hp pavilion Dv3000 laptop with the windows xp disc and basic drivers from the reboot discs. Now when I start it up, it cant connect to my wireless internet through comcast that I have setup. The internet does work because I currently have a second laptop and two xboxs which connect fine. When I go to network connections its entirely blank. Any help to connect would be appreciated.

A:Reinstalled computer cant connect to the internet

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Today, while I was working, my computer encountered an error and had t be shut down. When I restarted it, it would not boot, saying there was an error in the registry key somethin-sommethin/SOFTWARE. anyway, I tried multiple ways of starting the computer in safe mode, last known configuration, etc. When none of these worked, I became desperate and reinstalled Windows XP. now my hard drive is intact, but the programs menu, usr accounts, all my settings, desktop, and more are gone. is there any way to restore my settings etc. I really need it, my computer had a heck of a lotta stuff on it.

I have a maxtor external hard drive on which a somewhat recent backup exists, but to my utter dismay, the catalog file for the backup has diappeared, and Danz Retrospect will not restore my system without it. I tried copying the windows directory from the backup to my HD, but i cannot replace system files which are currently in use.

PLease help me....

A:Reinstalled XP, need major help on how to restore my computer

If you have reinstalled XP, you have lost your old registry and all the settings that went with it. All your programs will need to be reinstalled.

Without a valid backup, you have lost everything that depended on the registry. The SOFTWARE hive could have been replaced with an older version when you first got the error, but not now.

Your files and folders that were in the My Documents folder should still be present. Do a search for them.

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After getting a virus, and a whole myriad of problems occurred, of which i looked up and researched solutions too all of last week, i decided to reformat my computer.

I could not use the file transfer wizard because when i tried opening it, it asked me to "open with" and had some programs that were not suitable for it. But this was fine since i didn't many files i need to back up..

So what i did was while it booted up, i pressd "Ctrl + F11" to get to a screen where i can system restore my computer back to its manufactured state. (Now that i think about it, i dont know if this was the correct way of reformatting was it?)

After this was finished, i booted up my computer, hit "F12" to bring up a screen of how to boot up my computer .. i put in this CD: Microsoft windows XP home edition .. including service pack 2

After successfully installing (or what i thought) windows, it rebooted and then after the Dell splash screen, it was just a blank screen with no mouse cursor.

I manually turned the computer off and rebooted into safe mode and safe mode with networking and both of these worked. I could not get onto my internet and i realized i did not install the drivers. (I realized this after calling dell support)

I downloaded the recommended drivers (

put them on a USB and plugged that in there while on safe mode w/ networking .. i was able to install some of the driver... Read more

A:Reformatted my computer, reinstalled Windows XP but..

Did you get the video drivers?

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how can i find what drivers i need for a generic computer to connect to the internet, pls?  i looked at device manager, and it only shows the !'s with nothing else identifiable.  i used one of those DRP driver downloads to find the currently functioning drivers for video, audio, etc.

A:reinstalled xp on a generic computer, and now it won't connect to internet

Download and run PCI-Z on the computer.  That should give you information about the installed devices.

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i reinstalled the computer but the computer can not find Internett Driver I have tryed both internett Cable and Wireless but none of them works.

Here is screenshot of what I mean:

I have googled for many hours without any luck

Sorry for my Bad english if you dont understand something just tell me and il try to explain it in another way

A:reinstalled my XP computer and can not find Internett Driver.

go to the computers manufacturer website, search for your specific computer and download the proper drivers from there.

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I have a shuttle xpc that I had to reinstall windows xp on - now there is no sound, no usb 2.0, and i'm not sure if the video card is installed properly either. I figure this is all about drivers, but in hardware manager nothing comes up as a question mark after i used the disk to find drivers - maybe i got the wrong drivers?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:44:43 PM, on 7/10/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SiSUSBRG] C:\WINDOWS\SiSUSBrg.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [QuickTime Task] "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTTask.exe" -atboottime
O9 - Extra button: Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Windows Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Fi... Read more

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By "blank" I mean an empty laptop hard drive. I'm going to have my hard drive replaced, so I believe the new hard drive won't have an operating system installed on it. So if I create a system image and store it in an external HDD, will I be able to reinstall the OS simply py plugging the external HDD into the laptop ?

A:Can BLANK computer be reinstalled (OS) with system image?

Yes you can. You can even re-image if the HD already has an OS on it. You will need a tool (many applications that can do this both free and purchased) and a USB drive large enough to take your image. I prefer Clonezilla (do a google search on it). If you're running Windows 7 you can do it through the OS (

Please be aware however that your old PC and new PC must be identical hardware or you will have MANY problems.

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Dell 700m, XP Pro

Hope someone can help me with this, I appreciate in advance.
My computer power supply broke - before I shipped it off to get it fixed, I removed the hard drive (it's a Dell 700m).

Since I had to get some info off the drive while it was gone, I got a cable so I could use it as an external drive on my wife's computer. To acess the info, I had to "take control" of the drive, which I did and it worked.

Got the computer back last night and put the hard drive back in. I had to "take control of the drive" again to access the info and did, but here's the issue:

Normally on C drive docs and settings, I would have the profile name "Adam" and then the other normal ones, "all user" "default" etc. I had those, but I also had "Adam.xxxxx" (xxx was what I think the drive was named from when it was used as an external drive).

So now, I have both "Adam" and the other profile - and the other one is the one that has my info on it. But when I logged into my account, the desktop had gone back to a default setting - none of my info was the same. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing when I was working with this last night, but I backed up "my documents" thank goodness, just in case. Since "adam" had nothing in it important, I deleted it and just had the "adam.xxxx" but it regenerated itself so it's still there. It seems that the is the profile that ... Read more

A:Removed Hard Drive, Reinstalled, Computer Is Confused

Just thought of something in addition to my post.

I have never used XP System Restore, but would it work, if I restored it to a date before I pulled the hard drive? If I restored it to a week before the computer power broke and I pulled the drive, would I get all my settings back to that point? Or by pulling the hard drive, did I ensure that that is not possible?

I appreciate your help, thanks!

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I had alot of stuff on one of my computers so i deleted everything and reinstalled vista so i would have a fresh start... now when i finished installing i went to use the wireless and it did not work so i plugged it in and still nothing.... windows says did not detect any networking hardware... i am using another computer i have at the moment so is there anyway i can get updates or something to fix this problem?

A:Reinstalled vista on computer now internet wont work

Have you installed the drivers for the wireless device?

Download them on the computer that has access then use a USB drive or similar to copy them to the computer without access.

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Okay, I gave up on my dern computer and wiped it clean getting rid of the pesky malware issues. But now, I've reinstalled XP service pack 2 and realized that the driver disk have is for a Dell. My desktop is not a Dell, it was actually "made" by my mothers exboyfriend. So, I need to install the drivers for internet, sound ect. I am aware I can get all the drivers I need once I have an internet connection. Any ideas on how to get an internet driver for this hodge podge computer?!?!? Network adapters: 1394 Net Adapter, no IP address when ipconfig is ran.

A:Wiped computer/reinstalled XP service pack 2 driver help

In Device Manager right click on the Network Adapter and select Properties, then click on the Details tab, then on Hardware ID in the dropdown box. It should be in this format "PCI\VEN_4444&DEV_0016&SUBSYS_40090070&REV_01"

Post back what you find.

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My computer is driving me mad!! It is so slow.When browsing pages online a lot of the time it comes up Internet Explorer cannot display this page even though i am connected.On sites like ebay it is not displaying all the photos, i have to right click and press show pictures.Have defraged it and took out stuff that is no longer used but hasn`t made much difference.Replaced the memory not to long ago so i know i have enough RAM.Don`t know if i have a virus or something i am not a computer genius but hope someone on here is!! Please help!! Thanks in advance.

A:Solved but not at TSG {user reinstalled}: Slow Computer driving me mad!!

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I recently wiped my laptop's hard drive and reinstalled everything. The install went pretty well, except that there were several drivers missing. After calling the Gateway tech support, they got me the drivers I need, but the Network Controller still isn't working and I have no wireless connection. The Gateway tech support won't help me because they only go so far as to provide the drivers. They insist that they have given me the right driver and do not know why it will not install it properly. I'm so frustrated. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

This is the driver which they say should work:

I am running Windows XP. They say it is a Calexico 2 / Intel PROSet Wireless Network Card, but I do not know how to confirm that.

Here's a link to a screenshot of the error and what I am seeing in the device manager:


A:Network Controller won't see driver since I wiped my computer and reinstalled

update: I went to try installing the driver again. This time I got an error (after a really scary blue screen of death) saying "An error occurred during the installation of the device. Access is denied."

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Hi ladies and gents! This is my very first post so hello!

I just recently, not even 2 weeks ago gave up on trying to repair the anti-virus virus from hades. I caught it way too late and it had just infiltrated eveything. Everything became corrupted, including my patience. So, I had my Vista boot discs and drivers so I figured, oh what the heck, I'll start fresh.
Unfortunately, I still don't feel like my system is clean. Perhaps I'm just not used to having so many processes running .
Something just doesn't feel right about some of the sketchy names that are running and the incredible amount of memory that some of these programs are randomly running in spikes.

I'm sorry I'm sort of the the beginner at this and I apologize but I feel I've been reading these forums for 4 hours now and have exhausted every goggle search there is out there.

Also, the task manager seems to be this enigma that continues to baffle me. When and if we get to that part, if someone wouldn't mind letting me know what's okay to disable that'd be super.
So, here I am attaching my hijackthis log ::
After HJT log, I will paste my malwarebytes log:: (and yes, I know it says they're clean, I just have a bad feeling and I don't want to do any online shopping until I'm 100 percent confident)
I also use Zonealarm and have hopefully, successfully disabled Windows Defender... But I'm sure you can see all of that =)

Thank you a million and ... Read more

A:Wiped entire computer & reinstalled Vista & drivers. Virus still???

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I reinstalled windows vista, and i am trying to reinstall some programs and games. After a reboot, the disk drive does appear in my computer, however, mid installation, the disk drive just disappears. I have tried reinstalling the same game twice and i cannot complete installation because the disk drive randomly disappears.


A:reinstalled vista, and now my computer doesnt ecognize my disk drive


I just reinstalled vista, and now my pc wont recognize any wireless networks. I know for a fact there are at least 5 in my building. I know my internet connection is not the problem because i am using it now via ethernet cable. Does anyone know how to get my computer to recognize my network??


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Every time i turn my computer on and try to use itunes, frostwire, or adobe, It has to be reinstalled. I had to wipe out os and didn't have drivers disk and had to download everything manually. have i done some thing wrong?

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the audio controller will not update also not install i dont know if it came with a cd or not i just bought this off somebody a few weeks ago and in bios i reset to optimisied defaults with no change some tech help would greatly be appreciated been stressing for like 3 days now and is not good for my tinnitus ;( the audio is called intelr 82801 ba/bam ac'97 audio controller IBM speaker.

A:Reinstalled computer yellow exclamation mark beside audio controler

Did you update all the drivers? Help here on that:
Have you updated all Windows Service Packs? Just do Windows Updates

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When I reinstalled AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) on a new computer and tried to log on, where I had it set previously to open automatically, now it's requiring a password to log on initially. The account is so old the password is long lost and I have a different email address, so the password info is being mailed to an address that no longer exists. No answer to this problem at the AOL website, nor any way shown to contact or ask for help. Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

A:Program reinstalled new computer, lost password, email address changed

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The problem started weeks ago, my desktop computer went down, and now my laptop ended up with suspicious files passing through the antivirus.  When i originally formatted the desktop and got it going again, even after the format it still had rootkits I found through malwarebytes...  I noticed lots of processes going through the live resources and started reading some of them through the text editor.  many contained suspicious invasive gathering information.
So I wanted to be sure the laptop is clean before I connect it to my firewall.  This is a clean install of windows without it being connected to the internet.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:27-01-2016
Ran by Black (administrator) on BLACK-PC (02-05-2016 07:03:18)
Running from C:\Users\Black\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: Black (Available Profiles: Black)
Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 8 (Default browser: IE)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\COMODO\launcher_service.exe
(COMODO) C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.e... Read more

A:Computer hacked days ago, boot wiped reinstalled still malware, clean check

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Your logs are clean.Check this out when connected to the net.AV: COMODO Antivirus (Enabled - Out of date) {F25D0092-CDBE-B303-ADB7-88DE8CDECCF5}===If all is well.To learn more about how to protect yourself while on the internet read this little guide best security practices keep safe.

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Hello Again,
I need to use EXCEL from my Office XP Pro OEM disk. I have reinstalled and reinstalled xp pro from my oem disks and still don't have access, excel or PowerPoint. I didn't choose excel when I originally installed. What is the trick to this simple task? Do I need to uninstall Office? If so, why is reinstall an option?

A:I have reinstalled and reinstalled xp pro from my oem disks..........

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The short version of my question is exactly what the topic says-- Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

But, here's the wordier version giving context, if anyone's interested.

About 10 months ago, I guess, I got a Dell Vostro that came with Windows Vista Home Basic. However, I had no interest in Vista (because I already had a Windows machine) and the very first thing I did was install Ubuntu on it. I still have the Vista reinstall disk, though, which, to my memory, hasn't been used.

Now I'm planning on getting a barebones system and upgrading what I see fit. For the time being, I'm going to use the Windows 7 RC, but I'd like to get the uber-great upgrade deal that they're having to pre-order either the Business or Home Premium version upgrade. So, to do that, I'd need an XP installation or a Vista installation. Is there any reason, legal or software-related, that I wouldn't be able to install Vista using that disk that came with the Vostro?

I heard somewhere that sometimes if you try, it'll say something like "This is not a Dell computer, you evil, evil person" and refuse to install, so I wanted to make sure before I pre-ordered the upgrade. I don't want to get the upgrade and have nothing to upgrade, of course.

A:Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?

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So over the past 2-3 weeks I kept noticing that my battery kept dying even though I would shut it down (yes window > shutdown) the computer with a full battery. The next evening I would power up and see that the battery was at 20% from full charge. This is a BRAND NEW as in <2 months XPS 9550. I checked my event log and WHAT THE [email protected]#$??? It is absolutely filled with Dell Foundation Service and Dell Product Registration events all saying  " Power event Handled Successfully by the service." Clearly it is not.. The stupid things run every 10 seconds. So when I think I am powering down my computer, it is being blocked by these services and actually just going to sleep... but it actually isn't sleeping. Its waking up every 10 seconds. Can anyone PLEASE help me determine the issue. Apparently according to update service everything is up to date. 
Dell XPS 15 9550 Win 10 Dell Foundation Services vers 3.1.330 DFSSvc.exeDell Product Registration  vers 2.2.38 PrSvc.exeDell Update Service vers 1.8.114
Log sample: (note the time... yes i was asleep) 
Information 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:42:06 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:41:56 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Foundation Services 0 NoneInformation 5/21/2016 6:26:31 AM Dell Product Registration 0 NoneInformati... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Windows Vista OS. I have a Dell 926 printer interfaced to it via USB. Printer driver is installed and the printer does communicate at times with the computer and does a good job printing. However, intermittently when trying to print a document I'll get a message on the computer that says that communication has been lost and print job failed.

I've checked all connections to make sure they are solid and no debris that might cause this.
That has not corrected the problem.
The other thing that happens is that the document I want to print will stay in the print queue/spooler and if I shut the computer and printer down and restart both it will print the job. And it may continue to print jobs but it's just a matter of time.

Needless to say this is frustrating. I can print several jobs in a row with no problem and then I'll get this "communication has been lost between printer and computer". And I have to go thru the procedure above to get the last job printed.

My wife doesn't understand how this works and will try to print the same job several times with the commo problem and then complains when it won't print.....and then they all print when the above procedure is followed.

Any ideas what is going on??? Any fixes??

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Two months ago bought a Dell 8900 from Best Buy. After 20 days, it would not start, same with the next 8900 replacement... only fewer days. The first gameware as a replacement did not start at all. The Alienware Aurora worked beautifully for 3 days and then would not start. In the 8900's,,, got the blinking amber lights on the start button. Tech is coming to replace motherboard. What the heck is happening? Could it be the monitor... or the external hard drive or what? Come on Dell,,, what's up? I have a Dell XP Laptop as a back up using the same external hard ddrive.

A:Dell 8900, Gaming Computer, Dell Alienware Aurora

There is a power issue with the external hard drive.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530, XP PRO, SP3, about a year and a half old. Almost since I first got it, every few months or so, when I boot up it hangs on the Dell screen. When I turn it off and reboot, it is fine. I use Rebit to back up everything on an ongoing basis and have an extended warranty from Dell. Is there anything I can do about this, or should do? Thanks for your help.

A:Dell computer occasionally stuck on Dell screen

I would run a memory tester

Download the prebuilt ISO, burn it to CD as an Image, boot from that CD and run the memory test for a couple of hours or overnight to stress test the memory.


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Was given a Dell Optiplex 360 that I found out after getting a nasty virus had a bootleg XP OS
I also did not have any disks with it. I had older disks for a Dell 4600 that I used to wipeout the hard drive and install the new OS. Everything works fine except that I can not load any of the drivers from the second disk, (it was a 3 disk series)
thus at least at this point not able to connect with my cable internet. Cable people told me I needed the drivers.Any suggestions or can it just not be done.
Thanks, Al

A:Loading Older Dell OS To Newer Dell Computer

You will have to go to the dell website look under support and then drivers and downloads for your model of computer.If you use the service tag number on the computer it will make sure you get the correct ones you need. For future reference so you wont have this hassle again burn all of the drivers to a cd so you will be all set the next time.

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Dell Audio doesn't work on my Dell computers but Realtek does. Why is Dell Audio on my computer if I can't get it to work? It looks like a better program with far more features.

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My battery for the above computer has expired and needs to be replaced but I do not know who sells replacement batteries XBT9E1 or compatible ones.

A:How do I buy a battery for my Dell computer Mod. Dell DE051

I believe the replacement battery you are after is a CR2032. If in doubt take the flat battery to your electronics store and ask for the equivalent. They're not very expensive.

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ok I have windows XP On Both Off my computers but my other one has a dell monitor and I've tried to get it to work so many times I got lucky I think twice first time it worked but then I shut it off for the night then I had a hard time to get it to work but I finally did and after that I can't get it to work it keeps saying to set it up through the disc drive I think I haven't turned it on for a bit I'll have to check it,
but can anyone help with what I said?

A:Does A Dell Monitor Work With A Non-Dell Computer?

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I recently installed windows blinds, i made my PC look awesome with a Windows Vista theme. i came back on today and my theme was gone, windows blinds somehow had a missing .dll, one program had completley vanished, all of my quick launch buttons that are in the start menu are gone, my custom tool bars were gone, my icons were all put in a curtain order and not the way i layed them out, when i go into program files it says that showing this data might harm the pc or something like that (the thing it says when you first go in there for the first time and you have to click on "Show.....", it is saying that i am not admin when i am, my close and minimize and maximize buttons are small and wont go big even when i change the setting, i cant get a wallpaper to go on background, it just stays blue, This " is now @ when it was in the right place, it seems like my whole operating system has just been reinstalled. WHAT THE **** HAS SOMEONE DONE TO IT, OR WHAT THE **** HAS HAPPENED BECAUSE IM PISSED OFF BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ****ED!!.


And i have got to reinstall Windows Media Player 11 again and probobly the Windows Updates, i avnt got a clue what has gone and what hasnt.

anyone, please help me. im desperate for help with this one. plus
the pic of my theme is there. so is something covering up my theme, and windows blinds says it needs reinstalling. that vista theme that is on now is a .theme i downloaded, it is not the theme that is... Read more

A:Computer Reset, And Every Single Program Reinstalled? Or Reset Registrey>

Can you get to System Restore and Restore it to a date before this happened......

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I've read several threads that are similar here, but I can't figure out which solution might work for me. instead of blindly trying them all and potentially messing things up, I was hoping somebody might be able to look at this and see what the problem is. A few months back, I reinstalled windows after updating my bios. I screwed things up pretty badly because instead of just setting the Bios options to recognize my RAID array and though there was some bigger issue at play an ended up reinstalling windows before I figured it out. Anyway, everything worked fine for a few months, but then this not genuine box started appearing and disappearing in the bottom corner. It does go away, and I am able to install updates, so I think it's just an error with my bios as I saw in another thread, but I want to make sure before I touch anything. I ran the diagnostic report a few minutes back when the logo was down there (although it's since gone away again). This is just a bit annoying.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-8R693-6QCPK-KKYFY
Windows Product Key Hash: 5FpdIpDhe+JSFZB5PtKUMvvclSY=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8703674-15764
Windows Product ID Type: 3
Windows License Type: OEM System Builder
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {A825110B-30CE-4BCD-ACA6-C4B925F4DE57}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
Te... Read more

A:computer crashed - reinstalled but now I get "not genuine" in corner

The install appears to be properly activated?
check validation at

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Can anyone suggest a way to get a dell 770 printer to work on a non dell win98 system?

My friend was given the printer from his friends, but it's a dell and it's pretty muh brand new so he doesn't want to throw it away. It's also better than his current printer

Anyway, he uses the dell install disk but once it begins and runs the setup app it gives a message akin to pirating. Saying something like -this computer does not support dell , or something like - this computer is not a dell.

Can anyone offer advice. I did a search on google and dells' site and here.
I couldn't quite find anything that might lead me to an answer..?


A:dell printer for non dell computer??

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I have connected my old Dell printer AIO 924 to my new Dell XPS 8500. I can't seem to figure out how to scan. I had no trouble with my old computer, but can't scan since connecting to my new XPS 8500. Can anyone help me please? Do I have to get A new driver? If so, where do I get it? Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:new Dell computer/old Dell printer

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I have a two year old Dell PC with Windows 7. I got a virus in my computer that by phone and computer takeover Norton located in my MBR. When they cleaned it my computer will no longer boot up. Norton worked with me for three days on the problem but we were unable to fix the computer. I followed other web sites and repaired my MBR but it still will not boot up. I tried System Repair, Check point, Image, and Dell system restore and all failed. I have tried to use the Windows install CD and all I get is a black screen with a flashing cursor and then after 3 minutes the compute attempts to boot again and fails. I tried everything to try and wipe the drive from C prompt and it will not let me. I have very weak computer skills but I can follow directions and I have wiped a previous computer I owned. (I confirmed that my CD drive is working) I also should mention I have a second hard drive on my computer that I backed everything up to.

A:Dell Computer PC will not load Windows install CD from computer crash

See if you can reset the BIOS hardware/software connections and then clear the CMOS to access your Windows 7 install disc.
Resetting hardware/software connections in the BIOS and clearing temporary memory of corruption:Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

Clear the CMOS:Use your system manual to find instructions for accessing the BIOS...
In the BIOS, go to the EXIT screen...
Choose load setup/optimized defaults... Read more

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I just wanted to know about how to reload my computer because i forgot the password and user name. I also wanted to know , my adobe reader want work it keep saying it ecountered a problem and it must shut down sorry for inconvenience. send report to microsoft. I need it to pull up important pdf files to read.

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My computer stopped working giving me a black screen and everything and when i entered Safe Mode and uninstalled the Video Driver for my Geforce my computer started working again but when i reinstalled the driver my computer suffered the exact same problems and ideas how to fix this please

A:My Dell Computer

Which graphics card and driver are you trying to use? Have you tried older or beta drivers with your GeForce?

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my dell computer keeps cuting it self off i have cleaned the fans and my monitor is not picking up now.and it is still shuting off.please help?

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I would like to install a new video card for my dell machine. Here is a list of my specs...

Dell Inspiron 531s
Windows 7 32-bit
Power Supply Unit: 250w
1 PCI-Express slot

Current Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
(motherboard gpu)

Here is the GPU I'm looking at: - SPARKLE SFPX95GT512U2L GeForce 9500 GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards
I am concerned about the weak power supply and the motherboard GPU interfering.

Should I be considering a external power booster?

I would love to hear your suggestions.

A:New GPU for Dell Computer

I would look at the power supply and see if a normal size new power supply would fit into that case, if not I would "re-case" the whole machine when I add the new video card so I wouldnt have any power issues.

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Hi, I am new to this forum and not a brain on computers. My question is my flat screen goes black after I boot up. it shows the dell logo and than xp but than after that it goes blank. The computer is running in the back round. I could boot in the safe mode, but that is it. I need to know what has happen and how to fix.

A:Need help on dell computer

In Safe mode, go to Device Manager or Add/Remove Programs and remove the Display driver
Go back to Normal mode
Go to Dell support drivers page and download your updated video card driver

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I got a dell computer running 512 and about 150 hdd. i switch hdds and cleaned the old one. well when i get to install windows vista or xp it says this blow in this picture:

then i cant boot anything up. I have NO FLOOPY it didnt come with one. so i thought i could install and boot from cd but i was wrong. i dont know if there a reformat the bios or something please help.

computer picture:

my dell computer didnt come with a floopy disk.

A:Dell computer Help

Have u looked in the BIOS and mad sure the CD is the first boot device, this should be installable (changeable) in the BIOS, altho your BIOS might not have that option, and u can leave it that way as it will not mess up anything. Once u boot to the Windows CD u should have options to format or anything u need to do.

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i recently bought a dell desktop but i cant use the right side of the keybord to type numbers also on the desktop when u double click on an item nothing happens any suggestions?

A:dell computer

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Started complete restore by symantec windows, only partly done. The screen says(loading PBR for descriptor 1 Done. Starting Windows 95... Only thing I can do is turn computer on and off. HELP. jhaas41

A:dell computer

and welcome to the Forum

What model is the Dell?

Why was it only partly done? . did it stop?

What caused you to try the restore?

Starting windows 95??? Did it have win95 loaded?

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I have a dell inspiron model 3276 computer. If any one has a dell computer I have a question for them. I have two sound ports on the front of the computer and 3 at the top of the computer one of those in the back is a line in(?) can you tell me what the three on the back does and the two on the front as well.

In the past I have been able to copy music from my external cd player to the line in on the back of the tower.
For some reason this is not working, so if someone can give me information on my problem would appreciate it.

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I used the disc with a generic key to install and my 8 key to activate. All went well but the cleanup system files will not close. It removes bits at a time but the fan is humming and it does not say successful or close. It does chip away so there are a few mbs left.
I was hoping to close so I could image a clean OS with no defects. I ran the health DISM and the win update trouble shooter.

Is this something to attend to before imaging?

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i just reinstalled xp but now it says i have some corrupt files and i cant connect to the internet what do i do?

A:reinstalled xp

Did you reinstall Windows XP(original version) or Windows XP SP1 or Windows XP SP2 or Windows XP SP3?

Did you use an original Windows disc or a copied Windows disc?

What's the brand name and model name and model number of that computer?

Are there any entries in the Device Manager with a yellow ? next to them?


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hey guys
i just reinstalled xp home on a dell inspiron e1405 laptop and now im getting the drivers. the problem is, the network controller driver i burned on to a cd cant be read. what am i missing to read files? sorry guys its the 1st time doing this.

in the device manager the ones with the yellow ? are all under the other devices
base system device
base system device
base system device
ethernet controller
network controller
PCI device
PCI device
sm bus controller
video controller
video controller (vga compatible)

after i download the driver and transfer it to my other computer when i click on this driver program a window pops up that says windows cannot open this file to open this file windows needs to know what program created it how do i open this file and the file is a clickonce application deployment manifest ( application)

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:reinstalled xp....need help

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I did a clean install of xp and computer is very slow. Pages load slow, multiple tabs crash browsers, flash will not work for facebook games although I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. There is a high memory usage for only having one tab open in a browser. I am just full of many more issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
windowsxp-5.1.2600 service pack 3
x86 based pc
bios version 1.1.11
smbios version 2.4

A:Reinstalled xp

Have you installed the latest chipset and other drivers from the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's site?

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I had to reinstall Windows XP Home but could not get it to install off the disk, so after talking to someone at Microsoft they told me to copy the disk to my C Drive and install it from there, which worked fine and all is working, so what I would like to ask is, can I now delete this copied folder on C Drive as it is taking up 514 mbs of space.
Cheers Tony

A:Reinstalled XP

Should be able to, although windows may be a little confused when it needs to access stuff, you will have to point it to the cd drive if it is.

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hi i am running xp home sp2 i recently had problems with a modem and sp2 so i was advised to reinstall xp and add sp2 then install all my programs/drivers again. so i put all my important files on cd and reinstalled i did not delete all my file etc as i thought they would be deleted when i reinstalled.
i was looking at the memory used in my computer and noticed that my c drive says that of the 76.3gb on my hard drive 53.0 is being used.
when i open the c drive and highlight all the folders and go to properties it says 4.33 gb total so i have 19gb or so extra that i cant use i find this hard to believe as all my old pics etc have gone from my documents etc. and also i don't have any more programs installed as i used to on my old pc and that was a 13gb hard drive.
so i went to search the other day and typed in .jpg and low and behold all my old pics came up saying they are in my documents but they are not.
i dont want any of my old files as they are on cd so how do i free up some of this 19gb?
any help would be appreciated thanks

A:reinstalled xp

You could select them and depress and hold down the Shift key and hit Del.

But I recommend start over and perform a Clean Install Windows XP, for deatils see:

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I have just reinstalled windows xp due to my pc totally messing up. it says all my hardware is installed..but do i have to reinstall graphics card? as when i go to play a game, it loads perfect, plays the movies, but when it gets to the menuesand in the game it plays real used to run perfect.

Any ideas?
thanks in advance.

A:Reinstalled xp...

Did you defragment the drive after the reinstall? Did you load the motherboard drivers for the board?

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And this time i will not mess with permissions to folders like you all told me. But good god, i MUST have permissions so do some things because with 7 it seems if you just LOOK at the freakin' desktop it will pop up a prompt that says you don't have permission to look ! Seriously tho, it's truly a PITA. So to start, Is there a way to give myself the max global permissions i can have w/o screwing up the works? Right now when i rename a shortcut it tells me i can't because i don't have permission, then it goes ahead and allows the rename to take place anyways ! What the #$%@ is that about and how can i stop it from prompting me?

Sorry, but this OS is just so frustrating. Anyways, a way to turn that off would be a tiny start, but if theres a way to set all security/permissions that are safe in one fell swoop i would be eternally grateful ! Sorry, i'm just so frusterated you have no idea. XP was a walk in the park.

A:Just reinstalled 7

Are you creating an Administrative level account, the one which will be offered when you install or reinstall?

With an Administrative level account you will be able to do most anything, only being second-guessed by User Account Controls if you are about to make important changes. You can turn down User Account Controls settings in Control Panel.

If Win7 didn't want owners to run on an Administrative level account, it wouldn't offer it during install or when setting up a factory-installed OS. A standard account should only be used for setting up another User with lesser permissions, or turn on the Guest Account and password your own when letting others use it.

Tips for getting a purrfect install based on hundreds done here: re-install windows 7

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I have a Dell Latitude E6420 and I just reinstalled an OS-Windows 7 professional. I do not have the dell driver CD, biggest problem is i cannot connect to the web. any suggestions will be welcome. 

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Actually the Topic description says it all. I just reinstalled XP for the 6th time in 2 years (Good old HAL.DLL corrupt or missing). This time, however, after Mailwasher deleted all but 8 of the 222 emails I had waiting, and I opened OE, I couldn't "Receive" the emails that were left. The Send/Recv button stays grayed out. I went over the Options and couldn't find anything to change, there. I went over the Mailwasher Tools/Options and couldn't find anything to change there, either. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Has this happened to any of you? Can you steer me to a fix for it? Short of re-reinstalling XP, I hope.

'Preciate it,

A:I Just Reinstalled Xp (again!)

KermitD,If you have your XP CD you can check out this site. It explains how to repair OE. Also there is another site with help, tips, FAQs and technical information to help you use, understand, and repair Microsoft Outlook Express? for Windows, here. Hope the information is helpful. If not please post back.Be (OE Repair) SafeDa Bleeping Animal

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so i reinstaled xp and like mydocuments was replaced this was an undesierable affect, but they space that all the stuff in my documents is still taken up, "my documents" took up a bit of space gb wise but how can i get to those files seeing as how they still take up my hard drive?

A:Reinstalled Xp

Windows Explorer is the best tool for handling files. Start>All programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer.In the left hand pane it shows you drives and folders, in the rh pane it shows the contents of whatever you select in the left.The old files could be hidden. Here is a tutorial on viewing hidden files: you know if your hard drive is partitioned for NTFS of FAT32?hth

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Its flashed, loaded, OC'd and rockin.
Not bad for an amatuer!


Pretty fast. Nice. Now all you need is a fast Internet.

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I got sick and tired with the scrunny performance of xp and did a clean reinstall (after backing up most of teh files..). Now reinstalled and cant get access to internet, my laptop connected to the router dsl connection works fine but when I connect my pc and set up a connection it ends up trying to dial in whereas I use the ethernet, also the ethernet doesnt show any drivers (and I dont have a driver backup disk)

I have access via another computer to download from the internet, so can anyone help me with sites/softwares that can determin the required drivers.

I am knocking my head against the wall... help pls!

A:reinstalled xp.... HELP!

Have you re-installed the dsl modem drivers JB?

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I had to reinstall XP on my Dell Inspiron laptop. Now I have a window right in the middle of the screen with a 2" black border around it. How do I change the settings so the window uses the entire 15" screen? Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Reinstalled XP

Hi KathiT53, welcome to TSF

did you install the video driver?

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Reinstalled windows 7 home premium 64 bit HP cq-56 and now it sees the wireless but the icon has an exclamation point in it after doing the updates. I can connect hard wired. I'm in the process of removing sp1. I see all over the internet this is a huge problem. ipconfig /all gives me all 0000. My router see's the computer Connection type: Wireless 802.11b / 802.11g
IP Address: IP Address Allocation: DHCP Hardware Address: 88:9f:fa:2d:87:4b but still connectivity. I've tried almost everything on the web. Anyone run up against this one? I removed my antivirus also. Auto tuning is disabled.

A:Reinstalled win 7


How did you reinstall?
Did you use a Windows 7 install DVD or the Factory Restore from HP?

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Last night the computer worked fine but this morning the only way to start my wifes computer was to insert the Win XP disk. chkdsk /r did not fix the problem so I reinstalled Win XP over the old installation. The computer now starts. The problem is although the C drive shows all the old programs and folders are still there they do not show up when I click start, programs. When I go into add-remove in the control panel, it is empty. How can I move the programs showing on the C drive into the new program folder? Thank you for any help.

A:reinstalled XP

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hey I just got done reinstalling XP and now am having a few problems. I can't seem to be able to adjust the screen resolution/color. I don't have any sound. And I get messages about errors in the regisitry telling me to go to to fix them (spyware?). Any ideas how to fix any of these problems? Thanks yall...

A:reinstalled XP

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Hi, I am a computer novice and just need a simple answer, please. I reinstalled windows 8. Every thing went well. Weeks later when I installed windows 8.1 every thing went back to to what it was before, files, saved searches even my password. MY recovery is full if that means anything. Is this normal?

A:Reinstalled W8

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My sister computer had crashed, so we went out and bought a windows xp cd - when I went to install it, I came up to the point where it said Paritioned1 or Unparitionedspace. Well, when I went to installed XP I clicked on Parititoned because the unparititoned space was too small. Did I do this correctly.
Secondly, how can I set up an internet connection use my DSL modem and router for a desktop and a laptop.
Finally, I would like to set up network, where we can view each others files and share a printer - how do I accomplish that.
Sorry if this is a lot, I dont want to mess anything up..

A:Help. Reinstalled Xp

::First of all, make sure any data you want to keep it backed up because by doing what I say, everything will be deleted::

The "Partition1" is where Windows XP currently is. You need to delete that partition (follow the on-screen instructions for how to do so). Then you need to create a new partition; make it whatever size you want (it can be the whole hard drive as one partition or you can split them up). You choose the partition you just made to install Windows XP on. Choose "NTFS Quick" when it asks you to format the partition.

Once Windows XP is installed, you need to install the drivers for your network card. Tell us what kind of computer it is and we can help you find the drivers. To share a folder you right-click it and choose Sharing. You need to make sure that you are part of the same Workgroup or Domain.

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After giving up on my crashing pc I reinstalled Win 7, and again a second time when I realised I never formatted the drive. I've got Nortons all up and running, so what's the go to anti malware program that's recommended? Norton clearly doesn't block malware in my opinion. Also I've always used Acronis for disk imaging, has anyone got any thoughts on this? Cheers....Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum.~ Animal

A:Win 7 reinstalled - what next?

After giving up on my crashing pc I reinstalled Win 7, and again a second time when I realised I never formatted the drive.
I've got Nortons all up and running, so what's the go to anti malware program that's recommended?
Norton clearly doesn't block malware in my opinion.
Also I've always used Acronis for disk imaging, has anyone got any thoughts on this?
  It is not clear of what you are trying to accomplish and what issues do you have after re-installing Windows.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1200 Labtop with window vista installed, My labtop has a VGA connection, and i am trying to connect my vga to my 32 inch flat screen TV but when i connect my tv says no signal.
please help.


A:Dell labtop computer

Many Laptops allow you to switch the video.
Mine allows Panel only, VGA only, or Both.
Look for a Function key combination to switch it. My Dell uses FnF8

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JohnWill said:

I always make the recovery disk as the first step. Then if there's any question about the configuration, you can always knock it flat and start out with the factory configuration again.Click to expand...

hey JohnWill,

I also have a Dell Dimension 2400 with XP-home on it. I bought the PC almost new at a yard sale last summer. The lady that owned it Even transfered the warranty for me. When I got it home (came with all the disks), the first thing I did was was remove all of the Norton's software from it.

A BIG MISTAKE I found out later. Dell has a "PC Restore for Window XP" that I found out later.

Here's the link:

Basically, "When the Dell splash screen appears during the computer startup process, press and hold <Ctrl> and then press <F11>. Then, release both keys at the same time.
NOTE: Some systems like Inspiron Mini 9 (910) do not support System Restore as they do not have <F11> nor any substitute."

In the Dell PC Restore by Symantec window, click Restore. Alternatively, press <Tab> to highlight Restore, and then press <Enter>.

I didn't know this !!!

I right clicked on "My Computer" icon to the "Microsoft's Management Console" window and I have 3 portion's.

The first one is a "Healthy EISA Configuration" that is FAT 31MBs., the 2nd one is "... Read more

A:Dell computer issue

So you are saying Ctrl+F11 does not work??

If Ctrl+F11 is broken it can be repaired sometimes but is not easy, lots of reading to do.

Your uninstalling Norton Software while in Windows did not break it, the most common cause of this problem is Installing XP from the CD, Dell uses a proprietary Master Boot Record (MBR), when you reinstall XP from the CD, it replaces this MBR with a generic one and breaks the Ctrl+F11 functionality. If the Dell image is still on the ""healthy Unknown Partition" that is a FAT32 3.49 GB's", then you can repair it in most cases following Dan Goodells instructions.

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For the last few months our new (about 9 months old) dell computer running XP has begun to freeze up, theres no apparent pattern to it, but what we found is that if we right click and get the task manager, light up the program DAMon.exe, and click end process it does free it up every time.

We think the program DAMon.exe has something to do with Dells help system and did go to them and ask twice, we got two different solutions neither of which sounded right and we didnt do them. If its there program I assume we might consider eliminating it but are afraid to do that if it would result in their inability to assist in some other future problem.

I am a novice and have been a little leery about doing anything, what ever solution you might think of would have to be simple but if anyone could suggest a simple thing I would appreciate it.

A:Dell Computer Freeze

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lighting hit my old computer so hubby bought me a new dell with vista on it,can't get half the web site to open and some of my downloads want download. its a dell 1gb shared dual channell sdram
250gb hard drive
amdathlon 64x2 3600+ dual core processer

can't get my dsl to work been with them on phone all day

what do i do thanks oh yes im useing dial up now and so slow

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dell lattitude d610

i need to fix my bios via dos for my computer
due to a previous potential hacking of my computer

i dont have cds

so i need to use my usb cartrige flash drive or whatever.

A:Need to fix BIOS via DOS for Dell computer

Hi, and welcome to Techspot.
Your question is a little confusing, bios and dos are two completely different things...
Maybe you should read a little about BIOS on this website.
If you need to enter BIOS you probably have to press F2 when the DELL logo shows up right after you start your computer. You don't need any CDs or USB flash drives to enter BIOS.

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This is Proview74. I recently bought a new computer and used a "secure delete" program to clean all files off the old Dell computer (4700). I still have the Operating System (XP Media Center Edition 2005) reinstallation DVD for the Dell 4700, which I tried to reinstall by inserting it into the cd drive and rebooting the unit. However, the screen asked me for a password which I cannot remember (from 2005) when I first bought the computer. In fact, I don't even remember using a password at the time.

Is there anyway to over-ride the password, or use a substitute password, to get the computer to accept the reinstallation disc? I tried pressing f12, got into the BIOS section, but I have to enter a password to change the password to a new one. I am at a loss, and if I can't get it reinstalled, a perfectly good computer will have to be scrapped. Would love to get it going so my grand kids could use it.

Appreciate any help to get this going. Thanks for your help.

A:Re-installing XP on Dell computer

We don't generally offer help with password issues here for obvious reasons but F2 should get you into BIOS where you'll be asked for a password. F12 simply shows you the boot menu so you can boot from the CD and I'm surprised if the password is necessary at that stage.

You could enter the Service Tag, which is printed somewhere on the case, into the Dell website and enquire whether they set a password and on satisfying them you were the purchaser, they should tell you but if you set it yourself and forgot it, you're lost. I have to say it would have been an unusual thing to do - do you have a recollection of doing it?


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My computer had a virus, which I believe I corrected. I'm trying to start up windows in safe mode and it just goes to a screen that says: multi(0)disks(0)rddisk(0)partition(1)windows/systems32/drivers/acpt.sys etc on on and on down the page...and I can't esc or anything. tried to start with last know config and it just show xp page and then goes blank

A:Dell computer with XP problems

and welcome to the Forum

How did you correct the virus?

Do you have the Dell Reinstallation disc?

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I have just reformated my dell inspiron 1150 laptop with a windows xp disk and i dont have any drivers for the latop so there is no sound the internet doesnt work and all that. Does anyone know where i can get the drivers from.

A:dell computer has no drivers!!!!!!!!!

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I a currentlly concidering buying an older used Dell model # DHS computer. I have tried searching online to different Dell sites and can not find what this computer accually is. MGHZ, Meg bites, etc. It to my knowledge is a 2000 model, with only one Ethernet port on the back, no telephone hookup ports. When can I find more info on this computer?.......txtrker

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My xps 410 Dell computer won't turn on. What happens is I turn it on it says to start normally or startup repairs when I click startup repairs it says it can't fix it. When I start normally gets to the multi-colored flag (windows loading screen) and sits there for about 30 seconds to a minute than it either restarts or goes to a black screen and than it has yellow letters surrounded by a small blue rectangle saying "Out of range" I don't know what to do, but what I do know is that I can boot my computer into safe mode which I'm in right now (safe mode with networking) I've tried looking for solutions but can't find any that work please help and thanks.

A:xps 410 Dell computer won't turn on

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I am sort of befuddled as to why a friends computer will not turn on. There is a green light on the mobo indicating that there is power to the computer, but no luck starting up. I have replaced the power button switch on the front of the computer, checked all power connections to the power supply and motherboard, made sure the outlet was good, and am at a loss as what to check for. She says that there was not a storm before having this problem, but did tell me her daughter shut down the computer by just pushing the power button. I didn't think it was that much of a deal seeing as how the computer is 3 yrs old, but I could be wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Dell computer will not turn on

Dell computers have a nasty habit of "locking up" at times. sometimes unplugging the computer and letting it sit for 30 minutes then plugging it back in will solve the problem and sometimes you have to strip the components and add them piece by piece until you get it working again.

the process is to remove ALL components except the processor( including disconnnecting monitor, keyboard, mouse). plug in and power up shut down unplug, add memeory plugin and power up, unplug add hard drive plugin power up, power off, unplug, add video card( if there is one) power up at this point you should be able to tell if it is booting or not. (actually once you start getting beeps during the add component\power up process it should be able to boot once all components are reinstalled.

it is a pain in the rear but it is the process Dell tech support would lead you thru if you called them. ( I had to do it three times. with my 4 year old dell, once it locked up after I switched a optical drive.) oh yeah before i forget each time you shutdown during the adding component process, after you unplug hold in the power button for several seconds to drain any residual power.

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Hello all, I'm newer to RAM and things like that and wanted to know before I buy if these sticks of ram will run in my Dell DImension 4700. I was hoping someone knew the specs of the stock motherboard and such because I have no idea what it is. THanks

A:Older Dell computer

Follow the instructions here so we can help you better:

Are you lookng to add RAM or just replace it?

According to google, the Dell Dimension 4700 has DDR2 RAM at 400 MHz. Both links you posted have DDR2 RAM at faster speeds, so while you can add both of them, I believe, they'll still run at the slower speed unless you take out the older RAM.

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I can't remember when this first started but my computer shuts down by its self. I know this is serious and microsoft sent me an message saying this was due to having the wrong driver on one of my programs but how do I fix this problem? It happens in different programs.

A:XP Dell computer shuts off

Does this happen after a certain amount of time? Or is it really just random?

Can you give examples as to what programs you are running when it happens?

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