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Accidently delited and uninstalled SoundMax Driver

Q: Accidently delited and uninstalled SoundMax Driver


I accidently delited my soundmax Driver from my Windows XP Service pack 3.
Version 2002

My computer information

Intel(r) Core (TM)2 Quad CPU

Q9300 @ 2.50GHz
2.49 GHz, 1,96GB RAM
PAE (Phusical adress extentsion)

Name of it


Well i have been through tons of drivers trying it for over 3 days to get the sound to work everytime i do download one i download it completely it tells me to turn of my computer witch i do after when the computer is fully restarted it. Now from here nothing happends. i tried to go on support tried to put it in automatically but can't figure out what to do from here. I used SoundMAX. Please help!

A: Accidently delited and uninstalled SoundMax Driver

What is the make and model number of your computer?

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Can't get it back, have absolutely no sound

It was stupid, I know.

How can I get it back?

All the downloads I've found are for updates and such

A:Accidently deleated Soundmax HD Audio driver for Windows XP

Yes , you can try a system restore..... that should sort your problem

Start / run/ msconfig, then OK

Click on launch system restore.

Go back to a date before you lost your sound

follow the prompts for system restore


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m odel h8-1210taccidently uninstalled IDT audio driver, when I go to the drivers page and input this it just brings up something about windows 10. Thanks

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I accidentally uninstalled my soundcard driver. I dont know what model it is or anything. It uninstalled when i was in add/remove programs and i removed Sound Max... i still dont know why i removed that lol but anyways can anyone help me i need my music! lol

A:Accidently uninstalled sound driver.

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So I accidently uninstalled Atheros Driver for my wifi connection and I just can't seem to find a way to redownload. I have a compaq CQ61-310US labtop. Please help

A:Uninstalled Atheros Driver Accidently

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... Drivers are in the Link below ...
HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP? Support

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2980 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1298 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 285143 MB, Free - 229816 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 01HXXJ
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

i was trying to clean up control panel and accidentally uninstalled something that made my start up menu disappear

A:accidently uninstalled driver for startup menu

Closing duplicate thread too:

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yes i uninstalled soundmax on my asus p5b. i've been looking around on a bunch of forums and tried a few things (driver downloading and manual install or force install wtvr.)and i still havent gotten it right...i dont get any sound not even the startup tune or shutdown tune....just the beep at bios startup or wtvr... im at a loss. Plz, get back to me with any information you might need from me, I know that for soundmax on asus i need the EXACT driver for my model, and i thought i had the one after like 30 different driver installs and shutdowns/ restarts, im just frustrated now...
thx in advance for the help.

A:I uninstalled soundmax......d'oh!

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I didn't know that all -even the technicians can mess and frustrate just using a knob -being not so conversant with computer I uninstalled the sound max from my desktop and since then I have never heard sound when I am playing cd or music downloaded into my PC!........CAN'T SOME ONE HELP ME MESS THE MESS AND FRUSTRATE IT?

A:Uninstalled SoundMax, now no sound

What make/model is your computer? What version of Windows are you running?

List any Problem Devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
===> If you?re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
===> If you?re running 64 bit Windows, you?ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot window, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)


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Tried to free up space and deleted "rarely" used items. Now I have no sound and don't know how to reinstall. Didn't have any restore dates either. Only 345mg free space. What is the windows os? I've tried 7, Vista, XP. All answers are incorrect. "No audio Device, & No active mixer Devices" system says.

A:Uninstalled SoundMax, now no sound

We need to know the brand and model of your computer or motherboard, and operating system.
When you run the defragmentation for Windows, how much free space shows at the end of that defragment update. You want at least 15% free space.
If you have the space, the first thing you need to do is download and install the drivers for your sound system on the motherboard or on a sound card...
Do you know what your sound system is? If so, you can download driver updates from the sound card manufacturer or the motherboard manufacturer, and then installing them is a simple "click on the download" and follow the instructions.

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ok. i uninstalled soundmax from add/remove programs thinkin it was just another audio player i didnt need... sound doesnt work at all.. I HAVE A DELL 4600 PENTIUM 4... i went to device manager and under sound video and game controllers it says
-audio codecs
-legacy audio drivers
-legacy video capture devices
-media control devices
-unimodem half-duplex audio devices
-video codecs
and under other devices it has a question mark with an exclamation mark beside multimedia audio controller.. BUT THATS UNDER OTHER DEVICES.. i went to dell drivers and downloads and downloaded Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio, right after it finished.. or i think finished something poped up with a big red x the title was soundMAX - Installshield Wizard and in the box it read, "windows audio service has been enabled! please restart your computer and run this installer again". i did, and the exact same thing poped up. So, i decided to download soundmax file version: i ran that program or driver or whatever it was and a box poped up with a big red x once again.. it read "Driver not found! Reboot your system, and run this setup again." i restarted the computer and installed the program again but again it said the same thing, at this point im stuck and dont know what the h*ll to do.:dead:.

A:Uninstalled Soundmax By Accident. Help!

And Its A Windows Xp Service Pack 2

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I was trying to clean up my PC and accidentally deleted SoundMax. When I try and install a new driver, it says drivers do not exist. My PC is a custom build, built by a friend:

Dual-Core nVidia nForce 590 SLi X16 2000 MT/s FSB
Dual Channel DDR2 800 Socket AM2 ATX Motherboard
with True X16 SLi 2x PCI-Express x16, SupremeFX
Dual GB LAN, USB 2.0, Firewire 1394 (Retail)

Video Card:
EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB PCIe w/Dual Link DVI (E145-8016 )

AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Black Edition

Kingston 2GB HyperX Kit 900MHz DIMM PC2-7200 Memory Upgrade.

Antec 900 case

microsoft mouse and KB laser 4000

western digital 320 gb 7200 rpm SATA drive

logitech 20x dvd rom/burner

logitech 5.1 surround sound speaker system with center channel, front and rear speakers and subwoofer

CPU: AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Black Edition

Heatsink: Hyper TX2 - Coolmaster

I'm pretty clueless so any help is appreciated.


A:HELP! Accidentally uninstalled SoundMax

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you have any of your driver CDs?

You could preform a system restore to yesterday to bring back any changes you made.

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I the process of removing some of my unneeded programs, (grandkids games etc.) I inadvertantly must have removed a program that lets me browse articles within my email. Example, Conservative Byte email lists articles and when I click onto an article that I would like to read, I just get a Google search page and not the article. What did I uninstall to remove that function? Thanks for any help.

A:uninstalled accidently

Do links in other emails still work and go directly to articles? (If you cannot find one) Open a story somewhere and copy the link and send to yourself and then when it comes back click on the link, this will at least tell you if it’s your setting or them or maybe the links are not up to date as in they could have moved the article

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Hell all,

I am the user of a Windows Vista Toshiba Laptop, recently bought. Today, I accidently unistalled a programmme, the problem is, I don't know which programme it was. My list of programmes were in alphabetical order, so it either began with or before "Adobe". I'm guessing it's Active X as I can now start my internet explorer without Active X controls or extension.

Problem is, I have no idea which or where to download Active X.


A:Programme Accidently Uninstalled

To check what you uninstalled, press Windows Key + R to bring up the run window. Type in perfmon and press enter. On the left side, open up monitoring tools and select reliability monitor. On the chart on the right side, select the day when you uninstalled the program. On the bottom of the right side, you should be able to see which programs were uninstalled under the heading Program (Un)Installs.

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ive accidently Uninstalled Disk (0) how do i get back and reinstall it back again?
now its only showing Disk (1) and Disk (2) only.


A:Accidently Uninstalled disk(0)

Turn off your computer, and plug it in. It should register.


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Hi, yesterday I accidently uninstalled Youcam. This programme came pre installed on my computer. The short cut wasn't working and I was just checking the log of programmes installed on the computer to check it was there and next was uninstalled! I now find that there are no free editions. Is it possible to get it back. I don't hold out much hope, just thought I would ask! Many thanks

A:Accidently uninstalled Youcam

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Hey, as you can see I'm new and have signed up.

I was going through uninstalling programs that were useless and a space waster, however accidently clicked HD Conexant, and now the souns is terrible and SRS Labs "unable to find compatible SRS Audio Device.

I Have a ASUS K52J series, and the website does not offer any clues to what was actually installed.

Any help would be great (such as and update or free download) to restore my audio driver back to normal.


Quote: Originally Posted by blackrider

Hey, as you can see I'm new and have signed up.

I was going through uninstalling programs that were useless and a space waster, however accidently clicked HD Conexant, and now the souns is terrible and SRS Labs "unable to find compatible SRS Audio Device.

I Have a ASUS K52J series, and the website does not offer any clues to what was actually installed.

Any help would be great (such as and update or free download) to restore my audio driver back to normal.

Hello Blackrider, welcome to the forum.

Go here; ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download follow the guide and give in your laptop details as required.

There is most likely only one audio driver for your model so just download and install it

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Hey, as you can see I'm new and have signed up.

I was going through uninstalling programs that were useless and a space waster, however accidently clicked HD Conexant, and now the souns is terrible and SRS Labs "unable to find compatible SRS Audio Device.

I Have a ASUS K52J series, and the website does not offer any clues to what was actually installed.

Any help would be great (such as and update or free download) to restore my audio driver back to normal.


Just go to this page, select your model, click on Download in the right pane, select the OS, on the drivers page expand the Audio tab and download and install.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Search

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Hi friends,
I have a IBM laptop with windows xp OS and had soundmax audio driver installed. I uninstalled it and now not able to install again. When I run the setup I get no driver found error.. Please help. None of the solutions in google helped

A:Uninstalled SoundMax, now no sound and unable to reinstall

List any Problem devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
===> If you?re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
===> If you?re running 64 bit Windows, you?ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save as a text file to your Desktop
Attach it to your next post by clicking the Upload a File button


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I had to install a new hard drive on my computer. Now, I can not get any sound. In trying to install the device driver from the Dell Resource CD, I get an error that says "an error occured while unzipping. One or more files were not successfully unzipped. The error code is 40." Then it asked me to restart my computer and try again. This happens when I get to the SoundMax Install Wizard screen. I have a Dell Dimension 4550 and am running on Windows XP. The Audio Driver is SoundMax: Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio Driver. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in Advance

A:Uninstalled Soundmax drivers & now get an error message

Go to Dell's website and their support section enter yur service tag number and go to the downloads section for your machine and download the drivers from there. they probably have an updated one there anyway.

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I uninstalled Office '02. I have Windows XP. I have tried systems restore, but I receive a message that says restoration incomplete, no changes detected.

What can I do? To get Office back?

A:Accidently uninstalled Microsoft Office

You may need to buy a new copy.

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I just accidently uninstalled my nvidia graphics card
It came with the computer
Is there a way to recover it?

A:Accidently uninstalled graphics card

Use this link and select your card and operating system, then download and install.
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

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I accidently uninstalled an original program on my hP pavilion x360 13-a01092nr and can't find what it was called I would very much enjoy a list of all original programs that were pre-installed on my computer model thank you.

View Solution.

A:I accidently uninstalled an original program on my hp pavili...

@A_Common_Guy? The Specifications includes a general list, although it is not "by installation name" in every case. HP Pavilion 13-a010nr x360 Convertible PC Product Specifications When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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Scroll bar on mouse quit working.  I tried to update the driver on HP page.  It gave me an error and told me to uninstall the current program.  Now I don't have a program listed for Synaptics let alone a driver update.  Mouse moves horizontally and vertically but no scroll capability  

A:Accidently uninstalled software for Synaptics touchpad

Hi: See if the driver directly from Synaptics works for you...3rd one on the list.

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Ok this is going to be an interesting story.
I told my dad to update the computer so I can download windows live 2011.
The next day he told me tried to do it himself. Messed it up and accidentally uninstalled windows live.
Now when I try to download 2011 it says that I need to take care of a few things first. I have to install windows platform update.
I saw it in Windows Live update the day before but I guess when my dad uninstalled Windows Live it got removed? So now I don't know what else to do.

Help please.

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 how to fix a uninstalled display adapter from device manager when the screen is black.

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So the story goes like this I like updating drivers and i thought i found a new chipset. I was wrong I was uninstalling devices i didn't have. i restarted my computer and i couldn't get on the web network controller missing and unknown device which is under adapters. i have a m2n-e sli mobo with amd 6400+ athlon cpu windows 7 x64.

A:network controller driver accidently removed can't find driver

Get your original motherboard driver disk and run it to detect and install devices that are on your motherboard
Let it "autorun"

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Anybody know where I can get a driver for the audio on my old Asus P5L-MX Motherboard.

I have Googled all over the place but no luck.

I have a paid-for Driver Boost app that had updated all the drivers since I installed Windows 7 but even that can't find one for the Soundmax.

Went to both the Asus and Soundmax sites but for the love of me can't find one.

Ran the Windows Compatability Wizard that said the audio drivers would be fine when I upgraded from Vista to Seven!

Have lost the plot here so any help appreciated.


A:Soundmax Driver

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hi peeps im new here so go easy.

i have just brought a new M/B and cpu

asus M2N-SLI Deluxe with a AMD Athlon X2 6000 cpu

my M/B came with drivers for vista x64 but does not work very well, i can't adujust the settings for audio like i can in xp 64.

the sound card is built in M/B and is SOUNDMAX ADI AD1988B 8-channel.

is there a compatable driver for this as i want the jack sensing and adjustments.

thanks for your help craig

A:no driver for soundmax x64

Hi! I've installed Home Premium x64 just yesterday and I needed the same driver.
After a few incorrect downloads and frustrated bad installations I've found the following driver:

If you try to install it by running AsusSetup.exe, you'll get an error message telling that your hardware is not connected or something like that.
But you still can install it by the old ways, directly on Device Manager, telling Windows where you have uncompressed it.

It rocks! See the screenshot below:

There is a new function named Sonic Focus. Man, what an amazing boost it gives for your high and low frequencies. My Edifier e3100 never sounded better!! Games, movies, music, incredible crystal clear sound.

I only have stereo (2.0), but the settings up to 7.1 are there as well.

Sorry for my english. I'm Brazilian
Good luck! enjoy it!

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New Soundmax driver, also for Win 7 (not only AD2000, also AD1988, tested by myself with Win7/64)

I just received a new Asus Crosshair II Formula motherboard from RMA the Crosshair, excellence Asus tech support. And this new SoundMax driver work great!

Code: ...

A:New Soundmax driver!

Quote: Originally Posted by hata28

New Soundmax driver, also for Win 7 (not only AD2000, also AD1988, tested by myself with Win7/64)

I just received a new Asus Crosshair II Formula motherboard from RMA the Crosshair, excellence Asus tech support. And this new SoundMax driver work great!

Code: ...

Thanks alot, do u have any idea if its compatible with all versions of windows 7?

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I have an Asus K8V-X-SE that uses Soundmax for audio. I have installed Win 7 on this machine but cannot find a new driver for the Soundmax AD1888 that will work with Win 7. Does anyone know how to overcome this situation or do I have to find a Win 7 certified soundcard and install it.
Any help would be appreciated as I would prefer not to have to but a soundcard.

Thanx, art

A:Soundmax driver for win 7

you could try installing Vista drivers (if available)... some integrated sound adapters don't have full Windows 7 support but in some cases Vista drivers will work fine. no promises, but it's worth a shot.

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I recently, well, it's been about a 6 months now since i've downloaded this Soundmax Driver. My original Legacy Driver somehow disappeared- probably from me screwing with the drivers- Anyway, i now have this Soundmax driver and i can't for the life of me get rid of it. I've tried just about everything. I have a older Dell PC (2001) using Windows XP Service pk 3. Did all the Maleware, antivirus, adware scans i could find and yes, that did rid me of some junk, but the Driver will not go away. When i go into remove it through the Control Panel it lets me do it, BUT, when i restart the PC, it re-installs itself.

I found this from '' and it sounds like they have a grasp on the problem, except of course, they want to charge me for it. I was hoping not to pay the 39 clams that they want to charge. Please help if you can. Thank-you. Matt

From Security Stronghold:
soundmax virus intrusion method
soundmax virus copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is *.*. Then it creates new startup key with name soundmax virus and value *.*. You can also find it in your processes list with name *.* or soundmax virus.

A:SoundMax Driver

Please run and updated Malwarebytes Use full scan mode

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Well where should i start my external harddrive was delited with loads of data lost and i'm just wondering which data recoverer program will recover the more thing i have asked my friend which one to go for and he just told me that the best 1 cost £4000 which 1 is that one called??

A:Please help me my harddrive was delited

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I was a victim of a malware attack on my computer and it corrupted my rundll32 file in my c:/windows/system32 folder. so i thought delite would fix the problem, but it only got worse. now i cannot start my computer anymore. not in regular mode and in safe mode.
what i ended up with is that it tries to start it and i get a bluescreen for 0.25 seconds and then automaticly restarts

things i have tried to solve this problem is get the OS CD and try to repair it (in serveral articles that i found on the internet i should be able to press "R" to repair it and then shows a warning "when R is not avalible do not continue") ... my R is not here but what should i do if its not here?
this is the case in the 2nd time i should be able to press R according to those articles. in the 1st case i am able to press R but after that i enter my admin password and after that i have no idea what to do

my question is. is there a way to put back my rundll32 while not being able to enter windows or properly repair it with the CD.

If you need more information for you to give a good answer please put your question here.


A:rundll32 delited

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I updated from XP to windows 7 and now theres no sound and it says there is no multimedia sound drivers
I went to the HP support website , and tried downloading the drivers but it doesnt work with windows 7 and i wne to properties and changed the compatability to windows xp and it started INSTALL but it wouldnt finish ,
Does anyone have a download for the soundmax drivers for windows 7??

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Hello everyone.

I have re-installed a windows XP Pro on my generic chinese PC (so full of virus / spyware, that it could barely work).

The new win XP has been installed apart from the old one, they are now side by side and I can switch from one to another at startup (of course, my intention is to terminate the first windows XP once all software drivers are installed for the second one).

I now find myself without a soundcard driver. I never had the installation disc.
previously I was running on SOUNDMAX. But the installer i could find on the net didn't work.

When i go back to first win XP, i can find the drivers of the multimedia audio controller (in system 32), but transfering them in the new system 32 doesn't seem to do the job.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

A:Soundcard driver Soundmax?

Download and run Everest Home (it is free):

Once you download it, click on it and let it install and then run it from the icon on your desktop.

Click on the + sign beside 'Computer', then on 'Summary', then go to the VERY Top of the screen and click on 'report'.

Note: the 'Very Top' isn't one line down, it means what it says.

Cursor over 'quick report-summary' and then click on 'plain text' and then click on 'save to file' and change the 'save in' folder to 'Desktop' and then click 'Save'.

Clear all your open windows and on the Desktop click on that 'report.txt' icon - this will open it in a text editor
(probably Notepad) and then use your mouse to highlight ALL the 'debug' entries and delete them, then use your mouse to hilight all the remaining text then copy and paste it to here.

For future reference: once you open Everest, click on file, preferences, report and uncheck the 'include debug information in the report' box. People rarely want to see that stuff.

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Hi again ... I'm looking for a soundmax driver that will work with win7 ... I googled it and got hits but when I go to the site win7 isn't listed ... I have an intel D845GRG mobo ... can anyone help me with this?

A:Solved: Need Soundmax driver for win 7

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Hey guys, When i turn my PC on and try too install SoundMAX audio, it comes up saying this

And i dont have a clue what to do!

Any advice would be much appretiated!


I am running Windows XP Home Edition Btw

A:SoundMAX Driver not found

sorry i will re post it in windows XP, made a miss click

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I have an ASUS Rampage II Extreme, it came with a DVD that had SoundBlaster drivers on it, but they never worked -- this is when I first got my computer 3 years ago -- ASUS advised me to use the SoundMax drivers on their site that were for my soundcard. But herein lies the new problem, those drivers only work up to Windows 7. So, my question is this, where can I get working drivers, because as of right now sound is just running on the default Windows 8 drivers..?!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the soundcard that came with the Rampage II Extreme was a SupremeFX X-Fi.

A:SoundMax Driver Needed...!

The SoundMax graphics controllers are from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). ADI doesn't make drivers available for direct download. You're supposed to get them from your motherboard manufacturer.

I believe that the "SupremeFX X-Fi" was a software emulation of a Creative Labs X-Fi soundcard. There was no Creative hardware present.

Assuming that you can't get the WIn7 drivers to install, you may have to contact Asus again.

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Hi guys! Ill make this as short as possible: I installed win vista x64. I got 3com gigabit lom installed using device manager. When I try to do this for my Soundmax AD 1980/AD1888, nothing but fail happens. First my device manager says under sound controllers "ATI T200 unified AVStream driver" installed on RADEON 9600 series, 'this device cannot start.' When I try to update the drivers using the x64 bit soundmax drivers i do update driver software>browse my computer for driver software>let me pick from a list....>have disk>browse> now when i select the soundmax 64 subfolder SMAXWDM/W2K_XP it autoselects smwdmAL3.inf. there are also smwdmCH5, SIS, VI3. no matter which one i select, it wont install: "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device,Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39). Now ive installed vista x64 before and had sound a long time ago, and i know i got the soundmax drivers to work. I might be over looking something small, but any help as to how to get my sound working would be great guys. Oh and I have UAC turned off if that makes a difference. THANKS GUYS!!

A:soundmax driver problem

Did you try an automatic online update?

See if these help:

You might also try PCWizard to see what further identifying information can be gotten about the sound devices.

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First sorry for my bad English.

İ just upgrade my Windows Xp (Turkish) to Windows 7 build 7022 and i installed my Sound Card driver but no any voice on my computer.

My pc's motherboard Asus P5PE-VM and my onbard sound card is SoundMax AD1888 i try a lot of method but i can't solve this problem.

Can you help me about this ?

Best regards..

A:SoundMax AD1888 driver

Quote: Originally Posted by merdincz


First sorry for my bad English.

İ just upgrade my Windows Xp (Turkish) to Windows 7 build 7022 and i installed my Sound Card driver but no any voice on my computer.

My pc's motherboard Asus P5PE-VM and my onbard sound card is SoundMax AD1888 i try a lot of method but i can't solve this problem.

Can you help me about this ?

Best regards..

try this link No drivers for SoundMax AD1888.

actually i already did what was advised in this link and the soundmax icon is now present in the taskbar but there is still no sound.

we have the same motherboard model and sound card. if ever you tried it and it works for you, can you please give me a feedback?


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I recently connected a faulty HDD to my working PC and it trashed it. I have managed to get it to boot now and reinstalled the graphics but the Soundmax drivers will not reinstall.
I have tried downloading fresh drivers, and using the original motherboard driver disk, but I keep getting 'driver not found! reboot your system and run this setup again'.
I have tried this but it doesn't work, neither does the install hardware wizard and soundmax doesn't appear in device manager. I have tried system restore and also tried to install soundmax in safe mode - nothing works.

A:Soundmax driver not found

This computer was a dual boot XP and Vista and as the sound failed on both partitions I thought it was hardware related, but ..... formatted and reinstalled the XP and the Soundmax reinstalled from the MB driver CD with no problem. The Vista partition has now been reinstalled and this is OK now.
Has anyone any idea what happened here?

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Sorry, I just read that I am to start here with posting my problem.

I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre 8808 running WinXp sp3. When I try to install the Soundmax audio I get "Driver not found" also I have seen "HDA Audi bus driver not found"

Please help I am attaching DxDiag report as I have seen this requested.

A:Soundmax missing driver

Such problems occurs due to corrupt registry entries or outdated drivers.
Search for the driver online. An easy solution is to use a driver scanning tool that will search for the missing and outdated drivers over internet and will show you a list of missing and outdated drivers. Download and install your required drivers.

Hope problem is fixed.

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I'm working with someone else in "Am I infected? What do I do?" to resolve a Vundo infection, but now I have trouble with my sound driver(s). I was using AutoRuns yesterday to stop Windows from trying to load a virus that had already been deleted. Soon thereafter I tried to adjust the sound volume through Volume Control and it said, "There are no mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware. This program will now close." (I also cannot play any sounds: from files, Internet, or CDs.) I tried to uninstall SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio through Device Manager and then reinstall it, but that didn't work. The driver is there, but it just isn't loading. I tried updating the driver, but Device Manager says there's no version more current than what I have. I'm reluctant to roll back or download a whole new driver file (smwdm.sys according to AutoRuns) because I'm not confident dealing with drivers. I've tried to find what I may have inadvertently disabled through AutoRuns, but smwdm.sys seems to be the only candidate, and that has a check mark beside it. Of course, I have no more luck using msconfig.

As far as I can tell, I simply disabled the driver, so I need to enable it to load when Windows boots up. I also assume that my codecs and other sound controllers that are currently disabled will come back if I restore this one driver(?). It's... Read more

A:Need help to enable SoundMAX driver

Download a new driver:;fileid=122481From here:

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Does anybody have the Driver for SoundMAX AD1985?

My Speakers are 2.1 channel and I also use my system to connect to my Sony DAV DZ570 Home Theater System using S/PDIF via the green port of my System.

Hence it should be S/PDIF passthrough capable (which is possible from WIN XP)

Thanks in Advance

A:SoundMAX AD1985 Driver

Hi Hariharan,

The driver for your SoundMAX AD1985 is here. Hope that's what you are looking for.


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I cannot get surround sound to work. I have Windows Vista x32 Ultimate, my mobo is an ASUS M2N-SLi Deluxe with an AM2 Athlon 64 x2 6000+ CPU, 2 gigs of 800Mhz RAM, a GeForce 7600 GT XXX video card. My speakers are the Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Sound. I have installed the SoundMax Integrated Digital HD audio drivers provided by ASUS on their website for my mobo here:

does anybody have any suggestions? When i have this driver installed I configure my speakers to 5.1 and then go to properties and when i check on speaker fill or something like that then the back two speakers either dont work or are very scratchy and horrible. What can I do? Has anybody else had this problem and been able to fix it?

A:Vista and SoundMax driver

Has anybody else had this problem and been able to fix it?

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I have a problem with SoundMax driver on an IBM Thinkpad R51 when installing the driver. Before the installation is complete, it come up with a message , Driver not found, reboot.....

A:SoundMax driver problem.

Try Lenovo Live Update. It should prevent random rebooting.

Lenovo Live update is located at...

A word of warning. you must have .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

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Hey, i have assassin's creed and it keeps crashing to my desktop randomly with no error. I talked to tech support about it and after looking at my sound drivers we figured that they were out of date ( 1/15/2007) and that might HELP resolve the problem. After looking online for about a half hour i can't seem to find any up to date releases of the driver. I looked on Asus's website and SoundMAX's with no avail. its a SoundMAX HD audio driver. Need it for XP 64bit. can anyone help me out?

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I have an Asus M2N32-SLI wireless keyboard.
I recently repaired an installation of Windows XP home.
Now I get a dialogue box when booting up that says:

Your Audio hardware comfiguration has changed. You must reinstall SoundMAX.

I have been searching all over the net, Microsoft and Asus web sites and can't seem to find a solution.
Microsoft sent a link to a hotfix that did not solve the problem
I have installed service pack 3 ((twice) with no result.
Can anyone help?

A:HDA audio bus driver for SoundMAX

Thank you, the nearly three hundred people who viewed my thread.
I found a work around for my problem.
Too bad none of the viewers gave this much thought.
I uninstalled SP2 and SP3.
Then rebooted, ran a registry cleaner and re-booted once more.
I then opened Windows update and installed all the available updates.
Problem cured.

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I have an old dell GX260, it was being slow so I went on a mad one and ended up deleting my soundMax audio driver (or whatever its called)

Anyway, everytime I find a site to download it, i download it, run setup and at the end it says driver not found

Can anybody help


A:Soundmax audio driver

According to the drivers page for the Optiplex GX260, the audio is an ADI 198x.

have you tried that yet?

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ok my brother is stupid and he deleted the soundMAX file on the computer and now it says no sound driver and i dont know how to get it back. we tried downloading the driver again but all the sites want $$ and i tried bring the computer back in time and its still gone.
does anyone know how to get it back? would reformating work? (all sound on the computer doesnt work)

A:soundMAX driver problem

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 253 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 12898 MB, Free - 219 MB; D: Total - 6145 MB, Free - 5348 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 02X378, , ..CN1374033V08K7.
Antivirus: AVG 7.5.524, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled I I accidently deleted my soundMax driver......How can I get my sound back?I need help..I am stumped..PLEASE HELP!

A:Deleted SoundMax

a quick google of the words "soundMax driver" brings up 908,000 results to choose from, try the one at

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I've read the Soundmax soundcard posts, but none have an answer to my problems.

First of all, I'm using winxp pro, and the problem is with the soundmax integrated audio chip.

I've had the ASUS K8V SE Deluxe motherboard for about 7 months now, with only a few problems. The onboard soundcard has worked fine the entire time. Just this Sunday, I reformatted my computer. On attemping to re-install the soundcard driver, I got the message "Driver not found! Please reboot and run this setup again". I rebooted a few times, even reformatted a few times, with no luck. I've tried using the driver from the CD, the newest one from the ASUS website (that is provided under the K8V SE Deluxe), and a few older versions provided to me. Same problem with ever single one. I've always made sure that the Onboard soundcard is enabled in my BIOS, and that the device manager has no question marks or exclamation points, or even hidden ones. Finally, my windows is up to date. I cannot figure out what has gone wrong. I am confused, because my BIOS will say "System now booting from operating system", out of the speakers, and I thought I needed the soundcard for that, but that is the only sound I can ever get. There is just no recognition of any sound device.

A:Soundmax Driver not found


I was working on the other SoundMax item, and now with your comments I am thoroughly convinced that SoundMax has passed through a wormhole into another dimension and no longer exists in ours. It's unfortunate, but that appears to be what has happened.

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Does anynoe know what is newest version of SoundMAX ADI1988 Audio Driver?
I want to update them, beacause I belive it could help solving my problem with crashing of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel game.
My current version is V6.10.02.6110 (according to
My Motherboard is ASUS M2N-SLi Deluxe

A:SoundMAX Audio Driver

Originally Posted by Aries_cz

Does anynoe know what is newest version of SoundMAX ADI1988 Audio Driver?
I want to update them, beacause I belive it could help solving my problem with crashing of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel game.
My current version is V6.10.02.6110 (according to
My Motherboard is ASUS M2N-SLi Deluxe

I have the same problem. Can not find solution.

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I have an IBM T42 laptop that has an ibm thinkpad motherboard with intel chipset with a soundmax integrated audio card running Windows XP.

The problem is that the computer doesn't recognize that there is a soundcard. There is no recognition of it in device manager or in sounds and audio devices.

This makes me think that the driver is not installed, so I downloaded the newest driver from IBM for this system and went to install. It goes through the installation until the very end and then says "Driver not found! Reboot system...". I can't remember the last word or two, but it's nothing helpful. Of course when you reboot the device isn't found and if you try to install the driver again it will say the same thing.

So I thought to add the hardware from the add hardware wizard, except that when I go through to manually add a device it doesn't give me the choise of Soundmax. If I browse through to the .inf file and choose it, the wizard asks to confirm the device, which there are no devices listed and you can't proceed any further in the wizard without choosing a device.

If anyone has any ideas or has had this problem and found a solution please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

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As background, I'll first include relevant system specs:

Asus K8V Mobo (VT8237 South Bridge)
AD1980 Integrated Sound
Windows XP Pro

If you need any more info, feel free to ask.
Now, the issue at hand is that I can't get the integrated sound to work, which I suspect might be easy to do if I had the mobo CD in my possession (I left it in my dorm room, which I won't have access to until late January).

There are no errors in Device Manager with regards to the Audio Codecs and such, so the first thing I tried was visiting Asus' site and downloading the audio files they offered ( When I run this, I end up with an error stating "Driver not found! Reboot your system, and run this setup again."

After reading around, I concluded that this might mean I need to install audio drivers provided by VIA for my chipset. I visited VIA's site (viaarena) and downloaded the Vinyl Audio file thing corresponding to my south bridge, and when run, I get an error "VIA AC97 Audio is not enabled on this system! Please enable it first on the BIOS then run this setup again"

Well, I've checked my BIOS multiple times, and I can assure you that integrated sound is set to "Enabled."

On top of all this, if I use a Turtle Beach card, the sound works fine. When the Turtle Beach is disabled, Windows claims there are no devices to play sound. So, the speakers are not the problem and work fine, and also, I have the speakers plugged int... Read more

A:Via/SoundMAX Audio Driver Issue.

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to Hardware for more response


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has anyone got a link for vista 32 ad1980 soundmax drivers as i cant find it anyware and all vista putts on is ac97 wich is about as mutch use as a boobs on a nunn

A:vista 32 ad1980 soundmax driver

Maybe this?

ad1980 soundmax audio driver (Soundmax)


Analog Devices SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Driver Summary

Or maybe read this page: (About halfway down)

Neowin Forums > vista realtek sound driver

As for useless tits on a nun... the other nuns may like them

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Why there isnt any topic about lastest soundmax audio driver?
and what is the lastest driver adi 1988A for win7 x64
Thanks a lot

A:Soundmax audio driver topic???

Quote: Originally Posted by elrohiremre

Why there isnt any topic about lastest soundmax audio driver?
and what is the lastest driver adi 1988A for win7 x64
Thanks a lot

Probably one of those things that because the only place to get SoundMax/ADI drivers is from the motherboard manufacturers, as ADI doesn't release drivers for general sue. That and it is up to each manufacturer to release any updated driver they get from ADI. Then there is the problem of which of their motherboards they post the update to.

Asus is famous for this sort of thing (there are a few threads here about this sort of thing with different motherboards that come with the SupremeFX sound), and not just for audio drivers. They have a very bad habit of only posting the updated driver(s) to currently available motherboards, and even then not always.

Probably about the easiest way (not really) is to check what is available for your specific motherboard, then to look for newer boards that use the same audio chipset and see if any of them have received an update.

The big difference between Realtek/Creative and ADI, is that the others have a semi-unified driver that they put out, just depends on which card/chipset you have as to which to use. Even C-Media puts out a unified driver for most of their current lineup of audio chips, the only difference with their reference driver over what is available from the card/motherboard manufacturer is it is missing the manuf... Read more

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OK first off I have windows XP, and my motherboard is an Asus 94C800-E Deluxe, I am not using a seperate soundcard I am using the onboard one with my mobo.

Ok I wanted to use my mic to talk with friends online during warcraft using teamspeak. I baught a new mic, dident work no matter what. I tried EVERYTHING, ive read a ton of forums here and other places and tried it all. The only thing that was left that coulda been the problem was the soundcard or drivers or somthin then i found it. I needed to uninstall soundmax and reinstall it. Problem is I dont got my Asus CD. But thats ok I figured the latest drivers would work. So I
> uninstalled Soundmax via add/remove progs > reboot > reinstalled it using the newest mobo driver > reboot> and I came back and got the message "No ADI codec driver is installed"
So after some forum searching, found that uninstalling soundmax uninstalled the audio drivers too and I needed to get them and put em in again. I have searched and searched and searched and I keep getting soundmax audio drivers . But I get the message "Driver not found! Reboot your system, and run setup again." everytime I try to install them! Ive googled this error and found some information, but no solutions. Im very stuck and very much in trouble.

Ive been up all night trying to solve the issue. First I just wanted my mic, but now I want my sound back. Someone please help me.

A:Soundmax driver problems, help I have no sound!

are you sure you're using the right soundcard drivers? is it the one that came with your mobo? if not, then try using the drivers provided with your motherboard. perhaps you need to acquire the latest driver version from asus.

to check your sound settings, go start>control panel>sounds and audio devices>audio
you should have your soundmax digital audio selected for every field

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Ok here is the solution for user that have Analog Devices AD1988B sound card.
Fully tested on Windows 7 ULTIMATE FINAL BUILD .



A:Soundmax AD1988B Driver for Windows 7

the link u gave us, its too freaking slow, u could have used rapidshare or megaupload .

Thanks .

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I'm trying to find an update to this driver but I can't find one that works. I downloaded some from google searches but after they install the program pops up an error message that says "Error! Driver not found. Please reboot and run this install again." When I run it again I get the same error.

I used a program called Everest to generate an .HTM file that has my hardware layout (motherboard, devices, etc...) that I'll include in a .ZIP file. I'll also include the DxDiag log. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it immensely!

Let me know if there's any more information I can provide to help.

A:SoundMAX Digital Audio Driver

it took me about an hour to find this. i hope it helps you.

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I have M2N SLI Deluxe MB amd there is problem, that they don't have 5.1 via s/pdif output.
Receiver can receive only DD, DTS and PCM sound.
My MB then send only stereo sound. (via S/PDIF)

I'm using Windows 7 x64


A:Soundmax AD1988B Driver for Windows 7 x64

(allow: 48kHz 44.1kHz) Query for SPDIF output or higher if you think its safe for receiver. Maybe its a codec problem. I would be ok with stereo sound. Sounds like its working fine.

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Does anyone know where to find and download the Vista compliant SoundMax Driver Version: ?

A:Vista compliant SoundMax Driver

Check here:

Are you sure it exists and that it is the right one? Do you have sound now? What board?

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I tried uninstalling, and a lot of things, however, it doesn't work, it does open (most of the time), and close, Help please please please!! Anything

A:Accidently deleted CD!!

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I have had lots of trouble getting my microphone to work. I have the same problem with different microphones.

Basically I go to test it in windows or with the similar program that comes with soundmax and it won't work. Often I'll fiddle around with settings for a while and get it to eventually work. Now, I actually have a lot of trouble pinpointing the fix, because it seems to come with something I had already tried. Anyway I fixed it again today and the thing that made it work was ticking the box by 'front panel microphone' in the advanced options of the microphone in the record section.

So that's fine it works. I come back a few hours later (literally) I haven't changed one thing in my sound settings anywhere and the microphone has decided not to work again. This happens every time I get the mic to work - I come back to use it again and it is broken again. So today I went to check 'front panel mic' is selected, TBH I can't remember whether it was or not. In any case that didn't fix it. So I'm back at square one. This is really very odd and in my eyes inexplicable. It's also driving me crazy. Thanks for your help.

P.s. I've updated the driver several times to no avail. I've also updated the chipset driver (I understand that's somehow related to sound).

EDIT: I've also had a slight problem with distortion with some music and in-game sounds.

EDIT2: I should also state that the driver for the s... Read more

A:Soundmax driver - struggling to get my microphone to work

Right I've done a google for ATIrem.exe (several people have had a similar problem - and often the above fix is quoted) and read through all the results. Basically if they didn't have ATIrem.exe (presumably it was on an earlier driver) then they couldn't find a way to fix it. I'm coming to the conclusion that this ASUS built-in sound card is unable to support microphones and that I need to go and buy a 'proper' sound card. The thing that really bugs me is that I can sometimes get it to work. My problem is similar to the person (for whomthe above fix was found) or at least someone in the same thread in that I could get it to work but once the computer was turned off or went into standby it would cease working. Well I actually don't think my PC goes into standby (that's when it ceases to have a screensaver and instead is just a black screen right?).

Anyhoo it's fairly unlikely that someone will know a fix, seen as so many have tried and failed to fix the problems of others in the same predicament. Looks like I'll have to go to the shop I bought the PC from and see if they'll get me a proper soundcard . TBH I doubt they'll believe the mic doesnt work tho, I'll have to take the PC in - again!

EDIT: (Kudos to you if you got this far) I found this description of a codec on soundmax's own website. You only really need to read the bold type:

Based on the highly praised AD1980, the AD1985 is ADI's latest an... Read more

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my mic keeps not working after a start up and a stand by?? why is this happening

i ve tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it and it worked but then ill i said after my comp comes out of stand by or a restart the mic won't work

then i have to uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot and finally i can use it......untill i goes to stand by or it reboots.

any ideas would be very helpful

A:mic not working on asus mobo/w soundmax driver

isn't anyone knowledgable about this??

plz help

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Well, this morning, I was doing my daily cleanup of any unnecessary files and every once in awhile I have the urge to cleanup via the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in the Control Panel.

Basically, I mistakingly un-installed the SoundMAX driver and my speakers lost complete ability to function. The computer was all of a sudden detecting them but telling me that it hasn't been installed. Well we all know that whole Add Hardware system is ridiculous and I resorted to internet searching to find someone with a similar problem, hoping to find a cure for the sound problem.

Basically, I tried to install the most recent SoundMAX driver but when it finishes installation I get an error that reads... "Did not detect driver. Reboot and try again" (something along those lines.) Well I did that twice and the same error reocurred. So I tried several other different drivers and I had the same problem. So I tried a apparently famous solution made by some guy on another tech site, and it was basically the .inf file being used in the "Add disk" section using the add hardware program. That didn't work either.

So I'm pretty sure I may need to buy something but I really don't know what to do at this point.

If someone could give me a helpful solution that'd be great. Or if you need any more information just ask.


A:SoundMAX Driver/ Uninstall Mistake (NO MORE SOUND!)


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I'm trying to update my sound card but I can't seem to find an update that will work. I've searched with google and found some apparent updates but they didn't seem to work with my system. The program usually installs and then at the end it says "Error! Drivers not found, please reboot and run this install again" -- or something along those lines.

I'm including an HTML report I generated using Everest that has my hardware layout. If anyone can help me get this sound card updated it would be much appreciated!

If there's any more info that I can provide please let me know.

A:trying to update a SoundMAX Digital Audio Driver

Simply put, you do not have a sound card as such.

Your audio is integrated into the motherboard Intel 850 chipset. Update the audio drivers for your chipset and Windows version.

Intel should have them. The link is given in Everest.

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Hey'a guys,

I don't know alot about drivers etc, so have come to the experts for a bit of advice. I am having trouble with the sound on my pc. Sometimes things play too quietly and I have to turn the speaker knob right around to hear anything, and then of course you get the crackling static sound from having your speaker that far up. Anyways, my device is 'Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio', and my current driver is version I am just downloading an updated driver from this site, which is listed as version Rev. A. (btw, does REV A mean 'Revision A'? and if yes, what does that mean There have been three votes on this driver, which averaged out to a whopping 1/2 a star each for installation, stability and compatibility. So, should I bother installing this driver if it's obviously not that great? Or, is there another version that maybe isn't so up to date, but is a superior working version? My specs are XP Home SP2, running at 2.2ghz, on the AMD Athlon XP +3200 processor. Anything else you need to know, just ask. Please use laymans terms guys, as I'm still learning all this tech stuff. Thanks....


A:Newbie requesting advice on Soundmax Driver

First off, welcome to techspot forums.

Yes REV means Reversion. And your problems sounds more like the speakers are damaged, or there is some kind of interferance. What company makes your integrated sound? Im not familiar with amd southbridges. Furthermore check all settings in your EQ, zero them all. Try some headphones, or different speakers to narrow down the problems.

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Hi Guys,

I recently installed the SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card that came with my ASUS Maximus II Formula. It worked previously on my 2.1 desktop speaker for a while but just few days ago I got issue with soundMax. I tried unistalled and reinstalled the software from DVD that came with it but problem with the "HD audio device soundmax -a driver problem" persist. I am stuck! Thank you in advance.

A:HD audio device soundmax -a driver problem

id102, welcome to the forums.

I wouldn't use the disk that came with the motherboard, doubt it even has Windows 7 drivers on it, Instead use the one from Asus for it,

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards - ASUS Maximus II Formula

And if you want the X-Fi software for it as well they have an update version, look under Utilities to find it.

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Have a 2004 clone computer with a ACPI-Genuineintel x86 family_15_model_4\_0 --- has integrated SoundMAX sound, driver has disappeared from system. Not listed under the Device manager in Windows XP pro. On each restrart it goes through the motions-- "found new hardware" but never finds driver and ask for disk, which I don't have. Please advise, thanks, tc

A:Need driver for intergrated SoundMax on Intel motherboard

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I've installed soundMAX audio driver on my Dell Dimension 2400...but the PC didn't detect my audio driver.How to solve this problem?

A:SoundMax Digital Audio Driver Problem

i've tried to search the audio driver at Dell web-site and Intel site as the chipset is for audio adapter is Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4-AC'97 Audio Controller [A-1]

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305142 MB, Free - 265652 MB; J: Total - 238474 MB, Free - 91981 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5L-MX, Rev x.xx, MB-1234567890
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Put up a couple of posts on TSG, had a few replies but absolutely nothing works!

Cannot get the mongrel driver anywhere!

Every Google hit diverts to someone wanting big bucks for the usual "yer drivers are ALL out of date Dummy!!" site.

Oh yeh, I checked to cable and it's in the green one!

A:Solved: Officially given up on getting a Soundmax Driver for Windows 7

I have not looked at you older posts and don't know if you have tried this, but have you tried using the Windows Vista drivers for your motherboard as found on the ASUS web site?

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I accidently deleted bluetooth driver and now there is no sign of bluetooth in my laptop. However I tried to troubleshoot it but it's showing bluetooth railink driver problem. I tried to reinstall it but was unble to do that. Please help !! My model no isHP Pavilion 15-n259tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

A:bluetooth driver accidently deleted

@kajal_123? Please try: Regards.

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Hello Everybody ,

I have problem when I wanna install driver sound the programme saying ' Driver not found ! reboot your system ' I reboot all the time but . Please Help me As soon
Computer : Hp compaq d530 CMT
System : Windows xp

A:SoundMax problem: Driver not found! reboot your system

Try downloading the driver from here. Once you reach that page, choose the option to download the "AC'97 Audio Codec". Download the latest version for Windows XP. If the install error still persists, and your sound is working, dont worry about it. If your sound isnt working, just report back here.

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I am well aware that there have been other discussions on this board about the challenges with installing certain SoundMax Drivers, particularly on Dell Desktops with integrated audio. Those discussions were closed but I felt compelled to add this piece to that collection. I ran through a horrible time trying to get sound drivers working on a fresh install of XP Pro on a Dell Precision 360. Dell website links to nothing useful nor do any other sites I called up. All drivers end with some sort of error generally at the end of the install. Thankfully I had another older box nearby with a clunky copy of XP that I could grab a WinDriverBackup of the included audio drivers. If you are battling this I've linked them up here, hope they help someone.

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Asus Motherboard P4S800D-X Audio Driver For SoundMAX:

I am unfortunately having the same problem most of everyone else is i cant install i drivers and i need some help so please do so. At the end of installation it says the driver can be found please restart and stuff i have tried random thing and it still doesn't work. I have an Asus Motherboard ID: P4S00D-X and it has an onboard sound card called SoundMax and i can seem to install the drivers. Can anybody help?

A:Asus Motherboard P4S800D-X Audio Driver For SoundMAX

You go here:

Use the download shortcut at top left hand side and get the appropriate driver for your OS and then download and install.

I usually recommend:

To install drivers from the internet:

go into Windows Explorer, left click on Desktop, then File, then New and then Folder - name the folder XXXDrivers (where XXX = type, eg, AudioDrivers)

go to the site for your driver, find the RIGHT one for your mobo and OS,(click on the nearest site to you if appropriate) and then download button - when asked where to 'save' the download specify your desktop folder XXXDrivers and wait until the download is complete.

Once it is done, clear your screen and click on the desktop folder and then on the file inside - if it is a zip or rar file it will need to be unzipped or unpacked - make sure if you are asked to specify where to unzip/unpack to tell it to do so to the XXXDrivers folder.

Once you are done that, uninstall the old drivers for the device and then select the device and specify update drivers and direct the search to the folder you made (don't let Windows do it).

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I need help I accidently deleted my reltek audio driver and now I have no sound , I did a system restore and still no sound I have a HP windows 7 amd , I need help asap Im a musician so im going crazy!!!

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Hello,My problem is that i accidently deleted my touchpad driver on my laptop after it didn't work. I was searching for the solution but i didn't think of HP support. Very stupid of me!So i uninstalled the touchpad driver to install it again but i couldn't find it. I'm very handy with a computer but without a mouse i can't do a lot. I have thought of going on the website of synaptics to install the synaptics driver but i can't click on something so it is no use.I use my laptop quite often so this is a real big problem for me. I really hope you can help me to find my mouse and my touchpad back. Kind Regards, M

A:accidently deleted the touchpad driver on my laptop


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Thank you for your understanding




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Have had my PC BSOD on me so many times it's not even funny these last few days... Every time i install the Asus SoundMAX driver, or any of the 3 (yes THREE! ) beta drivers for this on-board audio-driver. Uninstalled the driver and Vista seems to pick it up, installing HDA drivers, but haven't tested it in that config yet (i'm tired...) Front headphone is working, that's all i wasn't with the Asus drivers...

Anyone else had problems with this, and how did you sort it?

Sorry if this is a stupid question and "Vista, 'of course', provides it's own drivers for this... DriverDetective keeps telling me the drivers are out of date...

System Manufacturer/Model Number

Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.00GHz (AM2)

ASUS M2N32-SLI DLX nF590 Socket AM2 BIOS 2101

Patriot 4GB PC2-6400 C5 Extreme Performance (2x2GB) x2 8GB total

Graphics Card(s)
nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB DDR2 PCI-E x2
Sound Card

SoundMAX on board

Monitor(s) Displays
Benq 24"

Screen Resolution

Hard Drives
OS 36GB Western Digital Raptor 10K

6x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 SATA2 7200RPM 32MB cache

+ assorted others...

Xilence 1200W Modular Gaming PSU

Lian-Li PC70

A:SoundMAX Audio driver M2N32 SLI Deluxe Vista Ultimate 64 bit

can i use M2N32 Vista-edition drivers for this board, even though they weren't made for it?

No - you cant...

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Please i need help ASAP! I was looking around looking for things that i don't need to use to uninstall. So i accidentally uninstalled Atheros WiFi driver. Now i cant connect to the wifi. Im using a Sony Vaio Laptop. And used my ipod touch to send this.

My model is: PCG-71914L

A:Accidently deleted Atheros WiFi Driver Installation

welcome to seven forums ,
try a sytem restore
the tutorial below will tell you how to.
System Restore

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It seems that my Windows 7 installation is getting worse by the day on my desktop (see specs linked to my account). It is just issue after issue it seems. Now my audio is not working on Windows 7, but on my Linux installation it is which leads me to think that a driver issue has arisen. Additionally, when I click on my SoundMAX icon, it just gives me an error saying No SoundMAX audio device detected. I do not have a dedicated sound card as my motherboard's integrated one does fine (until now, but still I think it is a software issue, not a hardware issue as it is working great with Ubuntu 10.04)

My Windows 7 Home Premium x64 installation is not a clean install. I used the upgrade option as I got Windows 7 Upgrade Option for free right before it came out when I bought my PC with the equivalent Vista. I've heard since that it was a mistake to do so and that a clean install is always better (is this true? ).

Also, another question. Would updating my BIOS (which is extremely easy with the P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard) help anything at all? I apologize if any of this post seems dumb. I'm kinda new to the extreme hardware. Sometime this month will be the 1 year mark for me upgrading from entry level (*cough* eMachines w3400 ) to enthusiast hardware.

A:SoundMAX - SoundMAX audio device not detected


Have you gone here:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

and downloaded the latest audio drivers?

Upgrading the BIOS can shometimes help in these situations, is an upgrade available.


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Sound levels of main driver reset on (closing the lid?,) sleep, or restart.
Main driver: Soundmax as installed via Windows Update
Overlayed driver: SRS Audio Sandbox

Main output: Line Out
"Default" levels: 89,19,20 for Main,Left,Right
Preferred levels: 20,20,20 for Main,Left,Right

(Left,Right settings available in additional settings for balance per channel)
(19,20 Left,Right was once chosen to compensate for slightly broken headphone)
At preferred levels, using the volume buttons to alter levels processed with SRS Audio Sandbox provide a tolerable maximum level. 20 is good, 89 is way to loud.

Clearly, something causes the settings to reset to the wrong "Default levels".
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9600 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3996 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 99999 MB, Free - 52269 MB; D: Total - 138372 MB, Free - 62706 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 30E7, KBC Version 90.24, 2CE949CVX6
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
Laptop: HP EliteBook 8530p
Pre-installed OS: Vista
Currently installed: 7 x64
Vista Driver: Soundmax (original) [Never used Vista, unknown if issue exists in Vista]
7 Driver: Soundmax via Windows Update [Has issue] [Currently in use]
7 Driver: So... Read more

A:Solved: Soundmax driver sound levels reset at restart/sleep/closing lid

Fix: It seems Skype was causing the issue. An update apparently reset some settings, which caused Skype to automatically adjust sound levels. Switching this option of in Skype provided me with a few hours and a sleep-awake scene without the problem.

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I am a beginner I have a HP Pavilion Desktop 7845. When I insert a disc nothing happens. I have been told I need to install a driver. Does not seem to have one HOW?

A:CD Driver uninstalled

Sounds like your "auto play" is what isn't happening. Did you go into My Computer and click on the drive or right click the drive and choose "open"? Does the drive even show in MY Computer? Drivers for cd drives are native to Windows, you do not have to install any drivers.

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Hello everyone,

This is a little bit of my fault on my part. Yesterday, out of the blue, my CD drive wouldn't recognize CDs or DVDs. It wouldnt even show up on My Computer. I ran the Device Manager and it indicated that a file in the CD driver is corrupted or missing. I attempted to reinstall the driver, so when I uninstalled it, it disappeared and the CD/DVD drive tab won't even show up in the Device Manager. So I guess I'm in need of a driver, hopefully that's it. I searched everywhere and I can't find one that will match.

I'm running Windows XP on an HP Pavillion DV5000 laptop. The drive is a CD-RW/DVD combo with Lightscribe if that helps too.

All help appreciated, thanks.

A:uninstalled CD driver

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Hi there i tried uninstall and then reinstall my graphics driver on windows vista 64 bit however I accidently removed something I wasn't supposed to and now i can't access the internet any more I checked device manager and it tells me I am missing something called ethernet controller is there any way I can install this driver because I can't find my backup disk anywhere

I can use the internet fine on ubuntu so I can download anything I need from there

A:can you please help me uninstalled driver

PUt every thing back per system restore and then we will uninstall correctly
System Restore - How to

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I accidentally uninstalled the touchscreen driver and I'm not sure how to recover it. I tryed researching it but it didn't work out. 

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Pls help. Incidentally uninstalled sound driver. Cannot restore to a previuos date because restore option is not on. In the systmes: device manager there is an exclamation mark next to sound. Any ideas how to get my sound back. Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Uninstalled sound driver

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I mistakenly removed the wifi connectivity from wife's HP Envy. I believe I was attempting to use the control panel to change her driver or software itself but instead the software was removed.

I attempted to download the drivers from Microsoft and HP but have been unable to establish a wireless connection or even see the adapter as an option anywhere on the computer.

She is running Windows 8.

Please help! Thanks

A:Uninstalled Wireless Driver?

Device Manager

Please Post back the results in device manager as requested below

You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen, see the menu on the left hand side

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

If the above does not work then

For Windows 8
If you happen to be using a keyboard with Windows 8, the quickest way to open Device Manager is via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, accessible by pressing the WINDOW key and the X key together.
If on a touch screen - have a read here
​Once you are in device manager then navigate to:

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices that are listed under network adapters
are there any yellow ! ? or a X​
post a screen shot of the device manager - netwo... Read more

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I've gone from bad to worse. I replaced a cracked LCD screen on my Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. Everything worked fine except that the new screen lost about 20% of the original brightness. I messed with all the settings, to no avail. After scanning numerous forums, one person had an identical problem, and fixed it by reinstalling his video driver. Once again, I perused forums for a while, and finally decided to follow the directions of someone on how to reinstall the video driver (I'm a computer amateur). They said if I uninstalled my video driver, the computer would use more basic drivers. I was wary, but I uninstalled my Nvidia driver, and poof, the screen went dark. When I reboot the computer, I get absolutely nothing. I can see that the screen is powered up, but there is no startup screen, nothing. Since I got the computer only a few days ago, I have no new files, and would be happy to completely reinstall Windows Vista if I could. The only problem is I don't even get a screen to begin the re-installation process. Surely something can be done?! Thanks for any help that comes.

A:Uninstalled Video Driver

Fixed! I was able to use the narrator function to complete a system restore. But now I have another problem that I'll post on in a different section.

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I have an Asus x55c-hpd111f and the bluescreen of death appeared while trying to load a netflix video. The error was BAD_POOL_HEADER and through using a bluescreen viewer i located the source of the problem. I looked it up and found out that it had to do with an error in the display driver.
I downloaded the display driver from Asus's website, uninstalled the old driver, and shutdown the computer. After a few tries at rebooting it, nothing on the desktop would show up for some reason, I ran the setup file in the new driver's folder and it simply said that it could not be installed. I tried to do it manually through the device manager and received the error message "the system cannot find the file specified". Some people online have said that it's an issue with the registry so i tried running ccleaners's and advanced system care's registry cleaners but it didn't help. 
Also i'm not sure if its related but if i attempt to open regedit.exe i get the error message that ulib.dll is missing.
I'm really at a loss of what to do here, any help at all would be greatly appreciated

A:Uninstalled graphics driver, can not re-install.

Which is the video driver in your Laptop ? . (Intel , Nvidia or ATI and the correct model number of the VGA Chip)
You can use system restore to revert the system to the state before you uninstalled VGA driver. Refer this guide to do that -
If that didn't help please publish a snapshot of your system using speccy -

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