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Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea?

Q: Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea?

'Lo All,

I need to upgrade the HD space on my PC here, and was wondering if it'd be worth it to convert over to a couple of those shiny new 15000rpm SCSI drives (If it's pertinent, my motherboard is an Intel 875 / 2.4ghz and both hard drives are 18 GB 7200 rpm IDE's). A couple of quick questions:

1. Do I need a SCSI controller (the ones that I see selling on Pricewatch for about $25) to plug the "new" drives into, or is there a way to get them to work without this?

2. Is this even worth it; that is, will I see an appreciable increase in system performance once I've made the jump from 7200 IDE --> 15000 SCSI?

3. Anything else I should know about this whole scenario? Ostensible pitfalls/perks/etc.?

TIA for any responses...

P.S. I'll pre-empt any, "Newbies shouldn't mess with the inards of their computer"-style responses by stating that a friend will be doing the actual install/setup work...

A: Switching from IDE --> SCSI hard drives on home desktop...good idea?

the newer scsi run at 360 this means faster access
you will need a card that handles this speed plus the cables
price has come down some still very xpensive almost $2.00 USD a gb
SATA is cheaper and is almost as fast ,in most cases you will not see diff.
I think sata's run at 180 ( I dont use sata)
iede run at 133
warrentys on both are bout the same from 3 to 5 years
both support RAID most sata cards have this included
scsi cards don't you have to pay for that feature
if MB doesn't support sata you will need a card for it
only invest in scsi if you have critical systems and or run very intense app's
so if you want to upgrade and keep cost at min. go sata
if you are not up to task of boot issues with sata stick with iede 8mb cache 7200 rpm (I perfer Seagates)

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A couple questions I have concerning SCSI devices....
1) Scenario: You have a scsi cd-rom, 50-pin, and a scsi hdd, 68-pin. The adaptec adapter manuel says for automatic termination, you have to set the 'low/high' setting from 'on/on' to 'off/on'.

Now I've hooked up scsi devices before, but only hdds. My question: by having a 50-pin device (cd-rom) and a 68-pin device (harddrive) both on the same scsi controller card...would that slow the hdd down? To me, it seems like I'm disabling the scsi wide aspect of the card.

2) SCSI-1 is 8-bit, right?

3) SCSI-2 is 16-bit, right? also known as scsi wide, right?

4) What is Ultra wide?

5) Is SCSI-3 and SCSI 160 the same thing?


A:SCSI Hard Drives

Have very little experence with SCSI but good resources for info. Try the following link for good reading.

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In a recent attempt to upgrade my video card I have come across a strange Hard Drive issue.

My system is a Dell 2.8 GHZ (running XP) and I purchased a new 256MB AGP video card to replace the stock 128MB... as a precaution before I did this, I took out the ATA adapter card in a PCI slot that runs 2 seagate ATA drives. After my installation was complete I put the ATA card and drives back in.

Now my Device Manager sees them both, but it reads them as SCSI drives and my ATA adapter as a SCSI adaptor, and It thinks one drive is empty, and the other needs to be formated.

My remedy was to re-install the driver for the ATA card, no luck, so I checked the jumpers and bios settings, no luck... called and spent 1 hour with Seagate level 2 support, no luck (we did test both drives and seem to be fine)

My E drive has a capacity of 279 GB and there is about 80GB of data there and my G drive has about 185GB on it with a capacity of around 200GB.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go from here? (With out reformating my drives and losing 250GB of data)

Thanks in advance.

A:2 ATA Hard Drives seen as SCSI

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On all internet vendors, I find sections of these 10k,15k RPM drives, called SCSI, and I have absolutely no idea why they are different to SATA/PATA. If they are just super fast hard drives, I'd buy 4 and link them in a RAID array, but I still don't understand the different names. It's a problem that has been needlessly bothering me for ages!

A:SCSI Hard Drives, What on Earth...?

scsi is a interface that looks more like pata than sata, but you will need a scsi adapter card or a scsi header on your motherboard, and even if you want to spend the huge amount of cash for a 15k hard drive you will not be able to utilize all of it because the your optical drive wont be able to keep up with the hard drive, i would stick with pata and sata both for cost and it (seems) that is what you know about, scsi is a whole different world than ide and sata

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I just picked up this old server for nothing it's an IBM x240 2X9gig and 2x76gig Scsi and i wanted to try and get it going, not as easy as it sounds.

I got the drivers and the serverRaid disk from IBM and loaded the drivers onto a floppy, placed the 2k3 server disk in hit f6 and loaded the scsi drivers all was good.

Then an error saying i have no hard disk installed came up cancel the installation hit f3.

What have i done wrong?

This is what comes up during the post.

At startup Current memory configuration is not optimized
Adaptec aic-7897 scsi bios v2.20

Press Ctrl-a for scsi select utility
ch A Scsi ID: 5 IBM Ultrium-TD1 Ultra2-se

SCSI bios not installed

IBM serverRaid Bios
Bios Version 7.10.18

1 ServerRaid-4H Slot 4, drive configuration takes up to 5 minutes

Press Ctrl-I to enter mini configuration program

2 beeps

And then it ask me to insert a disk and hit f1

Any help appreciated

A:Loading Scsi Hard drives

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I've been trying to setup a Dell poweredge server I have just got, and am having huge problems getting it to recognize any of the 4 SCSI hard drives I have in it. I've trailed through the BIOS and so far have found, when SCSI devices it can find the drive in port 0, if I go into the RAID array to put this hard drive into the raid setup, there are no drives. If I boot all the way through to the install for the Linux distribution I'm going to install, no drives are found to install on. I've tried running the open manager server assistant CD to no use. I've tried installing a bootable floppy with SCSI drivers on it only to be told it's not a bootable disk.

I'm at a loss and nearly at the point of accepting defeat and buying new hard drives. Surely there is something really basic or obvious I am missing?

Help or suggetsions or rational thinking would be a blessing. Thank you.

A:SCSI hard drives not detected

Can we get a little more information about the model of dell server, and the size and type of scsi harddrives? I tend to not think it is the drives, I work with dell servers all day at my job, and usually it is either software crap, or a different piece of hardware has failed. what RAID controller are you using?

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I have a Dell Precision 530 and I would like to replace the two SCSI hard drives (Win XP OS) with two IDE hard drives instead with Win XP as the OS. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this? Should I just do a clean install of Windows XP on the IDE drives? I know that the SCSI controllers are difficult to deal with.Are there any specific settings I need to enable/disable in the bios/setup before attempting to do this? I intend to completely remove the drives and the SCSI connector cable from the machine if I can get the IDE drives to work.

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My hard disk is 140 GB and devided to 5 local disks. Is this a good idea:

I want to install windows seven on C.
Windows XP on D.
Install all my extra softwares on E and nothing but E (is THIS a good idea?)
and leave the other two for me and my parents to put whatever we want in them.

I actually want to devide my hard disk to six. If its a good idea how much space should i give to each part and wont installing all the softwares on one local disk slow the computer?


A:Would this be a good idea (hard drive)?

You really can create however many partitions you want. I think putting your data onto a separate partition is a great idea...this way you can reinstall/reimage your C drive to recover an OS without losing any data.

The number of partitions only becomes a real problem when you have to make them so small that they aren't usable. For example, a 20GB C drive to run Windows 7 just won't cut it for long.

Having everything on one partition or 5 partitions on the same hard drive won't really impact performance. It's the same disk at the end of the day. Having things on separate physical hard drives however will increase performance.

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The last topic had a 100% bad idea poll. So i have backed off my last idea. Now, if i buy a one terabyte hdd...what now?


My hard disk is 1 TeraB and devided to 5 local disks. Is this a good idea:

I want to install windows seven on C.
Windows XP on D.
Install all my extra softwares on E and nothing but E (is THIS a good idea?)
and leave the other two for me and my parents to put whatever we want in them.

I actually want to devide my hard disk to six. If its a good idea how much space should i give to each part and wont installing all the softwares on one local disk slow the computer?


A:Would this be a good idea (hard drive)? New

Hey i just faced problems with too many partitions:
See the link below (Voted NO)
C: is a dynamic drive, having problems....

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I was walking through Best Buy the other day and noticed somthing that I havnt seen before or paid much attention to so if this is somthing that has been discussed before then pardon me.
HP has a few systems out that ship with touch screen monitors.

Do you think that this is somthing that can become a norm in desktop computing ? I personally think that it is cool, but as far as functuality goes there is really not a point. The monitors that I played with where really kind of had a touchy touch interface and it really didnt seem as I could do anything faster with my finger on the screen than I could do with a mouse. In my opinion,mouse control was probably twice as fast.

The only real application that I could see a touch desktop monitor used for is hands on applications for children such as paint and a few games designed around the concept or for somone that has a disability that does not let them grip a mouse functionally.

Touch panals do have their place in industry as it makes very quick work for bar tenders to select a inventoried item or any retailer/resturant for that matter or for such things as time clocks at factories so I am for it in that aspect.

I guess I just wanted some views and insight on what everyone thinks of this new concept to desktop computing and what pros and uses you can come up with.


A:Touch Screen Desktop Monitors A Good Idea?


In the EPOS industry touch screens are standard and work best as they eliminate the keyboard which is a weak point in security, as users like to press buttons and those who are savvy can use the keyboard to do things that we as a supplier dont want them to do.

As for home use i cant see the practicality of them, no left click to start with, like you said unless someone builds a program designed and workable for a touch screen then its a no starter.

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Hey guys,I'm thinking of getting a fairly used hp desktop replacement.about a year old,but seeing the article on the site about people having issues with desktop replacements,I'm having second thoughts.Can anyone recommend an alternative?

A:Is buying a CUDA desktop replacement a good idea?

What kind of budget are you working with. A desktop worth mentioning in your situation makes work sound fun again. What will you be working on? Can't think of any alternatives to a desktop replacement, besides an actual desktop. Sounds like you need something powerful to use on the go.

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Quick question! What would happen if I repair my friends current installation with a Windows XP Home disc when she has Windows Media Center edition installed on her computer?


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I keep my computer on all day and access it about 10 times - not continuously

Is it a good idea to stop the hard disks from spinning all the time when I am not there ?

I did have a go at switching them off, but it wasn't that clear how to do it.........



A:Turn Off Hard Disks a good idea ?

This is one of those topics! What's worse -- to let the HD motor run all the time or to make that small motor shut off and then have to restart spinning the whole drive. I think it's better to keep it running, but I'm sure that you'll get a collection of opinions.

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Just wanted some thoughts on a getting a CD hard drive caddy

I know they've been around for some time now

Can I use to have a different OS like Linux?

That would be pretty good

Are there any downfalls?
Are they reliable?


A:CD hard drive caddy - good idea?

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This is my first attempt at building my own pc so forgive me if this is a silly question.

This pc has an SCSI as the primary drive (17gig) and I'm trying to add two 320g drives that are edi drives.

I added a new dvd drive, video card, and usb 2.0 card and those all work fine.

I tried the drives set to slave as well as well as cable select. I even removed one of the drives so that the only connector is the edi slave connector.

Am I having a problem because I'm trying to use an SCSI drive and the two edi drives? Do I need to use one or the other in order for this to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let me give a little more information if it helps. The computer is a Dell Precision 530 Workstation. Company upgraded all their pc's and sold off the old ones for $50 each. I want to ue this as a media server for my home network.

It has a 17GB SCSI drive on it now that has my Windows XP Home Edition and a few other programs on it. I was going to keep it for exactly what it does now. Basic everyday pc duties.

I wanted to add two bigger drives for storage. The mother board has an SCSI connector and two EDI connectors. The secondary EDI connector is connected to the DVD drive and the CD drive. Obviously I don't need both but just left the cd drive in there since it wasn't hurting anything. Those both read and work fine.

I have the two 320 GB storage drives connected to the primary EDI connector.

The ribbon cable attached... Read more

A:PC won't recognize extra hard drives (edi) primary is SCSI drive

Hold on a minute... edi you mean IDE or eIDE don't you?

SCSI hard drives need to have terminated cables. IDE cables do not use termination. I would ditch the SCSI, but you will have to get into the bios settings and change the primary boot drive settings

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My computer has been getting noticeably slower over the past few days. It's started making that "working" noise that is loud and almost constant. After some research, I figure my primary hard drive (an 80gb dino) is headed for the graveyard. I have a second hard drive (Slightly newer 250gb that was bought used) that I keep all my non program files on, music, pictures, videos, etc. I've got about 115gb worth of data on that drive that I don't want to lose. My resources are limited to almost non-existent (I've got a small 16gb sd card to work with) and extra funds, well there are none of those. I'd like to move my OS to the second drive making it my primary, but I don't know if it can be done without losing all my other files.


A:Switching Hard drives, can it be done?

What you want to do can be done, but it can get complicated and there is some level of risk of data loss.

The process would involve a 3rd party software program to resize the data partition on the 250GB drive to create adequate space for a new partition where you could then clone your failing drive or do a clean install of the OS. That's a thumbnail description of the process and options.

A good partition management program is Easeus Partition Master. The program is a free download and will do everything you need including the clone process.

Assuming the process is successful, you would then remove your old drive and install the 250GB drive in its place. If everything has been done correctly, your computer will boot normally.

You may want to seriously consider doing a clean install of the OS so you start with no trash buildup which is pretty normal with Windows. This would require re-installation of all software programs, 3rd party utilities and Windows updates (which can be a real time consumer). You would need either system install disks or have a recovery partition on your hard drive.

Please read through this post carefully and let us know firstly, what you would like to do and secondly, how you would like to do it given the alternatives I've noted.

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i lost my other post so what im doing is i get another computer in a week thats running a 80gig hard drive with xp pro and i want to put this hard drive 160gig xp and i have nero and norton ghost but what do i need just to switch hard drives.i was thinking just a copy of xp pro but im not sure pls help.....ok i just talked to a bestbuy geeksqaud person and they said all i need to do is switch drives and it should reconize it,is this true?

A:Switching hard drives

BIOS will recognize the HD however most likely it will not boot since the 160GB had XP installed/drivers installed on a different computer. You can't clone hard drives that have your OS installed and use it on different computers. They only work with identical computers. What you can do it is when your new computer comes home, put the 80GB into the computer (format it) containing your 160GB HD. Transfer all your data from the 160 to the 80. Now install the 160 into you new computer and re-install windows your OS.

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First of all,this is not my problem...I own an IBM.. .It is my daughters problem,,she insisted on that Dell..and the HP!...she was not on the net...she was listening to a cd...the next time she turned it[the Dell GL 110] on disk drive...she messed with it cant find the operating system...win2000..and in set up it says cd rom is not installed....messed with the setup some it says..O.S.error..and sits and blinks that little line...there is an HP presario with a burned out power fan box..with win xp home on it....can I switch hard drives??!!The HP works fine,except for the box...can I put it[HD] in the Dell? This Dell has limited is huge..has room and set up for a second HD...has 256 mem...I have the Dell drivers if the win xp balks...yes the hook ups aer the same,,[at first glance] if the mem sticks are the same..mabey I can add the HP's to the Dells? both are 40 gb....what do you think??

A:Switching Hard Drives???

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Hello all,

So I have had some issues with my Hard Drive recently and wanted to switch over to my second HD that I have on my computer. I clean wiped the secondary HD I have and just wanted to boot my computer through it and begin installing my Windows, Programs etc without having to back up my HD I am running right now. For some reason I cant shake this malware I have and for a while now I wanted to switch HD's anyways so why not now. MY only problem being that when I go to boot through the disk on start up it just brings me back to my HD I have now. When I went through BIOS it only shows the one disk to boot through....I am at a loss for what to do over just wiping the disk I have now and start fresh. I am probably missing something so that is why I come here. ANy help or advice would be very helpful...Thanks!

A:Switching Hard Drives

Hi Samtastic,
Could you provide more information as to how did you wipe the HDD you want to boot from? If it it not your main drive and you do not have an OS installed on it it is normal that it will not boot as there wouldn't be a system to boot.
What you could try as the simplest solution would be to install the hard drive you want to boot from in the SATA port of the one you used to boot from till now.
If you simply want to use the drive you can disconnect your main HDD install the one you would like to use and install on it. Afterwards, make sure the boot order in BIOS is set to boot from the drive. Once you are done with that you can connect the old drive and transfer any files you need.
If, however, you do not see the drive in BIOS that is not a good sign. Can you see it when it is connected as a secondary drive? Could you run a brand specific diagnostics test on your hard drives and post the SMART data here? Also, if have trouble seeing some of the drives you could try with different cables/ports.
As for your malware problem there is plenty of software that can help you with that I can not offer any program in particular, however, a quick Google search should yield quite a few results.
As a side note, it is recommended that you always have a back up of your important data.
Keep me posted,

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I have a Sony Vaio desktop - hard drive failed to the point computer will not even boot (missing HAL)
I cannibalized the HD from my old Dell Dimension. Activated XP (by phone) & it seems to work just fine.
Now, I need drivers for PCI controller, ethernet controller etc. Since I cannot get on the internet with this computer to automatically download the drivers how can I do it? Do I need Sony drivers or Dell? Or is this whole undertaking impossible? Sorry to be such an incompetant but this is all way over my head. I'm lost with anything more complicated that adding RAM.
So any help needs to be written in simplified version (for tech dummy)
Thank you!

A:Switching Hard Drives

Hi sb driver, and welcome to BleepingComputer.The drivers that you will need will be for the Sony, but we will need to know what model the Vaio is.Did you reinstall XP after installing the hard drive in the Sony? The reason that I ask is because if you did install the hdd without reinstalling XP there is a good chance that you will have problems. This article explains this.

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A couple of days ago I got infected with pc security lab and after trying several things that didn't work I signed up here. I tried to follow your instructions but got stuck at step 2 ( I won't) go into all of that) and finally took a drastic step and switched the C and D drives in my computer and installed Xp on the other drive which was empty ( I had tried a repair/install and that didn't work)--so now I am setting up a "new" computer. Now my question is can the old C drive infect the new one. Should I remove the old C drive or wipe it and if so whats the best way to do that



A:Switching hard drives

clear the drive with dban

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lately have ran into too many times when placing 1 hd into a different mach it says invalid disk it is set up in bios ect but system wont reaconise it when trying to format this has happened to 4 other mach with different drives all will see them as slaves but not masters all bios's were different also I.E. award, ibm ,ami ect I have switched lots before this now cant seem to get much to work any help?

A:switching hard drives

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I removed the hard drive from my HP h665c, and put it in my hp a510n, and booted up and it said DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT DISK or something like that. why is it doing this...My mission it to switch the harddrives between the two hp's...NEED MAJOR HELP, AND FAST!!! Any help greatly appreciated...


A:Switching hard drives?!?!?!?!?!?

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I blow away a computer so I'm taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into another computer. From a AMD 3000 to a AMD 3800 and all it does in re-boot. I put in the XP CD and tried to do a repair but it didn't work or I didn't do it right. Can anyone help?

A:Switching Hard Drives

Quote: Originally Posted by lostsoul62

I blow away a computer so I'm taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into another computer. From a AMD 3000 to a AMD 3800 and all it does in re-boot. I put in the XP CD and tried to do a repair but it didn't work or I didn't do it right. Can anyone help?

Cant just swap. There are different drivers, a different MBR on the drive and many other reasons. Can you partition it in two partitions and install clean on the other one?

Ken J

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First of all,this is not my problem...I own an IBM.. .It is my daughters problem,,she insisted on that Dell..and the HP!...she was not on the net...she was listening to a cd...the next time she turned it[the Dell GL 110] on disk drive...she messed with it cant find the operating system...win2000..and in set up it says cd rom is not installed....messed with the setup some it says..O.S.error..and sits and blinks that little line...there is an HP presario with a burned out power fan box..with win xp home on it....can I switch hard drives??!!The HP works fine,except for the box...can I put it[HD] in the Dell? This Dell has limited is huge..has room and set up for a second HD...has 256 mem...I have the Dell drivers if the win xp balks...yes the hook ups aer the same,,[at first glance] if the mem sticks are the same..mabey I can add the HP's to the Dells? both are 40 gb....what do you think??

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Well my roomates power supply blew(im pretty sure) and he cant turn on his comp. So he went out and bought a laptop. His computer is sitting in the laundry room, and after snagging his dvd drive, i thought that it would be a good diea to snag his hard drive also. It is 10x the size of my primary(i have another 100 gig SATA drive but my primary is a 20 gig IDE) I take out my ide HD and throw his in, but it restarts everytime it goes to load windows, it wont let me load in safe mode either. Im wondering what preperations i need to make before i can use this HD. Thanks in advance.


A:Switching Hard Drives

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ok first let me say my knowledge of computers is limited but not non-exsistant.

I am runing a custom computer and would like to switch out the 80 gig internal HDD with windows XP pro for a 40 gig internal with windows XP Home instaled on it the 40 gig has a partition C: drive and D: drive.

D: drive being the recovery. my understanding of computers is not good enoph for me to know how to do this and this is were i need help.

the system i would be instaling the 40 Gig drive on has these specs.

Motherboard--Elitegroups K7VTA3
Processor--AMD athlon XP 2500+
Video Card--Nvidia GeForce 6200 256MB DDR2 TV DVI AGP
Power supply-450w rosewill model LC-A400 ATX
Xtreme Sound 7.1/24bit sound card

any help will be apreciated.

Thank You

A:Switching Hard Drives?

Why don't you just leave the 80GB drive in place and add the 40GB as extra storage. There is no need to have a separate "recovery" partition in a custom computer. OEM computers like HP, Gateway and Dell have recovery partitions to save money by not having to supply recovery CD's and extra hard drives...

It is never a good idea to place a hard drive with an Operating System already on it, in another computer...

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So when I was building my computer, I was trying to be as cheap as possible and used an 80 GB drive for my system hard drive. But now I got a 1.5 TB harddrive which I would like to be my main drive, with XP and everything from my old drive on it. I have formatted the drive, but I cannot figure out how to copy my old 80 GB to the new 1.5 TB with it just being a disk image of the old one. Can anyone give me a complete list of how to copy these two disk images, preferably in a free way without buying software for my PC. Thanks alot...

P.S. I am actually a Mac guy, and on Macs there is a program that is part of the Utilities called Disk Utility, and does all this for you easily. Is there a program in windows that does this for you???

A:switching hard drives

Use a program like Ghost or Acronis.These are clone software.

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hello again all, i recently got a new desktop computer, an emachines model refurbished, and it has an 80 gig hard drive. id like to switch it with my old desktop, which im taking into work, which has a 160 gig hard drive. however, the 80 gig came partitioned, with a 2 gig drive that has a recovery file on it to reinstall windows and everything. is it possible to partition my 160 gig in a similar way, and copy everything on the 80 gig hard drive cleanly over? i like that recovery file in the small partition, and id like to keep it. the windows cds that came with the computer are full installation discs, not upgrades. will i likely encounter problems if i attempt this transfer?

A:switching hard drives`

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ok i am useing a dell pentim has a 30 gig harddrive....i have a other computer here with a 160 gig harddrive the i dont use ...i want to take the 30 gig harddrive out of this dell i am useing and put the 160 gig one in my dell.....the 30 gig harddrive had windows xp pro on it and the 160 gig harddrive has windows xp home on it ...can u help or give me some tips please ....and i would like to be able to keep every thing on the harddrives .

A:switching hard drives?

Its not going to be easy, because the hardware is so different, If you do get the 160gb installed in the Dell, it most likely will not boot, because it will try to load drivers for the old motherboard, and probably will trash the XP home installation.

Another consideration is that the old Dell bios will not recognize properly that large 160gb hard drive, all bios in that day had a 128~137gb limit.

Sounds like a bad idea to me.


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Not sure if this belongs here or hardware... I'm also going to try and keep it clear, because it's kind of confusing. I have little experience with laptops, and Windows 7 (I mainly use desktops with Windows XP)
I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellite L650 with Windows 7. Last week it wouldn't load windows, and I looked up and found out if I hold 0 when it starts I can get into reinstalling Windows (built in) which I did, and seemed to work okay. In the process of doing this and looking around at settings,etc. I saw an option to make a system restore disk, so did that (DVD) (this comes into it later)
It never seemed to work good after that, and stopped loading windows again, and message came on (white text on black screen) ERROR can't read disk, disk failure. Figured the HD was gone. I tried putting in the system restore disk I had made(went in boot sequence and set it to the D drive to start) and same error message.
Skip ahead to yesterday... my 14 year old grandaughter has a laptop, Compaq CQ-57 that got liquid in it, months ago, (thanks to her 4 year old brother) and wouldn't power on. I got the idea that maybe the HD in this was still good and I could put it in the Toshiba. I had tried to work on a laptop once before (a Dell) but once I took it apart, little connections unplugged and there was no way I could see of getting them plugged in, again, in the tiny space available, but that's another topic....
I figured (yesterday) both laptops were broke... Read more

A:Solved: switching hard drives

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I posted this problem before but didn't have the time to dedicate to the solution. So, I'll break it down with the developments...

First and foremost, my original computer, an older Compaq, just stopped booting. I think its a mobo issue and I didn't want to buy a new mobo for an older system, so it made more sense to just change my hard drive from that Compaq system over to a Dell System around the same age, along with the RAM and whatnot.

When I plugged my hard drive into the primary drive slot, the computer booted past the BIOS and then immediately went to a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top of the screen. The computer would occasionally make a "thinking" noise but no progress past that point.

When the hard drive was plugged into the secondary drive slot, the computer would complain that there was no drive in the primary slot and wouldn't boot past that problem.

Originally, I thought maybe the primary slot wasn't functioning properly. This can't be so because the BIOS recognized the type of drive connected in the primary, as well as the size of the drive. I assume this also rules out a problem with the hard drive itself. It's also worth noting the hard drive was working correctly on the older system before the mobo malfunctioned.

The only quirk involved is that my hard drive has two Windows installations. I had a virus that ravaged my system beyond recognition and instead of formatting and losing my files, I ... Read more

A:Trouble Switching Hard Drives

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I have the "PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable" problem on our HP Pavilion DV5000 which through tech help and research I've figured out is either the hard drive or it's controllers. I've been advised to switch drives, putting the possibly bad one in a good laptop and the good one in the possibly bad (my) laptop. I just want to know that this is safe and that there's no danger to the good drive (that'll come out of a friend's) - obviously I won't go ripping it out or dropping it. And will things just start up fine or will I have to mess about with the bios at all?

A:Switching Hard Drives in Laptops

Usually that error is due to the machine trying to boot from the network rather than from the hard drive. Look in BIOS setup and change the boot order so that everything is before the PXE boot. It can't find the cable because there is none.

Probably the BIOS will be set to autodetect and the new drive should work just fine as soon as you put it in.

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Hi, I bought a larger internal hard drive for my laptop so I can partition it in 3, one for OS second Softwares and the third my daily business ( my Document). My question is, can I remove the existing hard drive and install the new one back and forth, until the new hard drive is finish. Any problem doing so? please advice.
Thank you

A:switching between two internal hard drives

Yes, you can with no problems. Just be careful that you don't jar it too much. You could take a hard drive from 3 years ago, pop it in and it will boot up as if it was never removed.

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Im not sure if this belongs in this forum or the hardware forum so I will try here first. I recently ran into issues with my PC which after numerous tests and attempts to correct appears to be a motherboard issue - everything else seems to be fine. This PC that just crapped out was actually a replacement for another PC which the HDD went bad on.

Now my question is, on the older PC, it was purchased in 2006 and came with Windows XP installed on it which was later upgraded to Windows Vista 32bit before it failed - nothing was wrong, it upgraded just fine. This most recent PC came with Windows Vista 64-bit and the HDD is in perfect working order - it is now in an external case and all of the information is there just fine. So my question is, is it possible to simply put this HDD with Vista 64 into the PC that has the bad HDD? Would it boot? Would it recognize the drive? Both HDDs are SATA so there shouldnt be any connection issue, I just want to know if its possible to just simply switch bootable hard drives and if so how to do it.

If this is not possible to just switch the HDDs, what needs to be done to make this HDD work in the older PC?

Thanks in advance

A:Switching hard drives with Vista

If the connections are the same it will fit into your old case/computer. Your older PC would recognise the new drive no probiems, and essentially there would be no issues with setting it up to work...

However, if the hardware is different, it is likely to have a fit if you try and run it on your older computer. This is because your newer drive has software installed which it depends on to run with your new setup. Unless your old setup is identical in every respect (all of the hardware) then its probably not going to like having to boot up.

You can dual boot XP and Vista but to be honest I don't really see the point in doing it, unless you have very specific reasons for doing so.

If you have the media to restore Vista you could doing the following:

Fit the new drive to the old computer
Insert Vista disc and boot into setup
Do a full clean install of Vista

Firstly, you'd lose any data on the new disk, and secondly doing it this way would mean it customises the install to the configuration of hardware of the older computer.

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I bought an eMachine a couple years back, now the warranty will not cover nothing that wrong with it. my question is can i switch the HD out of the emachine and put it in an old compaq i have. the compaq works but just has 4 GB HD in it.

A:Questions about switching Hard Drives

whiteblueknight said:

I bought an eMachine a couple years back, now the warranty will not cover nothing that wrong with it. my question is can i switch the HD out of the emachine and put it in an old compaq i have. the compaq works but just has 4 GB HD in it.Click to expand...

First find out who made the drive for Compaq, I had to use the wd software on an old compaq drive to re-write it there's something on it for compaq id's. but give it a try. i think i redid the sectors to wd.


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In my windows XP I just installed a 2nd 500GB hard drive. I used EZmigration to image the old (160GB) hard drive. That has worked beautifully. The software will also allow me to enlarge the partition. The plan is to use the 500GB daily and switch the 160GB to storage.

Now, for the 25 cent question: How do I make the 500GB my primary drive that the system is booted from (in essence, my C drive)?

I realize this is basic stuff, but I've never had to do anything like this before.


A:switching internal hard drives

Clone the 160 gb drive to the 500 gb drive, then unplug the 160 gb and boot up. The you can attach the second drive to another sata port and format and partition it in Disk Management. (Right click My Computer, choose "manage" then "disk management".)

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I have two elderly Compac Presario desktop computers. One is an SR1850NX the other is an SR 1750NX. Can I put the hard drive from the 1750 into the 1850 along with additional RAM from the 1750 without any type of convoluted hassle?

A:Solved: switching hard drives??

Yes and no. It looks like both systems use the same mb so it would boot. Now the no part. OEM type os ie windows that comes with a dell, hp, whatever, live and die with the original hardware. You cannot move an oem type os; it violates the eula.

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Hey TSG community,

So I have 2 PC's, both different parts and specs, windows 7 homeprem, and windows 7 pro.

What I am going to do is switch the hard drives from the two computers.

I think it should work like nothing changed shouldn't it? What are the things I should do in order for it run like it was before they we're switched? I should need the drivers right? I probably don't have the drivers CD's anymore so I guess I could just download them?

Thanks for the reply!


A:Switching 2 different hard drives from different computers

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Is it possible to take a hard drive out of one XP machine and put it in another?  I must assume the bios would have to recognize the new HD or am I over simplifying the situation? Thanks.

A:Switching two XP system hard drives

Sure...a hard drive is a hard drive, nothing but a storage container.  Storage containers are compatible with any system.
If your question is whether or not one can remove a hard drive reflecting a Windows install...move it to another system...and expect it to work properly...the answer is no, with the possible exception that the motherboard for the two systems are identical.
The settings and drivers for each motherboard/Windows install...are varied.  That's why PA works...if recorded settings of components do not match the records maintained by PA...the system will not automatically activate, since there will be no match of documented components and Windows license.

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Hi, first post here.

I bought a new hard drive after my WD started giving massive errors indicating that it was failing. I bought a new drive and quickly imaged my WD onto my new Seagate. I transferred the image and rebooted, everything was fine, both drives showed up.

But then I don't know what I did, but I did something, because when I shut down my machine and removed my old WD (to send it in via RMA), my system wouldn't boot.

I don't know if I should make a different partition active? or is it physical, like I have to physically switch a cable or a jumper or something?

I provided a screen shot of my disks so maybe someone could help. It's been over a month and it's drivin me nutso.

A:Solved: Switching hard drives

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OK so I am trying to put a hard drive from one computer and use it in another as the main drive. It runs XP Home edition but when I install the drive and turn the computer on windows will not load. No mode will start ( safe, w/ networking, normal, etc.) I was thinking it might be that the display drivers in the older computer wont work with the new one but I can not load the drivers for the new computer onto the hard drive while it is still in the old computer because it cant handle them. The new computer isn't new technology by any standard and I figured windows would just load in safe mode using simple vga graphics or the such so I would then be able to have it scan for the new parts (mobo, on-board graphics, cpu, etc.) Any ideas on how I can get it to work. I know there isn't a lot of technical information included but I can add if you reply what ya need. I guess I'm just used to not having issues when changing hardware and have never had windows not load before. Thanks for any help or ideas.

old display drivers are for crt monitors and only goes up to 1280x1084
newer computer has Intel (R) 828845G on-board

A:Switching hard drives and xp wont start

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I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the most computer literate, so maybe someone can help me. My old computer (used as a backup at work) stopped working, the power supply apparently went out and fried the motherboard. I've purchased a used machine and it said the hard drive had been wiped clean, no operating system. I thought I could just switch the hard drive from my old machine, which had Windows XP on it into the machine I purchased. However when I start it up I get a warning that "something apparently has changed...." and offers the choice of going into safe mode, last good configuration or simply to restart windows. No matter what choice, it just loops back to the same choices.

Now, I have noticed, it may not be anything, but it just didn't look right to me. When it's going through the startup process I see "Primary Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capacity Disabled" Does that sound correct? If not, how do I change it to enabled?

A:Solved: Switching hard drives problem

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I had some issues with the original hard drive in my pc, so I have installed a new larger internal hard drive alongside it (so now have 2 internal hd).

Due to these issues I would like to switch the installation of windows from the old to the new h/d, but keep the old one in place as extra storage in case I should need it.

Is there an easy way to do this, or what is the best way to ensure I keep all my data etc and can still use both drives?

I have windows 7.


A:Switching windows installation between internal hard drives?

How to clone your old SATA drive to a new SATA drive.
Solved How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

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Dropbox + Sugarsync - running both at the same time - good idea or bad idea?
Will they both be thrashing my machine and eating up lots of CPU like a hungry monster?


A:Running Sugarsync + Dropbox at the same time - good idea or bad idea?

You can be specific about what each actually synchronizes so I don't see that as a CPU issue. However if using both over the Internet with one of the more substantial data plans to sync, I would wonder which gets priority or how well they share the upload bandwidth. Wouldn't be so good if one was always grabbing it to sync in the off-load times and the other just kept waiting and waiting for its turn.

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I have tweaked, poked, edited and otherwise tricked-out my
WIN98SE. BIOS, name it.
But still experiencing slow reactions, especially when opening video files.

I've done it all. The best I could tell, is that the problem ultimately
is in my hard disk.
What are some symptoms of a malfunctioning hard drive?

A:When good hard drives go bad.

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I live near a Fry's electronics and am getting Windows 7 and a new 1TB or more hard drive for my PC. I do game. and if I have to I have 1 dual channel that supports DDR 2 ram and will buy that if need be.

Since currently I am running Windows XP 32bit and have 2gb of 32bit ram which Id like to not replace but will if you think I should. Should I get Windows 7 32bit or 64bit and if I get 64 bit should I get 64bit ram and like 4gb of it? and my final question is what are some solid names of ram and hard drive manufacturers

A:Good hard drives

first off, good choice of finally moving on from XP ...well as far as 32bit vs 64 is concerned here is the answer:
Should You Install Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit?

as far as a good hard drive manufacturer, i think many will agree that western digital is the way to go, their hard drives are well prices and available in all capacities and some are available with 5 year warranty ,an example would be the WD Caviar Black 1TB which is available with 5 years warranty and costs under a hundred dollars

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got free cards and was wondering if it will conflict when and if both are running (wireless and lan) at same time....will they play nice?

A:Is it a bad Idea to have wireless and hard wired cat5 running on desktop at the same

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I looking at buying an external hard drive and maxtor seem to be the best value for money.

A mate of mine has one (100gb USB) and has had lots of problems with it. He has warned me away from buying Maxtor ever. Do his concerns have any foundation???

A:Maxtor, are their hard drives any good???

Maxtor is just as reliable as anyone else.

Do they die? Yes.
Do they die earlier than others? I doubt it.

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i found a heck of a deal on a 160GB HD ... seagate, 8MB cache, 7200 RPM ... $50 after mail in rebate ...

but ive always stuck with western digital, or maybe maxtor .... never really touched seagate...

is it a good hard drive? recommended?

A:good hard drives? seagate?

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windows98 is already on my 13gb ide drive, but i have a new 9gb scsi drive which is really fast 80mb/sec,
I would like to install only windows for now so machine boots faster, can i do this and still have other files on existing slower 13gb hdd i.e. games, txt files and pics?
I have managed to make ide drive as slave but i dont know how to go abouts installing win98 on scsi, as machine keeps booting to windows, from the slave drive. And when i attempt to install win98 it tries to put it on the ide drive which alwready has it on.
Do i need to disconnect the power supply to the ide hdd?
Does scsi drives have master/slave jumper setting like the ide?

My new hdd is MAG3091LC on this page

A:if i have 1 ide and 1 scsi hard drive how do i install windows on the new scsi hd?

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I have only been able to find one place on the entire net in two weeks of search that has reasonable prices on hard drives. The site I found is and quite a bit of there items have free shipping including the western digital WD800JD 80GB 7200 RPM that I am getting ready to order but I need to know if this is the absolute best site and price.

A:Any good sources for cheap new hard drives?

Yup, some parts there are cheaper than NewEgg! My dad just ordered me a ton of stuff from them.

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i have 2 hard drives with xp proff on 1 and home on the other, just as an experiment, but i have to go into bios to change to boot form 1 or the other, xp proff is on SATA home is on IDE is this the reason why i do not get the option on boot up which one to choose, or am i missing something.

thanks in advance

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I have one hard drive on one computer running XP home, and another running XP pro. Both desktops.

I want the Pro hard drive on the Home computer either has master or slave. Can this be done? If they can how do I go about doing this? Is it easy?

If it cannot be done, is there a way i can transfer the files from one PC to another.

A:Two hard drives running Home and XP

it sounds like you have two computers, one running pro and one running home. you can run both on one pc if you have a retail key for one of them, if they are both oem (oem keys come with the pc normally and are cheaper to buy but are non-transferrable) you would legally have to purchase a retail copy. However if one is oem and the other retail you can use the retail version on the oem version with a second drive (or if they are both retail).

However if all you want to do is copy files from one to the other there are a couple of ways to do it
easiest is to use a usb thumbdrive, copy files to thumbdrive and then transfer to other pc.

next way would be to use a network cable (especially if lots of file/big files).
all you have to do then is share a public folder and copy over what you need (this way would probably best as i guess both pc's are networked already - can they both get on the internet, if so they are likely connected to the same router).

You can also just put one drive in the other pc but if you arent used to playing with pc hardware can cause yourself some grief if not careful, and the windows wouldnt work without repairing so all you would be able to do is copy things.

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Hello all.

I have a question i have vista home premium om my laptop and i am buying vista home prem 64bit for my new tower i built.

I know that home prem does not have remote desktop. so what program would i want to use in vista to do remote desktop.

what i want to do is be on my laptop and be able to log on my tower which will be in the basement.

thanks for the help and ideas.


A:Looking for good remote desktop tool to run on vista home premium

I use Tight VNC, its Free and fast.

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have 2 hard drives xp on both pro and home.
but how can i choose which one loads on in start up ( bios screen)

A:have 2 hard drives have xp on both home and pro how can i dual boot

you'll need to edit the boot.ini file of the system that loads on default already.
I'd recommend backing up the file first before modifying it. Its just good practice.

Then check the configuration of the file and duplicate the line that points to your OS installation in the [operating systems] section; modify it to point to the other OS.

You can also set the default OS on the "default= " line under [boot loader]

For more info Read this. (

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I am looking to swap out the master hard drive for a blank hard drive within the same computer (same motherboard, same everything else). Hard drives are same compacity size, but different brand names.

Reason for this is my current hard drive is slow, virus ridden, full of programs I don't need, etc. Easier to reinstall everything on a new drive, wipe the old, then reuse it as a blank/spare secondary/slave hard drive. Problem is, my current hard drive is still usable, and it may take me a while to completely get the new hard drive running successfully (Installing the operating system is easy for me, but I've got a complex video card to install and may take a while to find the right drivers). So what I would like to do is keep my current working (but slow) hard drive, and until I get the new hard drive up and running, swap back to the old (working) drive whenever I need to use my computer and to get/find files.

The operating system is Windows XP Home, and I would be using/reusing the same Key / Serial Number. So is this possible? Other then updating the bios each time I swap the hard drive, is there anything else I would need to do?

Or, is there anyway this could corrupt the original hard drive files if I kept swapping back and forth until the new drive is ready? I remember long ago taking a Windows 98SE drive, popping it into another computer as a second/slave hard drive to transfer files, and when I put the 98SE drive back into the original comp, it would no l... Read more

A:how to swap hard drives within same computer - Windows XP Home

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A while ago, my computer (a custom built one) stopped booting. Ultimately we ended up reinstalling Windows XP Home. In the interest of full disclosure (not sure if it makes a difference) the license is a Microsoft Genuine Advantage Kit.

After finally getting the installation done, there are two problems:

1) It will only boot with the CD as primary boot drive. Even though on boot I let it skip over the CD boot (i.e. I don't press the key to confirm CD boot, and then it boots from the hard drive--I think this is what is happening anyway. If I change the settings so that the primary boot is from the hard drive, it won't boot up. So I've left it on CD boot as primary for now.

2) More disturbing and weird, though, is that in my list of drives, I have C:, D:, and E:, which were my original partitions. But I also have F:, G:, and H: which initially were copies of C, D, and E. I say initially, because after using the computer for a while, changes (i.e. new files and directories that I create, and updated copies of pre-existing stuff) are different on the new drives. Some of the C/D/E files are no longer accessible by certain applications (i.e. my Quicken Medical Expense Manager couldn't use the original data file that was on my E drive, saying file doesn't exist, when I could in fact find the file in the explorer). All of my System related files are on F and that is what the OS seems to be using, even though there are apparently copies also on C. And t... Read more

A:XP Home reinstall created duplicate hard drives

Step 1?

Did you remove the XP Disk from your CD/DVD?

That should stop the Display on Boot!

Post back?

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I have vista 32 bit sp2 with 300gb of ram on c:drive and it's close to full! Mostly pics! I would like to back-up the c: drive and then delete files on c: drive to free up alot of disk space, Would like pro's and con's of external hard drive's things like - need fan on desk top for heat - is 1 tb to big for vista 32bit or ok? A good program on external hard drive to manage photo's- I hear people messing up their external hard drives by not disconnecting right? etc.....TIA !

A:Desktop External Hard drives

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Hoping someone can help me out with this.

I am running XP Home SP 3.

I have two local users (no networking) one is an admin (me) the the other is a limited user. I would like to hide two internal harddrives and one external (USB) harddrive from the limited user and restrict them from accessing it.

So when I log in, I want to see and be able to acces (read/wrtie) to all the drives.

When the limited user logs in, I do not want them to see or be able to access the drives - ideally they would only be able to access their 'Documents' folder.

Can this be accomplished in XP Home, or do I need to upgrade to XP PRo, Vista, 7?

If I do upgrade, how difficult is it to accomplish this?

I have tried using TweakUI, but this only works on the admin account (option for hiding does not show up when logged in as limited user).

I would consider setting up an additonal limited user for me if that would help.

A:Hiding/Restricting hard drives for Limited Users in XP Home


re: TweakUI
> you couldn't access the hide/display settings panel as a limited user
> That sounds right. A limited user shouldn't have registry access (which TweakUI does)
> Did you just look if the drives were hidden once you did it under Admin account?
Here's a post that tells how to do it manually, but it;s essentially what TweakUI does.

re: Setting Permissions
Essentially, you need access to the Security tab for a file/folder's Properties. As i recall, for XP Home you need boot into safe mode to see the Security tab. Then assign permissions as you please

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Hey, my problem is quite strange, I couldn't find any solution and trust me, I tried I suddenly lost all stuff from my desktop and can't relaly access my hard drives - mostly C:. I can run stuff from taskbar, also I can run some stuff from D: drive (although for example I had to go to safe mode to run Malbytes Anti-Malware, but I could run without any problems), I can't even open C: drive - when I do that it says there are no items, and after a while the explorer stops responding. I scanned the computer already (with Malbytes and also SuperAntiSpyware + antivirus), there was no malware in a sense of harmful ones (I mean it found some but it was mostly stuff that I know of and is not really a malware). Also, right now weird thing happened because I literally didn't do anything, I was writing this post and I minimized my stuff and all of my desktop items were there, I tried to check if it magically fixed but when I tried to open C: drive it got stuck like always and after closing the explorer desktop icons were gone again.
So quick summary:
- I can navigate through MOST of D: drive without troubles (entering My Computer, clicking D: works just fine)
- I CAN'T enter drive C: through My Computer and just left clicking on C:
- I CAN'T right click ANY drive in My Computer nor ANY folder inside the drives
- I can get to let's say C:\Program Files by writing the path and navigate there easily
- I CAN'T load large folders (like Diablo III folder or any other ... Read more

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I have determined to learn something about spam and spammers. My ISP catches quite a bit of it and Norton Catches a lot, but some still finds its way to the inbox. I have been moving quite a bit of it into a separate folder, without opening it. I intend to examine the headers, using file/properties, and record the originating ISP. In some cases I will also look at the content, using properties.

My incoming e-mail is scanned by Norton for viruses, but nothing is 100 per cent foolproof.

Am I being stupid and should I just delete all the spam, or am I being reasonably prudent?

A:Good idea? Bad idea?

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Hey there 7 forums!

I've just graduated from the Vista Forums (Thank god) with my purchase of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

So far, it's great; there is one little problem though:

Upon installation, i created a 50gb partition on my 500gb drive (Drive C: )

So, when I'm on my computer, it only shows one hard drive, drive C:, and with a maximum capacity of 50gb. However, i also have a 750gb hard drive, and the rest of the space on the 500.

I've looked into it, and its simply the "missing drive letter and paths" issue, and that's easy to fix. However, Diskmgmt.msc doesn't give me the option to do anything to the remaining 450gb from my primary drive.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thank you.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium will not show other hard disk drives &partition

please post a full blown picture of diskmanagement (diskmgmt.msc)

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Hi, I have Windows 8 Home Edition, so no gpsedit.msc for me! Multiple people have access to my PC but I have client files on a hard drive on my computer, and those other user accounts all have access to that hard drive.

How do I set that hard drive to be accessible only by my account? I googled this but the answers always seem to be "use gpedit.msc" and I don't have that option. Thanks.

A:Restricting user access to hard drives in Window 8 HOME edition

I'm guessing lack of feedback means it's not possible to do this -- is there another way to secure the files? I can't move them from the hard drive they are on -- they're too big to fit on the drive associated with "my documents."

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Hi, I have a Dell XPS Series 4 PC and I have Windows XP Pro on a 250GB Maxtor Hard Drive that came with my PC and I just added a second Hard Drive that has Vista Home Prem. on a Seagate 250GB Hard Drive. I want to be able to login into XP and Vista separately with out having to reformat either Hard Drive. Right know the way I have it setup is that I have to open my tower and switch the cables from the Maxtor Hard Drive that as XP on it to the Seagate Hard Drive that has Vista on it which is a pain to do every time I want to switch between using XP and Vista. Is there any way to boot my XPS PC so I can chose between going into XP or Vista? I would appreciate any help I can get. THANKS.

A:Duel Booting Windows XP Pro & Vista Home Prem. with 2 Hard Drives

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What is the difference between desktop & enterprise Grade hard drives? I need a high capacity HDD for back-up. Newegg has a good price on an enterprise Grade hard drive.

A:Difference between desktop & enterprise Grade hard drives?

Enterprise drives are supposed to be more durable than consumer drives, especially for continuous operation, but frankly, based on customer reviews, the only difference I see is price. For a backup drive that gets connected to a computer only when updating a backup (considerably preferable to leaving it hooked up at all times), an enterprise drive is way overkill. I personally use WD Greens for my backup drives. Since any drive is subject to failure at any time, I also maintain more than one backup; essentially, I backup my backups.

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What I am running into is that when I connect one or more external hard drives to my Windows XP MCE machine and the machine reboots I can no longer connect to it using remote desktop from my Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit computer. Across the network.
If I connect the hard drives after the Windows XP MCE machine is up and running remote desktop from my Windows 7 machine works. If the machine boots with the external hard drives plugged it however my Windows 7 remote desktop application says that is initializing the connection but nothing more happens. It never connects. .
If my Windows 7 machine is attempting to connect unsuccessfully and someone pulls the hard drives out of the Windows XP MCE machine the remote desktop suddenly satisfactorily connects.
Even when the machine boots with the hard drives and therefore remote desktop is not working, these shared hard drives are visible across the network however.
. Once I try to connect with my Windows 7 machine unsuccessfully the desktop is locked up On the Windows XP MCE requiring that I cold boot.
This is the case with the one Western Digital My Book plugged directly into the USB connector on the chassis and also with several hard drives connected through a Belkin hub. I have run into motherboards that don't want to boot with external hard drives plugged in but haven't seen this pattern.

Any tips appreciated! Thank you in advance! Kevin

A:External hard drives on Win XP block remote desktop fro

Very cool problem. It would seem that the Media Center Edition PC, when connect to the external drives is busy doing something, regarding the contents of those drives, that it doesn't want to stop doing, and susbsequently the Remote Desktop Session hangs or times out. Could be third party software that specific to media, like a codec, or player, or something maintaining some type of continuous sharing state or indexing. Have you tried to remote desktop to the XP MCE without a user logged on to it, or using another username and password forcing the current logged on user log off event. That should, if I'm guessing right, interrupt whatever is going on and allow a new logon to occur. Just a guess, actually a very interesting problem and some very good diagnostics for you have got this far in determining the cause.

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I have an asus motherboard with a pent 166.
I am using an adaptec 2940 ou scsi controller card with a number of drives attached.Under windows 98 I have no problems.
When trying to run from NT I pick up problems when attaching my seagate st15150's to the daisy chain.My other drives work fine.
The st15150's are not installed at the end of the bus so it isn't a termination problem.

Nt boots up up to the point where it displays the service pack(6a) and then hangs
As soon as I remove the st15150's ,NT boots up fine

please help

A:scsi drives on nt4.0

Post your BOOT.INI file, here.

IS SCSI BIOS enabled?

What's on the Seagate ST15150 drive?

Let us know. Dan-O

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I've picked up a used Dell P4 1.7 Ghz... I didn't realize it came with a SCSI drive (and PCI card obviously)... I wanted to add a second 40 GB HD as the SCSI 10 GB is too small. Can I run both a SCSI HD & an IDE HD at the same time? I've plugged in an IDE cable into the primary IDE slot on the MoBo but it doesn't seem to recognize the IDE drive. Am I doing something wrong here? Is it a little more complex than just plugging in the IDE cable & HD?
Any help you can provide would be apreciated.


Mike C

A:SCSI & IDE Drives

You can have SCSI and IDE in the same computer.

If it is not recognizing the IDE drive, make sure that however it is set (master or slave), there is no other conflicting device on the same IDE controller. An easy way to make sure is just take off the power plug to anything else that might be there.

Also make sure that the primary controller is not somehow disabled in the computer's CMOS.

Might also look in CMOS to see if the primary master or slave (however the drive is configured) is not disabled as well.

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I've finally got my PC dual booting with Vista and so begins my first trip into the world of Vista! Initially it's quite disorientating after using XP for so long. One problem I have is that my HD's are showing as SCSI disk devices together with SCSI ID's!! Anyone got any ideas on this one?

A:Drives showing as SCSI

Hi Mark,

Are you, by any chance, using RAID on your system? Depending on the system, when you have hard drives in a RAID configuration they can show as being SCSI devices. As long as your system is working correctly, there is nothing to worry about.

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I have 3 SCSI Ultra 2 drives laying around and I have decided I want to get a external case and try and create a raid array with these drives to run on my P-4 running Windows XP. I have an Adaptec 2940U2W controller but I am not sure it works or not. I am new to SCSI technology so any help getting started with this would be great. Thanks. I would rather go with SATA but these 3 drives are FREE.

A:SCSI 68 Pin Ultra 2 drives

Nothing too complicated with it. You just have to take care when setting the jumpers (if any) on the dirves to make sure the IDs are right and the terminations OK. Reading the manual of the SCSI controller wouldn't hurt either.

Have a read about almost everything a sane person would want to know about SCSI (look in the end for useful info on cabling and configuration):

I looked at the product specs and seems that your controller doesn't have RAID so you have to do it by software (bad news for you, esp. with Windows).

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The company I work for is wanting to buy a tape drive for one of the severs.
I figure DLT one of the better brand, but i wanted the Techguys openion...
We will be backing up about 400 gig of info

Just wanting the best bang for the bucks

A:scsi tape drives

Wow, can you actually buy 400gb compressed tape backup! This is what we use in our school district.

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After i found out I needed a better backup as my secondary 1.2Gb HDD was getting too small to back up my 40Gb HDD to I thought about getting a bigger secondary HDD but I then saw some tape drives on eBay.

They were quite cheap (15 - 50) and I thought about getting one but I then saw that they were SCSI! My MoBo is a Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus ( and I was wondering if this would support SCSI? If it dosen't then is
there any way it may be able to?

Or are there any IDE tape drives?

Anyone got any other solutions?

A:SCSI Tape drives.... PLEASE HELP!!!

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I was working on a server computer that had a 20gb SCSI drive. The motherboard had IDE capabilities and the customer wanted a larger HD because they were running out of room. So we ordered a new WD 320 gb IDE drive and cloned (using Acronis True Image) the SCSI drive to the IDE drive successfully. I disconnected the SCSI drive and hooked up the IDE drive to master and when it gets to the Windows Server 2000 splash screen, I get a BSOD that says "the hard disk is inaccessible". I switched up some jumper settings and the way the cables were connected but still got the same problem. The motherboard has a Pentium 3 CPU and there is 1 gb RAM.

any thoughts

A:cloning SCSI drives

Unfortunately this sometimes happens when you switch hard drive controllers. Several solutions come to mind, first is going back to a SCSI drive, the second is to perform a repair installation of Windows. Third is to use Acronis Universal Restore:

And maybe the best one if it works is this:

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Has anyone ever heard of a regular HDD and CD/dvd drives (IDE)
listed as SCSI drives in device manager?

A:IDE Drives listed as SCSI

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PC: [2010] HP Desktop (h8-1070t) | Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz | 16 GB RAM | 64-bit OS | Windows 7 Home Premium

This PC was custom built with two 1TB drives in a RAID 1 array2 months ago, one of the drives (Port 0) failedI purchased two Seagate 2TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST2000DM001)I installed both of the new 2TB drives inside my PCNow, my current setup is:Port 0 = original 1TB drivePort 1 = new 2TB drive (as redundancy mirror?)Port 5 = the other new 2TB drive (as an unused SPARE)(see attached pic)CURRENTLY:  My PC is making a horrible whirring sound and crashing spontaneously if I use more than 30% of my Physical Memory (as seen via Windows Task Manager).

QUESTION:  I want to make the other 5 year old 1TB drive go away; I wanna lose it, and somehow, ultimately, just have two 2TB drives working at full capacity. HOW DO I DO THIS? [note: I not opposed to spending another $80 on yet another 2TB drive,
as I understand I may have screwed up by making it the mirror of a 1TB and that I won't be able to access the other half of the space. IF I'M WRONG ON THIS, LET ME KNOW]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have this configuration of  SCSI  >>>> Barramento SCSI  - 0
                                                              Unidade logica  scsi - 0
                                                               Porta SCSI -  0
                                                               Identificador do alvo SCSI - 1
 How can I improve it please!!!  Thanks!!!

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I have inherited an older IBM Netfinity 5600/8664-3AY. It is a P-3 667 with 1GB of system RAM. It also has an Adaptec AIC-7897 host adaptor with 5 Ultra-SCSI drives attached. The drives have been wiped when the unit was removed from a Chrysler dealership.

For some reason, the host adaptor is seen in the SCSI profile, but none of the drives is seen by the IBM start-up utility. I can run other drive utilities and the drives are seen on Channel 3. Oddly, the host adaptor has only Channel A or Channel B as options.

Everything else about the unit is working, but I can not get it to load a Windows or Linux OS because the drives are not recognized.

I have downloaded the drivers and utility from Adaptec for the host adaptor, but it will not execute from a floppy as described in how to run the software.

Does anyone have any experience with these machines or this particular problem?

A:SCSI Adaptor Doesn't See Drives

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I've just built my new computer. It all works and boots into XP fine which is a miracle in itself The Foxconn motherboard I used has 3 IDE channels, or should I say connectors. The primary channel recognises anything plugged into it automatically (hard drives/optical drives). The 2 secondary channels are also the ones that can be set up with a IDE RAID setup. There are also 4 SATA connectors which I'm not using yet. From my reading I have to install the raid controller ITE8212F to give me the option of using a RAID setup (obviously), but also to make these extra channels normal IDE channels with no RAID setup. They have to be controlled by something and one of the RAID options is to do nothing - just use the IDE connectors as standard IDE channels. I can't for the life of me work out how to install the drivers from the supplied floppy after I have installed windows. (The ones you use during setup by pressing F6 to install drivers for additional drives/RAID setups). There's no setup file and I don't know where these files should simply be placed if that's all I should do with them.
But my question :-
Do I need them anyway? I don't want to use a RAID setup yet. I have a hard drive plugged into each of these secondary channels and I am assuming that XP's own controller is recognising the correct hard drives connected to them. I even boot from one of them no problem. They are listed as SCSI drives in Device manager though. D... Read more

A:IDE channels list SCSI drives

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The guy I work for orders everything i need, so I wanted to fix his old desktops he got laying here, and alot of them just need new hard drives. So he ordered 6 Seagate 1 TB harddrives, lol. Kind of a waste to put a big thing on older PC's i'm thinking. Thats why I'm making this thread, to ask if its a good idea to put it in an OptiPlex GX620. Ive put windows 10 on it cuz the CD device was broken, and w10 was the only one i have on usb atm, but now i replaced the cd device with a ricoh rw5125a, so I can install a lower OS if you recommend it, so what do u guys think, will this PC give trouble to the harddrive? Cuz the performance is good.

A:New HD for OLD pc, good idea?


A new HDD would be ok,but i am thinking this 620 uses IDE ribbon cable for it's HDD's so you may have to get an adapter for those new hard drives,unless the new HDD has other options to use and IDE setup other than sata 1.2 or 3..

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Whenever I want to find a site for somebody and their keywords pick up nothing in a search engine I often try another technique. Trying to guess what the domain will be. For example I was searching for the website for KATE FEAST MANAGEMENT and I tried KATEFEASTMANAGEMENT KATEFEAST and KATE-FEAST and even though this didn't work this time this does work for me most of the time.

Is it possible to make some kind of script that will automatically try out different domains and illiminate the dead links and select working links and present them to you? E.g. if you typed in KATE FEAST MANAGEMENT it would automatically try all those options an alternative to web searching. Can anyone suggest a method of doing this or how I could go about making this script with cgi or php perhaps?

Thanks for any replies!

A:Good Idea, Possible?

Check out google's programming tools and API.

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Is it a good idea to have a setting in the "Power Options" of the control panel to turn off hard disks and the monitor. If so what is a good setting


A:good idea??

desktop? laptop?

For the monitor, i would say yes.

For the Hard Drive, i would say no. It's much easier on a hard drive to keep spinning rather than to start/stop constantly. Windows is constantly indexing files, checking for updates, running diagnostics etc so it's likely that your disk won't shut down anyway from constantly being accessed. It's quite normal.

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Is it wise to run one system off of 2 seperate power supplies? Both of theses are pretty old power supplies...

A:Good or Bad idea?

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I already have Eset Nod32 Antivirus 4 and Malwarebytes installed on the computer. Is it worth installing HitmanPro as well, or is one on demand scanner enough?

Thanks all

A:Is this a good idea?

Hitman Pro Should not cause any problems with Eset,Having Hitman Pro is not harm I have it as a free scanner,

Its quick uses cloud has Good detection(False Positives to) no need for updates too!

Its handy tool ,I think you should keep it!

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I have a friends computer that was clearly infected with a virus and does not have any antivirus or antispyware software installed. (First bad idea)
I could barely turn the computer on more or less run any applications. Before (2nd bad idea) joining this site, I ran Malwarebyte Anti-Malware and ComboFix and these appear to have cleaned up most (if not all) of the virus activity. The computer seems to be functioning normally so it doesn't seem like I broke anything. My question now is that the ComboFix log contains "Reg Load Points" entries that I am not sure if I need to do anything with. The keys listed still exist in the registry. I understand that asking for help here should have been my first step (3rd bad idea). Can you help with what I should do next to verify that this computer is clean? I will install Antivirus and Antispyware after it is clean. Right now I have it isolated on it's own network/internet connection.

A:Not a good Idea?

Combofix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.I will ask a moderator to move this topic to the Am I Infected forum where it can be properly addressed.

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Hi , I'm trying to find an auto installer for CD ROm project I'm building on the mini CD (185 mb). Does anyone know of an installer, reasonably priced, that, when you place the CD rom and self installs without prompts and the user ends up with an icon (shortcut) on the their desktop that they can right click to unistall, but runs that small 185 mb file off of their hard drive .
Please email me at [email protected] if you have info on that and thanks for your time


A:Got a Good Idea?

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I have ZoneAlarm Pro right now on my computer, its a firewall program. Is it neccesary to have it when I already have a ADSL Firewall Wireless router?

A:Good Idea?

The firewall router should be able to import the settings from Zone Alarm Pro . Then you would have no reason to leave it running on your computer if you did not want to.
In reality, the NAT of a basic router is enough security for the average user at this time; especially if you have the built in windows firewall active. Although I personally do like the added security of having a full software firewall so that I can check my firewall logs and so that I can be warned not only of incomming but of outgoing traffic.

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I found this while ploughing through the mail and thought I might just make a couple of them up, in case.

How to Use An Antivirus Boot Disc or USB Drive to Ensure Your Computer is Clean

A:What a good idea

Is it really a good idea??

It sounds good, but...

A Rescue CD is normally based on the Linux operating system kernel. A Linux OS can mount an
NTFS partition, however loading the Windows Registry is another story. In this day and age, accessing the Registry is necessary when doing a scan for malware.

The Antivirus included on the Rescue CD scans the file system, but not the Registry.
Many types of malware use the Registry in order to launch. Both the malicious file and the malicious Registry entry need to go. However, the Rescue CD only detects and deletes the file. This action has serious consequences depending on the Registry location of a malicious entry.

An example is the ZeroAccess rootkit which hijacks the Windows value in the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems key. If a scanner deletes the file associated with this key, without adjusting the Windows Registry value data, the computer will no longer boot.

Another issue to be aware of when scanning with a Rescue CD is that it can delete any file, including those that are critical Windows system files. Normally there is a Windows mechanism that attempts to prevent the deletion of such files. This will not happen using a Rescue CD. If a system file is infected, it needs to be identified and replaced. Deletion may lead to an unbootable system.

On the other side of the coin, a Rescue CD has its uses. If its scanner detects an infected file, investigate what it detected, and if y... Read more

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I am trying to reinstall windows XP on my hp a1129n pavilion, and as soon as the set up is about to start, I get setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer . I made my first and second Sata devices "Disabled" and I checked the hard drive cables and they are plugged in properly. The hard drive is Sata, so please tell me why am i getting this message? Please provide me with the steps in order to get the hard drive to be detected. Thank you in advance!

A:hp a1129n Desktop - setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your compute

'I made my first and second Sata devices "Disabled"'

So, you have the Sata drive hooked to the 3rd or 4th port ?

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Hi again,

it seems that the Computer option in the start menu has gone missing, and clicking customize doesn't work, since it's not an option there. If it hadn't been for my shortcut to Computer in my quick launch, I probably wouldn't be able to go there. When I do go there though, it doesn't show any of my drives, just a white background :\ Also, it seems I can't get it to display on my desktop, since in the Desktop Icon settings it shows up greyed out..

 Computer.jpg   3.04KB

I think this was the work of Unibue System Tweaker, I got it for free with the purchase of SpyEraser, and I tried it out, but it's default options aren't the same as your current options, so when I closed it and restarted, some things I hadn't touched changed :\

Any help please? :\

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I recently installed a new SSD. I?ve been reading a lot about how having many programs installed on the SSD will decrease its life time. So I?m thinking about reconfiguring the set up. I?m not sure if I should change to mounting the drive to a HD or creating junctions is better?
I presently have all the data storage pics, music, documents stored on the HD. Is that good enough?
What would you do?
I attached a few screen shots of my installed programs which ones should I move?
Why don?t the ones on top show the folder their installed to?

Thanks all

A:Reconfigure my Rig? Is it a good idea?

Hello Gerry,

Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. There is no great risk to having programs, pictures, documents, or whatever installed to your SSD. Whoever told you that was making it up, or was taking something so small and irrelevent and blowing it out of proportion. The problem comes when you start doing SSD testing, you can begin to wear it out with constant benchmarking.

But as SSDs are expensive, I would take all my music and put it on an HDD along with programs that I do not need to open instantaneously. I would leave the OS, OS files, and system files all on the SSD. Some people try to move the paging files and other stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it (especially not the Paging files), so long as you have enough room.

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