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Fresh install, Factory disk, Screen hangs at blue configure screen, not BSOD I think

Q: Fresh install, Factory disk, Screen hangs at blue configure screen, not BSOD I think

Hi Guys, I've literally spent HOURS squinting at my tiny iPhone screen
pouring over post after post on Google. :(

Here's the problem:

*brand new, 1TB Hitachi HD
*attempting to install Vista Home Premium; with Hewlett Packard's System Recovery, factory made CD's
*have had a 1TB drive before in the machine; I have also REPEATEDLY used these disks to restore my system, in the past
*the CD's work, Vista loads, HP's driver platform loads the drivers, the Os functions all the way to the point where it asks for region & timezone
***after resetting, after the initial "region config", Vista hangs at the blue "one-time setup process" screen. The little green cursor/bar thingy at the bottom of the blue screen marches across the screen with impunity. Nothing is happening; I've had the computer on this screen for so long, the power settings put it into hibernate (which I think means at least 5 hours with no activity). The high-speed Internet IS working. I've done a fresh, full restore 3 times with identical results. :(

I read alot of BSOD posts... But I don't think is a true BSOD; I have found others reporting this problem, but thus far the solutions offered have been insulting (it CAN'T be a virus, I very much doubt it's a driver problem, as I am using factor-made model-specific disks)

Thank you guys so much for your time! I very much appreciate your input; I am so very sorry to burden you, I tried everything I could to fix this on my own. :)

A: Fresh install, Factory disk, Screen hangs at blue configure screen, not BSOD I think

Oh, full sys specs in my profile. ;)

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I have my uncles laptop with me, an Acer Aspire S570Z, which comes with recovery DVDs. I recently removed all partitions on the hard drive and did a full system restore using these two discs.

After that I attempt to boot Vista normally and it seems to lock up completely during the boot splash screen with those animated squares. It does this every time. No discs are in the DVD drive, no external peripherals are plugged in.

Now, Vista DOES boot okay in Safe Mode, but that's about as good as it gets.

Also, before removing all the partitions there was a secondary installation of Ubuntu Linux alongside Windows which seemed to work flawlessly so I'm not sure why Vista is locking up, even after restoring the OS to it's factory defaults.

Any ideas?

Edit to add: Okay, Safe mode doesn't actually boot correctly. Once it begins to present the GUI, a pop-up explains that "The installation cannot finish in safe mode".

I've also found a separate Vista "upgrade" DVD which I've booted from and am doing a Custom install with, over-writing the OS on the hard drive right now. Maybe this will work...

A:Fresh install of factory software (with Vista) locks up during bootsplash screen

Can you check the event viewer, see if it has any complaints.

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So i just installed win7 ultimate x64 yesterday and when i tried to play a game my pc freezed and when it restarded after the windows logo it went black and a blue screen appeared,i can only boot in safe mode

A:Blue screen after fresh install

So i discovered it's because my video card,i disabled it and i can boot my pc normally.I also found out that the problem is atikmpag.sys what does it mean my video card driver is broken do i need to replace it or something ?

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Hey all,

doing a fresh install of Vista 32bit and it hangs on the blue and green splash screen after showing 'loading windows files'.

Albatron pxp965 v.2.0 motherboard, intel 3.2ghz processor.

Vista Boot DVD was burnt correctly, but wont progress past the splash screen.

Any ideas?

Ps. I know I missed alot of information, let me know what you need to know.

Thanks heaps in advance.

A:Fresh Vista Install hangs during setup on splash screen after loading windows files

Was Vista ever on that platform before? Is there a SATA hard disk present?

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Hello, I recently built a computer for the first time and I finally got it working.

While trying to install Windows XP I constantly get blue screened with this error:


and then

Stop: 0x000000A (0x00000010, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x80523E78)

I have no idea what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Constant Blue Screen during Fresh Xp install

I had something like this, it turned out to be bad memory.

Download memtest86:

There are instructions on how to make a CD of it, and run it to see if your memory checks out.

Is that is not it, maybe there is a hard drive problem?

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I have a friend's laptop. Dell Latitude D620

It originally had XP and he was having trouble so tried to upgrade it to Vista. The only problem was his Vista was on another laptop he owned. So he asked me if I could help.

He has the original XP key and I have two XP install CDs. When I installed XP started loading and then a blue screen appeared.

Reading over the screen and a few other sites I decided to first run a surface test on the hard drive. No problems.
I went ahead and wiped the hard drive using FDISK and reconstructed the partition. Tried to install again - blue screen.
I happen to have 2 memory sticks that would fit his PC so I replaced the one in the machine - blue screen.
I replaced the one I put in with my second stick - blue screen.

The main part of the screen says:

Technical Information

*** STOP:0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF76130BF, 0xF7A5F208, 0xF7A5EF08)

*** pci.sys - Address F76130BF base at F760c000, Datestamp 3b7d855c

I triend looking up the pci.sys error on the Dell and the Microsoft websites but didn't have any success. So here I am. You guys have been great in the past. I did come here yesterday and do a search but the search function was disabled on the site or some such. It was "indexing" I believe it said.

A:Solved: blue screen with fresh XP install

I should add, I have my laptop available and it is an XP machine as well. I think most of the Service Packs and updates on it. But it is a Sony Vaio.

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widows 7 ultimate 64

clean install last night

hp pc

age of pc 10years

q6700 cpu stock

8 gb ddr2 800

1tb wd black hdd

new psu 750watt 6days old

new video card ati 6870 6 days old

A:blue screen on fresh install of windows

Quote: Originally Posted by 00grim

widows 7 ultimate 64

clean install last night

hp pc

age of pc 10years

q6700 cpu stock

8 gb ddr2 800

1tb wd black hdd

new psu 750watt 6days old

new video card ati 6870 6 days old

Cause by an as yet un-named driver. I am betting it is our Symantec. I would remove and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials at least to test.

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

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I just installed Win7 32 bit on an 15 month old, pretty decent Toshiba A300 Laptop. After a day I got my first blue screen.

Attached is the minidump file.

Anyone have any thoughts?


A:Fresh install Win7 32 bit - blue screen

BTW - the install was clean - i.e., I freshly reformatted the HD and installed the OS.

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Hi. I've seem to have gotten a strange issue with my computer. I suddenly got an infinite boot loop accompanied by a blue screen (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). I connected my SSD drive to a different computer, but with the same result. I then reinstalled W10, but shortly after the same problem occured. My first thinking was that there was something wrong with my SSD drive so I installed Kingston SSD toolbox to check for faults, but it couldn't find anything. I've also run memtest86+ all night without finding any RAM faults. I've now installed W10 on a different hard drive which seems to work fine for now at least. Is it possible for me to have a faulty SSD drive that Kingston toolbox can't detect? Is there anything else I can do to further narrow things down?

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I just got finished installing windows on someone elses hard drive using my own computer, so I could use my own Windows boot/system. For some reason windows will boot just fine on my computer but after I put his HD back onto his MB, it won't load windows unless I boot to safe mode. It will just show a blue screen error for a split second then put me into a restarting loop forever unless I do something. Yes, I made sure that all the windows files were installed on the right hard drive, and the volume shows up as (D:), and I set the bios boot priority to his HD. Please help! I promised I would fix it quickly but have never encountered a problem like this. This is however the first time I've installed windows on a HD that was not native to my MB. I also used my Windows XP Pro SP2 installation CD because it has SP2 and his does not, but we both own legit copies.

A:HELP! Fresh install of XP isn't working, instant blue screen

I know you said you checked all the files, but I encountered a similar problem and found that the 1394 file was not loaded to the system 32 folder. hope that helps

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Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
  OS Version:    6.1.7600.
  Locale ID:    1033
Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:    d1
  BCP1:    FFFFF8800477500C
  BCP2:    000000000000000B
  BCP3:    0000000000000000
  BCP4:    FFFFF88011E6BEAE
  OS Version:    6_1_7600
  Service Pack:    0_0
  Product:    256_1
I have a new graphics card the RX 480 8G Black Edition but I have had a blue screen problem once before.

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the error signature reads:
BCCode : 7a BCP1 : C03E1420 BCP2 : C000000E BCP3 : F85085C6 BCP4 : 0D4C5860 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 768_1

any help with this would be greatly appreciated =)

A:Fresh install XP sp3 after dban now getting blue screen infrequently

Hi muddymike, welcome to tsf !

What's the brand and exact model of the computer ? If it's a custom build then what's the brand and model of the motherboard ?

Did you reinstall all the drivers, especially the chipset drivers ?

Browse to c:\windows\minidump, zip the .dmp files you'll find there and attach them to your next post.

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Trying to install Windows XP home on a Dell system w/ a brand new drive. Drivers start to load OK, then it says "setup is starting Windows", then the screen goes black for an instant, then a blue screen. It blue screens at this same point every time.

I've tried a different Windows CD. Same result. I've tested the drive. Healthy. I've tested the MB and CPU with PC Check 65. All pass. I only ran 2 RAM passes. OK. PSU tests fine with tester.

What would you suspect? Could it be a BIOS setting? Perhaps I need to press F6 at the start of installation to install some RAID controller drivers?

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524 ....etc)

A:[SOLVED] Blue screen when trying to fresh install Windows

Tried sticking a different hard drive in there, thinking that a Seagate driver was needed. Same result. Maybe I need an original Dell CD.

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I have been trying to reformat my computer (windows xp pro) and when it goes through the setup section (blue screen) and gets to the "windows setup - starting windows" it never moves. I thought there might be a problem with the harddrive, so I ended up buying a new hard drive and hoped that route would work, but I get the same problem. I have tried to reset the bios but that still has helped.
My motherboard is an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe board if that helps in troubleshooting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Win Xp hangs on Blue Screen during Install

If you have more that one stick of RAM in the PC, remove one and then try it. If it still fails try the other.

RAM is often the cause of install problems.

also check your XP Cd for scratches.

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Hello there,
I install windows 7 yesterday and i have blue screen three times already! I don't know what the problem is... I'd attach a rar file of the dmp's and if anyone understand them or know any solution, please, respond. Thank you.

A:Fresh install of windows 7 ultimate Blue Screen Crash!!

it just started a week or so ago, but ive been getting them like crazy, i wonder if other people are.....

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Before I installed the new OS, the computer wont boot up, then i formatted it and installed fresh same original OS, then after first use it was fine, the next day while im using the laptop suddenly blue screen appeared and the same problem comes up again....

Any help would be appreciated...
The system specs is :

Dell Vostro 3400
Windows 7 Professional Edition
HD 250GB

A:After Fresh Install Win.7, Blue Screen Appeared And Wont Boot Up

Did you do a full format or a quick format?

Use Advanced Boot Options to select Repair Your Computer and get to the System Recovery Options. Then select the command prompt. Do the following:chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:
chkdsk /r e:
chkdsk /r f:.etc until you get the message that the volume could not be opened for direct access. For any drives that do not give the message:
Windows has checked the file system and found no problems
run chkdsk again as above. In other words, if it says:
Windows has made corrections to the file system
after running the disk check, run the disk check again.

I realize you may only have one disk show up in Windows explorer, but you may have more than one disk through recovery options. This is because the system creates a hidden boot partition (which will be C: in recovery), you may have a recovery partition for your PC that is hidden (which will be D: in recovery), and you will have your primary Windows partition (which may be E: in recovery). A custom PC will likely have at least C: and D: to scan.

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I have been having issues with the computer (keyboard and mouse not working). I backed everything up and formated my hard drives for a fresh install.

I insert the XP sp1 (full version) into the drive and it finds the boot. press button to boot from CD and it checks the hardware.
Blue Screen says "Windows Setup"...then nothing

There is no error message nothing saying press f8 to accept. I tried in 2 different drives. I also have backup copies of my Win and Office disks and the same thing happens with the second disk.

I ran memtest86 and everything passed.
I installed Kubuntu and it is working flawlessly, the problem is my wife really would prefer windows.

Is there anything I can try?
Thanks for your help.


A:[SOLVED] Fresh WinXP install-blue screen with no error

Welcome to TSF....

If the keyboard and mouse are not PS/2 then you should replace them with the PS/2 units. You can install the USB units later.

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Every two to four days my computer gets a BSoD within 15 minutes of waking up or a fresh boot.
"Win32K.sys Page fault in non paged area..."
I've performed many multi-pass memory scans.
I've run Scan Disk (or checkdisk I'm not sure which... maybe both.)
I've updated all of my drivers. (And re-checked for updates. I used SlimDrivers to check for updates.)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12278 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1211772 MB, Free - 875621 MB; I: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 731539 MB; L: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 911633 MB;
Motherboard: DELL Inc., 0X501H
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled


A:Solved: Blue Screen (BSoD) after Fresh Boot & Sleep

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I have an older Dell laptop (Inspiron 8600) that hangs on a blank blue screen after loading xp (not BSOD). The blue screen shows a cursor that I can move around, but I can't do anything else from there.

When I try to boot it in safe mode, it hangs on the safe mode screen, but no taskbar or anything else shows up. Nothing happens if I press the start button on the keyboard (so it is not just that the taskbar is hidden).

Any ideas about the problem?

A:Computer Hangs on Blue Screen (not BSOD)

Hello Label. Anything for th blue screen here. Hangs on Blue Screen &ei=UTF-8
You could also follow this link for the task bar problem
Go to item 195 R/H column.
Good Luck.

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fresh install of win10 x64 pro from usb using the media creator tool.

First off, I upgraded from win7 to win10, and the freezes with black screens started.

I reformated, did a fresh install from USB, same thing happened.

I assumed it might have been a failing hard disk, so I stuck a new hard drive in the machine, and am getting the same results.

thanks for any help!

A:fresh win10 x64 pro install random freezing, black screen, no bsod

just happened again. I have this PC connected to a TV via HDMI.

when the freeze occurs, i can tell I lose control of inputs (mouse/keyboard) and the screen turns black for a couple of seconds, returns for an instant (again frozen), and then goes black. audio seems to continue, but bugged out. the hard drive activity light stays solid. when the hard drive activity light stops, so does the audio.

here is the latest collection
*also i notice google chrome seems to bug out on me. randomly certain tabs will not load, and remain all white, and not respond.

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Blue Screen - Hangs On Xp Logo Screen - No Safe Mode

Hello There, I Would Really Appreciate Any Help.

As Above, I Am Pretty Sure This Has Happened To Other People.

I Installed A New Programme Which Was Downloaded From Bit Torrent(i Am Thinking Now That It Must've Contained A Virus).

Blue Screen - Memory Dump
Rebooted And Now It Just Hangs On Windows Xp Logo Screen.

Tried To Boot Using Safe Mode But No Joy.

Also Tried To Use The Restore Disks And The Xp Disk Itself But It Would Not Boot From Those.

What Do I Do Now? I Dont Want To Format The Drive And Loose All My Files.

A:Blue Screen - Hangs On Xp Logo Screen - No Safe Mode

If it was unable to boot from the restore disk or XP disk, that indicates that the BIOS Boot Optios are not set to allow it to boot from the CD before the Hard Drive.

Enter the Bios at boot-up time and correct this.

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Hi, I have a copy of windows 7, 64 bit OEM on my desktop with the hardware of:
2 asus dvd burners,
1 TB seagate HDD
160 GB Seagate HDD
250 GB Samsung SSD

GEForce GTX 750 Ti GPU
Asrock p67 extreme4 gen3 motherboard
enermax platamax 750 PSU
Corsair H100i CPU Cooler
Intel core i7-3770k CPU

I plugged in a Western Digital 320 HDD and formatted it. the machine no longer powers off on it's own. I will shut the machine down (in OS) and the thing will hang on the shutting down screen. when I force it to shut down, via the power button, it powers off (of course) and the OS doesn't say anything about the shutdown... HELP.
No third party SATA Drivers,
All HDDs, and my SSD Check out
Memory is good, CMOS checks out
CHKDSK found nothing bad,
PSU checks out
and the machine doesn't shut down with any change in the USB devices.
Firmware on the SSD is newest...
still... to turn off the machine, I use the power switch on the PSU...

here's a video...

A:Windows 7 hangs on shutdown screen? BSOD on Update install?

I can't see if it says Shutting Down?

Can we see a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image?

Have you tried unplugging all other hard drives and peripherals to see if the problem persists? If so plug them back in one at a time to test each.

Test the HD with WD Data Lifeguard bootable flash stick

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I have a brand new build with Windows 8.1 freshly installed. Onboard graphics seem to work perfectly. I go to put in my old GTS 250, and it boots at a low resolution which is generally normal without drivers. I go and grab the latest stable Nvidia drivers. Installation completes and I restart my computer. I'm then greeted by a blue screen with a sad face telling me my computer can't boot.

Upon restart, it enters some sort of self-repair cycle, which--of course--is "unable to repair" my PC.

I throw in the 8.1 disc and proceed to do a manual startup repair. It fails.

I attempt to perform a system restore. It is frozen in the process of restoring for hours.

I format and reinstall Windows 8.1. I try using Windows Update instead of downloading the graphics drivers myself. After the first update completes and I restart my PC, I get the same blue-screen-sad-face message as before.

Is this a software or hardware issue? Any resources to point me in the right direction for remedying this situation would be greatly appreciated.

A:Blue "sad face" screen after installing Nvidia drivers on fresh Windows 8.1 install

Did you install the drivers (disk) that came with your motherboard.
Does your motherboard has the latest Bios installed.
Have you installed the lates microsift updates.

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I was messing around and switched HDD put in olD one back in and now it needs to be configured 

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My issue is a full system hang without BSOD (no mem dump). It seems to occur while playing Flash games, like Zynga Poker. Windows hangs completely, no cursor movement, no recovery. I let one hang sit for nearly an hour before hard-resetting.

O.S. - Windows 7 Professional SP1 (amd64)
HW age - Less than 1 year.
Planned reinstallation less than a week ago.
HW change previous to issue - Remove 500GB Seagate SATA drive, install 1TB WD SATA drive. Remove OCZ SSD as OS drive.

History of PC and issue.

The PC is a self built machine (specs in drop down) completed less than a year ago.
First installation of Windows ran without issue.
Second installation of Windows (to SSD) was temporary whilst I organized, consolidated and backed up my files from 4 HDDs. No issues.
Third installation (current install) on 8/13.
Starting on 8/15 the system suffered from a Hang while playing Zynga Poker with my son. Dismissed as a one-off issue.
8/16 I was spending time with my son teaching him about computer hardware and playing Zynga Poker with him the PC suffered an abrupt shutdown (immediate off).
After troubleshooting I found what appeared to be the culprit in a loose SATA power connection to my modular PSU (SeaSonic X650).
The immediate shutdowns ceased, but the hangs still occur.

What I have done (Troubleshooting and repair)
Full gamut of hardware diagnostics;HDD0 - WD Caviar Black SATA 3 500GB (OS Drive) - Checked and passed
HDD1 - WD Caviar Black SATA 2 1TB - Checked and passed
Me... Read more

A:[SOLVED] System hangs no BSOD, fresh install Windows 7

Things I have done to this point...

Downgrade to Flash 11.2 from 11.3.
Downgrade from IE9 to IE8
Run further HW tests to pinpoint any HW failures.
Ran multiple malware scans (MSE/ESET Online/MBAM)

All above steps did not resolve the issue.

Replace my newer SeaSonic X650 modular PSU with my old Corsare TX850.
Complete disassembly and re-build of my PC with physical inspection of each component.

I have yet to have a freeze/hang since replacing the PSU. I will give it a few days before I make any assumptions.

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My HP Pavilion a6232n PC had the blue screen error a lot so I factory reset it. After that, it wouldn't start anymore and hangs at a black screen with a blinking underscore after the HP logo. I tried to boot the windows vista recovery disk from the boot menu but it doesn't work. It still goes to the black screen whether I boot the cd or hard drive first.

EDIT: It sometimes displays "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". I don't have a system disk and I have read that the recovery disk can be used for it. When i put it in and press enter, it just has the black screen without the message anymore.

A:Computer hangs at black screen with underscore after factory reset

You may have a bad or corrupt hard drive. Have you checked that the hard drive is detected in the bios?

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Okay so I boot up my Computer and boot from my Windows 7 DVD, it starts loading Windows files then says 'Starting Windows' with the spinning orbs. Then, it just comes to this blue wallpaper: with my mouse, which I can freely move across my screen.

I currently have Windows XP installed, here are my custom-built Computer details:

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Processor
Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P nForce 630a Motherboard

I really want to get Windows 7 onto my new custom built computer, any help will be appreciated

A:Install disk hangs on blue wallpaper

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Just  tried starting computer and it says boot configure data file does t contain valid info. Tried several reset options but none worked 

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About two weeks ago I had a catastrophic failure of my X45 joy stick (Read: "I busted the throttle handle off my 6 year old unit"). Upgrading to the X52 pro was long over due, so I shopped around and ordered one. My machine is just over 6 months old and has been stable with my old config that entire time. I also have the Saitek flight Pro Yolk, and Saitek Pro rudder peddles. (I've also built a virtual cockpit, as an example of how serious a flyer I am.).
But with the addition of the X52 Pro stick I started to experience problems. It started where my flight sim, IL-2, would stutter. This progressed to desktop crashes, and now I'm getting Blue Screens of Death (BSOD), with the text "BAD_POOL_COLLECTOR". At first I was only getting these BSOD's while in IL-2, so I thought that piece of software was the problem. But now I am getting them from Aces High II as well. This told me that something else was the problem. I updated all the drivers and the SST software to the latest versions I pulled off your [Saitek's] website. But this did not resolve the issue. I then started to do some debugging on my own.
I gathered the info to read the memory dumps (Read the Debug Memory dump. and found that the problem was with the driver "SaiH0762.sys". When I looked up this driver I found out that it belongs to you guys [Saitek], so you get the first tech support email. To facilitate trouble shooting this tic... Read more

A:Vista 64 BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). Do I need to re-install?

I'm running Windows 7 64bit and I've also been having BSOD's whilst using my X52 Pro and after troubleshooting the issue it returned that SaiH0762.sys is most probably the cause of the issue.

I've had to reinstall my OS a couple of times due to getting a new HDD but the problem has persisted so I don't think a reinstall will fix your problem.

Looks like we're in the same boat.

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Hi! On one day, after starting my laptop it got a blue screen (BSOD). The problem was the atikmdag.sys (according to the BSOD). I tried everything online, but nothing helped. The only way I could reach the desktop without going to safe mode was deleting that certain file, but then the AMD graphics wouldn't work correctly. I gave up, so I started the HP Recovery, and because I didn't have any recovery points, I decided to set it back to factory settings, which reinstalls the windows with all the default factory drivers. And even after doing this I still get BSOD... and right now I can't even reach the desktop in Safe Mode, because at the first startup it runs the configuration setup (language, time etc.), which fails, so it restarts the laptop.  Is there a way to solve this? To be honest I'm thinking of reinstalling the whole thing with a Windows copy, which probably means that there won't be anymore factory settings option? (because it formats the whole HDD?)(I'm a student and I can get a copy of Windows for free)  This whole thing is very weird and seems unique, but even without a solution I would like to know what makes this.   Thank you -Ferenczi Balázs

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OS - Windows 7 64 Bit
? Age of system- 1 year
? Age of OS installation -1 year but just did a fresh reinstall today

? CPU: AMD Phenom2 Quad Core 3.2
? Video Card: XFX 5850 1GB
? MotherBoard: ASUS M4A87TD/USB3
? Power Supply: Corsair 750TX
? System Manufacturer: Custom Built

The other day my PC started shutting down out of nowhere while playing a PC game, once I got the blue screen of death-something about memory files....

Today I decided to do a fresh install of windows and while I was updating Battlefield BC2, my PC just randomly shut down. I started the install abck up and my PC went to 'sleep', came back and got an error that windows just recovered from a random shutdown, source: BlueScreen.

I believe I have attached everything as needed. While I wait, I will complete the other 3 steps...

A:Fresh Reformat, Blue Screen/Shutdown

AODDriver2.sys Wed Jun 15 04:38:35 2011 (4DF86F8B)
Remove AMD Overdrive as it can cause problems.

Please run these tests and report back the results
1. Memtest86 - Run for 7-8 passes - RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Forums
2. Prime95 - Run all three tests for 3-4 hours each or until fail -



Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Tue Oct 11 21:11:41.712 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:39:04.335
Probably caused by : hardware ( win32k!HmgInsertObject+35 )
BiosReleaseDate = 04/16/2010
SystemManufacturer = System manufacturer
SystemProductName = System Product Name
Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Tue Oct 11 20:32:04.135 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:33:19.384
Probably caused by : hardware
BUGCHECK_STR: 0x124_AuthenticAMD
BiosReleaseDate = 04/16/2010
SystemManufacturer = System manufacturer
SystemProductName = System Product Name

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Hi all,

I have an issue with my two year old 'state of the art' laptop. I attach the information needed. Can anyone please give me any tips?

I am facing the blue screen issue a few times every week. It's frustrating as I use notepad a lot and it does not auto save!

I troubleshooted with Dell and we found that all of the hardware is working fine and therefore must be a software issue.

Thank you very much for any assistance.

A:Blue Screen Issue After Fresh Installation

Yeah it's a driver issue according to the debugger, the driver you are using for your intel wifi device isn't the right one. (or is possibly corrupted somehow even if it is the right one)

You can try locating it yourself here
Intel Download Center (this would require knowing exactly which intel wifi device you have)

Or you can try using their auto detect tool
Intel? Driver Update Utility for wireless networking
p.s. debugger stuff for anyone that cares.

Probably caused by : netw5v64.sys ( netw5v64+5b7d )

Followup: MachineOwner

4: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is usually
caused by drivers using improper addresses.
If a kernel debugger is available get the stack backtrace.
Arg1: 0000000000000000, memory referenced
Arg2: 0000000000000002, IRQL
Arg3: 0000000000000000, bitfield :
bit 0 : value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
bit 3 : value 0 = not an execute operation, 1 = execute operat... Read more

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The rest of the error message is as follows:

*** STOP: 0x0000000A (0xFF1701F0, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804D9B64)

I've run the Intel utility which tested my drivers and they all seem to be ok. After backing up my data, I've now done three formats and fresh installs. I;m running XP Pro. I have gotten some great help here and I hope that someone can give me some direction. Keep in mind that I'm pretty much of a novice. Thanks in advance.

A:IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (Blue Screen following three fresh installs)

Did this computer ever work properly in the past? Were there any changes made to the hardware (Specifically the processor, memory or motherboard)? My memory isn't as great as it used to be when I was working as hands-on computer support but I would try running a memTest on your computers memory.Memtest link you do not want to download and run Memtest, I would suggest moving the memory into another slot(s) on the motherboard.

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So I just built a new computer. I put everything in perfectly and was very careful in the process. When I start of the computer I get the option to boot Windows normally or to do a system check. When I boot Windows normally it gets to the starting Windows screen then freezes. Soon after I get a quick flash of a blue screen, then the computer shuts off. When I do the system check it gets all the way up to a menu in which it gives me the option to do a factory reset. When I do the factory reset it says that something went wrong and it couldn't. I'm kinda trapped here, can you guys help me out? Btw I am using the hard drive from my old Hp pavilion on Windows 7.

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The internet was not working on my Toshiba laptop, all connections were fine, I pinged my IP address, reinstalled drivers and nothing worked. I had just about had it so I decided to restore the computer to factory settings because system restore never ever works for me. Disc 1 processed and I put disc 2 in; after ten minutes I get the blue screen of death. I decided to try it again and the same thing happened! What do I do next, I really need to get this laptop back up and running until I can afford a new one. Please help. Thank you!

A:Factory restore and blue screen of death

Hello lex72, and welcome to Bleeping Computer!!

Forgive me, but you will have to elaborate a bit more on your problem so that we can help you fix it. Your post isn't very descriptive, and it's hard to figure out what you are working with or what you are trying to do.

What Toshiba model laptop do you have?

What Operating System are you running, and what disk(s) have you used?

Are you trying to reinstall the Operating System, or repair an old one?

Please help us to help you, and give some history on what you have done so we can better target the problem and help you fix it faster.


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Hey guys i really need some help, Blue screen keeps coming up and programs keep shutting down, any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Blue Screen error after factory reset

I had to write and attach that thread 5 different times because firefox kept closing, any help would be appreciated guys, thanks.
My system info is just under my name on the left, and my OS was pre-installed when i bought the computer late 08".

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My computer had been blue screening at random times for almost... 4-5 months so I finally had enough and just reformatted the whole thing yesterday and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7.

Within like 40 minutes to an hour without having installed anything except google chrome and the ethernet drivers and then letting the computer sit there and run, it BSOD.

BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80002C06DD3
BCP3: FFFFF880031A18D8
BCP4: FFFFF880031A1130
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Then it BSOD looped a few more times until it finally loaded Windows 7 up again. I left it on overnight to see if it would BSOD again. Sure enough, checked it this morning and it was turned off. Turned it on and I had this message:

BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80002E09DD3
BCP3: FFFFF880031BD8D8
BCP4: FFFFF880031BD130
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Please help! Getting 2-4 BSOD a day and sometimes getting stuck in BSOD loops for hours for the last few months is honestly terrible

A:Solved: Blue Screen On Fresh Windows 7 Installation

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My computer was continuously shutting down and restarting and occasionally displaying the blue screen of death. I continued to delete recently installed programs, ran computer scans with Norton 360, but the problems continued. I finally decided that I was just going to restore the computer back to original factory settings. Since I didn't have any disks, I ordered them through HP as they said that it would fix my problems.

However, after attempting to restore with the factory disks (Disk 1, Disk 2, and the supplemental disk) and following the included directions perfectly, my computer would attempt to restart but would only show the "Blue scree of Death" with a variety of reasons, including "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" and "BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER." I attempted to restore in both the boot mode and Factory Settings mode with no luck. My recent attempt won't even download the entire content of the disks as it pops up with the Blue screen of death with only 20% of the download complete.

The computer won't start normally at all, so I can't download or upload anything.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

A:can't restore to factory settings, get blue screen of death

What windows do you have?

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Okay, so I’m suppose to be able to fix most of the problems on my laptop since I do not consider myself a newbie, but now I am stumped! I own an Acer TravelMate 8204. This has been a dream machine, until now.

On Old Years Night, a two year old hit on power switch on my laptop while it was starting up… and turned it off… when I saw this I turned it back on and it started to do a scan disk… then the child pressed down the button again, I was in such shock I could not move…

Since then, windows won’t start fully… it gets passed the black screen with the Windows XP logo and then goes to a blue screen with the XP logo in the middle… the one that comes up while XP is starting up your setting. And it stays there, I have left it on for almost 24 hours hoping it will get past it… nothing.

Tried “safe mode” restore to last…

I can not reinstall windows cause I will lose some artwork I am working on for clients for the past two weeks…

A:HELP!!! XP hangs on blue xp screen???

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Hello my name is Tasos.
As title says i had (so far 3 in a row) blue screens and pc hanging. So i had to restart from case button. These blue screens occured every 10 minutes while i was playing csgo
The event viewer showed the following
(1) The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x000000ea (0xffffe000156be880, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: .
(2) The Service KMSELDI service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).
The (1) happened 2 times in a row and then the (2) happened
I ran cmd as admin and did a sfc/ scannow and it came out with this results:
"Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them"
I have the results in a notepad file let me know if i should post it here
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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When I try to power PC running Windows NT 4.0 it hangs at a blue screen and this message appears: Restart and set recovery options in the system control panel or the crashdebug system start option.

Can anyone please explain why this is happening?

Many thanks for your assistance.

A:PC hangs at blue screen

I found this MS Tid but I do not know how helpful it will be:

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When the computer first boots up it stops at the blue Windows ?Welcome? screen and freezes before it gets to the point where one clicks on what user to log in as. It usually just stops at this point. Sometimes it beeps. Sometimes a message shows up saying that there is too little virtual memory and that there was a problem with the paging file. Despite much searching, how to fix the problem or what it is has me perplexed. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Below are some details of what I know.

After the computer gets stuck as described above if I press Ctrl + Alt +Delete the computer continues to the desktop. However, the computer is very slow and if I start up Process Explorer, which I downloaded from Microsoft?s website, it shows Hardware Interrupts and DPCs taking up large amounts of the CPUs capacity and one can hear the hard drive busily working.

Some basic information: we have a Dell Dimension 4550, running Microsoft Window XP Professional, Ver. 2002, Service Pack 3. Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, 1.0 GB of RAM.

When I go to check on the page file for the computer?s virtual memory the computer says that Windows created temporary paging file because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started the computer. Even so it only shows a 256K page file. It does show the setting that I had previously input to correct the problem: 2 GB minimum, 3 GB max. but it doesn?t create the paging file as previously directed. I am wondering if that re... Read more

A:Hangs up at blue Welcome screen

The Long Seatools test would have marked any bad sectors and moved the data off of them to good sectors. Your paging file was probably on some bad sectors. So now you will have to reset it. This will allow your HDD to work a little longer, but we strongly suggests you backup any files you want to keep (not programs) to an external HDD or DVD's and replace the HDD.
As for the paging file, go to Start/Run and type sysdm.cpl and press enter. Under Performance, click Settings button, go to the Advanced tab, Virtual Memory/Change. Set the paging file to System Managed. If you have another drive with more free space, save the paging file to that drive.
The RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget is a USB wireless dongle. install the driver from the included CD or remove the USB gadget.

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Hello everyone. I'm new the the forums here (as in just registered), but I need some help please. Basically after attempting to open firefox today (as I have probably over 20 times a day for the last year at least), I received a blue screen of death, and now my computer seems to be shot. I know how difficult it is to diagnose something without being able to see it, so I made a short little 4 min video of me trying to turn it on and what it does. Hopefully this has happened to at least someone before.

Blue Screen of Death - YouTube

A:[SOLVED] BSOD help. Blank screen after BIOS pop up and blue screen while trying to re


From the video you provided (which is great, by the way)... your system is failing to POST. Essentially if the system detects that a device or component is failing to provide the accurate information, which ensures that it would then be safe to run, the system will not POST.

From the looks of it, your hard drive or memory appears to be the issue which is the issue in most of the cases like this as you're BSOD'ing right after loading the Windows disc and after it loads the files necessary for the install.

My current advice:

1. Clear / reset the CMOS and try booting up and or loading the disc again.

2. If possible using another system, possibly a laptop... etc, download and run Memtest86+ -



Download Memtest86+ here:


Which should I download?

You can either download the pre-compiled ISO that you would burn to a CD and then boot from the CD, or you can download the auto-installer for the USB key. What this will do is format your USB drive, make it a bootable device, and then install the necessary files. Both do the same job, it's just up to you which you choose, or which you have available (whether it's CD or USB).

How Memtest works:

Memtest86 writes a series of test patterns to most memory addresses, reads back the data written, and compares it for errors.

The default pass does 9 different tests, varying in access patterns ... Read more

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This can happen at any time for me (including when I was re-installing windows in an attempt to fix the problem... did not go well ) but more often than not happens during web-browsing and especially when watching youtube vids. I'm going to assume it has something to do with my graphics card as the blue screen does not actually come up... instead the screen goes black and then I have to restart the computer. Anyways upon boot up and log in I get a windows message that tells me that windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown ect.. and the numbers are:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 85AA3510
BCP2: 93218A5E
BCP3: C000009A
BCP4: 00000004
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

A:BSOD - Screen goes black and upon restart tells me I got a blue screen

Have you activated your Win 7?

Fully and completely update your Win7. Afterwards, I'll be asking you to submit a file which will show me all of the installed updates.

The update procedure will take qute a period of time since you do not have SP1 installed. This means there are updates to get you up to SP1 and then there about 100 updates post-SP1.

Change settings (left-hand column) |
checkmark all four of the boxes | OK button

Approve any dialog boxes presented. Let Windows install any update features.

WIN is the key with the Microsoft flag on top.

Check for Updates (left-hand column)
Install ALL critical updates.
Restart your computer (even if not prompted)

Repeat this procedure until there are no more critical updates.

DO NOT TRUST the ?Windows is up to date? in center of dialog. until you see that TWICE IN A ROW!

Use the ?critical update? procedure until all important updates are installed.

Under Optional updates you will be presented with:
a) Microsoft Bing Desktop which is of questionable value
b) a list of about 34 language updates.

You can hide those updates so that aren't continually notified of those updates.
When you click on 34+ optional updates are available, then you
a) highlight all of the language updates,
b) right-click anywhere in the highlighted list.
c) click... Read more

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hi there

hope someone has the time to assist me.

im attempting to fix 2 pcs for a friend. he says they both seem to blue screen / hang at random times. i have asked him questions about what he was doing at the time of crash but he cannot be sure what he was doing. are there programs that can find out when and how a pc crashed therefore pointing users in the right direction to fix the problem?

if someone could reply with instructions to fix these problems i will surely perform them and report back with results.

kind regards,


A:Blue screen errors / hangs etc.

Hi cmdornan,Please only use one question per machine, the problem on one may be totaly different to the other and as your friend can't remember when or how the problem started it may be unrelated.Please try a couple of these free online scanners to see if anything has slipped by your protection:(Be advised that some of these scanners will pickup things in "quarantine" from other anti-virus programs - so review the results carefully) Scan Only - no removalIf you find that you're infected (or the scan doesn't complete or closes unexpectedly), post in the Am I Infected forum located here:, The weatherman

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I don't know if this is the right forum, if not tell me where to post. My computer screen keeps turning blue and slightly distorted. It starts and stops this withoutwarning making colors hard to distinguish. I've tried virus scan and adware scans and am clean. Any idea what to do?

A:Screen turns blue, hangs

sounds like either a video driver problem or your monitor is about to kick it.

What kind of video card do you use? Is it a video card that came with the PC?

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Daughter's Samsung laptop.

Performance was r e a l l y slow and getting slower.
Did a fresh W7 install.
Worked well for a while but with occasional delays. Then progressively worse. Now a boot into safe mode may take an hour to complete.

Obviously this makes diagnostics extremely painful. I checked the HDD before the install and recall it had a bad sector that was repaired. Unfortunately this laptop requires disassembly to replace the HDD. (WHY do they do that!?) Since the issue happens even when stone cold, I don't think its heat related.

Looking for suggestions and a place to start.

A:Fresh install - black screen

Startup Repair

Repair Action: System files integrity check
Result: Failed. Error Code : 0x490
Time taken: 980654ms

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I got the occasional blue screen of death before, so I reset to factory settings. It didn't help, and may have made the issue even worse, though I haven't used the computer much since I just got a laptop. I have windows 7 64 bit. I had gotten the haplii virus (which redirects my google searches to a different site, it later changed to link to a different site instead) and failed to remove that completely, so I am not sure if that could be causing it or no.

I have tested the hard drive and RAM (using the built-in windows 7 memory utility, not memtest, as I have no blank CDs), and it isn't that.

A:Blue Screen of Death errors continue after restoring factory settings

Start by updating the "NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller" and the "NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet" driver.

Also Install SP1 and replace McAfee with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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I had to reinstall XP Home after a blue screen of death (BSOD) incident. Also reinstalled all Microsoft updates since the reinstall CD was a year old. The reinstall seemed to work fine.

Since that time, however, any attempt to Switch Users through the Start|Log Off routine and the welcome screen ("Fast User Switching") hangs the computer to another BSOD. The Logoff routine works fine up until I reach the welcome screen, but clicking on the different user gets the BSOD that says, "Windows is shuitting down to prevent damage to your computer." The file named in the BSOD is

wpfb_ia1mrnt5.dll; the address listed is BF0011F5 base at BF000000.

I can "switch" users by powering down and rebooting as the different user, but cannot fast-switch in any direction (ie from Adminsitrator-rights account to Limited User or vice-versa). Fast-switching worked flawlessly before the reinstall. I checked and the "Use Welcome Screen" and "Enable Fast Switching" boxes are both checked.

Dell 4300, 256MB.

See also a related thread about inability to delete user account.

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Okay, I have an HP desktop running Visto Home Premium. Specs are below. I usually have my computer in sleep mode when not in use, but yesterday when I pressed the sleep button, the computer seems to be doing it's thing when suddenly it goes back to the desktop. Then, strange anomalies start to happen, like my taskbar going crazy. I don't even know how to describe it...

Since I can't get my computer to restart either, I manually shut it down via the power button. When I go to turn it back on, you would expect the "your comp did not shut down properly" screen to appear, but no. That screen never appears. It hangs at the blue HP screen (right after showing me installed cpu, etc etc at start-up). The only way I can actually get to the desktop is to constantly press the "boot options" key (forget which one that is) that appears as one of the options on this blue HP screen. If I enter the boot options menu, then press F4 to exit the menu, my sign-in screen appears. The password entry does not appear, it just shows the wallpaper/background. I have to hit enter to get the "invalid password" message, then the password entry finally comes up and I can access my computer like normal again.

I hope I went into this with enough detail, because that is all I got lol. Any help would be greatly greatly greatly appreciated!

System Information
Time of this report: 8/30/2009, 12:40:38
Machine name: BRIANKBL-PC
... Read more

A:Vista hangs at blue HP screen at start-up!

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I recently completed some cleanup with sUBs. Went about loading Norton AV 2006 and Zone Alarm to keep things running clearn, but ran into a problem with BSOD about every 3rd reboot. Uninstalled Zone Alarm and still had BSOD's until ultimately I couldn't successfully boot normally at all. Hangs occur when wallpaper is up, desktop icons are painted, and systray starts to get loaded. Used ERUNT to roll back to previous registry, but now still consistently get the hangs. Below are some sampe STOP error info from the BSOD, as well as a current HJT log. At this time, Norton AV 2006 is still loaded, but Zone Alarm is supposedly uninstalled.

Several STOP errors from BSODs:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000002, 0x80533EC6, 0x0AA0EF3C0, 0x00000000)

STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000002, 0x80533EC6, 0x0AA3D93C0, 0x00000000)

STOP: 0x0000008E (0x0000002, 0x80533EC6, 0x0A9C40584, 0x00000000)

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 21:08, on 06-09-03
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = Read more

A:Hangs at boot, sometimes blue screen of death

There are still traces of zone alarm in this machine.

Try uninstalling Norton - reboot- reinstall zone alarm- reboot - uninistall zone alarm

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Yesterday I was installing Nero on my PC, and after a few of the steps it was taking extra long time so I thought it had crashed. I turned off my computer by holding in the power button and turned the computer back on. Now, the PC just sits at a blue screen with the Windows XP logo that comes up after the boot screen and just before the logon screen should appear.

I cannot do anything when this happens apart from turn the computer off. I have tried restarting in Safe Mode, and "Last Known Configuration that Worked" but still the same happens. I really need to get back on the computer as I have tons of work, portfolios etc that I need to get back working on etc. Also this is a reason why I cannot reinstall Windows/format the hard drive etc. I do not have a Windows XP CD to to anything with that by the way.

Thank you in advance

A:Windows hangs at blue XP logo screen

Sorry but you need the windows xp cd.

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Well not "the" blue screen. But the computer hangs right after I log in from XP. I've tried using MSConfig to turn off several things, but nothing seems to help. It happens on all users. The odd thing is that if I let it go for awhile and then reset the system, it boots with no problem at all.

I thought it might be a bad CMOS battery, but that's all I could come up with. The system is "clean" of all spyware and viruses.

Any help or ideas much appreciated.


A:XP Boot Problem - Log in, then hangs with blue screen

You say "after I log in from XP", are you using a dual-boot system?

Please give us more details about your system, so that we can better help you.

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I am currently having an issue with my PC and when I shut it down it hangs on "shutting down" and sometimes when browsing I get a blue screen and my PC restarts.

Do I need a new hard drive, or ram?

Thanks in advance.

A:PC Hangs On Shutdown and has blue screen crashing

Hey, you can start with a clean startup - Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Also follow Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi everyone,

I’m new here and just spent a few hundred dollars upgrading my PC only to be plagued by instability and the BSOD, and quite frequently, at that. Here’s my story:

Have had this PC for about 2 years now (and worked like a charm: never any problems whatsoever). The original specs were:
-Windows XP Pro (SP2)
-SONATA case with SMART 450 watt PSU
-Amd 64 3000
-Nforce A8N-E Motherboard
-MSI 6600GT 128 mb
-1 x 512mb pc3200 samsung ddr400 DIMM
-120 gig drive

After the first year, I upgraded the GPU to a EVGA 7900GT. No problems. No crashes, etc. Then, shortly after that, I decided to put another stick of the same OEM Samsung ram in for a total of 1 gig. Ran like a charm, no problems. Then, just a few days ago, I decided to get that last final performance boost out of the system (before having to upgrade entirely) by purchasing a new OEM AMD x2 3800 CPU and another 2 sticks of the Samsung ram and an Enermax FMAII PSU (ATX 12V).
New specs:

Mainboard : Asus A8N-E
Chipset : nVidia nForce4
Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2000 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (4 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 7900 GT
Hard Disk : ST3120827AS (120 GB)
Hard Disk : ST3320620AS (320 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Monitor Type : Samsung SyncMaster - 17 inches
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
DirectX : Version 9.0c (November 2006)

After all these new hardware components were ad... Read more

A:blue screen of death & system hangs

Any ideas anyone?
I know BSOD questions must be boring over and over again.

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Yesterday I was installing Nero on my PC, and after a few of the steps it was taking extra long time so I thought it had crashed. I turned off my computer by holding in the power button and turned the computer back on. Now, the PC just sits at a blue screen with the Windows XP logo that comes up after the boot screen and just before the logon screen should appear.

I cannot do anything when this happens apart from turn the computer off. I have tried restarting in Safe Mode, and "Last Known Configuration that Worked" but still the same happens. I really need to get back on the computer as I have tons of work, portfolios etc that I need to get back working on etc. Also this is a reason why I cannot reinstall Windows/format the hard drive etc. I do not have a Windows XP CD to to anything with that by the way.

Thank you in advance

A:Windows hangs at blue XP logo screen!

Unfortunately without a Windows cd, we cannot assist in resolving your issue, I would suggest Perform a Repair Installation which requires a Windows cd.

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Here is what I think happened. First of all I have a gateway M285 (tablet pc). Anyway I left the room with my laptop on battery power. After I came back I pluged it in and turned it on and noticed it was taking forever to load windows (just hung on splash screen). After awhile it just gives me a blue screen that said something about 0x0000003 STOP error I believe. I have a hunch that the computer was installing Windows Updates when it died. Could have that corrupted some system32 files? Since my pc is a tablet and belongs to my college I have no windows xp cd except my addition from my desktop....however I tried to run recovery mode but it does't recognize my sata drive. Right now I'm running ubuntu (linux) on it from a cd. I did end up mounting my drive (with windows on it). However I'm not sure where the problem lies. Is there anything I can do in Linux to fix the problem? Is there a recovery option that works for sata drives? Anything...would be helpful.

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Hi everyone,

I recently did a fresh install with windows 7, and have encountered a problem with screen resolution. Before, the resolution was 1024 x 786 but was very clear.

However, upon reinstalling the resolution is set to 1024 x 786 but is blurry.I'm using a compaq presario v5000, and have tried to install a new driver for the standard vga adapter but so far have had no luck.

I'm not very clued in with this aspect of computers, so I may have missed out on something very basic.Any help is appreciated.


A:A problem with fresh install and screen resolution

Your system spec's would be helpful, and Welcome to SevenForums

Video card drivers, monitor drivers are two possibilities with more info we may be able to help

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I've a new mobo and PSU , gen copy win8.1 + key
the installation gets as far as :
copying files,
getting files ready for installation
installing features
installing updates

1st reboot
getting devices ready
getting ready

2nd reboot

sign into microsoft account

setting up account
Hi welcome .. then it starts:

reboot, tries to get to login screen, reboot, reboot

Recovery screen

Attempt repairs, restore, reset ,

Nada, Niet

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OK, here is how it goes. I did a fresh install of win7 Home Premium. Completely deleted the partitions and started over from scratch. Installed all the necessary drivers from OEM website. And also, did updates.. All 125 I think.!! ugh!
Well, I turn on computer, and it starts up, goes thru splash; Windows 7 Logo comes together, Then it does its lil flash that it does, Then screen acts like its about to take me to my login window or desktop, but no, keep looking at screen and u see it turn off. The reason I say that is, you can kinda see the black in the screen change.
Now to bring Lappy back up, I have to push the power button, which puts the complete lappy into sleep mode, then HIT power again, and voila, I have my login screen.! Why is this, I don't know, I don't know if this started after the first batch of updates which was 114, or the second batch. My resolution would have to be reinstalling the whole OS all over again! ( I really don't want to)..
Before posting on here, I went ahead and restarted my lappy, these are the errors I get.

Computer started ~1:33p.. At 1:36 this is what I still see on my screen.

As you can see above, screen is off, but lappy is still on.. All lights are green!

Well I went ahead and slept the lappy, then woke it back up. And I get these in my Event log under Windows logs>>Application.

Activation context generation failed for "C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc80.mfc_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.762_none_0c178a139ee2a7ed\MFC80 .... Read more

A:Screen Sleep on Boot/Fresh Install/

If you have just installed windows, I would start over and see if the problem continues. I cant even keep count anymore of how many times i have had a faulty installation of windows (any version). sometimes three times in a row. and it goes much further than just windows.

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Hi guys,
So I downloaded something that I believe had a virus in it, and it caused me to begin getting the Blue screen of death with the above error code and driver file.

So I factory reset, but I don't think it wiped all the files, because I am still getting the screen.

I uninstalled the driver associated with the file (Intel Mobile Express Chip set SATA RAID Controller) and that didn't fix it.

I've also tried to run the diagnostic in the BIOS menu and that hasn't fixed it (and it often blue screens while its running).

I want to factory reset it for real, which I suspect it didn't do because I was running it through dell datasafe. I was running the reset that way because, due to another (since fixed) issue, I factory reset my computer about a month ago. Since then it hasn't made any restore points (not sure how that happened) and it was telling me there was nothing to restore from.

I'm on a dell xsp 14 ultrabook running 64 bit windows 7, so I don't have a disk drive, and I don't have an external one, either. I do have a pretty large external hard drive, so if I needed to run something off of that I could.

The blue screen is happening more and more frequenrly and I'm worried it will stop working all together soon.

If anyone can help me, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.

PS I will upload my minidump info shortly.

A:Blue Screen Error 0x7e driver iaStor.sys not fixed after factory reset

Here's the blue screen info. Thanks

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Hello BC stuff:I have Inspiron 1520 Dell laptop. Recently when i try to turn off Windows XP professional-SP2, it hangs at the "Windows is shutting down" screen. I have to manually turn off the laptop by pressing the power button. When i restart the laptop right away, i got a blue screen (blank desktop with no icons). I press CTRL-ALT DELETE to shut down the laptop. I usually get a normal restart and normal shutdown when i try for the third time. Please adviceThanks ALOTKhaloudaPS: Please note that in Mid November 2008, i had an issue with my laptop (Blank desktop with no icons). I posted the problem and got help in this Thread: November, i did not have the problem of windows hanging during shut down.

A:Windows XP-SP2 hangs during Shut down & Blue screen at Restart!

Here's an outstanding shutdown troubleshooter:

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I have an HP pavilion ze4102 with Windows XP Home installed on it. I believe it's SP 1, but I don't know for sure. At some point in time it stopped booting to the login screen and now it consistently hangs at the Blue Windows XP splash page.

I have created a recovery console CD and have created a BOOTLOG CONFIG boot so that I could get the ntbtlog.txt file.

I have rebooted several times and I consistently get the following as the last line of the ntbtlog.txt file:

Loaded driver \??\C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\NAVAP.SYS

I've done a number of Google searches to try to find out how to recover from this but don't see anything that helps yet. The size of navap.sys is consistent with what it is on 76% of XP systems according to one web page I found.

I'd appreciate any suggestions as for how to proceed to resolve this problem and get my laptop to boot again.

Thank you in advance,


A:XP Home hangs at blue Windows XP splash screen

If you can boot into safemode (repeatedly press F8 after turning on until menu) then there is most likely a problem with a system driver not working right.

I think, and someone will know better than me, in the F8 menu you can do a step by step load of drivers, if safemode booted fine then try this. Through process of elimination, say no to each different driver loading until you find the one that is causing the problem. The try to fix after a successful boot or in safemode.

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Running XP SP2. I've been having this trouble for quite along time now which is that Windows just freezes on the windows is shutting down blue screen and will stay there until I maually shut down. I understand quite alot of people have this trouble and I've ried most of the suggestions they have been given eg. turning off sound affects for shutdown, disabling all startup items, windows updates off (& have always been), checking all my drivers, and the problem persists. My computer will also not start in safe mode.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Won't shut down and hangs on 'Windows is shutting down' blue screen.
would install sp3 first then post back

look in task manger before shutting down on off chance a programe is running you did not expect

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after solving this problem:how to make device manager detect my graphics card? my laptop is frequently crashing(blue screen) and severely hanging(very easily)

laptop details: M11x R2 Specs & Latest News | Alienware | The Verge
please help

A:laptop hangs and crashes(blue screen) very frequently

Please follow - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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UGH, this is a brand new 1 week old Acer laptop.

This morning it tells me it has recovered from a serious error, but after about 5 minutes of seemingly normal usage, it briefly flashed some kind of blue screen error (no way in hell I could read it)..

Now it is constantly asking for a chkdsk, I let it run and all appears OK... but when I get to the login screen the display starts to look weird like there are lines running through it, and it promptly flashes the same blue screeen and starts all over again.

I have been able to briefly get into safe mode, tried a system restore but when I went to reboot the processes started all over again. PLEASE NOTE that getting into safe mode takes some patience.... it hangs FOREVER when loading the agpCPQ.sys driver, and sometimes just goes ahead and reboots on it's own.. TWICE so far today I have managed to get into safe mode, but only for a few minutes before it reboots and starts over.

Um.. what else.. OH I ran a windows update last night, how ironic!!! I am right now trying to get into safe mode to see if I can unistall it.

I have NO WINDOWS XP DISK (I am running XP Pro) but I do have an acer recovery disk... but of course I do not want to run it unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.

The laptop is not overheating... um..... I disabled my video drivers before a reboot (one of the few times I was able to get into safe mode).

I cannot think of anything else.. other than the fact that I am on my old desktop, I do NOT have a floppy drive o... Read more

A:Blue Screen, hangs at agpcpq.sys, ever since windows update (XP Pro)

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Hi, I've tried a lot of things but nothing is working, I would greatly appreciate any help. About two months ago a blue screen would come up and then shut my computer down, which I've been able to work around. Now, not sure if it's connected, but it's not reading my cd drive (won't eject or read it in my burner), disk defragmenter says "Disk Defragmenter could not start", and check disk says "Windows was unable to complete the disk check." I've tried some things I've found on the web including running check disk from cmd which ran but didn't change anything; the volume came back not dirty, and I checked the logical manager and all in the services section. Thank you for your time.

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This video shows pretty much what it looks like. Just installed Windows 7 on a different computer, and that's the screen I get when I turn on the computer now. CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing, though the little buttons in the corners do work.

A:Black Login Screen, fresh Windows 7 install

Also: Booting to safe mode does not work either. Get the same screen.

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fresh installation of windows XP Media Center Edition to my pc and now i have a pink screen.. light pink. ive tried checking connections. unpluging everything and pluging it back in. taken video card out cleaned it put it back in. degaussing it. any other suggestions?

A:Solved: Fresh Install of windows XP MCE Pink Screen?!?!?!!

Your OS is XP; the easiest thing to start with is a System Restore.

You speak 1337 so I hope I judge accurate when I assume you have an intermediate understanding of computers

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I see what the problem is, your caps lock is broken on your keyboard
Take the CD out and wipe it of any smudges etc, examine for hairline scratches. Try the disc on another computer. If it does not go any further on another computer then the disc is bad. If it starts up, then you will need to use a different CD drive in that computer. You can also create a new CD using your XP disc and nLite

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Hello, this past month ive been getting issues with my computer. I'll be playing a game, ANY Game and randomly i will get a black screen, During the black screen i can still hear the backround but after around 2-5 secs it stops and all i hear is a buzzing sound. That was happening to me so i reinstalled windows thinking my issue would be fixxed. I did that, updated my bios, updated ALL MY drivers, disabled c-state in my bios and i still crash like that, Its out of hand to the point where im afraid to play games.Ill show you guys my event log, Also its not creating a dump file. and

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I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. My my laptop is about 6 months old with 8gb RAM.

I have recently done a fresh install and ever since then I'm getting random screen freezes (it never happened before fresh install)... the mouse, keys, ctrl alt delete etc.wont respond and the only way out is to hold down power and restart.

I thought it could be a RAM problem but I have checked with memtest with no problems found. I have also scanned with malwarbytes antimalware with nothing found.

Can anyone give me any advice.

Many thanks.

A:Random screen freeze after Windows 7 fresh install.

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hello, i'm trying to fix a problem from my windows 7 install. right now at startup, the windows load screen comes up for about five minutes, followed by a black screen with just a cursor. i left it like this while i was at work today and nothing's happened. the only thing i can do is hit shift five times, which gives me a sticky keys popup. neither option i select from there does anything.

i first started the install on saturday and have gone through two installs, each taking about six hours to complete. from the first install i was getting the same problem, but before the install even completed. on the second install, i was able to boot to the desktop.

everything was working fine, but very slowly. i had bought eight gigs of ram to upgrade from my previous four, so i shut down and installed it. on the next startups i got a blue screen labeled bad_system_config_info. i then took out two of the sticks, leaving one each in the a1 and b1 slots on the motherboard. no more blue screen, but it did suggest i check for startup errors based off the blue screens i suppose. i let that start and run while i slept, but when i woke up it was still going. so i restarted before i left for work, and the black screen is my current issue.

since coming home today, i tried the startup error check from the dvd (worked and found nothing) and also the memory test.

that's the rundown of my install problems. let me list my hardware specs:

asus p5n32-sli se deluxe motherboard
seagate 7... Read more

A:black screen/cursor on startup from fresh install of 7

Hi you can try this

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Hello, this past month ive been getting issues with my computer. I'll be playing a game, ANY Game and randomly i will get a black screen, During the black screen i can still hear the backround but after around 2-5 secs it stops and all i hear is a buzzing sound. That was happening to me so i reinstalled windows thinking my issue would be fixxed. I did that, updated my bios, updated ALL MY drivers, disabled c-state in my bios and i still crash like that, Its out of hand to the point where im afraid to play games.Ill show you guys my event log, Also its not creating a dump file. and

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Dell Inspiron 518
Running Vista Home 32 Bit

On start up, after the Welcome screen I get a lite blue screen for about 60 seconds before the desktop and icons show up.
I'm NOT talking about the blue screen of death.
Computer will boot up ok and run fine after the lite blue screen.

Have done all of the basic troubleshooting. Virus scan, malwarebytes, ccleaner , checking startup items , etc.

Just very annoying having to wait for the extra minute for the thing to boot.

Also have run the Dell Diagnostic program. No luck with any of these getting it to go away.

Any suggestions ???


A:Lite Blue Screen after Welcome Screen (not BSOD)

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As of late my PC has been going very slow, stuttering, freezing for a minute occasionally, and sometimes when I restart I get a disk read error that requires me to turn the PC off and on again. I ran check disk using command prompt, it got to 12% before it said it had found corrupt files, now it gets up to 37% verification before it finds corrupt files but cannot repair them.

I tried running system repair from the windows 7 disk, but it fails. I've used western digital to run tests on my hard drive, but there were no problems found.

dont know how to fix this now, i've been told its probably the hard drive failing but the scan says otherwise. I can really tell how it takes a lot longer to boot up, log in, even open internet browser takes a lot longer than before.

help appreciated

A:Check disk failing, disk read errors, blue screen, computer going slow

Are you running the Western Digital Data Lifeguard CD ISO (extract first) burned to CD using WIndows Image burner, then booted to run the Extended Scan? This should give you a definitive diagnosis of the HD, which appears from the Disk CHeck to be failing.

If the HD checks out I would do is try a perfect test Clean Reinstall to the same or another HD to know for sure.

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I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, fresh on a brand new PC build.

Mobo is MSI Computer Corp. Motherboard ATX DDR3 1333 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z87-G41 PC MATE.

Vid Card: EVGA 02G-P4-3751-KR G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Video Card

As 7 was installing, each time it would auto reboot, but it would never boot back to bios, nothing. The monitor's light would change from green to yellow, like it can't see anything (like it normally does on a reboot). The PC would still be running, but after waiting around 5 minutes, I realized nothing is going to happen. I kept watching the processor light on the unit to see if any activity is happening, but nothing. From what I can tell, it just isn't booting back in.

If I hard boot it it (hold power and completely shut down) then repower, it picks back up and boots in fine. After downloading all my video card drivers and having to reboot for about the 4th time and still nothing, I had enough.

Anyone ever seen this or know where to point at helping me figure this out?

A:Screen goes blank each time I reboot (fresh Windows 7 install)

Wipe the hard drive of all code first from the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums.

If this doesn't help then there may be hardware problems. Try resetting the BIOS to defaults, check all cable connections are secure.

You can also try running from boot disk with HD unplugged which will eliminate not only the OS but also the HD as suspect. Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup - Windows 7 Forums

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Hey i just did a fresh install of windows 7 , everything works perfect till the end. But when my computer restarts nothing shows up just a blank screen with cursor blinking on it :s. .. I reinstalled Windows 7 couple of times but its still the same.

When i connect this hard drive to my other desktop it works totally fine there. Windows start up & works like a charm but not on the other system.

Help would be much appreciated

A:Blank Screen with cursor blinking after fresh install of Windows 7 no

Quote: Originally Posted by mooodey

Hey i just did a fresh install of windows 7 , everything works perfect till the end. But when my computer restarts nothing shows up just a blank screen with cursor blinking on it :s. .. I reinstalled Windows 7 couple of times but its still the same.

When i connect this hard drive to my other desktop it works totally fine there. Windows start up & works like a charm but not on the other system.

Help would be much appreciated

Might be as simple as a video driver.

We could use your system specs


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Hi eveyrone I've looked for an answer to my problem on google and found this site hoping it to help i signed up and i have a problem I'd like some insight on.

I used to get the error of booting to a black screen and it would read "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media and press any key" i read in multiple forums and topics that it was a hdd failure and returned it to manufacturer after trying a fresh install of windows 7, i then received a new one and now am having the problem of booting to a black screen and to no avail as before even with a fresh install not booting properly.

I have tried the recovery console to repair boot sequence, i checked bios and boot order is correct and the proper hdd is selected as primary. I tried clearing CMOS (using both the jumper and taking the battery out) today and problem is still persisting.

disconnected extra hdd and addition accessories such as sd card reader drive and no progress has been made. read it might be display driver and i tried to do device management from command prompt in recovery window and cannot access it (might be using wrong commands). Ill leave it at that for now and i appreciate any help in advance. also just trying to give as much info as possible to fix this problem. I should also state that i made this pc 5 months ago or so.

A:Boot to black screen with blinking cursor, fresh install, not hdd

Welcome to SevenForums.

Disconnect, both power and data cables, from your "storage" drive.

Boot into the bios Choose the option to restore the defaults and then save.

With the cover off of the unit, boot the computer up.

Do you hear any beeps?

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So yesterday I decided fixing my laptop was a lost cause so I just reinstalled Windows 7. The installation went well, I don't think it formatted my hard drive correctly because I wanted it to just wipe everything and install a fresh Windows 7 but it saved all my old files in a windows old file. I didn't want it so I just deleted the file.
After that everything was working well, I turned off the computer and went to bed. This morning, I turned on my laptop and tried to login but the welcome screen didn't stop loading, so I restarted. This time my laptop logged in, but as soon as I opened up Spotify the screen completely froze. I force shut down and started again, but now I can't even log in. I enter my password and the welcome screen comes up but never loads. I am able to get into safe mode. I'm assuming I didn't format my hard drive correctly, and whatever was making my laptop unusable before was able to get back into my system.
Thanks so much

A:Problem logging in, welcome screen never loads (Fresh Windows 7 install)

What is the make and model of this computer?
How did you install Windows 7, DVD?
If you use a disc to make the installation I would use a program like Darik's Boot and Nuke to overwrite the entire hdd, this will effectively leave you with a clean slate to work with.
If you still have problems after reinstalling the operating system you should look into a possible hardware problem.

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Hello everyone,

I recently got a PC that my office was getting rid of. The PC was in great shape and I was told it worked fine when they gave it to me. They ripped out the hard drive and gave me the machine.

As soon as I got it, I put a brand new 2Tb Seagate HDD in. I also replaced the existing RAM (2x1Gb sticks) with 2x 2Gb sticks with the memory speed to match my motherboard. Finally I swapped out the ATI Radeon HD2900XT with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 460.

There was a sound card (PCI) I removed as well as a redundant firewire port I unhooked from the Mobo.

I then booted and peformed a fresh install of Windows 7 32bit Pro. Everything seemed to be going fine... until I tried to shut down.

Windows would freeze on the Shutting Down screen. I mean freeze because the spinning circle would stop and the entire machine was unresponsive. I read online that pre-Service Pack 1 Windows 7 didn't like multi-core processers and would have issues shutting down, so I updated to SP1 (along with a bunch of other updates).

Now when I try to shut down, the Shutting Down screen disappears and the signal to the monitor ends, however the machine stays on. I can hear the fans running and see the lights to the PCI cards still on. Once again I have no option but to hold the power button until it shuts down.

I have looked up and down many forums with plenty of people posting, but none of their solutions worked...

One extra note I double checked every driver and they are all up to day. Also... Read more

A:Hang on Black Screen during Shutdown FRESH INSTALL WINDOWS 7 SP1


Lets start with this:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply

More info: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions


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I replaced my old HD with a new SSD and installed Win7sp1. Now I sometimes get BSOD flashes followed by a restart.

The most serious problem though is that the system frequently locks up. Nothing functions except the cursor. Happens very randomly.

I'd rather not go through the whole ordeal of reinstalling windows as it took a Microsoft tech remoting in to put through the windows authentication. Please help.



A:Fresh Win7 Install on new ssd, screen freezes cursor still moves

Hi. ..

There are no BSOD dumps in the attached zip file.

Check your SSD manufacture's support site for firmware upgrade.

Regards. . .



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I just installed a fresh copy of windows 7, the setup process even took me far enough to create the account, time, homegroup settings ect. It seemed successful. Then it restarts one final time and results in a blank screen after the bios screen flashes. I've tried every setting in the BIOS with no avail. Pressing CTRL ALT DEL at the blank screen just restarts the computer, flashes the bios as usual, and then when you should see the windows loading sign it loads a blank screen with no mouse cursor at all.

Any insight as to what might be causing this? I've already tried formatting twice and it results in the same exact issue. The computer was working fine before hand, didn't add any hardware or anything.

I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

A:Fresh install of windows 7 results in a blank black screen

Can you get into Safe Mode?

If not enter Device Manager to see if any drivers are in error with an !. If so disable the device to see if install will complete, update them from desktop: Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation

As always give preference to drivers from optional Windows Updates after enabling Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware before importing any.

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Hi, I have a Acer Aspire E700 Desktop with Vista OS. It is 4 years old, and so in the past when I've had a problem I have successfully used the recovery disk.
In this case however, the recovery disk gets up to the point of a black screen of death, and has the message, "Please wait...." and it hangs on there forever, even after 24 hrs of waiting. It also has a loading bar at the bottom which goes left to right across the screen, and it loads the full bar then stops and hangs on that screen, and I have to reboot, so I cannot use the acer recovery disc successfully.

Also, generally the computer doesn't load past the microsoft screen, even when i don't use the recovery disk. It stays on the microsoft logo with the green bar going back and forth below it, and doesn't move off of that, even after waiting hours on end.
I have already tried to hit F2 or Del to enter the bios settings, find the boot order menu, and make sure CD-ROM is above the hard drive in priority. Also tried f8 and all the other options. At first I could get to a screen with safe mode options and all that, and I tried them one by one to no avail. Now even that screen will not come up. please help, as I am totally useless with computers, is there anything else I can try or buy to get it working.


By "recovery disk", do you mean the disk that has the option to repair Windows start-up? That could help if so.

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I am working on a newly refurbished computer and when viewing some web sites the screen appears to turn off. The monitor goes completely dark like the power cord is loose, and then comes back up. This happens repeatedly and its impossible to do any work. If I switch tabs in Firefox or minimize the web browser, the issue goes away.

This is happening in both IE6 and Firefox I uninstalled Java SDK and updates, I installed Flash, I ran Spybot, I updated the Dell Intel chipset, I updated the on-board video driver to a 2006 release, and the machine was scanned with AVG AntiVirus. And I rebooted a few times.

It doesn't happen on every website, either. Of those that do flash, some flash worse than others.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have any ideas?

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So... I've got one of the older 64-bit mobos that Windows 8 does not like for some reason.

Everything installs fine up until reboot, when Windows 8 hangs on the splash screen.

Google reveals many people having this problem and after trying many things I was able to get it install by setting the SATA controllers in the BIOS to IDE instead of AHCI.

I would like to switch it back to AHCI, for obvious reasons, however when following the tutorials on doing so it goes back to the same problem and will not load into Windows unless the SATA controllers are set to IDE.


A:Windows 8.1 x64 hangs on splash screen at install


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As the title explains, I have a new HTPC I built with the following equipment.

Motherboard: Intel DG45ID Socket 775 Motherboard
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.2Gh
Memory: Kingston 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (2x2048)

I have a 500gb with three primary partitions

100gb XP Pro
100gb (for win 7)
rest for data

Using a booting USB and selecting clean install, the install completes mostly, it reboots a few times like normal. When it should be time to enter the key, the screen is completely black *except* for the Windows 7 watermark.

Are there any known issues with this board and the on-board graphics chip?

Can anybody recommend a HDMI card to drive my Plasma Display that has good 7 support?

Thanks !

A:Install hangs with black screen and watermark only

What type of Video card do you have?

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The short story: I've got two Windows 8's on a machine: one OEM and one retail Pro which I just installed. The light-blue "OS Selector" screen which it boots to will hang after about 10 seconds. Within those 10 seconds, I can click to boot the OEM Windows 8, and it will boot fine. If I select the new retail Pro, it'll start booting that and then hang.

The longer story: I've got a Samsung Chronos7 laptop which has an OEM Windows 8 installed on it. For reasons which I won't go into, I got it into a strange state such that I can't use it for development work. So, I decided to install a fresh Win8 Pro retail next to the existing OEM version.

The install went fine. I could boot into the new Win8, and I started installing my development tools, mail client, Dropbox, etc. etc... and installed about Windows 48 updates (and I noticed that a few items in Device Manager which had, when I first looked, were unidentified, had disappeared from "Unidentified Hardware" and, presumably, were in their proper categories and without yellow problem flags).

Then, when I rebooted, I got the light-blue OS selector screen where I got to choose between the two Win8's (and then I heard an interesting "thump" from the speakers)... and the 30-second timer started counting down... until it got to 20 seconds, and then the machine just locked up. No mouse cursor movement, no hard-drive activity... nothing. Every time I boot it, it does that same thing: Thump from the speaker... Read more

A:New Win8 Pro install hangs at the OS selector screen

Hello and welcome!

Nope, I have never seen a dual boot of Windows 8 with another OS lock up like that at all.

So I have to question, why are you dual booting the preinstalled OS of 8 with a new retail copy of 8?

The easiest way out of this mess would just be to install over the preexisting OS clean. New Windows 8 PCs have Windows license keys cooked into the BIOS, so activation isn't a problem.

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It installed in another machine in a virtual environment, no problem.

In this machine, it installed, then re-booted itself (to complete setup?), I selected W7, and after 'Starting Windows', it goes black, with a cursor.

No rt-click, no Ctrl+Alt+Del, no Shift+F10, nothing lights up.

Ideas here?

A:RTM install hangs with black screen + cursor...

So I turned on my Sony TV in the other room, and Windows was using that as display #1. The monitor (#2) was not configured, so was not displaying.

On the Sony, I found 700 instances of Admin CLI boxes open. This machine is not online.

I have seen on the same machine, with Linux booted, dialogue boxes, such as for naming a file or folder, filling up with 1's. Once, it was in a command line window, and when I closed the window, a desktop file started adding 1's to the file name.

Could this be a BIOS virus??? BIOS bug?

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First post here

Most of our PC's are Windows XP running Office 2003 (with a view to going to Win 7 and Office 2010 very soon).

A couple of our users have been having the following problem -Turn on PC
Get to windows XP logo screen fine
Get to the blue desktop background further progress even if left for 15 minutes.
The hard drive light flashes only briefly now and again at this point. Sometimes at this screen we will also get mouse function but nothing else.

The user normally has to restart their machine a number of times to get to the eventual logon box.

Another way around this is to do a hard power down and reboot the PC into safe mode. From safe mode do a restart and it goes straight in fine without getting stuck. Unfortunately this not something one of the Directors at the firm would like to be doing every morning when they come in.

Any ideas? At wits end at the moment

A:[SOLVED] HELP! Network PC boots up past XP logo then hangs at blue windows screen

When you boot in Safe Mode can you give us any errors that should be in your Event logs?

Right click on My Computer>Manage>Event Viewer>System

Let us know what EventID no. it gives and the source of the error. If you double click on one that says error, then the info will be on there.

Can you post the system specs as well.

Also, turn the machine off, and make sure that nothing has come loose, RAM, HDD connections, RAM etc,

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Hi folks,

I am experimenting with upgrading my old PC to Windows 8, because I absolutely cannot afford to buy new, and I don't want to get caught out when Microsoft pull the plug on XP.

I have a copy of Windows 8 64 bit, which I want to try to get installed. My system has an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 which (according to the Intel website) supports Windows 8. However when I try to install Windows 8, I can boot from the CD but it doesn't go any further than the splash screen with the blue Windows 8 logo. I don't get any other information as to what the problem is.

What I have tried:

1. I checked that "Execute Disable" was turned on in my BIOS.
2. I unplugged all USB devices except Keyboard and Mouse
3. I tried booting from a USB DVD drive.

None of the above worked. I can't do an upgrade install from within Windows XP because it is 32 bit.

Any suggestions as to where I go from here?

By the way I have included the log from the SysInfo utility in case it is useful:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 266087 MB; D: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 340152 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FM586
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Windows 8 install hangs on boot screen

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