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Problems sharing/restricting files across my XP network

Q: Problems sharing/restricting files across my XP network

Hello there everyone and apoligies if this is a simple question, but it has me foxed..

I have 2 PC's hard wire networked via a Belkin router ("old" pc and "new" pc), both with XP Pro. The network is called Mynetwork and the "old" pc is called "Oldpc" with the new one being "Newpc".

The "new pc" has 2 user accounts, me as an administrator and my daughter as a limited account.

The "old pc" also has two accounts, mine as an administrator, and my daughter with a limited account although she doesn't access it (I have a KVM and she doesn't know how to switch between the machines). Both user names are the same on each machine.

I have (fairly) sucessfully managed to restrict her access on the "new pc" to allow access to only her files (although I'll need some help with that in due course as well) but she is still able to access files which I have set to be shared on the "old pc" via the network link. I've tried to restrict her access in the same way as I did on the "new pc" but the "old pc" doesn't recognise her "new pc" user name, presumable because it can't look across both the "old" and "new" pc's and see both sets of users. When I go to the location option on the sharing menu, I can only see the "oldpc" as a location and cannnot get it to recognise the "newpc".

I'm stumped and whilst I could just stop sharing the files on the "old" pc, I'd rather not as my other half accesses them via the adminstrator user on the "new pc" and isn't teccie enough to be able to enable the sharing when she needs them and then disable them so my daughter can't get to them and poke around...

Any thoughts ?

A: Problems sharing/restricting files across my XP network

Why don't you and your wife share the one 'newpc' and give the 'oldpc' exclusively to your daughter, with strict instructions NOT to touch the 'newpc'! Then only allow internet access from that 'oldpc', no sharing.

Also, how hard is it to push one button on a KVM?

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Hi all!

I have a local home network of 3 computers via a linksys cable router. They are computers A, B, and C. They all are running Win XP Pro. I have been successfully gaming with all three computers before and able to access files from each other. However, I have recently had a problem accessing files on computer A from B or C. A can access shared files from B or C just fine. B or C can ping A by both IP address and name, but if B or C does a Net View of A the result comes back as Access is Denied. Net Send is able to send a message to computer A just fine.

I have checked time and again that computer A is sharing files out to the network and that the windows firewall is not enabled. Any suggestions?

A:Problems sharing files on local network

Check to make sure that both folder permissions and NTFS permissions (under the security tab) are set to Everyone with at least Read permission.

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I currently have 3 computers on a home network. I would like to share a folder on one, but only allow one other computer to see it. Can I do this and how?

A:Solved: Restricting File Sharing

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I have a Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit PC that is connected to a Mac PPC G5 via ethernet cable. I have personal accounts set to administrator on both machines.

I want to set up a visitor account (standard account) on my Win 7 machine, such that access is restricted to my main user account by a 'visitor' but I want my user/my name folder accessible from my Mac, if this is even possible.

I set my user account on the Win 7 PC as follows:
User/my name/right click/share with>nobody
this should deny access from the 'visitor' (standard account)

But I am assuming that will block access from my Mac as well.

Maybe what I am trying to do is not possible, but if it is I'd appreciate some advice.


A:Sharing folders, restricting access

Yes I believe this can be done and James even made a tutorial for this. This is single machine User designated sharing which I don't get many requests for. Msoft really bent over backwards to make this type of sharing possible.

The other way would be selective User sharing on separate machines but you need more machines and a Homegroup for that to work.

I also asked James to post screen shots to make it a bit easier to set this up. Hope it helps.

GUIDE: How to protect directories from childrn and other usrs of a PC

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whenever i connect to the internet through dial up connection the network icon in the notification area still displays (not connected ) and when i go to the network and sharing it says not connected, ALTHOUGH i can surf the internet with no problems , AND when i insert the Ethernet cable it doesn't connect !!!!???????
please i need your help

A:problems with network icon and in network and sharing center

Welcome to Seven Forums TruthSeeker.
Click on the big red X in the Network window and see what it shows. You might have to clone a MAC address, looks like you have several net adapters.

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I need to share files from one Vista machine to another over a wireless network on a daily basis. I have been able to do so, but only when the files being shared are in the "Public" folder. Unfortunately, the files I want to share are not in the "Public" folder. The purpose of the share is to make a daily backup of the files on a separate computer.

Thanks for any help and suggestions you can make.

A:Sharing Files Over a Network

when you right click the folder that you are wanting to share, instead of pressing share, go to properties select the sharing tab and then press the advanced sharing, tick the box and then press the permissions button to select the permissions u want to set, then press of to everything and this should work if i have understood what you are wanting to do.

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ok i have a wireless router and wireless cards in 2 pcs and wantto set up a way to share 350mb files any ideas how
everything like internet has been working on the 2 comps seperately for ages an i was just wondering how to make a quick file sharing folder for the 2 computers

A:Sharing Files Over A Network??

Make sure they are both members of same workgroup, enable Microsoft File and Print sharing, right click on resource you want to share, select sharing, share this folder. On the other system, browse network places, find other system and shared folder. Select Tools, Map Network Drive, select an available letter. Make sure box is check to re-establish connection on startup.

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Hi, i was wondering if someone could tell me how do i set up a connection between 2 PC's that are hooked up using a modem/router a 2WIRE white box and how do i do it so i can transfer music,pictures and like microsoft projects to the other using this connection , if possible. They both work on the same internet and work on ethernet wires. This is my 2nd post but the last one gave me too little deatial. Thank You for taking the Time =]

A:Sharing network and files

If you had replied to JW's question on the last one you would have gotten plenty of help.

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I have a laptop and a PC. I would like to be able to connect to the other using my internet connection (the PC is wired and the laptop is wireless). I have done it before but for some reason it is not working anymore. I have marked files on both computers to "Share on a network". Yet they do not show up in my network place. In the past I have been able to simply run (using the WIN key + R) //computername and it has asked me for a username and password. I enter them and I'm in. It doesn't work anymore saying that it cannot find the selected path or something like that. I have done it before so is there some setting I forgot to change or something I could have changed to make this no longer work? By the way, I have Win7 on my PC and WinXP on my laptop. But it worked before so I can't see this as being an issue.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!!!

A:Sharing Files on A Network

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I have a Dell Desktop that I recently networked wirelessly with my laptop via a Linksys wireless access point + cable router with 4 port switch. My laptop uses the Linksys wireless PC card. The network works fine for sharing an internet connection but I am having difficulty sharing files from my desktop's hard drive. For instance, I can't figure out how I can retrieve and respond to email received by by desktop through my laptop. Also, my Quicken program is difficult to open on the laptop--there is no shortcut/icon for it on the main page. How do you set this up? I have tried designating both as shared files as per the Windows 98 manual section on file sharing. I am running Windows 98 on both.

A:Sharing Files on Network

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I have just added a laptop to my home network and can connect to the internet through the netgear router, but I cannot see the files on the laptop [or share them] with my desktop.
Please explain how I may achieve this?
How do I 'ping' my computer?
Thanks for any help.

A:sharing files on network

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I just set up my computer and not sure if I got it right. I have both of the computers working and online but don't know if they are separate or not. I turn on messanger on one and it says it turned off on the other. I want to share files from one to the other and not sure how to do that. Can someone help?

A:Sharing Files in Network

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My desktop and laptop are connected via a wireless router. Is it possible to work on files (which are currently on my laptop) via my ordinary desktop computer using this network, and how would I set this up. I am unsure if I could print from my laptop to my desktop printer also. cheers


A:Sharing files on my network

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I currently have my computer (XP) and 2 of my family's computers (both 98 SEs). The 98s both have an empty list when Network Neighbourhood is opened. We have a DSL Modem hooked up to a Router, hooked up to each of our Computers, and have a properly set up workgroup. I'd like to be able to have My files accessable from the 98s so that I can use my computer while someone else plays a game off of it. I have my C: Drive set as shared over the network.

Thanks in advance.

A:Help with Sharing files over Network

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Hi All,
Thanks for reading.. here is my question: I have a TV PC downstairs with windows XP x86 on it. Since the wireless router is so close to it, I have a hard-lined ethernet connection to it. Upstairs I have my main PC which has Windows 7 x64. All of my files are located on the Win7 machine; what I'm trying to do is make it to where I can share certain folders so I can access them from downstairs.

When I go to my computer from my win7 computer, in the network places it shows my TVPc, but I cannot access it.

When I get on my xp PC, I cannot see my win7 pc in network places. Note* I have network discovery turned on in public under my network settings.

I also have a homegroup set up on my win7 machine but the xp machine doesn't see that to connect to either.

Do I need to set up an ad-hoc wireless network, or is there a simpler way of doing this? I'm kind of stumped and figured it's probably something easy I'm just not quite sure which direction to go in.. Any advice would be much appreciated!

A:Network sharing files between XP and 7

Unless you have another Windows 7 machine you won't be able to use Homegroups so you should first leave the Homegroup from the Windows 7 machine. Homegroup - Leave

After that set up a workgroup from the Windows 7 machine first.

Once you create the Workgroup on the Win 7 machine you should run the network set up wizard from the XP machine and be sure and use the same workgroup name as you used to set up the Windows 7 workgroup.

Use the tutorial below to help you set up your network.
Sharing files and printers with different versions of Windows - Help & How-to - Microsoft Windows

To set up permissions for everyone you need to add "Everyone" to the "share with" list.

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i have quite a few computers at my house, my laptop is connected through my wireless router and the pcs are connected to the router by ethernet .... i just have a few questions

i have set certain folders on various computers to be shared on the network ( sharing and security).... they dont always show up on other computers, or they will be there then dissapear ... does anyone know how to fix this?

also does anyone know how i could make it so i could connect to the computer upstars from downstaris? like at school or work where you have a a user name and it connects to your user whereever you are? does any one know what this network is called so i can google it , or know how i can create one?

thanks you in advance lewis

A:sharing files and other network help

also does anyone know how i could make it so i could connect to the computer upstars from downstaris? like at school or work where you have a a user name and it connects to your user whereever you are? does any one know what this network is called so i can google it , or know how i can create one?Click to expand...

I think your talking about roaming profiles and this is something that comes up with a domain setup (not a home workgroup) usually you log into the domain and the computer contacts the server in order to get the informatuion from it.

The other way is use something called VNC or Terminal services (is using XP pro) to connect to another PC even though your sitting at a different PC. this will not have lal your information on the one PC your sitting at but the VNC will let you remotely manage the other PC.

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Hi guys. I'm having some trouble here. My situation is this: I have a desktop connected via ethernet cable and a laptop connected wirelessly. I read that in order for them to be on the "same" network, they have to either both be connected by cable or both be wireless. So I plugged in the laptop and now they are both connected via ethernet cable.

I went through the Network Setup Wizard on both computers and that seemed to work fine. When I go to "My Network Places" on my desktop it shows a folder called "Shared Docs on Johnjsal" (which is my desktop name). When I go to "My Network Places" on my laptop it shows this same folder, as well as the folders I've tried to share from my laptop.

But the folders I've tried to share from my laptop do not show up on my desktop. It seems like they are each simply reading from themselves and they aren't actually connected or sharing anything.

Is there a step I'm missing to get this to work properly?


EDIT: When I go to "View Workgroup Computers" in the left side panel of My Network Places, it shows both my computer and my laptop. But when I double-click on my laptop, I get this error, where "X" is my laptop name:

"X is not accessible: You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The network path was not found."

However, when I do the s... Read more

A:Sharing files between two computers on a network?

Nevermind! It was because Windows Firewall was somehow "On" on my laptop!

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I have recently managed to network my Vista laptop with my old XP laptop, with generous help from this forum. However, I have discovered that viewing the Vista files on my XP machine is not such a simple matter as I thought. Having read some of the stuff on the net, I find it unbelievably complicated. Can anyone provide a simple explanation as to how to achieve this? Allan.

A:Solved: Network sharing of files

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My apartment came with free wireless for the 8 or so residents, which was a nice perk but poses some problems for me. I need to figure out a nice secure way to share files between my mac and windows computers. currently i have my linksys running dd-wrt set up as a bridge (all my computers are connected to this box, none connect via their own wireless cards), and i have a linux server with 1 huge shared folder accessible by the windows box. I have not been able to get my mac to connect to this folder, nor any other windows PCs (the linux installation is quirky, smb won't allow changes, and since it's password protected and even i can't find a way in, i assume it's safe).

I'll be adding a mac pro sometime in the new year, and changing the linux box over to windows (sounds odd, i know, but the linux box is only a year old while my windows box is almost 7 years old now. i need windows for a few graphics programs not available for mac...i timed the opening of a RAW image file at 18 minutes last week.)

currently when i need to share files between my mac and windows computers i share a folder on the windows pc openly for a few minutes, then shut it back off. quite a hassle when trying to manage a digital photography workflow.

and for the worst news: my landlord refuses to password protect the wireless. i've tried multiple times to illustrate how other people in the neighborhood can and do steal his wireless, but he really just doesn't care/wan... Read more

A:Sharing files on public network

Pick up a wireless bridge to receive the wireless, and a broadband router. Connect the bridge to the WAN/Internet port of the router, and you'll be isolated from all the other folks on the wireless link.

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I have two W98 and two XP computers wired and one laptop on a wireless leg running W2000 Pro. The first four computers work just fine and share files with the greatest of ease.

However the laptop wants user names and password and that I don't understand. I have done quite a bit of searching on the Internet and so far have not found a solution to this problem.

Hope someone has some help and THANKS in advance.

A:Network sharing files problem

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Okay! I'm back, bought myself a NetGear MR814v3 wireless router!

All hooked up. I enabled WEP. Set it up on the laptop. Internet is working. Here's how it's set up.

PC is hooked up to the modem/router via ethernet. The laptop is connected wirelessly.

The problem comes with them both sharing files through the shared files folder. They don't share. If the laptop's name is 'K', if I go into 'My Network Places' and it shows the subcategory 'LOCAL NETWORK' with 'SharedDocs on K (K)... but I can't access it on the PC. If I doube click that folder, it brings me to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents.

The PC's name is 'KFamily'- but that one SEEMS to be sharing folders/files because I have a sample one in there and it shows that it's sharing it under KFamily.

Help. =(

A:Sharing Files over a Wireless Network

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I'm trying to access a network folder share with my notebook. The share contains EFS encrpyted files and is located on a PC that runs Vista Ultimate. My notebook runs Vista Entreprise. I can see the files and its sizes, but I cannot copy them to my notebook or open them directly from the share without getting an "access denied" error.

I installed the PC's encryption certificate on my notebook (as documented in Vista's help) but keep getting the "access denied" error.

I have no issues with copying or opening files on the network share that are not encrypted. The error message only appears when trying to copy/open encrypted files.

Any ideas?


A:Sharing EFS encrypted files over network

Ask someone with access to the file to add your user account to the list of users who can decrypt the file.

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is there a way to give full access to my Program Files on my main computer? i can access my C: drive fine, but whenever i click on Program Files, it says that access is denied even though im Administrator. thanks in advance.

A:Sharing Program Files on network

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I have a home wireless Linksys network, with 3 computers. Its intended purpose was to allow all 3 computers to connect to the Internet via an 11.0 Mbps internet connection via cable TV, which has been successful. However, I have never learned how to have one computer send info to another within my little wireless home network, a feature I would like to have, but which I have never explored. I have recently been messing with shared folders, placing two of the three computers on the wireless network, but have found it elusive as to how to put info in a folder to allow it to be shared by the other computer. I am unsure as to whether I have properly put each computer on the network. (Yes, I know I could put files on a disk in the A or D drive, which I have done, but I was of the impression that I could do things more efficiently this way, instead. Indeed, I would like to be able to download entire programs from one machine to the other. But lets keep it simple.) What I have done so far simply doesn't work. I fully expect to be able to see the shared folders for the other computer by some means, but it isn't happening.

I use Windows XP Pro on my desktop (having replaced what was originally Windows 98 SE) and Windows XP Home Edition on my laptop (original software). The desktop is a Dell Desktop, vintage 2000 w/ Pentium III 598MHz and 128 Mb Memory; The laptop is also a Dell (Insspiron) vintage 2002 w/Pentium III 866 MHz and 256 Mb Memory. Both have 11119 Gig hard drives... Read more

A:How to Set Up Sharing Files on Wireless Network

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Ok, first of all; i'm a real rookie when it comes to networks.
What I'm trying to create is a map in wich me can share documents.
We have ADSL-connection devided over 2 pc's trough a wireless router.
How am i supposed to do this?
Please help me out!

A:sharing files over wireless network

can you ping each other? thispage may help,

How to enable File and Sharing in Windows Firewall
Cause: A firewall is blocking the File and Printer Sharing. Solution: You may
need to enable File and Printer Sharing in Windows Firewall. Next Page ...

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My father works for a small Senior Home Care and he wants me to become a their computer technician. So, basically, the place have five computers running Windows 7. I was thinking about building a server just enough to store and backup the files. On the server, I can map a network drive and train the users on how to store and open files on a network drive so that I can easily backup all files from one location, the server. The server will run Windows 7, mapping a network drive from the server. Any suggestions?

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Recently got a new notebook, so I'm really working at getting the files on both the new notebook and my old desktop sharable, so that I can use something like Syncback to synchronize the contents of certain directories. I've got both computers on the same workgroup. The desktop is connected through ethernet to the wireless router, and the notebook is of course connected wirelessly. Sort of wondering if this mixing connection methods is the source of the problem, since I have no way to specify an SSID for the desktop to match the SSID the notebook is connecting to. Don't know if that could be a difficulty or not; haven't really dealt with a network that uses both wired and wireless connections.

Firewall is handled by the router and Windows' ICF is disabled (the service itself is actually not running). The router is a Linksys WRT54g. Both machines are running XP Pro and have been given appropriately modified computer names. I've set up the directories I want to share on the desktop and see them in my network places. But I really can't figure out what it's going to take for the notebook to see them in its my network places folder.

I really don't need to overdo the complexity of the setup, since I'm going to have to strike the whole thing and redo it once I'm back at college in August. So, at this poinbt, I'm not looking to do any application sharing or otherwise getting fancy with the network setup. Just sharing some ... Read more

A:Trouble Sharing Files Across Wireless Network

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I just bought a new Windows 10 laptop, and I have (successfully) connected/shared my old Windows 7 laptop to my Windows 10 laptop (via an Ethernet cable) so that I can copy files from the old to the new. An odd problem has occurred: When attempting to copy some folders (e.g., "My Pictures", "My Music"), only a portion of the existing files are getting copied. When I look at the "Properties" of the folder on my old computer, I see the true folder size and number of files in that folder. However, when I view the properties of that same folder on my new computer (via the shared network; and before I initiate any copying to the new computer), the folder size and number of files is far less. For other folders I've shared between the two computers, all files are present and accounted for (e.g., "My Documents"). For the folders on my old laptop where the folder size and file count don't match what I see on the new laptop, I have "unshared" those folders and "re-shared" them to see if that made any difference, and it didn't (even after rebooting both laptops). Any ideas why I'm not seeing the same folder size and number of files for the same folder when viewed on my old laptop and when viewed as a networked/shared folder on my new laptop (before any copying)?

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I have two Vista PCs that are networked.

I have two ISPs (one cable and one DSL).

I use cable on PC #1 and DSL on PC #2. The cable modem is just a modem, the DSL modem is also a router, and I have a separate router for the network. I used to have this set up on Windows XP and if the DSL went down on PC #2, the cable connection kept running on PC #1. My DSL went down today and while MSN and Google Talk were still working on PC #1 with the cable connection, I could not use any of my browsers. They automatically went to the DSL connection error page. When I rebooted my PC, I couldn't get online at all.

I'm wondering if my setup is faulty. All I want to do is share files/printers etc. between the two PCs but let each PC have its own internet connection/ISP. It would be great if a solution would get rid of the extra router because it's old and slows my connection down a bit.

Is there a better way to do this so that I dont lose my connection completely when only one ISP is down?


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I have 5 computers on my home network..4 PC's and 1 Mac. I want to share video files between the computers and when I try I get the screen that wants my user name and password. Trouble is, I don't know which ones they mean. I know I'm a noob here but others setup my main computer and I had an extended health issue And I can't remember the user name or password. Is it the network password? I have that but I have tried every user name I can think of and I can't get it to work. Thanks in advance!

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Im trying to set up a wireless network at home with my netgear rangmax router.
I want to set it up for my Desktop pc and my laptop. I want to be able to open a file(my documents, music, pictures, etc...) of my desktop pc, from my laptop (or vicerversa) by directly clicking on the file without having to go to the PUBLIC folder.
I dont want to be moving every file I want to share to the public folder.
(im running vista premium x64)

For now, thats what Im doing, sharing them in a public folder.

Need help!!

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Trying to share files between my desktop & laptop. I had it working perfectly..but something happened & i can't figure what.

I'm on a wireless network for both. win xp pro on both.

i double checked that the shared folder on the desktop is checkboxed for sharing. when i ping the laptop it times out sent 4, received 0, lost 4.

but when i ping the desktop from the laptop, it works- sent 4, received 4, lost 0.

Like i said, it was working perfectly before..i haven't touched my firewall settings or anything else. the only thing i can think of is i ran ccleaner..apart from that; not much changed.

please help!!! thanks.

A:Troubleshoot sharing files on my home network

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Example of my problems:

I changed sharing settings on the hard drive of computer 1 to allow sharing with computer 2.

I set up a Network Place for C (hard drive) from computer 1 ON computer 2.

I tried to save a file from computer 2 onto the C drive on computer 1.

It didn't work.

What could I be doing wrong?

I made another post with more details titled File Sharing on Small Networks or something like that.

A:I Need Help With Sharing Files On Small Business Network

Hi .Did you set up a home begin with?Did you set up the drives/partitions that you want to share with the other respective system?How to Set Up a Small Network with Windows XP Home Edition (PART 1) - Louis

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Hello guys, here is my situation. I'm going to explain it thoroughly so hopefully everyone gets a good understanding of it.

I have a desktop pc running windows XP SP 2 Home Edition and my Macbook running OSX 10.4.7.

I want to be able to share my entire external hard drive through a network so that only I can access the files in my macbook. My external hard drive is connected to my desktop and I dont want to move it because I move around alot with my macbook. I definitely want these files to be protected because I have other people connected to the network so I want to make sure that only I am able to access it. I also want to keep the files in my external hard drive and not have to load them into my Desktop because its a good 150+GB of data.

Any ideas?

A:Help sharing files over a network but password protecting them.

Can't think of anything with XP Home. Have you searched for "file security" utilities? I'm sure lots exist, but don't know if there are any free or low cost ones.

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I posted this under Windows NT/2000/XP, but then saw this section of the forum. It may be better responded to here.

I have a home wireless Linksys network, with 3 computers. Its intended purpose was to allow all 3 computers to connect to the Internet via an 11.0 Mbps internet connection via cable TV, which has been successful. However, I have never learned how to have one computer send info to another within my little wireless home network, a feature I would like to have, but which I have never explored. I have recently been messing with shared folders, placing two of the three computers on the wireless network, but have found it elusive as to how to put info in a folder to allow it to be shared by the other computer. I am unsure as to whether I have properly put each computer on the network. (Yes, I know I could put files on a disk in the A or D drive, which I have done, but I was of the impression that I could do things more efficiently this way, instead. Indeed, I would like to be able to download entire programs from one machine to the other. But lets keep it simple.) What I have done so far simply doesn't work. I fully expect to be able to see the shared folders for the other computer by some means, but it isn't happening.

I use Windows XP Pro on my desktop (having replaced what was originally Windows 98 SE) and Windows XP Home Edition on my laptop (original software). The desktop is a Dell Desktop, vintage 2000 w/ Pentium III 598MHz and 128 Mb Memory; The la... Read more

A:How Do I Set Up Sharing Files on a Home Wireless Network?

Yes, this would have been better but you already have two responses to your other thread. Please click on the red triangle in the upper right and ask a moderator to close this one. You could also use the same technique to have the other thread moved here--but no need to since you are getting help.

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Here's what I have:

4 pc's hooked wireless to our main pc, all are networked together.
All use Xp pro

The modem is a Comtrend CT 301 ADSL
Router is a D-Link DL 52
The signal is encrypted
Each pc reach the net through the router.

I desire for staff to have full PC access except for the network, except for myself. I need access to the network from any computer.

Now that I have all the computers networked together do I have to set up an Admin client and password on each computer and then set up a separate client for the staff. Then go in and set permissions on that staff's client.


A:Restricting accesses to the network

Might have been better to click on the red triangle in the upper right of your other thread ( ) and asked a moderator to remove the 'Solved.' That would preserve the history of the help you've already had on this issue.

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I have a home network with 3 computers , a nas drive and network media player. I want to add another pc to a network that will only have internet access and not share any other item (all my items are set to share right now). Also I want to limit internet bandwidth to this pc to about 25% of total bandwidth, How do I do this?

A:restricting network access

As long as you don't enbable File and Printer sharing and don't share anything on it, you shouldn't have any issues. It is off by default. If you want to limit bandwidth you will need a router that does QOS. What is the make and model of your router.

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Hi peeps, let me explain. I have a laptop among my other computers and Ive recently had my son take it out of the house to him mums who decided to keep it for a month

Anyhoo, ive been looking through the admin settings on it and wonder if theres a way to lock it so it will only ever connect to my wireless network. nobody but me has access to the administrator account, they are all standard users.

Its a windows 7 laptop by samsung, model NP-r519

Thanks in advance

A:Restricting a laptop to one network

What version of Windows are you running? And do you want to exclude the network card?

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ok guys here is what I did I followed the direction from cnet's weekend project about how to share files/folders and printers thru a home network

the link can be found here
I have two computers a desktop and a laptop. I have comcast high-speed cable and i use linksys router to have wireless internet on my laptop. I want to share files and printers over the network. Both computers run XP.

I made a workgroup by going to control panel, network connections,"setup home or small office network" and followed the guidelines. My computer name is *** for my laptop and *** for my desktop. The workgroup name is ***. I did the setup for both computers.

I went to the default shared folder on my laptop and put some files in there to share and set it up so the hand icon displayed meaning that im sharing. I also did this w/ my printer connected to my laptop and desktop.

The problem is it doenst seem to work. When I go to control panel,add printer on my laptop it shows the workgroup name and the two subcatorgies which our the laptop computer name (***) and the desktop computer name ( ***) but shows no printers

if someone could help figure this out I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

A:Help w/ sharing files/folder and printer over home network

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I have created a small home network using broadband router (SMCWGBR14-N) and hooked up 1 desktop pc (wired), 1 network printer (wired) and 1 laptop (wireless). FYI: OS is XP Prof for both computers.
A couple of things are working OK, like: I can go online and print both wired and wireless BUT I am not being able to create a workgroup (example: "HOMENETWORK") where I can share my files/folders/drive with other PC. I tried through "set up a small office network" in My Network Place but
a) when I go to "view workgroup computer" - cannot access.
b) try to share a folder and it is not allowing me - " error message: workgroup not found or not created", something like that !!

What am I doing wrong? Please let me know the step by step procedure.


Sincerely Yours,
- Bertrand.

A:Sharing files/folders in a small home network

1. Make sure everyone is in the same workgroup. (This has nothing to do with file sharing, but it cuts down on broadcasts and makes finding other computers easier.)

2. Make sure any firewalls allow access to your own network. This is not enabled by default. How you do this depends on the firewall.

3. Make sure user accounts are duplicated on all machines. Accounts other than yours do not have to have administrator access, they just should be there. This cuts down on problems with shares.

You should be able to share files and ping other computers by name at this point. My Network Places will eventually be populated, but it can take up to 58 minutes for this to happen. Remember that My Network Places is more like a catalog of what's out there. It has nothing to do with file sharing.


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i have a home network with 2 laptops, a desktop & a wireless router. all the computers are connected wirelessly. the internet works fine on all the computers, but i want to know how can i share files between computers? e.g. can a send a word document from my desktop to my laptop through the wireless network? or can i play mp3 files from my desktop on my laptop through the wireless network? how do i go about setting up this configuration? 2 of the computers are running windows vista & the other one is windows xp home sp 2.
thanks troy

A:sharing files & folders on wireless home network?

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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I have folder 1 and folder 2. Folder 1 works but some files give access denied. Folder 2 gives access denied.

Under the sharing tab under file properties, the settings are exactly the same for the two folders. The user group Everyone is checked and Read permission is checked (XP pro). None of the files are in use with another program because I can modify them on the local computer. The client computer runs XP Home.

WTH is going on???

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Ok so here's my setup:
1 laptop running on wi-fi that runs win 7 64bit
1 desktop running vista 64bit on wired LAN
1 desktop running win 7 64bit on Wired LAN
1 android based tablet on wireless wifi
1 IPad on wifi

and 1 MEDIA SERVER computer running Win 7 64bit.

I need all those devices to rad files from the media server computer. For a while is was working, then all but the PC pad and the IPad couldn't get access to the media server file anymore, even though the sharing permissions, etc. were set correctly. All the computers show the share folders and that the media server computer is there but when I go into the folders to read the files it comes back with a permission error.

now I consider my self pretty computer savy and have read many forums, etc trying to figure out what's going on? Anyone have any ideas? Oh and I'm running norton internet security suite on all the machines.

Thanks in advance....

A:Need help with sharing files on WIRED network with vista and windows 7

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Hey Everyone..I know there's a similar topic to this currently but i didn't want to confuse it anymore than it is...

So I have a Desktop PC with a Wireless Card in it (108mbps D-Link 108.11b/g Model - DWL-G520)
And A HP Laptop PC (HP DV6000) Not sure which wireless card it is but i know its 108.11b/g 54mpbs...

Prior to this problem..I had two desktop pc's wirelessly connected and sharing files between them as on a regular network... That is... My Network Places > Other PC Local Disk C/Shared Folder > And i could drop files there... >> Same with the other pc...

I have a dsl connection with a wireless router which is sharing the internet connection for two laptops (HP dv6000/dv8000) and a desktop currently in the house... (There's no usb port on the router)

I wish to network the laptop with my desktop wirelessly for transferring files...
I have totally forgotten how to do so....
Note: Local Disk C is shared on all pc's...

Also I wish to network both laptops for sharing files...
If someone could give me a tutorial to do so..that'll be great...
Note also i've tried many if what i'vee tries is listed i'll notify you all...



A:How to Network Desktop Wirelessly with Laptop PC for sharing files?

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Is it possible to Network share an encrypted file on a workgroup (non-domain) based network running Windows XP Pro SP2? If so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is what I have done so far:

Windows XP Pro SP2
User name: user1

There are two files:
C:\Shared Files\Non Encrypted Files\NEF.txt
C:\Shared Files\Encrypted Files\EF.txt

The C:\Shared Files directory is network shared as SharedFiles.

The directory C:\Shared Files\Encrypted Files has been encrypted as well as all subdirectories and files within.

I added the Encrypting File System certificate for user1 on Computer2 to the file C:\Shared Files\Encrypted Files\EF.txt.

Windows XP Pro SP2
User name: user1

Mapped the S: drive to \\Computer1\SharedFiles

I am able to open S:\Non Encrypted Files\NEF.txt via notepad without an issue.

When trying to open S:\Encrypted Files\EF.txt via notepad I get a popup titled "Notepad" with "Access is denied." in it.

A:Network sharing via a workgroup (non-domain) of encrypted files.

Doing my best Ben Stein impersonation: "Anyone? Anyone?"

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My computers, one downstairs and one upstairs, see the other computer in the home group, when they are both on and I can access files between them. Is there a way to access the other computer depending on whether we are upstairs or downstairs when the other computer is not on and is in standby or sleep mode.

A:Sharing Files between 2 computers on a network if one is in sleep mode

Not as far as I know, both computers must be turned on to be used, as being in sleep mode means that the computer don't respond to any commands other than to wake it.
An alternative would be to setup and use WakeOnLan feature, so that you can turn on computers remotely.

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Ok here is my problem, I tried to setup a small network with my laptop and desktop cpu. Everything seemed to work great, i could access my laptop shared files from desktop fine. But I can't do it the other way around my laptop can't access my desktop shared files.
Can anyone please help me with my problem
Thanks in advance

A:Network Sharing Problems

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Help. I am having a party in an hour and my network is acting up. I have two computers on my home network. My office computer (HP running XP) can access the shared files on my family room computer (Gateway running Media Center) but not the other way around. It says that I may not have permission to access. All firewalls are down just in case, but still no luck. I ran network wizard on both computers, but no change. My brother fixed this type of network problem once the the same computer when trying to share a printer on the office computer by inputting IP addresses or something, but I don't know what he did. I want to access picture files for the party to run a slideshow.

A:Network sharing problems.

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Well, I've spent several hours trying to get my network sharing to work. But it brought be nothing but grief. Here is a list of many specific problem messages I am getting; maybe some of you can make heads or tails of it.

1. When I try to connect my printer (hooked up to my desktop via USB) to my laptop via wireless network sharing, I get this message: "Samsung CLP-300 Series Installer cannot connect to \\HaroldIII-PC\CLP-300. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server."
-Keep in mind that my printer has been on this whole time and I can print from my desktop whenever I want. I also changed my printer's sharing name and followed instructions on how to enter the correct network address for my printer.
-The printer's settings are also set on "shared"

2. When I try to connect to my desktop via my laptop, I get this message: "Network Error/Windows cannot access \\HAROLDIII-PC/Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose."
-The same message appears when I try to access "HAROLDIII-LAPTO" from my desktop.

The only thing I can think of is maybe my network sharing settings are screwed up. Here they are:
-Both Turn ON network discovery
-Both Turn ON file and printer sharing
-Both Turn ON sharing so anyone with...
-Media Streaming OFF on desktop, ON on laptop
-... Read more

A:Problems with network sharing?

#1 Seems that Windows 7 does not share USB printers well.

My suggestion as I have given in other threads is to purchase a USB to Network device and put the printer on the network directly. Then all machines can print to it, plus you don't have to leave the desktop machine to print. This seems to work the best and will give you the least headaches.

#2 Try turning off the firewall and retesting.

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Hello everybody

I am struggling with my windows 8.1 and the network settings for the last 2 months.
Several guides are available online and even in your forum.
However, I still can not access my shared files from my lan network.
There is always a login username/password requested in order to join but It never let me join and see the files.
If I input any random wrong login username/password it reports an error. Hence, for some reason the authentication part is successful and something else is wrong.
This is maybe a windows 8.1 problem on some restrictions etc..
Any idea how to proceed?

Actions done till now...
Change permissions - added almost everything (users, guests, user, administrator, everyone)
set workgroup to name "domain" or "WORKGROUP" or "HOME"
homegroup only works for windows7!!
Remove the password request check from the network settings

Shared files included in Windows 8.1
Trying to access the files from windows xp, windows 7, linux, android, tv media box...

I will probably add some screenshots soon..

I am desperate for help...
Thanks in advance

A:Network sharing problems

me too am having this problem but i fixed it with buying a new router or setting this router to your default settings

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Hey guys,
I'm running a visa 32 bit laptop and a Windows xp PC on a network and im trying to send files from the laptop to the PC. My laptop is unable to connect to the internet and I think the problem is that I have a virus so I'm just going to reformat the whole thing.
I want to send my laptop files to my PC, but when I go to the network and sharing center on the laptop to turn public folder sharing on, the whole window just freezes when I apply the setting. The workgroup names are the same.
Is there anything else that I have to do to be able to share the files?

A:Problems for Network Sharing

Install Malwarebytes

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Is it possible to restrict a program's network usage, speed wise? Steam is hogging all my bandwidth with game downloading and I'd like to cap it if possible so the rest of my internet doesn't lag.

A:Restricting a program's network usage?

Download and install Netlimiter. You will be able to control how much bandwidth the program uses then.

NetLimiter - The Ultimate Bandwidth Shaper

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Hi All,

I have two PC's at home both running Win XP Home Edition which are networked together using wireless networking. I have this PC (mine) connected to the net via a cable connection, and I use XP's ICS to share this always on connection with my son's PC upstairs.

All works just fine. I am wondering if there is a feature I can use within XP that would allow me to dissallow access to the Internet to my son's PC when I chooses so to do. For example, when he comes home from school, usually the first thing he does is to turn his PC on and get on the web. Now I don't mind this but I insist - as most parents do - that he does his chores and homework before 'chatting' to his friends.

So, does anyone know if I can disable some service or something like that which will temporarily stop him using the web. I appreciate I could simply disconnect the wireless networking USB device, but I don't want to have to keep doing that.

Alternatively, is there some software that would allow me to control when he gets access to the net?

Thanks in advance


A:Restricting www Access on home network

you may want to try this program... It allows you to block access to applications... This should work in your case. Good Luck

PS. I have not used this program just found the link.

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I installed Hamachi Free VPN. I have shared (full control) my entire external drive for convenience for everyone on my LAN. However, there are some folders that need to be excluded from this share over the VPN due to sensitive information in those folders (other users on my LAN backup data to those folders).

Is there a way to restrict ALL users over the VPN from accessing those folders (without adding a rule for every user)?

Hamachi free support has nothing on this...

A:restricting folder(s) at network level

really? No one here knows??

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i want to know how to restrict access to certain files on my computer.
i am running win XP. i dont want to block everything just certain important files/folders in my docs for example, from my kids and ex husband etc. is there a way to block these without having to block it all?


A:restricting access to files

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I have Windows XP on my PC and have set-up multiple users. How can I share all my MS Outlook files/folders (email, calendar, contacts) with another user on the same PC, so both can read and receive the same email and can share the same calendar and contacts?

I also have another Windows XP PC in a home network. How can I set it up so that all my MS Outlook files/folders are shared and synchronized between the 2 PCs, i.e., email, calendar and contacts can be accessed and updated on either PC?

A:Sharing MS Outlook files with multiple users on same PC and home network

For the second half of that question it all has to do with your ISP. You probably need to set it up so it leaves a copy on the ISP server. This will allow you to get it on multiple computers. Then there is another option to delete the email once emptied from your deleted items box in Outlook. That way you can use either computer to get the new emails (or viewed but not deleted from another computer).

I'm not sure if this helps, but it could work.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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I'm sharing a folder on a Windows XP computer with 15,000 sub-folders/files over a small network. This folder used to be hosted in Windows Server 2003 machine. But after I made the switch to XP, accessing the shared folder over the network takes over 1 minute for the files to list.

Does anyone know what might be causing this slow performance? And is it related to the XP operating system?

Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:Problem sharing folder with large number of files over network

if you are using sp2 or 3 i believe this problem could be caused by a tcp connection limit have a look at this

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I'm having 2 computers: a Desktop and a laptop, both has Windows XP. The desktop is connected to the wireless router with LAN cable and the laptop connects using wireless connection.

I want to share files and printer between those computers but although I entered both computers to the same workgroup and enabled file and printer sharing I can't access one computer from the other.

Can you help me find what other settings should I change?


A:Solved: Sharing files in a mixed(wired+wireless) network

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Ive just bought a new netbook thing, thought it would be good for a removable car PC solution.

anyway ive been trying to connect to the shared harddrives on my home wired network .. and although i can connect to all my other computers through VNC etc i can't seem to connect to shared drives?

this is the only computer that i have had this problem with. I have made sure that its on the same network etc ..

i dont really have a clue with networks so thats why i am asking for any advise that could help me solve the issue.

The OS for my other PCs are Windows MCE but my new lappy is Windows XP Home.
I don't know if that could be the problem here?

If you need anymore info then just ask and i'll try and get it for you.

oh all my PCs are connected through a 16 or 18 way switch (a bit over kill i know but i got it for free from work). all i have done in the past is right click on the HDDs i want to share and then share it. to connect to them i click Tools > map network drive > then navigate to the drive that i wanna connect to... but with this new lappy i cant find the shared HDDs

thanks for reading


A:New laptop network sharing problems

try changing the workgroup name to "workgroup" on Winxp home it is "MShome" On WinXP Pro (media center also) the workgroup name is "WORKGROUP"

To change goto control panel and open System, Click on Computer name tab, click on the Change Button and in Workgroup enter WORKGROUP

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windows 7 ultimate machine acting as a server, vista home premium client machine - trying to access a new backups drive on the server and receiving error code 0x80070005

I can access the Z drive from the vista machine, but not the X drive.
(X drive is the new one)

the ntfs settings look the same to me.

what would be a next logical step?

A:problems with network file sharing

0x80070005 = Access Denied

Regards. . .



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Please help to solve this problem: 1. I have a HP EliteBook 840 G2 laptop, with built in 4G modem. I have a SIM card in it, and I can simply share my mobile connection with Windows built in Mobile Hotspot function (Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot), and worked perfect from other computer? OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit (Hungarian, so error messages are translated, not the exact English text)? Wireless: Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7265? 4G: HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module? SIM: T-Mobile (Hungary) 2. situation: I need to use another SIMcard. It works normal, except, that I can't share the connection, when I try turn on sharing, a message appear, that can't turn on hotspot, because there is no mobile connection. Then I called T-mobile, but they said, that sharing must working with both card, the problem is with the computer.I tried two other SIM cards, and an other, same type notebook. The result: simple connection OK with all SIMs on booth notebooks, but wifi hotspot sharing is on notebook 'A' works with SIM 1 & 2, on notebook "B" works with SIM 2 & 3 (neither notebook can share SIM 4 connection). 3. situation: I googled a lot for solution, but found no similar case. The most similar was "wifi hotspot not working after upgrade windows x to windows y". I tried a lot of suggestions:? remove, update and reinstall wifi and 4G drivers? disable and re-enable network devices in device manager and in Network and Sharing cent... Read more

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hi i have a small prob if someone could help its greatly appreciated.

here is my problem i have 2 compaq presaro laptops running windows vista..

on one of them i can go to network connections then to manage connections then then left click wireless and go to properties and then to share tab and let others use this to connect...then hook a cat 5 to the lan line and have a connection ...

now the other laptop gives some error it basicly wont let me share the connection. any help would be apreicated. i found some forum that says to do this to put network back to factory settings...Click on Start button, all programs accessories and right click on "command prompt" select "run as administrator" At the prompt type:netsh int ip reset and then press the Enter key

i know lil bit on netowrking all i wanna do is shar the wireless connection . if there was a setting somehow messed with would this fix it?

A:network sharing problems in vista

Hi and welcome to TSF please see the folks here
this is their specialist field

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I suspect this is a fairly common sort of problem, but.......

A long time ago now I set up a small home network of a desktop with XP SP2 (now SP3) and a laptop with Vista Home Premium SP1 and a LAN-attached printer, all coupled to a broadband router. Very few problems fortunately in setting up the file and printer sharing and all works fine (so far)

Now....I have just done the same for a friend. Although the models of equipment are different, the PC and OS combinations are the essentially the same, only differences being that the desktop is only SP2 and printer is USB-attached to the desktop. Basic internet access is fine, BUT....the file and printer sharing does not work

The desktop and PC can each see the other machine on the network and also the relevant 'shared' file folders. Both can see the printer. However....if the desktop tries to access the laptop then it get a "you do not have access permission" error. If the laptop tries to access the desktop it gets an error message about "inadequate resources on the servers". [The friend lives 20 miles away, so I don't have the full wording of all the messages in front of me, sorry. ] Both machines have the same user account name and password, the only difference being that there is a second account on the desktop which is not on the laptop.

Can anyone offer any suggestion please, based on what I realise is rather limited information?

Many thanks

A:Sharing problems on home network

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I don't know if I am drawing a wild conclusion or not but I will try to explain what is happening. I rent a room in a house (college student) and a new house-mate just moved in and he started by opening a "Shared Documents" folder on his computer so he could share some music and some class stuff (we have a Bio. class together). This may be conjuncture but it seems that the moment he started this folder on the Intranet (?) my connection has virtually disappeared. The only times it seems to go back to normal is in the afternoon and late at night (times when his computer are off: when he is at class or asleep). Is this unfounded guesswork or is there something to this? Just wondering and thanks for any helpful ideas or info you can share

A:Sharing Documents Within The Network Problems

Well, the Shared Documents folder is there by default, and it's on his computer, so that's hardly a problem.

What is the "Intranet" and what is your connection that "has virtually disappeared"?

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Hi all,
I wonder if some one can help me? I am having severe problems with connecting to the internet on my media centre. I have a simple network set up with desktop and media centre connected via a cross over ethernet cable, the internet connection is via a usb modem connected directly to the desktop computer.
I have set up the two computers manually, giving each an IP address (desktop My filesharing is all working and have allowed internet sharing and allocated a network gateway on media centre but when i open internet explorer i can not access internet (on media centre), it just says page can not be displayed.
Both computers are running XP.
Please can someone help, i have tried everything. For such an easy job it is just a total nightmare.

A:Internet sharing over network problems

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I have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack. Now WMP can see MKV files. They are listed in Libraries -> Videos -> whatever.

If I look at the AVI and the MKV files Security settings, they all have WMPNetworkSvc set to Read allowed.

But I still don't see them with my BluRay player over the network. (I do see the folders, but they are empty.) The BluRay player does support MKV with MPEG2 and AVC content, which is what my files are.

It plays the MKV files just fine from the USB port. And according to the manual, there is no difference between USB and dlna file compatibilty, except USB plays asf, wmv and m4v files.

I also have a problem giving access to WMPNetworkSvc to some folders. (I guess it is supposed to happen automatically when I add a parent folder to the shared library.

A:Still having problems sharing MKV files

I don't know the ins and outs of serving up MKV files. But I did use MakeMKV for some time(I had a USB set top box) and one of the features I did not get to try was serving MKV over home network. If you go to the forum you can find out more. I believe MakeMKV is still downloadable as beta meaning it is free. You do have to download a new key with each beta version update though.

MakeMKV - Make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD

Also you may gain some insight about networking MKV from reading the forum.
There is a server standard it supports but I don't recall the name since I did not have a "live" player with network port.

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For some reason I can't access the shared folders from my laptop (WINXP). The folders are in my desktop (WIN98), but for some reason I can't access them, and I was able too. I turned on the laptop, and I got the message:
"Folder not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the admin of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
The network path was not found."
Also, how can I rename my network, one computer is named HOME. and the other MSHOME. I would like for both to be listed under the same one. All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A:Problems Sharing FIles

To change your computer name,go to Control panel>systems>computername and change it there.


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Hello this is my first thread here at 7forums, i wish i could gater some help outta here.

i have this problem in accessing other computer from home network.

The error is vice versa.

i am using 64bit ultimate the other pc is 32bit.

Thanks if someone could help!

if it is a hardware
my router is edimax br6225n 150mbps.

A:Sharing Files Problems(HELP)!

are both PC's named the same if they are that can cause conflicts, + you have set up file sharing for the various folders?( sorry had to ask)


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I have two computers that my son's use for schoolwork. I have our networks router using Open DNS to prevent access to "bad" content and games sites, etc. However, one of my son's has figured out that he can change the network DNS settings on the local computer and get around the Open DNS filter. My account is the only one that has administrator access (theirs is only a user account). How can I restrict their accounts so that they can't make changes to the network settings. Specifically need to restrict them from changing the DNS settings and prevent them from changing to another wireless network (i.e. a neighbors). The two computers in question are running Windows XP Home SP3 (I think) and Vista Home Premium.



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How do you limit/restrict certain users from sharing files on Windows XP Operating Network, yet allow others on the same network access to this info?

Thank you,


A:Restricting Access to Specific Users on Network

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These days I have taken upon myself the daunting task of instructing my mother in the intricate art of using a computer.

My computer.

No, I don't think you understand.

My computer!

Scary, I know.

I am running Win2K SP II, on NTFS. I would like to crteate an extremely restricted user account, so that she cannot murder my system by mistake. And, I would like to be able to block her access to certain files (like, say, my wonderful, eh, art collection), or even to limit her access to a folder or a group of folders. My question is, how do I accomplish this? I mean, I know how to create all sorts of accounts. But how can I block access of certain users to certain files or folders, or to make certain files or folders accessible only to a particular user? And, to avoid embarrassment, I need it to work 100%.


A:Win2K - Restricting Access to Files

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I have a WEP 128 with 2 desktops and 2 laptops, all with Zonealarm installed, and connected to the Orange Livebox router, by wireless.

On 1 laptop, I have a printer connected and have enabled it for Printer Sharing. I also have shared documents on each of them which I have allowed access. If I disable ZoneAlarm I can access the workgroup, \\MSHOME.

Otherwise, I can't. I have to turn Zonealarm off.

I have tried:
Allowing the IP range of to the trusted zone... doesn't work.

Any one have any ideas?


A:Sharing printer files over Orange Wireless Network and Zonealarm firewall

PING is a useless test for this condition.

I'll refer you to a Vista Page, but everything except the Public vs Private comments
apply to ALL Windows systems.

For firewall control, you need special ports to be allowed, but only for YOUR lan addresses.

IF your lan is thru, then


allow TCP/UDP in src iprange ports 135-139,445
allow TCP/UDP out dest iprange ports 135-139,445
allow UDP in src iprange port 631
allow UDP out dest iprange port 631

the first two are file sharing and will work for Mac, Linux and Windows,
the last two remote print spooling

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I've recently tried sharing file over my home network and have been having some trouble. I've tried searching on the web for a soultion but haven't really found anything specific to my problem.

ok, i have one computer(my main one) running XP pro that is sharing folders and is my ICS. It has 2 NICS, one integrated and one PCI. One is connected to a cable modem for internet access and the other is connected to a router (Belkin). Wierd setup i know!! i clearly know i can just use the router 2 connect everything but i want to try and set it up this way. On the NIC connected to router i set a static ip on both the router and NIC. The router has the DHCP turn on. From the router I connected a WinXP Pro by cat 5, and have two other computer on wireless.

Internet works fine all the time. When i connect from my laptop running Vista to the main computer to access my shares everything works fine. My problems occurs when i turn on the other pc connected directly to router. I get errors "specified network no longer available" or that i've lost the connection to the shared folder/file. It happens on both computers. When i turn off the wireless on the laptop, the PC shares files fine.

For more info, let me know.

A:Problems File Sharing Over Home Network

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Ok, I am getting increasinlgy frustrated with w7 and it's sharing of folders and such..... I have one folder it is my music. I want to share this as a network share and I open the network tree I see my PC Name and under it is the above folder my music. I right click on this folder and navigate to Share With.... Here I see my PC name and that's it. I then enter everyone and click/read/write. Thinking I have now shared this folder I go back and everyone is gone. I then right click this folder > properties and sharing, advanced sharing. Here I click permissions and I verify everyone is enabled with full control. At this point I still can't share this folder over my network?? I am the owner of this PC and its contents. Am I missing something in my steps above? Thanks!!

A:Additional Problems Sharing Folders over Network...........

Well, my messing with W7 and its crazy sharing properties now leads me to the following errors:

You don't have permission to access this folder/ click continue to gain access/ you have been denied permission to access this folder/to gain access use security tab... I do this and its prompt after prpmpt of permissions. I am at my wits end with this. I am the owner of this PC and all its contents! This should not be this difficult. Any suggestions? Thxs

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We have a laptop with Vista installed and we're trying to transfer some files onto it from our desktop PCs that use XP. We've read various Windows help topics on the subject, but it still doesn't seem to work; in the MSHOME workgroup, the Vista laptop shows up, but whenever we try to access it, we get this error message:

\\<Laptop name> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

In Vista's network and sharing center, we have:

- Network discovery turned ON
- File sharing turned ON
- Public folder sharing turned ON (Read and write)
- Printer sharing turned OFF
- Password protected sharing turned OFF
- Media sharing turned ON

Also, the Vista laptop doesn't seem to show either of the XP PCs also connected to the network. We can transfer files between the XPs easily enough. Yes, the Vista machine is also in the MSHOME workgroup, and the network settings are set to Private, not Public.

Any idea what's going on?

A:Solved: Problems with network/file sharing

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I have been having some issues with sharing some files/folders on a WinXP network...

I have 2 PC's PC1 is a WinXP SP2 & PC2 is a WinXP Media Centre 2005 edition. Both PC's have folders and files shared.... Both PC's connect fine to the internet via a belkin router... and I can ping all the devices on the network, Router, PC1 and PC2 which are assigned by the DHCP within the Router.... I can also ping the computer names also... both machines have the firewalls enabled....

Interestly just last week I had to reinstall windows as it was running to slow... and the file sharing was working fine... infact I transfered the files from PC1 to PC2 before the re-install.... but now if I try to connect to PC2... I get a error stating that the network resource is unavailable and that a device is not functioning.... Remember that I also enabled file sharing on PC1.... if I go to PC2 and try to connect to PC1 I get the same error.... also if I try to connect to PC1 files from PC1 i.e in the address bar at the top of explorer type \\mypcname\data I get the same error...

All I can think is that something on the PC1 is causing the trouble...

Sorry for the longish mail

A:File Sharing problems on WinXP Network

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i am trying to configure network sharing for my home network. i have a 3 total computers:
a laptop with windows vista installed (c1)
desktop with windows xp 64-bit (c2)
laptop with windows 7 (c3)

i was able to network share between the windows 7 laptop (c3) and c2. both comps see each other and i was able to access files and share a printer to c3. however, the problem now is between c1 and c2. the desktop computer is able to see c1. however, c1 does not see the desktop. when i try to access the laptops files through c2, it says that i do not have permission to access them, even if i have administrator rights. one thing to keep in mind is that c1 and c3 are able to see each other. however, i do not see the same content on c3 through the c1 as i do through the desktop.

c1 has some antivirus installed onto it but when i turn it off (exiting the program), there were no improvements. any suggestions would be immensely appreciated!

A:network sharing problems with windows vista

Quote: Originally Posted by BIG RED

i am trying to configure network sharing for my home network. i have a 3 total computers:
a laptop with windows vista installed (c1)
desktop with windows xp 64-bit (c2)
laptop with windows 7 (c3)

i was able to network share between the windows 7 laptop (c3) and c2. both comps see each other and i was able to access files and share a printer to c3. however, the problem now is between c1 and c2. the desktop computer is able to see c1. however, c1 does not see the desktop. when i try to access the laptops files through c2, it says that i do not have permission to access them, even if i have administrator rights. one thing to keep in mind is that c1 and c3 are able to see each other. however, i do not see the same content on c3 through the c1 as i do through the desktop.

c1 has some antivirus installed onto it but when i turn it off (exiting the program), there were no improvements. any suggestions would be immensely appreciated!

Big Red Hi and welcome

You did not specify if you were using "homegroup" or workgroup" to network these computers. Typically homegroup is for windows 7 only machines and uses a newer version of IP. Workgroup is more designed for mixed environments.

If you are using homegroup on some networks it has sharing, and connectivity issues.

You can test this rather simply by setting up a new network connection using the workgroup model. If this new connection ... Read more

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I'm running WinXP on my computer, and I also have a wireless router setup so I can access files on my old computer. I just got a nice big external HD for Xmas, which uses a USB 2.0 connection. I loaded all of my old files that I had on CD or DVD to the HD. I usually keep it turned off since I don't access the files on it that often. But every time I turn it on, the 1st thing that happens is a little window pops up that says "Autoplay" at the top (it's similar to the copy or move files windows). Anyway, the autoplay box looks like it's scanning every file (probably 2000+ files) on the external HD, looking for different file types that might be set to autoplay. The problem is, I have already set all 4 autoplay file types to open a folder to view the files. There is an option to cancel in the autoplay window, so I have to hit that and then it will open the folder like it's supposed to. So how do I make it stop running the autoplay scan every time I turn on the external HD?? I was thinking I would let it scan all the way thru instead of canceling it, and then it wouldn't need to scan anymore after that. But I don't have much hope of that working, becuz of the other problem I'm having...

The 1st time I hooked up the external HD, I went into Properties and set the drive to be shared on the network. But the next time I turned the drive on, it was no longer shared -- like it gets reset. I don't want to have to set it to be a sha... Read more

A:External HD problems: autoplay and network sharing

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I know microsoft says it's not possible, but... on my friend's network, (dlink router, one comp on XP pro the other on w2k), both computer can access the other computer's \program files, \system, \documents and settings, and all the other "off limits" directories. What I'm trying to do with my network at home is be able to access the program files directory on my desktop from my laptop, and vise-versa. When I try to access my desktop's \program files, I get an error saying that it's not accessible. Anyone know a way around this? I have a bunch of stuff on my desktop that I'd like to get to...



A:problems sharing \program files

Try creating a user account on the desktop with the same name as your default user on the laptop, then making that account a member of Administrators.

You may have to enter a password to connect, but you should get total access.

hope this helps

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Can I restrict the internet speed of computers connected to my wireless network? For example, I want to restrict the speed of computers that connect to my network to not go higher than 100 kB/s for upload and download. And the speed for my computer to remain unlimited. My wireless network is through router Sweex 300N.


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My first post here.

My question is about how I can set permissions for the users on a network of 3 x computers that all have Windows 7 Home edition to share folders.

Here?s what I?ve got. Three computers, each have 2 x users. The 2 users are 1 x Manager (Admin rights) and 1 x employee (User rights). On one of the computers I have folders which I?d like to share (read / write) with the managers, whilst there are only a few that I?d like to share with the employees.

So basically I have all business data stored on ?PC1? and I want the manager login on PC2 and PC3 to be able to view these folders. Restricted access for the employees.

Is there anyway I can do this ? I?ve been looking at Homegroups / Workgroups, but it seems I can either share with everyone or no-one.

If this is not possible, is there something I can do with an external hard drive or something else ? Or maybe I need a plan B ?

As a compromise, I?d be prepared to do ?plan B?.

Plan B would be:

PC1 has only 1 x user (Manager) and has all the data for the business in several folders.

PC2 has only 1 x user (Manager) and has access to ALL the folders on PC1

PC3 has only 1 user (Employee) and has access to a limited number of folders on PC1.

How would I plan B ?

Thanks in advance,


A:File Sharing and restricting between multiple users on multiple PC's

I'm not so sure about this working with Windows Home version because it's limited in certain areas like creating a Homegroup though it can join a Homegroup.

Here is the deal on separate shares for particular users. You need to add those users as standard accounts on which ever machine you need to set up the special shares for.

Once you add them to your machine as a standard user they will show up on the Share With list in the Homegroup permissions settings, at that point you can add them them and adjust the permissions as desired. It's really as simple as that.

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I am trying to share a specific folder on my Windows 8 computer with my Windows 7 computer. They are both on the same network connected to the same router. The Windows 8 computer is connected through ethernet, while the Windows 7 computer is connected wirelessly.

Here are my settings on my Windows 8 Computer:

This is the error I get on my Windows 7 computer:
What's up with this? On a related note, is it possible to share this folder with a specific PC, rather than "Everyone" on the network?

A:Problems sharing specific folder on home network...

The issue may be related to the password protected sharing option that you have enabled on the Windows 8 machine. Can you please turn it off and possible try again.

Password Protected Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Also, can you try and access the share using it's IP address instead of the hostname to ensure that you are being directed to the right machine. For example:


Many Thanks,

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Hi prospective Helpers,
I have that old chestnut - I can see & can't see different computers on my small 4.5 computer home Network
and have some file sharing issues .

It all started when I decided to reformat 2 of the computers & reload XPpro. (All computers are running SP2)

Note that all computers are on the same workgroup, have individual names & I have scoured this & other forums
& tried various suggestion including turning simple file sharing on & off - so far with no sucsess.
My New computer (lets call it PC2) is running Home edition XP the rest XPpro.
I have previously had this system operating & at one stage I managed to get one of the 2 rougues to work (how I don't know) but next
day when I powered up (after a bit of a power outage) I couldn't boot it up & had to go into safe mode & then go back in time to get it going.....
That now leaves me in this wierd situation:

PC2 & PC3 work perfectly accross the Network

PC1 can see PC1, PC2 & PC3 but not PC4 on Workgroup
PC1 can access shared folders on PC2, PC3 only
PC1 is visible on Workgroup on PC2 & PC3 & PC4 but access is denied to all

PC4 can see PC1,PC2 & PC3 but can't see itself on Workgroup
PC4 can access shared files on PC2 & PC3 not PC1
None of the other computers can see PC4 on the workgroup
None of the other computers can access shared files on PC4

I have switched Firewall off - still no go. Its like I�... Read more

A:Problems with file sharing & seeing some computers on a small network

install netbios protocol on all machines

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So, I'm attempting to share files over my home network to both Windows and Mac machines from my desktop running Windows XP Pro. It works fine when the shared folder and files are located on the Windows boot hard drive. However, I can't share files that are on my RAID drives. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, I've been trying to find a solution online for several hours now, but have had no luck at all. I'll try my best to describe my situation as concisely as possible:-

I have multiple family members in the household, along with two Win7 desktops and three Win7 laptops. All pc's are on the same workgroup with file and folder sharing working faultlessly - we do not use Homegroups.

I have a large amount of important data on my desktop that serves as a data backup for all work I do on my laptop. On top of this it contains a large amount of media files that get shared to all pc's too. All communication is done over the network. However, as the other family members are far less tech savvy, shall we say, than I, I am growing concerned with how easy it would be for someone else to access my laptop backup work, as it is all business related, and do something disastrous to it.

I would like to have it so that my laptop is the only machine allowed to access this backup data from my desktop. The rest of the shared folders on this desktop would have to remain accessible to 'everyone'.

As I said, I've been doing a tonne of searching, but found no successful solution. I'm now just hoping someone can provide with a definitive solution to this.

Thanks for all your time.

A:Restricting access to shared network folders for specific Win7 pc's


I would restrict access to the folder using the security tab within the properties of the backup folder. Change the access so that only one user account (not the everyone group) can access the file. OR just remove the everyone group from the folder access and just set permissions for one of the existing user accounts.

When you need to access this file from your laptop simply use this login to access the folder. Does that make sence?

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I started a new thread in effort to get my issue heard. I have accuired an evasive Trojan that infected the registry and had dropped worms that I cannot find, indemnify and therefor cannot remove. I need assistance from anyone who has advice and can help identify causes to this issue

A:Trojan infected registry restricting access to files

Please do not start a new topic asking for help in one of your other topics.Someone will see your topic and reply, and Aura has done that.This one is closed.

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I have a hp desktop and an acer laptop both running windows Vista, I have a d link wireless router and both computers are running fine on the internet. Where my problem lies is in file sharing between the 2 computers, all file sharing is turned on in network and sharing centre on both computers and i have disabled the password protection, My desktop shows up on my laptop and visa-versa and my laptop can extract files off my desktop via public folder which is fine, but when i try and extract files off my laptop to my desktop this is where i hit the problem as it won't let me into the laptop and causes both computers to crash!! also when i check the laptops public folder on the laptop it is only showing 2 folders (Public Documents and Public Downloads) the picture, music and video folders are nowhere to be seen!! I would greatly appreciate somebodys help with this as i have already wasted 2 days trying to correct the problem!! I would also like the oppurtunity to say hello to everyone on the site as i have only just joined!!

Yours Sincerely
Stephen x

A:Problems sharing files between my laptop and pc via wireless both computers on VISTA

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Hi all,

I have a wireless network set up in my house and I want to share some of the folders on my computer so that other family members can listen to my music etc. When I click to turn Network Discovery on, and click apply, it just stays off, same goes for File Sharing.
When I try to turn public folder sharing on, after I click apply I get an error message saying "incorrect function". I have shared stuff on my work network so I'm not sure what's wrong here.


A:Can't turn Network Discovery, File Sharing and Public Folder Sharing on

Make sure your network is designated home or work; NOT public.

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I have a netbook (home 64bit win10) and a PC (64bit pro win7) sharing the same wired hub. I want them to be entirely 'un-networked' so that no communication between them is possible. I have tried to turn off 'file and printer sharing' on my PC (because i assume i should) but when i reboot i find it turned back on. I've seen this problem addressed in this and other forums, but no solution that i could comprehend.

I also have a (VMP74) media player running off the hub and would like to access video files on my PC from that device, but only if that does not compromise access between netbook and PC.

I should add - in case it's not obvious - that i really don't have much of a clue what i'm doing and am very confused with the myriad options. Particularly the 'local' 'home or work' 'public' 'all' and media streaming options, whatever they are.

I'd be grateful if someone could explain and/or confirm what radio buttons to tick to achieve what i want to do. Many thanks

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Ive recently tried to share my secondary drive and noticed that there is no sharing tab in the properties dialogue.
After checking other drives, folders and files i've found that not one has the sharing tab visible.

I'm logged on as the computer administrator, have file and printer sharing installed and enabled, have unchecked "simple file sharing" and have looked all over the internet for a solution short of reinstalling windows.

I cannot understand why it has disappeared from all properties dialogue globally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:File sharing problems. Sharing tab missing globally.

Forgot to mention, I am running Windows XP Pro with Service pack 3 installed and all windows updates are up to date.

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How do I make it to were on my network I cant share Files but I can still share my Printer.

A:Sharing Printer BUT not sharing Files

Don't specify any drives and or folders to share.

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