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[SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

Q: [SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

? OS - Windows 7 SP1
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Windows 8
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Retail Version
? Age of system (hardware) 4 months
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 1 week

? CPU Core i5-3330
? Video Card Nvidia GT 620
? MotherBoard
? Power Supply - brand & wattage 300w

? System Manufacturer Dell
? Exact model number: Inspiron 660
Added Samsung 830 128gb SSD + 3TG Seagate in replaced of the original 2TB Seagate HDD.

I have tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers, currently use the older version 310.90
Previously used 314.22.

A: [SOLVED] I get black screen after coming back from screen saver/idle

The following may be helpful when reading the remainder of this post:Beta and Legacy Drivers | GeForce

NVIDIA Driver Downloads

Advanced Driver Search

Product Type: GeForce
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Product Series: GeForce 600 Series
Product: GeForce GT 620
Recommended/Beta: Recommended/Certified


Name Version Release Date
GeForce 314.22 Driver WHQL 314.22 March 25, 2013
GeForce 314.07 Driver WHQL 314.07 February 18, 2013
GeForce 310.90 Driver WHQL 310.90 January 5, 2013
GeForce 310.70 Driver WHQL 310.70 December 17, 2012
GeForce 306.97 Driver WHQL 306.97 October 10, 2012
GeForce 306.23 Driver WHQL 306.23 September 13, 2012
GeForce 301.42 Driver WHQL 301.42 May 22, 2012

BugCheck 0x117
These crashes are DirectX/graphics card related. DirectX comes installed with Windows, so this may indicate Windows corruption. It may also be that you have corrupted drivers or a graphics card hardware problem.
If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Run a system file check to check Windows for corruption: Click Start Menu
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Right click Command Prompt
Click Run as administrator
sfc /scannow
and press Enter
Once it is complete, make note of the message. If it says Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and post back
If the message does not say Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations., restart your computer and do steps 1-6 again.
You may need to do steps 1-6 up to three times with a restart in between each run to resolve all corrupted files.
If you still have corrupted files after a fourth run, post back here with the following:Click Start Menu
Click Computer
Open your C: drive
Open Windows
Open Logs
Open CBS
Copy and paste CBS.log or CBS (it may not have the log extension) to a location you will remember.
Compress (zip) the CBS file and attach the .zip file to your next post.

Follow the steps for Diagnosing basic problems with DirectX. To re-install your display card drivers as outlined in the DirectX link, use the following steps.
Download the drivers you want for your display card(s)
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Uninstall a program
For NVIDIA:Uninstall the NVIDIA Graphics Driver (this should uninstall all NVIDIA software and drivers)
Restart your computer
Make sure NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver, NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, NVIDIA HD Audio Driver, and NVIDIA PhysX System Software are not still listed under Uninstall a program through Control Panel
If any remain of the above, uninstall one at a time
If asked to restart after uninstalling any of the above, do so, and continue uninstalling any remaining NVIDIA items until all are removed

For AMD:Uninstall AMD Catalyst Install Manager if it is listed (this should remove all AMD graphics software and drivers)
If AMD Catalyst Install Manager is not listed, use the following method to uninstall the graphics drivers (this applies to onboard graphics, as well):Click Start Menu
Right Click My Computer/Computer
Click Manage
Click Device Manager from the list on the left
Expand Display adapters
Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)Right click the adapter
Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
Put a tick in Delete driver software for this device (if this option is available, otherwise just hit OK) and hit OK

Alternatively:Login as an adminstrative user
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Hardware and Sound
Click Device Manager (the last link under Devices and Printers)
Expand Display adapters
Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)Right click the adapter
Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
Put a tick in Delete driver software for this device (if this option is available, otherwise just hit OK) and hit OK

Restart your computer after uninstalling drivers for all display cards
Install the driver you selected for the display cards once Windows starts

Remember to try multiple versions of the graphics drivers, download them fresh, and install the freshly downloaded drivers.


Before you proceed with the following, answer these two questions: Are you still under warranty? Does your warranty allow you to open up the machine to check hardware? If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, contact your system manufacturer. WARNING: The steps that follow can void your warranty!!!

For 0x117 Video TDR Error crashes: A 0x117 TDR crash means the system sent a signal to the display card to refresh the video, and the display card did not respond but did eventually recover. This may be due to a driver error or a hardware error with respect to the display card.If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

Monitor temperatures during the following tests. Use the following programs to monitor the temperatures. Real Temp is a good CPU temperature monitor.
Speccy - System Information - Free Download will monitor all hardware temperatures.
HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information and Analysis Tools can be inaccurate for CPU temperatures, but is a good program for GPU temperature monitoring.

Run FurMark to test the display card for artifacts and temperature issues.FurMark
Run display device memory tests to check the display card for memory problems.Display device memory tests
Run Memtest86+ for at least 7-10 passes. It may take up to 22 passes to find problems. Make sure to run it once after the system has been on for a few hours and is warm, and then also run it again when the system has been off for a few hours and is cold.Test RAM with Memtest86+
Run Prime95 to test your CPU, RAM modules, and general hardware.Prime95 Hardware Stress Testing Steps


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XP Service Pack 3

Screensaver is enabled and so is 'Display welcome screen when coming back from screensaver'.

This works most of the time, however on a regular basis the screensaver will resume to the following screen and just stay there forever.

The only thing to do is to press the power button, at which point a popup alerts that a user is logged in, do you still want to shut down.



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When I'm connected to the Internet, I get the black screen with the Windows XP logo flitting about if I've been innactive for 2 mins. Can I correct it?

A:Solved: Screen keeps going back to Black screen with Windows XP icon keeps coming up

Only when connected to the internet?

Right click empty desktop.
Properties>Screensaver - Check what you have it set to.

Monitor Power.
Power schemes>always on.
Turn off monitor>never.
System standby>never.
Turn off hard disks>never.

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When I closed my laptop today, the silver back came away from black border around screen on the lower left corner by tne hinge.

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I need help ASAP. My computer was having many issues today, so I did a system restore. When it was done, it downloaded updates, I only restored it back to yesterday. Now, when I log into my account, the screen stays black and all I see is the pointer. What can I do to solve this? The PC is shut down right now.

A:Solved: Screen is black after system restore and update. Set back one day, screen is

Usually, system restore is used to resolve problems like this. You might want to consider doing a clean install and see if that has any affect. Hopefully your data is saved on an external or flash drive. There's also additional options that you can find here:

-- Ryan
Windows Outreach Team

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I have a Dell 1750 Inspiron laptop that I use "as a desktop" as every piece of hardware is connected to it.
It runs with Windows 7 Home Edition. It has a 4gb memory and a 450gb hard drive which is less than half used.

I have the screen saver set to Photos and usually have a cut-in time of 1 hour idle.

The screen saver cuts in exactly when it should and scrolls through my photos for as long as the laptop is left idle.

However, as soon as I touch the mouse/keyboard, instead of reverting to the "normal" screen the photos disappear, the blank screen fades for a few seconds and then a message appears in a box, saying that the Photos Screen Saver is not responding, and gives the options of either close the program or wait for the programme to respond. Waiting doesn't seem to work so I have to click on close the programme and then cancel the statement that Windows will try to find a solution, because it doesn't!

I have tried to vary the time before the screen saver kicks in, anything from 1 minute to several hours but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

A:Photo Screen Saver wont revert back to live screen

Have you checked the timing for when the HDD turns off or Sleep or Hibernation kicks in [I disable both of those and lengthen the time on the HDD to several hours], Control Panel, Power Options?

The reason I mentioned the HDD is the symptoms you mentioned seem to apply. The screen saver could be in memory and not affected by the HDD until it's asked for something.

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Fresh install of Windows 7 and I'm convinced that one of the MS updates I elected to install is causing this. I've read other forums that said it's related to having a wireless mouse, but I'm using the same hardware that I've always used. The thing I did this time that I don't normally do is install all of the "optional" software updates from MS. I tried uninstalling all of the usb related drivers and letting them reinstall, no luck. Not sure how to pinpoint the prob. Any advice would be awesome.

Usb devices include a wireless mouse, and Logitech C920 webcam (webcam newly added, but screensaver wasn't an issue prior to reloading).


A:Screen saver not coming on!

If you try unplugging the mouse and the computer screensaver goes on that you know that is the problem

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Not sure what caused this but today I was away from my desk for about 25 minutes and my desktop is set up to activate its screen saver ( a default one that comes with Windows 7) after 15 minutes of inactivity.
When I returned to my desk found the system had crashed and rebooted and was at the screen saying it had recovered from a serious problem and wanted to send information to Microsoft.
I have attached the mini dump file that my computer created. if some one could
read it for me and let me know what the issue was I would appreciate it.
I had a problem before that turned out to involve Norton Utilities 15 and I'm curious if its the same problem since I paid Norton support and they supposedly fixed the problem.
Thank you in advance for any assistance

A:BSOD while computer was idle with screen saver on

The driver causing your issue is SymDSMon.sys and it belongs to the Symantec product Norton Utilities 15. You are the second person in less than a week that has had issues with this software.

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All of my "Idle" settings take effect despite not being idle. I have set my power managment settings to turn off my screen after being idle for 20 minutes. Rather than turning the screen off after being idle for 20 minutes, the screen turns off every 20 minutes regardless of whether or not I've been idle. The screen immediately comes back on as it typically turns off in the middle of my typing an email or a forum post. I have tried this on various time settings, as low as a minute and as high as 20 minutes. It seems that my system activity is not recognized (i.e. my typing and mouse usage) unless the system is specifically looking for activity, such as when the power management system has taken affect and the screen saver has come on, or the display shuts down, etc. This isn't a huge deal except that, when my settings included going to my lock screen I had to put my credentials in every time that the system shut off the display. I've read the solutions that suggest setting all of my power managmeent options to "never". This is simply not an acceptable solution. If I am using my computer in a public place and I get up to get a cup of coffee, I want my computer to lock itself after 5 minutes of inactivity. Additionally, if I'm in the middle of taking notes at a lecture, I want my display to shut down and conserve power after I have been idle for a time. Simply telling the machine to never use its security and power saving functions does not fix the problem, it si... Read more

A:Idle settings (Screen Saver, turn off display, etc.) take ef...

NWS106 I understand the problem, as my PCs seem to disregard the Power Options some times, too. Instead of turning off the PC, why not just Lock the screen: That's what I do, and it only takes a couple of clicks. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================

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I am having a problem setting a screen saver on my new Windows 10. When setting a screen saver and selecting "Preview" or setting a screen saver and having it go to it at the appropriate time limit, the screen saver displays properly.

However, when hitting a key or mouse move or click, instead of returning to Windows, it displays a black screen and locks. I have tried everything, at the black screen, to return to windows without any luck, other than manually turning the PC off and rebooting.

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I am having a very wierd issue with vista's screen saver. So basically when I leave the comp idle it goes into screen saver then turns off the monitor after 15 mins. Sometimes, more often than not, I come back and move the mouse and hit a few keys on the keyboard and nothing. The monitor wont come out of standby I try turning it off and back on, and nothing. I have the latest drivers for everything in my system and I checked the power management settings and they both are able to wake the computer up. I have a G15 keyboard and I keep the leds on and when this happens the leds are off and the lazer for the mouse is off too. Any suggestions as to what my problem is would be fantastic!


A:Screen Saver to black unresponsive screen

/me makes "lazer" airquote gestures

Inability to successfully complete power state transitions (awake<->asleep<->hibernating) is almost always caused by driver or BIOS issues. If you're confident that all the drivers are on their latest versions, have you also done the same for the BIOS?

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I installed update for windows 10. When attempting to return to an active screen from screen saver the screen does not return to an active screen but goes to a dark screen. The cursor moves, but will not return to an active screen. Pushing the power button resets and runs the startup and returns to the computer to an active screen

A:What suggestions for a black screen after screen saver?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! IMHO screen savors are no longer necessary. I would turn it off. Here's link from HTG. If you need more help, please join the forum. Why Screen Savers Are No Longer Necessary Join the Windows Central Community!

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A few times now I have been in internet explorer and then the screen with go back and forth from black screen back to internet screen and back and forth between the 2 for a few minutes and then will hit me with a blue screen with a bunch of writing on it and then will restart. It seems to run fine after the computer restarts itself but this has happened a few times now!

A:Screen flips back and forth from black screen to normal then blue screen

Can you provide a few details [remember we can't see or touch your system] about the hardware and software?

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Hi all, I've had this problem for a few weeks now. My auto sleep function of either my monitor or screen saver won't work well, soon after a computer restart. Right after a restart things are working normally, but after say 5 hours it doesn't work. It seems that my computer won't idle then.

However, after several hours of computer activity, it stop working!

Things I've tried:
1) Deleted lots of processes in my task manager. Compared a list of programs running when my comp will idle with a list of programs running when my comp won't. Deleted all the ones (I think) that were different.
2) Turning off my mouse and keyboard
3) Trying different options...i.e., monitor sleep, and screen saver. 4) Switching from DP to DVI D.
I have a ASUS PB278Q and a GTX 660. Wireless mouse. Wired keyboard.

It seems like #1 above, has to be it...but so far no luck. Maybe I could use some sort of alternative program. I tried using a screen turn-off .EXE file, but after 1 second the monitor pops back if the mouse were activated. I often fall asleep to movies or forgot to turn of my monitor when I leave my room, so that's why I'd really like this to work normally.This program -- click here -- allows a blank screen saver to activate on click. However, the auto activate doesn't work cause, again, my system won't idle. Also, a blank screen saver isn't as dark as a monitor auto-shut down.

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

A:Computer won't Idle -- no screen saver or auto monitor shut off

I would take a look in Device Manager. Go to the device for your network card/interface and look at the Properties. See if it is set to wake on network activity.

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ive read a thread that has the same problem with what im having now. ive tried all possible ways but still keeps coming on when im watching a video. I dont know how it happened but the problem just kicked in recently.

A:How can I prevent screen saver from coming on while im watching video?

Try a restore point before problem started.

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Hi people, i've just registered to this forum to ask you about this, Since i've made a registry defrag with TuneUp Utilities (which probably has gone wrong), when i reset the computer, and I logon to my user, it shows a black screen, then back at the logon screen. If I do it again, the user doesn't show up anymore!
It happened three times already, i had to make new users, and i'm sick of it. Any ideas of what could it be?

A:Black screen after login for some seconds, then back at logon screen!


Yet another case of registry defraggers causing harm. In the future, you know now to stay far away from them.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before TuneUp utilities. If that doesn't work, it will be time for a repair install.

Good luck!


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Screen saver works it shows reception battery n time but that's it on Microsoft code is 059w9N5 model-rm1034

A:My phone screen is black but it shows screen saver on my Microsoft phone

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Screen saver works it shows reception battery n time but that's it on Microsoft code is 059w9N5 model-rm1034

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Hi all,

I have Win7 Ultimate x64 installed on an brand new HP Pavilion s5-1205z Slimline desktop.

When I am reading an email or document the screen will just suddenly flash to a black screen for a second. Sometimes it does this several times in a row, and other times just once or twice. It is random and does not matter what program I am in, if I am browsing, playing a video on-line, or typing. I have installed Java and done as much troubleshooting as I can and can't find anything that relates to that kind of behavior at all in the Help Files or FAQ's.

Any suggestions of where I might look to see if I need to check or uncheck something, and what, would be very much appreciated.

A:PC screen suddenly flashes to a black screen and back

Combining the info that you posted here with the info in this thread - I gotta wonder if someone is able to remote into your computer. If you are not too far along in setting up your computer, you might want to consider a clean install without all of the bloatware.

Unless you have a specific need for Java - uninstall it. If you need it, then it might be worth the security risk of having it installed. If you don't need it - then why risk having it installed?

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro. Everytime or almost everytime I click on an app or go to the desktop and try to get on IE 10 (desktop version), my screen flashes and goes black for a few seconds then returns me to the screen with the space needle, then I click on it and it signs me back in. When I try to use Google Chrome, the websites freeze up on me. I don't want to have to reinstall/reformat as I paid $40 for this for one, and secondly, I don't want to have to repurchase Office 2010 as my licenses ran out. Please help. I ran every update that comes up and restart, but this doesn't change this issue. I'm hoping there will be a patch or service pack or some update that will fix this. Any ideas why it does this and any way to fix it without reformatting?

A:Windows 8 Pro, screen goes black and back to lock screen

I had the same problem at first. Then one day the listing of all my apps disappeared. I did a refresh and lost a lot of programs but the files were still there. Then I noticed that the problem with the apps had fixed itself and they worked. My feeling is that the initial install wasn't complete and the refresh completed the install. Recently, after loading my Epson printer's CD, the apps once again disappeared. Had to do a system restore. Now I am having trouble with my screen just being black and not coming on at all...even after a reboot. Win8 has a lot of problems.

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This is what someone else wrote in another topic:

"I booted my computer up today, and saw my background wasn't available anymore. Then I see the message, "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer". It says that Win32/Adware.Virtumonde and Win32/PrivacyRemover.M64 are on my computer."

I had the exact same problem but i followed the instructions that someone posted in that topic, these were the instructions posted by "drdrew1469":

"I just got through fixing this (I hope). What it did here was change the background and set the screensaver to the sysinternals bluescreen screensaver (which you may be seeing) while at the same time setting policies in the registry to disable the two aforementioned tabs in the Display properties window.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System \NoDispBackgroundPage and [same]\NoDispScrSvrPage (they are both set to 1. Delete both entries.

Then check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run for any funky alphanumeric filenames (I'm pretty sure it's just a random string anyway so posting the string probably won't help you much). Delete these keys and the associated file(s). (Doesn't hurt to check msconfig either, but I found nothing there)."

I thought that it had bee... Read more

A:Solved: Blue Screen of Death as screen saver

I removed two files on my harddrive, lphc1gbj0ecft.exe and lphc1gbj0ecft.scr, and now the bluescreen-screensaver is gone!

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I am using Windows 8.1, but I remember having this issue in Windows 8 too. I just can't remember what I did to fix it.

So for example, if I lock my computer and walk away for like two minutes, my monitors are black until I move the mouse or something. I can assure you that my computer isn't going to sleep after two minutes, and I have my screensaver set to activate after 15 minutes.

Can someone tell me what this issue is?

A:Black screen after going idle?

Check Power Options in Control Panel.

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Hi Folks,

First time noob here, thanks in advance for your patience and expertise. It's been awhile, so if you need additional information, I'll be more than happy to get it for you in a timely manner. Again, thanks.

OMG! Some really peculiar things have been happening, in addition to your average no-boot situation. Here's the story:

First, some specs:

HP a1410n
Came with XP, upgraded to Win 7 (64 bit, I think?)
nVidia graphic card
Ram, I believe is 4 GB (I upgraded)
Processor: Athlon 64 (V) 3800+ 2.4 GHz
HD: 200 GB, I have an old one slaved in, and I have an external drive as well

A couple weeks ago (got discouraged and busy at the same time, so this is my first real attempt at fixing it), I was doing some things on the computer with my mom, when I unplugged the wireless keyboard from the USB. Big mistake, because I actually have done that before, and had to reboot, and baby it in order to get squared away and back to original running condition.

Anyway, as soon as I pulled that USB, the screen froze. Usually I just reboot, but this time, it didn't happen. So, I tried unplugging everything and doing the whole reboot thing, to no avail.

Today, I spoke with a friend, who suggested I do a disk boot. I had the disk and tried it.

The weirdest thing happened - first, the computer wouldn't recognize the keyboard (wired by now), and I unplugged, restarted, plugged in, restarted, etc. I was finally able to get to the "Boot from cd/dvd?" an... Read more

A:Win 7 Does Not Boot - HP Screen, into Black Screen with CP, and Back

So sorry to be asking this, but it's been a couple days and I'm still needing some of your good help. Is there anyone who can assist me to deal with this malady? I send many, many thanks to you all.


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I just bought a new HP Envy 17.5 inch laptop.  I have found that if the screen is pushed back more than about 95 degrees that the screen goes black.  This is unacceptable as the screen needs to go back for easy viewing.  Is there a config setting I can turn off this?

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I have scanned with spybot, used combofix, vundofix, and even hijackthis. nothing related to targetsaver comes up, however i still get the popups. running windows media center xp and internet explorer 7. what should i do now?

A:Target Saver Popups Keep Coming Back


What does the pop up say? also have you tried another browser such as firefox or opera?

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Hi. New to the forum, bit not to tek toys.
I have recently set my PC from 8.1 to the free 10 upgrade offer.
Everything's fine, 'Except' down in the bottom right hand corner a message keeps coming up.... "Activate Windows. Go to settings to activate Windows."
I have gone to settings now, 5 times, & through the whole upgrade procedure 5 times too, including several system restores. Each time I get an on-screen message telling me everything's done, 10 is now fired up & running etc. The 'Activate' message disappears, everything's fine for a week or 2, then I switch the PC on & the message has come back again.
Anyone got any ideas? Thanx.

A:Message on screen keeps coming back.

In an elevated ("run as administrator") command prompt, please run:

slmgr /dlv

Post the result window back as a screenshot. There won't be any uniquely identifying information on it so you don't have to blank anything out. Basically we are looking for anything on that result that says "KMS". If it does contain KMS that would be your problem, but there is other info in there that might point to the problem. What you want to see in the results is "RETAIL" activation channel.

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Hi Gurus,

I am not able to login to any forum (php sites) since the last few days. Every time I try logging in, the msg. "thank you for logging in ..." comes up and though it tries to redirect me to the next screen, it ultimately comes back to the login screen asking for my username and password again. I have tried deleting cookies manually but its was of no use. I have also tried using mozilla but the problem remains the same. I have the same problem with all forums. have ran my AV(Mcaffee) but no virus showed up.

I am using IE version: 6.0.2900.2180
Win XP home edition, version 2002, service pack 2
Anitivirus- Mcaffee

please let me know if any more information is needed. please help me ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


A:login screen keeps coming back again and again

Hi there asadhu...

Have you tried an alternative browser such as Opera/Firefox? Does the same happen with them?

Also, if you go to your Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Programs tab -> Reset Web Settings (remove tick from Homepage reset otherwise it will revert to default) -> Yes -> OK. -> Advanced tab -> Restore defaults -> Apply/OK.

Then clear your cookies/temporary internet files and history and relaunch IE and try again.

Any help or still the same?

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I have had my HP Omen for the past year and over time the hinge at the back seems to be coming further apart from the back. If I push the screen back down at the back it will move back into place but will then immediately move apart again. Considering the price of this laptop I expect to have it for at least another 1-2 years and at this rate, I am afraid that the situation with the hinge will continuously get worse. 

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Not long after the warranty expired, the metal outside portion of my laptop screen began to seperate from the actual screen, near the hinge. I have an HP Envy Touchsmart. I really like this computer, but now I can not open it because the screen is almost completely seperating from the housing. I have read of others having similar issues - but have not heard of a fix. Any thoughts? 

A:Screen metal back coming off at hinge



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hi! I have a old acer 1200 with xp home on it just as a computer for a young kid to play with. recently it started shutting down unexpectedly. or so it seemed. It actually seems to be going into standby mode, but when i hit the mouse or a key the screen backlight does not return. in the right light you can see the screen and manipulate it, but the backlight will not come back until you restart.

I have tried updating the video and display adapter drivers with no luck. there are no errors being recorded in event viewer either. Anyone had this problem?? any help will be appreciated.. Thanks.

A:screen not coming back from sleep/standby

You removed the old video drivers...and then installed new/fresh drivers?

Installing drivers on top of troubled drivers...can lead to frustration.


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Recently got this error when computer started up
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000009f
BCP1: 0000000000000004
BCP2: 0000000000000258
BCP3: FFFFFA8002409040
BCP4: FFFFF800045154D0
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
RAN DM Log in said attachment. NOTE, in need of a new battery only using power outlet***
Very much appreciated guys

A:BSOD: when idle restarts. screen goes black

What USB devices are you running?
It looks USB related.

Your CD-ROM filter driver by Gear Software is causing issues, please update it here if it's needed.

GEAR Software - DVD Mastering Software & CD Burning Software & GEAR PRO Mastering

However I recommend uninstalling it completely if you don't use it.

It looks like multiple issues, one of them is USB related by the looks of it.

fffff880`060a7000 fffff880`06118000 spsys.sys
fffff880`06137000 fffff880`06148000 WinUsb.sys
fffff880`06148000 fffff880`0617e000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`05baa000 fffff880`05be0000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`05a6e000 fffff880`05a70000 USBD.SYS
fffff880`05be0000 fffff880`05bfb000 USBSTOR.SYS
fffff880`05a51000 fffff880`05a6e000 usbccgp.sys
fffff880`05b99000 fffff880`05baa000 WinUsb.sys
fffff880`05a1b000 fffff880`05a51000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`05bb6000 fffff880`05bb8000 USBD.SYS
fffff880`05a00000 fffff880`05a1b000 USBSTOR.SYS
fffff880`05b99000 fffff880`05bb6000 usbccgp.sys
fffff880`05bc9000 fffff880`05bff000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`05bb8000 fffff880`05bc9000 WinUsb.sys
fffff880`0409d000 fffff880`0409f000 USBD.SYS
fffff880`0208e000 fffff880`020a9000 USBSTOR.SYS
fffff880`015e0000 fffff880`015fd000 usbccgp.sys
fffff880`03b1c000 fffff880`03b2d000 WinUsb.sys
fffff880`02030000 fffff880`02066000 WUDFRd.sys
fffff880`043fd000 fffff880`043ff000 USBD.SYS
fffff880`015e0000 fffff880`015fd000 usbccgp.sys
fffff880`020c8000 fffff880`020e3000 USBSTOR.SYS
fffff880`03b1c0... Read more

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Hiya guys, just signed up looking for some help. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro on a Desktop PC.

My issue is this:

My PC is on 24/7 previously on every version of Windows when I walk away, the screen turns off after 30mins of inactivity, the PC stays on and when I return, I simply moved the mouse and within 2 - 3 seconds the monitor was back on, and I was where I left it.

On Windows 8.1 that sometimes happens, but 90% of the time what is happening, when I return to my PC, I move the mouse and nothing happens, anything I press on keyboard etc, monitor stays off on black screen, if I turn the monitor off by the button and back on, it just stays black, the only way I can get back to my Desktop is to restart the PC!!

I changed several power settings around, disabled password on idle setting, googled many things and tried and its still doing it. The PC is still on fans etc, but doesn't respond.

Weird thing is, it did it today when I was watching a movie on my PC connected media server downstairs (app is PS3 Media Server used with a WDTV Live Hub) I came to use the PC and it was black screen, I went back downstairs and could still access all my files on the media server, so the PC is still up and fully running when it does this, but I just can't get the monitor to display anything other than black screen, again on a reboot everything is fine again.

To summarise, I have power setting to turn off display after 30mins, usually a nudge of the mouse brings the monitor to life, this... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 Pro seems to lock when Idle - Black Screen

Does your PC have an on board Video card, and if so are you also using an add Video card. If this is what you have set up then there is a chance that the OS is attempting to read both cards, thus you need to disable the on board video card or disable or remove the added video card. . . "Welcome to the Eight Forums. . .

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I posted the dump files as attachment using the DM Log Collector tool provided by site admins. If you need any other info please ask me. I'm a new user and this is my first post here

I tried reinstalling GPU drivers but that didn't work (used that software that completely wipes them first). I suspect the GPU or PSU might be the culpit here

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The black plastic around the screen is coming off and opens up about 3/4 of an inch both at the hindge and at the left lower side.  I can push it in place, but it pops back off.  Any suggestions

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I'm posting this on behalf of someone else, since she can't access her computer because of the following problem:

This person's running Windows XP SP2, and only has one user account without a password. Hence, her computer would automatically boot up to Windows without having to select a user account, etc. However, this morning, the "Welcome" screen came up for the first time ever so I told her to click on her username, which she did. Her desktop wallpaper appeared, as if Windows was starting up, but the "Welcome" screen came back right after. She also tried to click the "Reboot" button at the Welcome screen, to no avail (the computer would reboot and show the same Welcome screen).

Does anyone know what can be causing this? As far as I know, she hasn't installed anything yesterday before turning off her computer.

Thanks enormously in advance.

A:[SOLVED] &quot;Welcome&quot; screen keeps coming back

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Hi, in the last few weeks I started finding my PC completely frozen on a black screen, in the MORNINGS.

Win 7 64 SP1
Intel i7 860
Gigabyte P55M-UD2
ATI Radeon HD5700
Sound card: M-Audio Profire 610.

Leaving it working at nights means I'm only uploading stuff via uTorrent. Nothing else.
I'm regularly pushing it's performance - music production kills CPU and RAM, latest games milk the GPU, but doing that never caused crashes or freezes.

The point - it happens only after long hours of doing nothing (so far). i.e. idle for the whole night. Or the whole night and morning after it.
Doesn't always happen, but most of the times.

Some notes:
- The PC is not old, and it was connected to the internet only a few months ago. Protected, no viruses.
- Sound card has caused A LOT of problems. BSODS and instabilities - only when working with Cubase. It's a major suspect.
- Only once have I seen it freeze in front of my eyes. First windows just froze, no black screen. I power-shut off at that moment, I guess after some time it becomes black.
- A few days ago the display device crashed (first time I had a problem with it). I installed the latest drivers afterwards. Not enough time passed to state it won't happen again.

Any log I could provide? No idea which...

A:PC freezes on a black screen after long idle time.

Do you have auto-hide enabled?

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A friend got this computer that is constantly crashing/freezing many times a day almost everyday after being idle for some time. Its random sometimes is 5 minutes, 10, 15 and so on.
The computer is a bit old, just used to browse the web, print and all that pretty basic stuff.
Doesn't have many programs installed, its pretty clean (or not...)
He said its been like that since ever.

I tried everything I could think of:
-Updated all the drivers
-Disabled Hibernation/Sleep/Standby
-Disabled Screensaver
-Disabled the "turn off hard disk after.." featured
-Installed latest windows updates
-Checked hard drive for errors (no bad sectors or anything)
-Ran SFC
-Checked temperatures (all good)
-Ran memtest86 (all good)

So I'm out of ideas.... I think the only explanation would be some driver or some software messing up...
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 BSOD/Black screen after being idle for some time

Hi .

Regardless of the fact that the hardware should not have Windows 7 installed on it, have you considered
an infection?

The Following Method Should NOT Be Performed On An SSD!
Testing the HDD:
Perform a Disk Check | Disk Check- Scroll down to OPTION TWO of the tutorial and use the /R switch in the CHKDSK command | chkdsk C: /R.
Then Post the Disk Check results following | This Tutorial.
Once back in Windows, download Crystal Disk Info and post a screenshot (multiple shots if you have more than one drive).
Download SeaTools for DOS if you don't want to use a CD to test the HDD you can use YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator to create a bootable USB (instructions are found at the bottom of both pages).
If SeaTools for DOS is unable to recognize your HDD:
Visit HDDdiag and follow the instructions | Or follow the instructions below.
If SeaTools For DOS does not recognize the drive;
Boot into the BIOS using the *Fx key.
Look for an entry called SATA Mode (or something similar), it should be set to IDE / AHCI.
It's probably set to AHCI which is why SeaTools doesn't recognize them in the DOS environment.
Set it to IDE then save and exit usually by pressing the F10 key.
Now boot into SeaTools and it should detect the drives.
Start the Long Test and let it run.
Upon completion don't try to boot into Windows as it will only result in a BSOD, go back into the BIOS
and change the SATA setting back to what it was in the first place.

*Popular BIOS acc... Read more

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I have just purchased a new All In One Px30t and I have 2 issues with it which are driving me nuts.

I have a mouse battery that dies after 24hours and the Screen goes black after a few minutes of idle time.
I have changed the settings for the Screen Saver, the Power Options etc everything I can think of it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Also can anyone point me in the direction of an Online Manual for the model.

A:Qosmio PX30t All in One: black screen after few min of idle time

> Screen goes black after a few minutes of idle time.
Can you bring it back to life somehow or you must restart your Qosmio?

Usually ?User?s manuals? document is saved on HDD (original preinstalled machine). Can you find it?
Have you checked Toshiba support page for online manuals (Toshiba page for country of purchase)?

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Hello, I am working on a toshiba labtop

When I press the power button, the power light comes on, led indicator light comes on for power and battery charging comes on. The cd rom fires up, the cpu fan fires up. The screen stays black, The hard-drive led indicator stays off and the hard drive does not spin up. I have tried to reseat the memory and reseat the hard-drive. I have pulled the battery and held the power button without the the ac adapter hooked up for 60 secs, still nothing, hooked up to external monitor and still nothing. Any tips to try to figure this out?

A:Labtop not coming on screen stays black

First of all, its a LAPtop, not a LABtop, and secondly, I believe the problem could be the motherboard, although Im not sure because many things can cause something like this. Try some different memory in it, that would be the easiest option and if that doesnt work, it is most likely the video card. And the video card is very difficult to replace on laptops.

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Hi. I have a brand new laptop (HP Envy 17) with Windows 7 Home Premium. Sometimes, when I come out of Hibernation mode (especially a long-duration Hibernation), I get a black screen that does not go away without me putting the computer into Sleep mode first. The sequence of events goes like this:

1. The "HP" logo appears after I hit the power switch to turn on the computer.
2. The message "Resuming Windows" appears.
3. A black screen appears briefly with a blinking cursor in the upper-left hand corner.
4. The screen goes completely black (a "truer" black than the one from step 3).
5. I can get rid of this black screen by shutting the lid of my laptop (which sends it into Sleep mode), and then lifting the lid this case the screen appears which allows me to click my username to access the desktop.

NOTE: When coming out of Hibernation, there are times when the black screen from step 4 lasts only a few seconds...but the fact that sometimes it lasts permanently (without my intervention) bothers me.

Can someone please help me resolve this?


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I am aware of the Screen Saver setup and modify capabilities in the Personalization menu. I am also aware that there is a Preview button there also.
There is a program in the Windows system files that you can put on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. You can then click this Icon and manually start the Screen Saver.
I however (in my infinite stupidity) have forgotten the name of this program and where it is located. Can someone please tell me what its name is and where it is located?

A:Screen Saver, I want to start the Screen Saver Manually.

Welcome to the Seven Forums

This thread may help you Pin screensaver shortcut to taskbar?


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I have been trying to find a good utility screen saver with things like: cpu usage, ram usage, cpu temp, etc etc.

I've found only one so far, Nafkak (spelling?), and it is terrible.

Does anyone know of another that I can try?

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When I turn on my computer, the screen has an orange/yellow tint to it, sometimes it stays there for about a second, then goes back to normal. Sometimes it stays there until I restart.

I tried to screen capture it, but it didnt show up in the screen shot.
My display driver is "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family"
I have an Asus computer running windows 7 x64

Im not sure if theres some type of driver I can download and install to fix this, or what.

I hope someone can help me out! Its a real pain to have to keep restarting until it goes away

Thank you

A:When logging on, or coming back from sleep, screen has an orange tint

Check your monitor cable, give it a little wiggle and see if that affects the tint. The fact that it didn't show up on a screenshot means that it is just the monitor, not the system itself.


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Help,I got the Malware defense 2010 a week ago. Used Spyware Doctor and Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Both are up to date. Once a day I get a green screen warning me that I am infected by a virus. I figure this is from the virus or trojan. I run Spyware doctor and it removes Trojan.generic and RogueAntiSpyware.exe. The computer then works ok for 20-30 hours and then it starts again. I did not copy the information on the Green screen but it tells me that I am infected and not to do anything until I remove the malware. I will copy it down when I get it again. (yes I know, It wasn't too smart of me)IBM T-41 laptop XP-SP3 FF 3.6 and IE6 loaded. Hardware firewall on. Windows Firewall on. I await your direction. DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86 Run by User at 20:44:38.21 on Mon 01/25/2010Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_15Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.767.375 [GMT -7:00]AV: Malware Defense *On-access scanning enabled* (Outdated) {28e00e3b-806e-4533-925c-f4c3d79514b9}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\ibmpmsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k rpcssC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroupC:\WINDOWS\system32\S24EvMon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.... Read more

A:Trojan.generic keeps coming back With Green screen warning.

Hello! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. In order to see what's going on with your computer I'll ask for you to post various logs from the tools that we will use to resolve your issue. Please also share with me any information about how your computer is reacting and behaving each step of the way as we work through this process.Please download ComboFix from one of these locations:Link 1Link 2Link 3Important!You should NOT use Combofix unless you have been instructed to do so by a Malware Removal Expert. It is intended by its creator to be used under the guidance and supervision of an Malware Removal Expert, not for private use.Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. Make sure that you save ComboFix.exe to your DesktopDisable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our toolsDouble click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malwa... Read more

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I'm trying to figure out my friends PC issue so I'm going to do some tests but I figured I'd post and see if anyone had any input on what it might be, I believe it could be faulty hardware but I'm gonna try to figure out what possibly..
- Computer is new, about 1 month old
-Windows 7
-If left idle and turned back on, it can stay on for about 15 - 30 minutes until the screen goes black and needs to be shut down again, goes into this screen
-Computer was running and had music playing, screen went black again and music was still playing in the background. So it's a display issue, but the monitor is fine working on another computer
-Says makes like an electrical noise before the screen goes black, mouse won't move

If any suggestions that'd be helpful, thanks

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Well the title says it all. I boot my pc, i see the bios screen then the green light turns to yellow and the screen becomes black... I have tried everything including resetting my bios. i'm out of ideas, i tried two different monitors both do the same.

Edit: Right before the screen goes idle it says on the screen : No hard disk detected
also i hear no beep sound when i turn on the pc. But i don't remember if i ever did

A:Solved: Screen goes idle after bios screen

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Infected with Virus - used malaware (MBAM) removal software and deleted the files. irql_not_less_or_equal (0x0000000A) error occurred. After that, can not boot from XP CD to recover or even sony OEM logo is not appearing.

I get 1 beep code and blue screen most of the screen and black screen some portion. (phenix BIOS)

Attempts to get to BIOS with F2/F3/F8 did not help. Reinserted memory DIMMs and cleaned up inside little, no progress.

(vaio desktop PCV-RZ44g - XP, sp3)

Not sure what to do next. Appreciate your help. thanks.

A:OEM logo not coming; blue screen with black block; XP CD won't boot

If you are getting beep codes...something is seriously out of focus.

Have you looked the code up to see what it's trying to tell you?


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Just bought an envy 360 get home and in the middle of using the notebook the screen goes black. I turn the computer off and back on. Screen comes back on but after a few minutes it goes black. You can tell the screen is still on cause you see light on the outside of the screen. Why did I choose hp. So dissatisfied

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Hello, I have a dell latitude 6430u with windows 8 pro.
I have a very strange and very annoying problem - the screen seemingly randomly goes black with no cursor, anywhere in windows and then comes back again. Sometimes it remains black for just a second sometimes for twenty seconds. And it may continue going back and forth for up to maybe 5 times or more.
The computer is brand new (two weeks old). A this started about a week ago. But in the beginning it didn't go black randomly, but rather changed resolution randomly. I tried updating the graphics drivers and other drivers and maybe that caused the newer problem.
I would be grateful for any help,

A:Screen randomly goes black then comes back again

The computer is brand new (two weeks old)
return it! ............ and get another one

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So, I'm pretty tech savvy.. I feel embarrassed to have to come here as I usually solve my problems with a little TLC and Google. My monitor will go black for a second, come back, go black, come back. It can do this at random intervals, when my PC is idle, when I'm in-game, when I'm browsing the web. It's not such a massive problem because the screen comes back. But sometimes (quite often, actually) my PC just hangs and automatically restarts. My Graphics drivers are up to date, Chipsets are up to date, Bios is up to date, Every driver on my PC is up to date and fully updated via windows update.

I checked event viewer and I'm getting event 41 kernel-power error. I'm under suspicion that it's my cheap PSU causing the issue but it's so sudden and it's worrying me that it could potentially be my GPU or my RAM.

TLDR; Screen goes back and comes back, when under load pc hangs and restarts, event 41 kernel-power error.

CPU: AMD FX-6350
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 750 TI SC
Ram: 8GB DDR3 @ 1666 Mhz, 4gb kingston hyperx 1866, 4gb corsair vengeance 1666, both are locked to 1666 via bios so they work fluidly together
Operating system: Windows 10
Motherboard: MSI 760gm-P23(FX)

I'm not sure if there's any information I'm missing but as I use my PC to work I'm sort of in a rush to get this annoying little problem resolved. I would post the entire event viewer log but I'm unsure on how to do that. I really need help here. Thanks for taking the time. If you know how to copy t... Read more

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Hello everyone, Well heres the story. i just got my new computer put together.
6GB Corsair DDR2 ram
250 SATA hard drive (old and used not new)
1GB invidia GTS 250 video card.
ASUS P5N-D SLI mother board.
Intel Core 2 quad 2.5GHZ
DVD drive. also old.
750 WATT power supply.

okay here is the problem. i cant seem to install windows 7 it hangs at completing install FOREVER. so i decided to just go back to the trusty windows XP. the disk has windows XP home SP3. the install goes very well and i can create my windows accounts and all. but as soon as i install the video drivers for my video card and restart my computer, it will shot the XP logo and at the bottom the little bar running across then were its suppose to show witch account to log onto it just sits there with a black screen and a mouse. keyboard wont respond. only mouse and it will stay on that black screen forever! its so annoying :[ some one please help i got a starcraft 2 beta key but my pc to run the game wont work.. Thanks for any help u guys can give. :]

A:The Black screen of doom is back!

Hi there, You said you were trying to install Windows 7 but which version are you trying to install. As you mentioned XP install fine, is it possible to access safe mode when this black screen is displayed, restart your machine and keep pressing f8, then from the menu choose safe mode. This way we can rule the graphics card as the culprit.

The other thing I can thing of is that the driver your installing on XP, needs to be XP driver and I am sure you have probably done this already but it is good to check. You could try also installing an older version if provided on the graphics card manufcaturer.

I would personall run a test on the hard drive, I would start with a check disk which can be done using safemode + cmd , the recover console or a live CD. This way we can test the Hard Drive for errors. The live cd I would recommend is which provides many Hard drive testing.

I know the memory you have is new so I cannot say that you need to test it, however try the install with lesser RAM. I can't technically explain how in any way this will do anything, however when your troubleshooting you have to do many things.

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Greetings all, so lately I've been having some problems with my Dell Vostro A860 that runs Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit service pack 2. Anyway recently I've been having problems with my laptop. I often leave my laptop on while I'm around the house doing things, mainly it's downloading or running a virus check, but when I return the screen is off (which is good, I set my screen to turn off after a few minutes) but when I try to get the screen to turn on again by pressing a key on the keyboard or clicking the touchpad or moving it nothing happens. I can't get the screen to turn back on and so I am forced to hard reset my laptop which I really don't like to do. When I start up the computer again it works fine but I notice that not much of my downloads or scan have been completed like the computer froze pretty early on.

At first I thought it was a virus or something so I posted on the appropriate forums on here, here is the link to that topic:

Unfortunately it appears that this isn't the problem so now I'm here trying to find help to resolve this issue. I hope someone out there knows the cause of this problem and a way I can fix it. Thanks in advance!

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Hi,  My problem is that the screen keeps flashing black, just for a second, and then coming right back. It's not really a problem, but it seems like it's happening with increasing frequency.  The computer is fairly new--less than 6 months old. It's connected to wifi most of the time, I run Opera as a browser, and have a Dropbox account I'm hooked into. I only have about 4gigs free on the hard drive, and the memory (as shown in the task manager) is usually around 85%. I work online, and do have a lot of tabs open at once, so the load can get heavy (that's why I switched to Opera, it was freezing up with Firefox's heavy load). Any insight would be appreciated--I just want to know it's not heading towards a crash! Or if it is, if ther's anything I can do about it. Thanks! 

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So obviously I didn't really solve the problem because the reasons I thought it was happening before are not occurring this time at all.

Here is the original thread with the "solution":

So now I actually have a fresh install of Windows XP. Speedfan says my temps are all around 57C and after a reboot, Supreme Commander crashes my PC around 45 seconds into a map. Screen goes black, fans spin up, sound glitches out, etc. Upon rebooting immediately the temp is still 57C. If my processor or GPU were overheating so much that my PC crashed I'd think the temp would stay higher longer. I've had my GPU up to 75C and still was able to play games fine and I don't see my PC going from over 75C to 57C from the time it takes me to power off my PC to Windows loading Speedfan.

So here are some new theories...

RAM - I ran DXDiag and it said I have 2048 MB of RAM but after a clean reboot my page file was in use immediately. Maybe I don't know what a page file really is but I thought it took over AFTER the RAM ran out. If this is true does it mean my RAM is bad since the page file is being used as soon as Windows starts? That would explain crashes pretty well.

PSU - It's an older PSU (2 years) so I guess I could see it going bad but aside from gaming I experience no problems whatsoever. I don't really have the money to just go and buy another PSU to see if that was the issu... Read more

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Hi everyone.  Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous.  Here's what happened After an automatic update last night, my Envy 150 notebook screen stopped working.  I was able to connect to an external monitor with no problem.  I figured it was related to the update, so I tried to roll it back but was not successful.  So here's when I did the dumb thing: I thought maybe the monitor would work fine in safe mode, so I went into msconfig and checked the box to boot into safe mode. Well, now the display still doesn't work, but neither does the external monitor.  And I can't figure out how to get it out of safe mode because I can't see what I'm doing with no monitor.  Is there anything I can do to get out of this position? Thanks in advance.

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Recently my screen saver won't turn on when the system is idol. I've looked in the display management, and set the screen saver go go off after 2 minutes of inactivity, and the monitor to turn off after a half an hour, However, when I leave and come back hours later, the monitor and screen are still on. What is wrong with the screen saver? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Screen Saver Will Not Go On

Please do this:

Click here to download HJTsetup.exe

Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.


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how do you delete a screen saver from the drop down list? (right click on screen-click on properties,click tab on screen saver - drop down list shows "abc" ---) how does one delete this "abc" ?


A:Solved: screen saver in XP

By deleting the screensaver. Search for .scr files in the Windows and Windows\System32 directories. If you are not sure which it is, right-click the scr file and choose "Test" to see which it is.

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I use Picassa 3 for a photo viewer..wallpaper works fine but I have tried all setings for the screen no avail..when I clik on "preview it works fine..tried 1 min..3 min..5 min setings..screensaver will not kick in.

A:Solved: Screen saver

From what I could find out, Picassa 3.9 is the latest version and according to what is at the top of here page:
"Windows XP/Vista/7" Click to expand...

it does not support Windows 8. This could be your problem?

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Have just moved from XP to 7. Everything is perfect except for one minor detail - the screen saver : I choose, I preview (there it is), I set the minutes, but when the time is up I get a completely black screen - and no saver. I am afraid I am a bit confused about your TSG SysInfo.recommendation - I have right clicked and hit Copy, but where exactly has it gone? How, exactly do I include it with my question? Thank you in advance - and for your patience!

A:Solved: Screen Saver

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I just downloaded a screen saver and I don't know how to turn it on. It is sitting in my downloads folder but where do I extract the files to so that I can set it as my screen saver?

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I have the american flag flying in my yard. I caught it just right flying in the wind and took a picture. My question is can I transfer this picture to my screen saver and if so how do I go about doing it? Thank you for what ever help you can give me.

A:Solved: screen saver

Ddude58 said:

I have the american flag flying in my yard. I caught it just right flying in the wind and took a picture. My question is can I transfer this picture to my screen saver and if so how do I go about doing it? Thank you for what ever help you can give me.
DavidClick to expand...

My Pictures Screensaver in XP?

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Just recently when I try to open screensaver(which I have been using for about 4 years)
I get message
bad display mode switching to software rasterizer
can you please offer help
thank you Kevin.
win XP SP2
int core TM 2CPU
1.8 GHz
960Mb Ram

A:Solved: screen saver

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I've been told that a screen saver serves no useful purpose? Is this right? Thanks Dave.

A:Solved: Screen Saver?

I think this would depend on whether your system is often left on 24/7 but left idle for a considerable time during that period.

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Have an HP Pavilion Media Center and out of the box the screen saver won't work. Finally determined that if I disable ehtray.exe it works (only temp fix). When pc is restarted ehtray.exe is back and running. How can I permanently disable it.
Thanks for any help out there.

A:[SOLVED] No Screen Saver


ehtray.exe is a process is the tray bar process for the Microsoft Media Center. It gives you easy access to the digital media manager. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference

This can probably be disabled through msconfig (Windows key + R then type "msconfig", or start menu > run > "msconfig")
In the window that loads go to the startup tab and you should be able to disable it from starting from there.

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I have recently purchased an HP 8.1 All in one. I cant give you the computer stats at this stage as are am still working my way through several other problems. First one up is "My screen saver wont stay on for anymore than a few minutes, then stops"

Can anyone help me with this one first.

A:Solved: Screen saver

Screen saver "stops" as in exits, or "freezes," or the system goes into Sleep or Hibernation?

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Have a strange one.

We recently purchased a screen saver maker program.

We made the screen saver using Flash and then it gets imported into the Maker and then you make the scr file.

Works on 900 computers fine. 4 comptuers have this issue where.

Nothing comes on, but the time freezes and you get a open application of the SCR program.

If I change the screen saver to another and preview or use it, it works.
If I make up a quick screen saver in this program with just words it works.
The screen saver does not need flash or anything on the users side to work.
But for these 4 people previewing it does not show.

We did update the Video card drivers on these computers. They are the same computers by the way as everyone else.

A:Solved: Screen Saver

Do all these PC have the same makeup? Same display settings, app settings etc?

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I have a Screen saver I would like to add to my computer, where do I put this file?

A:[Solved] screen saver

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I am going through the first steps in spyware and pop-up removal. I have reached as far as DDS:

I cannot get the program to run as directed. Notwithstanding your warning about antivirus blocking the operations of this program I tried to operate it in safe mode with no services or antivirus operating and still got the same result, namely an error message warning in effect ?... not a valid win 32 application?.

Please see the attached screenshot for details.

Looking forward to an early resolution of this problem.

Michael J. Allen

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I have a problem with my screen saver, it tells me that there is no direct3d device installed, I recently had to reformat my hard drive due to infectious virus and trojan, and now do not have direct3d device. Also cannot play a lot of downloadable games from the internet. My vga card is...VGA-X controller through ATI technology Inc. Can anyone help me?

Thank You


A:Solved: Screen Saver

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Hi, thanks for checking my question. I haven't found an answer to my particular situation:

Dell xps m1430 laptop w/vista (32).

It all started with a blue screen w/scrolling text after the fated restart. The blue screen text said "if this is the first time you've seen this message..." and then comp restarted, again showing the blue screen, then restarted into windows repair mode, after repair mode tried to fix the problem comp restarted, then the screen went black / blank right after the little windows loading animation (where the bar keeps moving from left to right and there's a small windows logo).
It all happened fast, so there may have been steps I forgot, but that's the jist of it.

Now screen always goes black / blank during startup after the windows loading animation, so I can't start windows in normal mode.
I can start in safe mode if I manually force shutdown by holding the power button, so I'm not imploding with fear... ok I am.

Possible causes:
1. This occured right after installing 11 vista updates (that restart was when I saw the blue screen)

2. Also occured the restart after running a patch called "Vista TCP/IP and UAC AutoPatch 6.0" I downloaded it from softpedia, the developer was listed as defcon, and their website listed was, but the site is down(I found this out after the problem occured). The patch had lots of positive reviews, and lots of people on other sites also suggest using it to re... Read more

A:Solved: Black screen of death at startup, all began with a blue screen

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I've been working on a dell inspiron 1525 today and cant figure what is causing this problem.

The laptop boots, displays the post screen, and then the screen goes black.
You can boot into BIOS,
You can boot into the Boot menu.

You cannot boot into safe mode, the f8 key does nothing,
when using the boot menu, u can't boot into a windows disc to reload the operating system, it just goes black.
I did however manage to boot into a linux cd i have and run a HDD test (what passed) and a memory test (what also passed).

It does exactly the same on an external monitor aswell so I am lost with this one.

Any ideas would be appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1525 - Screen goes black after POST screen?

Which OS is on the computer?

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I did an upgrade from Win 7 , and Screen Saver / Turn off display after 5 mins was working under Win 7 64 bit
As my title suggest Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins are not working under Win 10
The Lock screen Slideshow is there when Win 10 starts but only shows ONE image, never moves to another.
THINGS I've done so far to get any of these working ...Screen Saver / Lock screen Slideshow / Turn off display after 5 mins
I’ve turned off all the Wake on lan functions
Tried different folder/ images for the lockscreen Slideshow ,window spotlight and picture
Tried to set new power options , was able to get SLEEP to show up in "Start" as it was not there before, but once click , the display DID turn off, but wouldn’t turn back on with mouse movement keyboard presses, had to do a hard reboot. Win 10 started without issue and the SLEEP mode was no longer aviable via the power "start" menu.
Anyone have a clue how to get all of these working. Really would like my display to turn off after 5 mins , and the Screen saver to work , the Lockscreen I'm not fussed about

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This problem is been happening for some time now. I have not used this computer for a while. I update the Geforce driver and also all the window updates. I ran malware check and antivirus scans everything comes up clean. What can I do to solve this issues, I am at a loss and our local Microcenter Tech group says everything checks out. The screen will go black then may or may not pop back up. If it does pop back up there is a error message that says Video Driver Kernel error version 358.91 or the computer will reboot then post a message that it recovered for a system error. Any help on this would be great. Thank you.

A:Screen goes black and sometimes comes back with kernel error

That error seems to indicate a known problem with nVidia drivers.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 

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To give a bit of a background - I had to change the mothboard of my system last month because of an incident of burnt PSU

Coming to the current situation - since the last few weeks, I have noticed that when I am viewing a video on fullscreen mode, I would often hear a system alert sound, like the one you get when you plug and unplug in a pendrive. It doesn't occur always though.

I immediately check the events viewer to see if it has logged anything, but no errors/ warning show up there that could describe what happened at that time.

Moreover, the screen often turns black for a couple of seconds and comes back to normal. Sometimes before it comes back to normal, I could see my screen changing to a much lower resolution and then back to the original one.

Again, nothing related to graphics or monitor in the event viewer.

My system specs:-

AMD FX - 6100 CPU
Asus M5A78L-M-USB3
AMD Radeon HD 5450 GPU
Corsair Vengance - 4GB x 2
Corsair MX-100 - 256 GB SSD
Seagate - 7200 RPM - 500 GB
Seagate - 7200 RPM - 160 GB

This didn't start happening following a clean install, btw.

I have searched for updates to my graphic drivers, but found no new updates.

The monitor is quite old though - 6-7 yrs I guess.

What could be happening here?

Many thanks

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I'm using Win 7 Home Premium on my Asus desktop and am not a PC expert but managed to get things so that after 15 minutes, it either sleeps or hibernates ( not sure which it's called ) in a way where the power usage goes down to about 6 watts and the monitor screen shuts off too. ( I think the HD shuts down too ) Then when I come back and click the left mouse button, I can hear some kind of motor start back up in the PC and it takes me to my password screen, I enter it and go back to what I'm doing, without the need to reboot. I like it this way.

But SOMETIMES, instead of waking up like that, I just get a black screen and nothing - no way at all to wake it up. I have to shut off the power at the UPS, turn it on, then do a complete reboot from the power on switch.

Is this a flaw in Win 7 that it does that sometimes?

A:Black screen at TIMES after starting back up.

Could be just a transient glitch/bug. You say this is a now and then thing? How often? I'm sure the "motor" you hear is just the HDD starting back up (spinning). How often between times does this happen? In my experience, and others may differ, I've found its best to shut your machine completely off every now and then. Thats not a recommendation, o.k., as not all agree on this, but it works for me. If this happens with some regularity, you could 1.) run a memory test 2.) Run a sfc/scannow to check/repair any corrupted system files. I'll post links to our tutorials on how to do these. Just click on the blue link and follow instructions. Hope this helps!

Memory Diagnostics Tool

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Screen randomly goes black then comes back on, no message saying display driver has stopped working. Happens every 10-15 minutes. Fresh install of windows 7 too. Anyone has this problem before? Should I try re-seating GPU?

A:Screen goes black for a second then back on without any error messages

ok so its not ever 10-15, just went 2 hours without it happening, wasn't doing anything GPU intensive, reading my mail..

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hey i recently bought the 'complete edition' of BF2 including bf2, special forces, euro force and armoured fury. i've successfully installed bf2 and special forces but each time i double click on the desktop icon it loads up a small screen with the battlefield 2 logo on it, then my whole screen goes black like it should. but then it always returns to my desktop as if nothing has happened, without a tab in the bottom panel thing.
i've tried adjusting the screen refresh rate in the Video.con file through notepad to match my computer's, and also i've tried running the program as administrator and also in compatibility mode (xp sp2). what more can i do?

A:Battlefield 2 - Black Screen Then Back To Desktop


I had the same issues(and more) with BF2 with a Vista 64 bit install on a new PC a couple weeks ago. You appear to be doing the right things by running as administrator and XP compatibility mode. Hmmm...I assume you are actually logged in as an administrator with admin rights set up, correct? And when you run BF2 you are right clicking the shortcut and selecting run as administrator from the options there? Mine works fine now using the above procedure. The only other problem I had was crashing to desktop when in an online game. This problem appeared out of the blue at the beginning of April. BF2 would CTD after anywhere between 1 and 20 minutes..every time online. Turns out this started happening to many, many others.

It appears to be a new problem with the EA Download Manager. Once I uninstalled that and reinstalled BF2 from disk and run the game from disk the problem went away. So, if you are using the EA DM, you may want to uninstall it and see if installing and running from disk fixes your proble.

the only other thing I can think that I have read about causing this would be a conflict with you vid card and drivers., but I'm not up to speed with that particular issue.

Good luck.

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Every so often my screen will go black and then immediately return to normal. I'm  running the most currect Video Driver. There's no rhyme and reason when it will do it and it doesn't do it that often..... What could be causing this?Thanks.


A:Yoga 900 Screen Flickers Black Then Goes Back On

Hello, Maybe you could try what Igra tells here:

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Hello, I'll go ahead and start from the very beginning. Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem.

About a month ago, my computer would give me a few problems while booting up. I would start the computer, it would run through BIOS, run through the Windows loading screen, and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine. CHKDSK doesn't work, it just freezes right before checking the disks, so I restart and generally it will boot up. Most of the time it would boot up perfectly, but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn't. The screen would just stay black and I'd have to restart. Next time, generally it would work perfect.

So this brings me to the current day. After the windows xp loading screen, it goes black. The computer is on, but I don't see any activity for the HDD via the LED. SO i go into safe mode, i finally get CHKDSK to run, I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working. Windows says the volume is fine, and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode, but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files.

Just to let you know I'm running Raid0, and this is my first time running it. I'm not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out. Does anyone know whats going on? Could it be a virus that messed with a boot.ini or any startup stuff? also, is there anyw... Read more

A:Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen

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My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

A:password protection, log on screen, hibernate & screen saver problem

Originally Posted by vassoulas

My user account is password protected and "require a password on wake up" is turned on .

But when I resume from hibernate it return to desktop instead of log on screen. The same think happens with screen saver -on resume display log on screen-.

Hibernation in it self saves everything thats in RAM at the time the system is put into that mode. It should not lock the PC as that wasn't the state it was in before it hibernated. perhaps lock the PC before you push the hibernate button!

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I'm sure there is a way to make a DVD of favorite photos to play as a "screen saver" on my television ... but even though I searched through the forums here and even googled the question, I can't figure out the answer. The google search was just too overwhelming.

If someone can explain the process, or direct me to a website with SIMPLE instructions, I'd really appreciate it.

A:Solved: Can I make a screen saver for TV?

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Is there a way to have an icon on the desk top that will start the screen saver.
Sometimes I would like to turn on the screen saver when i leave the computer and not have it wait the 5 minutes I have set.
I don't want to have to change the time delay each time.

I'm using Windows 7- 64 bit

A:Solved: screen saver turn on

It's better to blank the screen or put the PC to sleep, but the answer to your question is 'yes.'

Put a shortcut to the screen saver on your desktop. Easiest way is to just right click and hold on the file and drag it to the desktop. When you release the pop-up menu includes 'Create shortcuts here.'

For example, if you want the "Mystify" screen saver the file is C:\Windows\System32\Mystify.scr.

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My screensaver will not kick-in. I have a dual-monitor setup, one LCD, one CRT, w/an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE video card. I've tried different screensavers, including just blank, and they won't start up. This is very important because I've just had burn-in on my LCD monitor (yes, that's right, see thread link below!) so I have to have a screensaver. I'm running XP Pro.

Thanks much,

A:Solved: Please Help - Screen Saver Won't Start!

Can you use the Preview button with a SS selected and have it kick-in? I would try testing out the default Windows screen saver using a 1 minute delay. Be sure not to touch the mouse or any keys during that time.

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Everytime Im Logged Off And Im At The Screen To Choose What Account To Sign Into...after Like 10 Minutes A Screen Saver Pops Up...and My Pc Just Makes Loading Noises All Night Until I Sign Do I Turn Off That Screen Saver? I Have It Turned Off For When Im Signed In..right Clicked My Desktop And Went To Properties And I Put No Screen Do I Make It Stop Loading For When Im Signed Off?

A:Solved: My Screen Saver For When Im Logged Off,keeps Going On

It's called the "logon" screen saver and evidently disabling it requires a registry edit:

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I down loaded a screen saver that I would like to use. The instructions say to right click the downloaded file and to select install; however, there is no install option. When I go to the screen saver section on my control panel, there is no browse option either. So I'm wondering how to make my newly downloaded screen saver work i.e. import or attatch to screen saver folder? Thanks.

Pentium 4
1.8 ghz
windows xp

A:[Solved] Windows xp screen saver?

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Hi everyone,

I had 2 viruses that I think are the cause
of a SCREEN SAVER PROBLEM I have now...


I used to be able to open DIRECTLY some Screen Savers I have in a FOLDER.
A left double click and it would start and run IMMEDIATELY, like any other program.

Then, I HAD those viruses (not detected by AVAST!!) :
AV2009 and also blphcv8e3eab.scr,

I GOT RID of the viruses and made a big CLEAN-UP of my PC.

After that, I realised I had a problem with my Screen Savers,
and posted on AVAST and TECH SUPPORT GUY Forums.

FROM THAT, it seems my problem was NOT understood properly!!

I spent some 4 days doing what everyone told me,
i.e. run Spybot, EusingRegistryCleaner, MBAM, SAS, SpyWareBlaster,
Panda online, KASPERSKY, SECONIA, SmitFraudFix, and what not...
And a lot of HJT to everyone that would ask for it!

NOW, back to my SS PROBLEM: it won't run like before.
Since the Viruses experience, when I try to run a SS directly,
instead of running immediately, I will only get a configuration window.
The only way now to run a SS is to install it each time.
(Right click, then install, etc...)
Before they would ALSO run immediately, like any other application
I open with normal left double clicks. It was not necessary to Install it!

If you will, it's like if you try to open Internet Explorer,
and instead of the normal browser window, you get the "Internet Options" window!

Have a nice day,

Now I'm gonna have a ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Screen Saver Problem . . .

Hi. . .

I would suggest that you proceed to out Security Center, HiJackThis Log Help, but before doing so be sure to follow the 5 steps outlined:

IMPORTANT ? Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

When your system is declared clean by one of the security analysts, p[lease feel free to return here to XP Support for any lingering questions/issues.

Regards. . .



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I had 2 viruses that I think are the cause
of a SCREEN SAVER PROBLEM I have now...


I used to be able to open DIRECTLY some Screen Savers I have in a FOLDER.
A left double click and it would start and run IMMEDIATELY,
like any other program, (without right click, Install, etc.)
We don't always need to configure it right? And it's faster.

Then, I HAD those viruses (not detected by AVAST!!) :
AV2009 and also blphcv8e3eab.scr,
I GOT RID of the viruses and made a BIG CLEAN-UP of my PC.
I also runned Spybot, Eusing Registry Cleaner, SmitFraudFix,
MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster,
(Once or twice a week, I run Spybot and Eusing)

Since the Viruses experience, I realised I had a problem with my Screen Savers.
May be due to the blphcv8e3eab.scr virus??
They would not run anymore with left double click!
When I do so, I only get the configuration window.
So, I have always to do the long procedure,
either right click on the Screen Saver application, Configure, or Install, etc.
or right click on the desktop, Propriety, Screen Saver Tab, etc.

Before the VIRUSES, it was not necessary to Install.
They would ALSO run immediately, like any other application
we open with normal left double clicks.

Many thanks.

Concerning STEP 3:

The link is not up-to-date,
IE-Spyad doesn't exist anymore!

Here are the PAND... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Screen Saver Problem . . .


Here is the solution:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scrfile\shell\open\command\"%1" %*

I changed %* by /S
So the right entry is:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scrfile\shell\open\command\"%1" /S

WOW! I'm really happy!___

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Running Vista Home Edition Service Pack 2
Personalization settings
Turn off display battery 5 mins plugged in 25 mins
Put computer to sleep battery 15 mins plugged in 30 mins
Screen saver WindowsLogo

Computer doesn't turn off or go to sleep
and screensaver is not displayed.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Don't remember this ever working.

A:Solved: Screen Saver Not Working

this may be a dumb question. but did you click apply after you changed your settings ?

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Hello all,
I am having a problem with Windows XP, I have a screen saver that activates when no activity, but now it also Logs me off, it does not shut down, just logs me off, never did this before.???
Now when I return to my computer and move the mouse, it has actually logged me right off.

Any suggestions, I must have done something I was not aware I was doing.

Thanking you in advance


A:Solved: Screen saver logs off

This is a security feature, built into Windows, which can be disabled. Go into Control Panel > Display. Click on the 'Screen Saver' tab. Near where you select your screen saver there is a check box marked 'On resume, display welcome screen'. Untick this box and OK. The next time the screen saver comes on, it shouldn't ask you to log in again.

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I'm having a problem with the screen saver not working on my IBM T21 WinXP SP2 No matter where I set the settings it will never kick in. It works when you test it but not otherwise. The monitor power settings are also not working. Any suggestions? I'm out of ideas.


A:Solved: Screen Saver WinXP

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So here's the deal, starting from the beginning!
Note: I've been away for about a year, and I just got back today.

I'm pretty psyched about Starcraft 2, so I tried to install it a couple hours ago. The software failed to connect to the Internet to validate the installation. At the suggestion of a member of another forum, I ran ComboFix.exe. It totally fixed the problem.

I could have stopped there, but I was a little greedy. I then installed 87 Windows Updates on my computer, up to but not including XP Service Pack 3. I did this because SC II more or less asked me to.

I restarted upon completion and the problem began. After the Windows loading screen, the screen becomes black. Shortly afterward, there is no more input to the monitor (it turns off). I hear a beep every 40 seconds from my computer, but nothing else. This continues until I restart.

Safe Mode and Last Known Configuration do not work. I have the Recovery Console installed, but I don't know what to do with that. Unfortunately I disabled System Restore quite a while ago to save space.

I am fairly certain the culprit is these Windows updates. What I would ideally like to do is, well, uninstall them. I don't know how to navigate the text workspace of the Recovery Console, though... and I don't even know if it can be done.

I'd really appreciate any help at all. It's so unfortunate that my computer worked great after a year of sitting idle, and then I went and messed it up in an hour!

A:[SOLVED] Black screen after Windows loading screen

Use an XP Installation Disk to run chkdsk, and hope your problem is HD errors.

If Safe Mode, Last known good configuration and System Restore are all not working, the only thing left is a Repair Installation.

Do you have a XP Installation disk ?

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Hey, im new here ive tryed a couple of other site but no luck so, my problem here is that like a week ago this thing popped up about opera gold its a nice ware has ended and needs to close? so i clicked dont sent then my computer shut off, ok so i turned it back on and after the bios flash screen (where it says press f2 for setup Ect.) it just goes to a black screen. I've tried starting in safe mod it just keeps getting stuck on KDCOM.DLL and just sits there. Anyone got a clue what could be the problem?


A:Solved: Black screen after bios flash screen

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