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Tecra M11 - BIOS Password recovery

Q: Tecra M11 - BIOS Password recovery

I have following Toshiba Tecra model :
Toshiba Tecra M11-15W
Part/Model No. : PTME0E-03J02SEP

Problem is that i did not use this notebook for some time and forgot Bios password i set. Now i need to re-install windows (its corrupted) but i cannot make my notebook to boot from USB or from DVD. To access that menu i need my Bios password.
Is there any way i can flash it or reset or something like that ? I tried everything already, i even wanted to get inside my laptop to find that Bios battery and remove it, but i am affraid that i will break something...
i can remove the HDD and install windows on another PC and continue install on the notebook , but still i need that password reset...
Thanks in advance !!

A: Tecra M11 - BIOS Password recovery

Few days ago one guy asked the same question on this forum. Asyou probably know BIOS passeord is very important security feature and it can be recovered or canceled by authorized personal only. With other words nearest Toshiba service provider can do it for you.

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Hey guys,

my Tecra M5 got a BIOS Passwort from one day to the other, I have never told him to do so.

All my passwords won't work, so how can I reset the password?

Please help me :)

A:Tecra M5 - how to remove Bios Password?

I never heard that BIOS password can be enabled alone so I?m really wondering how it can happen on your Tecra M5.

You must understand that BIOS password is very important security protection and we cannot discuss in public forum about this.
BIOS removal procedure is not always the same and Tecra, as business notebook model, has pretty complicated BIOS removal procedure and it can be done by Toshiba service provider only.


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It was recently purchased two secondhand laptops Toshiba ?Tecra A8?with serial numbers Y6091612H and Y6091296H. Both were passworded (there is no opportunity even to go into the BIOS). On the Internet I found the information that it may reset the password using the response code.

Is it possible to get the response code?

A:Re: Removing BIOS password on Tecra A8

This code can get authorized service provider only. You as private person will not be able to get it somehow.
Contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and explain the situation. They can help you and remove BIOS password.

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I have a Tecra A3x which died before Christmas. I purchased a replacement motherboard from eBay. I have fitted the mother board and the unit powers up fine but stop at a password screen that is plain black. I have tried to look for a way to wipe the BIOS and have taken the CMOS battery off for about 10 mins. I have read that most laptops have a jumper built in too fix this. I have looked under the usual places - memory modules etc. I can?t find this anywhere.

Any help would be very welcomed.


A:Tecra A3X - how to remove BIOS Password?

Hello John

As you probably know BIOS password is very important security feature and BIOS password removal cannot be described on manufacturer?s public forum. It is a kind of ?top secret? information.
It is not logic to do this, right?

Every stolen Tecra A3X with BIOS password could be ?unlocked?.
In my opinion you should contact person who sold you this mainboard and ask for password. If he cannot help, send it back. Was this info in product description on his ebay offer?

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I have a Toshiba Tecra M11-11M which has been password locked. I have stripped the notebook and removed the BIOS battery for 10 min but the password still remains ie on the screen it still reads PASSWORD- ****.

There is no way to enter the BIOS via any key combination.
There are no markings or letters on the motherboard whatsoever ie: C35-C36 or J12-J13 to short out which would in most cases remove the password and allow access to the BIOS.

Any techies out there with any ideas would be much appreciated.
Some people asking for help with a bios password are not thieves but just forgetful fools.

A:BIOS password removal on Tecra M11-11M

As far as I know Toshiba uses several methods for BIOS password removal. On business machines like Tecra or Portege the method is not the same as on Satellite models.
BIOS battery removal maybe works on desktops but not on mobile machines.

Mobile machines must have better protection due to fact that can be pretty easy stolen and it is very important to prevent fraudulent use.
> Some people asking for help with a bios password are not thieves but just forgetful fools.
That?s correct but you cannot expect that BIOS password removal method will be described on public forum. Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and they will do this for you. All you must do is to show valid bill and prove that you are real owner of this Tecra machine.

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My laptop Toshiba Tecra A9 have a problem with the BIOS password and I was wondering if you could provide me the password since I can not access anything without it

A:BIOS password issue on Tecra A9

BIOS password is very important security feature and such issues cannot be clarified on public forum.
All problems with BIOS password must be clarified with Toshiba service provider.
If your notebook is blocked by password and you cannot access it please contact nearest Toshiba service and they can remove it for you.

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I have a problem, when i acquire the computer put a user password in bios, and i dont remember her. I do autentication by pass the finger in scan. Now i want upgrade the OS to win7 and do a fresh instalation, not a upgrade.
The authentication via scan will be maintained or will be lost, when do the upgrade of OS?



A:Tecra S5 - Question about BIOS Password

Hi Carlos

When you make clean OS installation, everything will be deleted so my opinion is that you should delete all passwords before you start clean OS installation.
?unlock? your notebook, install and configure OS and when job is done ?lock? the notebook using passwords.

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I have had a laptop handed to me from a staff member, after they left I realised that they had put a BIOS password on so that it will not even boot without the password. They have now left the company and on there last day could not remember what the password was.

As far as I am aware there is no way for me to reset it and that it is a Toshiba task. Could someone confirm if this is correct and if so what number etc I would call to do this.

Unfortunately I have been told by the powers that be not to spend much time or money on this due to the laptops age, but I feel I can't just dump this otherwise fully working laptop.

Many Thanks,


A:Tecra A9 BIOS Password question

Hello Tim

If there is no way to contact this people and ask for password you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can remove BIOS password.

Check please
There you can find addresses and phone numbers.

Good luck.

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i want to disable the fingerprint reader and bios password upon computer startup.
i have already uninstalled upek protector suite ql, but upon startup i am still prompted to swipe my finger.
i have seen and followed the instructions in "toshiba Passwords: setting and removing (for BIOS, Supervisor, and Windows passwords)", but still have to enter my password to fire up the computer.
what else do i need to do?

A:Tecra M9 - fingerprint reader and BIOS password

tried to edit this post but got message that i could not and had to contact an administrator but not how to contact the administrator.
so, i should have added, "XP operating system, laptop purchased in 2008".

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Hello. Dear Tech Support, can you help me remove the BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8 ?

Challenge Code = GH1PF-YLL2C-CKQVT-K2U75-JJF0K

A:Need to remove BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8

You need to send it in to a Toshiba Service Center for password removal. There is no other way.

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Hello, I hope I'm posting my thread in the correct part of Your forum...

My question is - is there anything I could do if I forgot my BIOS password for the Toshiba Tecra t9100 LapTop?
Model no: pt910e-0049g-dk

Thanks in advance for Your swift reply

A:Tecra 9100 -I forgot my BIOS password - what can I do?


Unfortunately you cannot do anything and you need help from Toshiba service provider. They can delete old password.

Check please -

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I have a problem. I get a Toshiba Tecra M7 with fingerprint system. But it does not read my fingerprint anymore. I dont set an Password, but my notebook ask me at a password.

I tried Masterkeys, but they dont work. I read that I can make a DB25 dongle. but I have no Port.

I know, that on Dell Notebooks it works, if the EEPROM chip is short pin 6 or 7 with ground.

Do this work on my notebook too. HAVE I an eeprom chip?

Please help me. I dont know what todo.


A:Toshiba TECRA BIOS Password resetting deleting

Nobody who can HELP me???

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help ?

We have just started to put a supervisor password onto our Tecra A11 laptops so our pupils cannot set passwords on the hard drive etc.

To get into the BIOS and set a BIOS password, we press F2 as the machine starts.
We then go into the security option, then supervisor password.
Having entered the password we want to use twice, we press F10 to save etc.

The machine starts ok and goes in to windows without a hitch.

The problem we have now is that we cannot get back into the bios at all.
As the machine starts we press the F2 key as before but unlike previously the screen just remains blank and the 'Toshiba leading Innovation >>>' screen no longer appears.

If we keep our finger on the F" key or keep pressing it the laptop just restarts without ever getting to the BIOS screen where I assume we will get asked for the supervisor password we set earlier?

Is there another key we should be pressing as the laptop starts ?

I should add we have added a supervisor password for the BIOS security screen on three of our laptops and all three have the same issue.



A:Tecra A11-1EG - cannot access BIOS after setting supervisor password

I think this should be useful for you:

In some cases you need to press the "INS" key while Toshiba logo appears.

Then a prompt for the Supervisor Password would appear and if the password is certified then the BIOS could be entered by pressing the "F2" key.

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I have old Tecra R10-10W

Aftert long time in the cabinet, it say CMOS battery error and after charging can I not startup on the old system (bios) password.

How to reset the bios password and is also required replacement cmos battery and I can do it myself?


A:Tecra R10-10W - CMOS battery error and next bios password error

you can change cmos battery your self np,for bios pasword use google,i havet a hp mini with same problem and foundet a program that have reset with the help off error code when inserted wrong password 3 times in the row,then i used error code in the program and got password,restarted hp and inserted password now is working bp.Do i have also a old tecra and have difrend problem with it,evrithing sims to be in order but laptop wont start in first tray,after several restarsts shovs startup screen,then runing bp,if restarted again same story,needs several restarts and then is runing again,trayed with outside monitor same thing,any ideas?
here is the link for your problem and sulution:

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Hello , a friend gave me his laptop , its a HP Pavilion , he chose to give me this Pc because the PC said no boot device , we had a usb key with Windows on it but we can't use it because the usb boot is not activated , there is a password needed to access the BIOS but i dont have it and my friend either so i came here for ask helpAfter 3 wrong password it said system disabled : 59834368

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A:Recovery BIOS Password

Enter: 46792968 Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K

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I need a BIOS password reset.  My code is 81670285 Thank you,  

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A:BIOS password recovery

@Lazar456? Enter   34758801 REO

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I just purchased a reconditioned HP pavilion 17 1226nr laptop with a bios password the hash is (D567ADAF) please help 

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Has anyone ever used a bios password cracker such as KillCmos to get into a bios that is password protected? If so, did it work, and how does a person use such a utility? Thanks.

A:BIOS Password Recovery

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Hi, I have a compaq CQ61. It's asking "Enter administrator password or power on password". After getting the wrong password 3 times I get the key 59067446. Any help?

A:Recovery bios password

@MrZeeAdd? Enter    46945488 Regards, DP-K

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Hey, not sure if this was the right topic, i was unsure if this should go in "Security".

Anyways, a friend of mine is running a computer with XP, and has forgotten the password for his account. He can't go onto other users (his sister's for example) and remove his password from there, because he gave everyone else "restricted rights" accounts, and made his account the only administrator. I said I could re-install windows for him, start anew etc. and he's fine with it, as are the rest of the users. But, the local computer shop say they can remove the password, through BIOS.

I'm not completely computer savvy, but surely thats impossible? If you could remove passwords through the BIOS, a computer/harddrive could be stolen, and the passwords on the accounts would be useless. Can anyone explain the logic here please?

Thanks in advance

A:Password Recovery in BIOS???

press f8 on start up to enter safe mode as admin and go to control panel-users accounts-username and remove password.

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This computer is second hand, I'm just letting you know right off the bat. I don't know what the BIOS password is, and I need to get to setup. I managed to determine my BIOSis from AMI, and here's what the AMI Utility got for me:

An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:

- ---- ------ ------
| | | |
| | | Chipset/BIOS Info
| | BIOS Build Date
| Manufacturer ID
BIOS ROM Information

BIOS Build Date: Jul 15 1995
Motherboard Manufacturer Code: 9999Not listed in MAN.DAT file

SMBIOS info:

Manufacturer : PCCHIPS
Product Name : M758LMR
Version : 1.0
Serial Number: 00000000

Any ideas as to what I should do now? Any kind of software that can tell me what the password actually is? I know I can take out the battery, but I don't have the means to do so. Any help is much appreciated.

A:BIOS Password Recovery

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 Hi, I need help...I lost the BIOS password and I cannot get into the bios to reset it After a few try the pc show this message system disabled[69533696 ] Thanks, Andrea 

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A:BIOS password recovery

Hi, Enter  76491218 Regards, DP-K

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Is it possible to recover the password set on bios in dos mode, as i want to format hard drive as i have a virus on it thats damaging things, like i can't go onto C drive and open all programs on start menu, i done hijack this and online scans etc, nothing working, and now i want to do full recovery i can't get in bios to boot from recovery cd as it asking for password that i have not set, i assume on ebay who i bought it off set it, is they anyway to get the password or reset it so i can wipe hard drive clean please?

Many Thanks

A:Bios Password Recovery

Hello ,

I am sorry but we are not allowed to help with passwords for there is now way that we can tell if you are the true owner of the pc


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Hello All, I would like to know how can i remove my BIOS Administrator password, as far as i know i have never saved a password for BIOS ADMIN, but whenever i try to go to bios admin it asks for password that i do not know now. I need to make some changes, so how do i access bios setup now. when i enter 3 wrong passwords, it gives error system disabled and a number written below 66276313(somthing like that) Can anyone please guide me? have tried ho bios flash as well. Thanks in advance experts. Regards,Yousaf

View Solution.

A:BIOS Admin password recovery.

Hi Try : 79640917

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hp mini bios password recover

A:HP Mini 110-1030NR Bios Password Recovery

Hi, Hit enter 3 times and you should receive a 'halt code' - post back with this code. Regards, DP-K

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I am the owner of a used Elitebook Folio 9470m laptop that I procured from my friend. It is very lightweight laptop, and I really love it.Unfortunately, the laptop came with admin password on the BIOS. I already contacted him, and he has no idea what it is. This was his father laptop, and he also has no idea about it. So, I'm left here with this laptop, but no way to tinker around with the BIOS. Obviously this isn't good!All sources lead me to this area where can I contact HP support to try to solve my problem.  I opened up two cases.  First one, case ID 4779632926 and did not get response. Second, 4779725521 and this is response i got. " I  really apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately we will not be able to support this case."  I tried to reply to this case with subject <4779725521> and then I received message that case is closed. We are sorry, but we were unable to process your request.

The Case with ID "4779725521" is closed or does not exist and cannot be updated. PLS if there is any chance to solve this, let me know.  I can provide any information you need. Thank you.

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Hi - I am at wits end because after dealing with several update/driver/virus problems in windows 8.1, my system went into total recovery mode with none of the options helping.  When I was limited to turning it on and ONLY getting a black screen with the blue password box, I had to set it aside for a bit before I lost my mind.  When I tried copying my files to a usb, I realized that all my passwords that I had saved on a document, did not copy.  Before I lost my mind, I had to set it aside for a while and figure out what to do.  Upon returning to it, I realized that I forgot that exact system password and could not retrieve it, as well as my email password with which I set up my account with (and I also changed phone numbers within this time)! Therefore, I went back to researching my latest issue with this system (that I can't believe has been the BIGGEST pain in the rear that I have ever had) and haven't found a solution.  I am usually self sufficient and have learned a lot about computers in the past year, but I just don't have any fight left in me for this.  Please let me know who I can send the information about my computer too and I pray that someone can help me get in there.  Thank you.

A:Inspiron 3521 system in recovery forgot bios password

If it's the Windows password, you can restore the system from  your recovery media without it -- if you didn't prepare a set, call Dell to purchase one.
If it's a system password (BIOS/UEFI power on password), you will need to call Dell support by voice phone.  Be prepared with your ownership details and, unless the system is in warranty, with a credit card -- the call will not be free unless the system is in warranty.

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I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.

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I try desperately to update the bios of my old Toshiba A4-161.
I think not, because when I want to download the necessities bios, he asks me if I have an ATI graphics card and the other if it is a bios intel.

So I do not know which to choose.

Can you help me.

Here is my information from Driver Genius.

Computer brand: Toshiba Tecra A4
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Build 2600
Service Pack: Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Pentium M 740 (1733.3 MHz)
Motherboard: TOSHIBA Portable PC (Intel 915PM (Alviso-PM) + ICH6-M)
Memory: 512 MBytes (single-channel)
Hard Drive: WDC WD600VE-00HDT0 (57.231 MBytes (60 GB))
Optical drive: MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-831S (DVD + R DL)
Video Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon X300 [Toshiba]
Audio Adapter: Intel 82801FB ICH6 - AC'97 Audio Controller [B2]
Network Adapter: Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
************************************************** **************Intel PRO / Wireless 2200BG Network Adapter (Toshiba mPCI 3B - MoW)
Battery: PA3399U-1BAS/BRS
Processor ID: 000006D8
Codename: Dothan
Stepping CPU: C0
Platform CPU: mPGA479M (Micro-FCPGA/FCBGA)
Revision of the microcode update: 20
Heart (s): 1
Thread (s): 1
Initial Frequency: 1733.3 MHz
Current frequency: 798.0 MHz = 6.00 x 133.0 [email protected] V
Temperature of heart processor: N / A... Read more

A:Which BIOS to use with Tecra A4-161?

You can find latest BIOS version on
Choose archive option to get listed all old models. There you can find Tecra A4. Please choose right short model number.

I don?t know which one has your A4. It can be PTA40E or PTA42E.

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I am trying to install XP Pro from my Windows XP Pro SP2 CD onto my Tecra Notebook, S1 series, PT831A-67css, due to HDD failure as discussed in previous posts. I do not have a recovery CD.

The "Other Devices" in Device Manager, "yellow flags" the Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, etc as not having drivers. There are no other yellow flags in the Device Manager.

I do not need the laptop to be set up as a Tecra S1 series, but I wish to have basic use of the laptop.

I tried the Toshiba driver download site but this S1 series and model is not mentioned.

Could I use Realtek for XP (WDM_R258.exe) or AC"97 (WDM-A406 HP sound driver.exe ) as the driver(s).

Is there an easy way of downloading the correct driver without paying for it as I am reluctant to pay online.



A:Tecra S1 - Need Win XP drivers - no recovery CD

Is this the right download page?

Unfortunately I cannot see sound driver there.
Do you maybe know which sound card s in your Tecra S1?

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I refurbushed a TECRA 8000. When I start it up the screen displays Sytem Failure and prompts me for a password. Do you know if there is a system default? I can't even enter CMOS to set the boot order to reload the OS. Thanks for your help.


A:TECRA 8000 password

If you can find the jumper on the mobo to reset the bios - try that.

Or else remove the cmos battery for 20 or so minutes & replace.

That should reset the bios & wipe the password.


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I just got an M5 from ebay that has a bios password. I know the password but I would like to get rid of it, so the laptop is unprotected.

I have installed the password utility, but all of the options are greyed out ( I'm logged on as admin in windows xp)

Tried changing password in bios but just get "Deletion Denied" ( I'm only seeing half of the bios options displayed)

Any ideas ?


A:Tecra M5 - how to remove password?

> I know the password but I would like to get rid of it, so the laptop is unprotected.
The BIOS password can be removed within the BIOS settings.
I don?t understand that this is not possible in your case.

First of all you have to insert the current password.
Then you have to insert the new password. If you want to delete the current password, press ENTER button (leave the new password option blank). Then confirm again by pressing ENTER button.

Save the changes pressing F10 button and exit the BIOS.
Usually this should work.

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When trying to choose (with F12) a different boot device than 1st harddrive (e.g. CD/DVD, USB-Stick, SD-Card), the system starts only form the built in harddisk. When trying to enter the BIOS (with ESC followed by F1) one can see just a very small selection just of the 1st BIOS page.

All further details (e.g. Boot Priority/Sequence) are not accessible. There is NOT set a User password and/or a HDD password.
When pressing the INS key before switching on the notebook, it asks for a supervisor Password. Someone has obviously set it and I don't have it. With the normal Toshiba Utilities (e.g. "Assist") it's not possible to remove it, also the LPT-Port connector or the Boot diskette (1st 5 Bytes of 2nd sector modified) doesn't help.

What can resolve this problem.

Thank you

A:Supervisor Password with Tecra S3

Did you tried F2 key when powering up your tecra? This my default BIOS setup menu key

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Laptop has been working great (win7 x64), until I rebooted it couple of days ago.
I can't enter BIOS, cant change BOOT sequence...

All I can see is black screen with
when I try to enter anything - i get message:
Not authenticated.
(tried - Toshiba, toshiba, all my passwords, blank password)... - nothing helped.
I even tried disconnecting RTC battery for 30 minutes (disconnected CN9300 connector).

Please help me, how can I undo this?

Attachment removed - no allowed

A:Tecra S10-11A - password: not authenticated

I sent a question to licenced toshiba support in my city, and this is the anwser I got:
Dear Sirs,

Tecra laptops are PRO series which is not possible to reset the password methods by removing the battery or the like because of the level of protection on such models.
Removing a BIOS password is possible using challenge & response method of exchange with the Toshiba support available only service partners.
Deliver laptop to perform diagnostics cause of the problem and make sure you can reset the password.
It is preferable if you can attach a receipt as proof of ownership of that laptop.
Price 100$ services depending on the process that we must undertake.
If the hard drive is locked by the same method password on it may not be removed and will not be possible to access the data.

I can't belive that I have to unlock my laptop and pay for it - and that there is possibility that it will remain locked?!

Laptop's hardware is OK, but it's locked...
How can this be legal?

I paid for laptop (it was brand new and I paid good money for it) - and that it has "self destruct" mode built in it!!!
How can this be?

Can you help me please...

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Hey guys,

I have a Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop made in 2004, I installed Ubuntu on it about 3 months back and it had bin working fine. today, I set the laptop down, and i got wierd lines across the screen about 1/4 the way from the top, then more lines showed up running up the sceen, everything was frozen so I force reboted the laptop. When I tried to turn it on I got beeping which I now know is the BIOS. the bees go, 1 short pause 1 long (pause three short pause 2 short one long) then what is in brackets just repeats over and over untill i force shut down. Its an old computer and repairs would shurly cost money I can't spend. Any ideas will be helpfull, Thanks

also, I put different RAM in it from another Toshiba laptop and no luck, even with both ram, differnt slots and anything I could think of.


A:Tecra S1 BIOS Beeping

It is probably as simple as replacing the drive. If you have the restore disk set, you can install any drive you choose to purchase. Then use an external enclosure to copy your files from the old drive to the new...

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I was wondering what's fixed in the new BIOS. Toshiba does not disclose any information about changes in updates (why? It's really a weird thing to do).

Does anybody know, what it does? It's the third update already, and still nothing.

A:Tecra S11 and BIOS update 2.20


It seems that such details about BIOS changes are not available on Toshiba European driver page.
I found some details about BIOS updates and improvements on Toshiba US driver page but Tecra S11 is not listed. Maybe because it was note released only in USA.

You could get in contact with a local ASP in order to get some information about changes in BIOS. Maybe the guys could provide some info? then you could share it with us?

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I have a Tecra S11 With windows 7 enterprise 32bit installed. I want to make a backup image and installl Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit. However I cant figure out how to enter the BIOS to change the DVD drive to first boot device.

After 1 sec. of a Toshiba logo I'm requested a user pasword, after this it directly boots in the currently installed Windows 7.
esc, del, f1, f2, f10, f11, f12, tried them all, but no BIOS menu to be found. What is the trick?


A:Tecra S11 - How to enter the BIOS?


According the user manual you have to press F2 key to enter the BIOS setup but you must press the key before Toshiba logo appears.
Does it work?

Alternative you can change the boot order using "Toshiba HWsetup" tool that is preinstalled on your notebook.

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Hi I have a old Tecra M2 PTM20 and need to update the Bios, have found the bios listed for the M2 downloaded it
but when I try to run the update I get the mesage that this computer is not supported


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A:Tecra M2 bios upgrade


I assume You are upgrading in Windows?
If so certain modules need to be in place before this upgrade.

If You're in WinXP, make sure You have Common Modules installed.
If You're in WinVista or Win7 make sure You have TVAP / Value added package installed.

Hope this helps.


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I bought a M5 from a local computer recycling company for my Granddaughter as her first laptop it was not a lot of money because it needed a hard drive and was password locked.

I was told by Toshiba to take it to a local PC World to get the Response Code but repairs are ?200 whatever the fault!!
As it is not faulty and only needs a code can anyone suggest a reasonable agent/person who may be able to help.

Thanks, John.

A:Tecra M5 is locked by BIOS


I cannot believe that deleting a BIOS password would cost ?200.
Also the HDD upgrade should not be really expensive.
However, I recommend asking an Toshiba authorized service provider to delete the BIOS password.
Only the authorized service partner can delete this.

Here you will find a database containing all ASPs worldwide. -> Support & Downloads -> Find an Authorized Service Provider

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I have a brand new Tacra M11-11L machine. I have set a password on the BIOS but cannot now access it at all. When I switch it on I get the Toshiba splash screen, i press the escape key and am presented with a little note saying "F2 for Setup". I press F2 and the screen goes blank, i get a underling cursor flash three times at the top of the screen and then it boots into windows. I need to change a setting that is not covered by HWSetup. I can get into HWSetup with my password but it is not use to me!

A:Re: Tecra M11 cannot access the BIOS

sorry, should have said that the BIOS has been upgraded to 2.90

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I am the owner of Tecra 540.
Full details:
Tecra 540CDT/4.0 SYSTEM UNIT; Model No. Z7013615.

I have just downloaded the newest BIOS for that laptop (

Two files inside:

Now I am looking for a way to flash BIOS. This machine does not have floppy drive but CD-ROM.
I was looking at Toshiba site where "how-to" for upgrading BIOS is described for any of Toshiba laptops but not my :( IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

Can anyone please let me know what steps do I need to upgrade the newest BIOS ?

A:Tecra 540 - BIOS upgrade ?


On the Toshiba driver page in the Tecra 540 section you can find two BIOS packages.
The one package BIOS 8.00-TRAD contains an BIOS Tecra 540 exe file and some pdf documents which describes how to update the BIOS.

Furthermore the Toshiba FAQ document +?How do I update the BIOS on my Toshiba Notebook and where can I get the latest BIOS for my machine??+ provides a step by step instruction.

Please check the last point *?BIOS Upgrade Procedure 7?*

It says:
For all models except those listed in procedures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6)
So if your model was not listed in the early procedures then you will have to use the last ?Procedure 7?

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I've got an old Tecra 740 cdt without disc drive and an empty hard disc.
I wonder how to access BIOS so I could change boot priority to boot from an bootable CD.
Browsing this forum I found some keystrokes like F2, F8 and so on but this didn't work for me.
Anyone can help ?


A:Tecra 740 cdt - how do I access BIOS ?

Did you try to press the ESC and then F1 immediately after powering the notebook?
As far as I know this should works on all notebooks with Toshiba BIOS

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hi all,
im having trouble trying to get into the bios of my tecra 8100 so i can overclock it. does anyone know how to access it? ive tried DEL, F1, F2, and i can't get anything to come up at startup apart from 'Boot Selection'.

A:Bios in tecra 8100

Select restart im msdos from the shutdown menu.

Once your computer restarts type tsetup and press enter.

You will now see a list of all the setup options.

From what I understand there is no option to overclock on your computer.

Regards Howard

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Dear members

I have the Tecra A10-IC5 (-ptsb0e-03d01ken), and have *windows 8* installed on it. It was my wish to update the bios to the latest version.

Accordingly I navigated to the Toshiba website, and, using the auto-detect tool that Toshiba provide, was directed to the drivers list for my model.

The list of drivers included bios update, and it was designated as "operating system independent".
Therefore I downloaded and unpacked the file, and launched the program.
(bios 2009110452403)

However as soon as I did this the program abruptly terminated with the message "this computer is not supported"

With that in mind I would like to request advice - could anyone please tell me what I must do to update bios

thanks you

A:Updating BIOS on Tecra A10-IC5

As I can see BIOS version 3.00WIN is available for your Tecra.
Do you want to install this version? You can install it on any OS except Win8.

If I?m remembering well Toshiba offers BIOS updates for Win8 and all available versions begin with version 6.0 and higher.

Is there some problem with your Tecra and some reason for BIOS update?

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I have TECRA A3 Laptop I want to when my laptop shutdown so i do connect it laptop charger so my laptop automatic on without press power on button. now a days this feature add other companys in bios (Power option). it feature is use a veary simple when u will power wair in ur computer r laptop so u r computer automatic on without press power button.............

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I've tried to recover with CD. The manual says press and hold "C". It's not possible to press and hold "C" while booting, the machine beep and beep fast.
What can I do?
Hope someone maybe had the same problem

A:How to start recovery CD on Tecra 8000?

This with C at start up should work. I just hope you use right CD.
Do you have CD1 and CD2? Be sure you use CD1 at first.

You can enter BIOS and set optical disc drive as first bootable device.

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hi lads an ladettes just wondering if anyone got a diagram or pic of what eeprom is where the power on password is held. im pretty sure this is where it is held as i have tried all other methods. its just there are a couple of eeprom chips onboard and im wondering which one it is held on...

thank you

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Hello dear

I've a Toshiba tecra z50, and i forgot the user password because i've not use it more than one year,
i can't enter to bios setup

so, is there any solution to reset the password, or reset cmos?

i removed the battery, and no chance,

please help me,
thank you

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I have BBBIIIG trouble. few days ago my tecrca s5 tells me "PCI Express error" and displays horizontal strips. Now i can't do anythink with this computer (warranty void). Ok .

I have 2 another computers and when i try use it with hdd from toshiba .
It tells me that hdd password is incorrect, but I use it for 3 years day by day and never change!!!!!!.
Technical support in Poland is on the floor level. What is with this hdd??

What can i do to use my password with MY HDD.

Please help.

(sorry my english is not good)


A:Re: Tecra S5-15Q: HDD password and mainboard dead

I searched in Toshiba pages for some info regarding the HDD password and found this interesting document:
[What is A HDD Password?|]

[TOSHIBA HDD Password summary|]

According to the information in both documents the unknown or forgotten HDD password cannot be deleted.
If you are 100% sure that you use a right HDD password then it could be possible that you have mistyped the password. This is only plausible explanation?

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The school where i work have a TECRA R950
when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password) but i don't know him
how can i proceed to reset this password ?
thank's for the answer

A:Password on boot TECRA R950

when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password)

Why do you think that this isn’t a BIOS password.
Are you able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button?

If not, the notebook is secured by BIOS password and such unknown BIOS password can be removed only by authorized service provider…

If you don’t know the password, you will need to ask the ASP for help

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Hello everyone,

I have just been given a laptop (Techra 500cdt) which has a password when first booted. Of course I do not have a password, is there anyway of getting rid of this? I do not want to spend a lot of jack on this computer due to the fact that this computer may be too old for my college work. I do not have a correct reboot for it either. I thought of loading a system but if there is a better way please advise,
Thanks, sorj

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Hi all,

I searched where I could, but found no hint at all, so I ask here.

I own a Tecra A9 that needs a re-install which I like to be done for me.
I have a very good password on the HDD which I do not wish to give away. So I want to either change it or completely remove it.

Please someone, how must I do that? In the BIOS I only see that it has been set, but whatever I try, I cannot change it or get rid of it.

I should perhaps add that since original setup of the PC it's years ago and I do not know the ' Administrator ' password any more.

Anything else is under control. I know the 'supervisor' password and have already successfully removed the BIOS password. TPM chip is disabled.

BUT what to do about the hard disk drive password?
Any help much appreciated!!


A:How to change or remove the HDD password on my Tecra A9


I found several interesting documents about HDD password. Please read it and if you have more questions you are welcome:
What is A HDD Password?
Is it possible to remove a forgotten HDD password?
After removing the BIOS password a HDD password will be asked

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I have a problem with my Tecra M5 103
attach images to explain.
I've rewritten the bios several times but nothing changes.
What can be ?
Can someone help me ?

PS Sorry for my English

A:Tecra M5 strange characters in the BIOS


I made Reflow GPU Nvidia with a Heat gun for 90 seconds approximately at 500 Celsius --- 932 Fahrenheit ,
turn on the hot air gun waiting 10 seconds to ensure that the outgoing air reaches the right temperature.
place the gun vertically with the nozzle towards the GPU moving the gun on the vertical axis,
positioning continuously and alternately in a foot and a inch from the GPU
Please search for Reflow GPU with google

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Tecra S11 BSOD after trying to install BIOS v3.1

I have just reinstalled fingerprint utility successfully.After that I tried to install new BIOS v3.1 but I got BSOD
win 7 pro
Where can i find minidump file to see what is the problem?

C/windows/minidump folder is empty.

A:Tecra S11 BSOD after trying to install BIOS v3.1


Do you get the BSOD during the BIOS update procedure?
Do you use the Toshiba preinstalled Windows OS? or did you install your own system?

If you installed your own system, then you should check that VAP is installed as well.

Furthermore I found this info regarding the BIOS update:

+Caution !+

+Please close all applications before executing the update.+

+At the end of this process, the computer will be rebooted in order to update the EC.+
+While updating the EC, the screen may not be displayed and the power LED etc may blink.+
+The computer may reboot several times. This is no abnormal behaviour.+
+Please wait until the computer is fully rebooted.+

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I have problems with updating the BIOS of my Tecra 9100. The current version is 1.5, and I want to update it to 1.6, so that the UJ-820 DVD-RAM will work.

I have tried to do with the windows tool within the Zip-File (error message: User does not have administrator privileges), and with bootdisk (error message: unknown chipset).

What can I do next?

A:Re: Cannot update BIOS from 1.5 to 1.6 on Tecra T 9100


You are right. On Toshiba support page there is 1.60 update available for old Tecra 9100. As I can see just one option is available ? WIN option. That means you must do it under running Windows. So the option with bootdisk cannot be done at all.

Start your Windows, download update (910078v160.exe) and extract it to the desktop. Close all running applications and execute exe file. That?s it!

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Hello. Apparently, a BIOS reflash doesn't solve all of your problems.
When I tried to reflash the BIOS to repair the laptop, it had a BIOS
write error. Now, when I start the laptop, it says something about
needing a Toshiba Maintenance disk from a Toshiba serviceman. My
question is, where can I find that disk on the internet? Is there a
way that I can attempt the BIOS reflash again? I have reattempted it,
but whenever I do another attempt, sometimes it just sits there for
minutes and minutes without showing any progress.

A:Tecra 8100 BIOS Damage

If it had a write error, then it could be the ROM chip or some other circuitry on the mobo that is bad.

What were you trying to "repair"? Maybe the mobo is toast?

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Having installed WXP over the original 2000 I have lost most of the utilities.
Have downloaded the new BIOS and utilities etc, but cannot install the BIOS as it demands to be loaded via floppy disk and pressing F12.

*I dont have a floppy on this machine. How can I load this bios via CD, memory stick or any other way?*

A:BIOS update on Tecra 8200

there is a list of methods of how to install new bios [here|]

Hope this helps!

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I have a BIOS which is "solve" the High pitched noise problem about the i5 CPU.
But I have the latest BIOS and since then I cannot downgrade to the older BIOS that "solves" the problem.

*My question is how to downgrade BIOS?*
Because I will not send my Toshiba to RMA any more because they will not repair it!!!

My Tecra S11 went to RMA 2? and 2 different Toshiba authorized service partner for about 1 month. None of them repaired my laptop! Most annoying thing is that hungarian services are absolute useless!! I have a 2 year old issue with the CPU high pitched noise.

They did not replaced the faulty CPU, they replaced the motherboard!!! for no reason. OMG!
Be very careful when you buy Toshiba laptop in Hungary, and its not the Toshiba's fault but the authorized service partners!!

Please Toshiba do something!

A:How to downgrade BIOS on Tecra S11 - annoying CPU


Why are you thinking that CPU needs to be replaced?
I assume the technicians have ran some diagnosis tests which helps to detect faulty parts? I assume CPU was not affected but the real issue was the motherboard (because it has been replaced)?.

However, what?s your problem exactly?
Why you want to downgrade the BIOS?

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I have a Toshiba Tecra S11 and I want to power on my laptop when I plug the power cable.
I don't find any features in my BIOS about auto power on, or something like that.

Moreover, is it possible to power on with a USB keyboard or usb infra red receiver ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

A:Tecra S11 - auto power on in BIOS


> I have a Toshiba Tecra S11 and I want to power on my laptop when I plug the power cable.
>I don't find any features in my BIOS about auto power on, or something like that.

I never heard about such feature and from my knowledge such option does not exists in the BIOS released for Toshiba notebooks.

In my case the BIOS contains an option like Wake Up on LAN or Wake up on Keyboard.
This allows the notebook to wake up from sleep mode by LAN or keyboard.

The option which you are looking for should be something like ?Power on USB? etc? but I doubt its part of the current BIOS

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My Hard Disk in Tecra S11 died, and I have purchased a new SSD.
Everything work OK, but I can not update BIOS any more. Update utility show an error:

Error: Preparing to update was failed.
You have not given permission to execute the update.

What to do? Please help.

A:Tecra S11 - After HDD replacement I can't update BIOS

> Error: Preparing to update was failed.
> You have not given permission to execute the update.

Do you have Admin rights?
Sounds like the issue could be related to missing privileges which are needed to run a update.

You could enable the admin account following these steps:
Choose command prompt (the black box cmd)
In the box type net user administrator /active:yes
Then log out. Usually an additional user account should be visible ?Administrator?.

Now log in using this account and try to execute the BIOS update.

Note: in many cases the VAP (value added package) is needed to run the update BIOS.
Be sure also, that package has been unzipped correctly before running the exe file.

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I've downloaded the file from the Toshiba website, and now have P003Fv370.exe. Running that just comes up with "BIOS update is not supported OS, Unsupported OS or service pack is installed". I was under the impression it was OS independent? Please help, I need to update it to stop it crashing and blue-screening me every half an hour. I've already installed the value added package.

I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 PTM51E
Running Windows 7 Enterprise
Current installed BIOS is version 1.70

I also read somewhere about installing it with a USB, If someone could help with that I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Just tried it again and it says "Could not create "C:\TOSHBIOS.UPD" folder!" I have no idea what's going on anymore.

A:Problem updating Tecra M5 BIOS


The P003Fv370.exe is a package.
Click right on this package and choose unzip here.
Now you should see other files inside this .exe package.

From my knowledge there should be a file which starts the BIOS update.

If it will not work, I guess you need the Toshiba original preinstalled system to update the BIOS.
At the other hand I don?t think that BSOD appears due to old BIOS version.
I guess update will not solve the problem.

Possibly the BSOD appears due to some critical software issue or hardware problems? so would be really interesting to know if the same happens using Toshiba preinstalled system

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Could you provide me an update for the BIOS of my Tecra A8-133 (PTA83E-0E403NS4) laptop ?

I have installed Windows 8 Pro but i can't access my BIOS anymore. Each time i try to press F2 i have acces to the 5 options down on my screen but when i choose one and press Enter nothing happens, it just take me on Windows 8 !

Please help me =)

edit : i run a 64-bits Windows 8

A:Need BIOS update Tecra A8-133 Win8

BIOS updates for all supported notebooks you can find on

By the way, perform complete shutdown and then try to enter BIOS settings.
Check please

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Are there instructions to do BIOS update for my Tecra R940/Win7Pro/64bit?

A:How to do BIOS update on Tecra R940?

On Toshiba BIOS download page you can download WIN version. That means after BIOS download you must execute it under running Windows as every other application.
By the way: is there some reason for BIOS update? Have you noticed some troubles with your machine?

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I have my Tecra A8 PTA83E-0FJ05DJK laptop, and I want to update its BIOS, but in TOSHIBA's BIOS update webpage there are no updates for my laptop.

How do I do?

A:Cannot find BIOS Update for my Tecra A8

BIOS update for your older Tecra notebook you can find on BIOS download page -
Of course you can find it if you choose option ARCHIVE.

By the way: if there is no some problem with your machine I think you should not change anything.
Don't change well working machine.

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I have forgot my BIOS pasword tried 3 times..the code 60778623 apears...what to do?

A:bios password for hp pavilion G4 1303AU bios password

Please try this Password = 75650205RegardsKNRKI work on behalf of HP

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I hope my local service center will replace my TECRA mainboard (later I will tell why). Will my HDD with password protection work and my fingerprint encrypted files accessible after a mainboard CPU replace?

Will Windows 7 Pro boot in after this main "upgrade"/ replace?
(I have read the thread about similar Tecra S5 issue, pls do not link that closed thread)

A:After mainboard replace will my HDD with password work on TECRA S11?


Usually the HDD password should work after the motherboard replacement.
The point is that the HDD password is stored in a special area of the HDD and it should not be a matter that motherboard has been replaced.

I found this info in Toshiba knowledge base:
+TOSHIBA HDD Password summary+

+What is A HDD Password?+

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,

Last week i bought a new Tecra Z50-A-16D and i set a supervisor password. Now i can't access the bios, because i can't unlock it.
What is the key to unlock or to remove the supervisor password? I've read in the user guide and google it, but didn't find anything. In Password utility i can set only a user password, but not supervisor.

Thanks in advance!

A:Tecra Z50-A-16D unlock/remove supervisor password

Originally Posted by theater

Hi there,

Last week i bought a new Tecra Z50-A-16D and i set a supervisor password. Now i can't access the bios, because i can't unlock it.
What is the key to unlock or to remove the supervisor password? I've read in the user guide and google it, but didn't find anything. In Password utility i can set only a user password, but not supervisor.

Thanks in advance!

I too have e same issue, I know what I has set it to I just do not know how to remove/disable supervisor? I am using the Satellite Pro R50-B-12P and I have 10 of them with Supervisor set using the same password.

Kind Regards

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My old Tecra A9 died, it does not even power on to boot screen any more.

Bad news is that my HDD was password protected and it has some valuable data that I need to recover (since my last backup). I know the HDD password because I entered it every time I booted my Tecra.

I have removed the HDD and mounted it in a USB caddy to try and recover the data from another PC.
But the drive is not detected by Windows, which is to be expected, I guess, as it is password protected.

So, because I know the HDD password, is there a software utility available that will enable me to recover my data??

If not, what other options might be available?
I thought about buying an old Tecra A9 from eBay or somewhere and inserting the HDD in it but I'm not sure if this would work (I'm not sure if the password protection is related to the laptop serial number or something else specific).

Any information would be much appreciated

A:Tecra A9 - Recovering data from password protected HDD

I suppose you could put the HDD into another notebook (any Toshiba, or any brand?) and remove the password in the BIOS setup.

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Hi all,

I have been a complete spanner and changed some BIOS setttings, specifically WOL on my laptop. Now when I try and boot I no longer get prompted for the password (the blue screen with ****** etc) but instead a message saying "Error loading Operating System"

I have tried everything I can think of but it looks as though EasyGuard has died/diabled the HDD from booting or has infact wiped it.

I have just tried booting from the XP CD too see if the partitions are intact - I can see two with [Unknown] where it should say NTFS.. clearly something to do with the HDD encryption/security..

Please help! A speedy response would be fantastic!

A:Tecra M5 no longer prompts for EasyGuard HDD password

Did you change or remove the HDD password in the BIOS?

Perhaps try resetting the BIOS to the default settings.

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respected sir i have bought 7 pcs of tosiba tecra s11 ut there is problem its 6 pcs bios or boot menu is password protected so please help me what should i do i need to use this feature so please help me reply ..

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I've installed the latest BIOS into my TECRA S11-U10 and now my 'HID' device won't load - i.e. my USB dongled wireless mouse. I now have to remove dongle and re-insert before the TECRA will see the mouse.
Annoying, just about usable, but it is a PITA and I'm conscious of always 'making/breaking' the USB connection.

Must be something to do with BIOS and seeing HID devices on 'StartUp'?
Lastly, I have enabled Legacy USB device support in BIOS, but still no joy. Also, have tested mouse on other laptops - works fine on StartUp, so NOT the mouse.

Any suggestions, folks? Thanks....

A:Tecra S11 with BIOS 3.50 - USB mouse is not recognized on start-up


Disconnect your USB mouse and go to device manager.
Then delete all USB hubs and USB controllers from the device manager list.
Then reboot the notebook.
Wait until all USB ports have been recognized and installed again.
Then connect the USB mouse and check how it works.

You should also test different USB ports available on this notebook.

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I want to update BIOS to latest level v1.6 .
I don't have a selectabay FDD ,only a DVD drive.
Now it would take 3 DVD's to do this i presume .ie having to sequentially update the BIOS to the latest.,
v1.4 then 1.5v and lastly v1.6.

Does the board support booting of a USB Mem stick, or a USB FDD.
Any thoughts on the best way to do this.

Is there a utility that I could download and do it from windows..

My system is an 820E. Tecra series 8200.


A:Can I update my BIOS using a USB Mem stick on Tecra 8200

I doubt you cannot do this.

Toshiba page provides a trad BIOS update which can be update only using the FDD drive.

Please check this Toshiba BIOS update ?How to? document:
[How do I update the BIOS on my Toshiba Notebook and where can I get the latest BIOS for my machine?| IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07]


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I try to upgrade my Tecra S11-15G to Windows 10. But the installation tells me that the processor is not compatible with the NX feature.
After verification, normally the i7-640M processor supports NX / XD, but I can not find the "Executable Disable Bit-Capabiltity" option in BIOS (even after updating v. 3.5).

Does anyone know a solution?
Or is it that the PC is not at all compatible for the update.

Thank you

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Hello All,

I just received a Toshiba Tecra A11 the other day which is out of warranty (Refurb). When I got the laptop there was an issue where the picture was displayed at 1024x768 and off centre (In BIOS). The image was 1-2cm off screen to the left, with about 5-6cm black space to the right of the picture, the bottom 2-3 cm's of the picture were also off the bottom of the screen.

I installed Ubuntu Studio initially and attempted to force the display to a widescreen resolution. I didn't have any luck, I also installed Win7 but still with the latest drivers I had no luck.

This was strange because BIOS was displayed the same way so naturally I decided to upgrade to the latest BIOS version. The BIOS on the laptop was quite old (End of 2009).
I downloaded the BIOS update from Toshiba's web site, and ran the update.

The new BIOS was installed and the machine rebooted.
However there was no picture displayed on the LCD panel, windows did successfully boot, if I connect an external monitor to the laptop I get picture. When starting the laptop the LCD backlight does light up.

My question is: What can I do to resolve this issue? Is there a BIOS recovery or downgrade tool available? Is it possible to reflash the bios? What is recommended?


A:Tecra A11 - Video/Latest BIOS issues

> The new BIOS was installed and the machine rebooted.
> However there was no picture displayed on the LCD panel, windows did successfully boot, if I connect an external monitor to the laptop I get picture. When starting the laptop the LCD backlight does light up.

Does this mean that everything is ok using external monitor?
Can you access the BIOS pressing F2 and can you set it to default settings?

Usually you can switch between external and internal display using the key combination FN + F5. Does it work?

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I need to upgrade BIOS v 1.60 to latest BIOS version. I downloaded from Toshiba's site bios file ( -> P0065v300.exe) but when i try to upgrade come this issue:


My notebook:
Windows 7 32bit

A:Tecra A10-12H - BIOS upgrade: 'this computer is not supported'


Did you install the VAP (value added package)?

The VAP is necessary in order to run some Toshiba tools and to update the BIOS.
I found a threads with the same error message but the user used Win XP.

The issue could be solved by installation of Common Modules (only for Win XP).
But the VAP is released for Vista and Win 7 and common modules are within the VAP package.

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I updated the BIOS through Windows and my Tecra A6-EZ6311 asked to reboot, but not restarted, the LEDs light up but the screen stays black.

I downloaded the BIOS and recorded a bootable cd and started the notebook holding FUN + N keys, it speeds up the coller lights and other lights on the keyboard but nothing happens and I've done the same with pendrive but not flashing lights pendrive. I wonder if I still have a chance to save my notebook and how to proceed.

The USB ports do not flash the stick, as upload the bios in pendrive? Computer turns on but the screen stays black, if you press the keys Fun + B connects the notebook with accelerated fan and other luzez acessas on the keyboard, as if waiting for the upload the bios. But where do I upload this is not flashing lights in pendrive and writing ISO Bios in the CD drive spins the cd a few times and then nothing happens and I left for half an hour and not resolved.

Thank you very much.

A:Tecra A6-EZ6311 - Win BIOS update without success


I found your notebook on the Toshiba US support page:
There I could find also the compatible BIOS version.

I downloaded the BIOS package (it was exe file). But I could unzipped this package by clicking right and choosing ?unzip here?.
Within the BIOS folder I found readme.txt file. There you can find the instruction how the BIOS update work.
Also there was a notice that BIOS KeyInstallation Method, can sometimes be used to recover from the failure. If it does not, you'll need to contact Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (ASP) in order to fix it :(

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I have problems with updating the BIOS of my Tecra R10J. The current version is 1.4, and I want to update it to 3.0, so i have downloaded from Toshiba web site the correct file named "P006Cv300.exe" released from 11/04/2009. This is a BIOS update ONLINE into a real session of Windows 7. Simply, right click the compress exe, click run as admin and that's all but ......... for me it said :
*"[Error] The starting of service was aborted. User does not have administrator privileges"*

see below :

I've tried it with :
- closed AV, Firewall, etc ...
- disable UAC
- Run as administrator
- Tried with an another admin account
- Safe mode (bios update does not support safe mode)
- direct local administrator session

No change. Still the message "User does not have administrator privileges".
Need help please, found nothing on Google (similar Bios problem but not solved !!!!!)

Thank you

A:Update BIOS Failed on Tecra R10 with Windows7

Did you install Win7 yourself?

I believe you need to install the Toshiba Value Added Package, so the BIOS file can read the system details properly.

ps. Did you install 32bit or 64bit?

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Hi everybody,

has anybody tried to install the bios update 2.30?
It is not working for me. I've just bought an SSD and the bios does not recognize it?

Any help?


A:Tecra M9 PTM90E - Bios update not working

Here is a How To:

+How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks?+

Usually there should not be a problem with a BIOS update.
Note; the package should e unzipped and saved on the HDD. All applications and processes should be closed before performing an update.

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I have a Tecra 9000 with a broken BIOS.

I looked up the BIOS upgrade FAQ [1] and searched the forum (found [2]). However, I have no Windows installation and at least my Toshiba Tecra 9000 does not have a floppy drive, so I cannot follow the procedure described there.

My BIOS update can be found for the notebook with serial number 32222375G: LTS_PAGE&partNumber=PT900E-08YZG-GR&serialNumber=32222375G&USER_ACTION=Serial%20num ber

So what should I do?

BTW: I have real trouble posting on this forum. I cannot post the exact BIOS error message because the forum software claims I used profanity. The relevant part is contained in the subject line of the thread.

[1] [|]
[2] [|]

A:Tecra 9000 - BIOS block 1 damaged

hi uAyjYdKT,

download a diskette version of the bios called "trad".
- can you still boot your machine?
- can you install anything to harddisk?

if both answers were yes then do the following:
- do a dos installation on your harddisk (this can be done on another machine)
- decompress/unzip the bios diskette do a hdd
- insert hdd in your machine and run bios update

if the answers were no: see a servicepartner to have it done

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Hey , guys. I recently did a BIOS update on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 Laptop running Windows 2000. After the update, while the system appeared to be working normally (LEDs on, a little HD acivity but no windows boot), the screen won't show up. I tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor, but nothing happened. Is there anything I can do?

(Update) I am able to get to the bios upgrade screen by holding down F12 before pressing the power button. Is there any other way to upgrade the BIOS besides using a floppy drive?

A:Toshiba Tecra 8100 Bios Update

yes- read the bios update guide in the guides forum.

also post in the correct forum next time (the mobile computing forum)

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Hello and thanks for reading.

I recently switched my Tecra M10 to Windows 7 (from XP) and it soon developed the dreaded "stuck CTRL key" issue. This causes the keyboard to behave as if the CTRL key is permanently depressed. Sometimes hitting a combination of keys, or bringing up the onscreen keyboard, temporarily solves the issue, but then it returns.

It seems to be an issue many people have, with no simple solution. I've looked at every thread about it I can find, and tried many things to do with drivers etc. without any success.

So firstly, if anyone knows a remedy that works for this particular machine, I would be very grateful to learn it!

Then, there are two things I've not yet done: update BIOS and disable pinch zoom.

I was looking at the following BIOS update:

... which is version 3.00 and seems to be most recent. My own version is 1.90.

However version 3.00 is labelled "For PTMB0* ONLY". I don't know what this means or whether it applies to me. Can anyone help? Should I install this BIOS?

For the pinch zoom, I've been told that disabling it does sometimes cure the CTRL problem -- but I can't find any pinch zoom facility on the M10. I suspect it simply doesn't have one. Is that right?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

A:Tecra M10 - Stuck CTRL key issue -- perhaps to do with BIOS?


> I was looking at the following BIOS update?. which is version 3.00 and seems to be most recent. My own version is 1.90.

There are different Tecra M10 models on the market.
Check the labels at the bottom of the unit. There you should find some numbers like for example PTMB0E-01K00LGR

The first 6 characters are important: for example PTMB0E

I assume your notebook belongs to European series.
In such case you should check the Toshiba EU driver page for possible BIOS update.

However, on Toshiba EU driver page you will find also the BIOS v3.0 for all European Tecra M10 units.

Anyway, back to the CTRL button issue: guess what, you should connect an external USB keyboard and should check how the CTRL button acts.
In case the USB keyboard would work properly, the CTRL button of internal keyboard is affected and you will need to replace the internal keyboard.

PS: it could be possible that the option "sticky keys" has been enabled. To disable this function, you have to press SHIFT button 5 times in the row.

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Hey , guys. I recently did a BIOS update on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 Laptop running Windows 2000. After the update, while the system appeared to be working normally, the screen won't show up. I tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor, but nothing happened. Is there anything I can do?

A:Toshiba Tecra 8100 Bios Update

Did you press [Fn] then one of the functions keys [F8] or the one with the picture or words that say CRT/LCD. I own the Tecra 8000 this is the only way it's going to switch screens from the LCD Panel to CRT. Also how did you update the BIOS through DOS right? If you lost the LCD Panel or when you reboot the Laptops and don't see the words Toshiba or is it just blank screen. Does any of th lights light up for power, HD and battery?

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My battery is not seen by my Tecra M5 but still charges and powers the laptop, I have found info that sugests a BIOS upgrade could help but the update software gives me an error message "[Error] The AC adapter is not connected, or battery power is not enough." How can i update the BIOS by bypassing the software safety feature ? I was told on another forum that running the BIOS update .exe with /forceit from the CMD window which didn't work. Can anyone help please.

A:Updating the BIOS on a Tecra M5 - 386 when the battery is not recogised.

If the system was able to detect the battery months ago then a BIOS update probably won't help.

How old is the battery? Maybe it needs replacing. Lithium batteries only last 2 or 3 years.

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Recently been given an M10-10I to reinstall the OS. WinXP wont install at all so am trying to update the BIOS as it seems quite old (V1.5). Latest (and only available) version for this machine appears to be V3.0. Download and attempt to run the file "P0065V300" and get the message:

TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.3.3.0
This computer is not supported

What can I do? Its supposed to be for this model!

Also would prefer a boot disk version but hey I can use a Windows version assuming it will run on Win7.

A:Tecra M10 - BIOS update says "This computer is not supported"


Tecra M10-10I belongs to the PTMB1E series and according to the Toshiba EU driver page, the BIOS v3.00-WIN is the latest BIOS version which is available for this model.

The BIOS update requires some additional Toshiba tools like VAP (value added package for Win 7)

If this driver isn?t installed, the BIOS update would not work.

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The Tecra M2 has been running fine, its a good little machine but running out of space.
I've been trying to install a new HDD 160GB (Seagate) was 60GB (Hitachi).
I've used the recovery disk on the new HDD, it formats the disk, sets up XP Professional, gets me registered with Microsoft OK but when the laptop wants to run Windows it bombs out giving me a blue screen (dumping memory etc).
When the laptop re-starts, in "Safe Mode" the message pops up that the "Installation was incomplete. Re-install setup"
First question:-
Is there a way of "fixing" the installation with the recovery disk?
Another Windows CD XP disk - seems unable to repair the installation.

Second question:-
I've tried doing a complete re-installation from scratch, with the Windows CD - no problem. But then I need to install the drivers - got them off the Toshiba Support OK and I see the recovery disk has a whole lot of "Hotfix's" but the forum thread of 10 June 2006 "Driver needed after installing Windows on TecraM2, gives the order of installation - no problem except I cannot locate "Microsoft Windows XP Professional Step by Step Interactive" anywhere - I've looked all over for it?

A:Tecra M2 recovery disk installs but comes up with incomplete installation

Hi Ollienz,

I?m a little bit confused about your posting. Do you want to install Windows from Toshiba recovery disk or normal Microsoft disk? What do you want to do now?

Theoretically the recovery disk could be scratched so the installation can?t be finished successfully so in your case I would try a Microsoft Windows XP disk.

I have done a Google search for this Microsoft Windows XP Professional Step by Step Interactive and I found it?s a security update for the interactive training but it doesn?t seem to be important for driver installation:

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I have an old Tecra 9100 and I need to access the Setup, I have written to Toshiba Spain provide data on my computer and from there I have been forwarded to another mail client and atencionn the truth is that after almost two months now nevertheless no one has contacted me!

On the page for access to this forum is reported that if the user is logged on the Club, among others, will receive the password if required.

I am really very disappointed with the service it provides to its customers and Toshiba but I am about to buy a new one, I have serious doubts emerged whether to opt for a Toshiba.

If anyone can help me write in Spanish, my post is [email protected] Address



A:Tecra 9100 Setup password-Toshiba aftersales

The Passwords are a security feature that deters unlawful access to your PC (if someone stole your laptop for example). On some laptops it can be very difficult or impossible to remove the password without special tools.

An Authorized Service Provider can remove the password for you for a small fee.There is an ASP list on the Toshiba website.

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I have laptop TOSHIBA Tecra and. HDD is locked and i for got password. Kindly help me to solve my problem. If i connect the hard disk to other computer it shows Hard Drive unreachable.

A:Remove forgotten HDD password on TOSHIBA Tecra laptop

That's a security feature so it wouldn't be much cop if was easy to break - it isn't. We don't do hacking on here anyhow.It's hard to know how you suddenly forgot a password that you used every time.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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follwing Problem:
Tecra R950 with Intel 520 series SSD and HDD/SSD password set = always F4 BSOD after wakeup from sleep.
OK with no password set.
OK with hibernate.
Same problem with iastor and msahci driver.

Any ideas? Think that it is a problem with the bios. It drops the ssd when wakeup, even can not write a memory dump (error 0xc0000010), cold boot required.

A:Tecra R950 with Intel SSD 520 and SSD Password set = F4 BSOD after wakeup


Did you replace the SSD drive?
As far as I know many of the Tecra R950 was equipped with an 500GB HDD.

I could be related to the SSD drive?

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My laptop was working fine until I upgraded the BIOS to 3.00. It takes a long time to boot whatever the boot support was (HDD, CDROM, ...) . After I select the boot support the screen goes black with a blinking white cursor for about 5 to 10 minutes, then windows loads normally and everything works perfectly.
I am thinking of downgrading the bios , but I can't find older versions.

A:Re: Tecra S10 G11, Extremly slow boot after BIOS upgrade to 3.00


Only a newest BIOS version is available on the Toshiba European driver page?
So if you need an older version; get in contact with an local ASP?

However, I recommend accessing the BIOS and to set the settings to default.
Possibly this is needed to get the notebook booting faster?

Good luck

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My laptop is a Tecra R10-10J PartNumber PTRB1E-00D002FR, BIOS version 1.40 13/11/2008.

I recently purchased and installed two 4GB RAM modules (8GB). Entering BIOS setup, I see 8GB detected. Windows 7 64bit also detects 8GB but only uses 3,80! MemTest and CPU-Z diagnosis are good for entire 8GB. I switched RAM modules from one slot to the other but nothing changed.If I replace one 4GB memory module by a 2GB, Windows 7 uses 5,80 which is well. Same result whichever 4GB memory module or slot I use.

I assume that issue comes from BIOS. Version 1.40 does not support Memory Mapped I/O feature.

So I followed instructions on "" to find last good BIOS update package for Tecra R10-10J. I downloaded and executed BIOS310?.exe but received error message "This computer is not supported"?.

Is anyone can tell me how to update my BIOS or is anyone has a better idea to enable full support of 8GB RAM?

Thank's to all !

Axel Limousin

A:Tecra R10-10J: BIOS update aborted "This computer is not supported"


You should install the VAP (value added package) or if this package is already installed, you should reinstall/update this.

Disable Antivirus software and disable security things like firewall etc?

Hope you have luck...

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Is there a BIOS update that allows me to select "BOTH" as an option for the Power On Display?
Currently it only lists Auto-Select and Internal.

Auto-Select only outputs to the external screen if one is connected.
I need to set the default as output on both screens.

Older Toshibas do this. In fact, every other Toshiba I've used has this feature.
As a presentation/hire/conference laptop, this is an important feature.

And yes, I've updated the BIOS to the latest version.



A:Tecra M11-11L: BIOS udpate to get power on display on both screens?

> Auto-Select only outputs to the external screen if one is connected.
> I need to set the default as output on both screens.

No, there is not such BIOS update which would add this option.

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