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Need Portege R830 BIOS Update without Intel-TXT Check

Q: Need Portege R830 BIOS Update without Intel-TXT Check

Hello Forum,

i have exactly the same problem as described here, 2 years ago:

I need to update my BIOS, but i cant because the BIOS Updater tells me that Intel-TXT is enabled.
Unfortunatelly i cant disable it in my bios. Its just not selectable. The "cursor" just jumps over it.
I can only "Hide" it which doesnt help.
I have the same for the VT-d and VT-x setting in the BIOS. This is not selectable or changeable as well.

TPM isnt enabled though...
I installed the infineon suite and it tells me that i need to enable TPM in bios to use it. :-(

I have an very old Bios Version 3.1 and i read in the changelog that in V3.4 and 3.5 there were many TPM related changes....

Back then, a user named Paolo30 uploaded a file to which fixed this.
Unfortunatelly this file was deleted on

can someone please provide that file (or a later bios update) which fixes this?
Thanks in advance.

A: Need Portege R830 BIOS Update without Intel-TXT Check

Port?g? R830-10P belongs to the PT321 series so you need BIOS released for Port?g? R830 PT321

You can download such older BIOS versions from different Toshiba driver pages.
For example:

On this Toshiba Asia page I could find all BIOS for this Portege model.

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I want to update my laptop bios 3.40 with the version (BIOS_V390_ECV160_WIN) , it shows me an error message :
TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.4.2.1

"This computer in not supported"


A:Re: Bios update Toshiba Portg R830-1DR (PT321E-0G401EFR)

Check this thread:

try the update to v3.60 before trying the v3.90

By the way: Does VAP (value added package) is installed properly? This package is very important for BIOS update

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Portege R830/PT321E: Bios Update stops with "An error occurred while preparing the update environment..."

Following message seems at first

BIOS Version: Current Ver. 3.40 -> Updated Ver. 3.70
EC Version: Current Ver. 1.30 -> Updated Ver. 1.50
Bios and EC should be updated

During the BIOS update seems following message:

+An error occurred while preparing the update environment. You have not given permission to execute the update.+

My settings:
- BitLocker is switched off.
- No connection to a docking station
- Windows 7 is installed
- Boot mode is on? I guess it means:
"Closes all open programs, shut down windows, and then turns off your computer."

Any idea what the problem is?

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A:Portege R830/PT321E: Bios Update stops with "An error occurred while..."


Maybe stupid question now but why do you want to update BIOS on this, I think, pretty new notebook model?
Have you noticed some issues or hardware problems?

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Hi All,

I have a Toshiba Portege R830, running 32-bit Windows 7 (SP1) enterprise (for work).
I also boot into Linux Mint 14 64-bit, which I have installed on a portable USB HDD (outside work).

I recently bought a USB 3 HDD, but when I connect it to the USB 3 port on my R830, it only gives me USB 2 speeds (25 MB/s).

I checked with some diagnostic utilities (usbdeview, etc), which say that the drive is connected in USB 2.1 mode.

The drive reports itself as being USB 3, the cable is USB 3 (SuperSpeed), and the port I'm using on the R830 is 3.

I experience the same, whether I boot into windows or linux.

I updated all drivers on both OSs, to no avail.

next i tried to update the BIOS, but I keep getting the following error:
"An error occurred while preparing the update environment.
You have not given permission to execute the update."

For the record, this is the BIOS I'm going from, & to.
BIOS Version : Current Ver.2.80 --> Updated Ver.4.10
EC Version : Current Ver.1.10 --> Updated Ver.1.60

Does anyone know why I would not be getting USB 3 speeds (which, for my drive, are expected to be around 40 to 50 MB/s), or why all diagnostics are saying USB 2?

Does anyone know how to overcome the BIOS update issue?
(I've tried safe mode, disabling AV, disabling NX)


A:Portege R830 - USB 3 & BIOS updates

Is this USB driver installed?

Please try to install it and check USB speed again.

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yesterday i set the bios/supervisor password.

When i now turn on the notebook, i can see the Toshiba - Leading innovations screen and then it goes dark and won't boot any further.

The harddisk / fan / graphics card etc is working - but i don't see anything nor do i get some kind of prompt or shell or whatsoever.

I tried all those "Press, ESC, Press F2, Press F1, Press INS" stuff, nothing worked out.
I removed the battery for several mins while pressing the power button, nothing.

Maybe somebody has some kind of clue whats wrong with this maschine....

A:Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt


Did you use some high ASCII character like ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? etc in your BIOS / Supervisor password?

In the past the usage of such characters prevented the notebook from booting up.
In such case you had to contact the service partner in order to solve this problem.

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Notebok Satellite R830-14U (part ? PT32LE) with BIOS 2.70 & EC 1.10

after upgrade Intel Management Engine Interface v. i can not update BIOS - error "This computer is not supported"
The ME Interface provides thermal management for Intel Mainboards. The Intel Management Engine Interface (Intel ME Interface) is the interface between the Intel Management Engine firmware and the host. Drivers and applications on the host that wish to interact with Intel Management Engine through host interface would use the Intel ME Interface host windows driver.
Model: Tecra R850, Portege R830, Satellite Z830, Qosmio F750, Portege Z830, Satellite Pro S750, Tecra R840, Satellite R830, Satellite Pro R850, Satellite R850

Downgade Intel Management Engine Interface to and/or reinstall Value Update Pack ( does not solve the problem.

What else can I do to fix this problem?

A:Can not update BIOS R830-14U

The problem is solved in complete restoration of the image of the disaster

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Dear all,

I have tried to download the newest BIOS update for the R830 model, but I end up with a corrupt zip file every time:

Anybody else has this problem?
Anyone who would be able to send me a working file by mail (throwaway (@)

Thank you very much!


A:BIOS update file corrupt Satellite R830


I could download and was able to unzip this BIOS package properly.

No error messages by now!

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I received a notification via Tempro that a BIOS upgrade was available. I downloaded the ZIP file (, extracted the package (BIOS360_EC140_WIN.exe) and ran it according to the instructions.

The package runs, gives the "Extracting files..." progress bar then displays a dialogue entitled "TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.4.1.2" that says: "This BIOS package does not support this operating system."

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on a Satellite 830R-143 with the short part no. PT32LE

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks in advance for your help...

A:Satellite R830-143 - BIOS update does not support this operating system


Do you have any problems with notebook?
If not then why you want to do the BIOS? Just because new BIOS was released?
I would not change anything if my notebook would run properly.

However, the BIOS update requires the VAP (value added package).
So be sure that this VAP is installed properly. If not, update this.

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I have Portege R830-10Q with 128GB SSD inside, but it is getting too small.
Is there another slot for normal HDD, or do I have to buy [this| e&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=108&devi ce=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11= ICEP3.0.0&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=108]
and throw DVD unit out to put HDD inside?


A:Portege R830-10Q slot for HDD?

Portege R830 supports only one HDD or SSD drive.

Regarding the Optical Bay HDD/SSD Caddy Adapter:
I?m not quite sure if BIOS would be able to use suchpart.

In the past some Toshiba notebooks supported the ?Select bay? which allowed you to use the HDD caddy in the ODD bay, but many notebooks don?t support this features.

In worst case you will need to replace your current HDD/SSD with bigger HDD/SSD drive

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i have a Portege R830-10R, does it have SATA III?
Will I notice a big difference if I decide to change to na SSD and add 4GB memory?

Thanks in advance for any reply!

Have fun!

A:Portege R830 - Information request


I have an Portege R830. If you are asking about adding 4GB of RAM - I guess you're running a 64bit version of windows. I'm running a 32 bit version (for software compatibility) - so can't comment on the effectiveness of upgrading the RAM in this specific instance.

However I have installed a Samsung EVO 750 GB SSD.

This - in my view - has made a significant difference. Boot time is halved and in general opening a programme (such as PowerPoint) feels almost instantaneous.

On other PCs I have - the 'adding RAM' trick is something I've done - and it makes a difference. The SSD has been more impressive. I'd do it - but be careful about which SSD you choose. After much research - I'd only look at a Samsung.

Hope this helps.

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I need change the keyboard and I don't know how.

Please help me


A:How to change keyboard on Portege R830-1DU?

Check please your first post

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How I change the Keyboard on laptop Portege R830-1DU?
Please send the response to [email protected]


A:Re: How to exchange keyboard on Portege R830?


Generally speaking keyboard should be exchanged by authorized personal only. Small mistake can result with broken plastic parts like keyboard connector.
I presume you don?t have experience with this stuff so I strongly recommend you to visit nearest service and ask for help.
By the way: what is wrong with your machine? Why do you want to exchange keyboard?

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Hi - I have a Portege R830 and can't identify the exact Model - I have the Serial Number 4C047625H but that is all

The Sticker on the back has been covered with a VOID sticker and I can't get the model number!

Help please

A:Portege R830 - need model details

Run Toshiba Service Station to view the Model number.
Another tool you can use is Crystal DMI (google it).

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Hi everyone,

I bought my self a second hand R830-1ee (i7 2640m, 256ssd, 8gm ram etc)

I paid a high price because of the specs and it turned out that the video adapter is defective. It is very blueish and a bit blurry. The seller dissappeared so I am by my own.

I checked on ebay and there is a fair amount of R830 motherboards with i5s and I was wondering if it would be possible to swap the motherboard with one of those considering they are both r830s.

I don't mind to much the downgrade to an i5 if it means salvaging this bad transaction.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi all,

Just bought a R830 with Core i5 2520M and stock 500Gb 7200rpm HDD. I swapped out the HDD for an Intel 510 series SSD (250Gb). Performed system restore to factory condition onto the SSD. Everything works well and it's lightning fast (boots to desktop in under 20s).

However, I'm noticing some electronic sounds coming from under the trackpad (vicinity of where the HDD/SSD bay is) when there is moderate to heavy disk usage.
It appears to be some kind of interference with perhaps the electronics of the indicator lights below the trackpad buttons or somethings else?

Should I be worried? And has anyone else experienced this? Also, those who bought factory installed SSDs - do you get any kind of noise from the drive?

Thanks a lot.

A:Portege R830 - Noise after installing SSD

Hi tn9393,

On this way without hearing this noise it?s hard to say if it?s normal or not and what the exact reason is. Easiest way is you test the original HDD in your Portege notebook. So you can determine if the noise is related to drive (SSD or HDD) or it?s an electrical part on mainboard.

But without this test procedure it?s not possible to give you a detailed answer because it?s user to user forum only. If you need professional help contact an authorized service provider in your country and ask for help. The guys have professional diagnostic tools to check everything on notebooks.

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Info about R830-10P:

[Drivers page| 21E-00U010EP&USER_ACTION=Auto-detect]

According to:
[Intel ark: i7-2620M|]

The processor i7-2620M supports up to 16GB of RAM. As the memory controller is embedded in the CPU, the chances of supporting 16GB of RAM are real. But the notebook datasheet says that the maximum RAM is 8GB.

Does anyone had success installing 16GB of RAM in a similar model of notebook?

A:Can I install 16GB on Portege R830-10P?

> The processor i7-2620M supports up to 16GB of RAM.
And what is with chipset? You have already maximum RAM inside (8GB).

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I need the right driver, maybe it's called "Toshiba Accessibility Utility" Driver written in the manual but not in the huge list of drivers - it?s for win764.

Where can I download it and how is it called?

A:Need driver for FN-Hotkeys - Portege R830


What you need is ?Toshiba Value Added package?.
Visit Toshiba?s download page under

Choose your notebook model and you will find it there.

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Hello all,

i know somebody who owns a portege R830-1C8. He asked me, if my notebook RAM is compatible with his notebook.

Actually he has inside the notebook 2gb 1Rx8 PC3-10600S-09-11-B2.

My RAM is 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800S-11-12-F2.1600.

Can he use my RAM?

Thx and greetz

A:Toshiba Portege R830-1C8 RAM compatiblity question

Both are PC3, but not sure about the speed difference.
It may work, give it a try.

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my model is PT321A-01K002, I have cleaned installed Windows 8 x64 and installed all the latest Windows 8 drivers from Toshiba in the corrrect order as specified in the installation instructions but after a while the CPU fan becomes loud and the system freezes.
Can someone help me please, this is the order that I have installed the drivers in.

1. Net Framework 3.5 *
2. Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
3. Intel Management Engine Interface
4. Intel Display Driver
5. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
6. Intel Wireless LAN Driver
7. Intel LAN Driver
8. TOSHIBA Value Added Package
9. TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility
10. TFPU WBF Delete Fingerprint Tool
11. TOSHIBA System Driver
12. TOSHIBA Function Key
14. O2Micro Smart Card Reader Driver
15. Intel PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Software
16. Ricoh Card Reader
17. TOSHIBA Speech Synthesis
18. Infineon TPM Software Professional Package
19. TOSHIBA Service Station
20. Intel AMT Software
21. Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
22. Realtek Audio Driver
23. TOSHIBA Assist
24. TOSHIBA Security Assist
25. TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
26. TOSHIBA Sync Utility
27. TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
28. TOSHIBA HDD Protection
29. TOSHIBA eco Utility
30. TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
32. Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
33. Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
34. Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
35. Intel Wireless Display
36. TOSHIBA Desktop Assist
37. TOSHIBA Metro... Read more

A:Portege R830 freezes and fan becomes loud using Win8

What USB devices do you have plugged in?

If you disable the fingerprint device in device manager does that make a difference?

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Hi - hope someone can help as I only have a few strands of hair left to pull out!

In the past fortnight a problem has developed with the trackpad - and possibly my keyboard. Here are some of the symptoms

1. The cursor on the screen will suddenly freeze. I can leave the laptop and it's working come back and it's not.

2. If I type on the keyboard (can just touch the keys or I could be typing in a document) and the cursor may freeze again. During this event the small 'mouse/trackpad' on/off icon flashes briefly on the screen. If I hit another key (literally anywhere on the keyboard) a number of times (no pattern to the number) the icon may cycle and the cursor will move and then freeze again.

It's as if every key on the keyboard is somehow performing the role of the FnF9 key.

Unfortunately I did take the laptop on a business trip recently and this time when the laptop booted - the cursor was frozen and no amount of considered or random button pressing got it going. It was a battery out job . That scared me.

If I connect a USB keyboard and mouse then pressing keys on that external keyboard does not cause the cursor to freeze. But it might do anyway - as described at 1. above.

The F9 key will unfreeze the cursor (I guess turn the trackpad back on) - but it won't be long before it cycles back off again.

I've not dropped the laptop. There's nothing physically wrong with it. The battery holds charge and it boots successfully. I've made no hardware c... Read more

A:Portege R830 - Trackpad/keyboard issue


According to your issue description it sounds like the touchpad would be disabled automatically.
As you already mentioned, the touchpad could be enabled and disabled using the function key combination FN+F9

Since you?ve got also some keyboard problems, my theory is that there is some keyboard problem which might be responsible for the touchpad ON/OFF issue.

What do you think about this theory?

I don?t think that there is a software problem because as you already reset the system to early time point (factory settings???). Therefore I think the software conflict cannot be the reason for that?.

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The normal backupmedia site says it's too old, which seems a bit mean.

Anyway I bought it 2nd hand and the vendor had just slapped a bog standard win 7 64 installation on, and it all seems a bit rocky, I'd rather do a proper reinstall.

Can anyone help please?

R830-1Jv P320E-0jh01ren 2c029690h uk model

I'm a Port?g? fan from r100 r200 r500 r600 and now r830.


A:Need Recovery media or image for Portege R830-1JV

I'm Looking for recovery disk or image for R830-1JV if anyone can help please. This is also posted on the recovery board

The normal backupmedia site says it's too old, which seems a bit mean.

Anyway I bought it 2nd hand and the vendor had just slapped a bog standard win 7 64 installation on, and it all seems a bit rocky, I'd rather do a proper reinstall.

Can anyone help please with a dvd or an image file I can use?

R830-1Jv P320E-0jh01ren 2c029690h uk model

I'm a Port?g? fan from r100 r200 r500 r600 and now r830.


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Hello everybody, I have a problem with the 2 battery clips which are holding the battery in the guidance. They're broken and now the battery doesn't hold in the guidance without fixing the 2 clips with tape. Has anybody else the same problem and now what I can do against it?

Where can I eventually buy these clips?


A:Portege R830-1EE - broken battery clip

I cannot say for sure but I think you will not be able to buy these clips as separately parts.
I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask how it can be fixed.

You know possibility to buy some small parts for notebooks are very limited and it is not so easy to fix such things.

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I need to change my internal SSD 225GB to a SSD 512GB!

What do I have to do on hardware and software level?
Can I take any SSD?

Thanks for help?

Regards, Florence

A:Portege R830-10v / i7 / Change internal SSD 225GB

The HDD or SSD drive upgrade does not require any particular changes in the software or hardware.
You need a compatible 2.5? SATA SSD drive.

Here is an nice and very useful document how to upgrade / replace the HDD or SSD drive in the Portege R830 & Satellite R830 series.

Of course, after such upgrade, you will need to install the system again? the best choice would be the usage or recovery disk and to recover the notebook to the factory settings.

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I have a Toshiba Portege R830-10Q that I am trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

When upgrading it stumbles and goes into a repair loop at 29% which then gives me the error 0xc000000f with no way of rolling back.

A clean install, installs absolutely fine but due to Microsoft's activation rules (can only be done via an upgrade unless you buy the product) this is no good.

Has anyone successfully managed to upgrade the R830-10Q to Windows 10 yet?

I know its not on the Toshiba list of approved PC's but surely there must be a way

A:Portege R830-10Q - Win 10 upgrade - error 0xc000000f

I have this problem too, anyone can give us advice how to solve this problem


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First I'd like to say, that I've used my Toshiba Portege R830 with all operating systems since win 7 and I have never installed fresh OS.
That said, I couldnt use Intel WiDi on Win10 and had to go back to Win8 (DVD of which I have luckily bought along with upgrading).

I have installed all toshiba software using upgrade assistant and for the first time since 2011' there was no Flash Cards available (dropdown menu shown with use of Fn keys). I have used it for like 2,5 years on Win 8/8.1 and now its gone and is not available to install...

WTF? After a week I found out that Flash Cards isnt present in VAP 1.6 (only in 1.5.X.X and earlier).
Unfortunately I cannot install only Flash Cards standalone (or can I?).

And here comes my question: If I install VAP 1.5 (with Flash Cards), can I (ANYHOW) upgrade some elements (like system driver) without uninstalling previous version of VAP?

From my experience when I run VAP 1.6 installer first thing it does is complete uninstall of previous versions.

Please help me! I cant imagine who thought that removing flash cards from 1.6 would be a good idea...

A:Portege R830 - Win 8.1 Value Added Package (Flash Cards)

Toshiba EU driver page provides the Toshiba Function Key Utility v1.00.6626.03 for Windows 8 Upgrade.

So if you installed Value Added Package 1.6.0130?. you have to install also the Toshiba Function Key Utility

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i have R830-13D, windows 7 x64 utlimate.
the "problem" is auto change lcd backlight depends of content of screen

for example - when i set brightness level to 2 and read some newsites (white background, black text) - it's ok for me. then, i open another website with black background and yellow text - lcd backlight changing down so i have to manually change it up by Fn+F7 to level 3.
and so on - when i change tab in browser to "normal" website - white background/black text - backlight automatically going up (looks like sequentially growing up by 3-4 little steps) and i have to decrease it back to level 2.

i can see this "issue" both for toshiba display driver (download on support page) and for intel display driver.

how can i disable this feature? any idea?

A:Re: How to turn off auto ajustment brightness on Portege R830?

p.s. auto ajustment happens only on battery, but i can't locate any settings about it (in windows power options / bios)

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After a windows 7 reinstallation, eco, presentation buttons and the one to shutdown the trackpad doesn't work, I've reinstalled all drivers, VAP and button support program.

Could someone with a R830 tell me wich programs is link in "button support" and if they're is some options indicated?

Thanks in advance!

A:Portege R830 - Eco and other buttons don't work after Win7 installation

Why did you open new thread about one and the same theme?
Would recommend following one thread in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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I have a Portege R830-1DU and i'm very disappointed with Toshiba.

I have the Function Keys working on the first month of windows 8. wherever, an windows update broken that to me and after that the function kys doesn't work anymore.

I reformated the pc, i tryied everything i found on the web but the only thing i found its the Value Added Package or the Memory Card Controller is missing. i tryed to install and reinstall all the versions but it seems to be to 32bits and no 64bit version. So i have to wait for next version of TVAP

Windows 8 has been released a lot of months and i think the problem is not to hard to solve.

Is there any another way to get function keys back to live?

A:Portege R830 - need Value Added Package for Win8 64bit


This the 64bit of the VAP for Win 8

[Value Added Package 1.6.0130.640205| =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=362&selProduct=7399&selSh ortMod=3363&language=13&selOS=all&selType=all&year upload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode= allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=a ll&selectedLanguage=13&type=all&page=6&ID=84829&OS ID=42&driverLanguage=42]

the VAP is not notebook specific utility.
You can take this software which was released for other units too.

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Good day!

I've been experiencing the following problem on my Portege R830-10R for a long time.

Quite frequently, when it recovers after sleep mode it loses ability to recognize connected USB devices and built-in 3G modem does not work as well.

After some time, like 10-15 minutes of working (or never), the problem becomes solved by itself, but normally it is not the case.

If I try to send the laptop to hibernate or sleep mode again, while this problem is active, lets say, it does not hibernate and hangs on a half way with a black screen - so I have to shut it down manually and then start again.

Normally, the only way to resolve the problem is to restart it, but the issue comes back after next sleep mode.

Has anyone had something like that? Any solution available?

A:Portege R830-10R: No USB connection after recovery from sleep mode


> Quite frequently, when it recovers after sleep mode it loses ability to recognize connected USB devices and built-in 3G modem does not work as well.

Did you notice this behavior from first day of purchase?

Are only special USB devices affected like USB flash memory stick or USB HDD or are
other devices like USB mouse or USB keyboard affected too?

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Do anyone know a authorized service partner of Toshiba where i can oreder a
DC Power Jack Connector for Toshiba Portege R830 Series

in the UK??

please help

thank you

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I have a fairly new Toshiba Portege R830 (PT321E-01E00YEN) laptop that does not use built in speakers if placed in a dock with the Laptop screen closed or the microphone.

This causes problems when trying to work from just an external monitor but when I flip the lid open, it works fine.

I'm using a port replication II ( PA3916B ) and when installed about a month ago, all the device drivers etc was updated to the lasted available so I think there is a software configuration option that just needs checking or disabling.

Does anyone know where this might be?

I have testing this on another older port replicator that was originally purchased for a R700-15R and have exactly the same problem so I don't think it is hardware related.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

A:Sound when Portege R830 is docked and lid screen is closed

Please don't understand me wrong but for me this behavious sounds logic. When you close the lid internal speaker and mic placed near the cam are blocked so I don't know how do you want to use it.
When notebook is closed and placed by side it is almost the same as desktop. All devices you need should be external devices and connected to the docking station.

If you use your notebook on regular way but additionally external display for desktop extension you can use all internal devices of your notebook.

In my opinion the point of docking station usage of different peripheral devices with your notebook but using docking station you can remove notebook and take it with you without disconnecting each of connected devices including AC power supply.

To be honest I don't see there any problem. You can contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for opinion but I?m pretty sure the answer will be the same.

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Hi everyone,

I have a Toshiba Portege R830-14M, serial: PT321E with Windows 8.1 x64.

I have a problem with this driver:

"COM7 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3D&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_04\3&115 83659&0&B3"

Searching in google I found that is "Intel Management Engine Interface". In Toshiba's support web I downloaded driver but when I install the driver, error: "Cannot find support device" appears.

How can I solve that? Where I download the correct version?


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On a Protege R830-1GZ

Wiped laptop with Debian install to solve a work related emergency while visiting family.
Return home and realise recovery media I had was for an old Satellite netbook.
After a few attempts realise that the 'Win7 Home Premium' Product Key on the laptop sticker is just wishful thinking.
I bite the bullet and try to buy the Toshiba "Recovery Media" which you retail for over ?40.00.
via :
The only available language option is 'NH' not GB. This is not a new issue, from 2012:

TLDR: I have a wiped Protege R830; The Windows Product Key that I have already paid for is useless; Your 'recovery media' purchase web forms are messed up.

Can any good Samaritan or otherwise stealth Toshiba employee help??

Thank you in advance

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I recently bought a second-hand Protege R830 notebook with a Japanese keyboard.

It's a real pain. I want to replace it with an English one.

Can I do that?

Thank you.

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i have R830-13D, windows 7 x64 utlimate.
the "problem" is auto change lcd backlight depends of content of screen

for example - when i set brightness level to 2 and read some newsites (white background, black text) - it's ok for me. then, i open another website with black background and yellow text - lcd backlight changing down so i have to manually change it up by Fn+F7 to level 3.
and so on - when i change tab in browser to "normal" website - white background/black text - backlight automatically going up (looks like sequentially growing up by 3-4 little steps) and i have to decrease it back to level 2.

i can see this "issue" both for toshiba display driver (download on support page) and for intel display driver.

how can i disable this feature? any idea?

A:How to turn off auto adjustment brightness on Portege R830?

p.s. auto ajustment happens only on battery, but i can't locate any settings about it (in windows power options / bios)

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I have a Portege 3440CT with bios version 1.50.

This version does not support large HDD so I thought I'd update the BIOS. (don't know if version 1.60 does either, does anyone know?)

When I try to run the bios-update-program on win2000, it says "Initial error", anyone know what's causing this?

BIOS is downloaded from Toshibas website.

I have no floppy or CD-rom available.
Have tried the updater on win98, and also in DOS and it says "this utility not available on v86 mode!"

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

Ideas, anyone?

A:Bios update on Portege 3440CT.

Sorry CyB but I really do not understand you. If you check Toshiba support page you will find two BIOS updates. Both of them must be done using FDD. So now I am asking myself why you try to do it under running operating system. Sorry but it is really ridiculous.

Toshiba provide two different BIOS updates. One is TRAD (must be done with FDD) and WIN (can be done under running WXP or now Vista). For old notebook models there is no WIN version.

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

As far as I know something like this is not possible and you can check eBay and obtain FDD. You can get it for few bucks. It is really not expensive.

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My current bios version is 1.6, the latest is 3.0
When trying to update the bios, I get an APPCRASH from INSTALL2.EXE
exception code c000005

I tried to run it in safe mode, but this doe not help

Thanks for help

A:Portege A600: cannot update to bios 3.0


The istall.exe should not crash and you should not update the BIOS in safe mode!
The Windows should be booted up and should run correctly!

Here is a Toshiba FAQ How to update BIOS:

Possibly the error code is related to corrupt windows OS or to missing some necessary Toshiba tools.
Using Win XP the Common Modules should be installed.
Using Vista or Win 7 the VAP (value added packed) should be installed.

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I've been looking on the Toshiba Site for BIOS updates for a Portege 3440CT, but can't find anything for the older models. Are they still available? Also the BIOS on the laptop at the moment is 1.50, acan anyone tell me what the most recent version is?



A:Need BIOS update for Portege 3440CT

All BIOS updates, drivers, tools and utilities for older notebook models you can find under ARCHIVE.
For your Portege there you can find BIOS version 1.60.

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I have been wrestling with this device for a while now and I seem to be progressively making the situation worse.

My current issue is that I can no longer access the BIOS after changing a setting in the BIOS that related to USB emulation (or something like that). I was in the process of trying to make the device boot from a USB and pretty much twiddling with every setting to see what would work.

This one didn't. And now the device no longer responds to F2. It's like it is ignoring the keyboard. Doh!

Is there some way to roll back or re-flash the BIOS? Or another way to access it? I tried an external keyboard, to no avail.

How did I get here?

Well ... I was given this device to put back to factory condition and I could not find an obvious option that would do this, other than the Toshiba Maintenance Utility which looked hopeful. It offered to erase the partition (which at the time seemed fair enough) - BUT THAT"S all it did - so the machine just repeatedly boots, displays "Please insert system disk" and then reboots.

OK, I'm an idiot - but it does seem silly for Toshiba to offer an option that instantly bricks the machine?

Anyway, I've moved on from that problem to one that is significantly more dire. Not being able to access the BIOS means I don't have any options - unless one of you wonderful people can help me discover one.


I have since discovered that the next setting I was going to adjust - the Secure Boot setting - may have solved... Read more

A:Portege - Can't access BIOS after update

Which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use?

If you use Win8.1 you have access to some BIOS settings using settings in system settings. Check it out please.

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I tried to Update the BIOS at my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 up to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

However it fails with the error " BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack installed."

Within the "more information" I could read "OS independent".
Is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 not supported?

What's the matter?
Which BIOS is the right one for my system?

Please help me!
THanks a lot.

A:BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700


It seems that Vista OS was preinstalled on this notebook.
This means that you have installed the Win 7 system at your own hand.

The point is that BIOS update requires some essential Toshiba tools.
For example the Value Added Package is important software and should be preinstalled on the notebook.

Is VAP installed?
If not install the VAP before trying to update the BIOS.

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I have only linux (antergos) on my Portage Z30-B-100, Does anybody know of any way to flash update bios?

A:Portege Z30-B-100 update bios from linux


On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find only the win-based BIOS update version.
This means that BIOS can be updated from running system only and you need to run Windows OS in order to start the BIOS update procedure. Linux isn't supported in this case...

Here you can find the How to doc about the BIOS update

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Ok I bought a second hand Toshiba Portege r830- 138 a year ago and it didn't come with a recovery disk..
Since my laptop is beginning to run slow I've been trying to reformat/reset back to factory settings..
[I've tried the hold down (0) key button and press the power button once at the same time and wait for the beep and then release the (0) key.. But it doesn't seem to work it just brings me right to the log in screen..
Then I've tried the press (F8 button) fast but it just brings me to Advance Boot Options... Which is useless cuz it doesn't bring me to the reset to factory settings..
So please tell me how I can reset to factory settings without a recovery disk because my brother totally did it back then without any disks I just forgot to ask him how to do it.. And now I've lost contact of him so I can't ask him..

Thanks in Advance ✌

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Hi everyone,

I've just upgraded my Toshiba Portege r830 pt320a-06k031 from win7 pro to Win10.
I installed all the needed drivers (win7 pro version) and the system is faster and very stable: I am really impressed!.

The only things I found not 100% compatible is the "Toshiba Fingerprint Utility", that adds 2 weird extra icons to my logon screen, both of them aliases of my 2 local users.

It is high probable that some newer and win10 compatible laptops, are using a "Toshiba Fingerprint Utility" vesion compatibile with my R380; could you help me to find out which one?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi all,

I have recently bought an R830 1HD which has windows 7 as its OS.
I have some old external hard drives that were formatted on windows vista.

When i try to use them on my new computer it says "Target device not found"
I phoned the support for the external hardrive who said this is an incompatability issue and that I would need to re format the external hard drives (and hence lose everything on them unless I copied them onto a compatible hard drive).
Is this true?

Rather than go through the hassle of copying all the data onto another hardrive is there a way of making my new computer compatible with the external hard drive?

Your help is much appreciated.



A:Portege R830 - external HDD error - "Target device not found"

I have one old external HDD with saved pictures on it and I use it since years with WXP, Vista, Win7 and now with Win8 too. There is no problem at all so I don?t understand what could be wrong with your HDD.

Have you similar problems using other external devices connected to your Portege notebook?

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Hi guys,

I'm having a strange problem with the model PT321A-01K002 regarding the 3G Modem driver.
I've tried every available driver and Wireless Manager from the Australia and European sites that I can find and it just will not recognise the hardware.

To clarify, we are deploying a fairly clean Win 7 64 bit build and at the end the 3G modem is the only device not recognised, it is reported in device manager under 'Unknown Devices --> Software Download' ... Strange, but 'Software Download' is actually the name of the device.

Hardware ID is *USB VID_0BDB&PID_100E* which for all my reading seems to be the 3G modem. No matter what I do, even a fresh blank retail copy of Win7 64bit can I get the 3g drivers to recognise the hardware.

I'm assuming I am installing the drivers in the wrong order? I've tried several different combinations but cannot get it to work! We are purchasing more and more of these with the 3G component and I need to be able to deploy our SOE to it.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance! - Matt

A:Portege R830 PT321A - 3G Modem driver does not recognize device


Did you try this driver:
[Ericsson 3G driver v| =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=151&selProduct=6470&selSh ortMod=2988&language=13&selOS=30&selType=all&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=all&page=1&ID=80743&OSI D=-1&driverLanguage=42 ]

Otherwise recommend checking this 3G Toshiba driver portal

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My Portege started to crash on shut down two days ago. I tried the following solutions:
- Verify McAfee was up to date ok, tried spybot and superantivirus, no threats found
- Verify disc ok
- Followed up all Toshiba TEMPRO messages to update drivers
- Returned to a recovery point a week ago ok

All works well, I can use all my programs and hybernate works ok untill...... the system wants to shut down

The shutdown window will not disappear
The laptop gets warm, the fan increases in speed and finally crashes with blue screen
The it restarts itself and the cycle starts all over again

The only way to stop this process is to keep the power switch for a few seconds

I ran out of ideas how to solve this, suggestions are welcome

A:Portege R830-10L BSOD on shutdown, restarts, goes to sleep and crash

Obviously something ?blocks? regular shut down.

Last step to fix this is recovery image installation. After dong this you will have clean preinstalled OS and everything will be OK again.

By the way: before you shut down your notebook check which background processes are active and try to end some of them manually, just to see if shutdown is blocked by some of them. If you will be able to find out what is wrong there you can remove certain application or disable any service that can be responsible for this.

Play a bit with all this.

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I have a number of users who when they re-dock their laptop, either a R700, R830 or R930 the external mouse keyboard or screens fail to work, although the screens do sometimes activate.

They are all using the hi-speed port replicator 2, we have tried updating the bios on a couple of machines, which has made no improvement.

All the laptops will dock fine when powered off or in sleep mode, does anyone have any ideas on a fix to this, thanks

A:Some Issues after re-docking Portege R700 / R830 / R930 series

> I have a number of users...
Can you tell us something about you? Are you some authorized dealer or service partner?
I mean if you have company who offers support for Toshiba notebooks you should not waste your time discussing on forums but contact Toshiba directly and try to clarify this issue.

My advice for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. I don?t know where do you live but Toshiba ASPs you can find on

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I cant download the driver from for

Toshiba Portege R830 - PT321E
Windows 7 64bit
Location - Latvia

Download keeps failing sometimes from 10% to 50% complete.

Sometimes page is unreachable. Tried to download driver from different networks.


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Good morning.

Can someone tell me where can i find the changelog for BIOS update 4.50-WIN(ECB1.40)?
Thank you.

A:Portege R30-A Bios Update change log (4.50-WIN (ECB1.40)

Toshiba EU BIOS page does not provide any change log details.
But on Toshiba US driver page you can check such information.

The BIOS version seems to be the same:
Visit this page and click on BIOS (left column)

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Good day, I have two questions about Portege 3410.

The first one: I cannot update BIOS (there is 1.50 in use, I want to update to 1.60). The instruction does not work: I connect Teac USB-drive on USB-port, switch USB-FDD emulation to Enable, switch notebook On with F12 pressed, the message "Ready to update BIOS..." appears, I presed key, but nothing happend. What's wrong?

The second one: I cannot install Windows XP on to notebook (it does not boot neither FDD-USB, nor External DVD-USB).
How can I install Windows?

Thank you.

A:Portege 3410 - How to update BIOS and install XP?


Just one question: Why do you want to update the BIOS? Is it really necessary?
I ask this because this update is always a little bit risky and you could damage the ROM module.
Anyway, have you tried to load default settings in BIOS before you start the update and install XP?

You can install XP without CD. Therefore you must copy the i386 folder on the HDD from another computer and some booting files for HDD? I think you should search a little bit with Google to find workaround for this. You should find enough! ;)

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Hi there,

My Portege A600-13Y BIOS is version 1.50:

- should I upgrade to 2.00WIN?
- I found this source for the biso upgrade 2.0 but there is no indication that this file is authentic TOSHIBA bios.
No checksums, no ssl certificate, nothing. Is it possible to get it in a secured / authenticated way?

Thanx for answers,

A:Re: Portege A600-13Y: BIOS update 1.50 to 2.00-WIN - How risky it is?


First of all you should use and download the BIOS files only from Toshiba website.
The Portege A600-13Y PPA61E is a Toshiba European notebook model and all the drivers and BIOS can be found on the Toshiba driver page.

I don?t know why you ask for the checksums or ssl certificate? the Toshiba websites are safe?
but everyone who needs the drivers or BIOS can download it?

You should only ensure that you have chosen the right notebook model and that you have downloaded the right BIOS!

But why you want to update the BIOS?
If your notebook is running troublefree then a BIOS update is not important? I follow always this advice; never change a running system.

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Had a go at installing this, and all is fine apart from installing the Value Added Package - the main thing I want to get working is the function keys for screen brightness and connecting a TV.

I understand that upgrading the BIOS can help getting the VAP installed ( I get the ID ERR NOTINSTALLTVALZ message), I know that Toshiba are not directly supporting the A100 for Vista but is there a BIOS I can install that will work? I'm thinking there might be a similar machine that works in Vista or maybe just an A100 BIOS that will suffice?

Many thanks!

A:Vista on Portege A100 - Can I update the BIOS?


May I ask where did you found the Vista Value Added Package for Portege A100?
I didn?t find this Value Added Package on the Toshiba Europe site.

There are only 3 files for Vista. One of the files is BIOS v1.60-WIN which seems to be OS-independent.

Regarding the BIOS;
You should know that the BIOS update is always risky.
If you will use wrong BIOS version or wrong BIOS update procedure you can damage the motherboard!!!
?and as you probably know the motherboard is one of the expensive notebook parts!!!
It?s not worth to trying something which can damage the notebook. You know?

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Toshiba Portege R830-10Q-P321E
Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit came pre-installed

Attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 and it's completely bricked my laptop - cannot access files, cannot rollback, cannot use an alternative system, cannot repair, nothing!

Looks like I need to format (I have a backup of my personal files anyway), and then do a fresh install, but I have no windows installation disk.

Looking online, it looks like I need the official one from Toshiba (I have my windows key on the bottom of the laptop), but don't know how to get it from Toshiba.


Thanks in advance for your time and help/support.

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I have Toshiba portege R830.
I install new windows 7, no recovery - new windows.
Now I have a problem becouse my function keys doesnt't wokr.
I can't turn on y wifi with fn+F8.
I was finding drivers but i dont'y get for my toshiba.

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I've upgraded to Windows 8 through the Windows' website, as I didn't know about the Toshiba's upgrade tool.

I've run the ToshibaUpgradeAssistant.exe, downloaded on the dedicated page for my laptop, but I'm stuck to the ?PA number? form. I've got a Portege R830-10U, Part No PT320E-XXXXXXXXXX. But when asked for this very PA number, the software doesn't recognize the ?PT320E? (first 6 characters).

What do I do wrong? Does this software work with my laptop?

Thanks for your help,

A:Portege R830-10U, Windows 8 updated, Toshiba Upgrade Assistant issue on PA


It looks like the R830 PT320E series is not ready for TUA at this time.
I found this Toshiba Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 - Release Schedule and Supported Models info

+The TUA for R830 PT320E will be available in Step 2 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: Drivers are supported from approximately end of November 2012+

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I recently picked up a Portege M200 and installed (via PXE - network install) Windows 7 on it. I would like to upgrade the BIOS as it's still at the original BIOS (1.1). I downloaded and extracted the pkg and tried to install via Windows but it says my OS isn't supported. I don't have an external CD drive or FDD - how can I update the BIOS? I tried to put it on a USB drive but there doesn't seem to be an option to boot from USB.


A:Portege M200 BIOS update running Windows 7?

Ok, I'm thinking I could use an SD card but I see it's not recognized by Windows 7 and when I put in a card, nothing happens...

Anyone know where I can find a driver for it? I do see there are 2 devices not recognized - one "Base System Device" and one "Unknown Device"...

And I see it doesn't recognize the video card either - just uses Standard VGA Graphics Adapter which seems to work fine...

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how can I update my BIOS when using Ubuntu Linux?

The reason why I'd like to update my BIOS is that on the one hand Ubuntu
writes an error message during boot-up and recommends to upgrade it and on
the other hand I'm afraid that there is maybe a temperature problem, at least the
notebook becomes slower after working for a while.

The notebook operating temperature usually is between 45-64 degrees.
The fan turns on at 62 degrees and turns off at 52 degrees.

Temperature seems to be pretty normal I would say but I think its not normal that the
notebook becomes slower when operating above 50 degrees.

I already opened it, it seems to be all right with the cooling unit, no dirt e.g...

Maybe I just persuade myself I and the performance is completely normal for a PIII with

Thank you

A:Portege 2010 BIOS update / operating temperature

Dear Julio

I presume you know that Linux is not supported OS and designed BIOS update is created to be performed in running Windows OS. This nice Portege is known to me and I know very well that it is not the fastest notebook and it is designed for business purposes like working with Office, e-mail communication and every other everyday activity.

Because of that answer to your latest question can be: yes you persuade yourself.

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It seemed started from the automatic Microsoft update about Qualcomm Atheros, everytime when connect to any WIFi, shared internet, my portege R830 shows blue screen and the error message as followed:
system_thread_exception not handled (athwb.sys)

I found that I am not the isolated case on website. I tried to remove and stop the updates. However, once I connect to internet, the blue screen comes again.

Is the problem because of the network adaptor? The model is Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB
Can the problem be solved if I download new driver from Qualcomm Atheros website?? Or if I replace a new adaptor??

A:Portege R830 got death blue screen when connects to wifi or shared internet

Hi I to am getting the same error.

I think it may the graphic card driver or the Atheros wireless driver. Could someone put a light on it.

Toshiba Portege Z series, Z830, PT224E

Operating System, Windows 8.1



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I have an Old Portege A100, Model: PPA10A-0002LP, but I can't seem to find that model on any Toshiba website, closest I've seen is the " PPA10A-0002L".

I'm wanting to see if there's a BIOS update that will allow me to Boot from a USB Device.

The issue I am having is that I need to reinstall Windows, but the CD ROm cant read discs.
It does Network Booting PXE, but i'm new to this sort of thing and have absolutly no idea what to do there.

Any help would be great,


A:Portege A100 PPA10A - Will BIOS update allow to boot from a USB device


Portege A100 seems to be developed only for Australian market.
As you said there is a Portege A100 PPA10A-0002L model number listed on the Toshiba Australian page but the Portege A100 PPA10A-0002LP belongs to the same series which is PPA10A.
So in my opinion the BIOS should work too.

Anyway, I doubt that the BIOS update will add any further booting options.

Usually the BIOS support the booting from CD/DVD drive, HDD, LAN and USB FDD.
It should be possible to boot from a bootable diskette using an USB FDD drive.
I doubt you would be able to boot from USB ODD since this Portege A100 supports an internal CD/DVD drive.

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I'm getting ready to upgrade my desktop computer which is a:

2004 eMachines T2862
Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Intel 845 Chipset
Intel D845GVSR Motherboard
Intel Celeron D 330 Peocessor
ATi Radeon 7500 128MB

My current BIOS is the same one I've had since August 2004 of purchase, since then there has been 10 more BIOS updates (CURRENT: P09, NEWEST UPDATE: P20)

The problem is that I cannot update my BIOS with Intel WinFlash utility because it says internal error or not supported even though I'm getting my BIOS straight from Intel (Intel Desktop Board D845GVSR? BIOS Update [VA84510A.86A]* XP Home Edition&lang=eng)

Each new BIOS update adds more features and stability improvments as well as crucial processor compatability which I want to take advantage of.

As you can see in the link I have provided, the BEGINNING of the BIOS name says "VA", I have found a official Intel graph of what BIOS updates support my motherboard and they all say "VA" in the beginning. My BIOS says "SR", I just noticed that today while checking System Information and solved the mystery of why I can never update my BIOS for new processors. SO! can ANYONE help me with this problem? I need a SR version BIOS preferrably all of them P10, P11, P12, P13, P14, P15, P16, P17, P18, P19, and newest P20 which was released in 2006. has a download link for P19 BIOS but it also includes all BIOS versions in one zipped file, but they are all &... Read more

A:Intel BIOS Update HELP?

Intel? Desktop Board D845GVSR - BIOS P19 compatible with only certain processors

This may help or at least explain.

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Gateway E-3600, MoBo Intel D845PT, XP Home, SP3, I made same mistake as many others, I attempted to update my BIOS with Intel PAP08EB (not knowing that I should have used the Gateway BIOS update)( or better yet, not updated the BIOS at all). Everytime I start my computer the Intel BIOS update program comes up. I have figured out a work around so that I can start and use my computer, but it takes a lot of time and annoys me. I hit F1 to start the program (because nothing else works), then I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL (which kills the program) and tap F8 continuously until the emergency start program comes up. I choose previous working configuration and everything goes okay from there. I am asking for help to get the BIOS update program to close and go away forever.

A:Intel BIOS update program won't go away

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I have updated the BIOS numerous times as recommended by HP and the triangle on my HP Assistant keeps coming on alerting me to update the same BIOS again. The update is 26.11 MB Any suggestions by an HP Engineer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert

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I have problem with Intel Express BIOS Update.
After running update program( downloaded from pages: WB91X10J.86A.1319.EB.EXE) it shuts down system, but do not reboot it, neither update BIOS. It just freeze ( I can just hear some noices from my CD mechanics - like trying to run CD in it...?)

I must manually restart system( I was waiting 5 mins and nothing happened). Then it boots and shows dialog box, which says that update of BIOS was successfull. But it is not true. There is still old BIOS.

If anyone can help, I'll appreciate.


I have motherboard with 915GWVB chipset( Intel West Branch),
version of actual BIOS is WB91X10J.86A.1037.2005.0216.1050 so I can update to WB91X10J.86A.1319 directly( following instructions on

And I'm running WinXP Pro, SP2( if it is relevant)

A:intel express bios update problem

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

I don't know of anyone that trusts any bios
program titled "express, live update, hands free etc."
I would pop the the cmos battery out for a few mins.
(resetting the bios to default), then manually update the bios from a floppy
per these instructions: standard bios.htm

If anyone here can dispute this I'd really like to know.
Bios updating is the only reason I still have a floppy.


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I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to update BIOS so that I can upgrade my processor from a 1.5 MHz to a 2.4 MHz pentium 4 (currently I have a Pentium 4, 1.5 MHZ, 400 MHz bus, 512 MB ram, windows XP).

To update BIOS (the Motherboard is an Intel D845HV with 845 chipset), I downloaded Intel's "express bios update utility" (!) but when my computer boots it always say the upgrade was unsuccessful and it refers me to the readme file. I have not been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong - but I've never tried this before!

One thing it says is to shutdown all windows programs. I have both Norton internet security and Roxio Go Back installed. Could these programs be part of the problem? Can I simply disable these programs, or do I need to completely uninstall them (a real pain!)? Is there another possible cause? Is there another way to do this? Thanks!

A:Unable to update BIOS for Intel D845HV motherboard

Just use the DOS-based update program.

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Hi, I'm new to the HP community. I am having a problem. Well, I can't really say it's a MAJOR problem as there is no threat to the system or anything, it's just one of them annoying little things. Yesterday, I updated my BIOS to F.43 after being prompted by HP support assistant. Update went successful, loaded back up laptop, and the update is STILL showing as not installed on the HP support assistant. I reinstalled it and it is still showing the same thing. Is this just a bug and is it really installed and the support assistant hasnt been updated?? thanks

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I updated my BIOS version before (around a month ago) but I just discovered that the HP Notebook System Bios Update (Intel Processor) was skipped. I actually cancelled this update and when I tried to do it again it didn't allow me anymore. I contacted the HP Chat Support at that time and they said my laptop was fine. I got a blue screen of death once and that was it. That was the only issue I had with my laptop. After that I updated to the latest version of the w10 Anniversary Update a week ago. I do not have any problems with it, my laptop is running smoothly. I haven't encountered any problems. I just reccently purchased this 2 months ago.  Well recently, I got an update in the HP Support Assistant regarding an update for the Intel Serial 10 Driver. I contacted the HP Chat Support and they said my laptop didn't need the driver. That it was a general update and not targeted to any specific PC. Long story short he said I didn't need it, I don't need to update and that my laptop was fine. The Windows 10 Anniversary update... Well updates everything the tech said. I was just wondering:1. Is the HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processor) a CRITICAL update that I really  need to find a link or something to update it?2. Is it harmful that I didn't update it?3. Do I really need to update it?4. Is it the reason that the HP Support Assistant notified me about the Intel Serial 10 Driver? My Driver Version is: I hope I provide... Read more

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Hello, I have to download the  Hp System Bios update on my notebok but even when the download is very fast the installation is taking forever. I had left the pc around  hrs and nothing happened.Could you please tell me how long do I have to wait for the installations or if I can download it from another source? Thanks

A:System bios update (intel processors) never installed

Hi, Are you trying to update the bios through HP Support Assistant?  If that's correct, can you post back with the sp number of the update ( this will be in the form spxxxxx ). Regards, DP-K

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Hi, I'm new to the HP community. I am having a problem. Well, I can't really say it's a MAJOR problem as there is no threat to the system or anything, it's just one of them annoying little things. Yesterday, I updated my BIOS to F.43 after being prompted by HP support assistant. Update went successful, loaded back up laptop, and the update is STILL showing as not installed on the HP support assistant. I reinstalled it and it is still showing the same thing. Is this just a bug and is it really installed and the support assistant hasnt been updated?? thanks   

A:HP BIOS Update for Intel Processor (F43) - HP SUPPORT ASSIST...

That is likely to be a bug in the HP Support Assistant. My product loan Spectre 13 shows a number of updates, available, but already installed on specific dates. You can safely ignore the updates without having any issues. 

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Myy laptop has darddisk issue two yars back and it was lying ideal without use.recently i replaced bad HDD with new PNY SDD and installed windows and all the driver except BIOS upgrade and its was working  fine. after i tried to upgrade from HP site HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors) system just showing black screen.also when tried to create a BIOS USB using other laptop not seeing option to create a USB option. Please help in someone faced similar issue.

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Hi, my very new HP Spectre x360 convertible often need some updates from  HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT.I always accept and install the updates. The last update available :"HP NOTEBOOK SYSTEM BIOS UPDATE (intel processors)- Softpaq number: SP77784 - Version: F.43Ap1Doesn't work.It's saying: "Installation failed". without any others informations.What can i do? thank you.

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So after getting a notification that I needed to install the HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)I checked the box and clicked install. I waited and waited for it to install but it would never complete. I then attempted it a second time and it dI'd the same thing. After that I left it alone and all of a sudden the screen went blank and told me I needed to install an operating system on my computer. I didn't know what else to do, so I turned it off and then back on again to see if it would start up. It did start up and I tried one last time to install the uplate but it still says installing and has been for a very long time. I just barely bought this computer and school starts back up soon so any help is grearly appreciated!

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I had a video issue today and while looking at the Intel MB site, noticed my BIOS was out of date. I downloaded the Express (exe) file and tried to update my BIOS from 0123 to 0133, one year date apart. Problem is, Intel BIOS update program shows successful... but when I view sys info it still reports old version. Yes, rebooted to BIOS and same-o, same-o. It lies to me.

Question: Do I have to break my RAID mirror to do a BIOS update? That's the only thing I can think of that might be the issue.

A:Intel BIOS update shows successful, but sys info reports no change

Is there an actual reason you want to update the BIOS. If your BIOS is working without any problems just leave it alone. You can completely brick your motherboard by messing around with the BIOS. Just because a later version maybe available doesn't mean you should update it.

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im trying to upgrade my bios as i have discovered it's not update since 2012 but evey time i try to update it it returns that error, and the reason i want to update is that i thought mybe that would fix the fact that i dont the secure boot option in my bios nor an uefi option so i thought that updating to 2.18 version  might fix that but even if thats not possible/wont be fixed with the update i still want to update my bios.addtional info:  *my pc is acer aspire v5-271G; running windows 10 (not preloaded into it i just installed last week). **also if it's releavant my pc was also NOT preloaded with windows 8 when i bought it i just thought that might be useful.any help is much appreciated  

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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.

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Hi All,

I have installed an anti-theft software in my Satellite R830, but it suggests that I adjust the settings in the BIOS so that it will only boot up from the hard drive, and to ensure no one else can alter it (if stolen) the BIOS settings are password protected.

Can anyone tell me how to access the BIOS settings on boot up?

A:Satellite R830: How to make BIOS settings password protected?


You can secure the BIOS settings by setting the BIOS password.
If someone would like to change the BIOS settings, the BIOS password would be required.

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I have tried multiple times to get this update to download and keep getting the same error code. How do I fix this or is it really necessary for my Windows 7 Home Premium?

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Hey folks,

New user here. Just updated my laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon, to 1.26/1.19 bioses, from the Lenovo website. After the BIOS updated, my PC rebooted and immediately BSODed with 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000006, 0xFFFFF880009EEB30, 0x00000000FE000000, 0x0000000000801136).

I am unable to do anything- system repair, safe mode, etc. I also do not have a CD drive on this machine so no OEM repair either! I am typing this from my phone.. Also got a new job where I need this baby and majorly worried now. If anyone can please help, I would be greatly appreciative.
Thanks in advance.

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ASRock has issued BIOS updates for several mobos with a simple comment "improves memory compatibility." For me, that turned out to be a solid fix for my Intel-based mobo that had intermittent USB 3.0 detection problems on specific devices. Now, they all are recognized as USB 3.0 100% of the time. Check for BIOS updates here:

ASRock > Motherboard Series

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I can't find any update for the R30 1k7, neither with the automatic detection feature

Where i can find any update?

A:Can't find Satellite R830-1K7 update


What do you mean by update?
Do you want update drivers or what?

Drivers can be downloaded from Toshiba EU page:

The Satellite R830-1K7 belongs to PT32LE series and all drivers are available there...

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Hi all,

can anyone please tell me where to disable Intel SpeedStep in the BIOS of my Port?g? M800? I have already updated it to the latest version 4.80 but i still can't find an option related to Intel SpeedStep.

Best regards,


A:Portege M800 - How to disable Intel SpeedStep?


I dont think that option is available in the BIOS.

I disable Speedstep in the Power Options (Power Saver) within Windows by changing the CPU Frequency from Dynamic to Fixed.

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Ive rocognized a couple issues with my Portege z30 model. Itts bought on Australian market but unfortunately they dont have forums so I decided to ask here.

When you enable Intel trusted executing technology you cant use Intel rapid start anymore - its not pushing the laptop to S4 state - just keeping S3 running.

Next issue - TPM module complaining "self test failure" anc cant be used to decrypt staff when you resume the laptop from sleep/hibernation. This issue is fixed after system reboot and comes back after next resume from sleep/hibernation.

The laptop has recent BIos - 4.00

Any thoughts ?

Thanks !

- I would really appreciate if someone could try to check those on Toshiba portege z30 and update the thread with outcome :
1 go to bios and enable Intel trusted execution technology
2 switch Intel rapid start to "immediately"
3 boot into windows 7
4 would be perfect to have TPM activated and initialised (i use Infineon software)
5 put the laptop to sleep mode
6 wait - Intel rapid start driver must "capture" sleep mode and put the machine in "deep sleep" mode - NO lights must be blinking (here I have my first issue when Intel rapid start not sending laptop to deep sleep and reverts back to normal sleep with orange light blinking)
7 if you use TPM - try to launch Infineon software or internal windows applet - start - run - tpm
8 check if TPM saying (or not saying) "self test failed"
9 post the result here

Than... Read more

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Does anyone know how to get into the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extensionon in this laptop.
I have tried reseting the password for it, but it will not accept the default password.


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Intel Rapid Sorage don't work.
I can enable in the bios (4.00).
Did somebody has the same problem (I tryed evrything : standby, hibernation, toshiba high speed start ...)
I think i would not have flashed the bios to 4.00

Where can I find the oldest version of bios ?


My computer : Portege Z30-A (PT241E)

A:Portege Z30-A - Intel Rapid Storage don't work

Where can I find the oldest version of bios ?

Maybe this thread could be helpful:

I can enable in the bios (4.00)

Sorry but what do you mean exactly? Is this option grayed out or not available or what?

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I receive an update failed error when trying to imstall the following update:HP Notebook System Bios System Update (Intel Processors) Failed to update Is there a way to succesfully update this? Is this a critical update? ThanksAnthony

View Solution.

A:HP Notebook System Bios System Update (Intel Processors) Fai...

Hi @WildFan?, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I can give you the links to the downloads. HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver  Hope the helps.

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I'm sorry for posting such a horrible mistake. I'll just break it down really easely and hope for someone to be kind enough to resque my stupid ***.

I just upgraded my OS from W7 to W10 doing a clean install and figured out I had to install a bunch of essential drivers all over again, so I though it would be a good idea to start out with my motherboard. My motherboard is a "P45 NEO-F", so I went over to it's support page (link) to download all of the latest drivers and utilities for that model. Then I saw the "BIOS" section, and thougt I should flash the BIOS first of all, for no reason. So I downloaded the "AMI BIOS 4.4", which was the latest one, extracted the files on to a USB-stick, booted the whole thing up, went to M-FLASH in BIOS, chose the "A7519IMS.440"-file on the stick, flashed the BIOS, rebooted and now I get a "bad checksum".

I didn't even take a backup of the old file from BIOS, because I couldn't even think of this not working. Bonus points for that!

So what do I do now, being the sorry sod that I am?

A:Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]

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Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!

A:Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Won't Setup On A Toshiba Portege M100

me to


Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!Click to expand...

I have the same problem did you already solved it ??

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Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!

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Hello everyone,

I upgraded the BIOS on my Z30-B-119 laptop, and it is much worst than the original BIOS so I would like to downgrade it.
There was no way to save the original BIOS when updating and the previous BIOS is not available on the website.

Do anyone have the original BIOS and knows how to extract it?

Or maybe someone knows how to contact Toshiba technical team directly? (Seeing what they implemented in new BIOS, I have no hopes they read this forum or care about user opinions.)

If you wonder why I want to downgrade and what is wrong with it, see below for explanation.

I was convinced that the new BIOS would fix the problem with the fan, which switched on way too early, but it turned out they made it much worst! Now the fan switches on at 42?. Before it was 50?, which was already a stupid choice of Toshiba engineers, providing that the temperature rating of this CPU is 105? so they could keep the laptop quiet at least up to 60?, especially that many people complain about the fan in this model. Instead, Toshiba did the opposite and lowered the temperature even more.

Seeing how senseless choices their engineers make, I will never buy another Toshiba and will not recommend anyone buying their products. But since I already made the mistake an bought a Toshiba laptop, I hope I will be able to downgrade the BIOS or contact them to ask for an update.

Let me know if you know how to do it.

A:How to downgrade BIOS on Portege Z30-B?

Toshiba Portege Z30-B-119 PT253E-01100XPL
This European model belongs to PT253E series

The Portege Z3x-B PT253U (the same model) has been released in USA and it supports the same BIOS

The BIOS for the PT253U is compatible with PT253E and can be downloaded here:

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has anyone tested the new bios (4.20-WIN(ECB1.40)) for the Toshiba Portege Z30-A or is there an official change log?
Did toshiba change the fan-behaviour? The fan is not loud/annoying, but it could kick in a little bit later.

A:New Bios for Portege Z30-A Changelog

Has somebody already installed the new bios?

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Hello everybody,
Here is my problem: two days ago my Toshiba Portege Z30-A suddenly switched off and when it reactivated instead of showing the usual Windows homepage it showed a black screen with these lines written:

"Intel (R) Boot Agent GE v1.5.43
Copyright (C) 1997-2013 Intel Corporation

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready...."

And anytime I switch it on it shows this screen again.
Why is it like that? What should I do?

Thank you very much,

A:Portege Z30-A - PXE Media test failure, check cable

Looks like the system does not recognize your ssd anymore. Usually the harddrive/ssd is the first bootdevice and if it is empty or not present, it will skip to usb or networkboot. PXE = networkboot

Try to boot with a live-stick and check, if you can access your SSD. Also ckeck, if the bios/efi does recognize the drive.

Worst case: All your data is lost... (i hope you've got a backup)
the good thing: This issue should be covered by warranty! If you're still in the first year and registered for the reliability guarantee, you get your repaired notebook and all your money back. xD

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Hello friends,

i have Portege R700-1321 Laptop.
about 1 year a go i was update my BIOS version to 2.20 and after that i cant enter the BIOS!!!
try any way but noway :(

when press F2 after rebooting computer nothing append and reset again .
try to F10 ro change boot order but again just restarting :(
i need to change boot order to install new fresh OS and of course change my BIOS setting.

please help me.
if any body had a same problem or know way to fix it :(

A:Cannot enter BIOS on my Portege R700

Can you use F8 or F12 at start-up?
Is maybe ?fast boot? option enabled? Check it out please.
Open Toshiba assist > optimize > Toshiba HWSetup > Boot priority. There you should find option for boot speed. Be sure it is set to ?normal?

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