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Portege M750/10J - Touch Screen Issue

Q: Portege M750/10J - Touch Screen Issue


I have the above Tablet PC and the Touch Screen is working intermittently,

The Stylus used is the magnetic one with the Right click functionality

Anyone Encountered any similar issues?

Kind Regards

A: Portege M750/10J - Touch Screen Issue

Have you installed the latest BIOS?

If the latest BIOS doesn't help, there could be a loose connection, or the system needs an update. An ASP can do this for you.

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I have installed Windows 7 afresh on a Portege M750 and everything seems fine except the buttons on the display to handle tablet functions. The only one I really would like to work is the screen orientation one. I've looked for drivers, but can't find any that will control the tablet buttons. I read that for the M700 you need to download the tablet driver as it contains the drivers for the buttons, but no such driver exists for the M750.

All devices are ok in device manager with none requiring drivers.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions are very welcome.

A:Portege M750 with Windows 7 - Screen Rotation Button not working correctly

Have you installed the Value Added Package from the Toshiba website?

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Is my M750 tablet 64 bit capable?
I'd like to install 8G of ram and be able to use that amount.....
The processor will run 64 bit, the motherboard will support 8G, but will the rest of the system?


A:Portege M750 - is it 64bit capable?


Do you want to know if your Win 7 would recognize the 8GB RAM?
In order to use more than 4GB RAM three components needs to support this;
- chipset
- OS 64bit

As far as I know some of the M750 supports the Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset.
This chipset is 8GB capable so it should be able to use 8GB RAM.
In such case I think that BIOS would also recognize 8GB RAM.

You can install any OS. You can use Win 7 64bit and I don?t see any reasons why this should not work

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Hi all,

can anyone help i got 2 spare batteries for my protege m750-11w and they dont work and i'm wondering do i need to do a BIOS update for them. The batteyr in my protege is PA3191U-5BRS and the two new batteries are both PA3191U-1BAS and it said that this battery would work where the -5BRS was in use.

I have updated my BIOS already from version 1.6 to version 3 and the battery still doesnt work i just get a white cursor flashing in the top left hand corner.

Does anyone know where i can obtain a BIOS update to except this battery?



A:Portege M750-11W - New battery won't work


That means Windows doesn?t start with new battery and you see only the flashing cursor?
That?s strange? Have you connected the AC/DC adaptor?

In my opinion you should fully charge the battery before you start Windows. After this try it again.

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I have a hp intellmouse, often it freezes for a moment and at the moment when it works again, it makes a souind. the sound it makes is the same sound used by the voice recognition software

how can I fix this?

A:Portege M750 - mouse freezes on Win7


Did you test other external mouse?
Did you try different USB ports?

I noticed similar behavior on my other notebook. Sometimes the mouse disconnects and connects for a moment? This happened several times?
I have switches to another USB port and this helped to stop this issue?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Portege M750 Model PPM75A-007010 and I need to change the CMOS (RTC) battery.

Can anyone share with me
- where to find this battery
- is this the normal round battery and if you can tell me the battery number?
- or where can I purchase this battery and price range?


A:Portege M750 - CMOS (RTC) Battery replacement


Normally the RTC batteries in these models are rechargeable.
If not yet done, please let the unit run overnight (not off, not hibernated, not standby - but ON) and see if the issue is resolved.

I think the charge-description/characeristics of the RTC battery is mentioned in your users manual.

BR Tom

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I'm having difficulties installing the tablet buttons in WINDOWS 8.1 Pro. Everything else works, perfectly.

In Windows 8 Pro this buttons worked nicely, but now, after a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro two of the buttons don't work. The buttons are the Toshiba assist button and the presebtation button. I've tried to configure them in Toshiba assist software but nothing happens.

I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8. As anyone tryed this and add success?

A:Portege M750 and Win8.1 Pro -tablet buttons don't work

> I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8

Windows 8.1 is not Windows 8 and many of Toshiba Win 8 drivers and tools don?t work or are not fully compatible with Win 8.1

As far as I know the Toshiba does not support Win 8.1 on this Portege M750.
This means that no Win 8.1 drivers will be released and in such case some notebook features like the control buttons could not work properly.

Fact is that using Windows Vista or Win 7, such buttons were controlled by Value Added Package. This package does not exist for Win 8.1 and has been replaced by other software called Toshiba System Driver

So in case you want to try to get the buttons to work, I recommend checking this with Toshiba System Driver

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I just bought I used Portege M750 because my M700 was broken. Unfortunately, the select bays between both models are not compatible. Although the availability of a 2nd hdd caddy is mentioned in the users manual, I couldn't find the part no of the HDD caddy for the M750. I tried a standard SATA-SATA HDD caddy, but I get an "select bay error" message on startup, although the caddy works in windows as long as you don't hibernate.

Does anyone know the part no of the genuine 2nd hdd caddy for Portege M750 / M780? Or is there another 2nd hdd caddy which does work with the M750 without any restrictions?

A:Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive


I assume you will need an Hard drive caddy part number: P000452980
Then you could place this into the Toshiba's Ultra Slim HDD Adaptor PA3408U-1ETC and PA3408U-2ETC

But you can also contact the Toshiba ASP in your country to get an confirmation...

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I have an orange flash error code on my power light (1 long flash 3 short 1 long 2 short 1 long 1 short).....

I have to take the power connector out battery out and start by battery to get it to work......

I'm using Toshiba's windows 7 image with all updates from Microsoft (now I NEEDED a lot of the for verying reasons so don't grill me yet... eg DON"T LOAD MICROSOFT UPDATES blah blah blah)

What does this code mean and is there a Beta Bios above version 3 for these things......

Any helpful comments would be greatly appriciated......

A:Portege M750 doesn't start - power LED flashes


Short means 0, long means 1.
In your case the binary code is 1000 1001
Now you have to reverse the binary code due to most significant bit.
This means the code is; 1001 0001
The HEX code means; 91h

So error code is 91h but I don?t know what 91h means and what part could be affected exactly!

Possibly it?s something wrong with power supply electronic on the motherboard? but only the ASP technician could provide more details?
However, in most cases the motherboard is affected and should be replaced.


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just wanted to leave a message with the solutions I found for different applications for Portege M750.
These are the applications I use the most,
so if you need other drivers/applications just leave a reply and I'll try to find it.

_Got working:_
Bluetooth and 3G driver and therefore the GPS ( [Toshiba Europe|] )
Screen Buttons, except the Toshiba Assist and Presentation button.
Both opens this: [Buttons| f=1] ,

Which I find more useful then the old functions.
Installed Value Added Package, I think from here: [Go to download section| d=2266999&os=&ct=SB&selFamily=1073768662] . The one from europe site didn't worked.

FingerPrint utility.
Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts and you have an option in the left side of the window for fingerprints. Installed the drivers and programs, works like a charm. Or search on google for TrueSuite

For the ctrl+al+arrow to flip the screen, I used iRotate (google it).

Still no solution for the HDD protection utility, yet.

A:Portege M750 PPM75E Windows 8 drivers - SOLUTION

Many Win7 drivers would work with Win 8 system.
But there are still some drivers and utilities which are not fully compatible.
I?ve got a tip for you:
As far as I know the HDD protection Utility is not a model related software.
You could try to install the Win 8 HDD protection Utility released for Prot?g? Z930

Would be really interesting to know if it works.

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Since I remmember I use my laptop with enable sleep and hibernate features.
A couple of days ago it started not to restart after sleep or hibernate.

You have to take ou the battery and AC power and then it starts but without assuming the sleep/hibernate.

Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flashes.

This happens with different operating systems cause I tried to reinstall and the problem persists.

A:Portege M750 doesn't restart after sleep or hibernate

> Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flash

I know that if there is a memory malfunction the *Power indicator* will repeatedly flash on and off (0.5sec) If there is an error in slot A the indicator would flash orange twice then green.
If there is an error in slot B, the LED will flash orange once and green twice.
If error is in both slots, the LED flashes orange and green twice.

By the way: is your BIOS up to date?

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Hi, had an upgraded SSD for my machine so decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and now I have and error saying PCI controller software is not installed, tried windows update no luck - any ideas please?

Thanks, Peter

A:Portege M750 - PCI controller software not installed on Windows 7 64bit

Hi pbaker_1,

Hmm... PCI controller could mean everything... I think you have forget to install the driver for this device?

What is the device and vendor ID of it?

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Just made a fresh intall of Windows 7 (32 bit). This was done from scracth with Toshiba CD. The drivers I downloaded from Toshiba website. Everything is ok, except the volume wheel it doesn't control the sound.

Does anyone know wich driver I'm missing? Every other butons and functions are active except volume wheel.

A:Portege M750 - Volume Wheel doesn't control the sound


Did you install the VAP (value added package) for Win 7?
On Toshiba EU driver page VAP v 1.2.40 can be found

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I cannot get TOSHIBA Wireless Manager (3G) to work in a new installation of Win 7 64 bit.

I made a successful trial installation of Windows 7 64-bit on and old SATA hard disk drive and checked that TOSHIBA Wireless Manager would work. It did.

I then made a new installation of Windows 7 64-bit on a new Crucial C300 Real SSD 256GB.

The new installation with the Crucial SSD is not very successful.... The "shutdown and restart" operation does not work -- the shutdown does not always power off completely and you have to hold the power switch down to power off.

Sometimes the SSD will not boot -- you enter the BIOS password but then nothing happens. Sometimes you have to power down and take the battery out before the drive will boot.

But the biggest problem is that the Wireless Manager (3G) will not work. The application opens and states that "Radio is turned off" -- which it can't be as I'm using the WiFi to post this question.

I have tried installing the Vodafone 3G software. This detects the presence of the "mobile device" (SIM card in the slot) but then cannot enable it.

I have downloaded and installed all the latest chip drivers, the 3G driver, 3G software, LAN driver, LAN software and all Windows 7 updates.

I have the latest BIOS (3.0) but this has not been updated by Toshiba since 04/11/09.

I note that the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool does not recognize the 8G memory installed (but ccleaner does):

Model Name ... Read more

A:Portege M750 Win7 64bit Wireless Manager (3G) will not work

points to a firmware issue on the SSD drive (is it sandforce) coupled to BIOS incompatability of the SSD.

i presume all the drivers etc installed were identical on the HDD trial install? so if thats the case it has to be the SSD not communicating with the BIOS correctly, hence the other issues as well

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I have installed win7 64 bit ("fresh install" on my M750-129) and i have also downloaded and installed all the newest drivers from toshiba website.
the device manager shows no problem / drivers needed, and trhings like HDD protection work well.

However, i have four groups of problems i would love and appreciate to find answer:

1) when i change the screen position to tablet, it does not change the orientation nor the resolution.
There is no utility to set the desired orientations of screen as it was in vista (horribly unstable and slow OS, though).
This, naturally, is diminishing the usefullness of the tablet finction

2) the buttons do not work properly; the screen rotation button starts excel (!!) , the centre of mobility button starts word (!!), and the toshiba assistance button does not work at all

3) fingerprints: the fingerprint utility lets me to screen my fingerprint, asks if it should save it, and than says "saving impossible; another duplicate pattern exists" which i completely do not understand what it means...

4) some applications are not available at all after fresh install: face recognition, DVD player, bussines card screener - but i can love without those; 1-3 worries me much much more and i would appreciate any functional help. thanx on advance for any try!

A:Portege M750 tablet, buttons and fingerprint functions not working in win7


I think you would need an extension package in order to use the tablet functions on the Portege series.
I didn?t find the Tablet PC Extension Package for Win 7 but there is an package for Win Vista.

Usually many tools and drivers which were released for Vista would work with Win 7.
So in my opinion you should try to install additionally this Tablet PC Extension Package.
I think this should solve the issue with the buttons too!

Regarding the fingerprint;
I think the message means that an fingerprint was already registered and therefore an second save is not possible.
Check if you can delete other fingerprints?

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I've got a z20t-B-107. Lovely machine, upgraded to win 10, all working fine - I had to download a new Wacom driver to get the 'left-click' to work with the pen.

I'm using it in tablet mode to digitise some data points on a map, and to sketch with the pen. However, when I rest my hand on the screen it 'activates' the touch screen and makes things go crazy. I really need to be able to temporarily switch off the touch digitiser and have only the Wacom digitiser running, and if I can toggle it on/off somehow that would be useful. Otherwise i need to use the pen in a very unnatural position to avoid touching the screen with my hand.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note which uses the Wacom type digitiser - it doesn't seem to suffer from this, as soon as it detects the pen near the screen it appear to switch off the touch part.

I would be grateful for any help - I've tried search engines but they only seem to give results about touch pads, and that's completely different...

Many thanks in advance

A:Portege Z20t - can I turn touch screen OFF?


I use a Z20t too (but with Win8.1) and have the same problem. I have decided to switch off the touch complete. It is not a good solution, but a good working with OneNote is only with switching off the touch functionality possible.
Maybe this is a possible solution for you.
In Win8.1 I switched off the driver in the device manager.

I found the following steps here:

1. Right-click and select "All Apps" at the lower right corner, then select Control Panel
2. Select Hardware and Sound
3. Select Device Manager
4. Select Human Interface Devices
5. From the list, look for the driver for the touch screen. This can be tricky since on my tablet they are all listed as "USB Input Device" and there are 3 of them. I found it by disabling and re-enabling one at a time until the touch screen stopped responding. You can also identify the touch screen by checking the Properties | Details and get the "Hardware Ids" then do a search online to see what the device is. In my case, the touch screen has the ID USB/VID_0EEF&PID_7302.
6. Once you know which is the touch screen, disable the driver and the touch screen should no longer work
Enable this device to make the touch screen work again.

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I have a Toshiba Portege 7020ct with a touch screen installed by motion touch and i need a driver it shows up as a usb device but motion touch no longer have the driver and claim toshiba do, I was wondering if anyone has it or can point me on where to find it thanks...

A:Portege 7020CT - Touch Screen driver needed

>... motion touch no longer have the driver and claim toshiba do
I presume they don?t know what they are talking about.

As far as I know this Toshiba notebook is almost 15 years old and this old notebook was not delivered with touch screen. Now it is modified and has nothing to do with original state.
Toshiba doesn?t support such modification and such driver doesn?t exist.

To check this you can contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help.

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I have toshiba portege Z930 and my function keys worked until I have installed YAC (Yet another cleaner) to get rid of some malware, that worked, but the problem is that even after uninstalation, function keys got broken:

FN + y/z which should highlith the keyboard is not working (I've installed something called "Function Key" so that works for now, as well with FN 1,FN 3,FN 4, and 3+4 for volume)

but others doesn't simply work:
FN + ESC (mute)
FN + F2 (eco mode)
FN + F5 (monitor switch)
FN + F8 (wifi/bluetooth switch
FN + F9-12

Could anybody point me to right drivers for that? Thanks a lot

A:Portege Z930 - FN keys Issue - not showing menu on a screen

What Windows system is installed?
In case of Windows 7 you must install Toshiba Value Added Package
In case of Win 8.1 you need to install the Toshiba System settings.

But note: some FN key functionality depends on the 3rd software. For example you will not be able to use the FN+F2 eco mode if ECO Utility isn?t installed.

But why you don?t set the OS back to early time point before you used the cleaner tool?

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My Ideapad Flex 15 had a Windows 10 update a couple of weeks ago. A week to 10 days later, I discovered that my touch screen was no longer working. I've checked the Device Manager control panels and drivers and everything is up to date. I did the uninstall of the HID-Compliant Touch Screen Device & Reboot that is noted elsewhere on the Lenovo Search Results and that simply re-installed the device which still didn't work. At one point I was able to access an update log, which said that the Windows update was done, but below this showed that the update had deleted 2 Lenovo Systems Driver Packages.  Should Windows remove stuff that the MFR included to run the computer?? Has anyone else had a similar issue or have a solution??Any ideas would be appreciated.ThanksJim

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I use  Lenovo S510p Ideapad that I've had for around four months.
I recently today, I installed some Windows updates. (I didn't upgrade to Windows 8.1 though.)
When I rebooted my touch screen had stopped working and I can not find out how to get it to work again. My drivers are all up-to-date and I have not done anything to damage the touch screen function.
What can I do about this?

A:Touch screen Issue

i suggest you you have to service centre or you again install window

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My Ideapad Flex 15 had a Windows 10 update a couple of weeks ago. A week to 10 days later, I discovered that my touch screen was no longer working. I've checked the Device Manager control panels and drivers and everything is up to date. I did the uninstall of the HID-Compliant Touch Screen Device & Reboot that is noted elsewhere on the Lenovo Search Results and that simply re-installed the device which still didn't work. At one point I was able to access an update log, which said that the Windows update was done, but below this showed that the update had deleted 2 Lenovo Systems Driver Packages.  Should Windows remove stuff that the MFR included to run the computer??  (Of course once this info window closed, I haven't been able to get it back again either.) Has anyone else had a similar issue or have a solution??Any ideas would be appreciated.ThanksJim

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My touch-screen does not working after Windows 10 upgrade on my HP Revolve G1 810. I On windows login screen the touch works, but after loign in windows it doesn't.Is this a know issue and is there a fix? I did lot of reasearch on internet, upgraded BIOS, all drivers, sensor firmware, etc. but could find a solution. Pls help

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My Ideapad Flex 15 had a Windows 10 update a couple of weeks ago. A week to 10 days later, I discovered that my touch screen was no longer working.
I've checked the Device Manager control panels and drivers and everything is up to date. 
I did the uninstall of the HID-Compliant Touch Screen Device & Reboot that is noted elsewhere on the Lenovo Search Results and that simply re-installed the device which still didn't work.
At one point I was able to access an update log, which said that the Windows update was done, but below this showed that the update had deleted 2 Lenovo Systems Driver Packages.  Should Windows remove stuff that the MFR included to run the computer??  (Of course once this info window closed, I haven't been able to get it back again either.)
Has anyone else had a similar issue or have a solution??
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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After a windows auto update my touchscreen no longer responds. I think it is a driver issue. My windows is INSISTING that the best driver is this generic driver from 2006. The display also shows up in the wrong place in the device manager. It's not in the HID list. I'm also having issues with the wireless since an update. It, for lack of a better term, stutters. Other devices will connect just fine and stay connected. But this laptop will drop the connection or simply not 'see' the network. Any help is appreciated.

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Hello, I never really post in forums when I can help it, but bear with me while I attempt to paraphrase; I've only had this laptop for a few weeks short of a year now and had little to no problems with it aside from how hot it gets over running anything from anti-virus scans to games, but that's not exactly the problem that has prompted this post. I only just noticed this today, but the top of the screen itself, right above the webcam, it seems to be bending out and forward. For example, were I to press in the top of the screen, it would bend back and be completely flat, but otherwise it looks like it's trying to come out of whatever was originally securing it in place.   I don't know how this happened, I never really even move my laptop due to the fact that I use it for work purposes, but maybe it's from the heat produced from the lower half of the device? Mind, I am not at all knowledgable with anything like this, this is literally my second laptop that I've ever purchased for myself, but that only really heightens my anxiety abit, and I can't afford to replace it.  What should I do? If I should take it in to be looked at by a professional, where should I go? Do you think I sohuld worry at all? The nearest city that I am in is central York in the UK. Thankyou in advance to anyone who has any advice! -PS

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Hi all, I bought an 14" Yoga 710 and have problems with touchscreen from the first start up. After powering on, touchscreen works well for a while but after stopping to touch for just 5-6 seconds it is coming unresponsive. When it comes unresponsive i press in an area constantly right click function works and also touchscreen works well again for a while. It seems that after staying inactive for a couple of seconds it comes to an unresponsive state. I did lots of things (calling lenovo support, recovering Windows 10, HID driver deleting, updating, disabling, turning power management off HID items, turning to default bios setting) but nothing changed. Does anyone have any ideas? Lenovo could you please provide a solution for this? Best regards

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My friend is using Samsung Galaxy Nexus right now. He says sometimes the touch screen misses his touch. I don't think it is possible but he says it happens only a few times in a day. Let me know if there is any possiblity of such problem with this cool gadget? If yes, how to solve it.

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Hi Guys,
Have an Inspiron 15-5548 touch screen laptop.
When it boots into Windows 10 ( and same with Win 8 previously ) I get a load Finger Circles randomly appearing on the screen. Thats the best I can describe. Same as if you push an LCD screen with finger and see a "circle" around your finger point.
These randomly hop all around the screen, going on and off. Once into desktop it doesnt seem to happen.
Randomly also while at the Win 10 login screen where you type the password you see them and they can make it impossible to type the password because they move you out of password box as if you moved away with the touchpad or mouse. You have to keep clicking the password box and if quick enough, will get to type the password & finally login.
Today once I was logged in I couldnt get the mouse pointer out of the start menu. I rebooted and it now seems to have settled down.
This doesnt happen all the time BUT the "finger circles" flitting about the screen pre password screen always happens.
Im just wondering what this could be? Is it a software thing? Can I disable the touchscreeen to see if it resolves? If so is that done through BIOS? 
So I am not sure is it a touch screen issue or a touchpad issue or something else.
Appreciate any feedback .. 

A:Inspiron 15-5548 - maybe Touch Screen issue, not sure ..

Very hard to describe whats happening as I said BUT I might have a better description.
Its like pre desktop the screen is "pressing itself" at different points & you see the press spots ..

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I've got this problem with my Lenovo Yoga 500 14 ACL: When I start it (Windows 10), the touch screen doesn't work and I have to restart the device to get the touch screen working.I've uninstalled the touch screen drivers, but after a restart the problem stays the same (no new drivers found or installed?).Where can I find the right and latest drivers suiting to this touch screen (Lenovo or Microsoft)?Has anybody an other suggestion what I can try to get the touch screen working from the first Windows-start? 

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Hi I have bought Lenovo Yoga 500 14 i3 six months ago. Several months ago on the left side of the screen appeared ghost touches. This ghosts touches were exactly on one line of the screen, it is about 6 centimetres from right edge. I went to warranty center and they changed the screen. Two months has passed. And exactly in the same screen line touch screen stoped to work. If to put laptop in 360degree mode - everything works ok.Here is the video: I am begining to want my money back.

A:Lenovo Yoga 500 14 Touch screen issue

Hi there, Alex -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Regarding the ghost punches/ghost touch, there were some isolated issues for that issue on some Yoga 700, in addition to that, there is also a fix for it. Please see this thread.
Can you try the following? 

Under theDevice Manager> Human Interface Devices, can you do a right click and disable on anything that says HID-compliant device (this is the driver that controls the touchscreen). 
When finished, reboot the system and observe if you still get the same issue.

Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Hello everybody,
I just updated my phone to the latest Windows 10 (the second update in about two weeks) but this time after the process was complete I realised that the touch screen was not working properly.
It looks like it is shifted below by quite a bit. The problem is I can't access the phone because of the lock screen pin.
Any solution to to how go back to previous version or some how reset the phone?
Many thanks,

A:How to solve touch screen issue with BLU WIN JR LTE X130E

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hello everybody,
I just updated my phone to the latest Windows 10 (the second update in about two weeks) but this time after the process was complete I realised that the touch screen was not working properly.
It looks like it is shifted below by quite a bit. The problem is I can't access the phone because of the lock screen pin.
Any solution to to how go back to previous version or some how reset the phone?
Many thanks,
Lorenzo Soft reset (hold vol down + power 15 secs) . Finger crossed. Then your touch should work

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Hi guys,  So I have had a yoga 13 for about a year now (love it), however I have come across a minor issue that started occuring about 3-5 months ago. When I open up my yoga from sleep mode,  hibernation, turn it on, or restart my everything works for a couple of seconds and then randomly bubbles with about a half inch diameter start popping up, usually in a horizontal fashion across my screen from about an inch down from the top of the display. These are the bubbles I am referering to are the visual effect when a finger touches the screen and expand into boxes when the touch is held for roughly a second or longer. However these rogue bubbles seem to spawn without cause or warning, and resultingly keep me from controlling my cursor with my track pad, touch screen, or an external mouse once they appear. It is also worth noting that when I made my yoga 13 purchase I also 2 more for family members, neither of their yogas share this complication. Though this case might seem drastic, however in reality it is small and somewhat trivial as I have found a trick that by rubbing my finger around on the touch screen eradically the bubbles dissapear and release my cursor from the binds of their possession. The problem is solved until the lid closes, sleep, hibernate, shut down, or restart, at which I am required to rinse and repeat this pesky process. With that in mind, I am seeking help, suggestions, solutions, and possibly an exorcist for my problem. I have a i... Read more

A:Yoga 13 touch screen "bubble" issue

Sounds like a hardware issue to me. It's getting fake touch signals probably.

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This is the second time I've bought a new laptop in 2 weeks, because my old Dell's hard drive crashed.  The first replacement HP wouldn't connect to Wifi and Geek Squad couldn't help from the store, so just traded out for this new one, and that problem is solved.  I'm not sure if my Win 10 is 32 bit or 64 bit, BTW, and don't know if it matters for this issue.  I was on my laptop last night and the keyboard kept acting wonky--slow response and I'd have to hit a key a few times to get the letter/number to type at times.  Also, even though I hit the numlock key, it wouldn't stay locked.  Please tell me this is a quick driver reset.  I really don't want to go back to Best Buy again. 

A:HP - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop keyboard issue

Hi ,Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I understand you are having an issue with the keyboard not responding. I will be glad to help you. Please download and install Synaptics TouchPad Driver.  I know this is for the touch pad, but sometime the touchpad can slow down the keyboard. As both are input devices. Here is a document for Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows 10, 8). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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hi all,

im not an avid touch screen user ... i use it scarcely when needed or when the mouse battery dies in the middle of my work and i have to continue with the screen.

when i first bought my PC it was win8 and all worked fine... until yesterday and after about 2-3 months since i upgraded to win10, i realized the touch screen isn't working!!!!

i looked up the forum for any leads on this issues and i saw a lot are complaining about function keys being un-usable after the win10 upgrade. however i dont have that problem. only the screen got the touch element rendered un-usable.
probably, during win10 upgrade the system decided to disable this feature so no accidental touch on the screen could interrupt the upgrade process...

if anyone is aware of this problem and how to fix it ... i would truly be thankful.


A:Toshiba PX30t upgrade to Win 10 - HID touch screen issue

Originally Posted by Dhowayan

hi all,

im not an avid touch screen user ... i use it scarcely when needed or when the mouse battery dies in the middle of my work and i have to continue with the screen.

when i first bought my PC it was win8 and all worked fine... until yesterday and after about 2-3 months since i upgraded to win10, i realized the touch screen isn't working!!!!

i looked up the forum for any leads on this issues and i saw a lot are complaining about function keys being un-usable after the win10 upgrade. however i dont have that problem. only the screen got the touch element rendered un-usable.
probably, during win10 upgrade the system decided to disable this feature so no accidental touch on the screen could interrupt the upgrade process...

if anyone is aware of this problem and how to fix it ... i would truly be thankful.


so here's the deal, i went to twitter and got in touch with Toshiba USA,..
to make a long story short, he wasnt able to help me "but at least he tried"

i need the win10 64bit touch screen drivers

here is my conversation on twitter:

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I have a Portege M780 and Windows 7 x64.

My laptop recognizes the pen and one point touch devices.

I can use the pen fine, no problem with this. But finger touch screen doesn?t work. I go to control panel and finger touch is activated.

I download Wacom dual touch drivers for W7x64 from Toshiba?s support web, but I can?t install it because when I try it says ? not supported platform ?.

Someone could help please?

A:Portege M780 finger touch not working

I download Wacom dual touch drivers for W7x64 from Toshiba?s support web

Where did you find this 64bit driver?
The Toshiba European driver page does not provide Dual touch driver for Win 7 64bit but only for Win 7 32bit

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Brand new R930 (PT330A) and a minor but annoying thing ... the little button above the touch pad and below the space bar for Touch Pad On/Off does not work. I cannot find any configuration options for this anywhere. Fn-F9 works fine.

No big deal but I like things to work! And this button would be handy for a quick switch.


A:Portege R930 - Touch Pad On/Off Button is not working

Can you use Toshiba buttons? I think you should have eco button and presentation button on this machine.

Check please if you can enable/disable these buttons in HWsetup tool.
I don?t have Win8 machine but I think all these buttons can be enabled/disabled.

Please check this and send some feedback.

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Left clicking or tapping do not work.
Tried to reinstall driver or restart in safe mode but it only works for 2-3 minutes and stops again.

A:Portege R30 - touch pad left clicking or tapping do not work

And what is with right click?
It is really strange that touchpad stops working just partly.

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Hi, a have what seems to be quite a rare computer, that is, I can't find out much about it at all. I don't know how to open the BIOS; I've what seems to be every key.

Anyway, the touch mouse on the computer isn't working. I can't find it at all in device manager and can't see if it's switched off at the BIOS.

So any suggestions? I know it's not that much of a big deal as I'm using a standard USB mouse now but it'd just be handy to have.


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I am new owner of the brand-new Portege Z30t-b-104 with the touch screen.

After unboxing and first start I was surprised that the screen is not sharp and looks strange.
I found that on the screen is affixed some kind of plastic screen protector (shield) which looks to be difficulty to remove.

The authorized service is note able confirm me if this screen protector is necessary part of IPS touch display construction or can be removed.

Do you have someone experience with this model or IPS full HD touch screen?

Can I this plasticscreen protector to remove?
Many thanks for your help.

Sorry for my English J

A:Portege Z30t-b-104: how to remove protection shield from touch display

It is strange that nobody has problem with a protective film on the touch screen Z30-b-104...yellow hue of the screen, strong "screen door effect", fuzzy text...All of the owners Toshiba with touch screen are satisfied ? Btw. the same problem is published on Lenovo forum - X1 Carbon touch...Please help me !

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Can we replace the capacitive touch controller or is it fixed?

A:Can one capacitive touch screen be replaced by a resistive touch screen?

Can you please provide more details?
What device do you mean?

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My Ideapad S415 touch screen has suddenly stopped working.  I've had a tech connect to my PC and try a BIOS reload of default settings, plus unistalling all "HID" devices in Device Manager with no resolution.  I've also tried a system restore with no luck. The system properties does see the touch capability. Suggestions? Thanks.

Go to Solution.

A:Ideapad S415 Touch - touch screen stopped working

hi Hersh,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
First do a Power Drain 
     (If the battery is removable)
            Remove AC and Battery and hold the power button down for 15 sec.
               Turn the computer back on and see if the Touch capability is now detected under System Properties,
                  If not
         I suggest you contact Lenovo Technical Team about the Issue as this may be a device detection issue.
       Lenovo Technical Team
Solid Cruver

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I bought new, but somehow do not want to workVideo is compared, apparently just enough to buy a new cable bought it here
This is a new LCD
This is a broken LCD
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

A:Lenovo S210 Touch broken LCD and Touch screen

Hi Magnutus, welcome to the forums.
Please check if you Lenovo S210 is on warranty under with this tool.
After that you can open a ticket with Lenovo for the screen to be fixed, if it is not under warranty it will have a cost.
If you are the guys that like to fix it yourself (and it is not under warranty) I can recommend you to check the support site for your model, read the Hardware Maintenance Manual (on the documents area) and check how the machine is organized on the inside. On the parts lookup page you can find the parts number so you can find a replacements for the component that is giving you issues.
I hope this links helps you.

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Hello, My Thinkpad Yoga is connected to a large display through ThenkPad docking station.  Its lid is closed.   During my work, from time to time I see random touch clicks on my screen, and random opening of menus.  It is clear that the touch screen is active although the lid is closed.  When I open the lid, and still connected just to the 2nd display (large screen) display the phenomena stops.  Worth noting is that although only the 2nd display shows an image, the laptop touch screen is still sensetive to touch.  This is I guess why the random touches show up on the screen -- it feels the keyboard not fingers. I expect the touch screen to be disabled while the lid is closed or when projecting only to the 2nd screen.  The solution of opening the lid while connected to the docking station is not acceptable.  Lenovo's local support suggestion to disable touch for the Yoga is also not acceptable -- people purchase Yoga to get Touch.   A solution please! Yaron

A:Yoga touch screen generates random touch while lid...

I am experiencing the very same thing.A driver/BIOS update would be very much appreciated, dear Lenovo.

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Hello everyone, my touch screen on my lenovo ideapad z400 touch is not working anymore.  The only weird thing I remember is some ghost touchpoint on my screen. I've been looking for the answer to this issue, but it seems that Lenovo does not address this problem.  If someone has found the solution to this problem and wants to share it with me, I will be forever grateful.  

A:IdeaPad z400 Touch - Touch screen not working

I facing the same situation right now. any solution please. left side of monitor is being "touched"?

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Hey everybody, I just received my P40 last week as a replacement for another Lenovo device. So far, everything seems to work fine with one exception: When I turn the screen over to the "tablet position", the touch screen and the touch pen show erroneous behaviour.a) As soon as I make the first input with the touch pen, I cannot make any further input with my finger, so the touch input is simply turned off. The Windows setting to ignore touch input when the stylus is used is not active.b) When I try to tap buttons at certain areas of the screen, especially at the upper edge, the cursor of the stylus starts jumping around and shows up at the lower edge of the screen. That means that when I for example tap on the "X" symbol in the upper right corner to close a window, I actually click on some of the symbols in the system tray in the lower right corner. This problem stops occuring as soon as the angle between the two case parts (screen and keyboard) reaches/exceeds approx. 40. It does not matter if Windows is in "Tablet" or "Desktop" Mode. I already tried to manually install another Wacom driver mentioned at and I had no luck trying driver versions, and I would really appreciate your help since this issue makes working in the tablet position... Read more

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Hello,I am desperate for help. My laptop will turn on. And I can type in my password. But then when the computer loads it takes a very long time and when it gets to the desktop the keyboard, the mouse, the touchpad, and the touch screen won't work. I can see everything on my desktop. But I cannot open anything or do anything at all. How can I fix this?Thank you!!!

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The touchscreen stopped working suddenly on my Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook 4-1115dx. At first i though it was like a normal failure and that will get fixed by turning the pc off or restarting so I did not pay attention to it until now that I had restart my pc multiple times. Currently running win10. I started to believe it was because of an update a few days ago since it was when the problem started but all drivers and everything is up to date. I have checked for the HID-compliant Touch Screen driver and had to  show hidden divices in order to find it. I cannot enable it and when i check in the properties the following message displays: "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer." I have no idea on how to connect or how it got disconnected. I come from a similar thread but did not solve my problem. I have been researching this for hours and have not found and answer. Help please! 

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I want to buy this mouse to better work with my laptop.
Can somebody give me some feedback on how this glas pane works instead of a scrollwheel? Handling, etc.

A:Logitech Touch Mouse 400 for a Laptop with no touch screen

Sorry I can't answer your question, but this post piqued my interest. I use the Logitech 620 touch mouse on a Windows 7 box at work. I find a little touchy and has to tweaked. But I haven't tried the 620 on Windows 8. Because I'm always looking for the perfect mouse, I think I might just pick up the 400 tonight and let you know.

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Yesterday I was on my laptop and before I shut it down it went into what looked like a different mode. I booted it up this morning and it is still in this mode. It looks like touch screen mode but I do not have a touch screen.  The icons on the task bar are spaced out and there is a back button on the task bar too which is not normally there. When i right click against the task bar, one of the buttons says "Show touch keyboard button".  All of my files are spead out as if to have room for touching if I had a touch screen but I do not. I am finding this very annoying because I cannot get onto my desktop properly and is not in the right mode. Please help! 

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I have a kiosk on which I've just installed 8.1 pro. It has an oem touch screen manufactured by General touch (p/n st6001u). I've installed the driver and it seems to work but Windows still says "no pen or touch available". My customers using the
kiosk will need to type on screen in addition to just clicking. Is there any way to for the OS into touch mode? I believe under 7 there was an option in Windows features but I can't seem to find anything on 8. Google has been no help.
Any ideas?

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My client told me this was a touch screen, so that is what I ordered.  HP 749970-001 touch screen display assembly.It is installed, but not recognized.  In order to use it as a touch screen, would I have to replace the motherboard too?Is there a driver available?  The display works, it is just not working as a touch screen.


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Hi, Just a quick question, we have one hp touch laptop model # 13-a200nx Pavilion series, and it touch has broken. I wanted to know can we replace its touch with non touch screen ? is there any availability?  Thanks

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The touch-screen monitors are probably more expensive than your regular LCD Monitor...

A:Will anyone buy a touch-screen monitor just to use the touch feature? a little more expensive. I think I would get one?

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Hi, I've recently formatted my Laptop HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch) and installed Win7  Ultimate (64 bit).  I have downloaded all drivers available on HP website and installed on my laptop.  There is only one unknown device left (acpi\msft010), and I'm unable to to find the correct driver.  My problem is I'm unable to use the touch screen of the laptop, I've googling and found that is there must be a problem with with the Human Interface Device, but when I've checked the Device Manager no Human Interface Device is on the list.  Please could anyone help me out.  Thanks in advance

A:Touch Screen of HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch)

Hello @JeffJadoo, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the Touch Screen, and wanted to assist you! Did the notebook originally ship with Windows 10?  How did you go about formatting the notebook, and installing Windows 7?  You may be able to use the Recovery Manager to restore the drivers, however, based on how you installed Windows, the Recovery Partition may already be removed.  You can also try reviewing the following document, to see if the information helps: HP Notebook PCs - Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8) Please post back with the results.  It is possible that the Touch Screen may not be supported for Windows 7 on that particular notebook. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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window 8.1 check pc info Pen and touch : No pen or touch input is available for this display No pen and touch in control panel I'm ready install drivers completed  how do I?

A:My desktop B50-30 Multi touch touch screen not wo...

Hi keerati,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Check the Touch funtionality in OKR environment.
    Turn off the computer and Turn it back on and right away start tapping F2.
    Select Recovery. Once in the Recovery screen Test the touchscreen by touching any of the option if it will respond.

If the touchscreen works in OKR Environment, I suggest you perform a One key recovery (expect dataloss).
If the touchscreen still did not work in OKR Environment, I suggest you call Lenovo Technical Team for assistance.
Solid Cruver

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Touch screen on our HP Pavilion 23ST Touch All in One PC P2N42AVstopped working after about 6 months. I reimaged and restored it back to original system. To make sure nothing waschanged by any updates that may have been done.I cannot see any options in device manager for the touch screen.Everything else is working just fine but no touch screen functionality. doing F2 and trying component test. Touch screen isn't there.It is like it disappeared.   This id used in a business and it was working 18:00and the next morning nothing.

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I'm on the Driver Download page for the S400 Touch, but I have no idea which driver is for my touch screen.  There are display drivers and mouse/touchpad drivers, but neither of them say anything (at least I don't see it) about the HID touch screen.  Running Windows 7 64bit.  Any ideas?

A:S400 Touch - Driver for Touch Screen

Hi DJwhiteSquall,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are looking for the display drivers for your Lenovo S400 touch laptop.
As per the specification of this laptop  has AMD Radeon 7450M Graphics card, however please share the serial number of the laptop through private message as this help us to assist you in better way.
Click here to send the private message.   
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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Hi All, some one pls help me.
1.  On my touch screen - left top corner the volume screen shown 0. This is reduced automatically.
2. The touch pad is not working - I am not able to move the cursor but can click where ever it is placed.
3. The keyboard on tablet mode is also not working.
this happened all of the sudden. Is there any virus or some issues with software. Pls help i am really need of a solution here.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved posting to it own thread.

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So I have got a Lenovo Y50-70 with 15.6" 3840x2160 UHD Touch Display for about two years now. I've accidentaly dropped my backpack, while the laptop was in it and cracked it's screen so I need to replace it. The screen in the cracked part is working as it was working before the accident, the crack is on the glass. So I was wondering if I can replace my 15.6" 3840x2160 UHD Touch Display with a 15.6" 1920x1080 FHD Non-touch Display? Is it possible?I've read that whether screen you are changing, its working depends on the quantity of pins on the Video signal connector. 

14805592_1377320382293084_1940252874_n.jpg ?54 KB

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I bought a Lenovo G50-80 Touch Laptop, but for some reason the touchscreen is disabled and it also says that it doesn't have touchscreen on it.

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I have an acer aspire M3 581T-6405 series ultrabook, but my screen is broken. Can I replace it with a touch screen from an Acer Aspire M5-583P-6428? Whether the touch screen works as a touch screen or not is irrelevant I just want to be able to use my laptop.

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Had a portege Z20t-b for 4 weeks, turned it on and had 5% left on primary battery, 5 min later it suddenly turns off and now won't turn back on. Tried plugging the power in and turning it back on. Removed the screen and tried turning it on and nothing happens. The battery light is flashing and goss solid when plugged it. Any ideas what my problem is?

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One year ago, when I had been using my Portege M400 for 2 years, it started deadlocking occasionally. Sometimes [I couldn't even start it up|]. Using cut and try method I located the problem. The metal spring which clasps the heatsink to CPU was doing it with not enough strength:

The problem has been solvable by benting the clutches so the spring starts apply more force clasping the heatsink to CPU:

Applying a new layer of thermal grease has been helpful as well:

However, the solution works for several weeks only. And then (particularly if it is hot outside) the story starts all over again.

Any suggestions how to solve the problem once and for all? Thanks.

A:Portege M400 - CPU cooling issue

Hi Greendrake,

It?s really great that you are interested in your Portege M400 and you can disassmble it. It?s really not easy and so this can only be done from people with a lot of experience.

Anyway, as you know here it?s user forum only. That means you can talk with normal people like you and me. So I would recommend contacting an authorized service provider in your country. Maybe the guys know about this problem or something else or you need a special thermal grease because not all thermal greases compatible to all cooling assemblies.

By the way: On the Toshiba website you can find a list of all service providers.

I hope it helps. :)

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Hello everyone.

I have the mentioned notebook model and I'm having an issue with the battery gauge on Windows 10.

Once the laptop is charged to 100% and the charger cord is removed, the gauge never goes down. It remains at 100% until the battery is completely drained and the machine powers off entirely (it does not hibernate/sleep as it should at around 5% because it does not acknowledge that the battery is low, it still thinks that it's fully charged, I don't get any sort of battery level warning, it goes from on to off, just like a desktop PC would do if you pulled the plug).

Rebooting does nothing, the battery still displays 100%.

The only thing that appears to help is disabling Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery under Device Manager -> Batteries, uninstalling its driver and rebooting. Then the gauge displays whatever percentage of charge is left in the battery correctly.
Unfortunately that does not fix anything, because once I charge the battery back up to 100% the problem manifests anew, the gauge won't drop, I again need to disable the battery control, uninstall its driver and reboot.

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this will be greatly appreciated.

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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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I have a Portege S100-S113TD and I was watching a youtube video on full screen, when the screen suddenly became full of horizontal lines and the laptop became unresponsive - I had to physically hold down the power button for about 10 secondsto turn off.

Now it powers up but I just have a blank screen - is this the graphics card?

If so can anyone suggest where I can buy a replacement graphics card?

The current one is a nVidia GeForce Go 6200TE 64M/ 6600TE 128M - I've tried searching for one but maybe they are obsolete now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Portege S100 graphics card issue?


> Now it powers up but I just have a blank screen - is this the graphics card?
It seems so?

But are you able to test the notebook using additional external monitor?
If possible connect the external monitor and press Fn + F5 to check if something would be visible on 2nd screen.
If pictures on 2nd screen would visible, then the GPU is OK and possibly your internal screen is faulty.

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Hi - hope someone can help as I only have a few strands of hair left to pull out!

In the past fortnight a problem has developed with the trackpad - and possibly my keyboard. Here are some of the symptoms

1. The cursor on the screen will suddenly freeze. I can leave the laptop and it's working come back and it's not.

2. If I type on the keyboard (can just touch the keys or I could be typing in a document) and the cursor may freeze again. During this event the small 'mouse/trackpad' on/off icon flashes briefly on the screen. If I hit another key (literally anywhere on the keyboard) a number of times (no pattern to the number) the icon may cycle and the cursor will move and then freeze again.

It's as if every key on the keyboard is somehow performing the role of the FnF9 key.

Unfortunately I did take the laptop on a business trip recently and this time when the laptop booted - the cursor was frozen and no amount of considered or random button pressing got it going. It was a battery out job . That scared me.

If I connect a USB keyboard and mouse then pressing keys on that external keyboard does not cause the cursor to freeze. But it might do anyway - as described at 1. above.

The F9 key will unfreeze the cursor (I guess turn the trackpad back on) - but it won't be long before it cycles back off again.

I've not dropped the laptop. There's nothing physically wrong with it. The battery holds charge and it boots successfully. I've made no hardware c... Read more

A:Portege R830 - Trackpad/keyboard issue


According to your issue description it sounds like the touchpad would be disabled automatically.
As you already mentioned, the touchpad could be enabled and disabled using the function key combination FN+F9

Since you?ve got also some keyboard problems, my theory is that there is some keyboard problem which might be responsible for the touchpad ON/OFF issue.

What do you think about this theory?

I don?t think that there is a software problem because as you already reset the system to early time point (factory settings???). Therefore I think the software conflict cannot be the reason for that?.

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Very disappointed with the response from Toshiba over an issue we are having with the Z Series laptops.

Let me explain - I am responsible for the laptops at a large college in the south of the UK. We have round 40 Series laptops and on a large number of them the screws which hold he hinge covers in place have come out and become lost, in many cases the hinge covers have come off and been lost as well. The first thing that crossed out minds was 'interference' by students but as no other screws were found to be lose the only conclusion we can come to is that that there is a design fault and these hinge cover screws have worked lose over time and fallen out.

I am currently working through all our Z Series laptops and I am finding more and more lose or missing screws and additional missing hinge covers. We have bought this to the attention of Toshiba but they will not accept there is an issue - but haven't yet provided a reason why this should be happening in such numbers.

As can be imagined we are not best pleased with their response and would like to hear from anyone who has had the same issue. At over 50.00 GBP to fix each pair of hinges, you can imagine how quickly the costs are rising.

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I am trying to install Windows 7 ultimate on my Toshiba Portege M400 and having issues. It is currently running Windows XP tablet edition. I start the installation and I first:

1. Go online to get the latest updates for installation
2. I click custom installation. (not upgrade)
3. It ask me where I want to install windows and my Disk drive: DISK 0 PARTITION 1: TABLET-OS(C shows up. I try to click on it and can't click next. There is a message at the bottom that I click on that states: "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Windows needs the driver for device [Toshiba RAID]. Click load driver and load the required device driver.
4. I click load driver and browse to driver that I have downloaded:
drivers I have downloaded: util_hdd_protection, util_raid_virtual_device, driver_raid_TC00170000B.EXE
5. I get the message "no device driver were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and the click ok.
6. I can't get passed this point. I have downloaded every driver on Toshiba's website that has to do with HDD or raid drivers. It looks like all the device drivers that I am downloading are .exe files and not the actually driver. I have called Toshiba and the are useless.

Please help!!!


A:Toshiba Portege M400 Raid driver issue

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I am using a Portege M800-116 running XP-SP3.

Problem 1:
Connecting Line-Out to a stereo and playing music w/ Winamp or WinMediaPlayer works fine on batteries.
As soon as I connect the power adapter, loud high frequency hiss and hum static disturbs the experience.

Problem 2:
Recording WAV or MP3 files with internal or external mic only produce mediocre results.
The resulting files include a high level of high frequency hiss and hum static.
Connecting power increases the problem.

Comparing playback and recording sound quality with my old trusted Portege M100:
My M800 is a not only low quality - it's plain unusable.

Problem 3:
Toshiba HWSetup does not start from Controlpanel.
Have tried un- and re-installing to no avail.

Thanks for guiding me towards a solution.


A:Portege M800 - Sound issue and HWSetup does not start

Here is a test recording to document the problem.

The first part has strong noise while the power adapter is attached to the M800.
The second part has still static even without the adapter.


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We've written an application that lives on the tablet PC that is basically a timeclock for hourly employees. The timeclock has been running just fine for a week now, and all of a sudden, it's decided to standby or hibernate after 30 minutes. How can the tablet change it's settings like that? Any help on where I can look for an answer would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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So I have a Toshiba Portege r500 with no H/d & a second one for parts. When I went to take the H/D and pop it in I realized the H/D hook-up cables are different. The "parts laptop" has a "FMUSH1" cable connecting it to the sata drive. The newer Portege has a cable labeled " FMUPH2" (I'm assuming for an SSD?)

My Question is....Can easily swap them somehow or is there an adapter/converter possibly?

Thanks in advance for any possible help!

A:Fmuph2 HDD Cable Issue (Toshiba Portege R500)

So with more research I'm thinking I have a ZIF Tape (Cable) that previously connected to a 1.8 SSD which I now need to convert to a 2.5 sata connection.
I ordered a 24-Pin ZIF to SATA Adapter Connector Card off eBay. It comes with its own "ribbon" (Tape/cable whatever) as shown in the pic. Will I need to replace the ZIF from my mobo with it? or is it simply in case "you" need it?
Also just wondering could I have swapped out the sata ribbon (Fmush1) with the ZIF ribbon (Fmuph2) where they connect to the MoBo instead? (It's extremely difficult to get to on this model and the "clips" seem very fragile so I avoided attempting it)

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I have a toshiba portege z930 pt234e With Windows 7 Professional
I connected the external optical drive and was running fine
But when I installed the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, the external optical drive disappeared
When I open the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, Shows, No HDD Recovery Area!
I want to make a Recovery disk of the system

A:Portege Z930 - Toshiba Recovery Media Creator issue


The Recovery Media Creator is an Toshiba tool which requires the Toshiba image files in order to create the recovery disk. The image files are placed on a different partition called HDD recovery partition.

If the HDD has been modified or this partition deleted, the recovery media creator will not be able to find the image files and you will not be able to create such disk.

So my question is: did you reinstall the Win 7 at your own hand? Did you modify the HDD in the past?

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I've upgraded to Windows 8 through the Windows' website, as I didn't know about the Toshiba's upgrade tool.

I've run the ToshibaUpgradeAssistant.exe, downloaded on the dedicated page for my laptop, but I'm stuck to the ?PA number? form. I've got a Portege R830-10U, Part No PT320E-XXXXXXXXXX. But when asked for this very PA number, the software doesn't recognize the ?PT320E? (first 6 characters).

What do I do wrong? Does this software work with my laptop?

Thanks for your help,

A:Portege R830-10U, Windows 8 updated, Toshiba Upgrade Assistant issue on PA


It looks like the R830 PT320E series is not ready for TUA at this time.
I found this Toshiba Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8 - Release Schedule and Supported Models info

+The TUA for R830 PT320E will be available in Step 2 - Toshiba Upgrade Assistant Release: Drivers are supported from approximately end of November 2012+

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I've just updated my Z830 to Windows 10, and keep getting the following error message:

The current Dolby audio driver version 7.2.8000.17 and the software application expects driver version 7.2.7000.7.Please install a valid driver and software application combination.

The driver is looking for an earlier version, not the latest version, of the driver.

I've tried finding an answer to this problem but the only thing I've come across is an earlier thread on this forum about a Z830-10U, with a suggestion to go to Our model isn't listed, so the suggestion was to try the Z930. I tried this but it didn't work.

Could someone please advise on how I can fix this problem?
with thanks, Julieanne

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Is anyone familiar with the Xerox M750 printer? I just developed a problem with mine. When I turned it on all the lights are flashing and no matter what I do I can't get it to work. I did e-mail Xerox trying to get some help, but who knows how soon that will be. I tried to uninstall the printer but it won't let me so I am not sure what kind of problem I have here.

I have received so much help on your website so thought I would grab at straws.


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I am a newcomer, cheers
I have a little problem when I start my Portege
Before I can use it, two Windows appear on screen saying in portuguese:

Window 1

X Problema ao iniciar C:\Users\Vasco Afonso\AppData\Local\FormBalance\Bin\FormBalance.d ll

Imposs?vel localizar o m?dulo especificado

Window 2

X Problema ao iniciar C:\Users\Vasco Afonso\AppData\Local\DinerVirtual\Bin\DinerVitual. dll

Imposs?vel localizar o m?dulo especificado

I ran twice antiv?rus software MacAfee and clean some related lines of the registry, but it remains the same as I start the Laptop.

Any clues appreciated, please



A:Two messages appear on screen of Portege R

Download and install

This program can remove bad file references.

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Hi there,

Sometimes, when I open the lid and start the computer, screen is shaking on all sites. sometimes it's takes only few seconds, but sometimes the screen is shaking constantly. I can't normally work, restart helps, but not always.
I have the newest drivers, all updates.
Does anyone has any problems like this, knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Portege Z30-B-119 - shaking screen

To be honest this is the first time that I have read about such issue… it sounds really strange because it seems that this problem does not appear always…
It’s always difficult to troubleshoot the issues especially if they don’t appear always but only sometimes…

I think first of all you should check if the same display problem would be visible on external screen (2nd external monitor, LCD TV, etc…)
If the same problem will not occur on 2nd display, then we can assume that there is something wrong with the internal display panel or maybe the connection between the internal display and the motherboard.

As you see, some more tests are necessary to get more details about possible troublemakers.

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I bought a PORTEGE (M800-107) in 2009 and before the expiration of the 3-year-old-warranty (2012), the screen went black permanently .
I sent it to the official TOSHIBA service in Greece (called "IDEAL sa") who fixed it in about a month (and after two tries).
One and a half year later, the screen went black again. Now they ask from me 500 euros for the replacement of the monitor. Of course I'm not going to give all these money.
Portege was the 3rd Toshiba notebook I have used. I chose it because I wanted something powerful and professional. The irony is that the most expensive model went off earlier than the cheaper.
However, that was the LAST ONE from you.

PS: In order to take my notebook back (without fixing), I have to pay 30 euros, for the technicians' check!!!!!!!
Really, do you know anyone who goes to service for fun? Or am I responsible for your model's failure?

A:Defective screen on Portege M800


To be honest I?m really wondering you have this display problem. Portege and Tecra models are the best Toshiba business line notebooks and since years they are known as high quality products with best hardware.

Anyway, sometimes the best products have problems and make troubles. Similar things happen with all technical products. I know it is pretty pity and angry, especially in the moment when you need your notebook.

Maybe it sounds stupid now but maybe you can buy display on your own and find someone who can exchange it for you. I have done this for my friend few years ago. We bought display on eBay and we have exchanged it alone. Of course on our own risk.

Bye and good luck

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I have a Z30-A-1E1 model with Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.

I'm having ad issue, randomly I got a blue screen and the notebook reboots, without giving error messages.
In the windows event log I can't find anything that clearly led to a cause.

I'm using a Toshiba Dynadoc U3 and I first thougt that it had something to do with it, but the crash happens even if I'm using the notebook disconnected from it.

Does anyone had a problem like this?
Any suggestions for debugging?

Thank you very much!

A:Portege Z30-A-1E1 - blue screen and reboot


I do not have a complete solution, but perhaps a step on the way.
I would first suggest to disable automatic restart when a bluescreen appear.
That way the error message will stay on the screen until the PC is switched off.

Read about how to prevent automatic restarts here:

BR Tom

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The screen on my Portege R600-11B has suddenly gone extremely dim. There's no problem with it coming back to life after hibernation - but it still coems back extremely dim. The brightness does flash up when I press the button at the top right hand corner with a sun symbol on.

I think I might need an FL Invertor? Do you know how I find out which one I need and instructions on how to fit it?

Also I've had problems with Windows 7 Professional starting up incredibly slowly. I'm assuming the two problems are not related.

Hope you can help, thanks.

A:Portege R600-11B - Screen is very faint


I recommend connecting an external monitor.
If the picture on the external monitor would be fine, then your internal display or maybe the FL inverter needs to be replaced.
You ask how to check this?
Well, I?m afraid each part need to be checked using another good tested part.

In your case I would ask an specialist for assistance?
Is warranty valid? If yes then I would recommend to contact an Toshiba service in your country.

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My system had issues where I could not get into system restore as it was not showing up
so went to msconfig and I went to advanced startup and chose to start in diagnostic mode and on reboot it now just has a light blue screen.

I can move mouse around and there is no login box?

I tried reboot and hitting F8 but no luck.
Is there another bypass for this?

Please help!

A:Portege Z10 stucks on blue screen - cannot log in

Switch on the computer, press and hold the "F12" key while the Toshiba logo appears.
Alternative you can press and hold the "0" key to access the recovery option.
Choose "HDD Recovery" and confirm by selecting "Yes" that you want to enter the system recovery.

More info:

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I am having trouble with a flcikering screen on a brand new Z30-c 156 (PT263E-0L903MEN) - it's about a week old.

Peridically the screen flickers, in black rectangular bloxks in a sort of matrix pattern all over the screen which renders the computer unusable.

A video of the type of flickering posted here:

I noticed the problem very early on when starting to setup the computer for first use. I am still not sure if it's hardware or software related. I have tried a range of things to fix it with no success, which I'll describe below.

Ran Toshiba service station, and TEMPRO, updated BIOS and Value added package according to tempro, but BIOS already seemed to be up to date 5.8)
Fully updated Windows 7 via windows update so it is convinced it has all updates applied
Complete factory reset - wipe of hard drive from factory image on SSD
Ran Toshiba PC Diagnostic tool from within windows, all the hardware tests pass
Tried to uninstall all third party software that's been installed on the PC. The only software really remaining is Office 2010, which is up to date, plus chrome browser, but the flickering existed even without chrome
I am now progressively downloading various drivers directly from the Toshiba support site and reinstalling. I've now done this for the display driver (even though this is older than the one windows update had installed) and the chipset, neither of these seem to have made a difference

the flickering ofte... Read more

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please could anyone give me some advise or instructions on how to remove and replace the screen on my laptop?

The outer pane of glass is intact but the actual screen itself is damaged.

It would also be a great help if anyone knew the product number of the replacement screen that way I should be able to buy the correct one.

Thank you for reading
Kind Regards

A:How to replace screen on Portege 3500

Hey mate,

First of all I have to say that screen replacement and generally notebook disassembling is pretty complicated and tricky. You have to remove a lot of screws you have to be very careful. So it?s not easy to replace the screen.
Maybe you can find some detailed instructions if you search with Google?

And a replacement screen or number you can get from your authorized service provider. Just contact the guys and ask for that, they will help you and can exchange the screen too.

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Quick question - will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?

Layout looks similar; albeit a different colour.

A:Will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?


I think you cannot use the same keyboard because the Portege S100 supports the an-easy-to-use 84-key (US) or 85-key (UK) keyboard and the Portege M100 supports the an-easy-to-use 85/86-key keyboard.
Furthermore the connector of the S100 supports the CN3230 keyboard interface 34 pin connector and the M100 supports the PJ3230 keyboard 34pin connector.

So possibly this could be a problem.
I recommend using the original keyboards released for the each notebook model.

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Hello,  I am having an issue with the touch pad, every now and then the curser starts to move by itself or it starts clicking the left mouse button over and over again. Does this sound like a hardware failure or a software issue. The laptop does not have a touch screen and I have tried different versions of drivers with the same issue. The problem seems to come after running the computer for a number of hours at work and the only way to stop it is to hold your palm on the touch pad to make the palm detection kick in and use the joystick to disable the touch pad. 

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I have a Sony Vaio T-series laptop (model SVT13126CXS) running windows 7. As of yesterday the screen is doesn't display anything.
Laptop powers on (lights are on, fan makes noise, etc.).
I was able to plug an HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and I am able to use the laptop using my TV screen (laptop screen is still black, but displays on TV works).
And the odd twist... this is a touch screen laptop, so I am able to touch my laptop screen and it makes clicks and moves cursor on my TV. (for some reason, the track pad doesn't work while its on TV display though).
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can give me steps into diagnosing the problem, that'd be great!
I live in a small college town and there is only one computer repair shop and since it's a monopoly he rips people off. Charges $95 for a diagnostic (if you get it fixed, it goes towards the repair; if not, it's $95). Charged my friend $120 for macbook charger and it wasn't even an genuine Apple product!

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1 have HP 2000 Note Book . It carries regular  Screen . I want to replace it with touch screen.Please let me know it will work or not? thankyou.

A:can you change normal screen to touch screen on hp2000 note...

Hi, What is your HP 2000 ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

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I have a windows 7 touch screen laptop which I am using along with an extended desktop on a secondary monitor. Is there any way I can lock the mouse/pointer onto the secondary monitor but still use the touch screen facility on the laptop itself?

thanks in advance for any help provided.


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Hey all, I woke up this morning and started using my computer to find that there were white spots on my computer screen that I had not previously noticed. I have had the computer for two years and haven't had any similar issues. There does not appear to be anything wrong with the pixels, as the color changes appropriately - it's just brighter. Furthermore, the bright spots on the screen heat up much more than the rest of the screen, which remains cool. I also noticed that, though this may be a separate issue, the touch screen isn't responding. Here is an image (it's much more noticeable on a white background):   Any help is much appreciated!

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My system is WIN 7 Professional 64 bit on Toshiba Portege 700.
I work in an exchange server environment and have some issues with access to offline file folders and exchange outlook - user names and passwords sometimes have to be reentered and sometimes dont lead to access of in particular offline files online. Machine seems to do bluescreen and restart 6x in last 4 weeks mainly when it was idle/ went idle.

Here is the copy from my Debug Minidump, please help identify and cure my problem.

Microsoft ® Windows Debugger Version 6.2.8400.0 AMD64
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\Minidump\062112-15709-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03059000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0329d670
Debug session time: Thu Jun 21 22:47:38.386 2012 (UTC + 2:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:25:55.432
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
... Read more

A:Blue Screen WIN7 Pro Toshiba Portege 700

This may show us more details -Please download BlueScreenView (in zip file)Extract (right-click > Extract all) the contents of on the BlueScreenView.exe file, to run the program. (No installation is required.)When scanning is done (usually complete by the time the interface appears), go ...Edit > Select AllFile > Save Selected Items, and save the report to your Desktop as BSOD.txt.Close the BlueScreenView window... ... ...Open BSOD.txt using Notepad and go ... .... ..Edit > Select AllEdit > Copy, and then paste the entire contents of the text file into your next reply.Thank You -

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