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Portege M750 PPM75E Windows 8 drivers - SOLUTION

Q: Portege M750 PPM75E Windows 8 drivers - SOLUTION


just wanted to leave a message with the solutions I found for different applications for Portege M750.
These are the applications I use the most,
so if you need other drivers/applications just leave a reply and I'll try to find it.

_Got working:_
Bluetooth and 3G driver and therefore the GPS ( [Toshiba Europe|] )
Screen Buttons, except the Toshiba Assist and Presentation button.
Both opens this: [Buttons| f=1] ,

Which I find more useful then the old functions.
Installed Value Added Package, I think from here: [Go to download section| d=2266999&os=&ct=SB&selFamily=1073768662] . The one from europe site didn't worked.

FingerPrint utility.
Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts and you have an option in the left side of the window for fingerprints. Installed the drivers and programs, works like a charm. Or search on google for TrueSuite

For the ctrl+al+arrow to flip the screen, I used iRotate (google it).

Still no solution for the HDD protection utility, yet.

A: Portege M750 PPM75E Windows 8 drivers - SOLUTION

Many Win7 drivers would work with Win 8 system.
But there are still some drivers and utilities which are not fully compatible.
I?ve got a tip for you:
As far as I know the HDD protection Utility is not a model related software.
You could try to install the Win 8 HDD protection Utility released for Prot?g? Z930

Would be really interesting to know if it works.

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Hi, had an upgraded SSD for my machine so decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit and now I have and error saying PCI controller software is not installed, tried windows update no luck - any ideas please?

Thanks, Peter

A:Portege M750 - PCI controller software not installed on Windows 7 64bit

Hi pbaker_1,

Hmm... PCI controller could mean everything... I think you have forget to install the driver for this device?

What is the device and vendor ID of it?

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I have installed Windows 7 afresh on a Portege M750 and everything seems fine except the buttons on the display to handle tablet functions. The only one I really would like to work is the screen orientation one. I've looked for drivers, but can't find any that will control the tablet buttons. I read that for the M700 you need to download the tablet driver as it contains the drivers for the buttons, but no such driver exists for the M750.

All devices are ok in device manager with none requiring drivers.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions are very welcome.

A:Portege M750 with Windows 7 - Screen Rotation Button not working correctly

Have you installed the Value Added Package from the Toshiba website?

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Is my M750 tablet 64 bit capable?
I'd like to install 8G of ram and be able to use that amount.....
The processor will run 64 bit, the motherboard will support 8G, but will the rest of the system?


A:Portege M750 - is it 64bit capable?


Do you want to know if your Win 7 would recognize the 8GB RAM?
In order to use more than 4GB RAM three components needs to support this;
- chipset
- OS 64bit

As far as I know some of the M750 supports the Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset.
This chipset is 8GB capable so it should be able to use 8GB RAM.
In such case I think that BIOS would also recognize 8GB RAM.

You can install any OS. You can use Win 7 64bit and I don?t see any reasons why this should not work

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Hi all,

can anyone help i got 2 spare batteries for my protege m750-11w and they dont work and i'm wondering do i need to do a BIOS update for them. The batteyr in my protege is PA3191U-5BRS and the two new batteries are both PA3191U-1BAS and it said that this battery would work where the -5BRS was in use.

I have updated my BIOS already from version 1.6 to version 3 and the battery still doesnt work i just get a white cursor flashing in the top left hand corner.

Does anyone know where i can obtain a BIOS update to except this battery?



A:Portege M750-11W - New battery won't work


That means Windows doesn?t start with new battery and you see only the flashing cursor?
That?s strange? Have you connected the AC/DC adaptor?

In my opinion you should fully charge the battery before you start Windows. After this try it again.

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I have a hp intellmouse, often it freezes for a moment and at the moment when it works again, it makes a souind. the sound it makes is the same sound used by the voice recognition software

how can I fix this?

A:Portege M750 - mouse freezes on Win7


Did you test other external mouse?
Did you try different USB ports?

I noticed similar behavior on my other notebook. Sometimes the mouse disconnects and connects for a moment? This happened several times?
I have switches to another USB port and this helped to stop this issue?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Portege M750 Model PPM75A-007010 and I need to change the CMOS (RTC) battery.

Can anyone share with me
- where to find this battery
- is this the normal round battery and if you can tell me the battery number?
- or where can I purchase this battery and price range?


A:Portege M750 - CMOS (RTC) Battery replacement


Normally the RTC batteries in these models are rechargeable.
If not yet done, please let the unit run overnight (not off, not hibernated, not standby - but ON) and see if the issue is resolved.

I think the charge-description/characeristics of the RTC battery is mentioned in your users manual.

BR Tom

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I have the above Tablet PC and the Touch Screen is working intermittently,

The Stylus used is the magnetic one with the Right click functionality

Anyone Encountered any similar issues?

Kind Regards

A:Portege M750/10J - Touch Screen Issue

Have you installed the latest BIOS?

If the latest BIOS doesn't help, there could be a loose connection, or the system needs an update. An ASP can do this for you.

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Since I remmember I use my laptop with enable sleep and hibernate features.
A couple of days ago it started not to restart after sleep or hibernate.

You have to take ou the battery and AC power and then it starts but without assuming the sleep/hibernate.

Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flashes.

This happens with different operating systems cause I tried to reinstall and the problem persists.

A:Portege M750 doesn't restart after sleep or hibernate

> Another thing is that when you press the switch on button the AC power led, which is green normally, it starts blinking yellow with some sort of a code long and short flash

I know that if there is a memory malfunction the *Power indicator* will repeatedly flash on and off (0.5sec) If there is an error in slot A the indicator would flash orange twice then green.
If there is an error in slot B, the LED will flash orange once and green twice.
If error is in both slots, the LED flashes orange and green twice.

By the way: is your BIOS up to date?

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I have an orange flash error code on my power light (1 long flash 3 short 1 long 2 short 1 long 1 short).....

I have to take the power connector out battery out and start by battery to get it to work......

I'm using Toshiba's windows 7 image with all updates from Microsoft (now I NEEDED a lot of the for verying reasons so don't grill me yet... eg DON"T LOAD MICROSOFT UPDATES blah blah blah)

What does this code mean and is there a Beta Bios above version 3 for these things......

Any helpful comments would be greatly appriciated......

A:Portege M750 doesn't start - power LED flashes


Short means 0, long means 1.
In your case the binary code is 1000 1001
Now you have to reverse the binary code due to most significant bit.
This means the code is; 1001 0001
The HEX code means; 91h

So error code is 91h but I don?t know what 91h means and what part could be affected exactly!

Possibly it?s something wrong with power supply electronic on the motherboard? but only the ASP technician could provide more details?
However, in most cases the motherboard is affected and should be replaced.


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I just bought I used Portege M750 because my M700 was broken. Unfortunately, the select bays between both models are not compatible. Although the availability of a 2nd hdd caddy is mentioned in the users manual, I couldn't find the part no of the HDD caddy for the M750. I tried a standard SATA-SATA HDD caddy, but I get an "select bay error" message on startup, although the caddy works in windows as long as you don't hibernate.

Does anyone know the part no of the genuine 2nd hdd caddy for Portege M750 / M780? Or is there another 2nd hdd caddy which does work with the M750 without any restrictions?

A:Portege M750 - 2nd HDD caddy in select bay instead of optical drive


I assume you will need an Hard drive caddy part number: P000452980
Then you could place this into the Toshiba's Ultra Slim HDD Adaptor PA3408U-1ETC and PA3408U-2ETC

But you can also contact the Toshiba ASP in your country to get an confirmation...

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I'm having difficulties installing the tablet buttons in WINDOWS 8.1 Pro. Everything else works, perfectly.

In Windows 8 Pro this buttons worked nicely, but now, after a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro two of the buttons don't work. The buttons are the Toshiba assist button and the presebtation button. I've tried to configure them in Toshiba assist software but nothing happens.

I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8. As anyone tryed this and add success?

A:Portege M750 and Win8.1 Pro -tablet buttons don't work

> I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8

Windows 8.1 is not Windows 8 and many of Toshiba Win 8 drivers and tools don?t work or are not fully compatible with Win 8.1

As far as I know the Toshiba does not support Win 8.1 on this Portege M750.
This means that no Win 8.1 drivers will be released and in such case some notebook features like the control buttons could not work properly.

Fact is that using Windows Vista or Win 7, such buttons were controlled by Value Added Package. This package does not exist for Win 8.1 and has been replaced by other software called Toshiba System Driver

So in case you want to try to get the buttons to work, I recommend checking this with Toshiba System Driver

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Just made a fresh intall of Windows 7 (32 bit). This was done from scracth with Toshiba CD. The drivers I downloaded from Toshiba website. Everything is ok, except the volume wheel it doesn't control the sound.

Does anyone know wich driver I'm missing? Every other butons and functions are active except volume wheel.

A:Portege M750 - Volume Wheel doesn't control the sound


Did you install the VAP (value added package) for Win 7?
On Toshiba EU driver page VAP v 1.2.40 can be found

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I cannot get TOSHIBA Wireless Manager (3G) to work in a new installation of Win 7 64 bit.

I made a successful trial installation of Windows 7 64-bit on and old SATA hard disk drive and checked that TOSHIBA Wireless Manager would work. It did.

I then made a new installation of Windows 7 64-bit on a new Crucial C300 Real SSD 256GB.

The new installation with the Crucial SSD is not very successful.... The "shutdown and restart" operation does not work -- the shutdown does not always power off completely and you have to hold the power switch down to power off.

Sometimes the SSD will not boot -- you enter the BIOS password but then nothing happens. Sometimes you have to power down and take the battery out before the drive will boot.

But the biggest problem is that the Wireless Manager (3G) will not work. The application opens and states that "Radio is turned off" -- which it can't be as I'm using the WiFi to post this question.

I have tried installing the Vodafone 3G software. This detects the presence of the "mobile device" (SIM card in the slot) but then cannot enable it.

I have downloaded and installed all the latest chip drivers, the 3G driver, 3G software, LAN driver, LAN software and all Windows 7 updates.

I have the latest BIOS (3.0) but this has not been updated by Toshiba since 04/11/09.

I note that the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool does not recognize the 8G memory installed (but ccleaner does):

Model Name ... Read more

A:Portege M750 Win7 64bit Wireless Manager (3G) will not work

points to a firmware issue on the SSD drive (is it sandforce) coupled to BIOS incompatability of the SSD.

i presume all the drivers etc installed were identical on the HDD trial install? so if thats the case it has to be the SSD not communicating with the BIOS correctly, hence the other issues as well

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I have installed win7 64 bit ("fresh install" on my M750-129) and i have also downloaded and installed all the newest drivers from toshiba website.
the device manager shows no problem / drivers needed, and trhings like HDD protection work well.

However, i have four groups of problems i would love and appreciate to find answer:

1) when i change the screen position to tablet, it does not change the orientation nor the resolution.
There is no utility to set the desired orientations of screen as it was in vista (horribly unstable and slow OS, though).
This, naturally, is diminishing the usefullness of the tablet finction

2) the buttons do not work properly; the screen rotation button starts excel (!!) , the centre of mobility button starts word (!!), and the toshiba assistance button does not work at all

3) fingerprints: the fingerprint utility lets me to screen my fingerprint, asks if it should save it, and than says "saving impossible; another duplicate pattern exists" which i completely do not understand what it means...

4) some applications are not available at all after fresh install: face recognition, DVD player, bussines card screener - but i can love without those; 1-3 worries me much much more and i would appreciate any functional help. thanx on advance for any try!

A:Portege M750 tablet, buttons and fingerprint functions not working in win7


I think you would need an extension package in order to use the tablet functions on the Portege series.
I didn?t find the Tablet PC Extension Package for Win 7 but there is an package for Win Vista.

Usually many tools and drivers which were released for Vista would work with Win 7.
So in my opinion you should try to install additionally this Tablet PC Extension Package.
I think this should solve the issue with the buttons too!

Regarding the fingerprint;
I think the message means that an fingerprint was already registered and therefore an second save is not possible.
Check if you can delete other fingerprints?

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Does anyone know where i can get the video and sound drivers for my Portege 3480Ct running Windows 2000?


A:Portege 3480CT drivers for Windows 2000

Go to the Toshiba European driver page: -> Support & Download Center

Then choose;
Archive -> Port?g? Archive -> Port?g? 3xxx -> Port?g? 3480 -> Windows 2000


Thanks for the points :D (which I will get from you ) LOL

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please help

I cant find drivers for portege M500 PPM50H-0fl028 for Windows 7

Where can I find (do I need drivers for Windows 7)

A:Portege M500 (PPM50H-0FL028) - Need drivers for Windows 7

You should check here:


if you don't find, you can try Vista drivers.

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Hi all.

I have a Toshiba portage M400 that I got hold of and I was trying to install normal windows XP. This laptop is a pain to install windows XP as it needs a special AHCI/Raid driver or the hard drives will not be detected by this laptop at all.

I downloaded every single driver for this, from Toshiba and not one of them worked, when loaded with F6 on a floppy. Why Toshiba proved drivers that don't work I don't know. Toshiba seriously need to sort out there drivers and the website, as it's a mess.

I searched high and low, even on here but no solutions. plenty of threads complaining about the same problem though. This was until I found one very old post from 2009 on another forum, that lead me in the right direction.

So am posting here and hope it will help others and be easier to find. The drives for Windows 7 work fine, it?s just XP that is the issue, due to the way Toshiba made this laptop. You can forget the AHCI drivers from Toshiba m400 drivers page, they don't, wont work. I tried all of them, including the old versions.

You need to go to Intel?s website and download the Intel storage Matrix 5.5 Driver. Here

Now download the file and then unzip the file. You will need a USB floppy drive that is compatible with XP F6. Not all USB floppy drives work.

Click on the unzipped Exe file and it will ask you to put in a floppy disk. It will give a warning and then just except and allow it to copy f... Read more

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I am trying to install windows as a clean install, in that I want to format the hard drive fully during installation, rather than trying to upgrade from inside the OS. I currently have windows vista installed on the machine.

I insert the disc, restart the computer, it boots the disc, I get to the menu, choose install, and instead of going to upgrade or custom, it says it cant find some drivers. It doesn't specify which ones. I am using an OEM version of windows 7, so I can't upgrade only clean install.

My current theory is that it wants a full set of motherboard drivers for my motherboard. However, I have been unable to locate them anywhere on the web.

I would appreciate either a link to a website, or if this is not likely the problem either a piece of advice or a point to the correct article on the forum to read. I will be searching the forum as well in hopes of finding an answer.

Thank you in advance! If you need any more info to help, just ask.

A:Windows 7 Drivers for Gateway DG33SXG2 or other solution

You need Windows 7 drivers for your hard disk controllers.

Is this your Motherboard: Specs & Drivers

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Is there a solution for the lack of good drivers for the l502x with windows 10 audio? I had to use task manager to prevent the Realtek drivers from loading at startup otherwise the machine never goes into sleep. I see the Realtek site has R2.79 but I don't know if that will address the messed up Equalizer and driver's in W10

A:XPS L502X- Windows 10 Realtek drivers solution?

Hello. Have you tried installing the driver that used to work for you, before you installed the audio-unfriendly Win10, using compatibility mode? If not, it might be worth a try if you feel you need to have Win10 on that model.
First remove all Realtek drivers that are in the system now. Go into the Device Manager and expand the Sound, Video & Game Controllers section. Right click on the Realtek and select to uninstall. Put a check mark in the option to delete the driver software, and then ok. Reboot the laptop and go back to the Device Manager and check again for a Realtek driver. Keep uninstalling & rebooting until Realtek no longer appears under Sound...Controllers and "High Definition Audio Device" appears in its place. "High Definition Audio Device" is the name of the Windows native driver. Download the Win7 64-bit or the Win8 32/64-bit Realtek driver, whichever that worked before.

1. Download and save the audio driver to your desktop or any convenient location on the hard drive.2. Double click on the new folder to extract (unzip) the driver files.3. The extractor wizard will create a new folder for the driver files. It will be at "c:\dell\drivers\xxxxxx". Write down the exact location that the wizard creates. 4. If the driver begins to install automatically, halt (cancel) the installation.5. Browse to the driver files on the hard drive (the location you wrote down).6. Find the "setup.exe" file.7. Right click on setup.exe ... Read more

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I have laptop, Portege S100 model: PPS10E-o1t019en
On the www I can not find this model and driver..

Please help me.

Where Can I find it??


A:Need drivers for my Portege S100


You can find drivers on Toshiba support and download page under

Under ?Product type? choose option ARCHIVE.
Good luck!

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Hi All,

I have a need to install Windows XP onto a Portege R930-14T with an Intel I3-3110M CPU. When I try to install the driver for the graphics I get a message "This Computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software".

The readme for this driver suggests it is for the 2nd gen I3 not the 3rd Gen as is installed.

I am sure its something simple I am missing.

Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


A:WXP on Portege R930 - need display drivers

Do you try to install Intel display driver ( from Toshiba download page?

Can you please post exact model name of your Portege notebook?

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I recently bought a new PORTEGE Z30T-A PT24CE-01600EN5
upgraded to OS Version Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600 with its CDs.

I noticed today my LTE/4G connection dropped several times and it was fixed when I restarted Windows but then the LTE adapter totally removes itself and connection drops
Each time the connection drops I check Device manager and there is no LTE device anymore so I have to restart again. And when it finds it finds the "Generic mobile broadband adapter"not Sierrea's.

I go to Device Manager under Network Adapters---> EM7305 Here for this device which is the LTE the driver provider is shown as Microsoft with the version 6.3.9600 16453 from the year 31-Oct-13.

Then I downloaded the Sirerra LTE driver from TOSHIBA website, Here what they recommend: [LTE driver| =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=362&selProduct=17899&selS hortMod=4655&language=13&selOS=46&selType=438&year upload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode= allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=a ll&selectedLanguage=13&type=438&page=1&ID=90092&OS ID=46&driverLanguage=42] .

I installed several times but nothing changes, still Microsoft's driver there.
Sierra only shows up as "Siearra Wireless Location Sensor" but not under Network adapters.

Somewhat this driver removed ... Read more

A:Portege Z30T-A cannot install LTE drivers

It seems that until now in this forum nobody reported a similar LTE driver issues.
The question is: did the same issue appear in factory preinstalled system?

I guess you cannot provide answer to this question and therefore we cannot say for sure that this isn?t hardware related issue.

Anyway, on the Toshiba EU driver page you can find lot of Toshiba tools and drivers for this unit. All tools and software as well as BIOS should be update to the latest state. Check if you are using latest BIOS.
Then I would recommend you to install the driver manually via device manager.

The driver package which you downloaded from Toshiba driver page is zipped. You have to unzip this package. Inside of this package you would find also and exe file. This is also an zipped package. Click right on this package and unzip this exe file.

Now you should see all the driver files and should be able to install the driver via device manager using the ?Advanced? installation procedure.

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My hard drive was recently replaced and now I don't have any LAN / ethernet drivers.

I have tried looking on the driver download section of the Toshiba website but I cannot find this model listed.

I was wondering if there was similar model which is currently listed for which I could download the LAN drivers for and would still work on the Portege A200?

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

A:Portege A200 LAN drivers wanted


You will find the Prot?g? A200 drivers in the Archive area!
The Portege A200 seems to be an older series and therefore the drivers have been moved to the archive.

I checked the Toshiba European driver page and found all needed drivers!


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Hi I?m new on forum.

I have problem. I can?t find on Toshiba support drivers and utilities for this model, where I can find all working this kind of software (console, power saver etc.)?

A:Need drivers for Toshiba Portege 3500


First of all, welcome in the forum!

Did you searched on the Toshiba website? There you can find all drivers who you need for this model. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
*Archive* => Portege => Portege 3xxx => Portege 3500


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None of the Vista drivers work for Windows 7 so I switched to XP Professional and still NO drivers work?

Is there a special way to install them after installation of Windows?


A:Portege M100 - None of the drivers are working

Hi ollie,

It would be interesting to know what you mean with none of the drivers are working. Do you get an error message or what happens exactly?

Regarding the Windows 7 question I think it?s normal that the Vista drivers are not working for Windows 7 because the Portege M100 is very old notebook so I doubt that Windows 7 will run properly on it.

By the way, on the Toshiba website you can find an installation instructions document. Use this list a recommended driver installation order.
Check this!!!

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Are there only the install packages for the notebook drivers available? I'm searching for a package with all necessary inf files in order to use the for driver injection within a deployment environment (Windows 2008 deployment service / MS deployment toolkit)
Would be great if anyone can help me with that!

Thanks and kind regards, Gert

A:Portege 700/830 drivers for image deployment

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any packages except one and this is package that contains several Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
All other offered stuff are single drivers or Toshiba specific tools or utilities.

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I am trying to re-stage a laptop for a freind and need to get the correct video and sound drivers. The machine (built in Europe) is a "Portege A100" with a model number of PPA10E-0002N-EN.

None of the Toshiba forums list the A100 as a Portege and the model number does not appear in the list of Sattelite models. As a consequence I am shooting in the dark to determine what the hardware specification is to get the correct drivers.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Portege A100 - Need hardware specification and drivers


The Portege A100 is really available or let?s say the Portege A100 was really on the market but now it?s an oldie and not longer available.

The drivers for Portege A100 you can find on the Toshiba page in *Archive* => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
*Archive* => Portege => Portege A Series => Portege A100

I hope I could help you a little bit.


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Firstly hello to everyone,

This is my first post and i'm afraid it concerns a bit of an oldey.

I have come into the possetion of a Portege 3440 netbook with the external fdd and cd drives.
The problem is the cd drive works via the network card port ( i think it's pcmia?)
I'm a silver surfer so not to sure.

Does anyone know where i can get the system disk for this machine and how to go about installing relevant drivers etc,
I am hoping to get it up and running using win2k but would revert to win98se if nescessary.

Sorry this is so long winded but hope you can help me.

Grateful thanks in advance to all.

A:Portege 3440: Where to get Recovery disk & drivers

Hi mate

This is very old notebook machine and I?m afraid you would not be able to order the recovery disk for this notebook.
You will need to install the Windows OS using a Microsoft disk.

On the Toshiba European driver page you will be able to find drivers and software for this notebook.
You need to choose Archive in Product Type because the old drivers are placed in Archive.

There you will find USB-FDD Driver. When connecting the USB floppy drive to the notebook there will either be prompted for a TEAC driver (mainly Europe) or a YE-data driver (mainly Asia). Please check which of the two drivers you require by connecting the floppy drive to the notebook in order to download the right driver.

You will also find Companion Diskette. The Companion diskette contains programs to configure Toshiba computers with setup information and to test the hardware. It also contains files and utilities that allow you to get the most from your Toshiba computer.

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I own a Toshiba Portege A100 laptop. I want to install Windows 98 SE. I first had a look at the drivers download in this UK site. It appears there are no downloads for Windows older than 2000. I can only download 2000 or XP drivers.

Is it possible to get at least the sound card and wireless network drivers for Windows 98 for this type of laptop please.

A:Can't find drivers (W98SE) for my Portege A100


Unfortunately it was not able for me to find the Win98 drivers for this unit and I assume that the Win98 drivers are not designed for this unit.
I have also check the website of Toshiba US and Toshiba Australia but without any success.
The only way is to check other units which have the same devices/parts and try to use these drivers.

Good luck

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well, im fixing a Toshiba Portege 7100 series laptop for my friend at school. formatting the hard drive hoping that thatll fix a majority of the problem. ive looked online but cant seem to find the links to the drivers... if you need a service tag or something, let me know but i wont be able to get back to you on it until tomorrow because im doing 4 runs with DBAN. (i read that formatting with a zero fill program can sometimes fix bad sectors caused by magnetic inconsistencies).

but if you dont need the service tags, i would greatly appreciate if you could link to a page that lists all of the drivers, or something of that matter.

and one last question - how do you access the BIOS for this model laptop? i want to see a few settings in it, but so far all attempts to access it havent worked. delete doesnt do it, f2 brings you to the boot device selection screen, and im not sure what else to try. all it tells me on the mobo splash screen is to hit f2 to select a bot device.

well, thanks in advance for the help guys


A:Toshiba Portege 7100 Series drivers

I think you are gonna have to look closely at the 7120 and if all the parts seem the same go with those drivers.

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Hi folks,

I've just bought a Toshiba Portege M 400 without software.
Is there any bundle of all the frivers you need available?

I've tried to search all the several drivers needed, but install?ng them made my system collapse.
So, does Toshiba not offer a complete software /driver pack for its notebooks?


A:Portege M400 all drivers and recovery XP needed


Toshiba provide recovery disks for notebooks series which are not too old.
If you want you can check this here:

If the recovery disk would not be available anymore, then you will need to use the drivers from the Toshiba European page:

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I posting this in the hope that it helps somebody.

Well my hard disk died, so got a replacement one. I did not have the original dvd so innocently I thought, just down load the drivers from the website.
Well did all that and the raid was still not seen! Changed raid settins in the bios which you get to by pressing escape, then set to default settings, restart and go back into bios goto page 3 - which is then visible. Ensure the disk is set to1raid0 - download the manual, but you have to accept any changes by entering 1234 when it asks you for a string from the manual. Anyway did all that - still no drive visible - so whats going on.

Well apparently there are 2 sets of drivers kr10n and kr10i - what the site givesyou is the kr10n drivers. Which may work for the newer ones but not mine! My laptop needs the kr10i Which I cant find on the tosiba website. BUT or you can google for raid-drv-20070719134547

So the steps for me were use nlite to add the kr10i drivers to a patched WinXP SP3 cd and boot using that. It worked seamlessley.

After that it all went great! Well I didnt have much hair to begin with, but even less after the process finished.

Good luck

A:Portege S100 - Reinstall WinXP using F6 and RAID drivers


Thanks for posting this short instruction here in the forum.
I think it could be useful for some users who try to install the Win XP and try to include the RAID drives.

PS. The RAID driver can be downloaded also from the Toshiba European driver page!
I installed Win XP and I uses the nLite tool in order to include the RAID driver!

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I have laptop portege R500, product number: PPR50E-04X04WCE.

last year I've changed the OS and installed windows 7.
Since then I can't use the dvd reader or the sd card reader.
And at the control panel it apears two unknown devices, but I can?t find the controllers for thoses.

What can I do to solve this problem?

A:Portege R500: SD card reader and ODD do not work - drivers needed

there's an error in the title, is not ODD its DVD reader

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Im not tech savvy in the slightest. What does all of this meannnnn... I had to reinstall all of my software, etc. You know the story. And now I have two drivers missing for the network: Network Controller and SM Bus Controller. I checked the Dell site, and was so confused... I'm hoping there's someone that just knows how to do these things haha.
Vista 64bit
Inspiron 1545

I love you. Whoever you are.

A:Hopefully there's an easy solution?? Missing Drivers

Go to search by the windows start button
In search type device manager.
In device manager you should see some small yellow markers, update those drivers.
If you do not see the yellow markers, update the conroller that you are missing. Check back in a few. I will post a tutorial that will tell you how.

Install your interent connection.

EDIT: As promised for both Seven and Vista

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Answer Match 48.3% FINALLY!I haven't been up to date but I remember hundreds of complains and long dang threads about the problems of the beats "enhancements" forced in the realtek and IDT drivers. Some "solutions" and "workarounds" worked for some time, others for specific hardware. Some required lots of registry editing. This one is easy, quick and simple. Please test it and share the word.

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We udated to new laptops with Windows 10 opeerating systems and when I hooked up my HP Deskjet 4280 printer the drivers package was downloaded, but the imaging software and scanner functions that used to run out of the Solution Center no longer work. I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and get an error message that says: " Fatal Error C/....HP/Digital_Imaging/bin/hpqcxs08.dll failed to register HRESULT-22147467259 contact support personnel report fatal error in MSI.Trayapp when searching supportSince ther is no way to download jsut the imaging drivers or Solution Center, I am at a loss as to how to get my scanner to work now. 

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After seeing so many posts with 'Realtek Lan Driver' associated with 'Problem' here in the Win 7 forum I decided to post a thread as it is a relatively simple solution and therefore warrants being tried early in the 'fix-it' effort.
My problems began when three significant power failures (3:20am after the opening night of a Hard Rock Cafe, a driver hit a pole with a transformer on it, knocked it about 20 feet, blew out my surge protectors, followed by the BSOD, another power out while chkdsk-ing, hours of xcopy dir, a re-install of win7 etc.) -so, on my spare desktop, I attempted to download the Realtek WLAN Driver RTL8191 8192SE from the OEM site:
After three attempts the resulting three files were three different sizes. 7Zip couldn't unzip any of them.
I took the hint.
I had Googled "Realtek WLAN Driver" with many other links appearing, but the one that I chose was the size it was expected it to be and it worked without errors was at:
TechSpot - Technology News, Reviews and Analysis

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself."

"The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to ensure the unhindered development of the individual."
Albert Einstein

A:Many Realtek WLAN/LAN Drivers Problematical: Single Solution

Hi JimHarman, If I ever have aproblem with wireless drivers from realtek I always visit the manufacturers website Realtek

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This works for Roman S530 Bluetooth headphones, but it should work for any kind as well... try it.

1. Press Fn (control key) + F5 and start Bluetooth ON
2. In lower right corner next to (volume control) find Blootooth icon and double click on it
3. Add a device and after finding your Bluetooth device click on it and install

4. Right click on installed Bluetooth device icon and click properties
5. Select hardware tab
6. There should be a list of functions (Unknown device, Bluetooth AV, Bluetooth Hands-free and Bluetooth Headset)
7. Click on all functions separately and select driver tab
8. Update driver and select (browse my computer for driver software)
9. Select (let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer)
10. Select Bluetooth Radios / Bluetooth AV / Bluetooth Hands-free / Bluetooth Headset
11. In lower right corner of the screen right click on (volume control) and select sounds
12. Select playback tab, click on Bluetooth Hands-free Audio speakers and set as default
13. Your Blootooth speakers should work properly

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I removed the virus Antivir Pro Solutions from my laptop, and now i cant connect to the internet. Its says Net Adapter 1394 drivers are missing and not connected to TCP it doesnt received any data but is connected. This virus redirected me from whatever i tried to log on on and still blocks my internet connection. Im running malwarebytes but cant update it because i have dont have a internet connection.. For a second i was able to run in safe mode and access the internet but that isnt working any longer...where to go from here?

A:I Removed AntivirPro Solution Now Missing 1394 Drivers

Bump can anyone help please?

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Is anyone familiar with the Xerox M750 printer? I just developed a problem with mine. When I turned it on all the lights are flashing and no matter what I do I can't get it to work. I did e-mail Xerox trying to get some help, but who knows how soon that will be. I tried to uninstall the printer but it won't let me so I am not sure what kind of problem I have here.

I have received so much help on your website so thought I would grab at straws.


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Quick question - will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?

Layout looks similar; albeit a different colour.

A:Will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?


I think you cannot use the same keyboard because the Portege S100 supports the an-easy-to-use 84-key (US) or 85-key (UK) keyboard and the Portege M100 supports the an-easy-to-use 85/86-key keyboard.
Furthermore the connector of the S100 supports the CN3230 keyboard interface 34 pin connector and the M100 supports the PJ3230 keyboard 34pin connector.

So possibly this could be a problem.
I recommend using the original keyboards released for the each notebook model.

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Hi!! I've found another interesting bug fix!! I'm surprised i found no other useful material on this error on the internet, when it seems to be a fairly common and annoying error, but here goes:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\Report[any random number here]

In order to recognise which tmp file you should look into, you need to know the CATALOGUE number of the driver you wish to install.

[Guide to finding out the catalogue no.:
Inside of the place where you have your driver setup files (cd, floppy, wherever), locate the .cat file. It should have an icon with several sheets of paper bound with a strip of tape. Windows uses the catalogue file name as the tmp file name. So search through the folders in the above mentioned directory until you find the one with a tmp file by the name of the catalogue file you’ve located in the steps above]

In here you should find a .tmp file. There will be about 4 files, give or take. Open the .tmp file.

This is the file that will give the REAL solution to your problem:

In this file, windows logs its actions while installing the drivers.

Now here's the magic: Windows cannot find the file specified? Cos Either Windows or your Conexant driver witers is stupid. Either way, if you scroll down to the bottom of this file, and read the last 20 lines or so, you'll realize that windows was actually looking for the file that was missing in a valid folder, but the files weren’t there.

In my case, the folder was:... Read more

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Hi there,

I see from the Toshiba noticeboard that the Portege Z830-10N isn't able to be upgraded to Windows 10 why is this? The laptop isn't that old and the system is high enough spec as far as I know. I tried yesterday and it was booted off but without any reason. Can anyone let me know why?


A:Portege Z830-10N Windows 10

Have Z830.

Recently upgraded to Win10 following Microsoft invitation for system upgrade. The process was smooth but at the end got 5 unknown devices in system including Web camera. So good bye video Skype.
Most functional keys are working but only system (windows) OSD are displayed - do not know how to on/off 3D modem for example.

First impression from Win10 - is no real benefit comparing to Win7.
If will not find a solution for my problems in 1-2 months - will back to the saved system.

Anyone succeeded with Windows 10 on Z830?

Good luck,

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I own my Toshiba Portege Z-30B for the last 7 months. Received it with Windows 8 pro. installed, everything performed fine. I upgraded to Windows 10 about 5 months ago, after the upgrade the fan ran constantly at an unacceptable high noise. Toshiba service replaced the fan - no result. I've been advised by the service to install "eco" utility - done. No result. I've been advised by the service to upgrade to the latest Bios - done, no result. The noise is there when in dock station, there when in "charge" position and there when on battery. I seriously consider to sell and move to Lenovo or Dell. Anybody has some advice ?

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Dear Everyone,

My new Portege z30-b-14z Windows 10 Pro 64-bit won't hibernate.

I can not hibernate via the following methods:
1. click on "start", "power", "hibernate"
2. press windows button and x, click on "shut down or sign out", click "Hibernate"
3. Open a command prompt as administrator and type "powercfg/h on" then press enter to enable hibernate, then type "shutdown /h /t 0"

Again, nothing works. I really just want to close the lid of my laptop and have it hibernate.

Can anyone kindly help?


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is it possible to install Win 7 on the Portege M400? There is Windows XP on the Notebook.

I am German, excuse please my bad English.

Many greetings

A:Windows 7 on Portege M400

Theoretically yes but question is: is this notebook model supported for Win7?
Have you checked drivers archive?

You can do this under

Fact is that many Vista drivers can be used with Win7 so you can try to install Vista drivers.

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I have managed like possibly many others to get Windows 7 on to a Portege M200 the touch screen application with in 7 is amazing by the way. However my question is how much can I sell this for as I've noticed there are none on eBay let alone one of these with windows 7 on it as it is this rare I personally wouldn't b able to price it and was wondering how much would you pay for such a rare item?

A:Portege M200 with Windows 7

The M200 is quite an old model so I doubt it will sell for much.

Also, if you sell the laptop, it will need to have a genuine Win7 license, which may cost more than what the M200 is worth.

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I have an old Portege 7200, Pentium III, 600 MHZ, 320 MB RAM.

I am using Windows 2000, still stable and well running (You know, never touch a running system....)

However, due to new software that don't run with Win2000 (e.g. Internet Explorer, Anti-Virus, Video-Cam-Software and some more) I need an OS-Update. I have an old WinXP-Licence (SP 2) and have the idea to install WinXP on that Laptop.

The System power should be appropriate, however, I haven't found someone with WinXP on that Laptop. Has anyone experience with that? Does it work? Do I have to do a BIOS-Update? I have version 1.80 and found here in the support-side a zip-file for 2.0

Many thanks in advance - Andreas

A:Portege 7200 CT - Can I install Windows Xp instead of Windows 2000?

Hi Andreas,

Theoretically you can install what you want on your notebook but I have checked the Toshiba website and it seems that for Portege 7200 are no XP drivers available.
What does this mean? Well, you can install XP but if you drivers you have to collect these drivers on external websites, like Intel or Realtek. Maybe you will find all drivers what you need.

In my opinion the BIOS update should only be one if it?s necessary. That means if the notebook works good, this update isn?t necessary.

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)

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Hi, gotta problem, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my M400, but it don't see hard drive.
The hard drive is surly ok, 'couse I've tested it in the other netbook, I can see it in BIOS, but any installing program cannot.

(I've tried XP Tablet ed., and Ubuntu as well)

A:Portege M400 - Windows 7 doesn't see the HDD

Hi Radzik,

I think Windows doesn?t see the HDD due missing RAID drivers? Windows needs such RAID drivers before you can install it because it doesn?t contain such drivers so the HDD is not recognized. You can download the RAID driver on Toshiba website.

Then you can create a new installation disk using nLite with the drivers or you copy the drivers on an external floppy drive. After booting from Windows XP you have to press F6 key to load the drivers from FDD.

Check this!!!

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The Toshiba Port?g? R600 is an older laptop that's official supported by Toshiba for Windows Vista, XP (downgrade) and Windows 7. But it appears to run Windows 10 64 bit reasonably fine. There is one quirk that I have with Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10074. It will stop booting, with the circling dots going their rounds forever. (bootlog mode will show the reason)

What you do is boot into safe mode. In device manager disabled the second entry for the graphics card. Windows will then boot normally. I hope I can get through with Microsoft to fix this silly bug.

I do not know how this will affect build upgrades in the future.

Some other maintenance things:

The thermal grease for the graphics card becomes a useless thermal insulating powder over time. This will show up as graphics corruption on the screen, short lines that will show strange colors. If you open up the laptop (tip: ice cube tray for the screws), carefully slide open and unplug the ribbon cables, there is yellow heat spreader on the backside. The pinkish white heat paste will just crumble away. At the moment I've redone it with some Coolermaster thermal grease, but I think this will give the same problem eventually. Maybe I'll get myself some K5-Pro, as that seems to be a silicone rubber that's more sticky, without being a glue. And it will appropriate to replace the ripped thermal pad on the CPU too. Though a copper shim might work there too.

Windows troubleshooting notifications will tell you there are d... Read more

A:Windows 10 on Portege R600 - my experience

A small update on the screen corruption issues. Apparently this is a known issue with the Intel GM45 chipset. Some more in-depth info in the Intel errata 10.

Solutions are:
* Run with "1 stick" of RAM, e.g. only the built-in 1GB
* Run with matching sizes, e.g. builtin 1GB + 1GB SODIMM stick for a total of 2GB.
* Disable the Intel VT-d feature in the BIOS

Since I know VT can be used for more advanced security features, I had enabled it in the BIOS. With the fixes through memory limiting, but VT still enabled, you may still encounter entire system lockups/hangs on older steppings of the GM45 chipset.

I'd say, disable VT-x/VT-d in the BIOS.

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Is it possible to install Windows 8 on a Portege R500 ? I tried and failed. I think the reason is that Windows 8 uses a GPT disk and not MBR.

Is there a BIOS update to deal with GPT disks ?

Thank you

A:Installing Windows 8 on Portege R500

As far as I know this old Portege is not supported for Win8 and Toshiba doesn't offer any Win8 driver, tool or utility, especially not some BIOS version designed to help with Win8 installation.

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I got a used Protege R500 and installed Windows7 Professional. But I don't have sound. If I open music, I see the green bar on the volume control in the tray rising and falling. So it plays sound but it doesn't get it out of the speakers or the headphone.

Plugging in the headphone is also well recognized by Win7. It also records sound. I tested in Skype, others can hear me, but I can't hear them. In the device manager the audio is listed with "Realtech High Definition Audio (With EC)". There is only one device in Device Manager which is not recognized (Unknown Device).

Can you help me please? I want also to use my new laptop to listen to music..


A:Portege R500 - Windows 7 - No Sound

Are you 100% sure the sound is not muted? Check this using FN+ESC key combination.

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Portage M200 does not come with optical drive,
I want to install windows 7 on it,
I tried to boot from USB or the regular external DVD rom with no luck.

Anybody know how to resolve it?

Many thanks!

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I saw the following link which give dates for release of a "full set of WIndows 10 Software components" for some models- probably recent ones . This does not cover the Portege M780 I have or indeed any Portege models far as I can see.

Windows 10 upgrade would be available from microsoft anyway but is there any advice re doing this upgrade from Toshiba or has anyone ese done this or something similar. I am especialy keen to know if the fingerprint reader is supported.



A:Portege M780 - Windows 10 Upgrade

The newer Portege's support Win10, Z930, R30-A.
The M780 may simply be too old to run Win10 smoothly.

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Hello here my Problem,

I have bought an older Portegre M400 E, without an HDD. So I buy a new Samsung 400GB. I looked in the Bios (ACPI BIOS Version 3.40) and ok there it is. It shows me the HDD by Built in Assign LD-0 Status Online, Size 400Gb so it seems to be nice. Changed the Raid Array, discribed in the mauel, to Create State 1Raid-0
Then I want to Boot from the Windows XP CD, not recovery my own one.

Windows started up and after a short time the installation ends with the message that there isnt any HDD. This I try sometimes :-( Hope someone can help me.
Remember I didnt have any HDD with dates of the Laptop.

Thanks Carsten
(Sorry my English is not so good Im from Germany)

A:Portege M400 - Can't install Windows XP on new HDD


> Changed the Raid Array, discribed in the mauel, to Create State 1Raid-0

I don't know much about your model but I think something wrong with raid settings in Bios. What other options are available in Bios for hdd state? I found RAID driver on the Toshiba driver page. It's possible, you need to integrate it into Windows installation disk with a program called nlite or install Windows like in ,,Compatible mode,, and install Raid driver. then

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Toshiba Forum,

Someone just asked me if I can bring their Toshiba Portege 3110CT back to life. It did have Windows Me and my plan is to install Windows XP Home, I have a disc and Key #, but I'm concerned about getting all the drivers.

I looked on the Toshiba web site and all the drivers are for windoes 95 or 98 and 2000. Is there a BIOS update available for this?

Any advice rather than throwing it away.


A:Portege 3110CT - Can I install Windows XP?

Hi Jerryd,

Why you want to update the BIOS if you install only Windows XP?

It?s not depending on the BIOS, it?s depending on the drivers that you need for Windows XP. Maybe some Windows 2000 drivers will work but you have to test this yourself. Otherwise you have to collect the XP drivers on external websites.

By the way: Is Windows 2000 also an option? It also runs stable and fast as XP but therefore you can get the drivers from Toshiba directly.

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Just received the unit and before going any further after doing the basic installation, wanted to updated windows updates.

But it simply hangs.

Uninstalled Nortan, just in case but no luck. Can browse web ok without any issue.

Even enabled Automatic Updates hoping that would work but NO!

From the recovery disk reinstalled the OS but its the same.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Portege A200 - Windows Update


Firstly you should recover the system with the Recovery CD and after this installation you can make any updates. The option in ?Automatic updates? should be enabled and as far as I know all Windows updates runs automatically in the background.
If the system is clean and the firewall is disabled I can?t believe that it?s impossible to make any updates.


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I've got a port?g? 3490ct and I want to install Windows xp, but the laptop can't boot from my external USB cdrom-drive. I tried installing Windows to the harddrive on another computer (there it works), but if I put the drive into the laptop it doesn't boot.

So how can I install windows?!

Please write back.

A:Portege 3490CT - How to install Windows XP?

Hi michaelnachname,

Here you can find already a thread about Windows XP installation Portege 3490CT:

As you can read, you should format the HDD and copy the i386 folder from XP disk onto HDD. Then you can start the setup from HDD without CD drive. :)

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Hi ,

I try access to my windows 8 key ( serial number ) .

then i go to activation center and can only view last 5 digit from win 8 key .

my loptop is Z10T-A140 .

i need key for any time want full reinstall windows 8 , will use it key .

Thank you .

A:Portege Z10T - how to find windows 8 key

> i need key for any time want full reinstall windows 8
Wait a moment. If you have bought notebook with preinstalled Win8 you don't need product key. All you must do is to create recovery media (DVD or USB) and in the future you can use this media to reinstall original recovery image.
When you have bought your notebook you have also bought one valid licence for this recovery image.

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I have this old Toshiba Portege 2000 which OS crashed few days ago. This laptop doesnt have an optical drive and floppy drive.

The first thing comes to mind is to buy an external optical drive which I did but it doesnt seem to boot from it. I've struggling to setup Windows XP but to no avail.
Can you guys please help me?

The last option I have in mind would be to setup Windows XP over a network. This portege 2000 is capable of booting over PXE, the thing is I dont know how to do it! Can anybody tell me how to boot over PXE?

Thanks alot.

A:Portege 2000 - How to install Windows XP without ODD and FDD?

I?m not sure but as far as I know if you copy the Windows XP CD on the HDD and then you boot from external FDD (this should work) you can start the setup.
Copy the XP CD on your HDD with an external HDD case on an other computer, create a XP boot floppy and start from it.
Go to the I386 folder and start the WINNT.EXE

Or you use the CD/DVD drive from an other computer with the netbootdisk. I have found this with Google:

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I upgraded to Windows 8 pro on my Z830-10M a few days after the release of win8.

Today I closed down windows8 (all LED's turned off), closed the computer and put it in a computer bag.
50 minutes later when I took out the z830 it was burning hot.

So hot that I could not hold it in my hands without protection.

After cooling the computer down, the battery was at 0%.
It was 80% when I close down the computer.
(I am using using the Toshiba program, only loading the battery to 80%).

Should I go back to win7 or just hope that my z80 will not burnout the next time this happens?

A:Is it safe to use Portege Z830 with Windows 8 Pro?

> Today I closed down windows8 (all LED's turned off), closed the computer and put it in a computer bag.
>50 minutes later when I took out the z830 it was burning hot.

In my opinion the notebook did not shut down properly.
The fact that battery was empty would confirm my assumption?

So be always sure that notebook has been disabled properly before putting it into the back.

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Hello there!

I got this problem: my portege has no windows on it,because someone fully formated its hdd on external pc long ago.

Could someone give me an advice how to put windows back on it?

Message was edited by: kokalz

A:Portege 3440CT: How to install Windows?


For this you can use the Microsoft installation disk. I don?t know which OS do you want but put the disk into the CD drive, boot from it and the installation begins.
After the installation you can start to install the drivers that you can download on the Toshiba website in *Archive* => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Maybe you can get a Toshiba recovery disk from an ASP or from eBay. The Toshiba recovery disk contains the factory settings and you must download and install each driver. This takes not so long as the Microsoft disk.


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I am having trouble with a flcikering screen on a brand new Z30-c 156 (PT263E-0L903MEN) - it's about a week old.

Peridically the screen flickers, in black rectangular bloxks in a sort of matrix pattern all over the screen which renders the computer unusable.

A video of the type of flickering posted here:

I noticed the problem very early on when starting to setup the computer for first use. I am still not sure if it's hardware or software related. I have tried a range of things to fix it with no success, which I'll describe below.

Ran Toshiba service station, and TEMPRO, updated BIOS and Value added package according to tempro, but BIOS already seemed to be up to date 5.8)
Fully updated Windows 7 via windows update so it is convinced it has all updates applied
Complete factory reset - wipe of hard drive from factory image on SSD
Ran Toshiba PC Diagnostic tool from within windows, all the hardware tests pass
Tried to uninstall all third party software that's been installed on the PC. The only software really remaining is Office 2010, which is up to date, plus chrome browser, but the flickering existed even without chrome
I am now progressively downloading various drivers directly from the Toshiba support site and reinstalling. I've now done this for the display driver (even though this is older than the one windows update had installed) and the chipset, neither of these seem to have made a difference

the flickering ofte... Read more

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I have a Portege Z930 laptop with an SSD drive. Recently it would not boot into Windows 7. It just hangs at the "Starting Windows" screen.

I removed the hard drive and connected it to another computer via USB. This was ok, i could see all the files, so i formatted it and put it back into the laptop.

When i boot it up now is still hangs at "Starting Windows. This is confussing, as the hard drive has been formatted, and has nothing on it.

Any help please.

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Hello experts,

My notebook is driving me crazy! I've been trying to install Windows XP on my Toshiba Port?g? P2000 notebook using an external DVD ROM Drive. The PCMCIA drive of type "Freecom PX1055E-1NST" won't boot my XP CD even if I change the parameters required in BIOS. Is there any chance to get XP installed easily without PXE boot from a RIS server?

thank you,

A:Can't install Windows on Portégé P2000

Do you use original Toshiba recovery discs?
As far as I know original recovery disc contains PCMCIA DOS driver for Toshiba external ODDs.
Maybe you need to load DOS driver for your external drive. I presume it is not recognized properly.

I have this Portege with original Toshiba ODD and when I start recovery installation ODD is recognized automatically and installation will start.

Do you have external FDD?

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I am attempting to re-image this laptop via a USB installer I created that has Windows 7 x64 Enterprise SP1 on it.

I have been unable to boot from the USB installer at post via the F12 Boot menu option.
The USB installer works on any other laptop or PC.
If I use a WIndows 10 x64 USB installer that will boot from the same laptop.

I have tried various options within the Bios, also tried resetting to defaults to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions I may not have tried?

A:Portege Z30-C-10W - Not able to boot from USB Windows 7x64 SP1

Having a similar problem cannot get it to boot from a USB pen drive.

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I have a Portege r700 with original Windows 7 OEM installation.

The Windows 7 is up to date and Windows Update program is offering me to upgrade to Windows 10.

The upgrade process is starting fine, downloading & pre-configuring all necessary stuff, then finaly ask me to reboot the system in order to go on with the upgrade.

After a few seconds, the reboot process is launched, and load... the current Windows 7 system, saying that an error occured during the upgrade process.

I performed a few tests ; I am also a Linux fan so I tried to boot the system with a LiveCD of my prefered distros : after loading the prompt menu asking what I want to do (liveCD boot, install, diagnose, etc.), it reboots... and show me again the prompt menu (prompt menu is a GRUB feature, the kernel has not been loaded at this time).

I understand that "something" (and I guess it is the Toshiba restauration system) is preventing me to boot on something else than the original partition, preventing the Windows 10 upgrade.

Any idea ?

A:Portege R700 - cannot upgrade to Windows 10

I was offered the free upgrade on my R700-12U and R930-1DK Toshibas - and the upgrades was done without any problems. However, if I understand it right, the R700 is not on the list of upgradable units but it worked very well on mine, starting from updated W7.

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Can I download Windows 10?

A:Can I download Windows 10 on Portégé Z830 10F?

It is not a UEFI machine so I dont think it will be supported.

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While reinstalling windows XP on Portege A600-12O, I am receiving following error:
Built-in HDD Error:The Product recovery CD is unable to reinstall the OS.

Further, I tries to install XP SP2 using Microsoft's cd (...needless to mention without any success)...
following error is flashed on the screen:
A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
if this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

A:Portege A600-12O - Can't reinstall Windows XP


In my opinion the error message from Toshiba recovery disk is very interesting and says a lot. What do you think about this?

If your HDD is defective you need a new one and you are not able to reinstall the OS. Maybe your HDD must be exchanged.

In your case I would contact an authorized service provider. The technicians can check your notebook and if it?s under warranty you should get a new HDD for free.


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Greetings all. I got a new HP Pavilion with windows 7 upgraded to professional. Three of the programs I use had to be replaced since they would not work on Windows 7. My windows 7 seems to be missing a number of files such as xp mode and the solution to a problem with loading Print Master 2012 platinum requires some folders that also appear to be missing... to fix the java.lang.reflect.InovationTargetExemption error, the trouble shooters recommended going into the users folder, click on the administrators folder, into the appdata file and then the local settings folder. I go into the administrator folder and I can't find the appsdata folder at all. CCleaner states that a number of links and some files appear to be missing. I sent word to the software trouble shooters but I need this problem solved immediately to get out a newsletter that is already late.

A:Problems with solution to Print Master solution

appsdata is a hidden system folder. Instructions on how to enable seeing hidden files is HERE

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When searching I find no Windows 10 touchpad driver for the Z30T-A laptop. Though, there is a Toshiba signed driver delivered through Windows Update.

Is the Windows Update driver the one that is supported by Toshiba for Windows 10?

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Im stuck on this one, I recieved a Portege 300CT from a friend that I use to program two way radios. It was running Windows 98 SE with problems. This computer has no FDD but I have the docking station with the CD drive. I reformatted the drive with a new Win 98 SE disk but now the CD drive is not recoginized and I get Invalid System disk I have tried hitting the F12 key to get to the Boot menu with no results. How can I load the operating system? Thanks in advance.

A:Install Windows 98 SE on Toshiba Portege 300CT

hi kd4fun,
this is hard: deleting without thinking about the problems...

to make it short:
you need a driver that the docking station is able to communicate with the laptop...

recover cd at hands? no....

to make it shorter ;-)
take out hdd
make it bootable (format /s)
put all win98 files in a special folder eg. "win98src" (not more than 8 digits!)
put all needed drivers in a 2nd folder eg. "300drivers"

put the hdd back in the 300ct boot it up and run DOS
hop in the "win89src" folder and type "setup"
this should install win98 as a clean install.
you have to install the driver too!

now you got a fresh and stable win98se!
there is a "unofficial service pack" for it... search the internet ( ;-) creopard)

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Hello friends :)

I have problem with installation Windows 2000 on Portege 3440.
I was running installation Windows 2000 with FDD USBB (with driver for CD-ROM PCMCIA) and CD-ROM PCMCIA. All was ok to moment when I entered to ?winnt" on ?q?.

During installation without partition on HDD was appeared information on blue background: "could not find a place for a swap file. With partition (FAT32, 6GB): " Setup was unable to install Windows Boot Loader. Ensure that your C: drive is formatted and that drive is not damaged." I was tried with three other HDDss.
What I must do to install this system? (Same users don't have such communiques)

Thanks for help

A:Portege 3440 - Can't install Windows 2000


1 be sure to prepare your HD with fdisk ( one bootable partition ) and format it with Fat32 file-system

2 then start with a MSDos bootdiskette in your FDD-drive with the proper ( Freecom ) drivers for your PCMCIA-CDrom drive

3 copy the entire i386 directory from the W2K-installation CD to your HD, be sure to have smartdrive loaded, otherwise it will take ages !

4 start again with the bootdiskette, go to the i386 directory and start WINNT

You can look here for more info concerning the freecom drivers and the bootdisks :
On your 3440 it should be easier than with the R100 because of the normal 2.5" HD of 6gb, but the problem is basically the same

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Good morning
My question is very simple: can someone tell me if the upgrade to WINDOWS 10 is possible for my laptopnTOSHIBA M800 -11G , serial number 29037079W
Best reahrds

A:WINDOWS 10 upgrade on Toshiba Portege M800 -11G

Generally, models that dont have UEFI Boot Mode will have problems in Win10.
It is best to stay with the currently installed OS.

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Is it possible to update to windows 8 without using a dvd external drive?

Through image of the dvd's or something?

I tried to put the files of the dvd in a external hdd usb drive but it didn't work... is there any way to install it without using a dvd external drive?

Thanks :)

A:Portege Z930 - Upgrade to Windows 8 without dvd drive

Yes you can make a bootable USB Flash Drive from the Win8 ISO by using a tool like WinUSB Maker.

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I have an old 3480ct which has a corrupt installation of XP. I have no original cd drive or floppy drive.
I have a generic teec PCMCIA cd drive but can't boot from it to repair or reinstall.

Does anyone know if there is a hidden partition that i can access to reinstall 2000? So i can upgrade.
At the moment it I cant get in at all.
It will boot from LAN but no where else.

Any help much appreciated.
My own lapy is an Equium.

thanks in advance.

A:Portege 3480ct - corrupt Windows XP installation

No, there is no hidden partition on this old notebook series!!!

In your case I don?t see any other possibility as to install the Windows OS booting from LAN or buying and compatible CD/DVD drive for booting from the OS CD.

But the LAN installation is not easy. It?s tricky becasue4 you would need an RIS server!!!

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Toshiba Portege Z930-108 PT235E
Windows 7 Professional SP1

I'm new to forums so please forgive me if I don't give enough information! I have two issues with my Portege Z930 that have been bugging me for months, if not longer. The first, and more longstanding issue is with the touchpad. Every so often it disables itself for no reason, and without warning. I quickly learned to press Function F9 and it comes back on again.

However, recently it was becoming more and more common (every couple of minutes) which led me to reinstall back to factory settings. Since then, it has been disabling a lot less frequently (once every few hours) but it still does it!

The other issue is with the device disconnect sound. This keeps on playing regardless of whether I have anything connected or not.
It was driving me crazy until I learned I could simply disable the sound effect which I have done (but clearly this is not a solution).
was hoping that this would be cleared up by the restoring of Window 7 to factory settings but if anything, its been worse since.

This has been going on for a few months now and I have tried everything I've read (although I'm not that tech literate so I may not have understood a lot of what I've read!).

I've looked in event viewer but there doesn't seem to be a record of anything happening when the noise occurs. In device manager, the screen does seem to refresh shortly after the noise but there's no way of knowing which device is causing ... Read more

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Please help!
I have an Toshiba portege S100, I think from 2005.
I try for few weeks to install an windows xp.
This thing become impossible to me. I tried hundreds of xp's but never work. It can not see the hdd beacuse the sata driver i guess.
please somebody can tell me where i can find a workly raid driver.
Thank you!

A:Can not install Windows XP on Portege S100 series

Hi mircea,

It?s not the SATA driver that is missing but the RAID driver. Ok it?s similar but just to be clear ;)

You can download the RAID driver on official Toshiba website:

But you have to search in *Archive* instead notebook product category because it?s older model so it?s moved to Archive.

Check this!!!

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I just got my new Toshiba Portege Z930 pre installed with Windows 7, accompanied with two Windows 8 Pro discs. It's a beautiful pc, but with no cd-drive, how do I install Windows 8 from the discs?


Message was edited by: Toshibanewbie

A:Upgrade Portege Z930 with the accompanying Windows 8 CD's

> but with no cd-drive, how do I install Windows 8 from the discs?
You could use an external USB CD/DVD drive in order to boot from Win 8 disks.

Or you will try to install the Win 8 using an USB flash memory sik.
But in order to be able to install the Win 8 from USB flash memory stick an Win 8 ISO (image) files is needed.
Additionally you have to create an bootable USB stick. You can do this using the ?Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool?

I recommend to use google for more details

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I've just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64) on my Portege Z930 (Part number: PT235R-08JOJERU)

Unfortunately, there are several issues that are not working properly:

- My function keys are not working at all (TOSHIBA Function Key v. is installed)- Bluetooth is not working (TOSHIBA System Driver v. 1.01.0002 is installed)

Besides I?m seeing in Device Manager 3 unrecognized devices:

Base System DeviceH5321 gwUnknown device
The screenshot is attached.
Please help to fix it.

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our company bought a Toshiba Portege Z930-14X and it is necessary to do a clean Windows 7 Install.

Unfortunatly there is no working Windows 7 key to be found anywhere on the device.
I did read out the key from the original installation, but this key is not supposed to be activated, hence doesn't work for clean installation.

Usually there is a licence sticker at the bottom of the device, but this laptop has nothing whatsoever.

So, where do I find that Windows 7 key?

Kind regards,

A:Portege Z930-14X - need key for clean Windows 7 installation

>Unfortunatly there is no working Windows 7 key to be found anywhere on the device.

If you want to use an clean Windows system, you have to purchase the MS Windows disk containing the serial key.
The Toshiba notebooks are preinstalled with Toshiba image containing the OEM version of Windows system and the drivers. This image is already activated. The serial key isn?t needed.

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I bought a new WD Hard Drive for my Toshiba laptop.

Window I boot from CD I receive the message that Setup did find any disk drives installed in your computer.

A:Trying to Install Windows XP on Toshiba Portege M400

info on hdd site

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Hey guys.

I hope you could help me with that but my precious in-built micro started failing appr. a week ago. As I am speaking with someone, I am able to hear him very clearly, but he unfortunately does not hear me at all!

I went to sound properties as I read many articles how to fix this problem, installed the new sound driver, enabled it etc., actually I tried almost everything, but it is still not working. The sound driver is visible and updated on my lap, but it does not allocate any sound vibration!

Can you help me with that problem? Did anyone of you suffered the same??

Thank you in advance!!


A:In-built micro of Portege R & Windows 7 does not work

Hi Goldie,

Right clicking on the speaker in the taskbar, going to recording devices, make sure you have only got one microphone option there would be the first step, if you have got more than 1, try right clicking them and 'setting as default' for each of them seeing if that works.

Hope this helps,

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After installing windows 7 - 64 bit on Portege A600-133, neither Toshiba Assist button nor Toshiba a presenter button are working. All other buttons are working fine. How I can solve this?

A:Portege A600-133 Windows 7 64 bit button problem


Did you install the latest VAP (value added package)?
Toshiba page provides the latest Win 7 VAP for A600 which is v1.2.40

Are you using the latest BIOS?
Check this!

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I am interested to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Since upgrading Windows 10 to the latest Version 1511, Build 10586 released in November by Microsoft i am having strange issues with the Conexant HD Audio device.

The issue being when i am playing stereo music and i encounter a lower volume section of the music (i.e - strings etc) the sound switches from Stereo to Mono and when the volume of the track increases it again reverts to stereo. Sometimes it switched back and forth regularly which is irritating.

I have the latest DTS Studio Sound (1.2.41) for Windows 10 and the correct Conexant HD Audio driver from Toshiba ( and this is the exact same driver/software version i had prior to updating Windows 10 to the latest version so the issue has definately been caused by the update.

To get around the issue i have installed the generic High Defination Audio Device drivers from Microsoft and the issue no longer occurs but i obvisuly can no longer use DTS Studio Sound with these drivers.

I am hoping Toshiba will be releasing a new DTS Studio Sound and/or driver to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance


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Hello!I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition with Windows 8 as it's default operating system. Since I don't like it that much, I plan to format the hard drive (by going into computer-> Right click on C: -> Format) and then to do a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on it.After the clean installation procedure, I was wondering if I could simply insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc into the optical drive and intall the drivers like I would normally do.Therefore, the real question would be: Will the Windows 8 drivers provided by Dell be compatible with Windows 7?Thank you very much everyone.FatLord

A:Planning to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Will the drivers provided on my Dell "Drivers and Utilities" be comp...

I did find this one "Inspiron 15R SE 7520" If that is your model then the Dell website has Windows 7 64bit drivers and Windows 8 64 bit drivers available for download.

I would use the Windows 7 Drivers for windows 7, Just download them ahead of time and burn them to a CD or store on a flash drive so you will have them handy to use.

I would also have my Antivirus ready to install before I went on the Internet.

3rd point. Windows will prevent you from formatting the drive it is installed on. So you have to do it during the install process.

Good Luck

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I bought the upgrade from 7 to 8 during the promotional offer in early 2013, but until now I was waiting for a better moment to perform the upgrade. I'm trying to do the upgrade having prepared a USB pen with the ISO I downloaded in 2013.

However, after 20 minutes of work, around 99% it says that the Upgrade was unsuccessful.

I've read somewhere that it could be because of the recovery partition of my Portege.

Does anyone have faced similar problems?
Please, consider that I'm trying to perform an upgrade, instead of a clean install.



ps and probably OT: does anyone know if it is possible to obtain the ISO of 8.1 having the 8 with an activation code?

A:Portege Z930 - Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro

As I’m not mistaken the Portege Z930 was sold with a preinstalled Windows 7 but the additional Windows 8 DVD should be part of the package.

Didn’t you get such Windows 8 DVD medium?

Anyway, I found an useful page which provides you different information how to upgrade the system to Windows 8.

Please check the link: Step-by-Step Instructions Upgrade to Windows 8

I would recommend you to perform the step by step instruction and to repeat the system upgrade process.

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Toshiba is helping in Windows 8 problems with old Notebooks and Windows 7.
The Problems seems to be hardware related, but i should contact microsoft.

Where schould i contact for Windows 8 resume/standby problems with this notebook.
any microsoft support contact would be helpful?



A:Portege z830-11J - Windows 8 - resume/standby problems

Hi Juergen

I don?t think that Microsoft would be able to help you? Usually the notebook manufacturers are responsible for the own products?

If you have any problems regarding the notebook functionality, you have to contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country additional you can call the Toshiba hotline.

You can also ask the here the user community for some advice, assistance, etc?

This Z830-11J is definitely Win 8 supported as you can see the model number here in the Win 8 compatibility matrix:

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i have a M400 which is running on EC 2.1, BIOS 2.1N, Windows 7, 32bit, which is freshly installed and a T2400 CPU and 2GB of memory whoch i recently tested and which are O.K.. The computer some times suddenly simply stops with BSOD 0x101 when i am doing somple tasks such as writing a note in OneNote or scrolling through a Word Document- so no high CPU consumption or special tasks done. I know that BIOS 2.1 is old but that is the newest one available with an acceptable fan noise behaviour- so I really don't want to upgrade this BIOS.

So I worked out some possible reasons for this STOP error:

- faulty CPU
- bad driver which is causing a Dead Lock
- BIOS bug

So my questions are:

is there some where out there who had this problem too?
Can anyone tell me if this is possibly a known error fixed in a newer BIOS?

Is anyone out there having a newer BIOS with low fan noise behaviour? (I doubt)
Can't toshiba simply modify a newer BIOS version with the fan thing? I simply dont understand how one can throw a laptop on the market which has a fan which is always running at least at medium speeds although the is totally NO LOAD and CPU is at 30C.

Is there someone who possibly might point a driver to me which may cause the problem?

Any ohter suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

A:Portege M400 - STOP error 0x101 on Windows 7

Hi zacha,

> So I worked out some possible reasons for this STOP error:
Who says that these are the possible reasons for this?

Normally a bluescreen is related to drivers and/or faulty hardware. I can?t imagine that the BIOS is causing this so you should check the device manager for yellow exclamation marks. Maybe a device isn?t working properly.

After this check the RAM modules, they are typical reasons for that. You can use Memtest86 to check the modules. It?s a freeware diagnostic tool that you can start from bootable disk.

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