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Battery issues with brand new Satellite Click Mini

Q: Battery issues with brand new Satellite Click Mini

Hi guys,

my unit came fully discharged which was quite annoying. So I charged up the tablet to 100% and the keyboard battery was at the time reading 100% charge. Applied the bios update 1.70 and after boot the keyboard battery was showing at 0%. It will now not charge, the tablet is at 100% and Windows reports battery 2 is charging but it stays at 0%.

There is a high pitched electrical whine coming from the keyboard dock? Could it be a faulty battery? Or is it so deeply discharged it will not charge again?

Thanks in advance

A: Battery issues with brand new Satellite Click Mini

If the keyboard battery is deeply discharged, you have to keep the AC adaptor connected for at least 24 hours…

But the high pitched electrical whine coming from the keyboard dock sounds really strange…
I can imagine that there is some lose connection or an hardware issue…

Anyway, tablet must be connected to AC adaptor and docked to the keyboard dock while charging… please also ensure that the tablet is powered OFF (press and hold the power button 10-15 sec in order to power off the tablet)

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I just recieved my Satelite Click Mini a few days ago and there seems to be an issue with the battery in the keyboard.

When I received the laptop I fully charged it and all was fine. I have been using the laptop frequently and noticed today that the main battery was down to 3%. I assumed that the power would revert to the 2nd battery but it did not and shut down. I then recharged and powered it up however the charging seemed to stall at about 40%.

After checking the forums I thought that a bios update (to 1.7) would solve this however it has not and other issues have flagged up. The first battery charges very slowly and seems to stall at 70% the second battery is showing at zero percent (before update it was at 100%), it also states that its plugged in and not charging.

Also, and i don't know if this is linked, but I found it extremely hard to type in this forum as the screen is flickering and I have to wait after pressing each key. I have had to post this on another laptop.

Any help would be appreciated, I am worried this laptop needs to go back to the factory.

Many thanks

Richard Waldman

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Battery/Charging issues

There have been a few ideas thrown around here in the forum. Easiest thing to try at this time would be to leave the tablet AND keyboard plugged into the wall to charge overnight. If the notification centre is still showing that it's not charging you might have to try a (maybe several) cold reboot (hold down the power button for 5-10 secs while tablet is on) to try to fix it. I would also ensure that Windows Update is up to date.

I'd just like to pitch in just for sharing's sake that BIOS update 1.70 increased my batttery life immensely. I was having to charge the tablet every night, now I can go every other night.

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I am using Battery Bar to monitor battery usage and it is showing 10% & 11% wear on both batteries after 3 weeks use. Anybody else noticed high battery wear? Could be a software issue as the wear amounts go up and down.

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B battery wear

Bump, can anybody else check their battery wear info? Battery Bar and Windows reporting same amount. Have seen another post stating similar amounts, wondering if this is normal? Thankyou.

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Recharge first battery stops at 92% maximum, the second battery do not recharge .
How to do for recharge 100% both batterys?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - battery does not charge to 100%

Please read this thread

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I've recently purchased this device (September 15) and having upgraded to windows 10 and Bios V5.00 I find that if I fully charge both batteries and shutdown windows 10 (Not in standby) then both batteries are flat 3 days later when I come to use it again! it also takes over 10 hours to fully charge when powered off and over 24 hours if left running.

Can anyone confirm if this is normal? Or have I got faulty batteries or device?

Thanks in advance


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My keyboard battery will not charge, I have left it charging for over 24 hours after battery 1 reached 100%.

I've checked the bios version which is 1.70. I've read other posts about this exact issue but unfortunately nothing is working for me.

It shows the charging symbol on battery 2 however it has not gone above 0%. If I turn it on the battery immediately drains from battery 1.

Please advise me on this issue as I will otherwise have to return my satellite click mini. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B Keyboard battery will not charge

Did you completely power off the unit?

Do that… press and hold power button until the unit would shut off.
Additionally you can shut off the unit pressing and holding SHIFT button and then choose SHUT OFF

Then check the connection between the keyboard docker and tablet… if necessary disconnect and connect it again.
After that power up the unit again and check the battery charging status connection the AC adaptor to the device.

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Having just bought a ClickMini to replace my trusty Libretto 100 there are a couple of things that I hope other users or forum experts can help me with.

1) does anyone know how to TURN OFF tapping to click on the ALPS 'mouse pad'. Having been used to a 'nipple' and proper click bars this 'feature' does not work well for me, giving false activations more often than I would like. Note that I have looked at the pad properties in Control Panel and, it appears from this, that tapping either is not active (which it is) or that it cannot be changed. Note also that the ALPS driver is up-to-date having downloaded from the Toshibs website without effect on my problem.

2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Finally, although new to this forum and with a new machine, I am far from a Newbie in PC computing terms having bee using compurters in various guises since before the IBM PC was invented. So I am far from being inexperienced and unable to read between the lines of an instruction manual, indeed I have written many myself!

Hoping someone out there can help, yours aye

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - questions about: touchpad and battery

> 2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I
> cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Go to the classic Windows desktop (not the modern Tile-GUI), locate the battery indicator in the task bar in the lower right corner, double click it to expand it and it shows the status of both batteries.

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I have this laptop for about five months.

At first everything was working fine. But suddenly a problem appeared with the loading of the screen battery, no matter how long I charge it, it stays stuck at 80 percent. So I can only get 40% overall battery now...

Since one of the main reasons I bought this laptop was its long battery life, this is a big problem for me...

If anyone could suggest any fixes for this, it would be much appreciated!

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I've got my click mini for a day and the battery of my tablet is empty, while the battery of the keyborddock is still 100%.
The click mini says i need to charge it. Why can't i use the battery of the keyboarddock?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - tablet battery is empty

Please check your BIOS version.
There is a new BIOS v1.7 which solves the issue with the keyboard dock battery charging status which was not recognized by Window system correctly.

You should also know that the battery
#1 refers to battery inside the tablet and the battery
#2 refers to battery inside the keyboard dock.
The battery status can be checked in the Windows Mobility Centre window.

When you use the tablet with the keyboard dock, the second battery pack (battery inside the keyboard dock) is the first source to provide power! It happens also that the battery could be deeply discharged
In such case it?s necessary to keep the tablet and keyboard dock charging for at least 24 hours.
The tablet must be connected to AC adaptor and docked to the keyboard dock.

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Puchased my Satellite Click Mini about three weeks ago from Amazon in the UK. Extremely happy with it up till now. After three weeks of overseas business trips in Asia I just noticed that the back of the tablet section/screen is bulging out slightly where I think the battery is. It is visible under the right light conditions and can also be felt.

I've had an iPhone that had this problem before but I did not expect this to come up so quickly on a three week old machine. I've only been using the packaged adaptor to charge with but have also been using plug convertors for different regions where I have been travelling. Couple of questions..

1) Anyone else had this issue with the battery bulging out? Or am I just imagining this and everyone else's is also like this?
2) I'm not able to get back to the UK until sometime in December but really need this machine for work etc. If the battery is gone, will it be semi-safe to use until I can get this back to Toshiba?

Would love to hear anyone else experiences

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - 3 weeks old and bulging battery

Deleted post

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I bought this back in October, upgraded the BIOS almost immediately and since then it has been very reliable in everyday use (now on Windows 10, 1511). However, during that period there has been the same power issue two or three times. While used on a laptop on battery power it shuts down completely for no apparent reason and cannot be switched on again with the power button. If then connected to the charger the switch operates normally and the PC reboots. The battery monitor shows the tablet at 2% (which should trigger a shutdown when used as a tablet) but the keyboard at ~ 100%.

This suggests to me a specific bug in the firmware or driver which is triggered by a particular set of circumstances, e.g. the battery switchover point happens to coincide with a timed change to sleep mode. Its annoying because apart from a possible loss of work it means I need to carry the charger even though the batteries will last all day.

Two questions. Has anyone else experienced this or seen it reported? Is there a simple way to inform Toshiba in the hope (!) that it might be added to a list of bugs to investigate?

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Firstly, just to say that this is a great little device but I like many have experienced teething problems during battery recharge.

My bios is is greater than v5, ie v5.2 now.
My experience in Nov 2015 was of battery number two not charging. It seemed to be something to do with the tablet connection, as on a few occasions just unclipping and reclipping seemed to then allow battery two to charge.

At this stage I will say that I primarily use the device like a mini laptop, rarely as a tablet, so am not generally clipping and unclipping the tablet all the time. For a while after it kept charging ok, no unclipping etc, all was well. Then I fitted a leather case, having to unclip the tablet to do so.

This triggered the battery numbr two no charge again. However after several unclips and reclips, plus a power off button sequence (as many have said before) my loveable Toshiba seemed fine at recharching both batteries again. Just a few days ago, though it went back into no charge of battery two mode. I wondered if the leather case was causing a slight uncoupling of the tablet to keyboard body and so removed the leather case, and unclipped and reclipped tablet and keyboard once again, this did not sovle the charging problem.

However closing down from the side power button and restarting several times seems to have solved the problem, again, perhaps only for the moment . . . I wait to see on my next recharge.

Also I have yet to see 12-13hrs available time shown o... Read more

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I have the following big problem with my Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - this happened already two times.

I suspect that this may be connected to some Windows 8.1 setting. It also may be it is BIOS related.

PROBLEM: if I leave the laptop in a sleep mode (by just closing the lid), then If I do not use it for some time (>10 hours) then after that I could not switch the laptop on - it simply does not respond to any keys including the power on button. It does not matter whether I connect the power or disconnect it, I still can not power on the laptop, also it does not matter whether I try it with or without the keyboard attached. BUT: the battery on back on the screen is warm ,so obviously the laptop has not been switched off completely and something (i.e. windows sleep mode or bios or something else) is preventing me to power it on.

The solution I have so far is to leave the laptop for a very long time disconnected (to drain the battery completely - it will not be warm any more!) and then connect the power and then it will be able to switch on. Alternatively, opening the screen cover and manually disconnecting the battery and then connecting it again also work. After that the laptop can be switched on and works fine.

Obviously it is not very good because to wait very long (several days!) or to open the cover is not really a good option when you need the laptop!

Can you help?

May be it is something to do with some power-saving features of Windows?

Many thanks!

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - could not switch it on until battery is fully drained

There is a quick workaround instead of waiting for the battery to drain...

Hold down power button for around 20-30 seconds. That should hardware turn off the power completely allowing you to turn it on again.

Update the bios to the latest version and apply all windows updates after that, that may solve the sleep bug issue

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Hi there, first-time poster/toshiba user here.....

So I got my click mini about 2 weeks ago......but from day one the battery doesn't seem to charge right.

The tablet battery would charge fine and would do so till a full 100%.

Then the keyboard battery would start charging and indicate that it is charging but it would only stay that way, the percentage levels for the keyboard battery would not go up.

The batteries combined would have a total percentage level of 51% and never higher. And when I unplug the charger the battery level in the tablet would start depleting. The keyboard battery would always show 0% whether plugged in or not.

I have updated to BIOS 1.6, did windows update, reinstalled to original settings and even tried out the 24hr continuous charge suggested here and also suggested by tech support but nothing has changed.

I'm kinda at a wits end with this as since I am living in Singapore I can't send it sent in to be repaired as its not under warranty here(they don't even have the hardware/software for it apparently) plus it'll cost me $150 just for them to look at it.

I was told by tech support when I first discovered the problem that BIOS 1.6 would solve the problem. But it has not.....and kinda weird too that they removed BIOS 1.6 update just a few days after releasing it.

Kinda frustrated coz I really like the laptop(perfect for on-the-go/travel).

Another thing I would like to ask is does this model have a hibernate option? I looked into the user ma... Read more

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - battery problems + hibernate option

Ah ! Thanks ! So I am not crazy... I bought the Click Mini recently and checked the drivers/bios prior receiving the pc. Then I saw the 1.60 Bios and... it disappeared from Toshiba site. Still have it, though, but not sure it is recommended to try...

Regarding keyboard charge, it seems to be charged only after a full charge of tablet - but, so far, it charges correctly here. Although I did notice sometimes it says plugged/not charging - and suddenly becomes plugged/charging - don't know why.

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Can a mod please explain why all my posts complaining about the fact that Toshiba can't fix the well-known Click Mini keyboard battery problem have been removed?

Caveat emptor, it would appear that not only does the product not work as advertised but all attempts to engage to get this fixed and to alert the community seem to be censored, too...

A:Satellite Click Mini - BIOS and keyboard battery problem

Please try this (worked for me)

Turn off laptop fully by holding down the power button

Place it in charger.

test to see whether or not it is fully turned off by quickly tapping the power button once. You should see two battery indicators.

Wait until the top one has charged..

When you see that the charge indicator is on the second battery, this will unfortunately not charge it... however..

tap the power button quickly to see the two indicators.

Quickly remove the charger plug from the laptop (not from the wall) and reinsert it back

Then wait...

After 20 minutes feel the charger on the wall.. if it is warm, then it is charging the keyboard battery...

Use Bios 1.7 or 5 before doing this (I tried it on bios 5)

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To help work out how widespread is the issue of the non-charging of the keyboard battery on the Click Mini, let's do a quick poll. Please note your OS and BIOS version and we can see who can and who can't make this charge.


A:POLL: who can get keyboard battery charging on Satellite Click-Mini L9W-B?

To start us off...

No, it doesn't charge at all.

OS: Windows 10
BIOS: 5.2

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Hi, I've bought the Click Mini and have been setting it up for my personal use today. However I noticed the keyboard battery isn't charging. I have upgraded the bios to version 1.7. What I see now is that the Tablet is charged, which is good, but the keyboard is 'charging' according to windows, but it also only stays at 0%, thus not charging for real. I do also hear a high pitched noise coming from the keyboard when it is trying to charge. I have only tried to let it charge while it is in sleep mode so far. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Edit: Another thing I want to add: When I first opened the box containing the laptop, I had to completely charge it first before use. It was not possible to start the laptop without charging it first.

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard battery not charging BIOS v1.7

ok, nevermind. I've left it charging overnight and it seems to be ok now.

The Keyboardbattery seems to be completely charged now

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I had purchased this device from amazon. Below is a brief history and the issues with the dock battery.

Initially turned the tablet on (while connected to dock) - Took over 30 minutes to charge it. I assume this was because of the battery being discharged. (Thankfully it did eventually start charging)In Windows 8.1. the dock battery was showing as 100% and the tablet battery was rising as it was being charged. The 100% seems to have been an issue with the installed bios on the machine (Which was showing 100%, when it was empty in reality)Updated the bios to V5. Now the dock battery was showing as 0%.Upgraded to windows 10

No amount of charging would charge the keyboard battery. Once the tablet was at 100%, it would give the status of "not charging" for battery 2.

I tried the following

Kept the device connected overnight on 2 occasions (But bear in mind this was for around 10 hours only) - perhaps 24 hours may do the trick? but could not do this as I did not want to risk keeping a device charged while I was at work. Will try this in the weekend.Turned off the device fully and then charged overnight (This would show the two status indicators for the batteries and did show a charge icon next to the second battery, but no change in battery status)Attempted to remove the dock battery. kept it removed (took out connection to circuitboard) for 30 minutes, then reconnected it to the tablet and power, but no change.Attempted to power the device via low powered u... Read more

A:Toshiba Satellite Click mini - Dock battery dead on arrival

Ok partially solved the issue via dismantling the device.

I pried open the tablet taking care not to break the ribbons that are connected to either side.
Swapped the batteries over.
Put the tablet on charge (with the fully depleted battery)
it started charging (power adaptor also got warm)
Left it for an hour or so (was then at 55% battery life)
swapped back the batteries

The issue still here is that when the tablet is fully charged 100% and in the keyboard dock. I assume the keyboard dock will then get charged. Unfortunately it is mentioning.. Not charging....

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I've had my Click Mini for about six months and have had quite a few issues with it. Most of them seem to be software/driver related. I downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1, which did fix some of the problems. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these issues:

- Wifi will randomly disconnect, even when actively using the laptop. You have to manually disconnect from the wifi network and reconnect. This happens with multiple wifi networks. Other devices connected to the wifi networks do not have the issue. Downgrading from Windows 10 to 8.1 didn't fix this problem.

- Other times, wifi will not connect at all when resuming from standby and you have to reboot the device to connect again. This happens with multiple wifi networks. Other devices connected to the networks do not have the issue. Downgrading from Windows 10 to 8.1 did fix this problem.

- Sometimes, when resuming from standby, the screen is blank. The backlight comes on, system notifications appear, but the screen is blank. You have to attach the keyboard and press CTRL+ALT+FN+DEL to get the login window to appear. Downgrading from Windows 10 to 8.1 did fix this problem.

- Metro apps will randomly stop working. They suddenly won't load. You have to reboot the laptop to get them to work. I think downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 fixed this problem, but then I never used Metro apps in Windows 8.1!

- Cameras work intermittently. E.g. Open Skype and see yourself in the camera. Star... Read more

A:Satellite Click Mini Issues

This will not help you but I have been using a Click Mini for many hours a day for the past 6 months without any of the problems you describe. For information:
- upgraded to Win 10 immediately and to the new 1511 build in January
- I rarely use it as a tablet, always as a laptop
- using standby will always drain the battery, hibernate works fine and I use it all the time
- battery charging is limited by the micro USB spec but it is essential to use the original charger AND cable
- I mostly use all day on battery and charge it all night but agree the battery life is NEVER 12 hours
- there is a problem with the camera drivers in both Win 8.1 and 10 (for a Win 10 fix see

Regardless of Win 8.1 or 10, if you do a clean install it is essential to apply all the Toshiba drivers and software that is in their standard builds (ie restore disks). The various Toshiba web sites are inconsistent and you will not always find everything you need in one place. In particular there is a large set of downloads for the upgrade to Win 10 (see my post #4 in

The early versions of the BIOS were very buggy and it is essential to upgrade to 5.20 if you have not already done so. Even this still has a serious bug with the battery selection which can causes a crash and apparent inability to power on. If it happens and you don't know the BIOS is the cause there appears to be a hardware faul... Read more

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I hope that someone here, could Help me
I have a Click Mini and i decided to install windows 10. First mistake
During installation, i decided to overwrite the recory partition (2nd mistake)
After installation, i observed that no updates were possible, after 2 months i decided to retore system (3rd Mistake)
During retore process = Stop of work because of missing files in windows 10 (only 71 percents)
So my Mini Click is out
I called 3 times to support ( with no success) and this morning the call center tell me to go to a special internet site to have a USB restore system
Probleme = they ask me to pay to have the toshiba restore key
I only want the ISO files and no way to have this file in toshiba support site
So after 3 mistakes no way to retrieve my Mini click OR only with money (even if my product is until garranted !!!!! Amazing)
And in the forum to write my message, my IE session was broken twice .... Of course i'm on toshiba site and I use an other toshiba satellite to write this message
I think that My BBIIIIIIIGGG Mistake was to buy a toshiba product...
So if you can help me it will be good for me and for my budget ..... :-(

A:Satellite Click Mini - Some issues after Win 10 installation

Originally Posted by bilou24an199

I hope that someone here, could Help me
I have a Click Mini and i decided to install windows 10. First mistake
During installation, i decided to overwrite the recory partition (2nd mistake)
After installation, i observed that no updates were possible, after 2 months i decided to retore system (3rd Mistake)
During retore process = Stop of work because of missing files in windows 10 (only 71 percents)
So my Mini Click is out
I called 3 times to support ( with no success) and this morning the call center tell me to go to a special internet site to have a USB restore system
Probleme = they ask me to pay to have the toshiba restore key
I only want the ISO files and no way to have this file in toshiba support site
So after 3 mistakes no way to retrieve my Mini click OR only with money (even if my product is until garranted !!!!! Amazing)
And in the forum to write my message, my IE session was broken twice .... Of course i'm on toshiba site and I use an other toshiba satellite to write this message
I think that My BBIIIIIIIGGG Mistake was to buy a toshiba product...
So if you can help me it will be good for me and for my budget ..... :-(

Woooow dude you described exactly the same problem as me....
If anyone can help this would be great.

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Anybody got the upgrade to Windows 10 yet?

Any issues with drivers etc?

A:Windows 10 on Satellite Click-Mini L9W-B - any issues?

Upgraded this morning - took hours. Ended up using MS's Windows 10 downloader rather than the so-called automatic update.

After a number of reboots the device has stabilised a bit; initially the screen was very sluggish but it seems 6 patches were required. One of those was the Intel HD Graphics driver.

Early days yet - only thing I have an issue with is the trackpad doesn't work! Oddly; it works on the login screen, then stops afterwards. Also it appears that 70% of memory is in use, yet I have nothing open! However this might be a initialisation thing. Will check again later

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I was trying to boot from USB and DVD to fix Windows 10 but i can't.
Even if toshiba see my flash drive it's booting hdd.
I tried all settings in UEFI and nothing.

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Good afternoon,

I brought my device second hand, when I initially turned it on it worked okay but decided to reset back to factory defaults for security reasons.

Since the reboot the touchpad, keyboard and touchscreen are unresponsive. Also the sound does not work!

The system was originally Windows 8.1 but automatically installs Windows 10, I think this may be the issue?

Many thanks,

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Been on the hunt for a case for the Click Mini for a while, all I could find were 10" netbook cases which were too big. Stumbled across this from Case Logic

It's a perfect fit, tablet fits very snugly when zipped up. Inside the case is a stand that folds out which you could cut out with scissors but the tablet fits anyway so I haven't bothered, plus it adds extra padding.

Hope this is of some help to others. Purchased mine from Amazon UK for ?2.95 but i'm sure it's available from other sellers worldwide.
Message has been edited: commercial link has been removed

A:Case for Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi there,

we cannot claim the office 365 subscription after the system has been recovered - the installation tile for Office is not available after the recovery. The way to download the installer as described in the post below with an Microsoft Account does not work, because Office was never activated or installed before we did the recovery:

Is there any way to get the Installer for Office back, so we can activate the subscription?

Thanks in advance!


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It's over heated does anyone know what I can do to fix it or if it fixes itself once it cools down it won't go on for two days and it just lights up the screen them black again I was sitting next to the heater and it just turned of I didn't realise that would happen because I always sat next to the heater with my other laptop and it has never happened before

A:Satellite Click-Mini L9W-B - overheated

Could be a damaged tablet. Try holding down the power button for 30 seconds, then try turning on again or/and reinstall windows

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There is no more space on the Satellite Click Mini. The Ctrl + Alt + Delete does not unlock anymore.

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Hey I bought a satellite mini three weeks ago and up until today it worked sufficiently.. I had been charging it all day. And would occasionally switch it on to check the second battery was charging. Note unfortunately it won't switch on at all. Anybody else have this problem or know where I can send it to get it repaired?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B won't switch on at all

I've found that sometimes you have to hold the power button for well over 5 seconds to power it on. I hold it down until you see the screen back light come on faintly. A quick press shows the charge status.


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on my childs satellite click mini L9W-B-102 the touch pad dosnt work and no mouse pointer can someone please help me

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I have a new Mini Click, when insert microSd card, windows display disk letter, but not read the card.

Same card in an usb adapter, put in usb port, read correctly.

- I have updated drivers
- no errors in managing hardware devices
- in Disk Manager disk is not present

Have You a solution?

Thank you very much

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I've played a few games on my satellite click mini and when I need to use 2 arrows keys at once only one of them responds (i.e if I used up and left key, only up would work) I don't know if its the game or just the keyboard itself, but please look into it.

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I have couple weeks old Mini Click. For some reason the first battery will charge only to somewhere 90-95% and the second battery won't charge at all. This started to occur couple days ago nothing seems to work... Yet an other bios problem?

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I recently purchased a Toshiba click mini, and I think my touchpad is faulty, as it wont work at all, doesn't respond to clicks or movement, and never has.

I have tried reinstalling 3 different versions of the elan driver,
I have tried resetting the bios,
I have done the bios update,
I have tried just the standard Microsoft driver
Docked and undocked a thousand times
Fully charged both
Also tried F5.

Still can't get it working, any advice?


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Touch pad not working

Hmm…it could be an hardware problem but how about the system recovery?

Recover the notebook back to factory settings and check the touchpad functionality straight after the unit has been recovered and set to factory settings.

Mostly, in case of software problems, this recovery procedure should fix your issue…

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No idea how to even clarify what is wrong with this system. Here goes:

About to go to bed. Set it up to reboot (a common practice every two/three month). All plugged in. Single screen disconnected from the keyboard and laid out on the floor, all connections fine, all rebooting at 21% when I go to bed.

Since then, nothing. Laptop does not switch on at all. Plug in a charger and all I see is the occasional screen flash telling me that both batteries have absolutely no charge in them whatsoever. Repeatedly kept charges in for two/three/four days at a time. Nothing but the occasional screen flash.

Almost as if there is nothing to load up, nothing to charge. Something happened whilst this was rebooting. I am completely exasperated as to what though. My only guess, a completely uneducated one at that, is that for whatever reason, it stopped rebooting. Essentially leaving the laptop empty.

Any ideas, anyone? Little bit broken up by this, to be honest...

Thanks for any responses.

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I've a problem with my Tablet PC Satellite Click Mini L9W - B. The keyboard isn't recognized on it.

I've tried to clean the connector, reboot the tablet many times , tried to charge it with or whitout the keyboard, but nothing works !
I don't think the problem comes from the battery as I've seen it on other topics since the tablet doesn't even detect the keyboard when I plug it. The tablet doesn't detect the keyboard battery.

So, if you can give me any advices or help to solve my problem, i'd be grateful :-)

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard

There is no communication with the keyboard at all? (No battery detected, touchpad and keyboard not working?) it must be a connection related issue I assume. If it was a driver related issue, then the battery would at least get detected)

If you want to void your warranty, you can open the tablet and keyboard dock and check the ribbon connectors or/and remove and place the ribbon connectors from the connecters back in

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i have been using the built in cameras successfully until a couple of days ago - when i select the camera app the screen shoes the message "To get started, connect a camera"

i have done all the recommended checks with no success (see my other post "external storage device no longer recognised")

what am i missing?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - camera malfunction


Sounds like you're missing drivers, if you've updated to Windows 10, the camera drivers are a bit temperamental, for all I know, they might be temperamental in 8.1. The drivers are not easy to find, go to device manager and see whether anything has been flagged as not-functioning, then dig around a bit in the device information details to try and identify which device is which. The two cameras are:

Camera Sensor AR0543 (rear) and
Camera Sensor OV2722 (front)

The way to install the drivers is to go via device manager, navigate through to the "choose from a list of drivers installed on this computer" option and you'll find them listed under "system devices".

Hope this helps!

Originally Posted by stickyfingerstuff

i have been using the built in cameras successfully until a couple of days ago - when i select the camera app the screen shoes the message "To get started, connect a camera"

i have done all the recommended checks with no success (see my other post "external storage device no longer recognised")

what am i missing?

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F2 button is not working if i need to enter bios and also to turn on wifi module.

I have the latest bios 5.20. Any idea how to solve that ?

A:Satellite Click Mini -- F2 button is not workig (FN+S)

Originally Posted by cmvrgr

F2 button is not working if i need to enter bios and also to turn on wifi module.

I have the latest bios 5.20. Any idea how to solve that ?

I have the same problem!! Also F12 not working. No idea on how to fix, I need help too

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Hi all,

I have some serious looking charging issues with my new (6 weeks old) Satellite click mini.
It seems to be a new addition to an already long list but I had a look at previous posts and could not find the same problem.

The battery ran out about a week ago and I only connected it yesterday evening to charge overnight (I was on holiday ). This morning I tried to start it and it won?t start at all. The only thing it shows every 10 to 20 seconds (without touching the device) is the charging screen. If I believe the screen both batteries are empty but the tablet battery is charging (now for 5 hours without a change in status). It still won?t start when pressing the power button.

Did anyone have a similar issue? Could it be that my battery is just very deeply discharged and patience will solve the problem? Any other recommendations?

The BIOS is upgraded to 1.7 since I had all the other described charging issues at the start and it seems to have fixed those at least.

To be honest I am getting a bit fed up with it. I really like all the benefits of the device (size, tablet detachment, USB connection etc. ) but the list of problems really gets a bit long?

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B: new charging issue?

I hope you resolved this. I had the same. The problem seems to be that the unit is switched on and there is not enough power via the mini usb to both run and charge the batteries at the same time.

The solution was to hold the power button down for 15 seconds to ensure a forced switch off then leave to charge and check after a few hours by a very short touch on the power button, not enough to switch it on. Hopefully you will see some charge in the screen battery.

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Both cameras are listed as system devices (in device manager):

"Camera Sensor OV2720" & "Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543".

At imagine devices (in Device Manager) has listed only one "Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400".

I updated all inside device manager.

Only the 2mp works. The back camera is not working even in skype.

Any official help on that problem ?

A:Satellite Click Mini - camera is not working on Win 10

Originally Posted by cmvrgr

Both cameras are listed as system devices (in device manager):

"Camera Sensor OV2720" & "Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543".
At imagine devices (in Device Manager) has listed only one "Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400".

I updated all inside device manager.

Only the 2mp works. The back camera is not working even in skype.

Any official help on that problem ?

Hello, happy new year!
Have you managed to find a solution please?
I am desperate with the camera.

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I'm trying to do a clean reinstall of win 10 on my Toshiba click mini, after a day battling with the recurring "auto repair" loop. I've got my USB, but... When I reach the fresh install screen, neither the keyboard nor the tactile screen work, making it impossible to press the "continue" button.

A:Re-installing Windows 10 on Satellite Click Mini

I have the exact same issue. Windows 10 worked for a day then crashed and now boot loop and unresponsive keyboard and touch screen.

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In the drivers sections of has 2 operating systems to choose. win 8.1 32 or 64 bit and win 10 32 and 64bit.

Has anyone tried to install a 64 bit version of windows ?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-102 Have anyone tried the Win 64bit version?

If you visit the drivers section it shows also windows 8 and 10 64 bit options. Has anyone tried

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I reinstall windows 10 from reset feature in windows 10, Click mini have some missing drivers now. Anyone know how to get all missing driver as below

thanks in advanced

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HI -

I have a satellite click mini and a PC screen with VGA only.
Can you give me a link to an adapter on which will definitely work? and the required specs?

Will I be able to use audio out from the HMDI (so that I can use headphones and microphone from different headsets?)

A:Satellite Click Mini - Need a VGA to HDMI adapter


You need a Hdmi --> Vga and not the other way around. I don't know where you live but Try electronic components stores, but you'll find them also on some computer stores like compusa worten mediamarkt (Eu)

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I have one more question:

I noticed, that in the first 5 months the charging time for my Satellite click mini was about 6-8 hours for both batteries. Now it need much more time. Currently it is loading since 13,5 hours and the keypad-batterie isnt still fully load (I will post the exact ending time later...).

Is there maybe a problem or is this normal? I mean the charging time has nearly doubled...

Thanks in advance

A:Charging time for Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

As far as I know battery reach the best performance after some time of usage…this means that the battery must be charged and discharged several times to reach the best level… but this means also that the battery charging time would increase…

So from my point of few there is no reason to fear that something could be wrong with the battery… you know…

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When approx. can we expect the drivers for Windows 10 for the Satellite click mini? On the Toshiba-Web-page I can only download drivers for Windows 8.1. Therefore friends adviced me not to install Windows 10 yet. But how long do we have to wait for the Windows 10 drivers?

Thanks a lot!

A:Windows 10 driver for Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

Hi Pete,

Keep an eye on this space.

All drivers need to be created and thoroughly tested before Toshiba can make them public, this unfortunately is a long and vigorous system, usually after a new operating system is released most products are made compatible within a year.

Hope this helps,

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the click mini had a micro USB, and a full size one on the keyboard

I prefer ethernet to wifi

I have an adaptor that converts ethernet into micro USB, but then I can't charge via the same socket.

Is there an alternative?


A:Using both Ethernet and charging Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

not really.

there's nothing wrong with wifi speeds, 54mbit/s is more than enough, if it's slow over wifi it's not a problem with the wifi.

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Hi all help required im feeling a bit thick.. Recently upgraded to windows 10

Yesterday noticed that keyboard, track pad and battery were not working properly.

I have resolved the trackpad, by using the toshiba system drivers

I have resolved the battery by updating the Bios to 1.7

However the keyboard has got me pulling out what little hair i have left..

I cannot get the keyboard to respond that the system drivers would fix, i my case no they have fixed the trackpad though.

Any assitance to resolve this would be greatly appreciated..


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard not responding

Have you tried installing the Intel Platform drivers listed for Windows 8. I seem to remember they were neccesary when I did a clean upgrade

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This new 'Satellite click mini' has only one port for combined earpiece and microphone.
Not seeing this before, can I use any ordinary mob phone ear/mic lead?

A:Only one jack for earphone + mic on Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

You need something like this if there is only one physical jack on the computer

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I downloaded windows 10 ages ago and my laptop is not working properly now.

There's a string of problems including:

I can't access my desktop and all my personal files that I usually have on display to access with ease
I can't add a photo to my account
I can't minimize browsers to have a few open small at the same time
I can't seem to sync with my main desktop pc properly
I can't use the start button, it just does nothing
The screen doesn't rotate when I turn my tablet around

I have restored my laptop completely and started it fresh this morning but still no luck. I have now had the joy of adding all my apps and security onto it again. 5 hours later I am still here trying to get it sorted.

I spoke to Windows earlier who say it isn't their problem and that it is a toshiba issue.

Can someone please help me out here as I am literally going crazy and am about to smash up my device!!!


A:Windows 10 has messed up Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

Windows 10 works perfectly here.

Try reinstalling windows 10 as a fresh installation. you can download the ISO (32bit) from the msn site.

Don't worry about reactivation as once you had previously updated to windows 10, it will remember your machine.

(Don't forget to place the drivers on a memory stick etc) as I don't think all the drivers will be installed on initial boot (takes a couple of reboots to get most of the drivers working)

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I am planning to get a Click Mini. It is great as a 8.9 inch tablet/laptop with lots of battery.
The hardware is exactly what I am looking for.
But I need a dual OS tablet.
So I'd like to install Android on an SD card.

But with my Asus tablet, I am not able to use Android with all drivers working. For example display was very hard to match. And now wifi is not working.

Has anyone tried Android X86 on Click Mini ?


A:Android on Toshiba Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

I found that the Ubuntu Magic stick booted into Android OK. I think that the touch screen driver worked, but I was also able to use a USB hub, mouse and keyboard.

I recall the wifi, and dock keyboard and mouse didn't work.

I think if you built a kernel* with the required wifi driver, you'd probably get that working OK, along with the dock's keyboard and mouse. However, the Realtek SDIO driver seems to make it unstable. I've used a mini usb WiFi adaptor that's sold for use with a Raspberry-Pi, it's Ralink, and the firmware is easy to get for it.

So far though I've still not got suspend and resume to work - the power button doesn't seem to do anything, probably because ACPI isn't registering devices correctly - and without suspend and resume an Android tablet is going to need external power and/or recharging quite a lot.

Although I'd like to be able to boot into Android, at the moment my focus has been on getting Linux to completely work (particularly suspend/resume and sound. I can live without a camera).

Oh, and because the kernel sees the internal card slot as read-only, you have to install linux onto the internal flash or a card in the dock's card slot, the former means starving Windows of storage space, the latter means not being able to use it just as a linux tablet. Oh, undocking and redocking doesn't work, the keyboard and touchpad stop working - I think the I2C driver doesn't like the connected devices disappearing!
* my kernel config for 4.1 is here, along wi... Read more

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I have a Satellite Click Mini L9W B for one month,

When I load it (with different loaders), the logo with the baterry appears 3 seconds, then disapears, then appears, and disapears,,, So the tablet cant be loaded,
Can you help me?

Thank you


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I have a mini Click L9W-B.

*What I try to boot from any bootable USB stick.

I have tried different sizes (1 GB to 32 GB), different manufacturers (no-name and brand) different systems (eg. Linux distributions, antivirus Rescue sticks, Acronis Rescue), EFI and non-EFI sticks.
All USB sticks to boot properly on my desktop computer and even with my other notebook.

*The Mini has Windows 8.1 up-to-date, the current BIOS version 1.70, in the BIOS are Secure Boot and TPM <Disabled>, which I've also tried a variety of combinations. The stick will be recognized in the boot menu, the USB device name appears.
I click on "USB", the Mini restarts, the drive is addressed (the LED flashes at the stick) is started but not USB, but again of HDD / SSD.

If Windows starts, the key is functioning properly. It does not matter which of the two USB ports I use, or if the docking station is plugged in or not.
If I restart Windows - Settings - PC Settings -Update / Restore - Restore - Enhanced Start - use a device - try EFI USB Device, happened exactly the same.
who can help ?

I hope there are German support. - I hope, there is German-speaking support.
If not, please contact me.
Message has been translated

A:Satellite Click-Mini L9W-B does not boot from USB flash stick

I don’t know what’s wrong here but fact is that it’s definitely possible to boot from the bootable USB flash memory stick.

Many users were abele to boot from the external USB flash memory stick but it’s essential to disable the secure boot option in BIOS.
Furthermore if you want to install an non-UEFI supported system, the boot mode must be changed from UEFI to CSM.

by the way: this is english language community

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Hi all

i've installed win10 and decided to do a full reset as i was giving this computer to someone else to use.
after the full reset it does not boot properly and fails with an 'inaccessible boot device message'.

i created a boot usb with a version of win8.1 to install but neither touch screen nor keyboard works so i cant go ahead with installation.

has anyone had this problem? i feel like sending it back to toshiba as i've had enough of this device


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Inaccessible Boot Device

Hi, I installed Windows 10 and reset mine causing this exact problem, it appears upgrading to Windows 10 does not work properly.

The drivers for Touchscreen and Keyboard are not standard so are not built in to the bootable usb version of 8/10. You can get a micro usb to normal usb hub and plug in a usb keyboard/mouse to get going or If you created a recovery drive like Toshiba tell you in the instructions it will actually contain the right touch drivers.

To boot from the recovery drive press FN N (F12) as soon as the machine is switched on and the Toshiba logo shows and it will give you the option of what to boot from.

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I don't know how to select the rear camera in camera app. There is no button with 2 rounded arrows. Only a button to switch between photo/video. In Device Manager both camera's are working properly. The TruCapture app also only uses the front facing camera.

A:No Rear Camera Windows 10 Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

Here you are

you need to go into device manager and there should be a device that is not installed. right click on it and update driver and "have disk" and point to the directory

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hi there! anyone could help me please. after upgrading and installing windows 10 back camera doesnt function anymore. what will i do to solve this problem? please help. thanks

A:Satellite click mini back camera problem

Click Mini - Camera driver fix
This has two cameras:
- "Front" is a low resolution webcam above the screen. I think this uses an OV2722 sensor.
- "Rear" is a higher resolution camera in one corner of the white case. I think this uses an AR0543 sensor (Intel AVStream camera)
When I got the Click Mini (Win 8.1) only the rear camera was working. After the Win10 upgrade only the front webcam was working
- the earlier forum discussion below gave me enough information to fix the problem.

1. In Device Manager there are three relevant entries:
- under Imaging devices there was a single entry for "Imaging Signal Processor 2400"
- under System devices there were two entries: Camera Sensor OV2722 and Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543
2. The driver for Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543 is OK(10/07/2015) but you need to let it search online for updates of the other two.
- With Camera Sensor OV2722 it just does an updated driver from 2014 to 15/06/2015
- With "Imaging Signal Processor 2400" it updates the driver (to 04/07/2015) but the Imaging devices entry changes to "Intel AVStream Camera"
3. Win10 then tells you to reboot as there has been a hardware change.
- after that the camera app has an extra button which lets you switch between the two cameras and both work fine.

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I've updated my Click Mini to Windows 10. I've encountered one problem where sometimes my touchpad isn't working correctly. Instead of making the pointer move up and down when instructed, the pointer will go left and right. When making the movement to make the pointer go left and right, it goes up and down. To avoid the problem I connect a mouse or use the touchscreen, however it's still quite annoying.

After booting up the click mini, this seems to be the case 50% of the time.. I suppose it's a software issue. Is there a fix? Is this a known issue?


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B: Touchpad is inverted in Windows 10

Also it seems my screen doesn't want to rotate when I turn the tablet around. (No, screen rotation lock isn't on)

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I have mentioned many problems for the click mini and no one from support have responded yet... That too bad and unprofessional.

I am creating a sort summary from the related problems that many Click Mini Users faced till today:

1. Back 5 mpx camera is not working after upgrade to windows 10

2. All Toshiba apps lost and can not be downloaded from Toshiba's site (like TruCapture) the same for windows 10 drivers.

3. Is listed as 64bit machine in many sites like the one that I bought it but Toshiba hasn't yet release the new firmware that
will allow to install 64 bit windows like click 10 (you have the firmware almost ready).

4. F2 or F12 (FN+S and FN + N) buttons not working if i need to enter bios and also to turn on wifi module.

5. Super Slow charging. Will Toshiba Click Mini charge faster using a 20W charger?

I hope someone to reply from the support. The worst part that makes you to regret (that you bought a product ) from a product is the lack of after sales support.

A:Satellite Click mini - Is this a support forum because I do not see replies

Toshiba has the support service recourse provided in the users manual.
As for win 10 it's all about the updates.

I was having fits calling mine up from 8. Microsoft has a manual update site as does Intel both free.
The real way to fix everything is with patience and persistence. Keep googling every search perimeter imaginable.

Win 10 is a Microsoft product so maybe use Bing there. It's probably not the manufacturer.
Read reviews as all others have issues arising as well. When you get things squared away (and you will).
You will reflect on the journey as being a worthwhile effort .

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Is it possible to install Win 7 32 bit on a satellite Click and will it still work to Use the screen as a Tablet?
I am going to buy this one For my dental Office and the intraoral Cam supports only Win 7 32bit.

A:Can i install Windows 7 on Satellite Click Mini L9W-B and use touchscreen?

Are you sure it will not work with Windows 7? Usually there are issues with XP software and Windows 7/8 but if it works with Windows 7 there's a good chance it will work with Windows 8. If the software is the issue you may be able to run the program in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

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<strike>Seems like I'm the only one posting about my Click Mini!

I've had it under a week and I have just run into this problem. My keyboard dock is not being recognised. When I dock, it recognises the SD card, but it doesn't recognise the keyboard or the mouse input, or the battery (battery #2 not present). When I dock, it disables touch keyboard input (I'm guessing Windows does this when it detects a keyboard?) but I cannot type or use mouse input.

The tablet/keyboard were working fine up until this morning with all aspects working as intended.This is strange because

I had updated the BIOS and applied all driver updates, I have turned off, on again (with dock attached and unattached), and my most recent attempt was doing a clean install of Windows, but none of this resolves the issue.

Any thoughts?</strike>

Now I'm confused. All of a sudden it's working again! I will leave this thread open just in case there are any updates. Feel free to pitch in your ideas on why this happened. It could have been fixed when I was trying (and failing) to access BIOS and I was turning it off and on repeatedly...

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard dock not recognised

…maybe the dock (keyboard) was not inserted (connected) properly??
… this might be one of possible reasons…

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Hello all,

I have a problem after my installation of Windows 10. Everything is working so far, but I am not able change the brightness of the display anymore.

The function keys are working and also the display on the left hand upper side appears but the brightness does not change.

Maybe someone can help me to solve this.

Thanks for your answers.



A:Satellite Click Mini - Display problem after Win 10 installation

There is a Windows 10 driver upgrade available for the Click Mini on the Toshiba support web site. If you have not done it already update the drivers and see if that fixes the problem. For info, the two keys are working correctly on my Windows 10 Click Mini.

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My toshiba click2 mini stopped working so I reset it and tried everything even burning windows 10 and 8 to several usb drives to reinstall windows but when I boot into the windows settings it doesn't respond I can't touch the screen to change options or go forward using the key board .

the reason why Ive been trying to reinstall windows is because when I get to the windows 10 setting screen I enter my WiFi and English settings then the pc says please wait and a minute later the screen flashes black and it restarts and I have to enter the settings again I've reset it several times the pc do sent restart if i leave the choose language park on the screen .

toshiba want 80 pounds just to reinstall windows but I don't know how they are going to do it if I can't

A:Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Mini - Cannot reinstall Windows OS

So you have re-installed Windows successfully, but when it boots to "first time" settings wizard where you enter the computer name, user name, wifi settings, etc. you can't use the touch screen or keyboard? I've had this issue before as well. If you've done a fresh install of Windows then the drivers for the keyboard and touch screen aren't available. The only way around this is to plug in a USB keyboard. I can't remember exactly but I don't think the full-size USB port on the keyboard dock works until the driver is installed, so you may have to get a USB On The Go adapter so you can plug a full-size USB keyboard in to the microUSB port on the tablet.

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I'm trying to upgrade my mini click to win10 with :

But I'm facing the "Not enough space" issue with the upgrade tool. I have 17GB free space.
I think the error is not the good one ...

Somebody tried this way to upgrade?

Best regards,

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I've had a couple of problems with camera and battery on the Click Mini and another tablet from Point of View (Holland).

It occurered that after updateding drivcers etc. upon restarting the old problems would return this was due to the Fast Startup option which is set in nthe bios, but can also be disabled from
Settings > Power Options > Change Ssettings that are currently available > Shut doen settings > Turn on fsat startup [Uncech box]

It seems some applications don't close down properly when using the Shut Down option and hibernate in the Fast start memory.

This doesn't happen if you either use the Restart option of manually switch off with a 10 second press on the manual Power Button

A:Windows 10 Fast Startup: Satellite Click Mini and others

A note to say that you can also find the above option via
Control panel > Hardware and sound > Power options > etc.

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Just noticed that the replacement Click Mini I recieved from Amazon has stripped screws on the keyboard dock. I did wonder why there were two Toshiba seals, looks like it's been opened at the factory (possibly related to the battery issues with this model) and they have used the wrong size screwdriver. Can anyone from Toshiba confirm my unit will still be covered by warranty? Otherwise it will be going back to Amazon... again....

A:Stripped screws - Toshiba Satellite Click Mini L9W-B

Problem is that nobody from Toshiba will confirm anything. It is user to user forum only.
If you got non original boxed device and discovered that something may be modifies my advice is to send the machine back.

Buy original boxed products only.

Sorry but that’s all I can say about that.

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I'm trying to determine which version of BIOS I have in my Satellite Click Mini, but I can't work out how to do that.

It has been suggested that both the Tablet part and the detachable Keyboard have separate BIOS, and sometimes one gets updated but not the other, and that can cause problems, so I'm trying to see which BIOS version(s) my Click Mini has.

I expect it's easy to determine once you know how.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - How Do I Find My BIOS Version?

You can check the BIOS version within the BIOS settings.
Press power button and then F2
This will allow you to access the BIOS.
There you will see the current version…

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Hello everybody,
I'm now digging some time arround to find a solution for my problem.

I have a "locked" Toshiba Satellite Click Mini (L9W-B) convertible.

Somehow is there now a "startup password" on it.
Im not sure if it is a BIOS/UEFI but I think so.

The prompt apears right after the Toshiba Logo.

I'm not sure what exactly has happend,
the tablet has layed quite a time arround in my wifes desk.
(And the battery was drained, obviously.)

So I have two theories.

My wife has set accidentally a password ==> (But she said she never has done something like that. And I couldn't remember to set any password...)Or somehow the passord was "enabled" by the power drop
Because on the first time after charging it has brought a message, that the cmos date&time was wrong and are now set to default, or so.
- I couldn't remember the exact words.
But I never heard of this kind of behaivior of a Notebook/PC before.

Can somebody confirm that this is a UEFI password prompt?
Is there a way to clear the bios/uefi?

(Like on Laptops/desktop you can clear it by a jumper or removing the CMOS battery.)

I'm not sure if the Click Mini has a TPM device on it. ==> This would mean the device is now garbage?

I've tried to get into the boot menu (like described for for the other Toshiba Windows Encore Tablets),

but this hasn't worked until now.

(Volume Up(+) or Volume Down(-) and power on with or without plugged AC.

I think t... Read more

A:Startup BIOS Password on Satellite Click Mini L9W-B


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Hi, I purchased a Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-102 yesterday with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. The screen doesn't auto rotate when in tablet mode.

I can see the 'Settings' screen rotation option padlock appear and disappear when I connect and disconnect the tablet to the keyboard, but the screen doesn't rotate in any apps/photos. I've tried powering the device on and off several times. I checked the 'AutoRotation' value in the REGEDIT and it is set to 1.

Any ideas much appreciated!

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-102 screen does not auto-rotate

I can see the 'Settings' screen rotation option padlock appear and disappear when I connect and disconnect the tablet to the keyboard, but the screen doesn't rotate in any apps/photos.

The automatic orientation works only in tablet mode…

When you use the tablet in “laptop mode” (attached keyboard) the automatic orientation is locked!

By the way: did you test this automatic orientation without starting any apps?

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I'm here to notify a huge problem with the keyboard.
To play some games like Minecraft you need to press some keys (ZQSD to walk and jspace to jump), but the keyboard automatically release all the keys when one key is released.

Only specials keys like Ctrl, Shift, Fn or Alt works.
I checked it with a soft like Keyboardtest, so it's definitely a problem from keyboard.
I verified also with external keyboard and it works.

I hope this problem will be fixed, it's really a bad problem, what the hell is this.


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Cannot press several keys simultaneously

Just to clarify your keyboard question:
You are speaking about the tablet keyboard (touch screen keyboard) and not keyboard dock.


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Hi, i bought this model today. Keyboard and wireless adapter doesnt work! i learned keyboard should charge all night, but i dont know how to fix wi-fi.
wireless adapter doesnt exist in device manager. Should i give back it?

A:Satellite CLICK MINI L9W-B-100 - WLan doesnt exist

Originally Posted by levent

Hi, i bought this model today. Keyboard and wireless adapter doesnt work! i learned keyboard should charge all night, but i dont know how to fix wi-fi.
wireless adapter doesnt exist in device manager. Should i give back it?

They keyboard can be difficult to start charging for the first time. Try plugging into the charger with the keyboard docked and turn on. Undock and redock the keyboard, then power off but leave plugged into charger.

As for the WiFI - have you tried pressing fn f2?


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I upgraded my Click Mini to Windows 10 as soon as I got it yesterday.

All appeared well until I restarted it and it would not boot, reporting there was a drive problem.

Eventually, after using the keylogger to unlock the drive, I reset the machine (asking it to keep my files and it has reinstalled Windows 10 but I seem to have lost the Toshiba programs that were on there.

They don't appear in the program list.

Is there a way of getting them back without reverting the unit back to Windows 8.1 in Recovery and then putting Win 10 back on.
Took hours.

Thanks for any help.

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Lost software after Win 10 upgrade

If you have ticked the option “Keep my Files” the Windows 10 would still remove apps and settings but it keeps your personal files like pictures, mp3, movies, docs, etc.

Please check this:
Limitations on Windows 10 Upgrade

and here you would find Toshiba Windows 10 Upgrade Information

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I've been looking at a low end 2 in 1 hybrid, it's mainly to be used as a laptop but occasionally as a tablet. I've seen a few issues noted in this forum and some appear to have been resolved by updates.
I've been looking at this particular model as it can be had for ?189 from Currys in the UK. I like this model because it has a FHD screen and is currently the cheapest. The other other options are;

Asus T100 - ?200
HP Pavillion x2 2015 - ?240

These are a little of my price range.

Acer Switch 10 - ?250
Asus T100 Chi - ?300

I think ?200 is the right price point for this type of tablet. I've read a few reviews online, some good, some bad but it's not really clear what FW version they are using as I know this model had a rocky start.
I'm a little unsure about the 8.9" screen, it might just be too small. I do like the idea of 2 batteries, as battery life is a key factor.

To any owners...would you buy this device again? Is the screen size OK to use as a laptop or are you finding it too small? Are the majority of issues resolved by firmware?

Thanks for looking

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - would recommend buying this model?

The Toshiba click mini is great value for money in regards to also having a full HD screen. Warning however about the very common issue of the battery not charging from the dock. I got mine working eventually by trial and error (or luck). This is the only minus point about this tablet.. As well as Toshiba not responding quickly with the possible update/solution, When everything works as it should it is great

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Hi,since I've updated my BIOS to the latest version the keyboard stopped charging. It was working fine previously. I don't know what to do at this point. I left the charger in overnight and it is 0%. Tried turning it on and off, plugging,unplugging,nothing helps. Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to send the product back as I am leaving the country soon.

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Hi guys,

i tried to update Bios of my Satellite but i can't download new Bios update because the website ask me User and Password to access Toshiba FTP.

In the attachments a screenshot of the message with access required.

If someone can help me, i'll very glad.

Alessio Ludovici

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B Can't download last BIOS update


Exactly the same problem...

Furthermore, in the forum, you write about version 1.60 and version 1.70, but when I choose Click Mini L9W-B, i could (if I had a Login and a Password) download version 5.0 ... It seems a huge gap between these versions...

Thank you for your help,


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after closing monitor the system change in stand by modus at the defined time. when open again the monitor, the cursor ist lost / freezing at a undefined position. the keyboard is ok, only the touchpad dosn't work. If i remove the tablet and cnnect it again with the docking - keyboard the problem is solved. can you help me ?

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Hi guyz,

Since yesterday, somme icons in the menu taskbar on the bottom on the screen dont respond : wifi setting, the windows switch between desktop and tablet mode. But the web explorer or Word still work though and open their software.
it doesnt work in taclile mode nor with mouse.
Where can thatcome from? What can i try?

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... when I'm using the tablet alone, without touchpad or mouse. There is no X when I touch the upper right corner and on the left side of the screen I can only switch between the open apps.

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I'm trying to upgrade my mini click to win10 with :

But I'm facing the "Not enough space" issue with the upgrade tool. I have 17GB free space.
I think the error is not the good one ...

Somebody tried this way to upgrade?

Best regards,

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Click Mini L9W-B with Windows 10.
Everything works fine but I can't update the BIOS to 5.20, via Service Station or downloading from the Toshiba website.
Process gets as far clicking yes to UAC... then nothing.
Any suggestions appreciated.


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Can't update BIOS running Windows 10

I have the same problem, also with Win 10.

Meanwhile, the keyboard does not responding anymore ..

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I have had my Satellite Click Mini for a little while now (three months or so?) and although I have not used it much beyond one or two occasions a week (for school), a pretty significant vertical 'bar'/area of the touch screen does not respond anymore, at all. I've already reset the device to the factory settings just in case, but it is definitely a hardware problem. I feel like it might have received internal damage at some point in my bag (despite protecting it with cloth and a case), but there is no visible damage to the screen.

I was wondering if there are any 'simple' fixes I could try out? I understand it is likely not possible, but I figured I would check first before spending money on likely expensive repairs/replacements, especially since I feel like I've hardly done anything to risk really damaging it.

Thank you in advance!

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My click mini has been fine and I've watched several programmes via blinkbox, both streamed and downloaded. Last night I was watching a programme and the sound became distorted. I tried another tablet and the sound was fine so it's obviously a problem with my click mini.

Does anybody have any ideas?

A:Satellite Click Mini - sound distortion when watching via Blinkbox

Maybe you should simply reinstall / update the sound driver?

But it would be interesting to know whether the sound distortion is noticeable using connected headphones.

In case the sound would appear properly using headphones, the sound issue could be related to speaker malfunction…

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After a series of Windows updates were installed today (15th July) on my Click Mini the touchscreen stopped working. Uninstalling the updates brought the touchscreen back to life. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, know which update caused the trouble?

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B touchscreen stops after windows update

Yes I just came across the same issue! Updated it yesterday evening, now after starting it up again, the touch function on the screen doesn't work anymore. Which updates did you delete and how did you delete them?

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The message "No bootable device -- Please restart system" shows up after Toshiba logo, on Satellite Click Mini L9W-B its been more than two weeks now is there a way to fix this?

I have made a bootable usb with windows 10 on it, but it wont boot up, (it's working fine on my pc when i try it).

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I have just bought this satellite click mini and have registered and installed Microsoft office 365 BUT I can't find out how to access it, How do you get to a menu that shows the programs on the computer so that you can (a) open them and use them and (b) put a short cut on the desktop.
PS. I'm a long time Mac user and am lost on a PC.

A:Satellite click mini - problems accessing Microsoft Office

Go to the Windows start screen. Scroll down and there you will find listed programs including Office.

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After all installaten from windows 10 and all apps, i have stored system image on my external toshiba-hd and on my external dvd-drive.
after that i have tried to restore the system image from the external hd but the system start and after awhile stop with error saying to try through datata recovery cd. But when i try to produce data recovery dvd the system refuse to continue.
problem: system image can be created but the system cannot use it for restore.
Data recovery can be created only on external dvd and when the system start can not use the dvd, the system use the dvd to create the system image.

I would like to know from toshiba suport if they know that the system image cannot be restored because the c: drive is too smal (32gb)?
windows 10 have allways problem and when i cannot restore the system image it will be a big advertising for toshiba.

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Had this issue after upgrading Windows 8.1/Bing to Windows 8.1 Pro: About 30-90 seconds after putting the computer to sleep the computer can't wake up again. When switching the computer on after about 25 seconds after putting it to sleep you can see Windows switching the computer off automatically. In the system event protocol there is the message:
"Das System wurde aufgrund eines kritischen thermischen Ereignisses heruntergefahren."
(in englisch something like: The system was shut down because of a critical thermal event)
followed by "ACPI-Thermozone =SoC Board Sensor" and "_CRT = 3532K.

After some experiments I came to this temporary solution: In the BIOS settings I disabled the "Internal USB3.0 Controller" setting - then sleep works properly.

This error only occures when on the Pro-version of Windows, not with the original Bing-version.

Switching off the internal USB3.0 controller is not the ideal solution ... Is there a chance there is another solution? I also already tried upgrading to Bios-version 5.00, which didn't solve the problem.

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it's seems to be locked.
it only displayes the camera screen, and it has to be unlocked.
when i touch the unlock button on the screen the computer turns off/sleep state.
because when i touch the touchpad i get the screensaver.
then i can enter the camera screen by going from above to under on the screen,
and by going from under to above it turns off/sleep state.
the windows button on the keyboard and on the ipad don"t respond.
so to me it seems the unlock button doesn"t function correct and
i can"t enter the windows/desktop screen anymore.

maybe u know the solution for this !

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Hi @all

how can i make a bios update on the Keyboard extension?

Bios from Tablet is 1.70
Bios from Keyboard is 1.50

When i start the update, the update say "Your Bios is up to date!"

Sorry for bad english, it is not my native Language


A:Satellite Click Mini - BIOS Update Keyboard extension fail

If your BIOS is already up to date, you don’t need the BIOS update.

and you can use only the BIOS which is available on the Toshiba download page

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Trying to be helpful, I emailed Toshiba to let them know of a broken link to the latest Elan Touchpad Driver for the Click Mini. Obviously not trying to be so helpful, I received an automated email from Toshiba telling me I had to to post this on the forum instead. This doesn't give me a nice warm feeling regarding customer support levels, but hey ho....

The broken link is:

The driver support page points you to this dead link. I cant find the driver file in question anywhere else on the web:



A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Elan Touchpad - Missing Driver Hyperlink

Obviously something went wrong during the upload...

But ELAN touchpad driver does not depend on the notebook model.
You can use the ELAN touchpad driver released for other notebook series.

So in case this link doesn’t work, choose ELAN driver released for another Toshiba notebook series.

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i have been successfully using a usb flash drive and a micro SD for data storage until a couple of days ago

now the micro SD card is not recognised or detected: it doesn't register as a plugged in device, when i look for a it don't show up on the menu of places where you put things, there is no audio signal when i put the micro SD into it's slot (on the tablet) - yesterday this was also happening with the usb flashdrive, but that is behaving normally

i have:
checked the drivers, they show up as functioningtried the hardware troubleshooter, no improvementchecked windows for updates as recommended in google search resultstried removing the card, turning off device and starting again - no effect

unfortunately i do not have the adapter which turns the micro SD into a standard sized SD with me, so i can't try it in the SD slot on the keyboard

i also have a problem with the built in camera/s which are not being detected - do i have a faulty device or does anyone know how i can resolve this simply?

as you can tell i am not a techie

A:Satellite Click mini L9W-B - external storage devices no longer detected

have you tried formatting the Micro SD card in another machine?

That said, the first Click Mini I had had the same Micro SD card issue and then the machine stopped working altogether and Toshiba exchanged it for a new unit.

Wish I could be of more help

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bought a new Samsung 128 PRO micro SDXC Card and insert it.
I format it with NTFS and card seems working.

I copied fotos on it and on some .jpgs i see yellow stripes.
First I think an issue with my camera. But I fail.
The simply copy process generates files with a wrong checksum! but the same size.
The issue faces on about 2% of my files. Not really much but very dangerous.

Is this card to fast for the internal cardreader?
The card works well on all my other PCs.
I am running Windows 10.

regards ricardo68

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Toshiba TruCapture after win 10 upgrade lost as all other Toshiba apps...

Any idea from where we can download them ?

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