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Y510P - Downgrading to Windows 8/8.1

Q: Y510P - Downgrading to Windows 8/8.1

So I have a Lenovo Y510P IdeaPad, I upgraded it to Windows 10 last December and wanted to downgrade it back to Windows 8/8.1 due to some issues that many said are due to the fact that the model doesn't really support Windows 10 thus I experience the problems. However, since it has been more than a month from the upgrade, I can't just roll it back to previous OS and am wondering if there is any way I can find out what my original product key for the pre-activated Windows 8 so I can perform a clean reinstall with it.

Moderator comment: Spoiler tag removed for readability. Model added to subject for clarity.

A: Y510P - Downgrading to Windows 8/8.1

If windows came pre-installed on your laptop, the key might be on its certificate of authenticity. Alternatively, you can obtain the key using third party softwares like ProduKey. It'll display the currently activated key on your system.

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I installed Windows 10 last year and had to uninstall it due to wi-fi connectivity dropping.   Searching the internet, this seemed to be a frequent problem and Lenova did not support Windows 10 for the Y510P and did not provide drivers. I really liked windows 10 and would love to go back to it.    Is anyone running it, and how did you resolve the wi-fi connectivity issue?    I see on the Lenova Website they still don't list Windows 10 for this model.    Too bad.  Makes me really dislike Lenova products when they don't support OS upgrades.

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Hi,I may be repeating the topic, but recently i had to revert back to Win 8.1, as the Track pad and later on keyboard also stopped working. Further I started to get random BSOD's always  giving new driver errors. So finally switched back to Win 8.1.Does anyone has a workaround for this so that I can upgrade to Win 10, as I think 31 July is the last date  for upgrading to Win 10 from Win 8.1, or stick with Win 8..1.Appreciate any help regarding this.

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Hi I just did a clean Windows 10 install and I cannot get the hdmi (or the vga) output to work. I get no signal. I have the single Nvidia version.  I tried as many drivers I could find for the Intel and Nvidia graphics but no success at all.  Hard disk was replaced so I don't have the recovery partition and I don't have the recovery dvd set either. Would anyone that has hdmi output working on windows 10 please tell me what drivers are using?  Thanks

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Hopefully this'll help some people thinking of upgrading . NOTE: Some people are having issues with wireless cards after upgrading. I'm not sure of solution yet, but I would recommend predownloading the Windows 10 drivers from Intel's website before the upgrade. - So far drivers have not solved issue. Not sure of solution yet. Everything went smoothly for me. All fiels, programs, drivers, and settings transferred from my Windows 7 install to Windows 10 (and also from 8.1 to 10 on my Dell, so I assum it'll work on a Lenovo too). Upgrade process was painless and took about 20 minutes. Only temporary issue was video drivers, but that got solved later. Make sure you check for updates in Windows Update right after you upgrade; there's a day one patch they put out and it fixes quite alot of bugs (1GB of them actually). This fixed any driver issues I had and made my screen resolution normal, as it was previously running 800x600 or something, so don't freak out if your screen look weird at first. It automatically changes your default programs though, so if you use Chrome or Firefox you'll need to change it back to that from the new Edge browser. Otherwise, most settings were imported. So far I have found nothing that is incompatible with Windows 10 on my computer; however, beware that you will need to reinstall your anti-virus when Windows prompts you, as it is uninstalled prior to the upgrade. Doesn't cause any issues though and your computer is not at risk ... Read more

A:Guide(ish): Windows 10 Upgrade (Y510p)

Good post and please keep it updated if you find something more.
Which antivirus did you have?
Is your Wireless working fine? Has it improved?
Are the lenovo apps working fine? (Energy manager, Dust cleaning)
As of now, I will prefer to stay with Win 8.1 due to several mods ( i have applied) and the stability that it has for playing games.

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I've suddenly been afflicted with BSOD's on my Lenovo Y510P running Win 8.1. Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago and then I started experiencing multiple BSOD's to the point that I had to boot in SafeMode. After doing some research, it looked like the issues were related to video (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M) and wireless/bluetooth drivers. I upgraded all of those and everything was fine for a week until this morning when I got another BSOD. After looking for the bug check that it reported, I stumbled on this forum and saw some excellent responses so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I downloaded BlueScreenView and ran that and I've attached the output. I have also attached output from the MiniToolBox tool. I also tried to upload the mini-dump files but I get a message saying I'm "not permitted to upload this kind of file" but I'm happy to do so if I'm allowed to.  Here is a link the output from the Speecy tool as well - Would someone be so kind as to give it a look and let me know your thoughts? Thanks!


A:BSOD in Windows 8.1/Lenovo Y510P

Can you please upload the whole minidump so I can examine it?
It is located in C:\windows\minidumps. Select the most recently created file.

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Hi Guys, I have Lenovo Y510P with Windows 10 and i recently installed a new MyDigitalSSD 256GB in the M.2 slot (instead of the 24GB cache ssd) and i'm using the ssd as my main drive for OS and programs. I'm getting reandom freezes during regular operation, I can still move my mouse duriing those freezes but that's it, it won't unfreeze unless I do an hard reset.. Those freezes happen only when the OS is running from the SSD, when I'm I run a copy of that OS from the HDD, it doesn' happen ad everything works. Before installing the ssd, every cache software was uninstalled and i even tried a fresh new clean win10 install on the ssd but the freezes still happens. I read and tried LOTS of solutions (checking for errors in the ssd, disabling SLI, disabling LPM, etc.) but nothing helps. I'm really desperate for a solution, Doesn any one has an idea on what is the problem? 

A:Lenovo Y510P with a Windows 10 on SSD randomly fre...

what i understood is that slot you got there isnt meant for a big SSD :/ so thats probably why os freezes some times it's a cache slot meant for small sized ssd cache drives if understood it right.

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Hello! Well, i own a Y510p. 1080p, single GPU and 8gb ram version, if it helps. Time ago I decided to install Ubuntu on a second partition, because of reasons. Using an Ubuntu .ISO the instalation worked flawlesly, but after a while the computer catched a nasty error. Whenever using Windows (both in 8.1 and 10), the computer would randomly get a BSOD. Sometimes it didn't happened in a week, sometimes it happened twice a day. It was pretty random, i was unable to figure out any pattern. Even the problem would change, from some kernel error to some critical process thing. Sadly, I don't remember the exact error. But everytime, the computer would try to boot via IPv4 and get stuck in there. One reset and working again. As you can see, it sucked, but I could live with it. I eventually had an unrelated problem with the pc and decided to format the whole thing. I kept Ubuntu and just installed Windows 8 again, the unrelated problem was solved but the BSOD thing was still there. And one more time, I had another unrelated problem that lead me to format the computer. Again. Because I wasn't using Ubuntu that much anymore, I decided to combine the partitions again for Windows. And voila, BSOD error is gone! Well, now I want to install Ubuntu again. Well, I mostly have to install Ubuntu because the programming course that I'm taking assumes that everyone is a good person with a proper Ubuntu instalation in their systems. I mean, I can live without it (and pass the course)... Read more

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Hi all, is it safe to run the the latest BIOS update for the Y510p (viqyx308.exe) under Windows 10? TIA!

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So this morning I woke up like usual and start my laptop up. It took a while like usual to boot up then it went straight to the your computer needs restarting blue screen and I thought hmmm this happened a few times and usually gets fixed. This time it went not to the home lock screen but the trouble shooting blue screen after picking my language and type of keyboard. Then it goes to two options "advance options" or "shutdown" I go to advance settings then there were 3 more options. Refresh settings, reset settings or advance options so I chose refresh cause I didn't want my files to get erased since I haven't backed them up yet. I click refresh and a message says that my drive where Windows is installed is locked. And it told me to unlock it and try again. So how do I access this? I forced shutdown but the same thing happens for a few times. Now I'm worried about this problem. Can anyone help me before I actually have to reset my laptop?

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help me please,i upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. i thing wifi driver is problem because i go to setting > internet & network > (don't have wifi button) and i try download new wifi driver as but to troubleshoot this problem. please recommend.

A:Wifi problem IdeaPad y510p - windows 10

Dear Kanthika,
welcome in lenovo community,
since your machine model is Y510p. it is not possible to download the driver of lenovo Y40-80.
In that case sir, please go back to windows 7,
and kindly find below link for Lenovo supported systems list for Windows 10 Upgrade
Thanks to use lenovo community.

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Good evening, I will keep this short, I have a Lenovo ideapad y510p with Windows 8.1 (I got it with 8.1, did not upgrade from 8) . I noticed a problem yesterday, where I cannot adjust the screen brightness. If I use the keyboard commands (Fn + Up and Fn + Down) The slider appears on the top left of the screen, as always, but does not ?slide? It stays static.  If I move the slider on the Setting menu, I can slide the value but the brightness does not change and the value is not reflected on the slider on the top left of the screen. I am not sure when this happened for the first time. 

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo y510p with Windows 8.1 brightness slider no...

Never mind, restored from last valid restore point and now it is working

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As I explained in another thread. When I attempt to boot into Safe Mode, only a black screen appears and rarely the safe mode background flashes for a second. I'm able to move my cursor around, but that's it. I do not understand why this is happening and what I can do to remedy this situation. I would appreciate any type of help. Thank you. 

A:Lenovo y510p Windows 8.1 Safe mode won't boot.

I'm wondering if the graphics adapter used on the computer is not compatible with the generic VGA drive Windows 8.1 uses for safe mode. Has the driver for the graphics adapter ever been updated? I noticed this on the specs. If you have the model with the two adapters, it's possible they conflict with the safe mode video driver. I saw a post where the computer had both an Intel and Nvidia adapter.
Dual (2x) NVIDIA® GeForce® GT755M 2GB (on select models) via Ultrabay
Single (1x) NVIDIA® GeForce® GT755M 2GB
I'm not sure it would make a difference but what happens when you disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot in BIOS. Does it let you access safe mode then?

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IN Windows 7 my back up was working fine. I then upgraded to Windows 10. Due to heating problems with my laptop I downgraded back to Windows 7. Now I find that many systems are not working including the back. It just gives me this error.

I have already done the " restore default libraries" as suggested in some blogs but the problem persists. 
Can you help me this problems and the other issues of programmes not updating automatically. 

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When I downgrade from windows 8 or try to atleast, it wont even start after I press install now to install because it says I don't have the correct drivers. What do I do?

Thank you,

A:Downgrading from Windows 8

Hi there

What won't start.
How did you install W7 - did it install OK.

Even with a lot of drivers missing usually the computer will BOOT with the basic stuff working.

Note also - check to see if your computer has PROTECTED BOOT enabled (In the BIOS) -- if it is DISABLE IT and enable / allow Legacy boot. You don't have to disable UEFI - but remember if booting a UEFI OS then the HDD must be formatted as GPT and not MBR).


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recently tried to re-install my windows xp over windows 7 because I wanted to use windows 7 on my other computer. Couldn't reinstall xp because it is older than the one I have installed. I got a message that suggested that I delete my windows 7 first but don know how to do that.
Would appreicate any help I can get on this matter.


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I am having a spot of trouble downgrading from windows 8 to windows 7
in DISKPART I select the disk to convert to mbr and type convert mbr it comes up
Virtual Disk Service Error:
Anyone got any clues
Thanks in advance

A:Downgrading from windows 8

See if this will help

Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

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So I'm fed up of Vista and want to downgrade to windows XP, im not entirely sure how but I loaded my Windows XP CD which I have from an old PC, and when I select to install windows it gives me this error

Can anyone let me know the correct way to downgrade to XP? thanks

A:Downgrading to Windows XP

hello sam,2817,2287685,00.asp

good luck

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So I'm fed up of Vista and want to downgrade to windows XP, im not entirely sure how but I loaded my Windows XP CD which I have from an old PC, and when I select to install windows it gives me this error

Can anyone let me know the correct way to downgrade to XP? thanks

A:Downgrading to Windows XP

You need to boot from the XP disk and run the install from there. This will, however, wipe your files, so back up your files before doing this.

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So my laptop came with Windows 8 preinstalled and I'm going to downgrade to Windows 7, but if ever I want to go back to Win 8 in a future, I'll need an OEM installation media as my license is OEM, discs were not supplied, however there's a recovery partition on my drive.

My question is: are instalation media, recovery media, recovery partition and system image the same things as do they all work for installing and recovering windows?

If yes does that mean that if I leave win8's recovery partition untouched, I'll be able to install win 8 from it later? Or I'll need to have done something else (created DVDs, system image or something)? Sorry but that's not very clear for me, if someone could explain a little the differences or give me a link to this I'll be very glad.

And another question, in the drive there are the following partitions:
OEM partition, EFI system partition, 1.44 GB recovery partition, 17.20 GB recovery partition, C: (OS partition), and D: (data).
In order to install Windows 7, only C: will have to be formatted? or besides D:, what will have to be formatted and what will not?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify that for me

A:Downgrading to Windows 7

Welcome to EightForums

1) Downgrade to Windows 7.
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
Warning you must have the uEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.

2) If Using a USB Pendrive on a PC with a uEFI BIOS.
USB Pendrive need to be formated to FAT32 as in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Take note of Step 11 for Windows 7.
Also you will need to use a USB 2.0 port, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 7.

Originally Posted by snowy

My question is: are instalation media, recovery media, recovery partition and system image the same things as do they all work for installing and recovering windows?


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

If yes does that mean that if I leave Windows 8's recovery partition untouched, I'll be able to install win 8 from it later? Or I'll need to have done something else (created DVDs, system image or something)? Sorry but that's not very clear for me, if someone could explain a little the differences or give me a link to this I'll be very glad.

If you delete any of the OEM partitions, the Recovery Partition will be unusable.
You will nee... Read more

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I have a Gateway DX4300 with Windows 7 64-bit preinstalled. I need to downgrade to Windows 7 32-bit. I spoke to Gateway chat support in India and they informed me that they could not ship me a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, the computer came with Windows 7 64-bit preinstalled and the drivers are designed for that OS.

First question: Is India just blowing smoke up my a_s? Will this computer be able to run Windows 7 32-bit?

Second question: I'm now in the process of getting a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit retail, so I can wipe my drive and install 32-bit. Can I use my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit CD-Key with the 32-bit version? Will it cause problems that the version I'm getting is retail?

Thank you.

A:Downgrading Windows 7 64-bit to 32-bit

I've never really seen an issue where hardware in a pre-fab computer only has 64-bit drivers and not 32-bit driver support....the other way around....certainly. I'm sure that you will be fine on that front.

As far as using the same key...100% legit. No problems whatsoever.

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Is it possible to use my HP Windows Vista recovery discs on my HP laptop that came with Windows 8 to downgrade to Vista.I am running Windows 10 right now.Thank you.Jane

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Hello everybody,
Recently I attempted to use the Windows 10 feature of downgrading to and restoring Windows 7. However when in the process of restoring Windows 7 my computer freezes. Any help to prevent this, or to stop the process entirely so that I could use an alternate method of downgrading to Windows 7 would be very appreciated. I have tried turning it off and back on again, and when in the restoration screen there are no options available. Also CTRL+ALT+DELETE has yielded no results. Any help would be very appreciated, thanks!

A:Help downgrading to Windows 7

Hi have you had Windows 10 more than 30 days installed on your computer.
If you have then unless you made an image of windows 7 before you upgraded you cannot roll back.
If under 30 days if you have not deleted it have you tried rolling back with windows old folder.
Also may I ask why you are trying to roll back to windows 7, perhaps we can help you if you are having trouble with windows 10.

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I don?t really want to bore you with the details of my set-up. Please just accept that in order for me to control a PC with xp/vista, owing to a disability and speech defect, I need to use voice recognition software that was last developed for Windows 95! I?m currently using the voice software on a PC with Windows millennium. The Windows millennium PC is connected to my xp machine using some equipment from America, that let?s me control 1 PC from the other (I talk to the millennium PC and it stuffs the keystroke and mouse actions to the other PC). Sounds weird but I also hold down employment as a software engineer using the same set up, although this message relates to non employer equipment.

Anyway my enquiry. The rest of this message relates to my old millennium PC. It?s around 6 years old, in recent years I?ve had to replace the graphics card and the hard drive. Now the hard drive is about to go again (it?s intermittently clicking loudly). Yes the cheapest and simplest option is to replace the thought drive again.

However an alternative would be to purchase a new cheap PC and downgrade it to an operating system prior to xp. Now ignoring licensing issues, how practical is this? Main problem might be getting drivers. If feasible then I?d probably transfer my existing sound card-soundblaster live oem.

Any advice? Anyone tried this?


A:Downgrading Windows on a new PC?

You should be able to get a cheap PC and install ME or even 98SE.
Drivers shoudn't be a problem.

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I have bought today a brand new HP notebook with Windows 10  . I need to downgrade to windows 7 professional or ultimate
The serial no. is [personal information removed] 
Model no. 15-AY086NZ
Product no. YOW59ea#UUZ

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I found out that my hard-disc doesn't have a virtual drive so it won't run XP mode (I have a ubs-jack cable that only functions with xp). So I have a copy of xp and tried to install it but it says that my computer isn't compatible with xp. It actually came with xp when I bought it so that doesn't make sense. I also read that unlike Vista it is possible to downgrade windows 7 to vista or xp. So what can I do?

A:Downgrading from windows 7 to xp

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I still have the option to downgrade to Windows 7, I'm wondering if I do, will I still have my files and programs that I downloaded and installed in Windows 10.

A:Downgrading to Windows 7

I went back to win 7 from win 10 , on one install , no issues at all . All files were where I left them ..

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I have a Toshiba satellite C855D, which comes with windows 8, and I want to know if it is possible to downgrade to windows 7 64 bit. I have been told there can be a lot of problems with the computer if done incorrectly. I haven't found much specific information regarding this, so an answer would be a lot of help.

A:downgrading from windows 8 to 7

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Hello all,
I have an ASUS laptop, about a year old now with Windows 8.1. Almost a year ago, I managed to install Windows 7 on the PC, completely eliminating Windows 8, but I don't remember how I did it. Months later, my hard drive went bad and I took my PC into the Geek Squad for service since it has extended warranty on it. When I got it back, it had Windows 8 on it again.

I have tried so many methods in trying to get Windows 7 back on but have been unsuccessful. I have even tried making a new hard drive partition and installing it that way so I could eliminate Windows 8 but that didn't work and at boot up, it said a particular file during boot had an invalid signature.

I have a Windows 7 install DVD, completely authentic, but have ran out of ideas on how to install it to get rid of 8.1. Does anyone else have any ideas how to get it successfully installed? It's almost as if Windows 8.1 is locked on my hard drive. I'd take the hard drive out if I could but my PC has no access doors on the bottom of it so I can't access anything without special tools.


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Hello everyone! Recently my work purchased a lenovo ideapad 100s 14IBY it came pre loaded with windows 10, unfortunatly the onlyprogram we will use on the computer only runs on windows 7 so I have been tasked with trying to Downgrade the laptop from windows 10 to 7 I have a bootable copy of window 7 which after changing some BIOS setting I can boot into, however once I try and install windows 7 it asks me for the drivers. My question is exactly what drivers do I need? and where can I get them from? I have searchd this site but dont think I have found the corret drivers I need. Any help would be hugely appreciated!Thanks in advnce guys

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yeah i upgraded to windows 7 last week but i cant play a few games of mine now because the driver updates for my computer is for only vista operating systems...

since i have to go back down to windows vista home premium i had a question,
how can i ERASE my entire C drive completely and start fresh with a new windows vista installation disk?

A:downgrading from windows 7?

If that is the full retail DVD
Just boot from the DVD and you will get the option for a clean install, with format.

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Hey i have recently bought an new computer which had came with windows vista. well after a long time i have decided that i want to downgrade to xp (without doing the dual boot) since there are so many problems with it. here are my computer details...

- hewlett - packard
- 1014 mb ram
- 32 bit Operating system
- intel celeron cpu 3.46 GHz 3.47 GHz
- model

since i sorta suck at installing and downloading things i want to kno how to exactly downgrade from vista home premium to windows xp service pack 2.
thanks for reading and please reply

A:downgrading to windows xp

To downgrade you will have to completely wipe the drive . . which means you loose everything on that drive. You might want to consider buying a new drive to install XP on and keep the original for the future so you can go back easily.

Prior to embarking on this journey, check the HP support site to be sure you can find XP Drivers for your machine. You can save these to cd or flash to use after the install.

Then, enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless.

If you are using an upgrade version installation CD, you'll also need a CD with an older operating system ( Windows 98SE or Windows ME ) to complete the install. Also Make sure you have the 25-digit product code for the Windows XP CD.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete any or all partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you d... Read more

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my mom is running windows 7 ultimate but she's running out of memory..she only had 18.9 mb free space . we wnt to downgrade it to xp.hdd is only 4 gb.please gide me first before i downgrade it to xp

A:downgrading windows 7

Just for clarification, when you say your mom is "running out of memory" and has "18.9 mb free space", are you really talking about memory (RAM) or are you talking about available hard drive space?

If you're talking about RAM, how much total RAM is on your mom's computer? Windows 7 will utilize most of the available RAM and this is normal.

If you're talking about available hard drive space, how large is the hard drive? Have you tried doing a Disk Cleanup to regain hard drive space? If your mom doesn't use Hibernation you could also disable that feature and gain back some additional hard drive space (about 75% of total installed RAM.)

Disk Cleanup - Open and Use

Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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I am possibly getting another computer someone doesn't want- nothing wrong with it, they're moving. Their teenage son had it and has games, etc. in it. He says it's really filled up.

I'm not sure of the details, but it's a Compaq Presario, I think maybe around 1999 era.

I've been told it has one of the new WINDOWS in it. MX of Millenium. Don't know if it came in it or was put in after. They got it from someone else, too.

What I do when someone gives me a pc to learn on, is format the C drive and reinstall WIN98. This is all I have, though I have WIN 98 SE someone gave me on a CD (I have this on mine but my restore CD is all or nothing. Hewlett Packard) Someone once gave me all the files to WIN98 SE in case I needed to restore one. Haven't had a chance to try this and don't know if it would work to install it all)

Anyway, WIN 98 is okay with me, and I have the full version and bootup disk. I've done this before, but it was always WIN 95 in it before I formatted.

Maybe this is a silly question but I thought maybe there's something I should know, I'm not thinking about in this?

Like if it has a newer WINDOWS and I'm going back to 98?

Even though I would think formatting the harddrive would work. There's the drivers, and such. (I'm still kind of a newbie with all this).

Also, I remember hearing somewhere that some brands require their own restore CD. I know I have a Hewlett Packard which does.

Jus... Read more

A:Downgrading WINDOWS

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Hi everyone.

I have just got a Compaq Presario CQ50-215NR which, I am sure you know, comes with Vista installed on it. After playing with it for a while I decided that it is much slower than my desktop, which is 4 years old, running Windows XP, so I decided to "downgrade" to Windows XP SP3. I have successfully achieved it using the 32 bit version of XP.

The thing I would like to ask the forum is this:

The Compaq Presario CQ50-215NR has an AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-60 processor which the supports 64 bit OS. Why will it not install on this particular brand of laptop?

I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.


A:Downgrading from Windows Vista Home edition to Windows XP on a Compaq CQ50-215NR

What error message do you get when attempting to install the 64 bit OS? Is this Vista 64 bit or XP 64 bit?

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OKay Hi,

So my computer is completely full of spyware to the point where it has been suggested by several people, even people on this site, that I reinstall Windows XP. A friend gave me this computer. When I put my version of XP in the drive, it tells me that the version of XP on my computer is newer than the one from the CD and won't let me reinstall. What do you recommend I do?


A:Solved: Downgrading Windows

It seems like you are using a windows xp cd which has an earlier version than the one on your computer (most probably you have a windows xp cd, while the one on your computer is xp sp2).

You can do the full and clean installation on the computer, which will wipe out everything on the computer, and start fresh again. for this purpose, you have to boot from the cd, from the boot up, not from the windows. you have to change the windows boot order in order to let this happened.

And, after the installation finished, you can try to update your windows to the latest version again by running the windows update.

Here is the link on how to perform the full installation of the windows:
Clean installation & Repair Installation on Windows XP

just bear in mind that the clean install will wipe everything out of your computer, and you have to reinstall all the applications on your computer. you also will lose all the personal files, and some drivers for the peripherals inside the computer (especially the graphic, sound and internet card). and all this peripherals will not work until you install the driver for them. so, make sure you have all the drivers handy and backup personal files before reinstalling the windows

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Hello, I have a ProBook 450 G2 that I got last year. It came with Windows 7 Professional, and about 2 weeks after buying it I used Microsoft free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. After a year, I realized that Windows 10 isn't right for me. I know after 30 days you cannot downgrade via Microsoft's service that comes with Windows 10, but according to the page found here, I can downgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 7 Professional via downgrade rights. I have the Windows 7 Professional install media all ready, but the only issue is I do not have a product key on the PC like I did for my other laptops, and Windows 10 no longer has product keys in control panel/settings. Can someone help me through this? I have never downgraded Windows before, I only downgraded my MacBook Pro from OS X 10.10 to 10.8 a few years ago. Here are the specs of the 450 G2 I own (there were different models apparently) -Intel i5 5200U CPU at 2.20 GHz-750GB Hard Drive -Intel HD Graphics 5500 and AMD Radeon R5 M255-A bunch of other stuff that every 450 G2 model has.  Thank you so much in advance!   

A:Downgrading From Windows 10 to Window 7

Hi: Downgrades are done by the factory (downgrade rights), which is why you didn't get a W7 product key, and the W10 product key in the BIOS won't work for W7.  HP will not give you a product key, as far as I am aware. So...if you live in the USA/Canada, call this number and order a set of W7 Pro 64 bit recovery disks from HP. 1-800-334-5144  You won't need a product key for those. I haven't ordered a set in about a year, but the last time I did, they were $10 delivered via first class mail. If your notebook is still under warranty, HP may send you the disks free of charge.

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Hello, I have an old (circa 2005) E-Machines desktop that i recently dug out of storage to mess around with. around 2008 it was all kinds of messed up (hand me down from my brother) so with the help of a friend i wiped the system and reinstalled the xp OS. Turned out it was a non-genuine copy and at that time i did not comprehend that i have a registry key on the back of my pc. I found a copy of windows Vista that my brother had bought for the pc and never installed so i did that. it's running O.K. just very slow and takes literally 10-15 minutes to start up. I figure that if i downgrade back down to windows XP the computer will have a lot less work trying to run it's OS considering it only has a 1 GB of RAM (which i upgraded from 512mb this pc is so old).
Also, important to note - at some point my disc drive stopped working. It makes noises as if it is trying to open and close when i press the button but it does not open. i have run a thin ruler around the edges and it doesnt seem to be jammed and i cant get far enough in to pry it out. if anyone has some suggestions on that feel free to comment, but that is not the focus of this post.

So i have downloaded a copy of windows XP (going to use my own registry key) and extracted the zip file onto a flash drive. From here i'm kind of lost. if i open the .exe from on my pc, "Install Windows XP" is not clickable. When i boot my PC from the flash drive, it does nothing but sit on a black screen with that b... Read more

A:Help downgrading to windows XP from vista

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I have W7 Pro installed. Can I fresh install W7 Home using the existing key....?

I am not a developer and do not need W7 Pro,
also my PC is getting older and it may run better with W7 Home.


A:Downgrading Windows 7 from Pro to Home

No, you need a different key for Home.

The Pro features are minimal, no reason to change to Home and no, it won't run better with Home, sorry.

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1. You should be sure to find Windows XP drivers for your HP laptop computer.
2. Installing Windows XP - means having a Windows XP CD (HP usually setting BIOS for 1'st boot option to be from a CD-ROM, 2'nd from HDD... if it's not so, access your BIOS and change the order as mentioned).

3. You don't need to type all in Caps Lock mode...

Good luck to you, my friend... I've had an HP laptop too, in the oldies of 2005'th (compaq nx7010)...

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I have successfully downgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-592G laptop. I installed all the drivers from Acer's support site and all seems to be working fine so far, but the driver for the webcam will not install. It gives me an error stating that I need Windows 10 or later. But I don't like Windows 10 and prefer Windows 8. Is there any way I can get around this and get my webcam to work? Also, my speakers are working fine, but the built-in mic seems to not be working, unless there is no built-in mic. I just bought this laptop recently to use for audio and music production & mixing. If I can comfortably use Windows 8.1 on this system without any major errors, I will keep it. Otherwise I will return it. I'd at least like to be able to use my webcam and internal mic for skype calls on this, as I paid a good amount of money for it.  To be exact, the model I have is Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-592G-70EN. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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laptop toshiba satellite C55D-A5206 was wondering if im able to downgrade to windows 7 my girlfriend doesn't like it. i bought it for her and i wan't her to use something she is use to and likes even more, i my self don't like windows 8 i feel i made a mistake

A:Windows 8 Question About Downgrading to 7

Probibly not , from what I've been able to research , they have never produced system drivers for Windows 7 for this model.

Try installing Classic Shell Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements , you can get the feel of Windows 7 back with the advantages of windows 8 improvements , if you can't wait for the 8.1 'boot to desktop' you can set this also as a setting in Classic Shell till then.

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I recently downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 7 using the recovery feature in Win 10.
After the process of downgrading finished, I got a BSOD on startup.  Start-up repair could not fix the issue.
I can boot into safe mode and that works fine.
I analysed the dump file and it says the fault is in csrss.exe with the fault being "Attempted to Switch from DPC (via ntoskrnl.exe?)"
I want to fix this, I don't want to have to reinstall a fresh copy of windows.
The dump file can be downloaded


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Hello All,
I got Hp dv2617us notebook where i got Vista preinstalled in that, now i want to change it to XP. Did any one guide where can get the WindowsXP Drivers for this model.
Thank x in Advance..

A:Downgrading My NoteBook To Windows XP

Hi neelu, and welcome to TSG.

Not sure if this is all of them or not ...

Software & Driver downloads
HP Pavilion dv2617us Notebook PC
Microsoft Windows XP

EDIT: I just saw the list of Vista drivers for this same model and there are a lot more hardware specific drivers. This makes be suspect that a full set of XP drivers driver may not be available. You may want to contact H-P support to find out it if a full set of drivers is available for Windows XP.

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is it possible to downgrade Windows 10 enterprise to pro? At the moment i have enterprise but i have the activate windows popup in the bottom left corner of my screen. If i got a windows 10 pro key would i be able to activate windows and get rid of the popup? would doing so erase all of my files?

A:Downgrading Windows 10 enterprise to pro

You cannot downgrade.
You will have to wipe your current system after backing up personal files
Then you will need to either upgrade for free from a legal activated qualifying Operating system or purchase a copy of Windows 10 Pro

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Hello, I have an old (circa 2005) E-Machines desktop that i recently dug out of storage to mess around with. around 2008 it was all kinds of messed up (hand me down from my brother) so with the help of a friend i wiped the system and reinstalled the xp OS. Turned out it was a non-genuine copy and at that time i did not comprehend that i have a registry key on the back of my pc. I found a copy of windows Vista that my brother had bought for the pc and never installed so i did that. it's running O.K. just very slow and takes literally 10-15 minutes to start up. I figure that if i downgrade back down to windows XP the computer will have a lot less work trying to run it's OS considering it only has a 1 GB of RAM (which i upgraded from 512mb this pc is so old).
Also, important to note - at some point my disc drive stopped working. It makes noises as if it is trying to open and close when i press the button but it does not open. i have run a thin ruler around the edges and it doesnt seem to be jammed and i cant get far enough in to pry it out. if anyone has some suggestions on that feel free to comment, but that is not the focus of this post.

So i have downloaded a copy of windows XP (going to use my own registry key) and extracted the zip file onto a flash drive. From here i'm kind of lost. if i open the .exe from on my pc, "Install Windows XP" is not clickable. When i boot my PC from the flash drive, it does nothing but sit on a black screen with that b... Read more

A:Help downgrading to windows XP from vista

Closing dup. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.

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I'm trying to downgrade a laptop to windows 2000 from XP. Its running on the bare minimum for memory and is very slow. Do I have to unistall XP and then install 2000 or can I just use the 2000 CD and do the downgrade from there?


A:Downgrading to Windows 2000.

You should be able to boot from the win2k cd and it will prompt you that there is another version of windows on the machine. Just delete the partition and recreate it. This will wipe out the hard drive and install a fresh copy of win2k. Keep in mind this will erase everything on the hard drive so make sure you backed up all important files.

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I bought the laptop HP Envy 6 1106TX which came with a Pre-installed Windows 8.

So I made a Windows 7 Bootable USB. Turned off Secure boot & Enabled Legacy and set the boot to USB in boot options.

The Windows 7 Setup started.


The problem is that when i click on Custom Install, It does not show any Harddrive/SSD or anything.

What should i do :/ ?

A:Downgrading to Windows 7 ISSUE!

Try setting your BIOS back to defaults, then select Boot Menu on startup (F12 on mine), then select USB boot (if it appears as an option) and see what happens. Other options might be to change the BIOS from AHCI to SATA and try to revert to AHCI "after" the installation and/or download specific Win 7 drivers for your rig and use them during the "load drivers" segment of your installation. Please note that I am not specifically recommending either of the latter suggestions. Good luck.

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I'm currently using the RC copy of Windows 7 and now that the RC period is expired I am looking to put a copy of XP back onto my laptop.

I have backed up all my data and have attempted to perform a clean install of XP onto the machine. The setup is running through fine until it gets to "Starting Windows" and I get BSOD. The blue screen shows 0x0000007b (0xC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000).

I have looked on Microsoft KB about this and have followed the troubleshooting steps provided (Checked for viruses, hardware etc) but still getting BSOD.

Could anyone suggest anything else to try? As a last resort I will have to purchase genuine copy of 7 Ultimate but don't really want to at this moment in time.

A:Solved: Downgrading to XP from Windows 7 RC

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Hi, I bought a new system model HP Envy 15-ae108nia.16 Gb Ram, I7, Win 10 Home. Graphics NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX. I have downgraded the Win 10 home to Win 8 Pro. I would like to know the list of problems that my occur doing so. I am currently facing Display Driver Issue  - screen goes black and  it shows - "Display driver is not responding".  Are the drivers associated with HP Machine or OS ?  is that good to downgrade the OS to win 8 in the machine that comes with win 10  ? Thank youRaja 

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Hello everybody,

Recently I attempted to use the Windows 10 feature of downgrading to and restoring Windows 7. However when in the process of restoring Windows 7 my computer freezes. Any help to prevent this, or to stop the process entirely so that I could use an alternate method of downgrading to Windows 7 would be very appreciated. I have tried turning it off and back on again, and when in the restoration screen there are no options available. Also CTRL+ALT+DELETE has yielded no results.

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks!

A:Problems when downgrading to Windows 7


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I would like to ask some tips, advices, suggestion, and help about my little problem downgrading my OS. Currently I am using Vista Ultimate x64. I decided to downgrade my OS to XP Pro SP3, but the problem is after Windows XP loads up its setup files during the first phase of installation, BSoD suddenly appeared. Can anyone help me? I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

My PC Specs:
CPU - Intel Q6600 2.4 Ghz
MB - Intel DP35DP Media Series
RAM - 2 x 2GB DDR2-800 SimpleTech
HD - 1 x Western Digital 500GB SATA; 1 x Western Digital 80GB SATA
GRAPHICS - XFX GeForce 8800GT Alpha Dog Standard Edition 512MB DDR3
SOUND - SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatality Professional Series
CURRENT OS - Vista Ultimate x64

A:Downgrading from Vistax64 to Windows XP Pro

You have a SATA drive and must load the SATA/RAID SCSI driver after first phase of install. You will see a screen to the effect of "load 3rd party drivers" These can only be loaded off usb thumbdrive/floppy drive/external hard drive. If you do not load the sata driver, the install cannot see the hard drive for Windows Installation, and installation will not continue (unless you are using an OEM disk that came with the computer for XP install, as these usually have the sata driver slipstreamed onto the disk).

You either have to create a new partition for XP (and dual boot), or delete the existing partition with Vista Installation, or format the partition with Vista on it. and then commence XP installation.

For the loading of sata driver in pre-Windows enviroment, usb floopy/usb fdd/usb hdd must be set in the BIOS boot order before the HDD



Floppy/USB Floppy
USB FDD (flash drive)
USB Devices (i.e., HDD)
SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

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Hi Tech Support Guy.

I want to downgrad the operating system in my laptop from Windows Vista to Windows Xp. Please instruct me on how to do this. I have a Windows Xp Cd.
I need to know what to back up, how to back up drivers and how to go about removing the Windows Vista and Installing my Windows Xp. I have a Toshiba Satelite laptop with a Windows Vista Home operating system.

Thanks Tech Support Guys.

A:Windows Vista downgrading

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I read the guide on how to do a downgrade, and did everything i was suppose to. But when i insert my USB and restart my computer is loading the Windows 7 installation files from the usb, but then it comes up with an error. it says cant find winload.efi, in the system32 map.. But i checked and it is in that map when i boot up.. What do i do?

A:Problem downgrading to windows 7

Try booting the Windows 7 x64 DVD in UEFI mode.

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I just bought a Gateway M-6817 a little while ago and i'm thinking about downgrading to Media Center 2005. I did some looking around and found that if i don't have my drivers set up for the change i'm going to be S.O.L. when i try to downgrade. When i was at the gateway support center they had a specific section for XP drivers for my machine. If need be I can list the one's they offer. The major one i couldn't find was the motherboard. It's a intel 965 chipset driver and I find it a little hard to believe that they don't offer the Windows XP driver. Have I already lost hope on downgrading or am i not looking hard enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Downgrading to Windows XP question

Go get it straight from Intel then.!

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I have a pre-installed Windows Vista operating system in my pc. I want to downgrade to Windows XP. Do I have to purchase a Windows XP OS CD-ROM to do this? Also, I have another computer with Windows XP that came with a CD of Windows XP OS--computer does not work anymore. However, it says that it's only to be used with that particular pc and not any other brand, etc. Is this correct?

Thank you.


A:Downgrading from Vista to Windows XP

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Hi there, quick question. Basically I'm having all sorts of problems with blue screens and stop errors on starting up my system (bought as windows 7) and it seems it might be a driver problem.
Ideally I would re-install windows 7 but I don't have the disc for this, I do however have an old vista disk.
My question is if I were to boot from CD and install vista, if it were to actually work and get me onto the system, does it wipe clean the hard drive? As there are many photos and such on there I would like to keep.
Thanks for any help, Adam.

A:Downgrading windows 7 to vista

Vista is history. Best to sort the Win7 problems here or find a Win7 DVD to clean reinstall with the Product key on COA sticker: re-install windows 7

First use these steps to upload your blue screen bugcheck report to our Crashes forum where the real geniuses reside:

They will help get the issues resolved quickly. For any further issues, post up a new thread in General forum and we'll help you knock that down next.

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Hi, I bought a new system model HP Envy 15-ae108nia.16 Gb Ram, I7, Win 10 Home. Graphics NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX. I have downgraded the Win 10 home to Win 8 Pro. I would like to know the list of problems that my occur doing so. I am currently facing Display Driver Issue  - screen goes black and  it shows - "Display driver is not responding".  Are the drivers associated with HP Machine or OS ?  is that good to downgrade the OS to win 8 in the machine that comes with win 10  ? Thank youRaja 

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when I try to install windows xp in the hp laptop that came with windows 7, I get blue screen. Even I tried wiping disk completely, but it still doesn't work.

Is there any way I can make it install xp?

Thanks in advance.

A:downgrading from windows 7 to xp in hp dv4 series

Your problem could be that Windows XP does not support SATA hard drive controllers natively (all new laptops have SATA controllers & have SATA hard drives installed).
Consequently, Windows XP Setup cannot find the hard drive.

There are two options here:

1. Press "F6" when you see a message which says "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver" , then insert a floppy disk containing the SATA driver supplied by HP. Problem is, either you've no floppy disk-drive or HP do not have a SATA driver for your laptop, since it came with Windows 7 pre-installed which doesn't need one (it supports SATA natively).


2. Alter a setting in the BIOS Setup. See this: HP G7000 Installing XP on Hewlett Packard (Hp) Laptop / Notebook - XP Drivers

(not the same HP model as yours but the the same advice applies)

However, even if you do manage to get XP installed, don't forget that you will probably find several errors in Device Manager caused by missing device drivers which aren't on the XP installation disc.

If the HP website doesn't have XP drivers for your model, you are going to struggle to find any that work from elsewhere because much of HP's hardware requires custom-made drivers which only they are likely to have.
So check that first before going ahead with an XP install.

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Well i try'ed everything i did the Nlite and went through 10 or 15 cds trying to install.
So here's my problem i can't find any drivers and i try'ed updating my laptop but it still doesn't work and when i have it installed i get some 0x00000007b error and i did some much research online and still can't figure out how to so heres my info:
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2310 @ 1.46GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 320 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 112971 MB, Free - 91437 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Satellite L45
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
And i cannot find no good drivers so if anybody could help me i would really appreciated so please reply quick as possible.

A:I need help downgrading to xp from windows vista

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Had gotten the message from Microsoft that my laptop could upgrade to Windows 10. Did so on 7/29/2015 and things seemed ok, but it was very slow and wireless mouse's scroll wheel didn't function. Then bluetooth stopped working. Ran the program to go back to Windows 7 and it said it completed properly, but now it won't boot. Can't go to safe mode and when I looked there are no recovery points saved. Even though warranty has expired, Dell support agreed and sent me "Reinstallation DVD" for Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. My problem is that I really don't want to do factory reset type of install as we have thousands of photos on this laptop and they can not be replaced. Any help would be appreciated. I am using our desktop to post and I can not access the internet from the laptop. I did, when in adnavced menu, get it to boot once without the constant rebooting and it ended up at a blue screen saying I needed to run my anti-virus program. I am not that computer savy, so be prepared for a lot of questions.

A:Dell Inspiron N7010 won't boot Windows 7 after downgrading from Windows 10

You can still retrieve all your data. Download the Hirens boot disk here. Unzip the iso file to the desktop. Burn the iso file using WIndows 7 by right clicking it and selecting Burn Disk Image. On XP you can use Imgburn. If you use Imgburn make sure you opt out of any optional programs it installs. Attach a USB flash or external drive. Boot the Hirens disk and select MiniXP. Double click Computer. Your hard drive may be a different letter than C: 
Copy, do not move, the files from your hard drive to your external drive. Make sure you can open them on the other computer before doing the clean install.
If you do not have an available CD or DVD you can create a bootable USB flash drive. If you prefer this method then I will post the instructions.
Edit: You may want to also save your browser favorites or bookmarks.

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Hello. I think I'm losing my mind here and now I think I'm lost. Been googling and circling around for hours. So, I have an ASUS Vivobook laptop here, which has a preinstalled Windows 8. Now I'd like to downgrade to Windows 7, which I got thanks to my school having a deal with DreamSpark.
So I have a Windows 7 Professional ISO which I got from DreamSpark. Then I tried to create a bootable memory stick with Rufus, based on this tutorial:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

But when I'm pressing the "Start" button to start the process, it gives me an error:
title: "Unsupported ISO"
"When using UEFI Target Type, only EFI bootable ISO images are supported. Please select an EFI bootable ISO or set the Target Type to BIOS."

So there seems to be a problem with my ISO. Is there a way to modify the ISO? Or what should I do in order to get the ISO readable for Rufus?

A:Problems downgrading preinstalled Windows 8 to Windows 7 on ASUS Vivo

Try downloading a fully legal ISO from here: Windows 7 Direct Download Links

Use that as input to Rufus, see if it works. Make sure you get the one that matches what you got from DreamSpark so the installation key will work and you can active. You want the SP1 U (media refresh) version.

Since the computer that came with Windows 8 is probably UEFI/Gpt based rather than BIOS/MBR, see here:

To install Windows 7 on a UEFI (not BIOS) system

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Hello everyone!

I want to downgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate installation to Windows 7 Professional, because of some licensing reasons.

I have tried the method of changing the Regedit values from "Ultimate" to "Professional" as stated here:

Unfortunately, when I try to do a repair install, I get the "Windows 7 Ultimate cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional" error message.

Since I have fiddled around with that and not gotten any results, here is what I want to do:

-Backup all of my programs and Windows User Settings to an external hard drive
-Backup the entire current registry
-Clean install of windows 7 pro
-Restore the entire registry
-Restore my backups

My questions are:

1.) Is this feasible? Won't there be problems because I am importing a windows registry from my old windows account?
2.) Is there another way of doing the downgrade form Ultimate to Professional?

Thank you all very much in advance for your help, I really appreciate it

A:Downgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional

Are you using Professional Win7 installation media of the same bit-version? If needed ou can extract the ISO to unlock all versions using Step 1 of Clean Reinstall Windows 7. Then be sure to select Professional from the menu when you run the Repair Install

Did you follow exactly the registry changes in Change between Win7 versions workaround? I've never seen it not work.

You wouldn't be able to import the registry from Ultimate into Professional.

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I got two retail licenses on windows 8.1 last year, both upgraded to 10 and activated 2 years back. Now I wish to go back.. Will I be able to reactivate with my license key?

A:Will I be able to activate my reinstalled windows 8.1 after downgrading from 10?

I would think so. Worst case I think a call to MS to clear up any activation issues should work out.

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Upgraded to Windows 10 with no issues. Couldn't get my audio interface to work because of the driver, no update coming because of the age of the unit. I attempted to roll back to 7 but it said needed files had been deleted. I didn't delete anything and didn't run any cleanup software or any thing like that. The windows.old folder was still there but lots of files missing. I had several folders on the desktop in 7 but when I checked it in windows.old the Desktop folder was completely empty. So I guess it deleted some system files too. So did a clean reinstall of 7 with no problems but then today, 5 or 6 days later, it asked me to activate even though I had done that when I initially installed 7. When I reentered the key it said it was blocked. Here is the diagnostic report. Any help would be appreciated.


Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-*****-*****-7JKPB
Windows Product Key Hash: qBEV+S8Q47JzmoUXDx9DRhR21sY=
Windows Product ID: 55041-011-1468682-86971
Windows Product ID Type: 6
Windows License Type: Volume MAK
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
ID: {0EF195C4-027B-4850-A7FD-FF59145376BF}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.1505... Read more

A:Windows 7 activation key blocked after downgrading from 10

That's expected behavior upgrading to Windows 10 changes your Win 7 key and blocks it unless someone else has an answer you might be able to phone Windows support and get them to unblock it. You could try to install Windows 10 again with a clean install and see if that fixes your driver problem, If you do install win 10 again if it asks you for a key press skip and it should activate itself

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OK, I installed a copy of windows 7 Pro on my computer and put some shared folders on my home network, Some folders i clicked no access and some folders i clicked read only. i tried playing a game on windows 7 and found out windows 7 doesn't have compatible drivers for my PC. I reinstalled XP Pro SP3 and now when i go into the folders i said no access to give me an error saying (directory) is not accessible. Access Denied. And when i go into a folder which i gave read only permissions to wont let me save but read! I have also tried the security tab but it wont let me change anything. Will booting into linux live cd and then copying all the files to another directory help?

A:Access Denied after downgrading from windows 7

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I am successfully installed Windows 7 Professional 64Bit SP1 in my Acer Aspire V5-122P. After installing Windows 7, I used some of the Windows 8 drivers for Windows 7. A few things it can't work in Windows 8 are: 1) After installing AMD GPU Drivers, my screen will turn black. I tried alot of times restarting, but it is still the same. The strange thing is, it can bootup the Windows 7 showing the BIOS, Starting Windows, then welcome screen after the desktop, it turns black again. 2) The FN + F3 unable to work before or after installing Acer Launch Manager. I tried using the Windows 8 version but can't install, so I use the Acer Aspire V5-121 Windows 7 Launch Manager. I don't quite like Windows 8, so i downgrade to Windows 7. I'm stuck on my Windows 8 64bit.Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Problems After Downgrading To Windows 7 In Acer As...

im trying the same thing. My problem is i cant get drivers for the wifi card. How did you get your wireless network card to work?

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Ok, acieved to downgrade/upgrade the BIOS version with the Acer XC-603 to be able to downgrade to Windows 7.
Rest me one single question.
Do i really have to delete all partition or can leave the recovery partiton un touched to always be able to recovery the original OEM Windows 8.1 that comes with the machine from out the factory?
Can somebody please shine a light on this matter please?
I always want to be able in case i mess up recover my Windows 8.1 installation thats pre installed on the recovery partition.
Is this possible?

A:Downgrading Windows 8.1 to Win 7 on Acer Aspire XC-603

If your computer is now running healthy, don't mess with it especially the recovery partition.

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So I am trying to downgrade my laptop with a USB drive version of Win 7. I cannot install it due to it already being a GP partioned drive.
What can I do to get around this and continue the install. ( HP Laptop previously running Win 8 )
Vielen Dank

A:Downgrading to Windows 7 from Win8, cannot due to GPT partion HD.

That is a big issue, If you laptop was not Windows 7 before then going to Windows 7 from 8 is almost impossible.  This is because Windows 8 ties its self to the CPU or memory or something in the motherboard group.  You can Down grade IF your device is Windows 8 Pro.  Here is a good how to and all that from Computer World and doing this and the issues with it.
Your GPT issue is usually solved by disabling secure boot, or in BIOS using UEFI only.  Others have just deleted all the partitions and installed it that way too.
Here is some info on it from TechNet
And there are many pages about this on BleepingComputer as well, here is the link to one.
Good luck

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At the moment I have an inaccessible Acer Aspire 5742. I upgraded to the Windows 8 Developer Preview around Mid February, decided to downgrade and now I can't use it at all!

I can currently boot into Win. 8 or Win. 7, but both give error messages. Windows 7 shows the 'missing or corrupt file' error on compbatt.sys driver and Windows 8 returns a DLL file failure and then I can access Task Manager but otherwise nothing.

What I've Done:
-Got a copy of Neosmarts Win 7 Recovery Tool so I could accesssSystem Restor and all that stuff. Tried repairing the compbatt.sys file by using the Windows.old folder I had when I initially moved to the Preview with no luck.
-Friend gave me a Windows 7 installation on a USB stick, but when I have ran it I get 'A CD/DVD device driver is missing

I'm not too good with computers, so basic instructions would be necessary. I can upload pictures of any screen of my laptop of needed, just ask.

Thanks in Advance

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Typo: Sorry that should read "downgrade"Just as the question asks can I downgrade the OS obviously both being 64 bit, and still have all my files and "my documents" folders etc intact, so programs will operate without any changes updates or other amendments?I heard of some software that does this but I have my doubts, advice?cheersmessage edited by Oggmeista

A:Can I downgrading windows 7 ultimate to win 7 Premium/Pro?

I am not sure why you would want to do this since Ultimate is simply Pro with a few extra features.From what I understand, All Windows from Home to ultimate install roughly the same but the key you enter determines what features you are shown and allow. If you changed the key to a Pro key that you purchase, it should effectively do that (wait for others to confirm this) but why would you want to pay more money to get less system than you already have?You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Is there a way to downgrade my HP Pavilion 15t_ab200 from Windows 10 PRO to Windows 7 PRO? I tried looking into the Security and Recovery section, but there is no option to "Go back to Windows 7". Plus, I don't see any Windows 7 driver for this particular laptop model. I'm not familiar with Windows 10 at all. Please help. Thanks in advance!

A:Downgrading HP Pavilion 15t_ab200 from Windows 10 PRO to Win...

Jonathan_Le Sorry, but the basic answer is no.  HP isn't writing old Win7 drivers for the hardware contained in the new Win10 PCs. While you can force the installation of Win7, that is a very difficult thing to do, and when you're done, you will have a laptop for which some of the hardware will not function properly due to the lack of HP drivers. If you wanted a Win7 PC, you should have bought one with Win 7 already installed. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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I currently have Windows Media Player 10 ( the most recent version) and I was looking at downgrading* my version of windows Media player to the original one so I can get rid of all the crap it comes with it. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

*I use downgrading because I can not think of a better word...


A:Downgrading? Windows Media player...

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I have tried to flash a laptop which came insatalled with windows vista, so as to install XP Professional, however when i boot from cd, the set up goes on until a point when it says it can not find the hard disks. I'm puzzled coz when i boot normally the vista is able to run again- but i need to install XP too...
Any ideas?

A:Downgrading Windows Vista to XP Professional

In the bios you can disable the sata hard drive

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Hey all

I recently bought a PC on behalf of work, believing it to be Windows 7 and it turned out to be Windows 8. A bit annoyed, I ordered a Windows 7 Professional disc and am now trying to downgrade the PC. However, after pressing 'Install Now' on the installation Window and selecting 'Update the files now', I receive the error:

"Windows could not update the installation files. To install Windows, close Setup and restart the installation. Error code 0x0".

I did a Google search to see if I could fix this error, or if anyone had any errors like it, and I came across this:

I've uninstalled all of the security software on the PC, made sure the PC was updated fully, and also tried checking the hard drive with chkdsk. However, when trying this, the computer got stuck at 27% for over half an hour, and I Googled that as well and found out that there could be a problem with the hard drive, even though it's a brand new PC fresh out of the box. Windows 8 runs perfectly, but I really need Windows 7 to comply with everything else in the office.

A:Solved: Downgrading to Windows 7 Error

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Hi all, I bought my mom a Pavilion 23-b239 All in one Desktop.She just can't get used to Windows 8.I would really appreciate knowing if it's possible to downgrade to Windows 7 and if someone couldkindly tell me: A profile of my hardware infoWhere I can get the drivers I need.Thanks so much in advance!!!  

View Solution.

A:Pavilion 23-b239: Downgrading to Windows 7

****Disclaimer*****HP doesn't recommend the installation of Windows 7 on a computer shipped with Windows 8, nor will it support the installation of Windows 7. HP will not provide Windows 7 drivers and suitable drivers may not be available for the hardware in the computer. Also, Windows 7 may not support some of the hardware or software features designed for the computer. Make sure you create your HP Recovery Discs or USB Flash Recovery media before modifying or changing ANYTHING.  As this computer is a consumer model with the non-Pro version of Windows 8, it doesn't have downgrade rights. First, you will need to purchase a valid copy of Windows 7 with a COA and product key. You will also need to DISABLE "Secure Boot" and maybe ENABLE "Legacy Support" in the "BIOS Secure Boot cofiguration" on the settings page shown below, before you can attempt to install Windows 7;  or  Additionally, as the hard drive may be partitioned as GPT, you may have to boot the computer using the "UEFI - CD/DVD drive" or "UEFI - USB Flash drive" options in the "F9" boot menu. If "UEFI - CD/DVD drive",  "UEFI - USB Flash drive" or something to that effect doesn't exist in the boot menu, please post a screen shot and/or descibe the listed boot options. I suggest using Windows 7 SP1 for the best intallation experience. If you need Windows SP1, please see "How to Install Windows 7 Without the Disc" to download and create your own Windo... Read more

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I have an unused Dell Dimension E521 Product Support | Dell US with Windows XP. I added memory for a total of 3.5 GB of RAM, anything else is stock.

I am thinking of upgrading the machine to Windows 8.1 or downgrading it to Chromium OS.

Option #1: Upgrading the machine to Windows 8.1. I happen to already have the DVDs & retail product key, so there is no $ expense for me going this way. Dell has only drivers available up to Windows Vista, but I believe the machine will work for basic functions such as web, MS Office including Outlook, and printing. I don't plan to do much else with the machine. Windows 8.1 comes with Windows Defender for basic security.

Option #2: Downgrading the machine to Chromium OS. I have been looking at CloudReady?s free offering for individuals Neverware It is basically Google Chrome OS with a few differences. It is basically a secure OS, but CloudReady strongly recommends a BIOS password, and I am not sure if the motherboard supports that. Web is no problem. I would have to work with Google apps for MS Office files, except for web email rather than Outlook. Printing via the Cloud should work.

I am on the fence which way to go (option #1 or #2) and I would appreciate comments, thanks!

A:Upgrading to Windows 8.1 or downgrading to Chromium OS?

Welcome to the forum. The specs can differ for the pc but it should run win8 ok and even windows 10 which you would get for free. If you installed 8 it would give you the option for win10 and test to see its ok. I have upgraded one of these to win 10 with no problems you need the 32 bit as the max ram is 4 gig so there is no point in getting the 64 bit system.

You do have other option like any linux version would run ok and give more functions than Neverware

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Hello, To start, I have an Acer Aspire E1-531 that came preinstalled with Windows 8. I decided to downgrade to windows 7 but was never able to update my Graphics driver after that. Whenever I try updating the driver with Intel HD graphics, I get a black screen on boot. I then have to rollback to the standard driver in safe mode. This problem has been persistent for almost a year now and would be nice to get it finally working. Could this perhaps be from an outdated BIOS? Here is a copy of my DxDiag while running Standard vga driver. Any help is appreciated.  ------------------System Information------------------Time of this report: 4/9/2016, 14:12:59Machine name: MOperating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)Language: English (Regional Setting: English)System Manufacturer: AcerSystem Model: Aspire E1-531BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 03.72.23V2.13Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHzMemory: 4096MB RAMAvailable OS Memory: 3912MB RAMPage File: 3115MB used, 4707MB availableWindows Dir: C:\WindowsDirectX Version: DirectX 11DX Setup Parameters: Not foundUser DPI Setting: Using System DPISystem DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)DWM DPI Scaling: DisabledDxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode------------DxDiag Notes------------Display Tab 1: No problems found.Sound Tab 1: No problems found.Input Tab: No problems found.--------------------DirectX Debug Levels--------------------Direct3D: 0/4 (r... Read more

A:Downgrading to windows 7, VGA driver problems

Run the Intel® Driver Update Utility and see if it finds a driver that will work.

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I'm planning to downgrade to vista, (don't ask why) and I was wondering if I will keep the files I already have (images, music, documents) in a Windows.old folder, because I remember having that when I reformatted Windows 7 or something like that.

The downgrade to Vista is built in my Samsung notebook (F4 on Startup to repair computer) but I have images/music on this laptop that I can't lose, and I don't have any USB's or hard drives I can use at this moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Downgrading to Vista, will I keep the files I have on Windows 7?

Quote: Originally Posted by Hatashi

.....I have images/music on this laptop that I can't lose....

Then those files should be kept on more than one media. Either online storage, external drive(s), CDs, DVDs or.........

As far as the files are concerned, they should always be kept in at least two locations. One on the hard drive and one elsewhere. What if the hard drive fails? How would you get those important files?

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I thought I want Windows 10, however it kept crashing and rebooting saying the display driver stopped working. After rebooting about a dozen times, I had enough and found a place that said to revert back to Windows 7 (Home Premium). I did and now I have padlocks on a lot of short cuts on my desktop and God know where else. What happen and how do I get rid of them?

A:After downgrading back to Windows 7 from 10 I have Padlocks everywhere

I had the same problem and I had to remove each of them manually:

1-Right-click on the folder with the lock icon and select Properties. Switch to the Security tab, and then press the Edit? button.
2-A list of groups and users that have access to the folder appears. Missing from the list will be the ?Users? group. Click the Add? button.
3-Enter ?Users? into the text field. Click the Check Names button or click OK. ?Users? will change to the location of the Users group on your particular computer.
4-The Users group should now appear in the list of Groups and Users with access to the folder. You can modify the permissions there. I clicked Full and all went back to how it was before downgrading from Windows 10.

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Hey  guys I really need some help with this. I have an HP stream 13  HP Steeam 13 c110ca and it has come installed with windows 10 and there are all kinds of issues with it because of the operating system. I want to downgrade it to windows 8.1 and I tried by setting the BIOS to boot from USB and then inserting a windows 8.1 boot disc however it has not yielded any results. If you could guide me on how to downgrade this laptop, I wont have to return it.

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So as the title says, I decided to downgrade my windows to 7 again, everything went smoothly. PC restarted and I was greeted by a BSOD, it restarted, BSOD again and so on. Tried startup repair, no use (failed with 0x490 code, if thats any use), tried boot windows to last good configuration, same. I still havent tried chkdsk. I can boot into safe mode but I cant manage to get my mouse and keyboard work.
BSOD code: STOP 0x0000007e (0xffffffff80000003, 0xfffff880223912d, 0xfffff880009a9328, 0xfffff880009a8b80)

A:BSOD boot loop after downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 7

And I if someone would help me get my mouse and keyboard working in safe mode I could get the logs and post them here

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I upgraded to Windows 10 and it ran fine for a day. I decided to expand color range on f.lux and restarted and kept getting BSOD either at the login screen or the Windows 10 splash page. I restored back to Windows 7 but the problem seems to be the same; BSOD at the Windows splash page.
I wasn't able to get a PERFMON System Health Report. It keeps saying 




An error occured while attempting to generate the report.



The system cannot find the path specified.

Is there anything I can do about that?
I've attached the sysnativefilecollectionapp output and answered the following questions here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
· OS - Windows 7· x64· What was original installed OS on system? Windows 7· Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Pre-installed.· Age of system (hardware) 6 years· Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 1 day· CPU Intel Core - i7 720QM / 1.6 GHz· Video Card - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 - 1 GB GDDR5 SDRAM· System Manufacturer - Asus · Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom) - G73JH-A1· Laptop or Desktop? Laptop

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after installing windows XP SP3 successfully some issues showed up hope u can help me guys ..

problem list :

1. Fn Keys: Fn+(F1,F3,F11) works .. rest doesnt work ! example the Hibernation and Screen Brightness doesnt work ... (HotKey Utility is installed and I can see it in (Add/Remove programs) of the windows.

2. TouchPad doesnt work , cant enable it using (Fn+F9) , But I can see the icon its software.

3. illumination keys (and Multimedia ) doesnt function at all. only audio control works ..

4. I cant see ATi Catalyste Control Center icon nor on the right click on desktop list. But I can see the software listed on (Add/Remove programs )of the windows.

5. The BlueTooth icon is gone, I saw it earlier but not anymore, dunno why.

6. Zooming utility icon appears on the tray but cant use it !

7. PROset problem as shown on the picture , I get this after clicking ConfigFree icon and select Wireless stack then PROset : [image|]

8. Storage Manager Driver keeps telling me this "This Computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing this software .. Setup will exit now.".

help plz..

A:Satellite A300 - Issues after downgrading to Windows XP

Hi buddy,

I think your installation of XP wasn?t so successfully ;)

The problem list is very long and to be honest in your case I would reinstall XP again. I mean to solve all this issues you need a lot of time and after this I doubt that your system will run properly and fast.

I have founded an installation order for the Satellite A300. Use this list to install XP again, *step by step*

1) Windows XP Pro (SP3)
2) Intel Chipset Utility
3) ATI Display Driver
4) Realtek Sound Driver
5) Realtek LAN Driver
6) Synaptics Touchpad Driver
7) Ricoh Card Reader Controller Driver
8) TOSBHIA Software Modem Driver
9) Motorola Modem Driver
10) Modem Region Select Utility
11) Wireless LAN driver
12) Chicony Camera Software
13) Bluetooth Stack & Monitor
14) TOSHIA Common Module
15) TOSHIBA Power Saver
16) TOSHIBA Zooming Utility
17) TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool
18) TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility
19) TOSHIBA Touchpad On/Off Utility
20) TOSHIBA Utilities
21) TOSHIBA Assist
22) TOSHIBA ConfigFree
23) Ricoh SD memory Utilities
24) TOSHIBA Acoustic Silencer

The ProSet application you can forget. You can configure the WLAN connectivity in Windows too.

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So I have an ASUS X5DIJ Laptop, I have MS Office Pro Plus 2010 on there and I might be downgrading from Windows 7 64bit to 32bit. I have already activated MS Office at once. However, if I downgrade and reactivate, would it count as a second activation or would it keep the activation count as 1 activation?

Reply soon,

A:Would downgrading from 64 bit windows 7 to 32 bit count as a separate activation of M

If the installation is different, it would be a second activation. Generally you can get away with 3 activation attempts on Office before it fails and you have to call though.

Any reason why you'd switch from Win7 64 to 32bit?

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Hiya! Me again.
After having major problems with that laptop before, we sent it back. Was told it was something to do with the processor, and such, so I have a new one now. It's a Toshiba Satelite. Everything's been absolutely fine with it, part one thing. The internet keeps disconnecting randomly and being replaced with Limited Connection. After looking online, I've found there's a trend, basically everyone who has Windows 8.1 has been having this problem, and many never being able to find a permanent fix.
I'd like to downgrade to Windows 8.0. I've been told it will fix all my internet problems. If this is so, how can I do that? I don't need to pay, or anything, do I? It's pretty easy to downgrade, right?
Thank you!

A:Would Downgrading to Windows 8.0 Solve My Connection Bugs?

Everyone having this problem? I don't. Have you tried different drivers? What adapter do you have?

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I've been looking for it for a couple of weeks, but couldn't find any answer. I'm really sorry if it's been explained already on these forums, but I haven't found it.

My question is straightforward: is it possible to downgrade an edition from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Home without having to clean reinstall?

I've been wondering why my Win10 wouldn't activate itself until I realized I installed the wrong edition.

Thanks in advance for your help, Ten Citizens.

A:Downgrading Windows 10 Edition from Pro to Home without reinstalling?

Never tried doing this myself though I've found this How do I downgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Home. : Windows10 & this Can Someone with Win 10 Home Check This for Me? : Windows10. Let me know how you get on.

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I have an old program that runs successfully on all my laptops running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I upgraded on to windows 10 and downgraded back to 7. Now the program will not work regardless of what settings I chose in the compatibility mode. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Now I get the following error when I try to install

A:Compatibility Mode not working after downgrading from windows 10 to 7

Suggest you delete the installation package before and redownload it.

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I had upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 around 20 days back but now I don't like the outlook and my system has also become slow so I thought of reverting to windows 8.1. My laptop is giving an error 0xc0000225. Please help urgently.

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Hi all. So I was trying to deinstall windows 10 and install windows 7 of my Asus Vivobook S300C using this guide.

Everything worked fine until the "IMMEDIATELY Click Out On Top X, TERMINATE Installation Process and REBOOT." step. At this point I restarted the computer and continued through the installation process to the point where I was supposed be able to click "INSTALL NOW". Here I got the message

"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now. Note: If the Windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step." <Browse> <OK> <Cancel>.

After a bit of googling I found this site which suggested the problem might be caused by the fact I was using a USB 3.0 port. I indeed was using a USB3.0 port so I turned off the computer and put the USB drive in a 2.0 port instead. However, now when I turn on the computer I get the message "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart". When I go into Bios the USB stick isn't even there in the boot options anymore (just the hard drive of the laptop).

I tried making a new bootable USB stick but still get the same problem. Any ideas as to why this could be?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there I'm currently using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and need to downgrade to Professional.

I've followed the guide that was on this forum as well as many other websites about changing the registry entries which I have done, however my upgrade has failed and given me this message when trying to complete the upgrade: Your current version of Windows is more recent than the version you are trying to upgrade to. Windows cannot complete the upgrade.

I'm assuming this is because the registry editing isn't enough to trick the installation into thinking it is Professional.

Does any one have a solution or has run into this problem before?


A:Problems Downgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional

Why ?

Just clean install professional.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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