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where can I get the smaller fan for an HP Touchsmart 300 PC ...

Q: where can I get the smaller fan for an HP Touchsmart 300 PC ...

Machine is overheating. Dismantled and lots of dust etc cleaned out but small fan is not working and need a replacement. Bar code number of existing fan is 1323 00230H2 oA F000 099L 06LH

A: where can I get the smaller fan for an HP Touchsmart 300 PC ...

Hi there @Superuserhp, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I understand that you are looking for a replacement fan for your computer. I am happy to help with this. I would recommend that you check out the HP Parts Store. Be sure that your country is selected and then put in the product information. If the part is not currently in stock, there will likely be authorized sellers listed for the part as well. Please let me know whether that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.

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My Vista system folder free space becomes smaller and smaller quite quickly.

I increased a few GB but it is occupied again in a month.

I then downloaded Malicious Software Removal Tool. After run it for more than 10 hours, something was removed. However, the free space is still remain small.

How can I know what rubbish is occuping my system folder and can you tell me how to remove them if any?

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:My Vista system folder free space becomes smaller and smaller quite quickly

The most probable cause of your problem is
System Restore points.
Reduce the amount of space that they occupy
System Restore - disk space

Run a full anti virus scan, download and run a full scan with malwarebytes

Your own stuff
Download windirstat and see whats on the drive
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

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alright so here is my issue, my laptop HP Pavilion dv7 notebook PC, running windows 7 is having a slight issue. For the past weeks i have noticed that my hard drive space is shrinking, even though i have not been placing any new files on computer
my specs are windows 7, intel core i7, installed memory (RAM) 6.00GB, system type is 64bit
and i only now have left 10.1GB out of 450GB

i have purchased a external drive and moved all personnel files and movies and so on

i even deactivated hybernation on my pc, which gave me an extra 7GB
i then ran disk clean and deleted temp files

also ran defragment but after 6 days, i gave up as it was still running, then i tried to run ccleaner and that ran for 6 days as well with it being stuck at 0%

not sure what else i can do, buddy of mine suggested that my drive is just dying and i'mim due for a new 1
is that correct?
is there anything else i am missing, what am i doing wrong
and why is the space getting less, i'm sure within the next few days it'll be down to 0GB

please help!

thank you

A:Solved: hard drive space is getting smaller and smaller

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Hello, I am Portuguese and I have a driver problem with my computer.
Computer Information (HP):

Model: Notebook PC HP TouchSmart tm2-2050e
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit (service pack 1)
Version bios: f.25
antivirus: avast free
Maintenance: ccleaner and Advanced SystemCare Pro
Update drivers: ma-config and SlimDrivers

The problem is as follows:

The hard drive was in trouble, so it was replaced.

Then I put the windows 7 again.

And there was no problem, until the driver (s) touch (touchsmart) does not work.

I've done:

I tested it with my finger and pen hit the computer screen.

I went to HP's download page all available drivers for my computer, did not work.

Update drivers with the program ma-config and SlimDrivers not resulted.

Link all the information from my computer:
Configura??o Resumo

Link information about my dxdiag (hosted on google docs / drive):

Sorry about the spelling mistakes.

And please, help me.

Thank you.

A:Notebook HP touchsmart tm2-2050ep error driver touchsmart

Hi there .... I understand your touch screen is not working .... Is the touch-pad working though ? Is there any errors in the Device manager ? .... Which Drivers did you download from the HP web site ? .... Did you download Drivers from any where else ? ... Also where you able to get Windows activated ?

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Hi all...

I made a app in vb 2010 but when i saved it it was 15mb...Anyway i can make that smaller..I made it 1.mb smaller using winrar..Any other way to make it half the size or less????


A:Make .exe files smaller.( a lot smaller)

7-Zip claims the highest compression ratio:

7-Zip 4.32 Description
7-Zip is a file archiver with the highest compression ratio. The program supports 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, LZH, CHM, CPIO, RPM, DEB, GZIP, BZIP2, Z and TAR formats. Compression ratio in the new 7z format is 30-50% better than ratio in ZIP format. Also 7-Zip compresses to ZIP 2-10% better than PKZip and WinZip. 7-Zip has additional powerful command line version and FAR Manager support.

This is not my forte, so consider it heresay.

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Yesterday when I was on my computer i had 5.26 GB on my when i got home from school i had 267MB on my computer, and it gets smaller and smaller...I just ran HJT and these are the results...Can someone please check them for me. I have a paper due tomorrow, but im more worried on whats gonna happen to my comp.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 9:45:19 PM, on 6/1/2004
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {02478D38-C3F9-4efb-9B51-7695ECA05670} - C:\WINDOWS\DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES\YCOMP5_1_6_0.DLL
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSConfigReminder] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msconfig.exe /reminder
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Winkiy] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Winkiy.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [AIM] C:\PROGRAM FILES\AIM\aim.exe -cnetwait.odl
O8 - Extra context menu item: &Define - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Reference 2001\A\ERS_DEF.HTM
O8 - Extra context menu item: Look Up in &Encyclopedia - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Reference 2001\A\ERS_ENC.HTM
O9 - Extra button: AIM (HKLM)
O9 - Extra button: Dell Home (HKCU)
O9 - Extra button: WeatherBug (HKCU)
O1... Read more

A:C Drive Getting Smaller and I have a Virus

Closing duplicate.
Please have patience,if your post drops off page one just add to it with a "bump"


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I have an mpg that I took with my digital camera. I've posted it on a web page, but at about 20 MB only people with broadband can really see it. I have some relatives with only dialup that I'd like to be able to share it with.

Is there a way that I can make the mpg smaller? I know this means that it will probably mean a loss of picture quality but that's OK.

Also, is there a way to remove the soundtrack to try to save some more space?


A:Smaller mpg?

Convert it to a wma file using microsoft's free media encoder:

Or convert it to xvid or divx.

You can also remove the sound track by using TMPGenc.

If you need help, there's tutorials at

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To make a long story short; I basically tried to install a 2nd operating system on 1 hard drive using PartitionMagic, and didn't install it right away. A few restarts later, I got the black screen - blinking cursor. A fixboot/fixmbr command later, and I get the NTLDR is missing error. I then installed a HDD out of another one of my PCs that had WinXP Home on it already (used the disc to repair the XP files because of the hardware changes) and when I boot up to look at the HDD that I tried to install the 2nd OS on, it has 10.1 MBs on it? (it's a 400GB Seagate). I don't get it, why would there be 10MBs? I have a ton of files on this drive that I really need, any help would be greatly appreicated!!

A:HDD smaller than it really is?

Well now...........

I am not so sure I can help but I have a comment to make. It seems that what ever program you are using to show that screen is still seeing drive 1 as a FAT drive of the correct size. I am not sure if you messed up anything by making that mbr repair.
If you have Paragon Hard Disk Manager try running that and see what is says is going on. I have found that program really good at making things right. Sometimes it can be that the drive is not mounted (command from the old days) and that needs to be done. Be careful and dont make any rash decisions until you ask some others around here too.
You may be only showing the drive D you made up above in the list but below it seems to show that D is 372.61gb!! It could be that windows has not fully seen the whole disk 1 (mounting partitions etc) and would add another drive letter if you rebooted. You do have a potential mess so go slowly is my advice.
If you have messed up drive 1 with what you did, a reboot wont hurt it any further.

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My dad was using his computer and did something but he doesn't know what. Everything got smaller including the Web, Icons, the bar at the bottom, start menu. I changed the resolution but that didn't change the way websites looked. Anybody know what's up?

A:Everything got smaller

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Hi Peeps!

Just a quick question.

Being a 'newbie' at WIN 2000 Pro, I had a few attempts at installing my new OS, four times to be precise!
I was doing a clean install on a Maxtor 80GB HD, WIN 2000 detected it as being 81GB in size.

I was new to the NTFS file system (as being used to using the FAT32 file system) I didn't have a clue as to what was happening at the time!
But after reading many posts here I realised a couple of things, firstly, WIN 2000 detects a HD larger than 32BG in size so formats automatically in NTFS ( my first mistake - I wanted FAT32) so, I formatted using 'FORMAT C: command. Now I have a HD that is 76GB in size with three partitions!

2 at 29GB
1 at 18GB

76GB available ......
question is, what happened to the other 5GB?

I have decided to format the whole thing again, this time using the recommended file system NTFS.
But before I do this, I must find out what happened to the
lost 5 GB. Am I not using the 'FORMAT' command correctly?

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thanx, Kermit.

A:HDD getting smaller!

dont post same thing in two places at once

already suggested u some solutions in win2000/xp/nt section

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When the computer times out everything, icons, fonts, open windows etc, gets very small. If I reboot everything goes back to normal but then gets small again.

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So I'm looking for something with the kinds of stats this has, acer aspire v3-771g-9809 17.3-inch but with a 15.6 inch screen.
Any Ideas?

It also needs to be cheaper.

A:The same but smaller

Below is the data sheet. It's pretty standard stuff, nothing special. I'm sure someone here can recommend a particular model.

When searching yourself, keep an eye on the CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD specs.

Processor & Chipset
Processor Manufacturer Intel
Processor Type Core i7
Processor Model i7-3632QM
Processor Speed 2.20 GHz
Processor Core Quad-core (4 Core)
Standard Memory 8 GB
Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Card Reader Yes
Memory Card Supported Secure Digital (SD) Card
xD-Picture Card
MultiMediaCard (MMC)
Memory Stick PRO
Memory Stick
Hard Drive Capacity 1 TB
Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA
Optical Drive Type DVD-Writer
Display & Graphics
Screen Size 17.3"
Display Screen Type Active Matrix TFT Color LCD
Screen Mode HD+
Screen Resolution 1600 x 900
Backlight Technology LED
Graphics Controller Manufacturer NVIDIA
Graphics Controller Model GeForce GT 650M
Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
Graphics Memory Accessibility Dedicated

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Here's the dilemma. I have a PSP. Which only has the stock 32MB Memory Stick in it. I did order some larger ones from BestBuy, which should be here middle of next week. However, I would really like to get as much as I can on it now. So, my question to you guys is this.

How do I rip an MP3 to a smaller size, to fit more on that memory stick? MAybe you guys could explain it step by step, the easiest way. I heard that I could do it through my ITunes, but I'm not exactly sure how. Anyway, thanks in advance guys.

A:Hod Do I Get An MP3 Smaller?

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Hey Everyone,
Hopefully you guys can help me out here. I recently purchased and installed a new Maxtor Diamond Max 10 7200RPM IDE 200GB Hard Drive. Here's the Problem, after installing, partitioning, formatting, and assigning a drive letter, the drive shows up as healthy, but only as a 128GB drive. I thought that I might have gotten a factory dud or something, but then I looked at the properties of the new drive and it says that there are 68.5GB used and 128GB free on the drive, which would give me something like 195GB, which is more reasonably. The only problem is that there is nothing on the drive at all!

Is there anything I can do to clear up that space? I didn't set multiple partitions, so there should only be one full block of space, right?

Thanks for the help.

A:New HDD significantly smaller than it should be.

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Heres a link to where i posted on another site..don't feel like redewing it...everything is explained there..along with images...

A:C drive smaller than D

So what's the question?

Yes, the C: partition is smaller than the D: partition. If you want to change that, you have to repartition.

Or are you looking for even more advice on overall performance? There is insufficient free space on the C: partition, and it doesn't have enough RAM.

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Is there a way to change the image size of the desktop? As in xp I like having smaller icons and smaller text.

A:Smaller Icons

Hopefully this should help:

Make the text on your screen larger or smaller

You can make the text and other items, such as icons, on your screen easier to see by making them larger. You do this by increasing the dots per inch (DPI) scale. You can also decrease the DPI scale to make text and other items on your screen smaller, so that more information fits on the screen.

Click Start

Click to open Control Panel

Click to open Personalization.

In the left pane, click Adjust font size (DPI). If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

In the DPI Scaling dialog box, do one of the following:

To increase the size of text and other items on the screen, click Larger scale (120 DPI)?make text more readable, and then click OK.

To decrease the size of text and other items on the screen, click Default scale (96 DPI)?fit more information, and then click OK.

To see the changes, close all of your programs, and then restart Windows.

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my comp is like ny 20gb so i need help...i cant be having so huge cache wen i burn movies in my ther a solution to this??i use nero..thankz..plz do help...

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I've unlocked the taskbar and while I was clicking stuff on it like 'show desktop' and 'links' I dragged one of the partitions and it suddenly got bigger (the taskbar) When I drag the double arrow to make it smaller, I get a blurry line where the perimiter of the taskbar is now but it won't get smaller. Please help?

A:Task Bar Won't get smaller

Sometimes getting the taskbar back to normal is not unlike trying to nail Jello to the wall.
I have found one way that works for me. Grab the double arrow just to the right of the start button and
move it straight up.

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I have a relatively new installation of windows 8 with just a few programs installed. Problem is my new SSD is smaller than the existing drive. Using the tutorials on this site, can I just shrink the volume of my existing HDD partition before creating the image to recover from?

A:New SSD Smaller Capacity

Shrinking the HD to fit SSD would work ok.

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Hi guys!
I have a 500 GB HDD and my OS is windows 7 64-bit and I want to image the whole drive onto a 240 GB SSD. Actually I first did this using the windows back up and restore function but it failed to restore the backed up OS because the SSD is smaller than the old HDD, although I have only used 70GB of the HDD.
So I tried to re-do it again by shrinking the OS partition into the minimum that it could but it was impossible to shrink it less than 260 GB

Now my question is, if I use MACRIUM REFLECT FREE to image from the 500GB drive onto an external disk of 200GB, and then from the external disk, I restore the image onto my new 240 GB SSD, will it work? Or is it just gonna turn out the same like I did with the windows back up and restore function?

A:Backing up OS from HDD to smaller SSD

Quote: Originally Posted by aruwin

Hi guys!
I have a 500 GB HDD and my OS is windows 7 64-bit and I want to image the whole drive onto a 240 GB SSD. Actually I first did this using the windows back up and restore function but it failed to restore the backed up OS because the SSD is smaller than the old HDD, although I have only used 70GB of the HDD.
So I tried to re-do it again by shrinking the OS partition into the minimum that it could but it was impossible to shrink it less than 260 GB

Now my question is, if I use MACRIUM REFLECT FREE to image from the 500GB drive onto an external disk of 200GB, and then from the external disk, I restore the image onto my new 240 GB SSD, will it work? Or is it just gonna turn out the same like I did with the windows back up and restore function?

Yes use macrium!! Post screenshot of disk management first please

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Hi everyone,

I currently have 150gb Raptor drive on Windows 7. I create an image weekly of it onto a 320gb Spinpoint (E that I only use for data and images. I'm considering upgrading my Raptor to a 128GB SSD. Being that my current drive is bigger, would I be able to connect the smaller SSD drive in place of the Raptor, boot from my Win7 Disc, and restore the image from my E drive onto it? All the other image programs I've looked at require the destination drive to be bigger, or at least have the source partition be smaller than the destination. I tried shrinking my C drive partition (the only partition I have on the drive) but it would only let me shrink it by 141MB. I doubt a defrag will do much to change that enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS: Nice forum!

A:Upgrading to smaller ssd

I'm sorry, I just noticed a similar thread to this one as soon as I posted, despite my previous searching.

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i have no sound on my pentium3, it has an epox ep-3vca2+ motherboard with built in sound blaster. i got everything working on it, i am online with it right now, but i cna not get sound to work, i have downloaded the driver pack and set the chipset to active but still no sound, can anyone help. thanks for the help of getting this up and running, you guys are great.

A:big problem got a little smaller

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Currently have a 500GB HD with the OS and my programs on it. I am only using 32GB. I want to clone the 500GB is drive to a 250 GB Drive and use the 500 GB for file storage. Would have no problem cloning to same size or larger HD but my cloning software wont clone to a smaller HD

I thought about making an image of my C drive (500GB) With Win 7 and then run a restore to the 250 GB drive but am not sure this is going to "clone"" C drive.

Any ideas on how to bes t to clone to a smaller Hard Drive from a larger one?

I also thought about cloning another 259 GB drive I have an just storing away in the even my C Drive blows up. I could simply install the cloned drive and boot up and then restore and update from current backups.


A:I want to clone OS to a smaller HD

Acronis TIH 2010 will allow you to clone to a smaller disk as long as the data on the source disk will fit on the target disk. I believe free time limited trial versions are available. In Acronis, the cloning function is found under Utilities.

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Thanks to anyone that replies, I appreciate it. I have searched and searched, and can not find the answer- Is a divx file smaller than an avi file?
Also, for website/download use - which file type has the best size to quality ratio, other than an avi file. THanks

A:divx vs. avi - or which is really smaller

Divx is a way to compress video in an avi file. It's called a codecs.
The DivX codecs is used to make the avi file smaller, compressing the video datas.
DivX, Xvid and wmv9 are the best video codecs so far.

When you save a video clip as avi, you need to select a video codecs (eg. DivX) and an audio codecs (usualy Mp3) so that your avi file can fit on CD-r or something.

There was once a divx file but it's not used anymore because avi files do just as good.

more infos here:

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I was messing around in Accessibility Options (I was bored), and when I tried changing one thing, it messed up the size of my toolbars (the blue bar at the top of windows). Here's an image:

How can I get it back to normal? BTW I haven't restarted yet b/c I'm finishing up some work, so maybe that will help, but maybe someone knows?

Thanks so much,


Fixed it =)

A:Toolbars have become smaller

It looks just like mine. What did you mess up ? Was it smaller or bigger before ?

You could try to right click on your desktop, properties, appearance tab, advanced and see if you can change whatever seems unusual to you.

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Is it possible , using norton ghost 9 to clone a 200gig HD (with minimal programs installed) to a 20 gig drive. basically cloning the necessary programs to the smaller drive?

A:Cloning to a smaller HD?

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Hi Peeps!

Just a quick question.

Being a 'newbie' at WIN 2000 Pro, I had a few attempts at installing my new OS, four times to be precise!
I was doing a clean install on a Maxtor 80GB HD, WIN 2000 detected it as being 81GB in size.

I was new to the NTFS file system (as being used to using the FAT32 file system) I didn't have a clue as to what was happening at the time!
But after reading many posts here I realised a couple of things, firstly, WIN 2000 detects a HD larger than 32BG in size so formats automatically in NTFS ( my first mistake - I wanted FAT32) so, I formatted using 'FORMAT C: command. Now I have a HD that is 76GB in size with three partitions!

2 at 29GB
1 at 18GB

76GB available ......
question is, what happened to the other 5GB?

I have decided to format the whole thing again, this time using the recommended file system NTFS.
But before I do this, I must find out what happened to the
lost 5 GB. Am I not using the 'FORMAT' command correctly?

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thanx, Kermit.

A:Harddrive getting smaller!

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I just installed Windows Vista, and in my opinion the icons are way too large and because of the sidebar and gadgets you have much less space to put your icons.
My question is: Where can I change the size of the icons?

A:How do I get smaller icons?

While at the Desktop, hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel. Should be able to get em smaller that way.

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Why does my computer read my harddrive size as 1.25 gig. When I know it's a 3 gig harddrive? Everytime I do something in my computer something else goes weird!!! All I did was install a CD/RW after removing the old CD player.


A:Harddrive says it's smaller then it is

Have you ran scandisk or chkdsk? I've seen before where something will be messed up and the disk will report an incorrect amount of free space, and typically some disk repair program will correct that.

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I designed a graphic on Paint. When I tried to print it, it came out smaller than it was when I sized it on Paint. Does anybody know why that's happening?

A:printing is smaller

Try to copy it to word, make it bigger there, see on the print preview to see if it is big enough, and then try printing.

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Is there a program that I can use to extract parts of a video? I have several short comedies on a very large 1 hour & 24 minute video. I'd like to save the funniest parts only if possible instead of a huge file that only has about 20 minutes of the best parts. How can I save only the best parts & reduce the size of the video. I think the video is either in mpeg or .avi format.

Thanks for any help here.



A:Solved: is smaller video possible

If you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 you could try opening the files in Windows Movie Maker and just cut around the funny parts.

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I'm installing XP on a dell mini right now. It runs fine on it, but the problem is its only got a 4 gig SSD. I finished installing windows and all the drivers for the computer and there is only a little over 500 megs left on the disc. Is there any way to get windows to use less hard drive space? Is there anything I can remove? I checked to windows components, but it doesn't see I can free up a lot of space with that.

A:making windows there any way?

Hi loki

You can use the tool nlite to create an ISO file to burn to a new CD. You might want to read the guide for nlite here.

You can then burn the ISO file you create to a new CD with a tool such as imgburn.

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i want the main folder to be detailed and then in that folder there is a folder called sprites and i want to make that when you are in that folder that the pictogramms are big.

A:Bigger and smaller pictogramms

Welcome to Seven Forums.
By "pictograms" I assume you mean icons. At the upper right of any folder there is a little icon that looks like a picture, click it and you will see these option, choose the one you want.

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After no software installs or updates upon turning my computer on, the bootup screen appears centered and small on the screen until the windows welcome screen comes up? Something to worry about or just a quirk?

Thanks in advance for all your input.

A:Boot up screen smaller

Does the smaller screen appear crisper and clearer than the fullscreen one?

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Is there a way to make the system tray smaller than it is?
I unlocked it, but it will not go any smaller?
The size is a little to big??
My friends system tray on his latop is a lot smaller than mine?
we both have the same dell laptop?


A:Smaller System Tray

Hello Phillip,

If you mean by how long it is with to many icons, then you can hide the notification icons that you do not want to see.

Hope this helps,

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Need help!!
Virus or viruses has screwed up my system.ini, win.ini, screen size, and everything is highlighted in yellow.
I have ran bitdefender, a-squared, and superantispyware, they all found something and got rid of it.
But everything in msconfig is messed up still. My screen size is smaller than normal and its killing me!!
Please help!! Don't want to erase everything and start over, but am almost to that point. Any suggestions
would be great.


A:Screen Smaller Than Normal

I'm moving this to Am I Infected
Just a note to the people reading this the OP is using Win98

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On the website -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

I clicked on the image of the sun on the left side to make it larger. The image became larger with a magnifying glass cursor with a "+" in it. Using that I made it even larger, but the cursor did not change to the "-" sign, so now I can't make it smaller again.

So now every time I enlarge the original image from the website it opens in it's extremely large size.

Being an amateur astronomer / solar observer, I check this website every day so this is annoying I can't shrink the image back down.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.

A:Can't make image smaller again - help?

I think if the website is not working
Try to reboot, does not work then
Delete the cookie
Cookies - Delete

If it still does not work, try and download ccleaner
It will delete all cookies.
You will have to reset your sites that you have automatic login etc.

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hello everyone.

i have a wierd problem i don't know why does it has happend before once, and it went away after i cheated a bit (changed icon file name..i'll explain), and now it happend again on same shortcut + one another. this is really annoying.

basiclly my icons look like this. two of them appear smaller than they used to. they were normal before. and suddently i turn on computer here what i get.

first time i changed custom icon filename and i reloaded icon and it appears normal.. as soon as i change filename back to how ti should be named and apply icon again, it's smaller. example if file name is TombRadier.ico it works...if it's Tomb Raider.ico it's small icon. so i figure it's some kind of cache issue?

i deleted desktop.ini files from desktop and rebuilt it didn't help.
i deleted IconCache.db from $:\\AppData folder and restarted computer, didn't help either.
i have also deleted every singled thumbs.db file (know it might not help, but still)--

so i'm clueless now. what do i do? where does it store information that is corrupted?

Please help. thank you in advance.

PS. added screenshot again, it bugged last time

A:some icons appear smaller on desktop

I do not know what would cause that to happen :/
You might make them read only and see if that helps ?

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I have had this problem a few times but I can't remember what I did the last time because it was some time ago.

When you right click on the D:\ Drive and go to properties it comes up saying that the drive is 5.5GB but when you select the files in D drive the size is only 2GB. It says the drive has only 100mb free and the drive is 6GB & no I can't just make it bigger

There are no files directly under the root directory and hidden files or folders are showing. I ran the disk cleanup but that only freed up a littke bit of space, no fix the issue


A:D drive smaller then properties say

In addition to the hidden files or folders, have you selected the system files to be shown that are normally hidden?

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When I click on a link in a web page, the link opens minimized. How can I have it open as a full screen.


A:Window opens smaller


This is a problem with windows as old as the hills. A few tricks to help are:
Before you make it full size by clicking on the box upper right. Pull the page make if look full size.
Never close a page unless it is full size. Click the upper right, middle box to make full size.
Do not close by clicking on the red x upper right. Close by going to file and then exit.
Go to search type explorer and then right clikc on Internet Explorer. Then properties and then shortcut and then run full size.

It take the system time to implement these changes, but the page will begin to open full size eventually.

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i want to upload a pic on to a website but cant b/c its too big, its around 2.2mb and it needs to be down to 1mb. how to i do this? it needs to stay jpg too.

A:how do i make a picture smaller??

You can use the 'Sketch' tool in Paint, or download the Image Resize Tool Powertoy from Microsoft's website, but I'd stick with paint, because I'm a minimalist.

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I run WinXP SP2 with a HPC4180 printer.
When I highlite a text to print as the selected item it prints out so small that it is difficult to read. I have tried to increase the print size to no avail.

A:Print Is Much Smaller Than Original

Try the uninstall/reinstall routine for the HP software?


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Which file type is smaller when converting the same file: .3gp or .3g2?

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I noticed only 2 days back(don't know when it happened) that my desktop is about 1cm smaller than the screen on both sides-Right and Left margins!!.Otherwise the monitor is working fine.
My config is :- Samsung SyncMaster 753s 17" monitor 1024 by 768 Resolution & 75Hz Ref rate, AMD Athlon 2000XP sp2 on Asus A7N266 motherboard with onboard N vidia graphics.
I had recently installed some games which is all that has happened out of ordinary.
I have tried altering the monitor settings with out any results, so it has to be something with the registry settings??
Please advice

A:Desktop smaller than screen!

I found this but make sure you make a registry back up first;
I don't know what games you used but if you think those are the cause, have you checked their settings?

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hello , i realise i should have reaserched this before i ordered one , but how can i clone a 1tb HDD to a 128GB SSD ? the HDD is brand new , by which i mean only windows 10 updates and chrome browser and vlc player installed . Is there simple software that can do this ? , theresonly about 35gb of the HDD used including the os. Any help will be brilliant as im a novice at computer DIY .

A:How to clone larger HDD to smaller SSD

It is tricky. I use Acronis True Image Home and you need to do a custom clone without shrinking the utility and recovery partitions. If the installation is new there is not much reason to do a clone, however. If it is Windows 10 you can just download the .iso from Microsoft for your version of Windows 10 and do a clean install on the SSD then use the contents of the swsetup folder on the hard drive to reinstall drivers and apps and reinstall your chrome browser and VLC. That process would be free where Acronis costs money. The HP recovery disks will likely not work on a 128 gig drive or I would advise you to just make those disks and use them instead. Just google Windows 10 Media Creation tool and get the tool, then use the option to create media for Windows 10 64 bit and burn a DVD or put it on a thumb drive.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Hey guys -
The text seems the same size, but images, pictures, and everything but text seems smaller on firefox. Not by much, but a little bit. Anyone else notice this? And is there a way to make it a little bigger?

A:does firefox have a smaller display than IE?

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How do I make the icons in the QuickLaunch area smaller?

A:Need smaller icons in QuickLaunch

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Just received an e-mail with a picture too large for me to see on my screen. How do I make it smaller.?

A:How to make Picture smaller

internet explorer 6 does this for free automatically

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my taskbar icons and quick launch icons got smaller including start. everything else is fine and no other problems. thanks bob

A:task bar icons got smaller

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I have tried EaseUs todo...... and apparently it has built in compression and will clone to a slightly smaller drive , apparently Acronis 2014 will not. I have a 1.5 TB drive in desk top but it is only 1/2 used , but I am having trouble cloning to a empty 1 TB drive. I thing it might be because even tho I dont have much data, the partions take up the entire 1.5 desktop drive. Is this normal and if so what programs will automaticly clone to a smaller disk.
p.s I do not want to get into a discussion about imaging etc.... just cloning
thank you

A:Clone to smaller drive

Hi there,

You are trying to copy 750GB of data on a 1.5TB partition to a 1TB HDD? Is that correct?

What the cloning software is doing as you noted is copying the entire partition even if it's empty data. Macrium Reflect - Free can copy part of the partition and resize it to fit onto a small drive. (When I say part I mean the 750GB of data you have used and it will ignore the blank space.)

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Take a look at the bar across the bottom of the picture and someone tell me how to make in narrower. There are two of course and if there were one would pretty much take care of the problem. Thanks in advance. Are these tool bars or task bars and what is the difference.

A:How to make bar smaller across bottom

Hello there.

Place the cursor on the edge of the taskbar, click it and drag it until you find it comfortable, then, right click the taskbar and click "Lock the taskbar", that's it

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Is there a way of adjusting the size of the desktop icons. Mine are larger than I like.

A:Smaller desktop icons

Right click on your desktop and go to view. It will allow you to set Large, Medium or Small icons.

Alternatively, you can hold down CTRL and scroll with the wheel on your mouse (if you have a scroll mouse) and it will adjust the size of the icons accordingly.

Desktop Icons - Custom Size

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this my my current desktop.

I would like to make the icons far smaller. They are annoyly large. I'm sure theres a setting in vista for this but I have been unable to find it.

A:Make my icons smaller

Right-Click the desktop -> View -> Classic Icons.
That's as small as I've been able to get them.

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Everything on the computer is suddenly smaller. I must have downloaded something last night that caused this.

I am including a log.

Would like the computer back to the way it was before.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:45:07 PM, on 9/26/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avguard.exe
C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cmdagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Raxco\PerfectDisk\PDAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avgnt.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe
C:\Program Files\tinySpell\tinyspell.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\erika\My Documents\HijackThis.exe

R0 - ... Read more

A:Images are suddenly smaller

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I installed a 60 gig SSD realizing it is too small after windows says there is only 55 gigs on the SSD instead of 60 ? After doing some reading, this is considered normal ?

A:SSD smaller then Original Size ?

Hi there
I think there are some posts somewhere on the forum about size reported on Disks.
Manufacturers obfuscate the issue deliberately because they treat say 1GB as exactly as 1000 MB and a MB 1s exactly 1 Million Bytes.

In Normal terminology (Windows etc) 1 Mega anything is 1024 X 1000.

So Windows will always report the disk has having less bytes than the manufacturer.

Pity - but true. The Manufacturers aren't going to change.


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I turned on my computer yesterday and my background was smaller, instead of fullscreen it was in the middle, the text was smaller, when I go on the internet the page is also condenced to the middle of the screen, but the tool bar is still across the whole screen. The last time I was on before this happened the screen pages were moving on their own and things were flickering when I moved the cursor over them. Ive tried changing the reselution, but it didnt help. any help would be appreciated. I have Windows Vista Home Premium.

A:Screen Images Got Smaller

Try changing your resolution. If not, try turning off Aero.

Let me know what works...

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Hey guys,

looking to take advantage of the built-in backup that comes with Win7.

My main drive is a 640GB drive, and I have a 500GB drive that I can use as my backup drive.

Now, because my main drive is bigger than my backup, does that mean I can't do a full backup to the 500gb disk?

I won't use near 500GB of the 640GB on the main drive, so will it allow me to do a full systme image backup as long as my main drive used size is less than the size of my backup drive?

A:Windows 7 backup - To a Smaller HDD?

I'm not positive about W7's backup system, because I never got it to work for me, but with most any other backup software, it's not the size of the drive that matters, but the size of the data to be imaged that does. I'm assuming that your 640GB drive is not totally full...and probably not all in one partition. Personally, I prefer to select individual partitions for each image.

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Three months ago everything on my pc got smaller (letters, icons, mouse...).
It happened on all resolutions. I use resolution 1280x720 on 22'' , widescreen.
It is such small res. becouse it is hard to see un bigger ones.
Now i have that size on res. 800x600 so i have to switch every little. So now i cant see on 1280x720 and on 800x600 cant see video and images correctly.
I made ssand sent it to my sister and it was as it has to be.Also used her monitor but with same result.
Can someone please help me to solve this?

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I have an 257mb avi that needs to be less than 20mb!!! Doesnt matter if the quality gets poor. How can I do that IN AN EASY WAY? (because I dont have any software or knowledge about that) I heard it's not easy and I should ask someone to do it for me. Is that true?

A:How to make an .avi file smaller

You need to use Windows movie maker

Start->Programs->Windows movie maker

Open it.
2. On the left side of screen click import video
3. Look for your file
4.Import it and put it on a timeline
5.Then In the up-left corner File->Save movie file
6. save it and thats it Ask if you dont understand

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I'm trying to find some way of resizing windows smaller than their current limits, I don't know if it's possible (the sizes seem program specific rather than os wide) and due to not having any words to go off besides "resize" and "windows" searching is proving futile. Basically I'd like to make both chrome and photo viewer smaller, their windows are currently limited to about the same width with photo viewer being worse and limited by hight too. is there a way to remove this limit and make them infinitely resizeable, larger than screen resolution could also prove useful.

any help is much appreciated.

A:trying to resize windows smaller than they allow

You could try my WinDim freeware. It is simple to use. In this case, run it so it is in the Tray. Click the window you wish to size so it is the active window. Hit Winkey and 's' to pop up the sizing dialog.

You may have better luck sizing larger than the screen res. But many programs will guard against a minimum size that will make it unusable or just look really bad. If the programmer sets it up to handle sizing messages there's not much you can do.

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I bought an industrial 42" PC screen recently and a new computer as well. Unfortunately when I turn on the computer it only displays as a 15" screen rather than 42" as it should

I have a HDMI cable plugged in and bought a graphics card but neither have solved the problem. The screen is made by Winmate and was purchased off ebay. The seller assured me that it worked "fine" for him and showed a full screen and was very unhelpful.

I can provide screenshots once I get home.

Thank you so much in advance.

A:Display is much smaller than screen

What is the link to the screen you bought?

Did you install the video card driver?

Does the screen have a driver?

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Hi I have a 799 MB .avi video file and I was thinking if there is some free way to make the size to 700MB so I could fit into one cd.

A:make .avi size smaller?

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i have a avi file that is 1,324KB that i recorded with my digital camera.

is there any way or any program i can use to make the file alot smaller?

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Someone remotely made some changes on my computer & the enlarged my desktop icons. Might anyone know how to reduce the sizes? Thanks

A:How can I get my desktop icons smaller

Press and hold Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel. You can thus increase or decrease the size of Windows 8 desktop icons. Also from the context menu too you can change it. Right click on any blank space on your desktop and from the context menu ?View? you can change icon size.

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i have a avi file that is 1,324KB that i recorded with my digital camera.

is there any way or any program i can use to make the file alot smaller?

A:how do i make an avi file smaller

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I'm trying to clone my 2 TB HD, with only 300 GB used, to a new 480 GB SSD, and keep getting "not enough space" to finish transferring, etc.....I thought since the used portion (300 GB) being less than the target drive (480 GB SSD) this was a possibility with Macrium reflect/free....I'd appreciate any information on how to do this, or if it's not possible?
Thanks, Gil Howard

A:Cloning Windows 10 to smaller SSD

Hi Gil,

Yes, it can be done but I never did it using Macrium. I believe the ability to clone depends on the actual size of the partitions (and not the used space inside). Also, I think it would be advisable to post a disk management screenshot of your current drive so the person that will be helping you can actually see what you are dealing with and advise accordingly. Now, me being a dummy, I would most likely opt to shrink the partition before I cloned it but that may not be the best way to do it. Someone will be along to give you specific directions I'm sure. Good luck!

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Hey I got some Animated GIF's that I want as my avatar but they are to big to apply them(80x80 pixels) What Prog can I use to shrink them?

A:Making Animated GIF's smaller?

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Wanted to pick the collective minds of you all and ask if I can put a smaller motherboard than the original in this HP OEM case? I read that someone else did in another thread I Googled, but the thing is that the standoffs wouldn't line up I believe so I don't know how he did it. The original is 9.6 x 9.1 and the replacement would be 9.0 x 7.8 inches. Thx all.

A:Can I put a smaller motherboard in my OEM case?

I wrote similar about this a few hours ago here:

Basically OEM means that your Windows version will not work (either due to restore image, or just on legalities) by changing the proprietary OEM Motherboard

And none of the support or drivers will work again, ie from here:

You are much more safer and wiser to leave it standard, and then sell it complete, and build your own computer (if you want)

Don't change manufacture OEM hardware (update Ram and alike is ok, but not Motherboard)

Also the front wires may not connect to a new motherboard and the motherboard plate may not align up

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I have a Fuji FinePix 5200, a great camera. The images I upload to my computer our fine, but when I send them to another person, they complain cos the images are way to big and they have to move them around to see them. What is going on that causes this?

A:Images Too Big...How Do I Make Them Smaller?

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Hows it going sorry to annoy you guys/girls but i am looking for a program to make my pics smaller so i can put them on my FIRST-web site any ideas?

A:Making pics smaller

If you want a few resizing options, add the PowerToy. It will put a Resize option in your right-click menu for any pictures you select.

For more options and fine tuning, try IrfanView and choose the batch options if you want to do this to a number of pictures simultaneously.

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I have a Windows 8.1 Pro, and Intel HD Graphics 4200 and Nvidia GT630M 2GB.
But How I can get a smaller resolution than 1366 x 768. (So Like 1200 etc, etc..)

How can I make it smaller?


A:How fix a smaller screen resolution?

Right click on the Desktop. Click Screen Resolution.

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I`m not so good with Titles but, how to i get the screen resolution smaller ? I have it to 1366 x768 and i vant it to smaller than 768. Any help ? Tried everything

A:Get screen resolution smaller

Right-click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.

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Will I lose the full capacity of the larger HD if I ghost from a smaller drive? I currntly have a 40GB and want to swap it with a 60GB after imaging it to the 60.

A:Ghosting A Smaller HD To A Larger HD

don't ghost dwnlod the seagate disc wizard software
and follow directions for full copy of c drive to d or whatever drive
answer the questions as to removing the c drive and using the new as boot and so on and so on
I have done this about 20 times and has not failed once
there is some history about copying from ide to sata and or scsi
but I have done this to and it worked
PS this always works best from a boot cd,but I have done it while OS was up and running

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some of my applications launch smaller than others.
as seen in the picture the blackberry link is normal sized and the aio remote and the bitdefender are both much smaller.

A:Some applications launch smaller than others

Some things have a set size.

edit-- Sometimes in Properties you can set something to open Maximized---

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My daughter has been working like a maniac on a castle project. (grade 4) it is due in the morning.
I want to include some pictures of her actually making the thing.

When I try to print pictures of her, they come out huge. I want normal size pictures.

We do have ArcSoft Photo Impressions on our computer. Do you know if I could use this program to make the pictures normal size?

Thank you,


A:need smaller pictures to print

We do have ArcSoft Photo Impressions on our computer. Do you know if I could use this program to make the pictures normal size?
I've never used Photo Impressions. I do have a (seldom-used) copy of Photo Studio. When I click Edit | Image Size I do get to specify the new size (in pixels only, not inches as in Photoshop).

The feature lists for Photo Impressions and Photo Studio mention resizing only in passing but they do both mention it, so you may be in luck.

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my hard drive when i got it was 56GB i think it wass DEFINATLY IN the 50's im sure!!! now i look in my computer and its a 43GB? i dont know why? ive formatted and reinstalled windows within that time thou. how do i get it back? :knock:

A:My Hard Drive Smaller!!????!!?!?

try a low level format utility if you realy think you lost disc space

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I cannot send pictures through email because the file is too big. Does this mean the picture itself is too big or just the group of them.
Also I wold like to make all my pictures smaller to put on a media card, but then don't want duplicates in my pictures folders, can this be done?

A:making pictures smaller


What email client do you use? Windows Mail or Windows Live mail or none of the above?

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The display on my laptop screen is smaller than my actual screen. There is about and inch an a half between the edge of the display and the edge of the screen.

What actually happened was I was playing the Sims 3 and the screen went blank. When it came back, it didn't fit the screen anymore and was as described above. I don't know what happened- I wasn't connected to the internet or anything.

My screen is normally set to 1024x768. If I set it to 1280x800, it goes back to normal and if I set it to 800x600 it gets even smaller. I know the obvious answer is leave it as 1280x800 (which is also the origional resolution), but I would prefer it to be 1024x768. I've never had any problems with this resolution before and if there's any way I can set it as my resolution and have it full screen I would be really grateful.

I know nothing about computers so if anyone has any idea how to do this, could they please tell me in the simplest terms possible?

Thank you.

By the way, my laptop is HP.

A:My display is smaller than my screen.

what happen if you "right click" on the desktop go to "properties" and settings tabb, can u put it back to the required resolution?

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I have an issue where Outlook, as a whole, appears much smaller after logging into the computer remotely (VPN-RDP) from a MacBook and then coming back to the host computer. When you come back to the host computer Outlook is smaller, like it inherited the resolution from the RDP session.

Strangely enough, the rest of Windows and other applications retain their normal size. Only Outlook is affected. By smaller I mean that the windows, icons, folders, etc are smaller, giving a zoomed out feeling. This isn't just when reading or composing an email, I'm aware of those zoom functions. It's Outlook as a whole.

Any Ideas as to how/why this happens? It's not a big deal right now, but I thought I'd throw this one out there. I couldn't find any insight into this issue after preliminary searches.

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I need to submit a resume in 2003 format (*.doc) but it must be less than 100kb). I cannot seem to reduce it below 127k. As a PDF, it is only around 70kb, but PDF format is not acceptable. Any suggestions on how to reduce my Word document?

A:Smaller word documents


Have you tried using a smaller font size? Do you have images in it?

If you want to, upload your CV/resume here, and I'll have a look at it for you.


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Hi again;

I have two icons both of the same thing. For some reason, the large icon is the only one that wants to go onto the desktop and allow me to associate a website shortcut link to it.

I want the smaller icon to represent the shortcut.

How do I do this?

I believe the reason for this problem stems fro the fact that the larger icon is a .ico image while the smaller image is a .png image.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble converting that .png image to a .ico image using the - Convert .PNG format files to .ICO or .ICO format files to .PNG : Windows Vista compatible icons that I have used before. Maybe I am not doing it right. In which case, maybe someone can tell me what I have done wrong?

I just tried to add the icons as an attachment so you could see what I am doing but unfortunately only the smaller icon (the .png image) would upload. The larger image (the .ico image) would not. It is listed as Invalid File. This does not compute!

I await any replies and help.

A:Smaller icon won't take to the desktop

Since they closed the other theread, I will post the same answer. Even if this does not work there is a record of what was presented.
Desktop Icon size

Before you try this one, try to download to a cd etc. to make sure it is virus free

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Hello, I am in the process of making my own site and it is basically just going to be pictures. Throughout my experince on the Internet I have found some funny pictures and have saved them. I was wondering if there is any way I can decrease the size of some of the pictures to make all of them one size? I would like my site to be a nice, organized site so if there are any tips you can provide for me on how to do that it will be very helpful. Also, in your opinion, what is the best free web-host to use and what are some good URL convetors? You know like and change it to Thanks for your help.

Also, how do I put a "waterdrop" or "watermark" on my site?

A:Making pictures smaller.

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Hello all very new here....
i want to know if there is an option to make the icons that on the desktop smaller than what they are now....

A:Smaller icon on the desktop

Two ways:
right click on the desktop -> view -> small icons
single left click on an icon, hold control and scroll down on the wheel on your mouse

and welcome to the best forum in the world!

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Hi, I'm wondering how everybody makes their pictures so small in size?
By size, I don't mean size on the screen but size in Kb.
I re-size my digital photos the simpleton's way and reduce using 'percentage' rather than pixels, as I understand that better but even when I've reduced a photo to 1/4 screen size, it still ends up several hundred Kb. I've noticed others post photos as large but they are never hundred's of Kb - ?

A:Make Photos Smaller? (Kb)

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Ok, so i have an E-machines T5082, i upgraded the Ram, put a better Graphics card in it, the like

A few years ago after tinkering around with some weird stuff that i didn't understand, my drive got smaller. After looking around i learned that i had partitioned it or the like, so i deleted the partition and the drive went back to normal. A virus later took hold and the partition thing happened again.

Long story short, for some reason, i am missing 11 Gigs from my HDD, and i KNOW its not Windows Vista taking 11 gigs. I mean, in My Computer, its reading my HDD as 149 GB instead of 160 like it USED TO. How can I get back these 11 gigs, WITHOUT reformatting or anything like that?

A:Harddrive 11 Gigs smaller?

im sure that's normal mate, you never get the retail amount of HDD space reported b/c of the way the bytes are calculated (im sure someone here has the full answer).....

check out my 2x 160GB HDDs..... both reporting 149GB

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I just compiled a 1.5 hour movie but it is too big for a DVD. How do I fix that in Ulead? There must be some output quality control somewhere??

A:How do I make the movie smaller?

You need to reencode it at a lower bitrate. I don't use Ulead, so I'm not sure how to do it with Ulead, or even if it has that capability.

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I am not sure what happened, but this morning my computer is not bahaving very well....

The display is smaller then the monitor?
I know this is probably pretty simple to fix, but I have no clue how it got this way in the first

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance

A:My display is smaller then my monitor

Look in "Help" for screen resolution and try different settings. Also the buttons on the front of your monitor can make adjustments.

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Hey I have this video of me playing piano that I wanted to put up on However the video is over 1 gig and is in .avi format. I need to make it less than 100 mbs to be put on the site. The recommended format is:

* MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format
* 320x240 resolution
* MP3 audio
* 30 frames per second
Any suggestions? Can I convert it in some way?


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Here is the deal: I've downloaded 2 video AVI files. Before downloading them, i read that their sizes were 349.45mb, and i was happy that i could record both in one 700mb cd-r. Now that i have finished downloading them both sizes are 357.88mb. I don't know why the size has increased, but now i can't record both in one cd-r.

Why did the size of th file increased? And how can i make the file just a bit smaller to make the 2 files fit only one cd-r??

Thank you so much in advance. BTW i know little about camputers.

A:Making an AVI file smaller

it prob increased because of different ways of calculating the size, 1Mb isn't actually 1000K, it's actually 1024K so that would be y it has increased.

U could compress the files using winzip or somethin similar, but that would mean having to unzip before using (time consuming)

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I've downloaded a movie that I want to watch on my TV, but I can't write it to the DVD because it's too large. It is 6.90 GB, but I need it to be 4.5 at most. When downloading the movie, I got many .rar files that I had to extract. Is there any way I can split the extracted movie into 2 parts, so I can write one half on one DVD and the other on another DVD, or do anything with it, so it fits on the disk. I am using KMPlayer and VLC media player if that helps. The file is 1:51:01 hours long. (1hour 51mins and 1 second )
Don't ask me why I downloaded such a large file. It's because I couldn't find the movie anywhere else and had to download the huge one.
Thank you
P.S. I don't want to download any extra software.
P.P.S. It was originally a .mkv file, but is it ok, if I renamed it into .avi, because that is the format I always write the movies onto DVDs in. Will an mkv file still work on the TV, or will I need to change it to .avi?

A:How to make an .avi file smaller

Give this a try:Free Video Cutter

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I'd like to email some tutorial mpegs but the files are rather large. How can I make them smaller, without losing quality and easy to open for the recipient?

A:how to email smaller mpeg

You could use WinZip or WinRar to compress the files . If they are still too big you can split the file to appropriate size chunks with WinRar ( i dont know if the same applies to WinZip) and send them individually . Once the recipient has received all trhe chunks he/she can reassemble the file with no loss of quality .

WinRar trial version (fully functional for 30 days , i think) is available here ...

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