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How to save a web page to desktop

Q: How to save a web page to desktop

Trying to put the web site Etsy on my desktop. Right click does not give me the option. How do I make it a desktop icon?

A: How to save a web page to desktop

Hello Cortez Cat Lady, and welcome to Ten Forums.

What browser are you using?

For now you could create a new shortcut on your desktop, and use the URL for the location.

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If I want to save a word doc or a downloaded program whatever it is to my desktop that is where it goes, except all of sudden it doesn't, Take a word doc and it just did it for a program to. when the word doc is done I go to file>save as>the make sure desktop is in the dropdown box and clicked on and then name the doc and click save. I have did it a million times, but now, instead of showing up my desktop I have to go into my computer>C drive> my documents>owner> then desktop and there it is, I can cut and paste it back to the desktop but why all of a sudden is it saving it there?

A:Solved: Windows XP SP2-save to desktop-saves it to the desktop folder not the desktop

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Hello Techies;

Does anyone know how to take a page or pages from a scanned set of documents in it's PDF format to copy and save those copied pages into it's own PDF document? The goal for it to be easy for people to do on a regular basis? We currently have Adobe reader. Would having Adobe writer help with this?
So for example, we'd scan 100 pages of different documents into 1 large PDF file. Then the need would be to extract one or more of the 100 pages into it's own PDF. Say a copy/paste type of function. This is for a workflow process at the company I work for. Anyone know of software (better version of Adobe?) or tools for this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Solved: Extracting a PDF page to save as it's own PDF page?

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Running WindowXP Pro - SP3 / IE7

I was going to ask these questions on this forum but have subsequently found the answers. I would like to just get this information out there for the googling satisfaction of anyone else who's feels a little angry/frustrated by this uncalled-for restriction they may encounter.

I write this post in the format of stating the problem and the solution.


You want to save a web page but when you go to "Page" on the menu bar then "Save as" and click a format to save it in, either .mht or .html, it starts to save but then at the end you get an error saying the web page could not be saved. Or, the "right click" function is disabled on a web page so that you cannot save an image that the web page owner doesn't want you to save.

The web page owner has written into the html code some active (java) script that prevents the page from being cached in your browser so that you can't save it, and/or, they have written in a right click disable script.

The solution is simple. In Internet Explorer, on the menu bar go to Tools/Internet Options then click on the "Security" tab at the top. Look down and click on "Custom level..." . Scroll down until you see the "Scripting" section. Simply check "Disable" under active scripting then click on the "OK' button at the bottom. When the previous box pops back up, click "Apply" then click "OK". ... Read more

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Whenever I save a file or WANT to save a file to the desktop, I go to "Save As" and it always wants to revert to saving to the documents folder instead of the desktop making me have to take the extra step to choose desktop instead of the computer just realizing thats where I want it to go.

In the documents folder for Library Locations I have removed anything with the word "documents" so the one and only location listed in Documents Library now is "C:\Users\Username\Desktop".

Yet when I make a new document and go to "save as" it is still wanting to save to documents despite being removed from the library locations.

On more than 2 occasions now I was in a hurry and went to save as but didn't check the location assuming it was going to go to the desktop which is where its supposed to but instead had to waste time hunting down some random folder the file went to.

Is there any way to make it so the "Save As" option cannot see or does not realize there is a documents folder (Kind of like how malware can hide from AntiVirus) and default to saving my files to the desktop on the first try without having to manually select desktop location?

A:Save to Desktop -vs- Save to Documents

What program are you saving the document from? Many programs have a preference setting somewhere for you to tell it the default location to save or open documents.

For instance, here's the default Save location setting for Word 2013:

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I was at work today and I was in a hurry. I was on a web page which had a complicated link which I needed to remember so I could log onto that site at home. So instead of copying it, I put my USB in and clicked "Save page as" in my web browser thinking that it would save the web page and its link. But it didn't.

I have the web page in front of me but its the saved version and with a web address which is my USB directory (file:///G:/index.cfm.htm... I can navigate away from the page to links on it but I can't submit the online form I needed to submit.

I have tried a keyword search and phoning colleges to find out the site but I have had no success.

How do I find out the actual website of that saved web page

If anyone can help me solve this, I will be forever in your debt.

A:I saved a web page as "Save Page As", how do I get the original link to the website?

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I need to download a web page and it's subsequent links and save it to an external medium (ie. CD) for viewing later offline. How do I do this?

I have been able to save the page and it's links using the ADD TO FAVORITES, MAKE AVAILABLE OFFLINE menu commands, but when I try to copy the files from the Documents and Settings\Mike\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files directory, the copy is unsuccessful. I cannot uncheck the READ ONLY properties for the folder where the files are this a problem?

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?


WinXP, IE6.0, 528MB, 120GB

A:How can I save a web page to CD?

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i am not able to save the web page directly. what are the other options to save a web page.

A:save web page

i am using windows xp in my office. since i am not able to save web page directly.i want to know the additional options to save a webpage.

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I intend to save a web page of a company ( appr 20 pages ).I know I can do it with
File ---> SaveAs but I am not sure if the saved web page would still show on
my computer after the company takes the web page off the web.
How can I proceed ?



A:How to save a web page

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Im having trouble saving a web page the way I can see it online.
When I try to, it saves but when I try & view it offline, it comes up as individual bits (seperate pictures but no text etc|) The page when I view it online comprises of pictures with text alongside & under, I wish to save it this way in order to read it offline!
(XP, firefox)

A:save a web page?

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I am trying to save a web page for a friend at work who has been mistreated, he aint got the net.

I am tryingto save the page and links to put on memory stick or simply paste into a work doc.

is there a quick way of doing this?????
many thanks

A:Save a web page and all its links below

To save a web page exactly as you see it click file, save as, then in the drop down 'save as type' choose the single archive .mht option. Save onto a memory stick as normal. The links will work after saving the page.
If you want to copy and paste a links actual address, right click a link, copy shortcut, paste into a word doc.
If your friend doesn't have internet though what good are links to him?

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Dell Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E7500 Computer
Inspirion 545s 00
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
6GB Memory
Antivirus: Avast; Spyware Prevention: Spybot, Spyware Blaster. MalwareBytes, CCleaner, and Super AntiSpyware

I'm not sure if this is a Windows situation or something with a program I use called Paint Shop Pro (PSP), but the page has changed that I view when saving a file within PSP. My apologies for posting if it's not windows related, but thought I'd try here first.

When I save a file, the page save dialog box comes up for me to tell it where to save it. It used to be that the page underneath that box would show the files and folders in the right pane, and in the left pane would be the Explore tree showing what's on computer. Now, when I save something in PSP, I only see the files and folders and not the tree.

If I save a Works document, I do see what I'm used to seeing, so that's what made me think it may just be a malfunction of my PSP program.

I have tried to resize the window as it comes up full screen and it will not let me grab any side to resize. The 2 small black arrows show up only on the left-hand side and won't appear on any other side of the page. However, even with that, it just won't budge.

It just started appearing in this format in the past week -- until then, I saw the Explore Tree as well. It's no biggie and I can live with it, but just wondered why it changed and if there was a way to get it back to what I was used to seeing.

Any ideas, plea... Read more

A:Save page has changed

In the Save as dialog, click on Organize, Layout then check Navigation Pane.

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I have a friend who set up a web site for me. I am trying to learn front page as I go and I am running into a problem.

I go to my local web site and call up a page, make some changes, and press the Save icon. I have also used File - Save. But it seems that the program does not want to save my changes. Some times it does because I have been able to update the web site successfully. But there must be some little thing I am not doing.

What am I doing wrong?


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I saved an online receipt using the firefox "save page as" feature. I have both the html icon and the file folder containing the elements. They are in the same location, my desktop. Yet, for some reason when I click on the html icon, all i get is a blank page. Can someone help me retrieve this, please. I critically need this receipt. Thanks.

A:Help opening "save page as file"

I got it resolved. In case anyone else runs into this, here's what I did. I went to firefox and installed ieview addon, then opened the receipt in ieview after it came up empty in Firefox.

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How to save a internet explorer web page

I have saved it as .mht file but when i opened it after it does not contain anything means it cannot able to multimedia media etc..,

so,please can u suggest something

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On only this Win 7 Ultimate, 64bit machine I cannot save a webpage in any of the three options - webpage complete, Web Archive (Mht), or Web page HTML only. The saves work fine when saving to my C: drive but I save all my personal data on an NAS. When saving to the NAS from this particular machine it shows the progress bar as though it is saving, then flashes up the "This Web Page Could not be saved". The page is there and usually will open but not always and sometimes opening the page takes forever.

I suspect something in the firewall is not set right and I need help on what to look for. When I go into the firewall for the private network I see pages and pages of rules. What rule should I look for specifically to allow web pages to be saved to my private networked NAS? Would it be an incoming or outgoing rule or would both be affected?

My wife has another Win 7 (home premium) which saves web pages to the NAS ok, and I have a Win 8.1 netbook that has no problems saving web pages using IE10.

Any ideas?

A:Cannot Save Web page (IE10) only this Win 7 machine

Have you tried changing or resetting the IE settings and seen if that helps?

Change or reset Internet Explorer settings - Microsoft Windows Help
How to reset Internet Explorer settings
Internet Explorer - Reset

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Running IE 8 (x86) on Win 7 Pro desktop system. When I open IE to load a website, it asks where I want to save it. Firefox runs properly, as does the 64 bit version of IE 8. I am also unable to view passcards or other info in Roboform. When I contacted their tech support, they said it was because of the issue with IE 8. Uninstalled and reinstalled IE 8, no change. Did scan with Malwarebytes and it found nothing. I am including a copy of the HijackThis log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:46:12 AM, on 2/10/2010
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.01.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16385)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AnVir Task Manager\AnVir.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\robotaskbaricon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2010\avp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Visagesoft\eXPert PDF 5\vspdfprsrv.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ScanSoft\PaperPort\Config\Ereg\REMIND32.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Time Machine\CTMTRAY.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ScanSoft\PaperPort\Pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe

R1 - HKC... Read more

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Error message: "Web page cannot be saved to the selected location For example: Cannot save your home page to My Documents. Selected File, Save As. Cannot save your home page a new folder on My Documents, either. This has happens occasionally. Other times I can save a web page just fine.

A:error message - cannot save web page

I, too, have experienced this problem on Symantec's knowledgebase pages. See: Saving Symantec Web Pages
I think Hl5 had the right answer.


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Hello friends, sometimes IE save some pages(MHT) but soon after don't save equal/same pages and says: "unable to save this webpage".
I would appreciate help

obs: i have windows 7 ultimate and Internet explorer 8

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When I try to open IE11 a dialogue box pops up asking if I want to save the web page. When I click it or cancel it IE closes. This also happens in other programs such as Foxit Reader but I can still access the program after I close the boxes. One program (H&R Blck Tax 2014) pops up the box and I save or cancel and the program stays open but the page is blank. I've tried all flavors of fixes I know and then some. Anybody have some ideas as to what might be causing this?


A:IE11 wants to save web page instead of opening it.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
First thought would be to use the link and exe file type restore reg files see what happens,
Default File Type Associations - Restore

You might need to do this using clean boot or safe mode with networking to download the reg files ?
Use Clean boot,

Safe mode with networking,
Shut down your machine, Unplug-Hold the power button down for 30/45 seconds (Power Drain)
Power up and Tap the F8 key continuously until you see a black page with white text,
Use the down arrow key to toggle to safe mode with networking/ hit the enter key.
Login as usual
Other advanced methods,

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What is the best way to save a internet page? sometimes i save it as text to paste to somewhere but it doesnt look good. please help. thankyou very much.

A:How do I save a page from Internet explorer?

bookmark it

in explorer click favorites and add to favorites or right click on the page and create shortcut

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Can you tell me how do i save web pages as a Picture in Firefox. I search Firefox add-on page but there is only i can found web pages save as pdf. So if you know any add-on for save web pages as a picture please tell me.

A:How to save Web page as a Picture in Firefox?

Try Abduction

or Screengrab

Screengrab ❍ Rock Your Firefox

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Please see attached image.When ever I try to open snapdeal product page I get this prompt asking me to save the page.Please advise how can I get rid of this prompt.I have win 7 64 bit.

A:website gives prompt to save page

nothing you can do. it is a coding error on the website, everybody gets it

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Everybody I need help hijacked page here is my log
Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 9:46:54 PM, on 8/10/2004
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.00 SP4 (5.00.2920.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adaptec Shared\CreateCD\CreateCD50.exe
C:\Program Files\Adaptec\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Toolbox2.0\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\Toolbox\StatusClient\StatusClient.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Toolbox2.0\Javasoft\JRE\1.3.1\bin\javaw.exe
C:\Program Files\Nikon\NkView6\NkvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Navnt\navapw32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\OSA.EXE
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Columbia\Intenship\LINKS HALL\HijackTh... Read more

A:Save a hedgehog help my hijacked page

i don't want to reply to my own thread

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I KNOW it can be done. They did it here: Solved: Automatic information saver - Page 3 - Tech Support Guy Forums

However, I cannot get this to work. And it is exactly what I am trying to do: copy muzak playlists to notepad every half hour.

I have no way of contacting the person because of restrictions on the thread and I am not allowed to PM.

Can anyone help?

A:Automatically Save a Web Page every half hour?

Did you read through the entire thred, starting on page 1? All the info is in there, including download and install of AutoHotKey.

If it were me though, I'd use Wget and a batch file to read the web pages every so often. Wget is extreamly powerful and will take some time to learn but you can do amazing things with it.

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I use IE 6 and I'm trying to set up a blank page as the start page but IE doesn't save the configuration. Everytime I run it loads up. Any fix ?

A:[SOLVED] IE won't save start page settings


SpySweeper was the cause.

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So that I can view it without being online. Can I use it as a background?

A:How can I save a Macromedia Flash web page to my computer?

I've never used this program myself, but I think it might do the trick for you . Have a look at FlashDown

You might be able to get a zip copy of that which you want from the owner by contacting him or her. Once you have the file, you can play it all you wish as long as you have a flash player installed.

If you are interested, here is one I obtained from the author to put on my website. Never Forget

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Currently I am unable to save my optimum online homepage. I save optmum but when I close and the reopen the internet "Down load AVG 8.0 pops up, and then Also I have lost all my favorites. I down loaded the free AVG in mid December. This problem stated about 5 days ago. Please Help

A:computer will not save my optium home page

Please try a couple of the free online scans here: the advice at the bottom of the topic when the scans are done.

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I have a link that is point to a small excel file on one of HTML pages on my server. When user open the link, the file open in the browser with funny characters.

How to make the link open the save file dialog?

I tried Firefox and internet explorer and I got the same result.

A:Solved: save xls file that is in html page

The simplest option to download it for yourself is to right click on the link and choose "Save link as" (or the equivalent in whichever browser you are using). If you need to resolve the issue for a lot of people and don't want to tell them all "right click on this link and choose Save link as", you might find the information that you're looking for here.

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We used FrontPage 2000 to create our intranet. In the intranet we have some links to Word 97 documents. The one's that we notice we're having a problem with are the performance review documents. If I go into one of them through the links on the intranet everything works fine. The problem occurs when I want to save a soft copy to my hard drive. It runs through the save options fine but when I go to open it from the page that it creates on my hard drive the document doesn't come up. I get an error that the page could not be displayed. If I go into the folder that was created when I saved it I can open the Word 97 document but it ends up blank. This document is password protected so maybe that's the problem, but I was hoping that a Save As would save the information for offline storage. Does this make sense? I tried saving it in every possible way (that IE5.5 would allow me to save it in) and every one of them gives me a blank copy of the form. All of the information typed into it while on the intranet is gone. Some help, ideas, etc. would be great. As I said, I'm thinking that if the documents weren't read only we wouldn't be having this problem. Let me know if that's accurate. Thanks.

A:Word 97 & Front Page 2000 Save Properties

Just maybe this is what's happening:

Word forms, when copy and pasted, lose their protection. Once you lose protection, data is usually lost as well. Have you tried right-clicking on the hyperlink and hit "save target as" instead of opening the document/page?

If that doesn't help, you'll need to let me know what format you're getting out of it the other ways--I assume html.

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dear frnds,
pls help me out
i hve 2 issues
1)in my ie home page is not save
2)i want to recover deleted history in ie

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I finally got windows to update. Everything was great. I changed the settings to "Let me choose..... ". Everything was still great. Then I unticked the box about getting Microsoft Software updates because I didn't think I would need software updates. It flashed a warning at me but I thought it was just about the software so hit OK anyway. I then lost the last two boxes you normally see on that update page. Got them back by installing Silverlight again. Have them ticked again. But now, when I go to the Windows Update page it constantly shows me a big red X. I got to change settings and put it to fully automatic, hit ok... but it won't save that change. It shows me the red X again.

Yet, when I look at the GWX panel it shows I have updates set on Automatic (photos attached). So I have no idea what is going on. I"ve tried a few fixes..... did a Windows update trouble shoot thing through Microsoft that said it had fixed 3 issues (don't know what now didn't take a screen shot sorry) and that made the update page look even worse. Now is says I've never updated etc (photo attached). I even saw a post about doing something in the registry but when I got to the right place my computer didn't even display the two things supposedly it should have so I couldn't do the last two steps of that post (from Win 7 Forums) Please Help.

A:Windows Update Page Won't Save Changed Setting

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Running XP sp2 with IE7 and JRE 1.6 update7: - can access and interact with web pages containging java applets correctly when online (dial-up). However, although I can 'save' the page, when opened later for offline viewing the java applet does not run and displays only a red X in the top corner.
Any suggestions welcome - this is driving me nuts!! THANK YOU

A:Save web page containing java applets for offline viewing

Hi. I need the solution for the same problem also..
any one help us.

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I've created a 32 page report, which only prints in the correct page order if i key in each page imposition ie 32,1,2,31 etc. which is a pain. Once i've done that i save the settings but when i go in the next day its back to original 1,2,3,4,etc which means it prints wrong order. I'm going nuts, help please......

A:Publisher 2010, page imposition wont save

Hello magpie1963, welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry that you have not had any responses to date. However, having done a brief search, the instructions are as follows:
Get Started - Print a publication - Publisher -

If you use the check box to save your print settings immediately below the RGB Composition setting, the imposition should be saved with your publication.

Print settings and print preview

The new Backstage View for printing looks like this:

On the left are the print settings and on the right the preview pane. Changes made to the setting in the left pane (of the Print Back stage) will affect both the preview and the printed result. Changes made to the setting in the preview pane (of the Print Back stage) will affect the preview, and will not affect the printed result.
Note Some of these controls are dependent on other settings, for example the color control will only be available if your printer can print in color and the front/back transparency slider will only be available if you choose print on both sides of the paper.
The print settings allow you to configure:

1. Print: Enter the number of copies of the print job you want to print and press Print to send the job to your printer.
2. Printer: In addition to selecting from a list of available printers, you can also add a new printer, access the Advanced Output Settings, and print to a file.
3. Settings: The settings section gi... Read more

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I am looking for a way to change the style sheet from Outlook for a calendar
that I am publishing to a web. When I select Save As Web Page, I can publish the calendar, but it always comes up with the same colors every time. I am able to change the .css after the calendar has been published, but that file is written over every time. Does anyone know how I can set the colors BEFORE I publish?

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hi there,
problem i have is that,
pop up is turned of but still get popup blocked,
and also i dont have save web page as: when i right click?
i dont know if its conected to each other i.e part of the same problem?

i have got windows xp pro,
thanks in advance t4lor.

A:pop up turned of but still get popup blocked, and also i dont have save web page as:

This is not very clear to me. I think you are saying that you have some sort of pop-up blocker that is still blocking pop-ups when you think the blocker has been turned off. What pop-ups do you want to see, and where do you want to see them from ? It's hard to know what to tell you without the name of the blocker or the source of the pop-ups you want to see. It is possible that a firewall or something else is doing the blocking. You will have to give more information before anyone can help.

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I am trying to develop a paper work (or should I say, less paperwork and more computer work) for my company. I want to use html as a documenting system offline (this post has nothing to do with online anything).

Here is what I need: A very easy system where people can just press a button on the page and it will update the current file and also send a copy to another folder for backup and verification purposes.

I want to use text boxes, check boxes, drop down boxes and probably all the others you normally see on a form. All the information that they type has to be saved along with the html document so that the saved file lookes exactly as what they see on the html page when they are done inputing the information.

About the saved file backups:
They would need to be numbered 0001 and the next time save is pressed; 0002... and so on.

A:Saving entire html pages from a save button on the page

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Bought a used HP desktop in Jan from a friend. It's approximately 4 years old but worked well up until last night. Everything was updatedand ran smoothly. My husband and I move our computer in to a different room in the house and now it won't work. The tower powers on and then the monitor will say "no iput" and that hangs aeound for a second before going in to sleep mode. It takes a lot to even get that to pop up. Husband messed with it all night and got nothing. This morning we bought a new input cord (the one that runs from tower to monitor and has screw things to put in place) and monitor and it is still doing the same thing. That leads me to believe that it is my tower that isn't working even though it appears to be. I bought a laptop today so i don't really care if the computer is workable, but i have 2 zip files of fonts that i purchased that i have to have and i have no idea if i can save them or will have to re buy them (expensive buggers). Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA.

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I was thinking if it was possible to save my desktop to a folder and then to a cd. Would I be able to reinstall it after a reformat and have all my ikons working as before or would the registry muck this up. Some of my ikons on my desktop are as follows: spybot,safe share,real arcade,anti-vir,usenext,clone dvd, etc. I have tried saving these to my flash drive and most of them will reinstall but not after a reformat. My os is xp home on a network with xp pro my hard drive is 80gb my cpu 2.4gh memory 256mb.Can anyone tell me how to make a backup without using norton ghost.Thank you. I am asking this as I've reformatted quite often recently due to a problem with system restore I am not the only one with this problem so I wish someone could solve this because I dont like being without system restore which the reformatt fixes for a while but then its back. Its tedius having to reinstall all my programs one by one.Thanks.

A:Can I save my desktop

Just copying an icon to the desktop will not make an app run. You must install the app. Instead of ghost, use acronis true image. A much better app for making images of your system.

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The other day I downloaded a PDF and saved it to my desktop, to my surpirse I did not see it on the desktop. I downloaded it again thinking I fat fingered something and tried to save it to my desktop but now it says the file already exist. Iv'e done the right click deal to desplay icons and refreshed the screen but I still can't see the file. I am logged in as an administrator as well. I checked some of the threads out here but most of them are related to disappearing icons, in my case they never show up in the first place. I'm pretty new to Windows 7 so it may be some setting I'm missing, any help would be appreciated

A:Can Save to Desktop But Can't see it

Hello Raceman, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might double check using the tutorial below to make sure that you have Show Desktop Icons checked.

Hope this helps,

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I feed dumb: I save everything to my desktop, manipulate it, then file where it belongs.

On Win7, I can't find the desktop icon from the save dialog box. When saving, I see on the left screen panel:
"Library" [Docs, Pics, Music, Vids]
"Favorites" [Downloads, recent Places]
"Computer" [HP (C), Factory Image (D), Local Disc (Q)]
What am I doing wrong - I just need quick access to save to Desktop as in all previous Windows OS versions.


Win7 Home Premium; 64bit

A:Can't save to my desktop?

When I click "Save As" this is what I get it. I just choose Desktop on the left

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Hello team,

I cannot save anything on the desktop, when I create new folder, new text document, new office file on the desktop by right clicking, its not saving on the desktop but automatically gets saved to the folder C:/User/.../Desktop.

Or whenever I paste any item on the desktop it gets saved to the above directory.
Also my user directory is showing a locked symbol but I can access it.

How can I make these items visible on the Desktop?


A:Cannot save anything on Desktop

The desktop is a folder.
Mine is located here:

...or maybe I'm not understanding your issue...

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i can't save any type of file to the desktop. the desktop is not listed in the Left frame


A:Can't Save to Desktop

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Hi All,
Not sure how this happened but I did a Sun Microsystems Java update and then everything on my Desktop just disappeared, not sure what in the hell happened and I cannot save anything to it now...very frustrating...Attached is the error message I have been getting, anyone have a similar problem and know how to fix it?

A:Cannot save to desktop, saying corrupted...

Can you do a System Restore (to before the Java update)?

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Somehow, I no longer have the ability to save to my desktop. I used to be able to save documents, etc to my desktop, but now the option to save it there has disappeared.

Does anybody have any idea on how I can retrieve it or reset it?

Thanks for the help!



A:Save to Desktop is Gone - Can I get that back?

Hi wisedave and welcome to Seven Forums. If you mean to get Desktop back in your Favorites.

1. Navigate to c:\users\your name\

2. select the Desktop folder and drag it into the favorites area in the left pane.

This tutorial gives several other methods of adding to favorites. Favorites - Links - Add or Remove in Navigation Pane

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One of our machines has lost the "Desktop" option from the Save As Dialog Box menu. I've read several posts about this being a Favorites problem, but the solutions for that problem don't fix it. The Desktop is not missing from Favorites--and when I "add" it, it adds another instance without fixing the Save As dialog menu--so if it IS a Favorites issue, it's not a question of adding it.

This is a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and the problem comes up in Outlook, Word and Excel (haven't tried other things, but it seems pretty universal.)

Thanks for your assistance.


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Sorry to ask but google hasn't found answer.

If I want save e.g. an image from web to the desktop then "desktop" is not one of the destination choices.

A:Save to Desktop NOT in choices

So what happens if you expand favorites? Do you see desktop then?

Try opening an Explorer window and browsing to your desktop then right click favorites and choose !add current location"

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I suspect the problem I am having is related to Windows more than Firefox, but I am trying to wrap my head around what exactly is going on.

I have one user, called "Me". This user is an administrator.

When I click on "abc.exe" to download, it downloads but right as it finishes I get a message saying, "abc.exe could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder." However, while the file is downloading, "abc.exe.part" is created on the desktop, but deletes when the save fails. If I can't change the contents, how is the .part being created?

The other confusing thing about this problem is that I can right click on any image, click Save Image As, browse to the desktop, and it saves just fine.

I have already checked the permissions for my desktop folder, and my user account is the Owner, and has Full Control. So, I don't get it.

I also created a new folder called New Desktop on another partition. Right clicked on the Desktop folder, Properties, Move tab, and changed it to the New Desktop folder. When prompted, I clicked Yes to move contents.

I changed the folder in Firefox preferences to the New Desktop folder, and it STILL doesn't work.

What am I missing?

A:Can't save to the desktop (mostly from Firefox)!

I'm using Firefox 3.5.5 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit build 7100 on my laptop. I just repeated the same steps that you described, saving files to the desktop without any problem.
Could it perhaps be something to do with a security program you have installed?

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I have been accessing my emails through Webmail and want to save the incoming mail I have retained to a file on my desktop before changing ISP thus loosing the email address. Can anyone please tell me how to do this. Thank you.

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Apparently Outlook Express is now a component of IE.

Terrific, but I need to treat it as a standalone app so users can launch email easily from the desktop or the "remembered apps" list in Start menu.

Is there a way to do it?

Otherwise, I have to teach them to launch IE and then check email from within.

Confusing enough for me, but it fries their minds.

- Bill

A:Can I Save OE Shortcut to Desktop??

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is it essential to save and run combofix.exe from desktop?
can i save it elsewhere (with other security programmes, stored on my D partition) and have a shortcut on the desktop?

thanks. in advance.

A:Why Save Combofix.exe On Desktop Only?

Combofix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.This topic is closedThank you The Staff

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how can I save IE9 from microsoft to my desktop?

I go to MS download page and I save setup utility 34.6mb to desktop then I clik it and it only says "run" no choice to save IE9 to desktop.

I am thinking IE9 is pretty big maybe 700MB so how can I save it to desktop for later install?
Any page links and help would be appreciated

A:How to save IE9 to desktop for later install?

Quote: Originally Posted by winnseven7

how can I save IE9 from microsoft to my desktop?

I go to MS download page and I save setup utility 34.6mb to desktop then I clik it and it only says "run" no choice to save IE9 to desktop.

I am thinking IE9 is pretty big maybe 700MB so how can I save it to desktop for later install?
Any page links and help would be appreciated

Welcome to the forum,

I'm a little confused, you're asking how to save it to the desktop but then said you did do that.

This link downloads for me, so I could save it for later,

Download Internet Explorer 9 from Official Microsoft Download Center

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With auto arrange and align to grid checked, the save order of files to desktop is random. Instead of saving the file after the last icon on the desktop, the order saved seems to depend on whatever you have the view options set to.

This was never an issue with Win XP. Anyone experiencing this issue and have a third-party solution? If anyone can phrase the question better, please do so as I could use the help.

A:Save to Desktop problems

Hello Nabilalk,

You can right click on the desktop and click on "Sort by" to select how you want the files on the desktop sorted by.

Hope this helps,

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My grandma just got a Gateway laptop with windows 7 and as she was setting her background with the images already loaded into the computer I saw a ton that I really liked and I would like them on my computer.
Is there anyway to get them?
They aren't the images loaded in the Pictures folder either, they are just in the personalize setup window.

Is there some location hidden where I can get them?
I really want them! :D

I used Paint to get the picture so if it's blurry I apologize, I'm use to Adobe Photoshop.

It's those images if you are confused as to what I was trying to say.

A:Anyway to save desktop backgrounds?

Hi -

The desktop wallpaper pics are Microsoft copyrighted material.

You may want to search for JPG files.

This thread is now closed.



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Hello guys
y udew
Windows7 looks a bit defferent from the old versions os Windows,,
I tried to save some attached files to my desktop.. but ti cannot see where is it? just D drive, and other area, ahe b

A:how to save in desktop in windows7 using IE8?

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since changing from ie to firefox i can no longer right click on a page i am viewing and save to desktop. is this something that can be added to firefox.

A:Solved: save to desktop

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Any data save in the desktop or apllication instal in "c " drive .Next restart it will disappear without application software.It working same as defreeze.

A:save data in desktop

Do you have a question??

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I just recently did a windows update... added something like a INTEL....

I do see on my tool bar an Icon "intel graphics media accelorator driver"
I'm guessing this is it ?

In any case, now my desktop Icons keep moving every once in a while.

Anyone have an idea of what this Intel thing is ?

And if it would have anything to do with my desktop settings ?

A:Save Desktop settings ?

Welcome back to the forums cowpoke.

First of all lets try the easy way out.

Go to your desktop, and right click an empty space. Now, see if the "Auto Arrange" section is checked. If so, uncheck it.

If this fails, please give us a more detailed view into your problem.

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I want to restrict my users in a peer to peer network that they will not save any data on desktop.
How can i do this? I have rights of Administrator on this network.

A:not want to save data on Desktop

Can anybody tell me please whether its possible that users of PC can not save their document on desktop? Can administrator have the rights to lock the desktop for saving data in peer to peer network?

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Hi there,

My first post and an issue that recently started and I can't seem to figure it out.

When I do a save as file and I click on Desktop on the side bar it will save it to my desktop in System32/config/desktop instead of user/desktop. If I save a file instead of save as it will go to my normal desktop under user/desktop.

Is there a setting somewhere to change the default desktop back to user?

A:Desktop Save Location

Could you add an attachment of what you click on when you save?

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I have a problem with saving pda files on my desktop. The files are things such as mp3s, spread sheets, text files. I have an Axim X51 and an Asus A639. When I connect to the desktop pc with Activesync I use the windows explorer to browse the pda and can the drag and drop files from the pda to my desktop. I see the progress bar move and everything looks like a normal successful copy but the files are never actually saved on the desktop pc. If I configure the Asus as a memory card reader the files transfer to the desktop normally. Either of these pdas can transfer files normally to my computer at work. At one time this all worked as it should.

I have turned off the firewall and stopped the virus scanner (AVG free). I have reinstalled activesync. Still no luck in the file copy to the desktop. Files copy to the pdas just fine.

My system
desktop pc with windows XP pro
Asus pda with windows mobile six
Axim pda with windows mobile five

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My desktop don't save my date and time its keep reseting over and overI change my cmos battery it won't save also

A:my hp desktop won't save time and date

Make sure the new battery is in properly (+ side up when holder is flat on motherboard) and its clips are holding the battery tightly. It could also be a broken solder joint holding the clip to the motherboard.What is the date resetting to?

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My desktop icons arrangement are always messing up after i restart , shutdown , i opened exe's like DOTA , nba2k12 etc etc. i dont know what to do . ive done checking the setting but there's no problem with it . i didnt change anything .. PLEASE HELP .

here's my SCREENIES ..

A:how to save the arrangement of my DESKTOP ICONS ?

After you postiion the icons, rightclick a blank area of the desktop and click Refresh.

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I hope I'm in right forum. Apologies if not. and this post can be moved to a proper spot if need be. Recently I have managed to change the Windows 10 user profile folder. The name now matches the user name. And everything seems to be working fine. I used AVG TuneUp to get rid of errors in registry and fix broken shortcuts.

A few days ago I've installed YTD downloader. But, there is an issue - the program will not allow me to save downloads into any other location than the desktop. On my PC, the desktop folder I have managed to re-locate to a different partition on my drive using the Location tab for that type of folder. I can manage to hack Windows registry so YTD will save files to a location of my choice, but as I say, I cannot change to the desired save location from within YTD.

Can someone please opine a solution that might fix the YTD save function? Thanks. Rich

P.S. Could this be a permissions issue? YTD works on other user accounts on my PC.

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Hi, trying to setup an extended desktop on a crt, to output my tuner card and for video editing. I'm using WinXP Pro sp2, DirectX 9.0c and a Saphire X550 PCI-E, with the pc-monitor on vga and the tv on s-vid.

The tv itself recieves a signal but the pictures distorted - theres these white choppy bands zigzagging across the whole screen. Here is a pic (taken with a camera-phone, sorry) of the extended desktop in windows...

Now the weird thing is while i get the above in windows, the tv gets a perfect signal when the pc is booting, ie the POST information shows up fine...

I'm confused why when windows kicks in i get the distortion. Tried messing around with refresh rates, different profiles, etc but no joy. I also tried the following with no success:

- tried the 5.11 catalyst drivers
- tried the 5.13 catalyst drivers
- tried the omega drivers
- tried tweaking with ati tools

Any idea's, ive spent weeks on this problem and its driving me insane. Any info/help appreciated.

A:extended desktop troubles, save me...!

Is the TV actually set for S-Video input and not composite?

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Whenever I reboot, the quick launch disappears and I have to re-enable it. Also the custom view folder settings I used get set back to defaults. Any help?

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In Windows Vista, your web wallpapers would stay saved in a directory in case you wanted to chose them later. I want to do the same thing with Windows 7. Assuming it worked the same way, I've lost at least 10 desktop wallpapers that I meant to keep for use later. I've searched far and wide in the web for an answer to this, but all I find is how to get to your default wallpapers; and how to delete wallpapers you no longer want. I do not want to delete anything, I just want to be able to select desktop wallpapers I've selected straight from web, into my computer for use later.

If this is a browser related issue, I use all of these browsers: IE, Firefox and Safari and want to keep everything I choose as wallpaper. How can I do this?

A:How can I save the desktop wallpapers I've chosen from web

Put them here, that's where usually Windows walls are, too
You can even organize them by creating different Sub directories
If you don't want to go through to search those directories from every browser, just save to Desktop and move the pics from there

But there is a second way: if you use a theme pack you can also put the pics in



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Currently running Win98SE9(with 98+ installed as well). If I format and install XP can I use these desktop themes? (copied back to HDD from disk)

A:If I save my desktop themes to a disk...can I use them in XP Pro?

yes you can.. but windows xp uses visual styles. So using the themes on xp will make xp look like 98. you can change the visual style in xp if you get the UXTheme.dll patch from here..

You can get great themes/visual styles from..

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I found a great photo while looking for free wallpaper and saved it to my desktop. I really like it and would like to be able to save it in my bookmarks, but I don't know which free photo site it came from. Have checked several of the most recent but there are hundreds of photos...and no success. Is there a way to save my present desktop photo?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: How to save desktop shot

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I have a local pc running on windows 7.
I also have a server running server 2003 r2.
On windows 7 I try to login to server 2003 using rdp.

I make sure that the option is checked to save creditentials with the my current user name and password.

I apply the new setting and also hit save.

After I connect.... it asks me to put the user name even though the credidentials were saved.

when I do this on a different workstation. It works fine and connects without asking me to enter username and password.

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hi all

what im trying to do is save the current locations off all my desktop shortcuts? so if they are moved i can just bring them back

what software can i use for this?

thanks :-)

A:desktop icon layout! how to save!

Hi, You may want to take a look at

Desktop Icon Save and Restore Restore

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runing XP Pro with sp2 I am unable to save Create ) any shortcuts to my desktop after going in the program list right clicking then selecting send to/desktop. Any thooughts?

A:unable to save shortcuts to desktop

donnj said:

runing XP Pro with sp2 I am unable to save Create ) any shortcuts to my desktop after going in the program list right clicking then selecting send to/desktop. Any thooughts? Click to expand...
Maybe this might help.;en-us;177909

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Hey, guys. My Windows 7 machine will not for the life of me let me save to the desktop. Is there a way to fix this problem?

A:Windows 7 doesn't let me save to desktop?

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I`ve always been able to save downloads to the actual desktop but now they go to the desktop library even though i have it set under tools/options in Firefox. Any ideas please?

A:Save downloads to desktop Windows 8.1

select always ask and do that a couple of times then unselect

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Windows XP, I am looking for a download that saves my current desktop session in terms of open windows.
To elaborate, I am working on a project that requires 4 files/programs and they are open on my desktop. I'm working on the project across windows when I have to get on a call or someone walks up to my desk and I have start opening other things to interact with them.
For simplicity's sake I only like to have things open that are relevant to my current activities.

So, when something happens and I have to switch gears to another project I would like to save everything thats currently open, close all windows and easily open when I want to start working on them again.

A:Solved: Save Desktop Session

I don't know of anything that saves the state of every program window (data and system windows are no problem) in order to recreate the desktop in one step.

You sound like a possible candidate for what is known as virtual desktop environment in which while you don't close out of programs, you can switch to another desktop for other purposes and then switch back to the other desktop and pick up right where you left off.

This method would work in a continuous session environment (like a work day) but not of course if a reboot/turn off cycle was required.

A couple of programs (you can search for more if it looks good but you need something just a bit different) that do this are Microsoft Power Toy Virtual Destop Manager ( and Virtual Desktop 1.0 (

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I run Win7 as an administrator but recently I have lost the ability to save files on my desktop or other library locations. I receive the following message:

"You do not have permission to save in this location
Contact the Administrator to obtain permission
Would you like to save in the My Documents folder instead?"

As something happened to my user account? Any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Unable to save files on my desktop

See the suggestion worked for me.

I figured out the solution to this problem in Windows 7. I assume this will work with other OS too.

1. Right-click on the drive that is causing the problem.

2. Left-click on Properties.

3. Click on the Security tab.

4. In the first window click on Administrators (your computer name-PC Administrators).

5. Just below the window click on Edit.

6. Click on Administrators (your computer name-PC Administrators) again.

7. Here's the key to making it work. If Apply is grayed-out, check a box in the Deny column. It will then bring up Apply.

8. Check a box in the Allow column. It should check all of the boxes except the last one and uncheck all of the boxes in the Deny column.

9. Click Apply. It should run a scan of the files in the drive. When the scan is finished, click Ok. The first box should still be open.

10. In the first window, click on Users (your computer name-PC\Users) and repeat steps 5-9, of course clicking on Users (your computer name-PC\Users)
instead of Administrators (your computer name-PC Administrators).

NOTE: You may not have to click in the Deny column after the first scan is completed for step 10 as indicated in step 7.

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I have a folder on my desktop "my notes", it has several subfolders. When I have a file I want to save, I click on "save file as" name my file and then click on the "my notes" folder which opens up with my subfolders listed. My problem is, when I open the "my notes" folder, windows 7 defaults to the first subfolder listed. I want to save my file in the main folder of "my notes" not any of the subfolders. Can someone tell me how to save the file in the main folder of "my notes" not the subfolder?

A:Can't save file in desktop folder

Hello and welcome to SevenForums

Does it look like that, If so Just Lick save,

If not and your in the Subfolder click on the text where it has "My Notes!"

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Hi there,

I'm using a photo I got from the web as my desktop wallpaper and when I saved it I used the Set As Background option. I would like to save a copy of the photo into my Document files - is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

A:How to save desktop wallpaper to My Documents?

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even when i select the desktop as the location to save anything, my computer always stores it somewhere else. how do i correct this so that files will save to the desktop?

im using windows 7 and if i go into the documents folder & select desktop, it has whatever i saved listed in there, but the icon never actually saves to my desktop. im using firefox & i had desktop selected as the default location to save anything. but its just not working. any ideas?

A:why wont anything save to my desktop even when i command it to

Hello Turk,

Do you have any icons showing on your desktop? Right click on the desktop and make sure that you do have the View -> Show desktop icons option checked.

If you do, then check using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to make sure that your C:\Users\(user-name)\Desktop folder is set with it's default location.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps,

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All of my MS Office apps freeze when I try to save something to my desktop in W2000. I can save just fine to My Documents, but as soon as I click the "desktop" button I get the hourglass and it freezes. I tried a repair install, and an uninstall / reinstall. Neither worked. Anyone have any ideas? Possibly some kind of error in the registry?
BTW When I save in adobe or wordpad to my desktop, it works fine.

A:Office Freezes when I save to desktop

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Can't save large file to Windows & desktop. Keeps telling me I don't have room. Is there a setting in W7 that restricts file size on the desktop?


A:Can't save large file to W7 desktop

It's best not to download to your desktop. Can't remember the reason. Why not download to the download folder?

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I know its probably easy to fix, but I dont remember guys.

It wont save my icon positions, so everytime I refresh they move back to however windows wants it.

plus it wont save my taskbar settings, so my quicklaunch bar always goes away.

I no longer see the "hide desktop" option either.

So can anyone help me out?

A:Desktop wont save settings

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I'm a tech savvy guy who can usually solve these kinds of issues myself. However, searching for solutions online hasn't solved my problem. I've seen other forum posts with "solutions" but none have worked for me, and I have those listed below.

I can't make permanent changes to the settings/customization of any of my folders and desktop.

The position of desktop icons can be changed, but when I hit refresh they become sorted. When I right click in a folder and change View/Sort by/Group by options they WILL take effect. However, when I reopen the folder the settings will not be saved.

I do not have a backup point. I'm not willing to use 3rd party software to solve this issue. I am hoping I don't have to reinstall windows.

Attempted Solutions
(1) Right Click Desktop > View > Auto Arrange - Was already unchecked. I checked it, rebooted, unchecked it but it did not fix it.
(2) Update Windows - I Installed all of the latest patches.
(3) Safe Mode - The problem still occurs in this mode.
(4) Antivirus - I ran a quickscan with Malware Bytes and a fullscan with AVG and found a couple threats but removing them didn't fix it.

(5) Right Click Desktop > Personalize > Change Desktop icons > Allow themes to change desktop icons. - This was already checked.
(6) Clean Boot [1]
(7) sfc /scannow [2] - No issues found.
(8) Microsoft Fix It [3] - (May have) fixed the problem for 10 minutes until I was forced to r... Read more

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Hi all. This my first post and any help would be appreciated.

There's a default configuration I use when I begin a music/recording session. I'll post a picture below but basically it involves splitting elements of my DAW between 2 monitors and having references open in my browser and PDF (3 monitors in all). Does anybody know how to easily save this default configuration (or variations) so that it can be opened with a single button click?

A:Can I save a default desktop configuration?

Just wanted to say hello & welcome to the forums.

Someone will probably be along shortly to assist you.

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First of all, I just want to start with a disclaimer here and say that saving and cluttering your desktop is messy and may present a security concern. So I am saying that this is someone-else's case who asked help from me. But I am stumped.

My friend loves saving files to her desktop and all, but she had someone else reformat her desktop pc (Windows XP). In the course of using her reformatted PC and saving word files to (where else?) her desktop, she finds out that when she reboots her computer, the files that she has saved have gone missing, and no amount of searching can find them. I mean the regular icons are there but the documents, nada.

I read and did the routine search in the internet and get the usual show hidden files, don't save to desktop, system restore, active desktop, etc. solution. I still haven't suggested anything to her but then I remembered this forum! So any effective suggestions? Anyone?

The funny thing is, the person she had asked to reformat the PC claims that he "froze" the desktop to avoid any unwanted spy/malware or virus from infecting her system. Yeah, yeah, my initial reaction was "Duh? This is Windows FFS, let her use Linux if she needs protection!" joke!...Anyways, are his "claims" founded? Well, looooong story short he refuses to "unfreeze" the desktop to protect her pc (or maybe he doesn't know how to?) .

Oh, by the way, she is living overseas, that's the reason why I'm ... Read more

A:Cannot save any file to desktop - for malware protection?

The suggestions I am making are based on the assumption that your friend is running Windows XP (as this is what's included in the tags of this post).

If you (she) is using Windows XP, try going to RUN, then enter gpedit.msc. Then navigate to User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Desktop, Active Desktop. In the right-hand pane you should see something like Prohibit Desktop Items or Prohibit Adding Items (or something similar).

You may also want to suggest to your friend to start a command prompt as administrator and try changing directory to her home folder (should be something like c:\users\<user_name>\Desktop) and then try creating or copying a file there (using something like: dir c:\ > output.txt for example). Run a dir command and see if the file was actually created.

The only other suggestion I have is to try Microsoft XP PowerToys ( There may or may not be something in there.

On another note, I do not find your "joke" about using Linux very amusing. I happen to use Linux. While my work colleagues spend valuable precious time re-installing Windows on their computers due to virus/malware infections, and while they argue with banks because their credit card details have been stolen and used abroad, I simply do what I'm supposed to do - real work!

In regards to your friend's friend claim that preventing items from being saved to the desktop making the mach... Read more

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In previous Windows versions I always saved new items and downloads on the desktop or in folders in desktop.

However, with Windows 7 the option to save to Desktop is not as straightforward as before.

When using Save as... it always appears in the Libraries folder.

Before the Desktop, among other default save to locations appeared as big icons to the left of the dialog window but now it feels annoying to even access the Desktop as a save location.

I know I probably sound very lazy and so but I want the old feature to go back. I dont have any option to downgrade to Windows XP or anything so I have to stick with this annoying feature.

Since my primary language is Swedish the dialog winows might look different but I provide at least some screenshots here.

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I have been using Office 2003 (mainly Word & Excel) for many years with no problems.

Just before Christmas it started playing up.

When I save an Excel or Word file to the Desktop it takes at least 2 minutes for the 'Save As' function to find the Desktop.
It finds all the other locations on the far left of the 'Save As' screen with no problem - it's purely when trying to save to the Desktop.

I've decluttered the desktop and this hasn't helped.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 and this hasn't helped.

I'm hoping there is a solution somewhere... please help me!!

A:Office 2003 Desktop Save Issue

I just tried it with my Word 2003 and no problems "Saving As" to desktop.

Keep in mind Office 2003, like Windows XP, is no longer supported by Microsoft. Thus updates may not be available, but check for Office 2003 updates anyway. There were several Service Pack updates and one of those may help.

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Ok, i am about to confuse some people. BUT I have my main monitor set to my 1920x1080 screen but have my taskbar set to my 2nd screen (1680x1050) but my icons still keep going to my 1920x1080 screen. I have tried displayfusion and ultramon to see about a option to set icons to 2nd screen by default but with no luck.

how could I make my second screen be default for my icons but not as my main screen.

A:Help With Default Icon Desktop Save Location

guess i am asking too much lol

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I am a one person shop in a home office. I am the sole administrator and sole user. There is no higher authority in my company than me. Suddenly just today, I do not have permission to save any kind of file from the web to my desktop. I cannot save them to the desktop, download them to the desktop, or create a shortcut from the web to the desktop.

Both Avira-AntiVir and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware say my computer is clean. I have tried takeown /F with no luck. What are the possible causes of this? Other suggestions to fix it? I typically do all support for my home office and computer and this has me stumped.

And while we are on this, it would be nice to have a simple, direct way to allow me to open any folder on my own computer and save to any folder on my computer as I have always had trouble with this, even when logged in as an administrator.

Help please. I am trying to work today and save research to the desktop and this is a pain the the rump.

A:Windows 7 64-bit, now no permission to save files from web to desktop

Hello Geercom,

Do you have this issue doing those actions to another folder (ex: C:\Users\(username)\Downloads), or is this only happening with your desktop?

Are your user folders still located in the default "C:\User\(user-name)" location?

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I am asking for help regarding the Navigation Pane of the Save as... dialogue window in Windows 7. In the old days there used to be an option to directly access Desktop through this Pane (or whatever it used to be), but not it is missing. Just Harddrive, Network, Libraries and Favourites are visible.

I tried using a tool for altering the Navigation Pane but it would not affect the Save as... window...

Is there any solution for this annoying problem?

Yes I know it is possible to write just Desktop in the Name field to go there but it feels like a really annoying workaround, it should be a better solution.

Thanks in advance!

A:Desktop in Navigation pane (Save as window)

Right click on the Favoriter selection in the Save as pane, and click on Restore Favorite links

A Guy

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I'm using Windows XP Professional with SP3. I'm trying to configure Remote Desktop Connection so I can connect to a remote computer without entering my logon credentials every time. However, there is no option in Remote Desktop Connection which allows me to do that. There is a checkbox labeled "Always ask for credentials", but when that box is unchecked, the "User Name" box is disabled and I'm forced to log in with the same account I'm using on the client.

Searching the web (and this forum) I've found that many people have similar problems, but I haven't found the solution.

Note that I have another computer with Remote Desktop Connection 6.0. On that computer, everything works great; I can save my credentials and log in to the exact same remote computer easily.


A:Remote Desktop Connection 6.1 will not allow me to save credentials

Is remembering the password and username too difficult?

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