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Kernel Drivers Crashing for all NVIDIA drivers with GTX 745

Q: Kernel Drivers Crashing for all NVIDIA drivers with GTX 745

Hi, I need help with crashing due to kernel drivers. This problem started on Windows 8, and I upgraded to Windows 10, and is still crashing. I have done many things to attempt to fix this problem, such as using DDR to uninstall drivers, rolling back old drivers etc., and none of this has worked. I have gone into event manager and the one thing that seems to always occur is:"The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device ROOT\WPD\0000." at startup. While I am experienced with computers, I have no idea how to fix this. So if anybody knows how to fix this, can you please tell me? Also, if anyone needs pictures of the crashed scree, debug info, etc. I will gladly provide it. Thanks!

A: Kernel Drivers Crashing for all NVIDIA drivers with GTX 745

Out of curiosity, what driver version are you running?
Also, try going to Nvidia Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Power Management Mode, set it to High Performance not Adaptive and see if that helps

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Hello, and thanks for viewing this thread. A few days ago, Windows XP (Home) started giving me trouble when I booted my computer. Sometimes, it would just hang forever on the launch screen, and sometimes, it would briefly flash a "Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled" blue screen before instantly restarting the computer. I was able to successfully boot into Windows a few times, but about 20 minutes later the screen would become scrambled suddenly and the computer would inevitably lock up.

I researched this issue some and found it to be related to driver errors. I piddled around in safe mode for a while and tried to figure things out, but I decided it would be easier to just do a fresh install of Windows since I had reformatted a little over a month earlier and had very little to back up. After doing a fresh install, I was reinstalling my drivers, and the same Nvidia display drivers that I've used since I built this computer 3 years ago started causing the same problem I was having before. I booted into safe mode and uninstalled them, and the problem was fixed. Then, I tried installing a newer version of the drivers, and the same problem happened.

Since I bought this computer, this error has never occurred, so I would be grateful if anyone here could shed some light on what might be going on. Thanks in advance!

A:Kernel Mode Exception blue screen (Nvidia Drivers?)

do a fresh install of Windows since I had reformatted a little over a month earlier and had very little to back up. After doing a fresh install,Click to expand...

In view of the above have you now on this new install installed the motherboard drivers - chipset etc and all updates, especially SP3.
re graphics as far as I can see 258.96 is the recommended driver for that card on your system
Do you now have a Minidump from the crash AFTER this new install, if so have you examined the dump file and also do you have any warnings in device manager, including on hidden devices.

If necessary - disable restart on failure and post the full Error and parameters.

May find that Who crashed will supply the analysis of the minidump if you have one.

simply install and click analyse.

Please post the results, of the who crashed analysis as they appear, not in a file that I have to open,.
Finally if you already have the mentioned driver or you install it here are the full rlease notes with all known hiccups.
Also I notice that the motherboard includes full testing facilities and stress tests, in the event of no progress with above I would be inclined to run those

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Okay whenever I play counter-strike: Global Offensive or really any game my screen goes black like it crashes and then I go to the desktop where a popup says that the nvidia 314.22 kernel mode has recovered or stopped working.

I have reinstalled nvidia drivers multiple times and I have even installed earlier versions.

I have a feeling it's my graphics card but I want to be sure on how to fix it.

I'm also getting a lot of blue screens lately related to drivers.

Thanks for the help,

A:My nvidia drivers keep on crashing.

Try updating to the latest driver 320.49 and be sure to do a clean install.

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Ive just bought a Dell One 24 of eBay
It had a illegal copy of windows 7 on it so I upgraded it to windows 8 professional 64 bit
I keep getting this message saying (Display drivers nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 310.33 stopped working) the screen flickers on and of before this message is shown. And now its getting worse because its freezing all the time with a load buzzing noise.
The pc is a intell quad core 4gb ram NVidia 8600gt 500 GB Hard Drive with Bluray Player.
when I start the PC there are four beeps
Can Anybody Help?

A:display drivers nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 310.33 stopped working

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Crysis, Assasins Creed and about all other DX10 games keep crashing.


I have an 8800GT OC 700/1750/950 (DIY OC with RivaTuner), E6750 2.66GHz OC 3.6GHz (I tried it on stock speeds to test if it was the OC and it still did it) and it crashes to the desktop every now and then but it still annoys the hell out of me. (When i say 'Now and then' i mean every 20-30 minutes). I have 179.19 drivers and it has done it with all of the drivers I have tried (I didn't OC my 8800GT and it also still crashed + my whole system is insanely stable (8 hours 12 threads of Orthos max temps 48 and 51)) Running ga-p35-ds3, 2 500G HDD's, Tuniq Tower LFB, Coolermaster 550 PSU, Corsair Dominator Underclocked 900MHz RAM, Jetway 8800GT, Antec 900, Vista x32 Sp1 + All other available updates


A:Nvidia Drivers Crashing all Games

Originally Posted by mattinahat

Crysis, Assasins Creed and about all other DX10 games keep crashing.


I have an 8800GT OC 700/1750/950 (DIY OC with RivaTuner), E6750 2.66GHz OC 3.6GHz (I tried it on stock speeds to test if it was the OC and it still did it) and it crashes to the desktop every now and then but it still annoys the hell out of me. (When i say 'Now and then' i mean every 20-30 minutes). I have 179.19 drivers and it has done it with all of the drivers I have tried (I didn't OC my 8800GT and it also still crashed + my whole system is insanely stable (8 hours 12 threads of Orthos max temps 48 and 51)) Running ga-p35-ds3, 2 500G HDD's, Tuniq Tower LFB, Coolermaster 550 PSU, Corsair Dominator Underclocked 900MHz RAM, Jetway 8800GT, Antec 900, Vista x32 Sp1 + All other available updates


Hi Matt,

Do you see any error messages when these games crash and can you post a screenshot of GPUZ?


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Hello,I Have Problem With Nvidia Drivers on Windows 8 Pro When I Reboot Its Only Black Screen.
Any Help?,
Motherboard is Asus M2N-MX

A:Nvidia Drivers Keep Crashing On Windows 8 Pro.

You have a very old MB and the latest BIOS on their website is dated back in 2008, Drivers are for Vista and will work with Windows 7 but I doubt if it will be completely compatible with Windows 8.
Here's the website for your MB: ASUS - M2N-MX

You could try to download the Video driver for Windows 8 and re-install it to see if it helps.

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GT610 and windows 10 latest drivers, was in firefox and chose print preview and got a black screen shortly followed by a banner saying the graphics driver had crashed and recovered. Also brought firefox to its knees as it also crashed. Repeated the previous steps and it was ok. Has randomly black screened on other things like the remote desktop modern app but again repeated steps and it didnt re-occur, anyone else seeing this, bad driver?


A:Latest NVIDIA drivers keep crashing and recovering

Not me i have same drivers, but different NVIDIA Card. Try reinstalling drivers again, do a custom install to get rid of the previous install. Wonder if it's any conflicts with something else.

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Hello there! I posted on these forums with an issue that I had about a year ago and you guys were a great help, so I thought I would post here again!

I build myself a gaming computer back in March, and have had zero issues with it until a couple of days ago.
I bought Dead Space 3 and Resident Evil 6, and they're both having the same issue! (But no other games)
When Dead Space 3 starts up, it goes to the loading screen, then both of my screens go black for a couple of seconds, come back on, and then do the same thing once more. The whole time I can still hear audio. Then the game just completely crashes and I have an error in the bottom right of my screen that reads "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 'xxx.xx' stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
As for Resident Evil 6, the game loads just fine and I can play it. But as soon as it gets to the first cut scene in the game, it does the exact same thing! I can press the escape key to skip the cut scene, but where's the fun in that?

I've included a dxdiag file for my computer specs. And I'm running the most recent drivers for my card as well. You can also always view my profile and check out my system specs there.
If any more information is needed, I would be more than happy to give it to you guys!

Thank you in advance! I really hope that someone can help me out on this!

A:NVIDIA Card/Drivers Crashing During Gaming

I ended up downloading an update for RE6, and now the game runs fine!
But everything that I've searched about DS3 points towards my graphics card/drivers! I'm not really sure what to do about this one, so if anybody would know what my issue is, that would be GREAT!

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Windows update has not worked for months.  The computer would not shut down properly and would hang up on the system update.   I turned off automatic updates and it seemed to solve the problem.  However, I am now not getting any updates which I think has led to the second problem.  Whenever I play a game with heavy graphics, I get an nvidia kernel mode driver crash 347.88 error.   I have attached the requested information.  Hope you guys can help.  Thanks! 

A:Windows Update Not Working and NVIDIA Drivers Crashing

You have 0 Windows Updates installed.  Start with this: There's not many experts at fixing Windows Updates.I am not one of them.But the few experts that there are a sorely overworked - so getting a reply will be difficult.I'll continue to attempt to help here, but please bear with me.First, please try the Windows Update troubleshooter/fixes listed here:Windows Update Troubleshooter: Update Troubleshooter KB article: Windows Update Components KB article:, if that doesn't fix the Windows Update problem, please do the following 2 things. (copied from here: ):Run SFCFix    This free tool of neimiro's creation (see above link) is a very good starting point for the diagnosis and repair of all Windows Update and System File Checker corruptions. We therefore need you to run this tool prior to collecting logfiles.        -  First download and run a copy of the tool from        -  Work through any on-screen prompts and then await completion (runtime is approximately 15 minutes).        -  Once it has ... Read more

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Which version should I use for the NVIDIA drivers, the Vista version or the 7 version?

A:NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

Download the windows 7 drivers from nvidia's website, not from Windows update assuming you have win7 installed somewhere as you state your running vistain your profile.

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Hello. I have a MSI NF750-G55 motherboard which came with Nvidia sound drivers. Windows update even provided an update for the nvidia drivers once I connected to the internet.

However, I also know that there are Realtek sound drivers. Will my system be more stable if I just install the nvidia drivers or should I install the realtek HD drivers too? Or would having 2 sound drivers cause freezes?

I appreciate any advice. So far all my sound works great so that isn't an issue, and I don't really care about having the realtek audio manager.

A:Nvidia sound drivers, realtek drivers, or both?

Basically, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

The sound is a Realtek chip on the motherboard, thus the Realtek would be the first choice, but if other supplied drivers work and you have all functions there is no need for additional drivers. The Microsoft drivers are actually Realtek drivers (but Microsoft can be several versions behind due to their validation process).

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hi, can somebody tell me that drivers for AGP cards with ref to nvidia available on nvidia's own website are better to use or ones available on 3rd party websites are betters. For instance now a days the latest version of driver available on nvidia's website is 81.98, however, on some other sites e.g, latest version of driver i.e later version then 81.98 is available for nvidia cards. So my question is: is it better to go with the one available on nvidia's own site or the other one????

thnx :grinthumb

A:Are nvidia's own website drivers better or third party drivers???

I only use the WHQL drivers on Nvidia's site. Newer versions may just be beta versions or modified (hacked) drivers.

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Well i got nvidia evga 8800 gts 320 mb i went to and got the newest drivers which are and i went to evga and seen they have 158.45 should i go there and download theres or stick with these?

A:Question about nvidia drivers and evga drivers

Why not try both... I doubt that it makes a lick of difference. The first one that dosn't give you the blue screen of death is the one to use.

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I have a GTS250 made by EVGA. When I installed windows 7, it knew it automatically.

I would prefer to leave it alone, but I am I missing out? Will it perform better with the Drivers from EVGA?

A:Win7 drivers or NVidia drivers?

Do things seem sluggish? Are you having any problems? Anything unstable or acting up? If you answered no, I'd leave things alone.

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Hello World!
I have been having trouble with my computer. Earlier this week i reinstalled my XP partition on a XP/Ubuntu dual booting system. The audio would clip and the computer would ultimately freeze. Now to trouble shoot the problem i started googling and heard it might be my PSU (which was deffective) so i got a new one, it works great computer's now a quiet happy camper. However windows is not. Now by installing and uninstalling drivers one by one I have found out that the trouble with my windows environment is that the new ATi card's drivers are craptastique or are clashing with my Nvidia drivers(for the built in stuff of my M2N-E motherboard). I do not have these problems in my Ubuntu environment which further strengthens my belief that it's a Windows driver issue. That would also explain my 10005 system event error (10005 is Dcom failing)

Well that you all for the help in advance

A:M2n-e Nvidia Drivers + Ati Ccc Drivers = Freezing

Hello world!

I have solved my own problem.
The solution?
Instead off the bulky CCC drivers i just got the minimalistic drivers and so to enable my secoundary screen i just had to use the winedows system

Thanks anyways

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i dont kno if i should get an omega driver. i have the latest nvidia driver and i dont have any problems with it, but if the omega drivers are better then il get that. are they? also if i do download and install the omega drivers, do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? my video card is not the only thing that uses my nvidia drivers. my mother board also uses the nvidia drivers. its a nvidia nforce 61x0 MCP. so do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? should i even get the omega drivers? please help.

A:omega drivers or nvidia drivers?

The enemy of good, is better.
Wait until you are no longer happy with what you have. Don't get caught up in buying the latest thing just to have the latest product in a good review.

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Question: should i install nforce drivers from nvidia web site or just stick with win 7 64bit drivers.
I got this pc from a friend it already had win 7 64 bit on it but i didnt see any nforce drivers in the unistall section.I did however install the latest graghicsw drivers.
System is running smooth just wanted to get the best performance possible.
Also speccy say's i have a nforce 720a mobo and nvidia's say's it's a 710a,whats up with that,,,,anyway thanks for any advice.....

A:nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!


If it's running smoothly.... let it be. (If it's not broke, don't fix it)

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Alright, here's the deal.
? Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, with SP2 RC.
? nVidia Gforce 9600 GT

Never had problems updating the drivers to their latest versions (downloaded from until I de-installed Spybot (that crappy anti-spyware thing).

After that, everytime I try to install (after a deinstallation) or update the current drivers nothing happens. Install runs fine, copies files, reboots and voila... same drivers as before.

The only drivers that actually I was able to install were the 178.13 via the internal Windows Update. That's it. If I don't install them, the VGA card is shown as "vgasave" in the Device Manager.

I'm quite fed up with this and planning to reinstall Vista, but backuping everything up is going to be a real hassle, that's why I'm trying to find out a possible solution to this beforehand.

Any suggestions?.
Thanks in advance!

A:Updating nVidia drivers / nVidia Geforde 9600 GT

since you plan to reinstall windows, it cant hurt to try this first:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from

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Can anyone tell me about Kernel drivers for windows. I searched on net and kept getting links to places that will write them or whatever but i just want to know the differences between the system drivers and kernel drivers. And I want to know if there is any site that can tell me which ones I need and which ones i do not need or if it is even possible to get rid of or stop them from running. There are some that I want to stop and don't know if i can stop them or if its advised to even do so.

A:kernel drivers

A Kernal is the part of an operating system that does the thinking. If you're getting kernal32.dll errors (as were common in 98), post those errors here, and' we'll try and take it from there .


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Here's the most recent dds log:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16686
Run by notnick at 16:53:17 on 2013-10-09
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.8191.6352 [GMT -7:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Fuel\Fuel.Service.exe
C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\bin\CALoadService.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceAndNoImpersonation
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServicePeerNet
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlwriter.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Program Files ... Read more

A:Unsigned kernel drivers

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===--RogueKiller--Download & SAVE to your Desktop RogueKiller for 32bit or Roguekiller for 64bit Quit all programs that you may have started.Please disconnect any USB or external drives from the computer before you run this scan!For Vista or Windows 7, right-click and select "Run as Administrator to start"For Windows XP, double-click to start.Wait until Prescan has finished ...Then Click on "Scan" buttonWait until the Status box shows "Scan Finished"click on "delete"Wait until the Status box shows "Deleting Finished"Click on "Report" and copy/paste the content of the Notepad into your next reply.The log should be found in RKreport[1].txt on your DesktopExit/Close RogueKiller+===Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for the process to complete.Click the Report button and the report will open in Notepad.IMPORTANTIf you click the Clean button all items listed in the report will be removed.If you find some false positive items or programs that you wish to keep, Close the AdwCleaner windows.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for t... Read more

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Hi All

I would just like to know what the difference and relationship is between Device Drivers/BIOS and the Operating system kernel (eg. ntoskrnl, Linux Kernel etc), since both provide the interaction interface between hardware and software...

Thank you

A:Solved: OS Kernel vs Drivers

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I have a Geforce 8200 installed in my computer but everytime i try to update my drivers to the newest 8200 drivers. it installed Geforce 9200 drivers...
i call nvidia and they said that 9200 is the same as 8200 and the drivers will work flawless with my 8200...
well they are totally wrong. with the 9200 installed, my HDMI screen flickers all the time then if i had the 8200 drivers in....
but here is the catch...since i updated i can't remember that driver i had installed that worked...
whenever i got to the nvidia site to get a 8200 driver
they send me to the 9200 driver page.
just want to know where i can get reliable 8200 drivers and if anyone knows a good 8200 driver that was the best out of the batch of them
i know i have have high hopes
but got to ask somewhere.

A:Nvidia 8200 Drivers /Nvidia 9200

If you go to the File Hippo site you will find lots of past version Nvidia drivers but you might be up against it if you can't remember the driver version you want. Trial and error maybe the only way to go.
If you do decide to try different versions I'd be using driver sweeper between installing.

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I`ve got an Nvidia 7600GT card which will be upgraded to a 7900GTO next week. Do I have to remove the existing Nvidia drivers before installing?

A:Remove Nvidia drivers for new Nvidia install?

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HOWDY.... i don't use my tpzone alarm very often...tried to use other zone alarm, but found them do i know what ip address or port to allow????? had it set on prompt and didn't know what was going least with the thing off i can get around the web and so far have had only 3 trojans in the last 3yrs which avg caught.........did notice the last time that i had it on that an ip was asking to use a kernel driver...someone at ....... do i have to research every request to find out if they are safe? all very confusing........thanks

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Hi all i am getting driver has stopped responding and recoverred.
I looked on the nvidia forums on how to remove the driver
is say To do it in add/remove prog, so i did and it removed the 286.
And restarted . When it did restart it instaled the 290. Beta driver, well windows did, my ? Is I did have the 285 and 2 other drivers be for . Do i need to keed doing the add/remove and restart to get all the stored drivers out?

i7 950
asus sabertooth x58
w/7.home prem 64bit

no oc

A:Nvidia drivers

Whenever you install an NVIDIA driver you have the chance to select the custom option, which deletes the old driver and clean installs the new one.

As you have found out, it doesn't always pay to install the latest driver.

You also have to consider that the OEM driver supplied by your computer manufacturer may be configured differently to one from NVIDIA.

Go to Uninstall Programs and uninstall any NVIDIA driver(s) you have installed then either let Windows Updates install a graphics driver or install the driver that Asus supply or download a driver from NVIDIA - the 275 version is trouble-free.

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I run a basic Win 7 Pro 64bit not play games...etc...but do watch internet videos from time to time...the attached jpg has a number of items/programs that I am not sure I need on my system....Can I uninstall some of these and which ones ?

Run no stereoscopic, no 3D...etc on the system whatsoever ?


A:Do I need these NVIDIA drivers ?

All you need out of that lot is the 332.21 drivers which are for your graphics card (there are newer drivers available but aren't completely necessary if you're having no problems with 332.21). If you're using your graphics card for sound via an HDMI cable you'll need to keep the HD Audio Driver too, but if you're using onboard sound or a sound card then they can go. The rest you can get rid of, and be safe in the knowledge that you can always reinstall them later if needs be.

You'll never really need GeForce Experience if you're not gaming (a lot of gamers don't use it anyway and it can be more trouble than it's worth) so don't worry about not having that.

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Could someone tell me how to delete the new Nvidia drivers (23.11) & replace them with the older 21.83 version. Do I just install the 21.83 & let it copy over the newer ones?
Everyone is saying the newest version is causing probs with 3D type games.

Thank you for helping


A:NVidia drivers help

Are you having a specific problem? I am running the 23.11 with no problems. However, if you still need to change, go to control panel, add remove programs and the uninstall for the drivers should be there. Once uninstalled, reboot and install the older drivers.

Good Luck

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Try this link if you're having problems downloading the Vista/Windows 7 64-bit file.

A:Nvidia 191.07 Drivers Are Out

Thanks, just upgraded!

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Intel MB DH67GD
I7 2600 CPU
8 Gb Ram
Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2Gb (new)

I had the GTX 750 TI installed at the local shop with the Nvidia drivers. The driver package was a year old. I downloaded the newest drivers (340.52 WHQL). I followed the instructions in this forum exactly, Every I dotted and every T crossed. I started the install and received the dreaded driver install failure. Ok, I ran through the whole operation again, same failure. I downloaded another installation guide right from Nvidia. Same thing. Why every time with every Nvidia driver? This is the 3rd time this year. Ok, so now is there any way possible to get this thing installed or is it going back to the shop? As always, any comments or suggestions welcome. Maybe try a safe mode install?
(Whoops I did it again) Dusty

A:Nvidia Drivers (again)

Quote: Originally Posted by DustyV

I downloaded the newest drivers (340.52 WHQL)

I experienced a similar failure with my Gainward GeForce GTX 460 Goes Like Hell by downloading the latest drivers from nVidia, they didn't work.
I had to go back to Gainward and take the latest drivers there (of course aren't the latest nVidia) and they worked well.

I would suggest you not to install the "latest" drivers since you won't gain too much benefits unless you're enrolled in a game race show.

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well, the problem is i can't get some games to run on the 91.xx drivers, like doom3 and quake 4. yet with older 8x.xx drivers i can run them just fine, quake closes as if it was a window's problem, and doom just shuts down with no error. i've check the console on quake 4 and it seems as if something is wrong with the opengl something or other, as it had errors while operating with them, it happens with all the 91.xx drivers, i've tried all the way up to 91.47, with and w/o overclocking. yet it always works with 81.xx drivers or w/e they are(idk exactly) is anyone else having these problems. amd opteron 170 oc 2.64, 2gigs corsair 1024-xlpro 2 2 2 5 latency's asus dual pci express mb(having a brain fart, cant member model, the 32 deluxe with heat pipes and no fans on mb) 2 evga 7800 gt's, enermax 600watt noisetaker. thx for ne help recieved.

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If I install any video driver updates beyond that which WU wants me to have I end up with an inferior 1280 x 1024 resolution and a grey taskbar and everything is squished. I end up with no nVidia control panel and no higher resolution or landscape setting possible.
I've read the release notes for 181.20 and 181.22 beta and they both supposedly support 1680 x 1050 x 32 @ 60hz W/S for my 7600GS card.
So what gives?
I seem to be doomed to be forever stuck with 179.23, not that I suppose it really matters.

A:What Gives With Nvidia's Drivers?

Did you refresh your wei after you installed the drivers

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anybody know how to remove nvidia drivers in W7?

changed video cards fron 8800gt to 9800gt and can't remove old drivers. w7 keeps replacing them after reboot.

A:nvidia drivers will not go

ok, all is well...disregard post.

a little more putzing around with driversweeper did it.

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i tried to update drivers for geforce52oo, when i was installing, windows said that this new driver was not logo testing for xp and not to install, the drivers came from nvidia web site, does anyone feel i run risk of damage if i install reguardless of warning

A:nvidia drivers

The logo testing thing just means Microsoft has tested the software and they're happy with it. Under normal circumstances, software from a reputable vendor like nVidia will work just fine. If it refuses to install, you will have to turn off driver signing. To do this go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Driving Signing, then choose 'Ignore - Install the software anyway and don't ask for my approval', press okay. Now restart the computer and try the install.


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hello everyone, even though i visit this page for a while its my first post... unfortunatlly due to some problems i m having with my pc...
everything seems to work fine, except when i run games...
it crashes with the error of "nvidia driver stoped workiing" something like that, and sometimes i even have to restart the pc...
this is my pc...
i have everything update.. bios, chipset, you name it... from the manufacturar and from nvidia... everything they tell me, nothing works... could please someone givbe me a help...
i ve tryed basiclly all of the nvidia drivers.
one other thing that i notice, is that for example, when i att one file to a mail, its slows down when navigating thru the explorer... almost stops...
please help and sorry for my bad english

A:gpu? nvidia drivers? please help!!!!

Welcome to SF!

Try uninstalling anything nVidia related in Programs and Features.

It sounds like an nVidia program is crashing, not the actual drivers.

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I have tried numerous times in the last few days to update the drivers for nvidia 8600.
Download, then start to install, it says the new drivers are only for 32 bit Vista.
I KNOW I have Vista home premium, 32 bit.
Redownloaded several times to make sure it's the right version, but get the same results.
Anyone else having these problems?
I think the new driver release date is Jan.8 2009, and the software version is 180.20

A:Nvidia drivers

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Hi everyone I just installed the newest Nvidia drivers and I also use coolbit's so I can overide the refresh rate's in game's , the newest drivers wont change the refresh rate in a couple of game I play like Tiger woods 2006 and gta sa. So I went back to 81.98 forceware driver's and everything works.

Was wondering if there is a fix for these newer driver's ?

A:Nvidia drivers

Hi Derrick

I dont have a fix for you but it has been my experience with Nvidias drivers that new is not always the best, I only have a geforce fx 5500 card and I am using a driver that is about 18 months old, if I update to newest to the driver, the display is very flickery and not as good,

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New driver stopped cod4 telling me i had new hardware installed & revert to optimal settings. Did anyone experience this with the previous drivers or am i the only one?

A:New Nvidia 175.16 drivers

That's normal with some games. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion does the same thing sometimes.

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Hello, a while ago, I downgraded my Sony Vaio VGN-FE41E from Vista to XP, and had some trouble finding proper drivers, but through some forums and websites, I managed. I had them all stored on my external hard drive in case something happened and I needed to do it again, but sadly it was stolen a while ago and I don't remember what I did and where I managed to find the nvidia drivers, because to get it to work, I had to find drivers for other models, as my Sony model isn't compatible with the Windows XP.

Now there is this warning popping up that says

"The application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\NVDESK32 is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation disk"

When this happened before all I had to do was uninstall the nvidia drivers and reinstall them again, but I don't remember which drivers I need to install, because of the lack of compatibility of my Sony VGN-FE41E with Windows XP.

My question is, does anyone know which drivers I need to download and where to download them from, and possibly how to prevent this from happening again?

Hope the post wasn't too confusing, i'm clearly not a computer wizz and have some trouble understanding any of this, if you need more information let me know!


A:Need Nvidia Drivers for XP

Hello Welcome to Bleeping Computer,
I will need the version of XP and need to know if it is 32 or 64 bit.


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I've experienced system lockups when the system returns from Monitor Off or Sleep states using the new Nvidia 197.13 version GeForce Vga drivers with an Asus/NVidia GeForce 8400 GS video card and Windows 7 x86.

Reverting to the 196.21 version seems to have fixed the problem....

A:FYI... Nvidia VGA drivers 197.13...

The 197.16's work fine for me.

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New Drivers

Where exactly are the new NVidia drivers and has anyone actually tested the Quincunz anti-alaising and its impact on performance. I have a Visiontek Ti200 o/c'd at 470 mem 205 core. Tried to run Quincunz on Jedi Knight but the performance hit was to much. Well at any rate is someone tests this please let me know. Thanks....

A:New Nvidia Drivers ?

I would say new NVIDIA drivers are at none other than

As for testing them, not me since I don't have any NVIDIA cards.

New Beta 29.42 Detonator Drivers

Are these what you're talking about?

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Hello, first I want to say I do not speak English
I have a big problem on my computer, it only starts in safe mode and vga
Because he is missing the video drivers. Plus this is the problem, I use a very old card nVidia Geforce 4 MX 4000
They say that Windows 7 does not support this board, there are more than two months ago I had this driver. More uninstalled unintentionally
And now I'm chasing these drivers, please someone wanted to publish the link of the drivers, that's all!
I'm from Brazil and I am using a translator a few more English classes that I did. If anyone knows tell me.

A:Help with nVidia Drivers

Drivers - GeForce

Auto-detect your GPU


Run Windows Update again

It might find the correct driver again.

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So, I just checked out Nvidia's website for new video card drivers. Their last update was back in April, it seems. The last version was at 197.45, and now it's jumped up to 257.21. It was released on the 15th, and it is now the 19th.

Question is: Has anyone here updated to 257.21 and experienced any problems with the new video card drivers? I have a Ge-Force GTS250, and I'm wondering if getting the new set of drivers is a good move or not, even if I don't play the games they list on their website that get % improvements they did the updates on. So, has anyone tried the new drivers? I'd like to know before downloading them.

A:New Nvidia Drivers

look again GeForce Forceware 258.49 WHQL 32-bit download from

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ARGH!... The new nvidia drivers 190.38 are driveing me batty. I have a HDTV emreson , has limited resilutions but it works fine performence wise, in there recent drivers it seems they washed out 1364 by 768 and it forces me to default a res my tv cant support. is there any way anyone knows to get around this, like being able to tell nvida NO! BAD! you use COMPATIBLE resilution, i cant do anything in safe mode...and i dont want to buy a new moniter.. anyone help me out here?

A:New nvidia drivers >_>

Hello Kelthias,
Have you tried to roll back the driver ?.
Go to Device manager, open Display adapters and right click on your Display Adapter, choose Properties.
There will be a "Roll Back Driver" option that will install the previous driver.
Not the best solution, but it will get you going again.
Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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i have a NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT and i want to update the drivers. i just want to make sure its done right and i get teh right one. on the nvidia site there are the three boxes to select the card and the windows version and all, im not sure what to select in the first box etc. if there is anyone here that as succesfully installed teh correct drivers for this video card, pleez tell me how you did it. thanx!

A:nvidia drivers

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We need an experienced person for this question. We have a DELL Inspiron 8200, XP/Home. Can any of these drivers from Voodoo be used to replace those installed by SP2?

NVIDIA GeForce 4 440 Go (Microsoft Corporation) presently installed by SP2.

[email protected]

A:Nvidia Drivers

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Hello, 'tis me again.

I am currently on 2.70 drivers for my GeForce 250GTS. I have lately been playing a game called World of Tanks a whole lot.

My question is, does anyone know which driver specifically was made to improve the game World of Tanks? I know certain driver numbers will improve certain games. I don't just want the latest drivers. I'm looking for a specific one that improves World of Tanks. The game is a couple years old by now (and so are the 2.70 drivers, I think). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Nvidia Drivers

go to and fill in your card where it says drivers and it will find the latest graphics drivers for your card.

Welcome to NVIDIA - World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies

Never heard of using a certain driver for a certain game. Now maybe a certain VIDIE CARD for a certain game, that I`ve heard of.

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I recently did a clean install of vista so I had to download all the updates and drivers again. When I run HP Update it tells me there is an Nvidia VGA driver I need to download.. I was pretty sure I already downloaded this. Anyway, I hit download and it ran for a while then it came up with an error saying it could not finish. I went to the Nvidia website looking for the driver and it told me I must download through HP. Went to the HP website and found the driver for my video card, downloaded it, installed it. Now when I run HP update it still says I need to download the Nvidia VGA driver. Does this mean it isnt installed correctly or does HP Update just not recognize it? Thanks in advance

A:Nvidia VGA drivers

I have HP Update on my laptop and have found in to not be a particularly reliable tool. Several times it just stopped downloading or errored out before I gave up on it. I have always ignored "automatic update" recommendations for something as critical as video drivers and downloaded them straight from the manufacturer's website.

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Hey guys and thanks in advance. A friend of mine is trying to install my old 7950GT 512mb into his freshly reformatted computer. He has told me that he tried installing the proper nvidia drivers and after restarting it made no difference. He said the windows are still glitchy and the resolution and color bit still stay the same, as if there were no drivers installed. He also said he tried installing the drivers from the EVGA website as well (it was an EVGA card). I didn't have him look in the Device Manager to see if it was in there but I will and update this post. I haven't looked at it myself but figured I'd get some ideas before I do, so I can save some time when it comes. =P

Could the card be dead/dieing? Is it possible for ram/cpu/mobo to cause this to happen?

Thanks again!

A:Nvidia Drivers do nothing

yes the card could be dieing. and yes the mobo could be causing this but more unlikely.

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I've just installed latest Vista WHQL drivers in the attempt to make it work the TV-OUT mode as on XP.. but no way.

Anyone know how to activate fullscreen video on second monitor?
maybe a register entry?

As for the default W7 online-update drivers, no option.

Any help?
Thanks in advance

* there's a similar thread for ATI, but I guessed I could make a new one for nVidia cards...

BTW as dual boot, Windows 7 really rocks! I can't believe my eyes...
and my old AMD64 too

Thanks guys for this forum!

A:Nvidia Drivers & TV-OUT

I seem to have the same problem...

I've tried the latest Vista WHQL drivers today (181.20) and, prior to that, the NVIDIA drivers available from Windows Update automagically. However...although I can enable the VGA and DVI/HDMI outputs of my 8600GT to one of my TVs, I just can't get the component-out connection working to my second TV (usuallly detected fine and appears as "HDTV" on the NVIDIA control panel). Re-booted into Vista and all is well there, just won't work in Windows 7.

I've also noticed that the Windows 7 machine suffers from the washed-out blacks that I had on Vista with the newer drivers...

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Hey, I need your help. After I upgraded from XP to Vista, I tried going to Nvidia's website and downloading the drivers for Geforce MX 420, but there is none listed.

Is there any way that I can get the drivers? I know that my graphics card is very old, but I don't have the money to buy a new one and the PC is old as well so new ones probably wouldn't be compatible and I just want to get the drivers downloaded for Windows Vista.

A:Nvidia Drivers

Is this it here?

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Hi everybody :

I just did a rebuild of my Windows 7 Professional / 32-bit System. I'm trying to find the most update driver for my NVidia GeForce GT 610 card. Question : Do I have to go into BIOS and manually switch the from the onboard video to the card ? I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard.

A:NVidia Drivers

You should check the bios as most motherboards default to pci-slot if onboard but unfortunately not all.

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This is for those of us that have Nvidia cards. They have released a new driver (3-13-12). It's v296.10, this one seems stable. I was unable to use the last version 285 (I believe), my system just didn't like it.

A:New Nvidia drivers

The last version also caused me issues. I've had 296.10 installed since it was released and I've not had a problem since .

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Only 6 days ago I installed new drivers and this morning an update ?

A:Nvidia Drivers

Yes they updated to 344.65 on November 10, 2014.

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think ive fixed, thx anyway

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Try this link if you're having problems downloading the Vista/Windows 7 file.

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sup guys, i need the nvidia 71.82 driver if any one have it can you please let me know where to download it thanks in advance..

A:anyone got nvidia 71.82 drivers???

run a google search instead, the file will be too big to email. and if i was you i'd remove your email address from your post.

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I just saw over at Majorgeeks that there are new drivers from Nvidia at Warp2Search. Versions 42.01 and 32.20 are available.

Here's the link.

Anyone try these yet? Any gains?

A:New Drivers From Nvidia. Anyone try them yet?

Yep, I installed them and I got a .00429350124389% performance gain in 3DMark.

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I downloaded the latest version for my graphics driver, but before the installion finished it said that this install was not tested for my card to ensure compatability. It said stuff like it might cause it be unstable and what not.

Should I be ok? I choose Graphic Drivers, Geforce 7 Series, then Windows XP/2000 for the download on the Nvidia site. I have a Geforce 7900 GT. The download is for the 7 series so it should ok?

A:Nvidia Drivers

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I have a Fujitsu L1010 laptop. The video card is an Intel 4500MHD. I just looked at the startup programs and noticed that there is an Nvidia driver (NVIDIA Compatible Windows Display Driver, Version 174.90). There is also an Nvidia service in the Services section displaying nvvsvc.exe. I was wondering what those were for when I have an Intel 4500MHD and not an Nvidia card.

A:Nvidia Drivers?

The laptop you have has a 9300M GS graphic card built in, Fujitsu L1010 : FUJITSU Australia this site will all so explane about the Intel 4500MHD: Notebookcheck: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (GMA X4500MHD), 174.90 is nVidia's driver version they are up to 182.XX drivers now.

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Anybody running the new 163.69 Beta drivers.

Just curious to see if they run any better.

A:New nVIDIA drivers

I am. As you mentioned in the other thread, it doesn't say it's for Vista, but it's working for me. My frame rate in Guild Wars went back to 62 from the 49 it dropped to with the previous beta.

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Hi everyone I just installed the newest Nvidia drivers and I also use coolbit's so I can overide the refresh rate's in game's , the newest drivers wont change the refresh rate in a couple of game I play like Tiger woods 2006 and gta sa. So I went back to 81.98 forceware driver's and everything works.

Was wondering if there is a fix for these newer driver's ?

A:New Nvidia Drivers

Wrong forum. Try a Windows one!

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I have rently re-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

In the device manager I get the yellow caution for a coprocessor;

Hardware IDs

After some searching I find out that the closest I can find: Here
However it is a package that contains multiple drivers which include;
NVIDIA Display Driver
NVIDIA Ethernet Driver
NVIDIA Storage Driver
I already have an NVIDIA Display Driver v335.23, but what I want to know is if I have the right driver and if I need them.
I have another thread about a freezing problem that came up, but I don't think it is relevant however I thought I should link it in case: Here

A:What NVIDIA drivers do I need?

Go to the vendor's website and download the relevant chipset drivers specific to your machine. That should be all you need. The 335.23 drivers are for your GPU.

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In Device Manager, I can't find my NVidia GeForce 6150SE.

A:What NVidia drivers do I have?

No, the 6150 is an onboard graphics "Card", so the driver is part of the chipset. If you look under Chipset, what do you find?

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Hey all: Nvidia has just posted (well at least recently) new forceware (video) and nforce (chipset) drivers for my 7950 video card and 650 sli mobo. The chipset drivers have not been updated since January so this may help those with driver issues.

I have both packages installed and so far no issues. If you run Windows update it will report a new sata controller driver which is dated 7/2/2007. Not sure why it does this, but the driver appears to be the same.

FWIW, sandra benchmarks increased dramatically for my sata 2 seagate drive. Before it would benchmark out no better than a sata 1 drive. Now it holds it own against sata 2 benchmarks. Have not seen any real-world speed increases.


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Hi, I just have a quick question about graphics card drivers.

When I download and install a new driver, can I delete the old version's folder? Or will that mess up something?


A:Nvidia Drivers

You can, I just let them sit there my self.
But it's not going to hurt anything to get rid of them, I think most people hang on to one or two in case they have problems with the new ones.

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today i got an nvidia geforce 6600 256mb agp. i installed the drivers needed & noticed there are wmd drivers on the disk. do i need these drivers? i tried installing them & it said this driver has not passed windows driver signing or something like that. i clicked on continue anyway, but it says error(10 or 010). anyone know why? thanks

A:nvidia drivers

The only driver you need and should install is the latest ForceWare driver from nVidia's website. Any drivers shipped on CD's are always out of date. And don't worry about the 'not passed test' message from Windows, it doesn't matter if you're using the official nVidia driver.

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Anyone know when the knew Nvidia drivers will be coming out, and what improvments will they be giving to world of gaming and 3D animators? Any Info would be great :giddy:

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I put this thread in the Windows XP forum

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should i update my nvidia drivers? i am using a very weak and outdated 128 mb 8300 GS, and i don't really play games that much except for low-requirements ones like Pangya...

i currently have the 258.96 drivers and i see in the drivers website there is a new driver release update..

i'm not sure if i should update, since almost all the time, the only improvement i see in the release notes are for high quality games like Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, etc. that i don't play..

so what i am asking is, whenver there is a new driver release, am i supposed to just download and install it? that's what i have been doing all this time, but now i'm not sure...

A:Update Nvidia Drivers?

people are going to say yes and update it always, cause it also usually fixes more than game problems!


i always say if it aint broke dont fix it

sometimes new drivers cause new problems
so unless your having a problem somewhere leave them alone
it would also be a good idea to backup the drivers you have now so you can go back if an updated driver causes problems

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Hi Wonderful people,
As most people who chose to ask questions on forums such as this one, i am quite frustrated so please excuse any difficulties reading this. here is what happened in order
1. few days ago. installed new nvidia drivers (beta)
2. Experienced some booting issues. I had no GUI boot enabled and it would not boot. Fixed itself after constant restarting.
3. About 5 days pass and randomly as my brother is playing counterstrike source, he freezes and neglects to wake me up and tell me..
4. So waking up i see my computer is on but when trying to use it, nothing happens. The screen is black.
5. Upon restarting i notice that there is lines/streaks that cover the entire screen.
6. Restarting over and over doesnt work, so i try safe mode which works(and what im using now)
7. I try to do somethings like installing new nvidia drivers and try restarting. first blue screen
8. Launch safemode again and uninstalled drivers(gpu) and normal booting worked.
9. tried installing new nvidia drivers didnt work. blue screen
10. tried step 8 again but this time used a older version drivers (didnt work)
11. repeated these steps for about 6 hours

Please help Im going to leave my computer on safe mode all night.
system specs:
windows 7 ultimate x64
C2D e6600
Nvidia Geforce 7600 gt

A:BSOD due to Nvidia Drivers

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hey folks,
quick question about the latest nvidia beta drivers (169.09).
i've heard that they fix a problem with neverwinter nights, but i'm loath to install them without checking out their general reliability.
anyone picked them up and used them enough to get an opinion?

A:Nvidia beta drivers

Check for info on the Nvidia website

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Hi Guys, this sounds like an easy one, but I find it quite difficult to decide. At the moment, the Nvidia 6800 Graphics card driver I am using is : 93-71. Now as one can see from the upgrade Nvidia drivers list , it is huge. Could anyone tell me which one on the list is about the best to upgrade to, please.

Thank you


winxp home.
HD 200 Gig
RAM 1 Gig

A:Nvidia 6800 drivers

those if not the newest, are the next, u might want to roll back a set or two. but those should work.

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Fixed Issues?Windows Vista 32-bit

Multi-GPU Issues
? [SLI]: Fallout3?the game crashes in some game maps when played at high
resolutions (1440x900 or higher) and high settings. [500665]
? [SLI], S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Benchmark?added an SLI profile for the
? GeForce GTX 295: Occasionally, only one GPU is recognized as supporting CUDA
and PhysX after the system is rebooted. [506018]

Fixed Issues?Windows Vista 64-bit

Multi-GPU Issues
? [SLI]: Fallout3?the game crashes in some game maps when played at high
resolutions (1440x900 or higher) and high settings. [500665]
? [SLI], S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Benchmark?added an SLI profile for the
The following are features that are not currently supported or have limited support in this driver release:
? NVIDIA SLI Antialiasing
? NVIDIA Control Panel Display Category
? The Graph tab on the Adjust Desktop Color Settings page is not available.

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

XP X32
XP X64
Vista X32
Vista X64

A:Nvidia Beta 181.22 Drivers

oops sorry please merge with the main sticky nvidia drivers

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I have tried these, and they run wonderfully during Counter strike Source, but I have problems in large maps where if I go into intensive areas my fps goes down to flat 0 and I cannot do anything. The normal Nvidia ones work, but my overall fps rates are way down. I am running a 6600GT and AMD Athlon XP 2500+

A:Nvidia Omega Drivers

Ok, It might not be the drivers... It is just happening on certain levels, called de_dust de_dust2 and de_dsut_pcg

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GeForce Release 174

It increased my 3Dmark06 scores by almost 300 points!!

A:New Nvidia Beta drivers

Originally Posted by mean6

GeForce Release 174

It increased my 3Dmark06 scores by almost 300 points!!

Use caution!

I downloaded and installed the 32 bit drivers.

They toasted my sound.

They toasted my firewall.

They caused system wide havoc on permissions for all sorts of dll's and system files.

After several hours of restoration, I was able to get my system working again. Regular Microsoft system restore is a joke. I used a commercial third party program to affect my restoring my pc.

Caveat Emptor.

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So I noticed there is a way to update the Nvidia drivers in the Nvidia Control Panel. It's under the Manage 3D settings - then Manage updates...
I did an update to 372.70 (from what ever the Win 10 Anniversary update provided).
I am just wondering if this is safe/recommend to do.
I dont seem to have any issues with detach and I didn't have to go through any of the other procedures I've seen posted on updating the drivers for Nvidia.

A:Nvidia Drivers Update

Welcome to Windows Central.
There should be no problems with getting drivers through the NVidia control panel since those would be official updates. What one should watch out for are the beta drivers from NVidia (which can also be downloaded through the NVidia control panel). These beta updates do not get downloaded through the Microsoft Update service.
Nonetheless, in my experience, Microsoft Updates for NVidia are somewhat delayed by a few days or weeks (or hours), but they most likely all ended up being the same update which is available through the NVidia control panel.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hi there,
On windows update I have an update available for NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. Each time I try to install it, it failed.

Through NVDIA control panel, it appeared that I have already the last driver version installed.

As a Windows Insider for windowss 10, I had it preinstalled and running since then and I would like to know whether it is a bug or whatever?

The official released date for Windows 10, was on th 29th of july 2015. Do I need to upgrade it again?



A:Windows 10 pb with NVIDIA drivers

Not sure if this will help, but since I run Win10 in a VM, I had to set my video drivers to "basic" drivers, reboot, and then I was able to upgrade to Win10 (from 8.1). After that, I was able to update my video drivers (built by VMWare) with no issues. You may need to do the same (or something similar) for your NVidia drivers.

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I have on board video in the the new XP box described in my signature below.
I have the nForce2 and for some reason I can't seem to locate the proper drivers. I have loaded version and I am not sure that this is the correct driver because it appears that these are for the nForce4 MX. I am getting lots of blue screens and I have seen the Display error box several times and it is telling me that there is a problem with the display settings. The adapter
type is incorrect or the current settings do not work with my hardware.
My resolution preference is 800x600 and I always have a black bar about an inch wide from top to bottom on my screen's right side. If I change to 1024x768(?) the black bar goes away, of course. I hope I have described this sufficently for someone to be able to help me. As usual, TIA.

Right clicking on My Computer on the desktop and tapping Properties and then selecting Display, I see that I have as my adapter NVIDIA GeForce4 MX integrated GPU and then looking at the driver, I see that they are are I do not know if these are the current drivers or perhaps there are later drivers available. Maybe this will be of help to you to then help me with a newer set of drivers.


Clicking on this site should help you

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I'm trying to install updated chipset drivers. I downloaded nForce 680i SLI from the nvidia website. When I run install, it asks me to select what I want to install and gives only 2 choices: nvidia ethernet driver, and nvidia storage driver. Those aren't the chipset drivers, are they?? thanks

A:nvidia chipset drivers

Yep, partially. Install it and be happy.

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This info may be of help to you so that you may better help me:
Motherboard: K7N2GM-L MS-6777 VER. 1

Chipset: Nvidia nForce2 IGP

CPU: AMD Athlon XP-A Barton 2500+ 1833MHz

I used the CD that came with the Motherboard and installed the drivers on the CD; all of them so far as I know yet I get many BSOD screens. I have tried to determine the correct drivers that I should have but apparently have not gotten the right ones--yet. Chances are there are some updated drivers available. Nvidia is not the easiest site to find drivers. Well, not for me!! As usual, TIA.

A:NVIDIA Drivers Needed

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I went to my OEM site to download an older driver for my Geforce 9600M GT but it was only for a 32 bit system and I am 64 bit. Is that really strange that they didn't even offer it in 64 bit?

Anyway, there was less icon lagg and window lagg using no Nvidia driver so I guess the newest one is causing some slow down in how windows manifest and icon manifest. Does that make sense?

Can you tell me where I can get an older and better nvidia driver than the current one?

A:Where can I get older Nvidia drivers?

Hi Rolo,

Have you let Windows update install one for you? It will usually be a bit older than the ones from the manufacturer's site, and Windows should install the x64 version.


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With the latest Nvidia drivers on windows update there are some problems

1) Change Flat Panel Scaling does not work correctly in display , if i click anything other than ( use my displays built in panel scaling ) it defaults back to it. Select Nvidia scaling and it goes back to default ^. This works fine with 185.20 -> 181.20 -> ****

2) Adjust Video Colour settings does nothing with media player classic even when selected to ( with the nvidia settings ). This works fine with all other latest beta nvidia drivers -

3) Doom 3 Flickers BADLY with any official/beta nvidia driver in use ( 185.20 e.t.c ) , this is not fixed by any form of Config editing or control panel changing. Thus far only the windows 7 update driver works with doom 3 , however its an old driver and as above scaling isn't working. SyncMaster T240 HDMI/VGA/DVI/USB 24

A:Nvidia Drivers + Windows 7

i have flickers so i switch off my disply and switch on agine and its gone every time i start my win7

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howdy all,

recently bought a laptop with a nVidia GT220M in it. I'm running 64 bit windows 7 at the minute. My current drivers are 179.88 which are still installed after the upgrade from vista 64bit. they were installed from a recovery partition full of drivers and tools for the laptop.

Anyways, after that, i downloaded the latest drivers from the nVidia website but when download them i run the installer it says that theres no valid device for the drivers.

Basically im wondering what the latest drivers for a GT220M are, and where i can download them from seeing as the ones from the nVidia site dont work.


A:Drivers for nVidia GT220M

you should stick with the driver which the laptop vendor recommends and usually makes available as a download. that is what nvidia says as well...

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I installed this driver last night and what a difference. When I installed any previous Nvidia driver, and enabled SLI the computer would freeze for a bit and would require a reboot. However after installing this driver the computer didn't freeze at all or require a reboot. Every game seems to be working fine that I play, and they seem to be running a lot smoother. Anybody else having luck with these drivers?

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Hi there
Is there going to be a new driver update for nvidia fx5200 for Windows 7? Im currently using the Windows Vista 32-bit driver.Or is there any other driver that will make fx5200 work on windows 7 32-bit ulimate?

A:Nvidia fx5200 new drivers

No, Nvidia Fx5000 series are discontinued and no new drivers will be released

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes:

Let me start by saying, I have a GeForceFX 5200 video card made by Gigabyte and Power DVD 5.0 software which came bundled with it. I downloaded a trial version of nVidia DVD 2.2, started my "School of Rock" DVD and everything was ok.

After a while I compared it to Power DVD which I haven't used since I built this computer and it played fine through a few chapters, but all of a sudden I get an error message "f4d41436" basically saying that there is a problem with my tv out and that it can't play copyrighted material. Which I'd like to point out that I only have an LCD hooked up - no tv. Has anybody heard of that problem?

I do some net searching and find out in several different forums that nVidia graphics drivers - after a certain version provide security to not allow playback of copyrighted material - on cards that don't support macrovision protection. I thought well that is like every movie I own, WTF! I was informed to install older driver files to fix the problem. Which I didn't want to do, I figured Gigabyte sent the Power DVD software with that card, it should work and it may also alter the way other stuff works.

Then I realized that if it had anything to do with copyright it wouldn't have allowed playback at all, not stop after a few chapters. I reinstalled Power DVD and uninstalled the nVidia DVD player and it still wouldn't work. After s... Read more

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Hello community,

I"m having an issue with my display drivers and vista. I have Vista Business x64 with the NVidia FX3800 running dual Acer x223w's. Everything was fine until SP2 was installed a while back. Now, any time the systems starts, is rebooted, goes to sleep, or is locked the secondary monitor is no longer detected by Windows. I've discovered that by trying a combination of turning the monitor on and off, or unplugging and replugging it I can eventually get it to be detected again. But as you can imagine this is very frustrating and annoying to do every time. Additionally, the sequence of what works getting the monitor detected again seems to be different every time. I've tried a few different drivers from NVidia and all seem to have this problem. I'm currently running the latest drivers (191.00). Is this a known bug? Is it being addressed by either nvidia or MS?

any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks for the time.

A:Nvidia's latest drivers (191.00)

I'm kind of guessing on your video card but they just had driver updates. I'm pretty sure for all the cards / OS's version should be 191.07 Release Date: 2009.10.05 hop that works for you that sounds annoying

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Hey, I have a problem with my GTX 960 Drivers, so I had a nice 12 hour driver problem (That's how long it took me to get it working) so I got the card yesterday and I couldn't install the drivers through the CD/Disk Program installer that comes with the graphics card because it just says "Failed" every time so I tried install the newest Graphics Driver manually which is 361.91 WHQL and it installed... but when I restarted my Display Device was still called "Standard VGA Adapter" so after 12 hours of Googling what to do and what was wrong and trying all them things I thought. "Oh I'll install the older driver" So then I install the driver that is just a bit older which was the 361.43 WHQL. And now guess what... IT WORKS but I still have no "Nvidia Control Panel" and I really need it and when I try to download Geforce Experience then it just says failed as well, just anything to do with the Nvidia Installer doesn't work... Any help please?

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I checked the HP site just now, and it said they currently have no available updates for Vista. I just reinstalled my RC1 to get try and get use to the new Windows, a couple days before I get it. The main driver I want is for my graphics so I can see my screen in 1440X900 resolution. I have a 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7600.

I also checked the nVidia site and downloaded a couple different drivers, none which worked... said hardware issue... wrong driver... etc.... if anyone know's where I can get a successful driver/drivers it would be much appreciated.

If you have an HP Pavilion dv900t and know where any other hardware drivers can be found I would also appreciate it.

Here is the HP Vista Driver link for future reference as well:

A:Solved: Drivers for HP / nVidia

Well, I got a notification from Vista saying my graphic drivers need to be installed... after successful install it's up and running...

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What is the easiest or best way to make sure the old Nvidia drivers are totally cleared out before upgrading to the new drivers?

I am running XP Pro on a AMD XP1900+ with 512MB Ram and GF4 MX440.

Thanks in advance

A:Upgrading Nvidia drivers

Usually just removing the driver with Add/Remove programs will suffice, but if you want to wipe out all traces, then after you remove the driver and rebooted, do a search for nv*.* files in the Windows\System32 folder and remove those files.
Then start Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NVIDIA Corporation and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation in the registry, delete those keys (carefully), reboot the machine, then install the new Nvidia drivers.

Now , I'll tell you that lately I've overinstalled the latest Detonator drivers over earlier versions with no problem. I suppose it's just a matter of your particular system configuration or the luck of the Irish as to whether that could mess up the system.

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I have several problems with windows xp.

First, sometimes the system will hang for a while - the mouse works, but when I click nothing happens for maybe a minute, then it 'catches up' (everything I clicked a minute ago responds like it should, all it once).

Second, I get a BSOD very frequently (when playing GTA1, most of the time, usually starting a game or switching resolutions). It mentions nv4_disp.dll, so should I get a different version of the drivers? I've heard of people having problems with nvidia and windows xp. Is there a specific driver version that you recommend? I've heard the latest versions aren't always the best.

I have windows xp professional running on a 1.7ghz p4 with 512 mb ram. It is a dell laptop.

A:Windows XP and nVidia drivers

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