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Windows Update / Hotfix Injection into Windows 7 WIM image for Deployment

Q: Windows Update / Hotfix Injection into Windows 7 WIM image for Deployment

I'm looking for some kind of "official" Microsoft documentation or TechNet article explaining the proper process for injecting Windows Updates / Hotfixes into a Windows WIM image to allow me to deploy a version of windows that already has all (or at least
most) of the current windows updates.
Does anyone know if such a document exists? Or perhaps someone from Microsoft can respond to this post with some well documented steps on how I would accomplish this?

A: Windows Update / Hotfix Injection into Windows 7 WIM image for Deployment

WSUS Offline Tool

Download the WSUS Offline Tool and extract to another working directory, e.g. "C:\wsusoffline"
Run the "UpdateGenerator.exe" tool.
Select the version of Windows you wish to update, e.g. "x64 Global" under the Windows 7 category.
Optionally select to use a WSUS server on your local network with the "WSUS..." button.

Press the "Start" button. A command window will appear displaying the progress of the utility. The updates are downloaded to the "./client/w61-x64/glb" directory within the "wsusoffline"
The Windows 7 Media

Download the Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 and
install. This will allow you to obtain the "DISM.exe" command line utility that is needed.
Extract all files from the Windows 7 media. Store these files in a working directory, e.g. "C:\Win7_x64_Ent_Source"
Create a temp directory that will be used to mount the WIM image to in order to manipulate the files, e.g. "C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM"
Open an elevated command prompt.
Run the follow command to mount the WIM file:

dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\Win7_x64_Ent_Source\sources\install.wim /mountdir:C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM /index:1

You can determine the index number of the image you need to mount by running the "dism /get-wiminfo" command.

Change your current working directory to the directory you downloaded the updates to, e.g. "C:/wsusoffline/client/w61-x64/glb"
Run the command:

dism /image:"C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM" /Add-Package /PackagePath:"C:/wsusoffline/client/w61-x64/glb"

This command will step through each update file in the directory, adding the update to the currently mounted WIM file.
Run the following command to commit the changes and close the WIM image.

dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM /commit

Note: If you think something has gone wrong or you do not wish to actually inject these updates, you can replace the "/commit" flag with the "/discard" flag and your changes will not be saved
to the WIM file.

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I have a licensing question regarding the deployement of Windows 7.

We are currently purchasing notebooks that have an OEM key for Windows 7 Pro and have been configuring each by hand which can get really annoying. I want to create an image of Windows 7 and use it for deployement however I'm not too sure about the licensing involved.

First off, you cannot image an OEM version and you need an open license version, correct?

Do I need to purchase a VLK license for each notebook that I want to image to? Or can I just purchase 1 open license and image that to multiple computers since the OEM key is in fact for Windows 7 Professional?

A:Image Deployment of Windows 7

I believe you're going to need to look into VLK if you're intending on using the same key & installation across multiple machines. You "may" be able to get away with buying one 7Pro and then inserting the individual OEM key that is on the individual laptop stickers, however I'm not sure on that one so don't quote me there. I'm sure someone else here does know this answer though so sit tight, some one else will surely be able to answer this.

Aside from the licensing issues, once you get the version of Windows that you'll be installing legally with a licensed key, you should look into windows sysprep. It will cut your distribution time down incredibly using this method rather than setting up each machine individually from scratch.

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Hi There,

I found this forum thru KariTheFinn's YouTube Videos which are superb! My first post is a problem that hunts me since quite some time now. I startet too more or less ignore it since it was only a problem with one program. But since I switch mail clients it's now also a problem there. But first things first.

I have a Hyper-V Service running on my Windows 10 Machine for toying around. In there I was trying to create my personal perfect Windows 10 Installation with all the Apps, Tools, Settings, etc. I like and want. I did all of this in my created user account Yves. So all the settings from many apps (for example Chrome) are in this user profile. After I was done. I shutdown the Hyper-V Machine Boot up the WindowsPE.iso. And dism the complete machine to a mapped network drive. Than I created a new Hyper-V Machine booted directly into WindowsPE.iso. Diskpartet the complete system like I like. 100MB EFI. 1GB Rescue. 50GB System Partition. Dism the image back to the System Partition and bcdbooted the System Partition. Bootet up and tada System is "almost" like I left it before on the other VM. Only thing missing are for example Chrome extensions and settings. Which I can not figure out why this happens? Newly since I moved from em Client to Outlook 2016. Also Outlook 2016 does not like the dism'ing around. It says .ost file has to be deleted.

Anyone an idea why this is happening and how I can prevent it?

Thanks for your help guys.


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I'm trying to successfully deploy Windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 790 in my lab environment in order to push Windows 10 out to several of these PCs currently in production. Despite the fact that Dell does not offer a driver pack for Windows 10 for the 790, an upgrade to Windows 10 using the Windows Update method works fine; however, when I run a LiteTouch install, the keyboard and mouse do not work unless I am using a PS2 keyboard and mouse.

Upon further investigation, I found that the "USB Root Hub" device drivers are not properly installed on the deployed OptiPlex 790. My steps for a solution thus far have produced no meaningful results. I have tried the following:

1. From a working installation of Windows 10 on an OptiPlex 790, performed a full driver backup/export and imported into MDT 2013 Out-of-Box Driver folder for model-specific-injection task sequence. After deployment completed successfully with 0 errors and 0 warnings, the drivers are still not loaded and keyboard/mouse are nonfunctional.

2. Created an application package to silently install Intel Chipset during the LiteTouch OS installation, which includes the proper USB drivers for the OptiPlex 790. Results are the same; yet if I run the install after deployment, the drivers are installed successfully.

I'm just about out of ideas on this one, but I KNOW there has to be something that can work. It doesn't make sense that a manual install of the chipset can produce positive results but the same cannot... Read more

A:Deployment Issue - MDT 2013 / OptiPlex 790 / Driver Injection

I have a Dell OptiPlex 360 with Win10 and a Dell OptiPlex 755 with Linux Mint 17.2, both older and are the standard size cases. I've found with most computers that have the PS/2 ports also require a BIOS setting to Enable Legacy USB to get built-in support for USB 2.0 ports and USB keyboards and mice plugged into them. So far I've not seen BIOS support for USB 3.0 ports, have required software installed in/supported by the Operating System. Because of the change of some motherboards in leaving off the PS/2 ports I have changed my KVM from the PS/2 type to USB type.

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Hello. I have an issue.

I want to capture an Linux OS custom image or a fresh one and want to use WDS to complete the job. Could it be done?

I know I can use WDS from server to deploy WIN 7 or anyother Win OS to other systems. But can I use the same service to deploy Linux OS to other new systems and how can I go around in capturing the Linux OS image.

I don't want to use any third party application to capture and deploy both WIN and Linux images. I can use SysPrep to capture Windows image, but how do I go about capturing Linux image?

Is there an in-built app for Linux to capture an image like SysPrep (for WIN)???

Please help.

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I have configured a stand alone windows 2012 Std. OS with WDS, set up all the necessary items
loaded both the boot.wim and image.wim into wds server.
the system deploys the standatrd win7 Pro image without issue.
The problem comes when I try to use the image capture wizard.
The client laptop boots to pxe without issue I get the screen that  lets me choose  what I want to load
when I choose the capture image item it loads as normal,(as the deploy does except that all that happens is I get a black screen with a white arrow cursor. the screen never turns blue like you would expect and the image capture wizard never appears.
I have followed all of the steps on the WDS set up page for creating a image capture boot file however as I said it never appears.
Can someone assist?

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Apparently after a major update such as XP SP2 to SP3, it breaks the .NET Framework ver 1 or 1.5. Microsoft FIXIT has the hotfix for IE, but cannot run without .NET Framework 2.0 or later. Looking at another machine, it appears that each version of .NET framework builds upon the previous version. Ver 3.5 is the most current stable release. (4 is out there for customers to test, ha ha). IExplorer opens, but stays blank in the address bar with no error messages, just a blank where a link would display. The bad guys have us in a pickle. I saw a fix for .NET Framework ver.1 that gets broken after update, but my notepad files w/that link are now blank. I ran a MiniToolbox report, and it showed a bunch of users that I did not define. I have two desktops, both on XP. Last night I was trying to download Bleeping's malware fighters on the e-Machine that has been updated all along, but McAfee shows 14 trojans and reports all is well. Tonight I am working on the HP machine that was recently upgraded to SP3 (Thank you, Sightless). I thought I posted the command to fix .NET Framework 1.n but cannot find it today. All the new posts for XP are talking around these problems (the needed hotfix for Explorer ver 6 and/or 8: they are advertising the fix is for IE6, but I am running IE8 and have the same problems reported for the hotfix. So, to summarize,

1. IExplorer ver 6 & 8 need a hotfix that is only available via IE MS update site. I must have found the command last night ... Read more

A:Hotfix for IExplorer, Windows Update uses only IE describes the hotfix for IE. You guys are great

I am going to need help with the e-machine that has 14 trojans and several user accounts that I did not set up. I am trying to fix it using the instructions for cleaning my HP machine. I think I saw the other user accounts in a mini toolbox report that is on the other machine. I do not need immediate help, I am exhausted and have several steps to follow. I was hoping this might help the moderators with all the problems tonight. Microsoft's website crashed on me too, it was trying to ask me one question, but i lost it and could not get a chat session going.

I have to sign off now. If a moderator wants more info, you can call me for a couple more hours. Thank you.

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If I have a reference image that I capture through a regular sysprep & capture task sequence, how do I update my deployment task sequence to reflect this updated reference image once it has been captured? I would prefer not to have to recreate the deployment
task sequence as the current one has several customizations that I would have to redo. When I try to change the OS in the "Install Operating System" step in the sequence to point to the updated image, the deployment will fail with a message such
as: Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]
I don't know how to tell if this is a problem with the unattend file itself or having something to do with changing the deploying operating system in the task sequence.

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I am having all sorts of trouble imaging a new Dell 5570 laptop with custom Windows 7 SP1 Ent. through SCCM.I have tried Dell support and their assistance so far hasn't been satisfactory unfortunately.

First: I had issues booting the laptop with my boot image, SSD was not recognized. I had to import Samsung NVMe drivers into boot image for the SSD to be recognized and to kick start task sequence.
Now: The task sequence doesn't go through. Immediately after 'Set up Windows and ConfigMgr', the laptop reboots and crashes with the error '0x0000007B'.

I have already tried below with not much success.

Dell Diagnosis says no faults detectedSATA Operation set to AHCI, RAID on in BIOSBoot sequence set to Legacy, UEFIWith and Without 5570 drivers after applying O.SWith and Without KMDF, UMDFDifferent WIM files-one recently updated with most hotfixes, one updated last year, one close to vanilla Windows 7 SP1 Ent.
Any help here is much appreciated please as I have around 20 laptops already procured from Dell and waiting to be imaged before deploying.


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I've recently setup and configured a deployment share using "MDT 2010 Update 1", although recently I discovered that after deploying "Windows 8 Enterprise" and creating a new user account with administrative privileges, the new user account does not display the "run as administrator" option the right-click menu, any ideas as to why this is occurring?

Please note, I haven't confirmed if this same issue occurs with other deployed operating systems yet.

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Not really sure where to post this question so if there's a better forum just let me know.
We bought a new HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn printer and I set it up today.  Installed it on my printer server and set it to deploy using group policy.  Seems to be working fine on our Windows 7 desktops but I have a Windows 8.1 workstation and
it isn't deploying.
Since it is the day after patch Tuesday I decided to run Windows Updates and interestingly enough the printer shows up as an Important Update.  Ok, so I tell it to install but it fails with an error code of 80070490.
Searched for help with that error found a few suggestions, running sfc and dism, but so far none of that has helped.  I also tried deleting the port thinking since I had used it in the past it may need to recreate it, didn't help.
So I'm stumped, I've rebooted the computer dozens of times, even turned it off for a while, no help.  I even manually installed the printer to see if having the drivers pre-loaded would help but it didn't.
Any suggestions?  Anyone run into this issue before?
Thanks in advance,

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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum; But I recently encountered a problem while injecting a .dll into a program. The error message is what the title says and I tried a lot of injectors and it returned the same error.

Here's what I tried:
Upgraded windows 8.1 to 10
Unblocked the DLL
Different injection methods

None of these worked, help would be appreciated.

A:[DLL] Injection Method used returned NULL (Injection failed).


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Download this package if you use Fast User Switching on Windows XP Media Center Edition. This will correct the problem where your Media Center PC may stop responding when you switch between users while watching live TV.

For more information about this issue, read Microsoft KB Article Q811009

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP Media Center Edition



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Does anyone know if there is a version of this out there that still works or has Microsoft already fixed this problem because if they havn't could you provide a download link. I need this so that I can have administrative ability in cmd to be able to use C:\Windows|System32>mkdir testl.

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I?m having an issue with getting Windows PE 3.0 to recognize hard drive. At least I think this is the problem. I?m attempting to boot a Dell Latitude E7470 Solid State Drive, Windows 7 64-bit machine from a WINPE3.0 USB thumb drive. Initially, before I dug into injecting drivers, I would plug in USB and boot from USB and the Windows PE grey splash screen would show and attempt to load system files and then it would fail and restart and load Windows partition normally.I try to boot from WINPE again and I press f8 quickly to access a command prompt, and run diskpart to see what drives are being detected. It turns out that WINPE3.0 is not detecting my solid state drive.I then search out the right drivers for this model and I find out that I need these two: Picture: run 7zip to extract out these files/folders and then I run DISM to mount my boot.wim (from WinPE) and run the DISM command to inject the drivers into the unmounted .wim file.I try two different ways of injecting drivers:1) The first way is I use the DISM command to add in the drivers with the recurse switch option. I put all driver files above in one folder and run recurse. Picture: inject works and takes a few minutes. I then unmount and commit and copy over my newly injected WINPE package and copy it over to my USB and attempt to boot and it gives me an error pointing to a .sys file. I tried deleting the .sys file but I realize that this won?t work because the .sys is... Read more

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Hi, was wondering if anyone could give guidance in trying to get Windows Update working properly in a friends old computer. Trying to restore from a 2yr old Macrium Image and using Portable Update to transfer updates from my laptop to his. The Last Windows Updates on the Image was 10-25-2014 before using Portable Update Offline.
Windows Updates from Portable Update's cache folder, up to Sept. 2016, appear to be successfully installed on 10-31-2016. I had to manually install Windows Update Client KB3138612-x64.msu in order for Portable Update to install them.
This is the only update I have manually installed to this point. Also looking at what updates where installed, I see that Portable Update did not install some of the updates in it's cache folder.
At this point, Windows update never finds updates which is what I expected, as Portable Update appeared to install updates in it's cache in a certain systematic order [ oldest required first etc. ] for this specific machine.
I have attached a file and sfcdetails.txt file if this helps.

Basic system specs on this machine:
HP xw4600 Workstation
Win7 Professional-SP1 - 64bit
Internet Explorer 10
Intel Core Duo CPU 2.53 GHz
6 GB Ram

Thank you for any help in advance.

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Hi All, new to the forum,

Has anyone had any joy using the DISM image deployment tool,

below is the message i get trying to capture an image

DISM doesn't recognise the command-line option "d:\thinimage.wim"

I've tried the below.

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

I've checked this over and over and i'm defiantly following the line they require.... any ideas? Thanks.

A:Win 8 Image Deployment

I know nothing about DISM, so please check what I say first...

...but looking at the format of the command line, I wonder if there should be a colon after /imagefile?

so replace
dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile:"d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

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I was alerted by a Belarc Advisor report that I was missing the important security hotfix KB2559049. This is a little strange, since Windows update seems to work without any problems.

I then went and tried to manually apply the correct version (Windows 7 64 bit, IE9) of the update (Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7 x64 Edition (KB2559049)) but the update would not run, giving the message ?This update is not applicable to your computer?.

I have submitted a support request to Microsoft, but response time has been very slow in part due to the time difference between India and North America and days off by the support persion.

I thought I would post the details here in case someone has encountered and resolved a similiar problem.

To summarize all of the different things I have tried so far ?
1. Regular installation of update using windows update ? update not selected
2. Manual installation - error message ?This update is not applicable to your computer?
3. Manual installation after clean boot - same error message ?This update is not applicable to your computer?
4. Manual installation after disabling Microsoft Security Essentials - same error message ?This update is not applicable to your computer?
5. Checked Windows files with SFC /scannow ? no problems found
6. Checked for any other programs that may be causing a problem ? none found
7. I have also tried the Microsoft Fixit center ? it says it... Read more

A:Windows Security Hotfix KB2559049 not downloaded by Windows


Another alternative you can use to check the accuracy of Belarc's suggestion is this :


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Does anyone know of a network driver that is compatible with the EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF in WinPE 4.0 i'm using symantec image deployment Altiris

A:HP 800 G2 with Symantec Image Deployment

Hi \have you looked here...

Happy 2 [email protected]

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Hi have a query

i want to dpely windows 7 across around 10 PC's but minimise user downtime, as such i intend to install manually using retail versions of the software then update to the specifications i need. all the final workstations will need to be the same.

i have 3 pc's to roll out, then i will drag 3 in, upgrade, redeploy and so on, thus meaning that noone will loose much productivity to downtime.

whats killing me is that after install, which takes around 30 mins including office and other bits of software, the patching and updating of windows on each machine to latest KB updates is taking forever!! so with say 10-15 new pcs all trying to install updates within few hours its going to slow the network to a stop.

is there anyway i can take one of the pc's i have finished, image the updates and software installs then patch them all onto a new clean install of retail windows 7????

i have looked at all sorts of networkable options such as microsoft system essentials or symantec ghost, but none will allow a stand alone image creation off network that i can tell


thanks in advance for any advice


A:Image for multiple PC deployment

Take a look at this tutorial:
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

Using the Backup option.

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I changd the user profile to default (manually) and did some Favorites links to IE.
When i was satisfied with the customization i created Ghost image. Successfully created image and when deployed i recived a message regarding NTFS volume and wehn the image is deployed , client start up and OS initilization appears .... then system run SCAN DISK showing message that "C" drive needs to be checked. After that OS installed successfully and customizations were also OK.
Any idea how to avoide the scan disk issue ?

A:customized Image deployment with Ghost

Nope. Windows sees the hard disk "environment" as not being 100% on par with what it used to be. Plus it doesn't hurt to run it after an image deployment like that anyways

PS: I know the mod's may bring this up, but no need for double posting in multiple categories

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During the capture process, i have my wireless key set in the profile. Once I deploy the image, the key is no longer there and i have to set up the profile again. Is there a way that this can be done during the deployment, through the customsettings.ini
or a script?

A:Wireless profile during image deployment

1. netsh wlan export profile name=ssidname
This will give you an xml file
2. netsh wlan add profile filename=ssidname.xml
This will import the Wireless profile
This will help

/ Yannick Plavonil
blog: Deploiement Windows
twitter: @yplavonil

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I'm attempting to follow this guide to capture a Windows 7 image:

I have a test PC with Windows 7 installed on it waiting to be captured.

I've installed the MDT 2013 Update 2 and Windows ADK for Windows 10 to my technician PC.  Unlike this guide, however, I have no tree under 'Deployment Shares'.  So I have no option to import an OS.

This seems to be a stumbling block to actually capture an image.  Is there something I'm missing?  Is there something that needs to be configured that I don't know about?  I'm still learning this whole process so it's entirely possible there's
something glaringly obvious I don't see.

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I am having a VERY odd issue with Windows XP Pro and Tablet PC Edition.

I have been following Microsoft's Single-Image Deployment Supplemental Guide which discusses single-image deployment and how to use this process to deploy Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 in your organization while using your existing Windows XP Professional image.

I followed the article to a T and imported all the Tablet PC components in the Sysprep directory and then re-syspreped the box. At first once mini-setup finished the system would lock up on the Windows XP splash screen about the 3rd time the progress bar cycled through. So I went to Safe Mode and everything worked like a charm. So just as a troubleshooting step I tried to use Safe Mode with Networking. That locked up at the splash screen in the same spot which lead me to believe it was a networking issue. So I disabled all listed networking adapters and tried to boot into normal mode.

Once I saw "Applying Computer Settings" I thought all was good. So I waited until I saw the standard "Press Cntrl-Alt + Delete to Login" screen. So I hit cntrl alt delete and nothing happend. So I tried moving the mouse, and to my amazment, the entire computer is hard locked. This is happening everytime I reboot the computer into Normal mode and the login screen appears. So I tried to go back into Safe Mode with Networking to test that theory again. Although I am able to get logged into the system the system actually hard lo... Read more

A:Single-Image Deployment for Tablet PC

That link you posted is the supplemental guide, maybe there is something you missed in the original guide.

"The information in this article supplements the processes that are described in the previously released article, Deploying Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which is available on Microsoft TechNet"

Original guide here, the link in the supplemental guide is wrong.

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Are there only the install packages for the notebook drivers available? I'm searching for a package with all necessary inf files in order to use the for driver injection within a deployment environment (Windows 2008 deployment service / MS deployment toolkit)
Would be great if anyone can help me with that!

Thanks and kind regards, Gert

A:Portege 700/830 drivers for image deployment

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any packages except one and this is package that contains several Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
All other offered stuff are single drivers or Toshiba specific tools or utilities.

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I work for a large bookstore with a relatively small IT department, and we are looking for a way to image and restore a small number of PCs. Basically, I want to set up a master template PC, build an image of it, then be able to deploy that image over a Microsoft network from a server computer and/or from a bootable CD (pretty standard, I guess).

However, I want to be able to do this without having to install an imaging program on the master PC (preferrably to run the imaging software from a shared drive, because installing the imaging software on the client machines would violate the license agreement) and without booting to DOS from a floppy disk (the server machine doesn't have a floppy drive).

We're considering a few solutions for this: Acronis TrueImage 7, Imagecast 4.6.1, Altiris RapiDeploy, or Norton Ghost 2003. Will any of these solutions perform what we're looking for (I've been through the manuals for each and it seems like they can't add a client agent without booting the client machine into DOS or running the software from the client machine)? Does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience to use these or other products to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

-Frank Manna

A:Any image deployment software suggestions?

You may have read this thread but here you go


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Hi, I have deployed HPDM to update a number of T5740 Devices, these were manually configured some time ago and I now need to reconfigure them. I have manually update one device, configured it how I would like it and then captured that image. Unfortunately if I then attempt to deploy this image the deployment fails with the following errors: 2016-05-31 10:46:24 [Error Details]: Deploy image using repository Master Repository.Failure deploying ThinPro_5.2.dd.gz from /Repository/Images/ThinPro_5.2_3.Failed to execute DeployImage task.ErrorCode: 1080320, Error Info: ..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified. If I then flash the device with a vanilla OS I can then deploy my image but as the devices are split across multiple sites I can?t do this for them all. I also created a Task that performs the BIOS upgrade and this works but the error still occurs Any ideas on how ... Read more

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I am working on setting up an image deployement solution. The current problem I am having with Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 is that when I try to deploy an image it deploys normally and Snap Deploy does the extra setup before Windows loads to a logon screen. The problem I am having is after I log in, windows is missing the "Vista" theme and whenever I try to click on anyting (Computer, Documents) It gives me a popup messege that has a title of "Explorer.exe" and in the messege it says "class not registed." I cannot figure out why the image is not working. I am deploying it onto the exact same computer I made the image from. It was a clean install of windows Vista Business.

To make the image I loaded the master computer into the Acronis software using the Acronis PXE server. I then imaged the computer and the image was put directly on the imaging server.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

A:Acronis Software Vista Image Deployment

I've always just attached the target media device and booted the Acrois CD to create the image.

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I have used Windows 8.1 Update 1 ISO image (Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help) for a fresh reinstall of windows 8.1.

I had thought that since this .iso is recent, it would also include all the updates till date, and I won't need to download-install any updates.

but when I checked the windows update, after the reinstall, it is showing I need to install 54 updates.

is this possible?
do I really need all these updates mentioned?
how do I decide which ones are necessary?

thank you for your help


A:which updates does Windows 8.1 Update 1 ISO image include?

Hello Biren,

Unfortunately, the ISO from Microsoft at that link doesn't include all the latest November rollout updates.

If you have a MSDN subscription, then the ISO file there does though.

New Windows 8.1 ISOs with November Rollup (Update 3)

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After downloading the MS windows updates, upon restart my desktop picture did not show up anymore. I tried to re install it, but it does not work.
I did a recovery to before the updates, but still could not set the picture as background. I did the right click on the pic to "set as desktop background" and in the control panel personalize-change theme setting for this computer. I can change the back ground color, but when I browse for the picture this comes up: (see attachment). I did run a virus check, ad-aware, S & D, malwarebytes and CC cleaner. I also checked in the search section, but being dyslexic I have a hard time following the written instructions unless they are exactly step by step.
As long I know there is no harm to come from this, I can live without a desk top pic.

A:Windows update causes desktop image to disappear

Resolved by going further back with system restore. It must have been another cause then the MS updates.

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I found this tool while searching the system32 folder:



Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 6.1.7048.0

DISM.exe [dism_options] {WIM_command} [<WIM_arguments>]
DISM.exe {/Image:<path_to_offline_image> | /Online} [dism_options]
{servicing_command} [<servicing_arguments>]
DISM enumerates, installs, uninstalls, configures, and updates features
and packages in Windows images. The commands that are available depend
on the image being serviced and whether the image is offline or running.
/Get-MountedWimInfo - Displays information about mounted WIM images.
/Get-WimInfo - Displays information about images in a WIM file.
/Commit-Wim - Saves changes to a mounted WIM image.
/Unmount-Wim - Unmounts a mounted WIM image.
/Mount-Wim - Mounts an image from a WIM file.
/Remount-Wim - Recovers an orphaned WIM mount directory.
/Cleanup-Wim - Deletes resources associated with mounted WIM
images that are corrupt.
/Online - Targets the running operating system.
/Image - Specifies the path to the root directory of an
offline Windows image.
/English - Displays command line output in English.
/Format - Specifies the report output for... Read more

A:DISM - Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

I have been working with WinPE ever since version 1.0 and using it to deploy images, make backups, etc. Now that version 3.0 is out I have written a full tutorial on how to use it, build the boot environment, using it in a network/computer support department environment, and using GimageX GUI with DISM to deploy and capture images.

You can read my tutorial on DISM here -> Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) ? WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment -
You can download my WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Compilation completely free here -> WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Scripts -

Let me know what you think. Enjoy and happy imaging!

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I am trying to set up a MDT Deployment that will install Win 7 and MS Office 2010. With the Win 7 install I am able to have the system ask for the Windows Key after the install has completed. I would like to do the same for MS Office. I am going to be using this deployment tool for every new computer we get going forward and don't want to have to update my deployment every time I run one. I simply would like to deploy the image and then enter the Product key and activate it. Is this possible?

A:Installing MS Office 2010 via MDT image Deployment with out Prod Key

Is what I am wanting to do even possible?

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 How do I update my recovery image form widows 8 to windows 10?  If my system crashes & I have to reinstall Windows it will be 8 & not 10. If the crash occurs after a year I will have to pay for an upgrade As the upgrade
offer only runs for a year?

A: How do I update my recovery image form widows 8 to windows 10?

You can download the Win 10 ISO when it is released on July 29.  Once upgraded you can re-install from it (or even clean install if you like.
Some reading if you are interested

Win 10 FAQS

Win 10 features

Win 10 Specs

How to upgrade

Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

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Now that the latest anniversary update has hit from MS. Will Dell be providing updated system images for current customers? It is not feasible for what ever reason if we have to reload Windows 10 from the factory image currently installed. Then turn around and go through windows update for this all new anniversary updated version. Just purchased this laptop 2-3 months ago. 

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Did a quick google search but came out empty, where can I find a legitimate (I'm a Dreamspark Premium member) Windows 8 Pro Image with the Cumulative Patch already included in the .iso?


A:Windows 8 Pro Image with the Cumulative Update patch included?

What cumulative patch - did I miss something?

I haven't got win8 installed atm.

You can put the updates into your installation image easily enough - just pop the .msu files in with dism.

Win7 dism will do it fine.

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To All,After installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on both a Dell desktop and laptop, the WINRETOOLS and Image are missing in Windows Explorer.  Note that I also installed the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows after installing the operating system update.The installation of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update when smooth on both the desktop and the laptop without any interruptions and without any errors.  The same for installing the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.In Computer Management - Disk Management, there are 2 recovery partitions (450 MB and 11.88 GB in size) that are shown as healthy and 100% free but the volume names are blank.  All other volumes have a name.n Bash, under /mnt/c there is a Recovery directory with over 4.0 GB of disk usage (du -h).  The directory listing includes Customizations and OEM directories.  The Customizations folder has a Apps.ppkg file that is over 4.0 GB in size and dated to July, 2015.Note that I have an Acronis backup for the desktop, but not from the laptop as it does not have much of any valuable files on it.  Any information on what happened to the WINRETOOLS and Image and how to recover them is appreciated.Thank you,Steve

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I went into add & remove programs, went done the list and saw
12 of windows XP hotfix (SP2) what are they?

A:windows XP hotfix (SP2)

You have automatic updates enabled, and those are patches issued by Microsoft and automagically downloaded by your system.

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In Windows XP, the control panel in 'add/remove' programs, a number of

'Windows Hotfix' appear at the end of the list of programs. What does this mean and should I remove them?

Thanks, Erwin

A:Windows Hotfix

Keep those, they are windows security patches mostly I believe, much needed

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These are listed in Add/Remove programs, What are they and can I remove them?

A:Windows XP Hotfix......

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recently my computer has been acting strange... browsers keep freezing, one game doesn't work unless i use combofix first and even then i have to try and start it a couple times before it actually starts and lastly on games screen goes black if i tab out and back in.

one game i know hasn't been updated because its a single player game.
the other game apparently hasn't had any server updates or any thing so they don't know why it would be going to a black screen.

looking at the add and remove programs i see a couple updates that have been added and cant be removed... and i DO NOT have auto-matic updates turned on. (the date they installed is the date i started having troubles and i don't know of any other changes and i cant find any viruses or any thing else)
Hotfix for windows XP kb954550-v5
Windows Imagin Component
Windows Genuin Advantage Validation Tool
Hotfix for Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 KB953595
Microsoft.NET Framworks 3.0 SP2
- WPF_1
- WPF2_32
- WPF_Other
- WF_32
.NET Frameworks CRT
.NET Framwork PreXP
Dr. Watson
.Net Framework 1
.net Framework 2
.Net Framework ASP. NEt
.NET Framework WinForms
.Net Framework CA
.NET Framework CLR
dose any one have any idea what one of these might be causing it and how to uninstall and block crap from auto-maticly installing on my computer... this kinda crap is the exact reason i don't have auto-updater on. >.>

A:Hotfix for windows

Since you ran Combofix I would suggest having it analyzed here:Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include the link to this topic in your new topic and a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Once you have created the new topic, please reply back here with a link to the new topic.

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cud sum1 tell me what 'Windows XP hotfix' is? I have like loads of this program on my computer when i look at my add/remove prgrams list.. are they updates that i receive from ?? because thats the location of it?

Could some1 help me please? can i remove them from my computer?? theres at least 30 of them!


A:Windows XP Hotfix?????

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Hello - I'm trying to install the Sims "Superstar", but it's telling me I need to install Windows Hotfix 329623 before installing. I've tried searching the internet for an answer, but can't seem to get one. Can anyone help?

A:Windows Hotfix

wrongwaywy said:

Hello - I'm trying to install the Sims "Superstar", but it's telling me I need to install Windows Hotfix 329623 before installing. I've tried searching the internet for an answer, but can't seem to get one. Can anyone help? Click to expand...

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Does any know what this Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) is? I have it in my add/remove list about 20 times...and that number is growing. Can I remove these? Also, can I stop them rom returning?

A:Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) ??

They are updates from MS.

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I'm looking under Add/Remove Programs from my control panel..
I sort em by name..
Scroll down a bit..
and i see a crap load of

all of em have some thing written after...
blah blah...
wtheck is this stuff?



They are windows XP updates that you have installed

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Was recently going through my ADD/REMOVE programs and noticed that there are about 10 windows xp hotfixes in there. Is is normal to find those in there?

A:Windows XP hotfix

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I used a disk image backup to restore my computer, and now Windows Update is reporting that it can't get updates.

The disk image was pre SP1, so I tried to install SP1, but that was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance for any input.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)

Computer:GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H (rev 1.0), AMD Phenom II X2 545 Callisto 3.0GHz, G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500), Seagate Barracuda Sata 250GB

A:[SOLVED] Windows Update can't function after disc image restore

Have you tried to install SP1 via the offline installer?

Download Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932) from Official Microsoft Download Center

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I'm new to windows 7 and this forum.

After buying a new Compaq, I installed all the Windows updates, and the Updates window showed when I last checked for updates and the full update history.

Before installing new software, I made a system image. When the new software didn't suit, I recovered using that image. The updates history has gone! According to the updates screen, I have never checked for updates and have never installed any updates. But when I check for updates, I am told that my Windows is up to date.

I don't understand why this should be if my pc is now in exactly the same state as it was when I made the image. And can I trust the message that there are no updates for my Windows?

Many thanks for any help anyone might be able to offer.

A:Recover using system image - windows update history lost

all updates prior to the making of the image will be present.
click on installed updates.

Updates between when the image was made and now should be added when you check for new updates.

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If you select Custom from the Windows or Microsoft Update homepage and you have Silicon Image SATALink Controllers installed in your machine, you will be presented with the option of obtaining and installing an updated Windows driver for said controller. DO NOT select to install it, and check the "Don't show this update again" box.

If you press on the "Details..." link, you will be given only the driver's release date and nothing else:



When installing or upgrading drivers and BIOS, be sure to always use the same type of driver and BIOS.

When selecting a driver for upgrade or installation, pick the latest released driver for your Silicon Image controller part number. Install the driver that is the same type as the BIOS you have installed for your controller.

A Silicon Image storage controller driver that is fully installed but not working is usually caused by an incompatibility between the BIOS installed for the controller and the driver. Installing a type of driver that differs from the installed BIOS type will not work. Problems with matching driver and BIOS types sometime occur because the drivers require a later release of BIOS to function correctly.

If you need to update your Silicon Image ... Read more

A:CAUTION: Do not use Windows Update for your Silicon Image SATA drivers

Hello Sakis:

nice work ! & great info

thanks for sharing

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I wonder if you can help me with deploying Windows 10, I have a few questions;

Can I deploy W10 like I currently do via WDS 2008?

What software can I use to create a customized W10 DVD that allows me to alter/disable some of the standard initial setup questions?

We pay for an OVS agreement, should I be able to get a copy of Windows 10 from the VLSC? I cant seem to find a Windows 10 ISO, just 7 & 8?

Further questions may come aling, just trying to get a grasp of it all.

Many thanks.

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I have installed a Windows 7 Enterprise reference image. I have added a Windows 7 boot image on my WDS server and created a capture image, I have added the Ethernet and the storage driver to the boot image. When I PXE boot the refernce computer with the
capture image the WINPE is not loading, the green bar runs from side to side for a sec. and then black screen, I have tried to leave the computer for some hours but still black screen.
Any idears?

A:Windows 7 WDS deployment

I consider this issue can be caused if the driver you added into boot image fail to install.

Please try the suggestions in this article:
Error message when you start a PXE client to connect to a WDS server on a Windows Server 2003 SP1-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer: "WdsClient: An error occurred while starting networking"
Post back the if you fail to get this issue resolved by above suggestions.

Keep post. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I have staged a Windows 7 pro with  SP1 computer as a reference machine. Run sysprep with OOBE and Generalize. Captured the image and imported it to MDT as a custom image file. It work almost the time. But I have randomly two problems. 
1. After the completion of the OS deployment with 0 errors. The computer restart, but it hangs at a black screen with the mouse cursor.
2. Some computers have the same problem as in 1 but after sveral days of use. (3 to 4)
Please note that we have in the out of the box drivers several models of DEll laptops.
Is someone out there that knows what could be the cause of these issues?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi guys,

I want to migrate windows 7, 8 & 8.1 to windows 10 across 300 PCs through automated process in badges.

Please guide me.

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Hi everyone,
i know the internet is full of guides and tutorials but i haven't got what i'm looking for.
My situation is as follows:
Our corporation buys oem licensed windows 7 computers from our suppliers.
we would like to create an image with icd , without overwriting the product keys (since we don't buy volume keys, paying 2 times seems a little stupid aswell). We would like the icd image to join the domain under a variable name (something like desktop01
- desktop02 etc ...).Also it should be able to enable the built in local administrator and disable any other local user besides domain users.

within this icd image i would like to add other applications aswell (symantec antivirus, citrix, adobe reader, office365, etc...).
Is this possible ? if so could anyone guide me to a fairly easy guide where i can do all this stuff?

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I've been having some bluescreening problems, and this one place I checked told me to install a couple of hotfixes. So I went to the places he indicated, filled in the stuff, got the links for the downloads emailed to me, and when I ran the file I downloaded, it unzipped a number of .sqm files. what do I do? Do I have to put those files somewhere specific? Download a certain program to run them? I'm completely lost.

I apologize if this is a really stupid question.

A:How do you apply a Windows 7 hotfix?

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hi. i would like to ask if there is a way for me to check if my system is working just fine?

bec a month ago i uninstalled avg spyware because it already expired. together with it the quarantine files have also been removed. then the following day when i opened my computer a pop up msg said that some items frm my computer have been deleted and the system may not wrk normally. then the message said that i should go to i went to the site and was about to do the system check when i got second thoughts that this might be a spyware or something so i jst ignore it. didnt do anythng.

then last week i suddenly started to receive some alerts that my computer will have to restart because new updates are installed and needs to restart to finish the installation. then today it happend again. then alert that my computer is running out of space has been popping up to. so i decided to go to add remove program to delete some of the unused programs to free up the space then i noticed that there have been lots (maybe 10) of SECURITY UPDATE FOR WINDOWS XP (K-------) that are there. i removed them. then there's also WINDOWS XP HOTFIX- KB282010. WINDOWS XP HOTFIX- 835732, 841356, 842773. i didnt remove these since it said that other programs have been using it too. if i removed it the programs myt not wrk normally. and one of the programs is the symantec norton antivirus.

i noticed that WINDOWS INSTALLER 3.1 (KB893803) and UPDATE FOR WINDOWS XP (KB898461) are also pres... Read more

A:RESOLVED: Windows Xp Hotfix

Hi greenphoenix..

you were right to ignore any scans and such from as it is considered as 'rogueware' - it is designed into scaring people into paying for software which it may not need.

As for the seems that you may have uninstalled some required Windows Updates so I advise visiting the Microsoft Update site ASAP and then check for any available updates. They are important as they patch up potentila security holes in the OS. The Windows Installer 3.1 is need that to install the updates so you can leave that can also leave the other update KB898461 as thats fine.

The reason why you may not have seen all these things before in add/remove programs as you need to have the 'show updates' check box at the top checked to reveal them so perhaps you have recently accidently checked that box to reveal the updates???

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Can anyone confirm before I broach the Domain Admins about extending AD Schema..

Currently I have a laptop with TPM 2.0 that is required to run Windows 7 x64. In order for 7 to identify TPM 2.0 in device manager I have had to install KB2920188. With the hotfix employed I cannot initialize the TPM chip as it errors
with "There is no such object on the server" and accompanied by "Failed to backup TPM Owner Authorization information to ADDS Error: 0x80072030" in evntvwr. (We employ the GPO to store all bitlocker information against the object
in ADDS.)

Researching this further I have come across this page where it explains about extending AD Schema to support TPM 2.0 however it says it only applies to Windows 10.

Our Domain Admin is somewhat protective of there AD and defend there territory fiercely! Can anyone confirm if the above schema extension is also required for Windows 7 if you apply the above hotfix 



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Ok im doing this for a friend because he isnt subscribbed to TechSupportGuy and im doing this as a favor to him. He has the fallowing programs on his compter and in his Add/Remove Programs list. They are the fallowing:

Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) q32915
" " q329390
" " q329834
" " q328310
" " 329170
" " q329441
" " q331953
" " q810565
" " q810577
" " q814033
" " q811493
" " q814033
" " q815021
" " q817287

He is also having trouble with an AIM bot. that he downloaded. He though he could use it but he couldnt use it. He said it was to complecated. So he tried to delete it from the Add/Remove Programs Screen. It was called modedit v3.0 he said. he has tried sevral times to delet it. Even so it still stays on the computer and stays in the Add/Remove Program Screen.

Now he wather wants to get rid of modedit v3.0 or he would like any of you to help him use it for AIM. Then the Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) ______ he want to know what it does and if its bad, if he should get rid of it. If you could help him out he would be very greatfull of all of your help and he will stop buging me about me not knowing what it does.

Thank you from me and my friend.

A:Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) q32915??? What is this about???

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I need this hotfix to fix my PIO to DMA delimma. I have searched the internet and came up empty handed. If somebody has a direct link to this hotfix, please can you please share?

A:Windows Hotfix 817472

It's in SP2 as shown here:List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 the hotfix is listed as IDE ATA and ATAPI Disks Use PIO Mode After Multiple Time-Out or CRC Errors Occur, in the network group.Be (SP2 Upgrade) SafeDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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I am running:
WinXP home SP1

When I open my add/remove programs list it has all the normal hotfixes, but then there's 15 other ones that have SP2 in (brackets)??

Why are these hotfixes on my system and should i remove them?

!! See attached Image !!

A:Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) ?? hows this possible?

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I have windows 2000

In my currently installed programs there's like 36 Windows 2000 Hotfix - KB842773, etc listed can I uninstall these without harming my computer?

A:Windows 2000 Hotfix

I think so, but not recommended to do. Those are patches for Windows 2000.

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I have over 350 mb of those files. Do I really need to keep it? I don't really remember what hotfixes I have downloaded, let alone the uninstallers. Thanks.

A:windows hotfix uninstallers...

You don't have to, many "cleaners" actually remove them but you may need them to verify what you have installed in the unforeseen future (for Add/Remove Programs).

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Hi guys,
I was not able to find an answer via google maybe you can help me.
My question, should it be possible to deploy Windows 7 with an "old" Windows PE like 6.0.6001?
I did some tests and there it was not possible. I used the WDS on a Server 2003 (yea they are still in use) and added a unattended.xml to the wim file.
The strange thing now, a coworker told me that he was able to do it sucessfully. Now i am confused, should it work?

thanks for your help, BR

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Has anyone had experiences using the MS Windows Deployment Services?
I am attempting to config a Windows 2003 Server box for use with WDS for imaging XP based images remotley, unattended.
Any suggestions or horror stories would be appreciated.

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"I would like to know if there is a way to back up the Windows 7 bootmgr in it's entirety (both what resides on the MBR and the needed files within my Windows 7 partition) and re-deploy them."

I would like to multi-boot Windows 7, Slackware (a Linux distro), a WIM installer for Windows (accessible via EasyBCD), and a floppy image installer for Slackware (also accessible via EasyBCD.)

I currently have this working, and a basic outline of my partition layout follows:
Disk 1
-MBR: Windows 7 bootmgr
-Partition 1: Windows 7
-Partition 2: Windows Installer WIM and Sources

Disk 2
-Partition 1: LILO and Slackware
-Partition 2: Swap Partition
-Partition 3: Personal Data Files
-Partition 4: Slackware Installer

Windows does some things while partitioning that I don't like (including seeing 500 MB less on my disc than is there, leaving unused space in the table which was odd to see.) I plan to use a utility on my Slackware installation to rectify that, but once I delete my Windows 7 partition I will have no way to reinstall Windows (as I will lose the MBR data pointing to the WIM installer.) I've been using Windows for about six months, but haven't used Slackware in almost a year and am not ready to dive back into it without a backup OS.

Suffice it to say I don't have media to make installation discs or usb sticks. (Since I know it seems like I'm trying to crack a wallnut with a sledgehammer. Or rather, use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut as use a sledgehammer to... Read more

A:Windows 7 MBR Recovery and Re-deployment

The simplest way to handle multi-booting with separate HD's is to install/repair with the other HD unplugged, then boot only via the BIOS boot order or one-time BIOS Boot Menu key.

If you do this then you don't need to worry about reimaging Win7 HD as it will contain its own boot files and not be interlocked or reliant upon the other HD, or vice versa. Just be sure to unplug the other HD during reinstall, repair or reimaging.

As to how to boot the other HD's multi-boots you can use GRUB for Linux which works better when it is restricted to Linux distros and not imposed on Win7.

Does this sound like a way to simplify what you want to do?

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I have a question about deploying windows (multicasting) over a network that Im hoping someone with the expertise will be able to offer a little advice on...

I work for a small PC manufacturer in the UK, and at the moment we are installing windows on to the machines using a USB3 hard drive with disk imaging software (Acronis). Our company is currently expanding and has just become a Microsoft partner, so my employer has asked me to look into setting up an image server and deploying windows over a network connection.

What Id like to know is: what kind of infrastructure would I need to put in place to execute this task effectively?

My work place is relatively small. The install bench only has 8 bays - so for the moment this will be the maximum number of PCs that will need to receive the broadcast. In time, I expect we will have to relocate into larger premises, so the solution has to be scalable. Time is also a huge factor at the moment. I would like the network to be as fast as possible, whilst still being economical with costs.

From what I understand, the server would have to have quite a lot of processing power; a lot of memory; fast hard drive access, and a fast ethernet connection. I was thinking something along the lines of an i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5Ghz / 16GB 1600mhz memory / Multiple SSDs in raid 5 or 10 array, and a gigabit network card. How does that spec sound for the task? A networking switch would also be required. Do you have any recommendat... Read more

A:Windows deployment over a network

Having set up a Ghost type environment, you'll need to do a few things. First, you need to have your PC's PXE enabled. PXE support is going to be relevant to the NICs you are using. If you don't have PXE ability with the NICs you use with your PCs, then everything else is a no go. Next, you need a DHCP server and you need to set one of the DHCP boot parameters, I think it is type 60 (can't remember at the moment), to point the PXE client to the boot image server on your network. The boot image server is responsible for providing a small boot strap to allow the PC to come up with an OS. The boot image server also provides extra parameters to do a network map to the image server to load the actual image onto the PC. The last component is the image server which holds the image itself and pushes it to the client. All of these components can be a single box.

Depending on your network design and where you place the image server in relation to where you image your boxes, you might have to invoke a relay agent to forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server through a routed hop.

As far as hardware, the biggest impact on image performance is hard drive subsystem on the image server and the network itself.

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First, whats the difference between WDS and MDT?

Second, do I have to have a Windows 2003 Server or can I set this up on a network with nothing but XP PRO machines?

Finally, If we buy 30 dell computers with xp pro already installed is it neccesary to even use WDS?

Just some background, we are trying to set up a network where some users are restricted from doing certain tasks on their computers and over the network while others have admin rights. I'm not sure if I have to start from scratch or just network the computers and then implement AD for group polices, etc.

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My boss and I are going to be deploying Windows 7 machines (new ones to replace the old ones) to about 20+ workstations at 3 sites.

We are going to be making some images to push to certain stations.

We are planning on using MDT2012. Does anyone have any tips?

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In A WinXP / Win2003 server environment, you do not need to install the drivers in to each WinXP client. This is automatic.

Moving to Windows 7, will I need to install Server 2008 to get this same level of automation.

A:Windows 7 corporate deployment

If you use the Enterprise version you shouldnt have to.... I think...

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I was trying to correct the problem of the svchost.exe chewing up all of my CPU. I installed the hotfix you can get from microsoft here: I restarted my computer as ordered and now it's stuck on the Windows XP splash screen. It will load in safe mode, but not even in "last known good configuration." If someone can please tell me how I can fix this, I'd really appreciate it... I'm worried and wasting a ton of time on it.


A:Installed Hotfix, now Windows not loading... Please help!

In safe mode, try system restore out of your accessories.

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I downloaded the new hotfix and now I am not able to access the media page via the Internet anymore. I am using a cable modem. What can I do to remedy the problem?

A:Windows Media Hotfix Problem

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I cannot get the hotfix for WPA 2 to work on my desktop but I can on my laptop.

I am running Windows XP PRo on both.

I show the hotfix as installed in my addremove programs but when I go to manually add a network I do not have the choice to choose WPA2 as I do on my laptop.



I also posted more details here.

TIA for any help.

A:[SOLVED] Windows WPA2 hotfix

Problem solved.

It is the wireless adapter I have that does not support WPA2.
I guess the security parameters in windows networking is dictated by the adapter.

I tried another adapter of mine and the WPA2 options showed up.

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That was just released on 4/13? Please reply with any issues that you have found.

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When trying to use skype with Win8 RP after entering the password it would just sit there with the spinning circle.
Cpu usage was ~30%.

This new version is working.

Today we have released a hotfix to the Skype 5.9 for Windows.

The newly released build resolves an issue which made Skype to use excess amount of system resources on the Windows 8 Release Preview, build 8400.

We would recommend for everyone to upgrade to the latest version.

Full release notes for the Skype are:
Category Description
Generic Skype used excess amount of system resources on Windows 8 Release Preview

Skype 5.9 for Windows hotfix

A:Skype 5.9 for Windows hotfix for Win8 RP

Confirm that Skype solves the high CPU usage

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Not able to get the PXE working on 5040 . It will download the boot image from SCCM DP. Once it downloads it will not boot. 
Network driver is already part of the Boot Image.

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We use MDT, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, To deploy windows 7 and windows 8.1 images to our latitude laptops.
the Control Vault driver is not installing as part of the cab file that has been imported into MDT, there for I have to install it as an post install application.
the switches for the control vault by typing "/?" are shown as /s /f.
the driver installs fine if I run it on a laptop by opening command prompt and the silent install switches but it will fail when MDT tries to run the same command during deployment.
Has ayone had this problem and how have you fixed it?

A:Dell Latitude Control Vault Driver installation fails during image deployment via MDT

Hi saeidans,Thanks for posting.This forum is primarily consumer questions, and yours appears to be one that doesn't fit into this category.  Please post your question here for more expert advice.  Thanks.

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Planning, Testing, and Piloting Deployment Projects

The first of six books in the Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit, this book provides guidelines for planning, testing, and piloting the deployment of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional operating systems in medium and large organizations. IT professionals can use this book to create a comprehensive project plan, which serves as a framework for designing and deploying complex technologies and operating system features. A key component of this book is a roadmap that summarizes each of the chapters in the kit. The roadmap can be used to match business solutions with the design guidelines discussed in the kit. In addition, because testing and piloting are critical tasks in any deployment project, this book contains guidelines for designing and setting up a test lab, testing applications and resolving application compatibility issues, and designing and implementing a pilot project.

This book contains the following files for download:
Book Cover (front)
Ch 1: Planning for Deployment
Ch 2: Designing a Test Environment
Ch 3: Planning and Testing for Application Deployment
Ch 4: Designing a Pilot Project

We want to provide high-quality, relevant content for IT Pros who plan, support, deploy, and operate Windows Server 2003 in small, medium, and large organizations. In order for us to improve our content offerings, we want to hear from you. Please click here to send us... Read more

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I assume and hope this is the appropriate forum for this, even though it's for using WDS to deploy Windows XP SP2. I installed WDS on one of our W2K3 R2 SP1 servers via the Windows Components window of Add / Remove Programs (I didn't use the downloaded Windows AIK package). For the most part it seems I got everything setup and working fine. I used the boot.wim image from the Windows Vista DVD to make my Capture boot image as well as Windows PE PXE boot environment image. I successfully made my own custom install image and was even able to re-deploy it to the laptop which I made it from.Now enters my problem. I have another laptop that's a similar model, but not the exact same. When I go to image it I get this error after it gets into Windows PE:

WdsClient: An error occurred while communicating with the Windows Deployment Services server. Please check to ensure that the server is operational and that the necessary ports are open on the server's firewall. Server name [], Server IP address [].

I fired up the command prompt with shift+F10 and can ping the server just fine. Also, ipconfig /all shows everything is functioning as it should, so doesn't seem relevant to my problem. I couldn't find any other articles on this issue. I also have the WDS server setup to accept any client... no client restrictions.I'm stumped as to what to do next. I thought I had this thing all ironed o... Read more

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As Joe mentioned in this blog post, the amount of interest in the Windows 10 preview has been phenomenal. We appreciate that IT pros are trying out the new features and providing feedback. But more importantly, we appreciate the sheer number of devices that you are upgrading from previous versions of Windows ? whether from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. The telemetry from these upgrades enables us to further streamline and improve the upgrade process ? important because this is the primary way we expect organizations to deploy Windows 10.

In my blog post on September 30th, we introduced this idea of having a simpler deployment process, using an in-place upgrade instead of the traditional wipe-and-load approach that organizations have historically used to deploy new Windows versions. This upgrade process is designed to preserve the apps, data, and configuration from the existing Windows installation, taking care to put things back the way they need to be after Windows 10 has been installed on the system.

Of course it?s critical that at the same time we do everything we can to ensure that existing apps ?just work.? We understand the challenges that many organizations experienced as part of their Windows XP to Windows 7 migrations, and are working hard to ensure that compatibility between Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is excellent. This also applies to hardware: we are designing Windows 10 to have the same ov... Read more

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I have a WDS server locally and it works just fine. However, we have several remote locations that are connected through an MPLS. I am able to perform a Network Boot and access the WDS Server. Unfortunately, when I attempt to deploy the image across the MPLS, the installation takes way too long.

I would like to set up a share at each of my remote (MPLS) locations that the images can be pulled from. I want to avoid setting up a WDS Server at each location as it would be a mismanagement of resources for the number of people/PC's at the locations.

Is it possible to set up local shares at the remote locations and configure the WDS Server pull the images from those local shares?

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I am wondering if someone can assist. I have purchased a Toshiba R40 laptop for the school i work for as the previous model laptops are end of life span. I have purhcased the Satellite Pro R40-C but i am not able to image this with Windows 7 or Windows 10 using WDS.

My problem is adding the drivers using WDS fails. I have tried the official drivers from Toshiba website and intel website for the Satellite Pro R40. I have used the DISM command to inject the drivers manually but when commecing the deployment it fails as it says there's no dhcp server available. By pressing shft and f10 i can tell that it's not getting an ip address which is causing the issue. Even though i have manually embed the drivers to the boot.wim. I have tried all the network drivers available from intel and Toshiba for this model. I have also installed win10 from disk and installed the drivers and extracted them and injected them also. For some reason this model laptop won't allow WDS with Windows 10 Edu 64 bit image. I have a variety of other model laptops and they all work with a win10 image.

I am able to use the same drivers and load them with a USB each time when the WDS deployment cycle begins and this seems to work but is there anyway i can make the R40 drivers work with the boot image. I have copied fresh boot.wim from windows 10 to make sure its not the boot.wim that is corrupt. Toshiba support are advising to do the deployment with a USB stick but this is not practical and... Read more

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Hi all,

I've recently started in a new job as an ICT technician. I'm working with a system admin at a local school.

In previous jobs I've always used a "gold image" to deploy out to machines. In the new job there is no such thing unfortunately, making new installs a long drawn out affair (lots of additional software installs. Office, Visio, custom programs etc)

I have some spare time on my hands soon, so was thinking of creating a standard image that I can deploy (just via USB) to new machines that need to be imaged.

I already have a WinPE boot disk and understand the concept of sysprep and configuring in audit mode after a clean install (this will be my approach) I will probably then use CloneZilla to image the final product and deploy onto single machines where needed.

... I have a few questions!

1. How should I handle Windows updates? These are normally pushed out via WSUS - Some things should *not be installed* latest IE for example. WSUS is only pushing out IE9 due to some compatibility issues with sites that are currently used (there may be other updates that are not installed, but I'm not 100%) - What would be the best approach here? Not using the standard Windows update before I sysprep, or joining the domain, installing updates via wsus, then leaving the domain and running a sysprep?

2. Being as all the machines will be the same make and model, would it be worth including drivers into the mix, or will they be removed with sysprep? I be... Read more

A:Windows 7 Enterprise Deployment & WSUS

Don't have time to answer all your questions, but I can tell you that you do not need to join the domain to use WSUS, just configure the proper settings either in Group Policy or in the registry directly. Having them part of the domain only aids in mass configuration.

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I'm creating a new domain and I want to be able to design a start screen and quickly put it on every machine I build. I would like the end users to customise the start screen to their own preference afterwards.

I've looked at the "start screen layout" group policy which would be ideal, but it locks the start screen and prevents user changes.

Anyone know any way around this or alternative tips or tricks? Need it solving quickly, as always!

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Has anyone played around with server 2008 and Vista? I'm asking because I work in an IT department and I've been playing with the deployment services to upgrade our workstations to vista as our xp licenses expire in the fall. The computers are fully capable of running vista (Index scores of 4.7 to 5.2).

I know some of you may think i'm crazy, but the UAC, at least from an administration standpoint is the best thing microsoft came up with. UAC and Deepfreeze should make sure some likely idiot won't screw up my workstations... "Protect users from themselves"

Any tips, hints would be appreciated.

A:Windows deployment services + Vista

Hi Pbb321,
From what I have heard Vista workstations need a Vista License server (something to that affect) and if a vista workstation cannot contact that license server in a certain period of time the workstation gets removed from the domain automatically. I heard that Vista and server2008 take full advantages of SMB. Much faster file transfers than Server 2003 and XP Pro. I think if you read up on the licensing schemes you should be ok.

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Contains Windows NT 4 Deployment Tools (Sysprep).



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I have been a Windows 10 automated deployment solution developer for several years now.
I am familiar with Windows ADK, DISM, and also Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) as well.
Also, I have used PowerShell a lot to do some custom Windows 10 deployment solutions in enterprise network environments.
Now I am looking for an alternative to the MVA Windows 10 Deployment Training that will go
into the more advanced best practices of windows 10 deployment automation solution
development. If someone here can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.
Free or paid options are both options I am open to for Windows 10 training resources.

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The first of six books in the Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit, this book provides guidelines for planning, testing, and piloting the deployment of Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional operating systems in medium and large organizations. IT professionals can use this book to create a comprehensive project plan, which serves as a framework for designing and deploying complex technologies and operating system features. A key component of this book is a roadmap that summarizes each of the chapters in the kit. The roadmap can be used to match business solutions with the design guidelines discussed in the kit. In addition, because testing and piloting are critical tasks in any deployment project, this book contains guidelines for designing and setting up a test lab, testing applications and resolving application compatibility issues, and designing and implementing a pilot project.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later



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I have inherited my environment and am trying to understand what the previous tech did to set up our windows deployment the way he did.

I have a winpe boot usb.
When I boot to it, runs a file called startnet.ps1 (powershell). I am then prompted for my admin credentials.
It then prompts me for an image on our network (WIM file). I can browse the the wim files from anywhere and I can select Win 7, 8.1, 10 (Enterprise licenses).
It asks what disk I want to install on.
It asks me for a drivers folder to install drivers for that specific model of computer or laptop (on the network).
It asks if it is an unattended install or not
It finally asks to confirm.

It then begins to install the OS, drivers etc and prompts for nothing.

I have looked at the boot USB, but cannot find anywhere where it is saying to go to a specific place on our network; or even the name of the network.

But it all works flawlessly.

Can anyone suggest as to how this was done? I'd like to learn to duplicate this going forward.

Thank You


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I have installed MDT 2013, AIK and WDS on a Server 2012 R2 VM. I have created my deployment shares and Task sequences and everything seems to be ok. When i try to Sysprep and capture a Windows 7 machine by browsing to the deployment share, scripts folder
and then clicking on the LiteTouch.vbs, the windows 7 machine reboots after checking for updates and then the Deployment Wizard is blank, so i cannot continue or see any options. Has anyone seen this before? The windows 7 reference machine is a VM if that

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I would like to install windows 8.1 in my laptop.Kindly inform me the details about the installation process

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IIS 6.0 provides the services to support a secure, available, and scalable Web server on which to run your Web sites and applications. This book provides prescriptive, task-based, and scenario-based guidance to help you design an IIS 6.0 solution that meets the specific needs of your organization. Deployment scenarios include installing a new Web server, upgrading an existing Web server from an earlier version of IIS, and migrating existing Apache or IIS Web sites and applications to a newly installed Web server.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later



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Can someonehelp me...I have a bunch of Windows Hotfix with a number in my control panel add/remove software of Windows 2000; I seem to remember deleting, and they reappear. What are they; how do I delete? Do I delete???
Thank you already!


A:? Windows Hotfix in Add/Remove in 2000 Prof

I don't know why they would re-appear if you removed them and did not reinstall them -- but why are you wanting to remove these updates anyway? They could be importand security patches.

They will have KB numbers which, if you run through Google will take you to the original Microsoft articles covering them.

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