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Dell XPS 8900 Desktop: Audio Jacks Hookup Question ?

Q: Dell XPS 8900 Desktop: Audio Jacks Hookup Question ?


Really totally confused about this, and would be most appreciative for some help and suggestions on.

Have a new Dell XPS 8900 desktop PC.
Has Realtek integrated audio, apparently. (ALC3861 7.1)
I imagine it?s pretty much the same setup for all of their PC?s with Realtek integrated audio.

Presently use the Green output jack in the rear to feed a pair of Logitech Desktop Z-200 desktop speakers. Works just fine.

I would like to now add the following:

Have an output from a radio (Home Patrol scanner) that has a Line-Out
Jack. Would like to feed this into pc, and be able to select either the normal
pc audio (which now is outputted on the green jack) OR this new input.

a. What input jack on the pc should I use for the radio?s output (Line Out) ?
I?m thinking the BLUE one. Is this correct ?

I would want it to also, of course, be outputted on the green jack to the desktop speakers.

b. I looked all over of every pc screen I could think of, but could find no option
for selecting (switching) between the pc normal output, and this new extra
audio input.

Where and how do I do this selectio/switching, please ? Caveats in doing ?

Much thanks,

A: Dell XPS 8900 Desktop: Audio Jacks Hookup Question ?

Just a suggestion :
Wouldn't it be best for you if you ask the folks who actually use the same model ?

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Really totally confused about this, and would be most appreciative for some help and suggestions on.

Have a new Dell XPS 8900 desktop PC.
Has Realtek integrated audio, apparently. (ALC3861 7.1)
I imagine it?s pretty much the same setup for all of their PC?s with Realtek integrated audio.

Presently use the Green output jack in the rear to feed a pair of Logitech Desktop Z-200 desktop speakers. Works just fine.

I would like to now add the following:

Have an output from a radio (Home Patrol scanner) that has a Line-Out
Jack. Would like to feed this into pc, and be able to select either the normal
pc audio (which now is outputted on the green jack) OR this new input.

a. What input jack on the pc should I use for the radio?s output (Line Out) ?
I?m thinking the BLUE one. Is this correct ?

I would want it to also, of course, be outputted on the green jack to the desktop speakers.

b. I looked all over of every pc screen I could think of, but could find no option
for selecting (switching) between the pc normal output, and this new extra
audio input.

Where and how do I do this selectio/switching, please ? Caveats in doing ?

Much thanks,

A:Dell XPS 8900 Desktop: Audio Jacks Hookup Question ?

Just a suggestion :
Wouldn't it be best for you if you ask the folks who actually use the same model ?

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Just bought a Dell XPS 8900. I cannot get any jack to pick a microphone. I have tried several different microphones that do work on other computers. 

A:Dell XPS 8900 Front Jacks will not pick up Microphone

Do you mean the top right microphone jack? Did you test the microphones on the rear red microphone jack?

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I am picking up the XPS 15 this week and currently have two P2815Q monitors I am using with the Microsoft Surface Book.  Currently these are connected to the Surface Book via a single mini-display port cable with the 2rd 4K connected to the first via mini-display port.
So my question is how do I connect these monitors to the XPS 15.  I understand the XPS has Thunderbolt and a single HDMI 1.4 port.  While HDMI 1.4 is not capable of driving 4K at 60hz, I'm also wondering what the new Dell Dock is going to bring to the game here.
Would love some help, so thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 and Dual Dell 4K P2815Q Monitor Hookup Question

Did you find out the answer to this? I'm killing myself trying to find a solution.

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I purchased a new Dell XPS 8900 desktop, 64-bit operating system with Windows 10 Home about a month ago. The computer has never made a sound, whether it's Windows system sounds or sounds associated with programs. No sounds come from either the third-party speakers or the headphones, which work with other computers. So far I've tried the following:
Installed the newest version of the RealTek High Definition Audio driver from Dell website (it's green-checked on Control Panel)
Did speaker setup with Dell Audio Manager
Performed speaker setup and testing through Control Panel > Sound (testing produced no sound)
Inspected cable connections multiple times
Performed audio diagnostics through Dell Support website (the computer failed the first test, the second wouldn't continue because of a specious time zone issue, which didn't exist)
The speakers are plugged into the green jack on the back panel, and the headphones are plugged into front headphone jack. One thing I did do was to edit the registry to install the Windows sound mixer, which was not present in Windows 10. I did add a video card and another internal 3TB WD hard drive to the computer, but none of those actions has affected my old computer. 
I've tried about everything I know so far. I believe this is likely some kind of software glitch or conflict, but I can't get the computer to make a sound. Control panel tells me that everything is working normally. Does any... Read more

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I have a new XPS 8900 and I want to use two Dell U2312HM monitors (DVI connections). My computer has one DP connection and one HDMI connection and the Nvidia GeForce 960 graphics card has only one VGA connection. How to I hookup to have the two monitors for an extended screen?

A:How to I hookup to have the two monitors for an extended screen on XPS 8900?

the U2312HM has both DVI-D and Displayport connectors.
Which exact card do you have?  Depending on which GTX 960 you have it most likely has at least one DVI, one HDMI and one Displayport.
It may have a second or third displayport or maybe a second DVI connector.
You can connect one monitor using DVI-D and one using Displayport. I would make the DVI-D monitor the primary and #1 monitor, and get that working then add the second monitor using Displayport.
You do not want to use VGA, and you do not want to use the integrated graphics connectors on the motherboard. Only use the connectors on the graphics card.

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Does anyone know if the new GTX 1080 card will have any issues with a Dell XPS 8900 Desktop?  Since the power requirements are lower the PSU should support it but I would like to verify before making an additional purchase.

A:Dell XPS 8900 Desktop and GTX 1080

Nvidia is recommending a 500w power supply. The GTX 1070/1080 will not be validated by Dell on any systems shipping with the 460w power supply. I am scanning the Desktop Video board waiting for users to buy and test the video cards on our 460w systems.

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Getting pretty close to deciding on a new Dell XPS 8900 desktop.

Seems like all the major brands have the same horror stories re service, returns, etc., and have more or less come to the conclusion it is pretty much the "luck of the draw" irrespective of which brand you get.
Agree ?

The Dell XPS 8900 seems to come in a few different flavors.

As I've mentioned, my family does no gaming.
Do a lot of photo and video work and viewing, YouTube viewing, internet surfing, etc.
Pretty much the Sr. Citizen kinda home stuff.

a. Would appreciate your opinion if it is worth an additional $ 100 to go from a:

6 th Gen Intel Core i5 - 6400 with 6M Cache

to a:
6 th Gen Intel Core i7 - 6700 with 8 M Cache

b. And, for the video Card: another $ 100 to go from a:

GT730 NVidia GeForce 2 GB DDR3

to a
GTX 745 NVidia GeForce 4 GB DDR3

Would I likely notice any differences for either upgrade ? If so, how ?

Thanks for opinions,

A:Dell XPS 8900 Desktop: Worth The Extra $ For Upgrades ?

My suggestion to my clients is "buy as much as you can afford" and "buy overkill".

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Just received a Dell XPS8900 i7 with the 27" 4k monitor. As soon as I plugged it in it started running. It immediately went to an amber flashing On/Off button. Tech support says it is probably a bad mobo. I also couldn't get the monitor to work. From what I can gather the DirectPort cable is DP on one end and mini-DP on the other. Is that correct? Can I use a full DP cable (not mini on the one end)? 

A:Dell XPS 8900 dead on arrival. Question about DP cable.

Below is the back of an XPS 8900. Near the bottom is the discrete added video card 10/11/12. If your XPS 8900 came with a discrete added video card, you should connect the monitor to it, not the middle 6/7 onboard video ports. We can assist more if you can provide the specific discrete added video card model.

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I recently bought Desktop DELL  XPS 8900. Recently I have been noticing my PC going to sleep and waking up from sleep. It then goes back to sleep and then wakes up again. the cycle  continues.I ran diagnostic. It passed all tests.

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I purchased a Dell XPS 8900 Desktop recently with Windows 7 Professional OP System pre loaded. The first thing I did was to make a list of the list of all system components, the date and version of each. Next I went to Dell's Web Site, enter the computer tag number, and created a list of all Dell updates for this computer. Then I downloaded and installed all component updates except the BIOS update which was the same version however there was no date listed for it.
I have experienced hang ups and freezes from the beginning of using this computer and I continue to have the same freezes and hang ups. With the number of complaints of the same problem regardless of operating system you would think Dell Management and sales would recognize that there is a legitimate problem with this computer and assign their engineers to research the problem and issue either a recall or a fix to XPS 8900 users. I am a long time computer professional with over 45 years in the IT community. I have always trusted Dell and recommended their products to family and friends as well as contacts in the IT community and prospective buyers. Dell can either acknowledge the problem with this product and take appropriate corrective action or they can ignore the problem which will not go away but the buyers of Dell products will when the word gets out. I no longer feel comfortable buying or recommending Dell computers to or for anyone.

A:Dell XPS 8900 System Desktop Computer "freezes and hangups".

I'm an IT person as well.  I'm seriously thinking of shifting my loyalty to another brand like HP.  This is outrageous that they are basically ignoring the issue, ignoring my emails and basically saying 'oh well' in the phone calls. 

Go over to the HP forums if you think that it is any better over there.  Lenovo also has their forums. Then tell me it is all roses over "there".

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I have a new Dell XPS 8900 connected to a Dell U2413 monitor using the HDMI to mini-HDMI cable.  When I switch off the monitor (to save the screen and energy), the PC jumps into an unrecoverable power saving mode, shutting down all open applications in doing so.  The mouse and keyboard lock up.  The only way to restart the PC is to press the power button for several seconds (hard reboot).   This began happening recently.  What can be done to fix?

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Two months ago bought a Dell 8900 from Best Buy. After 20 days, it would not start, same with the next 8900 replacement... only fewer days. The first gameware as a replacement did not start at all. The Alienware Aurora worked beautifully for 3 days and then would not start. In the 8900's,,, got the blinking amber lights on the start button. Tech is coming to replace motherboard. What the heck is happening? Could it be the monitor... or the external hard drive or what? Come on Dell,,, what's up? I have a Dell XP Laptop as a back up using the same external hard ddrive.

A:Dell 8900, Gaming Computer, Dell Alienware Aurora

There is a power issue with the external hard drive.

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I have an M9350f elite series from HP. There are audio IN jacks in the back of the tower and two in the front.

I'm trying to hook my PS3 component cables up to my tower and play the sound through my speakers, but whatever I try does not work.. the PS3 is outputting sound via component cables..

I'm seriously getting really pissed right now.. I've tried getting this to work with HDMI-to-DVI and nothing is working........

It's extremely hard to write a detailed and flamboyant post when angered, I'm sorry.. but could someone offer me any insight to get this to work?

A:Need help with AUDIO IN jacks..

The computer most likely has 1/8" inch stereo input and the PS3 has dual mono RCA type outputs.

You'll need a converter cable to take the two RCA male plugs to make it into a 1'8" stereo male plug. Radio Shack has this.

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I have an HP P6620f desktop. I have a pair of speakers that I have tested on other computers and had working on this system until recently it stopped. When I plug the speakers into the back port and turn the volume up max on the speakers itself and the in OS sound options I can faintly hear the audio. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers. I have even tried reinstalling windows and it still happening. The front headphone jack will do the same with my head phones as well. Since its still happening after a reinstall im guessing its a hardware issue but I dont understand why my front headphone jack would do the same as well. I did recently remove my power supply and then put it back in.
Any other thoughts as to what I could try?


A:Cannot get audio on any jacks.

The front headphone sound comes from the same chip on the motherboard that supplies the sound to the rear speaker output.

When you reinstalled, did you properly reinstall everything? OS, motherboard chipset drivers, device drivers including the HP supplied sound driver? Windows 7 will install a lot of drivers, some are the correct drivers and some are not, thus you need to install the PC vendor's drivers for some devices, especially the sound.

As you were inside the PC, accidental damage to the motherboard is a possibility due to the motherboard having static sensitive devices on it. Check the internal cabling and especially the cable that connects the front panel audio jacks to the motherboard, to make sure its properly seated. To see if the front panel connection is causing the low output to the speaker connection, temporarily disconnect the front panel audio connection (check or remove the front panel connection with the PC powered off. If you don't have a grounding wrist strap, at least ground yourself to a metal part of the chassis before touching anything inside).

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OK I have this problem where somehow my settings or something in my playback devices jack information, the jacks shown are all mixed up. No idea how it happened but this is what it looks like.

And this is what it should look like/ what it looked like before it got switched.

Not sure how to fix this. I'm trying to get it back so the front jack is on one "device" and the rear jacks are on another. Trying to get my mic playback separate. It all used to be right and i'm clueless. Any help greatly appreciated. BTW Windows 7

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Hi Everyone

I have a tech related question (less problem) but please don't just say google it as I have and haven't found much help, whether I'm looking for the wrong thing or something I don't know.

I have a MSI 970 Gaming motherboard and it has 3 audio jacks on the back- Left, Right, Centre- but no matter how much I Google I cant find any pc speakers that use this set up.

The closest I've found is get a 5.1 set up and simply not plug in the spare two speakers- is this my only option for getting the most out of my gaming motherboard?

If you could link me to any relevant info or have any recommendations regarding which sound system to go for I'd appreciate it

A:Audio Jacks

the instruction manual says
Audio Ports
These connectors are used for audio devices.

?? Line in: Used for connecting external audio outputting devices.

?? Line out: Used as a connector for speakers or headphone.

?? Mic: Used as a connector for a microphone.

?? RS-Out: Rear surround sound line out in 4/ 5.1/ 7.1 channel mode.

?? CS-Out: Center/ subwoofer line out in 5.1/ 7.1 channel mode.

?? SS-Out: Side surround sound line out in 7.1 channel mode.

if you download the manual and go to page 77 ( on the English manual) , it shows you clearly how to connect up all different types of speaker set up from 2.1 to 8.1

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So I just got a new dell studio xps 9000 and it has no audio jacks at all. I have a logitech thx system but there is no where I can hook it up. I was wondering do the new computers have their sound output from the usb drive? So would this mean I need to find a converter from the three jacks to one usb?

thanks for any help you can give me

A:audio jacks

There are some speakers that can connect to your computer and power up via a usb. In term, these speakers also include an integrated headphone (audio jack) jack on the side of the speaker itself.
This is strange though....What kind of computer doesn't have audio jacks

Also, I have an xps 8000. I found that the head phone jacks are actually in a hidden compartment. Is your desktop black? There should be a sliding plastic black (or whatever color) door that you can lift up and find hidden several usb ports and audio jacks.

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IN W7 how do I make it so that both the rear and front audio jacks work? Currently, my front jacks are registered devices in my sounds but when I put a headphone jack in nothing happens

A:audio jacks

Hi XeRo,

Open the Realtek HD Audio Manager and left click the folder icon (shown within the red box). In the dialogue panel that appears, Connector Settings, ensure that both options are selected and then click OK.

Right click the appropriate socket and select Connector Retasking... (alternatively, double left click). This brings up the following panel. This is from my front green socket. Select the required option and click OK.

You can now close the Realtek HD Audio Manager by clicking OK.

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After I hooked up my computer to my TV I got audio jacks plugged them in and the computer sees the black jack but there still no audio, These are audio jacks right?

A:Thesea are audio jacks right?

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hi i recently purchased a xblade case the trouble is i dont where to connect the font usb and audio jacks as i cant find a manual for my motherboard it is a epox ep-4plmi but i cant find a manual anywhere please can anyone help

A:front usb and audio jacks

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I have an Antec Sonata II case with ASUS P5LD2 motherboard.
I have some problem with the front audio jacks, at first there isn't any response when I plug in my mic/headphone, but then I checked an option called "Disable Front Jack Detecting", now there is input/output. But I want the detection to work like the jacks at the back, because I want my speakers to shut off when I plug in my headphone.
Is there anything I can do?

A:Front Audio Jacks

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

Assuming that you have a standard case, you probably have not properly connected the front case jacks to the audio block on the MB. There are usually several jumpers on the audio block that are removed when you have front speakers/mike to allow the front jacks to disable the rear jacks. These must be removed and replaced with the front panel wiring.

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Hey there, just bought a Logitech Z-506 speaker set and I'm having a bit of trouble. The audio jacks on my computer (both front and back panel) don't seem to be detected by the system, meaning that my new speakers (as well as my headphones/microphone) don't work. I do get sound out through HDMI though, but I'd rather not leave the TV on whenever I want sound on my computer.

This thread recommends that I click the yellow folder in Realtek HD Audio Manager and enable the back panel from there, but there wasn't the option there:

Also, now that I've updated the drivers I can't find Realtek HD Audio Manager and the sound still doesn't work.

Looking through the playback devices, the only ones working are called 32LG3000 (My TV, which is working as a sound system for now) and two devices called Digital Audio (S/PDIF), which don't make sound when I plug them in. Any ideas what's gone wrong?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8109 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 244095 MB, Free - 94896 MB; F: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 463295 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z68XP-UD4, x.x,
Antivirus: avast... Read more

A:Audio jacks not working

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Hello to everyone.

I just joined here after reading many helpful comments. However, I did not find the one that could help me with my recent problem.

Today I re-installed my Windows, removing my old Windows Vista and installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

The problem appeared when I tried to plug my headset (headphones and microphone) in my front jacks (one is for the headphones and the other one for the microphone).

I just did NOT hear anything. When I plugged them on my rear jacks it worked fine. After that I tried the same with my speakers and I got the same result - they were working properly on my rear audio jack but no sound when plugged in on my front jack.

Before re-installing my Windows all my jacks worked properly and that's what I need because I often switch from speakers to headphones and before I had my speakers and my headphones working properly at the same time and that's what I'm trying to get again.

I tried installing RealTek drivers/codecs but that didn't help at all. Then I tried to install RealTek's Audio Manager but I had troubles with that. Maybe it's because I don't have the RealTek on my Audio Card at all?

Before I had SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio but I'm not sure if that would work with my new Win 7.

I thought that I will be able to fix the problem with the RealTek Audio Manager but I just wasn't able to install it at all. Is there any other software/program that allows me to configure the jacks... Read more

A:Problem with my Audio jacks

probably need 64bit drivers for SoundMax Integrated Digital HD try the web site for your pc model

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I have a new Dell XPS 8700 , it has 6 audio jacks with teeny tiny symbols, which colored jack do I plug my stereo speakers into? For now I have them plugged into the headphone jack on top of the computer. The volume here is very low. I tried plugging into the 6 jacks with no luck. The speakers are from an older Dell.

A:XPS 8700, audio jacks

green=stereo output front channels                 black=stereo output rear              grey=stereo output side
gold=dual output, center, subwoofer                blue=stereo output line level        pink=mono microphone output
At least that's what my xps 8700 book says.  Check the speaker icon in the taskbar for sound levels, they may be set real low. Also check accessories,sound, recorder, click on O.K., click on speakers. Hope this helps.

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this 3 mo. old xps 8900 --I 6700 -16gb of ram is slower then my 8 yr. old xps 420- q6600 -6gb ram ,what a disappointment !!!

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Hi, this should be a relatively easy question to answer for those in the know.  If I order up a new 8900 desktop with the GTX 970 card, will it have a DVI port on that card?  I have a monitor I am fond of and want to continue to use, but it only has DVI.

A:Dell XPS 8900 DVI

Typical GTX 960/970/980 has 1 DVI  , 3 Display Port and , 1 HDMI.
Cant imagine ANY card of this series with NO DVI.

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I recently loaded win 7 and the IDT Audio Control Panel no longer shows the ability to remap audio jacks. The function was available with XP. The audio drives for both XP and Windows came with the motherboard which is an Elite A740GM-M. Is there another driver that I could use? Could I manually enter the registry entries that appear to change the jack map? Or is Win 7 significantly different in how it handles audio? I will also note that the XP version had the ability to change a large number items and the number of registry entries is greatly larger than in XP. I can see the registry entries that change when I remap a jack.

Thanks for any insight or help.

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I have a problem,I have realtek HD onboard audio.My rear green audio jack is in use for my headphones.
And id like to use my stereo speakers sometimes to listen music from my computer etc, so i use Aux cable to connect my computer and my stereo.
I cannot use my front audio jack because of interference it picks up from somewhere.
So i just used the realtek audio managers "connector retasking" and plugged it into Center subwoofer jack and retasked it as Front audio speakers, because thats the only way to get Aux to work.
It works fine, but from time to time it says that i plugged and unplugged devices from audio jacks and just goes nuts basically. Sometimes i get these bluescreens saying that audio device has caused BSOD.I just reinstalled new drivers now and unplugged Aux , leaving me with headphones only to see if retasking caused the problem. My question is can retasking audio jack for other uses cause bluescreen or is it something else ( like my audio jack being bad or etc) ?

Thanks for reading !

A:Audio jacks causing BSOD

Well its definitely not suppose to blue screen re-tasking or not. Are the latest drivers you installed from the Realtek website?

A solution to the re-tasking is an audio splitter cable which would allow both sources to be connected to the same jack on the computer.

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I finished setting up my own custom built PC 2 days before and i noticed this problem.
There is no sound output from the front audio jack. I'm using Asus motherboard. There was a similar question in their FAQ. I tried it but it didn't help.
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support-

Please help me fix this :/

My CPU configuration goes like this :
CPU : AMD FX8350
RAM: Corsair 8GB x 2 = 16GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

A:No output from front audio jacks :(

Did you plug the front audio connector to motherboard yet?

There should be a little plug called HD Audio or something similar, plug it on the appropriate connector on motherboard. Check manual to locate it. If it's AC97 then plug that one.

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hi. i have recently had to wipe my computer and now the front audio jacks for the microphone and headset no longer work. this is driving me crazy cause my husband plays WOW and now he cant ventrillo chat with his guild.
not sure what stats to post, this is a gateway desktop running windows vista.
any help would be appreciated!! thanks in advance!!!

A:front audio jacks not working

Need the exact model number of the Gateway, please

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The front audio jacks of my tower won't work. The USB ports are working fine. I opened the casing and re-checked the wiring, and everything is where it should be, but still I don't get a detection from the Realtek software. The back panel works btw.

Could anyone please help with this issue?

A:Front Audio Jacks won't work

Can anybody help?

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I have a usb headset and two speaker inputs going into my windows home premium setup.
I accidently disabled my speaker output and now even though the realtek hd audio manager is recognising that my speakers are both plugged in and they are set to front speaker, when i go into playback devices my speakers are not listed. Only the Nvdidi hdmi output and realtek digital output are there, and if i plug my logitek headset in that appears to. I shouldn't have set my speakers to be disabled, is there any way to get them to re-appear in the playback devices?

A:Audio jacks not working correctly

hi try system restore to a time before you made the changes

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Trying to connect my home stereo to the sound card in addition to my PC speakers. I cannot find a line out. Does anyone know a way to do this? Is there one?

A:XPS 8900, Audio line out?

There are four audio outs. See #9 in the picture below =Gray = Middle surround outBlack = Rear surround outOrange = Subwoofer and center out Pink = MicrophoneGreen = Stereo out, Front Speakers, Headphones Blue = Stereo Line in
You would use the Realtek audio software to configure them.

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I just received my XPS 8900. I'm trying to run my old Creative two speaker plus sub woofer speakers but it sounds terrible. The volume is low and voices are distorted with echo. I've played with the settings in the Dell Audio program but nothing seems to work.
I believe the PC comes with Integrated 7.1 Wave MAXXAudio 4 and windows 10. Any idea where to start to correct this?

A:XPS 8900 Audio Problems

Well it seems my problem is I'm trying to run a 2.1 speaker system and there's only options for 7.1, 5.1, and stereo. This sound card doesn't support a 2.1 system?

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I was wondering if there is a way to hook up my laptop which has no cdrom drive to my desktop with a cd rom drive, so that I may utilize the cd drive of the desktop for the laptop. Anything i want to load on the laptop I download from the web. Desktop is win 98 and laptop is win 95. Any other specs needed? I also have an extra cdrom drive from another desktop, could I somehow hoop it up to the laptop? JOE

A:Laptop hookup to desktop

yah you can network them together. then share the cd-rom drive.

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Hey guys,
My Dell xps 8900 have 8Gb ram (4Gb x2) DDR4 2133 UDIMM. Currently it has 2 empty slots. I just bought an 8Gb (8Gb x1) ram DDR4 -2133 UDIMM Crucial stick. I make sure it has the same CL, voltage, etc. I run Crucial scan and it says this stick is compatible with the Dell 8900. My question is can I just add this single stick to the system to make it a total 16Gb, if so which slot do I put it in? so it will end up with 4x2 sticks and 8x1 stick.  I've read somewhere saying the Dell xps 8700 wouldn't boot if the dual slots are not filled up. Mine is a Dell xps 8900, however.

A:Dell xps 8900 adding more ram have a problem...
The XPS 8900 has 4 RAM slots. So in order to install one new 8GB module, you'd have to uninstall one of the existing 2GB modules.
Even if you do that, the XPS 8900 doesn't support 14 GB of RAM (3x2GB + 1x8GB =14GB). The supported configs are:  8 GB, 16 GB, 24 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.
And it's always best to install RAM in matched pairs. So you probably need to remove all four 2GB modules and install 2x8 GB to get 16GB. Or, if crucial will take the 8 GB back, you may be able to exchange it for 4x4GB to get 16 GB, assuming that works out cheaper.
EDIT: If you might ever want to go above 16 GB, it might be prudent to use 2x8 GB now which will leave you with 2 empty slots in which you could install 2x4GB (for total of 24 GB), or 2x8GB (for total of 32 GB).

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Apologies if my questions are redundant to other posts in the forum, BUT, I couldn't find ones that covered my questions specifically.
I'm hoping to add a OCZ Trion 150 960GB 2.5" 7mm SATA III Internal Solid State Drive TRN150-25SA3-960G to the Dell XPS 8900 I just purchased. Currently it has a 1TB HDD but no second drive. 
My questions:

Is the SSD I intend to purchase compatible with this desktop? 
If not, why (ie, what should I look for in an alternate)? And what is a good alternative to the SSD I'm proposing. 
Does the XPS 8900 come with spare power and SATA for a second drive?
Do I  need a 3.5" mounting adapter?

Thanks in advance. Again, apologies for the simplistic questions, but I'd appreciate a response. 

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Worked fine until today, 1/1/2016 -- Happy New Year, NOT!
Changed power cable, use a different outlet (other items like LAN router and network printer power just fine). Computer will still not start.
When I plug power into computer power light comes on bright then goes out (this seemed normal before). Then if I push the power button computer does not start.
I do appear to get a orange light sequence of 2-1 after trying to turn it on -- and that continues. May be some sort of POST signal?
I can return the computer (not my first choice) after our upcoming trip. But I'd prefer to get it up and running today. Have some work to do.

A:Dell XPS-8900 Will Not Start

More info. I had four external USB3 drives attached, two powered and two are Seagate Wireless drives -- one of which is recharged via its USB port.
Unplugging only that second Seagate drive lets the machine start up. So the issue may be too much of a current drain on the USB board.
Once booted, the system seems to run fine with that Seagate Wireless drive attached, and it will Restart with it attached -- just not boot from a Shut Down condition.
Not sure I really understand this, but I can live with it.
If someone seems something more insidious in this behavior, please advise; purchased the XPS-8900 at COSTCO and still have about 55 days to return it if it is defective!

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Hi I was wondering if I can purchase and use a MSI R9 380 GAMING 4G for my new Dell XpS 8900 computer? I am concerned about the stock psu not being enough power for this card. I belive the stock psu is 460w but this card has a System Requirements Power Consumption of 150W.
And this is the card I would like to use:

A:R9 380 GAMING 4G in a Dell XPS 8900 HELP!

The stock 460w is designed for 150w of video power. That card uses 225w or more.  8 Pin = 150w  + 75w from the X16 slot = 225w if it uses a 6 pin and An 8 pin this is 300w
AMD says that  6950 cards can be used with an AX650M
I have used the Corsair CS750M in several Dell models without issue.

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I bought a lightly used Dell XPS 8900 computer. The original owner did not reset the computer. It is erratic. I tried to create a system disk but got an error message. Apparently that's not an option.  I don't know if this system is encrypted or what the problem is. I''ve tried to remove the games the previous owner installed but get an error message with that and cannot uninstall them. Even though I've spent 2 days installing the software I use, I want to reinstall Windows 7 Pro & start over. Can I download the OS from Dell?

A:Where can I download the OS for Dell XPS 8900?

Since it is a new model try here: 

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called dell support today to ask about a knocking noise when i start computer ,so he ran some hardware tests and every thing seems OK,so then he checked the registry and there was whole bunch errors ,he said that the warranty does not cover software issues ,this computer is a refurbished unit about 4 mo. old,he proceeded to tell me it would cost $150 to fix this ,The computer seems to run good,so i refused to accept this,running win 10 latest edition ,he was kind of pushing me to spend the money to fix this"problem".I always thought that the warranty covered everything,computer is running great ,why fix something thats not-broke.i have been buying dell for the last 20 yrs. this will be my last dell!!!!!!

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I recently purchased the following Dell 8900
Dell XPS x8900-3756BLK Desktop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD + 32 GB SSD) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 with 4GB DDR3

I would like to replace the graphics card (I flight sim a lot) with a GTX 960 4GB DDR5 card, either myself or have a computer repair place do it.
Which specific cards would be easiest to install in my machine - if I search for GTX 960, I see all kinds of different length cards, 1 and 2 fans, etc.
I'd like to purchase the following card, if it will be easily installed...
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 PCiE Graphics Cards GV-N960OC-4GD
Would a new graphics card be difficult to install myself?   What is involved?
Thank you,

A:Which GTX 960 Can I use to upgrade my Dell XPS 8900

The XPS 8900 and 8700 share the same case so if you look in this thread you'll see the cards that fit and the cards that needed some case cutting.
I can personally vouch for the the MSI GTX 970 gaming 4GB fits so check the size (length and height) and if less it should fit without issue.
If you can wait a few weeks or maybe a month, the GTX 1080 looks to be an amazing card for the price and power draw. It is going to be slightly more expensive, however much more capable.
The install is easy. search for youtube videos and you should find one.
edit: and you can sell your GTX 745 on ebay and recoup some of the cost.

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I am in search of figuring out what to do.  I have had this XPS 8900 for about 2 years.  1st year ran fine. 2nd year I was doing a recovery and our power flickered and nothing is on this desktop.  will power on but nothing.  How do I get recovery disks to put back in what it came with?    Thank you  Chris

A:Dell 8900 Desk Top XPS

Recovery disks will not do any good if the computer won't boot. You need to find and replace the damaged hardware if any. Try turning it on and immediately keep tapping F12 without waiting for any screen to see if you can get into the boot menu to run hardware diagnostics and include a custom test of the hard drive. Try booting to your repair disk. 
Report the status of all the lights and explain what you mean by power on but nothing-- nothing on the screen or nothing on the drive or no sounds or fans, etc.

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Hi, i recently whiped my desktop that is around 8 months old of XP, and Had to Install Vista Home Premium.
Before the new Vista installation i was able to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak with no worries over the period of many many years. All of a sudden since Vista is now in Charge of my PC i can Plug my -HP Premium Stereo Headset-(exact brand, and brand new) In to the rear in/out jacks pink and green. And hear vent and the game but not be able to talk through the Mic, same goes with Voice recognition and Skype etc etc etc...

Now before i get a bunch of answers just know i have been at this for over 7 days now researching it every last waking minute i am not at work.. I have done the Driver Updates, Currently there are two High Defenition Audio Drivers which i believe are Vistas, and also done the Recording Devices and Sound/Playback etc adjusting the levels. I have noticed that when i tried to Install Realtek to replace the Vista drivers, since they don't have front / rear jack control panel or w/e it goes through the whole process then it restarts comp like normal, and whalaa.. Nothing back to default Sound Devices.

I have been into Device Manager as well and checked both the HDAD and neither have a yellow innactive symbol near them. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both. And along with this i have done MANY MANY other things trying to solve this..... It isn't my comp, everything is good here. And Can't be my headset/mic those are brand new.((Unless Vis... Read more

A:Vista Issues with Sound/Audio In/out Jacks.

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I'm a bit confused here. My mobo is an MSI K9N-Ultra. Currently, the connectors on the motherboard for the front audio panel look like this (see attached document jaud.jpg)

Here's a description of each connector, from 1 to 10.
MIC_L: Microphone - Left Channel
GND: Ground
MIC_R: Microphone - Right channel
PRESENCE# : Active low signal-signals BIOS that a High Definition Audio dongle is connected to the analog header. PRESENCE# = 0 when a High Definition Audio dongle is connected
LINEout_R: Analog Port - Right channel
MIC_JD: Jack detection return from front panel microphone JACK1
Front_JD: Jack detection sense line from the High Defintiion Audio CODEC jack detection resistor network
NC: No control (you can see from the attached diagram that its empty)
LINE out_L: Analog Port - Left channel
LINEout_JD: Jack detection return from front panel JACK2

However, for the wires from my casing, all I have are:
7 in total.

Yes it's not a typo - I have 2x L OUTs and R OUTs. I have no idea what wires to attach to which connectors, besides GROUND. I've tried various combinations, but I can't get my audio jacks, especially the microphone one, to work. I really need some help here please!

A:Need help getting front panel audio jacks to work

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the realtek high definition audio output (and input) is/are not working. i have no idea why. i have tried installing the realtek high definition codec from and it has failed several times. the message "Install realtek hd audio driver failure error code: 0x00000103" comes up in the middle of the setup. please, i really need my audio output jack to work. should i uninstall the realtek high definition audio driver and then reinstall it? HELP!!!!

A:audio output/input jacks are not working

Hi litldrummerboy and welcome to Vista Forums

We need some more information about your system as we need to ascertain that you do have a Realtek codec installed on your motherboard. If it is Realtek, then see here for the latest driver information: Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version Save the file to your computer and then run the install from there. Don't try to run it as you download it (especially with their download speeds).

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I have this motherboard. and get no audio when I plug in headphones in the front or back ports. I'm running win 7 so there aren't compatible drivers available on asus site,

I tried downloading the vista x64 and installing them in compatibility mode but the device manager shows "High Definition Audio Device" so I think it's still using a generic windows driver.
Also tried these: Realtek

Sound>Playback shows Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and sound bars move while playing a mp3 or movie but still no audio. Usually speakers and headphones show up I though? I don't even see them when I choose show disabled devices. I tested usb headphones and got audio but I really need those 3.5 jacks to work.
The audio on this board is: Realtek ALC662, 6-CH High-Definition Audio CODEC
I've also reset the bios, and the mic shows up and receives data when plugged in but still no sound.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:No Audio from front or back panel jacks.

I'm still looking for suggestions. I'm wondering if buying a newer sound card would work.

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I have a Thinkpad P50 with the Workstation Dock 230W.a) can I use the combo audio jack on the dock and the thinkpad at the same time? What seems to happen is the dock's jack works until something is plugged into thinkpad's jack; then only the thinkpad jack operates.b) assuming (a) can be fixed, can each device receive different output? e.g. I want the music player output to go to the dock's jack and my video conferencing output to go a headset plugged into the thinkpad's jack. Thanks.

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I just picked up a set of gaming headphones that use optical audio for its source, but I also have a set of 5.1 surround speakers. I'd like to be able to just use the headphones when I want to without having to go into sound manager and make the optical plug the default audio source every time I want to use them. Is there a way to enable both audio sources at the same time or do I have to switch them every time? Thanks for any help in advance!!!

A:Is there a way to enable both optical audio and the stereo jacks?

Short answer is NO. Windows will only allow one "default" audio playback device. Thus you will have to manually change as your are doing.

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Hey guys,

I installed the Hyper 212+ this weekend, but after installation, the audio stopped working. Thinking that this was a hardware issue, I went back and replugged some of the cables back into the mobo to make sure they were securely in there. No luck.

My setup (other specs in profile):
- Phenom x4 955
- Radeon 5850
- ASRock 870 Extreme3

Sound appears to work (green bars move, Windows doesn't detect any problems), but there's no output. Here's what the Sound control panel looks like:

(Note that I do indeed have speakers/headphones plugged in.)

I also went into the Realtek HD Audio Manager to see what's going on and it lists only Digital Output. None of the analog jacks appear to be active in the Manager window, unless I disable front panel jack audio detection. Here's what it looks like with front panel detection enabled:

And with front detection disabled:

I've done a couple of things so far:
- Tried headphones and speakers in front and rear audio jacks.
- Even tried microphone in front mic-in jack - didn't work. A USB (connected to front panel) mic did work, however.
- Restored BIOS to factory defaults.
- Disabled/re-enabled onboard audio in BIOS.
- Installed/uninstalled/reinstalled audio and video drivers.

I've also messed around with the Realtek HD Audio Manager itself:
- I disabled front panel jack audio detection. This added two additional in/ouputs: Speakers and FrontMic. Neither work.
- Changed default device to speake... Read more

A:No Audio Output via Front and Rear Jacks

flaergr, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Might help if you set the Speakers as the default device instead of the digital one. Unless you're specifically using the optical/digital connections on the back, both the regular and front panel jacks are analogue.

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So I have had this problem for a few months. It was an issue before because USB audio works completely fine, like my USB headset. My USB headset broke so I bought a normal headset. The issue I"m having is this:

One of the audio jacks doesn't even read my device when I plug it in, whether it be speakers or my headset. The other one on the back, however, reads it but only reads the left side. And whenever I play a game or listen to music, the speakers or headset just make fuzzy crackling noises. Now the microphone jack in the front doesn't read my mic at all, and the back one says it reads it but still doesn't seem to work.

Could this be an issue with my motherboard or just the connections of the audio jacks themselves?

A:Audio/microphone Jacks not working properly

Not quite enough info yet to go on. Is this audio card built into the motherboard or is it a PCI card? Something simple we can try to start, go to the control panel, open devise manager, go to sound devises, click on you sound card, uninstall it then reboot windows. Windows should install new drivers. See if this gets your sound back. If not we'll try something else.

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We have a few systems where the front audio jacks are not working correctly on the NF68-A1 boards. Bios updated, latest realtek audio drivers for vista installed. One of the systems strangely enough only the mic is working, the cases are not the same on these systems and it is unlikely the ports are all bad.

Specs for system #1 (Bios 100% recent audio 100% latest)

Power Supply: 750W Thermaltake (SLI Compatible) (Silent Toughpower Edition)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz (1066MHz Front Side Bus) (4MB Cache)
Motherboard: eVGA Core 2 Quad (Chipset: nForce 680i) (SLI Compatible) (Quad Core Conroe)
Memory: 1GB DDR2 Super Talent at 800MHz (High-Performance)
Floppy / Media: Sony 1.44MB Floppy (Black Edition)
Hard Drive 1: 320GB Western Digital (16MB Cache) (7200 RPM) (SATA)
Hard Drive 2: - No Thanks
Raid Option: - No Thanks
Optical Drive 1: Sony DVD-ROM/CD-ROM (DVD Reader 16x / CD Reader 40x)
Optical Drive 2: Sony DVD±R/RW/CD-R/RW (DVD Writer 18x / CD-Writer 48x)
Network Card: High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections)
Modem: - No Thanks
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MB (By: eVGA) (PCI-Express)
TV Tuner: - No Thanks
Sound Card: Motherboard Multi-Channel High Definition Audio (7.1 Channel)
Physics Card: - No Thanks
Cooling: Air Cooling (Certified Digital Storm Heat-sink and Fan (Stage 1 Cooling)
Case Lighting: Blizzard Internal Lighting (Blue Edition) (Cold Cathode Tubes)
Round Cables: - No Thanks
Windows OS: Microsoft Wind... Read more

A:Front audio jacks not working on NF68-A1

the evga board in question only supports HD audio, so cases with ac97 front connectors will not work!! solved.

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Hi there,

A while ago I had an accident with my Inspiron 15R 5520, which ended in a broken headphone jack. An easy solution would be to remap the Microphone  jack to work as an headphone one, but i can't find any way to do that.
I already did some research, found out it has a Conexant CX20672 audio codec, which supports jack retasking, but conexant doesn't have any more info about that codec, nor they have any kind of software available which could do that. The Dell Audio software only allows me to choose between Microphone and Line In for that jack. Comparatively, a realtek sound chip of similar specs, comes with software to do that by default, and it is well known how to do that in the windows registry in case the software isn't able to do so.
So, this is how things are: Although it is supposed to be possible to retask the ports, i have no idea how to do it. 
If anyone could guide me into retasking my audio ports, i would be very thankful!

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Hi all,

I'm currently having trouble using the front/rear mic jacks on my computer. Working microphones plugged into either of these jacks will be recognized by the computer (through Realtek Sound Manager Connector Sensing), but no sound will be received through the mic (testing through Sound Recorder for example).

I've checked through all the sound options, and there's no indication that the mic volume is too low or muted. Is there any way to diagnose or solve this problem? I searched through the forums and couldn't find the answer, so any help is appreciated.

Here are my system specs:
AMD64 3700+, 2.21GHz
Windows XP Pro
ATI Radeon X800
DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra-D
Coolermaster Centurion case


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The audio jacks that came with the motherboard don't work. I've tried different speakers, restarted my computer etc. It doesn't appear under playback devices. It doesn't seem to appear under device manager either.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate my point:

Device Manager
Playback Devices
Here's the link to my motherboard's page:

A:Gigabyte ga-z68ma-d2h-b3 audio jacks not working.

Hi shokwaav

Did you make the connection between your soundcard and your graphics card with a SPDIF cable?

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Hi there, first of all nice job on this forum, as it seems this one is one of the most active for windows 7 help. I hope you guys can help me out.
My problems began after I clean re-installed W7. My rear audio jacks are not being recognised in device manager, and plugging in my headphones won't help. I disabled my front audio panels, because the front and rear jacks cant be used at the same time and my rear jacks have surround sound options, so I'm using those.
This setup has been working fine for 4 years, with me using the rear jacks for my 5.1 surround sound headset.

- Windows 7 Ultimate x64
- ASRock P55M PRO motherboard ASRock > P55M Pro
According to ASRock: Audio - 7.1 CH HD Audio (VIA? VT1708S Audio Codec)

What I've tried to do / done already:
- Checked volume, sound ON/OFF and all that basic stuff
- Looked at Device Manager, see screenshot.
- Updated windows with windows updater
- Checked my headphones, they still work on other devices
- I enabled the on board sound in BIOS (maybe I did it wrong?)
- Downloaded the drivers from the asrock website, however, after using the setup.exe for the driver and restarting my computer, it's as if nothing changed.
- Did the same for the drivers from the VIA website.
NOTE sometimes after restarting after setting up a driver I get a black screen prior to logging onto my desktop saying: 'General Serial ATA Driver diskette (Y/N)?', saying NO will restart the pc, and then into the black screen with the qu... Read more

A:No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7

Sounds like something is amiss with the device itself or possibly the jacks themselves(possible hardware issue). But; i would try completely uninstalling all the devices that have the issues; reboot; and let windows try and reinstall them. If you have disks for any of the devices you might have to use the disc to load the drivers and then update them online if needed. If that does not work then it sounds like those jacks may have just bit the dust suddenly in which case you could try sending the board in to the manufacturer to have them fix it; or just get a new board which i know is not what you want to hear but if it comes down to that you may have to.

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Hello. My audio / headset jacks on the front panel of my PC running Windows 8.1 will not work. I had the Beats Audio Panel installed and was using the IDT High Definition Audio Codec and had rear sound through my speakers only. After checking your forum, I unistalled that driver (and Beats Audio) and installed the High Definition Audio Device driver only (no Beats Audio) and both rear jacks work. So, I can get sound and recording in the rear, but not it the front. I hope you can help me. Thank you.  

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I have a problem similar to one posted earlier this year. I have a sound blaster live card that I took out of a dell and I've put it in an HP dc5000. Everything works except the front audio panel. I know that I need to connect them to the card but the headers don't seem to be compatible. Is there any way around this?

A:Front panel audio jacks not working

Assuming your Live has the connector shown here,

Connecting the SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS to the Front Panel

the easiest would be if you still have the Dell case to pull the entire wire harness (from the front plugs to the connector) from the Dell case and swap it with the one in the HP case (if possible that is). Or you can follow that guide and make your own cable as the pinouts for that connector are the same on all Creative cards that have it. One other option is to buy one ready made (pretty sure I have seen them cheaper on ebay),

The X-Tap -- Sound Blaster Audigy/X-Fi Harness

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I can not get sound from my front jacks but I get sound through the internal speaker. If the rear jacks are enabled then they will work.

Device manager shows: 2 high definition audio devices (not realtek). One for the rear jacks and the other for ATPI Inernal ATPI jack. No playback device listed for the front jacks.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the devices but the front jacks wont install

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:HP400 sound from internal speaker and rear jacks but not front jacks

High Definition Audio Drivers are only the generic, basic function, Windows installed sound drivers. They are not the full feature drivers that the hardware drivers provide. Check HP for a correct sound driver, if available.

ATPI (ATAPI) suggests this is an old Windows XP PC that was upgraded. There may not be any better drivers than the generic ones you have now.

Also check the front panel audio connection to the motherboard (reseat the connector).

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We have a LAN connection, ethernet broadband connection... (again, I'm not a very technically knowledgeable person). There are two computers in our house online. Currently the cable from the antenna goes directly to the back of our computer, skipping the router as it was defective. I just received the new one today and was wondering what numbers I will need to record from my and the second pc to get both back online again.

A:New router box hookup question

Please supply the following info.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows, i.e. XP-Home SP2.

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Alright ehres the hardware i have:

Motorola SB5100 Surfboard Cable Modem
Netgear MR814v2 Router
Linksys Cable/DSL Internet gateway, Model DI-704 (I'm pretty sure its just a switch)

the router has 4 wired ports and then the ability to do as many wireless connections as possible.

I need, however, more wired ports in the same room as the modem.

which is the right way to hook it up?

Modem > Internet Gateway > Router > Computers
Modem > Router > Internet Gateway > Computers

Also, I'll then have 8 total Ethernet Ports. Should I connect the Majority of the computers to the switch or the router? (being theres 4 ports on each and theres 5 computers that need to be wired)

Please help me. I'm so comfused.
Thanks, Zman

A:Netoworking Hookup question...

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Hello and thank you very much --
Yesterday the cursor disappeared so I turned the pc off manually.  When I turned it back on after a few seconds all was OK.  Cursor disappeared again, so I tried the same thing, but the computer now won't turn back on at all.
The start button lights up amber then immediately goes out.  No sounds.  I have unplugged and plugged back in all the cords from wall, router, modem.  The lights on modem and router are all normal,  The laptop I am using as I type right now is hooked up to the exact same system, I'm not using the laptop wirelessly.  I have also unplugged the power and held down the start button for 10 seconds as was suggested on Dell's website.  But pc still won't respond.  If I unplug and replug  the whole thing from the wall or plug and replug the AC adapter, I see the Dell logo for a moment on the screen and then the message it is going to power saving mode, then black.
The pc that won't turn on is a Dell 8900 which I bought 6 months ago and has worked perfectly up to now.  I use Windows10. 
What should I do next?    

A:Dell 8900 stopped working

Contact Dell Tech Support for warranty support.
Might be power supply or video card.  If you use a surge protector or power strip, remove those and try connecting PC directly to the wall outlet.
And always mention version of Windows in your posts

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I recently purchased an XPS 8900 with Win 10 Home installed. I want to run the OS & apps off an SSD, but the methods to get that to happen have not worked so far, namely cloning the HD to the SSD. Pretty much everything I've seen on the forums here and on the internet don't seem to take into consideration UEFI, which has proven be an enormous PITA in this process, as i have to keep switching between UEFI and Legacy modes to get the system to (try to) boot off the SSD.
The install is fresh - i.e. no user data yet, so I'm not worried about losing that data. The recovery partitions are intact. I created a recovery USB drive from within Windows 10. Any guidance on this would be welcome. Thanks!

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Recently I moved my XPS 8900's internals to a bigger case. When powering on, it appears to all work but when it gets to the dell screen, it goes black. I can press f2 or f12 for the setup menus but it never gets there. It appears to be a POST problem, with blinking power button and keyboard capslock and scroll lock LEDs. It blinks in a pattern of 3-7-1-6. I cannot seem to get it to boot. Anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

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Hello everybody,
When we turn this machine on, 
The error is always bring with "Preparing Automatic repair" and "Diagnosing your PC"

When i restart machine "it said, your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart"etc...
These error are same thing!
What should i do? 
Best regards, 

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Will it run?
I know someone on here managed to get the 1070 to run perfectly on their stock XPS 8900 with 460W PSU

Has anyone tried it? Let me know, thanks!

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   Just purchased a Dell XPS 8900 windows 10 64 bit with 802.11ac + bluetooth 4.0. Every time I run bittorrent I am getting the bcmwl63a.sys and BSOD. I have read to uninstall drivers and install older version. I am not very technical. If someone could please let me know where to find the drivers and how to uninstall current drivers? Or if you can point me in the direction with additional info that would be most appreciated.

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Hi Everyone, I bought a new computer the Dell xps 8900 and I received it and set it up March 3. I had some issues with it and had a tech come over and work on it. I started having problems with the mouse not waking up. I would have to un plug it from the back of the tower. Dell replaced that computer and I just got another one lase Wednesday and set it up on Friday. I did add a printer and Acrobat Reader and I noticed that the computer came not to go in to sleep mode. I changed the settings and it seemed to be working and now is doing the same thing. It went to sleep and I tried restarting it. That did not work and I used the arrow keys to shut it down and then restarted it and the mouse worked. Is this a windows problem or a computer problem? does any one know or have this problem it's windows 10.

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Good Morning,
I have been reading about installing a 1tb SSD drive in my unit and keeping the 2tb as drive D/E. I would clone my existing drive to the SSD using EaseUS, remove all the data which would remain on the original drive. Has anyone been through this scenario and could you send me the correct procedure.
I do not want to re-invent the wheel. 

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I used this forum trying to get my problem solved, but i couldn't do it by viewing other threads about simillar problems.

Well, i recently upgraded my SO, from WindowsXP to Windows7.
Before this, my speakers worked fine but now they don't.
I've made many tests and configs changes, had some results but none is what i want.
I can tell that my headphones are working fine when i listen to music or sounds in the web, that stuff, so i think they're fine. On the other hand, my speakers don't make any sound when i listen to media player or youtube.
I've made tests on the speakers and 3 of my columns and the bass do sound, but the 2 front speaker don't make any sound on the tests, instead the headphones do the sound.
I also tried changing the green jack (from the 2 front speakers) to the green headphones jack, and then they made sound, but still the other columns didn't work playing music.

I have a 5.1 sound system from creative
Device Audio : 82801IB/IR/IH (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller from Realtek (PC Wizard info).

Also, my drivers cd is incompatible with this SO, so i've downloaded the drivers from the web.

Any help i can get i'd be very thankfull.
Filipe Fonseca

A:Realtek sound problems - Audio jacks switched(?)

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It shows my front jacks. But when I plug in my headset nothing pops up, and I can't manually click the jack. Having to pull out my entire computer every time I want to plug in my headset it really really annoying, which is the whole reason I got jacks on the front of my they don't work?

A:Realtech HD Audio Manager not working with front jacks

Originally Posted by Megz

It shows my front jacks. But when I plug in my headset nothing pops up, and I can't manually click the jack. Having to pull out my entire computer every time I want to plug in my headset it really really annoying, which is the whole reason I got jacks on the front of my they don't work?

Hi Megz,

Welcome to the Forum,

You need to check that the front speakers are connected to the motherboard. There are up two connectors one is for HD (mine is yellow) and the other for AC97. You now need to Enter the Bios and check that Front Panel Audio is selected to the same HD or AC97
I hope this helps


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The Specifications

Computer type: PC/Desktop
Computer Manufacturer/Model Number: Custom Build
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: i7-5820K
Motherboard: X99-A
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4
Graphics Card(s): Either GTX 970 STRIX or GT640
Monitor(s) Displays: BenQ GL2250H
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Hard Drives: A WD10EZRX that is still trying to tell me it has 1TB of memory. Yeah yeah...
PSU: Corsair CS450M
Internet Speed: Optimistic

(Please tell me if you need anything else on this front!)
The Issue

So I'm finally finishing up on installing a load of new components, and the last pressing issue seems to be that, for some reason, my audio jacks do not work. Both the front and back ports do not register my headphones or my speakers. Neither of these are defective, and I've tried them in a friend's laptop to verify this. I tried reinstalling both my NVIDIA Audio Drivers as well as the Realtek ones that came with the motherboard. NVIDIA reinstalled fine, but Realtek comes up with errors during the install (such as 0x000000FF) but 'completes' regardless. That is to say, when I restart it can be found and uninstalled via Control Panel, but it can't be found in device manager. I'm pretty sure that's the culpit, but I've no idea how to deal with the issue.

Side Note: Due to the issues laid out in this thread, I am working on backdated NVIDIA drivers. I don't think that's t... Read more

A:Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues

The audio jacks don't work, obviously because the sound driver is not installing.
Does the Windows installed "High Definition Audio driver" install? (instead of the regular hardware Realtek) If that is not installing there would seem to be a hardware problem or that the sound is disabled in the BIOS.

Another remote possibility is that you are using the HDMI port, which in that case Windows automatically switches to the HDMI for audio. The regular sound should still install, but this is one remote possibility.

The last possibility is a hardware problem on the motherboard.

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I am trying to listen to both at the same time so i can hear double the kick in the bass you know? when i plug both in it mutes the rear and i can only hear the one jack in the front.
i have an Emachines windows 7 64 bit

Please if you have any feedback i will take it! greatly appreciated

A:How do I use 2 audio jacks simultaneously(front and rear)for 2 systems

BruteDubstep welcome to the Seven Forums.

Even if you can do that it won't double the bass. You want more bass in your sound you're either need to play around with the bass/EQ settings, or get a set of speakers/headphones that have more bass.

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I just got a new computer a few days ago (Acer Aspire X3400) And I have my speakers plugged into the green audio jack in the back and my headphones plugged into the black audio jack in the front but they both come under speakers in my playback devices (as well as rear black port) and if both my speakers and headphones are plugged in sound only plays through my headphones but if I got to my realtek HD audio manager and disable front panel jack detection sound plays out of both, but I want it so sound comes out of my speakers and I can hear people in my skype call through my headphones, but for that my headphones and speakers need to be shown as different devices, just want to know if I can make if show different jack as different audio devices instead of sticking a few under one device. kthxbai <3

A:How do I change my audio jacks from under one playback device option?

Is there any chance you can rewrite that and use more than 1 sentence to make it intelligible?

An occasional period would help. Maybe even some white space or multiple paragraphs.

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This just started yesterday. I installed Windows 10 two months ago, so I can't blame that. I did all the recommended in computer repair steps with drivers and the speaker icon, but the computer says that the speaker or headphones are not plugged in. They were tested and do work. There are two jacks in the front, and the speakers work through one of them. I thought maybe the sound card was fried, but with the front jack working, what gives?

A:Inspiron 545 rear audio jacks not working, but front ones do.

What model sound card--integrated or separate? Check the ports in the back again with a flashlight. Make sure you are using the light green port in the middle for the speakers. The blue and the green look very much alike. 
Brave of you to install win 10 on such an old model. 

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I?m having a problem with the front panel audio of my new Antec One case. While the headphone jack plays sound fine the problem is that it doesn?t detect when headphones are plugged in and does not mute the rear speakers. Jack Sensing is not working at all and Realtek HD Audio Manger marks both the headphone and mic jack as permanently plugged in.

I?ve tried re-installing the audio drivers many times and can verify that an HD Audio header is plugged into the mobo and not an AC?97.

Anyone else have any ideas what the problem could be? This is a very minor but rather annoying problem. Thanks.

A:Front panel audio jacks not muting speakers

On some systems, The RealTek HD Audio Manager will give you the option of muting the speakers when you plug in a headset or give you the option not to mute the speakers.

Its found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound. I'm not sure how to access this in Win 8 without a Start button. I have an add on program (Start8) that adds the Start Button and Windows 7 look so I can access it on my Win 8 system.

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I'm working on an older Dell Dimension E-310. I had to re-install windows xp. When I downloaded the sigmatel audio drivers they work fine, but there is a very irritating thing that is happenening. When windows first starts up there's a thing that loads in the rt hand bottome tray that looks sort of like air waves on a tower??? Anyway, then the thing comes up that there has been an error and would we like to send an error report to microsoft or not. When I click that off, the thing goes away. When I put the mouse over it it says IDS_Systray_tooltip. Is there a way to keep that from loading?? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling sigmatel 3 times already. Have searched onlline etc. I would like to get that annoying thing off. Thanks for any help.
I also forgot to say what the error thing says...IDT Audio System Tray App encountered a problem and has to close. Please tell MS about your problem. Send error report or Don't send. This computer also has SP3 on it. Could that be the problem. I haven't tried removing that.

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Hi has anyone repaired bad caps in a Samsung 226BW LCD Monitor ? I want to verify which way the Pink and Blue Cords should be reconnected, should it be, Pink/Blue, Pink/Blue ?

A:226BW Cap Replacement Hookup Question

does this help any?

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I was working on a friends house today he has dsl and his son wanted to get dsl upstairs on his computer also. I have two computers at home both xp home sp2 and had an everywhere router by linksys and hooked both computers to it no problem so I had dsl on both.

I was going to do the same with his, I went there and ran cat5e wire to the upstairs and got everything done. He was going to use a Linksys router. so I got the router out and it said to put the cd in first before anything so I did and it had very easy directions on how to plug the wires in etc. however, everytime I got to where it was going to check the internet connection it would come back and say it couldn't find the router. His computer was working right befvore this going tthrough just th dsl modem and I have hooked up a router before with no problems. I even got the ISP on the phone and we went through all kinds of stuff like ipconfig/all and ipconfig release and renew, tried to ping and it would n't etc, well I hooked just the dsl modem back up and internet started working aganin. the ISP said they thought the router was bad even tho it is brand new right out of the box, when the router was hooked up it had all the lites were right and the dsl modem lites were all like they should be so this led the ISP to say the router was bad. Ok I can live with that ( I was wondering if norton antivirus can have anthing to do with it although I shut it down and the router still couldn't be found). I turned o... Read more

A:Windows XP PRO sp2-Question about router hookup

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I just got a new XPS 8900. I've looked through all of the Windows 10, Dell Audio, and MaxxAudio settings, but I can't find what i'm looking for.
I want to be able to play audio through my headset and my speakers at the same time. Reason being, the "front jacks" are actually about 3/4 of the way back on the top of the case. My case sits under my desk. In order to plug in my headset to use voice comms and unplug it when I just want to listen to my speakers, i have to actually crawl under my desk to reach the stupid jack.
My previous PC had a simple checkbox in its audio configuration software: "Mute speakers when headphones are plugged in?" I made use of this checkbox about 4 times a day. I've had this new XPS for 2 days and I'm already sick of crawling under my desk.
Please tell me there's a way to play audio through my headset and speakers simultaneously.

A:XPS 8900 Headphone and Speaker Audio Simultaneously

The only way I know of to do this is =XPS 8900 rear green audio out jack --> Stereo Mini to Dual Stereo Mini 1/2 --> Dual Stereo Mini 1 --> Speakers, Dual Stereo Mini 2 --> 6ft cable --> Headphones

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micro innovations, the model from the line" intelligent wireless" model ceo470, the mouse has a sync button on the bottom and works fine. the keyboard does not have a button, but does have what looks like a button with 2 choices. ch1 and ch2, i have tried both options, i never did get the disc, in the original package. (red flag!!) thought i could dwn load driver for free. appearently NOT!! I have new batteries in the keyboard, as i say the mouse works, i also dont know if any of the buttons on the top of the keyboard are pwr, or on./off buttons..???? i would really appreciate anyone with the knowledge to help me as i need the ability to go wireless in my office. thanks dsh

A:wireless keyboard wont hookup to desktop

to Bleeping Computer. this site for your drivers.

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Hi Guys,
I myself and a friend manage to change the factory XPS 8900 CPU fan cooler to Corsair Hydro H100i GTX liquid cooler but there is one thing which is bothering us. My system will test the corsair liquid cooling fan in very high speed every time I boot up the system. We manage to get rid the fan not detected screen but we don't know why system is still test the fan without showing us error. Is there any way to bypass or disable it? I need help for this.
Much appreciated.

A:XPS 8900, Issue with non-Dell CPU liquid cooler.

There is no bypass for fan error to use non dell fan.

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So I just bought a Dell XPS 8900 i7 6700 from the outlet.  I intend to upgrade to a a newer z170m mobo that will support non-k oc, memory upgrade to faster memory that will oc, bigger psu, and gtx 980ti, and clone old drive to ssd drive.   What issues will I have with drivers, licensing of windows 10, etc..  I'm going to use a water cooler for the cpu.

A:Dell XPS 8900 i7 6700 upgrade questions

Huh?Sorry, what you're suggesting makes no sense.
The Windows license is LOCKED to the Dell motherboard.  You can NOT use a Dell OEM license on a non Dell motherboard.The XPS 8900 case does not support a water cooler.  Your only option would be to put the radiator through the front, and then you'd really need an air barrier to separate the exhaust from the air intake area above.You should also upgrade the power supply.   You'll also want to change the DRAM. So, you're taking about another motherboard, another case, water cooling, and another Windows License.  You can get a Windows 10 license for under $100.
So, by buying the XPS 8900, you got a CPU.  Imho, buying an i7-6700K is better.  They are specially screen to support higher clock rates.  In fact, you'll be lucky if a non-K can clock as high as the base clock of the 6700K.  Intel has been trying to support the K demand.  So, people can forget about "being lucky" and getting a non-K that can clock as high a a K-version.  The 6700K cpus are coming down in price.
Fwiw, I strongly suggest getting an ASUS motherboard.Good Luck.

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I have been a Dell customer for many, many years and have never had a problem with order deliveries until now.  I ordered a Dell XPS 8900 special edition on 7/16 and have had three different estimated delivery dates posted on the websites (all wrong), the latest of which was today.  I have been in contact with customer service and told of a parts shortage (after placing the order of course).  This is highly unlike any experience I have ever had with Dell.  Is anyone else experiencing delivery delays and inaccurate delivery estimates, or am I just "lucky"?

A:Dell XPS 8900 - Delivery Date Changed Twice (and still not here)

This is a fairly new model and delays do happen -- and systems are not built by Dell, but by contractors outside the US -- the supply chain is long and yes -- delays are almost inevitable.

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I have an XPS8900 with a Dell supplied 750 TI card fitted.  I would like to replace this with an Asus Strix 960 GTX board.  It is longer than existing board and I am not sure if it will fit due to ram slots and some power plugs for HD etc.
Has anyone fitted the type of card to an 8900 and does it physically fit on mboard.

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I just got a notificaiton on my Dell XPS 8900 that there is a new BIOS update.

I am currently on 2.1.0 dated 2015 12 11.  The new one is 2.1.3 dated 2016 02 05.
Fixes & Enhancements
Enhancements- Improved system stability for virtual machine environment - Improved system stability for long Media playback.- Updated Dell Diagnostic to 4302.15 

Everything is working fine right now.  I was wondering if you recommend upgrading.  Also you can use this thread to discuss your experiences in upgrading to this new BIOS.


A:Dell XPS 8900 BIOS Update 2.1.3 discussion

I went ahead and installed this update because this is such a new model I figured it is worth upgrading the BIOS the first few revisions they release. The upgrade went smooth and it is working fine for me now.

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I have this new computer and I am trying to download the Cyberlink essencial software, but I can´t get the Digital Delivery to work. After a while of seen the tool logo, I got the message that it couldn´t connect to the Internet and tool shuts down.
I have tried with this suggestions but it did not work: 


A:XPS 8900 Dell Digital Delivery is not working.

Click the link below to register and download software for your computer. The site only works with Internet Explorer.
My Dell Downloads

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Does the XPS 8900 and this particular video card work together ? The physical size and PSU ? I know it needs a 500 W and the XPS 8900 has a 460 W but without ather hardware can the PSU handle it without crashing ? I am not tech savvy enough so can anyone help with infos, please.

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I am planning on adding an SSD and doing a clean install of Win 10 on my new XPS 8900. I've spent a lot of time researching this and have notes and tutorials to follow that I feel comfortable with. The one area that I have not found good answers and only general advice is on reinstalling the drivers. The advice has been to go to the Dell download center and get them there.
To make sure I end up with the correct drivers on the SSD, I first took a look at what I currently have in the Device Manager and compared them to the list of drivers on the Dell driver page specific to my computer tag #. That has been an exercise in frustration. I have lots of questions. Please be patient. Hopefully this will help others also.
Let's start with the video drivers. Device Manager vs Dell list:

I have the GTX 745 and the Dell config on the Dell site lists it correctly. So why doesn't it show up on the list specific to my computer? Instead it lists an AMD. So, now I select to show all drivers for all XPS 8900s and it adds the following driver:

Even here, the GTX 745 isn't listed. Why? Can anyone from Dell explain why they don't have the driver listed for the most common graphics card installed on current XPS 8900s?
When I do a site search for a GTX 745, I find:

So, is this a newer driver compared to my installed?:
Version   7 Aug 15  (the date is later but the number is lower)
Also, is the Intel HD Graphic Driver listed above on... Read more

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I just bought this card and its huge. I took the side panel off the computer and fit it up it looks like it might fit.  I dont want to install it now cause I want to upgrade my PSU to a 600 watt. Has anyone had any issues with fitting this card ??? thanks for your time, jeff.

EVGA SSC geforce gtx 960 4 gb gddr5 and a dell xps 8900.....

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