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Front Case USB Port Broken

Q: Front Case USB Port Broken

Hi everyone, and thanks in advance

The problem is this:
I was just testing out a bunch of mouses on my USB port (its a long story) and plugging them in to the front USB port on my case...

You can view my case ina big picture here:
I plugged it in to the top one

anyway, a little later i tripped over the mouse cord pulling the mouse cord out of the USB Port and causeing the top USB port protector (white thing covering the 4 prongs) and bending the whole thing down.

Now the top USB Port is missing the white protector. The bottom one seems fine but both were bent... now none of them work.

Could anyone give me any information on what to do or ways i could try to see if it works (excluding taking it in for repair)?

If repair is the only option could someone tell me what may have to be repeaired?

thank you very much guys
any help would be very greatly appreciated :slurp:

A: Front Case USB Port Broken

you definitely need to repair
just get a new front-usb module, their about $5

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Hello all,

This (ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H81-PLUS) is my mobo. I have three USB ports on front panel of my case. Two of them are USB 2 and the other is USB3. I have also some 2 & 3 ones on the back of the case. The problem is that the USB3 of front panel doesn't work. I opened the case and saw that there is one cable from that USB3 of front port but it is not connected to elsewhere! I sought the mobo panel to find some port/jack to attach that end side of the cable into that but apparently mobo doesn't have such a jack. I've attached the image of the end side of that cable here.
Is there any way/converter to install that cable to the mobo so that I have USB3 on front panel of the case please?

A:USB port on front panlel of the case

Your board does not have a USB 3.0 midboard header so you won't be able to connect the front USB 3.0 ports directly to the board. There is no way to convert the cable to connect to the board either as far as I'm aware as there's no USB 3.0 connectivity on there.

ASUS H81-Plus Specifications

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hey i had a custom built computer i designed mysel, pretty highernd for two years ago. the thing is i have the thermaltake II xaser 5000 i think. anyway it has a firewire por tand 2 usb ports on the front. i have no firewire products so that makes no difference to me. but the usb ports were working up until abou t a week ago. now i have four other ports in back but i dont know if theyre 2.0 or 1.1 i tried fixcing this by reconnecting all the 1pin-hole wires to the pins on the mother board because it appeared some were lose. that didnt resolve it. I tried that because the ports are on a try thing that have a quick release and i pulld it out a lil bit to check the temp lcd batt and figured it got disconnected but now idk y. can anyone help?

A:front usb port unresponsive on highend case

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I have just put my gear into a new case with front usb and sound ports. I am using built in Realtek 5.10 HD audio driving Creative 6 channel speaker system with the green plug into the rear green port so that I can get game sounds into the speakers. MB is Asrock K8NF6P-VSTA with XP Home SP3 and 768M DDR 400.

I need to be able to switch off the creative system and insert earphones into the front jack without changing plugs over, but the front speaker port will not work at the same time as the having the Creative system plugged in. However if I put he green plug of the Creative system into the grey jack then I do not get game or system sounds, only music.

What info can you give me to help sort out this dilemma?


A:Solved: Speaker port won't work on front panel new case

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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?

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The other night while surfing I heard a small pop and my monitor went blank (black). I hooked my son's monitor up and still nothing. I assumed it was the video card (a 6 month old PNY_____) . Last night I purchased a new card, installed it and have changed nothing.
The one other thing I have not noticed before is that the red light on the fornt of the case is on. The CPU fan is running and the unit continues to allow my son to access the 'net( it has the router and modem hooked up to it ). The unit makes no sounds as if it is trying to boot.

Epox ep-8kta+ mobo
AMD 900 mhz T-bird

Any help please.
I'm liable to break a leg getting to my son's computer.
Thank you

A:What is the RED light on the front of the case????

My guess is the power supply has died. It could also be the motherboard, but the only way to confirm is through some testing. I don't know how tech-minded you are (but if you are installing your own graphics cards it sounds like you know what you're doing).

I'd remove everything from the motherboard except one stick of ram, your video card and your CPU/heatsink.

What happens at this stage when you hit the power button? Any fans?

Take your son's PSU and try again.

Good luck!

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i have a new custom case and need a diagram or description to help with plugging in the the mic and speakers on the front of the case if anyone can offer some advice im clueless on the matter and would be greatfull


A:front case speakers and mic

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So i recently purchased a new case and well lets say the fans and front I/O isn't as easy to understand as my old case where i just had to plug in 1 cable into the motherboard.

That is my motherboard and i need help installing these cables:

Click to expand...

I've never seen these cables before and so I'm confusedClick to expand...

Click to expand...

I know where these go but I'm not sure if i have to plug in the cable labeled "AC'97" Click to expand...

As i mentioned above this is the motherboard i have


A:New case front I/O and fans

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I connect the cable to the MBO, and they don't work. I disconnect that, put the USB connector I got with MBO on the SAME place, and it works. Why? It's as if the ones on the case were broken, and I doubt they are 'cause the case is brand new, Coolermaster.

A:USBs on the front of the case

USB pin-out is not standardized

The USB pin-out on motherboards is not standardized.
The motherboard maker should supply the pin-out for the USB connector on the motherboard. Or;

Match the "Color Coding" of the bracket that works to the one on the case.
"Standard USB Cable Wiring Color Code"

Please note;
Damage may have already accrued if you plugged in a USB device into the case USB to test the port.

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Five leads out of the startup switch from the case to the motherboard are not connected right. The leads are hdd-led , power led- power led+ power switch
reset switch. Have a ecs nforce 570 slit-a(v5.1) motherboard. No manual, and can't get one. Any suggestions on how to connect these pins in sequence the right way?

A:5 lead wires from the front of the case

Most m/b should have a small print on what the pins correspond to.

You have a rough idea what you should be looking for right?

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Looking for a case to switch my pic into to make it a more of a media centre in my front room. Don't really want to get a new mobo as I have a decent sabertooth board at the min. It's also got to fit a gtx970. Size is not really an issue apart from height. Any suggestions please?

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If your motherboard has sound and you choose to upgrade to new card. Is it possible to connect it to the front of the case even if there is not a connection on the new sound card or can you still use the connection on the motherboard?

Thank You for your input

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Hey Guys! I have a copmputer with an Antec p160W case. I was wondering, is it possible for the two front USB ports to go out? Is there a way to replace them if they do? Just to let you know, all of the cords and plugs needed are attached.

A:Case Front USB Ports not Responding

Not possible unless the motherboard is faulty, which is highly unlikely that only the USB headers would die.

What is more likely is the wires aren't properly seated on the USB headers, they are put on incorrectly, or the drivers in the OS are corrupted and need reinstalled.

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Replacing Gigabyte MB 880 & AMD Phenom II with ASUS M5AA88-V EVO and AMD FX 8120. 4 -4GB DDR3 1333MHZ, 3 1TB SATA, 1 500GB PATA, 1 750GB PATA, 2 ASUS DVD Drives, 1 Acer 20" LCD ModelX203H monitor, 1 LG 20" Flatron W1953T Monitor, Corsair AX750 Power Supply and Sigma La Vie Prestigio case.
My problem is identifying the positive and negative coming from the switches on the front of the case.
Gigabyte claims I wired it wrong taking out the mother board which worked for 18months. Sigma I can't seem to reach. White wires from each switch and the other wire various colors. I know the answer is staring me in the face but I am missing it.

A:Front Switches on Case to New Motherboard

The only wires that will be polarity sensative would be the ones for the LEDs. For switchs they are either open or close no polarity involved.

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I recently got a brand new computer case and today when I inserted external HDD, the computer reseted itself.HDD is working fine in motherboard USB ports, but when I want to connect the HDD device from front panel, the screen suddenly goes back and computer restarts.In device manager there is no problem discovered.
It resets even if I touch the USB port with the HDD connector.It can't be short circuit right ?
If somebody got an idea to fix this please post here I would highly appreciate it.

A:PC case front panel USB malfunction

Sometimes it's an idea to disable legacy USB devices in the board BIOS, but in your case I suspect your front ports are not powered and the amount of current the drive needs causes the instability and restart.

Consider using a powered USB hub or extension USB cable linked to a rear motherboard port.

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Hey I just changed my mobo over to a gaming case. On the old case Power LED, power switch etc. were all labeled and serperate.... Now there are some really nifty lights on the front of this new case but I cant seem to get them to work the plugs I have
are usb 1 (four prong) usb 2 (four prong) two one prong GND, a power Sw. and reset sw.

my mobo is Emachines t5082. I would also like to know what these plugs are called, haha

A:gaming case front lights.

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Hi there. I recently bought a barebones kit from Tigerdirect. It has usb 3.0 support, and the case I have is a cougar mid-tower case. Everything has been hooked up correctly as far as I know, and yet one of the usb ports on the front of my case does not work.

The connector that went into the motherboard from the front of the case, it yielded to both the usb 3.0 port, and the standard 2.0 port as well. So only one cable was plugged into the motherboard that I assumes powers both of them.

My usb 3.0 works (though I don't get full use out of it because I don't own any 3.0 devices to make it useful) but the standard 2.0 port does nothing at all. Doesn't even give power. I've tried plugging a phone into it, a flash drive, a plug n play device. Nothing. Does anyone know why the 3.0 port would be working and not the standard one?

I should also add that all the usb ports on the back of my case work fine too. It's just this one single port on the front of the case and I can't figure it out for the life of me...

A:USB ports on front case. 1 not working

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I cannot find out how to hook the front microphone input to a Sound Blaster X-fi extreme music sound card. The case is a Xion series gaming case from Xion USA. Creative will not help me out. Instead they offer the platinum edition for 80 dollars more. The only difference is the "convenient I/O drive" that fits in the case.

A:Front case audio ports

According to one reviewer, there is no on-board connector for the case audio cables:

If you are handy with a soldering iron, you might be able to run a home made adapter cable out of the back of the case and plug it into the rear panel mic jack.

Chuck W.

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I am building new computer for friend,got it up and running but wondering about audio hookups on front of case.Used antec sonata,abit nf7-s ,Barton 3000,400fsb,Kingston hyper-x,pc3200,160 gig serial ata HD.Anyway the way i get it in motherboard manual can leave jumpers on and have rear hookups or remove jumpers and usr audio connections to make front panel hookups work.Anyway to make both work?Guess its not that important to get front working but wondered if there is a way.Thank you.

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The old front case-fan that came with my generic case was making a lot of noise so I got rid of it. It was connected only to the power supply, and not the motherboard. The new fan I got, by Zalman, which clearly states "case fan", does not have a connector for the power supply but only a 3-pin one for the motherboard. However, my motherboard does not have a 3-pin connection anywhere, but only a 4-pin connection, which is called "sys fan". It's near the front fan of the case (or rather where there SHOULD be a front fan), and the 3-pin connector might fit the 4-pin connection on the mobo, but the wire isn't long enough, so it's unlikely that it was meant for that.

Is there a way to convert the connection so it will connect to the power supply instead of the mobo? It seems that my mobo just doesn't have enough connections for 2 fans. It's a micro atx one, and I guess those cases only have one, rear fan.


A:Solved: Switching a front case-fan

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On a new Antec case with power supply fan and a 120MM rear fan that exhaust's, I am adding another 120MM Antec Smart Cool to the front fan location.
The instructions suggest for best results use as a case exhaust fan. That makes sense for the rear.

What would be best for the front case fan in that there will be 6 HD's directly behind the front panel? To blow cool outside air over the Hard Drives or exhaust the heat from the HD's out of the case.

My goal is to preserve the life of the HD's.

So the scenario's are:
1. Exhaust out the rear with intake in the front over the hard drives or;
2. Exhaust out the front and rear and let the vents bring in cool air.


A:Front Case FAN, suck or blow over HD's?

Both my cases are drawing air in through the front fan.
Has worked just fine for me over the years.

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Hi I was wondering if their is something wrong with my front pc fan. It makes this horrible grinding noise sometimes. I didn't have a problem with it until I replaced the hard drive which checks out fine with smart. This only happens occasionally. My hard drive is a WD red.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A video is below

A:Grinding Computer Fan Front Case

Sounds like a wire, cable or something is hitting the fan blades. Maybe when you installed the new drive.

Have you checked the fan for any interference?

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Ok, when i plug any microphones, or headsets, or USB devices to my computer ( BACK ) It detects them, and everything is fine, but when i try to plug them ( FRONT ) My Computer Doesnt detect them, neither the 2 USB Slots, neither the PINK and GREEN for mic and sound wholes. So im guessing my Front panel is broken, but im not sure, so.. how to be sure of whats going on? Thx

A:Possible Front Panel Broken? Need To Be Sure

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I just received a Y900 DIY (P/N: 90DD000VUT) and it's great! However, there are no front fans mounted and I thought there would be due to the following picture from its product page:?Are these parts supposed to be included on this model? If these fans are not included, what is a suitable part to use? I had two 120 mm fans that I mounted here, but the air filter mount does not fit over them. However, the fan mounts themselves can clearly accommodate up to 140 mm fans. I would like to have two 140 mm fans, but would like to order a part that will be able to also fit with the air filter mount. Thank you for reading!


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is it possible to hook those 2 up??? or is that for the onboard audio only???

A:external card, and front audio on pc case

Hi sotorius, if your card has such connections, I don't see why not:

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OK well after years of installing just about every bit of hardware possible in various flavours of computers I finally decided to build a new one from the ground up. So here I am with my nice new case wich has front panel mic and audio out sockets, and some usb ports, and a motherboard which has pins to fit them. Only trouble is the labelling on the leads from the front panel, and the labelling on the pins on the mobo don't quite match up.
Here's what I've got on the mobo for the audio connections:
(forgive the 'code' tags, I wanted this monospaced and courier was parsing multiple spaces as one space)

aud_mic aud_gnd
aud_mic_bias aud_vcc
aud_fpout_r aud_ret_r
nc key
aud_frout_l aud_ret_l

And from the front panel I have two leads, one with mic connections, one with audio connections, labelled as follows:
Mic Cable

audio cable
Now some of these match up fairly obviously, the l and r in and out for instance... and I think vcc is the mic- power.. but there's two grounds... and what about the NC and KEY pins on the nmobo, does anything go there?
Here's how I;ve connected some at the moment:

Mic Cable | Mobo pins
.mic-power | .aud_vcc
.mic-in | .aud_mic
.ground | .aud_gnd
audio cable |
.l-ret | .aud_ret_l
.r-ret | .aud_ret_r
.l-out | .aud_out_l
.r-out | .aud_out_r ... Read more

A:motherboard & case front panel connections

What you have so far looks right. The NC is no connection. The Key may be for some kind of switch on a mike(not sure). I do not see a ground on the audio cable hooked up. You may want to check that.

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I have a red, black, ANd green cord that is connected to the front of my Emachines computer case... Well i went in and cleaned my computer and i accidently knocked the cords out... so now i cant find the right combo to get the computer turned on.. i have been soo fustrated with it...

does anyone know of the places where these cords connect??

please reply

A:Hdd Led, Pwr Sw, Front case Cords, Cant find right pins

Well the first thing to do is identify the cables. I assume when you say "red, black, and green" that you are talking about 3 SETS of cables? As in a PAIR that is red and a PAIR that is green etc?

Sometimes the function of the connectors is printed on the jumper block, like "HDD" is your hard drive light, and "pwr" is the power on etc.

Then with a flashlight, check around the pins towards the lower right of the motherboard, it is usually printed in tiny white ink, what the pins do. Then match up with your connectors.

If none of that pans out, you'll have to give us your model number of the PC, and/or the model of the motherboard itself.

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My little Sister's Compaq Presario CPU is getting old, with 1Ghz PIII CPU and 256 SDRAM. I can tell that any ATX motherboard will perfectly fit the case, and the Power Supply will also work. The only problem is the front panel wiring. Like with most brand name computers, the front panel cables are wired and stuck together to a plug that only matches the motherboard that came with the unit. Is there any site out there where I can find the "pinout" or wiring specifications or descriptions, so I can match a regular, more advanced and a lot cheaper motherboard that I can buy almost anywhere? I don't want to try by troubleshooting, because I almost fried one board some time ago while doing that kind of operation. I bet Compaq won't publish that kind of diagram, because it won't be "co$t effective" for them, they want us to buy the extremely expensive parts that they sell. Can anyone help me?

A:Front Panel Diagram for Presario Case

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I recently purchased a new case the Raidmax X-1 but I am currently having trouble getting the front temp to show up. I Have the little metal sensor placed between my CPU and my CPU fan, and i have also made sure that the front panel power is plugged in, and my hard drive status and power status both show up. I just cant get the temp to display. I have tried hold the sensor in my hand to see if that makes a difference but still no temp display. If anyone knows or thinks i am doing something wrong can you please tell me, this is killing me sense i bought the case for the display.

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Hi all: My #1 gpu slot died on my Evga 580i SLI mother board and I purchased a ACER 580i SLI board made by MSI (P/N#7510) to replace it. The problem is the case front panel plug sockets which are identified as JFP 1&2 are identified on the MSI 7510 manual that I downloaded are no where on the mother board. There is however a JGP101, JSP11 and a socket labeled front panel with all pins bent at a 45 degree angle at their mid point, it does not appear to be the same pin configuration as the one pictured in the manual. Can any one shed any light on how to hook this up? This is the last hurdle to overcome to get my computer up and running again.

A:Case front panel hook up dilemma.

Where did you but the Acer Motherboard? A board made by MSI for Acer is not likely to be the same configuration as a board made for retail sale.

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Yesterday I finally received my new computer case. I'm still waiting for the motherboard and other parts to come, hopefully tomorrow. The problem is, I opened the case to check it out and the front panel connectors were different than I have seen in the past. The front panel wires are all marked with "Data +1, Data -1, Gnd 1, VCC 1, SpkOut L, SpkOut R, Return L, Return R, MIC-IN, MIC-BIAS, Data +2, Data -2, Gnd 2, VCC 2, etc." I have no idea where these plug into the motherboard, and I don't have the manual for the board yet as I have not received it yet. I'm going to be using an Asus P5WD2-E motherboard. I couldn't find anything on the homepage, so any help with this is greatly appreciated.



A:ATX Computer Case Front Panel Connectors

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Okay, I need help with this. I can't seem to install a front fan, it shows it can fit but there are things that block it. Is there anything I need to unscrew? Those who have done this let me know, pictures will help a lot.

Location: Front bottom right side

Marked it with red and green, ignore everything else...just pay attention on the location part.

Marked red as what blocks it
Marked green as the spot where it would fit without it being blocked.

Thanks in advance.


A:NZXT Apollo case - Front fan installation

It looks like you might have to pull both video cards, (at least to lower one), and the drive cage between them and the fan position. Since the photo lacks sufficient detail, I can't say for certain if that cage is in fact, removable.

Also, another thing I'm not seeing how open the front of the cage facing the fan is, to permit airflow in the first place.

Some cases have removable front panels, but the fan still goes in from the rear. (The case front comes off for cleaning the filters that are sometimes present).

You should hit the product page at Newegg; Then follow the links to the manufacturers product page. Maybe you can download the manual.

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Question, my front panel wires for my case (the cables for the power switch, reset switch, led's, etc) look different than the connectors on my mobo.
My mobo connector has 12 pins all spaced out for the different connections, my case however has a connector made up of 8 wires all together in 1 connector, and 2 empty holes with no wires.
I have tried plugging it in different positions but the power button is not working.

I know the mobo is getting power because there is a internal led that comes on when I plug in the case.

Any ideas?

A:Question about case front panel connectors

You have an incompatible plug for the corresponding headers on the mobo. Sometimes you can get one or two things working but the only real solution is to get rid of the all in one plug and rewire to fit the mobo pin outs. Or get a compatible mobo for the front panel plug.

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I have recenty purchased hp pavillion x360 13 s194nr its front glass has been broken Touch functionality still works and the image seems fine behind the broken glass parts. Now I've asked some service centres in my country about parts, and they said that I would need to replace the whole front (LCD+Digitizer}. He said that your digitizer is so close to your lcd in removing the broken digitizer/glass there is 98% chance that your lcd will break. So how can I be sure of exactly what parts needs to be replaced?

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Just got a pimped out new case - every side has a full grill of holes on it! Anway, it came with front USB, 1394, and Mic and Headphone jacks. The USB and Firewire connectors worked (i had to connect each wire individually to the motherboard, on each pin), but the Mic and Headphone jacks won't work. I believe the main problem is that i have both onboard Audio, which i'm not using, and the SB Audigy 2 ZS, which i am using. In the bios, the onboard audio is enabled still, but i set the Audio Access Mode to "PCI." It didn't help. Would disabling onboard sound altogether help? Any other suggestions?


A:Case-Motherboard Confusion: Front Audio Header

Howdy Atwixtor...

Did they work with the onboard audio ?

Because if I'm not misstaken ( and I could be ), the front panel connections will only work with the onboard audio ( check to see if there are any connections on the SB Audigy 2 ZS for the front panel connections )...

Also don't know which motherboard you have, but there may be a jumper setting that will enable the PCI card for the front panel connections...

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i have a thermaltake tsunami case, and for some reason the lights that are on the door keep flickering and sometimes staying off until i restart my computer. my specs are below in green. in the case i have 2 120mm fans, 1 80mm fan and the heastink fan. one of the fans has led lights on them. for a psu i have a 550W antec trupower 2.0. everything else runs fine so i dont think it could be a psu problem. anyone know what the problem is?

A:thermaltake tsnunami case, front door lights

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My motherboard USB connector is not compatible with my case front panel USB plugs. The USB connector on my motherboard (NetVista A22p 2292) is for one 10 (two rows) pin connector. The plugs on the tower (A-Top XBlade Black/Silver Ultimate Gaming Machine With 450W PSU & Side window, Model "AT859A-BK") front USB are two separate 4 pin USB plugs (They are VCC, USB1-, USB2+, GND pins w/GRN wire). What can I get or do to make them compatible? Thanks.

A:USB connector not compatible with case front panel USB plugs

See if this helps..not exactly sure if it will:

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Does anyone know of a generic replacement AC'97 audio cable and front 3.5mm front port replacement kit available? In this particular pc, the audio cable that connects from the audio header on the mobo to the front 3.5mm jack has been damaged badly (it touched a hot soldering gun). I wouldn't mind replacing the front jack anyway since I have to wiggle the plug in it to get any sound. Needless to say, because of the damaged cable, the sound output is scratchy and very weak.

Any sort of generic replacement would do since I don't care about drilling a hole on the front of the case on this pc case if I have to to accomodate a new jack. I've looked for hours but can't find anything.

A:Looking for replacement AC'97 audio cable and 3.5mm jack for front of case

You probably have to find another case to get the cable out of

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This has been a persistent problem since shortly after building the computer back in September and i've only just now narrowed down the specific action that causes the BSOD.

Whenever I switch the front case fan speed to High (from either low or off) after a few moments, the system BSOD's. Doesn't matter what im doing or not doing on the computer if I change the case fan speed to high it will BSOD nearly every time. The only thing I can think of is there's a loose connection somewhere, or possibly something wrong with the power supply which I hope to god isn't the case.

Compute Specs.
i7 4790 3.60GHz
nVidia GTX970
750w Power supply

A:Front Case Fan Causing BSOD? Error 0x000000F4

I must say that is the first time I have heard of that as causing a BSOD.

We will have to wait for one of our BSOD team member to read your logs.

Some question if I may.

Where do you have your front fan connected to for power?
What method do you use to control your fan speed?
You mention your power supply but yet you don't tell us what power supply you use. Why?

All power supplies are not created equal.

What case are you using and is the front fan stock that came with the case?

I would not use the front fan until the problem is found.
It might cause damage to something.

Watch your temps.

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Hello. The short of this is that I am having problems with 2 things in setting up my MIC and EAR for the front panel of my case. There is a GND wire from the case wire that I do not know where to put which is from the EAR phone wires and I'm confused about: MIC VCC or +5v for the MIC-VCC. I think what I have layed out below is so far correct. I have more detailed info below:

I have an ASUS A7N8X E-deluxe motherboard ( ) which I am trying to connect to the front panel for Microphone and Headphone of my Sky Hawk case ( ) . On page 2-26 or reader page 46 of the manual it says: front panel audio connector (10-1 pin FP_AUDIO and I have to remove the jumper pins. Now the motherboard pins are setup:

Motherboard pins setup from left to right:

Line out R__BLINE OUT R
Line out L__BLINE out L

And the CASE wires are:

MIC (bunched together)

Mic IN

EAR (bunched together):

Ear L1___Ear L2
Ear R1___Ear R2

I have a few guesses but I have to say I am a little confused.

So it should be:

Line out R =Ear R1
BLINE out R=Ear R2

Line out L = Ear L2
BINE out L = Ear R2


so that leaves a choice of MIC VCC or +5v for the MIC-VCC AND one ground wire with no pin if I am looking at this right. THe motherboard has 9 pins (but 1 is NC) and the case has 8 wires for the MIC and EAR. So the only thing that is left is the confusion around... Read more

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So i decided to build a new computer and i got everything connected, hit the power button and the computer wont power up. I have made sure all the power cables are connected well but nothing.

using a intel dp55wg mobo
intel i5 processor
coolermaster gx-750w power supply
xion axp 100 series case.

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Hello everyone.
I am having a problem with the front USB ports on my computer. Its a custom built computer that has a GigaByte GA-K8NS Pro motherboard which has 2 sets of connections for front USB ports. Its running XP Pro SP2. I have 2 of the ports connected to a back panel plate and 2 connected to the ports on the front of the case. The two on the back panel plate work fine with any device, as well as the USB ports built into the motherboard, but the 2 on the case keep saying "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message." whenever i plug in any flash drive. They work with my digital camera, mouse, bluetooth dongle, and anything else but flash drives. I have tried switching the back ports and front ports on the motherboard connectors, and the back still worked and the front still did not work. I have no idea what could be causing this. It seems as if there is something physically wrong with the ports but i don't understand why everything but flash drives work. I have tried several brands of flash drive, including PNY, Sony, SimpleTech, and Lexar. Also, all of these flash drives work on the rear USB ports. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

A:Front USB Port

Sorry, it won't solve your problem, but I came across this snippet in the manual for my newest USB HDD: "The cables connecting front USB ports are not always properly shielded and cannot properly handle USB 2.0 speeds, thereby corrupting the signal between the (new USB hard drive) and the computer".
That said, I've never had problems on the rare occasions when I've connected front USB ports to Gigabyte motherboards.
As a quick test, and if there's enough slack in the leads, you might try wrapping the leads once around one of the ferrite rings usually supplied with PC cases. Alternatively, I'm sure you could figure out another way of shielding the leads (without short-circuiting anything! ) if you feel it merits the effort.

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I have had the worse luck with this laptop, the most recent problem that I'm experiencing is I tripped over my printer cord and ripped out the plastic tab inside the USB port. I know that I can't fix it on my own, but I would like to know how much this problem will cost to fix. I've called around to ask about repair costs and everyone keeps saying I need to bring it in for an estimate. But I need my computer for work and can't leave it overnight. They say that it can be repaired one of two ways, either the manufacturer has a separate card that can just be replaced or it actually has to be manually repaired. I just want a general estimate for how much it would run for either/both ways it could be repaired, as well as how much it runs for labor costs.

Also the memory card reader has not worked since January, I know thats not related but I'm just wondering if there is some defect in the ports.... or if I'm just destructive.

I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 that was purchased in March 2009, if that is helpful in finding out which way it should be repaired.

Thank you!!!

A:Broken USB port on laptop, only port

Something like this will do:

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Hi All

My PC has the normal USB ports at the back, which all work fine and one in front, which also works fine except for one problem, it only picks up small flash drives(FAT 32 format) but not my large external harddrive(NTFS). Why is that?


A:USB Front Port Problem?

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I've seen a few posts on this topic and found a few web sites, but none of them seem to be able to help me (they had different connecters, etc).

I am trying to hook up a front panel mic and head phone jack to my mobo. The mobo has 10 pins labled:

1. aud_mic
2. aud_gnd
3. aud_mic_bias
4. aud_vcc
5. aud_fpout_r
6. aud_ret_r
7. hp_on
8. key
9. aud_fpout_L
10. aud_ret_L

I only have 7 connecters labeled

mic in
spkout r
spkout l
return r
return l

Is it possible for me to hook these up and if so how?

A:Need Front Audio Port Help - No Help On The Net

Morglum5780 said:

I've seen a few posts on this topic and found a few web sites, but none of them seem to be able to help me (they had different connecters, etc).

G'day Morglum you might try this..........

1. aud_mic mic in
2. aud_gnd gnd
3. aud_mic_bias micbias
4. aud_vcc
5. aud_fpout_r spkout r
6. aud_ret_r return r
7. hp_on
8. key
9. aud_fpout_L spkout l
10. aud_ret_L return l

Some of these tasks can be involved.
Edit. Everything moved but you get the idea it is often best to leave the operation for the rear sockets. (and forget about the fronts)

qldit.Click to expand...

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xps 8300, how would i go about fixing the  front port, the back mic jack on the audio card works just fine.

A:Cannot get Mic to work in front 3.5mm port

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum. 
Request you to provide the following information to isolate the issue:

Are the other ports (headphone jack, USB ports working fine) on the front I/O panel working fine?
Were there any software/hardware changes or updates done after which the problem started?
Did the issue start after the system was put to sleep or hibernate?
Would it be possible to reseat the front I/O connector cable on the motherboard following the instructions from the manual : 

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my computer is not the best... like 2004 and its so laggy...

but my problem is the USB port in the front of the tower. I used it 2 days ago and today when i tried to put music on my MP3 player, and this little bugger pops up:

"A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device."

it does it with every single USB cord i can find.

then it shows unknown USB device and its never had this problem before. i have 8 songs on my MP3 and theyre the ones that came on it. i dont particularly care for about... 5.5 of those songs.

anything to help me would be amazing! plus its a family computer so its not like im the only one using it.

A:USB front port malfunction

Try the device in another usb port. Use one at the back of the system.

If your mp3 player charges from the usb, a failed or failing battery can cause excessive current draw.

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ok my front usb port wont read,it has 2 ports and both wont work..

ok here's the situation
1. i just bought asrock h61m/u3s3 and installed it in my old zyrex casing and it has 2 front usb port,then i installed the motherboard driver, the front usb port works fine
2. i bought new casing,azza toledo and put the motherboard there, but when i tried to use the front usb it wont read the flashdisk inserted, i check in device manager but nothing's showing up saying there's something wrong with the usb ports, it didnt even show/read that there're extra usb port plugged in
3. i plug in the old case usb port to the motherboard,and it works fine

so is the port broken?or there's something wrong with the driver that i needed to reinstall?

A:front USB port won't read

If you have confirmed that the USB Header on the motherboard is working as you did by plugging the old USB Port into it, and you are sure you have the front ports on the new case properly connected to the same USB Header, then I would say that the New Case USB Port is most likely the culprit.

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I don't know if it ever worked, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to maybe check it or what to do to get it to work.



A:Front USB port not working

look on the motherboard & see if they're connected.

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I have a friend who has an E-Machine. (Not sure of model type). He has one USB port on the front and, from what he tells me 1 USB port on the back. When he plugs something into the back USB port, everything works fine. When he plugs a device (printer, ipod, etc..) into the front port nothing happens. They system does not recognize that a USB device has been plugged in. Any ideas why things would work in the back USB but not the front? Is there a setting somewhere that may have turned off the front port for some reason? Doesn't seem to be a resource conflict as this happens when there is nothing plugged into the back port. I appreciate all your great assistance.

A:Front USB port not working

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Title basically says it all,what do I have to do?

A:Front Jack is broken,The back one isn't shown in Audio Prospeties.

Fill in your "my system specs" and give us more info than "it doesn't work".

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    SERIAL #[Personal Information Removed]     C6N75UA#ABA   From being too slippery, the hinges broke, I need some assistance on resolution.   

A:how to I get a new case for a broken laptop

See this thread: Alternatively, you may be affected by this recall:, in which case, you may well be out of luck.

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I have 7 C720s with broken bottom cases. Is it possible to replace these myself?  Thanks!

A:Broken case on C720

Yes, but it might be a bit of a challenge to find one. Contact Acer to see if they will sell one to you.

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I have 7 C720s with broken bottom cases. Is it possible to replace these myself?  Thanks!

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I go to school in Baton Rouge at LSU. I moved back home for the summer and naturally, I brought my computer home. It's a trip that it has made for many many weekends. This time, the computer would start up, get to the POST screen and where it would initialize the primary IDE controller, the computer would just freeze. Nothing would happen. I plugged the hard drives into the Secondary IDE bus connector and guess what... the computer works (or how else would I be posting). Any ideas on what went wrong?


PS. The USB connectors on the front died as well. I made sure the pins are in the correct slots. I also contacted Soyo's Email Tech Support (they dont have live support) a week ago because I know this mobo went bad... and they still haven't responded.

A:Primary IDE Bus and Front USB Port Failure

Haha.. never mind. I fixed the problem. Dust bunnies were behind every single cable connector... it casued them to short out.

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I have seen quite a few posts about this problem; just thought I'd add one more request in case solutions have cropped up that I haven't seen. Computer is a Presario running XP Pro SP3 with 2GB of memory and large HDDs; it's sort of long in the tooth. Both the two front USB ports work with my camera, my HP printer and several external HDDs but will not work with my two small flash drives. The flash drives work fine when used on the two back USB ports as well as on other computers. Also, my software for accessing my cell phone does not work with the front ports either. This malfunction occurred about a year ago well before I installed SP2 and SP3 so I can't blame them nor can I recall that installing any particular program caused the problem. Since this is a commercial machine, wire shielding, etc could not be the cause, particularly since the front ports did work with flash drives at one time nor can dirt or worn contacts be the problem since other devices work fine. I did do a test by disconnecting all USB devices and trying the flash drives in the front, but no joy there either.

Just wanted to see if there has been any new solutions to this problem that must be software related; has not MS said anything about it (what a stupid question!). Not that I would ask, but what would a commercial "geek squad" repair crew do about it other than reinstalling everything on the computer. I can't afford that; I have a gadzillion big and tiny programs o... Read more

A:USB's Perennial Front Port Problem

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So, for a while whenever I plugged in a USB stick (tried different sticks) into the front USB port. I would randomly get a BSOD, crash dump. Sometimes I could plug and unplug it 10-20x with no BSOD. Sometimes its the first time.

Today I noticed something different though. As I went to put the stick in, before I even got the stick into the slot (just touched the lip of the USB port). It caused a BSOD. This leads me to think its some sort of improper grounding, or something to do with the USB cable that plugs from the case into the motherboard.

This was a custom store-assembled computer bought from a local computer hardware store.

Its at work so I havent had a chance to test with it yet. But just checking to see if anyone know if it might be caused by something else.

I originally thought it might have to do with a BIOS setting.
I've tried disabling USB legacy Mass Storage and USB 3.0, so it cant be either of those.
Im, gunna try plugging the Case USB into some different Mobo USB connectors.
*Edited* Added dump files now

A:Front USB Port Causing BSOD

Difficult to guess with BSOD

It could even be a port driver.
But we need those files.

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Hello there,

I have built a computer using a Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P motherboard and a Galaxy gaming case.

The case came with a plug for the front audio port which I had to plug into the motherboard pin section called F_Audio. I plugged it in and I have installed Windows XP and the audio drivers.
The audio works from the back plug but if I put it into the front I don't get anything. I have checked the connection at the front of the case and on the motherboard and they are both in firmly. I have realtech HD audio drivers with this program. Is there something that I am missing here? Such as a BIOS setting or setting in the manager program?

Thanks in advance, Jack-O-Bytes

A:Solved: No audio from front port

Hey guys I have just solved it sorry for the bother. I just enabled "Disable Front Panel Jack Detection"

Thanks, Jack-O-Bytes

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Ok, so i was setting up my DFI LanParty board, and when i went to hook up the front usb and firewire ports i had troubles...the manual for the says i need
(USB) :Ground (2), VCC (2) -Data/+Data and Key (?) case has these connectors: Ground (2), +5V (1) -Data/+Data
(IEEE 1394) Needs: TPA +/-, TPB +/-, Ground (2), Key/ground, and +12v (fused)
Have: TPA +/-, TPB +/-, Ground (2), VP and VG

The only thing im having problem with is the VP/VG, +12v (fused), +5v, and Key...did my the company of the case just name it something else? or am i going to have to just pass on those...there not really necessary but it would just be convienent to get to the usb in the fron instead of the back...i dont really care about the firewire port

anyhelp would be great, thanks

A:Setting up front USB and firewire port

Usb is 4 connections, +5v,-data,+data, and ground.
The red wire is +5v.
The white wire is -data.
The green wire is +data.
The black wire is ground.
The key is not used.

So your Vcc will be the red +5v then the rest of the wires will be in the order above.
Pins 1,3,5, and 7 will be for 1 usb socket.
Pins 2,4,6, and 8 will be for the second one.

I'm not sure on the firewire, as i don't have it.

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My mobo, ECS PT890T-A does not seem to have a header for the front penal firewire port on the Ultra ULT31584 midtwoer atx case. Is there a way to still be able to use the port and where to connect it?

A:front panel firewire port

PCI Firewire card like this

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Hey guys i bought hpx705w usb 3.0 drive.Its not working in front usb ports of my desktop but works fine when plugged in back usb ports.And also works fine on my laptop usb ports. What should i do ?
Running windows 8

A:USB 3.0 Pendrive not working in front usb 2.0 port

Do any other USB devices work when plugged into the front ports?

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A few days ago I broke the door off my pc tower case now its just hanging so i think its time for a new case

My homtherboard is Nforce4-a939, I understand about the PCi slots and all that but I need a few questions anwserd.

1: Will any case do? as long as its big enough for the mother board and has all the right PCI slots and room for cd-roms/hard drives etc

2: how easy is it to unscrew everything and transplant it into the new case?

3: Can i use the power supply i have now in the new case?

thanks muchly love adam ....

A:PC case broken need some questions anwserd :( HELP

1- Yes
2- Havnt tried before,sorry
3- yes

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My case is broken on my pavilion and id like to replace it, it is broken on the outer screen and 3 different places on the keyboard side. can anyone provide me with a link to buy a new casing or if i can send it off to a HP repair site asnd if so how much would it cost to do so?  Thankyou

A:Broken case. HP Pavilion. Need to replace

The "outer casing" is in multiple parts. The manuals page is down right now but we can find you the parts exploded diagram and pick out just the ones you need. Where do you live (country)?

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Extremely frustrated! I have had the pavilion laptop for a couple of years now, so warranty has expired but soon after I started having issues with the left hand hinge. it has gotten to the point where the entire laptop case has cracked open. I cannot find a proper technician to fix the hinge.....each one just makes a bigger mess of things.The laptop (otherwise) is still in great working condition, thus it will not be viable for me to replace.Could you please advise on a proper technician who will use genuine hp parts to fix the hinge and case?

A:HP pavilion broken hinge and case

@ lnarch

  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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My HP ENVY M6 i7 while being nearly two years old is in good condition no scatches and has never been dropped, but the bottom case where the left hand hinge joins the bottom case , the bottom case has broken and is bulging where the hinge joins ,I can see this is a problem that has been reported also by other hp customers. I also have a hp printer officejet pro currently and have had hp products in the past . As this is not an unknown design problem , I am hoping my confidence in the hp product range can be restored with an HP representives help

A:HP ENVY M6 broken bottom case


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have a HP m6-n010DX ENVY TouchSmart 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Laptop and I take great care of it.  However, as I was opening it the other day, the hinge on the left side pushed the bottom case and broke the screw hole.  Now everytime that I open it, it pushes the bottom case.  I beleive the hinge and the case are both defective and I have seen a lot of complaints on this.  This is no longer under warranty, and I was wonding if there was a product recall for this factory defect?

A:HP Envy Hinge / Case Broken



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have a dv7-7243nr that recently has the common "broken case caused by the left hinge" issue. The left side of the case  has broken apart and barely holds the screen up without breaking more. I have read that this is a very common problem. I tried to contact HP, but since it is out of warrent, they want to charge me to talk to someone about this. I feel if this is such a common issue, why should I have to pay for a phone call, or a replacement case?

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Hi I own Acer Aspire V3- 531 and I have broken bottom case. I want to replace it as cheaper as possible but I can't find that part in my country. Does anyone have any idea how could I check are components from Aspire V3-531 compatible to be replaced on bottom case from Acer E1 - 531??? Thanks

A:Aspire V3-531 broken bottom case

Hello, The bottom cases of Aspire V3-531 and E1-531 are different.Here are the part numbers:Spoiler (Highlight to read)60.M03N2.003COVER.LOWER.W/CAP/MYLAR60.M03N2.004COVER.LOWER.W/.CAP.MYLAR (for slim ODD)60.M03N2.003COVER.LOWER.W/CAP/MYLAR60.M03N2.004COVER.LOWER.W/.CAP.MYLAR (for slim ODD)

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My lap top is probaly 2 years old and the one back hinge has popped the back panel apart and appears to be sprung.I see other posts and could not post to them - is this a recall issue?

A:HP Envy M6 hinge / broken case



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hi I have just built a computer and the case needs AC 97 audio. The mother board is set to Digital I think. I cant find the option to change this any where in my bios. I have a Gigabyte M61PME-S2.

Any Help on fiixing this would be great

A:Front Audio Port Doesn't Work

Some MB boards u hav to set the jumpers differently to route the
audio to the front ports. Did u chk ur MB manual for this to see ?

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Hi there,
I recently purchased a case for my first build. I made the first rookie mistake, buying a case from a not so know company.
Turns out all instructions are in Chinese. I'm confused on what the following are.


If you could help that'd be great!

A:Front port cords.. Confusion on meaning.

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HI I have a AMD athlon(tm) 64 X2 dual core 5000+ 2.60GHz
Running Window 7 Service pack 1
which my son is using for his Steam but we are unable to get the mic to work.
We are using on board sound through the front jacks headphones(turtle beach X12) work but the mic is not working or showing up in sound i have also tried to use the rear jack with the same results.
Thanks for any help in advance

A:Front mic port not working/shown in sounds

Is the mic part of the X12 USB connection, or is it separate and uses the 3.5mm audio plug to connect?

USB connections usually bypass the actual sound card.

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My HP desktop is about 2 years old, and has two USB ports on the front and a several at the back. I had no problems with any of the ports till I used a USB stick in the now-broken port and it caused a malfunction so that now that port won't recognise any USB device.  It says "USB device not recognised.  The last USB device you connnected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it."   I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB ports on Device Manager, and have been through all the suggestions on both the HP support site and the Microsoft support site. The faulty USB stick must have caused some damage to the port. I'm hoping you can suggest something that I can do to get it working again.

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Since i had my PC build up i am experiencing noises when i connect any headphones or earphones into the front port of the PC. The specifications are:

GIGABYTE iSolo 210 Cabinet (has both HD and ac97 audio support, currently connected on HD audio)
GIGABYTE P55-USB3 Motherboard
nVidia GeForce GTX 460 (which is very close to audio port on mobo)
Intel i5 760 Processor
2GB Kingston RAM

Now, the wiring is pretty much good. No free wires lying around and extra wires are zip-tied and put in a corner. There is just 1 free wire that is the IEEE 1394 front port which has no header on the mobo, other than that all wires of the front ports are connected. I tried moving the wires around but no luck. I don't know what may be the reason for the noises but I can give a few details to help

- The noise starts when i watch movies
- At times there is no noise at all, i don't know but i suddenly goes off
- the noise increases when i scroll up or down a page using a mouse
- I have installed the latest drivers as well

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Static noises in front audio port

Do you have a wireless mouse? I guess it is a microsoft make...

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Good day everyone.
I just opened case of cpu and re-pluged front usb port plug into motherboard. And then switched on pc, as I on my pc I seen that front usb port plug's red colour wire was fired. I imediately switched off the pc. I cant understand how this happened? Please tel me the reason if anybody knows.

A:Front USB port plug wire burned

Hey Krrish007. Can I ask why you opened the case. Was the USB front port working before?. I also assume the red wire wasn't discolored at that point, put you saw it after you powered up.
Are you 100% sure you plugged it into the correct pins on the mobo?.
If you disconnected the plug and power up, does the system work otherwise?

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I recently on 8/2014  purchased a HP envy for my son who just started college, He has been using the laptop gently and has had no falls or intentiontally caused physical damage to it.  A few months ago , the hinge and the part of the case attached t the left hinge broke and he is very disappointed.  I have used HP products for a long time and thought this will be a good tiime to introduce them to him, but he is very disappointed and so am I.  After research, I realize this is a know problem and many other users have had issues.  The laptop is still functional as long as it is left open. Please helpThank you.   

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Hi i bought an ebay "Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub"
Here --->

after installing it via "PCI-E, USB2.0 9PIN, DC Big 4PIN (3PIN)"
it worked half the time with the provided drivers, a few days later i got the error "Power Surge on Hub Port".

so i disconnected the device but my pc randomly gets stuck on the bios screen and the mouse freezes randomly for 5 secs or so, in other cases mouse is freezes until i have to restart the PC.

Is my motherboard damaged? any solutions?

Here is my pc specs:
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
-Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
-RAM 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 539MHz (7-7-7-20)
-Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. X58-USB3 (Socket 1366)
-Graphics 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (Gigabyte)


A:after installing Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub Motherboard failing?

It is possible that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) could not handle the Hub, hence, "Power Surge".

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If i connect my headset with microphone to port in my PC's front, it notifys both new microphone (line out) and headphones (line in) (no usb, dont remeber what its called in english, ports also working cause notifys new devices).

I have Windows 7 installed and Realtek HD Audio Manager and its newest drivers. Microphone also works if i plug it to back of the PC (considering swapping between speakers and headset, would really prefer if didnt need to use ports behind PC). I also gone thru settings etc. and as far i can tell, it should work.

A:Problem with microphone when plugged to PC front port, Win 7 & Realtek

Reply just to bump it back up and alive.

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It was the first time I tried to insert a USB flash drive onto the front panel port and it was not recognized by the PC. So what I did was to insert at the rear USB port and "no problem" it detected the flash drive. I tested the USB front panel port by plugging the printer (with usb plug) and it worked fine, I was able to sample print.

Question: How is this? I 'm a newbie on this (USB) Why doesn't the front USB port recognize the flash drive while it can on the rear? (I think front panel port are ok coz' of printer test)

Under Universal Serial Bus controller (device manager)
USB Printing support
(3) USB Root Hub
(3) VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller
Windows XP SP 2

acknowledging your advise. thanks.

A:USB flash drive not recognized at USB front panel port

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The case clips that hold the laptop bottom together at the screen hinges are broken on both sides.  It is clearly a design flaw.  I don't even use the touch screen because the problem is severe and I can't lose use of the computer.  I would reason that case part replacements would be required to make the repair.  What can I do to repair the computer?  Are case replacement parts available?  Please advise.

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After an accident, the right hand side I the hinge and the bottom right side just above the hinge on the monitor has broken and won't fit back in. The framing of the screen seems to have bent.What should I do? Take it in to get fixed or is it easily solved?

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I have a desktop Zenith core i3 h55. And OS windows 7 ultimate sp 1 . Some of the USB ports particularly in front not working with external HDD and some of the Pendrives.Further in Device manager the PCI SIMPLE COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER HAVE YELLOW MARK.In the properties it tells it does not have driver, how to slove this?

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Since I purchased PC few years back, my front audio jack was not working. Today I decided to fix the issue instead of purchasing a new headphone (I'll use mobile headset :P ).

I'm using Windows 7, my motherboard name is Gigabyte GA MA78gm S2H. When I saw a video in youtube and read mb's matual, I found that there is something called F_Audio. I checked my MB, there was nothing plugged in that port.

I've four wires coming out from front side i.e HDD led, power led, reset and Speaker. I've connected those wire properly. Which wire should I connect to f_audio ? There is no wire left to connect I think the front jack is not working due to the missing cable. My rear audio jack is working properly.

Please help

Thank you

A:Front audio jack issue, F_Audio port query

You should have a cable (or cables) coming from the front panel for audio. One connector will be marked HD Audio (what is needed for current audio systems) and the other is AC97 which is for older audio systems.

Check around, if you don't see them as they may be stuffed somewhere in the front of the case.

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Left hinge broke and computer came open! I didn't do anything to cause this to happen. I need to travel with my laptop and I am afraid something bad will happen due to this problem. Opening and closing the broken hinge causes the case to open a little more.

A:Left side of case coming open and hinge seems broken


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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 Hi, I would like to understand how my problem will be dealt with as I am now working with a machine which is very physically fragile and I would like to get it fixed as quickly as possible so that no further damage is done to the machine. My machine is covered by warranty, but going through the site didn't agree.  So I put in my details and attached the invoice for the machine which says that I have a Care Pack which means that it still is in warranty.  Now I need to wait for 1 day until I get a response?  Very disappointingly, the page where I filled these details in did not even send me a "receipt" email, so I need to wait 1 day, hope that my warranty validation request was actually made, and hope for a response.  If I don't get a response, how then do I get back in touch (via what medium, I wonder?  it seems that I am not allowed to make a phone call?) So, hopefully this will be resolved by tomorrow.  At that point I can then type in again a description of the fault. Then what will happen?  I wait another day for someone to call me?  How many days will this take?  What can't I just phone someone?  Or even go on a "chat"?  I'm not allowed to do that as my warranty has expired (except that it hasn't actually expired - that's an HP mistake). The problem is that the case has broken at the location of the screws near the hinges on one side.  The scr... Read more

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One of the screws that holds my HP Envy 17 - j013cl laptop casing together no longer attaches to anything. It appears that the screw was once attached to a plastic fitting, but now that fitting is broken and the pieces of plastic are loose inside the laptop. When I open the laptop, the casing pulls apart near the hinge. I purchased the factory refurbished laptop in January of this year. How can the laptop be repaired? One source told me that they would have to replace the entire cover ... IF they could find one.  Is this repair covered under warranty? I just found a topic for the same issue with the dv7 "dv7 Left hinge pulling case apart? What the heck!".  It appears that HP have some real widespread problems with the left hinge of their laptop casings!

A:HP Envy 17 Broken Screw Fitting on Case Near Left Hinge

I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.

I worked on behalf of HP.

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The left hinge casing on my laptop came off and was lost, and the black, plastic case for the screen is cracked and seperates from the screen when closing and opening the laptop. If there is a fix, I need it to be done quickly (I will pay for expedited shipping). I'm not sure if I have a warrantee on the laptop, it was a gift. The laptop is an envy m6. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cracked screen case and broken hinge on HP envy m6 laptop

Hi @Amonsta5  I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages,  this post has instructions.

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It appears that this is a common hardware problem for over two years, based on  the posts.  This is my son's laptop for college, so we have now had to swap out our home Hp Pavilion laptop with him.  We purchased a two year HP warranty, and it just recently expired.  This is our family's seventh HP desktop or laptop.  How is HP dealing with this issue?  

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The screw is lost some where in the laptop, the left corner seperates near the hinge when I open the lid. Laptop just a year old. 

A:HP Envy 15 Broken Screw Fitting on Case Near Left Hinge

?Thank you for using HP Support Forum. I have brought your issue to the appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post ( serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with the Forum's private messaging please click here to learn more.Thank you,Omar

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Hello, i am using a seagate 1TB harddisk. When i connect it to usb port in front panel of my CPU, the computer is not detecting it.

But When i connect it to usb port in back panel of my cpu, It works fine. My system detects the hard disk and and everything is fine. How to correct this strange problem

Note : my Pen drive and other USB things works fine in all the ports in both front panel and back panel.
Please help me.each and Every time when i want to connect my hard disk, I have to take my CPU out from its shelf and connect it in the back usb port. Its tideous for me.

A:Seagate external hard disk not detected in front panel USB port

Well not exactly knowing what type of a computer we are talking about here, I can only say, that what your are reporting is completely normal. Most computers I've ever touched have passive styled USB ports on the front of the computer, and aggressive USB ports off the back that can handle just about anything you can hook up to it.

So stop trying to connect that external hard drive off the front, not enough power and not enough data exchange rates. I would recommend that if you have all your USB ports off the back of the computer taken, I would start thinking seriously about an "amplified" 4 port USB HUB. Remember the HUB your looking for has it's own power source, and does not relying on the computer at all for it's power.

The following one is a good one, a friend of mine got her's about a month ago and has not yet reported any problems.

Hope this all helps....

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Hi Guys,

First a quick thing about what my computer set up was -

I have a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX graphics card, which has 2 DVI ports on the back, no VGA, I have dual monitor set up, one DVI going to my monitor, the other to my TV (which is VGA) via DVI-VGA converter add on thingy...

Well last week I moved my PC and in the process of moving it yanked it a bit vigorously, and the VGA cable usually plugged in to my TV (which was unplugged from my tv at the time, but not my computer) obviously got caught on something, and it got damaged.

I bought a new VGA cable and DVI-VGA switcher, thinking they may have been damaged in the process, and so was able to start eliminating everything...

My DVI - Monitor works fine, but my DVI/VGA to TV now comes up black and white, I have switched the leads across to the opposite ports and nothing comes up when my monitor is plugged in to the possibly broken one (not even black and white)

Does this mean that the DVI port would be broken? Is there any way of just replacing that port? Or would it require a whole new graphics card?

A:DVI Port Broken?

If have fully tested the two ports and received nothing from the bad port then it may suggest that port is faulty...

I would try removing the Video card....and then seating it back in and makesure it is pushed into the Motherboard all the way...I would also re-install the Video card drivers......then restart the PC.......if the results are the same then points to that port as would have to be sent back and repaired

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