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robocopy script is not working through Scheduler

Q: robocopy script is not working through Scheduler

Dear All,

My batch file of robocopy is working fine. But when I tried to run it through task scheduler, none of the files transfer to the target location.

@echo off
echo +-----------------------------------------+
echo Database Export Utility for server
echo +-----------------------------------------+
echo .
ROBOCOPY E:\dp_dir \\\inter_loc_dump /LOG:LOG_FILE.TXT

Above script is working fine...but task scheduler is keep on running without any results.

Please help me out.

Ashish Kumar Mahanta

A: robocopy script is not working through Scheduler

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums,

In the Scheduler, what settings have you set under General, Triggers and Actions?


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Hey all,

Well this place helped me write my first cmd script so i would like to share it with you all and hope you enjoy it.

This particular script allows you to back up selected files or folders from a client computer through to a server after answering a couple of questions.

Its a great script but unfortunantly i have no need for it as it does not meet our requirements any more (note i only wrote it last week ).

The script comes with a backup version, and a restore version... so the theory is that you can back up selected files and folders from one client to the server, then restore it from the server to a new client, all with simple prompts.

I have also commented throughout the batch file as much as i could so hopefully it should be fairly easy for any admin guys using it.

The items it backs up are:

My documents
All pst files on the system
NK2 file - outlook file that remembers email addresses when creating new email and entering email it automatically suggests previously used email addresses
Outlook signatures

Its easy to add extra things to this script aswell. Also it is fairly easy to create it to do all of the backups without any prompts...

basically this is a batch file that is simple, but i spend a day or so writing it, and im proud of my crappy script so if anyone can find any use for it please do try it.
(now i just have to work out how i upload it)...

Thank you and commends are definately welcome


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I have set up some RoboCopy tasks that run fine when run from the desktop link, but being forgetful I thought I would try to run them automatically using Task Scheduler. I followed the instructions in the tutorial and all appeared to be fine. However the tasks did not run so I checked them in Task Scheduler and last run stated 'Never'. I then chose to 'Run' them Task Scheduler and got the following dos report:

(The smiley is ColonD at)
Simple Usage :: ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR
source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
/MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.
For more usage information run ROBOCOPY /?
**** /MIR can DELETE files as well as copy them !
C:\Windows\system32>robocopy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money 2005" "K:\M
oney File Backups" /e /np /tee /mt:4 /log+:my_backup_log.txt
2014/01/03 10:25:38 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Opening Log File C:\Windows\system32\my
Access is denied.

ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows
Started : Fri Jan 03 10:25:38 2014
Source - C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money 2005\
Dest - K:\Money File Backups\
Files :
Options : /T... Read more

A:Using Task Scheduler fails to run RoboCopy.

2014/01/03 10:25:38 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Opening Log File C:\Windows\system32\my
Access is denied.
I think the basic problem is you are trying to save the logfile to a Windows protected folder.

My suggestions is to use your robocopy bat file from your desktop....not C:\Windows\system32\

Try that and let us know what happens.

BTW : you run robocopy /? from an elevated command prompt as explained in the tutorial - not from Windows search.

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Hi All,

Quick question regarding robocopy. I am not that great in using it but I did manage to figure out that how to do basic copying and mirroring. My main issue is copying over files that have security permissions.

At this point, I have this:
robocopy c:\foldername e:\foldername /copyall /mir
What would I add and does it matter where I place the syntax for it to work?

Help appreciated.

EDIT: Figured out the security part. How would I get the script to still copy everything in the folder if its being used by someone else or they forgot to close it?


A:Robocopy script

Robocopy cannot do it by itself.

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At first, have a nice day!
Because I had task scheduler errors 0x80041321, I copied the directory tree ...system32/tasks for backup,
afterwards I purged all entries in this.
The failure was gone, but in task scheduler I have very view entries.
I begun to rename all files to .xml and
imported some tasks by hand.
Because I feel troublesome,
I want to ask you for a script that works
in one go.
Thank you
for a friends notebook with Win7 Home 32 bit
(The task scheduler failure 0x80041321 appeared after a roll back with
shadow copies) 

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Hey there. Im not quite sure what it is and why its not working but I have a task setup to urn every hour. What the script does is updates information on a webserver i have and updates the database. it updates some stats but not others if i use it on the task. However if i go to the script on IE or Mozzilla. It runs the entire thing. Any ideas on why this is ? Or what i could do to fix it ?

A:Task scheduler not running all of script

Have you set the script to run automatically? It should do the same thing as IE.

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I have some issues with running my script for all Windows users, I hope you can help me. To simplify this topic, let's say that instead of my script I want to run calculator.

I open Task Scheduler and click Create Task, then I fill out all the necessary data (Name of the task, Triggers, Actions, ...)

Name of the task: Test
Trigger: One time
Action: Start a program (C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe)
Security Options: computer\username

Everything works great with these settings, but just for me (my account). Task will not run if I log in with a different account. I tried to run task as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, but calculator opens only in background (I can see Windows Calculator in Task Manager, but there is no user interface).

So I have a question for you, how would you solve problem like that (a program needs to be open graphically with Task Scheduler for every user who log in - startup programs is not the solution, because my script needs to be open every day at specific hour.

Thank you for your help.

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Hope I'm in the right place!

I am trying to get a Powershell script to run daily in the task scheduler. It basically purges a folder on one of my drives:

Get-ChildItem ?Path ?D:\Dropbox\Quicken\Backup? ?Recurse | Where-Object CreationTime ?lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-10) | Remove-ItI

I can run it from a CMD prompt and I set it up in the task scheduler and it seemed to run one time on schedule and then hasn't run since that initial time. I have tried to run it manually from the task scheduler but it gets and error "Task Start Failed."

I have attached copies of the properties tabs and the main view of the task scheduler with the History showing. Any ideas? I didn't find a tutorial, but I'm sure there is something on the website!


Al Guden


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Hi everyone. This is my first post so excuse me if I do something incorrectly. Basically my problem is this I am using Windows 7 and created a small batch file to xcopy the contents of a folder to another folder.


xcopy "C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Quickbooks\Attach\Canterbury House 2013" C:\document-backup /i /s /y
@Echo off
Echo *** Attachemnt file Backup Ran and Completed - Changed files Added ***



It works correctly it I manually run the script (double click the batch file) but it never executes when the time comes under the task scheduler. It just says that either it was ended by the user, which it was not, or it just says it is running.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



A:Solved: Xcopy script fails in task scheduler

1) Use double quotes to enclose the complete path of the Program/Script in the 'Action' area. This was even though I'd used the built-in 'Browse' facility to locate it. (It was not necessary to use the 'Start in' field.)
2) Remove an ampersand (&) that happened to be in my filename. Task Scheduler seemingly couldn't cope with the &, even though the file ran OK outside of Scheduler.
So, in the Action area:
needed to become:
Then all was well.


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I am trying to schedule a task while loads MySQL batch script (.sql) file but the command is not executing as given and expected. Rather it's printing MySQL help usage information. My task action configuration would be:
Program/Script: "D:\Workspace\Tools\mysql-5.6.25-winx64\bin\mysql.exe"
Arguments: -u username -ppassword <databaseName> < "D:\<batch-script-file-name>.sql"

It's running successfully while running through command prompt but not working using task scheduler. Rather it give mysql help usage information. Any idea about it's behavior?

A:Using Windows 7 Task Scheduler To Load MySQL Batch Script File

Instead of scheduling mysql.exe, you should schedule a batch file that contains the whole command and its parameters. This makes debugging much easier. Let's call the batch file D:\Workspace\MyBatch.bat:
@echo off
set Log=d:\Report.log
echo Job run on %date% at %time% by %UserName% >> %Log%
D:\Workspace\Tools\mysql-5.6.25-winx64\bin\mysql.exe -u username -ppassword d:\MyDatabase D:\MyScript.sql  1>%Log  2>&1
echo. >> %Log%
You should now do this:

Run the batch file from a Command Prompt.
Examine the log file.Run the batch file from the Task Scheduler.Examine the log file again.

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I am constantly (like a half hour doesn't go by) getting the script messages. The script has stopped working or the script is busy. I don't know what causes it so much. I click on debug script, but I don't understand what the debugger says or how to tell how long to wait. I just don't understand anything about this at all plus why it happens so much. Please help!

A:Script has stopped working or script is busy

Does it kick in when you just visit this site, or does it do that at other sites?

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Win 7 Home Prem 32

I had set up daily scheduled restore creation points, only to find that none had actually been created, when I tried to restore. I now have a non-working microphone

The schedules were working some time back, I am sure.....however...

I have it set to work whether I am logged in or not. I cannot see any restrictions that would stop it.

Triggers are : time based.
Action :"start a program c:\program files\deltacad\deltacad.exe" (browsed, not entered"
Conditions: Only when on 240V power
Settings: Allow task to be run manually
Stop the task if it runs longer than 3 days
If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop.

History shows repeated successful completions.

Taskeng.exe is trusted in my security system (Comodo) and is running as a programme. Task Scheduler is shown as a Service.

I tried scheduling the running of a simple drafting programme that I have (deltacad.exe). The time came and went and nothing appeared to happen. I ran it manually using SCHTASKS.EXE /RUN /TN "task name". A very brief CMD window opened, and again it looked as if nothing had happened. However when I ran Process Explorer, there were 3 issues of the programme running: apparently one from the scheduled run and the others manual. None of them showed a GUI onscreen, and if I asked to bring the window to the front in Procexp, the option was greyed. running the programme itself, by actually activating it in Windows, resulted in a successful l... Read more

A:Win 7 Scheduler not working

Press the Windows key + R to open a Run box.

Type services.msc.

Click OK.

Browse to the Task Scheduler service. Make sure the service is Started and Automatic.

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Hi, I have a freeware program called CleanMem and it runs with task scheduler. With it's use from Vista it was fine but not with transition to windows 7 after a few weeks task scheduler succumbs to an error such as the image below.

Please help with this problem, i'm on a Windows 7 Ultimate with an Acer Aspire 5738G notebook.

A:Task Scheduler is not working!

Yes i had the exact bug abt two months ago and i managed to solve it!

Here is the link to the thread i started and you will find your solution there!

Task Scheduler bug W7

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Hi, I have a freeware program called CleanMem and it runs with task scheduler. With it's use from Vista it was fine but not with transition to windows 7 after a few weeks task scheduler succumbs to an error such as the image below.

Please help with this problem, i'm on a Windows 7 Ultimate with an Acer Aspire 5738G notebook.

A:Task Scheduler is not working!

Copied from "Trouble Shooting Task Schedular"

For information about an event or error message related to Task Scheduler, see Events and Error Message Center.
A task does not run when you expect it to run

If a scheduled task does not run when you expect it to run, ensure that the task is enabled, and also check the triggers on the task to ensure that they are set correctly. For more information see, Enable a Task to Run. For more information about updating a task's triggers, see Change an Existing Task. Also, check the history of the task to see when the task was started and to check for errors. For more information, see View Task Properties and History.
A task will run only if all of the task's conditions are met. You can set a task's conditions on the Conditions tab of the Task Properties dialog box. For more information, see Task Conditions.
Some tasks will only run when a certain user is logged on, depending on a task's security options. If a scheduled task does not run when you expect it to run, ensure that the task's security options are set correctly. For more information, see Task Security Context and Change an Existing Task.

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Hi for some time now I have been without an active working task scheduler..when I try to use it In get an immediate 'task no longer exists.' with a {0} . I think there might be several programs that could be causing this caused by an unsuccessful upgrade of Microsoft essentials awhile bugs me that I an not use it.Can I remove all tasks and let system recreate them..?

When I look at local task scheduler I see the task schedule library sub-headings but do not see any task..

any ideas anyone.. when I look in services.msc it seem to be running "started"..although I have no choice to restart etc..all dependencies seem to be working...

A:Task scheduler not working

Hi, this is what you want, (make sure your's is the same) go into services.msc and stop the task scheduler service.(Stop)

Next copy paste all below into notepad save to desktop call it Task.reg and double click to merge into registry. Restart the task scheduler service (Start, Automatic) and reboot your computer, then try task scheduler.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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Wanted to schedule back up, but got a notice task scheduler no longer exists, what should I do?

Notice says no longer exists. System restore did not help

A:Task Scheduler Not Working

Our you running Vista or Win 7? You specs only show Vista. If you are running 7 what version.?

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I'm running Windows XP SP2 Home. None of my tasks in the scheduler will run and everytime I right click one and try to show the properties I get the following error dialog

Please help. Thanks.


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I can't defrag, and can't schedule any tasks. These are screenshots of my error messages. What can I do about finding "remote computer"? I only have this one!

A:Task scheduler not working?


Check that the Task Scheduler service is running:

Click Start >> Type services.msc >> Press Enter

Look for Task Scheduler... is it running


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I can not run task scheduler pops the message "can not find the remote computer"
Help !
I also used WWDC

A:Task Scheduler not working

If you are using WWDC, some of your windows services may be disable. In particular windows task service.

If you don't already have it download and run MBAM. Look for an infection with Virus tools. If you find anything eliminate it and check your services.

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Dear All,
I have an issue where the task scheduler is not working on couple of machines in my organisation. Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise OS is installed on all
these machines. When i launch the task scheduler it tried to load the task but then fails to load with a red cross mark. There are no messages or warnings displayed. I have tried the below steps for this issue. Any other suggestions before i could try a system

Steps performed: 
1. Task scheduler and the dependent services are Services are started and running
2. Did a complete Windows update with all the latest updates and patches are installed
3. Cleared the user temp, windows temp folders
4. The Windows is activated
5. Did a SFC /scannow to fix any damaged system files
6. Reinstall .net framework 4.5
7. Move the file taskschd from the folder appdata\roaming\microsoft\mmc
8. In the path C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG, renamed the following files.
Rename "machine.config" to "machine.config.old"
Rename "machine.config.comments" to " machine.config.comments.old"
9. Deleted the contents  of the c:\windows\system32tasks folder
Any comments\suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you.


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Hello, my computer is overclocked with software set to run using the Task Scheduler. It is set to run at startup, but with "fast startup", the program doesn't launch. How can I make this overclock program run at startup without sacrificing "fast startup".
(fast startup option)

A:Task Scheduler Not Working Properly

What kind of software? Are they Apps, desktop programs, sevices? If a desktop that can run at logon then just put shortcuts in the Startup Folder. Or you can add to the Registry Run key using my RunIt utility from here:
Miles Ahead Software

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Many questions about this, but I found none that matched my problem, which were resolved.

Win 7 Home Prem 32

I had set up daily scheduled restore creation points, only to find that none had actually been created, when I tried to restore. I now have a non-working microphone

The schedules were working some time back, I am sure.....however...

I have it set to work whether I am logged in or not. I cannot see any restrictions that would stop it.

Triggers are : time based.
Action :"start a program c:\program files\deltacad\deltacad.exe" (browsed, not entered"
Conditions: Only when on 240V power
Settings: Allow task to be run manually
Stop the task if it runs longer than 3 days
If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop.

History shows repeated successful completions.

Taskeng.exe is trusted in my security system (Comodo) and is running as a programme. Task Scheduler is shown as a Service.

I tried scheduling the running of a simple drafting programme that I have (deltacad.exe). The time came and went and nothing appeared to happen. I ran it manually using SCHTASKS.EXE /RUN /TN "task name". A very brief CMD window opened, and again it looked as if nothing had happened. However when I ran Process Explorer, there were 3 issues of the programme running: apparently one from the scheduled run and the others manual. None of them showed a GUI onscreen, and if I asked to bring the window to the front in Procexp... Read more

A:Task Scheduler not working (I HAVE looked!)

If you mean System Restore..... some of our Tutorials are below

System Restore

System Restore Configuration - Enable or Disable

System Restore - Enable or Disable

System Restore General Troubleshooting to Fix Issues

System Restore Point - Create

System Restore Point : Create at System Startup

System Restore Point Shortcut

System Restore - Undo

System Shortcut - Create

Also FYI....
I suggest you read through the info below re Win 7.

How to: create a daily restore point. - Microsoft Answers

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As you can see from my printscreen scheduler isn't working. Sometimes it goes up to 40 days last run, I have to do it manually every single time I remember doing it. Windows 10 has NEVER done automatic trimming/defragging on any drive.

Anyone have a similar issue?

A:Drive Optimize Scheduler not working

Most every expert advises against defragging an SSD because it will reduce life span. Does your SSD support TRIM to optimize ?

This is the best article that I could quickly find as to how Windows is handling the SSD in your screenshot (will perform a TRIM only if 10% or more of drive is fragmented) and what is advised. Good Luck.

Why Windows 8 and 8.1 defragment your SSD and how you can avoid this

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I noticed that my father's computer hasn't done backup for more than a month.Upon trying a manual backup, it gives the error:
"Windows could not launch the automatic backup job for the following reason: Element not found. (0x80070490)"
I googled that and tried the suggestions here:
1) Volume shadow copy was not set to auto
2) sfc /scannow did not help
3) clean boot did not help
? I also discovered that the last search for available Windows Updates was performed on the same date as the last backup, and nothing since.
I did a manual Windows Update search, it found and did some updates, installed and rebooted.
The problems were still there.
In system recovery, it seems that there are no snapshots from before the windows update from today!
? I then checked the Task Scheduler, which gave an error message.
I opened MSCONFIG, disabled all non-MS services, all startup items. I disabled the antivirus and disabled its system protection options.
I redid SFC / scannow (elevated) a couple of times.
It repaired some things, but still reported errors.
I checked the system disk from errors (from gui, not chkdsk), nothing found.

I did dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth, with a MS iso file.
Redid sfc /scannow, no more errors.

Backup and Task Scheduler still do not work.
Do we still have options to save this computer from having to do clean reinstall?

A:Backup / Task Scheduler not working, even after repair

What build is the PC?
The task scheduler has been broken on Redstone builds for sometime
If the PC is on the fast ring you may want to wait until the anniversary drop
Ensure that the task is configured for Windows 10 (see in task scheduler)

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I have modified the inbuilt System Restore task by adding a Daily trigger to it to run around an hour after I turn on (around 8:00am) the computer each morning. I have set all conditions Off so it should run no matter what the PC is doing.

The Task list shows "Last run at 11/3/2014 at 9:37am" but the Restore point does not show up in the Recovery system for selecting a Restore Point to restore back to. I have rebooted just in case that list isn't updated regularly, but still no Restore Points. And, it shows "due to run next on 11/4/2014 at 9:00am."

I have tried this on this win8.0 and on an win8.1 tablet and both show the Restore Point as having been done around the scheduled time, but neither of them show up in the Recovery lists.

Am I doing something wrong?

What do I need to make this work?


A:Task Scheduler and System Restore not working

What happens if you change the settings to just run at start (no 60 minute delay)? And if you run manual points, do they show up?

Just for reference: Change How Often System Restore Creates Restore Points in Windows 7 or Vista - pretty sure it same with W8.

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Hello - today I tried to open the Task Scheduler and it simply did not open. No error message. Process simply dies. Both services are started. I did a restore from a a week ago - last time I successfully used task scheduler. No luck. After a bit of investigation I realised I have the same problem with the Event Viewer. If I open MMC and try to snap-in the Task Scheduler or Event Viewer, then MMC crashes. Any idea how to fix this?

A:Event Viewer and Task Scheduler Not Working

Quote: Originally Posted by esieens

Hello - today I tried to open the Task Scheduler and it simply did not open. No error message. Process simply dies. Both services are started. I did a restore from a a week ago - last time I successfully used task scheduler. No luck. After a bit of investigation I realised I have the same problem with the Event Viewer. If I open MMC and try to snap-in the Task Scheduler or Event Viewer, then MMC crashes. Any idea how to fix this?

Have you run a virus scan recently? I would suggest you do now. Sometimes virus prevent them from opening


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Task scheduler has stopped working for some of the programs scheduled - including my backup program.

The log gives the error message :-

"the attempt to retrieve account information for the specified task failed; therefore the task did not run. Either an error occurred or no account information existed for the task.
The specific error is : 0x8004130f: no account information could be found in the task scheduler security database for the task indicated."

I have tried setting up the task again both through the program and directly into the scheduler, but have had no success.

TSG sysinfor shows:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2400+, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 767 Mb
Graphics Card: ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 7500 (Microsoft Corporation) , 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 58644 MB, Free - 33718 MB; F: Total - 305168 MB, Free - 296964 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., A7V8X, REV 1.xx, xxxxxxxxxxx
Antivirus: None

I notice that the sysinfo log shows that there is no antivirus on the machine. In fact, Norton Internet Services is installed and running.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Task Scheduler stopped working in XP home

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for months now this pop-up has been appearing every 5min or so and i really dont know how to fix it. here's the signature:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: taskeng.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47918ceb
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a7a6
Exception Code: c0000142
Exception Offset: 00009cac
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 9d13
Additional Information 2: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
Additional Information 3: 9d13
Additional Information 4: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8

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I have a exe fil created in visual studio 2013 which does requires one parameter to execute. I want to run it at 02:00 PM on daily when user logged on/off through the windows task scheduler. I followed below steps to schedule a exe to run it through
windows task scheduler.

Step1: Created new task with name "Billing Update" ,and i have set it with option shown below run whether user logged on or not.

Step 2: Set up trigger option to run exe on daily at 02:00 PM.

Step 3: Set up Action tab to select Billing.exe with arguments 2015.

Step 4 : I clicked on the ok button it asked me for the user name ,password to run the exe under condition of whether user logged on or not. I
did set it with appropriate credentials and hit with the ok .

When i logged of to see the execution of program it did not worked.

I checked with the below possible conditions to run the program.
1. I ran the program with setting Option->Run only when user logged on. (Output Result-Program worked)
2. I ran the Notepad.exe program with setting Option->Run whether user logged on or not. (Output Result-Program failed)
2. I have checked for securities required to assign the Users and Groups on General->Change User Or Groups for this i have given full access to D:\Billing.exe program using security (Output Result-Program failed).

I have googled out for the possible solution but did not get appropriate one ,Why does task scheduler does not run the program when i... Read more

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I used to run a nature sound file in Media Player, to help me sleep, with Task Scheduler set to wake me up with an online radio program. First task stops, "wakeup" task starts immediately after; worked great for almost a year.

Suddenly, doesn't work. Running task doesn't stop, and either wakeup task never starts, or, if it does, it runs as some sort of "ghost" instance: no window showing in the Taskbar, nothing showing in Task Manager (neither as application or as process). I have to restart the whole computer to get it to stop!

Checked all the settings in Task Scheduler, tried drawing up new tasks; no change.

Too bad I bought this PC with Win7 preinstalled--no disks to rebuild from.

A:Task Scheduler & Windows Media Player quit working together

This is not an "audio" problem, this forum section. The "Software" section would be more applicable to try and get help for your problem. Software - Windows 7 Forums

Most new PC's do not come with discs. However, they usually have a Recovery Partition on the hard drive that will allow restoring. Also most come with a procedure to create a set of recovery discs.

The recovery partition access varies by Vendor. With a Dell it's F8 at POST (Power On Self Test).

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I've followed instructions for setting up Windows Defender updates with task scheduler but it's not working. Windows defender opens up at the scheduled times but just does nothing. Guides I followed:
Manage data usage and Windows updates in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

Has anyone got this working for them? I've set my ethernet connection to metered in the registry.

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My Gateway laptop (model M-6750 2008 vintage) which is running Vista Home Premium service pack 2 (32 bit Op sys) started giving me this message.  I think the problem is I deleted some critical files recently when purging some Malware and junk so now I have to figure out how to put them back in.  I tried a restore as of a date prior to the purge date but for every date I tried I got a message that the restore did not work due to a "corrupt" file.  I know that I do have a D: file partition where my Vista sortware resides, however, when reading a post in this forum I noticed that it would purge all of my applications and personal data.  My analysis showed these files missing (maybe others);  slbcsp.dll, sccbase.dll, gpkcsp.dll, enum.  Also got these messages:
ditto \PROVIDER\INFINEOUN  Sicrypt base smart card csp microsoft
ditto \PROVIDER\GEMPLUS Gemsafe card CSP V1.0 Microsoft
QUESTION: is it possible to reload these routines or do need to reload the entire Vista package?  If reload needed, what process whould I use?  Sorry for the large amount of info and thank you for your help in advance.

A:"Task Scheduler Engine stopped working and was closed" is the message

Welcome aboard  Let's check first if your computer is clean...  Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* ... Read more

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Since this thread is similar to what I want to ask Im writing it about the problem that I have:
In windows xp and 7 I did not have this problem but on WINDOWS 8 is a real headache, Right now I have like 20 scripts that use access 2003 that connect to SQL Data in a server, but the first problem is that I cannot map drives classic style like Z:\ or H:\ etc
here is one simple example of the script
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Dim accessApp
set accessApp = CreateObject("Access.Application")

accessApp.Visible = "True"
accessApp.OpenCurrentDatabase "Z:\Contabilidad\Autorun\Reportes\CHEQUEOSAB.mdb"
accessApp.Run "ActualizaDatos"

Set objshell = nothing
set accessApp = nothing

A:VB Script not working

And the drives are mapped, and connected when trying to run the script?

Are you using Homegroup for Networking or regular MS Networking? I don't know if that would matter, Windows 7 has Homegroup too.

I found these articles:

Task scheduled vbscript cannot access mapped drive when run on logged off remote computer

Access network share from within VBScript eg FileSystemObject - Stack Overflow

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I am knew in this forum.
I have just bought Dell XPS 12 Duo with Windows 8.
I was used to working with Windows 7 and i have few VBS script which worked just fine in Windows 7.
Now the same script would not work on Windows 8.
I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve the problem so that i can run my VB Script.

Thank you..


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I am knew in this forum.
I have just bought Dell XPS 12 Duo with Windows 8.
I was used to working with Windows 7 and i have few VBS script which worked just fine in Windows 7.
Now the same script would not work on Windows 8.
I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve the problem so that i can run my VB Script.

Thank you..


A:VB Script not working

"It doesn't work" is not a useful problem report. How would you feel if someone came up to you and said they had a problem and just told you it didn't work?

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I created two scripts sets with same cording in two deferent name to identify users in two LAN and applied it through a group policy. It is working with one lan and but not with other lan.
I cant understand why its not applying to other. only deference with script is script name and the file name its saving.
If someone can help me very thankful.

A:Logging script is not working with other LAN

You have asked this question in your previous thread, do please don't post duplicates. I've marked the other one unsolved.

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I have a php file that has the following piece of code:
$file = "/data/src/Status/a";
$ret = @chmod($file, 0775);

$ret = @unlink($file);


When i run the code from the command line the file ("a") gets deleted. But when i invoke the script using a browser the file is not getting deleted.

What might be the possible reason?


A:php script not working in browser

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For the past few years I have used the following vbs script to perform a simple archive on files. After several updates earlier in the year, they quit working. Gives me the error "can't create object 'Scripting.FileSystemObject', error code: 800A01AD
I really havent had time to seriously research the issue until today.

The most prominent updates on my WinXP Pro system are SP3, "Windows Power Shell 1.0", and all the .net framework updates (08/14/09). I think that one of them may be the culprit. Is there a better way to write this simple code, or does anyone know what may be causing the error.
Dim fso
set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fso.CopyFile "C:\Data Files\Databases\Case Management.mdb", "L:\DB Backups\Case Management (" & Replace(FormatDateTime(Date(),2),"/","-") & " " & Replace(FormatDateTime(Time(),4),":","") & ").bak"
set fso = nothing
Thank you,

A:vb script stopped working

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I have on my task bar a shortcut to a simple *.vbs script file to tile all open windows vertically, which contains the following;
Set wshshell=CreateObject("Shell.Application")
It's been working just fine for ages, but now the short cut simply opens the notepad file as opposed to executing it.
All I have done recently, is to install some protection software (Norton 360 and Iolo System Management 8).
How can I repair this problem.

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Hi all
After updating by windows update to sp1, i have massage that java sript is not working correctly on my pc. I don't know why. I didn't switch it off, did not changed any system settings. Because this java, i can't run for instance McAfee installer. It displays the massage and only option is to push ok, and it closes. Another thing involving java is web pages displaying not as it should. at the top should have applet to scroll pictures but it doesn't.
What should i do?
I already tried to download new java from, and run it but still the same.
Please help me

A:Java Script is not working corretly after sp1

Did you try to uninstall and then reinstall java?

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set FILESPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images
set DESTPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images\thepit

REM for /r %LISTFOLDER% %%I in (*.txt) do echo xcopy /qvs "%FILESPATH%\%%~nxI" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
for /r %LISTFOLDER% %%I in (*.txt) do xcopy /qvs "%FILESPATH%\%%~nxI" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
This script does not work.

The poster on another fourum said it could be a typo or something, but no further info was provided what the correct script is, although he had no errors, he mentioned it could be environment, I'm on win7 x64.

I have another similar script for filenames in a txt only, which appears to work, but it doesn't work because I have filespath in the txt, in the meantime i'll manually remove paths to see if it'll work with that, but still this script would be handy to save time in future.

A:CMD or Powershell Moving - script not working

I've got it working a bit more with filenames

@echo off

set FILELIST=D:\List\imageFilenames.txt
set FILESPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images
set DESTPATH=D:\Igre\COD-MW2\main\images\thepit

for /f %%X in (%FILELIST%) do call :COPY_FILES "%%X"
goto :eof

for /r %FILESPATH% %%I in (%~1) do xcopy /qvs "%%I" "%DESTPATH%%%~pnxI"
But the error is

"cannot perform cyclic copy"

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I have a .vbs to run wakeonlan.exe (also tried shutdown.exe) to run as a shutdown script. The script works fine from a command line or double click but it fails when run as a shutdown script.
Maybe some service that either exe needs is stopped before the script runs so there is some sort of error???
I want my HTPC to shtudown my media server when it shuts down, and start the server when a certain user(the HTPC front end) logs in. I beleive the wake portion works fine, I've had no success on the shutdown..
i have tried inserting a line to run a timer for thrity seconds and hold it up, no luck
I use the parameter to halt script execution until the program completes, no change.
Is there a way to make shutdown scripts run before anything else is stopped in a shutdown?

A:Shutdown Script not working when shutting down
should lead you to water...

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I have a logon sript that runs a vb exe on a shared drive. The exe collects info from the workstations and sends it to an sql database. It was working great, now for some reason certain users/profiles have stopped running the exe. Why?

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Hi all

My task scheduler seems to work just fine but when I click on "Display all running tasks" I always get the message "Task scheduler service is not available. Task scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it". The service is running normally.

After looking up in various sites about similar problems I tried two things:
1) Run sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt. No errors found
2) Run "Fix my task scheduler" tool, after creating a system restore point. Told me it found and fixed 7 errors, but apparently not this one.

Time to pull up ProcessMonitor. In the attachment is the snapshot of the event (clicking "Display..." in Task Scheduler). I can see there are a few "name not found" but here ends my "expertise" .

Obviously I'm not willing to take any big step (like refreshing the pc) for such a trivial matter. It just bugs me...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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I am having issues with activating the security chip in BIOS using the script from Lenovo, SetConfig.vbs.Model: 20F90042MNUEFI BIOS Version: N1CET37W (1.05 )UEFI BIOS Date: 2016-01-15Embedded Controller Version: N1CHT25W (1.07 ) I am deploying Windows 7 with SCCM 2012 R2, and we are heavy users of all ThinkPad T4**s -models .OSD (Operative System Deployment) with BitLocker activation for T400s, T410s, T420s, T430s, T440s and T450s are working perfectly. T460s does not activate BitLocker, and it looks like the BIOS / Security Chip Activation is the issue.The script successfully activate the security chip (SetConfig.vbs SecurityChip Activate), as I can confirm in BIOS, but Windows does not agree.When I try to manually start BitLocker from Windows, it demands a reboot to activate TPM. I have tried running the script several times (from Windows), and rebooting after every time, but still Windows needs to activate TPM itself, and do a reboot.But if I go into bios, and manually enable SecurityChip (set to inactive first if already activated with the script, reboot, and then manually activate), I can start BitLocker from Windows without rebooting. Windows will then agree that TPM is activated.OSD will also work after I have done this manually. Why is it a difference with enabling with script, or enabling manually? I tried updating the BIOS to 1.09 on another new T460s before deploying Windows 7, and then the scrip... Read more

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I keep getting error msg when I substitute the path with environmental variable.
Please advice, Thank you.

such as
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("C:\Users\Z z z\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("%APPDATA%\Roaming\uTorrent")

Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\uTorrent")


whole script pin to taskbar

Dim ObjFolder, ObjFolderItem, colVerbs, objverb, objshell
Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\uTorrent")
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName("uTorrent.exe")
Set colVerbs = objFolderItem.Verbs
For Each objVerb in colVerbs
If Replace(, "&", "") = "Pin to Taskbar" Then objVerb.DoIt

A:Can't get VBS script working with win7 enviromental variable

The %APPDATA% variable includes the folder named Roaming.

Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("%APPDATA%\Roaming\uTorrent")

...should be:

Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace("%APPDATA%\uTorrent")

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I am trying to run a simple shutdown script..easy no big deal
shutdown -r -t 00
And I created a desktop shortcut and assigned a hot key to it to speed up the process.

Problem is I try to launch the batch script and instead I get a command prompt window that goes to the script directory, types / activates CMD then does nothing? Prior doing this in XP worked like a charm, why does it not work in Windows 7? I also tried to run the script as administrator AND checked permissions and took ownership and also tried running it in compatability mode, still no luck.

Please help.

A:Standard Windows batch script not working

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!

Have you tried to run shutdown at a command prompt?

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hi i have problem with some app for example powershell or Troubleshooting
see event :

- <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
<Provider Name="Application Error" />

<EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>




<TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-10-17T18:13:30.000000000Z" />


<Security />

- <EventData>













<Data />

<Data />


- <Event xmlns="... Read more

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Moderators: I'm not sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong place I'll understand if it gets moved.


For quite some time I've been successfully using the following script to make regular backups of a database, but lately the backups are <1KB in size, where the database itself is a few hundred MB. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, so any help would be much appreciated.

# Backup description
# Backup filename
# Destination directory (with trailing slash)
# Database Settings:

echo "Backing up $fdesc database..."
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-%d`.sql
mysqldump --opt -quick -u$fuser -p$fpw $fdb > $tempname
echo "Gzipping $fdesc database..."
gzip $tempname
a=`eval date +%d`
a=`expr $a - 2`
echo "Deleting old backups... (Error messages are normal)"
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-`$a.sql.gz
rm $tempname
tempname=$fdir$fname-`eval date +%Y-%m-`0$a.sql.gz
rm $tempname

Yes, this is a generic script, without the actual relevant details for the particular site and server involved.

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EDIT: It happened again =(
But didn't get any script error.
Specs information:
Windows XP Professional 5.1 (build 2600)
Direct X: 9
RAM: 768 MB
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 -2.2 Ghz

Hey, I get script error, I don't remember what it said, but it have happened twice now in about a day.
I remember the word "chrome".

What happens, is that my computer runs slow, about 30x times slower. Almost frozen.
And then I get the message "Script stopped working" and it said "chrome" and something else.

And when I click Stop script, it works perfect again...
But I don't want this to happen daily, are there anything that can prevent this from happening?
Also, I got another problem related to this too.
The memory usage is TOO HIGH! My maximum memory usage expands because of that script, the script
makes an .exe file go from 30 000 kb to 300 000. (just happened)
And then it stops after 5 minutes.
I really don't have any idea what to do but to hope for a reply here.

Also, here is a picture of my task manager, maybe you could help me remove some of the
processes? The memory usage, as said, is way too high.

I have erased 3 processes that I know what are, I know what the AVG ones are for too though...
If something about my problem is unclear, then please reply what, and I'll try to give a better explanation.



A:Script stopped working - please read and reply


Because no one wants to help me, looks like this site isn't as good
as you describe it.

If I don't get a reply soon or if this topic gets locked, then I'll just leave this site
because of its nonhelping community.

Don't take it personally to you who wants to help me.
If you want to help me but don't know how, don't take this personal.

But if you just think I'm stupid for posting this thread, then just ____ off, okay?

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Hello all,

For platform: Windows 7 Professional x64

I need a way to automate windows update with a .vbs script if possible. I'm not familiar with power shell so I prefer a .vbs script. I have searched and searched but have not been able to find a reliable .vbs script.

I need it not to have any user interaction so No prompts to search, download, or install the updates. 100% automated and silent. just a simple double click and launch or it can be called from a batch file, I would like to see the status in a window of some sort like cmd or something of course so I know what phase its in and when its complete.

if anyone has something like this please post it....this would speed up my production line greatly.

A:Does anyone have a working script for windows update? to automate it?

Wouldn't it be easier to leave auto updates turned on and the machine will update itself - or am I missing something ? what are you trying to achieve with your script that WU wont do on its own

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I go to a site like Youtube and when I click to play a video it says "You have Javascript turned off or an old version of Adobe's flash player". I've checked browser tools and everything is enabled. I've downloaded both newest versions of flash player and Java....still wont open a video

A:flash player/Java script not working

If you have

Adobe Flash Player


Sun Java Runtime Environment

installed(after first uninstalling the old versions), open Internet Explorer, click Tools - Internet Options - Security(tab), set all 4 zones to "Default Level", click Apply - OK, then close and reopen Internet Explorer.


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I'm glad that you can hopefully help, because I've tried some things that don't help.

I've always been using the Weather Channel toolbar on the bottom right of my computer screen to view the tempurature, however the other day, my IE 6 was very slow and so I decided to restart the computer. When I restarted, I got a pop up script error window with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark inside. Every time I tried to close the window, I had to click it again and again for the new script error windows to close, and finally they did. I didn't write the whole error down, but it was a script error that showed the file destination and that included the Weather Channel folder (, so I know that has something to do with my problem. When I opened IE 6, most sites were looking normal as usual, but when I went to You Tube, MetaCafe, and even when trying to play streaming audio, the web pages for these sites looked very unusual, almost raw (like there weren't completely programmed correctly). Some pictures wouldn't show and they had red X's. The disoriented pages only happened on these sites (and possibly others), but Google, Hotmail, and other sites looked normal.

I tried running my Symantec virus scan with no results, then I System Restored my computer a few times to different dates, and I even upgraded IE to 7, with no luck. At this time, I did not get any script error messages anymoresd, but the w... Read more

A:IE - Some Pages Not Working - Weather Channel Script Error

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Good day.
I work in an enterprise environment with IE11 and Google Chrome as available browsers. IE11 is configured with an automatic configuration script. On all computers but one, it works as expected.
On the problem machine I (and all other users) can access intranet sites but not internet sites while using IE11. If I remove the script name and enter the IP/Port of the proxy server in the proxy section, it works as expected. Google Chrome works as
expected and pulls the .pac info from IE. Chrome works whether the script or IP are used.
I have run GPUPDATE /FORCE, restarted the computer, run IE with no add-ons, reset IE settings (from the advanced tab on Internet Options), flushed the DNS, renewed the IP, tried accessing websites by IP rather than name.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Im trying to create a form using JS inside and IFrame and submit it using script here this approach works fine in FireFox but not IE7. could anybody help me on this please!

below is the script code im using

var ifSubmit = null;
ifSubmit = document.frames(sessionID);
ifSubmit = document.getElementById(sessionID);
if(ifSubmit.contentDocument) **
doc = ifSubmit.contentDocument;
if(ifSubmit.contentWindow) **
doc = ifSubmit.contentWindow;
if (ifSubmit.document) **
doc = ifSubmit.document;
var tempDiv = document.createElement('div');
var paramEL = document.forms[form].getElementsByTagName('input');
var i = 0;
for(i; i < paramEL.length; i++)**
var param = paramEL[i];
if(param.type == 'hidden')**
var input = document.createElement('input');
input.type = param.type; =;
input.value = param.value; =;
var tempForm = '<form method="post" action="http://i-0358:8080/inf/eFocus/jsp/fqwidget">';
tempForm = tempForm + tempDiv.innerHTML;
tempForm = tempForm + '</form>';
if(ifSubmit.contentWindow) **
doc = ifSubmit.contentWindow.document;
... Read more

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hi I have a script error when I try to open Medieval total war. I am on windows vista basic 32-bit.

here is the script error
> line: 9
> char:1
> error: syntax error
> code:0
> url:

can anyone help me with this problem?

A:script error caused launcher.exe to stop working for medieval total war


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I have created a robocopy.bat as below :

robocopy C:\Users\Faust_000\Documents\Alfredo "F:\Backups Documents" /e /mir /z /np /tee /log:Alfredo_log.txt

and I have created a Planned Activity into the Planning Utility to run at certain time every day.

Now my question is :
1. if manually activeted by double click robocopy.bat it perfectly works and the log.tx file is created
2. if I execute the robocopy by the Planned Activity (by manually Excute or automatically at the planned time) the robocopy is done correctly but the log.txt file is not created or updated.

I did both on W7 Professional 64bit and on W8.1 64bit but no difference.
Could someone help me to understand why the difference of results manually and via Planned Activity ?
Thank in advance.


I don't use Robocopy or Planned Activity but it might perhaps be related to the current directory when the bat file is executed. If so, the other log file should be somewhere on your system and you could search for it.

I mean when you manually run the bat file you get a certain "current directory", but in the other scenario you get another directory. You can try to include a path for the log parameter or move to a certain directory with the cd command in the bat file, before the robocopy command.

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We are looking to migrate a SQL database to a new server. The database is for an imaging software and has pointers to the images. We are going to move the database in the next week or two. I wanted to start copying the image files to the new server to prepare for the migration (about 300 gig of 17k files). I understand that robocopy is a good program to accomplish this. I am looking to copy all the files, folders, and subfolders over, then copy only the changes over nightly. What is the correct command line that I should use to accomplish this? Can I save it to a bat file and use windows task scheduler to have it run nightly?

Thanks in advance for all of the help!


Are you migrating to a server that will be running the same software? Why not use an SSIS package? That way, you can migrate the complete database to the new server and just point your programs as necessary.

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Does Robocopy /MIR copy all files or just the ones that are added and those that are changed? I don't want to start this if it is going to take hours and hours. thanks...

A:Robocopy /MIR

Just the changes.

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Need to back up data-drive regularly on drive F and send to data-drive G

Robocopy has been mentioned as win7 built-in. I'm confused what is it & how to use it?

A:Robocopy how?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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I have been forced by the man to switch to vista. I had a simple xcopy to duplicate a folder structor. Would someone be kind enough to translate this into robocopy for me?

xcopy r:\_DND\*.* r:\SMcbrid2\ /E /O

Thanks for the help


Here you go:

ROBOCOPY r:\_DND\ r:\SMcbrid2\ *.* /E /COPYALL

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Hello all,

To save my life I could not get the Robocopy GUI to work. I have no problem using it with command line by dropping in to CMD.

Tried the GUI it reported that the job is finished as soon as I click "RUN" but nothing copied.

Thank you kindly,

A:I need some help with Robocopy GUI please.

Why not just put the command line commands in a bat file and run them like that? It's how I do my backups.

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Hi there,

I want to use ROBOCOPY to move any file that is older than 30 days.
I've tried this command but it seems to move the file anyway, even though the file is only 4 days old:

robocopy * C:\b2d C:\archive /mov /minage: 01-04-2011

From "/minage: 01-04-2011" i thought it would only move files that are at least 30 days or more old. But this seems to move everything.

Can anybody explain why this is happening? Is it because i used a wildcard on files, will that not look at the file age?


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I have Windows Vista Home Premium and somebody recently mentioned to me about Robocopy to use from cmd. Unfortunately I got into a mess and cmd froze so that I had to force shut down.

Can somebody kindly let me know how to use robocopy to copy files and directories my document on C: drive into external hard drive J: in a simple language as possible.

Thank you very mcuh.


This is how robocopy is used:
How to Copy Vista to Another Hard Drive |

That being said, I would like to mention that in several years of helping out at the Vista Forum, this is the first question about robocopy. Most members use Macrium Reflect to make monthly backups. These backups are always available in the event of a catastrophe with the OS. It can also be used to transfer to another drive.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Hi, I have 2 questions which I desperately need help with. Here's the question: 1. robocopy shoud Run in a separate terminal window and recheck file system changes every minute. 2. write a continous logfile that contains all detected file system changes including full pathnames of affected files. How do I do this?

A:Robocopy (help please)

This is one way, put this in a batch file:

robocopy command here
timeout 120 > nul
goto Start

Lots and lots of robocopy parameters, one of which is /log:file (file being the file you want info logged ion). > nul hides the Timeout in n seconds message.

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Basically I would like to copy from my Skydrive to copy to my NAS once a day everyday. I know some of the basics but need help with specifics like copy to folder and making sure the newest file exists as the saved copy.

Here we go!

Robocopy C:\Users\Clive\SkyDrive\Documents B:\ /
Thanks guys for comments!

A:Robocopy. Can someone help please!

If your looking for a clean way to do that, you should look at Microsoft Richcopy which is a GUI'd + version of Robocopy. I've used it for years and it works fine under Windows-8.

For more info see: Free Utility: RichCopy, an Advanced Alternative to RoboCopy
Online Guide & extra info: RichCopy Guide - ETCwiki

Hope it helps.

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how do I access a command line to be able to use robocopy? when I use the regular command prompt, I get an error message that says Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What am I doing wrong?


Where did you get the program? Sounds like it's corrupted.

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I've never had a backup routine but am about to begin. Was going to implement RAID 1 but after some forum education am finding out a removable backup disk is what I really want. So, should I assume Robocopy (likely with GUI) is still the way to go for my simple /E /Purge needs? I will be mirroring both a small system drive and a 2Tb data drive.


A:Robocopy still the best option?

Use Macrium Reflect Backup and Hard Disk Imaging for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008

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Hi all, quick question.

I have used Robocopy to back up all my photos etc. for yonks, set it so that it mirrored by files on my main laptop. I have since had the need for faster and bigger storage and so have invested in a NAS. Awesome.....BUT...

when I run my script it no longer detects that a copy of the file already exists - it thinks every file is 'newer' and so it copies everything again (not funny given it's 50Gigs!)

My script consists of several lines like's very simple(!)..

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\my pictures" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\pictures" /mir /xd *.lrdata

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\Modo" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\Modo" /mir

Any ideas? Or suggestions for another way of doing this type of backup?

Many thanks

A:Robocopy and NAS problems...

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Good Afternoon,

I am trying to do work for a client of mine, and I am having problems with the robocopy command that i am using.

Here is the command
robocopy.exe \\USER2\Photos \\SERVER1\photos /e /m /R:10 /W:2 /XF CLIENTroboPhotos.bat robophotos.log /xd c:\photos\photos-add /V /log:\\USER2\Photos\robophotos.log

Copys from Users 2 photos folder and copies it to the server photos directory

then i put a command to do /xd c:\photos\photos-add which is suppose to exclude it, which it doesn't.

It just keeps replicating each other in each folder.... Catch my drift?
Please someone who is good with Robocopy, take a look at the script and see if you see a flaw in it.

Thank you!

I just cleared 15-16 extra space on the server, and now i am back to where i use to be 256 megs free.....

A:Robocopy Issue

anybody? have an aswer for this?

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I'm trying to add a switch /MAXLAD:n Excludes files with a Last Access Date older than n days or specified date. If n is less than 1900, then n is expressed in days. Otherwise, n is a date expressed as YYYYMMDD.

I only want files that has been modified starting from Sept. 01, 2008 to current.

Am I inputting this correctly? Help


A:Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

DUH, I figured it out, I took removed the "/" from the date portion.

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I've just recently realized that copying folders to a backup hard drive resets their "created" date. Should my computer ever crash, all my backup files will state to have just been created on that certain date.

Me, being the organize-freak I am, have been looking for a solution so my backed up files can have the same time stamps as on my computer right now.

I've done a little searching, and have found that people always recommend Robocopy. Problem is, I can't understand a word of the tutorials. Is there anyone with a layman's explanation for how to run Robocopy to carry out what I want?

And also just for the heck of it, is Robocopy the only solution? Is there some sort of back up program on Windows 7 that can do that?


A:Timestamp/Robocopy help

Some of the other posters have had similar problems, book1245, so here are a couple of references to other posts that might offer a little bit of guidance:

There’s some help for you in this thread: "Date Modified" changes when copying... Take a look at the post from Bill2 which has, among other things, this site: How to copy or move files and folders whilst maintaining their original time date stamp. |, (and offers advice about your Robocopy problem as well), and the post from Casca which offers this advice: In a command window, run [xcopy] with the following switches: /s/e/c/a/k/h.

See also the post from huge in this thread: "easy transfer" resets folder modified date who apparently found a way to fix his problem, with only a mild amount of pain.

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I have a quick question, is the Robocopy.exe in Windows 8.1 compatible with Windows XP or do I have to use the one in the Resource Kit?

I could download the kit, but I don't want to download the entire resource kit on each client that uses our software, as our software that utilizes it only requires the robocopy.

A:Question about Robocopy

You can use the Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools from Official Microsoft Download Center for XP

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Evening all,

Just curious to know if anyone uses the built in utility to backup software on your machine, im trying to backup my itunes folder to an external HD but having a few issues to get this to work properly! I also use sync toy for backing up but just really want to know what everyone else uses?

As for image backups you cant beat Macrium Reflect imo

A:Anyone use robocopy to backup?

I don't use it myself, but have you tried the Robocopy GUI? On the same site there is a write-up of the RichCopy tool.

I haven't tested RichCopy on Win7 but I have tested the Robocopy Gui and it works fine.

EDIT: I just downloaded and installed RichCopy and it appears to be working fine in Win7.

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I've been using Robocopy for a while now and I have found it to be a simple and mostly efficient tool to mirror contents from one drive to another, and I've created a couple of batch files to simplify typing in parameters, like "AF ? ?" to copy my data files from one drive to another.

The thing is, for the last two days my data contents have been mirrored to my HDD partitions and a USB device absolutely fine - only a few files have been modified each time and I can rest assured that the contents are identical. The whole process has only taken a few moments.

But last night, the clocks went back and then earlier today I ran Robocopy once again to mirror my data contents. The HDD copy went without a hitch, but when running it to mirror contents to the USB device it started to recopy EVERYTHING over to it, naming all the files "Older"! What's more, I check the "modified" date/times on both sides and they're identical! I can only assume that the change in the clock from yesterday is the cause, and something unique to FAT32 file format (which the USB is).

The least I want to do is not to copy files with an older timestamp on top of new ones (if that's what's happening) so is there a way I can still use /MIR and use the /XO (exclude older) switch as well?

A:Robocopy help required

Well, I'm trying the /XO switch, and it seems to have worked so far.

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I'm trying to use Robocopy to copy from My Documents to a network path similar to the following: \\it\shared documents\my folder. When I try to use Robocopy, I receive the following in the log file.

D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
2008/09/29 13:05:45 ERROR 31 (0x0000001F) Changing File Attributes D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Googling this error code hasn't gotten me very far. Any ideas?

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Robocopy is a nice tool for backup scripts but for casual use there are a large number of Gui interfaces and Shell Extensions to make using it easier but i am trying to find the one that is the most intuitive and i was wondering if anyone has a list or knows of a place where i can compare the various utilities out there.

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We are migrating our file server from Novell to Windows and I will be using Robocopy to do the copy. i know I cannot move the Novell rights so I have setup the folders (blank) on the destination ahead of time with the rights I want. I was going to just use the MIR switch to keep things in sync but read that MIR could overwrite the rights on the destinantion, is this true? I am not trying to do anything with rights and don't want any rights being assigned or changed.
Am I better off using /E /Purge or /MIR.....or would I be better off with a different program like RichCopy.
Thanks for the advise,

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Within ROBOCOPY i need to write a script that will compare one folder to the other. The differences will be copied to a third folder and after copied to a third folder be copied back to the second folder.

Compare Folder 1 to Folder 2. Differences in 1 to 2 get copied to Folder 3 and after copied it will be copied to folder 2.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:RoboCopy question

Hi and Welcome!
May be better in the development section of the forum, as that is for scripting.
Click the red triangle next to your post and ask for it to be moved.
Kind Regards

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Having trouble with quotes and folder names with spaces.
Cannot get it to run w/o an error.

SET _source=\\fs1\data\shared\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"
SET _dest=\\fsarchive\archiveshare\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"

ROBOCOPY %_source% %_dest% %_what% %_options%

I receive this error;
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive
ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows :: Version XP010
Started : Wed Apr 25 10:35:14 2012
Source - \\fs1\data\shared"Carolyn\
Dest - E:\Batch Move\Kris\
Files :
Options : /COPYAT /R:1000000 /W:30
ERROR : Invalid Parameter #3 : "Nancy \\fsarchive\archiveshare"Carolyn Kris Nanc
Simple Usage :: ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR
source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
/MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.
For more usage information run ROBOCOPY /? or read Robocopy.Doc.
NOTE: Read "True Replication" in Robocopy.Doc prior to first use of /MIR !
**** /MIR can DELETE files as well as copy them !
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive

A:Solved: RoboCopy

You need to put the quotes around the entire path:
"\\fs1\data\shared\Carolyn Kris Nancy"

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Hello everyone been lurking around for awhile, so much knowledge on this forum.

I hope someone can help me, I am just a noob, don't know to much.

I ecently purchased a synology Network Attached Storage (NAS).

and I would like to set up so that files tranfer from one folder to the next automatically, I am not sure what type of line to put into the command prompt?

The original folder is C:\user\recordedtv the other one is on my network and shows up as DISKSTORAGE i have a folder on there called beyondtv and would like to copy all files from C:\user\recordedtv.
How would I do this?

A:Robocopy Synology

Welcome to Seven Forums,

You may definitely setup to sync and backup files automatically to your NAS. Pls check out SyncToy, its a Free cool utility from Microsoft and its easy to setup. Sync files with your NAS ? Cogito, ergo sum

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Problem description: after my Vista laptop crashed (hung up in windows start-up loop) I used

robocopy c:\ d:\complete /mir ..... from the restore cmd prompt to make a backup of ca. 50gb to external hdd.

I then installed Windows 7 on the machine and used

robocopy d:\complete c:\complete /mir ... so I would be able to pull whatever folder I need to the new system.

The problem is the in both version I can see robocopy in the cmd shell copying the files in their respective folder hierarchy (which takes ages!). But on both, C: and D:\complete, I only see a folder "4d0a0xxxxx00e8e4c7332a3a394c". Right-click on the folder gives a size of approx. 6mb only, although my c: hdd space was reduced by ca. 50gb???? So, I assume the restore did work, and this is a permission problem.

I tried to take ownership of the folder under the new system to no avail. (just to clarify: i use the same username and pwd under win7 as under vista, and lost pwd is not an issue, in case i would need it to gain access)

All input highly appreciated! Thanks,

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Hello Everyone,

I have been working on this for the past three days getting no where.

The system I am trying this on is a Win7 64 bit Home Ed., what I am trying to do is get a batch file created where it copies certain files to an external hard drive. Yes I am already using the Windows Backup that is included but I want to do this as an extra measure.

I have been trying to get the following command to work:

robocopy C:\Users\pare80\Documents E:\backup\Docs /E /CREATE /MIR /SEC /ZB /R:3 /V /FP /TEE /XJ

It looks like the command ran, but when I go to the E drive the folder backup is there but nothing else.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

-- ParE

A:Robocopy Issues

Take the switch /CREATE away from your string. It only copies the folder (directory) structure with 0-lenght files (placeholders). Your command string should otherwise work just fin. Remember to run command prompt as administartor.

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I am copying files with dates in the filename (filename_20091127.txt) from one location to another. How can I drop the date from the filename when moving/having moved the files accross? The file types and filenames vary from file to file but the date format will always be '_YYYYMMDD'. Is this something that can be done with RoboCopy and if so, how? If not, with what and how? Thanks in advance.

A:RoboCopy Query

Robocopy doesn't rename files.

Welcome to TSG!

For this, I'd use RenameMaster, and just remove the last 9 characters of the file name.

It's on the Scripting tab, about 8th item down, Remove Beginning/Ending

If this is a daily occurrence, you could write a batch file to remove the date after all the files are copied. Not too hard to just remove the last 9 characteers in a name.
If you need to check for resulting duplicates or confirm it's actually an underscore followed by a date it would get more complex.
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set _Folder=C:\Location of Files
PushD %_Folder%
For /F "Tokens=* Delims=" %%I In ('Dir /B "%_Folder%\*.*"') Do (
Set _Fname=%%~nI
Rename "%%I" "!_Fname:~0,-9!%%~xI"


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I have been using xcopy to copy data from a file server to a flash drive. That works OK, but after some time the flash drive is cluttered with files and folders that have been moved or deleted from the file server.

I want the flash drive to mirror what is on the file server, so I decided to give ROBOCOPY a try (version XP010 on a Windows XP computer). Here is the line in my batch file:

ROBOCOPY \\fileserver\share\frank\somefolder E:\somefolder /COPYALL /B /MIR /R:0 /W:0 /LOG:MyLogfile.txt

This works fine except the log file reports Error 3 "The system cannot find the path specified" for files in only one subfolder, and deletes all the files in that subfolder from the flash drive.

The subfolder name is "Computer" (which as far are I know isn't a reserved name), and it has the same attributes and NTFS permissions as all of the others.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

A:RoboCopy Issue

Noone uses Robocopy?

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With the Robocopy command of Windows 8.x, how do I do a copy of a file (renaming it) in the same directory of the source file?



A:Robocopy and same directory

You can't. Use copy or xcopy if you want to rename.
xcopy c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

Note xcopy will always prompt you with "Does c:\test\new.txt specify a file name or a directory name on the target" so you would probably be better off with
copy /v c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

where the /v verifies the copy.

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I apologize if this forum is meant for tech people as I'm a novice computer user, but I really need help.  I have Windows 7 x64 and I used RoboCopy for the first time, and have messed up royally.  I was trying to copy folders and files from my
computer to an external hard drive.  My external hard drive had important files and folders on it already, and I thought that copying more data using RoboCopy would just add to it, but it deleted everything that was on the external hard drive when it
copied the additional data.  
Can I undo what just happened?  Is there any way to revert?  Or maybe there's some way to recover that deleted data?
I used:  Robocopy C:\Users\Name\Documents F:/MIR /dcopy:T
I would be really grateful to be helped.  Thanks in advance.

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I have a computer that is running Vista HP on its original C\: drive, that has a maintainance program that was preinstalled on my pc. I also purchased Vista Ultimate (retail version), that is installed as a dual boot. I originally ran HP for the business, running a program that used Sql Server, but it became corrupted, and was unable to be fixed, so I abandoned the drive with HP (C:\) and only use the drive with Ultimate (M:\) on it.
I realize you cannot simply copy a program from one drive to another, because it will not result in an installed program. I am hoping that Robocopy will be my answer. I tried the following steps:
I created a folder on my M:\ drive, the drive I now use, with the same program name as the original program on C:\. I then tried to run a command prompt script, with Administrative priviledges.
ROBOCOPY C:\Program Files\[program name] M:\Program Files\[program name]
Each time I run it, I get an error message:
Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I realize I may have been able to add several switches to the script, but for some reason, my computer doesn't even want to recognize the Robocopy command.
Any advise would be appreciated.

A:Unable to use Robocopy in Vista

It appears that robocopy is not in the path environment variable and the command prompt cannot find it. If it is in the normal location (\windows\system32) this should not happen.

But robocopy will not solve your problem. Installed applications have registry entries, and often other things as well, associated with them. Only the application installer knows about these things and only it can properly install an application. Robocopy has no hope of doing this.

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I'm new to using robocopy but I have used it for awhile with a couple of external drives to keep them in sync but using a simple command like:

robocopy g: f: /E /R:2

this copies everything from the g: drive to the f: drive including empty directories and tries 2 times for failures.

On my desktop which is a XP Pro machine as well, I've installed the Windows Resource Kit Tool which includes robocopy and am trying to do a similar thing to copy my "My Documents" directory on my c: drive to my k: drive which is an external drive on my mionet network. The copy does work fine but each time I run the robocopy command, a large number of the files get copied even though they haven't changed. I'm sure that I'm just missing something but I've tried adding things to the command line to not copy older files. Here's something that I have tried:

robocopy "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents" "K:\ImageThat\My Documents" /E /R:2 /XO /A-:A

each time that I execute this command, I get about 800 files that get copied and I don't understand why. Anyone see anything that I'm missing, or perhaps the way that I am understanding how robocopy works is the problem.

thanks in advance!

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I provide IT support for a small business with about 5 users each with their own computer. Their last IT guy setup Retrospect backup backing up the user folder to the server and then CrashPlan Pro was installed on the server to backup to their cloud service (because they let you backup an unlimited amount of data on a single computer for $10 per month).

The first problem was that Retrospect doesn't save the data in a format that can be easily viewed to compare the backed up copy to the copy still on the original drive. The next problem was that one of the users got a message that their computer hadn't backed up in a few days so they uninstalled it from the server and reinstalled it but now it is asking for the key which nobody knows.

So, I figured for so few users I could make a basic xcopy script set to run at login and I did and it worked...but several people have told me that robocopy is worlds better than xcopy.

So, I know the format would be something like this for each user:

robocopy c:\Users\Brittany \\server\Backup\Brittany /e /mir /z /fft /w:5

Would this work? Anything you would change?

I have a few questions also...

1. What exactly does multi-thread copying do and how do I know if I should enable it?
2. Will this only copy new/changed files or everything?
3. I know the mir option deletes files from the backup that are deleted from the it possible to have it back up the new and changed files daily but to wait a week or so before deleting a de... Read more

A:Help with Robocopy user backups?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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Uploaded the 3 working files, basically it is a script that closes outlook and saves any drafts and will then backup user profile including .pst that would be otherwise locked. Exclude.txt should be exclude.rcj but its a non allowed filetype

My problem is when I try and use %username% in the source or destination in the job file (.RCJ) it will give me a message along the lines of

The file was sitting on my desktop (reason for the first part of directory)

invalid source destination C:/user/kriern/desktop/robocopy/user/%username%/

rather then just using the source i specify of user/%username%

This works when i implement it in a .bat instead of a job file why does it stop working?

Bat files have a 2000ish character limit and i do not want to run into issues when i get more and more specific with my exclusions

I would love to be able to just throw it on users computers without changing anything and procced to use windows scheduler to run it

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