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Monitor Screen Display Jumps In & Out on Sides

Q: Monitor Screen Display Jumps In & Out on Sides

I've had my Compaq Presario SR1250NX for 1 1/2 years. It's a Pentium 4 using Windows XP. My monitor is a 17" flat screen (not panel).

About 2 weeks ago the monitor screen display started jumping in and out on both sides.

I set the refresh rate to its highest setting (85) and that helped but did not stop it, it just made it less frequent from happening every minute to every several minutes.

Nothing has changed in my home office electronically. My phone and cell phones are the same they've always been sitting in the same places. I haven't added any programs to my computer, just normal updates as they occur.

What could this be? What should I do next?


A: Monitor Screen Display Jumps In & Out on Sides

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Sounds like a monitor problem to me.

You need to try another monitor to confirm this.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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When searching Google, I found that several people have had this problem, but never found a solution. It doesn't do it all the time, seems to quit just as randomly as it starts. I am using a Logitech cordless mouse & keyboard.

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At times my monitor screen moves up and down like a yo-yo...then it stops, maybe a few minutes later it starts over again, what causes this...the monitoe is a Gateway EVF720, about 7yrs old.thank you

A:monitor screen jumps like a yo-yo

It sounds like it's time for a new monitor.

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EDIT: Never mind, I messed around with the controls on the monitor and it's ok now.

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This should be an easy fix, I just do not know where to get the CCC for my computer. I have an Intel i3 Processor and an ATI Radeon HD 5670 Graphics card. Last time I tried to download the CCC it said I did not have any AMD software to be detected. I just want to get rid of these stupid black bars.

Note: I am running windows 7 professional off a bootcamp partition on a mid 2010 iMac. Windows 7 runs fine though.

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Hi guys, i am using win7 ultimate with lg 32' tv as monitor, but since yesterday it has started showing black handles on the the sides.

I have tried changing the resolution but its not helping.

i use win7 ultimate.

Thnx for looking

A:LG 32" monitor showing black handles on sides

Try using the 'Auto-Adjust' button on the front of the LCD monitor

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Turning on HDMI 3rd monitor screws up the Display 1 & 2 which are VGA and DVI

I usually have Skype open and 2 browsers. Monitor 1 on DVI for work and monitor 2 is VGA for facebook Twitter and that kind of stuff and Skype under the browser on monitor 2 and monitor 3 is on a second/separate video card hooked up to HDMI used for music videos and cctv cameras.

As of lately when I turn on the HDMI monitor all the programs switch sides.

Skype will move from the lower right side of monitor 2 over to the lower right side f monitor 1
The browser thats on monitor 2 will switch over to monitor 1 and the browser that was on monitor 1 will swap sides from monitor 1 over to #2.

The 3rd monitor is sometimes used for music videos but currently it is hooked up to a CCTV DVR on the DVR VGA hookup so it even does this when the TV (Monitor 3) is not on HDMI mode for the computer.

I can turn monitors 1 and 2 on and off 1000 times and nothing will happen but as soon as I turn on the HDMI everything swaps sides.

Why would powering on HDMI display do this and how can I stop open programs from swapping sides on monitor 1 & 2 when I turn on the TV (Monitor 3) even if its not in HDMI mode when powered on?

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Got a computer im working on and Im stumped...

Its a Dell Inspirion B120, and when in windows... their are to 1 inch thick black bars on both sides of the screen horizontally.

It is a windows issue, because it doesnt appear when in bios, and executing diagnostic tools outside of windows.

Any ideas?

A:Black bars on both sides of screen

Try uninstalling, then reinstalling the video drivers.

If it continues, I'd say that the video chip/card is dying.


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I have connected my laptop to my tv using a3M Premium VGA SVGA 15pin Monitor Cable Lead Male to Male PC TV it displayes ok on the TV but the screen on my laptop goes black on both sides of the screen & the icons  shift around on the screen, I can still use the laptop but it is to hard to see & comes to full size when I remove the cable from my lap top. can you tell me what I need to do to get it to full screen on my  lap top. thank you

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I have tried searching everywhere and trying everything that I have found and nothing works.

I am running windows xp on an older packard bell monitor. I'm not even sure what size it is maybe a 14" or 13"? On packard bells website they don't have a driver for this monitor. I tried to install a generic driver for 640x480 and that doesn't work. The screen resolution is set on 800x600 and if you put it on anything higher the screen gets all fuzzy. So two question. How do I fix this and how do I figure out what size my monitor is?

A:Black 1" gap on both sides of my screen

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For months now i have 2 black bars on the sides of my laptop. I have a Hp laptop. I have searched on the internet, but none of the answers worked, my resolution is at its maximum.
I do have a Hp application and driver recovery dvd, but i dont want to try things out because i dont want to lose my files.

I hope someone can help me!!

A:Black bars on sides of screen. HELP!

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Help I just turned on my computer this morning and when the screen came up it has a black line on both sides of the screen how do I get my full screen back?

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There are more and more white patches appearing on my laptop screen. How to resolve this? I tried calling hp support service singapore hotline but no one answers. My warranty is expiring soon. I need help asap.

A:White patches at both sides of laptop screen

Hi @yuensiong, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that your got white patches on the laptop screen. Is the HP Support contact number you called is +65 6272 5300 (8:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excl Public Holiday)) in Singapore? Also, you can connect an external screen to the laptop to test if the problem is with the hardware or with the driver. If external screen works well, it is the hardware issue with the laptop screen, and the laptop screen need to be replaced. Let me know if you need further assistance. Regards,

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In the picture i have included you can see an orange color side edging on my home page. Is this normal or can it be made to fill further?

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Hi guys, I have a quick question regarding some games I am trying to play. I just got a new laptop, it's a cheapo - Asus K200MA, 11.6" screen, running Windows 8.1. No graphics card or anything, but it's powerful enough to play older games. I am trying to play Half Life and Elderscrolls 3 Morrowind but I have the same problem with each game. When I start the game I have black margins, approx. 1 inch on both sides of the screen, so it's not displaying in full screen mode. I have tried some fixes like going to screen resolution/advanced/IntelHD Graphics Control Panel/Maintain Display Scaling but it doesn't work. I am not sure if this is a problem with my monitor or with windows 8.1. It's a generic monitor so it doesn't have a lot of options. I've searched for a while but can't find any solutions online. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.


A:Games won't play in full margins on both sides

The only thying I can think of is that your gaming res isnt set to your native desktop res. I know that you said you have looked at this, bu tI suggest checking, see what your desktop res is, and make sure that games have the same setting. I play HL and dont get black margins, so I know that it will run properly.

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We are using two screen displays. The main screen display has minimised and is not utilizing the entire monitor, however the second screen is fine.
I have gone to screen display and adjusted resolution etc... but it has not fixed the problem. Can you help please.

A:Screen display does not fit the monitor

Hi Woronora - Unfortunately, you have left out a great deal of information. Dual monitor setup is easy enough, but a walk-through how to can be a bit much. Here is a link for basic info:
Here are some additional questions: Are your displays setup as clones, or extended desktop? What version of Operating system are you using? Exactly what does minimized and not utilizing the entire monitor mean? If the display is actally showing but not quite full screen, have you attempted to Auto-Adjust the monitor? (May need to Google Auto Adjust (Monitor Make & Model)). Which Display number has the Task Bar on it? Is that Display the Left or the Right? Hope the link helps, please give us more to go on if not.

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got an old PC running XP SP3 which normally works fine but a few weeks back the display started jumping up and down the screen (as if somone is going mad with the vertical scroll). It does it in IE8 and when using Photoshop elements when displaying thumbnails of photos.

I noticed the PC has a single DDR2 PC3200 512Mb memory chip, but when you look in My Computer - Properties it only shows 384Mb ram.

Is it possible the chip is faulty and causing the dispaly problems? I tried reseating the ram but it made no difference.

Any suggestions welcome.



A:XP: application display jumps

If the computer you are running has integrated graphics (that is, it doesn't have a separate graphics card), then that may account for the missing memory. Video cards have memory on the card itself, but integrated graphics usually don't have any memory of their own, so the system reserves a certain amount of RAM specifically for the GPU, 128 MB in your case.

As for the jumping display, I would check your mouse drivers (touchpad drivers if it is a laptop) and try updating them to see if that fixes the problem.

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Been having this problem for awhile now and it's driving me crazy. My desktop and most porgrams that I run on my computer all run a bit past the right and bottom edges of the monitor screen. Strangely enough, things like my Netscape and IE browsers don't seem to run over when maximized, and my toolbar seems ok as well. I'm running Windows XP on a Compaq Presario 5012US with a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420 video card. The screen resolution I'm currently using is 800x600, and adjusting this setting up or down does nothing to fix the problem. I just updated the drivers for my video card, and windows is up to date as well. I'm totally stumped on this. Awhile back I was having bigger problems with my display when I was also running my TV as a second monitor, but I no longer have the TV connected, and aside from this current problem everything seems to be working fine. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oh, almost forgot, I'm running a NEC MultiSync XV17 monitor also.

A:Display problem: Screen too big for monitor

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My display screen is is tilted 90 degrees to the right, so instead of my screen showing horizontally it is displayed vertically. In other words, you have to set the flat monitor screen on its side to view your display. I ran Norton Antivirus and there were 5 items that I couldn't delete including TBPS.exe.

A:Rotated display screen on monitor

Not sure if this will be much help but I have found this on Microsofts web site.;en-us;826480

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Hi all

I'm newbie and have just joined this forum and am hoping someone can help.
I've just purchased a LCD Samsung monitor (was using old standard monitor previously). My problem is the screen display does not cover the full screen and only covers the middle portion of the screen. The LCD monitors are longer than normal monitors, but the screen display is still the same as with a normal monitor. The sides are blacked out.

I've tried going into screen and display properties and playing with the buttons on the monitor itself. I've also been through the user cd, but there is nothing covering this topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Screen display not fitting monitor

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I have a Dell E207WFP Flat Panel monitor on a Dell Dimension E520 computer with TONS of memory and which is about a year and a half old. It has been working absolutely fine until Sunday - my son left the computer on overnight, and when he went to turn it off the next morning there was a blue screen error but I couldn't read it because the letters were all jumbled. I turned off the computer, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then it turned it on again and now it won't even bring up Windows. It's just a blank screen, and then the Auto-Detect comes on and puts it in power save. I was thinking it was the monitor or graphics card but now I'm worried it's something worse.

I've been trying to troubleshoot from another computer, and it's been frustrating since OF COURSE the troubled computer is no longer under warranty, and Dell's tech sites told me to check this and check that, but since I can't even get Windows to start up I'm at a loss.

I'm wondering if as a starting point I should try to reinstall Windows? Or try to boot up from the disk?

Can anyone help me?

A:No display on monitor after blue screen

The monitor seems to be working but not getting video. Is there more than one video jack? Your video card may be imbedded in the mother board and/or there could be a stand alone video card. Try other monitor jacks if available.

Next, If you can put another video card from the other PC in this would be a good first step in trouble shooting. When you put a video card in the slot it should recognize it automatically and hopefully bring you video.

When the pc powers up can you hear the hard drive spin up? The BSOD (blue screen of death) was likely caused by system failure (nothing your son did ) I'm thinking the jumbled video on the screen when you encountered the problem is a good sign that the video card is the culprit.

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HP w2207 monitor. On screen volume display is on all the time. If I hit the menu, - or auto/select buttons display will go away but comes back in a second.  The  + button increases the volume bar on the display but has no effect on speaker volume, then it will return to zero volume as soon as button is released. The display overlays and blocks whatever is on the screen. By selecting more than one monitor button I can, sometimes, get the on screen display to change to other pages,  Doesn't"t seem to be a pattern to getting alternate "pages", but if page has several options it will be quickly scrolling threw the selections top to bottum untill I hit select and then the volume screen reapears.   HELP

A:HP w2207 monitor. On screen volume display is on all the tim...

This monitor type seems to have a button problem.Sometimes the button seems to hang.You can try to release it with pushing/pressing it.Else you could follow the tipps here, and make the button inoperable or change it:

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Hello everyone. I hope somebody can help me out with this problem. Since this afternoon my display looks darker than usual and with horizontal grey lines going across the screen wherever there is text. Also when I scroll up or down a page or highlight something these grey lines scoll up or down as well, and the screen since to continually flicker. I would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions to help me solve this problen. I know is not the monitor since I try a different one on the same machine with no change on the display. I have also increased the refresh rate to 80. Once again thank you for your help.

A:Display Monitor Screen Darker than Usual

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I have two BENQ GL2250 monitors connected to my Lenovo H535s via VGA. On bootup the Lenovo logo displays on monitor #2, and not on monitor #1. Then my usual display comes up on monitor #1 and monitor #2 goes to sleep.

Tried HDMI leads too and a combination of HDMI+VGA, still having the same issue. Drivers are up to date according to AMD software. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:Can't extend display onto second monitor, black screen

Are you in Extend mode? Windows logo key + P select Extend.

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I just moved my Medion Desktop with XP to another location in my home office to replace an old computer. It was working just fine (as was the replaced desktop) until the move. Now when I boot it up the screen begins showing windows and then goes to a "going to sleep" message. I even tried using the monitor from the old unit and it is the same scenario. I have gone through the connections several times but to no avail. I e-mailed Medion (coudn't find a phone number) a couple of days ago and have not gotten a reply.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Help!..Moved desktop and now cannot get monitor to display screen

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I just bought a second hand Philips 170C flatscreen monitor off eBay.

My previous 15" NEC MultiSync LCD 1560NX works fine. So no issues with graphics card or pc.

I have tried both the proper display driver and the default plug and play - no difference to the problem.

Problem - When I put up a white screen there is a pink cast over the screen which is more evident towards the edges and stronger at the top left.

This particularly effects light greys on the screen, but all clours seen affected.

I've played around with the colours but because the problem is not even over the screen - I can't fix it.

Could this be down to a backlighting fault?

Any help from you tech wizards would be very much appreciated.


David (havendel)

A:Flat Screen Monitor Display Problem

More to the point is that the LCD element took a strong hit somewhere and is out of alignment - ya can't bounce these things!

The backlight is simply a white flourecent bulb, and won't cause color missplacement, unless its what's loose and is pressing the LCD element somehow.

How was it packed when it arrived? There's a reason why the manufacturer inserts these screens in a foam sleeve when shipping, and this is it.


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How do I make my 2nd monitor always display my start screen / metro screen?

Seems like on my 1st monitor, when ever i open chrome or IE, it closes the start/metro on monitor 2, and opens it there.

A:Making 2nd monitor always display Metro Screen?

Hello gizbug,

You can't. Whenever you open a desktop app, it will close the Start screen.

You can open the Start screen from any of your displays by clicking on the Start button after hovering on the bottom left corner of that display. When you press the Windows key, it will open the Start screen on whatever display the Start screen was last closed from.

Hope this helps,

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Okay guys i have a puzzling one for you... I'm running my trusty Emachines E527 with Windows 8 RP. I was playing Minecraft on an external monitor (a TV) and I get a blue screen... no biggie I've dealt with these before. I do a hard reset and turn my computer back on and I don't get an image on my laptop screen. I take a flashlight to my screen ( I've had back light issues before thought it might happen again) and nothing... no image or anything. I decided to take it apart and use a voltage tester on the inverter to see if it's even sending power to it and I don't get a reading anywhere. Furthermore no external monitor hookup will display an image either

This must be a software error... though I don't get a boot splash either..

This one is beyond me.. someone on another forum suggested clearing the cmos. I only have a battery in there on my motherboard but it is soldered to the board itself... kinda hard to clear...

I leave on vacation tonight and I need my laptop so any help would be greatly appreciated....


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So, I got a new video card at work to install and nothing will show up when I plug it in. I can go through the computers VGA and it works fine, but when I go to the video card only a black screen. Any help? Can't download drivers either, only black screen upon boot.

A:Display Drivers/Video Card and Monitor Screen


Have you tried removing the graphics card and using the on board VGA to boot into windows, you could then install the required drivers.

Then shutdown the PC >> Insert new graphics card and see how that goes??


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Is this a driver issue or a Windows 10 issue? Device Manager says my LG driver is up to date and that the MS display driver is also up to date.

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(I really apologise if this is in the wrong thread, feel free to move it if it is, but I just wasnt sure where it should go cause im not sure what the problem is)
Ive got a new computer, and I'm using my Hitatchi 19LD3750DU TV as the computer monitor. I've noticed that down the left hand side is a back bar where the display doesnt reach the edge of the monitor, and also the entire display is slightly stretched vertically. Its like the whole display has been compressed slightly from the left. Since I work with photos and drawings on here, this isnt good.
Ive gone into display settings and its only options are set display options, currently at 1360 x 768, the reccomended option. Trying to change the display on the monitor just makes it auto adjust back to this setting. What I really need is some way to "stretch screen to fit monitor" option, but I cant find anything like this in the system. What can I do?

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The monitor is a Decaview V382 (17") with on-screen controls via wheel-button. Turn the wheel > controls box. Keep turning and cycle through the control icons for width, height, brightness, etc. Press the button, activate an icon. PROBLEM: turning the wheel now cycles through only two of the icons ("trapezoid" and "pincushion"). There seems to be no way to reach the other icons.

This problem appeared when the monitor was connected to a new Dell running Windows XP (with 98se it had run normally). Do we need new drivers? If so, where can we get them?


A:monitor controls don't work; screen display is too small.

Hi stephen820!

I did a search and the only place I found a driver (I'm sure there are others) was at

You would have to join, just a couple of questions, check your e-mail, and you're in!

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anyone know how to fix this? I keep re-setting the resolution and it snaps back into place but every time it jumps out again, it gets increasingly higher and soon i will not be able to re-set the resolution. Help!

A:[SOLVED] Computer display creeping up monitor screen

Hi and welcome to TSF what is the make and model of your computer have you tried updating or reinstalling the driver for the graphics from the pc makers support site for your model

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i have a compaq presario 2500 and the monitor is almost completely blank, there is a little display. what are my options as to what is happening, can i fix it myself, or should i take it to someone. can i access an instructon booklet on the web somehow for insructions for fixing or just troubleshooting?

A:my monitor screen is not broken, but a slight display is coming out, help...

what kind of monitor is it?

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Hi, new user here!

I have an issue with one of my monitors and/or my graphics cards (and/or Windows 10, just to complicate things).

I have been happily using Windows 10 with a dual screen set up for months, and both my screens have been plugged into my external graphics card. At the beginning, the graphics drivers (Nvidia Geforce) conflicted with the stupid Windows 10 auto updates resulting in double black screen, but I was able to sort it out by plugging one of the monitors into the internal graphics display and have had a stable system for over a month.

Yesterday Windows 10 insisted on downloading an update and crashed the whole thing. No problem, I plugged the main monitor into the internal, uninstalled what the Windows graphic drivers and refreshed the system as I had done previously. The second monitor came on and I restarted the computer to allow me to replug the main monitor into the external graphics card.

No luck. The main monitor remained off, even though the second monitor was clearly working on the external graphics card. The device manager said all the graphics cards were working with no conflicts.

I have tried every combination possible now. I have deleted and reinstalled the graphics drivers several times. I have tried the main display in both the external graphics card ports, but it will only display (in terrible low resolution) on the internal graphics card. The second monitor works in every slot (in good resolution), the main monitor will only work on ... Read more

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I need help for my 2 monitors I'm not sure what's up with one of them.
On the left I use (DVI to VGA) and the right monitor, my main one I use (mini HDMI to HDMI)
This one, the main one displays 'no signal' I've been using it for a couple months no problem working fine and a couple of days ago while on my computer it just displayed 'no signal' while my monitor on the left (vga) stayed on working perfect.
But the computer recognized the monitor still being visible as I can move things to it and when I access it on 'chrome remote desktop' on my phone you can see that it's still being displayed (picture attached below) click here and the other pic below is what I see irl, sorry for the bad lighting it's late here.
Anyway I'll get the simple suggestions out of the way
-Yes it is selected as 'HDMI' on the monitor.
-Yes the HDMI cable works as it works with my PS4 and the PS4 Hdmi cable also tested on it with no results
-Yes the monitor works, I plugged in the VGA and it displays, I also plugged in the PS4 over hdmi and it displays my PS4 no problem
- And I also replaced the 'mini hdmi adapter' and that hasn't fixed it.
So any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!

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On other laptops I've used, I've been able to see my laptop screen while simultaneously projecting to an overhead or external monitor. I can use F5 to toggle between screen, external, or simultaneous. This works great for presentations. With my A70, however, I can only toggle for screen or external/projector, not both simultaneously.

Any help on solving will be appreciated.

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Hi, and thank you for taking your time in reading this post. Ok, so here is my problem. As you can tell from the subject line of this post, I can't seem to fix the problem I am having that my mouse jumps vertically on my monitor, which makes playing sims city extremely hard when you are trying to place a building down in a certain location and then the mouse jumps causing you to put it down in the location you didn't wish to.

My question is, how can I fix this? I already tried using a different mouse, it doesn't work. I tried restarting my computer, that doesn't work. I am at a loss.

I am running on a Win98, 500 Pent. 3, 128 Mbs, 30HD comp. Just in case those items are needed in attempting to help me out. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

- Daniel

A:my mouse jumps vertically on my monitor

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When I connect my Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop with QHD display to an external monitor through the DA200 USB-C to HDMI connector the external monitors flicker constantly (laptop is fine-no flickering). Sometimes it works for like an hour then starts to flicker or longer so its not consistent. Below are the troubleshooting steps Dell has walked me through (including sending me a new DA200 part) to no avail:
- Dell has sent me a new DA200 USB C to HDMI part
- They have upgraded the Thunderbolt drivers and all other relevant drivers to latest ones (as of June 15 2016)
- I have tried on different monitors (5-6) and tried different HDMI cables.
Dell doesnt seem to know what to do now. THey have refunded my DA200 part purchase and told me to buy a separate HDMI to USB-C cable to test. If that fails it seems they will replace the motherboard. They say it could be an issue with the external monitors not being compatible with QHD, but this is not documented anywhere (they admit) and I havent heard anyone else having this problem on the internet and surprised every single person using this setup has QHD external monitors. This is an unworkable situation for me as I work in PC labs all day connected to external monitors.
Any advice? 

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control buttons on monitor do not seem to work properly
have to keep pushing control buttons to make it go away ... then it flashes back on ......... then flashes back off
a major annoyance
that has just started

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When I visit some MS sites, my desktop monitor image shakes, flickers, jumps, etc. It does it only on the MS sites, especially Windows Sky Drive. Dell Inspiron All in One, 2320, Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 23 inch Dell LCD monitor, 1920 X 1080 resolution (recommended), refresh rate 60Hz (none other offered). I have a Dell 1720 laptop, Win 7, 32 bit, 17 inch monitor, and the monitor image is stable at all MS sites, including Windows Sky Drive. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have an opinion about this behavior? Since my laptop is stable at the sites, it obviously is not a site problem. UPDATE: Just so other users will know, I now have Firefox 27.0.1 and IE 11. The shaking, flickering, and jumping has returned on all MS sites while using Firefox, but is still stable with IE 11. If anyone has solved this problem, I'd like to know, although I assume the only cure will have to come from Mozilla.

A:Monitor Image Flickers, Shakes, and Jumps at Some MS Sites

Quote: Originally Posted by bobhist

When I visit some MS sites, my desktop monitor image shakes, flickers, jumps, etc. It does it only on the MS sites, especially Windows Sky Drive. Dell Inspiron All in One, 2320, Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 23 inch Dell LCD monitor, 1920 X 1080 resolution (recommended), refresh rate 60Hz (none other offered). I have a Dell 1720 laptop, Win 7, 32 bit, 17 inch monitor, and the monitor image is stable at all MS sites, including Windows Sky Drive. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have an opinion about this behavior? Since my laptop is stable at the sites, it obviously is not a site problem.

Hi bobhist,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know if you have checked it in a different browser as well on the system. If it was working earlier you could perform a system restore:

System Restore

If this doesn't work then kindly check the system under safe mode with networking and let us know the results of the same:

Safe Mode

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Hi all, my mouse has started jumping to the primary monitor for default buttons, although the dialog is onthe secondary.
Windows says its HID driver is up to date (2006?)

Any help for this annoying bug would be greatly appreciated

A:Mouse Snap-To jumps to primary monitor (Intellipoint)

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My laptop Dell Inspiron 15R 5520(Core i3 2370M 6GB ram win 7 64bit)  worked perfectly from Nov2012-April2016. 

Now the screen started flickering and jumping since a few days and there's a white dotted line that appears along the top of the screen that starts the minute there is any kind of display.
How do I figure out if the inverter on the screen is faulty or if it's the screen cable or the whole screen itself?
To satisfy my curiosity I opened up my laptop to find that the lcd cable was badly crushed under the screen hinge (definitely , a design/manufacturing issue! Will dell take responsibility?), and each time the screen was shut/open there was substantial pressure on the cable was what I noticed.
Unfortunately I'm out of warranty and I don't know what to do.
Please advise on fixing this issue.

A:My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 screen suddenly started flickering and the screen jumps 1inch every couple of seconds and is very annoying.

same problem.
I've already tried deactivating adaptive screen light.
seems incompatibility with windows 10

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I have windows Xp and we use firefox. Today the computer screen started to jump while on the web only and if you are checking your e-mail it gets faster. How can I stop this?

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After I tried to update my screen jumps up and down so quick I can't even click on anything. I on another PC now running Windows 7. If I had it go over again Windows 8 would never be anywhere close to one of my PC's. I try to update and then it goes back to reverting and then to the desktop and then back to reverting. Finally it will go to desktop and when you open something it starts jumping up and down. I'm about to throw it out the window. I need to find someone who knows what it going on.

A:Screen jumps up and down

If you installed from a CD, try it again.
Stick the CD or (DVD) in.

Turn off computer & restart.

See what happens.

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i have a lenovo G530....its only like 2 years old.....but the whole screen jumps around...any ideas?

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Hi Hope someone can help me. When I open my emails or go to a website my screen jumps up and down all of the time. It's so bad sometimes I can't click on what I want to. If I move the curser right to the top of the screen it stops. Any ideas?

A:Screen jumps

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When I'm on a webpage, my laptop screen keeps jumping up and down. Especially when I'm playing timed games. I have an Asus laptop with intel core i3 and Windows 7. It's highly irritating. Any idea how to stop it?

A:Laptop screen jumps


Is the problem the same no matter what browser you use? If so, I had that problem when I was on an older computer, and my fix was to clean the keyboard. The spacebar was stuck partway down (young children eating at the computer -_-) and that made the webpage keep jumping. Try hitting the spacebar hard a few times, then try cleaning it (w/ compressed air, turning it upside down and shaking it, or by taking it apart).

I hope this helps.

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I noticed something similar happening in my previous laptop using Vista, but in Windows 7 it's almost unusable.

As I'm typing the cursor will change positions either on the application (to another area of same application), or will jump to another document.

At times I'll start to highlight something in Word to delete it, and as I hit "delete" the cursor switches to another part of the document, highlighting another paragraph and deleting it instead of what I was trying to delete.

At other times I see the cursor leave the document, go to one of the icons of another application at the bottom of the screen. Just as I hit "return" the cursor is now in another document and that document comes up on the screen instead of the one I was using.

At first I was losing whole documents. But then I got smart enough to realize that they had been closed, or stuck somewhere, and I eventually could find them instead of losing all of the work I had done.

I've been composing emails and suddenly the email disappears. It was sent before I finished composing it.

This happens about one every minute or so, and sometimes even more often.

I can see the hourglass pop up on the screne as I move the mouse. When it pops up either the screen zoom changes, screen size changes, or jumps off to one of the other icons as I mentioned above.

It looks to me as if the operating system is doing something else at those times, and if I'm going very fast (I type at about 100 wpm ... Read more

A:Cursor Jumps all over screen

Hi Alan and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

This could be down to the sensitivity of your mousepad. As well as operating on a touch principal, some can operate capacitively if the sensitivity is high enough. To check this, try switching the mousepad off altogether and plug in an external mouse. It's very rare that I use a laptop, but on the ocassions that I have I found that the cursor moved without my intention simply because my wrist must have been moving over the mousepad.

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I can't seem this laptop so that the screen will stay still.  It's like it has a life of its own!  I'm guessing it has something to do with all the popups, ads, etc., but I can't seem to clean it out enough to stop them causing this.
I have used Malwarebytes and have a paid version of Avast Internet Security. 
Any suggestions?

A:New HP Laptop, screen jumps

Please post the Malwarebytes.
To find your Malwarebytes log,download mbam-check.exe from here and save it to your desktop.
To open the log double click on mbam-check.exe on your desktop.  When the log opens, scroll down toward the bottom of the log to Quarantined Items.  Copy and paste this in your next post.

Please download AdwCleaner and run it.
An image like the one below will open, click on Scan.

Once the search is complete a list of the pending items will be displayed.  If you see any which you do not want removed, remove the check mark next to it.  
Click on Clean to remove the selected items.  
You will receive a message telling you that all programs will be close so that the infections can be removed.  Click on Ok.
When cleaning process is complete a log of what was removed will be presented.  Please copy and the paste this log in your next post.

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On occasions, when I get ready to click on something, the screen will jump and causes me to click on something I don't want. How can I correct this problem? Thanks, Bob

A:Computer Screen Jumps

Welcome to TSG....

Try updating the video drivers for this computer and check to see it the connector to the monitor is secured tightly.

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Hi. I'm not the most tech savvy, and my cursor keeps skipping to previous sections when I'm writing text. It jumps ahead or back and it screws up my typing. I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. Is there a way to fix this? It does it even when not on my mouse pad or when on it, and when not touching the mouse.

A:My cursor jumps around the screen

Time to get a new wireless mouse unless it works normally on another computer

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well its quite suddenly from yesterday that my laptop screen has started jumping up and down .its about 11 months old and is in very good condition.since than i have reinstalled vista but to no avail.....
please help....

A:laptop screen jumps up and down


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I am not sure if I am posting in the right spot or not and if I am not I am sorry.
I was just wondering what would cause my screen to jump/shake.
At first I thought maybe it was just my eyes but now I know it's not. It has done this in the past and seemed to get better until last night. It doesn't jump when the page is loading only once the page has fully loaded, I notice it seems to jump or shake almost like a pulse. And it is the whole IE screen. At first I thought maybe the monitor but then it would get worse not happen for a bit then get better.
Just wondering what could cause this and if there might be a solution.
Thanks for any and all help.

A:Not Sure Where To Post:Screen Jumps?

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got windows 7 a month ago..using a lenovo laptop..recently,my screen started jumping during booting n a while after booting..jumping in the sense..horizontal lines...peace...lines..peace..the lines persist only for seconds..then a few seconds of normal display..n so on...but after a few minutes,after booting...the display returns back to normal..then,this jumping problem only comes during the next boot.the screen jumps even after the laptop wakes from sleep..
pls help..wts happenin??...its a small,but hugely annoying problem

A:my screen jumps during booting

Are you using the latest video driver?

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It's almost like it's been possessed lol.

Rich greeted me on the introductions section of this forum and said I should post my question here. I've been lost in Apple land for a few years and just now trying to figure out Windows again.

I am running Windows 7 on AMD Processor (I will get exact specs when I'm not rushing to get ready for church lol) and yesterday my screen started jumping every now and then. I have also been having issues with my mouse and keyboard being interrupted from sending the wireless signal to the system and sometimes letters I have typed don't make it on the screen, or I can move the mouse but nothing happens when I click. At times, it seems my computer is working all on it's own, when I haven't run any program, and at times will slow down response time in the program I am working on. I have Panda Cloud AV and running AdAware. I have run both and neither show any issues, that they can find.

I have recently signed up for NetFlix (3 or 4 days ago)and was wondering if there might be a correlation to what is happening. Any suggestions are welcome and I appreciate the input.

@[email protected]

A:Screen jumps and distorts every now and then

Hi try reinstalling the video driver from the motherboard makers support site or try system restore to a point prior to your install of netflix (you can always reinstall it)

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This has happened for about a week now.

A lot of times when I use the virtual scroll feature of my trackpad, the mouse will jump to the right side of the screen. It is getting quite annoying and I just had to ask for help.

Also, when i go to the device properties for my trackpad on the mouse properties panel from the personalization screen, the mouse will instantly be stuck on the very right of the screen, even after using CTRL+ALT+DEL

A:Trackpad jumps around screen

sounds like either a driver issue or possibly although unlikely hardware failure of the trackpad. first try the drivers from here Drivers | Synaptics

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XP64 SP2, 2X Dual Core, 8GB RAM, GeForce 8800GTS. Running Unreal III, an annoying problem with the aim popping straight up or to the side periodically at the most inopportune when I'm about to be killed. I just figured it was some setting in Unreal, that I'd eventually get to, since I hardly used it for gaming.

Well, the old win2k machine doesn't cut it anymore for modern games, so the Xp64 machine is doing gaming duty. It now also occurs on Call of Duty Modern Warfare2, single player and multi. I've changed video and mouse settings till I can't think of another thing to try. All mouse smoothing and acceleration is off, as is Vsync. Would like very much to get this resolved, any help is appreciated. This is a workstation primarily used for 3D Graphics, but I love my gaming too. I also run driving and flying sims as well, no problems there. Only apps where you're looking/aiming with the mouse seem to be affected. Even side-to-side looking in the driving/flying sims are not affected. I have no frame rate or mouse deceleration type problems, only the jumping. It's very intermittent, say, once every 2 or 3 minutes. I can give more info as required, and follow any technical or configuration advise.


A:Solved: Screen/aim jumps in shoot-em-ups

Only thing I can think of is maybe there is an auto strafe
setting enabled in the game menu.

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My netbook screen jumps and looks fragmented when it powers up in regular mode. However, when I use the safe mode, the screen looks perfectly fine. In an effort to fix it, I have used the recovery to the earliest date and that was unsuccessful. So, I reformatted the hard drive to the factory settings. That, too, was unsuccessful.

I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions short of buying a new netbook?

I can't access the internet with the computer because I am unable to clearly see any of the screen commands.

A:Desktop Screen jumps and is fragmented.

get on a library computer maybe

sounds like the harddrive is bad

is it a built into harddrive to motherboard? those suck

or the screen is bad

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Win 7 sp1

Using Chrome or Firefox, as I scroll down a newspaper (Very bad onUSA Today), the screen will will jump to the beginning of that page. This occurs on newspaper pages and not other pages.

A:Screen jumps to beginning on newpages

Does this happen right away? In other words, you load the website - then scroll down within seconds and it jumps to the top of the page. Or is it just the website reloading itself after a few minutes?

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My mouse pointer keeps jumping all around the screen, activating menus, dialog boxes, windows, etc., sometimes (almost) deleting or changing things. I'm using an AOpen, PS/2, wired, 2-button mouse and awaiting the delivery of a new, Microsoft Basic USB Optical mouse, which may solve all my problems with this one. Until then, I'm stuck with a system that's practically unusable. Below is my HijackThis info. I hope it gives you what you need. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

I've also attached the extra.txt and Panda online scan report to this message.

Frank D
edit : removed e-mail address to protect user's privacy

P.S. I was advised, since I'm having so much trouble with my mouse, that I should skip Steps 3 and 4 and go directly to Step 5.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by frank on 2008-02-06 19:59:56
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
25: 2008-02-07 00:43:23 UTC - RP889 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
24: 2008-02-05 21:36:21 UTC - RP888 - Unsigned driver install
23: 2008-02-05 01:49:33 UTC - RP887 - Restore Operation
22: 2008-02-05 00:21:20 UTC - RP886 - Installed CallingID
21: 2008-02-05 00:20:06 UTC - RP885 - Removed CallingID

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2008-01-27 18:36:25 UTC - RP865 - Software Distribution Service 3.0

Backe... Read more

A:Mouse pointer jumps all over the screen

TechSupport Gurus: Would you believe this . . . ???? Just as I sent the previous message (with the HijackThis info) to your forum, there was a knock on my door and a neighbor presented me with a package containing my long-awaited Microsoft Basic USB Optical mouse. It had been mis-delivered to his address by FedEx. If I had only received it a minute earlier, I would not have sent my previous message or now be writing this message!!! I immediately removed my old mouse from its PS/2 socket and plugged in the new mouse to the USB port and BEHOLD!!! The mouse was detected and my pointer jumping problem is gone!!!!

My theory is that some recent Microsoft update (all of which I download and install religiously) made the assumption that _all_ mice at this stage of the Windows game is either a USB mouse or at least is a wheel-mouse. So (I think) the problems I was having was just a mouse function that was looking for a wheel to twirl when there was none. Whatever, I'm back where I want to be. Thank you for being there for folks like me when we need you! Where else could we turn? Thanks again!!!

Frank D

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A Google search reveals that others have encountered this same problem (example) but I can't seem to find a solution.

My cursor/pointer often jumps all over the screen, down into the lower left corner to activate the Start Menu, minimizes/maximizes windows when I don't want to, etc. I experience the same behavior with my HP mouse (HP desktop w/WinXP) and Microsoft mouse (IBM laptop w/Win2k). Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 256043 isn't useful to me -- I'm using the USB port on both systems as recommended.

Any guidance? I'm ready to bludgeon myself in the head with a rock.

A:optical mouse jumps all over screen

first I would check the manufacturers web site for known problems and their fixes and updated drivers

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WOW MARINARA32. Sounds like a tough one! But it sounds like your on the right track. May be something causing major interference. Just one question I would like to ask though. Is there anywhere that you a might be using a three prong to two prong adaptor on the power plugins of ANY computer components?

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Windows mail screen (the screen displayed when printing) turns white, then jumps to another, another open screen, such as a web-site, when printing.

The page prints correctly however, it is annoying having to clcik back on the Windows Mail screen

Any idea what's going on here ?

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For no apparent reason the mouse pointer has started jumping randomly over the screen. At times it goes on a half-minute or so round-the-world trip, activating a lot of blank menus and options. I've had to shut down the PC a couple of times today because I totally lost control of what was going on. This just started yesterday. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Frank D

A:Mouse pointer jumps all over the screen

Well, have you tried using a different mouse and seeing if the same problem occurs? That would narrow it down. Tell us what kind of mouse this is, too. Is it wireless?

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Sorry, resubmitted in error. Had PC probs and thought earlier thread deleted. Please see that, submitted 22 Sept, 2011. Thanks.

A:Screen Flashes/Jumps after using FixCleaner

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My IE10 home page is Google. When it starts up, the Google logo and search bar come up at the centre of the screen, but when I start typing into it the search bar jumps to the top of the screen and the logo disappears. Didn't do this before I re-installed the system and it's not really a problem, just annoying. Any idea how to fix?

A:Google search bar jumps to top of screen

That is part of the new google look. when the bar jumps up to the top google starts to search for results as you typ. It has nothing to do with IE, it is googles new feature

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Now this is my friend's laptop so the description is wat he gave me. He thought he had some viruses,was already running AVAST av,installed Bit Defender Total Security 2008 on top of that,ran bit defender,it quarentined some stuff,dont know wat as I wasnt there,now the problem is soon as he logs on to winxp,the desktop remains blank,no icons appear & within seconds windows logs off and goes back to the screen where u put your password & logon..tried going into safe mode but same problem,cant even stay logged on long enough to uninstall Bit Defender,Log-off is instantaneous...any help would b most appreciated...many thanks

A:XP jumps back to LOGIN screen ... ...any1 :(

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8125 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 444924 MB, Free - 222935 MB; D: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 197766 MB; E: Total - 31710 MB, Free - 4661 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1590, 65.37, PS820011ZZW04K
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Disabled

After my computer is running for a while the screen starts jumping up and down, sometimes it gets so bad that I can't see what I'm doing. It mainly happens when i'm online. It will happen almost immediately if I don't have the power cord plugged in. it happens while I am surfing the web and watching videos online. I have updated the graphics driver and the bios and it still happens, here is my hijackthis log and dds file. Please give me some advice. Thank You

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:12:50 AM, on 9/25/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2011\avp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Genius\HG_Watcher.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Pac... Read more

A:screen jumps up and down it's driving me crazy, please help me!!!!!

What type of monitor? The only time that I've seen the image move on the screen, is with CRT monitors. And only then if the CRT is failing/faulty.

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I have a lenovo think pad x220 tablet using on a wireless network, if I am not constantly moving the mouse pointer (regardless if I use the touch pad or a mouse) it will suddenly jump to a different point on the screen, opens programs on its own. It took a long time to write this message due to the cursor jumping off the typing area. When i place the cursor back to whatever I am doing, a little picture of a keyboard comes up. When the computer is sitting idle it even occurs, you can watch the mouse pointer disappear and reappear in a different spot on the screen. It highlights desktop icons, opens programs. I am starting to wonder if someone has a remote connection and is messing with me. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times slower, it is worst when I first turn on the computer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Mouse pointer jumps around the screen

Here is a start, could easy be an infection.What AV & malware tools do you have installed?Disable ?Allow computer to turn off this device to save power?

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Windows 7 64bit / Dual Displays / Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000

Now, this is weird, and sort of difficult to explain . . . When I type the number 1 or 2, the application window I'm working on jumps to that screen (Browser, Word, Notepad, etcetera). Screen one is on the left, screen two is on the right. Doing it right now as I type this. In other words, if I'm typing in a MS Word document on display two, and I type the number "1", the window jumps to display one.

Possible culprit: I purchased a StarTech 'USB2DVIE2' USB Display module that facilitates adding a third monitor via a USB connection. Didn't work well at all so I uninstalled the drivers.

I've updated the keyboard drivers, made no difference. Hey, Help appreciated, this is driving me nuts - Thanks, IM

A:When I type a 1 or 2 Application jumps to that screen

Do you have any AutoHotKey scripts running?

That's the only thing I can think of.

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I keep having a problem with my PC that the cursor will randomly start jumping all over the screen and clicking?
I have done a boot scan with Avast and found nothing. I have also tried 3 different mouses and they also have the same issue.
I have uninstalled the drivers in device manager also and rebooted.
Point to note that this will only happen once every few days, and only lasts for about half an hour.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Cursor jumps all over the screen randomly.

So the mouse will start clicking on stuff and going through your computer as if someone else is doing it? Or is it just random going all over the screen?

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I have recently bought a new computer and the mouse when gaming jumps to the left corner of the screen, normally over the windows button. When in webpages it also does the same and jumps to the Windows button. Is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks in advance

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Right out of the blue, windows 8 loaded up painfully slow so i restarted my HP g6 laptop.
After restarting the laptop the user login screen appeared fine fine but as soon as i login the metro tile screen flashes to a default coloured desktop screen and back to to the metro screen every second. It is continous and you can't access anything as the screen jumps to the other one before you can even do anything!
My laptop is only a few months old and there has been no hardware change/upgrade.
I managed to get into the system restore and restored to a point a few days before this issue started but, when the laptop restarted, the issue remain and the screen jumped between the 2 screens.
There are no error msgs or any can of beeps that appear. There was nothing of any note that happened prior to this issue occurring and the laptop worked fine until this issue.
Tried searching google & forums regarding this issue but it doesn't seem to be a well known issue at all.

Has anyone got any idea why this is happening? Hardware or software issue? Windows 8 error or bug?
Anyone got any potential solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Screen jumps between desktop & metro right after login

What happens if you press I while it's happening?....almost sounds like a repeating Windows Key.

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When I click to open up Windows.. It shows it open at the bottom but when I hit to min or max.. the page disappears!! What is going on and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.. as you can see I am a newbie

A:WHEN I open Windows the page JUMPS off my screen!!! HELP

Hi SonnysGirl, I am not sure I understand your question. However, we need more information about your system, please, like what is your operating system, thanks.

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I have recently bought a new computer and the mouse when gaming jumps to the left corner of the screen, normally over the windows button. When in webpages it also does the same and jumps to the Windows button. Is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks in advance

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Ever since I bought this Pavilion for my daughter (less than a year ago) she has experienced problems with it. The touchscreen appears to have a will of its own. It taps all over the left side of the screen and when this happens she has to stop working and wait for it to stop  which can take between 30 seconds or 5 minutes. This happens when she's using it for work or metres away watching videos. My daughter is in the middle of GCSE work and it is so important this stops as it's causing her untold stress at a time when her laptop should be helping heR, please help!

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Hi there!

Please help. My system keep jumping to the bottom of the page or thread whenever I am on the Internet, especially on FB and Google. Neither the Pg up/down buttons nor arrow keys respond. This happens whether I am using my keypad or Mouse. There is a time delay when I type comments and I have to use the backspace button to return to a previously typed word that I want to change. My cursor will also not return to a previous point in the sentence.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 11:22:53 AM, on 2012-01-25
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\LSI SoftModem\agrsmsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSVC.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSvcM.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\i... Read more

A:HP550 / Windows XP OS jumps to bottom of screen /thread

Can anyone please assist? This happens whether my scroll button is on or off.

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Hi. I often have multiple tasks open, and frequently toggle (task shift) back and forth between applications as part of my daily job routine. I've been moved to a new desk, and am irritated by the fact that whenever I type Alt+Tab to switch tasks (toggle), my mouse pointer immediately moves to the center of the screen. This happens every time I switch tasks using Alt+Tab. It isn't conducive to the type of work I do, and I would like to have the mouse pointer stay still instead of involuntarily jumping to the center of the screen over and over again.

I have asked Windows Support, as well as IT at my job, and no one knows how to fix this. There must be something in the preferences to change this, right?

A:Switching tasks with Alt+Tab - mouse jumps to center of screen

For now see if this AutoHotkey script is any help

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen

KeyWait, Alt
KeyWait, Tab
Edit: It should put the mouse to the spot it was when AltTab was pressed.

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Hi I have just sold my Nokia 625 - the buyer has complained it is jumping to home screen when using apps/browser -
I'm assuming when they set up the phone (I sold it back to factory reset) it updated - are there "bugs" or anything else that would be doing thus ?

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I have run into a problem I haven't seen before on a HP desktop running Win 7 Ultimate x64. The users reported that when they open a window, ~30 instances of the window open at once. The error is intermittent, but since they shut down the PC after each use it may come and go with each boot.

I looked at the machine and it functioned fine after several reboots, but eventually I was able to see some strange results. I didn't see the multiple windows open, but I did have some input issues. The mouse pointer would jump all over the screen and applications would open that were never clicked. The right click did not function correctly. Sometimes the context menu would flash on and off and sometimes nothing. I tried an alternate mouse and using a different USB port with identical results. I have run virus scans, malware scans and a registry scan, but no dice.

Anyone have any ideas. I am stumped.

A:Mouse pointer jumps on the screen and the right-click not functioning

It does sound like malware to me, you could try this; USB Driver - General Fix for Problems[2]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers it may be of help if different mice are used on this machine.
Maybe trying an online scanner would help or this;

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On my all-in-one pc, I can be trying to open an app or surf the internet and all of a sudden its like someone touched the screen somewhere else and my cursor moves to that spot.  If I wait, the screen will touch in different locations around the screen eventually locking in at the top left corner.  If I try to move the cursor away, it moves a bit and then snaps back to the top left please, my pc is effectively useless. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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On my all-in-one pc, I can be trying to open an app or surf the internet and all of a sudden its like someone touched the screen somewhere else and my cursor moves to that spot.  If I wait, the screen will touch in different locations around the screen eventually locking in at the top left corner.  If I try to move the cursor away, it moves a bit and then snaps back to the top left please, my pc is effectively useless. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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My Dell Insipron 6400 laptop will not support multiple monitors. I think I may not have a key driver installed. Help!!

I have attached two separate images, screen shot of my device manager and display properties and a screen shot of the same image on my mothers PC. (which is also a Dell Inspiron 6400)

On my PC, In my device manager I can not view the display adapters (there must be something installed and I do not have visiblilty?? correct??)

Also, on my display properties I do not even have the option for Multiple monitor support. (these are the same PC's)

I inserted my Drivers and Utilities CD from Dell, but I did not see any driver on there that was applicable to a display adapter.

Am I on the right track???



A:Solved: Display Adapters - Display Properties - DualView - Multiple Monitor Support

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Hello folks,

I seem to be having multiple problems all at the same time (all of which may or may not be related) but let me start from the beginning.

This all started when I tried to connect my Inspiron 1720 laptop to our television. For some reason my laptop froze, the image on both my computer and TV had white lines across it, and so I turned off my system since it was locked up.

I restarted and began having display problems - first windows were not opening in the desktop area. They would open in the system tray, but were "unreachable" by the mouse. I played with display settings and got the screen to fit...but now seem to have 2 primary problems:


Whenever I play games, view pictures, or Windows Media Player, I see strange "plaid boxes." However, the desktop is fine and everything else appears to work fine. I contacted NVIDIA and I have installed different driver versions, as well as the OEM (Dell's) driver's - all did not work - I still saw the distorted images when playing games, viewing pictures, and videos.

I have also completed System Restore's to points prior to when I was having the problem - unfortunately that did not work.

Here are screenshots of what I am seeing:


This problem may stem from the original TV incident. When I click on Displa... Read more

A:Vista Display Problem (display driver and/or multiple-monitor related)

The first set of pictures that you put up look like classics examples of bad video RAM. In a desktop PC I would tell you to swap out the video card with a differnt one to verify that is the issue since in a few cases bad drivers can cause the issue but it's highly unlikely. Professional service by a local non big box computer shop is your best bet at this point.

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My Windows 7 Home Premium on a Lenovo B540 Desktop can't seem to load past the login screen (like literally the screen with the user accounts).

When i click on any of my 5 user accounts on the login screen, the screen is left with the background image of the login screen, then after a couple of seconds jumps back to the login screen with the 5 accounts again. I don't even progress to be able to type in my password as the password prompt doesn't appear at all.

Hope to be able to resolve it ASAP, there's impt data inside ><

Thank you!!

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(TM) CPU 1300MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 503 Mb
Graphics Card: Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/ProMedia, 8 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 126292 MB;
Motherboard: , 601-686A
Antivirus: None

A:Screen resolution will not hold at 600 x 800 jumps around wildly, gets huge font.

To elaborate: recently screen resolution has become unstable (worked fine for years). All of a sudden, it jumps to 480 or something and the typeface on the screen gets huge and kind of fuzzy and i have to go back to Settings and reset to 600 x 800. It holds for awhile then jumps again. Very annoying, please help.

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.5
Scan saved at 12:32:24 AM, on 27/08/2015
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.02.1008)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v11.0 (11.00.10240.16412)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\YouCam\YCMMirage.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch\HPMSGSVC.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CoolSense\CoolSense.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\Root\VFS\ProgramFilesCommonX86\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE15\CSISYNCCLIENT.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton 360\Engine\\N360.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\Root\VFS\ProgramFilesCommonX86\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE15\CSISYNCCLIENT.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TabTip32.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton 360\Engine\\coNatHst.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
C:\Users\Sim... Read more

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I have a Benq FP7IE+ monitor that has suddenly stopped working. Here's the breakdown:

-when you turn the monitor on when hooked to a computer it will sometimes show the display for a brief moment (ie. showed HP booting screen at startup) and than stops displaying, but the blue light stays on the unit as if it is receiving a display. Other times it will display nothing at all, but the blue light stays on.

-with the blue light on if you attempt to press any of the menu buttons on the monitor itself again nothing is displayed.

-I don't believe that it's a refresh rate or driver issue even though I reinstalled the driver and hooked the monitor to PC running in safe mode and still no display (even though the blue light stays on).

-not the VGA cable, tried another, same result.

-hooked monitor to PC with the identical monitor working on it, same result, no display.

-if you unplug the power cord from the monitor and then plug back in and power back on it will always show the "Benq - Energy Star Qualified Monitor" screen as bright as ever, but then nothing is display even though blue light stays on.

-tried monitor on 3 different computers, no display on any of them.

Any idea what might be causing this? I apologize for being so long winded, but I wanted to include as many details as possible.

A:LCD monitor display shows for a second and than nothing (but display light stays on)

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Tonight I was playing a good old game. I minimized to my desktop while the game was running and pulled open Windows calculator, did some calculator stuff, but then the computer goes into a blue error screen and then restarts. A few moments later, the display on my monitor suddenly turns off as if it were put to sleep. And even if I turn it off cold and restart the computer, nothing appears on the display at all, not even a BIOS logo screen. So weird.

System specs:
AMD E-350 Processor x2 (1.6Ghz)
4GB RAM (upgraded from OEM default 2GB)
500GB Hard Drive
GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon HD 6310
Acer (eMachines)-EL1360G UW12P
bundled with eMachines brand monitor/speakers

A:Monitor display suddenly turns off, can't get the display back

You can try:

- Remove the power cord of monitor and PC for a minute. Not just shut down.
- Clear CMOS if you don't mind reconfiguring the BIOS

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Hi, I've only recently begun having problems a few days ago with my cursor/mouse where the cursor will sometimes lose focus of the currently active window or the explorer bar (and I have to ctrl+alt+del to gain the focus back because clicking doesn't work). The same thing happens with flash based objects like WheatherSpark or the youtube player, and I have to switch programs and back to firefox to be able to manipulate the youtube player or in VLC where I can't manipulate the player at all and the only way for me to change the sound is to use the scroll wheel (and even then the sound gets randomly changed as if the scroll wheel is being used. I can't change the timeline of the file at all and I cant click on the buttons on the interface, although the file menu works).

I originally thought it was my mouse acting up so I re-installed all the drivers and tried updating to no effect and the same behaviour happens when I turn my mouse off and unplug the bluetooth reciever.

Im using a wireless optical mouse (ROCCAT Pyra) on Win7 Pro x64

ps: I already tried searching but noone seems to have a similar problem

A:Cursor/mouse problem; loses window focus and jumps around screen

Have you tried new batteries?????

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