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Wireless profile during image deployment

Q: Wireless profile during image deployment

During the capture process, i have my wireless key set in the profile. Once I deploy the image, the key is no longer there and i have to set up the profile again. Is there a way that this can be done during the deployment, through the customsettings.ini
or a script?

A: Wireless profile during image deployment

1. netsh wlan export profile name=ssidname
This will give you an xml file
2. netsh wlan add profile filename=ssidname.xml
This will import the Wireless profile
This will help

/ Yannick Plavonil
blog: Deploiement Windows
twitter: @yplavonil

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Hi All, new to the forum,

Has anyone had any joy using the DISM image deployment tool,

below is the message i get trying to capture an image

DISM doesn't recognise the command-line option "d:\thinimage.wim"

I've tried the below.

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

I've checked this over and over and i'm defiantly following the line they require.... any ideas? Thanks.

A:Win 8 Image Deployment

I know nothing about DISM, so please check what I say first...

...but looking at the format of the command line, I wonder if there should be a colon after /imagefile?

so replace
dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile "d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

dism /capture-image /capturedir:f:\ /imagefile:"d:\thinimage.wim" /name:"MyCompany"

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I have a licensing question regarding the deployement of Windows 7.

We are currently purchasing notebooks that have an OEM key for Windows 7 Pro and have been configuring each by hand which can get really annoying. I want to create an image of Windows 7 and use it for deployement however I'm not too sure about the licensing involved.

First off, you cannot image an OEM version and you need an open license version, correct?

Do I need to purchase a VLK license for each notebook that I want to image to? Or can I just purchase 1 open license and image that to multiple computers since the OEM key is in fact for Windows 7 Professional?

A:Image Deployment of Windows 7

I believe you're going to need to look into VLK if you're intending on using the same key & installation across multiple machines. You "may" be able to get away with buying one 7Pro and then inserting the individual OEM key that is on the individual laptop stickers, however I'm not sure on that one so don't quote me there. I'm sure someone else here does know this answer though so sit tight, some one else will surely be able to answer this.

Aside from the licensing issues, once you get the version of Windows that you'll be installing legally with a licensed key, you should look into windows sysprep. It will cut your distribution time down incredibly using this method rather than setting up each machine individually from scratch.

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Does anyone know of a network driver that is compatible with the EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF in WinPE 4.0 i'm using symantec image deployment Altiris

A:HP 800 G2 with Symantec Image Deployment

Hi \have you looked here...

Happy 2 [email protected]

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Hi have a query

i want to dpely windows 7 across around 10 PC's but minimise user downtime, as such i intend to install manually using retail versions of the software then update to the specifications i need. all the final workstations will need to be the same.

i have 3 pc's to roll out, then i will drag 3 in, upgrade, redeploy and so on, thus meaning that noone will loose much productivity to downtime.

whats killing me is that after install, which takes around 30 mins including office and other bits of software, the patching and updating of windows on each machine to latest KB updates is taking forever!! so with say 10-15 new pcs all trying to install updates within few hours its going to slow the network to a stop.

is there anyway i can take one of the pc's i have finished, image the updates and software installs then patch them all onto a new clean install of retail windows 7????

i have looked at all sorts of networkable options such as microsoft system essentials or symantec ghost, but none will allow a stand alone image creation off network that i can tell


thanks in advance for any advice


A:Image for multiple PC deployment

Take a look at this tutorial:
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

Using the Backup option.

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I work for a large bookstore with a relatively small IT department, and we are looking for a way to image and restore a small number of PCs. Basically, I want to set up a master template PC, build an image of it, then be able to deploy that image over a Microsoft network from a server computer and/or from a bootable CD (pretty standard, I guess).

However, I want to be able to do this without having to install an imaging program on the master PC (preferrably to run the imaging software from a shared drive, because installing the imaging software on the client machines would violate the license agreement) and without booting to DOS from a floppy disk (the server machine doesn't have a floppy drive).

We're considering a few solutions for this: Acronis TrueImage 7, Imagecast 4.6.1, Altiris RapiDeploy, or Norton Ghost 2003. Will any of these solutions perform what we're looking for (I've been through the manuals for each and it seems like they can't add a client agent without booting the client machine into DOS or running the software from the client machine)? Does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience to use these or other products to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

-Frank Manna

A:Any image deployment software suggestions?

You may have read this thread but here you go


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I'm attempting to follow this guide to capture a Windows 7 image:

I have a test PC with Windows 7 installed on it waiting to be captured.

I've installed the MDT 2013 Update 2 and Windows ADK for Windows 10 to my technician PC.  Unlike this guide, however, I have no tree under 'Deployment Shares'.  So I have no option to import an OS.

This seems to be a stumbling block to actually capture an image.  Is there something I'm missing?  Is there something that needs to be configured that I don't know about?  I'm still learning this whole process so it's entirely possible there's
something glaringly obvious I don't see.

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Hi, I have deployed HPDM to update a number of T5740 Devices, these were manually configured some time ago and I now need to reconfigure them. I have manually update one device, configured it how I would like it and then captured that image. Unfortunately if I then attempt to deploy this image the deployment fails with the following errors: 2016-05-31 10:46:24 [Error Details]: Deploy image using repository Master Repository.Failure deploying ThinPro_5.2.dd.gz from /Repository/Images/ThinPro_5.2_3.Failed to execute DeployImage task.ErrorCode: 1080320, Error Info: ..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to update bios...\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Failed to updte bios, error code is: 14070022..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: Error of create process for updatebios.bat..\..\Task\wins\[email protected]: The system cannot find the file specified. If I then flash the device with a vanilla OS I can then deploy my image but as the devices are split across multiple sites I can?t do this for them all. I also created a Task that performs the BIOS upgrade and this works but the error still occurs Any ideas on how ... Read more

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I changd the user profile to default (manually) and did some Favorites links to IE.
When i was satisfied with the customization i created Ghost image. Successfully created image and when deployed i recived a message regarding NTFS volume and wehn the image is deployed , client start up and OS initilization appears .... then system run SCAN DISK showing message that "C" drive needs to be checked. After that OS installed successfully and customizations were also OK.
Any idea how to avoide the scan disk issue ?

A:customized Image deployment with Ghost

Nope. Windows sees the hard disk "environment" as not being 100% on par with what it used to be. Plus it doesn't hurt to run it after an image deployment like that anyways

PS: I know the mod's may bring this up, but no need for double posting in multiple categories

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I am having a VERY odd issue with Windows XP Pro and Tablet PC Edition.

I have been following Microsoft's Single-Image Deployment Supplemental Guide which discusses single-image deployment and how to use this process to deploy Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 in your organization while using your existing Windows XP Professional image.

I followed the article to a T and imported all the Tablet PC components in the Sysprep directory and then re-syspreped the box. At first once mini-setup finished the system would lock up on the Windows XP splash screen about the 3rd time the progress bar cycled through. So I went to Safe Mode and everything worked like a charm. So just as a troubleshooting step I tried to use Safe Mode with Networking. That locked up at the splash screen in the same spot which lead me to believe it was a networking issue. So I disabled all listed networking adapters and tried to boot into normal mode.

Once I saw "Applying Computer Settings" I thought all was good. So I waited until I saw the standard "Press Cntrl-Alt + Delete to Login" screen. So I hit cntrl alt delete and nothing happend. So I tried moving the mouse, and to my amazment, the entire computer is hard locked. This is happening everytime I reboot the computer into Normal mode and the login screen appears. So I tried to go back into Safe Mode with Networking to test that theory again. Although I am able to get logged into the system the system actually hard lo... Read more

A:Single-Image Deployment for Tablet PC

That link you posted is the supplemental guide, maybe there is something you missed in the original guide.

"The information in this article supplements the processes that are described in the previously released article, Deploying Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which is available on Microsoft TechNet"

Original guide here, the link in the supplemental guide is wrong.

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Are there only the install packages for the notebook drivers available? I'm searching for a package with all necessary inf files in order to use the for driver injection within a deployment environment (Windows 2008 deployment service / MS deployment toolkit)
Would be great if anyone can help me with that!

Thanks and kind regards, Gert

A:Portege 700/830 drivers for image deployment

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any packages except one and this is package that contains several Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
All other offered stuff are single drivers or Toshiba specific tools or utilities.

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Hi There,

I found this forum thru KariTheFinn's YouTube Videos which are superb! My first post is a problem that hunts me since quite some time now. I startet too more or less ignore it since it was only a problem with one program. But since I switch mail clients it's now also a problem there. But first things first.

I have a Hyper-V Service running on my Windows 10 Machine for toying around. In there I was trying to create my personal perfect Windows 10 Installation with all the Apps, Tools, Settings, etc. I like and want. I did all of this in my created user account Yves. So all the settings from many apps (for example Chrome) are in this user profile. After I was done. I shutdown the Hyper-V Machine Boot up the WindowsPE.iso. And dism the complete machine to a mapped network drive. Than I created a new Hyper-V Machine booted directly into WindowsPE.iso. Diskpartet the complete system like I like. 100MB EFI. 1GB Rescue. 50GB System Partition. Dism the image back to the System Partition and bcdbooted the System Partition. Bootet up and tada System is "almost" like I left it before on the other VM. Only thing missing are for example Chrome extensions and settings. Which I can not figure out why this happens? Newly since I moved from em Client to Outlook 2016. Also Outlook 2016 does not like the dism'ing around. It says .ost file has to be deleted.

Anyone an idea why this is happening and how I can prevent it?

Thanks for your help guys.


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I am working on setting up an image deployement solution. The current problem I am having with Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 is that when I try to deploy an image it deploys normally and Snap Deploy does the extra setup before Windows loads to a logon screen. The problem I am having is after I log in, windows is missing the "Vista" theme and whenever I try to click on anyting (Computer, Documents) It gives me a popup messege that has a title of "Explorer.exe" and in the messege it says "class not registed." I cannot figure out why the image is not working. I am deploying it onto the exact same computer I made the image from. It was a clean install of windows Vista Business.

To make the image I loaded the master computer into the Acronis software using the Acronis PXE server. I then imaged the computer and the image was put directly on the imaging server.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

A:Acronis Software Vista Image Deployment

I've always just attached the target media device and booted the Acrois CD to create the image.

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Hello. I have an issue.

I want to capture an Linux OS custom image or a fresh one and want to use WDS to complete the job. Could it be done?

I know I can use WDS from server to deploy WIN 7 or anyother Win OS to other systems. But can I use the same service to deploy Linux OS to other new systems and how can I go around in capturing the Linux OS image.

I don't want to use any third party application to capture and deploy both WIN and Linux images. I can use SysPrep to capture Windows image, but how do I go about capturing Linux image?

Is there an in-built app for Linux to capture an image like SysPrep (for WIN)???

Please help.

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I am trying to set up a MDT Deployment that will install Win 7 and MS Office 2010. With the Win 7 install I am able to have the system ask for the Windows Key after the install has completed. I would like to do the same for MS Office. I am going to be using this deployment tool for every new computer we get going forward and don't want to have to update my deployment every time I run one. I simply would like to deploy the image and then enter the Product key and activate it. Is this possible?

A:Installing MS Office 2010 via MDT image Deployment with out Prod Key

Is what I am wanting to do even possible?

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I found this tool while searching the system32 folder:



Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 6.1.7048.0

DISM.exe [dism_options] {WIM_command} [<WIM_arguments>]
DISM.exe {/Image:<path_to_offline_image> | /Online} [dism_options]
{servicing_command} [<servicing_arguments>]
DISM enumerates, installs, uninstalls, configures, and updates features
and packages in Windows images. The commands that are available depend
on the image being serviced and whether the image is offline or running.
/Get-MountedWimInfo - Displays information about mounted WIM images.
/Get-WimInfo - Displays information about images in a WIM file.
/Commit-Wim - Saves changes to a mounted WIM image.
/Unmount-Wim - Unmounts a mounted WIM image.
/Mount-Wim - Mounts an image from a WIM file.
/Remount-Wim - Recovers an orphaned WIM mount directory.
/Cleanup-Wim - Deletes resources associated with mounted WIM
images that are corrupt.
/Online - Targets the running operating system.
/Image - Specifies the path to the root directory of an
offline Windows image.
/English - Displays command line output in English.
/Format - Specifies the report output for... Read more

A:DISM - Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

I have been working with WinPE ever since version 1.0 and using it to deploy images, make backups, etc. Now that version 3.0 is out I have written a full tutorial on how to use it, build the boot environment, using it in a network/computer support department environment, and using GimageX GUI with DISM to deploy and capture images.

You can read my tutorial on DISM here -> Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) ? WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment -
You can download my WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Compilation completely free here -> WinPE 3.0 Boot Environment Scripts -

Let me know what you think. Enjoy and happy imaging!

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I have configured a stand alone windows 2012 Std. OS with WDS, set up all the necessary items
loaded both the boot.wim and image.wim into wds server.
the system deploys the standatrd win7 Pro image without issue.
The problem comes when I try to use the image capture wizard.
The client laptop boots to pxe without issue I get the screen that  lets me choose  what I want to load
when I choose the capture image item it loads as normal,(as the deploy does except that all that happens is I get a black screen with a white arrow cursor. the screen never turns blue like you would expect and the image capture wizard never appears.
I have followed all of the steps on the WDS set up page for creating a image capture boot file however as I said it never appears.
Can someone assist?

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If I have a reference image that I capture through a regular sysprep & capture task sequence, how do I update my deployment task sequence to reflect this updated reference image once it has been captured? I would prefer not to have to recreate the deployment
task sequence as the current one has several customizations that I would have to redo. When I try to change the OS in the "Install Operating System" step in the sequence to point to the updated image, the deployment will fail with a message such
as: Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]
I don't know how to tell if this is a problem with the unattend file itself or having something to do with changing the deploying operating system in the task sequence.

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We use MDT, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, To deploy windows 7 and windows 8.1 images to our latitude laptops.
the Control Vault driver is not installing as part of the cab file that has been imported into MDT, there for I have to install it as an post install application.
the switches for the control vault by typing "/?" are shown as /s /f.
the driver installs fine if I run it on a laptop by opening command prompt and the silent install switches but it will fail when MDT tries to run the same command during deployment.
Has ayone had this problem and how have you fixed it?

A:Dell Latitude Control Vault Driver installation fails during image deployment via MDT

Hi saeidans,Thanks for posting.This forum is primarily consumer questions, and yours appears to be one that doesn't fit into this category.  Please post your question here for more expert advice.  Thanks.

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Not able to get the PXE working on 5040 . It will download the boot image from SCCM DP. Once it downloads it will not boot. 
Network driver is already part of the Boot Image.

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I am having all sorts of trouble imaging a new Dell 5570 laptop with custom Windows 7 SP1 Ent. through SCCM.I have tried Dell support and their assistance so far hasn't been satisfactory unfortunately.

First: I had issues booting the laptop with my boot image, SSD was not recognized. I had to import Samsung NVMe drivers into boot image for the SSD to be recognized and to kick start task sequence.
Now: The task sequence doesn't go through. Immediately after 'Set up Windows and ConfigMgr', the laptop reboots and crashes with the error '0x0000007B'.

I have already tried below with not much success.

Dell Diagnosis says no faults detectedSATA Operation set to AHCI, RAID on in BIOSBoot sequence set to Legacy, UEFIWith and Without 5570 drivers after applying O.SWith and Without KMDF, UMDFDifferent WIM files-one recently updated with most hotfixes, one updated last year, one close to vanilla Windows 7 SP1 Ent.
Any help here is much appreciated please as I have around 20 laptops already procured from Dell and waiting to be imaged before deploying.


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Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am attempting to setup a new wireless network model in my home, and am looking for some advice on the proper hardware I need.

I currently have a laptop which I use to connect wirelessly to my network. I previously used a wired-router to connect directly to a cable modem, and would then have all my network devices (Storage, media, etc.) connected to the wired router. I would use a Airport Express to create a wireless signal from this network and connect to my laptop. Worked fine.

In my new home, I'd like to keep a router in my room, which is not where my modem has been installed. What I am looking to do is connect all the above hardware to a separate LAN. I have been looking into using a wireless bridge/access point for this.

In checking out these options, I'm a little confused. Bridges and Access Point are expensive; why are they so expensive when they do less than a router? Also, it is very important the access point can connect to the network wirelessly. I do not want to run wires all over my home, so would like a device that can join a wireless network and connect to my router. I will buy a new router if I have to (one with wireless support) if it has a bridge/repeater/access point mode. Is there a specific feature I should be looking for?

Today, I cannot use the internet and access my personal network devices without changing my network connection from my laptop. This is irritating, as I can't do thing... Read more

A:Wireless Network Deployment Model

Truthfully, I think a wireless bridge is a bad idea. If you try to do file sharing over a wireless link, you better have patience, because it'll be pretty slow! The best topology is to have all the wireless access points hard wired to the network.

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A connection to the deployment share ... could not be made. The deployment will not proceed. Connection OK. Possible cause: invalid credentials.
PLEASE help me. I really don't know what to do anymore... Let's say I'm desperate. It is the correct Name and also correct map, afterwords I made myself a deploymentshare map and it also didn't work. Tried the $ --> didn't worked... WTF is wrong :(
I tried the administrator account, a self made account. Tried domainname\account
Nothing worked...
I'm using vm workstation.
Deploying from a virtual server to a virtual client...
Pleas help me, it is a little urgent... I really don't know what's wrong...
Greets Timothy

A:A connection to the deployment share could not be made. The deployment will not proceed. ?? Help me pleas :(

Resolved the problems !
It was the bloody firewall! probably it is resolved in a new update but I didn't installed any updates because in belgium we have still a download limit. :)
Thanks for all the help of you and the time you spended on my issue!
I'll post my final customsettings.ini and bootstrap.ini

















TimeZoneName=W. Europe Standard Time






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Before deploying IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN connectivity in your organization, it is helpful to understand the components of a secure wireless LAN and its authentication infrastructure. This article explains the elements of wireless LANs, the processes of connection, authentication, and encryption, and the components of secure wireless LANs that are provided with Windows XP, Windows Server™ 2003, Windows 2000 Server, and Microsoft® 802.1X Authentication Client.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Microsoft Word



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This whitepaper describes how to configure RSA ACE/Server to provide a secure authentication solution for VPN and Windows XP 802.1X wireless clients running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 with the PEAP QFE installed. This is accomplished by using Internet Authentication Service (IAS) with any Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) standard–compatible virtual private network (VPN) server or Protected EAP (PEAP)-compatible wireless access point.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Word or Word Viewer.



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I'm looking for some kind of "official" Microsoft documentation or TechNet article explaining the proper process for injecting Windows Updates / Hotfixes into a Windows WIM image to allow me to deploy a version of windows that already has all (or at least
most) of the current windows updates.
Does anyone know if such a document exists? Or perhaps someone from Microsoft can respond to this post with some well documented steps on how I would accomplish this?

A:Windows Update / Hotfix Injection into Windows 7 WIM image for Deployment

WSUS Offline Tool

Download the WSUS Offline Tool and extract to another working directory, e.g. "C:\wsusoffline"
Run the "UpdateGenerator.exe" tool.
Select the version of Windows you wish to update, e.g. "x64 Global" under the Windows 7 category.
Optionally select to use a WSUS server on your local network with the "WSUS..." button.

Press the "Start" button. A command window will appear displaying the progress of the utility. The updates are downloaded to the "./client/w61-x64/glb" directory within the "wsusoffline"
The Windows 7 Media

Download the Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 and
install. This will allow you to obtain the "DISM.exe" command line utility that is needed.
Extract all files from the Windows 7 media. Store these files in a working directory, e.g. "C:\Win7_x64_Ent_Source"
Create a temp directory that will be used to mount the WIM image to in order to manipulate the files, e.g. "C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM"
Open an elevated command prompt.
Run the follow command to mount the WIM file:

dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\Win7_x64_Ent_Source\sources\install.wim /mountdir:C:\Win7_x64_Ent_WIM /index:1

You can determine the index number of the image you need to mount by running the "dism /get-wiminfo" command.

Change your current working directory to the directory you downloa... Read more

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This has not been a problem for me on other forums, but i want to know how do i get my profile image to show up on my thread posting screens?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:Profile Image on Thread screens

No worries, figured it out. Edit Avatar-Who knew!

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Is anyone free? I would like to test update facebook profile picture without notifying anyone, following the steps in this article:
Can I add you as friend (or you add me) and then I will change my profile picture, you tell me if you get notifications about my profile change. I want to test if it works. You can unfriend me after the testing.
If you have a way of changing facebook profile picture without notifying anyone, let me know too.

Thanks a lot

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Is anyone free? I would like to test update facebook profile picture without notifying anyone, following the steps in this article: How To Update Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Anyone - Mom 2.0 Summit | Moms + Marketers + Media
Can I add you as friend (or you add me) and then I will change my profile picture, you tell me if you get notifications about my profile change. I want to test if it works. You can unfriend me after the testing.
If you have a way of changing facebook profile picture without notifying anyone, let me know too.

Thanks a lot

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Can you tell me how do i add this kind of animated .gif picture to "Windows seven" forum my profile page.

A:How to Add Animated Picture to Customize Profile Background Image

Am confused. Do you want to know how to add that as a background for your windows 7?

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"Error 1606. Could not access network location %public%\Desktop\." when uninstalling a program:

I have a windows 7 x64 machine and just recently I started getting error 1606. I looked up the previous threads and followed instructions. They worked for others but not for me. I tried the Fix It patches but still my problem is not fixed. Just today I noticed the following:

My Op Sys was resurrected via an image that I had saved a month ago. If I try to uninstall any of the programs that came with the Image, I get error 1606. However, If I install a new program it will uninstall just fine.

Any clues?


A:Error 1606 persistent for image backed up profile

Was this a Win7 backup image? If it was only made a month ago, could problems which caused you to reimage have already been present? I find that creeping corruption can begin right after install so keep a baseline image for cases like this.

You can try reimaging to see if it is a glitch with the operation or in the image itself. If this fail I would consider clean reinstalling following these steps to get a perfect baseline reinstall, then image it: Reinstalling Windows 7

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computer started getting pop ups randomly even with mcafee running and even after using spybot. Then somehow some fake antivirus "My PC protector" installed itself on the system and things went to crap. Girlfriend tried to go back to a restore point but nothing happened. As of right now no exe's work. Tried to install maleware bytes and avg, avg install ended in an error while the anti maleware installed and but whenever I try to run the computer can not locate the file. Also, I notice that another user profile has popped up named adminstrator that I have never seen before on other start ups. I continuely get the windows/system32/dosapoma.dll not valid windows image error. Tried to do a few registry fixes like the zip file everyone seems to mention, that seemded to install but didnt work and I couldnt open regedit anyway.

Really at a loss of what to do next.

Been in safe mode for the whole day and still the computer is crap. Anyhelp would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys.

Almost forget, have no current access to boot cd or anything, they are at parents house about 3 hours away.

DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Run by Administrator at 13:08:24.45 on Sun 02/14/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1023.688 [GMT -5:00]

AV: VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {918A2B0B-2C60-4016-A4... Read more

A:No exe's will open, bad image error and virus created administrator profile

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.

Please copy this page to Notepad and Save it to your Desktop in order to assist you when carrying out the following instructions.

Before beginning the fix, read this post completely. If there's anything that you do not understand, kindly ask your questions before proceeding.
Ensure that there aren't any opened browsers when you are carrying out the procedures below.

It is IMPORTANT that you don't miss a step & perform everything in the correct order/sequence.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


Download ComboFix and the Microsoft file to a USB drive on another computer and transfer the files to your desktop.

If necessary, do the dragging and dropping in Sa... Read more

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Let me start out by saying, I HATE Windows 8.  Have to use it as part of my job.  It's okay on the tablet, but god does it suck on a desktop.
I have a Lenovo Tablet running Windows 8 Pro.  I travel with it, and visit various businesses.  I have a couple of bussinesses that DO NOT have DHCP servers on thier networks.  Every device gets a static IP, period end of story.  

If you can help me answer this question then that's great, but I don't need lectures on how to setup networks or how that doesn't make sense or anything else.  They aren't going to change thier networks and I'm not going to start having discussions
with the IT people about how they should setup thier network.
The question of the day is...Can I assign a static IP address to the Wireless profile used at Location A, so that when I'm there and the wireless connects I don't have to manually go in and put in the address for that location.  The goal is to have
the tablet connect at the locations where I need a specific IP address without intervention, while also allowing it use DHCP when connecting at home, or other locations where DHCP is available.
I've looked at couple of utilities and they don't seem to give what I need. 

A:Static IP and Wireless Profile

I am sorry to tell that it cannot be achieved. If you assign an IP address to an adapter, you must change it back to "Auto get IP address" when you need DHCP server to assign IP address.
Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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We have a requirement on our laptops that the Admin user will create a fixed set of wireless profiles but non-Admin users cannot add/remove/modify them.

We can't find a way to keep these profiles locked down so that the users cannot change them. Is there a way to do this with Windows 7 Enterprise? Group Policy perhaps? Thanks!

A:Wireless Profile Permissions

Are you using any Server OS?

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When I try to connect with the wireless network by Intel Wireless management, the following error message appears:
"An internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile"

What's the problem? Is it possible connecting with a wireless without creating any profile?


A:Intel Wireless profile

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Vista Business 32-bit. I have 2 ALMOST similar profiles and the wrong one is always selected first, giving limited access.

How can I delete the first, faulty, profile? I have worked around it by turning off the auto-connection for the faulty one, but I'd really like to delete it.

A:How to delete wireless profile

Network and sharing center on the left pane should be an entry Manage wireless networks. Alternatively if it's a network location problem. from NSC select customize and there should be a Merge or delete locations in the bottom left corner.

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Does anyone know how to automatically disable a wireless card in a laptop when the laptop is connected to a lan. Many users now have wireless cards in there laptops for when they are on the road.When they return and connect to our LAN I need a way to automaticlly disable there wireless card.
Any thoughts ?


A:hardware profile for wireless card

one way to do is to create diffrent profile for the work in which u can disable wireless. so when they login at work with this profile no wireless.

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When i tried to access the properties of my wireless network i currently connected. It pops out
"Windows has encountered an error saving the wireless profile. Specific error: The system cannot find the file specified".

I'm able to connect to the internet, however, unable to access wireless properties and unable to check/uncheck the boxes in properties tab, unable to access ipv4, ipv6 all other properties.

When clicking the "properties (with the admin shield)" in Wireless Network Connection Status, it didnt prompted me to run as admin where it should have.

I've tried everything from sfc/scannow (everything is fine), uninstall the wireless device and reinstalled it, deleted all wireless profile, netsh ipv4 reset, winsock reset, ipv4 interface install, system restore (does not have a restore point).....and still unable to access the wireless properties as i am able before. I did not know what happened that able to cause this kinda problem. I fear it will cause future problems although there isnt any harm now except for unable to access the ipv4 and other properties. Please help.

A:Error saving wireless profile

i have the same problem and I can't figure it out. I cannot connect to my wifi but I can't browse. I can ping and got a reply but still can't browse. Does anyone have this problem?

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Active wireless network has no profile in Manage wireless networks:

When I go to Manage wireless networks, Windows does not show my active network. When I try to manually create a profile for it and enter all pertinent data, it states "access denied". How do I gain access?

In XP, Windows automatically connected to network on boot up. Now I have to manually type in Key Code each time before it will connect. Is there a way to configure Windows 7 to store the Key Code and auto connect to the network on boot?

In order to gain as much control as possible the quickest possible way, I downloaded and installed the registry key GrantAdminFullControl which allows you to right click any folder and select Grant Admin Full Control for that folder. Also, unhide hidden files in Folder Options so I could arrange, name and catagorize folders in the Start Menu for all users. I right-clicked every folder and subfolder on computer to gain as much control as Windows would allow. Also, turned off UAC temporarily which trying to resolve the above problem.

Still get "access denied". I feel that if I could manually add a profile for my network, I could find an option that would allow Windows to remember my Key Code so that when I boot computer, it would auto sign in and connect to wireless without necessity of manually typing key code each time.

The router people tried for over an hour to resolve problem. Says problem is on Microsoft side, and I ... Read more

A:Active wireless network has no profile

Quote: Originally Posted by harravaril

Active wireless network has no profile in Manage wireless networks:

When I go to Manage wireless networks, Windows does not show my active network. When I try to manually create a profile for it and enter all pertinent data, it states "access denied". How do I gain access?

In XP, Windows automatically connected to network on boot up. Now I have to manually type in Key Code each time before it will connect. Is there a way to configure Windows 7 to store the Key Code and auto connect to the network on boot?

In order to gain as much control as possible the quickest possible way, I downloaded and installed the registry key GrantAdminFullControl which allows you to right click any folder and select Grant Admin Full Control for that folder. Also, unhide hidden files in Folder Options so I could arrange, name and catagorize folders in the Start Menu for all users. I right-clicked every folder and subfolder on computer to gain as much control as Windows would allow. Also, turned off UAC temporarily which trying to resolve the above problem.

Still get "access denied". I feel that if I could manually add a profile for my network, I could find an option that would allow Windows to remember my Key Code so that when I boot computer, it would auto sign in and connect to wireless without necessity of manually typing key code each time.

The router people tried for ... Read more

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Hi there,
Im having a problem with my wireless connection. It was working fine for about a month, when suddenly today my connection disconnected. I tried reconnecting to no avail. I kept trying and then this window began popping up when i tried to connect to my linksys: "Another profile is currently being processed. Please try again later." So i tried later... days later... still the same... anyone know what to do? I only have one profile in my setup, so there shouldnt be another profile its trying to connect to.... WHats going on? Anyone know how to fix this so i can get back to connecting to my normal linksys router ?


A:Wireless Connection Problem: Another profile being processed

Intel PROSet/Wireless Another profile is being processed

I also receive the same error.

I have been given an Actiontec MI424WR wireless router by Verizon for FiOS. (I had FiOS at my old place with my own Linksys router and never had this problem)

I have tried everything from disabling/enabling radio to killing all processes other then the most critical and the error keeps popping up. Eventually, Intel PROSet appears to being a new search for networks, but the error comes back. Another laptop in my house does NOT get this error.

Since I am able to post this you can guess that I finally got it working, but what fixed it - I have no clue. Don't get happy for me yet, the error will come back as soon as I restart the computer - I'd bet the ranch on that!

Any idyers?

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Hi,I have a question on the disabling of auto-connect function of ThinkVantage for one particular profile. I have not been able to find the answer online despite multiple searches, thus I hope you can assist me on this.

I am currently using a Lenovo T400 Thinkpad with Windows XP, though I am unable to find the version of ThinkVantage Access Connections. I have a ThinkVantage profile saved for connecting to my home router, which can be connected using LAN or WLAN. However, whenever I get disconnected from internet (LAN cable accidentally became unplugged, router disconnected for a minute, etc), my ThinkVantage will automatically connect to wireless and render my LAN connection useless with the "Limited or no connectivity message". When this happens, I have to manually disconnect from wireless using ThinkVantage and replug my LAN cable. It's mighty annoying when it disconnects 5 times in half an hour (I have a horrible ISP).

So my question is, is there a way I can set ThinkVantage to disable auto-connect to wireless when I'm in this particular profile? I have searched around the options and tried to disable the Location Switching option, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance.

A:Disable ThinkVantage Auto-Connection to Wireless for One Profile

In the Network Connections / Properties, you will find "TeeFer2 Driver". Uncheck this and your problem would be resolved.


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VPN works without enabling it so what would I gain by enabling?
Also - is there any way to access the network printer attached to my home network when vpn'd in to my office?

Thank you.

A:What do I gain by enabling VPN access in my client wireless profile?

Perhaps you are confusing vpn access to the router vs vpn client access thru the router.

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As of today, in our domain environment consisting of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Enterprise machines, we are experiencing the "User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded" error message whenever a user tries to login.
This only affects users new to the particular machine. If they have signed on before and already have a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue. This is occurring on both Win8.1 and Win7 machines. We are an academic institution so this is becoming
a huge problem in our labs. Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently. I have a solution for the issue. It appears that on the non-working machines that the "Default" user profile is corrupt. I have discovered
that if I find a machine, Win8.1 or Win7, doesn't matter, that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the "Default" user profile and replace the corrupt one. I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new
one. I am doing this over the network by navigating the C:\users\ folder. Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over 1000 computer in labs. I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions, none which
are any more practical than my method. I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere. I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet. ... Read more

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These aren't very important problems, but I'm just curious why this happen after Anniversary Upgrade.
- When I start my PC or when I shutdown/restart, in the log screen there isn't my profile image. Just the generic blank one.
The image is still present when I click on Start button on desktop and in Control Panel. I also tried to set it again.
- I prefer a "blank" lock screen background as I had before, with no panorama pictures or nothing. How can I remove it?

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What is the point of copy a wireless profile in Network sharing center?

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I have reinstalled to the most recent utility from Intel also deleted the said profile but still not able to connect to the profile network.I am able to connect to an unsecured network close to me with no problem, I have two seperate wifi networks and both profiles have the same problem. my wifi printer is able to connect to the network no problem. I lost for solutions.

I have Intel adapter 4965AGN in a Sony Viao running WinXP Home SP3


A:Intel PROSet/Wireless "problem applying profile

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Windows 7 continues to revert back to the old wireless profile despite me deleting all old wireless profiles.
Wireless adapter is Edimax EW-7128g, newest drivers for Windows 7 64bit
First set up a WEP profile the usual manner by connecting using the bottom-right wireless networking widget; "Save this connection", yes.
Works right off the bat, first time
Needed to switch to WPA on router for better security. Same router. Done. Entered new credentials using the same wireless networking widget. Works fine first time, right off the bat.
Computer enters sleep mode overnight.
Upon a wake (or restart, or cold boot) - Windows 7 reverts back to the old WEP profile.
I go into "Manage Wireless Networks" I select the profile from the list, hit DELETE. Removes it from the list. ADD new profile, supply proper WPA credentials, "Save this connection". Works fine. Manage wireless networks displays proper information (WPA security)
Restart, or reboot, or logoff. BOOM. Back to using the old WEP profile!!!
Tried this using Administrator account and user account. Same behavior.
Workaround is to change the security type / credentials or delete & create a new profile every time windows is rebooted/logoff/restart.
I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I am not using the vendor's connection utility. Windows cannot remember the new connection profile and despite me deleting the old one ... continues to revert back to it.

Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 reverts back to old wireless profile on reboot,restart,wake

Try to manually create a new network connection from the start instead of trying to mod the old profile. I did this just last week and it worked for me.

Create or modify network profiles

If the network that you want to create a profile for is not in the list, click Set up a connection or network, click Manually connect to a wireless network, click Next, and then follow the instructions. If you save the network, a profile for the network will be created and stored on your computer. To select specific authentication and security settings, click Change connection settings.

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We have users on Windows 7 Enterprise machines.  No one has a roaming profile. Users cannot install programs.  The users move around so they don't use the same machine all the time and there may be 20 profiles on one machine.  They don't
always logout but the machines are restarted once a week at least.   Occasionally we may delete profiles on the machines but this is a remote site so we seldom do.  Users primarily use remote apps. served up either by Citrix or web interface. 
Little is done locally other than printing.  All machines are imaged with the same software. All users do the same thing.  One user in an office of six machines, can only login to three of the machines with a temporary profile.  She has no
profile under Users.  There is no .bak registry entry.  I cannot locate anything in the registry that points to this user.  I checked HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE|SOFTWARE|MICROSOFT|WINDOWSNT|CURRENT VERSION|PROFILELIST.  There were 20 profiles but
none for this user.  No .bak profiles for her, nothing.  I found a post that suggested increasing registry size/reboot but still no clue.  This has been going on for months and she just let me know but I don't know if she called the help desk
and they did something before.  Event log has errors saying: 

Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unlo... Read more

A:Windows 7 Enterprise - User logs in with temporary profile - 3 different machines/no roaming profile?

Thanks.  She's working on the computer and does not logoff and back on quickly.  I just rechecked and there absolutely is not a .bak with her name.  On either computer.  I did find one for Temp and one for another user so now I have a
second user getting the profile issue.  I renamed that one and when the other user logged in, he got his profile. 

Guess I will just re-image the computers although I'd like to figure it out but I don't have the spare time to waste and don't want my user to keep getting the temp profile.  My company won't pay for the support and frankly, in all the years I've
been in IT, I've never had MS resolve one issue for me.  Not worth paying for.  Oh well, thanks for your suggestions.  If I have time to devote to this and figure anything else out, I will post the answer. 

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Hello All,
Here's my problem. I've erased my profile from Mozilla Firefox. I HAVE NOT however erased the profile files.

I have since created a profile with a different name. I would like to import the old profile info (bookmarks inparticular) to my new "default" profile.

As well, what if I wanted to import info from another Mozilla Firefox profile?

Can this be done?

I've tried everything but I can't seem to figure it out.

If you do post please be advised that I am not all that familiar with Firefox.

Thank you all for your time.

A:Solved: Mozilla Firefox...Erased Profile but not files...trying to import to new profile

I move mine manually all the time. If you just want to add the bookmarks.html, just move the one you saved to the new profile. Here is the official instructions from Firefox on backup and restore of the Profile.

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Ok so my buddy's ancient xp laptop has failing video. I logged onto it as an administrator and shared all the users documents. I proceeded to another pc in the house running Vista and created an administrator account with the same credentials as the laptop's then copied (mostly I used copy but for a few folders I used the move command) over the network the primary users profile folder. It took two attempts. It failed to connect the first time but succeeded after I returned to the laptop and disabled simple file sharing and gave the laptops administrator's user account I shared the folders from security permissions to all user folders in question.

I had my friend's girlfriend verify all her pictures were in place on the Vista PC and they were. I felt like "see I do know my stuff". They aren't computer people and have alot of old failing machines I keep going for them. I do this for a living and must have donated a not insignificant amount of time keeping their aging stuff going and I've had a string of having to tell them I simply couldn't make things like HD transcoding and playback run "any more better" or that I couldn't software fix failing hardware on their aging collection of machines. So I was happy for the successful move.

My bud's girl ended up staying on the PC's Admin's profile FaceBooking and reminiscing about the irreplaceable pictures that absolutely needed to be saved from the laptop. The ones of a recently lost loved one the lo... Read more

A:Files Missing after doing Move from Admin profile to newly created profile

You could have summed this up in a lot less words.
Try to recover your files using the free Recuva.
If that fails, try the Free PhotoRec a part of TestDisk.

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Hey guys,

Yesterday, I shut down my computer. A few hours later when trying to log back in, I get logged onto a blank profile, which I assume is a temporary profile.

Curiously the ProfileImagePath string under key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-5-21-842173820-3506557639-1618326103-1004 is pointing to C:\Users\Mike_2.Mike-PC instead of C:\Users\Mike_2, which I assume is a temporary/alternate profile. (which I didn't create)

This has happened before, but usually a few restarts fixed the problem, however, that doesn't seem to be working now.

My question is, is there a way to reassociate the profile with the correct user folder? Or do I have to transfer everything over to a clean profile?

A:Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

Its not an association issue, the user profile is corrupt, and is replaced by a temporary one.

Best thing to do is create a new user account, and migrate to that.


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After experiencing some blue screens (graphics driver related) I reverted back to 314.22 and this morning decided to give the card a good clean.

This is my main PC which has Windows 7 Home Premium, Q9450, GTX 260 (216).

Somehow I managed to corrupt my user profile and received the User Profile Service failed the logon message. Following the advice to boot in using Safe Mode showed only my profile with no access to the registry editor or command line. I then rebooted in safe mode with command line and enabled the built in administrator account. The next reboot into safe mode showed my account and other. Since mine is the only account that I have set up and I am not able to create a new account (the Control Panel user account options do not work) I have no idea what to do next.

I would prefer not to have to perform a fresh install so any help would be gratefully received.


A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. Safe mode, only my profile

Logon as built-in "administrator" account in safe mode. Works?
Logon as built-in "administrator" account in normal mode. Works?

If working.... create a new fresh admin account.

Post results

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Hello all,
I am having the user profile service error failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded while trying to logon to a domain user name with Windows 7. I have tried unjoining the domain and rejoining and that didn't work. I have also tried looking in the
Local Registry under profilepath and that profile isn't even listed (because it's never even been logged onto that particular PC). I really need to get this working. Is there anything else I can do?
Thank you,

shauna dixon

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I have a user that has now left our company and would therefore like to delete their roaming profile from the profiles folder on our server.

I have deleted their account from Active Directory and have then tried to delete their profile from the roaming profiles folder. But when I do this I get the access denied message, the reason being that the file may be open or I do not have sufficient rights. I have also taken ownership of the folder so I have all the correct permissions.

Anyone have any ideas ?


A:Access Denied when I try to delete a users roaming profile from the profile share ?


Try to reset the permissions of the folder, and then make sure you have ownership of the sub folders to.

What OS are you using?

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I want to preface this inquiry with the following: this is a home lab environment and does not affect production systems in any way. Any information provided will be tested in a test VM prior to execution on any critical system.
I recently joined my primary home system to my lab domain. I wanted to retain all of the settings and configurations of my local system but use a domain account to login. I followed this migration write-up:
Step by Step : Migrate Local User Profile to Domain User Profile with all Settings

The gist of the migration involves adding the domain user to the ACL for the C:\Users\localUser with Full Control and propagate those permissions through the folder. This step worked without issue. Then, modify the ACL for the HKCU hive by adding the domain
user to the ACL with Full Control and propagate those permissions through the hive. This step appears to work, but some keys cannot be modified. Finally, we change the ProfileImagePath for the domain user SID under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
and reboot.
The change appears to have worked without issue. All of my settings are intact, and the look and feel is as expected. One very significant problem, however, is that the window (explorer.exe) size and location cache is not functioning. If I click on File
Explorer, the window opens as usual, but the layout is using tiles while I prefer the Details view. I change to the details view and make some other changes, clos... Read more

A:Explorer size and location cache no longer works after migrating local profile to domain profile

I figured out my own issue. Don'tcha love it when that happens?
I logged into the affected machine as the domain administrator, and when I loaded the ntuser.dat hive for the affected user, I noticed that the \Software\Classes key didn't exist. It did, however, exist for the logged on user and it appears to correlate
directly to the key under HKU\[SID]_Classes.
On a hunch, I logged back into the affected profile, drilled down to HKU\[SID]_Classes, and when I checked the permissions, I noticed that the domain user did not have explicit permissions to the key and subkeys. I added Full Control permissions, propagated
them through the key and subkeys, rebooted, et voila! Everything is back to the way it should be.
I'll be leaving a comment for Mahdi Tehrani to ensure this is done to prevent issues like I had.Ron Arestia, MCSA (Server 2012)

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Deal all,

i need urgent help. i shut down my Pc normally at my work and when i started today morning and put my user name and login , a windows apears with the following message.


remember that i am having windows XP

please tell me how can i get my profile back to work normally as before.


A:Windows Cannot Load The User's Profile But Has Logged On With The Default Profile

Corruption of the user profile can be a pain to sort out, especially if it’s the index file that’s failed. SOMETIMES, however, simply logging off, leaving the computer at the ‘Press Ctrl+Alt+Del’ screen for about 30 seconds or so, then logging in as usual, can solve this without any further intervention, so I’d suggest giving that a go first.

Further suggestions are a bit more involved.

Log in as another user with administrative rights (such as Administrator) and then open the My Computer icon and navigate to the local hard disk and into the Documents and Settings folder. Look there for the folder which has the same name as the user who’s profile cannot be loaded and go into it. You may have to unhide hidden files and folders (from the Tools menu, select Folder Options and then the View tab, then, in the Advanced Settings box, under Hidden Files and Folders select ‘Show hidden files and folders’) and then locate the file NTUSER.DAT and rename it NTUSER.OLD, then log out, and back in as the failed user. This should replace the corrupted file and allow you to log back in.

If that fails for any reason, again, log in as another user with administrative rights (such as Administrator) and then open the My Computer icon and navigate to the local hard disk and into the Documents and Settings folder. Look there for the folder which has the same name as the user who’s profile cannot be loaded and rename the folder; usu... Read more

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when i try to create a new user profile ~ with or without a password, it shows up on the main login page, but when i click on it to open, the message "UserProfileService_service failed the logon_user profile cannot be loaded". i have searched microsoft support with little solutions listed. and the ones that are listed seem too technical for me to be trying on my own. there are many posts there with this problem, but they all seem to be several years old. are there any current fixes to this problem?

i am using windows 7. i have never been able to create any accounts other than my administrator account & the one account i use for all my general computer use. i have been using norton 360 with no problems. i have resorted to just using any "log in/log out' links on all the sites my husband wants to use.

i am really not all that confident doing anything super technical to fix this, since i don't have a real understanding of different extensions or types of files. i am afraid i could really mess everything up really bad. but, it would just be SO MUCH EASIER & FASTER if i had my account & my husband had his own account.

if you can help me out with a fairly easy fix here, i would be so happy. and, if you post an answer to this post, please speak like you would to a 5 year old. i don't know most terms, but if i was helped every step of the way, i'm confident i can do this myself... that is if there really is a solution to this problem... Read more

A:user profile service_service failed the logon_user profile cannot be loaded

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I followed the tutorial here User Profile - Change Default Location and it worked beautifully... All my user docs are on the D drive and the Start button entires all point to the new location.

HOWEVER when I tried to log in this mornias wand was faced with my normal log in prompt for a password to my profile, it accepted it, and then told me "The user profile service failed to login. User profile cannot be loaded.

It's the only account, so I cannot get in via another account.

I assume it's looking for something on the D drive instead of the C drive (or vice versa) ... But I carefully followed the tutorial. I assume one registry setting is off. ProfileImagePath???

I can only now get in via F8 options. I tried safe mode, but there is no regedit in safe mode And it won't let me create a new account .

I can rebuild yet again (win 7 has not been kind to me) but not sure if my last image was before or after the user profile change

Are there other boot f8 boot options to get me out of the jam??

A:HELP! User profile service failed the login - profile cannot be loaded

Via the help panel I can now get into regedit.... But now what?

I looked at steps 10 to 14 on the tutorial and I have the correct registry setting, ie ProfileImagePath pointing to D:\users\media

So is there another registry item to change?

The ProfilesDirectory key says %systemdrive%\users. Should it be changed to d:\users??

The tutorial went on to say I could delete my c:/users/media folder....which I have not done yet, so I don't thinks it's that.

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okay this is strange

so I was on my desktop main account and then let my dad log on to a guest account I recently created for him since his laptop isn't working, then when I came back I logged onto my profile I couldn't open any browser, in the case of firefox this came up (firefox can't load host something, missing profile) and chrome (your preferences cannot be read)

then I couln't open some shorcuts (windows cannot find the target. and my utorrent setting reset as well, like if I had never used it, BUT the guest account works perfectly.

I'm able to open firefox with open as administrator but all addons, bookmarks are gone, I can't open the document, picture, and music links on the start menu either

any help is appreciated

A:browsers can't load profile settings on main windows profile

I think I fixed the problem, I did a system restore and everything seems to be working fine

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This question has been raised before by others but apparently no solution was offered by anyone.

I have two user profiles on the same PC with one (main user)having the administrator rights.

Today, when I attempted to log in as the main user, I got the following message:

" Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator."

I found one microsoft support note which suggests that a new profile needs to be created and the contens of the old profile except .dat files have to be copied in the new profile folders.

However, all my folders in the original profile including MY documents and Favorites are EMPTY.

I am unable to retrieve valuable files. Can anyone suggest a step wise procedure to locate where my files have disappeared.

By the way, I tried system restore operation to restore the system three days backward. yet, everything is the same and the folders are empty. so, i have undone the system restore. thanks

AS AN ADDITIONAL INFO, if it might help, i have discovered rather large "FOUND.000" folders ion"C" drive. the last one has the size 897 mb which is about the same time that the folders and files disappeared. i have read that these foldrrs are similar to .chk files and can be remvoed. however, i am not sure of this in view of the missing data.

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I have an issue that I need serious help with. (The user is my boss...nuff said.) He has been using a laptop with windows 7 professional for some time now and recently he reported to me that when he undocks his laptop and takes it on the road (for example) he does not see his desktop icons, quick launch etc... If he saves a file to the desktop for example, it is gone once he logs off or reboots. We recently got him a new laptop running windows 7 enterprise and are still seeing the same issue! Now, we are using roaming profiles in our environment and I am considering moving him to a local profile as this is really the only machine that he uses. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix his local profile? I want to say that it either related to GPOs or his user account as this happens on two different machines. As far as redirection, we have his documents redirecting to his home folder but there are not other user policies applying to his account. Thank you for your time and advice in advance!

A:Local profile data not saved locally - roaming profile

The reason this is happening is that he is part of a domain likely, and when you are away from the network the computer cannot login into the Domain. He will have to switch his profile to local.

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Hi, I'm trying to copy a "dummy" admin profile in Win7 that i have specificly created and configured to the default user profile but the copy to... option is greyed out.
Any help would be greately appreciated.

A:Unable to copy specific profile to default user profile

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I am trying to rename a user profile under C:\Users (I am logged into the Administrator profile on my computer), and am getting an error that the folder or file is in use, so I cannot rename it.

I have tried multiple options to fix it after researching online:
I tried ending the "explorer.exe" process, and then restarting it via "new task" in task manager. It was suggested that this would "unlock" the file or folder for a short period of time. It did not work for me.
I tried clearing both my recycle bin and my "Thumbnails" folders from Disk Cleanup. That also did not work for me.
I was going to try to disable thumbnail caching temporarily by following instructions online, but the computer was unable to locate "gpedit.msc".
Could anyone advise? This is a very important step of a process I'm being worked with on in a separate thread and I cannot proceed until I have renamed this file, and am afraid to restart the computer since I've just done a "takeown" command on this Administrator profile.

A:Unable to rename user profile folder under Administrator profile

Boot into Safe Mode and try again.

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windows cannot load users profile but has logged you on wit default profile

This computer is a memeber of the company domain and we have been logging on with the same user for years. I am able to login in safe moded with this user.

I have tried to rename the user folder in the document and settings folder. I followed the advice in this article

That didn't get me anywhere.


A:windows cannot load users profile but has logged you on wit default profile

I would assume that the profile is damaged...create a new one...moved files from old to new.

Copy Data from a Corrupted User Profile to a New Profile in Windows XP -


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Hi. I'm having this problem where when I tried to log into my computer it gave me this thing that my user login has failed and a temporary profile had been created. I was looking at other form posts with this problem and going through the steps. But while I'm in safe mode at the moment I still can't get into my administrative account on my computer. It won't let me access it because the profile is corrupted(I'm assuming?)

I was using: User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8 this thread to help me. But I'm stuck on step five because it just says: profile image path: c:\users\TEMP which is not my user profile but under the .bak it says my correct profile.
I don't have another admin profile. I'm the only person who uses my computer.
Ugh I don't know what the hell I'm doing I'm terrible at this kinda thing.
Please help :'(

A:User profile login failed and temporary profile created

Hello Emily, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Are you able to do what's in the blue note box under step 1 in Option One to enable the built-in Administrator account to use to repair your account from instead?

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Deal all,

i need urgent help. i shut down my Pc normally at my work and when i started today morning and put my user name and login , a windows apears with the following message.


please tell me how can i get my profile back to work normally as before.


A:Windows Cannot Load The User's Profile But Has Logged On With The Default Profile

Have you read this KB article?

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When attempting to login to my main profile, after a several minute wait, Windows loads normally, but I receive a notice saying that I have been logged into a temporary profile, which would be deleted upon shutting down.

As far as I can tell, this started happening immediately after switching my cell phone from "LG Software" to "Charge Only" mode, while windows was logging in.

During every bootup, I am now prompted with the following options:

Launch Startup Repair
Start Windows Normally

Upon selecting "Startup Repair", I am immediately shown the error "a required device is inaccessible".
It has just recently stopped giving me the "Startup Repair" option any more so I can't get the exact error code, but I believe it was 0x00000225, or something similar.

I cannot successfully load normal safe mode, or safe mode with networking. They fail with blue screen. I can only load safe mode with command prompt.

I have tried running "sfc /scannow". It finds errors after about 20% but says it is unable to fix them. Attempting to run chkdsk /f does not run on next boot.

It's been a while since I've done a backup, so I'd rather get this profile working again, than have to re-install. I also need to mention that this is an OEM (Dell) copy of windows, so, doing a repair install doesn't seem to be an option, or is it???

A:Instead of logging into main profile, I am forced into temp profile

Hello Cam, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to do a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you had these issues may be able to fix them.

Hope this helps,

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Hey all!

I've been experiencing stability problems on/off with my rig, but now they seem to have been stabilising (hurr durr).

I've recently bought a 1TB harddisk and 4 additional GB of Corsairs XMS3 DHX RAM, bringing me up to a total of 8GB.

Now, I tried to install 6 GB first, in tri-channel mode, and it worked fine.
When I installed the remaining two in dual dual-channel mode, however, my profile will not load, and I am given a temporary user profile. All my personal preferences are gone, including firefox bookmarks, desktop shortcuts, start menu preferences etc.

I'm posting a query to corsair as well simultaneously, but do any of you know or have a clue as to what might cause my problem? Or more importantly: how I can fix it?

I ran the memory diagnostics tool included in vista, and it told me I had a memory problem, but did not specify what.

Thanks for all help. It is much appreciated!

(Rig in sig)

A:User profile won't load. Temporary profile only. Vista64

Hello Crowzah,

This tutorial may be able to help with this error for you:

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile

Hope this helps,

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Originally I had all my data files in drive D and only programs in drive C. Somehow my old user profile got corrupted and the Backgound wall paper is not working properly. So I created a new admin profile to fix it but now I have a mess .

After I created a new admin profile and moved the old users folder/files to the new user , I decided to delete the old profile after everything seems to be working properly . When deleting the old profile I elected to save old user files to my desktop ( fortunately) . I now have a very fragmented system . Some of the folder/files are still under my old username in D drive , nothing in my new user name in D drive plus almost all of the folder/files from the old user ( in drive D) are now in a folder on the desktop where windows elected to place them when I elected to save the folders/files. I really need all the old user folders.

I would like to have the Data in either under my old or new username in Drive D instead of fragmented all over the place. I realize I ended up in this situation because I didnt understand fully what windows will do when creating and deleting user profiles.

Please suggest what I have to do to clean up the system?


A:Big Mess after creating new profile and deleting original profile

Before proceeding, I would backup the computer to an external location such as a USB HDD or network location. If you don't have the ability to do this, at least track down all the files you want and copy them to a USB flash drive or other external device

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Hi all. I've been building a modest PC so that I can simply run my games emulators through my plasma TV as well as films and music. I'm using the old D: from my other computer which holds all the games, films and music.

After a nightmarish 2 days of hardware problems I finally have XP installed but my current roblem comes when I log on and at the windows startup screen I get the message -

'Windows cannot create temporary profile directory. This may be caused by insufficiant security rights.'

Which is then followed by this message -

'Windows cannot load the user profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system'

So I am on windows but nothing works because I need administrator right and permissions to run programs like my emulators (or at least to take ownership of them to make them run!) I went to user accounts in the control panel to mess about but any changes I try to make are met with the message -

'Object required'

I have googled the problem and there seems to be absolutely zero information on it. The microsoft site had a small section about part of it but the fix it gave was completely useless and did nothing.

Can anyone here help with this? I'm at my wits end being so close.

Thanks. System specs below -

Giabyte ga-73pvm-s2
4GB Ram
Asus Eah 5450 Graphics card
Terratec DMX6fire sound card

A:User profile issues. 'Cannot create temp profile'

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ComboFix 08-11-17.01 - user 2008-11-18 18:14:01.1 - NTFSx86Microsoft? Windows Vista? Starter 6.0.6001.1.1252.1.1033.18.291 [GMT 8:00]Running from: c:\users\TEMP\Desktop\ComboFix.exe.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).c:\program files\ShoppingReportc:\program files\ShoppingReport\Uninst.exe.((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2008-10-18 to 2008-11-18 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Videos2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Searches2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Saved Games2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Pictures2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Music2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Links2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Downloads2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Documents2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Contacts2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> d--h----- c:\users\TEMP\AppData2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 ... Read more

A:administrator profile wont load!it gives me a temporary profile

ComboFix logs should not to be posted outside the HijackThis forums. It is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Please create a new topic explaining the nature of your problem., in the Am I Infected forum. Describe pop-ups and system tray or desktop icons that have appeared. Explain what is "going wrong" with your computer. Note any tools you have used and their respective results.If needed, we will direct you to our HJT Preparation Guide.Thank you for using BleepingComputer as your malware removal source.This topic is now closed. The BC Staff

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When I try to connect to a wireless connection on my laptop (Running Windows Vista) I get the following:

Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 Extensibility Framework stopped working and was closed

A problem caused the application to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is availableClick to expand...

The really strange thing about this is as follows:

I have been using the same wireless connection for my laptop since buying my laptop. I've had to Dell factory image reset my machine twice, and all three times (Counting the first time when it was new) I was able to connect and save this without any problems. I was connecting to the internet just fine, but my computer was running extremely slowly (I could not manage to narrow down what the problem was, but I didn't think it was malware, at least not that I could tell) so I decided to Del factory image reset it again, as that had worked in the past, and I had my personal files backed up on an external hardrive (No longer connected).

When I factory image reset the machine, I had nothing connected to the machine, and I haven't connected any devices, installed any programs, or changed any settings since then. Everything works like it's brand new, except I'm getting this 'brand new' error message. Never seen it before. Any idea what's happening, and how I can fix it?


Technical Information

Vista Premium
Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini-card
Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (... Read more

A:Wireless problem after Dell Factory Image Reset

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I recently reinstalled my operating system and everything was going smoothly when I noticed that my Internet connection will turn from Green (connected) to Yellow (not connected). When I open up the Intel PROSet/Wireless program (Version I try to reconnect to my connection only to have it give me this error message: "Problem applying profile!" The only way to fix it so far has been to restart my computer. This happens at various times (sometimes within 5 minutes or 5 hours). I have tried multiple things:
1) In CONTROL PANEL select "Add Or Remove Programs." Then find the Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software, Select the CHANGE/REMOVE button, Then click on the "Repair" option and then press NEXT.
2) I also tried the fix on here:

But nothing seems to work!
I have heard I need to set my wireless device up so it's controlled by windows but I am not sure how to do that.

My wireless router is a Qwest 2Wire Gateway 2700HG-D
I am running Windows XP SP2 Media Center Edition on Dell Inspiron E1505.

I am getting desperate!

A:Intel PROSet/Wireless "problem applying profile"

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I have been using my laptop (Vista Home Premium 32 bit) to access my home network for sometime. Today when I tried to connect I was prompted for the network key - even though when I went into my network properties the key/password still seemed to be stored. If I type in the key at the prompt no connection is made (keeps trying to load but eventually get the 'is taking longer than expected to connect' message).

If I go to manage network connections and try to reenter and save the network key I get an error box "windows has encountered an error saving the wireless profile. Specific error: The service has not been started".

I've tried rebooting just in case Windows had got itself twisted - but it hasn't helped.

Does anyone know what service I should be looking for and how I can reinstall it if it's disappeared?

A:"Error Saving the wireless profile"

looks to me as if the problem is with your router, most probably it not sending a proper signal.
try unplugging it and plugging it back and see what happens.

I know this seems too simple but sometimes the simple things are the ones that matter the most.
Good Luck and please post back your results.

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Hi Everyone ..

This one has me pulling my hair out. I have a W7 Ultimate box that when I create a new account I get this error when I try to use it. The only account I can use is my Admin account. Any suggestions?

A:User Profile Service Can't Load Profile

hello and welcome

what error that's you received??
and did you try to Repair Install
or since this issue you got, if you have System Restore
you can also try /SFC SCANNOW

post your result..

hope this can help !!!

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In windows XP, when you were connected to a domain network (i.e. office in place of work) you had a profile called Profile Template that was shared (being the default template for all/most/what ever users needed). Does windows 7 have profile template sharing, and if so how do you do it? The profile template profile can be used, but with windows 7 professional, we cannot find a way to share the profile in user settings (or whatever setting it is under computer's properties, advanced tab, user profiles settings). Whenever the profile is selected we cannot get the option to share it. Help would be much appreciated how to do so. Thanks.

A:Profile template and profile sharing in Win7

This TechNet thread talks about this problem with some possible solutions.
Cannot copy user profiles

Another article with another possible solution.
Windows 7 and the Dreaded Temp Profile | Tech4Him - Technology with Integrity

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Recently my computer was freezing a lot and I had to shut it down (from the turn on/off button) and I know this is bad.
Yesterday I shut it down like this then I tried to turn it on it didn't load past the "Welcome'' screen and after some time it loaded and a message showed ''You have been logged in with a temporary profile. You cannot access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you log off". I tried to log-in in save mode but it did the same thing.

I was going to try ''Repair user account'' to see if it works but i can't see the ''ntuser.ini'' file? (This is about trying to copy the the files from the old account to a new one). And there are 2 ntuser.dat files one is called ntuser1.dat and the other is ntuser2.dat (or something like this) and I don't know which one to copy. Also i tried to copy all the files but it said there's not enough space.

I read some things and it said there is either not any solution or there were some things that worked for SOME people but I'm not very good at computers and in these solutions it said to delete some thing but I'm scared to lose some things in my old account or to ruin my computer!

When I log in the new account i created or when in the temporary account I CAN'T connect to internet.My internet is with cable and before when i start my computer i was clicking on the connections icon (in the right corner of start menu) and then i would click to connect. I had 2 option one is my internet pro... Read more

A:Can't log in my user profile, loads temporary profile

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried tapping F8 as you boot and choose last known good configuration or tried safe mode with networking

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just bougth ASUS Vivobook Smart ME400 and tried to set it up. But first tiume it tried to log in i get "The user profile service service failed the sign in. User profile cannot be loaded". I can't do anything but restart or tyr again with the same result. I've tried to read other with the same problem but they all require that you can log in to some other account. I don't have one and don't know how to restart the pad in safe mode.

Could you please advise how to get this sorted??


A:User Profile Service not loading a profile

Hello Joh, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help. It applies to Windows 8 as well. Be sure to read all of it for all options.

User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I had this guys profile become corrupt and it gave him the warning message but said it would create a TEMP profile so he could still log in to XP. I did some renaming and copying over of his old profile stuff to a new one and noticed the TEMP profile was no longer there in the Documents and Settings. Does anyone know if the TEMP profile becomes hidden, moved somewhere else, or deleted?



A:TEMP profile created when a profile becomes corrupt

Welcome to TSG....

How to recover the damaged user profile in Windows XP

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I was wondering if u would know or would be able to help me? My g/f has a computer at her house with multiple profiles on it and she has alot of saved information for school because she is home schooled. Well her step dad decided to get on the computer and and some how it went into safe mode and so he rebooted and then dleted all the profile besides his and her moms, and i was wonder if there would be anyway to get the profile or at least the information back?
PLease and Thank You


A:If A profile is deleted can u get the information that was on the profile back?


Originally Posted by VampiricWolf

I was wondering if u would know or would be able to help me? My g/f has a computer at her house with multiple profiles on it and she has alot of saved information for school because she is home schooled. Well her step dad decided to get on the computer and and some how it went into safe mode and so he rebooted and then dleted all the profile besides his and her moms, and i was wonder if there would be anyway to get the profile or at least the information back?
PLease and Thank You


if he deleted the profile, with out deleting the files its all still there

go to my computer
doulbe click the C ( local disk that the os is installed on)
hit the documents and settings, in here will be all the users profiles
so if you see her log on thats her profile, you can go into and save data needed

you might have to change the folder view to see everything

open explorer, go to tools>folder options>view> change the radio button to show hidden files, and uncheck the hide protected os files and hide extentions.

if the data is here there, you will need a application to recover the data, google getback ntfs


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Has anyone come across this issue happening frequently lately ....

In the past 3 weeks I must have had 20+ PC's / Laptops that have had the same problem (see image below)
Although I know how to fix it and I have had it crop up before, I've never had it hit so many units in such a short space of time.
I've browsed quite a bit to see if there is some sort of virus/malware that may be causing it but there doesn't seem to be anything out there that might be the culprit.

I've scanned all the units for virus/malware and they all seemed to come up pretty clean. +15 of the units were win7 and +5 were win 8.

Any clues would be most welcome
" User Profile Service you have been logged on with the default profile for the system, please see the event log for details or contact your administrator."

A:User Profile Service - default profile

Hi there .. There are loads of Posts on Google about this one .. Here is one below

How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7

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The battery is no good on my Gateway laptop, so computer will only run a few minutes when unplugged.  I accidently kicked plug loose from wall and didn't realize it; I saw computer was shutting down due to low battery and I quickly plugged it back in, but it was already powering down.  When I re-booted it, it had to run through all the disk-scans and then when it finally booted, it was under temporary profile and not mine.  I tried to follow directions on Microsoft help forum ( to fix corrupted user profile, but their step-by-step instructions don't match up with my computer. 
In particular, MS tells me to create a new profile and copy my old profile to the new one.  I created new profile, but it tells me to copy all files except the following: Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log, and Ntuser.ini.  On mine, there are 2 Ntuser.dat.log files and I don't have Ntuser.ini.  The other thing I'm not understanding is once I copy them, I can't figure out how to move it all to the new profile.
P.S.  I also tried to change the corrupted profile settings using this method: but had no luck there either.  When logged off/on had the same temporary settings as before.  Plus, the computer is running incredibly slow and locks up a lot when on the internet.  Anytime I have to restart it has to run through... Read more

A:Can't login to my profile--Stuck on Temporary Profile

why not u install windows 7 again to formet the system drive and install windows again if u dont want to do this then do this load a bootable windows cd and launch repair comp. and lauch system image recovery than load driver u have to search that missing file from that windows cd as microsoft says and move it as ms says if not found that file than install windows again.

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HI Guys

Hope that you can assist me.

I need to merge a local profile on a computer it's domain profile.

Example local\test1 to domain\0004

Each computer will have its own domain profile, it will not be a roaming profile.

Our company needs to move away from the local computer profiles to domain profiles.

Do you maybe know of an easy way to do it?

It will also need to move all settings, like email account to the domain profile.

We are using Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise.

Thank you

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i'm looking to find out the best tool to use in order to automatically deploy windwows xp / 7 onto our Dell based workstations

also looking for appropriate software for application deployment and patch management to these PC's

can you help with any recommendations?

A:PC Deployment

You need to create a WSUS server

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I downloaded PowerPivot for Office 2010 and installed it manually to one computer with no problems. Now I try to deploy this MSI package to few similar workstations with GP but this fails. I can see from logs that installation has started but failed. I suspect
that this has something to do with UAC on Windows7 clients.
I can start the MSI manually with command prompt from same network location that my GPO starts it but the UAC prompts me to accept changes rightaway. So is the a option to disable or say yes to user prompt automatically?? Thanks!

A:UAC and MSI deployment?

You can try to disable UAC on Windows 7:
1. Access User Control Panel from Start Menu -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account
2. Click on

User Account Control settings link.

3. Move the Slider to Never Notify
4. Click OK to make the change effective
5. Reboot.
Hope that helps.
 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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VB6 - Does anybody have any suggestions on how to deploy a vb6 application to a computer using Windows 7 or 8. I have vb6 running on my win7 computer but I would like to be able to deploy my application on a client's win 7 machine. This application has been running successfully on the client's Win XP machine for years. The client wants to buy a new computer which will probably have Win 8. Can the Package and Deployment Wizard that comes with VB6 be used? I do have a copy of VB10. Can this help me deploy a vb6 program?

Geo. D.(mld4523)

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hi guys
I need a software that can be installed on one pc or server that can automatic deploy standardapp. to other pc on the network.
Can someone help me with this.


doe anybody know a software for the deployment of windos and software

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question. Is there anyway I can specify a serial number when deploying a package via GPO? Its getting a bit tedious deploying the software then having to input the serial number 60 times :S


A:GPO deployment

Use a program like nLite to create an installation package to which you can incorporate the Serial Number and any number of tweaks. This works pretty much the same way as a Sysprep install.

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(do any of you have any experience using group policy to deploy service packs? i would like to automatically push out sp 4. i am currently using the microsoft software update services to automatically push out the critical updates. i actually ran into a problem with that as well. if i edit the default domain policy, my updates are pushed out. if i try to only apply it to a given ou, the updates are not pushed out. has anyone had this problem?

i ran across this link:

Windows 2000/XP SP Deployment

i don't have a test environment as such to test this first so i would like some feedback before i go forward with this.

thank you kindly in advance!)


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Just want to know what solution do you guys use to install Win XP pro corp over 90 computers. All computers are identical and I can network them using a switch or router with a centralized server. I was thinking doing a LAN boot and then from there each PC would install XP from the server. What do you have to say?

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Please help. I have SBS2003 setup.Trying to deploy MSI package via GPO.
1.Setup distribution point
2.applied recommended Microsoft settings

Software does not deploy for some reason?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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